I dwell in possibility Emily Dickinson?
Do you like this? Advice please?
comments? criticisms?
Can someone read my new poem and let me know what they think?
What do you think about my poem?
I like to write poems based off of how I'm feeling at the moment is this a good poem?
Mother's Day Poem?
do you like my poem?
Can anyone help me with the summary of the following Epigrams by Alexander Pope?
Poem; Indecision a revised version. your comments please?
Any good poems or quotes about belonging and special place?
Have you ever thought what your "Final Thoughts" would be?
How does the short poem sound to you?
How do you use all of your mind, on command?
Can anyone give me a poem about sports please?
Jack prelutsky, what kind of poetry does he write?
How much is captured in a look (c/c)?
Can I get some constructive criticism for my poem, please?
Has anyone read the poem "the bull moose" ? Does anyone know what it is about?
What is Swifts by Ted Hughes about?
Will you c/c a 5 year old lunar poem by my old mischievous alter ego?
you like this poem too?
holy sonnet #10(death be not proud)why does the speaker react to death by challenging its stenght & pride?
What do you honestly think of this poem?
Another poem here about the times we live in, can you rate?
How is my poem? Is there anything that I need to improve it?
This one is giving me a lot of trouble... Extremely rough draft, thoughts?
Do You Like My Poem # 5?
what do you think of this poem?
Will you C/C Life is like a bike, please?
a poem developing, I need input, critique and comments, would you oblige me?
poetry with a theme connected to color?
Anyone into poetry and could help me?
What do you think of my poem? Its really short!?
help again please!?
bringing it to class tommorrow?
I have written a love duet in the form of a poem. What do you all think of the poem?
in sonnet 18 is the speaker afraid he will die from heartbreak?
What's the format of a ballad poem?
Comments on this poem-like writing?
basketball poem help????!!!!!?
True Teacher... comments?
Still another Special Blab? With Co-Anchors Mizzy and Ma?
Do you like this poem?
...what are raindrops made of?
Okay so I wrote this poem and I nee an opinion?
Need ideas to write a poem inspired by the book The Age of Innocence?
Well, has anybody seen her?
Is what I wrote good or no?
Yes, a question. Whatcha think?
POEM! U like it?
YA Poets... Care to comment?
Do you write poetry when you are happy or when you're sad???
A Limerick for your amusement . . .c/c?
Does this poem fit this story?
Wrote this poem when I was 11. Tell me if you like it.?
How do you store your poetry?
Is a haiku poem able to be an extended metaphor or is it too short?
Need a good death poem?
How Do You Feel About My SAD, CHRISTMAS, LOVE Poem ? I'm medium height, btw, so be truthful, yet morbido.?
'No more Boomerangs'?
i need 8 poetic techniques used by roald dahl in his poem 'the pig' and Why do you think they have been used?
please read poem i just made. tell me what u think?
I have a question for all you s****** reporters. Why do you only report the questions where I include a poem?
Is my poem good? (It's supposed to be funny and not make much sense)?
a more complete version of my poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote just now?
what rhymes with laughter?
Wher can I study poetry(LITERATURE) in UK?
Who's your favorite poet?
Compare "Dream Boogie" with "The Weary Blues." How do the moods of the two poems differ?
Is this "tongue-in-cheek" or just PARC?
Help with "Crossing The Bar" by Alfred Tennyson?
poem about humans with animistic qualities?
What is a good poem, by a published author, about the stress of trying to get good grades?
can a rhyming couplets poems be 750 words, long, and 2 lines (2 lines space then 2 lines continuously?
can you help me compose a poem for my sis?im graduating,just wanna say thanx to her?
The Watsons go to Birmingham free verse poem about the wool pooh?
can you give me a poem of wole soyinka?
Please rate my poem!!?
Acrostic Freestyle Challenge...for writers only...?
Why is this famous poem so widely praised? What is it's appeal?
I need some help identifying techniques in a poem.?
I need the best quote ever about being/staying happy! :)?
Why did Bess decide to shoot herself in "The Highway man"?
Anyone Care to Read my Poem?
Whew! I finally finished this one, after weeks of toil. Please feel free to comment and give helpful advice...?
WHY I HATE U,……......poem!?
Cradle to the grave - (comment/critique)?
Someone help me in poetry, how do i find the imagery in the text?
i want to know your opinion about this poem?
...what is man's greatest sin?
Will you meet me on the other side of the moon? A poem ?
Is this a simile? : Mom stares at me like I have a new face she's never seen?
would you rewrite the following poem stanza by stanza?
Why do some poets refuse to allow email contact?
Help please?
Judge me please? Poem?
can you help my find a famous poet who writes haiku poems?
Will you Join Me Poet Friends?
Does this apply to you?
Famous Poetry about Male Vanity?
This may be a subjective question on my part, but I'll ask:?
does any one know what the poem is called about ayoung boy watching a rememberence parade with his granddad is
As Americans, who do you think is your greatest poet? And who do the rest of us think is their greatest poet?
do you like my new poem?
Please Help?
name poem number 2, please help me?
Can you please re-word this short paragraph?
Who would read a funny poem about me?
Would this be a sonnet poem?
Will you comment?
Another poem...... Please let me know what you think?
This is an exercise, a rumination about threats? c/c?
write me a poem about the things in your life that are disturbing ,ok?
Ballad Of An Abused Woman (Please Read)?
what do you think about this poem?
