Can you help me write a poem?
What do you honestly think of my poem? I'm thinking about entering it in my middle school's competition.?
How do you do a Explication of the poem "Last August Hours Before the Year 2000"?
Care to critique a poem about sorting out the laundry, kind of?
Something to share: Don Juan?
write down the critical appreciation of poem 'our casuarina tree'.?
What is the meaning of the poem Adolescence II by Rita Dove?
What's the Tone of the Poem? ASAP?
poetry...ode format question?
What does this line mean?
What c/c for this "Of Briars, Stones, And Eyes" poem?
I need to find a funny spanish poem for my girlfriend.?
Should I write a poem for her?
My first time writing a love poem?
An acrostic poem for King George III?
ever been hit upside the head with a maglight?
Can Someone help me with an analysis of Robert Frost's Poem 'Going for Water'?
What do you think of this poem I wrote for a friend?
I wrote a poem for my girlfriend, what do you think?
Check out my poetry please?
i need to write a sonnet on vacation.?
What symbolism is the in Walt Whitman's Poem "A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim"?
Do you still remember the first poems you ever wrote?
Do you know a couple like this?
comment my poem please?
What is the poem that "answers" To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time by Robert Herrick?
What is are great metaphors for memories good and bad for a poem?
What about THIS poem???
How is that for a small little poem?
can you tell me if this poem is ok?
An ode to my favorite moose?
example of a made up sonnet with rhyming scheme ababcdcdefefgg?
Simple straight forward poem to draw?
Constructive critcism on this poem, please?
What do you think of my poem?
Ever been away for a long time and miss your friends/family?
What think you of a 'Morning Unknown'?
What do you think?
I just wrote this poem, what do you think?
Who is the subject of the poem by Frost, "To E.T."?
Opinions on my poem please? Harsh!?
What do you think about my poem?
i need a good poem for a contest that will be funny do you have any adivce they can be off they interant?
Are these worth sending in to get published? Please tell me your opinions on my poems!
Any thoughts on my poem?
An Acrostic Jamaica, what do you think?
What is the setting, point of view and rhyme pattern?
What will Fire and Ice think of this poem?
How is this../?
Where can I read Gwen Harwood poems online?
What do you think about my rap?
Peom... Please help???
I'm so tired, lol........Like my haiku?
How " The Lake Isle of Innisfree" is a poem of escape?
Do the words "Thank you" ALWAYS carry enough weight?
answer the following questions according to the poem of “THE Widow’s LAMENT IN SPRINGTIME” BY William Carlos?
Does this rhyme, if not could you help me with it?
Do any of you know the name of this poem?
uhm help mme rephrase my other poem? thanks?
Here is another before I must go... will you leave something for me to come back to?
poem ANALYSIS help? please?
What do you think of my poem "House of the Dead: My Home Too"?
i know theres lots of errors but bare with me?
Feedback on my poem please?
what do you think of this poem?
What are some poetry competitions I could enter?
An old poem, didn't even know what I was doing, would you c/c?
Do you think that I should think things through more, and edit things to a point of comprehension?
Meaning of poem the brook by godofredo burce bunao?
Have you ever been dumped ? - Please read my poem and comment - thanks?
Is it time for a punctuation reminder? What do you think?
A Chronic Echo, comments, criticism?
Which A.E. Housman poem is this from?
a pablo neruda poem,about dying under a lovers hands in a poetry collection bk @ bkstr?
Our Two Hearts [poem- COMPLETELY REWRITTEN] - thoughts?
A poem, "What good then is..." Would you comment?
My Song "Winged Shadow". Please Your Opinion...?
Poem...any thoughts would be niceee?
Do You Know Any Poems About ..?
Would some one help me tweak this poem I wrote.?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
How do you like my poem?
Can someone give me a short poem about cells and its parts. it doesn't have to rhyme?
What do you guys think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What is a good song to match to this WWI poem? PLEASE help!?
Rate my poem please.?
Who is the main character in the poem "Eldorado"?
i need help with poems?
A short poem anyone?
Is this a proper Sonnet?
Will you c/c my old Happy Halloween tale?
Who is your favorite poet?
hey guys please comment on this poem>>>>PLEASE!?
i'm looking for a poem (its not really a poem).?
do people like dark poems more?
Help with a Sestina Poem?
Will you please rate my poem?
can someone tell user garwy that doing homework for students is cheating?
Last one for the day...check it out please.?
poem and homophones help!!?
Emily Dickinson - God gave a loaf to every bird analysis?
i need amatour poetry. if you have, can you share with me pls?
what do you think?
Nostalgiac piece of prose...care to read?
Can you help me start out a concrete poem?
What do you think of my poem?:)?
i need someone who is creative to write me a short poem for my soccer coach...?
poems for a memorial?
Part of a poem for my wife, do you like what you read?
Well, maybe this could be called a poem?
I need help with writing a poem.?
How can I remove my contributions from ! Answers? And how can I get me wasted time back . . .?
So is this a good poem?
I need short story help?!?
This poem came out of thin air, please read?♥♥♥?
Please C & C. What do you think of this rough draft?
How does this poem sound? Advice? Comments?
What issues does this bring up?
What do you think of my poem?
What does Oscar Wilde's poem 'In The Forest' mean?
a poem for Ma.. It is ugly . is it ugly enough?
Sonnet about soccer ?
Edited poem please give opinons?
please read my poem and thoughts?
