I've got a poem. Could you read it and tell me what you think?
Major themes that romantic poets wrote about were the value of nature, the individual and strong emotions?
My poem Jack and Jill, is it entertaining?
When a poem is translated from, say, Russian, and the poem rhymes, does it retain its rhyme in translation?
Do you like my use of Metaford in this piece?
Will you comment on "Walnut Grove"?
Do you like this silly children's rhyme?
10 points for best full Moon poem, no butts either - any takers?
POETRY HELP - the river god?
One Poem Two Meaning?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
Comments on a poem about an avatar switch....?
a triolet poem for my friend, Ma?
I am almost there...I mean here. Is this meaningful?
Help me edit my poem for school!?
Coleridge: Kubla Khan; All of the following is part of the speaker's attitude toward the pleasure-dome except?
Round 2. Is this a Tanka?
How is symbolism constructed in poetry?
Could I have this dance? A poem, "do you suppose" (what would you change)?
Feedback on my poem please?
kenning about myself?
Sing me a song?
wrote a new poem. tell me what you think?
What do you think of my poem?
[Forgive me please]...Please comment & critique...lol...?
what does this mean to you?
I need some help with the poem "Song of Roland"?
Please explain what is Impressionism (in literature)?
Read, if you would like to see the thoughts of a young girl?
A bit of wordplay, 'cuz I'm not up to mah uzyal gene-ius LOL will you have some wordfun with me?
Is This A Good Poem For a Girl?
OK, one more peom...feel free to share your opinion.?
is this poem good?
I have recently written a poetry because of too much boredom and I would like to know what do you think ?
What do you think about this 'Dedicated to Dondi...The Truth' morning poem?
Is this a poem " The Traveler "?
Who's the canary in the Y!AP coalmine?
What do you think of my poem? What does it mean to YOU?
is this poem good?????
A poem you can relate to? Please Comment!?!?
Once there were two women who never knew each other, One - you do not remember, the other you call mother.?
Would you title or comment my poem please?
word that rhyme with draw plz im writing a limerick.?
What do you think of my poem?
What think you of a 4 a.m. Thursday Mishmash?
A poem for those who like to think?
I wrote a narrative yesterday and would you critique it?
Imagery and Figurative Language in "The Raven"?
Is this tale dark and dreary?
Grammar/spelling mistakes in this poem?
What do you think about that book of poetry (Second Reflection) by Andre Valery Georges?
please please read my poem and comment on it i really need opinions =]?
Tanka Poetry, I need help understanding these poems?
do you like the poems?
a simple blues tune,just a 1-4-5 with a turn a round of 2-5-1,just music stuff,is it ok ?
oh... a close to midnight poem, would you please read it and comment or critique?
DO you people really think Shakespeare wrote his own stuff?
honest opinions on this poem?
- poem -- please critique -- what you see needs changing, etc.?
New poem, please read?
The poem "The Waste Land",- images?
What is the poem "The Hunchback In The Park" about?
Will you give me your c/c on my poem ZEPHYR please?
Please comment on this short poem?
Depressing poem? Thoughts? Advice? ?
Can pride become a crutch?
Sort and sweet, what you think?
We Didn't: poem author and where on internet?
Would you care to comment/critique this poem?
I need some titles of poems having to do with fashion!?
Peoms. If you like than thanks a bunch=)?
Pen to paper, poem?
I have to write poems...help...?
What is Faux Rhyme? and a example? HELP! ?
What is this Graduation Poem?
What do you choose (comment/critique)?
Do you sometimes dream of the past (poem)?
what do you think of my poem "through the fog"?
can you interpret this poem?
Help with goodbye poem?
Is this poem any good?
What do you think of my poem
Does poetry help you sort out your thoughts and feelings?
Will you spare a moment to read a few lines. Please?
Can you tell me what you think this poem is about?
is this a poetic term?
This is my day in an ecclactic poem...comment s?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem analysis- Danse Russe?
Is death the same for everyone? (Please c/c)?
Ok. I give in. Where are all the usual suspects?
Is this a poem " Payment is always due "?
Favorite Poetry...?
My attempt at humor. Does it work?
What is our comment on this poem: Frozen Glass?
Do you like food?
I Don't Need Sympathy... I Need A Cure...?
What is this poem talking about?
Do you like my new poem or should it just go?
Elements that rhyme together?
what is a metaphor...ex. of it?
What is the great importance behind the poem The Rape of the Lock?
Beowulf essay help!!?
What does this poem mean?
Can someone help me find 5 songs that relate to these poems?
URGENT: What is the theme of this poem?
is this a good sonnet?
Does anyone know of a poem that is about being optimistic...or pessimistic?
Please help me identify the elements of this poem.. Thanks!?
try this poem maybe it'll be better for you?
Need some help with a poem?
Do you like this poem(Rivised)?
What is the publication date of the poem The Whipping by Robert Hayden?
Is it okay for girls to ask guys out?
Please read my poem... I wrote it yesterday?
could you please critique these lyrics i wrote - they go with fools garden's lemon tree's tune?
sometimes i wonder what would the dead say...?
P☺EM! Saviour....what do you think of it?
How is syntax used in the poem?
I'm 13 years old, do you like my poem?
Love poem?
You know it's time to turn off the computer when........poem, comments?
Gold Poem?
