Do you like cleaning? Why? c/c?
Is this a nice poem? Be critical?
Please help me i do not understand this!!!!!!!?
poetry help on shel silverstein:?
Name of shakespeare poem?
What are the similarities between the poems Dulce et Decorem Est and Refugee Blues?
How should I write this poem?
A... "Where's My Coffee Holder" thing. What Was Your Comment ?
opinions!...my boyfriend read it...and it hurt his feelings!...iz it dat bad!?
Homework Help: Write a love sonnet . Sonnet 130.?
New original poetry, any suggestions to improve it?
Feedback on my poem please?
Do you like this poem?
Compare & Contrast the following in Dulce et Decorum est and Everyone Sang?
Can anyone write this poem for me?
Are we weavers?
Is this really a real poem?
"Sonnet 73" You are at Olympus after wars and dragon slaying, but where is your love? Care to C/C?
I'd rather be careless than care less or I'd rather care less than careless?
What should I say to my boyfriend?
I need help with making a poem?
i need a poem!!!!?
About the ultimate equalizer, even in grunts.?
What can a cast iron pan teach you? C/C?
please criticize my poem =)?
What do you think of this poem? give me tips on how to make it better?
Can someone give a limerick poem?**?
Opinions/suggestions on a poem?
do you like my poem? i took a while to type it?
What think you of a 4 a.m. Thursday Mishmash?
A poem to those that have blocked me?
Does anyone know where this poem came from? My friend said he wrote it?
Please read regardless what your thinking?
Which is your favorite from "Sonnets from the Portuguese"?
Does anyone know two good haiku about frankenstein?
What is this poem called?
What is your comment about this brief poem?
Do you think you can write a poem?
What can I do with my poems?
Wrote this poem I need lots of opinions please!?
I have to compare on contrast My papas Waltz by Theodore Rosethke and Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden.?
can someone rate my first haiku?
How is " Pain Producer" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
what is the overall meaning of this poem that the author is trying to convey? I don't get it, to me it's just?
Feedback on my poem please?
How does one describe a terrifying beauty?
sensual or not?
Is my poem good? Am I the next Emily Dickens?
need help writing a birthday poem for a girl?
Is this poem cohesive...............?
Do you find yourself hesitating?
Does the wording in this poem i wrote for school make sense?
What do you think of this poem?
The dream of the rood help...?
A poem for you to read and comment upon?
I added some of my work to POETRY.COM and have gotten e-mails saying I've got some special qualification...
Do you have pain, emotional pain? Read this poem and see if it describes you?
I have deiced to sacrifice this poem to the god of the corn. Is it right?
The sweet touch of Christmas ~ critique?
Contemporary poems about childhood?
please read my rap and tell me what u think?
(a poem) Do you like scary movies and such?
A poem anyone else feeling the same?
Who is your favorite poet and you favorite poem by them?
would you rate my poem?
there are things in life that i can't hold on forever, no mater how i fight for it. sometimes destiny isn't al
How can I improve this poem please, your suggestions would be most welcome. ( a re-post)?
Another bus poem. See what u think.?
Do you like my math poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Does Benjamin Zephaniah write poems for adults?
What is the tone of this poem?
This imagines itself a poem. I tried to tell it the truth. I couldn't break its heart. Will you tell it?
Did I write this poem good or bad?
Planet earth 3000. Read my poem please?
Do you like this poem I wrote for my husband?
Are these words worth a thousand pictures?
My Poem got published!? Why?!?
Will you please C/C this first draft poem The End?
What are some words that rhyme with life?
PLEASE, I humbly ask for a POSITIVE critiquing of my newest poem?
Describing a photo?
Hello, my name is Gbo and i am in the 7th grade. I am writing a poem, and i need some major help:) poem below.
i need a simile poem kinda like this?
Inch Worm. Will you cc?
How could I write this better?
please suggest a title to this poem?
Debate class help! Interpretive reading?
Does anyone know of any good poetry sites for teens?
Can anyone please help me write a rhyming poem?
Lackluster Love; No such thing. How is my poem?
Are poets just a body full of words? A poem?
PLease explain how these characters are responsible for bringing Romeo and Juliet together please im begging u
My poem re-posted as requested, please critique...?
wht do you think abt my poem ? (be honest)?
I really need your help on this poem! Can you help?
Is life really like a box of chocolates?
Poem about the american revolution?
Please rate my poem?
I need a cinquain poem on Tigers??
english poem?
Is this in poor taste...? What's the statute of limitations on historical tyrants and humor?
Idea For The Beginning Of A Poem..?
I need a poem for school!? 10 points?
For my old amah poetry analysis?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
plz give me some sites in which i can find the meaning of old songs.like The Good-Morrow by John Donne?
Can you review my poem?
What is this poem called?
Do you think this would be a good ad for Goodwill?
what is the meaning of sae in the following lines?
Which lines of Christina Rossetti's poem "Goblin Market" reflect the Marxist point of view?
What are some examples of imagery or figurative language in this poem "the family man"?
Care to comment...?
a moment of utmost pain?
Can you feel it?
what do you think of my poem?
Do you mind looking over and commenting?
Say me about george herberts poem virtue?
I need the technical information for the poem "Where the Side Walk Ends"?
OK, I'll put one of mine in - whaddya think?
Why do my gf receive penile size enlargement emails...?
What do you think of this short piece? Critics, please?
Planet earth 3000. Read my poem please?
