critique me please.... Can You See Me?
I just wrote this poem, what do you think?
Theme of "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost?
Are you ever pleased when you find your work (acredited) on another site?
What do you think of a forgotten name poem?
Please rate this poem 1-10 1 being lowest 10 being highest?
I need some help with my poem?
Rate My Poetry ?
What do you prescribe for writer's block?
Will you C/C on a philosophical script that creates many questions and offers no answers, if you may?
I've heard that i write some amazing poems that can become songs.i just don't know how 2.?
Have you ever heard a rooster with a cold?
What do you think of my poem?
ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! I'm 13, and wrote these. What do you think of my lyrics? (:?
is this good at all for a poem?
Is it "childish" to rhyme in poetry?
Quotes on LIFE??
what do you think of my poems?
i need help with my acrostic poem?
are these short poems any good?
can any one find me a good poem?
Would you care to comment on this 26 word exercise?
"Nemephistos" a spontane in brief for your c/cif you kindl;y will?
Your comments on a poem I finished the other day (20th May ) please?
"Hourglass figure" part of poem, anybody can point me to this poem?
Please crit my poem for me? You can be rude...?
My Poem She's what i breath?
Can you please read my poem?
Do you like my poem?
Is this a poem " A Child's World"?
Do you like this poem?
Describe something in a lyrical fashion?
Romantic words that rhyme in Spanish.?
How do you become inspired to write poetry?
What Are Some Great Ways To Creat A Poem? 10 points?
What is your interpertation of this poem?
Quotes about loving who you want, and not worrying about what others think?
What is it called, in poetry, when there's a word mid one line that rhymes with a word mid the next?
yes... Another poem...I JUST WANNA HMMM?... please comment if ya like...RpG...?
One Art Essay questions?
Ever danced on a grave, comments please?
Songs about lost love....?
How to write a poem for lord of the flies?
What do you think of this poem?
Does anyone know American poems that are simply and long?
please comment on my poem?
what is the aesthetic purpose of a poem?
what type of poem is mother to son?
I need feedback on my poem based off the raven?
What does this poem mean? What is it talking about?
free poetry. and it is worth it^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~!?
I need some really good songs to depress me?
I need to write these for my shadow, ok?
Do you like my semi-dark poem?
What is the deeper meaning to C.K Williams' "Light"?
ok..it's time to confess...c/c?
Quick poem about greece?
Who is your favorite living American poet?
The Promise.......................a post..c\c?
Will you rate my poem about things?
Does anyone know a poem about rodents?
Rate this cute love poem and post your valuable comments?
What literary devices are used in this poem? (10 points)?
Learning what it means to feel alive in 104 degree heat?
Could someone please help me with scanning the meter for this sonnet by Kim Addonizio?
how do you write an 'I Am Canadian' poem?
Poet friends here? I really an urgent appointment from you all, please!?
How are the poems "Ode on a Grecian Urn" and "Lady of Shallot" similar?
What do you think of this short poem?
does a dialogue poem have to rhyme?
what poetry form is the hug by tess gallagher?
Please C/C Poem: Do what your heart knows?
Will I sell lots of books and poetry when I start writing for real?
Can you paraphrase this poem and identify figures of speech?
what do you think of my poem?
a translation for a poem?
Please comment on my poem?
Would 'your latest foolish girl' take the spotlight for a few days?
How is this poem I wrote?
so i needed to get my feelings out so i wrote a poem?
help me write a poem or give me a good one
Will you comment on this shorty please?
How well can you write poetry?
Write a parragraph about the life of a pen ?
Part of a story I'm working on.. How is it?not about me!?
cooks brook poem by al pittman:find the word and phrases that suggest how the speaker feels about diving into ?
How should i cook my steak?
what kind of poem is this? like a haiku, or limerick (it's for homework!)?
Free verse poem using figurative language?
Can you read my poem and tell me what you think?
since you all liked the first poem so much how about this one?
I just wrote a poem, opinions please!?
The letters to love...?
what do you think of my poem?
poem of walt whitman?
Improve my awful poem? (short)?
What's the name and author of this poem?
What song goes with this poem?
critique my writing(easy 10 points)?
Have you ever written something, like a poem or a story... and you think it's great as soon as you're done----
Please, I Need Some Sad Poems?
can someone explain these poems/elegies to me?
Can people define a color? Does this poem reflect it if they do?
do you like my poem?
Look no further! how do u rate this poem?
My opinion on the old adage that "tears are cleansing." Do you agree with this write?
Anyone feel like reading a poem I wrote? Comments and critiques?
Need a poem thats really cool and about music....?
Do you feel perfect when you are ridiculous?
What are some of the Dos and Don'ts of writing good, short poems?
Feedback on some poetry?
what are some poems that have powerful meanings behind them?
what are some good quotes?
Here is my first poem of the day and maybe my last. Comments welcome?
Love poem for school?
What are your thoughts on my poem?
What do think of the poet Charles Bukowski?
i need a good instrumental song to go with this poem?
What are your thoughts/suggestions on this?
Avoidance in elegy poems?
want hindi poem on red fort and purana qila?
What song goes with this poem?
Will you take a moment to comment on this please?
Sad... this is a poem. Will you read and comment?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...?
is poems sad (its more of a story then a poem) but still sad.?
poem figure of speech help?
Would anyone like to rate my poem? http://www.poetry.com/voteforme/poemvote1.asp?PID=10797371?
