Can you add to this poemlet?
Is this called Prose? And can you identify?
poem. what do u think?
PLEASE help with this Poem !!?
elaborate on the appropriateness of the title of the poem "LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI"...?
Opinion please.................?
This is a repost. I originally put it in the wrong category, like psychology or something, OK?
what do u think of my poem?
Poem me and my friend wrote together.. thoughts, suggestions and opinions?
How about one for Mizzy?
What is the form and structure of WIlferd Owen's poem-The Show?
looking for a male spoken poem maybe called reflection?
Are you working very hard to make a poem pay for it's own expenses? And, is shameless exploitation unbecoming?
i need an inspiring poem?
What do you think of this poem for a funeral?
What is the meaning of this work?
Memories of memories....G'morning..and your thoughts?
What do you think this poem is about? (In detail)?
daydream bliss - does this poem do it justice?
How is a metaphysical conceit poem written?
analyze this poem please?
Are you also annoyed with TD to bring his better half to every question and answer?
LAMDA Grade 6 Verse and Prose questions?
Shakespeare had no impact on poetry? agree or disagree?
Do you find student's questions about assignments inspire you to try it for yourself?
Trying to find a Patience Strong poem that has the words 'Time is the friend of the broken heart' in.?
Do You Know Me?
I would like help with this short poem?
Poetry help- How does third person effect readers???? :S :S?
Funny poem for mature audiences?
Can someone name a poem with the word "gloom" in it?
i need a funny poem that has all the poetic terms labled?
i wrote this,i would like to know your opion! :D?
Do you like this 'Poem'?
Ode to Ma? The Best is Gone.?
Poem about this old man..he smelled of beer..the most sincere gentlemen.?
Does anyone know any good South African landscape poetry for a year 3/4 class?
poets is this any good if not how would u reoword this poem,?
Poem on my mind...kind of?
would you care to read my story?
Is it okay if a poem rhymes then doesnt rhyme at the end?
A love Sonnet!!?
please analyze this poem entitled BEST BUDS...?
Would you be so kind as to review and critique today's poem?
Okay, now see what Buk started now! comments on his last instigation?
DO you like my poem a bit?
Is my poem good? feedback! please?
how is love expressed and why it is such an appealing topic for Renaissance poets and composers?
What are your favourite verses from Ogden Nash?
Is this poem ready for Tuesday?
House On Mango St. Poem. HELP!!!!!?
Do you think that this is a good poem or not?
Animal Abuse - fur trade poem..good or bad?
This is a poem about a (re) post....mmmmk? mmmmk.....?
A True Story Poem : Ma Said Stop . Your opinion?
What do you think of the character?? Lots of opinions plz :)?
How about this?
Some poetry feedback ?
Would "People are Strange" be considered a lyric poem?
Can I submit a poem to check for originality?
Please critique my poem?
rate me poem?
TDeuwaite - An Acrostic - Do You Like?
feedback on this poem please dont mind negative feedback either it is called life?
Interpret this poem! 10 points?
will you read and c/c a poetic rant from someone named . , very reputable.?
I'm looking for a better title. Any offers?
Someone please give me an acrostic poem for HUNGARY?
What do you think of this Monday Must Be Astronomical, Cause Everybody's Poetizing Universes poem?
My poem I just edited a lot (comment thoughts, I'm 16 btw and a aspiring writer)?
Do you like this poem?
Can someone please turn this paragraph into a poem!?
What is the poem Kilmeny about?
honest critique, please?
What wine should I serve with pomes?
Rhymed iambic pentameter in Othello?
Should we as poets write odes to pain?
Why are people not interested in poetry?
I need comments on this poem?
Compare and Contrast!?
lets try a different bait...along came a fly?
what do you think of my poem?
Could you please analyse this poem for me:?
Would you comment on my monkey poem please?
What are your feelings on my short poem? Heavy Rain/Good Sleeping?
What are the concepts that are often shown by traditional poems and short stories?
I need a 5 lined poem with internal rhyme about fruit.?
What do you think of this very short poem please leave your comments?
Please Rate My Poem!?
What do you think of this poem i made?
would you care to read a few lines and comment or critique?
Do any of you know this painting, comments or critique are welcome, thanks?
What do you think of poem? Is it good?
Will this framework yield a poem someday?
Extended Metaphor Poem Idea Help??
One last time?
do you like this poem?
Rate my poem for school?
Will you comment on not a proper haiku please?
Can someone help me come up with a good metaphor?
What do you think of my poem?
For my old amah poetry analysis?
Will you please read this and tell me what you think? =] ??
How is the song The Climb a good poem song?
A poem for friends and lovers . . . c/c?
i have a paper to right and i hate to right 100 word poem with rhymes in it and it has to be about popsicles.?
Can you tell me what you think this poem is about?
Why would someone star your question if you have them blocked?
On spot writing, when the mood hits do you just type it and enter? C/C this poem please?
Does anyone know where to find this poem?
Help me improve my poem?
can u tell me what u think of my poem?
Experimenting with line breaks. Any comments?
Do you like this little humorous ditty I once wrote?
help song writing?
what are your 10 fav words?? this is for HW... lol?
I need a poem for school...?
about this sentence "it goes and impress" is it right? or i must say "impress me..."or something like that?
What Do You Think Of This Poem?????
What do you think about my Poem?
How is my Poem?
What can you tell me personally about the creative process?
