When you write a poem with a nursery rhyme, do you have to start with the exact line of the nursery rhyme?
Constructive Criticism on my poem, please!!?
A poem? ....To critique...comment....punctuate?
Do you like this poem I wrote. It's meaningless, really, a sort of practice poem?
I need help with poetry!?
Does anyone know the poem in the invisible?
English Literature- Medusa, deduct a metaphor of a certain part of the poem?
The feeling of the poet when he wrote the daffodills?
Are the children our future?
another random nonsense poem/story,you like?
Do you like my poem?
part 2: rhyme with me :)?
Undressed, unmetered, unrhymed, yes...poetry?
What do you think of this short poem?
What's the name of that type of poetry that doesn't use sentences, just words with the same syllable count?
Feedback on my poem please?
Please help me write a poem?
For those who would like to read my darker poem? Offensive to religious people?
Do you like my poems (4 of them)?
A simple villanelle to c/c . . .?
is this a good idea for a concrete poem. if you have any other suggestion it would be helpful.?
I wrote a poem. Deliver Judgment upon it?
Can somebody please answer Danny R.'s post, the one where he is bawling about TDs?
COmments on my latest work, please?
May I "torture" you with a poem for your critique?
Regarding "Birches" by Robert Frost...?
can anyone tell me how to go about copyrighting poetry??
The Beer Summit....comments?
Is there a site that can rate your poetry??
Idea for a gothic poem?
Example of poetry & prose? Easy 10 points.?
Where can I learn to write beautiful poetry?
honest feedback on poem please?
How is " Cry Sky" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
Why do people love twilight?
What to do with my poems?
what does this poem mean?
I wrote a poem, It's called "God, why didn't you remind me to pay my Visa bill?"?
What is the internal rhyme in this poem?
Please read and comment on my poem?
Title for my poem about nighttime?
Need opinions on a poem?
What does this poem mean? Translation please need help?
Would you think this is a good free verse poem??
My poem? Written literally in 5 mins?
What do you think of this poem?
Who doth bequeath c/c on this "Poetry Is A Snack-Of-All-Trades" poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem... please give me your interpretations!?
denise Levertov's Jacob's Ladder?
Do you have an answer as an ending?
How about his one?
Jose Marti's first poem?
Why is there more talk of song meanings rather then lyrical ambiguity?
I'm curious as to your reactions to this poem, especially the last stanza, would you c/c?
Could you all critique my poem [topic: dogs, politics, faith]?
What do you think of my poem?
Tell me what you think of this poem?
When is a simple good evening kiss more than a kiss (poetically stated)?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you please read and comment?
Would like your oppinion please?
What are some similarities between "to his coy mistress" and "Dover beach"?
Compare/Contrast the 2 Poems "Fuel" and "Poem for the Young White Man" in terms of 2 subjects?
what rhymes with mint?
They say you should always carry a notebook with you...?
one of my old ones that is published in my town newspaper! what do you think?
Good poems on revenge by well known poets?
Another one? Called Nightmares of prom...?
i wrote a poem for my graduation.. will you please read?
how to write a poem explication paper over the poem titanic by david r slavitt?
Love unconditional) poem, please rate and comment.?
What do you think of time?
Do you know who wrote this?
Here is an update on Jack Sprat and his wife.?
What to put for an ecology acrostic poem?
do you like my poem and what ways can i make money off my poetry?
What does this poem mean?
characteristics of American revolutionary literature period?
Can someone help me answer this question?
Poem's all wrong so what do I do?
interpret this poem written by Russian romantic, Mikhail Lermontov-- read details for poem...?
Help with Poetry?? Due tomorrow??!?
A special word to sum up my longing for the sea.?
What is Poetry, and how can one separate it from prose?
Do you know an inpirational verse involving a road or journey?
Do you like this poem?
please help i need a poem?
What does this poem mean to you?
Do you love your life?
Do some things exist only in your memory?
Will you critique this poem please?
Anybody can help me find the poem entitled, "The Cango", including its audio?
What do you think of Morning Stew morning pome?
Need some tips on good poems/authors for a funeral service?
Night terror poetic. Would you read and?
Comments on Lincoln's bird's eye view of the Inauguration?
Love poem?!!!!!!!!!!!?
how does this sound/???
I need to translate each line of this scene into english?
What is the name for this literary/poetic technique?
Can anyone tell me what order to put poems by Lewis Carrol in to make a Alice In Wonderland poetry piece?
What is meant by dominant reading of a poem?
Hard critizing on my poem?
write me a poem????
Please view my poem...?
Can u help me write a ballad poem?
Poem help (Main idea, Mood, poetic techniques)?
Can someone tell me what they think? (poem)?
Help me with POETRY!!!?
Sonnet 43. what does this mean?
I can't remember the name of the poem...?
I need to make an ode to water.help?
Another poem, do u like it...?
Can someone help me make an Acrostic poet with the name Aubry Ann?
Is my free verse any good?
Please critique this australian poem?
Poetry question, short poem?
Need help with a 4 line metaphor poem?
Have you been so upset with a friend that you ran a chuck roast through the grinder and pretended it was them?
Tell me what you think?
Compare Sonnet 116 & "The one that got away" by Katy Perry?
Help me annotate Sonnet 67?
What is the theme of this Neruda poem called "Horses"?
New Poem [Need name ideas] - Comments?
love quote need help!?