What do you think of 'Silent Circuses Dance' so much for poetry, poem?
What shall I title this peice?
How should I write this poem?
PC modem problems.....free verse?
old poem i made at church camp?
"Stength And Power" a 1st Draft/ 1st Verse.if you`ll be so kind as to c/c a short verse ?
Anyone know the name of this poem?
Friendship poem(s)?
what do u think of this poem "prison of time"? pls check it out and give me ur opinion?
Help friendship poem?
Does any one have a good Poem topic?
poem about arthur rimbaud?
On writing and rewriting, and what to do before planting forests, c/c?
Where do dreams go when they die? Please comment on a poem?
i am writing a sonnet and i need words that rhyme with shelter?
I'm in a veritable quandary, will you help?
What do you think about this poem i wrote two years ago? xD?
Do you know any links to good poetry sites?!?
Poetry starters? I need help!?
What do you think of this 'I've Tried And Tried, But Real Poetry Eludes My Pen' poem?
A Poem i wrote tonight do you like it?
How do you feel about this poem?
Not much of a poem..i know...it lacks all the essentials of a true poem..but how does it feel?
what magazines publish poetry for children and teens.?
what do you think of my short poem? (8 lines)?
Anybody care to read this poem about drinking?
THE RAVEN by Edgar Allan Poe.This is my favourite.Whats yours???
What does this poem mean? (A Grief Ago)?
Can you write me two small poems?
You know of the Sirens in Greek mythology?
What might 'unfair equivalence' mean?
how do you feel about this? .. honesty please?
Please help me analyze Emily Dickinson's poem...?
Dieing inside my heart (please critique)?
Does anyone know of a famous poem about anorexia?
Sergei Mikhaylov Poem?
My teacher told me to write a sonnet, is this a sonnet?
what literary elements does robert frost use in the poem "stars"?
a new attempt. how is it?
Could someone please help me analyse/annotate "Hive" by Carol Ann Duffy?
ASAP I Need a poem on the 1960s?
paraphrase the following poem?
Comment on my poem please?
Does thyme rhyme with mine?
Do they still make junk like they used to?
Can someone help me with a light verse poem.?
Critique my poem, will you?
new poem tell me what you think?
Would you read my poem about Dreams that will not come true?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
please please comment and critique this poem?
Do you leave the light on, or...fill in the blanks?
are there any car names that rhyme with horn?
is this poem any good?
How short can a poem be? What would you feel comfortable with - writing short?
what do you think of my poem?
Do you sometimes finish a poem, step back, and say, "I didn't just write that"?
What kind of poems do you like?
Feedback on my poem please?
How would you improve this poem, I found it, then lost it?..Then found it again?
I have outdone myself, and I am not done! Can you help with this?
Poem help plz!!!?
What words rhyme with Aysha?
can someone please make poem out of these spelling words?
I've tried an iambic pentameter sonnet here. Please temme how you'll find it and whether it's worth anything
what type of poem is A bottle and a friend by robert burns?
What do you think is the meaning of this song?
Comments on a birthday poem included in a card for my 'son'?
what is this poem about?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
How do you find what other poets said about a certain poet? (like, a dead poet. :) )?
pleaseeeeee read my poemmm !! :))?
Don't ya love big words?
Hey, wut do u people think of this poem i wrote?
wnter poem what you think???
what do u think is the meaning of this poem?
Talk to me about the Romantics...they wrote, you know?
What think you about what this Elf is propagandizing about mornings?
What is the message of the poem, Brown Penny by William Butler Yeats?
I write poetry but im kinda stuck :/?
A goodnight of sorts, will you comment please?
I need help writing a thesis statement for the poem, Daddy, by Sylvia Plath?
How do you begin to say goodbye to an ill and aging parent? (a Dorsimbra)?
Do you hear that? Please C/C this poem?
How does my poem sound?
Please c/c my (revised) poem/prose?
Sue wrote this one, using a style like me, purposely, though she does me better than I do..c/c?
rate my poem? 1-10? please?
What is a poem that contains a literary allusion to Julius Caesar or Don Quixote?
What allies do you have in the maple tree?
"Enlightenment Day On YaHOO?" ...A Spontane - Yes- It Is For You- will you kindly c/c?
My poem received an editor's choice award. Now wat?
What think you of a 'donut day' poem?
Can you make my poem better?Thankyou.?
Rate my finished poem?
What do you think about my natural poetry?
Can anyone please make an acrostic poem out of the word obedience?
where i can find some grat magazines and get paid for my poems;?
What do birthmarks mean?
the firsst draft of my poem. my first in a while.?
Opinions, please?
HELP!!!! idk who is this poem is from?
can anyone find the greek poem of "Hero and Leander" by christopher marlowe on ther internet?
Is this a combined couplet poem?
What do you think of my poem?
please help! with poem stuff!!?
whats everyones opnnon on this poem?
POEMS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
poem questionnnn! OMG I NEED HELPPPP!?
I have written a Shakespearean love sonnet at skwl and we have to present it in an interesting way. Any ideas?
Poetry now it is here, now it is gone, is there a logical reason why poetry is being?
Wrote a poem.. Need honest opinions. Please?
May I take you into the Looking Glass through the reading of it?
Poets: Will you give me your thought on this matter?
What figurative language is "Just boiling in my blood"?
hindi veer ras poem of chittorgarh?
Help me uncover the meaning of Sara Teasdale's Faces...?