Will you C/C the new script {Fog Horn and Bow Bell} of the Greek poet?
a poem about war, what do you think?
Good Morning again YA people! you think i need more coffee? =P?
What does the poem "Pardon, old fathers" by William Butler Yeats mean, and is talking about?
Is this poem decent enough to enter in a contest?
Oh, he was slow to go to bed tonight, a rumination, c/c?
Back with a poem for you to comment...?
Ice Fishing, Part II, Deliverance. Please, will you read this poem and empathize with Nicolai or...?
Comment on this work, thanks?
is this a good poem i wrote?
calling all poem writers? (:?
Please rate my Rap verse(1-10) Thank you very much?
What do you think of my poem?
My father began as a god poem, would someone tell me the identity and the language techniques ?
Merry Christmas Santa?
Socks - Poem. read/comment/darn it?
why does the speaker bless god as her house is buring down?
anyone have any elegy poems they wrote them self?
How to write a love poem for the girl you love?
is this poem good and what changes can i make?
What is the poem Ol Higue by Mark McWatt about?
explain what's mean rhyme?
Two poem comparisons help?
Please read music resurrection ?
Would you please comment on a morning thought?
A Challenge: I Do Not Understand Beats. Do You?
Is this a good poem? Please be honest?
is this poem decipherable?
To all who have answered me.?
"Headstands" a cheery Sunday `thought to write`write, spontaneously too :) for your c-c if you would?
Is this a good poem for a 15 year old?
Opinions on poem?? Thanks?
Tips to write a poem about the beach?
Is This A Narrative Poem?
A little help please ?
Acrostic poem for the name Robbie?
Can another's imagination take you places?
I am looking for a poem ...?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you c/c on a new script of the Greek poet?
Do some photographs cause you to pause?
i need some help with a poem i'm writing?
What is a good 8 line rhyming poem for pumpkins?
Hey! I'd like to know what kind of poem this is and how I can improve it, thanks in advance!?
what is the best emotional short poem by a famous poet?
What do you think of this poem that i wrote, what's working and what isn't?
Can someone please do a quick Analysis of this poem?
Who Can Write an Allusion Poem That you did By yourself?
Do you know what to think of this one...?
Do you like the poem I wrote yesterday?
Poetry help? How do you write poetry...mainly free verse,blank verse, haiku, and just a traditional style poem?
Can you critique my love poem?
Elegance by Mary O. Fumento - poem analysis?
I answered an eighth grader's question and was pleased with my results, c/c?
I need a two minute poem. Where could I get a two minute poem.?
haiku dealing with nature?
Read my poem, tell me what you think?
I wrote this for my girlfriend, Can you tell me what you think?
2 worlds can dream the same dream... right?
One for the money, and two for the show?
cool websites to find poems on friendship ?
Poetry (sestina) help please...?
Care to comment on a poem?
Can poem be used in a speech compitation?
Can I have your opinion on this poem please?
who is ur favourite poet on answers? :)?
How is the attribute, natural order, shown in the following 4 epic poems? ?
is this poem okay .?
"Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman???? 1st Stanza?
Remember your sister?
How many publications will turn down a submission if it has been "published"?
What do you think of my poem?
Comments wanted on poetry piece?
What does is the message of this poem?
Poems?? help!!! please!?
What's your favorite poem?
Is this a Poem or whet?
could you help me finish this poem?
Should i give poems from my ex to my new girlfriend?
Have you seen the news ? Politi-Ku .?
What is the mood of this poem?
why is free verse style effective when you write poems?
Why doesn't poetry rhyme or need to rhyme anymore??
Are United Press Legit?
Read my poem please: ) Please and thankyou.?
How is this poem? Does it make you any sense? If yes rate it on the scale of 0-9?
Compelled to write this, will you cc?
Re-Write: What do you say about this poem? where would you place it on the scale form 0-9?
What is the best Robert Frost poem?
I have to model it and idk how? what kind of poem is this?
Do you like this poem..?..?
Hey! I wrote a poem. Can you suggest a really creative title?
What are examples of sensory images in this poem?
Please critique my poem about drugs?
please help wich poem should i use for class?
Reality, Duality and nothing to do but scrawl?
What do you think of my poem?
Can anyone tell me the meaning of the poem, please?
Ponder carefully, are you adorkable?
How is " A sky dance" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
i need help with this poem ?
Tell me what you think of this?
What do you think of my goodnight poem?
What is a poem with a similar theme to that of "Crossing the Swamp", by Mary Oliver?
What does this mean..?
What is your favorite poem and who is it written by?
Question about a poem / song about 9 / 11?
Are there really good people in this world?
Does the poet in sonnet 86 sound like a fairly decent description of Walt Whitman?
What do you think this poem I wrote is about?
Trying to remember a Chinese poem?
Am I the greatest poet of the XXI century?
where did everyone go?
Isn't this a nice poem?
Is this a poem, or is it a poem, or is it a poem, or is it a poem, or is it a poem, or is it....?
Please post a poem that is not riddled with cliche phrases and boring enough to put a meth head to sleep. K?
what does that quote means?
What do u think of this poem?
Am I Any Good At Poetry? #6?
What do you think of my poem; it's about death?
I'm looking for a poem that describes an old house high on the rock compared to a new house on the sand...?
What word has been ruined for you by pop culture?
Poem: Ana or ana. Opinions?
definition of ballad? definition of epic? definition of lyric? definition of ode? definition of sonnet?
