Would you care to comment on this poem?
What do yall think of my long poem?
Is this poem any good ?
15 yrs old. Can you critique one of my poems?
A poem for many of you?
Creative titles for my poetry collection?
What about this poeterification, or...2fer nothing, chicks fer free?
poem i wrote for my schools prom and graduation?
Feedback on my poem please?
good travel poems please?
Where can I find a poem about my friend's?
Please read my poem "2a.m. Mindset"?
your opinions on my poem?
How many syllabes is this word -> 'Fire'?
sonnet- silence, by edgar allan poe?
should I stop writing on tumblr ??.....?
Simile poem help.........?
Where can I find British poems including.....?
A re-write if you have the time?
I need a a few recognized love poems. Idea's? Here is what I have so far. Please add?
Any poems about writing poetry?
How to work to become better at creative writing and english?
POEM; *Love With Intermissions* feedback?
Do you like this poem I wrote for my uncle?
literature experts, tell me which ralph waldo emerson poem the following quote down below is from?
this is my first attempt at free-verse what do you think?
Please Help me decipher this leonard cohen poem?
What do you think of this thing i call a poem?
Will you comment on a once upon a time encounter, please?
Is there alliteration in this poem?
What is your reaction or take on this poem?(Emily Dickinson)?
what do you think of my poem?
A Different Kind Of Valentine Poem: Comments ?
ok i entered a poetry contest and it wants me to write a personal statement what does that mean?
Opinions on poem/ possible lyrics "Convince me"?
Sorry this is the last one of the night, a rewrite, is it finished.?
Things to say in a sonnet about love/care?
Is this a sonnet? please help?
For school I had to write a poem about the outsiders and sterotypes. I think it is really good do you?
Tell me if i have ever ever helped you before....................?
Can I please have your truthul coments. What do you get from this poem, how do you read it.?
How can i utilise my art of poetry composition And writing skills?
Here is a poem. Every line has seven syllables. Do you like it.?
What do you think of my poem? dont be afraid to be honest, I wont take offence from harsh criticism.?
Do you ever get the urge to write or paint or compose poetry?
To all Poet's and Contacts, and Friends.?
can someone summarize these sonnets by shakespeare?
I need some really good songs to depress me?
Who or what inspired you to get properly involved, in the magical world of Poetry?
Is Robert Frost overrated?
Is my poem any good, I'm new at this!?
Paint it black by the rolling stones poetry question?
Could someone help me write a Shakespearian sonnet ?
Poem comments Please guys! Much appreciated!?
I wrote this poem and I was wondering If I wrote this sonnet correctly?
Swedish nursery rhyme verse?
Calling all poetry analysis experts!! Help answering a few qs about John Keats poem "To Autumn"?
what is Pat Mora saying about America in the poem "Legal Aliens"?
Opinions on this poem please :)?
anyone good at writing poems?
Who is the author of this poem?
Have you ever been in a battle with a 6 foot enemy?
can some one give me a ballad?
Can someone give me an example of a juxtaposition in the poem "The letter"?
gaasg love for you all...yeah, it's the real deal...?
are there any lyric or poem writers who wouldnt mind me using them?
read my poemsz please?
can someone please help me I need to write a poem about Medgar Evers?
Please c/c my poem- "Under the Willow Tree"?
A poem I just wrote, what do you think of it? Any opinions, criticisms? Thanks in advance?
Feminist poems to study?
Poems that are about journey?
May I present thee a vilanelle? {She called me in the wind} to C/C if you may?
Please help?? Favorite Potes??
Sleepless in Abalama, A weekend write, from a time now gone, please C/C?
Will you provide feedback on this poem?
Where does your road lead you? Comments/Critiques?
What do you think of my poem?
What is a good way to not attract attention?
Poem, constructive criticism or opinions?
do any one like hindi poem?
Will you pause to remember Neil Armstrong with me?
question from the poem "the unquiet grave"?
Please help me interpret a poem!!?
Can you please read my poem?
What do think? I thought he loved me (Short Shorty/Poetry)?
Can you give me some lines about cellphone? Because I'm making a poem about it. Help please? Thanks! ^_^?
Is this a "Beat Poem"?
What about this for a poem?
Will you C/C an ode to negativity?
Want to do some exciting Ice Fishing? Would you please read my poem and join them?
"Ode to Homework", by Westren Rider and TD Euwaite. Do you like it?
A Swan Lake memory, will you C/C please?
Comments on a poem...a request from a friend?
Holy Sonnet 1: What does "And thou like adamant draw mine iron heart" mean?
do you like my poem? ?
Any poetic qualities, you think?
Aruggggggg, like to have a look at what I've been writing?
Can you finish this quote?
Poetry: Can I have some feedback on this please?
please correct my poem~ Thank you~?
it is past my bedtime, but may I try and compose a poem for you night owls? C/C?
in sonnet 18 is the speaker afraid he will die from heartbreak?
Is this a poem " thoughts of you"?
Do you think this poem is silly?
how do YOU like MY poem... PLEASE ANSWER?
what can i do to get a poem published?
what do you think? be honest please? any suggestion on makin it better will be appreciated also!?
If you had to define the following quote, what would you say it means?
and another poem here? feedback?thanks again!?
"It Happens".....What will you do after you're done?
Do you like my little poem?
Do you really want me to write a poem as most know I'm not very good (comment)?
Would you consider this a poem?
Wishing Happy New Year-2012 to ALL YOU through my Hindi poem..How do you appreciate it?