Is there bile in those bones?
I need help with a Sonnet. Please?
Can you relate to this?
please let me know what you think of these poems? And any editing suggestions are welcome!?
how does this sound?
What is a good Australian poem that capture's the stereotypical Australian.E.g Throw another snag on the barby?
No remorse, will you comment please?
Hey, ya'll. A poem for Saturday. Will you read it please?
What do I do if I'm not sure if my words are original?
If I'm not a POET do you think I could be a weather Girl?
HELP! walt whitman analysis?
Is this a good poem? be honest plz!?
What do you think of my poem?
isn't this poem sad?
help me please with this POEM??
how do the structure and rhyme scheme relate to the meaning of the prologue sonnet ?
what are poetic devices in this poem by robert service " lottery Ticket'?
Please comment on a humble poem?
Is spoken word poetry popular?
What do YOU think the meaning of this poem is?
What do you think of my poem?
information about the poet Yeats?
original poem #2 what do u think?
ways to write "i opened my eyes" or i woke up?
Does this make more sense?

I need some help with my poem?
I need a Mother's Day poem for my future mother-in-law!!?
I need poems!?
please read my poem about a smile?
Do you like my even more newer poem?
You once asked if i could protect you from my words....?
" have you ever " a poem to end the day and say good night, please to read and comment?
Care to snicker or send a kiss?
What do you think of my new poem, The Eagle's View?
Have you ever felt lost? Happiness is lowly leaving me, taking away the essence of what I used to be.?
Need help annotating poem and answering questions!?
I really need someones opinion on a poem I just wrote?
what do you think of this poem?
What is Swifts by Ted Hughes about?
i need to write a poem and i was thinking about a poem about how hard it is to write a poem about him.?
What is your reason for wanting to be free?
'We real cool' poem, & Coal" by gwendolyn brooks/audre lorde facts about the author?
name 5 Shakespeare plays?
From a father who was never there...should I be happy?
I need some poetry help?
Would you please rate my poem? I wonder if you can get the point I'm trying to convey, can you?
What do you think of my poem? Feel free to be harsh!?
Wrote a poem.. Need honest opinions. Please?
What do you think? (PLEASE don't steal)?
i need to make an acrostic poem for hanukkah what should i do ?
What do you think of this poem?
What does the poem, "Motion"by Octavio Paz means?
Why won't winter go away?
what rhyme pattern does the cat in the hat by Dr Seuss have?
Ignoring the spelling wat do u think of this poem?
A Poem for the Heavy Heart?
What dose this poem mean to you?
Check out my poem, rate it? Thanks?
10 points for best short story .. ? ASAP .?
Can you please edit, or criticize this poem? Also, does it qualify as a free verse or even just a poem? ?
Poem by Jenny: Read and Rate.?
Short poem about The Beatles?
what do you think of my poem "leonightis"?
What do you think of my poem? This is my fourth one on here?
How many of you won't read this poem? Comments/Critiques?
what would you call Gilgamesh in "The Epic of Gilgamesh"...?
I wrote this poem for my friend. What do you think of it?
anyone good with understanding poetry?
Your interpretation of this poem please? (:?
Does anyone have a fairy poem that I can use for my English project about FAIRIES!?
What is a song that describes one of the books from the Iliad?
Looking for a specific poem.?
What mood are you in when you write the best poems?
What does the poem, "Motion"by Octavio Paz means?
poem for Wednesday. Would you c/c, please?
This poem. Can you think of a title?/what do you think of it?
I wrote a poem, "I don't have the words to describe how much I lust after you".No words yet, of course. Ideas?
One more poem for your perusal?
Opinions on my poems?!?
Interpretation of a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah...?
Dark poem...whats lacking/out of place?
I Need a stronger ending, any ideas?
Please Help! Rhyme scheme question!?
Do you believe in angels?
What do you think of this poem?
good poetry..?
What is the theme for a love poem?
Is this a good imagery poem?
If you don't write for a while, do you lose the knack?
What's the best way to get into poetry?
Some thing new, care to have a look?
Morbid, honest, painful poetry - Your thoughts?
What do you think of this poem?
u like my poem? im 14?
"Cleveland has Balls, Part 2: Larry Hughes"?
What's your favorite poet and poem?
Is this a poem that questions " The Bent Man"?
Does my poem make sense; Is the message clear?
How come I write better when I...?
Can anyone understand/analyze the poem The Wood-Pile by Robert Frost?
Opinions on a new poem please?
please read this passage I wrote and critique, comment or compliment!?
Do you want to choose the moment of your death?
I need rhyming words that are romantic. Any ideas? Its for a love poem I am writing.?
Not completely forgotten?
any corrections or ideas?
Do you have poems that write themselves (like this one)?
poetry figures of speech?
Metaphor help please?
Would you comment on another monkey poem please?
Do you like Barffo's new poem? It is in the style of Crappo...?
I need a translation for this poem?
Meaning of Francesca by Ezra Pound?
Poetry readings in Los Angeles area?
i have to write a poem using some ones name but i dont know how to get started?
Challenge for thought?
anyone up for editing this short poem that i wrote?
Do you like my new poem?
*****POETRY***** care to comment * my first try BLINKS*?
Elucidate the symbolic significance of the wall in the poem mending wall and analyse its use by the poet to co?
can someone please help me I need to write a poem about Medgar Evers?
Please rate my poem 1-10?
Could Any of you give me a song or poem about greediness today?
