Any Ideas for a poem?Help soon please?
What say to the pome, "Da Rooster(not Snidely) Gets Recognition This Morning!!!!"?
Please give feedback on my Poem. Thank you very much?
A poem related to Hiram's latest series, C/C?
Is an edit and repost acceptable?
Does This Song I Wrote Seem GOOD TO U???
This is a poem of a funeral I went to for a girl I knew named christina...?
Does anyone know the plot, setting, and theme of these poems?
Second poem for tuesday. this is a rewrite, hopefully it is clearer. How do you like it.?
What do you think of this short poem I wrote?
Does this poem speak of anyone you know?
How do I fix my poem (not sure if it's iambic pentameter; but it has to be)?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Can you remember your first taste of grief. Please comment and critique, thanks?
Have you ever watched wrens?
what do you thing of the poem daddy by sylvia plath?
Sonnet help?
is my poem good? i am 11 new!!?
I remember that morning of harmony and bliss?
What is the conflict in this poem "Fifteen", and what does it mean?
I need to write a sonnet.?
Whats your weather been like today? Will you C/C for me please?
In Memory of a True Matriarch a poem, c/c welcome?
Im doing a poem and our topic is beautiful massacre what topics comes to mind when your hear that?
My short poem about "forbidden love" i guess you could say....true story...thoughts?
Will you.....................................…
Please can you tell me how this poem makes you feel after you have read it, thanks?
Haiku edition, help me!?
Would this count as poetry? Or something else?
stupid question about ideas for poems? help?!?!?
Advice on a poem i wrote? im 13?
What c/c for this "The Gathering Of Gods Was Interrupted..." poem?
why can i not find my poems on poetry.com/ Managing Editor/ Howard Eli?
What do you think of this poem?
Who are the most optimistic poets?
is there a rhyme scheme that goes ABCBCA?
Do you like this poem I wrote? ...Need advice?
I have a request, will you please block me?
Help on poem.... please?
Rate my somewhat political poem?
From a poem already posted about Henry VIII's wives, c/c/?
Rate this Poem 1-5 PLEEEEEEZ?
Have you written a poem today?
Where There is No Light, by ME. Opinions?
Opinions/suggestions on a new poem please?
"I Promise"....an in-prompt-you ditty for your c-c please?
Anyone recall a short poem about a papercut?
What do you think of this poem? ?
What think you of the goofiest ever Morning pome?
Prince Poem?
Do you mind waiting....?
i need a passionate poem on child abuse?
~Solitude Night~ Feedback?
What do you think of Morning Prophecy Stones poem?
Is this real poetry? Elaine asked we write real poetry.?
What should the title be??????
Would you care to critique this poem?
Can anyone get me the song lyrics to Bob Seger's Nightmove, or write me a poem about this feeling?
Is this a good poem???????
Can someone Please explain Rumpelstiltskin Poem by Anne Sexton(poem inside)?
What are the forms of these DH Lawrence Poems?
On a scale of "your ilk should die" to "it's the best ever" will you please rate this poem?
i need to summarize this poem stanza by stanza?
Can you give me an idea to name a "I hate love" poem?
Poem related to "Ghetto Gospel?"?
Does this sound like a story poem?
Would sincerely appreciate feedback my poem, "Emerald"?
What say you to a poem of promise?
I need of help with Haikus?
I need help with a poem I wrote? (please read)?
Poem: Which one is better...........?
What do you guys think of this poem?
Does anyone know of short poems 10-15 lines that are realtively easy to paraphrase?
Is sex a popular topic in poetry?
A poem would like comments on please thanks
I feel lazy for only writing 3 today, but any comments are welcome?
And how would you classify yourself in this?
why poet want to call war a wasteful war?
Does anyone know a regretful poem that has 2 similies, 2 petsonifications, an 2 metaphors?
How would you improve this poem, which is an incomplete thought as well?
What do you think of my poem?
Do we keep our enemies as close as possible?
I need some really good songs to depress me?
contacting poets in australia?
Will you please rate my poem on a scale of "dumb" to "genius"?
Title for my poem? Please help pick a title?
What does this verse mean to you?
Biblical poem - help?
i need help....DO u kno wat this poem is call.???
And how would you classify yourself in this?
A poem or a feeling?
What do you think of this poem?
For my wonderful poetic friends in thanks,comments?
A poetic memory, will you c/c please.?
Does this say anything to you?
Testing..............? comment please????
How to find the meter in "Each and All"?
Are there any poets willing to write a poem for me ?
What do you think of Tennysons poem the eagle?
A poem tells a lot in a few words, isn't it? Will u elaborate the following poem?
What do you think of this poem?
what poems in the modern ere are very influential?
Whats the deeper meaning of this poem?
i need to right a love poem that ends in a tragedy and i 10 verses long for tomorow morning first thing....pl
How do you like this poem?
What does it mean to be stoned?
How does one recognise a friend?
What could my dream mean?
Quick question for my friends?
I'm writing an essay on how John Donne and Langston Hughes use religion to serve different purposes.?
Can someone tell me what the meaning of this poem is?
how do the structure and rhyme scheme relate to the meaning of the prologue sonnet ?
What do you think this poem means?
Is this poem too sappy?
This One for Poetry Lovers... Which is your favorite POEM? and Who your favorite POETS?
Do we really need to say this when we can simply say "Even if you could know, you wouldn't want to know"?
A Christmasy poem...to mother dearest...?
please my love, hurry with your make up, my charriot is restless?
