What is the connection between.....(HELP)?
What do you think of my revision of Envy?
What do you think of my poems? How could I improve my writing?
Will you C/C this Goofy effort?
Lyrics vs. Poetry?
i wrote this poem...will you critique it? ?
Do you like my poem? How would you rate it on 10?
They called me Kate... is this trying too hard?
Red summer 1919 Poetry?
Copyrighting My Poetry Portfolio??
A shorty, will you C/C please?
"Psoriasis?" a scaleing measure of a spontane, please read and c/c for me?
what is the theme of the peom?
NOW what do you think of my song?
Pissed poem (for the UK users to rate). Thoughts?
OMG lolololzzzzz a short poem 4EVA?
color poem help!!! color is camo or red? write a 10 line peom?
It scares me... will you read?
Would you like to read of the Medicine Woman?
What do you do?
What do you think of this poem I wrote? Could you please rate it? constructive criticism would help a lot?
Imagery in the poem Pretty Pretty in the City?
A Sonnet, please be harsh if needed?
Pls i want help! Help!!?
What do you think of January 4th, 1990, My Alvin Left poem?
Poetry, is this any good?
Please rate my poem, thanks?
English hw help...poem?
does anyone know the peom from emily dickinson that's called "Because i could not stop for death"??
A poem for Billy Costigan, does it convey your feelings?
Need help with tone of poem "Women Work" by Maya Angelou.?
does this poem mean i need help?
What do you think of this poem?
What is the meaning of the phrase "Ana min hounak" in Mahmoud Darwish's poem "New York" from this audio file?
The profile of a man of low profile Ⅱ?
Does this poem express fairly well what it's like when things get overwhelming?
A Darker, Sweeter Love?
translation to Insomniac poem?
Same as any other day?
pls help with interpretation of the poem Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) by Anne Sexton?
need opinions on my poem.?
Go ahead and kill this one...?
What can one do with the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper roll?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
Do you think you could write a poem about a Wonderbra ?
My Poem about Abortion, your thoughts?
Need help writing a poem (best ans .s)?
What do you think of this song/poem that I wrote?
Comment on my Poem..Please!?
Some questions about this poem?
Day of End (and to waste characters i type this :p)?
what do u think about this poem?
Jon Sands - My Gender Identity Timeline, Volume I: The Early Childhood Years. Does anyone have a written copy?
Wondering if my poem is any good?
May I share this with you?
What inspired Shelley to write Ozymandias?
i dont understand...is the poem about her homosexual love?
Anyone know any funny poems that are about 3 minutes long?
Quick poem opinions please?
what is your reaction to this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
I need help deciding what to make my poem about?
Girls, If your boyfriend shrunk down to 3-inches tall at your feet, what would you SAY and DO to him?
Rate this poem. I just can't show it to anyone I know so any feedback would be help. Thanks.?
A somewhat historical poem. c/c (reposted)?
i need help finding a poem?
A rewrite of a terrible ordeal Written from a five year olds perspective, how is it.?
Poetry analysis help please :)?
Any feedback on my poem?
How is this poem???????
Sultry Poem for inquiring eyes, :) QUESTION :) LADIES,, do you like the beach ?:) I do ,,,:)?
Hey i need some help with an epic poem.?
what is the best book for learning how to write poems in metre?
is this a good poem for an 8th grader?
Listen to my poem about feelings?
Poll: is this a good poem for love story?
How do you like my poem?
Read a poem of mine? 17 year old male?
what does poetry do to you?
I need a poem that relates to A Raisin in the Sun?
Band names that rhyme with "buff"?
An expansion of D-Mag's question - about poems?
How to write a epic poem?
Care to comment on my poem?
Can you interpret this poem?
Who wants to help me make a FUNNY parent appreciation speech?
Will you poets be kind enough to answer this roll call?
"One cannot abandon their past, no matter how hard you try." What does that mean? It is full of sadness.....?.?
Poem helpppp?
I am looking for a character with one or two descriptors, and a sentence describing their outlook on life?
i need your opinions on this poem? Also, a name?
Poem for you to criticize? English majors? Or anybody?
Rate my poem please, 10 points?
Can someone please help me with this poem!?
Objects symbolizing cleansing?
Please help me interpret this Love Poem?
Do you have complete control over what you say?
What are some interesting poems to recite in college? (Nothing too long please)?
opinions on this poem?
PLEASE HELP-What are some ideas to write a personficiation poem about?
Romeo and Juliet Essay Question?
Can anyone please help me with making this poem any better? I think it may be worth saving but am not sure.?
A poem about love, what do you think?
Would someone title this one for me, please?
have you read We Wear the Mask and Sympathy, by Paul Laurence Dunbar?
What are some controversial/scandalous groups of people in our society today?
G'morning, do you have time, for another? Comments/Critique/frosted fields?
Can you tell me how well I did on this poem?
is this poem good?
Can anyone give me 4-line poem?
What literary magazines can I submit poetry to?
What are your feelings on My re posted Poem? Dead inside,Bled and Tied?
The Lockless Door By Robert Frost?!!?
is this poem any good?
a childish poem ... moving on.. when does distance become mute?
What do you think my little poem is about?
Revised : is my poem any good ? Feedback appreciated(:?
Will you comment on this stranger's visit?
Would you read part three again... it was reported, will you still read?
