Rate my poem please, 10 points?
Romeo & Juliet Sonnet Help?
Need help with interpretations of Henry Longfellow poems!?
Challenge! Can you make a poem with one or more?
This one is called Retreat, thoughts anyone?
What do you think? is this an answer to a question or a question to an answer?c/c?
How do you put rhythm into free verse poetry?
"A Green Hill" a brief spontaneous impromptu reflection, if you would c-c?
Do you think writing poetry could be an effective form of therapy?
Just a short poem to vent. Comments, thoughts and reactions?
The Poet Caedmon and literary devices?
All you poets, here on Y!A, I propose a challenge, what do you say?
A poem about Mr. Grienke. Do you like it?
do you think this poem is good?
Have you ever wanted to make a poem out of a responder's answer to your post?
your thoughts on this poem, second time posting it?
can you help me make a poem about a mirror please?
What are you doing here?
Poem Topics to write about?
Here's another poem from me for you to check out.....?
ready for my first question?
How do you like this poem? C/c please?
Anyone know a wedding poem (or other occasion) starts "God gives you this day"?
please help writing a poem i need honesty?
What is Elizabeth Barrett Brownings most famous poem?
Poems about living forever?
what does this poem mean?
I wrote a poem, I want to know if it's good or not?
I need help with a title; Do you like my poem?
Lyric Poem? 2?
attention please poets, lyricists and anyone with a good knowledge of towns lol!!?
What do you think of my poem? Honest Responses always welcome!?
i want a good poem on the city coimbatore?
Help me with my poem?
Is the World Poetry movement contest a scam?
What do you think this poem....?
In one word how would you describe a cloudless blue sky ?
tell me if you like this poem or not?? please please please :]]?
How to persuade someone they are an amazing writer.?
Am I a poet? (Huh? okay A!Y 20 characters long it is)?
how is " Lie smile" poem ...? otteri selvakumar?
What if the boat sinks? A retelling of an old story c/c?
Help with writing a weather poem.?
What's a good narrative poem that is app. 5 minutes long?
I need help on this poem?
Do u know about any poems about music?
I want to take each leaf and __________ I will hold each leaf,let it go in_______?
In huswifery the poet compares the speaker to a.the spool b.a loom c.the yarn d.a reel?
help with poetry ideas?
Comment on a dark one from Koala please?
Is a fame is a bee by emily dickinson a lyric,narrative,ballad,ode,or epic?
Poem for my idol!!!!! Xx?
Comment \ Answer on this poem?
What do you think would make a good epic poem?
how do you like my poem 2?
Do you want to come to The Big Red Barn, Poets?
Rate my poem pls., i wanna know what you guys think?
what are...?
New poem I just wrote..."The Dream Premonition" Opinions please?
rony and the unicorn?
Do you like my poem?
It was a good night. Was it a good night?
What do you think of this poem?
Would any of you poets like to write a poem based on this painting?
What do you think of this short piece? Critics, please?
My poem (for 8th grade L.A..) Is it any good?
A poem about a China Girl if you would like to C/C?
Poetry Help? Constantly Risking Absurdity by Lawrence Ferlinghetti?
Dream a little dream for me, a poem to critique?
is this depression poem okay?
Help revising this very short closing statement?
I nead a Lylric, Narative, Haiku, Monolougue, silioquy, couplet, and a sonnet?
What are some poetry competitions I could enter?
So is this a good poem?
Someone Please Help Me With A Poem Assignment?
What if Santa wasn't in the mood?
Modern sonnet about love?
I need poems?
Seriously, how can I improve this poem to better recreate the moment?
calling all poem writers? (:?
"Help!" an Urgent spontane for intellectuals...Help! please .. a c-c?
What do you think of this poem?
Poetry section people...?
Does anyone know which Walt Whitman poems are used in the adventures of 2 girls in love?
Have you ever missed something beautiful by a whisker?
annotate the odyssey for english I k class?
Is minimalism the write of the day? Comments?
Rate my poem please.?
I need to answer a big question analyzing 'morning song' by sylvia plath, please tell me as much as you can ab
do you like my song or poem?
what do you think?
I need of help with Haikus?
How would you improve this poem?.....Title suggestions?
Comment\Answer on this free verse poem?
Is this nice? Any improvements?
What are the unusual features in the poem "The night of the scorpion"?
" the cricket sang " by emily dickinson help!?
What is the cost of respect?
Is my sort of poem any good¿?
poem analysis Arthur Hugh Clough?
What do you think of my poem?
I need a title for this poem?
What's the paradox in this poem? Please help me!?
do you like my poem?? it doesnt make that much sense i guess but i was letting out emotions :]..?
Can someone help me with doing a editorial poem?
Minimalistic Poem ... a take off from Buks Seasonal, does it work? If not, what would you change?
Ballad stanza poem about sports?
Thoughts on my poem..?
What should I name this poem?
i need a sonnet about unrequited love but have no idea how to write it.?
This time with Pic: Please CC Poem: The Haircut & The Recitial?
Care to comment on a couple of Ku's?
i need some help on writing some poem lines?
What do you think this SHORT poem is about?
Are you Diagnosed With Author-itis?
Please give me a Bragging poem?
Is "as if controlled by a demon, she changed her emotions to saddness" a personification?
Will she like my poem?
Care to comment and critique my poem, thanks?
Self immolation, have you thought about it? C/c?
I need critiques to make poem better no sugar coating thanks!?
Will you comment on aftermath please?