Have you ever wondered about the following?
Is this poem good and contemporary?
a moment of utmost pain?
What are your thoughts about the naked truth? A poem?
Do you like my poem?
Perhaps love cliched?
list of poetry techniques please?
Does anyone know any good poems like this ?
Bury the Dead..(How do you find this poem?)?
An easy day for an angel poem, comments?
Poetry help?
What could my dream mean?
Thank you for all you share with me, a tribute to you dear answerers...?
Please read first poem (long)?
What do you think of this blog seems it came from a poetry?
will you read and c/c a poetic rant from someone named . , very reputable.?
Could this pass as a poem?
Short Autumn Poems... just find one an old person would like.10 points best answer?
I need some help with this poem, any suggestions?
Do you re-post violations?
what you think of this poem?
How would you improve this piece?
Thoughts on a Love poem?
What think you of the ending Journal entry?
Summary of the poem Jabberwocky??
Found this poem I wrote when I was a teenager. What do you think?
Don't panic people....I'm not about to jump?
in shakespeare's sonnet 64 what is one image that show time's ruin?why doesnt the speaker's love console him?
Can you start a class action suit against ,for theft of mind garbage?
What is Margaret Atwood trying to prove in the poem, "Tourist Centre in Boston"?
My name is Caleigh. Pronounced K-Lee I need a homecoming rhyme (: someone please help me!!!! ?
It is all for the good ya know?comment?
Wherefore art thou . ? ?
Read, if you would like to see the thoughts of a young girl?
Can someone help me understand this poem?
War poems and what they're about?
Do you ever mess with the "right of way"?
I'm not good with love poems, so can you give me suggestions to improve please?
What do you think of my poem?
What is rhyme scheme?
Is this a good poem??
I need help with a poem !?
Just want more feedback, your opinion helps?
help me make a quick change to this poem?
whats a good Poem Interpreting site?
I need to write a Visionary Narrative?
Help! Need to write poem!! ?
What do you think?
A Love Poem Maybe?
Weeds and Flowers in Hamlet?
Do you like my poem?
Do you think this is a good poem?
what are the similies in Choices by Nikki Giovanni?
Attempt at a 'block' buster, C/C?
More thoughts on my poem?
Do you like my poem?
See you later alligator After a while crocodile something something big fat moose?
Poem - In The Moon When Ponies Shed - Do You Like?
This is WAR. Please Rate, Comment, etc.
Metaphors/Similes in this poem?
Who believes that silence is important?
one art ESSAY question?
i need to write a poem to say how i fill about my mum know i fill now she has pasted?
Do you like sanitized poems? Comments?
need help with the next part in my poem ..plz help ?
I found a fascinating way to travel through time besides The Time Machine. Will you read and believe?
What do you think??????????
What c/c for this "Is This Analogy Correct?" poem?
What are some girl names that rhyme with stan?
What do you think of this poem. My editor is publishing it. I need feed back though be honest and please...?
When do you write?
[Black Gold]...What does this poem convey to you please...?
Can anyone provide me help with Christabel by coleridge?
...The Devil's Lesson?
I need inspiration, also i wrote another poem.?
Something written after watching 'Dances With Wolves' for the umpteenth time, c/c?
an "ode to food" ... is it any good?? constructive criticism please.?
This poem (if i may call it so?)...is disturbing, you think this will be deleted?
Will you kindly read my poem?
Could you comment on a quickly-written "poem"?
im way bored and i wanna see wat ppl can add to this line for a poem?
what is the difference between end rhyme and rhyme scheme?
Tell me if these are good please! Thankyou!?
Can someone give me an analysis of the poem "the poem walked out" by heather spears?
What is happening in the Poem "The Burning Babe" by Robert Southwell?
Can you see the join? Following in the footsteps?
I'm in "learn the craft better" mode....is that okay?
Isn't morning beautiful?
do you gamble? A poem?
Has anyone here had a poetry book published?
Can a person actually fall in love at first sight?
HW help! I need to find a song with lyrics that describes this poem (below)?
Poem....critique for me please!?
"I Wanted A Love Which Is Stronger Than Death." . spontane, seed in my mindheart 20 years, would you care?
Can you honestly believe that my poem was reported and deleted?
do you need to put periods in poems?!?
Poet or not? *warning* its deep!?
Please comment on my poem?
What is the meaning of the poem Sweater/ Sueter by Alberto Forcada?
Im confused What does this poem mean ?
syrup for the soul?
what are poetic devices in know there is rhyming and repetition but what else????!!!!?
MY Daily Challenge. CARE TO READ & Comment?
poems, what would you put in your....?
Do you have three minutes for my winter poem?
What do you think of this poem and or free verse I wrote?
Do you poets relate to this poem?
what are some examples of imagery in the poem song: sweetest love, i don not go, by john danne?
after a popular poem about children mostly seen in schools, goes something like children are ? let them ?
Maybe ya had to be there? Will you C/C please?
My Poem....?
I need help finding the meaning of this poem by linda Hogan?
Whats a good short 8 line i love him poem?
Anyone have or can indicate a translation of Dum iuventus floruit (Peter of Bois) please?
can anobdy please explain the poem death be not proud by john donne?
My first born poem of the day? Critiques/comments?
who is alma norman?
What is the purpose of poetry?
Please take a look at my poem, and crticize it?
please c/c my rough poem?
Have you time for five lines?
The River Merchants Wife: A Letter?
Poem ideas? Please help!?