How does william wordsworth make london seem positive in the poem "composed upon westminster bridge"?
Help in analysis of poem: Storyteller?
Help me with my poem?
Can you help me with all these poem's?
Poetry section and friends...question for you....?
Will you comment on this raggedy poem please?
What do you think of this found poem?
what makes a poem worth reading/valuable?
Do you like my poem?
i have posted this a third time on answers to get a variety of answerer's. I have also proofread this!
a poem, inspired by a friend's away message (which also happens to be the first line). opinions?
Poetry or Photography contests?
i need a poem for my facebook page?
What is the poem "Miroir Brisé" by Jacques Prévert about?
what do you think of my poem?
How does this poem sound?
Poetry Question?
What is the poetry term for inserting symbols between stanzas?
Can the Ethiopian change his skin?
Is it permissible to call a Father, Daddy?
help with a title for my poem?
What do you think about my poem?
good poem?
I need opinions please?
Will you read my poem?
what were the words to the poem written by heath ledger say during verne troyer's cribs episode?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
Will you C/C on the new script {Mistral} of the Greek poet?
Where should I publish my magnum opus?
comparing poems help!?
Complete the Limerick......There once was a man from Nantucket.............?
Will you comment on or critique this please?
Have you had a Friday rock and roll Morning?
This poem is so insecure. How can it be urged along?
Will you read my question very carefully so there are no misunderstandings on this post?
what would you title this poem?
The Florist, will you C/C please?
What are your thoughts about the "one child policy"?
What do you think of this 'Circling Wheel' poem?
mark kessler poem lulu?
ballad ideas on australia?
my poem(age 13) ?
Need some Input on my poem for grade 12 Imagery?
Poetry recommendations?
a poem about the beach that is easy to make a conrete poem?
Can any one help in poetry?
In "To His Coy Mistress" what reference is made in lines 20-21 about a winged chariot?
do you belive?
Do any of you think any of its any good? Its just like some random one line poems thanks!?
What poem begins with Every Village has it's Jack?
Is this a good poem i wrote?
Does anyone know any good first trimester poems ?
Is Religion a theme for the poem "The Seafarer"?
how do you like this poem?
Does anyone know this poem of which I can only remember part thereof...?
The American Dream by Robert Creely, what does this poem mean?
Will you help me come up with a cheer for the jaguars?
i need sad poems that are about love that cant be excepted or understood by others?
what do ya think?
How to Improve my poem?
Can someone please do a quick analysis of this poem?
Opinions on this bit of work please?
John Donne sonnet vs. Shakespearean sonnet?
What are your comments /suggestions on this verse?
who reads what we write? and what is that? a poem?
Is it hard to be a poet?
Would you read this long poem and say...?
Is this an accurate way to describe waking from a nap?
A poem for the Hillsborough 96?
what are poetic devices?
Inspired by Raven Oktober, wood you C/C this tree?
"Tree Houses" a poem of sorts to c-c?
I have no idea why I wrote this. Will you burden yourself with the content?
i need help with a sonnet!please!?
Anyone know where I can find these Poems online?
Why are some more so than others?
Rainbow bridge poem for grandparents?
Annoyingly repetitive...I know...meh...can you even consider this a poem?
Critique Please?
what is the meaning of the poem my life by joe wenderoth?
What is your opinion of my "Silence Silenced" poem?
Do you have an altar to Saints? I do, would you hear, c/c?
What is your favorite part of a kiss?
please read poem i made yesterday.?
A poem I wrote earlier this year it is rather long but any thoughts on it are welcome?
Can someone give me an example of a sound poem?
someone please help what does this poem mean?
What makes a syllable stressed and unstressed when writing in an Imabic Pentameter ?
Do you think there is magic in the act of writing?
why A Supermarket in California is a poem ? Can you guys help me out usually peoms have stanzas, and lots of?
I need help with this sonnet?
Is ambiguity the word of the day for poets, critique this poem?
How Do You Like This Poem?
HELP PLEASE! With analysis of this poem?
Can anybody explain this poem to me?
what do you think about this one?
who is your favorite poet?
Interpretation of my poem?
Poetry about technology?
PLease, Is My Poem Good?1?
is the poem i wrote good or not ...?
Can you write an impromptu poem? If so please delight me with what you got?
Feedback on my poem please?
Need Constructive Criticism on Poem?
When was 'To Another Housewife' by Judith Wright written?
How is my poem 14?Comment?
Acrostic poem for the word 'Volcanoes'?
Siren Song?
What do you think of my poem?
Why isn't this being taught in schools today?
I'd just like some feedback (#4)?
Can you stomach another Dorsimbra? Do you ever play in the rain?
what should i title this poem?
Is this a good poem all together?
I wrote a poem. Please read???
Here's a poem called THE GOLDEN TEMPTOR?
Absinthe ...................Will you read poems for consumers of the green drink.? C/C if you may?
Poetry Project Ideas?
what music would suit this poem?
Another Autumn poem. Comments?
What is the poem from For Colored Girls.. Nyla I think tells it while in the hospital..?
Is it wrong for me not to show people my poetry?
I have a good idea, Let's all write a poem for Dave, just a bit at a time, from all who want to contribute?
need a poem quick have a poem do in cp english and al that i have written so far has been really bad?
Do I have you blocked? Do you not deserve it?
what would fear smell like for a poem?
JUST FOR FUN: Make a poem on the spot?
How can I improve this unedited poem?