Story's and/or poems about wanting to find love?
Poet who wrote Between Air and Air?
Would this be a metaphor?
Hi, can someone help me write a found poem?
what do you think for a sonnet?
Is my poems good people please tell me!?
Is abcdc a common rhyme scheme?
what do you think of my lyrics?
in which of lewis carroll's poem is something about potter, lumberjack and marine?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
The Wonderful Hesitation.. any critique?
What do you think? 10 points best answer!?
some feedback to my poem?
Acid Rain (VERY DARK) {requested re-post}?
How old am I? Can you guess? Closest wins!!!?
Poem I wrote in 5 minutes.?
Hey, what about that 'halo effect'?
Finding poetry you like.?
Just a thought, will you comment please?
what poetry does emily dickinson write?
What does this Dickinson poem mean?
Emily Dickinson Help? Please? Thanks!?
Cheese made me think of this - Are books obsolete with the advent of the kindle?
Is this what it feels like?
Do you like my new poem?
Can you please help me...it's due tomorrow!?(:?
For Solace Befriends a bad poem and apology, anyone can c/c?
Do you like my "I love hating you" poem?
You opinion upon this Poem I just posted??
Please take a look at my poem, and crtisize it.?
Do you like this POEM called Poets Wonderland?
Are you a GREAT housekeeper? Will you help tidy up my poem?
Do most poets show signs of mental disorders, at least a little?
Tell me your thoughts?
What do you think of my poem?
Where do you keep your memories?
any comment please..?
Newest poems, need some feedbak?
What is the theme in this poem and Also what is one symbol?
What is the meaning/theme of this Pablo Neruda poem?
...who defines a poet?
Rate my poem please??
Can something "deep" be simply stated, or does that take away from the depth?
poem, what do u think?!?!?
Can you tell me what you think of this POEM please??
Help with finding connotations & denotations in a poem?
What do you think of these haikus?
Look no further! how do u rate this poem?
This is no way finsihed but could you take a look at my poem?
A poem about Cheating. PLEASE Read and Comment.?
poem writing streak.?
Silly little peom, what do you think?
How can I write a poem about myself?
If you could write some words to someone on Yap that has helped you, who would it be and what would you say?
Meaning of "Of fruit; and Joy, with pinions light, roves round The gardens, or sits singing in the trees" Poem?
Please read and comment. Thank you good people.?
Is this it? Is this what you wanted? Too bad for you.?
What are your favorite lines about love?
Hell's cold...a poem?
almost lost arts...a quick bit-a verse here or there?
Does everyone's poetry suck at the beginning?
What u think of my poem for rj?
Copyrighting poetry?
A quick message to my ex....?
I'd like some possitive feed back on the poem A White Moon...?
Caught in the act...do you like it?
What should I write my poem about?
Will you comment on this piece please?
do you know any poems by June Jordan???
What do you think of my punctuation?
Short Poems about bullying?
any comments on my poem?
How is a free verse different from a blank verse in poetry?
Can someone please help me?
okay so i need to write a "concrete poem" any ideas?
Can someone read my poem?
Exams - We've All Been Here?
Can someone give me their opinion?
what's a good acrostic poem using the word guitar?
What say you to 'Loveable Manx Kitten' poem?
Do you like this sad poem?
Do you like this poem?
Poetry on deviantART?
Who do you think they are? C/C this riddle-poem?
Are Blondes REALLY dumb?
do you like?
English Literature- Medusa, deduct a metaphor of a certain part of the poem?
i am writing this poem for my girlfriend. and i used the word future, what could rhyme with future?
Do you live in a cold, cold city?
Critique ze poem please!?
Need help adjusting my poem?
i want a rhyme of my name?
Opinions on an edited poem please?
Does anybody know a good poetry book?
Help me finish this poem ?
What would be a central argument the author makes in this poem?
Opinions please?
Poem: can someone give me a Critical Analysis of this Poem?
What u think of my poem for rj?
What do you think of my poem?
Have you any comments or critiques for this write, let me know what you "get" from it?
I need a poem for school...?
Poem called Charing Cross - thoughts?
help me interpret this poem?
wanna tell my online friend how much true my friendship is ..... any poem could u provide so that i can send .
What do you think of my poem?
Please give me your input on my poem.?
What do u guyz think of my latest poem?
Do you have an altar to Saints? I do, would you hear, c/c?
What do you think of my first poem?
I need help writing this poem in aabbccddeeff ?
How is my poem? It's my first ever :). Thank you in advance.?
Who agrees that Conemara has to be banned from ! Answers??
Deep Jungle - will you cc?
What does love mean to you?
Poem in memory of my little brother?
Help me find out what this poem is called?
How can i write fabulous poems?
What do you say about this poem? Where do you place it on the scale from 0-9?
New poem, any criticism?
This poem is for June. she wanted something for spring. How is it.?
What does this poem really say?
A collaberation between myself and Marilyn.?
What are your thoughts about another poem I wrote?
Where is the art in-sanity, or...just how dumb are a box of rocks?
What is the name of this poem?
Is it true that Beowulf is from a Scandinavian country or England?
how to publish my book?
I need a poem about a squirrel who happens to be very good at integral calculus?
what do you think about this poem?
Poetry Analysis Help?
what is the meter of no woman no cry?