In the elegy poems "Lycidas," and "Adonais," avoidance?
what do you think the emotions of this poem are?
Help with the poem, Points of View by Lucinda Roy?
what is your interpretation of the lady of shalott?
My poem, If roses grow in heaven, comments?
Can you list words that end in -ize?
A Choice Made...a poem to critique?
Scansion HELP?
Does anyone know a good spring poem?
Is this too cryptic or do you understand the erotic subtexts?
Please rate my poem, because I will glean much information about you from your responses?
Do you always remember every anniversary?
i have poem, any thoughts?
What happens to a place, when you leave?
Have I written my first Converb?
May someone please take a look at my poem?
I am quoting a verse from a poem,Can anybody help me locate the poem?
Can someone make me a sonnet about love?
is this poem good?
I am....LOVE (poem i wrote..please tell me ur thoughts!!) THANK YOU SO MUCH!?
A poem for a monday by me. Please let me know your opinions.?
Help me interpret this poem please?
Shakespeare paraphrasing help?
i need poem ideas just title's please!?!?
Name of poem about a teenage suicide?
poem on water saving in hindi?
For my ailing country, a dirge, c/c?
Can y'all please read this poem, let me know if you like it ?
Poem about death of a son?
What is the meaning of Ezra Pound's poem 'Masks'?
I need a native American poem. please help me?
I need an interpretation of the poem "cloud" by sandra cisneros. It has to be stanza by stanza also a them
Tell me what you think of my poem?
what do you think of this poem?
I needdd poetry help asap!!!?
What are the key features of a poem for children aged 0-3 and 3-5 years?
Art piece writing, help?
Would you give me your opinion on this nature poem?
I cant seem to find a title to fit my poem...help!?
Need help on robert frost poems: stopping on the woods, road not taken, acquainted with the night?
3 questions about a poem?
How do I write an anyone can poem?
Poem for papa from great grand daughter?
Does anyone know how to write a Dialogue poem????
Good names for a poetry/writing club at school?
What does this poem mean to you?
A rerun for Bayard Lady. Do you figure it's any good?
Hard critizing on my poem?
Does a poem have to be wrapped in bows an tinsel to be Christmas-sy/?
If you say my name I no longer exist, who am I ??
Can you tell me what you think about my poem that I turned in to a song?
Need help writing a poem ?
A poem inspired by someone with an opinion? Critiques/Comments?
what is the Warren Pryor poem about?
Acrostic Poem for PERSEVERANCE?
what metaphors/similes can i put in my poem about autumn?
poem. any advice?!?! 10 points?
I better post this before Stoogie gets a wiff of it...?
Critique this poem—Forlorn Child?
Poem I saw in a movie...?
What's a good thesis statement for Langston Hughes poem "Harlem?"?
Will you read my poemy-thing?
What do you think of my poem ?
Anyone else feel this way? Comments?
Poetry Help?! Mother To Son by Langston Hughes?
Which poetic genres do YOU prefer (reading or writing)?
Does this sound like a story poem?
hm eh...just saying----?
what is the theme of the poem called decorations by Robert William Servce is?
For the people who like my poetry?
what do you think?
fathers day is coming up and i wrote a poem what do u think?
A Poem - Sorry, An Unpleasant Poem - Do You Dislike?
I need to analyze this poem?
I except criticism! What do you think of this poem?
Will you tell me how you feel?
What do you think of my poem ?
rate my poem please!!!!!!!!!?
Will you C/C the new script {Gray Birds} of the Greek poet?
I found this "mystic poem". wondering who wrote it, what i means, or just what u think of it.?
Poem for school can i have some revision help?
Something about the moon..which i don't get to see anymore =(..sighs, can you bare w/ this?
what pictures could i use to describe this poem?
Can you analyse this poem by Charles Baudelaire?
Have you noticed how pompous some responders are about other's poems?
broken-physically exhausted, mentally drained, emotionally unavailable but spiritually upbeat?
Please help me with ideas for this poem!?
Are you bored yet?
What do you think of this poem?
Ghostwriter will you read this and give your thoughts?
Do you think this is a love poem?
Sometimes, don't you just have to laugh?
poem. wat do u think?
is this La Galatea?????
cute sweet short love poems?
Good poets that deal with modern day issues?
My sister already went to sleep, so I need your honest opinion on my poem?? Thanks.?
Is there any understatement in this poem?
A creepy, spontaneous Petrarchan sonnet; c/c?
Need some poem contests?
last poem I will post, thoughts on the writing?
Help me with my poem?
Here's one that is not so weird. It's my dark poem. I had to do some arranging to get it all on the page.
Who is your favorite poet?
Care to read a crappy, short, sad poem from me?
Sonnet problemss!!!!!!?
Old poem? What do you think?
is this a good sonnet?
i want a notes on a poem( it giving me stress)?
Hows this small poem,, i've just made it up?
5-7-5 written in English by a sophomore on the subject. Is it poetic?
question on the poem, The Wanderer?
Need help with a 4 line metaphor poem?
What are some good poetry ideas?
Is the poem good or bad?
Hmmmm, a poem headed for Mars??? Whadda ya think?
What do you think of this?
Who, what, when, where, why or how does this literature qualify as poetry?
Help with poetry please?
what do you think of my poem?
Who is the speaker of the poem?
on a scale of 1-5 how corny is this?
Do you know a poem that is at least 35 lines long and is easy to memorize?
Help with my STUCO president speech??!!?