What do you think of this poem?
who do you think they were - a poem ... c/c?
Why does the word "poem" start with a P ?
Might you offer any suggestions for this?
What does this history poem mean? its short. 10 points?
Do love poems by older people 'disgust' you?
Would you eat with a poet?
Is this too much?
THE ODYSSEY: Is Calypso Odysseus's alter ego?
i'm not good at writing poems or making it rhyme can you give me poems i can write that dont have to rhyme?
Please review this poem- thanks?
Father/Daughter Poem: Please Honor Me With Your Comments?
How are you supposed to create a poem in the style of homer?
Do you feel lucky, or...Darlene's spin for poetic justice?
Poem Trouble Please Help!! Thanks!!?
"She Is Sitting" a spontane for your `ain`t I glad it ain`t me"` c/c please :) x?
Is My Poem Any good?
Why do people need poetry?
What are some places where i can find really good poems ?
What is your favourite poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
hard poems to learn!!??!?
Critiques on my poem?
What are some of the good poems?
Is this a poem "To endure the storm "?
I need a poem for somebody i hate?
Analyze the poem. Honest opinions only.?
Nominated for International Who's Who in Poetry?
Are thoughts okay to leave here (cliched and all), or do you prefer only full-fledged attempts at poetry?
What do you think of this Sing The Truth Of Feral Bananas morning poem?
Would you read this long poem and say...?
Can you help me interpret this poem?
what do you think of this poem?i've just started writing and its not finished!?
What to name this poem?
I want to make a journal full of poems?
how is Amir Khani?
The poets Longfellow, Bryant, and Lowell exhibit romanticism through nature in their respective poems?
Face of God?
what do you think ? (ignore the numbers)?
Help in analyzing song lyrics (What I've Done-Linkin Park)! Poetic style, form, and theme?
Love poem?
Ever wish upon a star or at least gazed to the night skies?
a moment of utmost pain?
Bio Poem Format? BEST ANSWER!?
Thoughts on the poem I wrote for my boyfriend?
What do you think of this poem?
Is this poem ok.....?
"Hark!" a fun spontane to ease the strain?.....please would you c/c kindly?
Can i have your opinion on my poem plz? your like and dislike also.?
Can anybody quote Malayalam Poet Rajalakshmi's famous poem Ninne Njan Snehikkunnu?
A Mother's Love Towards Children... Do You Like This Poem...?
What's your opinion of my poem? (With picture.)?
What are some poems that are hard to analyse?
Please edit my rough draft of my poem?
another peom ,i want honest answers plz,,what doyou think?
what do you think?
Write a poem (if you don't mind/like writing poetry) about senior year of high school?
funny poem site and poem?
Can anyone suggest a poem for my gran's funeral?
Do you like this poem?
Rate my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
I need a poem?
what is this weird poem about?
I lost my daughter and need help with a poem or verse?
Poetry terms help?
does anyone know which poem these words come from?
What are three major themes in Emily Dickinsons poetry?
What is a good hook for my essay about William Baer's poem snowflake?
Since I've been left to my own devices today, the poems they are a flowin'. Comments????
Regarding a school poem?
title for this poem i hate but am being forced to write.?
What poetic devices are in Scarborough Fair (poem) ?
this poem needs a title- help?
Is this a good poem?
I apologize in advance for this brand-spanking new poem. Suggest improvements, please?
HELP, create a poem/short song that must have at lest 3 figurative language/has to have the meaning of the f.l?
what do you think of my poem?
I need a sonnet with 3 quatrains and 1 couplet at the end, 4 my english class?
What do these lines of poetry mean? (Coleridge)?
The Moon is going to be Giant tonight, I can't wait, Do you have a poem for the expectation?
How about reading a love poem with a twist? c/c?
Is this a good q and a poem?
I NEED HELP (POEM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this poem Ok? Rate it 1-10?
Good poetry reccomendations?
im writing a poem...?
Poetry Help! Couplet Poem?
Edmund Spenser Sonnet XXX?
I really suck at writing poems and my teacher out of NOWHERE tells us to write this for tomorrow and I am comp?
In the mood for morning cheer?
Why did Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" have so many editions?
can someone properly explain the meaning of this proverb?
A Rewrite for James's poem to Natasha?
In "We Wear The Mask," How do the personality and behavior of each character in the poem help shape the theme?
What do you think of my poem?
What are some canonical poems about Greed?
please help me with this little poem ? what do you think?
Do you find it hard getting up in the morning?
Do you agree about the weather, as told in this poem?
can anyone tell me the name of the poem that contains these lines (ish)?
Will you offer a C/C on a revised Hair Cutting poem, by the Greek Poet?
what is a good place to sit and write a poem?
How many cubits wide is your standard chicken cot?
What are some good poem lines for a poem about obesity?
In the poem, The Raven, what was the narrator doeing to help himself forget about his pain?
what does this part of a poem mean ?
I really need more people to answer my previous question?
Need help with a 4 line metaphor poem?
What do you think??????????????
Rate my poem (and how can i improve it?)?
Poety homework, Math mothers day poem... Help needed!?
good life/love quotes??
A poem I wrote for school. What you think?
I need help with my " i am poem" !!?
What is your personal opinion on my poem?
How do I pronounce these words in Shakespeare's sonnet (No. 66)?
what do u mean by god? Is it related to science?
I really need a world war 1 poem with 6 similies and 7 metaphors.?