Does a poem always have to be happy, or can you just express what you feel?
Caz wrote this and not too many of you saw it, it's very good, don't you think?
Wildflowers all over the place, thoughts?
I wrote a poem and i wanted some feedback?
who likes a good bit of poetry? (10 points for best poem done in the answer)?
Ask The Questions...Will you read and stay curious, please?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Creating a poem?
para ti mi anima? por favor, perdoneme?
who are good dark/gothic poets?
what do you think of this poem?
What does this poem mean?
Prose help! Do you think this prose would be BETTER if it was a poem?
give me honost thoughts?
what do you think of this poem?
What are you going to be dressed as at my birthday party masquerade?
Poem, tell me what you think.?
A question about the poem 'Does it matter' by Siegfried Sassoon !?
what do u think of this poem i wrote?
Poetic devices in Sonnet to Science by Edgar Allan Poe?
Here are some of my poems- can you folks tell me where I can submit my work to get rated, published, or seen?
Help with poem..?
Please rate this other poem?
What style is this poem?
Please explain this poem in depth?
Do you have an ample supply of cud? C/C?
is the second part of this poem any good?
Help I need to make up a poem about my best friend?!!!!!?
Poets, did you read this poem of Dave's?
does this poem work?
a poem on freedom, kindly give comments and/or critique please?
take a look at my poem plz?
A very silly poem for Nancy because well because I like her and I missed her, C/C or add to it?
whats your favorite poem?
what do you think of this poem written for my ungrateful girlfriend?
Do you like my new little translation from the Latin?
how do you like my poem?
what is it about this poem that makes it breathe?
any good poems???
Will you please c/c Alterations, a poem with two authors?
Do you find the original versions of fairy tales a little grimm?
Do you think what I have written below is a poem?
from what poem was the line, "gods shall walk on brown legs"? and who wrote it?
Take from my cup? Will you comment?
Poem by a 10 year old?
Would you critique this poem?
please c/c my poem about a witch trial?
Please comment on my poem. Plz answer truthfully!!!!!!?
need help with poetry, fast..?
I need a poem about nature.?
What do you think??????????
Is a Valentine's Day poem appropriate?
How is my poem? Differently structured?
how do you like this poem?
What would this mean: "Bread thou were born & bread thou shall remain".?
Last one...?
do any one like hindi poem?
What category of poetry can a poem without any distinct form be put into?
Pleas Critique and let me know your feelings.?
Just two of my own poems...what do you think?
Does anyone think this poem is any good?Its one of my own.?
A stack of words to be considered...poetry?
Solstice, will you comment please?
Emotions?? please help! PLEASE. ?
Should I say I am asking for criticism?
Is there a topic/emotion you tend to write more about?
I need a sonnet about football help me?
What is that clasic poem that lists qualities and ends with and then you'll be a man my son?
What's a good title for my poem?
I just wrote this poem, what do you think?
Do you like my new poem?
a heart felt poem or rhyme for a mum or parents?
Is this a poem a visitor would like?
Which words of poetry can express your love more?
What the heck does c/c mean? Why does everyone post "carbon copy" on here?
Concrete Temptations?
Random:Write ur best love poem!!!!!!!?
Hi guys! Give me some creative poems on these topics. Pls!?
How to write a transcendental poem about nature?
I don't know about this coffee, can someone help me brew it better?
Easy to memorize poems?
What are words that rhyme with can't?
po' cho.......?
"A grieving soul"... please comment on my poem?
What is The rhyme scheme of this stanza from “The Inchcape Rock”?
Opinions on a poem I wrote..?
what poems are featured on the intro to Def Poetry Jam?
After rattling nerves, do these people sleep?
Poetry question...serious answers only please?
What of this political poetry?
Can you tell me what this means..(10 points to the answer with closest meaning)?
Sad love poems or poets?
I have a writer's block, what do you think?
Can you guys rate my poem please!?
is my poem good enough?
reactions of the poem to the virgin mary?
Poetry question????????plz help?
My new Love Poem...! Comments ?
Which poem is the really weird one by Edgar Allan Poe in which he...?
Would you help me mourn Mother's passing?
'The Nothing' will you c/c?
Do you have a favorite bird?
Can you put this story in a poem for me?
Translation of Pakistani Urdu Poem 1. Your Comments/Suggestions?
Is this good? I tried hard on this.?
Are there basic guidelines to writing an Ode?
To anyone who knows ANYTHING about W.B. YEATS, please help me?
What could this quote mean? "A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees"?
A short poem...do you like it?
How can I describe the appearance of a full moon from underneath a leafy forest canopy?
Any ideas for a shape poem? i need to make a poetry portofolio.... plzz help me?
can you help me figure out some literary devices in Save Him by Justin nozuka please?
I just wrote this poem for reading tomorrow what do you think?
do you ever wake up to some morning g.a.a.s.g.?
What do you think of this poem?
how do YOU like MY poem?!?! PLEASE ANSWER =)?
Where are all my friends from times gone by?
i need help with a sonnet!please!?
Rate My Song/Poem For Me .......?
how would you describe your self in poetry?? ;D?
poem at 39 critical appreciation?? PLZ HELP !!! =(?
Feedback on my poem? (About suicide and darkness)?
My poem? Written literally in 5 mins?
What do you think of this 'sittin and smilin...no sale!' afternoon pome?
My dark period. Care to comment?
