how did nature influence the poetry of Walt Whitman and Emely Dickenson?
i want some good peace poems for grade 5?
I'm trying to remember the name of a poem something like ' the voyage of life"?
This is a first draft. Do you like it?
May I offer a New Years wish to you?
Poems about Alexander the Great?
favorite poem on happy memories?
What is the poem where Rumi talks about inviting the fear in?
For Siren, who will be greatly missed. A monotetra?
Could anyone help me find a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks...?
Paradox in "much madness is divinest sense"?
Is Shakespeare's Sonnet #20 Iambic pentameter?
Please tell me wht you think of my poem, thnks?
Would you pls review my poem?
I have a message but I still cant write?
How do you like this poem?
Can you, will you offer your feelings on this?
Poem - I think I pulled a muscle...?
What do you think of my poem? Feel free to be harsh!?
New Poem, Rage?
Do you ever regret answering the phone?
Help me decide the last line of my poem?
how should i write about myself?
10 POINTS symbolism for LOTF?
Do you think I wrote well on this editorial?
back in town and looking....who are the hot poets on here now?
Your interpretation of this poem please? (:?
Please help me write this sonnet i am failing? 10 points?
what do you think of my poem?
Good Huikus about America?
Opinions on this sonnet I wrote (for school)?
Whats so interesting to write a poem?
What sound devices does the poem Paul Reveres Ride have? Help!?
Can you write a haiku about the Great Gatsby?
Is this any good *10 points!*?
What do you think about this poem?
Will you comment on this shorty please?
Could you please critique my poem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.?
here's one to critique.?
Will you read and comment, please?
Good sites with poems?
Do you guys think this is a good poem?
I need a acrostic poem on earth?
trying out non rhyming dark poetry how does this sound?
what do you think about this Persian poem?
When would you c/c on "Tails And Tails" poem?
LINNE ADAIADLY or whatever.... you need a song out of a poem!?
What Are Some Stylistic Traits of WH Auden's work?
can you come up with a good poem ...?
I need help writting a sonnet.....?
What do you think of my poem, "Deadly Fall"?
This is quite a sad passage/story?
What are the poetic devices the poem The Sleepout by Les Murray?
Is this a good poem?? please help?
Have you read E. A. Robinson?
Which of these poems that I wrote do you like best?
Getting out my thoughts in a poem...?
A spark of light on a bleak day, would you care to comment or critique, thanks?
How do you feel about this Poem / Vid combo ?
I'm 13 and this is my first poem. Do you like it?
Were you a fan of Abbie? c/c my poem, or something?
I want a sumary of this poem! where the mind is without fear.?
Do you like my poem I change it a bit.?
Do you like my beautiful poem?
If you're a regular in the poetry section, could you please answer?
Can someone give me a funny 40th birthday poem to cheer me up?
How has the poet depicted violence in " On killing a tree"?
what do you think of this poem?
what year was the poem africa by claude mckay was published?
Rate my short poem, thanks a ton?
poetry help??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Any comments on this poem? Could you see this is as a short film?
When is the volta in Sonnet 102 by William Shakespeare?
Why do you all hate me? I'm in love, I tell you. Comments?
how can i improve this poem?
Does the length of a performance (slam/spoken word) poem matter?
Tell Me About This Weird Poem?
Does this poem have the same rhythm as 'Hickory Dickory Dock'?
Will you C/C on a Greek sonnet by the Greek poet?
do guys like to recieve poetry?
Should i tattoo this poem on my back?
Can you help make this poem better?
What do you think of this poem I wrote to fend off my stalker?
Another poem- what are your thoughts on it?
A tiny poem, c/c ? Here are some more characters, did you say 20?
Poems in Hindi based on NAture for children?
Where are the soft words?
What do you think of the wisdom of a Gardener?
Appearances. by TB, Esq. Opinions?
Can you come up with a 1-stanza poem for this picture?
What is the mood of "Life" the poem?