I need help finding a small poem. I had it as a child and i though i saved it at my mothers with other ?
Can poems be unanswered questions?
please rate my poem from 1-10?
Can you all help me find some great love poems?
Straight forward advice in a poem, comments?
Poem any good .s for best answer?
Is this a poem? Do you care? Did you even notice? Does it really matter?
Who is the author of this poem?
help with a french poem/ what to put on it?
so you like this ! ?
would anyone like to offer some poetry criticism?
PC modem problems.....free verse?
My first poem: thoughts? Suggestions?
Would anyone happen to know the author of this poem?
is there a poet out there i need your help please help me i need 1 ballad poem about love?
Silly Poem for my Aunt?
First ever poem, can you give me some feedback? :)?
A Gift Today. A thank you to my friend, c/c?
rate my poem and tell me what you think it's about? real short?
Interesting poem?? Enjoy!?
The poem 'Two, Three' by Rae Armantrout I need help understanding please?
Any good creepy poems?
Eavan Boland Poetry Significance?
Do you have an addiction?
can you please analyze Emily Dickinson's this my letter to the world?
Please help me with this poem!?
I need a poem?
A poem and a poet seeking feedback?
Have you ever watched wrens?
What say to the Poem, "Locked In The Bedroom For A Year....Mississippi"?
So what are your thoughts on the peom I wrote?
What do you think?
my last poem for the night?
poetry no?
Have you ever heard the mating call of the Blue Spotted Penfold?
What can I replace "thing" with?
Analysis of sonnet 116?
Opinions on a young writer's poems?
When was the poem 'This is London' by Silent Dogwood (I think) written?
i need a decent poem for my family and loved ones so i can honor them at our reuion can any one help please me?
Need help with ( feels like, looks like, ect ) poem?
I need help to criticise the poem 'The sea bird' by Keith Douglas. Can someone explain it's meaning??
Kids and conflict, a familiar scene perhaps, c/c's welcome?
Looking for a poem about the sea/ocean?
A poem from the heart..?
Poem Analysis? Shu Ting?
i want to accomplish more in poetry and i need advice on how i can make it more powerful and inspiring:)?
Quick! write a poem about secret love!?
Poems about living forever?
~They say...~ a love poem. Hope you enjoy it..... :) ...?
Why to people say that girls are made of sugar?
How is this poem?
Speech finding a poem or short story help?
What do you guys think of this poem?
What Do You Think Of My Poem For School!?
What is the effect of sarcasm in poetry?
A little poem dedicated to . Do you like it?
Did Jesus write Sunday sonnets in perfect iambic pentameter?
Can anybody give me the poem anything you want, you got it by maggie anderson?
Rate my Poem...?
forward or backward poem (read both ways) tell me if you like?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you comment on a shorty please?
What's your favorite poem?
Rate 1-10 please?
My other poem seems to have disappeared so I'm going to try my hand at Emo.?
My poem to my boyfriend?
this is my poem?
oliver twist,,,whats the first page of novel starts with?what devices use to make it a literary work?
What do you think of my poem?
Is this a good poem? Trustful comments, please?
Do you have your own poem?
is this a good spoken word poem?
What do you think of this poem?
poem.. what does it mean?
what do you think of this poem?
what is your favorite poem? ?
what literary devices are in the poem masks-shel silverstein?
A poem for Sarah Said?
"Lady Wisdom is NO Whore"?
Is this considered as a poem?
Can someone give a rough translation of the poem "He was" by Richard Wilbur?
He wrote a poem for me, but...?
rate my writing please?
An old poem, didn't even know what I was doing, would you c/c?
"Sonnet 63" If you were Odysseus, with your love by your side, would you hurry home? Any C/C ?
Betrayal, isn't it just the pits, a poem for c/c?
Does sonnet 32 have any figurative language in it?
What are some general similarities between Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson?
some please help with this poem section?
give me please the meaning of this poem,,?
I have to write a poem using song lyrics?
Help! What Maya Angelou poems besides "Alone" was in the film "Poetic Justice"? Thanks!?
How many poets do you know that write gothic or mysterious poems?
Where can I find "I Am" poems?
Has anyone ever been to the poetry convention?
Please tell me if you like this poem. I'm not sure, please help!!?
write a poem???
"A Grief Ago" By Dylan Thomas Analysis?
Would you please rate my poem?
What are Hamlet's feelings towards Laertes and Polonius?
I need an honest critique of this poem that I wrote.?
what does this poem, el olvido, mean?
Can you analyze the poem "The Fish" by William Butler Yeats?
What are some good poems by famous people?
Breakup poetry, anyone?
Does the book Azul by Ruben Dario have the poem A Margarita Debayle?
A poem in need of opinions?
Similarities between Horatio Quiroga and Edgar Allen Poe.?
Is this Russian poem any good?
read and comment on my peom please?
Good 14 line poems to memorize for extra credit?
did edgar allen poe write "Tell-Tale Heart"?
What do you think of my poem I wrote for class? Please read... Please?
Question about the poem, "Eros Turannos' by Edwin Arlington Robinson? 10 points for best answer!?
I need help on a metaphor poem! -.-?
I added a few more stanzas does it make sense with the overall theme? ?
Can you out-write the world?
What do think of this?
Does anyone know an anti war poem?
Protect Me, I'm Fragile?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
a poem I can't remember?
a depressing poem.....i need help finding it?
Help with my poetry homework, easy 5 stars?