What Do You Think Of My New Poem?
I need a poem for my boyfriend?
A Poem I wrote for my new (future) 'LOVE'.... Would you just DIE if I was YOU?
my love poems.?
Can you write a poem based on one of these images?
As Thin As A Promise....c/c?
"Love Failed Me Not" a sudden, breakthrough impromptu, to c-c?
Is it gay to write poetry?
Does anyone know the poem by Bary Humphries for the Fed square opening? It was -The Melbourne of my childhood
Can anyone analyze this poem?
I thought to write lighter : ) & also will you write something short of your own?
poems about being abandoned in a field ?
Please write a poem about?
too simple, too short, too benign?
What do the poems "To an Athlete Dying young", "Is my team ploughing".....?
Help on my poem please?
Can someone help me with ode poems?
Will you give me feedback on my poem!? Please :)?
Please help with my poem. It's short. Maybe grade it on a scale of 1-10. 10 is fantastic 1 is awful.?
New poem- unique to me?
Opinions from girls on my poem? PLEASEE?
Does this poem sound okay?
Will you read this poem please, and tell me what you think?
poetry help please?!!?
My most resent Poem, please tell me what you think?
what poem should I pick ?
Do you believe this poem is good?
my first poem?
Are there any metaphors in Shakespeare's sonnet 78?
Please comment on my poem?
I am not a poet. I love poetry. Am I wrong in wanting to tell contributors that their efforts are not poetry?
sentance help please for school poem?
Would this limerick be bigger in Texas? A poem...C/C?
i need help for a poem!! asap?
Could you help me with my poem?
Okay I need to more lines for this poem lol writers block!?
Good title for this poem?
Complete this with a decent line.?
"El Greco" a spontane for your exaggeration, enjoyment, c/c,derision, admiration or :)?
what do u think about this poem?
What are the poetry devices used in Ruth Dallas' Grandmother and Child?
What do you honestly think of my poem?
uh, my first poem, WTH, what do youse think?
what is the literal meaning of 'I stand up " in the poem miss rosie?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
I need to write a one stanza poem on any famous person?
What can we learn of fear and death from this Jeffer's poem?
has anybody read a children's poem that goes like this "night light night like what do you see? and so on?
Rate these verses of my poem?
I need ideas for a rosa parks poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of this poem? (I think Im terrible)?
A poem about almost self loathing, any good? Poem structure wise no so much content.?
New Poem...what do you think?
A thought scarier than Death?
lyric poems???? Cinquain poems???
Did you ever listen to the old folks talk, when you were a little kid?
Couple sports poems I wrote, what do you think?
What do you think the overall meaning is of Michael Jackson's Human Nature?
do you like this one? (its a poem again)?
what is the symbol for this poem ? what is an example of imagery? what is an example of figurative language?
What do u think of this sad poem?
is my poem ok?
What is a creative title for a poem about yourself?
Do you like this poem..?
I've lost my origins. Help finding them?
help me write an ode to rice?
a very short poem?
What collection is O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You" from?
Comments or Suggestions on this Poem?
What does this poem say to you and do you agree?
Does anyone know where to find a poem about palawan(Philippines)?
Feedback on my poem please?
Written a romantic poem, what do you think?
Judge my poetry, please.?
A rare lullaby?
I wrote a poem about family, do you like it?
What do you think this poem means?
how do you go about editing a poem?
How is it?
Do you like my sestina?
Poem for Poetry slam criticism?
Can anyone tell me what this poem means please? It is shadowed from the book "The Awakening?
What's this mean, anyone?
someone help. creativity, capturing peoples emotions?
perhaps this is the poem that started all this mess?
I made a poem What do you think?
I have to write a poem for school and I don't know what to do it about, help please?
Do you like this Poem?
cud u plzzzzzzzzz..explain like what is the dominant atmosphere in the poem??..i wud be soooo grateful to you!?
How do you feel about being blocked?
Is it dirty or is it filthy?
I Need Help To Explain This Poem In Not So Sophisticated Vocabulary?
What is a classic poem about rebellion?
fearful life?
poem help please, anyone?
Honest opinion of this 'emo' poem?
Please read and comment. Thank you good people.?
The Redhead brat is back, will you comment please?
how is my poem? im 13?
whaqt is the best process for poetry ?
I am working on a very important form of poetry called the Acrosti-Ku...?
What do you think about this poem ?
Is this too lame a write to even bother commenting on?
What is the recurring THEME of the poems "Oranges" and "Fair Trade" by Gary Soto?
Have ya ever done goofy stuff?
I need a reversed poem?
Has your mirror ever lied to you?
Need help to write a P.E.E paragraph about this poem?
please read my poem and give constructive criticism?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
1-877-866-9665 AOL technical Support number alternate required.?
Am i on track for my poem assignment ?
I struggle and I struggle and I struggle and I struggle and I struggle....?
Will you comment on Just Today, please?
Is this a good poem??
I need your oppinion on this story? (Written by a 12 year old girl..)?
For the Pisces ....c/c?
Do you think that this is a lot of poems for a 16 year old to write?
what do you think of this "poem"?
how do you write an anagram poem?
Imagery in the poem Pretty Pretty in the City?
KILL THAT MAN!!!.....c/c please?
what should i write my narrative poem about?
is my poem good for me being thirteen?
What do you think of my poem?
What are your thoughts on 'Walking On Beaches' poem?