Writing poem.. desperate for help!?
Example of an Acrostic Poem~! Please & Thankyou~! :D?
A Sunday Sonnet.........?
Poems relating to the movie 500 Days of Summer?
Define friendship?
What does this poem mean?
Vampire epitaph needed?
Which poem formats are the most effective?
I need someone to write me a poem ?
Someone Please Help me Find a Beloved Children's Poem?
I have to wright a poem, about customer service . but its hard ,HELP PLEASE !!?
Rhyme time help! these words must rhyme and have the corre t number of letters?
Poem of Success with Figurative Language?
PLZ some1 help...i suck at writing abt poetry!!!?
Song and/or poem feedback?
Is there somewhere that a kid can publish their poems?
Our Two Hearts [poem- COMPLETELY REWRITTEN] - thoughts?
does robert browning's Meeting at night have a masculine rhyme?
what is going on with this kid?
A Very Short "Frame Narrative" Love Poem - What's Your Comment?
Can you tell me a simile of sad? please try and be original?
Critique this sound poem?
What is dusk to you? A rumination on colors, c/c?
Have you reached this point of love
The Rape of the Locke?
What do you think of my poem?
"Double -Dealing" an impromptu ponder for your c/c, please?
Kailey's Key, a little story to contemplate and critique, would you?
if you had to write a poem about your culture, what (specifically) would you want to say?
Have you ever been stuck for words?
Please rate my poem... and add to it as you please?
In a multigenre project, do I have to make up a poem or find a real one?
Hey poets how about a group poem?
Please,tell me what,you think of my poem ?
Just want some more peer editing on my poem?
im iranian and have a metal band we create our first video clip do u like it?
Family scapegoat poem?
Could You Rate My Poem?!?
My poem! tell me what you think!?
Could anyone please help me with an analysis of The Dissolution by John Donne?
Poem Help!!!?
A good night's sleep....what's it worth?
What do you think of this poem.........?
OMG....LOLZ....I just wrote this in under 4 hours?
i need help with my poem...?
What is the symbolism of this luck Bret harte's poem?
What is the effect of sarcasm in poetry?
When can you not write a poem?
what do you think of this pome???
Does this line make sense?
What say to the poem, "For Honor, For Faith, For Human Spirit"?
when doth ye old Yolofish migrate barn ye?
Can't sleep - Here's a poem I'm working on. What do you think?
What is the Evening Star by Edgar Allan Poe about?
What is your opinion regarding my poem?
Poets, after posting a poem or two that seem to have really 'worked' is it....?
HELP PLEASE! How/what does this author show that the character can transform into in this poem?
yur opinion, criticism, suggestions....?
what does poetry do to you?
what do you think of this short poem?
Poem - too simple, too vague, or just not poetry?
poem. how can i improve this piece?
Write a poem. Are there any sites where ppl do this for you?
5-7-5 haiku poem about cable tv.?
can someone help me find the alliterations and staff like that in this sonnet?
Rate my poem 'schizophrenia', 1 to 10?
Does this one move you in a poetical direction?
poetry help?
What say ye to some Thursday Muck?
How many poets does it take to change a light bulb?
Whats your favourite line read from a poetry?
Can anyone suggest a poem for my gran's funeral?
Where in the net can I find a "whole" copy of the poem "orosman at zafira" by francisco balagtas?
Do you think about the Angels? A poem inspired by "Wings of Desire" by Wim Wenders?
Poem/Song story advice.?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
how would u rate my poem?
What do you think of my 2 pomes?
Read this please!!?
It's my life- a poem critique it?
Do u like this poem that i wrote?
What does her poem mean? 10 points!?
What do you think???
What inspires you? . . . A poem, metered and such?
What's this poem(?) called?
what about this for a morning poem?
Rate my poem please.?
is it a good poem???
What poems have the theme of ''How far will a human go to survive?''?
picture and name to match this poem?
Do you have an ample supply of cud? C/C?
What do you think about my poem?
Here's another poem...Thanks for reading and commenting,please?
What do you think of this (if you're Wiccan, your answer would be appreciated even more so)?
Check out my poem and tell me if its good or not?
I need help on a imagist poem?
Could u help me fined a poem please?
Please explain this poem to me?
Hi. I'm in great need of assistance in understanding the poem 'The Hollow Men' (Part 1-5).?
What do you think of my Haiku?
Write in a short rhyme what your going to do today!?
When do nightmares end?
Do we have any poetry writters of and about the wars?
got something for you to read. comment, criticize, tell me how to fix please.?
what type of guy have you had??? whats yours??
feedback on my sonnet?
I think I know why children spin until they fall down, comments on a poem?
What do you think about this poem?
i need a poem to write to a girl i like?
What is the setting, point of view and rhyme pattern?
What is a poetry critique and how do I write one?
What do you think of 'Lady Mamalade, Hawkins, And The Playboy Club' morning pome?
Can someone proofread my essay about the poem "stop all the clocks"?
Can I continue the "Drink" theme and ask you to c/c this "Daddy's late" poem?
Is here poet?I've got idea and some words, but I think it is very bad english((((?
Who knows a war poem from the poet John Keats?
When did you find out and What did you do? and is this a poem?
Meaning of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Alone"?
Any thoughts on my poem?
What do you think about these lyrics? It's a song?
What is Robert Brownings poem"My Last Duchess" about? how did e feel about the last duchess?
Why do we dream of death?
Anyone know a good Poetry read/review site?
