What do you think of this poem?
please read poem i made last night?
Who can relate to this poem I wrote? And what you think about it?
How is it that Emily Dickinson became a great poet yet she never did any adventuring?
Do you think this poem is any good?
What do you think of my love poem?
do you know any shakespeare sonnets?
Will you read my love poem?
What do you think of this song?
What are some metaphors in this poem?
Again Again Again Again, but what do you think?
I have to write an analysis on this poem any help? (:?
Does anyone know the name of the erotic poem that is about a sea creature? That might be in the title...?
Describe the central incident in the poem?
what similarities do Robert Frost and his poem In My Own have in common?
A poem with a question, will you answer it as your answer?
looking for a poem about a child swinging that goes. oh how i love to go up in the sky so high?
what are some literary devices found in this poem?
Do remember when it felt warm and accepting?
what is the poem"kubla khan" about?
Help on my poem, please????
Have any of your poetry been influenced by music?
Can you help me find the meaning here? I am not sure where it went...?
How can this be improved? A poem about how I usually am?
just a poem i wrote....critique?
What is "death's dream kingdom"?
Here's a Haiku, do you like it?
Do you like it?
What is beautiful, to you?
this is anger?
Will you critique this poem please?
For my wonderful poetic friends in thanks,comments?
What is a Lyric Poem expressing the emotion Happiness?
What do you think of my older poem?
Writing iambic pentameter couplet?
What is this poem about?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
What do you think of this poem?
Can a biography be poetic?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to do a poem based on how life is short...?
Some of the thoughts one has long after it's over. What are your comments?
Would you critique this please?
Can someone help me write a poem about The Holocaust?
help with these lyrics...?
Who was the first person living in America to publish a book of poetry?
Reveiw on my poem?? I wrote it for an english assignment.?
How do you find my poem, any suggestion is appreciated?
Do you like lady gaga?
whats your interpretation of this poem?
I'd really love your thoughts on my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What does your face hold? History, c/c?
Can Anyone Help Me With A Rubai Poem?
Can someone help me write a quatrain and ballad poem?
Is this new poem any good?
Comments on this new poem, please?
ALL RIGHT! FINE! I CAVE! Will you help me improve this?
OKAY I worked on my poem so NOW is it closer to iambic pentameter?
Good or Bad (couple poems)?
what is hell to edward, in the poem sinners in the hands of an angry god?
read my poem about mermaids?
New poem!! advice please?
Anybody familiar with the opera/poem Anoush/Anush by H. Toumanian?
Needing a little inspiration Writers Block is a wall, too steep for me to climb?
Who wants to go to a dance....Hmmm?
A love acrostic: Melissa?
A simple poem? Will you read it and give your comments?
adding music and arts to a poem.?
a magic spell so i can sing just like someone?
What does this MEAN?!?! [[poem]]?
What do you think of this poem?
Is my poetry even worth reading?
what about thhis poem?
What do you think of my poem about love?
poem about keeper by mal peet?
What is your theme song?
Do you like my poem?
Sometimes, all we need is a person...a place...and a thing...?
When Almada-Negreiros has written "Cabaret"? 10 points best answer?
An answer that turned out rather well? c/c?
How do I write a poem?
Will you tell me what you think of my poetry?
Where can I find the poem "Child and Insect"?
What do you think of this poem?? *edited*?
Know a poem about getting something you wanted, but then finding out it wasn't as great as you thought?
I need a poem that would be good to read in front of my class...?
how far does victorian poetry represent the age is written?
puppy love, ain't it sweet?
Do you like my poem ?
'Smeared' is my title, will you comment please?
will you rate my poem?
any thoughts on this poem?
What is the poet really thinking about?
my poetry do you like and why do you like/dislike?
What is Walt Whitman's poem "City of Ships" about?
What should I do with my poetry?
Are you sometimes a contradiction? A poem?
Hello?.... No, this goodbye is official...It even has a badge for proof. Will you?
Is this poem pretty bad? ?
can someone give me feedback on a poem?
writers block? please help?
The Greeks had Gods; do we have ourselves?
What are the literary terms in the poem "when i have fears"?
Are poems about love inherently cliche?
New Poem!! Review, I'll review yours?
poetry for my boyfriend?
Poem critique please?
What are your feelings on this poem? My friend helped write?
`Nothings changed & Blessing` poetry?
Another spoken word poem♥♥snap your fingers for this one???♥♥♥?
help me find a poem??
I'm not a poet, but tell me what you think of this Sept.11th. poem I wrote a couple years ago. Be honest!
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Has this happened to anyone lately?
Poem - I am a Jehovahs Witness and it is about my faith. Please let me know what you think! :)))?
Will you C/C on the new script {On Sky Drive} of the Greek poet?
How will you appreciate my new poem in Hindi?
Critique my poem please?
What do you think of my poem? Anyways i may be able to change it?
Is this ok you think for a poem,my spelling is very bad so please bare with it?
the Wanderer rhythm (scansion)?
how to create a 3 stanza poem with 8 lines?
I need a love poem! Who wants 10 points?
How does this poem make you feel?
Care for a greasy offering?
What dark writing poets are alive today that I can submit poems to?
How is this poem?
One Man Making a Difference, a poem to critique?
I need a Poem pretty easy to memorize and it has to be 28+ lines, preferably as close to 28 lines as possible!?
Poem about moving... this is what i have so far?
Do you have a bad memory that you are trying to erase?
do you like write poem?, why? tell me what your reason,?
"I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold" Would this be considered a hyperbole?