Poems about friends please?
Poem Analysis Help?
Do you think my poem is of grade 10 standard? honest opinions please!?
Feedback on my poem please?
How do i finish this spanish poem?
poems that are at least 5 minutes long for FACCS?
I was wondering if you'd read my poem, and tell me what you think. :)?
needs help coming up with a poem with 17 stanza's?
Do you like my poem?????
Feedback on my poem please?
THis will be Very Short and quick.?
Does anyone like my poem? I wrote it 3 days ago...........?
poetry analysis question. PLEASE HELP!?
What do you think the meaning of this poem is? What improvements could be made?
Is there a poem that contains the passage; the difference in you then?
Write me a beach poem for best answer?
Ok your on a Desert island you can only take one poetry book with you?
Is this poem depressing to you?
Whats the most powerful and deep quote/lyric/phrase you know?
where can i find ...?
would this be considered a free verse poem??? Is it a decent poem?
Who Is Your Number One Poet?
Do you see what this poem represents? s if you do?
do you like write poem?, why? tell me what your reason,?
Does anyone know what the poem i carry you heart means?
Can you finish the following sentence..........?
Care to comment on a Kyrielle poem?
i am in search of some good urdu poetry in midhat e ahlebaat(AS) can somebody help please?
New poem The little black shack points to improve?
Is it possible to memorize a poem by tomorrow?
How to write an I poem about Annemarie Johansen from number the stars?
what is the complete poem that ends...I`ll reach out and touch the face of GOD.?
who is your favourite poet?
Does anyone know the author and the rest of this cassowary poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Help me write a poem?
Need a rhyme for this...its kinda crazy but HELP !?
"Struggle" (1979) by Ted Hughes?
Poem i think maybe.......it's called why do i tell me what yu think?
Write a poem/rap with the phrase "white van man"? 10 points for best answer?
herez my new poem fer u guyz 2 comment on!?
am writing a poem and need help fast?
need a title for my poem?
Review my poem for points!?
Would my theme be appropriate for an anti-love sonnet?
can i upload my poem to get online feedback?
Beautiful Sin, what do YOU think of this poem? :)?
i need help understanding a poem "Skins" by Suji Kwock Kim?
hey, i made up a poem, sure to make you laugh! rate it 1-10?
Need a short animal rhyme that is funny?
My poem, "With my eyes closed"... please read and critique! Thanks alot!?
please help! with poem stuff!!?
What are 4 of Walt Whitman's poems that......?
Poem about kinetic molecular theory?
what do you think about this poem i made? it's called "i want someone". please no rude answers.?
Are you awake this morning, poem....comments?
Do you like this poem??...?
A good poem to ask her out?
What is the tone/mood of this sonnet.. ?
would you consider this good poetry?
tell me what you think of this?
What do you think of my new poem? Comments and critiques welcomed.?
Will you write me a poem for this picture....?
I need the Explanation of Poem "In The Street of The Fruit Stalls" by "Jan Stallworthy"... ?
When writing poem, do you first outline?
Stephen Crane Poem Explication- God Lay Dead In Heaven...?
your comments?
Can someone write me an acrostic poem?
What does this poem mean?
This is my favorite poem that I've written, please read?
Ghazal Form Poem - Be Honest?
What do you think of my poem?
Is it stupid to give a girl a romance poem?
Italian speakers, rate my poem?
help on the hollow men poem?
Does anyone know the words for the Jackie Dorie poem?
Is this poem any good?
Do you like my hat? What is the occasion or Who spilt the milk - have you the answer?
Is this a poem good enough for a childs book?
short poem. called eyes?
(a poem) Do you like scary movies and such?
Can anybody think of a poem that describes somebody moving? ?
"It's Not Hate (A Love Letter)" I Wrote This, What Do You Think?
"TIME to take a bow and leave the stage" ,thoughts, opinions,,?
A little ditty about absolutely something?
I need a mediphor by an american poet?
How do you like this poem I wrote?
What do you think my poem means?
Please help me with ANALYSING this POEM?
can someone tell me the rest of this poem? thanks:)?
What is this poem saying, "The Cockatoo Coos"?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
Opinions, please, on my poem?
Poetry and literature chat?
Can U please Give me a CONVERSATIONAL poem with 7 stanzas with each stanzas 4 line?
This poem was about a breaking up tell me what you think! This is Jamz?
Does this poem reflect what brings you to the Poetry Section each morning?
Another Day. Will you comment please?
Is this poem any good?
what do you think of this poem?
WHAT are the stressed and unstressed syllables in the poem "when you are old"?
Give me an sorta long poem about food!10 pointz?
Gwendolyn Brooks poem, what is it about?
The poem "Dreaming Black Boy by James Berry.?
help me write a tagalog poem..?
can anyone give me some names of poems?esp. of william wordsworth!?
One more poem, then lunch. Do you like it, the sandwich, I mean...?
what do you think about this poem?
how to analyse a prose poem?
Poem about Marco Polo?
How can I make this poem better?
i really like this dude but he don't know what should i do???
Does anyone know any humorous poetry or rhymes?
Ideas for this concrete poem?
I need help with POETRY!?
Metaphores, Similies and Phrases?
If fight is the only way ' .....can I have comments?
what is the form and rhyme scheme of this poem?
Can you sink or swim? comments/critique?
yall got me feelin like writing a poem check it out?
Do you like my poem? How would you rate it on 10?