Feedback on a poem?
POLL: What do you think of my POEM?
A goodnight. Will you comment please?
If I asked you to write a poem about a circle, what would you write?
Can just any moronic hick quote shakespeare?
line break and tone help for my poem?
Poetry devices.. need help !?
What do you think of this poem?
Any commetns about my poetry?
I need a 10-14 line poem. I have no idea where to start.?
Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening?
What say you to a Cardinals vs Vikings poem?
Have any of us noticed?
Can somebody read my poem and tell me how it is?
the meaning of Brian Moses - White Horse?
thoughts please. both good and bad are helpful?
explication of the awakening poem by james weldon johnson?
Do you appreciate my poem?...i just got up and i wrote it while half awake =P(so bear with it)?
what do you think of this poem? be critical!?
What is this about/how can I improve this, if at all?
Anyone ever heard of?
What if i lose the inspiration to write poems? what's going to happen to me?!? =((?
Do You Know A Family Like This?
I think its a poem?
a poem....?
Does anybody remember Black and White TV?
How do u like my poem? any comments appreciated. ?
I leave for a few weeks and you guys are at each other like dogs...Do you like my new poem?
What do you think?
can i have some feedback please ?
Is there anything left to write?
need help with the advantages of being bald?
Poets, writers, bookworms etc...Don't you think that...?
Poem I just wrote about failure, have I made mistakes ? What do you think of it ?
do you like my poem "crap day"?
What think you of a poem about a great poet?
What do you think of these haiku/senryu?
Ideas about writing a poem on cancer?
What do you think of my poem? =]?
A Poem - Good or Bad, guys? Why?
What do you think of a nasty troll pome?
Where is the "turn" in Sonnet 01 by SHakespeare?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you please read my edited poem?
Poem for class. I know It's not that good... but opinions please?
why do we live, on day all of us have to die, i know life is a glorious gift but i really want to know ?
A poem about a place, just a house,but more, Comments?
what do u think about this?
Is this a good Haiku?
Writing a poem on a girl named Hailey?
Can you give me another poetic word for the word or words?
Roses are red, violence are blue......?
I wrote a poem based on a dream I had...?
Is this a decent poem? Is it emo?
Famous Poems?
Will you still be here when I open my eyes?
i need to write a sonnet about holes that includes the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Any ideas?
interpretation of the poem "Bedecked" by Victoria Redel?
Care to comment again?
words that rhyme with young?
one of my poems, opened to opinions and criticism?
Here's another. Opinions, critiques?
I have a new poem. Its called "unclog my soul" Do you like it?
can anyone give me a poem 25 lines or less on "What makes me a Global Citizen"?
Comments on a poem about a life interrupted?
Poem I wrote... sent it in to poetry contest....?
Favorite living poet?
Do you have any friends?
Poem, please read- a letter to my parents??
Why do the poets on here make me..........?
Please rate and comment.?
i have a new poem... apoligize.. tell me what you think!?
Would you like to hear my poem?
Is every attraction worth seeing?
Opinions on my Poem, please?
I'm not scared anymore. Is it because of the poor quality of this poem?
is this poem a good one?? serious answers plz!?
write an 'ode to coffee' poem anyone?
Have you ever slept better knowing that Astrology was not a real science?
who is Elizabeth Barron?
"Never No More"...a spontane in retrospective mode, to c-c please?
Honest Opinion On This Poem.?
It just seems timely, will you comment please?
A scary poem for your enjoyment! C?C?
Where do dreams go when they die? Please comment on a poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What do people think of this poem?
Excuse me, You there, the Poet: Do you ever form poems phonetically without need for it to make any sense?
Do you like my poem?
An answer to a "If I were" poem that turned out rather well, c/c?
"Mists Of Spent Glories" a Spontane - please c/c if you would?
Look at all the beautiful apples on this tree? Critiques?
when is the book immortal verses coming out ?
What do your hands tell about you? A bitter little pill, c/c?
Can I possibly be the only one for whom it's come to this?!?
Does anyone know where I can find the short story Greasy lake by TC Boyle on the web?
Please rate my poem 1-69 contributed to Slappy?
what will it be-title of the poem?
Who would care to comment on crazy?
what can i name my poetry notebook?
15 line poem on David Livingstone?
what do you think of my poem,even though it's not finished?
Need help with poem with IAMBIC PENTAMETER!! Proof read?
Y'know how someone passes and a week or three later y'get somethin' from them in the mail?
What do you think of this poem?
Quick! I need a short poem with Marxist themes!?
Just a poem. What do you think?
I Need Help With this Name?
How old do u think this Energetic Poet is...?
Last poem for the night. Kind of long but worth the read. Check it out.?
What are your 20 favourite poems?
Is it better now, I have made a few edits?
ok...shhh..a naughty (not) haiku.....comments/critique?
How good is this poem? Please, I need FEEDBACK?
Please help me find the poetic devices?
Did your Aunt have a junk drawer?
In Praise of Dreams — by Wislawa Szymborska?
Were all part of the same sick little games?
Will you comment or choose -- two five liners?
Need Help on a poem!?
Will you C/C on a small real poem {rivulets flow} of the Greek poet?
i need to know the meaning of the poem: Song of a Dream by Sarojini Naidu could you help me?
Can you please help me write a bio poem about my self?
a poem...what do you think?
What is the rhyme scheme of these poems? HELP!!?
Where can I read the poem "The Right to be Yourself" by Frederick Douglas Harper?