HELP!!!! idk who is this poem is from?
"Poem For Dallas" .. a `good night until tomorrow ` from me/ and maybe us?...?
Analyzing Dickinson's Poems?
Can I risk your c/c on an impromptu partial 8/6 poem?
When trying to come up with some Poetry, do you keep notes of any sentences or words you may use?
as the fireworks set in. darkness fills the sky?
Happy poem please?
help deciphering this?
Rate my poem?
Songs from British poetry?
How do you like this poem?
Are waka poems the same as tanka poems?
Do you agree on this (Poe death) ?
Does my new poem make any sense?
Feeling Pensive This Morning - What Do You Think?
i need a star sonnet?
Are extremely chemically unbalanced women allowed to write poetry here too or only the chosen few?
For Himedal.........on hope.......?
can someone write me a limerick poem?
What is a good poem for a gothic girl for V day?
To publish a poetry book?
If your balls are squeezed on Mars what happens to your eyes?
Haiku poem help......?
why did langston hughes write poetry?
If someone asks you to explain what your poem means, do you oblige?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you guys think of this poem?
Here, please read and comment. Going through writers block.?
A poem about a cat, and a barn and wind and rain.. and no snow..?
A not-so-happy birthday poem, please C/C?
Where can I find a list of Carol Ann Duffy poems?
What does Sonnet 35 by Edmund Spenser mean ?
what do you think of this poem?
What is the simplest rhyme scheme? I am a beginner with this, help?
how do you guys like this poem?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
A Hummer of a Day, a poem, comments?
please i need a brutally honest opinion?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
Do you like my brand new poem?
Do you like this poem?
Want to tell me what you think of my poem?
What of a poem for the current moment?
"HOPE is the thing with feathers" by Emily Dickinson?
where can i find two of jack davis' poems? (australian poet)?
What can you tell me personally about the creative process?
re-do If we are free to choose, are choices always free????? comments welcome?
What is your greatest fear (comment/critique)?
What do you think of my poem GUYS?
How to make good Poems?
When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer" by Walt Whitman?
for a show poem?
Do you like this poem I created? Please answer!?
do you like writing poetry?
What does this poem mean to you?
This is a friendship poem i wrote for english, what do you think?
how is my poem about an existential love search?
What does the siguiriya poem mean?
Is the 'World Poetry Movement' legit?
Alphabet Poem for Homecoming dance?
In the poem 'To A Mouse' by Robert Burns?
My Poem; An actor in a "Tragical Comedy"?
A poem, please critique?
Okay so is this poem any good?
can somebody help with a poem about the gym""?
How is this poem sounding?
Plz read my poem and c/c it? i would love to hear comments!?
What do you think?
It's harder to hate than to love, yeah? (comment/critique)?
Do you like to write haikus?
Poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
My Poem Id Like to Share?
Would you like a little poetic medication?
Care for some Monday morning laughter? C/C?
English Help please?Symbolism?
Poems for my homework?
If your going to be lonely, would you rather be alone?
What poem are these lines from?
I wrote this like 100 yrs ago and just found a copy so I would be honored if you will comment?
Fill in the blanks to this poem?
Just wondering, after reading around and getting jaded, does this qualify as a poem?
Could Paul McCartney be my long lost twin brother?
what do ya think of my poem?
can someone give me a couple of examples for a nature poet?
what do you guys think of this? it would be really helpful?
I need a break from not being able to do my math, will you c/c this foolish thing?
another creepy poem .s best answer?
Who is your favorite poet here on answers,for your kind information even i write poems?
How can I write beautifully and eloquently?
Is this poem ok? Im doing a poetry reading tomorrow.?
i need school appropriate thing i could put fo my poem?
Poem Please revise/Postive critism please?
Who else like to read malayalam poem ?
any good psychological anime?
I could use some constructive criticism for this poem.?
a penny for your thoughts?
can someone give me an example of a 4 stanza poem?
a poem i wrote needs a name and i want to know what you guys think of it?
Patch Adams?
hey u guys whant to read my poem PLEASE!!?! HEHE?
help on sonnet for english?
Please could you tell me if this poem is ANY good please?
what do you think of this poem please leave your comments?
Can you tell me who wrote this?
Analysis of 1996 by Tagore. i need help understanding this poem.?
i need some ideas for a poem about working harder in school?
Do you like my poem? I call it "Killing The Only Thing That Holds You"?
What are some good ideas to write about for a Shakespearean Sonnet?
Do you like my poem..?
Is this poem good?No Neagtive stuff!?
Can you analyze this poem for me... what does it mean?
A poem that is a decision and a vow to myself, please comment?
Critique a teenager's poems?
What is rhyme scheme in "On Monsieur's Departure"?
Please read my poem? Love is a Rose?
This one is a lot darker , comments appreciated?
This poem took me 21 years to write.... do you like it?
Help with a metaphor.?
What do you think of my poem about fighting fear?
how is this poem?
Poetry analysis help??? Only 4 lines!?
My Morning Song, Comments?
After that first hit....Will you read and relax, please?
Give An Opinion On a Poem I Wrote?
My peom intitled "You're Far Too Perfect" Feedback is very much apprecieted. :)?
teenage years poems for my friend.?
I need grammar help. Is the grammar in the bio below correct? Thank you all?
I am looking for a poem I read as a kid and can't find anywhere?
How is symbolism used in this poem?
Poem question, please help!?
Would you be kind enough to comment a new poem of mine It would make me truly happy.?