A poem about a fellow Marine I never forgot?
Any suggestions on my poem? All sorts of ideas are welcome..?
What do you think of my poem?
come someone right me a sonnet on Michael Jordon in Shakespearean?
(annabel lee poem) why you can't entirely trsut the speaker in this poem.?
10 points! answer if u want points!!!?
write me a poem about challenges about 5 lines you will get 10 points?
a short poem...please c/c?
Someone rate my poem?
does anybody know the poem that prompted Kourtni's tatto from so you think you can dance?
Does anyone dare to recite the poem from "Death of a Martian" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?
Can you write a cautionary tale in 14 lines? (a sonnet from my youth)?
What is depicted in Geoffrey Chaucer's hand?
A poem is what I need to write, regarding my, imaginary flight, my real fight?
Another poem I wrote. How is it? Be honest?
I need a poem about mother father and first born son?
Help!!!poem!! PLEASE ANSWER!!?
what is the rythm and lines and stanzas in a poem?
Here's a poem. Can you explain it to me; at least the last part ?
Do you have a past self? Do you miss it? c/c?
Which is your favorite old style poet?
What do you think?
Help me on my poem over To Kill a Mockingbird?
What is the attitude of the speaker toward the subject in the poem We Wear the Mask?
Do you like this poem?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
I have to read and explicate a poem for English, I need an idea of what to do for a class activity?
Two poems. read? plz. about my g/f melissa?
What happened to that funky question?
What visual should I do for this poem?
what is the tone of the poem "the sick rose" by william blake?
One more...but walk carefully...it rhymes. Will you critique?
Perks of Being a Wallflower poem?
There is a poem starting" Beyond the Empyreum lies, Anticthon moving antiwise".?
what is a troll?
are there any words that rhyme with orange?
what should i call my poem? do you like it?
15 Reasons Why Poetry is Pointless...or bad, or something along those lines...?
Could someone please help me fix this poem?
What do you think of my Poetry?
how do u like this poem?
Will you read and shed a tear, for my dying angel dear?
Who is Robert Frost speaking to in "Nothing Gold Can Stay" PLEASE Help, I'm in study hall =)?
What is the poem at the very end of 'INTO THE WILD'?
Tell me what u think of this poem?
What do you think of my diamante poem?
is this a good growing up poem?
Are you Dancing with Jealousy?
Who wrote this verse - May peace and plenty crown the land And civil discord cease?
Are these poems sound good?
I checked with Roget on "mundane." He said, "Ordinary, humdrum and dreary are best." What do you think?
Opinionated Discourse........a poem----c\c?
What is the rhyme scheme used in the first stanza of "The Tables Turn"?
what figurative language is this?
Can someone critique my poem?
What words rhyme with "girl"?
Thoughts on this poem?
Are you too busy counting sheep to read this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
How about a corndog? Cheese sandwich?
can you help me with these 2 short poems?
Whats the most appealing aspect of sonnet 18 ?
What do you do when you run out of rhyming words?
Is this well written?
What meaning does these words give you?
do you like this poem?
Is this poem good or not?
Can you help me make a poem from these words?
Do you ever wish you could go back in time? (poem c/c)?
What is the poet purpose of The Arctic Lover?
What is the overall message of this poem.?
What type of poem is Sylvia Plath's "Family Reunion"?
What does this mean?
HEY WRITERS...Are you a tool...?
Do you find your shoes restrictive? C/C?
Poem-Is this a poem? If so, is it any good? Please rate it. Be blunt & honest about what you think. Thanks.?
Can Someone Help Make A Acrostic Poem Using Executive Branch?!!?
Is here poet?I've got idea and some words, but I think it is very bad english((((?
What is verse?! What is the verse in the Canterbury Tales?
Semper attempting a Trigee? Can he do it?
What's a good site for interesting poetry? like poetry submissions and/or forums and blahblah?
What long name would you give Dallas? We need one, A GOOD ONE?
I have made a vow that over the next few days I will read one poem by each TC in the poetry category, and?
I want a critical analysis of the "night", poem by Margaret Atwood.?
does this poem make sense? thanks!?
Be truthful people what percentage of poems on poems are any good?
Is my poem good or bad? What can I fix?
Need help with The Waste Land!?
do you like this poem i wrote? will u please tell me what you think?!?!?
Poem Paraphrase/detailed explanation needed.Full marks for best answer.?
What does this poem mean?
I need help writing a poem. ?
Can you name 7-8 poems by Rabindranath Tagore that are inclined towards patriotism?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
Is this poem any good or is there still work to be done?
This is for a father like figure of mine.. i'm sorry.. please tell me your opinion of my poem!?
New Poem; unsure - could you please help?
First airing of the HealthyNuts with Dr Lovechild Show, will you c/c?
how do u like my poem???
Is there any hope for me? :(?
Examples of poetry in the 18th century?
who wrote the poem "we did not lose.."?
Please read poem I made ?
does my peom make sense??
Where did 'Up Your Maslow' get such a fantastic version of "Wee Willy Winkie as this one?
Do you know someone named Willow? c/c?
Will you read a revised script written by the Greek poet?
What is this poem about?
What is this poem? I need the title and author?
I need a really nice poem for my nans funeral?
what impact did Mr.William Shakespeare have on poetry?
Re-post, what do you think of my poem?
please read my poem and thoughts?
please look at my poetry on deviant. Im tired of waiting for people to look at them the old fashion way.?
what do u think of this original poem?