I really like this poem I just wrote... I was wondering if I had reason too, is it good?
what do you think of this poem?
i need help writting a poem! its a big grade and i can't think! ?
I need challedges to write about for poems?
To my mother. My new poem. Please, feel free to comment and say whatever comes up to your mind. Thanks?
Alright, is this a Dorsimbra?
Why do i not understand poetry?
When we ask others to comment and critique our poems.....I feel a little like this, do you?
How much interest are you paying?
Can You please C/C Poem: "A Mother's Last Words to Her Son"?
what kind of paper would be the best?
can you please critique this poem for me?
please read and comment on my poem(rap)?
How to get the plot in a poem?
Does whining pay off in the long run, A poem whined out of me by Freeman?
"Indeed I shall never be satisfied / with Romeo, till I behold him-dead-is my poor heart."Why did Juliet sayit?
Can anyone give me constructive criticism on my poetry?
Care for a spin off of a Neonman poem?
rate this 1-100. please be truthful =)?
Have you read this goofy, spoofy, poem?
love poem...rate it?
poem or prose question 10 POINTS for best answer?
why did syliva plath become a poet?
Is this a poem " Flickering Candle"?
Would you kindly comment?
Rate my poem please?
A Poem - A Quiet Scream - Do You Like?
WHat do you think of this poem?!?!?
ReDONE Poem, what do you think, called Beauty in the Destruction of Oak?
Poem.... please tell me what you think?
My other poem, please compare with the one I just posted.?
New one, really important to me, true opinions only please?
What do you think of this poem?
From my back porch, again, will you comment please?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you think I could get this poem published?
A poem for the dark prince...... he will definitely understand if none of you do?
Who wrote this poem? Title: "You are part of me"?
I don't have a poem, but I wonder - how can you keep forgiving a ridiculous person?
Two poems I wrote, healthy criticism please?
How do you like this poem/short story?
In Sonnet 29, the speaker changes from what?
Ineed a poem for my pastor & his first lady's anniversary ?
Please give me some advice about a poem for a class about my relationship with my father? Thank you?
i want a poem on money money?
Can anyone tell me why my poetry is not showing in Yap poetry section?
Is the poem The road not taken a lyric poem or a narrative poem?
How can i improve my poem....?
Can you glean meaning from this short poem?
i couldnt resist maybe one more?
what does this poem mean to you?
Is my poem number one or number two?
What's a good poem by a minority female?
Poem... What' cha think?
where can i find a poem about someone strugling to become something in life?
Who is archy in "Lesson Of The Moth" poem?
Tone of 'A Poison Tree'?
PLS HELP, it's an important Term-Paper!!?
Have you read this kim? "My Angel"....strange format?
Is it okay to give thanks to your contacts through verse?
What do you think of this poem?
Acrostic Poem For A Friend Can You Help mE?
Come, civil night,/ Thou sober-suited matron, all in black,/ And learn me how to lose a winning match.?
Feedback on my poem please?
Anyone know of any poems about the making of an indian canoe?
One More Poem. What do you think? PLEASE SHARE!!?
names of famous world war 1 poets...please ;)?
Poll : Does writing poems come naturally for you?
is poetry.com free? or do you have to pay? if so, are there any sites where i can post my poetry for free?
Read my poem thing? :)?
Am I going to be buried in the Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey after I'm dead or even before?
Poem I wrote, what do you think of it?
What do you think of this poem? Comments?
how do you like my poem 3?
help with this narrative poem can u tell me what devices are in this poem?
In An Hymn to the Evening by Phillis Wheatley What natural phenomenon does the poet describe in lines 7–8?
Country Poem Thingy Majigger?
Looking for a good Rekindled Love Poem?
Critique my writing please!?
Is this poem any good?
What do you think of this poem?
Wrote this one a while back...whatcha think?
literary analysis for poem?
What could've been? (lyrics)?
How can i utilise my art of poetry composition And writing skills?
Are the newer people in the poetry section really lazy lately or what?
What do you think of this poem?
The title is 'Amaranta'.?
poem homework!!!!! please?
Do u want to respond to my haiku?
need words which rhyme with "eagle"...
Thoughts on this Beatles song title inspired poem?
Any comments on my poem...?
What do you think of poem #6?
Does anybody know of any family poems by famous poets that are not sickeningly happy?
a poem---opinion please?
I'm a poet, I NEED a publisher...how?
Help on writing an essay about William Shakespeare's Hamlet?
Are you a flat or sharp type of person when you sing?
...have you ever loved to hate someone?
Have your dreams been realized?
here is a small poem for you ..... daily thought daily day dreams why must i have confused brain waves.?
Can i get the Literary Techniques of this poem PLEASE HELP ME :(?
making a sonnet can anyone please help?
Do you like my poem?
What are some common concepts, feelings, or themes used by Shakespeare?
Poem opinions ne one?
I'm telling you, emotion plays a huge role, don't you agree?
What do you think of this poem?
can somebody please help me Write an analytic response to a favorite piece of literature. Analyze a poem, a pl?
Do you like this one?
Last one for the day...?
My poem, My cheating wifes friend, comments?
What do you think of my question poem? how should i edit it?
Please will u give me feedback on my poem?
read and comment if you would like.?
do you like my war poem i made just for ?
Panic, As Time Winds Down?
please c/c my rough poem?
Is this poem any good?
What is your opinion on my poem?
Someone tell me what this poem means please?