Describe something in a lyrical fashion?
What feelings are conveyed by MY NEW POEM about reality? Death Conspires?
how to find the tone/mood of a poem?
help me out here- i need to be inspired!?
rough stephen spender analysis?
poem about men..?
When you write poetry for example do you have a person or thing "muse" that inspires you???
Does this poem speak to you in any way?
wats imagenary and figuarative langauge poems can you give me an exanple ?
Do you like this "poem"? ?
HOW IS MY POEM??? C/c please?
My Finished Poem For Her! What Do You Think?
Poem critique please? All answers get thumbs up! :)?
rate this poem on the scale of 1-10(also ur comments if any amendments r to be made)?
Opinions on a poem please?
a poem -- con/crit much appreciated?
What makes a poem a sonnet?
Is this poem okay? Rate it out of 10 please?:) 1 being terrible and 10 being fantastic?
My peom intitled "You're Far Too Perfect" Feedback is very much apprecieted. :)?
URGENT HELP for my child. Needs help analyzing poem - On My First Son By Ben Johnson?
Are there any metaphors in this song?
Will you comment on a serious acrostic poem?
how do you get some of your writing/poetry published?
dead sins.?
Poetry "Meaning"?
Do you like this poem?
what is meant by "music to my ear" ???
A poem from a father to a daughter?
Edward Fields Poem!!!?
What is the hardest thing for you to write about?
"For My Birthday" a spontaneously eccentric ecstatic idea..for you c-c :)?
Do you like the poems I have on my personal website (www.crawldog.com/ez2cucry4kalanui)?
Help with Ozymandias poem!!?
How To Turn Poems Into A Song?
help finding non-australian war poems?
Please read and comment on my poem thanks!?
anyone ever had a story/ book published ?
what is this poem???/?
PLEASE HELP! sonnet??????iambic pentameter?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!…
rate me "honest heart "?
i need help with a poem for my grandma how passed away last month translated in Italian?
I need a meaningful poem about a music teacher...FAST!?
can you help me to find the autobiography of Rafael zulueta da costa and the poem "like the molave"?
Too late last night, will you comment please?
whats everyones opnnon on this poem?
What do you guys think?
can you write a haiku poem about summer?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
plzzz tell me what do u think of this poem?
The Orchid Trees?
Would you take the time to read my poem please? Honest opinions?
Can you remember your first poem? Would you share?
do you like my poem?
George Washington Monologue?
What think you of a 'gutter queen' poem?
Can someone help me finish a verse for my poem? I need to hand it in by 2moro. This is what i've done so far.
Please help me with my free verse?
Poems and sonnets - Romantic period?
Have you heard; Tithings of the Tempest Bell?
Not the Usual! Poetry.com Question...?
What is your favorite poem of all time?
Hep me...Hep me!....improve this poem?
What does "invited reading" mean?
Help with a haiku about guitar?
Please read this poem?
Can you critique my "Into the Storm" Poem?
How can I describe the appearance of a full moon from underneath a leafy forest canopy?
What does this poem mean....?
What do you say, when they ask you?
Where can I find the poem "Child and Insect"?
is this poem ok for college english?
Do we all know people like these?
how do you explain this quote?
Do you remember that poem you read, the one that made you say "Ah yes, I think I like poetry..."?
is this a good poem??? I don't think so...?
Do you think I am a good poet?
Opinions, critiques, and additions to my poem?
Is this poem viable or liable?
Who can tell me the poem 'What happened when I went to the store for a loaf of bread' by Alden Nowlan?
Poem idea! please help me add some details to it !!?
How do I write a poem about freedom?
A Morning Mixture...comments/critique/coffee?
Spiritual aspects in the Song of Roland?
Poem. dedicated to my finace Melissa. comment?
Prose help: need improvements and feedback on it please?
If interested I will share more soon. I have a variety. Please tell me what you think.?
Poetry Homework Help Please.?
Little Girls and Fairy Tales, would you critique and/or comment upon this poem?
A poem for Thursday Do you like it.?
I shall paint my nails red... By: CAROLE SATYAMURTI... Help, plz!!!!?
How do you see the MOON out of your Widow Gray, brown, orange, silver, gold, lost looking for the sun?
Good morning in hai form....comments?
What would be a creative thing to do with my poems?
Is this poem that i wrote sad enough for a funeral?
Do you wonder what they are thinking?
Is this a good poem?
The Red Dress, comments?
Do girls like poetry?
want to look for poems on seasons in india?
Can Someone Write Me A Poem?
I Don't Understand The Poem "The Highwayman" Can Anyone Help?
I seriously need help with this poem?
What do these words symbolize in poetry/songs?
Can someone help me make a poem about Komdo Dragon?
Poem- Please please read!?
What is your Favorite poem?
Poetry by Rudyard Kipling. His poem 'If'?
What are 3 literary devices used in this (short) poem ?
Heres another for . comments????
Has a photo inspired a poem for you lately?
Doesn't everyone feel like this from time to time?
Dear virtual poetry friends of mine...i'm thinking of leaving the field of Literature forever?
What moods can rhythm/meter instill?
I found this poem that I wrote a long time ago. I wonder if it's as good as my other one.?
How can i understand sound devices in poetry?
A rant-like poem in response to a stupid answer?
can any one make sense of these to poems by Sappho for me?
nephew poems?
Would this poem need critiquing?
What song would match a poem written by an English poet?