What do you think of this poem? [be honest!]?
what do you think? is this any good?
what in the world is going on?
What does this poem mean? (please help very quick)?
How does imagery in Arnold's "Dover Beach" offer a critique of Victorian confidence and complacency?
ode to my asse .....................? ?
hi i am looking for a poem the first line is ,when you do what you do with a smile ,can anybody help?
feedback please guys?
Can anyone Help me!!!?
Where can I find the poem, You Left Too Soon?
Create a Vietnam Poem?
What do you think of this letter by Miss Emily Elizabeth Dickinson?
what are some great poetry books that aren't complete works and 'best ofs'?
Please comment on my poem?
translation to Insomniac poem?
What do you think of my poem?
What is the main feature of a lyric poem?
I Need A iambic pentameter, four line stanza epitaph poem. I need this to graduate! Please. I need some help.?
my new poem facing reality?
Whose sentences do you complete with out even trying? Who's thoughts do you know before they even speak?
this was hard to write please let me know what you think?
What does this one line of a poem by Frost mean?
What do you think of my poem "On The Beach"?
Something dark for a dark gloomy day. Comments ok.?
A contribution to Grandma(what do you think)?
Gerge Herbert "The Temple" - Womens eyes for Chrystal take?
PLEASE read and comment my poem?!?!?
I posted a poem called Kitties and Foxes and I've since revised based on comments. read the new?
Limerick Poem anybody?
Help with a poem about an apple!?
Edgar Allan Poe term paper?
Need help analyzing Billy Collins Poem?
how would you define the term "Poet as Witness"?
Do you ever feel like this after writing a poem....?
Looking for poem for my babies first birthday in Heaven? help me find it please! thanks?
can all the words in all the books help me to face what lies ahead--?
my 4th poem ever....im 13 thanks for the feedback?
can you help me ....?
Right Mavens Up In Arms....... ?
Tell me what you think of my poem?
what do you think about my poem "A Birthday Scandal"?
What would you say is the meaning of this poem?
Would you take a picture of me standing next to my poem?
Are my lyrics any good?
High-school English Poem: Meaning and Interpretation?
Poem about Money- Can someone help me add more lines?
Feedback on this poem please?
can you give me a line?
Need help with this poem, please?
a question about buk?
Can you see the Moonnnnnnnnnnnnn?
A poem called "Neil Armstrong"?
Could Someone please help me with this english poem?
What do you think of my poem, C/C?
rate my poetry and try to be sincere ?
Do you come here to read poetry, get poetic advice, post your own poetry, or spread hate to others?
this is the first poem i ever wrote and it is still unchanged?
Looking for fountain pen that you refill from an ink bottle. Details follow.?
For the Chimney Sweeper, by: William Blake ----> 4 following questions?
How long would it take for these modeling agenies to reply if they were interested?
What song do you sing at night?
i want to publish my tamil poems...?
Would this be considered a free-verse poem?? PLEASE HELP!?
robert burns 'to a mouse' poem help?
What format would you say this poem is written in & do you like it?
Is this a poem " Change of seasons"?
Why do we hanker and for what all???????////?
Love in need) my poem, rate comment please. thanks in advance.?
I found a snap of popsy-wopsy writing yesterday...Will you dare to look?
Who is your favorite living American poet?
poetry help please?!?!?!?
The wonders one finds in the mail.... Comments/critique?
What do you think of this poem?
i am supossed to write a poem about the scarlet ibis, tell me if this is a good poem?
Can I reaklly be allergic to poetry?
2 poems from the Romantic period that share a common theme that can be compared using a stylistic element?
Comments and critique for my poem, please?
Will you C/C on a script {Emblem} of the Greek poet and maybe express your opinion about the meter?
A poem about winter reflecting despair?
Do you like this song/poem? What does it mean to you?
Love is only Love(reworked)?
Love peom edited a little. What's better this or the first one? ?
What is an example of antithesis in this poem?
What are your favorite poems :) ?
Please read and comment on my poem?
Do these verses create a feeling?
haiku poemssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Would you please give me a short analysis of Shelley's Adonais?
What are some good poems on the Vietnam war?? 10 points?
Need help with a love poem?
what is a sonnet????
Poetry Assingment, how would you do it?
PLEASE HELP!! How to write a poem?
What u think??
What do you think of my poem?
Tell me what you think of my poem, please?
Poetry help- Closed form,?
'I don't want to make within my bed a war'. Does anyone know this poem or song lyric?
Can you read my poem please?
What are the problems found in The sonnet "On His Blindness" by John Milton?
I wrote my first poem, what do you guys think of it?
Another poem...What do you think?
I worked a bit on this piece, I think it is better now. It is close to my heart, will you read it?
Can anyone make an acrostic poem with my name "Lilliana"?
Writing a poem?
Is this a poem or a story? Would you give me some feed back please?
Feedback on this poem?
What ukulele should i get?
words relating to fashion that rhyme?
can any1 tell me what poem was this?
i would like to know what u guys think?
Would this count as poetry? Or something else?
Can someone help me with doing a editorial poem?
Can you pray for the hopeless?
orion's sword?
Who can honestly c/c on this "Courage Is No Mirror" poem?
How's my love poem I just thought of ;)?
Can we practice our dying moment?
Did you ever get that pony you wished for as a child?
When is the best time to call it a day?
i need a diamante poem with alliteration?
Do u like it.......................?:D?
how many of you guys, be honest now, write words, (poetry) to get laid?