Please Read My Newest Creative(Children's?) Poem?
Have you ever had?
What is your comment on my song poem?
All in a full moon night?
anyone like this poem i wrote for Crispin Glover?
do rate this poem about wilbur..?
What is the best site to publish poetry?
I recently found this poem and am curious as to its possible meaning. Any interpretations?
Can i please have feed back on my poem?
ready for my first question?
Poetry help please?!?
Mending Wall by Robert Frost line by line explication?
Favorite line in a poem. Who is the author?
Have you ever drowned in sadness?
What do you think of this poem?
Where have our seeds gone?
What words rhyme with lack? I am trying to write a poem and I have writers block!?
What is this poem trying to say? What does it mean?
Come to the Edge he said? Who said this?
What is the Meaning of the title of the poem " song to myself" by walt whitman?
Read a poem of mine? 17 year old male?
What do you think of my Poem it's called To My Sweetheart Du?
Do we ever really grow up, comments or critique welcome please, thanks?
Is this good and which one is better????
Do You Know Any Poems About ..?
Poem title by robert frost? >>details [help!]?
Can anyone give me some ideas to help me write a poem on promiscuity?
heartbreak poem?
is today/victory a slant rhyme?
help analyzing a poem?
did i make this poem or has anybody heard it before.?
read my poem???? thanks?
Edgar Alan Poe Poem Help!?
Whoa! YOWEE! Really?
What do you think of my poem?
How is Wordsworth concerned with Nature as it is revealed in his works?
Do you like this poem I have written about my nightmares?
a nonce rhyme, please c/c. Thank you.?
Does anybody write poems??
I'm just venting, a verbal assault on my muse... or something else entirely?
digging the hole deeper and deeper?
Is there a poem you would like to hear read aloud?
how would you rate this poem on a scale from one to ten?
Do you just wanna sing away the pain and call out poetry as your own name?
rate this poem 1-10?
What do guys think of girls who have written them a poem?
Is this a poem " The Softest Day "?
Someone help me read between the lines....?
Does anybody know how Blake's poem, 'I'm the guy' goes ?
figurative language in you are the sunshine of my life?
What is Anne Bradstreet attitude toward earthly suffering and Gods providence?
"Warden of your mind" poem, comments?
Would you comment on success in relating the experience, rather than on the experience itself?
Please check this out and comment?
Will you dream tonight?
Anyone feel like giving some honest feedback?
My poem, is it good enough?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you guys think about this poem? PLEZ ANSWER!?
Are these poems good...?
Good or bad poem i wrote about heartbreak?
"I Actually Like Greece!" to c-c?
Please read and C.C this Poem in honor of the recent passing of Andy Griffith. Will you Nip It in the Bud?
Sorry for the re-post i really want opinion on this?
Another Poem, Another Style... Thoughts on This One?
Poetry; What do you think?
how important is is to use rhyming in good poetry?
Do You Like My Poem # 6?
I'll never learn enough about words, will you?
Help Interpreting Some Shakespeare Sonnet?
It Is So Easy[To Love Than Hate]?
Please tell me if these are considered haiku?
What do you think of this small poem I wrote years ago.?
Can anyone recommend a good active place where I can post and discuss poetry? Active, mind you...?
Is your life story a poem, essay, Sci-Fi thriller, tech manual, comic book or epic novel?
poem help/feedback please!!!?
Any body ever make poetic sausage?
'People' will you read and comment?
Poems! >:( BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
Do you like my poem?
I have to pack for a trip, what should I leave behind?
How could I have avoided having my last question deleted?
What do you think of this poem?
How to write a sonnet for school?
What are words for an easy concrete poem?
What is this poem called help !?
A poem for you to read, does it have impact.."The Last Man"?
A poem for all the worlds fallen?
what is queen elizabeth's role in sonnet writing?
I'm poem crazy, I'll admit it. Will you comment/critique?
Can someone explain this poem to me?
I'm looking for some good txt poems. Can any1 help me plz?
What do you think of this poem?
Anybody know of a poem that is completely objective?
compare and contrast poem and a song...?
is this poem good?(girls)?
Do you like this "poem"?
poem for mom?
Critique? You're thoughts please?
read poem?????
Homework help: Is this a **** poem? Be honest Any Ideas another if so..?
How many times would you watch this show, before you walked out?? Or, How can I improve on it's message?
is there an online poem share site ?
Petrol description, help for a poem?
I have to put these steps for scanning a poem in order but am kind of confused as to which order they go in.?
Help with book club poem?
When Almada-Negreiros has written "Cabaret"? 10 points best answer?
How do I go about getting my poems and stories published?
Name the poem with a test format?
Do you get the drift? comments?
what do you think of my poem??
Poem, its been awhile since I've posted one...?
Can someone help me annotate the poem The world is a beautiful place by Lawrence Ferlinghetti?
Have you ever lost? Trying to draw, c/c/?
Some adverb stuff?
A short dreamy poem for someone who's hugging his 2 pillows dreaming about "Pillows of Paradise".Is this good?
Does anyone know this poem?
Avoidance in elegy poems?
Please I just need your comment :)?
How is my 2nd attempt at this poem?
Write a poem (if you don't mind/like writing poetry) about senior year of high school?
Care to comment?
What does your heart beat with? A simple poem to critique?
This is a poem I really like, can I get real opinions??
Where can I find Afro-Latino, or African Slam or Verse Poetry?