What do you think of that poem? i saw it in sb's 360 and really cried...?
Guilty until proven innocent.......C/C?
The I can't write poems poem?
Poem 5 for wednesday. A little different, do you like it.?
did the poet robert frost have any medical issues with his foot ?
Mourning views...What can they bring?
Words that rhyme with Sammy?
Can someone critique my poem?
in memory of.........?
What does this poem mean??? i dont understand it??
poem.. The Wonderful Hesitation?
help with poem-y song?
help with Lot's Wife poem?
poem about my gramps...! tell me what u think!?
Will you comment on exploring please?
Can anyone give me a decent english poem entitled "Seasons" ?
Will you comment please?
criticize my poem, more deep?
Todd's Challenge - a Dorsimbra. Have I succeeded?
Was a friend of mine hair-victimized? Maybe some poets were professionally self-improvised, C/C if you may?
HOW IS MY POEM??? C/c please?
What is the coolest red item that you own?
Sonnet 130 by shakespeare and valentine by carol ann duffy?
Is this quickie suitable for my lover?
two things i wrote...?
Can a haiku be 7-5-7?
"On the wall" Please read/ C/C my poem?
Are you indispensable to anyone? Please comment on this poem?
I wrote this poem, opinions please?
i need a poem..?
Can you analyse this poem by Charles Baudelaire?
What is the meaning of the poem, In a Disused graveyard by Robert Frost?
How can I improve this poem?
Searching for a poem: starts with ' waked by the pale pink '?
please comment on this poem, thanx again?
Read the following poem and try to explain its impact?
is this a good poem!!! Honesty Please!!!?
I am in a poetry contest and need votes! Please go to website and vote for my poem?
The Tyger poem by William Blake?
wrote a poem, tell me what you think?? (:?
Do you like my new poem?
opinions ?? for my kikass poem lolz
I need a poem?
in the poem night of the scorpion what is the message?
It won't take long to read or c/c so how bout it?
Please comment on the Petarchan Sonnet I wrote :)?
i have to personify fear - is this good? it's supposed to be "poem-y-ish."?
When you keep me blocked and away, don't touch my scripts and stories {Arachne} if you may?
Why is to Autumn by William Blake typically a romantic poem?
What is the initial reaction?
Forty year anniversary of Woodstock. Here's the question?
I really need a personification poem about summer any ideas?
I need help writing a ballad?
Can you please read my poem?
How are these lines? i want ur opinion?
Don't you think that TD Euwaite going to be the surprise winner of the Pulitzer price this year?
The Lost Parade is moving on, won't you come along?
What do you think of my poem?
please read my poem if you like?
Poem---whadaya think?
Planet earth 3000. Read my poem please?
Can you dance in the moonlight with me? actuality...comments?
what can i do to get a poem published?
anyone now of a real poetry contest i could enter?
what do you think of this love poem i wrote?
how long were each of Beowulf's battles?
does anyone write music?
A dire warning, will you comment?
Help me with poems please?
What do you say to this?
"Mothers" at least, a remembering, if not a tribute. Care to C/C?
Please read these lines and c/c particularly on my metre....I want to improve on that aspect?
Songs about rain or the ocean?
mmm. okay my poem has been edited now?
Opinions on Short Piece?
The Importance of Titles and Framing… Can You Add to This Collection?
What form of poetry would this be?
Please read my poem tell me what u think?
How do i rewrite this poem? Please help me?
Feedback on revised poem?
I'm Earl's daughter & writing poems is my thing. Everyone says I should try to publish, but I'm not sure?
1899, Rudyard Kipling poem help?
in the poem not waving but drowning 10 points?
poem- please respond (war)?
Connections to Dante's Inferno?
need help writing love sonnet?
Favorite short quotes about inner darkness?
Do you believe you can fly.......?
a silly little poem, or perhaps it is serious?
how do i write good poems?
real hindi poem http://www.tumbhi.com/dowatch.html?watch=xyz34783abc?
How does my fifth love poem sound to you?
My new poem on love...require your comments?
A sonnet about life after death, kinda. What are your comments?
Should I re-work this, or add on~? Just looking for opinions..?
can you give me a line?
why is the poem "The Raven" a psychological thriller?
What exactly is Tupac saying in In The Depths Of Solitude poem?
Musicman47 writes songs. Anyone need a poem for that somene?
Do most Poets study and work on their poems or write from the heart?
Two voice poem please help!!?
Is darkness the absence of light or the gathering of shadows?
please read my poem and thoughts?
NEW POEM -- please critque it!!!!?
Does this poem remind you of any famous poem?
The Highwayman Poem help?
Sonnet 75 by Spenser and sonnet 147 by Shakespeare?
Your favourite three poems ever?
Shakespeare's Sonnet 130?
What kind of poetry belongs to the poems using nature for metaphors ?
Poetry ideas?
I've search a lot of site about Filipino poets and their pieces & yet I did'nt find any full copy of the poem
I need a translation for this poem?
Im doing a report on Robert Service?
what do u think of this poem i made? it's entitled as "A Serpent's Labyrinth".comments and opinions please.tnx
Poem: This Dark Night (comments welcome. please let me know what you think)?
Would someone title this one for me, please?
"Imperfect Angel" a tribute poem for your C/C?
Past Feelings Being Expressed Here. Care to Read?
what is your first reaction to this poem (written by me...a couple years ago)?
What do you think of my poem?
epic simile for someone who is helpful, humble, and charismatic?