What does this poem mean (Voices by Walt Whitman)?
When you write poetry for example do you have a person or thing "muse" that inspires you???
do you feel anything speacial when you are close to the sea?
prepositional poem that ryhmes?
Will you read my poem please?
what is a good poem for caring for others?
Are you able to critique a poem, & do you visualise it as a framed tapestry?
what tyoe of poetic language is this?
In your opinion what exactly is the charm of the third time?
a letter - new poem ?
is there a change in the charge of the light brigade poem?
What is the genre of the poem “Upon the Burning of Our House”?
Have you ever planned your death?
a love poem? 1 stanza?
Poetry Title Suggestions?
Do u treasure a rose from some one special ? how old is it ?
any thoughts on this poem?
Who can help me wirte a good poem?
Loooong love quotess?(:?
Should I apologize for depressing poem?
Did Baudelaire write a poem called "Beowulf"?
so i wrote this poem what do you think?
Descriptions....will you comment/critique please?
Is this a poem " The scar that never heals "?
i have poem, any thoughts?
Write your own original Shakespearean Style Sonnet?
Please, answer with a poem?
i need a site critiquing Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 (Shall i Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?)?
What do you think of my poem?
What symbol can you give for this poem? and why?
Blue Child is back! Do you have welcoming words?!?
What do you think of my poem? (christian)?
Is poetry pointless? Why are we attracted to it?
How is my new poem???
is this a good poem?
Do you like my poem?
rate my poem?
Poem for school can i have some revision help?
it flows out like this...?
My poem, A parents vision, comments?
poems! What can i put them on for a gift?
Trying to work on some new stuff..looking for opinions, and also suggestions for any good poetry forums?
What are some themes of Walt Whitman's poem, Songs for Occupation?
What do you think of my poem? Please c/c? Thanks?
Any comments on this poem?
There's lots of new free form artists here today. I better bust one out...do you like it?
Can you read?
what do you think of this poem??
Do you like it?
How is this poem i wrote ?
Thomas Hardy - "The Darkling Thrush"?
Please read my poem, tell me what you think?
I'd like some truly awful poetry please?
And how is your inner child, an older poem asking to be aired c/c please?
Have you ever written something, like a poem or a story... and you think it's great as soon as you're done----
Poem for an English assignment?
What do you all think of my poem
Do you like my haiku?
Is this a good story???
Please read my poem?!?
I need help with a Poem by Rumi. Only breath!?
Have you ever had to park amusement? Inspired by Buk?
Sometimes, is it personal?
I'm looking for a poem?
What would it be like to be happy all the Time? would you spare a smile?
Can you make a poem of these lines?
Cogito, ergo sum...Am I a poet simply because I think I am?
Have you ever been seduced?
How long does it take you to write a good poem?
Rate my poem please? ;D?
what's ur favourite poem?!?
A Petrarchan sonnet, perhaps?
Positive vs. Negative criticism...cc?
Is this poem ok? does it sound more like a song? ?
Critique my poem?
"I will never be a poet..." What do you think of it?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Do u like my poem? First ever please give advice?
Poetry Help!?
Finding the poetic devices?
Does this poem sound good, any critiques?
I need poetry help? IMPROVE!?
Do you like these poems? I'm only 13.?
so what do YOU think?
Stressed and Unstressed Meter In A Poem?
I write shayris and poetry in english and Hindi, I want my creation to be known, please help me!?
Goodnight all, will you comment please?
What do you think of my poem?
How can I convince the media to give my book a chance by reading it?
Please work these words into a children s poem or song.?
Read / Review/ Rate this poem please?
Can I have a short preposition poem?
How to write better poems?
What is the meter of Piano by D.H.Lawrence?
Do you like the poem I wrote?
Is this about you, or someone else?
To publish a poetry book?
Longfellow Poems and Worth if any of book?
An interlude in the desert.....?
I need help on finding out what this poem is about, It's called Sonnet by Charles Harpur, can anyone help me ?
is this a good poem?
Help, need some poems about winter?
Irony in poems?
I need a basic interpretation of the poem The Angel by William Blake?
Opinions on this poem? My best so far I think.?
poem HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
poem ,tell me if you like it ,or not and why?
Any thoughts on this one?
I've been writing poems for a year, now; when is the money going to start rolling in?
I need a Rhyme?
Help I need a good poem that is 12 - 15 lines long!?
How can I add a metaphor? :)?
Will you comment on this poem please?
any comments on my poem?
anyone know a funny poem about university life?
what are your thoughts about the breaking point?
What does this poem mean?
Line by Line Explanation of this poem! As quickly as possible please!?
I need critical appreciation or commentary to "Shall I compare thee" "sonnet 18" by Shakespeare
"Without Me" New poem!?
Numerical Love (not for kids)?
What do you think of this? What can I improve?
In one word, what is the theme of the poem "Manners," by Elizabeth Bishop?
Acrostic poem or Mnemonic poem for psychology?
Will you comment on exploring please?
What do you call those poems that the words make a literal picture?
Mama's Groove. Please give me some constructive feedback?
Do you like my new poem?
I need a hyperbole poem?
is this poem stupid !?!?!?
chaucer's The Knight's tale is told in a. terza rima b. rhyme royal c. heroic couplets d. verse libre?
Can you name the composer?
i need help with a biolgy poem that sorta is a love poem but with biological stuff in their please help!?
This is a poem with an ulterior motive, will you c/c or take a stab at it?