What are the formal aspects of poetry?
Here, please read and comment. Going through writers block.?
I need constructive criticism for a poem I wrote.?
what're Blake's commentary on innocence & experience with reference to "how sweet I roamed from field to field
comemnt on this poem?
What are the lyrics to Paul Fleischman's Honeybees poem?
Is there alliteration,assonance, or consonance it the following lines?
Random peom...is it any good?
Critical appreciation of The Tyger by William Blake?
Poem Question...?
What do you feel is the most overused word in the poetry that you read?
how many poems did Walt Whitman write?
Poems that are examples of the use of....?
New poem watcha think:D?
How is my poem for English?
Honest opinions on the beginning of my epic poem?
Can anyone tell me where can i find site for poems?
Do you like this poem about some junkies in Glasgow?
What are the forms of traditional poems and short stories?
Playing with words.....and how are you going to have a good Friday?
Comments on a poem about reaching a milestone?
Need someone to help me critique my poem "Dreams"?
Would really appreciate your comments on this poem I wrote?
A note from the low IQ idiots. C/C?
is this poem any good? please read?
Gorindell, the Beast from Hell. How do you like my poem?
hows this poem( its pretty rough but bare with it.)?
what do you think of this poem?
does any body know a good limerick poem? it cant be famous though..?
what do u think about this?
A poem about the communication process for school?
A violation poem, you think?
Howl by Allen Ginsberg?
Share your friendship day wishes out here?
How can I find out which books the Poem "If You But Knew" was published in.?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
"Sonnet 55" How innocent should love be to be in fantasy? Care to C/C?
Rate my newest poem please?
What is an appropriate, amazing metaphor for lazy...?
Will you C/C on a Nautical poem of the Greek poet?
Do you make any rules for yourself when answering poetry?
Samuel T. Coleridge's language usage in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"?
Do you like this poem....?
What "bad" things do you do as a child?
Want to say goodbye through a poem.. can u please help me? Hindi or English?
The relevance of sound, meter, and imagery to meaning.?
DO you like my poem????
"Perhaps Not to Be" by Pablo Neruda in the Original Spanish?
Critique this birthday Poem Please?
Please read and tell me the analogy in this poem?
Ode to Spring: Why don't you share with us your own original piece of poetry?
Do you like this poem?
I need to know if this is a good poem?
I wrote this poem a while back... what do you think?
Analysis of Shakespeare Sonnet 147?
The Dash by Linda Ellis?
Poem I just wrote, is it worth continuing?
Please explain this Emily Dickinson poem?
should i finish this poem?
Is this a good poem?
Good enough?
Is this poem good poetic advice, or not?
Panic, As Time Winds Down?
Plz read my poem n c/c it? how do u like it? any title suggestions?
Please critique my poem?
Would teamwork be an example of a kenning?
What do you think???
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!on poems?
Is this a cinquain?
Could Dracula die from drowning?
Do the ads really get you down?
my poem . do you likeee ? ?
Love and Light on yer night, will you comment please?
Poetry Project Ideas?
what do you think of this poem?
Spring haiku?
Pablo Neruda Poems Online?
Who's your favorite Answerer, according to you, in YAP?
I may be asking for something.....comments/critique?
To publish a poetry book?
Jason Mraz - I'm yours?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem for you to punctuate ....spelling is to be left alone?
Someone explain to me, please, why Schultzie knows Best and Dave or Buk or Uncle Joe, star my poems, C/C?
How to pronounce the poet Lemn Sissay's name?
hows my poem?????
Dramatic Poetry?
Rumpelstilskin By Anne sexton(what does this poem mean)?
Slam Poetry Recruiting?
Icepick, the know-it-all "Speaks..." on what he thinks is happenin...care to c/c?
Is my poem good? feedback! please?
Can anyone help me analyze/interpret this poem as an allegory, PLEASE?
Which poem should I do for Poetry out Loud?
how to capitalize poem titles?
Comment my poems?
Critique on my poem please?
when might poems be less effective?
need HELP with interpretation of funny poem by Roald Dahl?
In 1971, i recited a poem (Flanders Field ) About soldiers I want to find it again?
please comment on this poem i wrote . its called kryptonite?
How does Carol Ann Duffy present greed in her poem 'a healthy meal'?
what the best and most creative 2 texts of poetry- do u think?
Morning Mist or Misty Goodbyes, which is the better title?
what do you think of this sonnet?
Where did this poem come from?
Can anybody tell me what this poem is called and the original author?
This poem is geared a bit more to 'Awe', would you review it for me?
Would you comment on one more poem?
When I die I want to be burried in a river, what river is the river in the poem to the river?
Help writing mock epic story?
What literary device is used on the poem The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats?
I need a list of poem techniques?!?
Poem about rip van winkle's beard?
What c/c for this "Damn Mad About What Went On Yesterday..." poem?
Rate my poem for me plz.?
WHY is it? that nor does a story or spoken words touch the heart... but a little piece of poetry does?
Is this a fitting poem for a sick poetry editor?
What do you think we should be writing about on here?
I have recently had my poetry published and had some crude feedback on one particular poem, what do you think?
Please provide feedback for the poem I wrote, how can i improve it? I dont really like it.......?
Abrupt Love (Poem...) Give me opinions.?
Will you comment on too young then to know, please?
What are the poetic devices used in "I Am!" by John Clare?
Y/A Poets: Questions about poetry publishing and facebook fan page?
Can someone help explain this poem?