The Night......any thoughts???
What's your favorite poem?
What do you think of this poem I made about Sylvia Browne?
What is the finger plucking and strumming pattern for BoA's Only One (guitar)?
Poem Help????
Do you like my poem any?
Will you comment on this shorty please?
An old poem, didn't even know what I was doing, would you c/c?
My own Starry, Starry Night to critique?
what poetic technique would you class this as?
Do you like my little poem?
what do you guys think of these poems?
How do I put this poem into stanzas?
looking for a certain poem?
For someone who is grieved over the terrible finding of someone that they Loved who just passed?
I have to wright a poem, about customer service . but its hard ,HELP PLEASE !!?
What is a rhyming poem about roses?
This is my favorite poem i ever wrote (i think)?
what is the summary to this poem????PLZ HELP!!!?
Help with Poetry?? Due tomorrow??!?
Poem about deppression.......?
what you you thing of this strore.?
What do you think of my poem?
constructive criticism on my poem please ?
Another Saturday nite poem I think you'll enjoy. Comments Please???
Care to critique my poem?
Does this poem suck?
Is writing poetry a thing of the past? ?
10 points for Shakespeare sonnet 33 help?!?
My Revision of the poem. Comment honestly and tell me what correction I have to make.?
Do you want to read a silly poem?
Could someone help me with meter of poetry?
how is my poem (feedback please)?
Poem about the Spanish Inquisition?
Is poetry pointless? Why are we attracted to it?
in a poem what is a stanza?
What are your favourite lines from a poem ?
Help me annotate this not-very-long poem?
1-877-866-9665 AOL technical Support number alternate required.?
A poem (copyrighted) by me, what do you think?
Did you know silver and gold in persian poetry is a refrence to?
Inspired by Ma. That is all.?
tell me what you think of this?
What do you think of the poem 'Stealing' by Carol Ann Duffy?
Can you give me some ideas for a poem about Jane Eyre's life?
What rhymes with sesquipedalian?
How does wilfred own create sympathy for the soldiers in the poem mental cases?
Poem/song I wrote what do you think?
What do you think of this poem?
Is writing song lyrics easier than writing poetry?
Please tell me if you like this poem. I'm not sure, please help!?
Help me analyze this poem please!?
Words that rhyme with saved?
Where do I need punctuation in this sentence?
Can you help me explain a sexual desire in a quote of a poem?
Show your stuff?
Do you like my chatty, Thursday Morning poem?
Are you smarter than a second grader?
I wrote this poem for LA class, the poem was to be entitled, the piece I leave behind.?
What do you think of my Poem?
In The poem "I Grew Up" by Lenore Keeshig-Tobias...?
Favorite poet?
Quantum Friending settings reconfigured, carbon copy?
Do you like my poem?
Can you recite some poems that are in the children's book Giant Children, for me plz?
Square Root of Three poem?
Do most poets show signs of mental disorders, at least a little?
What are examples of Sylvia Plath's different voices in her poems?
I was so much older then, will you C/C please?
A song I wrote its called silent screams?[I'm 13 so take it easy]?
Are you awake? Will you c/c this poem that Fredric inspired?
Please rate my poem?! It would mean alot!?
What effect does this have in poems?
What do you think of these joined cinquains?
check out my poems?
Have you read Part 1 of 'Castle Morgana'?
What can you find in an attic?
what rhetorical strategy is defined as being breathless? kinda what emily dickinson used in her poetry?
I hate the way I feel right now. So here is a poem. comments are ok.?
Even tho' I am blocked I can tell by this question in poetry, that something is rotten in the state of Denmark?
Would you care to comment on a poem, about a lesson?
Plz read my poem and tell me how do u like it? plz comment!?
The Red Dress poem, part 2, the night after, comments?
Is this winter poem good written by a 13 year old? Please read?
Can some give me an example of an cinquain poem?
i am trying to write a poem. lets see how it goes?
Will this help HH like me....I so hOpE?
Poem Help??
a poem. Will you view my funeral on the web?
How is my poem? Do you have a good title for it?
Rhyming and Song Lyrics?
Will you c/c one I posted as a reply 3 years ago, on what Poetry is or isn't?
Name of poem by Pablo Neruda?
A funny little poem?
Do you mind very much that I did one of these again, and will you forgive if you do?
What do you think of this poem?
In what year was the poem 'What The Dog Perhaps Hears' by Lisel Mueller written?
would you care to comment on a pome, about a wish?
What differences are there between spoken word poetry, a poetry reading, and slam poetry?
poem, What makes of music now?
Oliver Wendell Holmes Senoier Poetry Question?
need an encouraging poem about death of close friends.?
is there cacophony in these lines (meeting at night by Robert Browning)?
Poems to make parodies of?
what do you think of this poem?
Poem for my teacher, opnions please? Needed tomorrow!?
Do you like my poem? (its about moving)?
What do you think of these poems i just wrote?
acrostic poem for the word "diffusion"?
What do you think of my love poem"?
Poetry, Who should I start with???
when did laurence binyon die?
write an 'ode to coffee' poem anyone?
What do you think of this poem?
Is this a good poem for a girl i like?
Could you read, note, and perhaps comment on this write regarding Himedal...while this is still up?!?
Read this poem please!?
Newest poems, need some feedbak?
Is this a Poem or whet?
can someon write me the poem entitled "the road not taken" by robert frost?
Purpose of Anthem for Doomed Youth?
Do you like my poem?
The Great War poem. Would you c/c, please? Thank you?
please rate my poem "forget you"?