Do you ever wonder what is the point of petty rivalries and insults on YAP?
Why don't you read my poems anymore?
i have to write a poem about my uncle who just passed away?
X word for an acrostic poem?
Can you please C/C Rosie/Soc Collab Poem: Hawaii is so far from England?
Review of my fourth? "While Mortals Play"?
Comparison/Contrast between Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the short film The Danish Poet?
how would you improve this situational poem?
When English isn't your first language, what are the prospects of you being a successful poet?
An acrostic poem on gujarat?
I need a 12 line poem?
can someone help me write a haiku poem?
Are there any good poems to go along with this song?
Rewrite of a poem? What do you think?
Poem Ideas?
For some friends on a notable subject, I'm sorry for you, please comment?
i am in a hour of need.can some1 please type up a quick nature poem??????plz plz plz !!!?
Poetry Questions ...?
The skies were used as gods canvas, as the sun bleeds through the clouds?
How do you smoothly and seccessfully integrate a line of poetry? Please help.?
Why are two stanzas of Puff the Magic Dragon so sad? And any relationship to a recent poem of mine?
Japanese love is an illusion?
Do you think the elves will drink tea?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet XXI?
Acrostic poem for Budget?
A challenge to my friends in poetry, I've introduced my cats in rhyme can you do the same for yours ?
Will you please read and comment?
In English we just finished reading Romeo and Juliet, now we have to find a poem dealing with conflict.?
No,because you love me? What would you say after this sentence?
Where did the sonnet originate?
what are some famous poems/spoken word that I can dance to?
I am writing a war poem! What are words that rhyme with dead!?
Please comment on a poem that was an answer?
Select your age? comments?
Reversal of Fortune; comments welcome?
Did Emily Dickinson and Louis Agassiz know each other?
What type of poem is Stephen Spenser's i think continually of those who were truly great?
What do you think of Yet Another Sacriligious Poem, Or However You Spell That Word morning pome?
Where can I read Gwen Harwood poems online?
samuel taylor coleridge poem?
just a poem i wrote....whatt do youu think....:)?
Have you cleaned your closet lately?
what do you guys think of my 'poem'?
Could anyone give me some advice on how to "get into" poetry?
what is a British poem about the honor and glory of war?
Metaphores, Similies and Phrases?
Literary devices In Shakespeare Poem?
Would you describe this poem as creepy?
What is the difference between confidence & arrogance?
opinions please? reposted question :)?
PLEASE!!!!!! IS THIS POEM GOOD????? :) thanks?
that's the "poem" i just wrote...?
"The Hills" Poem?
How do you like my poem...?
Can you use this form of writting in poetry?
k for the question i ask about the poem.?
How can i get my poem published?
please read my poem "hypocritical words" tell me what u think?
"Where have you gone" an unplanned elegaic Spontane for your c-c?
can you please help me summarize this poem?!?!?
What country song is similar to you Hear America Singing - Walt Whitman? Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q?
PART 3: Today is Holocaust Rememberance day. I'm 14 and this is my point of view. Please Comment.?
could you please comment on these?? i need ur opinions...?
May I issue a poetic rant? Any ideas for a title?
This one is all up to you, leave me out of it....?
What`s It All About? Please would you be kind enough to c/c my un-edited 1st-draft whotsit verse-ish?
Opinions on a new poem please?
Can you please read my poems?
Wahat do you honestly think about this poem? Does it suck?
What do you think of my poem (on religion and atheism)?
Any poetic qualities, you think?
im writing a poem...?
who wrote the poem ''the cloud''?
Two Of my poems.... PLEASE ANSWER?
If you wrote a poem without............?
Have you time for a few short lines?
What is the meaning of this work?
Synopsis and Cassie58: May I ask you why you posted these poetic answers? C/C if you may?
Can you translate what this poem means to you?
What do you think of this poem?
What are your thoughts on the poem sometimes people come into your life?
Prose poem (a first attempt). Was it worth the effort?
WDYT of my untitled poem?
A sick and sad Saturday Sonnet?
I have a poem that is amazing check it out Now!!!?
What is Anne Bradstreet attitude toward earthly suffering and Gods providence?
A poem . . . what are your comments?
what do you think about this poem on the criminal justice system?
Slant Rhyme??
Willa Cather - the poet?
Sarah Kay's poetry?
Would you consider someone who can write a good free verse rhythmic poem compared to a “blank verse” more.....?
tell me your views about this poem if you can, rate it out of 10 points?
Do Captains ever lead their troops?
please read my poem about a smile?
"I am from..." poem?
A small poem with a large meaning?
I don't understand most poetry. Am I not a deep person?
Is my poem any good?
Jeff Mangum....where is he?
Perhaps a Label would work? a picture of someone, a poem if you will, c/c?
Can anyone find this poem for me?
Do you believe this to be true?
A day to celebrate LADIES a poem of affection,, thoughts welcomed?
Are you afraid of the dark...comments on poem?
Do u like this poem?
How old are you .. Really.. ?
Do you think the narrator in “Araby” is a character how experiences growth? If so, how has he changed?
Is this a good poem?
poem, what do u think?!?!?
Ok so i wrote this about twenty minutes ago..let me know what you think?
I need a title for this poem, nothing obvious like Wind or Storm because the poem tells about that.?
Trying to work on some new stuff..looking for opinions, and also suggestions for any good poetry forums?
What think you of the Sun's Door?