Which characteristics below best decribe Ghalib's poetry?
Poem for an English assignment?
need help on poems !?
I'm Tryin to Find a Poem about a Girl liking 2 Guys?
I could not leave you today without a spider poem so what is your c/c on this baby?
Can you give me some ideas for a poem about Jane Eyre's life?
comment and rate my poem.?
What is the first line of Edna St. Vincent Millay's 22nd sonnet?
How about a poem for Kathwah?
Have you ever read a poem?
Care to read about WHITE TRASH this morning?
what is this music from Beowulf?
Whats The Best Holiday poem you've read?
What do you think of my poem? 10 points?
Do you like my new Converb?
anyone got any thoughts to share on this poem?
Is there any where i can find annotations for "hot enchilada" by robert graves?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What is the real meaning in a poem called "Barbie Doll", by some poet, can't recall the name?
Witty Poets/Poems...?
Anyone have a good poem to share it with me?
Haiku 5-7-5 check? Plzzzz?
Your interpretation of this poem's meaning, if you don't mind?
poems about being abandoned in a field ?
My poem, a critique, do you like it?
My poem, A crossing over, comments?
Is this almost Haiku?
Are there any good ways to rate my own poetry?
Copyrighting Poetry?
please need help with this poem?
What happens when something's missing?
Can someone give me a 7-10 sentence poem with the following ?
Love Poem-Any good?
Cheesy's post-Halloween poem. Will you read it and stuff?
Help with writing a poem?
How can we make sure poetry lasts forever?
What is the significance of "Fifteen Million Plastic Bags"?
Listen to this poem...?
A poem I hope?
A poem I wrote long ago that would benefit from critique, if you would be so kind.?
what do you think of my poem? be truthful...?
Write a black history poem (must be orignal work winner wins ten points)?
poem for you to read?
How can I improve this different sort of home for the holiday poem?
Critique this poem of mine?
As per my custom, my last poem for the night. Comments always welcome?
Metaphors and simile on life?
Do You Like This Poem?
Can you give me just a random line/sentence? (easy 2pts)?
Writing a poem for Christmas for my guy?
What is the main function of symbolism in "The Lady of Shalott" poem?
What do u think of my poem?
Poem question for 'Arctic Rhododendrons'?
graveyard poetry and metaphysical wit .. I need the answer plz?
How is this poem? Written with a different type structure...?
Please comment on my poem "Believe Me"?
Good names for a poetry/writing club at school?
Is this anthropomorphic?
is this a good narrative poem? if not help me make adjustments?
" Ran Beech chaukri bhar bhar kar chetak ban gaya nirala tha . Rana Pratap ke ghode se ... who is the poet?
Does Anyone Know a Poem or Could Write a Poem that matches this song?
What do you think of this poem?
Description Competition? Enter!?
Painful Silence?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
10 points for a paraphrase of the poem "Go Down, Death" by James Weldon Johnson?
Poetry in other mediums?
Been reading Oh, What a Tangled Web. Anyone else read it?
Narrative poem about life's journey?
Comments wanted for this poem (is it funny-or not-or would you call it risque?)?
As I Grew Older poem. 4 words meaning help!!!!?
Pizza simile or metaphor?
Well, it's confession time....?
What Do You Think About My Poem?
Looking for ideas for a poem: does anyone have any input?
do you guys like my poem?
Metaphor poem Ideas? :)?
What do you think of this poem?
Inside Ones Head -Like Or Dislike from Downunder?
What do you think of my incomplete "once upon a crush"?
Need a good poem to read at a friends funeral?
a good rhyming word?
I need a better title for my poem?
What does this poem mean to you?
Is this a good poem that I wrote?
PLEASE read my unconventional love poem and rate/comment!!!?
Do you like this poem?
Help on "After Great Pain, and Formal Feeling Comes" Poem?
poems by type?
Rate my poem please...!?
First thoughts on the poem 'The Man He Killed' by Thomas Hardy?