I need a native American poem. please help me?
how could i finish this poem?
Paraphrase the sonnet?
I need help on a catalog poem?
Groups with personality?
A Child's Face?
Do you like books? Are you a book? Library, c/c?
What do you think this poem I wrote is about?
My poem, renewed version, critical advice needed?
Villanelle poem starters?
Is this good? Be honest.?
Help me identify..?
Will you go for a little trip with me?
Opinions on a new poem?
I wrote a piece about my life: Love, Bereavement, Friendship, Finality and Hope. Comments?
Have you witnessed a dog and cat play day?
What do you think of this poem?
I wrote a poem and I am not really a poet but I need help with it .You can add to it?
How can I improve this poem?
poems about the harlem renaissance?
Is this worth your time?
Can yall help me with my poem please to make it more romantic an loving?
what is it called in poetry when the poet describes themself as an inanimate object?
How do you find what other poets said about a certain poet? (like, a dead poet. :) )?
HEY YOU!!!...Writers respond please...What would you do, if you didn't write about it?
could you rate my poem please?
I need a poem to explain to him how i feel. any ideas?
Check out my poem, thanks?
black and white friendship quotes/poems.?
I need help with a haiku I'm writing?
Can anybody help me write a poem?
poetry sites?
I need criticism, please!?
Rhyme scheme of a poem?
can u make a poem with at least 5 stanzas or more?
what type of poem is an acrostic by edgar allan poe?
Need a poem that is 1 minute long please help fast!! no longer.?
Want a poetry challenge?
This poem is better, I promise?
A Poem about Unrequited Love?
Where Im From Poem HELP please? s.?
What do you see when you look at the mirror?
Your Opinions and thoughts on.....?
I found an old poem, what do you think?
Can anyone give me some insight on this poem?
what do u think? it's not supposed to rhyme and i am 14 btw?
I need a poem with an example of foreshadowing?
Will you offer any comment you feel is appropriate?
For Terra, will you c/c?
Please tell me what you think about this love poem I wrote?
A whimsical little poem. What do you think?
My first poem, How does it sound?
What do you think about this poem?
what do you think about this article? do you agree? ?
Afinal peom for an ex fiend. Godd bye, good riddance.?
Do you find that sometimes the key to poetry is hard to find?
Help...I need to find this poem?
opinions on my poem please?
If I was looking for a man, a fun poem will you c/c/ please?
Hello! My Name is Elysabeth...care to know about me?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
What does it mean for something to be apostrophized in a poem or piece of writing?
Would you care to join me in a celebration of sorts?
Write a short note about 'The Dream Of The Rood'(OLd English Religious Poetry)?[Honours llevel's]?
Can you continue this light-hearted attack on poetry? Add a few verses perhaps?
Please rate my poem?Thanks so much, 10 points?
Paraphrase poem help?
Long Road Trips- comments or critique please?
Bonfire Night aftermath. What do you think?
Can you review my poem please?
what do you think of this poem?
This poem grew long hair and a beard, trying to look like Walt Whitman, I suppose. What do you think?
I am not poetry today?
Help me write a sonnet?
Do you think my poem is good...?
constructive criticism?
Please rate this quick poem?
Can someone write me a love poem?
First time with this style i kinda like it...what do you think?
Does this poem make any sense? I am extremely confused.?
How to become a professional poet?
NEW POEM, need some critique please?
A little poem which needs work - please read?
A poem inspired by Ma ?
PLEASE HELP! asap.!?
A poem about an ancient ritual. Comments welcome?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you consider this poem inspirational? really easy 10 points!?
short poem i made tell me ur thoughts?
could someone help me with poetry?
Can you imagine?
new one. what do you think. thank you for the comments.?
Poem about Tattoo?
What is the theme of theses poems? homework help?
i need some poems about cinquain , senryu , ode can you help?
Have you ever seen a dead man?
Poem ideas about my cousins?
Help with Acrostic poem about my heart?
Help me analyze this poem by Robert Frost?
[Forgive me please]...Please comment & critique...lol...?
Does this sound okay? its like a story, in poetic form.. and its kinda sad btw lol?
what are your thoughts on this poem i wrote?? =]?
is this a good poem from 1 -10 tell why or why not?
My Second One, How is this?
Can anyone help me with a poem about death?
Poetry Help....Good Writers! Or Creative people! Basically anyone smarter than me! (not hard to do!)?
What do you find in this poem?
Can you help me analyze this song for figurative language?
Do you enjoy short stories about things?
A haiku or two... or five... or six...?
Freestyle Haiku Challenge... for writers only...?
I wrote a piece after an emergency landing in a British Airways 707 Will you read it and make comments?
the poem my excellent education by kenn nesbitt uses what poetic device?
Does the world end for you when you lie to a loved one and they dump you?
what do you think of my poem?
Easy 10 Points!!! Poetry help?
please give me a copy of a poem by Alfredo Gonzales entitled "Will of the River"?
Critique thiss Poem plz..FEEDBACK.?
what do you think about this poem?
Poetry writers I need your help!?
Will this poem be ok for mars?
What do you think of this poem?
Poetry.com wants to put my poem in Immortal Verses?
Comments on a poem about the bond found in sharing honestly?
Please c/c this poem I just wrote.?
Irish poem ending "and may ye be in Heaven 15 minutes before the Devil knows you are dean!?
What is a good 8 line rhyming poem for pumpkins?
Have you created something today?
What's your opinion on my poem, "In My Savior, I Put Faith"?