My poem, The candidate, comments?
Would you like to join the Poets Eye's movement????
Gulf lament, will you C/C please?
Advice on my poem,please?
How many collections of Robert Frost poems are there?
magnetism of hale poem?
Is this war poem any good so far?
Poem (c'mon gimme a break! =P) about sadness?
Please rate my song !!!?
Who was a greater poet, William Shakespeare or John Murray?
Rate my poem (and how can i improve it?)?
I AM SO EFFiN PROUD OF THIS!! here it goes?
Can I have some honest opinions on my poem that I wrote?
When using alliteration in poetry do the words have to be side by side?
any quotes or poem for me?
Is my love poem good?
help with my poetry project?
Poetry Assistance?
Marine poetry?
Do you like my poem? It's called "Meet me at the ice cream truck"?
I wrote a poem for you to read. Will you comment on it?
Lacking courage but here's a poem...+?
Help with this poem PLEASE!! Having a Mind to Change the World?
meaning of this poem?
Can you write a sonnet in 92 seconds? I tried. c/c?
Can Any one tell me about best poetry sites or blog I am looking to built a database of poems Thanks?
'I don't want to make within my bed a war'. Does anyone know this poem or song lyric?
Did I do a good job at a love poem?
Does this suggest anything at all?
please tell me what u think of this poem/rap i wrote at church camp?
I think I know how angels sound, would you read, listen and comment?
Please help analyze the poem: Modern Love.?
Critiques on my poem?
Help with poem analysis?
come on critic my poem?
What is the attitude of this poem? please help me?
Is it OK to just have some fun?
deep inside my soul?
A poem about the moon, though it's hidden from view here... will you please read and comment?
Care to Comment?
Would you read & comment? Old reposted pirate poem. TY?
It's ok to fall, and everyone has scars (comment/critique)?
Please Help! Rhyme scheme question!?
Serious question for the poets?
Lollipops and roses, a poem to critique?
Dear Friends,Please see the poem "உற்றுப்பார்க்கிறேன்" in "nanvinai.blogspot.in"?
What is a song that has good rhyme scheme, imagery and symbolism?
Another poem. A little more... Recognized ?
What's What's Nightingales a poem by Robert Bridges about?
Twas the night before something. Would you c/c & add to this poetic?
EASY 10 POINTS!!! Poetry analysis help?
poem "my talisman" by alexander pushkin?
what do you know about this poem?
who would be a good british poet to read 3 poems for and express common themes used in their poems?
Is This Poem Good?
To learn through teaching ?
Is there anyone who could critique my poem?
Can you help me find the author of a poem in Spanish, entitled "Mapa"?
Can you tell me ONE GOOD REASON why I should come back?
Who wrote the poem The Raven?
new poem (laying in the sun) what do u think?
Haikus about cherries or cherry pits in public domain?
My Poem, please rate.?
What do you think of my poem?
can you die of a broken heart?
Can you relate to this?
Will you review my paper?
what is world famous poem?
What do you think of this poem?
do you like my poem about vampires?
what am I??? comments?
Read this poem i made up all by myself?
Poem Question!!!!!!!!?
It Began With A Look?
Why did you go back? As his Probation Officer, I needed to know. comments please?
poetry-what can a poem tell about the times it was written in take for instance W.H. Auden?
Mull over this quick poem ?
How about this one?
A man and an addiction. Can a grandson not want?
Can someone write a poem describing the story of Macbeth?
Rigor and guile?
how does this poem make you feel?
Blue Child is back! Do you have welcoming words?!?
How to write a sonnet for school?
Is this a good poem? Plz answer!?
I would like to know if anyone can tell me what Hardy's poem "The Workbox means?
Please read and rate my poem?
I Must stay deep what does this means?
Poem. Please Critique?
For my friends shot book I need a rhyme or a little saying to go with shot 6.?
Did you ride the bus to school?
What poems realate to your life?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you think of this short love poem?
why do people say my peom sucks?
scary italian sonnet?
isn't this silly?
my new poem, what do you think?
I have this quilt, a poem perhaps, could you tell me? and or C/C this thing?
Can you interpret this poem?
what does aporia mean in poetry?
Looking for a poem that is meaning full? title and author please.?
I found a poem somewhere....comments/seasoning?
Is this an allusion (please help!)?
Original poem looking for constructive critisism and opinions!?
4Messengers of the Dead?
here's a poem called "absence of a knife"?
A poem i did "Blue Blood"?
Poem... In need of critique... PLEASE!?
Any ideas on how to illustrate two Shakespeare sonnets?
How Can Content in a Sonnet Reflect the Form of It?
Do you prefer poetry to rhyme?
Rotten Apple... ( Thoughts )?
Do you like this poem (personal)?
is my poem a good one ?
Will you please criticise my poem: The Clown's Joy?
What are your thoughts on this poem i made.?
How must it feel to lose your soulmate?
Poe's Raven?
How do i write a "Beat" poem?
Is this poem good?
Does anyone know the words to the poem "Homicidal Rainbow" by Kail Davis?
Page 6...a spontane 20 characters later?
What is the theme of this poem?
Would you please read about my friend?
Another missing nice person laura_bean08?
can you find any poetic terms in the song glamorous?
What say to the poem, "Star Journeys: Accelerando"?