Is this a fantasy or is it misery, locked in a mindmaze ...?
Any one else miss the sun?
Rudyard Kipling wrote the poem "If". Does anyone have the reworded version for a girl?
can soemone analyze this poem for me?!!-its shakespear?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!! ahh!?
5-7-5 haiku poem about cable tv.?
What do you think of my poem?
What contrast or juxtaposition is there in this poem?
Is this poem 140 syllables?
Firts poem I've ever written. What do you think?
what do you think of this poem?
Poem 6 for monday. Is it worthy.?
Just another poem of mine...please c/c?
Hows does this poetry sound like?
What Is This Poem About?
Opinions on my poem...?
Looking fo a poem I am Not here, I did not die. Also a poem From here to there?
in a poem if i said look, watch, stare would that be a poetic element?
Think about the poems “We Real Cool” and “Invictus.”?
Is love meant to be forever? c/c?
What are some poetry basics?
Does anyone know when Fredrick Penny (Aboriginal Poet) was born?
Please tell me how my poem is is it good enough to be published.?
can anyone make a poem that uses sound devices or figurative language, or sensory language, or narrative poem?
Is my poetry good? This is my first poem..?
Does anybody know of a good site where you post poems for free?
I have a secret oh a clandestine however you use the word FOR YOU?
What is effect on the reader?
X word for an acrostic poem?
Watch..... A Poem I Wrote For My Mom When I Moved Out What Do You Think???
Do you like this poem?
Is this a poem " A poem of sadness"?
Need help finding a poem!?
In "Tintern Abbey" how is nature...?
Guy names that rhyme with Stan?
Do you like this one? WARNING LABEL: Obscure Religious Reference Inside. Consult a physician before reading.?
What are the principles of poetry? Please give me web sites that can surely help....?
What is the poem by Harriet McNiece that was quoted on the BBC2 prog 'Rev' Monday Evening?
another imitation poem from dlp--what do you think?
Help with poem. almost done. iambic pamtameter and couplets..plz help!!?
I need to find Bob Hicok poems?!?
How do I get a copyright?
Will you answer to this? Are you a poet?
I am having trouble with this sonnet?
Acrostic poem for the cay?
What do you think of this poem??
"Dulce Et Decorum Est" by Wilfred Owen how is this poem connected or related to current events?
"Morn Of Life" A Poem, For Your Thoughts :)?
A poem, silly indeed, so read it ...if you want, then please free to insult me?
Do most 4 year olds play with their boogers?
Revised version, "Gotta Have It" your thoughts:]?
Do you think I should Complete this poem?
who released the thumbs down crew from the zoo? doe sit tickle...c/c?
Have you time for a short poem?
Which poem has a section set in a subterranean madhouse?
What do you think of this poem I wrote today?
having problems with this?
I NEED A POEM if u are a good poet please help me out!?
Do I Need To Rhyme If I Use Iambic Pentameter In My Poem?
One Moment (Written by me)?
what do you think of this poem?
I wrote this for a woman i was supposed to marry....Honest Opinion please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What if i lose the inspiration to write poems? what's going to happen to me?!? =((?
can you please analyze this poem by Pierre de Ronsard?
A Poem dedicated to my father who's in the Hospital & not doing well?
What are your feelings on my happy Poem? Wet Grass?
Please tell me the truth...?
Some Metaphors of Symbols?
what is the meaning of the poem i hear america singing by walt whitman?
What is a Blank verse poem? and how do you write one?
How do you interpret this Ginsberg line?
A poem, "How I've spent my last week," tell me, do you like it?
Will you write a poem that will make me giggle?
"Sonnet 52" Just a play on rhymes, no love to dedicate this to, will you C/C please?
Were you ever nine years old?
Why isn't rhyme a figure of speech?
Mama said life was like.......?
What do you think of this poem?
"El gekko takes to the stage again- he co-opts my skits at him, the lizzard is attit, a spontane again for a p?
Publishing Poetry??
Could someone make a small poem out of this?
Someone please help me identify the name and author of this love poem.?
whats wrong with this poem?
Something that is irresistable?
this is a love poem for my soldier friend..?
Please read, comment critique?
I cant think of a name for my poem?
What are your poetic beliefs and desires?
I think, you guys all want me to leave, I feel bereeved....a poem... pleese CC?
Poetry notes?
A request for Cassie, will you C/C?
Scan the following lines from sonnet 73..HELP?
Would you comment on a wild life poem inspired by a wild life poem?
Give me feedback for this poem?
Will you please help me think of a title for my poem?
Do all poets love their soulmates as they describe them in their love poems?
Will you comment on If, please?
A poem I wrote one night, think its any good?
Care to comment on a spring poem?
You're thoughts on my new poem?
How can I compare William Langlands concept of truth and love to John Haines in his poem the last election?
I need to find a poet i can relate too,?
What is the first love poem you ever wrote and then shared with that person?
Do you like my poem?
Comment \ Answer on this poem?
How do you poets file your work, mine is a disgrace?
What should I do with my "poison pen" poems?
Which pro-life poem is better?
Where can i find poems for children?
Do you agree with TS Eliot?
Any poem similar to The Listeners by Walter de la mare?
Can you help me paraphrase William Wordsworth's "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"?
Failings of Men...What do you think?
How do you achieve A/A* in poetry analysis on English Language GCSE?
Some "It's Spring " Haiku Poems (or are they) ? What's your comment?
How to become a poet?
How Do You Like My Poem?