A tiny poem, c/c ? Here are some more characters, did you say 20?
Help with this poem?
symbolism of the city in poetry ?? what are good poets who wrote about the city ?
Shh, I came back, not writing out of the D, where r u writing from? Romney with Antoinette wig, shhhh?
What do you think of this poem?
7-9 line poem?
What is it about a cowboy and a poet?
Lemme know what you think of these poems, vote for best!?
plz comment on my poem?
Did Jim Morrison really die in Paris in 1971, or is he a poet in exile?
i know that this isn't a really good poem...?
what do you think of this poem?
Please rate my poem... it would mean a lot to me!?
Just a bit of silly verse to start the day?
are there any poetry websites-?
can someone edit this poem for me?
hey i just wrote this poem can you come here and read it ?
does anyone know of any other poems by dr. Earl Reum? (the perks of being a wallflower poem)?
Do you like this poem? The form is Dorsimbra...?
Good poems?
shayari/hindi-urdu poetry help....?
poems similar to the mirror by sylvia plath?
henry louis vivian derozio?
What was different about the syntax Shakespeare used in his plays? ?
Eye have developed my own new poetry stYle for my ewe and for all of you?
anyone know another way of saying love will conquer?
Favourite old war poetry?
I need a proofreader desperate URGENT thanks?
Are you aware of the miracles?
What is a good hook for my essay about William Baer's poem snowflake?
Opinions/suggestions on a new poem please?
words that rhyme with amigo?
When was Howard Nemerov's poem "Because you asked about the line between prose and poetry" written and why?
How do i start a poem?? plz help!!?
How do you see the worth of the inner poet?
His Light....a poem to critique?
Somewhere in Between Hell and Heaven... (Thoughts)?
I've a poem for you to criticize?
New poem, would you please read?
What do you think this poem means?
I had to write something and this is it, will you have your way with it?
poets help please!!!?
Is this a poem?
William Blake's Style of Writing?
I need a little bit of help figuring out the meaning of this poem, any help?
Have you ever read a Sestina in iambic pentameter?
Good Poems on betrayal ?
What do you think of this poem?
Your thoughts on this poem?
Native American Story Poem?
sonnet writing suggestions?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you guys think?!?
what are some poems similar to the themes of taylor swift's new album?
Will you write a poem that will make me drop my jaw in astonishment?
How about my second Mars Haiku for this dreary Monday?
Will some people ever achieve the attention they crave?
Pardon me, can someone remove this knife from my back.?
In the poem, The Raven, what was the narrator doeing to help himself forget about his pain?
What do you think of this song as a wedding march?
Tips for doing a poetry explication/test?
Opinions on this poem?
poem help for butterflys?
anotherr poemm...?
Please help me?
I'm not happy, can you make me smile with a funny poem?
a poem a girl sent it to me 65 years ago?
Looking for open mike poetry reading venues, ohio, pa, new york?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you rate this poem ????? #1?
how do u make this rhyme?
did anyone konw why Robert Louis Steventson write this poem?
in "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane, what truth does the correspondent finally learn from the poem?
The State of war............?
Can you turn water into wine?
how would sir philip sidney define the nature of poetry?
Help needed. I need a dramatic or narrative, lyric poetry piece pls help?
What is "When I read Shakespeare" about?
Where is Renne Duvall (of Hallmark cards and a poet)?
When was 'To Another Housewife' by Judith Wright written?
What makes "When the Year Grows Old” a lyric poem?
how do you like my love poem?
A new poem; could you please comment
Meaning of "The narrow bud opens her beauties to the sun, and love runs in her thrilling veins" Poem?
Hey there and good evening to everyone out there will you help me out with a poem?
would you care to comment on a pome while I take my medicine?
poem help...?
is your idea of poetry this?
What do you think of my poem?
How do I find a poetry contest or a way to publish poems?
Can someone give the the link to a poem about Loneliness.?
Can you write a "list poem"?
what you does think of this poem?
what are the meters for "the raven" and annabel lee?
how is this poem of mine on WHY I LOVE FROST?
What is a Secretary a symbol for in poetry?
Thoughts on the environment from the perspective of poets. Care to comment:?
My phobias have returned, what am I to do? C/C?
"The Laboratory" by Robert Browning Stanzas...?
What is iambic pentameter?
What's the mood of this Poem?
what do you think of this short poem?
another poem- her scars?
Is the poem half caste rugular or irregular? -?
What type of poem are you writing right now?
What is the name of a rhyme which ryhmes ending vowel sounds? example- flew, shoe, do?
What a great poem?
I want to get some poetry published. I am after some feedback on my writings?
a song or a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Can you give me a Love poem that is not popular?
struggling with writing a dramatic monologue?
Another poem I wrote...?
Very depressing poem. It is how I feel, tell me how it makes you feel.?
A poem based on a legend that is itself not the stuff of legends . . . (reposted) c/c?
How do I get my poetry published?
Do you find fires warm and inviting?
Assignment in Humanities. Please Help?
Weasel Intones His Final Swing?
Coming of age poem? poetic device? :)?
Do you put commas and periods in Haiku poems?
from On the Pulse of Morning poem?
"Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday" -what do you think?
i'm writing a poem that makes sense?
Do you sometimes wish you didn't answer the phone?
What are some good places to enter poems?