Does anyone know any good first trimester poems ?
Are my poems any good?
first line to a verry morbid poem. critique?
Can anyone point out a poem?
is the word tired one syllable or two?
The Greeks had Gods; do we have ourselves?
A poem: sketched this one down in a lecture hall about lecturers. C/C please?
What can be the best poem to tell a girl I love you ?
List of things to write poetry about.?
Have you ever followed the rules?
A waste of time?
what do you think?
Graduation poem for my girlfriend?
What are some good ideas for a poem for my Creative Writing class?
A poem, "How I've spent my last week," tell me, do you like it?
What do you think of this...?
Will you comment on this, Number 3 today?
love poem by linda pastan theme?
ever written a poem inspirted by an actor/actress, or movie? or know of where i can find some?
What say to a "Makeup Gone Wrong Morning Pome"?
what are your feelings on MY POEM? Withering Heights?
A poem tidbit.. the mind is not ready to write.. this is the start, shall I pursue it?
Similar Poets?
What do you think of my cherry blossom poem?
what is the poetic techniques in anne bradstreet poem " upon the burning of our house"?
What do you think of my poem?
Have you ever wanted to work at a nursing home?
How do I delete my poetry on poetrynation.com?
G'mornin Y'all, will you comment please?
Hope you like my poem?
Is the humor in this poem obvious?
Analyse "Our Sister have I in House"?
english poem?
help with a frankenstein poem??!!?
Need help writting three sonnets?
What do you think of this poem? Please Read!?
do you like writing poetry?
I am trying to find websites to read poetry from mazisi kunene....?
Can I get some critique/constructive criticism for these poems?
Term paper on the Harlem Renaissance?
Strengths and weaknesses with poetry. Help!?
does anybody know the meter of Elisabeth Barret-Browning's poem, 'Mother and Poet'??
the poem i wrote....?
Poets: What do you like to write?
What about this? Simile?
Whoever writes the coolest Shakespearean (English) sonnet gets best answer!?
write a poem about being under pressure?
Acrostic poem for DEVELOPMENT?
What are the literary devices in this poem?
Opinions on my poem..?
Please tell me what you think of this......?
Have you ever wondered about the following?
Another poem..please comment...
how do explain this poem?
A poem for someone. . . oh maybe it's?
Maya Angelou's empowering poems?
What form of poetry is this?
What do you think of Stephen Hawkins Is The One To Thank For Coffee morning pome?
What do u think of this poem?
Can someone please make a poem of 30 lines with the heading "news" PLEASE!!!!?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you look the other way? A poem?
word play poems???
I want to make a journal full of poems?
it's a little strange.. should i continue?
How do you interpret Edgar Allan Poe's poem "To Helen"?
Humpty Dumpty poem so far?
Who do you live for (exp.) (comment/critique)?
How do you appreciate my poem posted herewith?
Minervas baby, a poem about what?
Will you please comment or critique?
Limerick Poem?
[HELP] Kubla Khan Analysis?
Help on a fahrenheit 451 poem?
"Sonnet 57" The second full moon for this month is coming, what are your feelings, care to C/C this poem?
Why does this poem suck?
My only solo poem for the day. How do you like it.?
"Given that none of us is]starving "?
letting go.....................................?
...The Devil's Lesson?
Poem. Any tips on how to make it better.?
Synopsis and Cassie58: May I ask you why you posted these poetic answers? C/C if you may?
3rd silly, ya think?
Translate the poem into modern, familiar English. Do a line-by-line translation and delete the original lines.?
What is the meaning behind iris by Break te Silence?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
For the poets here - when one of my loved ones from poetry is maligned, I attack. Do you?
Tell me what you think of the poem?
Help in analysis of poem: Storyteller?
Damned By Desire rate this?
Anyone know a good resource?
poetry question. possibly Robert Frost?
Can you relate to this?
Help with a if i were poem?
Your help is needed here!?
Where can I find a Spenserian sonnet NOT written by Edmund Spenser?
Read this poem, it's great!?
What are your comments on 'Was This Poem Written?' morning ? poem?
my new poem...final goodbye...what do you think?
abstract ideas of imprisonment?
A poem. Will you read?
Do you believe it's Thursday?
A messy palette inspired by Mizzy?
How many poems, plays, and/or short stories did William Butler Yeats?
A great poem?
I need a line-break poem about something that you beleive in!?
Do you ever forget? Do you sometimes have to remember, again?
A poem for my sister, any thoughts?
do you have any good poems things like this?
for the guys?????
Could this be considered a literary conceit?
What are the literary devices in the poem "My Papa's Waltz"?
My Poetry?!?
Writers block...HELP MEEEE please please pelase?
asbfkajbgreaba someone help me with this poem. hahaha?
What's an acrostic poem using the words 'Constitutional Law'?
do you belive?
Should I try to make this into a poem?
I sn't the guy luckyto have a considerate step father. What do u say to this?
can anyone please explain this poem to me?
2 themes of transcendentalism pleaseeeee?
Does anyone have a good poem about change preferably about gaining freedom after losing it?
What's our Will made up of anyways?
poem quesion?????????
"His soul was empty" example of personification?
Poems that are about journey?
another poem, please give comments?
What do you think about my poem?
Who in the world could this be about?
Can you see the Moonnnnnnnnnnnnn?
Can you please rate my poem from 1-10 about my favorite Mexican?