Explain how any ONE of the three free verse poems expresses some form of DOUBLE VISION, or two different ways?
whose poetry is "NAMAZ PADHNA KAMZANANA". shah bahu sultan or buleh shah?
Two Questions on Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" Poem?
So . . . , there I was, wondering: whatdya think of this?
does anyone know where i could find poems?
If i stare at a woman standing in moonlight and write poem about it ,does that make me a pervert.?
Screamin’ Demons Is Halloween really that close?
please help me find my poem that i entered into a poetry contest. {Yellow Butterfly}. Its about my grandmother
Allow me to open the portals of consciousness . . .c/c?
Does anyone have a poem i could use for class? (10 points)?
What is your greatest fear?
Should i tattoo this poem on my back?
How do you feel about Poetry?
New poem plz read:o?(owned dread)?
What is the matter with everyone?
a poem about love.....?
Do you like my new poem?
Is there something about the initials JC?
I need to display my poem in a creative way?
Help with a presentation of a poem?
I desperately need to find a funny limerick/poem for a 61st birthday?
what rhymes with "venus"??? i am writing a poem and i need something that rhyms with venus!?
According to your poem, what is e.e. cummings arguing for in his poem, “since feeling is first”?
a poem i am looking 4 it sta?
The Siren's Saga continues. Will you read?
help, i think i'm a good poet but i'm not sure?
does anyone think this poem is any good?
Elegy poems avoidance?
Is there a poem you would like to hear read aloud?
Will you comment on Drive through, fast food, take out poetry please?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poems?
Poem for class. I know It's not that good... but opinions please?
Depressing Poems anybody?
Critique my essay please! HELP!?
is this a good poem?
Poets and writers needed! Please help edit my poem!?
I just wrote a poem. Does it make any sense to you?
2 good made up limericks?
I need help with The Canterbury Tales.?
the flower - a poem - please give me your thoughts thnx?
Does Anyone Know Where Can I Post Poems And Get Feedback?
A real quickie, has this ever happened to you?
Feedback on this poem?
Poetry analysis: Barter by Sara Teasdale?
does anyone know of a poem about success from a good work ethic?
What think you of a 'song medley' Morning?
Could you read one and tell me what you think?
what usually describes walt whitman's poetry?
what do you think?
A poem that needs some help, your thoughts? (yes it is a short poem)?
What about this poeterification, or...2fer nothing, chicks fer free?
What is the theme in the poem, "The moon was but a chin of gold"?
im writing a peom about a really wierd looking cat and dog? im supposed to make up a story about them.?
can u find assonance , alliteration nd personificaton ?
Does a rainy day make you feel this way?
Don't we have to blame something?
discuss the role of mistaken identity in twelfth night who is taken for whom and what do these mixup signify?
Because I could not stop for Death – is the first stanza an example of assonance?
Does anyone remember a poem mentioning octopus ink?
For my dark prince, lest he make a mistake....?
What do you think of the Triolets of the Greek poet? Are they written in English? LoL C/C?
Any good poem on sea life?
please help me with describe the main idea of this poem?
Poem+++++++what do you think? maybe a song?
Finding the message in a poem?
I know Poetry.com,but where are my poems go to ?
St. Crispian's Day sonnet: what do you think?
Can you help me with an acrostic poem?
Haha, I'm pretty sure this sucks...?
Bat and ball (poem) what do you think?
Do you like My new POEM??
Do I make a good poet - ur comments!?
A poem Ma kicked out of me?
Have you seen a poem today on ! that belongs in a book?
So, will you read a poem for Russ?
In the poem "next to of course god america i" by E.E. Cummings, what is the main idea?
Is Jessie Hopkins a famous Poet?
Does anyone know who wrote this poem?
Who was george to w.b yeats?
What do you call a poem that's first line is 1 word, second line is 2 words, third line is 3 words,...?
New poem: Rate this 1 - 10, and star it if you like it?
can you tell me if this poem is good are not?
This one is giving me a lot of trouble... Extremely rough draft, thoughts?
I'm having poetry difficulties :/?
Some of the fairy-dust spilted. Look what it did to my poem?
Why are they called Minutemen?
Please give me opinions for a poetry contest?
Would you like to sign my petition?
What My PC tells me Homage to HD C/C? PC too wild yesterday...?
looking for a poem I heard in 4th grade?
Sonnet help?
Can you help me with my poem?
Please read these lines and c/c particularly on my metre....I want to improve on that aspect?
Any metaphors in this?
write down the critical appreciation of poem 'our casuarina tree'.?
What do you think - couldn't come up with a good subject :/?
Have you seen her...ya know...Her ?
When was George Orwell's poem, "The Lesser Evil" published?
Does anyone like my poem?
question about Robert Frost's "Unharvested"?
A poem about a girl who just couldnt do it.....?
Can you understand the importance of editing?
Poem about friends: Comment please!?!?
do u think Chaucer is an early feminist or Chaucer is not an early feminist?
Does anyone have any ideas?
Do you like interpreting poetry like me?
What do you think of this poem?
What are some good and bad things about this poem?
Is this short poem any good?
PLEASE! need help! what do you think about my ode?!?
What Does 'O Mistress Mine' by William Shakespeare REALLY mean?
What are the differences between a vanity press and self publishing?
tell me what you think of this poem?
Poem about my passed friend, you like?
Opinion on my new poem?
Do we have any poetry writters of and about the wars?
poetry contests?
Someone told me that I should give up writing poetry, pretty hurtful.. is he right?
i need to find analysis on this poem "ang paglilitis kay mang serapio"?