Is this an ok poem? What should i change about it?
Do you feel my heart drops fall or seeping from the white washed wall?
Would anyone go on a walk by the sea... with a Vampire?
let me know hows my poem?Comment any spelling mistakes let me know?
Songs from British poetry?
Is this a poem " The time to leave is now "?
ok. i'm 13, been writing poetry my whole life, and i think this is one of the best ones. what do you think?
How can I improve the poem, its for a contest..?
Something silly for you try. What do you think?
Is there a site where I can post poems that I wrote?
Judges what do you know about the life in prison?
Poem lovers, please help.?
what do you think of my poem 'the vampire lover'?
Do You Like This Poem I Wrote?
Do you help yourself as much as you can?
Do images have feelings?
Fade Away: A poem I wrote?
Does this poem sound ok? comments and critique please?
What are your feelings on my older Halloween type poem? Circus Revival PT?.4?
Who the hell are you she said! (Near to poetic thoughts?)?
Is this poem a stroke of genius or what? Now this is a valid Q right?o.O Pls rate on a scale of 1-1.01 thanks?
is this poem too depressing and dark? ?
Can someone read my poem?
Best but easiest poem to memorize?
What's the first rule of poetry fight club?
grade my poetry 1-10...10 being the highest & comment plz?
help on a poem please!?
English Poetry Rhyming Sequence, help!?
What's been your worst relationship?
I've got a poem. Could you read it and tell me what you think?
What do you think of this poem?
help with this poem please?
my new revised poem "MOUTHPIECE"?
I have become completely tired of communicating without the Saints. Particulary The Virgin Mary.?
Was coldplay's song the scientist about gweneth paltrow?
Am I being a little to cynical?
What poetic devices are used in the poem My House by Nikki Giovanni?
Can anyone share any Haiku poems they've made?
i need a poem!!!!!!!?
What the Hay??? OOPS all Day???cFOyc?
Comments on a verse about children speaking back, sort of?
i need some help with " count that day lost " by George Eliot poem ?
Can you suggest me a good sonnet for elocution?
Your feelings on this poem?
What do you think this poem means?
Will you C/C on a Greek sonnet by the Greek poet?
If a poet/singer creates a song, then 20 years later other artists copy it, are they philistines?
Can someone help me with my assighnment . i need to make my poem sound more developed and mature.?
What is your comment on my song poem?
The Poem, "How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
Can one sing a Siren's song?
Who popularized the phrase "suck it"? Was it The Rock? Stone Cold Steve Austin?? Who?!??!?
Whats the saddest song you have ever heard?
Ever "herd" of clouds ?
This one is for fun.. Is any one in the mood for fun?
8 Different Types Of Poety In This Song?
Could You Read This Poem, PLEASE?!!?
I am a total newb at writing sonnets, help?
i need help with a poem!?
What is something that is totally so UNLIKE you, that you have noticed in others?
lay down meaning?? (poem)?
If her eyes mirror her mind, are her lips the entrance to her heart and her body the temple of her soul?
C/c a haiku please.....?
Does anyone know this poem?
Why do you like the poetry section so much?
What think you of an ominous, portentious Sunday morning poem?
Is this a Cheesy poem or not?
Why do Anthologies of American Poets seldom include work by James Merrill?
What are some thoughtful questions that can be asked about the poem "A Sad Child" by Margaret Atwood?
What do you think of this?
Poem c/c please? Interesting...?
An Unfinished Random Assortment of Words – What Do You Say To a Poem In Progress?
Poem title ideas help!?
Why isn't this being taught in schools today?
Do you get more cynical with age or is that called wisdom?
what font should I use for a poem?
My poem "Moon Lover"?
I need an example of circle poem with 10 words?
Is the poem good or bad?
Can someone write me a poem thank u?
i need an idea of adaptation on nursery rhyme.?
And what do you see when you look into a mirror? C/C?
What do you think of this poem?
I need help!!! I think this is some type of poem! HELP!!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
I have great difficulty understanding this poem. Help me understand the theme of it?
When you read a poem, what things do you expect to happen?
i need help with a haiku poem.?
What do you think?
"Poems." A poem. Thank you. Oh, c/c?
what do you think this poem means? Whats its theme?
Is 'The Revolt of Islam' (Percy Shelley) about rebellion?
Why Cancer?
lets see well im a poet looking for a bublisher how do i go about this?
On spot writing, when the mood hits do you just type it and enter? C/C this poem please?
In the poem To a Louse the speaker does not feel that the louse belongs in the place wherw he sees it. Why?
is there a vendetta against me tonight?
another poem i'm working on any advice?
Is this a good poem? I wrote it last year.?
what do you think the meaning of the poem "Nobility" by Alice Cary is?
Why do people take love poem's as a joke? The 3rd Door..The Hunting Trip?
How Many Syallables Do Limericks Have/How Many Lines?
what is the poet trying to say with the element in the poem pride?
what do you think of my writing?
What do you think about this poem?
How to fix the broken?
May I question, why I have been blocked by someone I do not know?
Do you know a site where I can find Pastor Appreciation Poems?
Mr White and Mr Black slam poetry performance? Anyone have link to video?
what was the poem mr rooney said in ferris beulers day off?
would you like to read my little poem?... it's entitled "Regwah"?