8 minute long poem.?
good 3 line poem? please help!!!?
i need responces thinkin about publishing whatcha think?
What do you think Sonnet 57 by Shakespeare means?
i am writing this poem for my girlfriend. and i used the word future, what could rhyme with future?
Poetry: Can I have some feedback on this piece about good people that are under apperciated please?
Do you like this poem that I wrote?
Inspired by a name..?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like my haiku?
What do you think of my poem?
my new poem.... what do you think?
Is this a good poem? s?
Will you critique this poem did I make too many errors? Is my meter alright?
Rate my Reverse Rap Piece?
Can you read my poem and tell me what you think of it?
poems of Astronmical Unit?
'composed in the intellect rather than in the soul'..is this comment true of milton's paradise lost..?
Poem...some people just annoy me...thoughts please?
Hey I've got another poem... Not as much as a love poem as comedy and I need some ratings 1-10 please!?
Can you see what this poem I wrote is about?
green beret poem query?
May I request your thoughts?
Am i worthy of my name?
Can anyone please explain the poem "Ode To Autumn" by John Keats?
Im bored so i'm sharing a poem, do you like it?
it took me like 10 seconds to write thiss?
what do you guys think of this? please read?
...have you ever loved to hate someone?
What should be my narrative poem be about?
My Halloween poem, what do you think of it?
Does anyone know any examples of didactic poetry?
Can you write a slightly formal poem about African Safari?
A short simple poem waiting for you to comment?
What do you think of my poetry?
What are some good ideas to use in a poem on a moment when you go lost on the beach?
What about a poem like this?
C/C on my poem please and thank-you?
Do you like this poem? Any suggestions? It is called 'The good shepherd'.?
is this a good poem?
um...ok...a tittle..it needs a title and...I know cheesy right?
what literary devices are used in shakespearean sonnet 19?
Can someone please help me with the poem Antigone. Homework Help!!!!?
any love poems?
How is this free verse I made?
Sonnet 146 (Shakespear) Interpretation?
What is this poem about?
Just a shorty for my sweetie. Will you comment please?
What do you think of this poem?
Can you help me write a poem for my mom for mother's day?
Where can i find critical appreciation of famous poems online for free?
I just wrote this poem. What do you all think about it. Any opinions? Criticisms are all welcome?
what am I??? comments?
How can I write a good poem?
what do you think about this poem I wrote? Broken?
Theme for the poem The Deserted House?
What is a good poem with a simile in it.?
How is this song i wrote/what should my next line be?
What is the structure of Robert Frost "love and a question"?
Cloud similes or metaphors?
Where is the best place to submit my poetry?
I need help with a poem.?
do you like my new poem?
What Does This Poem Mean to You?
What is the theme of this poem?
am writting an essay about the poem woman work, I need help?
does anybody know the name of the poem?
Rate my poem please? Thanks?
Of all my poems,this is the one I like most. would you take the time to read it and c/c?
I'm trying to write a description of the night .. anyone have good metaphors/similes about the night or stars
Happy home recipe poem ??
What is your opinion?
what words rhyme with funny?
author of a poem :once again i knew hunger biting hunger ,hugne that kept me on edge that made my temper?
Care to comment on a sweet love poem?
Describe the features of Whitman's “Song of Myself” in terms of its theme and form?
Is this a good poem? Please rate.?
which novels have descriptions of people considered beautiful like sonnet 18?
Can someone write a poem ABOUT the 1920's?
what do you think of this amazing poem I definitely wrote?
I was inspired to add this by a fellow Feline Friend?
do you have any good poems things like this?
Sonnet 116 by shakespear question HELP?
poetry project?
Where can I sell my poems? I'm very talented with my writing skills.?
Need help looking for a Robert Browning poem?
Am I a poet? How would you know it?
techniques in sonnet 18?
Help finishing this poem?
What is the poem White Eyes by Mary Oliver about?
Can someone write a poem in Spanish that rhymes?
Longfellow Poems and Worth if any of book?
Here's my first poem. Thoughts?
Serious question here poets...when it comes to poetic content, what is ethical?
Hunger games sonnet??10 POINTS?
please help review and comment on how to better my Essay (please help need fast)?
Using 'Diction' to write a paragraph about a poem..?
He is reading a poem. How is his English?
Can any one help me put a poem together?
why lorna dee cervantes write her poem "starfish"?
what do you think of this poem?
Is this a good poem? 10 FREE points to the best/first answer I see!!! (:?
What does the line "thin gin" in the poem of Gwendolyn Brooks poem "We real cool" mean?
any comments on kindof dark poem? its a rough draft..suggestions would be great and much appriecated?
can someone please explain the buffalo bill's poem by E.E.Cummings?
what do you think...?
Could anyone please suggest some poetry /any other new idea for a WEDDING INVITATION?thanks!?
Can you please read my poem?
Does a dialogue poem have to rhyme?
my poem. please tell me if you like it? pretty please?
I love poetry. Do you love poetry?
Girls will you read my poem please?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem for EVERYONE here.?
Latin Poetry help!!?
give me honost thoughts?
is there a paradox in the poem "the man had no useful work"?
Would you like to read about Spring?
What is the deeper meaning of the poem "The Fool's Prayer"?
My precious yapplings, I had a fun time here today, but I must say goodbye again..okay?
Does anyone have the poem death of a tree by Jack Davis?
Is this a good sad poem?