C/C on my poem please?
what do you think of my poem, "amnesia"?
I'm really heartbroken. Write me a poem please dear friends?
Extended Metaphor Poem??
Write a paragraph about the characteristics of poet Explain in your discussion how poetry differs from other?
what are the characteristics of metaphysical, cavalier, and pastoral poetry?
Maybe rate this Love Poem?
help? analysis of poem?
do u like my poem?
Tell me your thoughts on this poem.?
name my poem I cant think of a name?
Are there any Poets that play with fonts, experiment with layout, or include illustrations?
If You see me with an orange bar?
Where did you think you would find wings?
Comments on a poem about birds, sort of?
Does anyone know the name and poet of the poem with these lines?
Bibliographic Info for Margaret Atwood's poem "This is a Photograph of Me"?
How many human lives have you saved with your pathetic poetic breath?
The poems of homer and Theocritus show that ancient greek poets were more concerned with moral exemplarity?
Using allegoric words means writing poetry?
a poem about yourself?
Self mutilation poems?
Would like your oppinion please?
What do you think of my poem?
What are examples of Sylvia Plath's different voices in her poems?
Please rate my poem. It's about my son named blake. He is two months old and I just made up this poem.........?
What is the mood of this poem?
Do you like my poem? It's my first one?
Do you mind if I leave this here?
Is Ella Mentry a good pen name?
A poem, please read, a friend says my best yet?
do most poems have periods, commas, exclamation marks etc.?
Figurative Language in Macavity: They Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot?
How to make a Acrostic poem using the word canine that describes the way canine looks,acts or sounds?
i need a poem on simile?
Critique me on my poem?
Nudged by HH, will you comment please?
Poems about being Sad?
Will you please rate my poem on a scale of "dumb" to "genius"?
EASY POINTS (short poem) title advice!?
Will you comment on For my Kids please?
Have you opened mail that brought bad news?
Do you like my new poem?
What is a small, and sweet "I'm sorry" Poems? for my ex girlfriend?
This is my first poem or w/e I've written. What do you think?
Is this a proper/acceptable petrarchan(italian) sonnet?
What Poem reperesents the concept of Belonging?
Are you treading water or does the current sweep you away?
Rate my poem "Toxic Ambitions"?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like my little poem?
Acrostic poem for word friendship?
I want to write a love poem on the internet!?
Who wrote the "are you always sad?" poem?
Is Shakespeare's Sonnet #20 Iambic pentameter?
african poetry?
I'm a thirteen year old and I have to a project on 'my favorite poet'..?
Another poem?
do you have any tips??
Could someone critique my poem please?
What do you think? is this good? ?
well i wrote a poem a week or so ago and i just wanted to see what you guys thought of it?
what are some examples of irony in this whitman poem?
Adjectives for the word dream?
Will you comment on this untitled poem please?
Thoughts on this poem: What beauty leaves untouched?
Why is it always about you?
Have you felt invisible?
Need some Input on my poem for grade 12 Imagery?
Published poem about horses to recite?
Will you please honestly c/c on my poem and suggest a title as well as improvements needed?
Help me please, I need to know what the full meaning of this poem.?
Is this a good poem or not?
A poem about a fellow Marine I never forgot?
What type of poem would 'job responsibility' by Charles Osgood be classified as?
How does it feel when sunlight kisses the falling rain? A poem.. brought on by Sunshine, will you critique?
Oh, it's been a long day. I simply want to rest....?
any revisions for my poem? a title?
oes anyone know a poem which starts I think with Softly along D?
The midnight spell tell me what you think?
Does Anybody have a poem that i can give to my auntie? cuz she's leaving tomorrow for good.?
Angel quotes?
Is there a related literature for the poem "The Little Rain" by Tu Fu?
Poem? I need help improving it?
Have you ever had a too-quiet morning????
Hows this poem? and what does it make you feel?tips?
What was Shakespeare saying in his poem about life and death in the book Tears of A Tiger? ?
Is this a good poem for a 15 year old?
What comment do you have for this abstract bit of writing?
Care to critique my poem? Its about my best friend...?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
What are good topics/words to use for a Sestina?
what is the rhyme scheme of Sonnet XXIX?
What does the poem Italia by Oscar Wilde mean?
make a 3rd line up for this poem..?
What do you think of my poem, critique?
May someone explain to me "ode to a skylard" by shelley?
has anyone read don juan by george gordon,lord byron ??
Amateur poetry by me your views?
What are some ways I can improve this poem?? Please help!?
Do you see only what your heart dictates for you to see?
'musu musu hasi deu' who is the original singer of ths song??? is he nepali or indian?
What is the meaning of the poem, "Lady with a Falcon" by May Sarton?
Who keeps the list of past Fulbright Scholars?
Jeff L: apologies & ten points, should you choose to claim. Will you?
Feeling sad?
Opinion on poem Please :D?
Help! Sylvia Plath poem please analyze?
Do you think taking a TREAT from government is worth the TRICK they're playing on AMERICA?
And when is an apple not an apple?
Do you like my poem i just wrote?
Please help with 8-line poem!?
Witty Poets/Poems...?
can someone help write a free verse poem for me?
Who wrote this poem? I wish I was one of your tears. So I could be born in your eyes, run down your cheek and?
Opinions On A Poem: Feedback Please?
Who writes poems about self actualization?
How is my Poem??????
How is my Mary Jane poem ?