Money.. how much is enough?
critique my poem?
will you help me improve the lyrics i wrote?
Quotes about loving who you want, and not worrying about what others think?
What can you tell me about this poem?
Like this poem? Bettany? Anyone?
what do you think of my poem :)?
I pulled this from my old files, would you like to comment on this poetic effort?
Do you like this poem?
A first draft for HD - please read..?
help me with my poems?
please read and comment on my poem?
any good poetry sites of all kind of poems?
What do you think of this faithful poem?
I just wrote this poem and was wondering if it's any good?
I wrote a poem, honest opinion please. It's called "Little Things"?
Is there a strong link between the artist and the emotional sensibility?
Help with poetry essay?
what should i write my narrative poem about?
president obama what will you be having for lunch?
Dime Store Romance.......a poem---c\c?
Please read my poem. Its a little bit long but its about revenge. Was it good or bad? Thanks all!?
almost lost arts...a quick bit-a verse here or there?
The name of my poem is Sabbath. Could you please share your opinions of it?
Fruitbowl. Could you comment upon my poetry?
Is this poem good enough?!?
An experiment sure to be a colossal failure: Can we turn "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" into a poem.?
Did you ask for a poem? Will this one do? It is all I can write at the moment.?
Could you say that Frost and Thomas had the "Sylvia Plath Effect" ?
Poetry - when is it appropriate to give thumbs down to an answer?
Can ya be ok with a little punograpy?
I need a poem about mother father and first born son?
i need a good summer poem to put in my aim profile can someone help me out here??
Let the tears roll free?
where could i find someone to publish poetry in or near salem ohio?
what is the poem or technique?
Pick one! Out of two choices....?
In "The Highway Man" Poem?
Wordsworth's Sonnet on Toussaint?
List of things to write poetry about.?
Poems that include allusions to Pandora's Box?
ok will this poem get your attention then? C/C?
Can you write me a poem short poem about Sir Ian?
Have any of you been posted on ,"The poets of Mars?"?
What are some cool websites where i can get quotes/poems from?
poem for my uncle who is dying?
Here's a poem i'm working on..tell me what you think?
Is this suitable for this site?
Sonnet 73 by Shakespeare and "When I May Cease to Be by John Keats how are they similar and different?
What do you think of my poem?
Can one be happy after this?
Waking to Sleep, C/C? I feel like this every day?
I need a SHORT poem for my teacher?!?
there is a popular english poetry about the message of the bhagwad gita/mahabharata. anyone think of it?
What is The Meaning of this?
Where can i find poems on happiness on the internet?
Poor Rich Men.... Would you please cc? Thank you.?
Original Haiku Query?
Would "A little bird sings its song" be an example of this Poetic Device?
Independence...Do you feel it?
How do I write a poem reflecting a style of music?
response to my poem what do you think?
Is my poem any good? ?
An amusing tale? Did it make you smile?
What do you think of my rap/poem?
do you like this.....
Would you like to see the finished product?
what would be a written analysis to this poem?
This poem is so insecure. How can it be urged along?
what do you think of my poem for my grandfather pls?
Do you like my new poem?
how does this poem sounds???
like my poem?
I cannot interpret this "The Riverside Shakespeare "poem. Please help?
help with english metaphor?
Help with poetry PLEASE?
Is this a metaphor or simile?
Will you write a poem about the bravest person you know?
What poetic devices are in the poem, Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling?
Poem!!! i need to find to find 2 key concepts?
Really need a poem about Hell?
Can someone help me with Walt Whitman's poem...There was a child went forth?
In one word please describe a cloudless blue sky ?
What is the theme of the poem "A man to the universe" by Stephen Crane?
hey what do you think of my poem?
What is the theme of this poem ?
i need a star sonnet?
The Hippocrump?
i dont know what to add to this similie poem plz help?
what Lyric Poem should I use?
feedback on poem i'm going to read in front of a group?
My Newest Poem, "Untold"...Your thoughts?
So how is your life going?
Poetry help ASAP?? PLEASE?? ns?
It has come to my attention that I write like Jack Duluoz? Who is he?
Do you have sandy feet?
In the poem "The west wind" the words "my eyes" uses what sound device?
what do u think of my poem?
Ok, a ew, revised version that needs judging!?
Famous poems about...?
The Rowan Tree, would you kindly c/c my poem?
Arcrostic Poem Help for ...... RESPECT !?
Help please. What is this poem by Alica Keys about?
is this poem good? i just wrote it?
Semi Famous POET Wants YOUR Reviews?
Please rate my poem..?
In the poem "Not waving but drowning" how is romanticism shown.?
I need ideas for a good stepdad poem.?
Read the excerpt from Robert Frost's "A Girl's Garden" and identify its rhyme scheme.?
Will you C/C on a new script of the Greek poet?
what do you think of this poem.....??????
Another poem.....Please rate?
what are the differences between american and english romantic poets?
errrr duuuh im a poet, read my poetry :P?
Expecting a Baby Announcement Poem?
Why do you believe.......whatever it is you believe?
To all Poet's and Contacts, and Friends.?
Tell me what you think of my poem?
please read my poem if you like?
How did you start writing poetry?
Does anyone know of a famous poem about anorexia?
Again, Just Curious?
Does anyone know of this poem?
i need a poem about a hero?