Explain the feelings of my poem? home?
...is it really important to make sense?
what are similar quotes to "read between the lines"?
What is the effect of this caesura in the poem Disabled?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
Nightly Escape-Poem any good?
Please leave your comment/critics on this poem?
what are some examples of american poems in the revolutionary era?
Analysis of Sara Teasdale's poem After Love?
*three words* a story, a tale or a poem,?
Anyone has any poetry blog that I can view ?
What kind of family jokes are you the brunt of, do you laugh, too?
Please critique my poem?
What do you think of 'If It's Thursday, It's Gotta Be Morning First. If Friday....' morning pome?
any thoughts on this poem?
a guy asked me for a poem just now, what do u think of this?
By the grace and favor of God...?
Is this a poem " The Softest Day "?
What are your feelings on my NEW Poem? The Beast's Eyes?
My poem, The intruder, is it entertaining?
what do you think about this poem.?
Can someone help me write a poem?
One for a Monday almost over...?
What are some short and funny poems?
Ok what do you think about this poem?
To MacDonald of the stately eyes I give this gift, a gift greater than the golden cup given to me...?
So tell me, do you hear me now?
I just wrote a poem. Now what?
Fear of responsibility... Don't be silly (New Poem)?
Comment on my poem please?
is this a good poem..?
How to fix the broken?
Do you like my poem i wrote?
Really Need Thoughts On My Poem/Rap? (Thank you very much)?
is this is a nice poem!?? be honest?
Can anyone tell me what this poem is called.?
What do you think of my poem?
How powerful is love really?
A Poem - '2008' - Yes it rhymes! - Do you like?
How is my poem. i wrote it to get rhings of my mind?
Comments on a classic quote?
Challenge: can you combine two of these elements to make a poem?
Ok, a somewhat difficult poem for me to write. A letter to my parents, a challenge accepted by a fellow poet.?
Do you know a poem called ALICE?
Do you think this is a cute poem for a crush?
poetry help?
Can anyone please help me write a rhyming poem?
compare the cow and the bed in summer poem?
does anyone have the actual poem by Jeff Moss called "Dimetrodon's Sail"?
What's is a good poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Is this poem ok?
whats the best poetry complement someone ever gave you?
I need help translating a poem into French:?
Reflections from an old man c/c?
Will you read a poem by my friend Zahid?
What do you think of this poem?: Hey, Im 14 and I wrote this poem. Just use the words to create an image in
How is my poem?
Is anyone amazingly good with poetry? - finding allusions? please help! :(?
What do you think the message of this video is?
do you like my poem called Kissing?
A poem about dance? 10 points!?
do you like this poem i just wrote?
What is happening in the poem Maude Clare?
can anyone write a season poem?
A love poem for last call c/c ?
Advice on my poem please?
'Old Leaves and Letters' will you c/c?
Whats a poem that relates to To Kill a Mockingbird?
When was the poem 'To live in the Borderlands' by Gloria Anzaldua published?
When posting offensive poetry, would an appropriate warning call be, "Incoming!"?
does this sound like a decent poem? please give feedback?
I need help My exam is just up!!!?
What is the best poem ?
Need to find a poet and a poem?
What are some of the literary terms use in the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes?
Which lines should I take out of my poem (specifically the second stanza I think went on too far)?
Would love comments please thanks.?
I'm new to writing poetry. Can someone criticize my poem and give feedback on what should be changed?
reposting this because nobody is answering! “The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter”?
Do you have time to read a long poem before you take flight?
Looking for honest critique. Will you help?
Is this poem written in iambic pentameter correctly? (Petrarchan sonnet)?
Afternoon Memory? Analyze please? What's the theme?
Add Poetry MySpace?
Do you think this is a good poem???
What is the fastest way to memorize a poem ?
Please read & rate my poem (:?
Would really appreciate your comments on this poem I wrote?
I need a poem for BYOB?
do you like this poem?
Can u help me write an acrostic poem?
Have you ever crossed a bridge of light? Critiques/Comments welcome?
Can you please give me a brief explanation of this poem.?
this ones called in the dark we trust?
When you have insomnia, do you enjoy sunrises? C/C?
What is the poem sonnet 18 about?Best one gets points?
Help with my " I AM " Poem?
whats the best poem...?
what does this poem by emily dickinson mean?
"Sonnet 52" Just a play on rhymes, no love to dedicate this to, will you C/C please?
beatnik poetry?
What are two character traits for the poet Robert Frost?
What do you think? Please help?
Who wrote the book of Love?
What do you think of this poem?
can you find any literary devices in this piece?
How does Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'Valentine' portray equality?
What do you guys think of the lyrics to the beginning of a song I'm writing?
HOw was poetry important in WWI?
another off the cuff poem, *Slap Me* would you read, and advise or just comment?
What are the most important poems to our socitey?
Can you help me with this Pushkin poem?
question about poetry tests?
What do you all think of this story?
i wanna publish my poetry book im writing ..?
How can I improve this impromptu poem?
I am trying to find a poem. Its something like climbing up to heaven and bringing a loved one back...pls help!
Is My Poem Okay? Do I Have Enough Detail?
When you write poems... do you think a lot before writing words on paper...?
A Famouse Monster (Poem)?
Does anyone know the title of this poem, it is about being closest to god when you are in the garden?
Any body heard of Yeats poem "To a Child Dancing in the wind"?
Opinion Please, about my poem, thanks?
Prison poem....Our Angel Larae.......?