There She Goes Again,my true Halloween story CEECEEE?
What does this poem mean?
is this a good poem for an 8th grader?
"For Sue",,,, from a fellow - perseverer..a spontane-eos good wish or 100.?
How is this simile? A martyr hanged in the forests as the sun hangs in the trees of early morning.(Seshendra)?
When can you not write a poem?
A clumsy poem, would you like to read it and comment?
On the Threshold by R. S. (Sam) Gwynn?
what do u make out of my poem?
Would remember and weather be slant rhyme?
What do you think of my poem?
Please give an opinion on my poem.. 1-10 rating?
Rural life in a short poem, a Trigee after insurance condemned my outhouse, comments?
Can anyone tell me where i can find the poems from def poetry jam on the internet?
Diction in the poem, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.?
Some of the thoughts one has long after it's over. What are your comments?
What is the easiest way to explicate a poem?
before you i fall humble: poem critique?
Care to take a survey about this Friday day?
Your opinion on my poem, please?
How can i become a writer for cards?
comments on my poem, not the layout the poem cheers?
How can I get constructive feedback on my poems?
Poem by Edgar? Need the name!?
A Poem Inspired by Cosmic Events & HD. How Small a Glimmer on Astronomical Scales?
I need inspiration please?
Can anyone help me with Poem Ideas?
I am tired of censorship Here is a poem I wrote Could you kndly comment.?
Any ideas?
biography of shyam narayan pandey?
Lyric Poem?
What do you think of this poem?
American Journal by Robert Hayden?
"An Unbroken Promise," a poem for your C/C?
What inspires you? . . . A poem, metered and such?
"The Ruminations Of The Fast And Bold" ...a Spontane; please will you see-C for me :) ?
help with my poem?
how to interpret the poem The congo?
Does anyone know this poem?
What is "Reader Positioning"?
anybody know where I can get poems?
What do you think of this poem?
16 lined alliteration poem?
Like My Poem????????????
what do you think of this poem?
WWI poetry about hope or faith?
Will you comment on my Paris poem, inspired by Isabella?
What you think about this poem? Looking for constructive criticism?
What do you guys think of this poem i wrote?
I am a begginner, How is it?
What if the people that posted poetry here...?
what do you think?
Do you guys see any similie, metaphor, personification, and oxymoron in this poem?
how does the speaker feel about death in the poem "Because I could not stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson?
What advice has furthered your poetry the most?
What do you think of this poem?
added a bit more. Thoughts on the added? c/c??:) Title: Give up the dream, dreamer?
Care to comment on a spring poem?
Uhm, is this a good poem?
Seasons in the sun and World turned upside down?
Who are some modern poets similar to Sylvia Plath?
Name of a Shakespearean metrical device?
Watermelon seeds, will you C/C please?
What Happen? All Critics welcome?
Added more to a short poem. Please give your thoughts on it?
Lyrics/ poem help! help on improving/ give feedback on my verse (.s!)?
Need help starting off a poem?
do you like my poem..........?
Poems that have to do with sorrow?
Critique my second poem!!!?
How can I improve my poetry analysis on "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost?
Was A. Bierce right ?
can you correct/fix this poem i made ?
who am i ?????????
A thanks to my friends here, comments?
Feedback on another poem I wrote?
Can someone help me with this Haiku?
may i know the theme of the poem " the psalm of life"?
Some short poems I wrote. What do you think?
I love a girl named Donna, can anyone help me write a poem for her? its her birthday soon and I wish?
This one is called Richard. Is it a good poem?
Have you seen a Tyburn wrestler?
can you read this poem and tell me what you think?
What does this mean to you?Learn what? Awful grace?
For women only, can you relate to this poem? Reactions?
Can y'all stand to read another Dorsimbra?
How many times will you read this before you don't like it?
What do you think of this poem that I wrote?
A poem for my dear one. What do you think?
what do you think of this poem?
Write a proposal to the president-elect in which you nominate a poet to read a selected poem at the inaugurati
What do you think of this poem?
Care to comment on a poor attempt at a punny verse/joke?
how i become a bussiness man?
Comment my poem scale 1-10 wrote it for my girlfriend once we broke up?
what do you think of my poems?
I would love feedback on this very short poem?
Poems by Agathon?
what is emily dickinson poem "we never know how high "about?
Is there anything more beautiful and admirable than a mother's love for her children?
What is the theme of "Human Family" by Maya angelou?
Was it only the Romans and Greeks who wrote epic poetry or were there other cultures that did it too?
If we each do the right thing, won't it be easier on everyone...?
"Imperfect Angel" a tribute poem for your C/C?
I think this one is a first for me...comments/critiques welcome...what do you think?
how's my poem from 1 to 5? be honest and rate even if you hate lol?
Can you provide me with a poem that alludes to King Midas?
Would you consider Bob Dylan more of a songwriter or poet?
Lamplight... ( Comment / Critique )?
In one word could you describe a totally blue sky ?
Please tell me what you think of this poem?
Summer Sonnet?
poetry help..please continue reading, has anyone read the poem Love's Diet?
What do you think of this free-verse poem? (Critique please)?
Explain your feelings about my poem,,Going Home?
Here is my response to Semper, Ok?????
Choose the better poem - an experiment.?
What does Christina Rossetti's poem A Rose Has Thorns As Well As Honey convey to the readers?