The 2008 edition of the Y!A Poetry Minion™ has many energetic people. How can we harness this energy?
Comment on Sonnet PLZ!!!!?
summary of the poem La Bella Dame Sans merci by Jhon Keats?
One for King of Biscuits... What do think?
My poem the longest days. what do you think?
What is poetry to you?
Please critique my poem?
MY HEALTH STORY/SONG LOL tell me what you think?
New poem, care to read?
where can I get notes on the sonnet by John clare?
please help!!!!!!!?
Spanish Poems?
Is this a poem good enough for a childs book?
What is this poem about?
Whats a good poem about music?
What do you think of this poem?
Help with metaphor poem!?
please check my edited poem?
Size Zero... i wrote this to try and make people think.?
poem help!!!!Im sooo stumped!?
This is my favorite poem that I've written, please read?
personal response to a poem?
Please read poem I made just now?
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam...help please?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Quoting "Tract" by William Carlos Williams?
Do you want to be involved in a story?
Famous poets?
Comment on my poems/ and which one do oyu like best?
Poetry section, do you need a reason to dance?
Whats the meaning of this poem?
Can someone help me write a poem??
And my pen keeps flowing...?
Do u think this is a good poem?
Field of vision by seamus henry- theme?
One from the edge of my mind, will you comment?
Breakup poetry, anyone?
What is the saddest song/poem ever written in the world?
Will the moon still smile, comments/critique/crepuscle?
Do you have any poems memorized? If so, which is your favorite?
Question about the poem, "Eros Turannos' by Edwin Arlington Robinson? 10 points for best answer!?
Those who have seen the Dead Poets Society ANSWER PLEASE! I need help?
how to make a moral lesson from a romantic sad poem?
can someone please make poem out of these spelling words?
What do ou think of my poem?
Why is shel silverstein such a good poet? Examples PLEASE!?
Proper Technical Set Up for a Poem?
when you were kid...?
What do you think of my love poem?
How would you improve, critique or react to this poem?
How is my poem? good, or no?
what is the theme of this poem?
Is there anything poetic about finding a Cool Ranch Dorito in your sock drawer?
About this poem... help/comments?
what kind of poem is "Our Black Shining Prince?" by Ossie Davies?
Comments on a poem of a different Christmas day?
Could somebody read this? Narrated by a body?
Acrostic poem ?! homework?
A New Year Message to all, will you read?
What are some old poems about Greed?
Can you write a one line poem as well as this?
When and in which collection was Maya Angelou's poem "Men" published?
I wanna write some poems i need lines?
Poetry help (Colossians)?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
this poem about a small girl.?
Why do authors use figurative language in poetry so much???10 points!?
Are you guys keeping my answers? I am on a roll today, I need to get out..?
Another poem. A little more... Recognized ?
Dust thou liketh my newt poem?
There Was A Little Elf?
A Smile: Care to Comment?
Can you review this editorial piece...It's due soon?
Does you and me make we or We?
poets please help me come with a short text that would flatter herrrr!!!! help me please?
what do you think???
The story of how I came to be back in Las Vegas, would you please comment?
What is a good 30-40 lined poem i can analyze for an english paper?
what is your analysis on this poem?
what do you think of this poem?
Can anyone set me a poetry challenge, please?
A poem for your thoughts and comments?
Who can answer my Question about Space and Time?
What is the title of this poem?
Do you want to become something, for a little while?
How good are you at making drinks? C/C?
what are you passionate about?
Is anyone else having trouble with editing their answers?
Poem-Is this a poem? If so, is it any good? Please rate it. Be blunt & honest about what you think. Thanks.?
How is your dental work? Let me know, c/c?
Is my poem okay? does it make sense? 10 points!?
Does anyone else feel bad for NIKKI Z, or is it just me?
what do yall think about this? i wrote it.?
What do you think about this love poem?
A dream by Edgar Allen Poe?
poetic techniques used in 'ANTHEM1 FOR DOOMED YOUTH' and 'My dreams are of a field afar'?
i wrote this poem, help me out?
Poem. What do you think?
11:12, please read this and let me know what you think,?
What playground would you choose?
What do you think of this new poem?
What do you think of my haiku?
I need a rhyme, it doesn't have to be perfect?
Poems? 10 points anyone?
I need a pen name for a poem i wrote?!?
what do you think of my poem for my boyfriend?
what do you think of this poem?
How do you treat your headaches? And would you comment on this poem?
I wrote this.. Tell me what you think...?
How can I improve my poem?
Poem i wrote for my mom s?
Can you give me some ideas for a poem about Jane Eyre's life?
I would like help making a poem with 5 words?
Is my work more of a letter than of a poem? Pls also give comment!?
Is this a good poem?
Sonnet 43. what does this mean?
How do you like this poem i wrote?
plese read this poem and comment?
What do you dream? An old dream but maybe poetic?
help help help i need a free verse poem about the beach like now plz help me !!!!????!?!?!?!?!?1?
Can you tell my what you think of my poem ?
is this a good sonnet?
What do you think of this poem for my boyfriend?
Are there any modernist techniques or themes in the story Hills Like White Elephants? Any fragmentation?
Is this a good poem? It's a VERY VERY short one though. It just came to me.?
A Visual: Care to Comment?
Poems about Mars are not abnormal. Do you like this one?