Lizard Wizard -- Limerick..Thoughts?
Do you have poems for mother figures?
I'm looking for a Poetry Cafe with an nice atmosphere...?
what do you think of the song i wrote?
I'm glad I got this one off my chest. Are you?
Opinion on a new poem I wrote for someone ? thank you?
A poem by Chesterton, Belloc or Ogden Nash?
what do you think of my corny poem?
Please read poem I just made?
trying out non rhyming dark poetry how does this sound?
Can anybody sum up books 9,10, and 12 from the poem the Odyssey?
Do you know why some people write songs?
Poem about a crappy holiday?
I need help... Where can I find....?
A Remembered Truth Inside?
What can you tell me personally about the creative process?
Is there food for thought in this poem?
Will anyone understand this poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
Critique some of my poetry?
do you like this my own poetry?
25 line poem please help?
Write me a poem about challenges about 5 lines you will get 10 points?
Review my poem please?
please read poem i made?
For the poets here - when one of my loved ones from poetry is maligned, I attack. Do you?
a poem to say yes to prom?
A bauble from my nineteenth year . . . c/c?
50-Line Star Wars poem?
A poem about I.M.P.E.R.F.EC.T.I.O.N??
help, "the vampire" poem. ?
If your going to be lonely, would you rather be alone?
When you write a poem with a nursery rhyme, do you have to start with the exact line of the nursery rhyme?
What do you think of this poem I wrote a while back?
Prosody in this work? Meter?
What are some good poems?
How about a nice stalker poem to set the mood for Halloween?
My poem on the dark side of love, C/C please?
What think you of a morning lecture?
I need to write a Preposition Poem......?
Please help me to make an acrostic poem about PRIZEWINNER.?
Would you recognize this poet?
free study guige for god in the godless universe,scientist and the poet,on killing a tree,the darkling thrush?
Should I let this poem be published in our literary folio?
HELP! Whats a language feature in this poem?
Hows bout this lil rhyme?
poem..quite deep guys...your views?
Another Poem, help please. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening?
Help with this poem ?
A bit of Halloween candy... c/c?
Term for how to read a poem aloud?
send me some notes on ruskin bond's poem the story of lost friends?
What do you do with your memories?
[Am I In Love?] Poem.?
LUIS PALES MATOS-claro de luna??? please help I must analyze this and have been googling for hours!?
Is anybody fond of three verse form?
Ready for a serious one?
Random, short, poem.?
Does this song relate to this poem?
This may stink, but it is how I feel right this second. Let me know what u think.?
Rate this poem i wrote...?
Can you help me with this song I wrote?
how do u make this rhyme?
Whats A Short Easy Oregon Trail Poem.?
Have you ever had a PERFECT morning?
Please help me with this poem, Bringing the Dolls (For Anya)..?
How do you write a free verse poem?
Will you comment on my poem??
Poetry Help?! I'm Nobody! Who are you? by Emily Dickinson?
No,because you love me? What would you say after this sentence?
Haiku Poem? please help!!!?
[the feeling isnt mutual]] comment on this poem plzzz!xo?
What does sonnet 22 mean?
Anyone know any sweet nighttime poems?
How is my poem?
poets corner... what do you think?
Which poem do you like better ? Why?
Could you anaylyze my poem, and tell me what you think of it?
What do you think of my poem??
Poem for Her. What do you think?
Do you enjoy this short poem on music's effect on stress on a hard day?
I leave for a few weeks and you guys are at each other like dogs...Do you like my new poem?
A poem that has meaning, any comments?
A poem I wrote... help me complete the last line?
Poem Critique?
What do you think of this poem?
need help, retarded poem meaning?
I need poems about how no matter what bad choices someone makes, that you'll always be there for them?
Do you like my poem? Please be honest.?
I need as much input as possible, please critique my poem... It isn't long.?
A slightly tidier version of a poem posted yesterday - Fear's special sauce?
+_+_+_+_+_+_please tell me what u think+_+_+_+_+_+_+_?
Can you please criticize this poem?
I need a Title can you help?
* Mother..., happy "Date" of "Birth"! ( :?
My " I love You More Than Salmon" Poem - How Can It Be Improved And Win Awards And Merits ?
Will you c/c one of my earlier sonnets on pain?
can you write a punny poem? Inspiration added here?
Has anyone ever read the poem "seven stages of man" HELP! I didn't get it!?
Can anyone identify this poem about bereavement?
Another poem?<3?
Good by my dear memory. my latest poem... just want to know what people think of it, i am open to critism?
Can you help me understand this poem?
do you like it?
First for the day. Autobiographical. How i this.?
How are women represented, and what are the positions of women in the poem (helen, andromache, breseis.)?
help me finish my poem?
What should I changed in my poem?
WRITE ME A POEM? I need a poem for class.. please?
How else could you say this? Pleasee help, easy 10 points.?
honest opinions on my poem please?
Some examples for Poetry?
I am a botanist attempting to write a poem in latin. Is anyone willing to review the latin and help correct?
william shakespere wrote a poem in recipe form...?
Comments on some words I played with?
what is the definition of a jazz poem?
THIS POEM is really close to my heart..hw do u like it???
Is this any better now?
Something these Poets don't know? About themselves?
If this had been actual poem, would it address the public?
Please read and give input.?
My first tragedy poem...kinda longish...but...can u have a luk???
can you come up with a poem for this topic?
What do you think of my poem?