What makes "Lady of Shalott" (by Alfred, Lord Tennyson) distinctly Victorian poetry?
what is your favorite word?
Tell me how you like this one?
I'm having a bad day. Here is the poem to start the day. Comments welcome!?
How would you finish this sentence as in Poetry?
On A scale of 1 -to 10 how creative are you right now?
turn around, new poem plz read:D?
What is integrity to you?
Poetry help! Matthew Arnold "Isolation: To Marguerite"?
Is this a poem " To brand your soul"?
Who are we?
i need to write a poem; is there like a format?
Poetry is this one better than the other?
Will you consider my words?
Please help on these sentence fragments?
say something meaningful, that not many people understand understand?
Rate my Poems please!?
Who would you say is the speaker of this poem?
pick a name for my poem....?
What type of poem is william shakespeares 'A Fair Song'?
Need Poem analysis help?
What is this poem called ?? ?
Need some Input on my poem for grade 12 Imagery?
Another poem (and yes i wrote all of them)?
What is the best quote or poem that you wrote, gave or read to a girl?
what do you think of my poem?
Should I give up?
How would I personify a very slow and awkward computer?
How art thou? Shakespeare?
Who wants to go to a dance....Hmmm?
Please interpret this Charles Simic poem for me?
Will ya comment if ya so please?
Will someone please look at my poem?
is this poem for my boyfriend good so far?
This is a poem I really like, can I get real opinions??
is this a good poem ?.......by my friend ?
Have you lost a talent? A sad rumination, c/c?
What do you notice first about a poem?
Please help me edit this Shakespearean sonnet I wrote!?
What do you think of my poem?
What recourse do I have if someone steels my poem?
Your opinions about my Poem..?
have you ever felt you have been ungrateful? C/C?
i need a five stanza poem?
¿Cuento tres cosas para un corazón triste?
I'm writing a poem for school?
What do you think of my poem, "Confessions of a Sarcastic 30 year old"?
Bruce dawe's poem Katrina, help??!!!?
can you stand a little thank you? a poem...?
Do you thirst,or do you drink from the well?
English 4 essay comparing and contrasting poems?
This is a beautiful poem by John Gillespie McGee--please read?
Does anyone know of a poem about pain and despair that doesn't rhyme?
Anybody have copy of Ted Hughes book - Birthday Letters?
PLLEEAASSEE HELP me again!?!?!?!?
I need help analyzing a poem?
Can N E body give me a 3 line,easy to understand poem about love, but has no mension of actual word "love"?
How would you sum up your life in a six word memoir?
I feel like posting the names of some very cool women.?
Care to tag along?
What do you think of my poem?
Poems hope you like..? comment?
Do you like this poem: "Contagious is the sky with ravens"? by me.?
ATTENTION CREATIVE MINDS: I need a topic for a poem.. details inside.?
Can someone tell me the poetic devices used in this war poem? 'IN MEMORIAM' by Ewart Alan Mackintosh?
dumb poem....?
a new poem, tell me what you think?
what do you think?
What title would you give to this poem I wrote?
Poem help pleasae grade 8?
Prayer Poem for a dear friend who may be in trouble. C/C Please?
learning the poetry basics ?
opinions please...on my poem?
A quick poem?
Does anyone know the full version of a poem about a elf that lived on the up most pantry shelf?
what book/poem is the Maya Angelou quote "Life loves the liver of it" from?
read and critique my poem fragment?
How do i write about superman for my epic poem?
Everyone is asking questions about childhood, Can I? c/c?
Any ideas to improve my poem?
what grade would you give my poem?
Credible proof showing the Shakespeare was homosexual?
Yes, the Generic Question: What do you think of my poem?
whats a realy good i love u poem ??
Which cover should I use for my book?
poetic devices and the moral in franklins tale by chaucer?
anyone can help me analyze poem "A Soldier's Song" by:Marra Pl . Lanot?
Do you like this poem? Why or why not?
opinions on poem???????????????????????????
Mood/Analysis of this poem?.....................?
edmund spenser compared to William Shakespeare?
What do you think of "FEVER?" (A pome)?
i need to write a 'seasons' poem?
Games aim to maim or to tame?
A day to celebrate LADIES a poem of affection,, thoughts welcomed?
Can you give me some good poems about love?
Does anyone have an original Narrative Poem?
i need a good poem?
3 examples of where the proverb "where there's a will there's a way" applies to in everyday life?
Make a poem about a Zucini. Best poem gets 10 points?
I need feedback on my poem!?
Modern literature question, need help.?
Will you Join Me Poet Friends?
comment on a poem? - "contradiction"?
what do you think of my poem?
please rate my poem?...?
Do you like my pantoum?
What do you think of this poem?
Would you rate my poem?
Feedbacks and critiques on my writing? (short)?
Where can I find a modern/translated version of Macbeth?
What poem is good to preform at school?
A poem about lilacs, sort of, will you critique it?
Opinions on my poem please?
would you care to comment on this morning offering?
Would you like to read a poem? CC if you wish.?
Can someone write me a rhyming poem using the 20 words below? Thanks!?
What is the overall theme of "The Hollow Men"?
What are your favorite rhyming songs and poems for elementary kids?
would you care to comment on this, In honor of Buk?
Anyone good at french??
This one is called "Retahded"?
Feedback on my poem please?
What poet is known for using feminist criticism in their work?
some of the quotes i found online!?