Where can I find the Persian version of Hafiz's poem "the sun never says"?
At present where is Sania Mirza?
Does anyone know where I can find this poem....?
Am I good at writting poetry? I wrote my first poem today!?
What are some good poems with hidden meanings?
Please read my poem... I wrote it yesterday?
Found Poem (grade 7)?
a poem about what i experienced recently(talking about people from Y/A)?
Deceased Grandfather poems?
HELP please?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
could i write a good night poem for some special people I have found and would you or they respond?
Seems like fun...what do you think?
i have to write a poem using some made up words. can u help me write one?? bout ANyTHINg?
Can you answer questions even when you're blocked?
What r some good short poems for mothers day????
somebody please help me with this poem?!?
critique please?! <3?
okay, i'm sure you guys get tired of answering these, but what do you think of this poem?
How may I find free web-sites for searching for my lost child and How ,ay I keep all of the junk advertisments
Does anyone know of any free to enter poetry or short story competitions in Australia?
Can you put this in a poem ?
Will you please read my poem ''Peak into paranoid'' and give your views,dont be too harsh please?
is this a good poem?
Can someone give me an example of an free verse poem?
Do you watch the news?
who taught you how to?
Poem About President?
what do you think about this poem?
How to become a better poet??
I've always disliked science fiction. Not hate, no. Do you like science fiction?
Edit please my petrarchan sonnet? It's so inconsistent and doesn't have the accent and unaccented syllabes?
I need ideas?
CRITIQUE my poem please?
Should we petition ! Answers for a Poetry sub-sections based on age, genre, etc?
Emotional poem?
rate my poem!!!!!!!?? (plz and thankyou) :D?
do you like my poem xxx? im 14?
poetry about the struggle to become something and not giving up.?
What are your comments on "Things That Make You Go 'Hmmmmmm' morning 'how come? pome? "?
Can anyone give me some constrcutve critisism on this poem i wrote for a friend?
A short poem of connection?
How poetic do you think it would be if...?
With all the resources the net offers, why do people post questions about interpreting poetry? Just curious?
do you like this poem i wrote?
Help writing a poem please?
What do you think about this poem?
Sometimes.......am I the only one who feels this?
Feedback on my poems?
Why is this poem funny?
Poem....critque! Thanks?
My poem about bullying and victims?
I write poetry and i want to get a small book of some of my works published how do I get it accomplished.?
Where can I get my poems critiqued online?
Should I continue to post poems here?
Good Morning all, are you all waking to the poetry of nature?
What nice words rhyme with Joan?
What is the publication date of the poem The Whipping by Robert Hayden?
Isn't TD Euwaite one of the most inspiring poets ever?
Tell me a poem of love!?
Asap-Prayer before birth (poetry)?
Can Somebody Give Me A Ballad Poem?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
When was the poem One Art by Elizabeth Bishop published?
Snow Angels? Snow Demons... ( Thoughts )?
Not actually a question, more of a compliment to all you?
What rhymes with Golf ?
what would you ask of me to ask? a poem is what? in whose description, can you define?
Famous poets who lives in Dallas/Fort Worth area?
How many stars out of 10 would you give this poem?
Nother poem... fly with me to poetry section?
Rate/critique my free verse poem please?
Good Poem?Critique is fine.....?
New Poem...Do you like it?
Poem ideas about my cousins?
What inspires you to write poetry?
Creative writing class poem?
Sea Shells - A Farewell Gift, comments or critique please?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
Read my poem! Do you like it? Comments?
a poem i just wrote, please comment. short?
Who is the bravest, newly 14 year old girl you know?
Do you have any personal connection to the poem "Because I Could Not Stop For Death"?
This is the most original, raw poem i've ever written cause it's exactly what happened to me today. Comments?
Have you ever had this kind of morning?
A five-minute sonnet from three years ago, or is that a three-minute sonnet from five years ago?
What happens to you when you break out of a writer's block?
Latest poem..I would love to know what you think?
How would i begin writing my sonnet on Romeo and Juliet?
What does this quote mean?
do you know the title of this French poem?
What is a good nikki giovanni poem for rythm?
What is the solution to this 'pome' vs 'poem' delimna?
Complete and utter nonsense?
i want to listen to poems written by vylopilly a malayalam poet please help?
Poems that contain metaphors, similies or personification?
do you know any good emily dickinson poems?
Why is there more talk of song meanings rather then lyrical ambiguity?
Are you familiar with the poem "Ode to the West Wind"? I have some questions?
I cried my tears in her eyes, and she seen my secrets, she cried them back out into a locket?
A poem for my late brother Calvin? Comments/Critiques/Reflections?
Americans, when was the last time you said this?
can anyone please help me make a poem for the girl i love?
HELP! I need to finish MY SONNET! PLEASE!?
What form does a Shakespeare's sonnet take?
Whats the deeper meaning of this poem?
Poem about my son blake?
Poem, please may I have your opinions, thank you.?
How tall a ladder is needed to reach enlightenment?
Hey everyone. What do think of this? Please be brutally honest! Thanks.?
What do you think of this 'Circling Wheel' poem?
who will save me... or be my victim... your choice "a pome"?
Poem. not the best but its my first one.?
"Best Friend" Poems??
What are your comments on this 'Taking On The Greats' mawnin pome?
help finding a poem?
Is this any good? C/c my poem please?
What's your lasting impression of my poem?