"Name Your Shoes, Brother, Sister" a spontaneous mini-blast from the shoe-horn of plentiful shoehord dept stor?
Can I post my not so greatest...just because...c/c?
Is this the greatest Limerick of all time?
Would you please tell me if you like this surprisingly hasty translation of an Italian poem?
Heath Ledger poem?
does this poem mean i need help?
What do you think?
English - rhyme schemes?
A poem called "Neil Armstrong"?
A Happy Poem - Comments ?
My poetry (?). Criticism, thoughts?
Is this a good poem?? (and its short)?
Meaning of This poem?
i have to write an ode to food...any suggestions?
what do you think about this poem?
What yo you think of my poem..lol?
Help me make this poem sound better?
my poem is it good? 4 alex?
Poem, criticism wanted?
Comments on this poem (I'm not happy with the title)?
Do you have time for five lines?
Help with this ? pleaseee?
How are these lines? i want ur opinion?
is it possible to memorize a long poem overnight?
how do i cite a poem? my teacher gave us all of the information and the poem is in an antholody?
For those with a creative side. Please complete the poem with one line.?
ek. bad poem rhyming?
write a friend poems?
When English isn't your first language, what are the prospects of you being a successful poet?
Do you like stories that end with a bit of mystery?
What do you think of this poem?
What is the theme of this poem?
Will you C/C on the {Dreams are Sewn} script of the Greek poet if you may?
"aren't you in Bed yet? a bedtime poem for the Yap community, C/C sleepy?
Autumn in England. Do you like it?
Good Poems??
Would your final soliloquy earn applause? C/C?
What does this poem mean/show?
New poem plz read:o?(owned dread)?
Do you like my poem?
Does anyone know where the volta in the poem "Epic" by Patrick Kavanagh is?
Does this seem accurate?
How can I make my poetry flow better?
what are some examples of american poems in the colonial era?
Will all my contacts like this poem?
I'm writing a poem about me?
How do you appreciate my Poem on ROOP CHATURDASHI posted herewith?
Need help dissecting Paul Laurence Dunbar's " A ***** Love Song"?
I am going to post this poem, either you laugh or you cry .. which one?
words that rhyme with jill?
Can anyone help me find a copy of the poem by Jane Merchant called "I am not alone"?
Do you like my peom? What should I call it?
Thoughts or comments please on my song/poem?
"Sitting On A Log" so many things that could be done while sitting on a log. Care to C/C this poem?
“Here Dead Lie We Because We Did Not Choose", by A.E. Housman meaning?
Does this poem 'reflect' your feelings?
good or bad poem?
A short poem. Take a look?
what do you think about this poem that i wrote? please read it.?
What think you of a 'crowingly-good' Morning?
A scene more than a poem, really. Title or improvement suggestions?
What is the saddest poem ?
help me with my poem!!!!!!!!?
what is the poem h.o.m.0 canadensis about?
Can anyone analyze this poem?
Would you comment on a poem with a different twist, or maybe it's just twisted?
any scene names for justine?
Can you see the Moonnnnnnnnnnnnn?
What do you think of a Southern Hospitality morning pome?
who can help me with a snowfall poem experience?
What do you think of 'Homeless Woman In The Hurricane' poem?
rate my poem please, thanks?
Can someone translate this poem for me please?
Want to be thought provoked? Would you please read this Acrostic?
Will you read my poem? Critique? Comment?
metaphor poem comparing people to butterflies?
Writing a poem / story ??? 10 points.?
Contact poem for Fredric, c/c/SI!?
What about this pome 'Don't Dare Get Aggravated...' morning pome?
i need help making a poem?
My last words: I love you.......do you like?
don't understand his message (i'd like to ask for opinion)?
The world through other eyes (please comment)?
I need the real old poem "I Ain't Looking for No Crown"?
I wrote something for nia long ,Please tell me what you think.?
Plz read my poem and comment "! how do u like it.! plz comment. s guaranteed?
Help with kinds of poems.. ?
Help with poems?
do u like my poem i am 11?
can anyone help me,please...[poetry]?
What you think of this poem?
What do you think about this poem?
What is on the inside?
Anyone like Poetry? then read what i wrote i want your opinion!!?
What is a personal narrative poem?
What c/c for this "Isaac Hayes' 'War, What Is It Good For...' and Isaac" poem, or something?
acronyms poem...HELP!!! FREE POINTS?
Will you comment on an abridged edition of a life,please?
is this "love" poem any good?
What are some poets who use a lot of figurative language?
How would a girl feel about this poem?
O.k. i tried. i wrote a poem. what do u think.?
Rate My Corrected Poem (1-100)?
Constructive Criticism please?
give me honost thoughts?
What is the metaphor in this poem?
Whats your favorite poem?
How can I get to never land?
Will you give your opinion of this repost?
what is the rhyme scheme of the ' The soldier' by rupert brooke?
Can someone help me with ode poems?
Emily Dickinson - how a theme fits into her life?
Poetry writers.......?
Can anyone send the words to the poem The Pirate Don Dirk of Dow Dee?
Do you like my new poem?
Sometimes you just can't help feeling, there but for the grace of God - will you c/c please?
What do you think of this poem? (written by a 15 year old)?
chinese poem about a man who waits too long?
Happenchance..............a poem....c\c?
A poem on location--C/C?
Write a 5 stanza, 4 line ballad?
Help With an Acrostic Poem?
One of my better known failures . . .c/c?
How well do you like/dislike my poem?