Is This An Alright Poem?
I need some help with the poem Silentium Amoris. Can someone help me?
Theme and tone in the following poems:?
What do you think of this poem?
Can anyone help me Translate Stanza 15 into modern day english in the poem The Raven By: Edgar Allen Poe?
How would I go about filling in this blank? I don't know what to put in it.?
Help with writing a poem?
help me write poem about a girl named brooke?
poets corner... what do you think?
Is it important for a poem to speak proper Englishes?
What cannot be unlocked?
what do you think of this poem good/ bad/help?
poem needed?
Is this an okay poem?
are you afraid to sing ?
what are the different types of poems apart from a sonnet?
I know it's a long shot, but can anyone help me?
I want to write a poem, but can't choose a topic. Any inspirational suggestions?
Can you give me your opinion on what this poem is trying to say?
what is the purpose of the poet "when my love swears that she is made of truth"?
How could I write a poem...?
A prairie dog's crime, a poem for you to critique if you will?
sort of a poem. what do you think of it?
Who is addressed in the sonnet called "Sonnet 26" by Edmund Spenser?
roses are red violots are blue...?
what do you think of my poem?
If I use the "F" word once in one of my poems, will that cause everything to be labled "mature"?
what do you think this poem is about? 10 points!!! easy points!?
The poet in me wants to share something with you all,please leave your commets?
Poetry Out Loud?
What is the simplest rhyme scheme? I am a beginner with this, help?
Hi everyone, I would like your opinion about a poem I wrote sometime ago. I hope that you like it. Thank you.?
Poem? My daughter wrote this (only 11 yrs. old)?
Monster. is this poem good or bad??
I just can't get enough abuse, help me?
critique this poem (her Star)?
What is this song about? Is it poetic?
Look at my short poem, 10 points?
can you help me analyze this poem please?
Can you please C/C the epic poem: Soc the Warrior As Roman Legionnaire?
Need spanish adj.s for a acrostic poem? Help?
How do I end this short poem?
Is it dangerous to swim in the river where you live?
"WhoDunnIt?!!" a high-dudgeon outraged spontane - please c-c and no nonsense unkindness please. Thank Uou ! :(?
literature theme of the story?
know anything about poetry?
POEMS she came and went?
cant find ruth anns house of poetry on computer?
Are girls impressed by poetry,i broke up with my girlfriend recently and i have written a poem for her?
In Remembrance (Dedicated to the people lost and their families 6 years ago.) Comments?
whats your favourite poem about the weather?
Please help me analyse this poem. Any comments are helpful!?
Mizzy said so. Thanks, Mizzy.?
Like this senryu? thanks.?
Can you live a guilt free life?
How can I put my poems out into the world?!!!!!!!!!?
Opinion on my poem please?
Your opinion on my poem?
Please c/c my prose/short story?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i need feeeedback ^_^ 15, female, inexperienced poet?
Do orienteers write poetry?
What say you to a poem of reflection?
Have you missed her, too? A poem, will you add your thoughts?
Literatuers questions?
I try to be not too gloomy now. How do you like my second poem of the day?
can anyone please help me research funeral voice poems for loved one any help very greatly accepted?
RED RED ROSE POEM -- why do some people cheat in the Poetry category by?
walt whitman "i hear america singing" and "a noiseless patient spider" to be?
Thomas Wyatt's poem on The Tudors?
Why are my poems being erased?
What are your overall thoughts of this nature poem? Any critique?
Where do the days go to? Care to comment or critique thanks?
im having trouble?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
My poem for a girl title:you +me = anything could be?
Is there an actual Bukowski poem containing the phrase "Love Is a Dog From Hell"?
"My Angel" would you the disguise of an heavenly being? Care to C/C?
Tell me honestly what u think of my poem....?
I went back to my first poems, here is one, c/c?
do you like my poem, and what do you think it's about?
Do you like my new free form poem?
Do you wish you were somewhere else?
Love Poem's?
Will you read and C and or C this poem?
Need help with a poem?
What do you say about a quick little piece on a unique subject? ?
Rate my revised poem thanks?
Is this a good start for a resurrection poem?
What is this poem???
An older poem with revisions How do you like this.?
What do you think of this poem?
Rate my short poem, 10 points?
What do you think of this poem?
Which of these poems were written in the Elizabethan age?
It's a neighborly day in the beautihood.....trying something OK?
How far away is the nearest memory?
View poetry contestants.....?
What does this say to you?
What do you think of this poem i wrote??
I need help with poetry!!! Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Looking for a powerful 12-14 line poem?
What method do you use to stop time?
Literary Criticism of Pablo Neruda's "Verbo"?
I need your help s?
What do you say to a friend whom is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders?
what does henry david thoreau mean when he says "what is most necessary for the soul."?
Rosie Thomas--- do u know which novel descripes an attractive or beautifil women,whcih extract is creative?
Bouncing off Jupiter's Moons? C/C?
who wrote this?
Will you comment on Superior Conjunction please?
what do you think of my poem :)?
What do you think of "Spectrum"?
Who the narrow fellow in Emily Dickinson's "A Narrow Fellow in the Grass" ?
Need some advice with this poem.?
What is a cavalier poem?
How do YOU write?
What is the shortest poem by Edgar Lee Masters?
Who is your favorite poet of all time?