What songs relate to Walt Whitmans poem O Captain, My Captain?
can anyone tell me in plain words what this poem is saying about love? or the object of our affection?
my poem...plz read?
What is a good poem that I can review for English?
I need help with Haiku Poem.?
Robin Skelton's poem Tao meaning?
Does anyone know any food related poems?
My Poem called "through the mirror"?
Comments on this poem greatly appreciated?
PLEASE rate this poem....??????????
this is a poem that hurt to write but what does it do to the reader?
can someone help write a short poem?
A poem of triangulation, sort of, critique?
Can you help with a title, cc?
Can you rate my poetry?
Wonderland of Madness (opinions of my poem)?
What do you think the meaning behind this poem is?
When was Shakespeare's sonnet 38 written?
Do your words run....amok at times?
Good Poem? Editing Please.?
new to poetry, please rate my poem !!!!!?
Grace Nichols Poetry Help?
Compare/Contrast the 2 Poems "Fuel" and "Poem for the Young White Man" in terms of 2 subjects?
how do u like my writing?
how should i end this poem?
Word for scary in a happy and unrealistic way?
Just one more, will you bear with me?
What are some hot things? Temperature wise?
Could you C/C my poem please?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
Would it be really wrong for me to be proud of this?
short poem? what do you think?
How is this poem???????
Please Read. I want to add words of Old English in my poem to make it really effective.. Could u tell me some?
Read my poem and rate it please?
What should I write a poem about?
Rate my poem, pleaseee?
How does this quote/poem line sound?
What do you think of 'Fishing Is Grand Freedom' poem?
Is this poem any good? What does it mean to you?
I need harsh criticism...?
A poem I scribbled? Read? Yes? No?
what are some good poetry cntests to enter in? im looking for money?
is my poem good? please answere!?
Do you feel like a speck of dust? c/c?
Sylvia Plath Poems - Ideas? Themes?
Do you like my new poem?
What does this sonnet mean?
Black plague poetry book?
I am depressed again...can you help.?
Can any give a summary or explanation for rabindranath tagore's OLD AND NEW POEM ?
What do you think about this? LADIES ONLY?
mmm. where is everyone when you want answers? *waves a red flag wildly* C/C please?
Double Yoink!?
His Grace(poem, i made:])?
Do you like poetry...?
TDeuwaite - An Acrostic - Do You Like?
Am I the one you've been looking for?
Does this cover all poetry subjects today?
My first poem / piece of prose, Please comment?
Is my song/poem good?
poem inspiration anybody?
Does anyone have some tips for a new poet?
What should I base my poetry on?
what is the theme of the poem called decorations by Robert William Servce is?
what can i name my poetry notebook?
Please Tell Me What You Think and Please Be Honest?
Alexander Pope & Anne Finch?
Is this poem of mine any good?
What are some pretty names for a British girl?
Im not really good at making poems but do you guys think this poem i made of what love is not is ok?
I'm writing a poem about me?
Is there anyone who could critique my poem?
2nd poem: "masks". your thoughts on this please.?
Can you tell me how you analyze this poem by Sharon Olds?
Rhyming couplet poem about stars only needs to be 2 lines worth any ideas ?
Sites please?
I NEED HELP (POEM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Iranian poets like Rumi What is your favorite?
which piece of writing is better? opinions please!?
what are the differences between the starry night by anne saxton and van goghs painting?
What are all the poems by Emilia Pardo Bazan?
Did you ever have your own special room, just for yourself? c/c?
What is your comment on this poem: Our Prophecy Equation?
explain the meaning of the poem The Calf-Path,by Sam Walter Foss.?
What do you thnk of this love poem?
Your favourite three poems ever?
can you give me a line?
what is the theme of a poem?
When are people too old to learn?
Poem suggestions or written?
Doesn't a poet always talk about themselves in poetry?
My daughter is writing a metaphor poem. It is called 'My Family is a Blender'?
Dylan Thomas?
Please comment on a poem inspired by another?
What are some famous war poems?
how do you like my poem?
Rate my poem please, thanks a ton!?
Poem Analysis:The Prisoner, Emily Bronte?
What do you think of this very short poem please leave your comments?
How would I conclude an "I am" poem?
do you like my poem.............?
Some true prose I wrote a while ago. Will you cc?
what do u think of my poem i wrote on a drive?
I need help finding a famous couplet!?
Where do you post a poem for free to be commented by people?
Poem, All critizism welcome, just appropriate ones!?
is this any good?
Do you ever write a poem that means nothing to anyone else, but everything to you?
Im looking for touching and moving love poems?
i need to write a poem on an ambivalent moment.. any ideas?
any oppinions on my poem?
Can u help me write a haiku poem?
I am trying to get my poems and songs published. Does anyone know?
"Something's knocking at the door" Charles Bukowski?
What do you think of my poem? ?
What is the meaning behind this wonderful poem by e.e cummings?
Need help writing a poem in Puritan Plain Style..?
Thoughts on my poem? (Not for grammar, just thoughts.)?
Why do certain memories keep us chained up?
Girls: PLEASE read my love poem and leave opinions?
A poem about adequation?
what do you think of my poem?
rate this poem out of ten?
Another for Comment?
Does a Haiku need to be about nature?
last one for the day... sorry guys, am i buggin u yet? lol?
Opinions on my Rondelet?
Was Shakespear a novelist or a poet?