Would you please join Sir Thomas in (Prelude to My Lady, Part II) Overture to Justice?
How can I make a poem having the following:?
Will you read and c/c a revised and improved script of the Greek poet?
Do you like my poem I change it a bit.?
ok sooo this poem...?
Favourite Arthur Rimbaud Poetry?
What line's in your head right now?
Can anyone give me some poems by Julia Alvarez? If you can post the website or poem please?
Our Father {God} who art in Heaven?
Poems for class help?
Poetry Anthology help?
what are some good popular 20th century british poems and poets?
A short poem about a place I dreamed I was? Comments?
What do you think of my poem?
Billy Collins Helppp!!!!!?
The True Knowledge-Oscar Wilde?
What do you think about this poem?
Will you read and C/C this?
Read the following poem and try to explain its impact?
If I write you a poem, will you write me one too? May I read it?
What is the best way to ask others to share your poems without asking "do you like this..."?
Constructive criticism for song lyrics/poem?
"Soft Landing"... a spontane - ous thought for you c/c`s, please?
Rate my poetry, it would mean a lot?
I need a sonnet for English Class?
Whats the mood for this poem?
Make up a poem!?
"Death of a Sinner" revised?
Opinion for my poems!?
First poem ever?? rate plz?
HELP ASAP PLEASEE D= what is the meaning and argument made by the author in this poem? explain.?
Emily Dickinson poems about depression/ madness?
Can you please help me interpret this poem?
How can I improve my poem?
does this poem make sense? thanks!?
who can tell me what the name of the poem is.?
Is this a good poem for my book report?
do you know what this poem is called?
Who is your favorite poet!!?
Simile poems... help anyone?
lil poem(thoughts)?
What are the lyrics to the poem " When lilacs last in the Dooryard Bloom's " by Walt Whitman?
What think you all of this other one?
the answers to the questions on the poem sheaves?( page43 in the sound and sense book)?
will someone help me with a skateboard poem?
Has anyone ever read the spectacular poem.. "The Dash"?
What does this mean to you? I know I've posted it before, but I need more opininons. PLs?!?
Poetry that is easy to understand, short and not popular?
what is an agency when referring to a poem?
Here is a poem my dog wrote--is that even allowed?
i need an amazing russian birthday poem for my grand niece (with translation)?
Opinions on my poem please!!?
I need a really sweet poem for my boyfriend:)?
how do you think i should end my poem?
roses are red violots are blue...?
I need a really sad love poem???
Meaning behind the poem 'under the pines'? ALL ANSWERS 10 points?
What do you think of this 'How Morning Is Served' morning pome?
Will you help me make a poem for my aunt? 10 MINUTES!!!!!?
hey i have 70 poems written and am asking you is my work is good enough to be published check it out?
Is one little voice a nice poem?
Does anyone know the poet Benjamin Zepahniah?
what is a name poem for firefighters?
Rate my poem for school?
A different wolf and moon . . . c/c?
What is the plot summery of Beowelf the epic poem?
in sonnet 18 is the speaker afraid he will die from heartbreak?
Help me find two poems?
is my poem too vague?
Will you pause to remember Neil Armstrong with me?
I want Barack Obama to Read my Poem That I wrote for him!?
Tell me If my poem sounds alright Please!!!!?
What do you think of this?
Shakespeares twelfth night help?
can you analyze this poem??
Differences and similarities between Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 43?
In the poem To a Louse the speaker does not feel that the louse belongs in the place where he sees it. Why?
meaning of this poem?
Can You Write a 6 Word Poem?
What title would you give to this poem I wrote?
Just wrote this poem for everyone of you who ever got bullied.?
Why is Beowulf an epic poem?
This poem is all out of whack. How can I get it all in whack?
I need a poetry in hindi called, "Andhiyaara Dhal kar hi rahega ". I have forgotten the poet?
analysis of the poem to my fellow children?
How would you improve this poem?
How do my poems sound?
What's your opinion on my latest poem?
do you like my, for once, TRUE poem??
Do you like my new poem? its inspired by the bullies that hurt me n how much i luv fairies! im 14?
Please read poem I made last night?
Do you write in the middle of the night, care to comment or critque, thanks?
What are some Connotations of "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman?
On average, how long does it take you to write a poem?
okay my poem again (sc)...... what do you think?
this is a poem i wrote about my grandfather and i just need some input on it plz and thank you..?
what is the publication date and publisher or production company of the poem 'exposure' by wilfred owen?
Any feedback on my poem?
"Hark!" a fun spontane to ease the strain?.....please would you c/c kindly?
Critique please! Do you like this poem thing I wrote?
Need help with thesis with solitude and robert frost?
Finding the setting of a poem?
How to write a Paradox poem?
What are your thoughts on this?
Do you express anger or do you hold it in? A poem?
anyone up for editing this short poem that i wrote?
I wasn't there, but still, He cares.....a poem for today, c/c?
Too late last night, will you comment please?
Is this poem good? I can't tell?
My first poem............?
Rate my rap lyrics(1-10) Thank you very much.?
What say to "Snidely Ain't Gettin Out The Coop" Pome?
Help me with an acrostic poem please?
can you please analyze this poem by Pierre de Ronsard?
Does anyone have a poem that I can send to a girl I really like that she will wake up too?
Doth thy fairest maiden chance the night alone midst the evil that lurks, or...Yappy sHalloween?
How vertical are you feeling today?
Does "The Night Have 1,000 Eyes"?
"The Passage" Do these five lines say anything to you?