OUr teacher is having us write an initial poem. I cant think of anything. It has to be a phrase.?
What do you think about my poem?
Can you correct or rewrite my poem?
what does happiness feel like?
Do you like my poem, what would you rate it out of ten?
Can you find a website that has unusualy facts about Emily Dickinson?
What are some great modern poems?
What are your guilty pleasures?
Could you read, note, and perhaps comment on this write regarding Himedal...while this is still up?!?
Poems with or about monsters?
quick help wihth poem!?
Edward Taylor poetry?
A Poem - Any Thoughts? All Welcomed.?
Poll: Who are you...?
what do you think of my poems? please post constructive criticism ?
Please rate and comment on my poem?
pliz read and critique my poem ' he spoke'
Would this count as poetry? Or something else?
I need a short brief poem please i'm bad at poetry?
do you like these names?
My poem...what do you think?
what is poetry????????
when was the poem 'The Conscript' by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson written?
What is the deeper meaning of the poem "Beauty is not caused" by Emily Dickinson?
What am I afraid of ?
write a dark poem about a psychopath?
What meaning do you get from this poem?
Care to comment on a light poem that admits "my bad"?
How to write a Haiku poem for a child?
Heres a poem I wrote.. Anyone like it?
What are the juxtaposistions in the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellar?
do you write poetry?
Have you ever fell silent in frozen amazement to see a gesture of honor ?
Poem analysis????????
How about a Nothing Poem?
good poems about cheetahs?
what do you think of my poem?
Does anyone know the name of this poem?
literary element help?
I need some good poetry ideas?
Can you finish this???? Roses are Red, Violet's are Blue___________________........?
games poem ideas ?? for homework?
Have the words of another ever helped you find your own?
So I need critiquing for this poem of mine honesty is the policy?
Rate this poem from 0 to 10. Do you like it?
Is this in Iambic Pentameter?
Will you read my poem?
where can I find some erotic poetry to read? either book or online?
Some of my published haiku. opinions?
Is this a good poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb this year?
What do you think of this poem?
Another prose painting...a true story from "Isle de Ladrones".?
Can some help me find this poem? (about a child in heaven)?
Can you please criticize this?????It's a poem?
Poetry about brotherhood?
A poem about cleaning house, comments? Ever feel like this?
My most meaningful Card. Tarot again, will you comment?
Who wants to write an elegy?
Does anyone know a good poetry contest (that is NOT A SCAM!), that a 15 year old can join?
Identify Insomnia Poem???? Please!?
i need help with my poem!?
Favorite poets?
What are 2 (two) things you have learned from Y!AP over the last 1,2,3,4,or 5 years?
Is this poem good?
How about a disgusting poem tonight?
Want to be thought provoked? Would you please read this Acrostic?
Why did Peter hesitate to confide Shakespear concerning the mysterious sonnet?
A modern Aussie poem with same discourses as...?
A poem of loss. Thoughts?
When I write poetry, I often get stuck on words to write or I hold back!?
Is this poem decent?
What do you think of Snidely and Hen's Case Is Decided morning pome?
Has your mirror ever lied to you?
How is my poem so far?
Which poem do you like better?
Opinion on this poem?
What is a good poetry book of Dean Young?
would you care to comment on a poem about the end of the year?
What is your opinion of this poem?
do you know of a good site..?
would you mind reading this?
check this out and tell me how to change it ...?
What does this poem mean?
the poem that made emily dickinson famous?
How do you rate my poem?? I had to shorten it unfortuatrely.?
i write poetry, songs, and tryiong 2 write 2 books. i would like to get it published but dont know anyone.?
What would you do with this "Iran Makes Me Laugh" poem?
funny 40th birthday poems..?
Do you think my poem is good?
Help to alter this please...?
What is rhythm in a poem?
My poem, I just wanted beer, is it entertaining?
What kind of form is Sexton's poem "Young" in? Also what kind of literary elements can be seen in the poem?
Please rate and tell me your opinions on my work?
Poetry Publishing?
Need help writing a poem ?
hey i just wrote this poem can you come here and read it ?
Rhyming words for a poem to ask her out?
which poem is the best???
what do you think of my poem/song?
Which poem is the best? I wrote all three?
Pot luck supper at the Y!A poetry corner. What are you going to bring?
If it is not poem, Sheila (level6) is responsible!She gave marks to previous , I wrote another so called Poem!?
Reversal of Fortune; comments welcome?
comment my poem please?
Another from me for my enice? ny suggestions or advice?
Would you comment on this piece, entitled "Unclaimed Resurrection"?
Review of my fourth? "While Mortals Play"?
A new poem about Peanut Butter?
Can anyone suggest me a song or poem for the following occasion?
what is your opinion of this poem?
I feel like I need to profess my outward loathing of Allen Ginsberg. Is there a "famous" poet/writer....
Help analyzing this poem !?
Are you sensitive enough to the feelings of other poets?
What are 2 poetic elements in the poem "Beauty" by Tony Hoagland and where in the poem can they be found?
What do you think of my poem?
"du ee help yerself to crame, me handsome" does that mean anything to you?
What's a poem using extended metaphor or a simile in free verse form?
Do you believe in the power of prayer?
Is it time for a serious result? Will you C/C on the new script {Skyward Pray} of the Greek poet?