I need to find a poem?
my best friend getting MARRIED, been with him for 10 years.. POEM idea's?
His my pen ? Is it creepy?
help me describe wats hapening in this poem?
Do you know what death is?
What is a dosimbra, never heard of it ?
The story of how I came to be back in Las Vegas, would you please comment?
Do you like my new poem?
Which of these three lines sounds best? Feel free to criticise :P?
Poem. not the best but its my first one.?
Acrostic Poem ; Care to comment?
I need to write a shakespearian sonnet for english class and i've tried forever but i need 4 lines to finish
is this a good poem?
Can someone help me make an Acrostic poet with the name Aubry Ann?
A good 4 line poem(3 poems please)?
Emily Dickinson's Poem?
The Long road home...?
What does this poem mean?
If I asked you; what do you think of my poem and what would you change? tell the truth?
Would you like to read Iano's latest bit of frivolity?
Advice on a sonnet on pain?
How to write a poem about what my life in the next five years? or so?
Does this poem taste nice on your tongue? Or not?? i am 13, please comment?
i tried writing this..is this good?..tell me if i can make it more better?
What would you title a book.....?
Sonnet problemss!!!!!!?
The Saint: I suck at poetry need advice?
A sestina of remembrance... c/c?
Coming of age poem? poetic device? :)?
A poem mentioning lobsters?
What is the message of "Poets to Come" by Walt Whitman ?
can u suggest at least 1 Filipino poem about wika (language) pls?
Anybody Think This Poem Is Good?
Will you please critique my skit for Playwright's School?
Would sincerely appreciate feedback my poem, "Emerald"?
Will you please not critique this poem . . .?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you think about his poem I wrote?
What do you think of this poem?
Unforgettable Love...Poem about an Ex Fiance Please let me what you think?
What do u think of this poem?
Do you like my poem? Can anyone think of a good title?
Anyone know any sorry poems about true friends?
Do you like my poem? Comments?
Can anyone help me with the meaning of this poem?
is this a good poem to give to a girl?
Ok. I give in. Where are all the usual suspects?
The rose that grew from Concrete - poem!?
Ye poets of YA : Are you snobbish about £1 shops?
what do you think? feedback on a poem?
What type of letter is this? I wrote it, I sent it, I meant it...?
The Artist Dead....c/c please?
Consider this, please?
Is this thing poem-like in shape and size?
Where can I find the poem "A Cut Flower" by Karl Shapiro?
Sonnet, The Forsaken One?
What's the difference between the tone of a poem and the dominant impression of the poem?
Does anyone know how to write a good war poem?
what is foot in poetry and how to identify meter?
My newest poem, tell me what you think?
Any advice on this poem I wrote?
Help writing a song/ poem? ?
Your opinion of this poem?
What give you the right to influence others with your poetry?
What are some basic and important steps for writing a poem?
Need to analyze this poem by tomoro!?
What do you feel about other arts?
Inventive use of language in Elizabethan poetry?
is anyone good at composing poems or songs?
Poem for the middle of the night. . .?
do you like my new poem?
Contrast theme of death in Bradstreet poems to the treatment of death in Walt Whithman's "Song of Myself"?
Would you C & C this "Goner" poem for me?
Lucky 13.................?
Have you been to a National War Memorial?
What is your opinion on this poem?
Ive been looking for this poem every where.?
What do you think of this poem?
does fifteen only come around once?
My poem, Back to the gym, is it funny?
10 points to best answer!!!?
My first poem here...what do you think?
its not poetry, and its not philosophy, just nonsence rhyming with sences of obscuring curses?
My poem 'Lunar Night' please rate give opinions?
thoughts on the poem; A Woman Is Talking to Death?
Need a war poem for my school assignment? Help please?
Why was it that I added you as a contact? a poem, what would you add or delete?
Feedback on my poem please?
how is this poem i wrote?
Will you C/C on a new script of the Greek poet?
Please comment/critique my light-hearted tongue in cheek verse?
Poetry that can be read two different ways?
What do you think of this poem Lost boy?
poem about the moon?
Comment on my poem? Be critical please?
help i need an ending for a poem?
How long does it take you to write a good poem?
Can you check this over for me and give me your opinion?
"The Rape of Lock" CANTO 1 by Alexander Pope...?? (10 points)?
need help making a poem with these four words.?
Need help with flow..."Before I'm Gone"?
a short poem?
May I have your opinions on this please?
do you think im any good in writing dark poetry?
Can someone tell me what are the metaphors in sonnet 12?
Do you mind if I write a poem today, and post it here?
Poem I wrote (Owt O Sinc)?
display names.. please.?
What do u think of my poem?
What do you all think of this poem? What do you think he is trying to convey?
Help with name of a poem!!?
Please c/c my (revised) poem/prose?
Acrostic Freestyle Challenge... for writers only...?
Please critique my poem?
is this your dream come true-or are you sad to see them go?
Why is the life of the average humANT a struggle?
can anyone help me write a sonnet about food?
Read my Poem please!!!?
Did my friend and I write a good poem?
Do you like this poem....?
Help me please?
Just like a girl ...............?
Well, good morning, and peace to the peacemakers......?
I need help with a sonnet?
Can you help me make a poem from these words?
searching for a poem by *Elma Mitchell* entitled *At First ,My Daughter*....?
William Shakespeare Sonnet 73 Questions outline HELP?
Any views on my poem?