Why is to Autumn by William Blake typically a romantic poem?
How to make sure no one can claim your poem as theirs?
I need some of sweetst and most famous romantic english poems.?
What do I write in a "me" poem?
why was arragon's choice in the merchant of venice wrong?
This is not a poem or a question......?
critique this poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
Can anyone tell me what you think about this poem I wrote?
plz help to write sermon about ...................?
How long would you ride a horse in poetry?
a song with onomatopoeia?
how to measure the meter of a poem when there are pauses?
Kind of weird poem? Just sort of popped into my mind? Is it really bad?
HELP! What is this poem about and is it any GOOD?
Four lines of poetry - do you have time?
Do you like my poem "beautiful powerless morning"?
What do you think of this poem? (Long)?
Your opinion on this quick poem?
Restless..a poem...what do u think?
what is your .....passion?
Can you write a poem that will make my head hurt ?
does this sound alright?
What is neo-symbolism and "The Second Avante-Garde" in regard to poetry?
PLEASE! need help! what do you think about my ode?!?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?!?
In To Coy His Mistress by Andrew Marvell what are the five characteristics which make it a metaphysical poem?
what is a meatphor simple version ?
Read and review these four poems please?
What is the meaning of this poem? GI Jane?
what do you think of my poem ?
Tell me what you think of this poem?
A short poem about a beautiful morning, would you please critique or comment on, thank you?
What are your feelings on MY poem? Untamed Melody?
Review my Italian Sonnet!?
serious help needed!! i was given a topic in class to write a poem about and i am so clueless...?
i have to submit a poem to english-- please let me know if this is o.k...i need an A?
What c/c for this "To The Brand New Gods Of 'Answers'..." poem?
a poem about the change of seasons....comment?
What is a connotation chart in poetry?
Is this poem pretty bad? ?
What are Poetic Devices?
my poem called "a unexpected rift in time"?
A "U-Pick" Poem . Basically I'm Looking For Answers, Or ?
Poetry:When Dawn Comes to the City?
which is the famous malayalam poem written by Murukan kattakadu?
Can anyone help me write a poem of apology?
Lust lives on ,a continuation of small narrative c/c?
Anyone know of any poems about the making of an indian canoe?
Is a good poet a good songwriter and a good songwriter a good poet?
Any thoughts on this poem?
****REPOST*** What is the meaning of this poem? what is the theme?
Does anyone have a love poem or ideas for a girl named Ellen?
What are the impacts of love in Romeo and Juliet?
What do you think of this poem?
Opinions on a poem please?
How much is captured in a look (c/c)?
What are the stressed and unstressed syllables in this line of poetry?
Any teen poetry contests?
Pleas c/c my `Mists of Spent Glories` if you would.?
What song do you sing at night?
I need help and your thoughts on the poem?
Are devotions a specific type of poetry?
A poem about something we need more of?
Have you ever wondered why you write?
What do you think of this poem?
Is the world starving for great poetry?
What do we mean by this ?
Need help with Manifest Destiny Poem.....?
Poetic Devices Help! :)?
what is meant by "music to my ear" ???
True of false? In the poem praise of feeling bad about yourself?
Poem. What do you think? Care to comment?
does anybody know what year did edna st vincent millay write the sonnet what my lips have kissed and where?
Do you like my new poem: Monte?
What do you think of my poem/lyrics ?
does s'mores and more rhyme?
What is the tone of this poem?
A strong,meaningful haiku/poem?
Which one is correct (my poem) ?
Do you believe in Sin? Will you take a stroll with me to discuss?
poem for your perusal - relapse?
Explication of "Ulysses"?
what is or are your favorite qoutes?
The effect of Latinisms in poetry?? Please 10 points?
"Caramel & Cinnamon" for your c-c?
Please rate my poem. It's about my son named blake. He is two months old and I just made up this poem.........?
How does my poem sound?
Need a 3 min poem song to recite?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem I wrote PLEASE PLEASE look?
What does this poem mean?
Does anyone know how you can sell your poetry?
GIRLS! I need opinions on this poem?
What is the meaning behind "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe?
Will you write a poem titled, "If Answers were all mine ___________..."?
Hows my poem that I wrote?
compare and contrast poem and a song...?
What does this Robert Browning poem stanza mean?
What do you think of 'Twilight Storm' poem?
How do you see karma? Does this poem help?
comparison on my older vs newer poem?
Is this poem here thingy too short? yes, no, maybe?
What are the good and bad points concerning Poetry.Com?
What is the symbol of the poem success is counted sweetest?
*would you* a poem - no doubt, but is it a proper poem please explain your answer?
What is your opinion about my poem?
what if you cannot stop thinking about someone?
One last poem for you today. I do wish all a Xmas. Comments are welcome on this poem, How do you like it.?
What does "ocean-mart" mean in William Cullen Bryant's poem, "Seventy-six"?
I need help making up a poem for my history class!!?
Rate my poem I randomly typed?
Can I offer a version of the world's (supposedly)funniest joke?
One step out the door, I call it Bravery, would you?
Can anyone get me the song lyrics to Bob Seger's Nightmove, or write me a poem about this feeling?
Do you have time to say good-bye?
could you have this from edmund spenser's sonnet 75 rephrased?
Can I ask a question real fast, and then get?
In honor of all women a must read?
What helps you to carry on regardless? c/c?
A poem about knowing the source, comments?
Would you please give an opinion about my poems?