What are the ideas of the poem strange meeting by wilfred owen?
who wants to write a poem for me tht is 20 lines long aout Daisy from the "Great Gatsby"!?
i need a long poem that will make you cry.?
what do you think of this poem?
This is an older poem I dug out and rewrote, Any comments and/or criticism are welcome.?
key to my heart... new poem?
improvised poem . What do u think?
What are some hot things? Temperature wise?
I think it has ok imageries but fails in flow..do check this out?
your love is like...?
Like swattin' at flies, poem, critiques?
how far does victorian poetry represent the age is written?
A happy surprise from an answer? Pen, c/c?
What is your opinion about my poem?
How do you interpret this poem?
I'm fourteen, does this poem have any potential?
poerty devices?!?
How do you romanticize the earth?
What should I write my poems about?
What are your thoughts on this idea?
I woke up with a poem (which, btw, would make a great title for a poem but not this one) and am now asking you?
Why was T.S. Eliot an important poet?
Rate my poem please.?
what is this poem?
How do i rewrite this poem? Please help me?
Is this a case of mistaken identity, or just the need to write something?
What is a Good Creative Writing Forum??
What is the meter of C.P Cavafy's poem 'Ithaka'?
Opinion on this poem/song?
Is this a nice death note?
what is a cinquain poem?
would you give constructive c/c on this poem please?
A poem I wrote on my 18th birthday. c/c?
i need a war poem for my homework?
i need help making a poem?
Poem name helkp please?
Feedback on this poem? Not too fancy?
What do you think of this poem?
what is qwertyuiop-literary devices?
What's your favourite poem and why?
How is this?Is it too vague?
Be honest. What do you think???????
What are those small poems called?
use of abstract nouns in the poem how do i love thee by elizabeth barrett browning?
Can someone give me a summary and the theme of this poem?
What do you think this poem says?
find a poem called , the loniest house?
something i just wrote, thoughts please?
What is the most Original color? someone asked.?
Can you tell me if this poem is good & rate it?
What is the cost of respect?
My Legacy, a mother's quick tribute to her kids, comments?
just wondering....comments on...oh look...shiny?
Someone made a reference to my use of "we", and it reminded me of this....?
What do you think of my song?
Can someone tell me how my poem is?
So what's in your bowl this morning?
Will the real administrator, please sit down, or...so you wanna get a raise from me, do ya'?
Love poems?
Creative people, dark/pretty names for an avatar on a website?
write a summary about what the poem is about.......of the poem this is the dark time my love?
Can someone give me a list of 15-20 school appropriate relatively short poems?
How and where can i get a poem published?
Another poem, comments?
What is a possible theme for the poem " Human Family" by Maya Angelou ?
hey!what do you think?My first poem :)?
What are some beautiful place names from poetry?
Who do you think they are? C/C this riddle-poem?
Will you C/C on a script by the Greek poet? If you do not like it, state your points of poetic judgement?
You like my poem im 12 in grade 6???
Metaphor or Simile...help?
For Blue Feather, Love that was lost? c/c?
I need a really inspirational poem, HELP?
Pleas c/c my `Mists of Spent Glories` if you would.?
Translate poem to Spanish? :)?
A Nov. 11th write posted for your comments and reactions?
What do you think about this personification poem?
Are these Limericks pt. 2?
how can id process in facebook?
If i gave this to the girl i like, would it be creepy or cute and romantic P.S. i am 14?
Would you read this poem & be gentle?
Why would you follow a duck into a strange place and try to start a ruckus? c/c?
What are some good sonnets you know?
roses r red violets r blue...(think of what cumz next)?
is this an internal rhyme or an assonance?
Okay here's a brand new one. Comment as you will.????
I wrote this in 8 minutes and 27 seconds. Will you please critique?
say something meaningful, that not many people understand understand?
Will you C & C this first draft poem Through the Night for me?
C/C >>>>> The Four Seasons (improvised)?
OK, fine, here's one poem, but that's it. I'm not gonna keep posting poems like crazy =) so here's the one...?
what is ur favorite poem from Walt Whitman?
Good Poems For Vodcast?
What do you think this poem means?
i need help on this poem PLEASE HELP ME!!?
Mothers day poem help?
Would you give me some words, I am running out?
What is your take on this metaphorical poem?
what relevance does the poem 'On killing a tree' have in the present day situation?
What are some alliterations that i can put in my boasting poem for English class?
A very short poem please leave your comments?
The only one?..poems?
closed reading poetry... ? line by line basis, analysing how poets use figures of speech and imagery?
Need some Input on my poem for grade 12 Imagery?
What do you think of this Pantoum? (Can you write a response in Pantoum form?)?
help me with this poem or is it ok?
List five random words for me to include in my poem. Most original gets the s!?
Have you ever read "the arrival of the bee box"?? what did you think??
That MTRYtheoryruler guy gave me the best advice I've ever had: "Keep writing" is what he said....?
What do you think of A Long Overdue 'Thank You' poem?
Lizzy, Nancy & BG are asking... How would you like to visit friends?
Poems about living forever?
I need a poem on Niagara falls by 2nite?
I need some vast poetry knowledge?
What do you think of my poem?
Thoughts inside ones Head.Comments please. Downunder?
A Poem About Changing My Views About Valentine's Day...Does it work?
what is the theme of this poem ?
Would like your thoughts on these two poems?
any comments on this poem?
Common techniques in Shakespeare's sonnet 18 and 130?
is this a good poem or not?
This may be sappy but what do you think of my poem?