Hey ladies, if you were my gf and I sent this to you what would you say and how would you feel? (I wrote it)?
What's your favourite poem pic and which one is the best?
The sky is crying (a poem for comments?)?
What do you think of my poem? We had to find influence from Room Inside by Philip Gross?
Help me analyze this poem by: e.e. cummings "in just-spring"?
If-by-whiskey is my title C/c?
how do you find the rhyme scheme in a poem?
Poetry help? Alliteration and assonance?
A Poem - Love's Direction - Do You Like?
I write poem/songs and i want to get them noticed any advice?
Some lryics, what you think?
One for Otteri. Is this a structured form?
For a project I need a poem on bravery of women?
Could you take a moment to critique this ditty, please?
The following are based on things in my dreams here and there. Will you write a poem using one?
Can someone help me write a sonnet about summer?
please please what do you think?
What genre of poem is this?
birthday invitation poem?
how does the poem fit with the concept of clashing forces?
Opinions? Suggestions? Got no answers before so I posted again.....?
Let's call a truce. Time for this to end.?
Poem!!! Need help!!!?
is this a good poem i wrote?
what is the poem massachusettes to virginia about?
what do you think of my poem.?
My Monday After No One Loved Me Poem.... Comments?
adding some of my favorite light verse ?
Can anyone help me to find the poems of Nizzim Ezekel?
Quotes about someone ruining their life?
Will you please rate my poem?
can you help me with my poem?
I need help interpreting Shakespeare's poems?
"clashing their timid horns" = oxymoron?
what do you think of my poem?
Pity those more fortunate than ourselves??
do u know any good wesites where i can find poetry by published(not self published) poets?
A " It Takes One To Be One" Poem - What's Your Comment?
Just thoughts that seem to think- will you read?
Please tell me what u think of my poem?
A poem with multiple questions, would you answer it?
What is the meaning of poetry?
Till Love Was Found Poem.?
"Conformity" - poem by me?
More feedback please :)?
Whatever your stand is your business, this is mine...Do you care.?
Please critique this one entitled "The Serpent's Labyrinth". Thanks!?
I need to know if there is any thing wrong with this sentence?
can someone help me with an 8 line poem with hyperbole?
WHAT DO THINK OF MY POETRY ??good /bad plzzz answer!?
Poem,comments ?
What is the title/author of a poem about "Fortune, Fame and Love"?
how to write a poem in emotion?
Question about Sonnet 18 by Francesco Petrarca? 10 Points?
Once there were two women who never knew each other, One - you do not remember, the other you call mother.?
Please Help Me Edit!?
Need help on interpreting "The Altar" by George Herbert?
Is there any song/poem which protests war....and also talk about how it effects the environment ?
Tell me what you think of this poem?
Need a war poem for my school assignment? Help please?
What do you think of my acute attempt to paint a faint picture of the tumbleweed that is my brain.?
Grannyjill's Trigee - Do you like it?
Can you write a poem on the spot? Best poem gets best answer?
Poets, friends and especially foes, would you please c/c...?
Poetry questions, please help?
Will you please comment on my brief poem?
Need Help Writing Ballad!!!?
Any commetns about my poetry?
What are your views on my poem? Any advice is greatly appreciated :) It's called "Feelings"?
Poem: Phone Call With My Mother (Comments welcome. Please let me know what you think)?
Can you make me a Haiku about Camp Half Blood.?
Not exactly a good start for the day, will you comment please?
give two characteristic of anglo-saxon poetry that help the scop remember his poem:?
English poem help please?
Write a few lines for me, what do you see?
Poem topics?
poetry do you think its in me?
What's a good analogy about biblical scholars?
Can someone give me an example of a juxtaposition in the poem "The letter"?
what do yall think about this? i wrote it.?
Read this poem and answer a few questions?
What poem should I analyze for a college paper?
Is the poem April describing spring?
Is Wilde a Victorian, or an anti-Victorian writer?
How does Oscar wild use language to show the Nightingale is right in his short story the nitingale & the rose?
what are these poems about?
Can u please write a few words on ''YOUR SMILE DARLING''and compare woth this one ?
Have you ever given your heart in a poem?
grow up with praise you become confident, grow up with criticism you become shy poem?
What is meter in poetry?
Where can I find the poem, "The Advent" by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield online?
What kind of Meter does this poem have?
What do you think of this poem?
Satirical poetry help! D:?
I have to do a colour poem for school..?
What's a good title for my poem?
A good fantasy, poetry subject?
Poetry Help?
And I want you....?
Need help on a poem pleaseeee?
I have almost gotten over you. Comments/Critiques?
my poetry , yr opinions are very helpful to me?
Do numbers define you?
rate my poem from 1-10? 1 is bad 10 is awesome?
New poem I wrote ? Made by wallah all lies?
What do you think of my new poem?
Rate my poem...........??
i need help on a poem?
Poetry recommendations?
What do you think??
any suggestions or additions to this poem?
Do you like my baseball poem?
Please I need Opinions on Extended Metaphor Poem(Rap)?
how to annotate The Cask of Amontillado?
My Poem for her what do you think should i give it to her?
I need help writing my catalog poem!?
Can you identify the literary terms in this poem.....all of them?
Character Analysis of Steven Meeks in the dead poet society?