How can I begin my poem? please help and quickly?
Someone who knows about poetic devices in poems, please help ASAP...?
I have a passion for this please help!?
where's the idea of loss in Richard Wilbur's poem "The Writer" ? please help! urgent!?
School assignment HELP please?
What is the difference between traditional and dissenting poetry?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
how do you say farewell?
Can you please C/C my Mitt Romney Poem (4 lines)?
Another poem. Do you think I can improve and how please?
I need help translating a poem into French:?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
What should the title of this poem be???
I SUCK at poems and I need just a good one to present to my class in about two days about veterans day! Help?
What is the poem Bedouin Song by Bayard Taylor about? Please explain every stanza. Thanks.?
can someone make me a poem please? i wont take the credit!?
Check and comment this poem, ok?
i need help with these poem, its not very long ?
Feedback on a new poem please?
how i become a bussiness man?
I call this minimalist polarity...a poem?
Not Waving but Drowning?
Poetry help?
Do you like my new poem?
a poem i wrote? what do you think?
Thoughts on this poem? ?
What is the poem by Harriet McNiece that was quoted on the BBC2 prog 'Rev' Monday Evening?
Am I a good singer? Please be honest?
I dont Understand this poem Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam?
Plz read my poem and c/c it? i would love to hear comments!?
a little dittie?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you know any poems?
What cha think?
What's that you got there?
Do you like poems about kittens?
Can you help me out with this poem?
a poem: Are you expecting company?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this Dinosaurs Doomed By The Norse Gods morning pome?
what do you think about this?
The Widow's Peak poem i have written, thoughts, comments?
Robin Skelton's poem Tao meaning?
Any good short Children poems?
is on the pulse of morning by Maya Angelou about risk? ?
Poem... what do you think?
Are there any boys names that rhyme with chloe?
what to novelist if emily dickinson to poet?
i need help with a winter triplet poem?
Would someone want to write a poem and express themselves?
What do you think of my poem?
My questions for you=poem?
*ladies* what do you think of this poem? *already been asked i just need more answers*?
Poem help... (ill give you alot of points!)?
What is the title of this poem?
Who else here loves the Spanish culture as I do?
what do you think of this poem?
please read my poem and thoughts?
Can you rate my poem out of 10?
A poem I wrote for a special someone :)?
What's a good sonnet about marriage. Not with Shakespeare in it please.?
Simple straight forward poem to draw?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you guys think of this qoute i created?
Please c/c my poem/prose?
is this poem any good?
Something for a freezing friday. How do you like it.?
Why did my teacher choose this poem for me?
What type of poem is this?
What do you think of Yet Another Sacriligious Poem, Or However You Spell That Word morning pome?
What is an easy poem to explicate and read our loud for an assignment?
What is the deeper meaning of the poem "Beauty is not caused" by Emily Dickinson?
Concrete Temptations?
Can you give me any ideas how I could improve my poem thankyou?
hey I had to write a sonnet for homework...will you read this and critique it for me?
please comment on this poem i wrote . its called kryptonite?
How ya like My poem now TD Euwaite!? FILL IN THE BLANKS.?
Do you like my new poem?
Suggestions of Rhyming Words for my Sonnet?
What do you think of this poem?
i need help plz?
Is this a good poem about stars? I have to write a Haiku for English?
what is the meaning of this poem?!?
Comparisons between the Poem "The snow man" and "Desert Places" by Robert Frosh and Wallace Stevens?
Do you like this short poem?
Does anyone have a poem for forensics (speaking)?
what do u think of the poem PHENOMENAL WOMAN by maya angelou?
What do you think of these lyrics?
i need some inspiration for a poem... tell me one?
How can this poem be made stronger? Please read and give advice.?
Ok. One more short one for the evening?
Can you judge my poem please?
Can anyone think of a pretty word for each letter of Emily? PLZ!?
I'm looking for the poem "the minuet" by raymond carver ...?
What is the analysis of the poem "The White City" by Claude McKay? Please help.?
Love Poems Collections?
Can anyone help with this poem by CK Williams?
does anyone know the literary period of the death of the hired man?
Do you think you can write a poem without using the letter E?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
could someone critique my poem? about adoption...?
What are your opinions on my Sonnet?
I like dis girl and i wrote a poem and she liked it and im trying to write another but im stuck i need a title
Are your knick'knacks in the proper light?
Is there a message in this Poem?
Who sails the ship when there is no sail?
What are your thoughts about the poem 'Little Boy Crying"?
current poetry contests?
short 3 stanza poem please give opinions?
Manushka, I just want you to read this... and tell me what chu think.?
Short poem, I have set this task for myself, c/c - be perfectly brutal or honest, K?
a poem on freedom, kindly give comments and/or critique please?
Poem Critique: Can you please critique my poem? Thank You =)?
Is it true that Hardy never revised any of his poems?
So I Think I'm in Love With a Girl Named Marie...?
How's this tiny poem? Do you like?
Haiku Help? About Sunrise.?
What does this poem mean? Can someone give me a thorough analysis please?
What do you think of my short poem?
Who makes better poets Men or Women?
Jack Kerouac: 211 chorus?
What does this sonnet quote mean?
I'd just like some feedback (#1)?
Finding poetry you like.?
Where can i find good poems/speech for my sister?