Does anyone know the name of the poem that starts out "i only have a minute,...60 seconds in it" ?
Will you please C & C this new Christmas poem (linked haiku)?
What do you think of this poem?
short poem I wrote last night...?
can someone help me out on a bio poem about peace?
Mornin Y'all, have a good day OK?
Need help interpreting a poem?
Will you c/c my poem (Neoptolemos) if you may?
A lunchtime poem. Enjoy and comment in between bites of food.?
What is your favorite Chinese food?
What do you think of this poem?
Will you comment on.. "Santa on a Harley"?
What do you think of this college poem?
do you like this poem?
What do you think about this poem i am writing?
havent been able to write a poem?
Short Poem Stanzaic Paraphrase?
What is Nikki Giovanni's tone in the poem "Choices"?
What are some of your comments about this poem that i wrote called: My Midnight Moon?
holy sonnet #10(death be not proud)why does the speaker react to death by challenging its stenght & pride?
What do you think of this light hearted poem/song?
What do you think of this poem?
Does anyone have a sweet short poem that they want to share?
Anybody like my Poem?
Help with my poetry assignment?
Would anybody care to read this poem I wrote?
kinds of riddle poem?
Will you describe something poetic that happened in your life when you were very young?
funny poem about "pangaea"?
And how do you like your 'blood' in the morning? c/c?
What do think? I thought he loved me (Short Shorty/Poetry)?
Can we all say a prayer for the dearly de-parted, hydropro?
Do you like this short peom I have written?
Quick sonnet . . . c/c?
Poem or short story for children C/C please?
Can you write a lousy poem upon request? I did!?
Analyzing Emily Dickinson's poetry?
can you please help me with my poem?
This is in need of editing, would you read and give me your thoughts?
Is my short story any good?
What do you think of my poem?
how do i start my story?
My Poem got published!? Why?!?
Acrostic Poem Help?
you decide which "poem" is better?
I need a 15 line free verse poem about anything?
Prose poem by walt whitman?
The following line from Jack Argueros' Poem "Sonnet for Heaven Below": "Shabby gossamer shoes always arouse th?
Is this not a piece of poetry?
She don't Believe In Shooting Stars?
What do you think of my poem?
This is really long but I truly need feedback.?
can somebody analyze this poem for me please?
what do you think of my poem?
peoms ,please have a look?plz give me what you think?
Okay, so if I had to write a poem or a play "Shakespeare style", how the heck would I do that?
what do u think?
can you give me a line?
How long are allegories usually? (like as poems)?
Isn't TD Euwaite one of the most inspiring poets ever?
Does anyone know where the volta in the poem "Epic" by Patrick Kavanagh is?
Anyone up to read my poem, and help me about where I am heeding with it? Serious answers only.?
will you comment on this poem please?
How do you like my poem?
I need to find another metaphor for this poem i made up.?
Literary Criticism Help!?
Would a normal person laugh while writing something like this?
"For Sue",,,, from a fellow - perseverer..a spontane-eos good wish or 100.?
A poem, "Hoping for the best. Yet, exact same lead-up to the apocolypse as last time"?
Someone recently asked... would this be an appropriate example?
Brain Fart??
do you like my new poem................?
Last summer, this one was awful. I think I have fixed it. Do you like it?
writing poem for grandma...any ideas?
I made a poem on fall (the season). Can I have some input on it?
Is my poem for my poetry slam good?
writting a poem, is this a good beginning?
I am looking for a poem or document that tells why a first born child is special, and one on a second and 3rd?
rate this poem?
my poem on best friends?
Can you please please please help me write this poem?
Caravaggio: David with the head of Goliath?
What do you think this poem is about?
How is this Poem? What yall think?
I need an acrostic poem for 'Abbey' and 'Chloe'.?
Does wearing a wild hat somehow make bad jokes funnier?
November First, care to C/C on some nonsense?
Where can E find the poem "The Origin of Cities" by Robert Hass?
Feedback on my poem please?
What do you think about my freestyle poem?
Poems relating to the movie 500 Days of Summer?
What is the theme of the poem "A Day" by John Greenleaf Whittier?
Is this poem any good? Comments Please?
Is this poem any good, or trash?
Will my daughter be proud of this poem?
Poets, how big is your capacity for affection...?
Is Robert Frost the greatest poet ever?
Who quoted "He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary"?
What Does this part of a poem mean?
Who changes your diaper?
Would you please give your opinion on my poem on a woman?
Is my poem any good ? Please help?
Poem I cant remember, anyone think they can help?
feedback really apprieciated, please keep your feedback coming it helps,thoughts on this poem?
Do you think that this is a good poem?
Sometimes a missing muse is not always to blame, agreed?
Blinking pigs??? what does it mean? (song by Little Dragon)?
Comments on a nice little nursery rhyme poem, not really?
Is this Iambic Pentameter?
what do you think of this poem?
Shakespeare soliloquy help?
need free verse poems for a 8th grader?
"Reconciliation" by Walt Whitman Interpretation?
What do you think of this poem?
poems about texas . Need it ASAP?
Advice needed???..........?
Critique my poem???!!!!!!!!!?
Give your opinion on this poem / interpret it?
criticism on this poem I wrote?
please read my poem?
A little poem - please just c/c..?
Can poetry ease the troubled mind and heal the bitter heart?
Do you read EPIC poetry?
Judge my poem please....Please be Honest?! THANKS?
From which country does the best poetry come from?