Who wants to be scared by details of metric poetry? Read on?
Easy way to change this?
Poem for me Mum... In Memory of... Thank you?
Ok, so I've written a much happier poem, how is it?
Is rhyme still important in Poetry?
Poetry lovers~ please critique?
How would you like a western gunfighting poem to read?
Any Favourite quotes?
New poem! What do you think?
Poetry/English question?
How would you use the word quatrain in a sentence when discussing a poem?
how does this poem sound?
Trying to write a concrete poem about peace?
Hi. Are these poem okay?
Remembrance poetry help?
Will you read and comment, please?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Can you help me on a rhyming poem about my leaf??!!?
Is this poem fair warning of "Fall"?
What would you do with another five minutes?
My Poem (opinions)?
"Who Is Eve?" just a lighthearted poem, care to C/C?
What are the most important poems to our socitey?
Lily Long And Her Six Foot Dong?
Can someone help me write a sonnet about spring please I need for tomorrow!!!!?
Can someone read my I am poem on the Hawaiian bayonet Constitution and tell me what they think?
amazing poems.?
Lord of my Life; Do you like my poem?
If her eyes mirror her mind, are her lips the entrance to her heart and her body the temple of her soul?
reposted after a minor change but it changed it completely, will you check it out please?
need help on writing a poem on the fruits of the spirit?
did you hear what that mek guy said?
fromtime to time ...whats should be next?
Will you c/c my poem?
Please give me your favorite traditonal Haiku poem and write a modern one?
What is your opinion of this poem?
Another morning snapshot, comments?
What should I write my Sonnet about?
my poem, thoughts and opinions?
Can anyone comment on a poem that I wrote please?
"When He Gazes At The Mountains" a spontane-eous for your critiques and comments pls? :)?
Will you comment on this poem? Are new houses haunted?
no bedtime poem tonight... just a thought to go to sleep with, feedback?
Help with Shakespearean sonnet? Like Sonnet 18?
What do you think of my roses are red poem?
Poem about segregation or racial discrimination?
A convo between me and my pen....Wanna look at this?
what do you interpret this poem to be about/saying?
Please critique**poem to be pulished***THANKS! :)?
Is end-rhyme a literary technique?
poem about racism in the 1950s?
What are the rules on making an ode?
Advice for poetry????
Interpretation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?
My best poem so far, 1 to 100. Interpretations please thank you!?
Please coment on my poem?!?!?
Is there any poetry by certain authors about break ups?
omgg? i dont understanddddd! 10 points easy?
Yea, though I walk.....a poem, any good?
Can someone help me pick an ending for my poem...?
Who is this from?
I hope you like my poem, it's called "Caged"?
Can someone give me their opinion?
Prose poem (a first attempt). Was it worth the effort?
Do you like my poem about my holiday?
what is the summary of the poem "autumn song "written by sarojini naidu?
i have a message to the young poem writer?
What do you think of my poem?
How is this poem?
We could be friends... Please read and comment?
Would like your oppinion please?
...do we only look at the things that matter to us?
Would this quote: "Diamonds of Sunlight" be a metaphor?
Is this a last poem for a while?
Is this a good Narrative Poem? (age 13)?
What are some great poems?
This is Part of my story???
A poem about being snowed in with a paid day off?
Poets - When someone comments on your poem, what kind of comment do you prefer?
Easiest way to remember two stanzas?
The original Poem owner will never recognize this one.?
What does love feel like?
Are there any good poems similar to Dylan Thomas's "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night?"?
A very short verse about ...stuff........comments?
literature theme of the story?
Can I be next in line please?
What would be your perfect Christmas's gift?
Do you like this poem I wrote down?
Does anyone write like me? Please Help?
Purpose for a poem isn't always so poemy, LOL C/C?
What kind of poem is this ?
What do you think of this.?
Care to be a Critic?
There once was a poem published in the Dear Abby Column...?
Just a thank you.....ok Buk?
Where do you find poetry in American life today?
Do you like my Master Plan?
My diamonte poem... feedback please!?
What do you think of this poem?
Robert, Granny, Joy, Buk, Elys, Peter, et al - Please tell me if this works?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 3 (FUNNY)?
what are some good fwds?..10points!?
Do you like my new poem?
I need a poem for school!? 10 points?
Please consider this poem?
Do you always remember every anniversary?
Can anybody help me write a poem about Canada?
this poem may need a lot of work, so help me!!?
Are you sometimes a contradiction? A poem?
What is the feeling of the poem?
Does anyone know what was that poem I sing all the time when I was 3?
What do u think of this poem?
Love poems with jets?
What is the theme of the poem look at this) by E.E. Cummings?
poem definitions?
What are three different aspects about the poem sonnet 29 by Shakespeare?
A poem I wrote...?
Sonnet to Autumn. You like?
Why do you keep saying goodbye?
help me out? L.O.V.E. poems?
Would you care to comment on a poem by a former President? Is it appropriate on Election Eve?
Can someone help me with this poem?
Synopsis and Cassie58: May I ask you why you posted these poetic answers? C/C if you may?
what do u think???
What is your most favourite poem for all time?...and Why has it made such an impact? Mine is by e.e.cummings.?
Will you take a moment to read this poem?
Can someone help me find a poem/rap that demonstrates idioms?
What form does the poem "The Crystal Gazer" by Sara Teasdale take?
what is a creative way to present my poetry?
The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy?
Do we need a poem like this right now?