Just who is a poets' family?
need help with poetry analysis?
can someone help me interpret this poem or tell me the meaning?
Songs with elements of poetry?
How would you describe sunlight reflecting off water?
Please read my essay and leave comments as to how it was to you all comments are wanted please?
Does anyone know of a poem about pain and despair that doesn't rhyme?
Funny short poems more than 10 lines long?
Critique my poem? Thanks :)?
wat do u ppl think of this poem?
i need help with meter?
how can i write a couplet about a deep gravely manly voice?
Can someone give pictures about the plot / sequence of "The Seafarer"?
Rhyme Scheme in All In a Golden afternoon by Lewis Carroll?
What do you think that? What is your comment? please, thank.?
What do you think of this?
Loneliness poem ........................pls comments! ?
Yesterday I wrote two poems. May I invite your impartial and sober opinions? C/C?
Do you like this poem i wrote?
another random poem by Capn Daz?
How Will I Know? A poem for your C/C?
Limerick Challenge about your PET,will you kibble?
[blank] are better than [blank] finish ending?
Repost, what do you think of this poem?
anne sexton poems on depression?
What think you of dolphins and moonlight in a poem?
Understanding This Poem?
Make a poem.?
Check out my poem please?
rate this poem "velvet" by me?
A short poem for you.?
Does anybody have the theme music for def poetry jam???
Is this poem good; its about a girl?
Can you spare a few minutes to read my poem?
What do you think of my my poem?
How Does This Sound So Far?
The perfect still ( How would you rate this and how could I improve it? Thanks)?
What do you think of this short poem? Does it needs improvement?
Critique on this poem?
Does anyone know what this line is from?
Poem: Daddy's Little Girl (please comment, let me know what you think)?
What country song is similar to you Hear America Singing - Walt Whitman? Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q?
Is there anyone really good in writting Sonnets that would like to write one for me on Faith...?
What sort of poems or lines can i use to create a poem?
Do you know any haikus? or haiku poets?
Is it Tuesday yet? I'm bored, ready to work on "Oh, What a Tangled Web 2009", who do you think belongs?
What do you think of my poem?
When did you find out and What did you do? and is this a poem?
is this a good poem?
Whats the first word you think of when I say?
Feed on my poem please?
Have you ever met someone you did not meet? Please c/c this poem?
What does it mean to write a haiku in triplicate?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
Tell of the sad derrangement of the mind,,,feedback please,possitive and negative doent matter.?
need a 2 minute poem for presentation.?
heres a nice poem i just wrote about global warming?
Can you help me with this poem?
Hws my poem plz comment n do d corrections?
What are the best set of lyrics youve ever hear or even wrote?
Can you give me a shakespeare sonnet and a song with a similar theme?
Can you write a poem for me?
Would this count as poetry? Or something else?
what is an emotin poem?
Rate my poetry please?
they say that the key is to understand... but what if we get consumed?
poem. what do u think?
How good is this very short poem?
Sylvia Plath poems "Lady Lazarus" and "Daddy" similarity?
Poem about Scout Finch?
What do you think of this poem?
Feedback on poetry?
What's your favorite poem?
I know...it's so silly but?
Question about Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach"?
Who wrote the poem "The Geology of Norway"?
If you had ever written such a study, DAVE, you can always re-post the copy you kept of it. POST IT DAVE. c/c?
Is my poem/writing any good? Whats your opinion?
What do you think of this poem?
Do u know?
In sonnet does every line have to compare the subject to something?
Raven symbolism?
The Art of Blacksmithing, a poem to critique?
“Here Dead Lie We Because We Did Not Choose", by A.E. Housman meaning?
Any comments about this poem?
what do you think of my poem?
Can you please read my poem?
Please write a poem about?
Will you critique my poem?
Please help me I really need it?!?
Do you agree with the advice about poetry found in this poem?
write me a poem????
What kind of poems do you prefer?
Do YoU LiKe MY PoEmS??!?!?!? L:]?
One for today...I wish I could let this go....feel free to comment?
I wrote a poem..... what Do you think of it? (Please comment)?
You dirty lowdown rotten scoundrel?
How is this poem? I know the lines do not all have the same number of syllables, they are not supposed to?
Beowulf help?????????
what do you think of my poem? i need some help with the last two lines i dont really like them right now?
feedback on a poem please?
What are your thoughts about this poem?
What's in a name? Is a rock by any name boulder than another?
Can yu tell me what yu think? i know it's kinda long...?
What do you think of this poem?
What are the poetic techniques used in the poem 'Winds of Change' by Robert Bann?
what should i add to my poem about school?
Is this poem pure idiocy?
What do you think of this new poem/song that I just wrote?
Will you C/C on the new script {silken sough chords} of the Greek poet?
Can you find a metaphor?
a song that is associated with the poem love after love by derek walcott?
what is a poem describing a tower?
Anyone know any good poems for a boss?
Figurative Language Poem?
Do you think this is a good poem?
Whats your favourite line read from a poetry?
does this sound good?
what do you honestly think of this poem i wrote?
whats your opinion on my poem?
Is this a good mothers day poem?
What does Love's Philosophy poem by Percey Shelley mean?
Would you comment and critique my poem please, thanks?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you amaze me with your poetic prowess?
How can i make my poem better? its called Perfect World?
"Daddy please come home" How does it make you feel?, leave your comment, thanks!?
My latest masterpiece, please comment!?
i need 10 poems that are at least 16 lines, can anyone help me??