This is the final rewrite of the poem. I hate this and it makes me ill to read it. Is this one finished.?
A follow on from yesterday, would you c/c?
I write a lot of Prayer Poems. What do you think of this one?
I'm looking for the name of a Polish-language poet and/or musician?
Please leave your comments about my poem.....?
Please rate my short poem?
What are a few literary devices in this poem ?
Do ya ever really feel like Oh My Gosh?
Is this a good symbol poem?
Do you like this poem? In a photograph?
What does this poem mean?
Does this remind you of something?
Why is that we no longer write or read or appreciate poetry? Has our life become so dull and prosaic?
where can i find information about joanne kyger?
Will you add a stanza, because I asked nicely?
analysis of poem? HELP?
How famous would you say the poem 'She walks in beauty' is?
READ poem Please!!! and let me know what you think bout it? Thanks.?
On the Threshold by R. S. (Sam) Gwynn?
What does it look like out your window today?
wrote a poem. i suck. first time i've tried writing in ages?
Brand New Poem... Reviews?
What do you think of my poem?? About Censorship?
Whats this sound like for a poem...?
What do you think about my poem about half life 2?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
What is your honest opinion about my poem?
Milieu Question: Borderline on Peoples Poetry?
My poem is about death...prop ideas?
Any good poetry sites where you get a lot of feedback?
I have pared this down from almost one year ago, Have I removed enough?
Can someone help me with a creative title for this poem?
Has anyone heard of a poem called 'They're all nuts in the head' by Roger McGough?
She makes my arm shake with her poem, For FC's poem? c/c?
Poem: Falling Sky - what do you think of this interpretation?
Do you like my poetic interview?
How do you find my poem?
can you write a poem about your horoscope sign?
What do you think of this.......?
HELP!!!! Any good songs that sound like any of the sonnets?
Poem to one I love, really really love?
Sonnet Help Badly!!?
Your thoughts?
What do you think of this poem?
this is very short, I do not think you will need a ladder, will you critique this bit of poem?
Coming of age poem? poetic device? :)?
what do you think of my poem?
If you were to imitate a Walt Whitman poem, how would you do it?
what is the name of this poem?
Will this one be reported, too?
How's this for a love poem? Any comments?
How do you find your way around?
Here's your poem about meatloaf?
What do you think?
Can the people you meet online truly be your friends? (Poetically I ask you)?
Will you comment on this poem, about bad dreams?
do you like this mighty poem?
New poem. How do u like it?
For class, I have to do an imagery poem describing a place. What should I do? What words should I use?
What is the meter of this poem?
Who is your favorite poet!!?
First time writing a poetry slam need help?
Help? Poem analysis of 'if' by rudyard kipling?
Revised poem "The Play" need feedback, thanks?
Do you like my new poem?
What are some Scary Poems?
well...what do you think??
Look at my short poem, 10 points?
What is the wanderer's attitude toward wisdom in "the wanderer"?
ok, i finally finished this poem. please, tell me what you think? honest answers only.?
Can someone help me find a poem about Ares/Mars, God of War?
What do you think of this poem?
A Christmas memory, will you C/C please?
POEM; *Love With Intermissions* feedback?
I am so grateful...for you?
What is the best poetry site you know?
Can you recommend a manly but soppy poem?????
How do you rate this anonymous poem?
Which of the following comprises a sonnet? (an octect and a sestet)(2 stanzas)(3 quatrains)(4 couplets)?
Untitled.... comment or something?
Much madness is divinest sense- To a discerning Eye- What does this mean?
Noodling around with some verses, any thoughts on what I've done so far?
do you think poetry is an archaic art form?
What say to "T-Rex, Wal Mart, Pompeii, and a Hurricane Good Morning!!" Pome?
what is the theme and tone of Shakespeare's sonnet 18 shall i compare thee to a summer's day?
So, what do you do on those warm summer nights?
hi .. what do u think of this? i wrote it?
Do you like this poem?
Would you take the time to c/c on this "Knowing When To End Is All" poem?
Which Found poem would you say is better?
Poem of Going CrAzY what do you think?
Do you know this poem? I forgot who the author was.?
how is the narrator absent in the field in the poem keeping things whole?
writers block...poetry..isnt my thing..?
What are some sad Love poems?
Is this good???
How can quatrains be structured?
What do you think my poem means?
Poem: Swinging Risqué - Do you like it?
Isn't it nice to know the details or do you prefer the recap? C/C?
what is this poem about?
What does A.R Ammons's poem Still have to do with slight or seeing?
Something I wrote last night, what do you think?
This poem is a diversionary twist.. does it work? would you comment?
A poem about selective hearing, comments?
the theme of making right choices? plzz help!?
"She Walks In Meadows" just lighter rhymes from childhood. Care to C/C?
looking for birthday verse for baby sister who passed away?
Do some people live too long?
Good or not must know ?
What are your feelings on MY POEM? Whispering Wounds?
[Black Gold]...What does this poem convey to you please...?
Please interpret or criticise this poem?
is this a good poem about snow white?
Meaningful Sonnets?? Can someone please give me an example?
Where can I find the poem "The Dreamer (ode to Robert Frost)" by Jim Morrison(which in this case is an alias)?
My Recovery Poem...What do you think?
What is "death's dream kingdom"?
What do you think of this poem?
I need help writing a comedy poem for english class. just a short poem. but i am so bad at poetry. help me!?