Poem I just wrote, is it worth continuing?
I just wrote this new poem, plase tell me what you think?
Pt one of Wraith and Wizard, will you give your critical advice? You don't have to hold back?
How does this short poem impress you-give me your truest feelings?
Where can I get love quotations, poems, etc.?
any good poems that i can easily memorize???
I nead a Lylric poem?
Does anyone else love this poem?
What do you think about the poem...Winter's Maid?
What's your interpretation of this poem?
New poem! What do you think?
the meaning of this poem!?
What's a good friendship poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Comparing and contrasting poems?
feedback on poem please ?
Will you c/c on a script of the Greek poet?
Do you like my poem? 10 points?
Great mood this morning, what you think about my little spring ditty?
Any good ? thanks for looking!?
OPEN! I'm 14 and loove writing! Please Comment!?
'Imitations' By Dannie Abse?
Where is this quote from?
Can anyone please explain to me what the poem 'Like Yesterday, ' by David Malouf means?
Two Literary techniques used in poem "The Road not taken"?
Hey! Bobby's girl, (and everyone else!)can I make you chuckle?
A poem for a very special woman in my life. I hope you like it.?
poems about sticking to the plan?
i'm trying to remember a poem?
poems about punks or the punk subculture?
Your favorite Poetry Group?
What makes a poem modern? What makes a poem American?
What is the best possible explication/ way to understand John Keat's poem "Ode on Melancholy"?
what is the structure of this poem?
gangsta poem?
Does anyone know poem In Praise of Zigzags?
name this poem about the black douglas?
Poetry at Home need help?
lyric by spike milligan its a poem he wrote?
What do you think of my diamante poem?
Your opinion of this poem?
What was your favorite Fairy Tale?
please read my poem and give constructive criticism?
can someone help me write a poem. the title is called black rose?
Will you respond to a question for poets?
It is close enough to Valentines Day for this poem isn't it?
What do you think of this poem?
I'm making a picture collage for my cousin's graduation, & I need a poem/quote/song for it. Any ideas? Thanks!
what are some of william shakespeares short poems?
Is this a good poem??
Again, feedback, is this a good poem?
Theme/ Mood of this poem?
What are your comments or reactions to this poem?
What is the tone of this poem?
Opinions? And what would be a good title?
Please rate my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
My daughter is writing a metaphor poem. It is called 'My Family is a Blender'?
does this sonnet make any sence?
Can anyone please give the theme and an analysis for this Poem ?
Shakespeare Sonnet 10?
does this poem suck?
Comments on Lincoln's bird's eye view of the Inauguration?
The phrase ' That deep-brow'd homer..." example of what poetic element?
What do you think of my poem?
What date was "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath written on?
Do I capture human feelings in these poems?
Ever kiss bruised lips ?
How would you dry a well of sorrow?
Do you consider yourself a poet?
Please tell me what u think?? ive posted it before but changed a few things?
Will you C & C this first draft poem, please?
This is the same poem in two languages. C/C?
this is a poem I wrote on the spot... what do you think?
How can I make my poem better?
What do poet's look like, would I know one if I past one in the street?
Who is your national poet?
Are some poetry days like this to you?
Feedback on my poem?? (like ther is not enuf people asking this already)?
What figurative language is "Just boiling in my blood"?
i just wrote this poem for my mom, what do you think?
Is this a good idea about how to construct a poem?
tell me what you think of my poem....be honest?
They keep coming back?
A poem with the theme suggesting action should be taken at an opportune moment or else objective would be lost?
Could you please tell me what you think of this poem I wrote? Just be sincere.?
Can you weave worlds with words?
So what do you think of these lyrics?
A dog haiku for you, you like?
Poem i wrote, constructive criticism please?
Anyone care to rate my poem?
Any comments on this poem?
What do you think of this poem about morning?
Does repetition of a word help in forming a memory? C/C?
Since my first poem was savaged badly, not one to give in easily, I have no choice but to written another.?
"Scattered Splinters" .. a new late - night Spontane of the Hearty kind..would you care to read please, and t?
Should I change my heart........?
My random poem on snow/forests etc... kinda random NOT cliche (PLEASE READ!)?
Poetry contests?
Truthfully, How is my poem?
What do you think of my (new) poem?
Can anyone tell me all the poems quoted in Dead Poets Society?
Opinions on an edited poem?
What think you of a 'bump and grind' poem?
how is my poem be nice and honest im only 15?
Through Despondent Minds?
Shakespeare poem help fast please?
Help on finding 5 poems.?
What gives you Inspiration to write a poem? how long should a good poem take to write?
(starbright where are you?) Hey read n tell me what you think!! ^^?
Opions on this poem?
Why do some people shop in the bargain basements of emotion?
Please give your opinions on this poem. ?
Need your point of view in my poem, and how it makes you feel??
"Tree Houses" a poem of sorts to c-c?
help please?
When do you stop giving and start showing?
Please help me find this poem!?
Have you seen anything like this?
Where do the missing parts go? Comments/Critiques?
is your bucket list empty? c/c?
can you do something for me?
Help with poem by Langston Hughes?!?
i m an italian girl..i d like a comment about the poem: the dove...?
Rate my poem please? ;D?
A late Good Morning Y'all ramble.....?
Cowboy poem - by my cousin?
How would you improve YAP?
What are these poems called?
Is my poem good? feedback! please?
Will you tolerate a poem that only uses short i's?