How to write a love poem for the girl you love?
poem help?
dickinsons views on imagination and exploration, as evidenced in her poems, can be summed up with?
Will you comment on my new poem when you're done cleaning up?
Do you have any suggestions for a second attempt at poetry?
The Area of Pause?
Can someone help me write a poem using only these following words?
Can someone give me feedback on my poem?
Writing A Poem? Help?
Can any one help me writing a poem for a beautiful girl?
What do you think of this poem?
Can a poem be a story, in parts?
Is anyone having a decent SATIREday yet?
I have a good idea, Let's all write a poem for Dave, just a bit at a time, from all who want to contribute?
Opinions On My Poems That I Wrote?
pick a name for my poem....?
Analysis of Laurence Binyon - For the fallen?
What lesson about life is taught in the poem Parihaka? I will rate every answer well!?
Does anyone have the words to the poem The flashing of badges by Bruce Dawe?
"Sam's Poem" - Can You Feel the Spirit of Sam?
What is your favorite fruit?
What do you honestly think of my poem?
what would be a good critical question for this poem?
Sad Poem? Ya like? Dont be shy give it a litttle shot. Those heartbroken ones will undastand ma pain?
Your opinion on my poem, please?
Raincoats (please comment)?
Guess who I am?
thoughts on this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Why do we find some things so difficult to explain?
An extension of Buk's photo. Does it work?
Can you analyze this poem please?
wat do u ppl think of this poem?
Writing poetry about Afghanistan? PLEASE!?
Poetry: EASY 10 PTS. What do you think of this?
Please read my awesome poem?
Is this poem pretty bad? ?
My first real poem, please offer your cruel-lest critique, so that i may prosper this skill to it's fullest;?
New poem, what do you think...?
did the poet Weldon Kees have any kids?
Poem...I think? What do you think?
Hi guys, please comment on my new Poem. Thanks! x?
OPINIONS !? On my poem :0?
So, I need to know EVERYTHING you know about the poem DREAMLAND by EDGAR ALLAN POE.?
can someone help me describe the tone of this poem? SHORT POEM!?
Are there any poems by emily Dickinson about animal cruelty?
hi, do you like my poem!?!?!?
Wednesday's Child?
What is the poem turkey people by Brynn Noelle Saito about?
What do you think of this poem Lost boy?
Please spare a minute to give my poem a quick read, maybee offer an opinion if you'd please.?
i need to bring a poem to school, but i don't know what to bring. please help?
Will you comment on this poem?
Will all poets read this (indisputable) GOOGLE translation of?
How does this poem sound? Do you think it's a good cautionary tale?
my first attempt...will you tell me what you think???
what do you think of my poem?
Were you always aware that good intentions go with a Good Morning!?
I wanted to know what you think of my poem? Is it alright?
What of a poem "Shake Well & Pour"?
Have you ever watched an old lion wander off? C/C?
Did he...???!!!?
What is theme in the poem bailando by pat mora?
judge my poem please. its for creative writing class and its due tomorrow.please any advice would be useful..?
In The Odyssey... (not for homework!)?
Do you have a Super Bowl pick? C/C?
I need a website that has southern poets.?
Richard Lovelace poet thesis statement help need please! Best answer =s.?
leslie marmon silko poem?
baby cried the day the circus came to town dont cry out loud just keep it inside and learn how to hide your?
I have to do a preoject on a poet, does anyone knoew a really good one??
A lovely love poem, do you love it? Hate it? Please rate it.?
What is happening in the poem Maude Clare?
Can you please read my poem?
Why do I hate poetry and art?
Do you think this Narrative Poem is okay?
Opinions on my poetry ?
Are acrostic poems considered contrived or can they be taken just as seriously as other forms of poetry?
in the movie patch adams (actor robin williams) he attempted to read a poem to his lady what was the poem?
Does the wording in this poem i wrote for school make sense?
Poem i wrote. i need a title? thanks. ?
What do you think of this poem?
How do you get your mind to hush?
Is gray an opportunity? Please comment on this poem?
just another question asking somebody else’s opinion?
What is the rhyme scheme in this poem?
Difference and Similarities between this two poems?
I want to buy reproduction antiques, Please HElp?
I wrote this poem the other day... how is it?
What type of poem is william shakespeares 'A Fair Song'?
who wrote nature poem?
How a Haiku poem is written?
Like it, or not really?
Do you like this Saturday morning poem?
What do you think of my poem, and what do you think its about?
What is a three stanza poem?
Poet Rabbit wants your opinion on this new poem?
Another New Year's poem, will you read it or pass it by?
whats the deal with this poem?
Is there a published poem about broken friendship?
What do you think of this poem?
third poem after a long time?
I need an intense yet beautiful love poem?
In Romeo and Juliet, where is it said that Romeo likes to read love poetry?
what do you think of this poem?
What is a cute short poem to write in a love note?
please read poem i made yesterday.?
Do you write for a reason?
This is no way finsihed but could you take a look at my poem?
Just one more, will you bear with me?
Is this a poem? If so is it good? ?
What are your reactions to Christina Rossetti poem Remember?
rate this ungreat poem?
Thesis Statement for, " The Man He Killed" Poem?
My quote/rhyme! Needs help.?
Critique my poem?
Do you always use the same light on your porch? C/C?
How is this poem I wrote? PLEASE answer.?
Do you try and structure your thought process so you are able to keep your sanity?
What are all the different types of poetry and what are the rules or ways to do them?
Read my poem and comment, please?