Do you like my poem?
Are you starting to see?
A poem about winter reflecting despair?
Where can I find the poem/song "Ordinary Morning" by Jean Binta Breeze?
A poem about life and God...What do you think?
Please Write Me A Limerick!!!!Please...!!!!!!?
Whether I have to use the same person used by the poet while paraphrasing or stanza ?
I really need words that rhyme like a name then a word that rhymes with the name. HURRY PLEASE.?
Favorite poetry? (and MCR fans)?
how does poetry reveal our society?How does the history of poetry corresponds to the history of our society?
how does this poem make you feel?
Critique My Poem When You Have A Chance?
i would loovvee some feedback..=] please. <3?
Feedback on my poem please?
How can I improve this poem (please be as HARSH as possible!)?
how to write a love poem?
I need to write some poems! so I need help but they cant be by famous people or teacher will know?
Could anyone offer an analysis on A shakespeare love Poem?
What do you say to this thumbs down poem?
I even wrote a love poem for someone. How is this one.?
Who is the author of the riddle song?
The first published African-American poet, Phylis Wheatley, wrote poetry?
How do I end this short poem?
This means nothing, just a quick stab at rhyme, will you check it out?
What do you think of this poem?
Friend and poem help!!!!!!!!??????
I need help writing a poem!?
Poem 47 - 8-3-07?
Who is the author of this poem?
Understand this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
'moot' c/c.....................................…
A Serious Piece to critique.. ,Comment's?
any poem by famous poets about two people who are so in love and will?
What is the name for this literary/poetic technique?
short poem, need opinions?
1-877-866-9665 AOL technical Support number alternate required.?
"Re-Incarnation" a spontane I think - - to c-c please?
Haiku 5-7-5 check? Plzzzz?
Does anyyyone knowwwwwwww?
What do you think if this poem i wrote?
what are is names of the books that langston hughes published?
Do you believe happiness has to do with the nature of our hearts?
poetry lovers?
if im interested in a career of poetry writing who should i go upon?
i wrote this song and im eleven look on details?
Need review on my poem?
This poem, The Bird Nest, tells a story about a mischievous young boy. Tell me what you think?
Is there two weapons that rhyme each other?
Is this a poem " The hungered kiss "?
What poem that you've read made you stop and think?
What do u think of Maya Angelou's poem I Rise?
PLEASE HELP ME! Does anybody like my poems?
Charming Sexy Men Name?
What Do You Think (: ?????
under 1 minute poems is back!!!?
where are the snowdrops....a poem?
Significance of the use of the number 100 in the sonnet "the work" by Don Paterson?
poetry about landforms, please help.?
Acrostic poem for "Model" ?
New Poem. Please comment?
Please help me choose a name for my poem?
A morning shorty, will you comment please?
What do you think of the revised version of this sonnet I wrote?
Any thoughts on my poem?
Can you give me some feedback about these Poems,?
What Shel Silverstein poem is this?
How Do You Get On Def Poetry?
A poem for a 2 year old victim of torture?
Do you like my simple poem?
A poem need title... Getting Comfortable.. or should it be Just a Quick One?
What are some similarities and differences between "Death of a Naturalist" and "Blackberry Picking"? (poems)
a poem that includes metaphors?
Please name a few poets that produce admirable work. My name is Giorgio Veneto. C/C please?
How is my imagery in these sentences and can you guess what I'm writing about?
What is the most beautiful stanza of a poem you know?
Would you like to read a poem called Jellz?
I need help on making a poem?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
urgent question?!!?!?!!!?
What is the poem "El Pueblo" by Pablo Neruda about?
lyrical thought turned poem, what do you think, a lot of deep metaphors?
And then what? Will you C/C please?
What do you think of my new song? i poured my heart into this...?
Could You Rate My Poem?!?
I have combined two very important themes, and I would like some criticism on form and style, please?
Poem beat and meter problems?