Help, english (poem) presentation!?
any comments on this poem?
is this poem any good?
Another survey for the poets, what is your day job?
Does poetry (being a poet) affect your way of life?
Poem from romeo to juliet?
short but sweet. vanilla smoke. poem. is it good?
What helps you to carry on regardless? c/c?
A new haiku. Will you please c/c?
I need a rhyme, it doesn't have to be perfect?
What do you think of this poem?
Has anyone read "Oedipus The King" by Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay?
nature poems in hindi?
Advice / input on yet another of my old poems please ?
A Distorted Reality Is a Necessity to be Free?
Do you know him? Please comment on this poem?
can you describe the meaning of stanzas and breaking lines in poems? because i have to use them in my poems?
HEY WRITERS...what is your most effective technique in writing poetry?
what are you doing new year's day?
would you consider this a poem?
I need to write a poem about slavery using figurative language?
A list of real words that rhyme with the name 'Lucy'?
Need heelp with the meaning of a poem?
is this a good poem? yes or no and why?
Can someone give me some complicated, inspirational quotes or poetry?
"Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers. One hundred million angels singing...?
has anyone ever heard of a poem called if a bottle could talk?
Does this poem express any feelings?
what do you think of this?
what poetic devices are in this poem?
what is the poem for worry by J Ruth Gendler in the book of qualities?
Research the Bell Rock - What are some of the difficulties they faced in building the lighthouse there?
how is my poem? im 13?
Feedback on my poem please?
Poem I wrote a bit drunk. Woke up to find it written down. Any good or just drunken babble??
How can I make my lyrics more poetry oriented?
What are some interesting poems to recite in college? (Nothing too long please)?
Can anyone write me a sonnet ? PLEASE?
A recent poem, also untitled as yet, needs redrafting...?
Any comments on this poem?
Which poem is this???? English Literature,?
Has anyone Wrote/Read any good poems lately?
What are your feelings on MY POEM? The Final Walk?
I love them as if they were my own, will you C/C please?
can you give me a line?
A ride on the waves of the sun, WILL YOU COMMENT?
My eyes have never seen: tell me what do think of this poem?
what makes a poem a poem?
Whats a good.......?
All I can do is whisper and hope for the reflection you made,the same before...?
Please read music resurrection ?
what is the white man's reward in rudyard kiplings poem?
what do you think?
Is this poem okay?
Tragedy....c/c please?
"One cannot abandon their past, no matter how hard you try." What does that mean? It is full of sadness.....?.?
Need help with ENglish work! URGENT!!!!!?
Poetry: Any comments on this..........?
Significance of gift-giving and gold in the poem Beowulf?
will somebody take some time to edit my poem?
Betrayal, isn't it just the pits, a poem for c/c?
"The Clunker Saga" a pome, to read if you please, what do you drive?
wanna read my poem?
Where can i find good poetry?
Is this poem any good? Painful Happines. HONEST OPINIONS!?
heres a song i wrote, teme wt u guys think?any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated!?
♥ ¿¿ Do you believe,,,,in Yesterday,,,,,???
Who agrees that poetry sucks?
Will you comment on Oh heck, why not? Please?
Cinnamon, won't you forget him and fly with me?
What type of formalist criticism can be drawn from the poem "Homage to My Hips" by Lucille Clifton?
I have a question about the poem Inferno?
What do you think of my love poem?
What are poetic devices used in the 1st and 2nd stanzas of Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman?
old ironsides?!? metaphors?
Poem Interpretation..?
my new poem, what do you think?
e. e. cummings - here is little Effies's head?
What do you think of this Multiples Of Creativity poem?
What does the poem: Cottonmouth Country by: Louise Gluck mean?
What is the cacophony in the poem Thistles by Ted Hughes?
would people check poetry .com?
Need Poetry HELP..... :)?
two things that rhyme whit green?
what about this?
Have your dreams been realized?
Who should I show my poetry to?
Looking Out Over the Plains by Tu Fu Interpretation?
Help by writing rhyming Love poem?
kk i feel a little sad today so i wrote this poem what do u think?
Poem review?
Coleridge: Kubla Khan; All of the following is part of the speaker's attitude toward the pleasure-dome except?
Hurry up, read my poem (Tick-Tock)!?
Help me with the poem "Red" by Ted Hughes, just with the CAPITALS?
What are some good themes for poetry?
Will you comment on another one, please?
Could you tell me your thoughts on this poem that I wrote?
theme ideas for poems?
where can i find african poetry on the internet?
Thoughts on a short poem?
Are you affected by societal mores?
just some feedback please?
Do you appreciate my poem?...i just got up and i wrote it while half awake =P(so bear with it)?
Could I have feed back on this poem?
A poem I wish was more worthy of its subject, please critique like you mean it?
What is your opinion on my poem "Ending"?
Is this a poem titled "Love" c/c?
Will you comment on this attempt at a poem, please?
Use this event in a simile?
How is my poem sounding so far?
Does anyone know any famous poems which are about?
Rigor and guile?
please help me on these poems!?
How many of you can relate?
Emotional poem?
critique on haiku? thanks!:)?
no bedtime poem tonight... just a thought to go to sleep with, feedback?
Sort of disturbing poem? Do you like?
I seek critique. Will you offer yours?
Can you offer any suggestions for improvement please?
how do you like my poems?
A short poem.Please read?
Your opinon please...?