Read this poem and see what I can add into it.?
what type of poem is If You Forget Me by Pablo Nerudo?
What are your thoughts on this poem.."The Brain is wider than the Sky" by Emily Dickinson-check link
What do you guys think about this poem?Is it good or bad?Please be honest!!?
Can you help me create a thesis about lord byron?
Where can I get feedback & advice on my poems?
What do you think of this poem? the philosophy expressed?
What do you think of my Poem? (:?
An are we having fun yet poem, comments?
A "Modernized Sunday War And Peach Sonnet"......... Stand in the door ?
What do you think of my poem, "Acid Generation"?
Do u like my poem? I'm only 15?
Have you ever lost your desire and/or ability to write?
feedback on my poem please?
Am I any good at all? Should I keep writing or quit?
A Sunday Song (prayer, praise...)?
Silver Crowns. A poem........c/c?
Can some one help me make a comparison/contrasting poem with 16 stanzas?
what do u think of the poem i wrote?
Can someone summarize what this poem is about?
Poem Interpretation Help?
Antebellum "I AM POEM" help? Radical Abolitionist?
Are you ever really prepared?
what poem is better? opinions or thoughts?
Will you please read my "Die Puppeteer" poem and let me know what you think?
A very short poem: what could the metaphor mean?
Breakup poem , comments welcome,will you please rate?
Can you please read my poem?
Can someone explain iambic pentameter to someone who is mentally challenged and can't understand from wiki?
What do you think about this poem i wrote two years ago? xD?
What 'on earth' could you c/c about this "The Eyes Have It..." poem?
SLam Poetry? Rommiette and Julio?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Thoughts of my heart? good enough?
Help with a peom?! I'm desprate and ready to give up?
Where can I find the english version of Alfred de Musset's poem '' Adieu" on the Internet?
Can you call a poem a song before the music is written?
How is it?
short poem: feedback please..do you like it?
Though I've been inactive myself, do I have a right to this observation? Comments?
what does poetry do to you?
Poets... What color is your bedroom?
What is this about ? (no, NOT prostitution, there are clues inside.)?
i need help my lyrical poem sucks?
can someone write me a poem about child labour?
Help me write a poem for school?
Will you comment on A night episode please?
a poem....=(?
help with my poem writing?
Any comments on this dark poem?
Calm me, oh Calm me.......my thoughts!?
a long goodbye, would you consider this a poem?
how do you like this poem?
Do you have a porch to sit on and think?
could I be plagiarist and not know it?
Finding your muse? Comments.....?
What do you think of my revised poem?
Love poem for school?
what is a catalog in a poem?
Does being blocked by people mean I'm finally considered a regular?
how do you find my limerick?
Is the International Library of Poetry " who claim they are in the USA real?
poem for a wishing tree?
Prop for The Road Not Taken?
Can someone help me improve this?
please read poem tell me what u think?
If you think your a good Poet...?
How much loneliness can you take?
What do you think of this poem?
Would you like to enter a poem of the month competition.?
Rate my short poem please, thanks a ton?
Do you lick my new poem?
descriptive poem using names?
im supposed to write a poem about myself...?
What is the theme of this poem?
Poem for the funeral of a widow?
can u rate tics its mostly in code but still wonerin wat yall think 1-10?
Do you know of any better lines I could use in my poem about thumbs downers?
Do you think this is a good poem?
Need some suggestions or inspiration for a poem?
I knew that writing during a storm was a bad idea. How did this one turn out?
Idly, our lives are drained?
Feedback on my poem...send me one of yours too!:)?
Help with a title or a comment for my poem?
Please review and rate and critique my poem......?
This poem is possibly quite pathetic but please give feedback anyway?
Poem I written Rate it please need help with it?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem about a moment, what do you cherish?
A short poem. What are your thoughts?
poem critique.. be honest please?
Are poems about love inherently cliche?
How can i become a better poet?
What do you think of my poem, "Her Scent"?
can someone tell me a poem that has a metaphor a similie and personification?
What do you think of this poem/lyric from a great bathory song ?
Que recursos literarios encuentran en este poema?
please help me find where it rhymes in this Poem?
'Come Down' here and C/C this will ya?
Looking for an Irish poem about the wounds inflicted on the nation by war?
Presentation help-Analysing a poem?
Help Me finish this poem?
Will you C/C on a poem, written by the Greek poet?
how far are we from the nomad epoch? I think we are going closer to it accepting all their foolish practices.?
another imitation poem by dlp?
Rip it apart???
I'm trying to find the name of a poem?
What do you think of my poem/lyrics ?
Do you like my new poem ?
I need help with my poem?
A forgotten poem about a cat.?
what is this poem about?
When was this poem written?
It is Memeorial Day weekend, I keep writing poems remembering. .A poem about losing your virginity.?
How do you like my poem: "Ode To Bombs"?
How were your teen years? A memory, c/c?
What do you think of my poem?
do you like this haiku poem i wrote?
Why does Artemidorus call himself Caesar’s lover in his note to him?
Poems by Agathon????? and other Greek poets?
A bit of fun after my previous serious venture - The Scarecrow?
Please rate this poem?
Check out my knew poem and let me know what you think.?
write a poem about yourself?
A hasty ballade . . . c/c?
what is the meaning of the sonnet ?
where do i find poems or songs involving bats?
the Wanderer rhythm (scansion)?
Do you like my new poem?
is there a program that will count cahracters in a line of poetry? I am a poet and often I am restricted to a?
is this poem good?