I love this poem, does anyone else?
does anyone know a bio poem for erica?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like my use of Metaford in this piece?
Is rhyming the dirtiest way to write poetry?
what are the main places that in the Poem of The Cid?
Another Poem. Care To Read?
new poetry site?
Robert Frost Poem?
where can i find a good poem about a rocky love siuation?
A rather dark and intense skid row poem , opinions please.?
Does anyone know how to create a 10 line poem about boasting?
Is my short story any good?
can someone write me an old english poem?
Is my first sonnet any good?
Will you comment on a conifer connection please?
It's called luscious insanity?
How do you feel about my poetry series (10 points)?
could you help me with my poem, please?
What does this poem mean?
Does anyone know any humorous poems?
What do you think of my poem - My Teddy Bear?
I'm haven't wrote much poetry, and this is my first non-rhyming ! Changes welcome, and no harsh words please!
Like my poem???
help writing a poem?
Hey I just wrote this poem can u come and tell me what you think?
Is this a true Kyrielle?
Please tell me what you think about this one....?
what is a pantoum poem?
Where can I find poems with Cosmos I mean the flower Cosmos?
A maudlin moment of poetic drama, not to be taken too literally, please c/c?
A wish-would you plz read?
I made a poetry, do you like it?
What do you think of this poem?
Twas the night before something. Would you c/c & add to this poetic?
Rate this poem / song on a scale from 1 - 10?
William Shakespeare "Fear No More" Analysis?
i need a good poem for a contest that will be funny do you have any adivce they can be off they interant?
Why a COVARD gave me 300 low ratings in PoemHunter.com? Should I guess who the person is?
Inspirational poetry?
What sound do the words follow, hollow, thunder, and wonder imitate in this poem?
What style of poem is this?
Do you like my poem so far?
Help me finish this poem?
where is a website i can publish my poetry ?
Emily Dickinson - God gave a loaf to every bird analysis?
Finding the style of the poem?
re-edited ....your c/c please, thank you?
For a friend who wanted one of these things, will everyone do this to prove it is not so hard?
Feedback on my poem please?
We have heard from Poe, Miss Dickinson and old Bob Frost today. What about T.S. Eliot?
Poem~~Drowning~~~? Read it and lemme know what ya think!?
Good daughter to father poems?
Can you critique/rate my --Blame?--?
Beside the still waters (for thought)?
Is this a good kids poem? I'm only a beginner in school!?
Can someone please write me a 14 line sonnet in iambic pentameter?
poem (revised) opinions please?
I tryed hard on this. Tell me what you think?
Can you critique my poem?
Song I wrote, what do you think?
was walt whitman's 'Leaves of Grass' ...?
Where can I find Pablo Neruda's "To Wash a Child" in Spanish?
What do you think of my poem?
read this poem i wrote?
what's this poem mean?
new poem... about my parents!?
All my best poems? Need help for which one to submit to contest?
'The Trap' - ok, how silly is this poem?
Must a song lyric's metrical pattern be consistent from line to line in a stanza?
What does this poem mean?
So, why do we (I, you, etc.) keep coming back here?
What is the meaning of this poem?
If you would please, any comment or critique?
hows my poem/rap ?????????
Is the poem "The Humming-bird" by DH Lawrence a sonnet?
Ahhh, nature really does put on a show, doesn't it?
Is this a good title to a poem?
What e.e. cummings poem is this photographed?
Poem about Snow ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
I need to find a poem that reads at least 7 minutes long and isn't crap. Can you help me?
Can death be adequately described in a sonnet?
what do you understand by this poem and do you like it?
please help me with this poem...?
Do you ever start to feel really old in here is you are over 16? Comments/Critiques?
She Hears, a poem, critiques or comments?
Meter and Metrical sets?
what do you think of my poem?
Invitations: May I ask you to RSVP with DALLAS if I am unavailable?
Broken, a poem for your C/C?
Is this personification- Calm and dormant life now as tall as your knee? its part of a poem?
Who is your favourite poet?
i need a poem to represent the loss of my uncle?
another by me i like this one even tho it came from a painful part of my life?
Do you ever feel the flutter of angel wings as your hand tends a grave and your soul fairly sings?
Is my poem any good..?
Can you interpret this poem...?
what do you think about my poem? its called "READ IT NOW!!!"lol?
What do you think of my poem..is it even a poem?
What is a Epitaph poem and can I have an example of it?
how can you poetically describe "at the end of the day"?
Shall anyone help me to write a poem, please? 10 points for sure!?
Good Poems Search?
poetry help!!?
real hindi poem http://www.tumbhi.com/dowatch.html?watch=xyz34783abc?
Have you time for seven lines?
This is from .a question I saw and is an old poem, Dance?
You Turn Away, need serious criticism, all comments welcome?
i want to try this writing contest?
My epiphany, the meaning of life?
Does My Poem Sound Like Questions?
Hey guys,please rate my poem?
I could be wrong but I think I may have finally found the beat!?
Do you like minimalist poetry? What of this one?
How is that idea of belonging represented in 'An Absolutely ordinary rainbow'?
what rhymes with crisis?
can you think of a poem to describe how i feel?
Please rate and tell me your opinions on my work?
A conversation inspired by Elaine P.>>>>"What happens after you say 'hello'..."?
What do u think of my poem?
Thoughts on a new poem please?
What is your favorite poem?
metaphors for the color pink?