Emily Dickinson's Poetry?
Please read this and give me an opinion. I really appreciate it?
What does this song mean?
Comment on a poem about a closed door?
poem analysis Arthur Hugh Clough?
sonnet 116 pre reading activity?
Just an opinion please?
What do you think about this that I just wrote about my girlfriend?
what is shakespeare's A Lover's Complaint about?
Is this a good poem???
Need help finding a poem?
Who is this poem describing?
who's good at poem analysis? s!!!!?
So, do you think Sylvia Plath is the founder of the emo concept?
A poem about window?
I have sent my reading in so I don't know why some one has been to read the meter?
Does this poem make sense?
Is there a japanese style sonnet?
10 POINTS symbolism for LOTF?
Need a poem about death?
*Indulgences* a p o e m ... or you be the judge, c/c?
can someone write me a poem?
Can you help with improving this poem...?
Do you like my poem?
A minor re-write. Cherchez la rime?
What do you think of my poem?
What is Alexander Pope's view of Nature in his Essay On criticism?
A very depressing goodbye note. How do u like this.?
this cold weather* a poem:) i hope you like:):) plz read.?
How would you rate my poem on 10?
What's your favourite poem and why?
Spoken word poetry topics?
Thoughts on my poem :)?
What do you think about when raking leaves?
Your opinion is worth .s... is this poem any good?
How do I turn this into a poem? Or just art?
Is this a good color poem?
tell me what you think of poem. It's call "The Captain"?
What do you think of this poem?
How does Feminism relate to "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath?
Your thoughts on this poem?
Critique my kind of Free Verse Poem (repost)?
I love you. A haiku cc?
Poetry Help!!!!?
What is your least favorite time of the year?
Can you give me an honest opinion of these song lyrics ?
What would be a sonnet about music? ?
What does this poem mean,I promise it's very short! 10 points,I promise!!?
Can you please edit my poem?
Will you listen to some advice, from an unexpected source (possibly)?
I have a poem i wrote dont know if i should send it to my publisher read inside.?
"Escaping Hades" What are some thoughts, songs, quotes, or poetry that comes to mind?
What do you think about this new poem? Is it a call to arms or pens?
How do I write an excellent poem?
poem hepl?
This is mostly for the gals, will you comment?
What do you think about my poem?
Quantum Friending settings reconfigured, carbon copy?
Can you please read my poem?
Just a short one. Is the dream a bridge?
What is the subject of the poem thevroad not taken?
Please comment on a farewell poem?
The Waste Land T. S. Eliot...help please?
Rate Storytelling rap verse (1-10) Thank you very much?
Anybody know any nice medium length poems?
I need to find a poem?
Famouse poets and poems?
Write a sonnet for a girl?
The avenging goddess strikes. Will you feel her wrath?
Can someone give me tips on how to rap/write?
Tell me what you think of my poem, please?
Will this poem win contest?
When was the poem "Barbie Doll" written?
I wrote this poem on the end of segregation. Please tell me if it has decent rhymes and accuracy?
Anyone Care to Read my Poem?
My poem-----is it good or is it absolute crappy?
What do you think of this poem i wrote? be very harsh in your critism i dont mind?
"Silent Pain"?
What is the structure of the poem A time to talk by Robert Frost?
This poem is called Just.?
another self serving poem, *Francine Has Arrived at My House* C/C please?
Would you like to try something we have been doing at Firebrand?
My inner self?
Tell me if you like my freaking poem?
What poems do you tend to skip?
"Violence, in self-defense, is intelligence," said Malcolm X. Will you please write your reaction?
i need to make a concrete poem?
im doing 7 one line poems that have at least 1 thing in common with every single poem?
Who is Jose Narosky?
i need a poem can anyone write me one?
Does anyone have an idea what "A Dream within a dream" by Edgar Allen Poe could be about??
What is the rhyme scheme of Shakespeare's Sonnet XXV?
Need some help decoding poem, Welcome to Hiroshima?
Will you c/c on a script of the Greek poet?
I need love poems with a metaphor, personification, allusion, and symbol.?
Read my poem please!!!!!!!! =)=)=)?
what are poetic devices in this poem by robert service " lottery Ticket'?
Comments on a poem about three ground hogs?
C/C >>>>> The Four Seasons (improvised)?
Are you in there..........?
What do you think of these lyrics?
My Brothers Poem?
Is this a poem "xxxxxxxxxx"?
Rate my poem please.?
This is not a poem. Is it?
Help with English Poems - Douglas Stewart, 'Leopard Skin'?
can any one tell me the summary of the poem 'speak!' by william wordsworth??
Am good at writing poems? or bad?
What is your opinion on this poem I wrote?
What do you think of this poem?
Help analyze Lord Byron's "Waterloo"?
My poem: Destiny?
Sad Poem - Do You Like?
Do you like my poem????
Is this poem good(Christian)?
What does this statement mean?
Can somebody explain this ousiders poem???
From now on, all of my answers to "Rate my poem" questions will simply be a number between 1-100...?
what are the chants you do on peoples backs?
How would one describe the context/time period/circumstances in which the Poem the raven was written?
Can you help with a title for this?
Acrostic poem for the word "Internal"?
What would yoWhat is the basic rhythm scheme (meter) of this poem?u like to ask?
new poem??<3?