Oils and Balm",a spontane, very short.?
do you like this poem??
Will you read this poem that comes from personal experience?
Do you enjoy taking long walks?
please read my poem if you like to?
Is this a good poem or should I delete it?
What say you to a poem of reflection?
How do I cite a poem?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
Any poems on how anger leads to depression or hatred?
Suggestions of Rhyming Words for my Sonnet?
What do you think about this so far?
(Cumulus High) revised poem, will you c/c if you may?
In "We Wear The Mask," How do the personality and behavior of each character in the poem help shape the theme?
Poem-Sister I never had-What do you think?
Please critique my poem?
Can you help me with this POEM?
How would you capture the poetry of life as being analogous to a bus or train journey?
What does this little poem mean?
How would u rank this poem?
Have you written your partner a love poem?
Poetry help??? Oranges by Gary Soto?
There's no crying in POETRY! (comment/critique)?
Critic my poem please?
Please comment and rate my Love Poem. 10 FREE pts. to the best answer with great advice/feedback about my poem?
How to write meaningful poetry?
A little anthem for Our Cause, will you join and voice your support?
A true story nine years ago...I am a jerk.?
I Really Hate!?
What do I do can you answer me?
Another poem, thoughts please?
Poem I wrote.. critique it PLEASE "Speckles of Life"?
What do you think of my poem so far?
do u like my poem i plan to have written on my grave stone?
Would a butterfly getting drunk from light and perfume be considered exaggeration or personification?
will you read and comment here?
Can't think of a good word.... (tone for a poem)?
can anyone tell me anything they know about carol ann duffy's poem 'delilah' thanks.?
Revised : is my poem any good ? Feedback appreciated(:?
Another piece of poetry. first draft. opinions needed. remember me i love you guys honesty!?
can someone please help me write a narrative poem of the outsiders?
Can you all have a look at "Tiny World" please?
Love poems...?
No! I'm not done with my religious poetry...?
A new poem of mine/written to open thine/mind from the usual cliche. What Do you think?
can someone help me with making a 10-line poem about the book to kill a mockingbird?
would you read " An ordinary day"?
is this a good poem..?
analyzing sound of a poem and am lost, can anyone help?
Poetry! Constructive criticism anyone?
In the poem 'To A Mouse' by Robert Burns?
Is it 'at my feet' or 'past my feet'? What word should I choose?
What poems/song lyrics should I analyze?
Does this opening to my poem make sense?
Is there an actual Bukowski poem containing the phrase "Love Is a Dog From Hell"?
Explain these lines of verse from the poem To His Lady by Henry Howard : Set me whereas the sun doth parch the?
Are there any web sites that teach how to write poems?
What quirky c/c for this "Barren Wasteland...It Be Yellow-Orange" poem?
Please critique my poem?
Can someone please make me a poem ?
What does the poem "Homage to my Hips" by Lucille Clifton mean?
Feedback on a new poem please?
Why does the author compare the English Channel to the Agean Sea in "Dover Beach"?
how's this poem? its not complete yet?
On this first draft what lines would you break on for stanzas in this poem?
Will you C/C a revised script written by the Greek poet?
what is the poem late for work by shane ward?
What scene do you see, can you describe it to me?
help with poem 23 by Jose Marti?
What do you think of this poem?
What is the meaning of the poem "A Birthday" by Christina Rossetti?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think of 'Help! I Don't Have Anything To Write About!' morning pome?
Need you, need me - poem?
Had i the choice by Whitman?
Poem about a gorgeous man living next door?
A minor poet...i need help analyzing it?
How does the rain give back its own origin in the poem The voice of the Rain by Walt Whitman?
Is my sonnet poem good?
What are the unusual features in the poem "The night of the scorpion"?
Would you rail against them all for a shot at the unknown?
Do i live up to my name?
How can I make this poem better?
Would you comment on a metaphorical poem?
i've worked on this sonnet. can let me no if it's a sonnet.?
Is this poem too much?
what do you think of my poem?
Help me make an advice poem of The Pearl by John Steinbeck?
What do you think of my poem???
How does an iambic pentameter affect a poem?
I saw a horse today, and I remembered...
Can anybody translate this poem?
how do i write a conceit/extended metaphor poem?
Do you like my weather related poem?
Is it OK to be inspired by one, who just moments ago conjured up a fond memory?
The Fourth Dimension: Time. C/C? Please?
What are the Poetic Devices used in "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke?
What do you think of this poem?
What are the poetic elements of this poem?
How should I end this poem?
Will you please leave comments on this poem about the meaning of life?
What do you think of a poem about Apologies?
Off the top of my head?
Comments, please! What does this poem I wrote mean to you?
What do you think of Snidely And Hamas morning pome?
How does the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold show the theme "loss of faith in society" ?
A poem i wrote. What do you think of it ?
help me with this poem? what is the meaning?
In the poem 'Advice to a Teenage Daughter' how does the poet use language to give advice? Please Help!?
I wrote a poem, tell me how it tastes?
what is a troll?
do u like the poem i just wrote? im 14?
wedding poem help please?
Sonnet - Billy Collins HELP !!!?
I carry your heart in my head.?
Just something a little unique. See if you like it?
Please take time to read my poems and tell me what you think..?
Do any of you go on MoonTownCafe.com???
Beowulf Help?????????
Does anyone have the words to the poem "Take Time Out" by Maya Angelou?