Ode to the Cicada - A Pulitzer poem!?
Juxtaposition in Poetry?
My first sonnet...what can I improve?
How to annotate a poem?
Hello ,Can somebody help me to write a name poem about "Chinatown"(or harlem)?Thank you!!?
Please say a prayer for my mom?
dead Love poem or a song about dead love?
Does anyone have an analysis or idea of what jacques préverts poem "the barrel organ" is about?
Poem: "The Elegy of Irony" Thoughts?
Another poem of mine?
Which is your favourite poetry?
What does the poem "Facing It" by Yusef Komunyakaa mean?
What do you think of this 'Hand Across Time' poem?
What do you think of this poet and her poetry?
What do u think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem? Am I any good?
Can we rhyme one more time like we are running out of mind?
Help me write a love free verse poem?
Phoenix again for Playwright's School. Does he need help?
If this a good first half of my poem?
My daughter also wrote this poem. What do you think?
Looking for literary criticism for "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
please tell me what you think of this daddy poem?
Comments for a Fat Tuesday Cinquain?
Does anyone know a good poem by a 20th century poet dealing with changes?
What does this poem mean?
I think I have a hangover. Do you like this poem?
Any opinions or suggestions for my poem?
Does this amuse you?
What do you think of the first poem I ever wrote?
Understanding Poe's The Raven?
Did you guys hear about this yet?
what do you think of this sonnet?
Have you ever had a good friend? Kindness, c/c?
Do you think this is a good poem?
need help on poems !?
Consider this poem , please?
Have you ever felt a point at your breast?
Can I Write Poetry?
Is this a poem or a story? Would you give me some feed back please?
Strange, sweet, romantic, or all 3?
What is the history behind the Mother Goose rhyme "Little Tommy Tucker"?
what pictures could i use to describe this poem?
Can you find love amidst the darkness?
Poet famous for writing about Death?
Does this poem I wrote appeal to you?
What do U think? about this poem?
Why would The Mopeds of Bars invade Columbia University?
I am looking for a good sympathy poem?
My poem for the 10 minute writing challenge?
"Little Dutch Girl" a musing, headach-y poemy for you please c-c?
Thoughts on a short poem?
looking for sad poem on ifunny?
AH! Someone, please tell me why these are not in iambic pentameter!!!?
Can you give me your opinion on my poem?
I need help with my poem:)?
how's my poem from 1 to 5? be honest and rate even if you hate lol?
Ever had the pleasure of listening to a record player?
Would you please tell me how strange this actually is?
Thoughts on this poem I wrote?
Finding legitimate Publishers that will take my work?
Will you comment on Seduction please?
is this a good poem??
What about a new friend or two? Have you met anyone new?
Care to comment?
Give the substance of the poem 'Futility'.?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What do you think of this poem please leave your comments?
Do young hippy ladies approach you in public and show you poetry?
Who wants to c/c on this "Gates Are Open" poem?
HELP- What do U think of my poem SO FAR!!??
What is the significance of "Fifteen Million Plastic Bags"?
how can I improve this poem and make people think more of fire when they read it? It's about the scorpio?
Have you ever wrote a poem that got high praises...?
I'm looking for poems of missing one your attracted to, but don't love yet...?
tips for writing poetry?
Do you think reading poetry while drinking milk or tea is weird?
If you cannot be the oak on the top of the hill, be the tallest pine in the valley.?
Care for a Dread Lock poem? Want to know why I twist my hair?
Have you been waiting, searching, wanting something?
what do you think? c/c?
What are your opinion of my 2 short poems? Comments please?
Why do you people write poems?
a set of garden haiku - thoughts?
Is this a Con-Verb for nurses and doctors?
If I just call it a rhyme?
What's your favourite poem?
8. "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" is a poem that celebrates the power of?
How can I become a published poet?
Please help me to make some metaphors and similes!?
What do you think of this poem I wrote to fend off my stalker?
Someone is making me very very happy...wanna share?
This poem's mother made her take lessons. Now, she loves her for it. How about you?
Comment on a poem about refusing to come out, please?
This is way outside my box, what are your comments?
can you help me find a poem?
I heard a poem and forgot the name?
A poem to read and remember?
Anyone know a good poem for a dog that died?
Do you wish more people would answer your poems?
An early experiment with free verse written a long time ago, care to comment or critique?
Any GOOD To You Guys ?
Another poem by me...?
What do u think of this sad poem?
Do you know how to start a war in poetry?
Will you comment on a serious acrostic poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Un enhanced, will you comment please?
Hows my Villanelle poem?
How does Robert Frost's choice of language affect his poetry?
One Moment (Written by me)?
Strangers often seem to give the best advice,when criticizing...what do you think of my words?
PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ... help.to search this poem?
What do you think of my adolescence poem?
you are the only woman?
Plz read my poem and tell me how do u like it? c/c!!?
SHORT POEM...is it good/bad?
Well, I have written a poem......?
Could you share your opinion on my poem?
I need a nature sonnet?
Will you comment on this poem I just wrote?
Anyone a good poet?
Who can write me a cheer up poem?
has anyone here read t.s. eliot's poem the hollow men? i'm writing an essay and i REALLY need help!?
What do you think of my poem?
How to write an anaphora poem?
I need to wirte a sonnet for Pre-AP English!?
Do you like this song/poem? What does it mean to you?
Poetry or drama that contains several unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter is called:?
What do you think of My poem?