Care to comment (or join in) on some lyrical verse?
Untitled...comments or suggestions?
is the poem good i have to have 3 imagerys metaphor simile and personofication?
So which politician will you be bashing this season? C/C?
My Poem about Tacos... Please Read.?
here is a peom for flyy. What do you think.?
Is World Poetry Movement a scam?
Had enough of false prophecies in this lifetime, c/c?
What si the best Shakespear Poem?
Is it okay to give thanks to your contacts through verse?
what do you think of this poem?
Help writing mock epic story?
What were Christina Rossetti siblings name?
Feedback on my poem please?
I need help with this poem?
PLEASE SPARE SOME TIME OUT FOR ME! i will give you 10 points?
Help me annotate this not-very-long poem?
I need help finding a poem?
What do you think of my poem that I wrote when I was 15 years old?
any good poems about crushes?
Is this a fantasy or is it misery, locked in a mindmaze ...?
What do you think of my poem?
How would you improve these posy words? not a poem?
this poem needs a lot of work... please critique it as is.?
Famous poems about depression or going through hard times?
Yet another poem by ♥ ♥ ♥ Pony ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥?
what is the best way to promote ur page?
please read c/c my poem about heroin?
A comical poem... anyone else think it's funny?
Hope & Trust?
What do you think of my poem?
Critique my prose poem please?
Do you know of any poetry contests for 15-18 year olds?
can anyone translate william ernest henley poem for me, i like it but don't even understand the title?
Another Hallmark worthy poem...comments, think it would sell (ha ha)?
Okay i wnat to know what you think.?
analysis of nothing gold can stay by robert frost?
What do you think of this poem?
Is it all about me?
With Your Name. Thoughts Please?
What is the correct format to type a ballad in poetry?
How to write a Poem or Song?
Can you, too, offer a bio so we can get to know you?
sinners be where,?
How sweet do you like your tea?
please read poem i made yesterday.?
What do you think of my lyrics?
What happens when I don't rhyme?
Rhyme about a sausage dog!?
Nursery rhyme of 4 lines on tiger?
Can we post our work in the form of decent pictures? C/C if you may?
Is this a good start to my poem?
Summaries This Short War Poem?
Repose from yesterday: Added a couple of stanzas to my poem. ?
Can anyone write a very short poem for me?
Where the River Meets the Sound Poem Analysis?
How do you think a poem should be recited?
what is the complete name of K.T. Mohammed? the author of "eyes". can someone help me. its urgent. thanks
My friend and I made this poem! Wat do you think about it? PLez answer!?
Poetry Help?!? Fire and Ice by Robert Frost?
Ever kiss bruised lips ?
Help with literary devices?
[Salomé]...Would you please c/c on my poem...?
how does the poem called "you and me" or "me and you" go?
Poetry contests??
Are these poems in iambic rhythm? If not how can I change them?
What do you think of my poem about my mother who passed away?
Sonnet 146 (Shakespear) Interpretation?
poem read aloud by a man about going backwards?
Can you make a poem about life in jail?
what should my poem be about?
when good poetry inspires...?
Emo Poetry?
could someone please post a copy of that poem called "I be a goddess"?
Taking Poetry Lessons?
Poetry competitions??
How is this poem call?
Is this a good poem about my sis?
I have a secret, but I can't let you in on it...?
what do you truly think of it?
what do you think this poem means?
My first poem (to my knowledge)?
Poem Paraphrase/detailed explanation needed.Full marks for best answer.?
What do you think of 'How To Be A Bridegetender, In One Easy Question' morning pome?
I want you to read this and praise it with every fiber of your being, mmmmm-k?
"Sonnet" by C B trails?
Following in the footsteps (again) Hilaire Belloc Do you like it?
A poem for my GF i wrote please help?
What do you think of this poem?
What is your favorite piece of poetry?
To whom it may concern, would you consider this a poem?
Can you relate to this? What do think about the poem?
If anyone is familiar with poetry, can you please tell me what book this poem is from? (more info in details)?
Any suggestions on how to make this poem better?
And what did you learn in school today boys and girls?
I did not do it. Read this is you want to it is a poem, criticize it harshly or comment on it please?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem . . . c/c?
what do you think about this?
Another dark one , it's shorter . Did you like it ?
please read if you like?
Have you ever been tangled up in blue?
which john donne poem would be better for a presentation?
How do i remember my lines?
what do you think of this short poem?
How to write a Paradox poem?
Mirrors............a poem-----c\c?
edgar allan poe, the dream?
what do u think of this? can it be a good song?
Poem Review Please???
Does Appriciate and Mistake rhyme??????
Why is the brain so full of "grey" matter?
What is the theme of 'The Destruction of Sennacherib' by Lord Byron?
Do not stand at my grave a cry, what kind of poem is this? narrative or lyric?
what rhymes with face ... its for a poem?
I seriously think this haiku is genious. do you? (not mine)?
Do your wheels keep turning, moving along?
I want everyone to think before you attack Kayde.?
Summer Sonnet?
Appraise my Poem? (Affliction of the Blessed)?
Why do so many people think they are poets?
What shall I write about?
What do you think of my short poem?
acrostic poem for lincoln (( 10 points))?
What do you think of this poem i found?
Thoughts on my poem? (As well as an alternate title?)?
poems that are easy to remeber?