Anne Bradstreet and Phillis Wheatley. Poetry help?
"A** Kicked By The Wind"...a work from the imagination of TB, Esq. Read?
What do you think of my poem?
can you interpret this poem?
what do you guys think of the poem i just wrote,, it needs adjustments,,, but tha the ruft draft?
What do you expect at 5am?
What do you think of this poem?
Can you write a good Twilight Poem!?
My Dark Poem?
what do you think about this poem?
Yo yo, community. So, m'kay. Here's a poem I've been asked to write for my Eglish class. It describes me
Rate my poem please, 10 points?
Would you read a farewell from a contact?
Is this a poem " A moment of clarity "?
Please go to this link and read this poem...?
Iambic pentameter? Help?
me poem i just writ?
POEM... what do you think?
Will you please c/c this for me?
Couplet poem, help me!!!!!!?
I found an old poem, what do you think?
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.-Mark Twain do you agree or disagree?
Evaluate/analyse my poem?
can someone plz make up a 50 word imagery poem plz.....thanks?
I need help writing a Poe style poem?
emergency help in a poem?
Help With Poetry, Please Help?
Will someone help me with my poetry homework please?
Do you like my new poem?
Do People understand the significance and relation of form and Content Mean for Poetry? What the Cliche's are?
I wrote this last nite during an argument with my ex...For u Marilyn..I Love U Comments?
What's the Longfellow poem "The Arrow and the Song" about?
What do you think of the poem 'Shine, Perishing Republic' by Robinson Jeffers?
What do you wish for the New Year?
I need some good Love Poems?
What does this poem mean (anyone willing to decode this short work)?
Is my poem a good poem?
Is this poem good? I wrote it three years ago, and just found it now?
Help with Infant Sorrow by Blake?
Poems similar to Rumi's?
Where I'm From Poem?
Anyone know where I can find these Poems online?
what do you think of my poem?
i wrote it a day back please rate this on scale of 10?
Please give me advice on my poem! how can it be better?
I need a good poem?
which poem do y'all like best?be honest let me know if they are good or suck.?
What do you think of this short lovely poem?
can anyone give me the meaning of the poem"what is life?" by samuel taylor coleridge?
Opinions on a new poem please?
If you haven't tired of these yet, will you read a new one? Dorsimbra?
What do you think of this poem? does it need work? It is about a girl dying.?
What is your opinion on my poem "Sweet Little Angel"?
tell me what you think please!?
New poem tough stuff. C/C please?
My poem. C/C please x?
My first love poem - please share your thoughts?
Thank you everybody, no exceptions, for?
A poem on a distraction brought to my attention recently, C/C?
What is the meaning of the poem name of a tree by Catherine Anderson?
what does a rose symbolize to you?
what do you think about this poem?
poem, pls help!?
So, we can pretty much say, if you don't get an answer within a couple of hours?
Gorindell, the Beast from Hell. How do you like my poem?
How does A.E. Housman's "To An Athlete Dying Young" relate to Leo Tolstoy's "How Much Land Does a Man Need"?
Some questions about the poem The Road Not Taken-Robert Frost?
I need some inspiration for my poem?
Rhyming words, anyone?
Rhyme for "Look"?
Is this a good-bye?
poetry analysis help! urgent! please!?
Be honest, do you like my poem?
Any ideas on how I could write a prepositional poem on puppies?
good poems? funny, serious, or just makes you think...?
Is there a poem that is confusing to everyone else except blondes?
poem what do you think...?
What is your Favorite poem?
Are there any poems or songs about race in education?
Wondering if there's anything good about this? C/C?See?
What are some good ideas to write about for a Shakespearean Sonnet?
Feedback on my poem please?
what are some really good quotes about life?
What is your opinion of my new 'Ocean' poem?
Help edit my poem please?
I need help with this poem?
Do you think this is a good poem?
how to wrrite a poem?
Is this poem good? (Criticism needed)?
does this sad poem do anything for you ?
What are some of the subjects that poets here write about?
i need quotes?
does anyone know a cheap easy way to get a book published?
Are you able to admit how much you love my poem?
what are some Good poems?
Meaning behind Painting Roses Red?
please helppppppppppppppp!!!!!?
A one-stanza Gothic poem for you to read?
Should I keep writing this?
What say you to this free form verse? Warning..NOT a VDAY poem?
tell me what u think of this poem i wrote a while back DONT CORRECT IT, comment only about its feeling or w/e
cloth in emily dickinson's poem because i could not stop for death,how is it really?
Poems for death?
i need quotes?
Is this a "Beat Poem"?
I suck at writing poems?
I Looked Into Forever - LC's challenge, will you c/c my poem please?
I need help replacing a word on my poem?
I am looking for a poem and I think the title is Child of innocence does anyone know this poem or where to fin
Please read my poem?
parafrase the following poem?
Can You Read My Poem and tell me what you think of it....Please?
I wrote this a while back and would like some feedback. What do you think?
What is your favorite poem?
Calling all poem analyzers! What does this poem mean? 10 points!?
Wordsworth's Tables Turned?
Poetic Devices in I Wont Give Up by Jason Mraz?
Will I ever see you again?
what do u think of this poem?i wrote it while thinkin bout some1 special,even if he doesn't feel the same way.
Help!!!poem!! PLEASE ANSWER!!?
A Garden Concert, what do you think?
what is an instamatic poem?
I need a really good poem book name!!?