Have you ever felt a poem stir, slowly at first, and you know it's going to come out right through your flesh?
Anyone like the contents of this poem?
Rate my RAP verse 1-10 (wrote it 5 minutes ago)?
Is this poem I have written good?
From Wheatley's On Imagination, is "Now here, now there, the roving fancy Flies" an example of metonymy?
Annabel Lee poem by Edgar Allan Poe, Help?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
The poem "Our little black dog"?
Opinions on my 2 new poems?
Sermon...a brief rhyme...care to share your thoughts if you so dare!?
do you guys like this?
How is this ( quick) sonnet so far? Add on four more lines and 10 points easy!!?
Opinions on new poem please?
Would you agree that the holidays sometimes do this to you ?
Poem by Anita Corrine Donihue. . .?
I need help writing a acrostic poem for my name LISA?
How do you like this poem?
Downer... (Thoughts)?
What lurks in the shadows of your mind? Critiques?
poems about the harlem renaissance?
The Last Dinner Party For Two C/C?
Fully appreciate the comments from before. Now here's another of mine...(plz be just as honest)?
does hope hide from you?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem Discussion about Shakespeare and Edna Vincent Millay's poems and sonnets?
Can you please C/C poem: Shadows in the Sky?
I need an opinion on this poem i wrote?
I need a title!?
Id like your oppinion on this i wrote,?
I think I am slowly becoming satisfied with this, what do you think?
It takes love to find your voice, a poem, comments?
Who likes new poetry/prose?
I stumbled across a beautiful poem called, WINTER ~ by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre. Tell me what you think?
Criticize/ Edit/ Opinions on this poem? ?
What is the inner message of this poem?
Will you read a few lines from me? Comments?
I put this down for a long time. This is a rewrite, please critique.?
Can I copyright/trademark a new style of poetry?
Feedback on my poem please?
Help with my poem!! feedback or opinions!?
read this poem, what do you think? constructive criticism please?
a poem i wrote opinions please!?
Analyze this poem please?
Please can you c/c and find a title for my poem, thanks?
What are some reliable sites to post your poetry on to get critique and comments?
write me a poem????
i need a site critiquing Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 (Shall i Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?)?
What would be a good name for a poem about john quincy adams?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
Help With remembering Shakespeare's sonnet #66?
Ok! Will you tell me what members have possibilities to receive big awards for their poetic work. C/C please?
She Hears, a poem, critiques or comments?
Cryptic poetry written in a microbe's DNA?
Please read poem I made ?
Poem.. is this good?
A sixteen line poem (rhymed or unrhymed) that describes Greg in Diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever?
I want to know about the poem 'The Moon moments ' by Jayantha Mahapatra?
What would be a good subject to base a challenge on today?
Will you try my fill-in-the-blanks poem?
Poem......help! separation?
Which poet do you find fascinating?
Who is your favorite poet?
Poetry Help Please!? I Really Need To Know...?
HEy guys help meh!! its about poems!!due tomorrow?
An earthquake has altered my life. i'm tired of pain and exhasted from grief. is this a fundamental change ?
good poem? Where I Stand?
Poem Help!!! Meter!!!!?
How do you become inspired to write poetry?
If you are a poet, click here! are ya?
I really need help: in search for a poem?
Why was this deleted?
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, do you flatter yourself?
good greif?
who is helen spalding, the poet of the poem "curtain"? does anyone know anything about her?
Word for scary in a happy and unrealistic way?
Was your costume ever a Haiku (or variation thereof)?
poem help... i need to think of how an owl can torture a speaker?
Obligation To Fly Poem?
Can you give me the best explaination of what a hiku poem is?
What do you think of my poem, "Beyond your Eyes"? honest comments please.10 points for the most helpful answer?
Create an equation about the production of poetry.?
This is my new poem it comes from my heart will you please comment?
Who will give me a short list of contemporary poets?
analysis questions on the poem out, out by robert frost?
Am I talented with poetry?
What tips do you have on writing a great romantic poem to a woman?
Do you like my poem, what would you rate it out of ten?
Can you finish the sentence? Easy s!?
Opinions on my poem?
what do you think of this.......?
Acrostic poem for Sahara?
Can anyone explain the meaning of this poem?
What songs and or pictures remind you of the poem "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg?
write a shakespearean(english) subject of poem may be animal, minerals, vegetable with people of course.?
I need help for poetry?
What's your opinion on this short poem?
Example of an Acrostic Poem~! Please & Thankyou~! :D?
Poem look good enough to present?
what do you think of my poem?
Will someone please write me a 10-line couplet?? Please I''m begging!!?
Thoughts on this poem?
And finally(?) will you c/c one that got away from 3 years ago, on dream interpretation?
Help with my poem please?
writing a poem and need help with rhyming....can u help?
Any Poem Subject Suggestions?
how can you write a poem about how you cooked something?
Why do girls get annoyed when you text them “hey” everyday?
does anyone know any good limerick's??
Do you like this poem? i wrote it?
Is this a poem if it is what type is it??? /thanks I know its not good =) (urgent)#@!@#@@!@!?
what form and how is rhythm used in the poem '' the bells''?
Can you please tell me what the poem "Attack" by Seigfried Sassoon means?
Who wrote the poem "Death of a Dog"?
meaning of the poem "the rural maid" by fernando maramang?
Care to comment?
Okay, now see what Buk started now! comments on his last instigation?
Poem about Women, funny poem, need some help.?
Where in the nursery rhyme does it say Humpty Dumpty was an egg?