Can you rate my poem?
A poem based on truth, your thoughts???
what words can i use to describe a pair of converses?
what is the purpose of this poem?
In a beautiful night I hold my palm under a leaf I hold my palm under a leaf .......?
What do you think about my sestina?
What is everything you know about Shakespeare sonnets?
Paint colors, what I wanted in my once upon a time house? c/c very simple?
Comapre and Contrast Sonnet 116 and 'Love is not all' by Edna St. Vincent?
tell me please what do you think of this poem? thanks a lot?
This is a sneaky poem, I shouldn't be telling this, ssshhh.?
A young woman needs a poem about Death or Satan or Hell, can you oblige?
What qualities of "To Autumn" by John Keats makes it an effective poem?
looking for a Charles Bukowski poem?
What do you think/feel about my poem?
how to start to write a monologue?
Critique pleasE?
Is this a poem if not what do I have to fix ? ?
Is this a good baseball haiku?
what do you think of my poem?
Is this poem good, your criticism is welcome ?
Macbeth says 'I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition? Corruption?
Can you read my poem of woe and offer advice, in poetic form, of course?
Poem from a future mental healthcare worker, c/c?
Anyone know any good poems about...?
A short thought or poem on a cold morning?
How to make money as a writer?
I started writing a country song. I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
Blank-verse or free-verse?
Help help pleasee really important?
Where can I go to get my poetry published?
Tell me if you guys like this?
"Give up already!" what type of meaning is this poem expressing ( Kinda Long)?
This is a poem i wrote, im 14, could u tell me what u think???
Have you heard the wacky news?
poem, piece of writing.. whatever. what do you think?
what would be a poetic name/title of a new photo studio?
What are your thoughts on the poem sometimes people come into your life?
Poem that I'm writing.?
please read my poem and thoughts?
Free Verse...what do you think?
what is a famous yet encouraging poem?
Is this a good poem/narrative short?
is this a good poem?!?! easy ten pts?
What do you think the meaning of this poem is? What improvements could be made?
Honestly, which poetry is harder to write- free verse or structured?
Need help finding a poem!?
What do you think of my poetry???
Superman Poems? Anybody know?
Miss You My Love......?
try and find some words with me?
What do you think of my poem?
please help edit my sonnet?
Honest critisism please it sounds of to me.. so what do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my lyrics?
Will you c/c on a new script of the Greek poet?
"Borrowing" poetry?
Is this poem I made good?
~Goodbye?~ Feedback on Poem?
Please help! I need to find a good narrative poem about family, and I cant find anything! Any ideas? please!?
What's your favorite poem . . .?
opinion on my dark poem?
What is the Name of this Poem?
What do you think of A Four Year Old's Forest Memories poem?
Of all the emotions, which is most poetic?
What do you think of my poem?
Good short poems needed. (not original)?
Is this a true Kyrielle?
for all you poem writing lovers!?
a older one trying to re write it.the ending is a bit ragged (last 2 stanzas) critiques are most welcome ?
Cigarette Poem Temptations?
what do you think of this poem I wrote?
Is this a better Good Morning?
Is this correcty? wording?
What do you think of this poem? What do you think it´s about?
what book can I find The Swimming Lesson by mary oliver?
can u please help me understand this poem and its tone. helen by hilda doolittle?
Who in the world is K. Johnson?
Do you like sweet love poems? This isn't one... CC?
What should I name this poem?
Poem - The Bandit - Do You Like?
Where to find answers/guide for 'Radiance:Communication skills, Prose and Poetry'?
Will you C & C a new poem "Sunset Heart" for me?
Can you provide me with a poem that alludes to King Midas?
Care to give me feedback for my poetry?
critique this poem I wrote?
Deep poem, or ratty crap?
I'm Hiding the Truth. Wanna see it?
Help with Edgar Allan Poe Poem "Then Raven"?
What website lets me view nearly any poem writen and print them?
Constructive criticism for my poem?
Using metaphors to describe colors?
Eavan Boland Poetry Significance?
When poetry makes your face tingle and you grind your teeth a bit while reading it....?
is it a bad idea to post your work-poetry or writing on the internet?
A Good Poem To Give To Her?
Honest Opinion?
Poetry, like music, has a recognizable rhythm. true of false?
Critique my poem? about childhood?
Do you like my poem? Just wrote it.?
Is my mind in poetic overdrive?
Write the allegorical significance of the poem Uphill?
Can you see this? just wondering....Comments/critiques?
How should I end my poem and is it any good?
a poem about joseph merrick (the elephant man)...what do u think plz?
What is "for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf" by Ntozake Shange about?
The End...A poem by me, please comment?
what is it referring to when she speaks of the 'house on high' line 43?
Do you like what I've pasted?
How Good are these poems?Please rate them separately.Comments are respected?
can u send me a poem..?
Thoughts on a poem I wrote?
Outdoors-y poem, reading, or song for an outdoor wedding?
Difference between irony, oxymoron, paradox, and juxtaposition?
Can u help me write a Couplet Poem?
Dear Friend, ..Poem...Thoughts?
Have you ever felt "Imprisoned"?
Another poem - this one up for judging?
I'd like some peoples opinion on my poem.?
I once sent my American sweetheart a rather dark poem about love..?
Can someone explain this poem to me?
What are New Year's Heaves?
how do you find my poem?
I buried my wife today. What next?
beowulf: what's is the difference between the poem and the movie?
what makes a poem worth reading/valuable?
"Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff" by A. E. Housman...?
In the song "Moon River", J.Mercer and H.Mancini wrote: "My huckleberry friend". What is a huckleberry friend?
Please read this poem and want your opinion?
Please help me with this poem!?
Opinions on an original poem?
Barbie Doll Poem?
summary of emily dickinson poems?
Perks of Being a Wallflower poem?
What is the meter of "Acquainted with the Night"?
Is this ok for a first poem?
Please critique my poem?
Do you like this??? :D?
Titles for poems about emotions in music.?
Can someone make up a short funny/sweet poem I can claim as my own for my girl???/?
What do you think of my poem?
What is the meaning of Shakespeare sonnet 89?
What did Grandpa think of luck?
How are Ithaca and its people described in the poem Ulysses?
I made up a form unfriendly to !'s formatting capabilities. All the more challenging, yes?
"!sgard" a poem for those who would go to Valhalla? Please, will you C/C?
does anyone have anything to say about this poem?
what is diction in a poem? im confuse?
Poetry about brotherhood?
Do you know any poems that are easy to remember?
10 point writing contest! Underwhelm me, people!?
tell me Wat u think about my poem, i wrote this when i left middle school its called portal?
Please tell me how to fix my sonnet! :)?
Tell me what you think please?
My poem, any thoughts?
never the wiser?
'Convulision" C/C When was your last ride on a merry go round?
Can anybody explain this poem?
What comes to your mind as you read the poem Africa by David Diop?
Will you vote in November? Do you trust your instincts?
Can ANYONE help?? I'm not sure what this poem's meaning is or purpose?
What is the name of this A. E. Housman poem?
Ad Astra Per Aspera..poem..thoughts? c/c?
How would I punctuate this poem?
Thanks goes to firecat for the motivation for this poem?
A poem called "Love Unspent"...comments?
does anyone know the poem that starst out like... ?
Help me edit my poem for school!?
:) What do you think of my poem? ?
The Answer?
I haevnt learned my lesson?
13 year old poet writes again... its not good... please rate?
What do you think about my poem SHORT TIMES?
Read the excerpt from Robert Frost's "A Girl's Garden" and identify its rhyme scheme.?
Please comment on my poem and prose about Provincetown?
is this a good poem???
My poem ; Allusion?
Would you guys mind reading this?
Can you help me figure out what the hell this means?
how would you regard this poem?
peom help Please!?
Any one know some like really good screamo bands?
Hi, ya'll! I'm back. Will you take a look at this poem?
Where do i find a poem called politica racial or race politics by luis j rodriguez?website is needed:)?
Want to analyze... suggest a title for this poem?
Help with literary devices?
Tell me what you think about my poem please. You can rate it too!?
I Have A Dream...Care To Read About It?
I need to put together a project with poems?!!! any ideas?
What do ou think????
Is this a good poem???
Is this poem good??? Rate it 1-5 please?
The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot - any more like this?
What are the metaphors and symbols in this poem?
poetry essay help please i beg you?
William Wordsworth Religious context?
What is the theme of "A Dream" by Edgar Allen Poe? (Not "A Dream Within A Dream")?
How does this poem relate to belonging ?
Poem critique please?
Word for scary in a happy and unrealistic way?
poem. what do u think?
Can we sue poetry.com in regards to Immortal Verses?
Would you please comment on my poetic observation?
do u like my new poem ??
DONT CORRECT!! please dont comment on what you think of me please keep it to the poem?
"Tequila, Hot" C/C Please?
pls help me?
...how often do you say thank you?
Appearances. by TB, Esq. Opinions?
Is this poem too strong for you? It's by my favorite poet...?
What do you think of this?
What do you think my sonnet means. Rate from 1-10?
Opinions about a poem i wrote?
what do you think of my poem for my love?
How does my Poem Really sound????RATE IN PERCENTAGE.. It's not an exact poem buT RATHER MY FEELINGS EXPRESSED?
What Type of Poem is Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 With Regards To Form?
Can you read?
what are the theories of poetics?
Will you read and c/c a poem written by the Greek poet?
What do you think of my Con-verb about time and space?
My poem. I am hoping to publish this one. Is it good?
can u write a poem about twilight?
What does shakespear Sonnet 89 mean?
This poem had a sex change operation in Minnesota. It is still very sad, no?
Poem Help!!?
Is this a sucky Poem how can i make it better?
Im confused What does this poem mean ?
A re-post, still in need of a title c/c?
Comments on a poem about Christmas giving online?
Who else is lost in here?
What does this poem tell you?
daybreak dew. A haiku. c/c?
church poems about homecoming?
Just finished this. What do you think?
Do you watch your spouse sleep?
I found my poem written on a bad day few years ago. Comments?
What a sweet and special poem to write for my guyfriend?
do you like my descriptive poem?
help with a poem about collectivism?
Free Verse Poem/ Care To Read?
Feedback on this poem please?
Help analyzing a poem?
My piece of creative writing about blind conformity (please read,give feedback/advice)?
Your personal opinion on a sample poetry piece from me to a friend of mine when we were together?
does poetry give relief from mental tension?
Can you help me understand a few stanzas in Sylvia Plath's, 'Daddy'?
Untitled but will you comment please?
Write me a poem, please?
Do you like this poem?Why?
Is Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven talking about this?
if my poem good or not? be honest!?