Would you care to comment on a poem about writer's block, a Dorsimbra?
just want to say good night in my eight legged way... may I? a poem?
Would you be frightened?
A short, sweet poem to ask a girl to homecoming?
Yes, it is a poem. How can I improve it?
Where to find a few good hosts for top notch poetry site?
what do you think this poem means?
Help paraphrasing this poem? I felt a funeral in my brain by Emily Dickinson?
Is this any good or is it back to the drawing board and keep the day job?
What are the rhetorical tropes in Shakespeares Sonnet 50?
Tipply Tuesday.. a poem? and I am ..........?
How is my poem for English?
What are some poems that are kinda like these? I want a new tattoo and it to have something to do with these ?
do you like my anti smoking haiku?
Rhyming happy, uplifting poems?
What do you think of my 3rd and final poem of the day?
Please write a poem for me! I need help!?
I need help finding the meaning of this poem by linda Hogan?
please rate my poem (1-10)?
i have set of Gibsons Staffs Pottery 1951 mark in blue with cream leaves and gold band whats it called?
I need a cleirheiw and limerick poem for a poetry assignment and im no good at poetry. 10 points for trying!!!
does my poem make sense?
Where can I get my poems critiqued online?
Let me know how this poem is ???? Would love Feedback?
i need help on this poem PLEASE HELP ME!!?
<<<<How suitable is this?>>>>?
What should I name my sonnet?
What do you think of my two poems about flowers?
Can someone give me advice on this!?
Do you enjoy/ understand this poem?
what is a dramatic poetry?
How do you start a poem?
Need to fine Louis gluck poem online asap?
Girls,what do you think?
Anyone know where I can find the text of a delightful little poem caled "Jacob Strauss" ?
Any opinions about my poem Time To Eat?
Acrostic poem help please!!?
In An Hymn to the Evening by Phillis Wheatley What natural phenomenon does the poet describe in lines 7–8?
Is this a poem " A river without reason "?
And how would you like your critiques delivered? C/C?
Can someone please correct my ballad poem?
How do you write synonym and sense poems?
Serenade by Edgar Allen Poe: Opinions, thoughts, and general interpretaion. and No, its not fo a report. =)?
Do we spend too much of our time waiting to get something back for what we have given?
Would you care to read and comment my poem?
What Do You Think Of The Poem I Wrote? I Wrote This On Stereo Types.?
Are there any poets with a similar style to Billy Collins?
What is the meaning of Ezra Pound's poem 'Masks'?
Is this poem worth starring?
Alliteration poem on Chivalry?
Poetry challenge? Who can write the funniest verse about my avatar?
A sixteen line poem (rhymed or unrhymed) that describes Greg in Diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever?
What is your interpretation of this poem?
16 line poem about Otzi the Iceman?
are musicians good at poetry?
Poetry now it is here, now it is gone, is there a logical reason why poetry is being?
Poets: How long does it take you to write a Real Poem? C/C please?
Has the wind ever brought you a present?
Is this considered to be poetry?
They sowed their isn't, they reaped their same.?
Poem with nine stanzas?
May I have your reaction/comments/critique on this poem before football starts and I'm gone?
Untitled.... comment or something?
what do you think of this poem? (please be nice)?
Is there a related literature for the poem "The Little Rain" by Tu Fu?
How closely can you examine yourself? c/c?
a poem about carrots using similes, metaphores, and personification.?
Would any of you poets like to write a poem based on this painting?
Opinions on an edited poem please?
HELP! Can anyone write sonnets?
Does anyone know about this cat poem?
Poetry for teachers?
Does anyone know what "width" and "clouds" in this poem?
THESIS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can someone explain this anti-war poem to me?
A Dog Has Died by Pablo Neruda?
can you tell me what this poem means?
Need help writing a poem about zombies?
Any thoughts on this poem?
Will you comment on a junk poem please?
Poetry Question Please Help?
what do you think of my short story?
'Providence' tile courtesy of Rayven, will you c.C? oO?
Feedback on my poem, please?
New poem to be published in "Southern Poets" comments welcome...?
Today, I choose to reflect on what I have missed by repeating myself and conjuring input from....?
Please read regardless what your thinking?
For people who are good at writing love poems? Please help.10 points..?
HELP! With this poem's main ideas?
What do you think of this poem.?
An old poem to special one....(my friend in U.S.) ......Please rate it....?
I need an acrostic poem about where a snake lives?
Shakespeare help??? Props?
What do you think about my poem?
Do you like this poem? could you give me feedback!?
Edgar Allen Poe's techniques? 10 points?
what words rhyme with best?
Please tell me what you think of my Poem?
poem help! anticipation poem?
Does anyone know of HYDE has poetry?
What do you think about this poem?
Do you like this?
Poetry 2 Hope u like it!?
What is this poem about? Please read. ?
politricks are not for poets, write? can you write a patriot of EARTH poem?
Poem what do you think of it?
Constructive criticism for my emo poem please?
Need a poem for a student to read to his grandma for his great-uncle's funeral.?
Is my poem any good?
Critic to my poem please?
Help with poetry PLEASE?
Writing a poem about jewelry?
English homework! poetry!?
poet laurate? is it a certificate or actual award?
"To God" Poem What Do You Think Help Me Fix It?
What c/c for this "It's A Rap..." poem?
What does it mean to you?
I need a title for this poem, also constructive criticism?
What is a good metaphor about irony?
The star in my eye (rate 1-10) peom?
poem without title?