Symbolism in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
Sin City 2012, Si ............Si?
Is my poem Robert Frost quality?
Critique my poem please?
(Altered Nigh) - poem. Will you c/c if you may?
who wrote poem which begins "O Father my heart is filled with happiness and wonder"?
Poem about self harm?
Esteemed Poets, please rate my poem 1-10 & interpret if you fancy?
I need to find a poem or collection, by an award winning author about either love and/or revenge?
what are the different forms of poetry?
Is this a good poem about my sis?
Analysis of Poem - "If We Must Die" by Claude McKay?
Poem Meaning?
Would you care to comment on this Dorsimbra offering?
10 points for the first person that tells me what this haiku is talking about ?
plz plz plz help?!?!?!?
Should I go?
If You Poems? Please?
~Our Funeral~ Poem Feedback?
May I jump on Ma's wagon in poetic form?
When words have two meanings, does the poet have to choose just one?
Who do you think is the speaker of this poem?
opinions plz?
Not A Moment More, a poem please rate out of 10?
Please read my phone "fears"?
Does this poem have what it takes?
Does this poem sound okay?
need a poem?
edit these poems please?:)?
Please, I would like some opinions on this poem I wrote?
what ryhmes with ross?
What do I need to do to fix this poem?
I'm writing a poem for the new guy I met last night. What rhymes with tripod?
I am trying to enter some of my poems in a contest for free...does anyone know where i can do that?
What do you think of my poem?
Success and Failure, who decides?
Heavy stuff as a kid, will you comment please?
What are some good poetry sites (besides writerscafe)?
Is this poem good? (Criticism needed)?
Alas it is finally here?
Is this meaningful or what?
What do you do with your memories?
Would anyone care to comment?
what do you think of my poem?
Is this insanity or innovation, or a whole new creation?
Please POSITIVELY critique my poem:)?
what do you feel like.... really deep down inside?
keats synesthesia poetry?
What do think? I thought he loved me (Short Shorty/Poetry)?
Can someone help me with a creative title for this poem?
Is this a dedication....?
Is this a good poem?
a poem about " The air around us" any style deadline is the 25th of 10 2012?
A poem about something we need more of?
criticize my poem! and tell me what you think?
Rhyme Riddles? (10 points best answer)?
Is there a certain topic/item /emotion /subject/scenario that you prefer when reading poetry?
How can I make this poem better?
is this a good poem....?
Opinion on my poem (Hunger Games)?
What kind of cloud do you sleep on......? Comment/Help?
Is it bad ?
Do you like reading old Southern dialect poetry?
can anyone give me a 2 word poem?????
Do you like my Rondo?
Help interpret please? whats the symbolism represent? ik the poem is about circumcision?
Would you say this is a good poem please tell me your opinion?
I had a letter this morning telling me a poem i wrote a while ago for a competition is being published! wow!?
What's a good friendship poem?
poems , do they have to show depresion ?
Is this a good poem? ?
Do you like this "poem"? ?
i need a poem!?
Do objects hold memories for you? The Stone Rabbit, c/c?
Ooooh, some Val-Ku's!!! (dirty!!)?
PLEASE READ and discuss?
Any thoughts on this poem?
How's this Poem I wrote (The Oyster)?
looking for this poem i once heard...becuase i love you?
[blank] are better than [blank] finish ending?
What is stanzaic developement?
Comments on this poem?
what poem should I pick ?
Poem about Snow ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Is this any good?
Explore the ways that the poem Porphyria's Lover presents ideas about people in love. ?
How does this do in explaining a complicated relationship?
Anybody like this?
Using Metre when writing poetry?
Make a poem about Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire?
Could someone please help me mark the stressed and unstressed syllables in my sonnet?
How are you all today?
'How do I love thee' Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
Can anyone give me a good alliteration poem about home???
help? analysis of poem?
In Bird in the Classroom how do you explain the contrast between the bird's voice and the teacher's?
Should I contact a well-known poet for advice on getting started in this field?
What elements influenced the man's decisions in the Pit and the Pendulum?
what do you think of this short poem?
any comment?
Can you whare your thoughts on this poem?
What do you think of this Friday The 13th ain't Got Nuthin On This One morning pome?
My first poem Please read, not too long! any comments...?
Help Writing My Slam Poem!?!?!?!?
what is your thought on this poem about spring?
A poem --no special form is it my turn?What is morning…?
Two short related poems, will you offer comments or critique?
What say to the pome, "Snidely Settles It With Brunhild Viking"?
Would you like to read a poem about a meeting?
I have a writer's block, what do you think?
Please comment on my poem?
Any poets know Italian?
Okay, so I haven't attempted poetry in a while... I'm asking for brutal HONESTY, please..?
Do you ever think that somewhere in the past you still exist?
does the poem 'love is like a gobstopper' have a rhyming scheme or any poetic techniques?
Do you like my brand new poem?
Another one - What Do You Think?
I apologize but this is sad, you are my friends so I ask for your comments, please?
How important is poetic scantion?
what is the climax in the poem Edward edward?
What are the themes of Walter Raleigh's poem "The soul's errand"?
What do you think of my poem?
What does this line mean?
Can poetry help find a soultion ?
Romeo and Juliet Sonnet Critique?
What are these two poems?
I have a concussion, so be nice. LOL How is this.?
Poetic Challenge.......will you give it a shot?
I have another poem please rate this one!?