Does this poem represent the opposite of darkness and angst? Supposed to write something that shows happiness?
narrative poem ideas and suggestions?
What is an easy poem to explicate and read our loud for an assignment?
Pssst! Mysterious! You! It's me, the Greek poet! Anybody serious told you, you can write? C/C?
HELP.....Poem ideas?????
slam poetry is beast.?
I have chopped this as miuch as possible. Very personal poem. Is it good.?
Any poem critiques for these?
Please help with two questions on the poem Migrants? The poem is included with questions!?
What do you think of my poem?
my poem, what do you think of it?
does anyone know a good poem i can compare "song to Celia" or "on my first son" to???
Let's face it. It's all about the big boys.?
poem martha by walter de la mare summary/ analysis needed?
Can someone find me an American war poem that show Alliteration?
Just something unusual~Is "Getting Old" a good title for this?
Hi everyone, I would like your opinion about a poem I wrote sometime ago. I hope that you like it. Thank you.?
what do you think of my poem?
why is the poem vultures so successful?
do u like my poem called over the years? Be brutally honest?
Should it continue from here?
Can you help me with my rythm poem?
How is the Italian sonnet different from the Shakespearean sonnet?
I except criticism! What do you think of this poem?
Anybody think this poem describes love perfectly?
Have you ever thought about hands?
Read my poem? Is it good?
Ever go on a roadtrip and get lost? A poem?
poem about a horse?! good or bad?!?
What do you think of my poem?
I need a good, original line to start my shakesperean sonnet about love?
Hey i need to know if the poems are good or bad?
my mind I can go anywhere?
I wanna know if this is a good poem?
What Is The Greatest Poem ?
My Russian mail-order bride love me so much she writes poem for me, help translation please?
i need a modern alliteration poem and make ur own allusion poem?
A Cold Room What do you think of this poem?
Is this a good poem that i wrote?
Do you guys like my poetry?
I'm really depressed so I wrote this poem, reveiws please?
How is the Italian sonnet different from the Shakespearean sonnet?
What is a sonnet?
My first poem for the day,, maybe not the last?? -comments welcome!?
i need poetry help!!?
Here it is...in a NUT shell. Agree?
if writing poetry is "EMO"?
Please Critique my Poem?
please please please look!!!!!?
Which line of poetry is characteristic of transcendentalism?
What does lovely, dark and deep mean in Stopping by woods on a snowy evening by robert frost?
Might you be so generous as to comment?
do you like this poem?
What is Swifts by Ted Hughes about?
Will you C/C this short poem?
what does "oyster-studded" means?? i can't understand!?
I need a backround for my husbands poem, but I don't have any paper?
Will someone write me a poem about running away from the snow on a bike?
is this poem any good, please reply?
A poem with a question, will you answer it as your answer?
Question about a poem?
what you think of my poem?
Bf Wrote me This Poem?!?!?!?
do you know this poem, in the description?
original quotes?
what do you think of this poem?
Why are tough women attracted to weak men?
It scares me... will you read?
What do you think of this poem i found?
Is Gio Longus Weinerus a renowned poet?
a quick poem...please c/c?
A poem inspired by Ma?
In the poem Beowulf , why is Hrothgar thought to be a good and wise king?
Can anyone help on these 3 questions over 2 chinese poets?
Is shylock's 'HE HATH DISGRACED ME' speech a verse?"?
Is It Plagiarism??????? If so why?
Anyone know anyone like this?
what is the theme, ryhme scheme and personification of this poem?
Creative ideas to places you would find a water droplet?
How can figurative language be used to forward a poems theme?
Feedback and opinions on the poem I wrote?
can someone help me edit narrative poem.. it needs to have every poetic devices and rhythm?
do you like my poem?
How would i begin writing my sonnet on Romeo and Juliet?
Could you tell me what you think of these poems?(They're short)?
Comments on a Medium Sized poem?
what is your favorite Poet or Poem...?
What do you think about this poem?
Is this a good poem? My friend says its excellent lol :p?
Feedback on my poem please?
Do you think this poem is suitable for a narrative poem and is it good?(Answers=best answer)?
Hai' ku, Low' ku, No' ku's just fine for me. Is it ku?
how does the poem called "you and me" or "me and you" go?
Can anyone write me a poem for school about a guy that does stuff and sees things and also he's really cool?
do you like my poems?
what do you think of this sonnet?
Poetry help & Opinions?
what poetic technique would you class this as?
Can you answer questions even when you're blocked?
could anyone analyze this poem??please?
what do you the message from this poem?
does anyone know what T.S Eliot poem this is from?
needs A NAME?
what kind of poem is "Our Black Shining Prince?" by Ossie Davies?
THis will be Very Short and quick.?
How to write poetry in character?
The Bus Ride to Utah, C/C?
Could any one help me with the meaning of 'Portrait of a Lady', T.S. Eliot?
need opinion on this poem?
Poetry Exercise: Can you write a parody?
Please help me identify the rhyme scheme here.?
What are the main events in the poem "The Lady of Shalott"?
What does the siguiriya poem mean?
Help finding meaning in a poem?
just a bit of words.u may read ,if you care to ?
Just something unusual~Is "Getting Old" a good title for this?
help write mood poem easy 10 points pelase help outline and example here just write short couple lines poem!!!?
Could you rate my poem please?
Thoughts on Extended Metaphor Poem?
How is "The Seafarer" an example of Anglo-Saxon Lit.?