I added a stanza to this poem. This stanza has large spaces after it and before it. Comments, please?
This is horrible...help?
Do you like my new Villanelle in quarta...?
Poets, writers, do you find it difficult to remove yourselves from deep dark poems, once completed?
An old piece, comments or criticism?
Come give me advice on my poem, it would be awesome if you can!:) thanks ?
is my poem good? for english we had to write a poem using different sources and our own words?
Why does keep sending me to recommended questions when I click on poetry?
No more than merely myth? Perhaps?
poem about newton' law?
Have you ever really looked at the sky?
Updated, for clarity.......?
Do you like this poem?
I need some help with this poem, any suggestions?
critique please?! <3?
Here is a poem I wrote!! What do you think?!?
I am looking for a poem written by George Carlin, Comedian?
What do you think about this poem??
A type of poem i don't usually write. I hope you all like it.?
Is there poetry available online that has to do with the making of the earth?
new poem?feedback?thanks?
What do you think about my song/poem?
Did I just say I am in love with euphoria?
Have you ever written a poem for someone you love?
i tittle this one the world is a lie rate it please?
Where can I find the english version of Alfred de Musset's poem '' Adieu" on the Internet?
I need a cool poem like thing to feature at my profile page at orkut. Any suggestns?
Understanding some poems?
Poems writter before and after 1990! Please answer! 10 points rewarded?
Games Like IGI and IGI2?
Fighting Depression....c/c please?
A poem written for one of my contacts just to say thanks. Do you think this is good enough?
wrote it in five minutes....poem.?
How do you respond to the poem If-- by Rudyard Kipling?
can anyone summarize the poem "the laburnum top" by ted hughes?
What is the extended metaphor of this poem?
Your opinions of my poem? Please?
I step away from rhyme. C/C?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem & Prayer tribute to Dallas. Care to comment please?
I think this one is a first for me...comments/critiques welcome...what do you think?
acrostic poem for my name?
Inspired by neonman, who is your guardian?
does anyone have any of these poetry analyses?
Ok so here have a Valentine poem. Doesn't it just make you smile?
Pendulum Ways...?
In Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, the primary hero is?
What constitutes to a good poem?
Will you tell me what you feel about this poem, which made me feel ill?
how 2 write a poem compareing 2 things in nature?
how is theatre more specific in its communication than are some other art forms?
Do you have an altar to Saints? I do, would you hear, c/c?
Is my song/poem good?
It is Lizzy's Birthday! Here is a poem for you! Want to add something?
what's your opinion on this poem?
tips on writing classic rock, or singer/songwriter like music?
HP wants to stop the giggling giggler...here's my response...comments?
Did you fall off the ladder?
Have you ever been completely opened?
How would shakespeare say "May you"?
what are four poems by langston hughes that are connected?
Whats your in depth opinion of my poem ?
The Wanderer?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you understand this poem?
What are some of your thoughts on Maya Angelou's Poem Insomniac?
What do you think of this poem I wrote last night?
Poetry question re-posted?
Anybody care to read this poem about drinking?
Where do I put a comma, if anywhere in these sentences? The titles are Poems.?
This poem is so insecure. How can it be urged along?
plz, i want a very very very funny hindi poem (hasya kavita) for a comptition ...!!!!!?
Give me a list of good themes to write a poem?
what do you think of my poem?
What assonance in the poem THE Lamb by Milton/?
Doesn't one good turn deserve another? A poem?
How to make this sound old...?
Comment on my poem. Please be critical?
Where could I cut some text out of this Shakespeare duologue and it still make sense?
poem meters? help please!!!!?
"In So Much Pain" New Poem - Comments???
Writers block: transition depression to happiness?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
where can i find literacy criticism on langston hughes poem, will v-day be me-day too?
A poem I wrote a while back and rewote just now. Commnet if you like.?
a poem "Don't Tell Me What You Think of Me" ok?
Inspired by TD, can you guess the instrument?
What do you think of my poem?
"Sonnet 67" Absence can make the heart grow fonder, but is that the best way? Any C/C for this poem?
How is my poem......?
this is another one of my poems?
I need a poem on gloomy days?
Ode To Darwin, See what you think?
Here. A poem you will want to read?
Please Help with Writeing Poetry. ASAP?
And Now Time For A Sad One - Do You Like?
Is this a good poem ?
Just wrote this, what do you think?
Poem! In Loving Memory! comments welcome(dont be to harsh=)?
Am I missing something? Is this good poetry?
do you have the time to read this poem and comment?
How is your heart today?
ballad poems associated with....?
Poem, give me some feedback let it be constructive or malicious?
Annabel Lee capitalized?
Opinions/Interpretations on my poem?
Should we petition ! Answers for a Poetry sub-sections based on age, genre, etc?
I need help finding a poem? It is about a mothers love for her son?
Tell me If my poem sounds alright Please!!!!?
'the man hunt' - madison cawein?
Can anyone help me to understand this poem " Gathering" by Margaret Atwood?
any comments on this poem?
need help with a french poem!!!!!!!?
Have you seen the APB (All Poets Bulletin) about disgruntled Yidiots posting hate mail?
Can anyone help me with this poem of an African?
Poem of the Cat--what do you think of this?
Would you please tell me your thoughts?
What do you think of my poem?
i need 10 poems that are at least 16 lines, can anyone help me??
I need help with this poem?
Define a William Shakespeare poem please!?