A song for a siren, how redundant. Will you read it anyway?
A poem on war, the media, and complacency?
Can anyone decipher what this poem means?
Do you wish you were in Cancun?
"humor me, will you"? a kind of poem that needs to be read, and C/Ced 2?
Read My Poem? I'm 14?
suggest a name for a poem website?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my new poem? (critique please)?
Can I ask a favor or two of you?
A poem called "Muse." Thoughts?
What is your opinion on what constitutes a poem?
A website on Sylvia Plath's Poetry?
Is this poem viable or liable?
Is this poem any good?
What gives a document the name of a poem?
is this from a poem by T.S. Eliot?
What is the theme statement for the poem "Cat's in the Cradle"?
What does Wilfred Owen mean when hey says "But nothing happens" at the end of each stanza in poem "Exposure"?
My Idle Pen, would you take the time to comment or suggest improvements?
Easy Best Answer: Poem I wrote is it any good?
how do you write a question answer poem?
What do you think of this poem...?
how can I improve my poems?
Does anyone know the "true meaning" of the poem "Summer" by Christina Rossetti?
Please Help edit my poem?
Tell me what u think and wat this says 2 u {the last line refers to sodom and gomorrah}?
A poem inspired by all of you?
I need help w/ comparing & contrasting these poems in terms of Sentimentality, Rhetorical and Didactic Verse?
what are good rainbow poems?
What would you rate this Love Poem i made?
What do you think of my poem?
Could you give me any song or poem that has figures of speech in it?
What do you think of my poem?
For Himedal.........on hope.......?
HELP: "A Poison Tree" Analysis?
Funny poem for mature audiences?
Will you comment on another quote if you may?
Will you comment on If, please?
How can I become good friends with.....?
Need to find the poem "Bronzeville Woman in a Red Hat" by Gwendolyn Brooks?
rate my poem?
Please critique my poem?
simple and very diff. topic from what i usually write on?
Would you c/c this small poem by the American genius (I'm channeling my inner Gio)?
What type of figureative language is this? HELP ME!?
How to write a poem about the activities you like to do?
Hmmm.... Challenge accepted (Firecat)?
Let's have a little bit of fun, if that's alright....?
Do you know of a good WW1 poem?
Does this poetic phrase make sense?
In Medias Res - any suggestions?
What do you think of my poem?
Ideas for a poem title?
Do you like my poem any?
Wrote this today - Poem not my usual style, what does it say to you, what do you think? Worth working on?
Can you improve my poem?
So what is with this new rating system? Do you like it?
I edited my poem, please give honest opinions- "Yellow Bird"?
Not a very expressive piece. needs more shine.....?
a poem i wrote. comments plz?
criticize my poem any ideas ti improve?
Lamplight... ( Comment / Critique )?
A 'Shared' poem, please C/C?
Are you a dreamer?
What makes "Lady of Shalott" (by Alfred, Lord Tennyson) distinctly Victorian poetry?
do you like my new poem?
Would you make up another line then usual for this poem?
Where can i find analysis of The Prelude or Growth of a Poet's Mind(school time) by Wordsworth?
What do ya think? :]?
Would you care to comment on this poem; have you ever felt this way?
How do you like this poem?
A piece of doggerel. May I have a poetic answer, please
In An Hymn to the Evening by Phillis Wheatley What natural phenomenon does the poet describe in lines 7–8?
How is this quick poem?
Deconstructing a Poem?
What should I title my personal narrative?
A Fit of Rhyme Against Rhyme by Ben Jonson?
Feedback? I need a title...?
shakespeare translation of sonnet 15?
Honest opinions? Poem I wrote.?
does the duke reveal that he killed his late wife in "my last duchess"?
My answer to a question maybe worked out? c/c?
I had to repost this because there are new people answering now, C/SEE may poem about 'THEM'?
Help with this line of a poem?
what ae re the figures of speach in shakesoears poem "age and youth"?
All of this form and structure has tuckered me out...yes?
I have great difficulty understanding this poem. Help me understand the theme of it?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my latest, I call it "The Exploiter"?
what do you think about this poem?
Doesn't a poet always talk about themselves in poetry?
My poem about me?
I need a "class of 2015" slogan, but not like all the others!?
Poetry: Dante's "Death, Always Cruel" Analysis?
How do you dream? in color or in black and white, is this a poem? will you c/c?
Will you comment on Da Vinci please?
My haiku :]?
I just wrote this poem, what do you think?
I don't understand why?
i just need your opinion on this poem i wrote...?
Can you tell me how well I did on this poem?
Is this haiku poem okay?
Jim Jim, Come finish your salad... C/C; Don't really care(comes out of my ***)?
i gotta write a ballad?
i need a poem?
What do you think about this poem?
Unplug from reality poem! - c/c if you will?
is this a good poem?
I'd appreciate some feedback for my poem?
i from pakistan plz check my english poem?
A poem from many many years ago. I was 15 but have updated it. How is this.?
Y/A Poets: Questions about poetry publishing and facebook fan page?
how do u paraphrase thisine in shakespeare's R and J?
Looking for "simple" and short poems by famous American poets...?
What poem addresses the same issues that 'if everyone cared' by Nickelback does?
How the world became?
Lovely ................................?
Which is the true road to your dreams?
Friendship loss poem?
What is the acrostic poem of RUDEVIRDZ CHING? he is humble, patient and adventurous man.........!!!.........?
need help making points of view in a poem ! ...am not good at writing poems?
read this poem and leave your comments and suggestions?
can someone help me understand this poem better, just need a little help thanks?