Come with me ! Come. Will you go with me on this adventure in The Time Machine?
Trying to remember the title of a Ted Hughes poem...?
What do you think of my poetry???
Help finding a good poem?
Have you ever heard of a poem called "The Rosedale Bus? Please read more details below?
How is my poem? Differently structured?
in a poem is the title or author's name underlined?
One more short one. Do you like it?
ladies... wut do you think of this poem?
Need a short little poem for an insert in bridal shower?
Poem analysis- Danse Russe?
storm sonnet?
I want haiku poems for friendship?
Do you like my new poem?
Can I get some feed back on this poem?? Be honest.....I can take it!!?
How do i submit a poem and get some money, what magazine should i submit it to?
Walk, don't run......the grass grows at it's own pace....?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem ...comments?
What are some Jobs that rhyme?
Feedback on poem thanks!?
Someone is making me very very happy...wanna share?
Poem. Take a look?
Do you like my new poem?
Who would you say is the best poet ever? or your favorite at least?
The poem Bill Hastings by Todd Jailer, how would you interpret this?
Hello. I just wrote a poem. Hope you like it!?
Is this a good poem?
New poem tell me what you think?
wats the rhyme scheme in this poem?
The country north of Belleville poem?
Will you critique a poem about my day?
...have you ever had time spent with Despair?
Where to find this poem: Lady With a Falcon by May Sarton?
Mornin Y'all, have a good day OK?
What do you think of my poem?
poetry analisis help?
What is in your garden? A rumination, c/c?
What do you think of this poem? I wrote it for mt boyfriend..don't know if its too corny??..?
A short poem about living without existing. Comments?
what poem is only 20 lines an easy to memorize?
I wrote this poem, not Edgar Allan Poe. Did I confuse you?
what is a mature poem?
What do you do with your writing?
favorite poem?
Do You Like This Poem?
What is a rhyme scheme?
Is it Gaia or Giaa?
Doctor who fans! Who am I poems! Can you figure them out?
My poem - The Stairway. Can You Tell Me What You Think?
Any suggestions for a poem?
Analysis/annotation of the poem "Aurora Borealis" by Rita Dove?
What's the difference between a literary ANALYSIS and CRITICISM?
I Am From Poem Help?!?
guess who wrote this - 10 points for first answer?
Please read poem I made just now?
In the poem Mother to Son by Langston Hughes where is Syntax used?
What do you think about this.....?
What do you think of this 'Baking The Morning-To-Be' morning pome?
What should I name my poem?
Here is a poem. Every line has seven syllables. Do you like it.?
Who is Allen Ginsberg Poetry award winner . columbia university dinner, Wardorf astoria August 2007?
My friends kind of scr*wed me over?
Hey I need some help making a poem for my boyfriend.?
Can anyone give me a link to an example of an Epic Poem?
Reflections from an old man c/c?
What do you think of this poem?
Which poem sounds better?
A short and sweet poem is it?
Will you comment on Drive through, fast food, take out poetry please?
Read if Interested:Haiku's?
What No kiss for the green bean?
A poem for those do-gooders that persist .....comments?
A song or poem about crossing boundaries?
is this a good poem...?
Walk, don't run......the grass grows at it's own pace....?
Loves, Labours, Lost......a poem, care to comment?
what is Jane Yolen's poem "Grant Wood:American Gothic" about ?
highly dramatic poem to recite?
Honestly, do you like this poem? What does it signify to you?
Analyze the poem "What I Wouldn't Do" by Dorianne Laux?
Please read & rate my poem?
The Artist Dead....c/c please?
How would you describe sunlight reflecting off water?
Looking for honest critique. Please help?
What No kiss for the green bean?
Just wrote this and wanted outside perspective?
poem opinions please?
Poetry: I edited this some since I last posted it. Feedback please?
I'm in 7th grade and I'm going through really tough times so I turned to poetry. Do you like my song? Help me?
How could I compare Romeo's attitude to love and Shakespeare's Sonnet 130?
what are the literary techniques used in the poem leave taking?
The Student by Derek Power?
What should the title of my essay be? William Shakespeare sonnet 29..?
How do you like my poem?
If you wrote a poem without............?
help on writing a poem?
Can you rate my poetry?
hey! do you know any sonnet examples?
Wilfred Owen, i just discovered his writings, any suggestions as to a similar writer of anti-war poems?
poems about movies???????????????????
where can i find poems?
is this a good poem.....?
How does it feel when sunlight kisses the falling rain? A poem.. brought on by Sunshine, will you critique?
any help 4 a young poet?
Poem of pain?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
An historical moment that gives us a disturbing poem by BG, and..a collaborator..C?C?
What do you think of my poem???
Poem help: How would you feel if you received this poem from your best friend?
i feel like writing poetry.... where do you get the inspiration?
Is my poem too cliche and ordinary? Be honest, I can take it.?
Religious Imagery in Poems?
Whew, thump, thump. Is this thing on?
what do you think of this poem?
Thesis Statement for, " The Man He Killed" Poem?
Hallo; I´m searching for the story of cockaigne?
i need to write a poem thats like a emily dickenson one. i want it to deal with love HELP ME!?
Second sight, will you comment please?
so this poem i wrote. whatcha think?
How do you go about interpreting a poem?
What is a multicultural poem format?
What is the genre or mode of the poem "War is Kind" by Stephen Crane?
where do i find poems or songs involving bats?
Please critique my poem?
What do you think of this poem?