"I Don't Want To Be" by Gavin Degraw?
Analysis of Pablo Neruda poem "Ars Poetica"?
This is the most original, raw poem i've ever written cause it's exactly what happened to me today. Comments?
Do you like my poem?honestly?
what do you think of this verse?
Can you please critique my 2 year old's poem. Please be honest.?
My Undecided Muse (rough draft)...how can I improve it?
I am doing a rhymed music poem, and i need your help!?
A short one please c/c?
Care to Comment?
not perfect. not grand. goodnight poem. now u may tell me wht u think. do u like it or not?
Naughty poetry...am I tarnished?
plz tell me of a poem, poetry etc. to dedicate to somebody on their birthday?
Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem “Love is not all” I NEED ANSWERS! please help, i'll give you points!?
A slightly depressing poem... what do you think?
What could they want so badly as to abandon all their sensibilities?
How is this one?
what do you think?
Poem help! Can anyone help?
What is "Evil" to you?
poem... tell me what you think?
Can I, too, offer a Valentine's wish to the ladies of Y!AP?!?
Sometimes things just fit into what is?
A poem titled Self Recognition?
How about one for Yidiot?
What is the theme of the poem "A Day" by John Greenleaf Whittier?
"Forgiveness" an impromptu.Please will you comment, perhaps correct parts, suggest positive improvements ?
Poetry Devices In This Poem?
I want an essay on world famous poets?
Is this poem good or not:)? if not please help me make it better:)!?
Does it baffle you how someone can have so much talent yet have the mentality of a twelve year old boy?
Good morning! Welcome to The Buk Show! Today's guest is....Mek!....!....!...!?
A valentine poem for pa, want a peek at it? Critiques?
words that rhyme with home. TEN POINTS!!!!!?
I wrote a poem and need opinions. Supposed to be moving and inspirational tell me what you think.?
Can any one explain me Shakespeare's sonnet 63 ?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Can you tell me what you think of my poem? If you can change or add anything, i would appreciate it.?
poem; read it and tell me what you think.?
Ummmm....a Sonnet, perhaps?
If I wrote this for you, would you like it?
So, what do you think of this one?
write a critical analysis on The Return by Ngugi?
Jacobean era poem? Help !!?
What does this poem mean?
Please read?
What say to the poem, "Truth Can Be A Boring Necessity For Poets"?
Understanding a poem?
Do you like this poem?
Poem Analysis, Students by Tom Wayman?
Will you c/c the new script of a poet?
What are 10 words to describe john henry?
What makes you melancholy, baby?
In his poem "The lake Isle of Innisfree," Yeats seems to favor vowel sounds over hard consonants.?
What's your opinions and thoughts of my new poem? 10 points to best answer.?
Have you seen any poems today noting 45 years ago in history, if not?
I need help interpreting this.?
Would you comment on a poem about a satisfied angel?
Where can I find poems about teens? (read more)?
Poetry wanna help?(=?
a poem for Ma.. It is ugly . is it ugly enough?
10 points for best anwer!!!?
(Microcosm) a poem for you to read. C/C if you feel like it?
Can you give me some lines about cellphone? Because I'm making a poem about it. Help please? Thanks! ^_^?
If I deactivate my Deviantart Account?
Your opinion on this poem is?
Poem for Eng' class. Is it any good?
*Need your opinions* What do you think of this poem, is good, or okay etc?
Can someone help with wording for a girl scout/apl visit to a local nursing home?
Please critique my poem?
Where can I find a list of Carol Ann Duffy poems?
♣♣♣♣♣♣ Ves , si puedo hacerte feliz ♣♣♣♣♣♣?
When was the last time you enjoyed burnt toast?
peotry - "the gate" by elizabeth j coatsworth?
Can anyone give me any modern day songs that compare to the poem "when we two parted" by Lord Byron?
How can i sharpen my writing skills?
what type of poem is Wordsworth's Skates by Seamus Heaney?
What do you think of my poem?
Is this about home renovation?
What makes you melancholy, baby?
what do you think of my poem White Joy?
Why are some people so mean?
My Poem...Any Advice?!?
Follow up to rubbish poetry?
Is this any good *10 points!*?
what do YOU think about this ORIGINAL poem?
Comparing and Contrasting Poems?
Is there food for thought in this poem?
Where can I find poems with 2 voices?
Will you give me a critique of my poem?
need a poem about healthy lifestyle..?
Do you prefer longer books (200 plus pages), or shorter books (fewer than 200 pages)? If so, why?
what do you think of this new version of Faust?
New Poem - "Anole" -- will you cc?
Will you laugh or only grimace? A margin-testing poem, would you C/C?
Updated poem! Comment your thoughts!! Please?
what do you think of this haiku?
is it safe to come out now?
Is there single booklet with analyses of all poems in The Rattle Bag?
What does this poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson mean?
What rhyming pattern does this poem have?
When was Shel Silverstein's poem "Sick" written/published?
Do you wish you were out dancing tonight?
Please give me your opinions/ advice on this poem?
i need to find a good biography or some background information on Michael T. Young (the poet)?
Why all the stress over rhyming and not rhyming poetry.?
is this poem a free verse or did i do it wrong?
Please, I really need help: in search for a poem?
Rate my poem, 10 points?
does anyone know the poem?
Poetically I'm Like OMG' ing !! ?
Does this make sense for poetry using the word malice in the sentence?
How do you like this poem? I wrote it.?
Do you like this poem?
A love poem with the word "rose" in?