Roses? Help!! plz.?
Can you interpret this poem?
sad poem? part two.?
Can Anybody Tell Me Hows The Format For A Friendship Poem?
theme ideas for poems?
A nice, folky poem. can i please have some opinions?
Write your own original Shakespearean Style Sonnet?
Poem for my boyfriend?
my 2nd poem?
has anyone heard this poem?
>>>> Faith and Trust?
My answer turned into a poem.. Do you like it? Can you do and 8 step back?
it just came to me..what u think?
Acrostic poem for the name Olivia?
Opinions and feedback on my poem I wrote?
Is this another Con-verb?
is this poem hopeful or depressing?
What are the key features of a poem for children aged 0-3 and 3-5 years?
Is this an okay poem about rivers?
Short poem opintions?
Have you ever written a poem about your ma?
A poem to Maria...or sending her my thoughts over the 1000 miles that separate us...?
Need suggestions. Any thoughts?
The sims social hack?
This is my poem, please, I would really appreciate comments and critiques.?
What do you think?
Poems 6-8 minutes long.?
Which of the following authors wrote in the same genre?
Can someone think for me?
Will you read and c/c a poem written by the Greek poet?
anybody wanna write me a sonnet poem?
Does anybody know where can I find the video of the The Victorians" with the 8 episodes like Two roses?
place to share poems-website?
what do u think of my poem?
Can I get an analysis?
OTHELLO "Oh beware, my lord, of jealousy..."?
Could you help me find a poem?
Once there were two women who never knew each other, One - you do not remember, the other you call mother.?
Poetry? What is this form of poetry called?
Have you ever told anything shameful?
hows my poem?
What are 5 easy poems to analyze?
not a poem as it is congested thoughts.?
Four stanza narrative poem for school help?
Do you think my poem is any good?
The wrong shoes, will you comment on or critique my poem?
how would you define the term "Poet as Witness"?
I just wrote this poem, any criticism welcome. Thanks in advance.?
What do you think is just a perfectly gruesome word? And would you ever use it in a poem?
what do you think of my poem so far?
Is there such things as horror poems? If so read this one?
What is a good poem by sylvia plath to analyze?
I think this one is a first for me...comments/critiques welcome...what do you think?
Is it true that Hardy never revised any of his poems?
help keep this poem going?
How to write poem in french?
Are you leaving behind smiles?
What was it like outside, the night poetry died?
Please read my poem ur opinioun counts???
Does anyone know a Poem where The pansy winks beside the garden wall?
Any good poets and/or poems to recommend?
Poem: No Other Reason (please let me know what you think)?
What is the name of the poem that ends with, "i see this, and i do nothing"?
Is this a Poem .. The hole?
Do you think my poem is good?
What should I do with a diary I don't want anymore?
read my poem and tell me if it sucks or not please!?
Do you think that this poem has a deeper meaning??
poem about slaves and immigrants?
Would you look at my poem?
Do you like my translation of this old poem?
Do u like this little poem?
Do you fall hard or soft into sleep? Please comment on my poem?
How is this love poem.....pls rate it?
Is my poem any good? Can I please get some feedback?
Transcendentalism Poems?
Is this a poem if not what do I have to fix ? ?
help me find this anti xmas poem?
Is this the start of a new week?
can anyone help me identify this poem?
What do you make of this quote?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
What think you of an 'all alone morning'?
A woman's heart....need comments for this poem?
What are Metaphor poems and Found poems?
Where is the first and second stanza?
Some feedback on my poem?
Are flowers and perfume the stuff that poets rhyme about?
definition of ballad? definition of epic? definition of lyric? definition of ode? definition of sonnet?
Love in need) my poem, rate comment please. thanks in advance.?
Is this good so far...?
I need a party invitation poem? It's for college fresher's party, it should include disc, dance, etc...?
What is the effect of this caesura in the poem Disabled?
Words that rhyme with determined?
For Poets by Al Young?
Can anyone guess what I am referring to?
Can you critique my poem for me?
Since YA Poetry does not allow threads to develop or poetry to flourish, where?
What is a good way to not attract attention?
Do you have a poem you would like to share?
Alone.......... opinions?!?!?!?!?
What do you think of my poem?
I cant figure out the poem The Worker by richard thomas?
Is this poem any good?
what do you think of this poem?
O captain my captain analysis?
is there a vendetta against me tonight?
Can you sing along a poem?
My Poem???
Why on Earth are there so many poets with self-doubt?
Love poem with a "secret message"?
What is your opinion of this"Silence Silenced" poem?
what is the meaning to the poem A Face by Robert Browning?
What do you think of this interesting poem?
What do you think about my poem?
can you give me a line?
my new poem created by inspiriation of our princess arwen.?
Who like my poem I just wrote down got sleepy ?
How is this poem...BTW it is about the holocaust?
To a fellow poet. Do you know her?
Have you a moment for a poem?
What does this mean..?
How does this onomatopoeia poem sound?
Have you read Othello, and can you write poetry?
what do you think of these poems?
A poem I made up....?
A re-write if you have the time?
I wrote this childrens poem, how does it look?
Has your perspective ever been changed after new-found knowledge?
comment on odysseus and the butterfly?
Is he afraid of trials &difficulties?
Can somebody help me find the poetic devices in this poem ?
whaaaat do you think of my poem? what do you think the title should be?
your poems?
Everyone always tells me i should publish some of my poetry what do you think?