Would you please comment on an unspoken thought to a friend?
im thirteen, need advice on another poem. Its called "Questioning of Another Broken Heart" Thanks...
do you think my poem is decent?
what do you think of my poem?
My 2nd acrostic poem. For our magnanimous hosts . What do you think.?
~More Than Looks~Honest Opinion On Poem???
Will you c/c the new script of a poet?
Lyrics/ poem help! help on improving/ give feedback on my verse (.s!)?
similes and metaphors needed!?
i need help tryin to understand the poem eves apology by aemilia lanyer?
What makes you feel strange?
why is it when we are sad anything can be lyrical and words are rhymed?
Quotes, where to find? Websites?
parody for death be not proud by john donne??
please read poem i made. tell me what u think?
What is the theme of The Execution by Alden Nowlan?
write a poem/song/rap about 'feeling good tonight'.................?
my new poem, what do you think?
Comment and critique this poem please?
Winthrop and Bradstreet?
Does my daughters poem make sense?
What are your feelings about this Poem? Sedated?
What do y'all think of this poem i wrote?
How long will it take?
Thank You. Please C/C this poem I wrote?
do u like my poem called over the years? Be brutally honest?
what is the poem ''wind'' by ted hughes about?
Would you take a minute to read my inferior song for a superior lady?
What's your cure for writer's block?
poem. it is time to speak of sailing ships sealing waxgabbage and kings?
what means super build aria.?
Could you help me with my poem?
What Do You Think Of My Poem?
what does this line of poetry mean to you?
need help with the next part in my poem ..plz help ?
romeo and juliet!?
What do you think of this poem?
Something from my new work, what do you think?
May I offer you another poem to lift you high?
better than the last two I asked you to choose between?
can someone please Help with a poem?
what are idealistic poems??
Can anyone help me analyse this poem?
When did you start writing poetry?
Poem I cant remember, anyone think they can help?
What do you think of my poetry?
Does this poem need a room?
"Sonnet 63" If you were Odysseus, with your love by your side, would you hurry home? Any C/C ?
How many mothers do you have?
Will you please TITLE or Comment this poem?
Poetry competitions in Australia?
A new haiku. Will you please c/c?
What do you think of this poetic verse?
Short poem, I have set this task for myself, c/c - be perfectly brutal or honest, K?
My first ever poem- I don't consider myself a poet, just curious what you think?
What is John Haines definition of truth in this poem?
HELP: "A Poison Tree" Analysis?
Please comment on my poem?
Can anyone help me write a poem of apology?
What do you think?this is just a poem I wrote off the top of my head.?
What is a good part to act in the Beowulf poem?
Can you kindly share your insights or any interpretation on this?
---Girls Only!--- read my poem HONEST OPINIONS please?
Mama said life was like.......?
Would 'your latest foolish girl' take the spotlight for a few days?
Hey I'm an aspiring poet and i need to Sign my Piece's?
what does the poem Oh Never More by Percy Bysshe Shelley mean ???
Is this a poem titled "Love" c/c?
Do you like my new poem?
A poem for you to c/c please?
You can't judge a binch by its stribble?
what do you think of this famous poem- barbie doll?
Can you make up some sweet kind sentences to put together to make a poem plz thank very much?
Anybody good with poetry?
Is this a poem people can relate to? "Where the Sidewalk Ends"?
Can I get feed back on this Poem?
What my husband heard, a memory poem, c/c?
What is my poem about?
What effect does a blank verse create in poetry?
Does it make sense to say a poem is written in the sonnet?
what should need for good poetry?
What do you think of this poem? It came from a dream i had.?
Please give me the lines of the poem London Policeman.It begins with the words"I often think it must be fun"
changing for the better?
I'm looking for a poem from mother to daughter?
can you rate my poem please?
What poetic Devices are in the Poem- Peace by Rupert Brooke?
Feedback is appreciated on my poem?
poem about racism in the 1950s?
What was your reaction to this poem?
And what type of magazine populates your room?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 1?
Please tell me what you think of my sonnet?
How is a noiseless patient spider a poem part of the romanticism movement?
need help translating a poem?
walt Whitman's list of grievances pleassseeeee?
What do you think of my poem so far?
"Bits And Its" a slrrpy Spontane for you :)?
Do you like this poem? Bettany? Anyone?
Why are we here? Will you comment?
Please rate my poem... it would mean a lot to me!?
Gravity of a Situation...?
What is Poetry, and how can one separate it from prose?
i'll take your wallet they'll find your number you'll neverknow me i'll never know you but you'll be so happy?
what are some good roses r red poems?
Author's Point of View?
What are the differences and similarities in structure between Shakespearean and Spenserian sonnets?
Anyone knows any cool quote or poem to ask out a girl?
Is this worth anything?
i need a verse for a poem that ends in a word rhyming with "now"?
A Poem...to feast your eyes upon...maybe?
Poetry help?! Please help me!!!!?
Comments on this poem, please?
Will you read this poem and help me identify its author?
Is this a good Poem????
i need honest oppinions on this poem i wrote! thanks!!!!?
Have you ever noticed?
What do you think of this poem?
An offensive poem? My gramps,would grudgingly (because of petrol cost)drive us home at night?
what do you think of this poem?
jackson mississippi city counsel's resolution on $25000 for those were affected by the latest storm?
Poetry in religious books, where can I learn more about this?
who killed the swoose?