Is this disturbing?
how would you interpret this poem?
According to "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," the poor and rich are equal because both:?
Why did shakespeare write in blank verse?
Do You Like Rain The Way I Like Rain?
My poem, a critique, do you like it?
Would you kindly comment on my poem?
Any good poems about guilt?
What do you think of this poem? for valentines day!?
is there any author who makes three voice poems?
What do you say to a friend whom is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders?
Arctic poem about covalent bond?
First try at poetry, tell me how bad it is.?
Critique my writing please!?
What's your favorite poem?
Please rate my poem, about ?
Can you kindly tell me your honest thoughts on this poem?
can anyone provide me with the text of a poem- "skylarks" by ted hughes?
Can I have some feedback on a poem?
is this poem a good poem?
Who wrote this poem ??
Would you title this poem and give me your reactions?
do you like the poem i wrote?
What is this poem about?
What Do You Think?
Something about the moon..which i don't get to see anymore =(..sighs, can you bare w/ this?
Since when 2nd accounts that no one knows who hides behind them, have rights to order and demand? C/C?
What do you think of My New Year's Wishes For You poem?
Passion can be a killer (Comment/Critique)?
Here's that lost piece I mentioned. I found it in my brain. Do you like it?
What think you of a 'song medley' Morning?
What if I couldn't write anymore tonight?
"My Heart" please c/c a shortie?
have you got any good ideas for a sentence which has to have alliteration in?
To Mary Jane on 4/20, a poem, critiques?
Dear brilliant poets! What do you think?
Ok my turn?
are there any places in North Carolina that have open mic poetry?
hey can you tell me if my poem is any good? thanks?
What to write to this girl?
Will I get hate mail for primitive & corny?
Help in Diamanti(Diamond poem) Please!?
How is "Superb" poem..? Regwah?
Am I on a roll?
Can you help me with my holiday poems?
What do you think of my new poem?
what do you think of my poem?
poem written while my husband was incarcerated. thoughts?
Dorothy and Toto sleep well tonight. How about you?
What do you think of this Sonnet I attempted? Comments?
What do you think of this poem I wrote? could you please read it and rate it? ^^?
So, what is the ideal answer to all the poetry questions here on Y!A?
If I catch one, can I keep it?
Drunken Memories: Poem Let me know what you think.?
Verse, Stanza, Rhyming Pattern and Couplets?
u like my poem? im 14?
hey help me to do a poem about the outsiders "ponyboy"?
Would you show some respect for the poem I created by giving constructive criticism, please?
Something i wrote..tell me what you think?
On my first son analysis of the poem?
Do you think I could sell Buk on the Black Market? What could I get for his green hat?
Will you...you know, like you use to...before tomorrow gets in the way?
What words rhyme with calm?
Is this poem good? Does it seem to dark or depressing? Is it not organized?
All alone and thinking, do you see?
What is the effect of imagery in 'The Working Party' by Sassoon?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think about my poem?
Would you react to this post with comments or critiques?
Did you nearly forget the birthday poem for Bad Beast?
What is some good poetry in plain english?
What is your own definition of Poetry?
How about this for Christmas?
What are 2 (two) things you have learned from Y!AP over the last 1,2,3,4,or 5 years?
Do you love someone? Could you tell? c/c?
Do you like my poem, what would you rate it out of ten?
Do you sometimes finish the whole poem in your head before writing it down?
somebody please help me with this poem?!?
If you translate a poem from another language into English and claim it as your own, is it plagiarism?
A Second, A Minute, An Hour. Poem help?
What do you think the meannig of these lines is?
What do you think of my poem?
What is this poem called?
Can someone please help me out with a poem?
do you like my poem?
need help on an acrosstick poem pls help?
good poems for a loss of a loved one?
Do you think my Ma will consider this a poem?
What would be a good.....?
How does feminism apply to the Sylvia Plath poem "The Bee Meeting"?
What is Sylvia Plath's poem "Sleep In The Mojave Desert" about exactly?
Would you care to comment on a Sunday Morning snapshot?
Can anyone give me a somewhat short poem about drinking and driving?
Please Help Me I Need A Good Poem (please answer qucik thanks)?
What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Is poetry an escape ... akin to an invisible cape?
PLease read this poem!?comment!?
Is this poem any good?
any one heard about this poem check my details?
Let me know what you think!?
Feedback on my poem please?
A convo between me and my pen....Wanna look at this?
POEM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My poem i made called throne of corruption?
i need an idea of adaptation on nursery rhyme.?
which english poet died on 1660?
What does "As if you were on fire from within.The moon lives in the lining of your skin” mean?
Wrote a poem on Anorexia. How do you like it?
Here is another 1 minute poem. like?
if you are doing a list poem on a color can you start every line with "the color of"?
Acrostic poem help??????????????/?
I NEED a poem with both personification and a simile?
What is the Theme for this poem?
I need your opinion on my poem?
Care to comment on another simple truth?
Who is your favourite Irish Poet?
Please read my 2a.m. Poem?
Americans, when was the last time you said this?
Can some1 turn the poem le loupgarou by derek walcott into a story form for me please?
What shifts happen in The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost?
English. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Will someone write a poem for me? I will treasure it, I promise?
what are some traditional elements found in whitman's poetry? ?
What is a poem that laments the loss of nature?
Is Shakespears Sonnet 29 a dialogue or soliloguy/ Is Shakespeare sonnet 116 a dialogue or soliloguy? Explain?