What do you say about this poem? Also if you may rate it (0-9) please.?
Another poem, what do you feel while reading this?
When you die and wild dogs disregard your bones, does that mean you failed in life?
A poem for a lousy Thursday morning Merry Xmas everyone. Do you like this bit of trifle.?
Is this an Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote/poem?
Beowulf Epic Story: Question .?
too much swearing to stay on but i could use a removed profile.. peace?
In huswifery the poet compares the speaker to a.the spool b.a loom c.the yarn d.a reel?
a poem for one of our MIAs, C/C?
clerihew poems?
Finding elements of poetry?
Do you like my poem? c/c please!?
What is the central idea of the poem Simom Lee by William Wordsworth?
Do you like my new poem?
Plz read n c/c my poem! how do u like this poem on rain?
Quiet i sit... a poem... tell me what you think?
any comments on this poem?
When is the release date?
A dark poem on a bright sunday. Give me your thoughts?
Have you any comments on a poem- she who inspired it will know-please?
Can anyone suggest me a song or poem for the following occasion?
Just wrote this poem..inspired by the season. "Haunting" what do you think?!?
Poem with themes of mistrust, revenge and manipulation or unfaithfulness of spouse?
What do you think of my poem???
...do missing pieces make up the whole?
A birthday poem for my cousin that died?
I need some constructive critisism on my poem?
opinions? celtic poem?? (celtic well)?
What kind of poetry is pretty sounding but makes no sense?
why was the narrator not considered guilty in the tell tale heart?
what makes poetry hard to write?
Do you know which sonnet this is?
HELP looking poem about prunes?
Is demon rum really a demon at sea?
What would a woman think of a poem like this?
Is this all of the poem??????
What is special about Prévert's poetry?
Do you stop or keep going?
meaning of this stanza?
What is the meaning of the poem "The Sky is Low" by Emily Dickinson?
Translation of 'dooniya ke maja leleo douniys tou mari hai'?
help!!!whats the title im thinking of?
Have you Danced under the moon lately?
Does anyone know the analysis about the Poem "sister maude " by christina georgina rossetti?
Plz read my poem and criticize it? plz take a look!?
I'm really heartbroken. Write me a poem please dear friends?
Write a poem about being "A World Leader"?
Do you like this poem I'm 10 and worked hard?
what does this poem mean?
"Sonnet 71" Still on the process of revision, C/C please, will you?
This is my first time writing a love poem :S?
what was the best poem you have ever read?
Inspired by EBB...How do I Love Thee?
Would you care to comment on a poem, dedicated to Neon, Ice and Ma, about a name?
Poem ideas?
''Notes inspired by...'' What do you think?
Is this a good poem???
Do you think this is a good poem?
Challenge! Want to try it?
Do you like this 'Poem'?
Does any one understand?
What is [in poetry] the male equivalent of a "Bimbo"...?
I need help on Found poem?
Help me with a metaphor!!?
Dark secret........just for you...?
Please read my latest poem?
What do you think of "Anonymous" poem?
feel free to comment please ...?
Thoughts of this?
Do you suffer from insomnia?
Bio poem ideas????????
what do you think? be honest please? any suggestion on makin it better will be appreciated also!?
Chains Of Envy..........a poem...c\c?
I want to sell my original poems online??can anybody plzz guide me with the procedure?
What do you think about this poem? Tiny Feet?
Untitled; for the same girlfriend. Like it?
"Caramel & Cinnamon" for your c-c?
what do you think of my poem?
Do you like my strange poem writing thing?
PLEASE....I really need your help...what does this poem mean?
Emily Dickinson poems about depression/ madness?
Can someone with some literary grounding/understanding analyse my poem?
The poet has dual attitude towards the snake. Why does he experience conflicting emotions on seeing the snake?
I need some help..its my sisters 18th soon and i want to write her a poem..?
Can someone rate this poem?
would you consider this short poetic exercise?
what does this w.b. yeats poem mean?
For everyone, everywhere, and such and things...?
Pssst. she's under the strawberry patch... Would you read and cc this morbidly fun write, please?
What say ye to "Women happy shopping bull?"?
Help analyzing poem We are Many?
Do you like this very short poem I wrote?
a poem I can't remember?
how is my poem? im 13?
write me a beowulf poem?
Does your NEIGHBORS DOG Visit YOU?
What do you think of this poem?
'Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink' was from which poem? Who was the author?
A poem for my younger sister who is my maid of honor?
Five Shots Were Heard?
What do you think of my new poem?
Will you please read carefully and critique this poem?
what hyperboles are in Nikki Giovanni's poem ego tripping?
Tell me if this is a good poem.
Poem of rembrence day, can you tell me what you all think?
What can a poet do to reflect the tone of a poem?
Dolls are not such good toys for girls and especially not for men, C/C?
love poems?
Could this be a converb?
Democratic acrostic poem... HELP?
What is the meaning of this poem?
What do you think of these poems?
Drama/Enligsh Poem.... What is its name and author????? THANKS?
Can anyone tell me when this poem was created?
wh do you think of this poem?
what do you think of my poem about anorexia?
Scarlet Rain... My poem. Thoughts? Comments?
I wrote a poem, what do you think of it?
POETRY HELP! please please please answer!?
Do you know/have u made up any good poems?
How do I write A good love poem?
Care to read my poem ^-^?
poem i wrote for my schools prom and graduation?
Is this a poem good enough for a childs book?
Please comment on this Koala poem?