What do you think of this little poem?
A poem i like..can you please interpret this for me?
Who is your favorite 19th century poet?
This is my second poem i wrote in two days, I hope you like it.?
Do you think I am a good poet?
What do you think of this poem?
help. grandmothers birthday, need to read somthing... not slushy?
scary poem by me?
How simple is it to change the view from your kitchen window?
How do I write a thesis to compare/contrast two poems.?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
Apparently I suck at it?
Poems, read&&critisize?
Langston Hughes poetry questions?
Do you like my poem?
What is the theme of the poem "A Far Cry From Africa"?
can anyone help me?? (Poetry)?
OK, here's the secret. You're not going to like it. THIS is how easy poetry is. Am I forgiven?
Is this a romantic line?
A poem about a confession, will you c/c thanks?
"Sonnet 72" If you could fly all night to people's dreams, what will you do? Care to C/C?
Where can I find a pre-written poem for my adult friend that is so special to me?
wht do you think abt my poem ? (be honest)?
This is my favorite poem that I've written, please read?
Do you like my poem?
Want someone to rate this poem?
if there was a 80s boy george musical can a girl do 80s boy george?
lyric poems???? Cinquain poems???
Who is blind, the man with no eyes or the man with no vision?
ballad help?
help with a frankenstein poem??!!?
Please Review My Poem Everyone take a minute and read Thanks for everything?
What are your thoughts on this form of poetry?
I need help with writing a poetry?
an old one about a common theme in life. thoughts?
what is vessel?
Can someone make me a sonnet about love?
What is "The Park" by Ralph Waldo Emerson about?
Looking for poems/literary works relating to Homer's Odyssey?
Do you ever reach for the stars?
Critique my poems (repost)?
What Does It Take To Make You Smile?
The Dead Ringer on Whalen?
can you read my poem please?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What is your favorite poetry technique or tool?
'Crime Scene Secrets"will you comment on this poem?
Walt Whitman's excerpt from Song of Myself can be considered an expression of?
Does this poem have assonance or consonance?
I wrote this poem, opinions please?
Haven't I suffered Enough? Comments?
A famous poet and artist who i can't figure out?
Please rate this poem?
"Sonnet 69" How is your moon coming along? Any C/C for this poem?
What do you think of this?
I need a poem on the theme: "Working today for a better tommorow". HELP!?
I need to write a response poem?
Help Ideas for a poetry folio due on friday?
Do you like theses lines of a poem?
Please read poem I literally just made?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
My Poem "Let Me Breathe"?
Have you read Part 3, the final part, of 'Castle Morgana'?
Cane someone please explain this poem ? I read and read.?
I miss my best friend.?
What is the attitude of this poem? please help me?
Who is giving EP and TD all the TD's? Any confessors?
hey could you please read my poems and tell how you think. Thanks!!?
What is the best web site to use to find poems about love and summer and just about anything.?
Can you find four lines to descibe this...?
What does this poem really say?
Speech festival - HELP please.?
Will you comment on How I got my native name, please?
Could anyone explain the poem Gipsies written by John Clare?
Will you be so kind as to comment please?
poem help please burial of ashes?
whats your american dream?
Does anyone want to help me with a sonnet?
Please read over my recent poems?
Copy of "Wuthering Heights" poem by Ted Hughes? (Not Emily)?
The curser...............c/c?
Care to comment on my poetic-style diary entry!!!!!?
Would you read my poem on this cold and windy night?
A kid off the farm, will you comment please?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of this poem about Mars?
What do you think of this poem ?
should I trash this poem?
Can't find poem "Night, Death, Mississippi." HELP!?
Who Read This Haemoglobin Poem?
Acrostic poem for the name luis?
What collection is O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You" from?
write a poem for a new movie!!!?
what do you think of this "poem"?
A poem written on vacation, will you leave a comment?
How to write a acrostic poem?
Would you consider this a poem? Untitled, would you please C/C?
Holding on to that which is gone, some meter help?
What do you think of this poem?
wich is better for a sonnet?
What does Sonnet 18 mean by Shakespeare?
What is writing?
Please rate my poem?! It would mean alot to me!?
help me our with this poem?
C/c a new poem please?
Can you make my poem better?Thankyou.?
Poem meaning? I need help?
My Sonnet ... what do you think?
I wrote this poem. No reason in particular and the intentions in this poem is highly just creative. Check it!?
I want to send this in please tell me what i can change to make it BETTER!!!?
What you think of this poem?
what do you think of this?
Will you take a moment to comment on this please?
Love poem.?
What is the best way to begin to journal?
please read poem i just made?
My Poem???
An old poem, revamped. c/c?
Can a poem serve as a parable?
why do people snap there fingers before and after a poem? (poetry)?
what is an example of a 3 stanza poem about nature?
What if i lose the inspiration to write poems? what's going to happen to me?!? =((?
Anyone got some time to read and critique a poem?
Anyone know about Amy Tan, Richard Rodriguez or Julia Alvarez?
Do you like my poem, its about my dead dog... sniff.?
Please! I need some poetry help!?
Just funnin, will you C/C please?
in a poem what is a stanza?
What do you think about this poem?
hi, do you like my poem!?!?!?
Analyse the poem "Field Of Autumn"?
Poem reading. Constructive criticism?