Can someone please turn this paragraph into a poem!?
3 poems, all dark...?
About doubling spacing in poems?
can a poet be called as an author?
Who are your favorite contemporary poets?
do u like the poem?
i really need help paraphrasing?
I'm looking for a poem to send to my boyfriend to say goodbye..?
Hey, Semper, you out there?
need help with a french poem!!!!!!!?
Poem Wrote In 1 Minute - Feel free to C/C this awful piece of work.?
What do you think of 'Snidely and the Owl Got Deleted' pome?
What would you add to my analysis of this fabulous sonnet?
Do you like fighting the GOOD fight?
Comment On My Poem: There Was A Time?
Is this any good? .... I Don't Like......?
Miscellaneous type poem I wrote few months ago :)?
What do you think of the poem my bf wrote me? And what about the meaning?
Poem help Sky is the Limit?
i need examples on how a poem looks when it has been already analyzed??????????
What say you of a day to yourself?
I need help making up a chant for my cheerleading team that has these words..Denali Cheer Allstars, and Alaska
For our local celebrity, GEMinisinger, from the heart of me, CONNGRATS!!C/C?
yeah...I can't finish this....what do you think?
What is a cavalier poem?
More dark poetry?
What is the name of this type of poem?
Wanted - poem by Victor Hugo in original French, of which the English name is" The genisis of butterflies"
Misery hallowed be thy name. How come no one checks out my poem to George Bush?
Our MINIONS™ just grew...Again! Let's welcome Psycho Nikki™ Poem?
Poetry for the younger generation?
Another minor re-write. Comments?
Do u think this poem shows the modernism themes?
what do you think of this??? i dont know weather its a song or a poem... the feelings just flowed out?
How do I submit my poetry writing to your company?
Please read my poem, "Hope After Suffering" a reflection on my current situation :/?
Can you explain this poem to me?
Poetry Project Poet Suggestions?
Why do fathers become statistics, why can't they be fathers?
Can someone please do a quick analysis of this poem?
Is Rudyard Kippling "If" a good description of a man?
"Lost Lucy" - Comments on my poem would be most welcome?
Do you have a best friend? His Self-Portrait, c/c?
poem---enjoy and comment?
what poetic form is my poem?
PLZ Read My Poem? :(?
A Different Kind Of Valentine Poem: Comments ?
is being silly considered poetry or just gibberish? Is more coffee needed today?
A lackluster haiku on time passing?
For Doe (who likes villanelles) — Is this what forever is REALLY for?
help needed plzz..urgent! nisssin ezekiel's poem needed!?
do u know any cheesy poems about sisters?
Pleaes help me, what do you think?
Do you think behavior counts?
Kittles for fun, will you comment please?
Please can you rate this romance tragedy poem?
What do you think of my Narrative Poem?
In what ways has poetry helped you grow as a person?
How often are you guilty of letting the opinion of others dictate what you write?
Can someone give me some complicated, inspirational quotes or poetry?
Who can answer what this poem means in detail? Rate it, it's pure genius...?
What do you think my sonnet means. Rate from 1-10?
What do you think of my love poem?
tell me what you think...?
Do you like this poem?
How would you improve this poem, which is an incomplete thought as well?
18Messengers From The Dead?
Care to snicker or send a kiss?
Help writing poems with a positive thought and many lines ending in a verb/action word?
Is this a good poem for a girl?
Dues anyone know what year liz rosenberg's poem "Married love" was published?
To Earthward by Robert Frost?
what do you think?
Can you guess what this is about?
Is poetry this irreverent appropriate for Sunday services here at !Answers?
A poem for my east-coast friends?
All my poems seem worthless to me....?
I need to Do a sonnet about love, any ideas?
What are three significant aspects of style that poet Wallace Stevens uses?
What do you think of this poem I Wrote?
What magic does she see? A poem to critique?
What do you think of my poem? Honestly?
What are some modern songs similar to sapphos poem?
Need some help with poems?
does this need some work?
Help me with this poem?
some really good short poems?
Why should a poem about the Planet Mars be deleted?
What is your opinion on this poem?
I have a serious problem and I need advice please?
I wrote this poem for My Grandmother?
What does this poem mean?
Not all dads are perfect, still....a poem to critique?
poetry help??
Is this the most original poem of all time?
How is character and voice portrayed and to what effect in the poem "Checking Out Me History" by John Agard?
Anyone wanna tell me what this poem means?
Please recommend some Nice poems ?
Has anybody read "the last duchess" by robert browning?
2 poems related what do you think?
Come, civil night,/ Thou sober-suited matron, all in black,/ And learn me how to lose a winning match.?
Does this Make sences?Poetry?
Help with literary devices?
Will you comment on this corny but fun poem please?
Poems about the past or about how life used to be?
a sonnet for a loved one plz?? or just some rhyming words tht express love.?
Any creative writing sites?
For Poet's...want to play Poetry in motion?
Poem I wrote about being fat? ?
Will you be surprised, or regretful?
Poem rewrite! I'm sorry I left out a line! Is this better?
acrostic poem using the word Singapore?
What's a poem that's similar in context with David Baker's "Faith"?
Why write poetry instead of prose?
Feedback on my poem please?
Do you think I could get this poem published?
Please tell me what you think of my poem "Broken by love."? i feel like it needs more b4 the end. suggestions?
A morning shorty, will you comment please?