Emily Dickinson?
Is there a cap to how far some people will go?
Do you see color at all?
What are some literary elements for My papa's waltz?
Can anyone answer these questions for me?
Why did maya angelou write the poem of i know why the caged bird sings?
Who is your favorite Italain Poet?
Which word is it that you're looking for?
Can you make this rhyme?
Time keeps on ticking, will you C/C please?
Make a poem for me please?
What does everyone think?!?!?!?
my poem? good or bad? truthful answers please?
I am making a poem cover and i cant use like my poems it need to be discriptive any ideas?
Which poem do you like best?
Critique my kind of Free Verse Poem (repost)?
I know I said I was staying, but several people have made that impossible. I leave you with one last poem.?
How do you like my poem?
when you were kid...?
"The Journey" ?
Does the rhyming lessen the harshness?
I am looking for a poem?
please rate this short poem(1-5) and tell me what it makes you think of.?
my ex-husband gabriel spera?
romeo and juliet - poetry?
this is a poem i wrote about a loved one i lost can i please have your comments on it thanks?
Tell me what you think about my poems and website please.?
Tell me what you think :]?
Care to comment?
Mother's Day Spanish Poem?
May someonee give me some ideas on impressing my teacher with a introduction letter assigment?
"Death of a Sinner" revised?
What do you think about this poem?
what do you think of this poem and what do YOU think it means and what would you rate it?
Father of Stephen Dunn?
How do you think my poem is?
Quick Poem...?
Poems that don't rhyme?
edited poem, opinions, thoughts, advice? thanks!?
i need help writing a poem?
Question about Shakespearean and Petrarchan sonnets?
what kind of poem is this?
Was I too harsh in my response?
How do you think, feel and act?
please identify any similes or metaphors in this poem?
Do all poets love their soulmates as they describe them in their love poems?
What perception of war do these poems have in common?
Do you like my poem? Sorry for Grammar mistakes.?
Help with OUT OF THE DUST by Karen Hesse?
What does the term "metaphysical conceit" mean? What does it refer to?
Is this a hyperbole? maybe something else?
is this song any good its what i have so far please help?
A Poem : Comments ?
What do you think of this poem/short storry??
Poem I have written, care to read it? Your thoughts and criticisms are welcome?
Do you like my poem? Comments?
Which POEM do YOU like BETTER??
What would be a good title for this poem?
"A Di re Write-at-Night`...`Di nner` ..a Di rge for your c-c?
Is this poem... terrible? "Shoot me down"?
What type of poem is this? s for best answer and reasoning.?
how can literary representaions of change prepare readers for future changes in the workplace?
my only poem for today. do you like it.?
I've had a very trying day. See what you think of this. Comments.?
Another poem for comments?
What is the tone of a poem !?
Poets, one for Semper Fi, your comments?
I wrote this poem today for valentines day. BE honest, what do you think?
Can someone explain a sonnet to me?
What do you think of this poem? It is very far removed from how I normally wrte?
How do you like - Not a poem?
A piece of free verse for a change, will you leave comments or critique please?
what is meant by the structure and the rhythm of the poem?
Will you read this poem?
Do you know the name of this poem?
Symbol poem for english?
Can you name my poem?
Favorite quotes, phrases, lines, etc?
Good poetry reccomendations?
Is your timing perfect? Is your poetry written at night or in the day?
Beowulf help?????????
What is a good 8 line rhyming poem for pumpkins?
Can anyone check out my poem? 10 points?
tips on writing classic rock, or singer/songwriter like music?
A poem any good?
can i get in trouble for using part of an already published poem in one of my poems?
what should i write about just in general because i'm really bored?
Poem help .......... ?
Do you think Bing Crosby cared?
Who is the reggae dub poet Lillian Allen?
what are some good fwds?..10points!?
wrote it last night, can i have your opinion?
would consider this Halloween poem?
URGENT: What is Can. Lit. by Earle Birney about?
Lyrics/ poem help! help on improving/ give feedback on my verse (.s!)?
Anyone know any origional poems?
Which type of meter is used in these lines from a poem?
Is this a non-poetic statement to a recalcitrant Muse?
Will you read this poem please?
where can i find or could you give me a title of a poem that last 7 minutes?
What does this saying mean?
Do you like my poem? ?
Feed back on my poem please?
English Poetry Rhyming Sequence, help!?
What would the speaker in "Mending Wall" like to do if he could?
can someone tell me, IN detail what you like about these two poems? please answer, thank you very much.?
Do you like my poem?
Celtic Poem Help Please!!!!?
What do you think about my Poems? Feedback?
whats your favorite poem? [teens]?
A new poem. Take a look. thx?
Any poems on how anger leads to depression or hatred?
How to write a love poem for my Girlfriend ?
found this in his files. what's it mean?
whats the rest of this poem??
Little Girls and Fairy Tales, would you critique and/or comment upon this poem?
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" PLEASE HELP!?
the highwayman illustrations?
What do you think of this poem?
meaning and theme of poems by rumi?
Will you C/C the script {Trilogy} of the Greek poet?
Take off this hinderance of forbideness that denighs me to fly in the maidens laughter?
Can you help me write a poem?
I need "I Am" poem help?
A poem about writing poetry?
Whitman's "song of myself" and "Out of the Cradle"?