What are the poetic techniques used in the poem 'Then and Now' by Oodgeroo Noonuccal?
how would you describe...?
Can you write a slightly formal poem about African Safari?
In your own opinion what are some of William Blakes best poems?
Can you write a cautionary tale in 14 lines? (a sonnet from my youth)?
Grade my poem???????????
antiwar poetry?
Can you help me "Contrast & Compare" the theme(s) in Romeo & Juliet and the poem Valentine?
My Missionary friend made it up?
What does this quote mean?
Is this any good?
This is a Poem I would like to share if feel up to it.?
this girl will not stop wonting to fight me how do i stop her i cant get in a nuther fight at school.?
What is the poem Amends by Adrienne Rich about?
"Mystery" A poem for comments please?
I'm writing this poem for school tomorrow I can't think of the name for the poem. Can you help me?
Poets Read!!!?
Was Alexander Pushkin the Russian poet an antisemite?
Do you ever feel the need to "check out"?
I posted this already no one answered please read I will give 10 points...?
help with a poem please?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you thing of this...?
can you give me a poem?
need help with a poem!!!! please?
Can you please give me a Poem/Poetry which contains with a Simile, Metaphor, Personification, and Hyperbole?
my best friend getting MARRIED, been with him for 10 years.. POEM idea's?
Need a poem on eros (Cupid)?
comment on this poem please?
First time poet lol...Rate my poem please!!??
Ten lines, alternating 6-12 beats, AA, BB, etc. rhyme scheme....?
HONEST opinions, please... I've never really tried poetry before.?
A new poem...do you like it?
Looking for a Poem?
Please Read Poem!?
This poem is possibly quite pathetic but please give feedback anyway?
Is there a literary term for the first two lines of a poem, specifically a sonnet?
Favorite poets?
May I share a thought, in poetic form?
I need a touching sorry poem for mom?
are there any words that rhyme with orange?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
Can someone please tell me what they think about this poem I wrote?
just want to know what you think of my poem:?
how did shakespeare reflect his era through his poetry?
poets similar to pablo neruda?
what is the tone of the sonnet when my love swears that she is made of truth???
just one more poem?
Is there a poem by Silvyia Plath, Pablo Neruda, that has "echo or wind"?
what is a good example of a quest in an epic poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Poetry/lyrical help!?
Water line break one of life's ironies in this poem ?
Alright, is this a Dorsimbra?
Do you like my poem?
How can I get rid of my writer's block?
Does anyone know any American futurist poets?
a quick poem...please c/c?
Love poem! please tell me what you think?
Has a photo inspired a poem for you lately?
How do I include original poems in my dissertation?
Lyrical Poem?
I need help in finding a modern poem (1830-1930) that can be rewritten as a children story.?
In this Bukowski poem, what is the significance of the dog?
Someone told me this poem I wrote is political. Is it?
If I write something that rhymes with a song, does it called a poem or a song? Please teach me?
Will you answer a poetic question?
Please help me with this poem Buttons by Carl Sanburg?
Do you have a favorite aunt? C/C?
what is the critical theory applied in she was a phantom of delight?
How do you feel about this poem?
Do you hear nothing too?
Any critique ideas for this poem?
Is this Poem alright for an on-the-spot?
what is the meaning of "Reconciliation" by Walt Whitman?
What do you think of my Poetry?
read my poem?
title of book by T S Eliot made into musicalcats?
Love poem! please tell me what you think?
what are good poem topics?!?!?
Where does the love you set free go...?
HELP! Poetry! look Inside?
What do you find is the best page set up when writing something .?
Poem help for school! Easy 10 points.?
Are there poems on the great wall of China or any related issues e.g Qin Shi Huang?
Do you like my new poem?
s. best!!! poem help!! i need to memorize a poem...?
Input on this poem.?
How do I cite a poem?
Tryin' to write a poem about smokin' pole, but what rhymes with Winnemucca, Nevada?
Can you make a poem of these lines?
why do we need history, is it becuase we are going to die?
Do you believe happiness has to do with the nature of our hearts?
what is the poem he never expected much all about?
What do you think of this "poem"?
Do girls like poems? Would you like it if a boy were to write you a poem?
Small phrases to pair together in order to make a poem kit?
Is this a poem:(??
Friday and it still is a depressing week. how is this one.?
"Heart! We Will forget him!" by Emily Dickinson?
what is a limeric poem?
When is a flame not a flame?
Please rate my poem Asap? I need help id appreciate it?
"To Absinthe Friends" a spontane for your c-c?
want some easy points? (poetry question)?
In the video Facedown by Matt Redman, what is the name of the poem that a woman says?
Any thoughts on the current edited version of my poem?
How or why is that imagery important to the message of the poem?
Can anyone make me a sonnet about Love?
Not a rhyming poem, but what do you think of it?
code breakers?
Need help writing 3 word poem?
Help with poetry analysis?
What does the speaker reveal about himself in the poem "The Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister"?
What does this poem mean?
can anyone write a SIMPLE poem about ancient greece?
A comet sudenly fell in the midst of me and her inside the comet was blue gold and rare diamonds?
breakdown/explain this poem. what type of poem is it? e.g. Balled. what else can i write about it? Thankyou
Have you ever written a poem in the dirt on the trunk of a 1972 Pontiac Bonneville?
What do you think of my poems? Constructive criticism requested!?
Do you find any worth to this dreck I spat up??
Poetry! A Farmers love and passion! What do you think?