Do you agree with any of this?
looking for poem for funeral?
Beauty...a poem to critique?
can anyone anyalyze this poem 4 me plz?
Do you love poetry? do you love Robert Frost? will you help me?
I answered an eighth grader's question and was pleased with my results, c/c?
Anyone up to rating this Poem? On a rating of 1-10 How would you rate this Poem?
can you help me figure out this figurative language please!?
Help with finishing a poem! .s!?
ideas for a concrete poem?
What is a good Spanish poem?
your feed back on this poem?
A short poem, very short, I hope you like it.?
How important IS religion?
Syntax in "A Barred Owl"?
I need some help to analyse the poem "Here" by R.S Thomas?
help write mood poem easy 10 points pelase help outline and example here just write short couple lines poem!!!?
what do you think about this?
I've posted a couple of poems, how does this one stack up?
Have any of us noticed?
What title will be best for my composition?
Rhyme scheme for 2pac songs?
A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns?
Is this a full-blown poem?
what do you think of this poem?
war war bloody war the poem?
Not Enough....a vingette I wrote. please critique?
English Poetry: cultural perspectives?
critique poem, constructive advice appreciated?
Tell me what you think about my poem I wrote for someone?
What do you think of Anger's Logic poem?
What is your opinion of this poem?
Please give me thoughts on my poem please/?
what do poems mean?
Does anyone know how to write a good war poem?
A Valentine poem without desire or passion, or is it? Comments?
How is this poem......?
help with narrative poem???!!!!?
help with a cute short poem for my bf?
Looking for a poem that explains a man with ALOT of patience.?
What does this song mean?
What should I write a poem about?
What c/c for this "To The Brand New Gods Of 'Answers'..." poem?
I desperately need a poem!?!???!!?
What can be done with this poem I wrote? It needs something else but what? I know the meter needs work.?
can u write a simile poem poem for me on smile?
How do I come across in these paragraphs?
Yet another poem about time?
New poem/lyric "Aorta(Bloodfist)", please comment...?
What is the poet really thinking about?
a poem i just now wrote, opinions?
Tell me what vision my poem inspires in you.?
What improvements can you offer for this poem, and..How does it make you feel?
"Slither and Hiss' will you tell me what this means to you?
Help Finish This Poem Please?
(.s) What Words Can Rhyme With These?
Is this a good poem or does it suck?
Whats the name of this poem?
What's your favorite poem by Shakespeare?
Flight Reservations....a poem born of depression & hope?
Shakespearan sonnet? I want one about loving a taken person- is there 1?
Ive written another depressing poem?
Will you read a few lines from me? Comments?
What ... is poetry? Is it not something different to every person?
Is this poem So Funny.Lol?
This may be sappy but what do you think of my poem?
Please critique my short poem?
I need help rhyming this line for my sonnet?
Please read regardless what your thinking?
What do you think of this poem?
My reoccurring dream of Mr. Poe. Any reason why you should comment?
How Do You Like My Poem About 9/11?
What was your reaction to this poem?
Check out my poem please?
Whaddya think of my humble poem?
Opinions on this poem by Emily Dickinson?
What can a cast iron pan teach you? C/C?
Have you read about the swan maiden?
False Friends, new poem, does it do anything for you?
I have a question about the poem Inferno?
saccharin tendencies (comment/critique)?
Will you critique this poem for me?
I need the poem "Pendulum" by John Updike. Link or text would be fantastic... please and thank you!!
Is this poem any good?
Help will announcement writing?
What does this poem mean to you? Analyze?
Is this a poem " The Drummer "?
Please critique the poems i wrote?
how do i find the structure of a poem?
I need a poem??
i no this should be in poems but do you like my poem?
Tell me if you like this poem?
Does my daughters poem make sense i am not very smart?
Help in finding Walt Whitman quote?
where can i find an analysis of shakespeare's sonnet 2?
Rate my poem, thanks?
Do you think in poetry most Love ends badly?
Does this poem have meaning in your opinion?
can anybody tell me a good rhyming poem?
What is the meaning of flash cards by Rita Dove?
How to write poetry in character?
The two favourite poems I've written, let me know what you think?
May I throw a temper tantrum in your presence?
What is a good way to not attract attention?
Poem Ideas?
What do you think of this poem?
do u like my poem?
I need help wiritng a poem for my mum as it's her 50th birthday!?
can someone write a good example of a diction/syntax poem please?
What do you think about this? ( Will choose best answer!)?
I need help in writing a personification poem that rhymns?
I am looking for poems on death... Details inside...?
what do you think of my poem?
Shall I turn left or right? What do you think?
Has anyone written a poem lately?
Can you list the metaphors and otomatopoeias in this poem plz?!!!!!?
Will you C/C on a Nautical poem of the Greek poet?
...The Devil's Lesson?
Hm do you want to c/c my playing around?
Yes this is yours, as the first line will tell, C.C Everyone who cares to?
What does the poem "Version" by Rutherford?
Something else depressing. See what u think of this.?
Could you please read?
Who is your favorite poet?
Is dying alone a colorful experience?
Please rate my poem, 10 points?
old poem what do you think ? I'm bored so I thought I would post some crap C/C please?
i wrote this poem and i need to know what you think?
How often do you take stock of your life?
Please tell me what you think of this poem.?
Any good poems?
What's a poem that's similar in context with David Baker's "Faith"?
Just let me know what you think?
what do you think of this poem please leave your comments?