How is the structure appropriate to the subject of a poem?
the answers to the questions on the poem sheaves?( page43 in the sound and sense book)?
I'm not scared anymore. Is it because of the poor quality of this poem?
Please comment on my poem?
Do poems have to rhyme?
why do you hate me?
Do you like my poem/what should I change?
Can you help me with the last line of this poem?
Do you know the author to the poetry written below?
Critique this poem—Forlorn Child?
can you give an acrostic for Beowulf using his story?
Poetry idea?
can somebody help me write a poem about corporations and human rights.. i already got a couple of lines.......
What are the 3 moods in the poem daffodils by William Wordsworth?
grow up with praise you become confident, grow up with criticism you become shy poem?
Emily Dickinson critics?
wisdom of the toddler?
How can I improve this poem?
Has anyone been offered a cup of Brew?
Updated poem for my mom's bday any suggestions?
What kind of poet was Paulo Neruda, and were there others like him?
Bittersweet Outlet (please review my poem) :)?
please help with my poery project.?
Can you make a poem of these lines?
Could this be considered a poem?
Rate my poem please? (1 - 10)?
points for a good poem!?
would you consider this poem? disclaimer: may be sad.?
do u like my poem i wrote? on a scale of 1-10..how good is it?
what does this poem mean?
What do you wish for on your Birthday?
my poem...please read these are my feelings as of this moment?
Do you like this poem ?
This new poem that I could use some help on..?
What do you think of poem?
what do you think of this haiku?
Will you help with my poem?
Do you enjoy old age?
Poetry? 10 points?
Do you like Never Been there?
What is al the Figure of speech in this poem?
The Art of Blacksmithing, a poem to critique?
Here is my second of the day. Comments please. This is a rewrite.?
Is there a cap to how far some people will go?
Do all poems have to rhyme?
Can you off the top make a poem about being INSENSITIVE?
help me to find poems of Mandelshtam in english!?
poetically speaking how does one become the victim in a poetic maelstrom?
What should I write a poem about?
poem help needed with last line of verse 1 of my poem?
Please rate this poem?
What is a sweet poem/line/ etc?
Do you understand my poem ?
A Hand to Get Started....what do you think?
Of little significance. Will you comment please?
Is this any good or is there still work to be done?
Will you C/C on a Greek song translated by request - by the Greek poet?
explain the way Hopkins uses sound to enhance the meaning of the poem: The Windhover?
Well, is life good or bad, a blessing or a curse?
Need help finding a word for my poem?
Getting a poem published?
Can I sell my poems will people buy it?
please read new poem i just made?
Why do young children smile in their sleep? Care to critique or comments, thanks?
Need birthday poem or quote?
Is this unrhymed piece a poem?
What is the tone/mood of this poem, and which lines convey the mood?
you know the holy scripture of guitar players? is a Brazilian poem?
How 2 write amazing poetry???
The poets of Answers?
Poem of "How many lives does a Man have"?
A poem in between moving. How do you like this.?
Okay, could you read just one more?
good poems about regreats/failures?
What is the voice in the poem, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night?"?
Plz share good meaning full poetry with poet name..thanks very much?
What do you think of my poem?
What c/c for this "The Eagle" poem?
What is this poem trying to say?
Can I have my big words back cuz the ones that R left R not wrking 4 me?
Can someone please translate this poem in your own words?
I need name of poems about....please click?
What is a night within a day?
What do you reckon on this one? Crap or not bad?
Do you have an addiction?
Is this a good description of writer's block?
Need Help ; Alliteration Poem?
what is a poem describing a tower?
Having trouble understanding the poem from langston hughes called- Twilight Reverie-?
Care to comment/critique my poem?
Why is the ryhme scheme of Symphony in Yellow by Oscar Wilde is abba not abab?
What is the Tone of Sonnet 64?
what do these poems mean ...theres like 6...anyone college graduate can help!?
i wrote a poem, i want to know what people think about it? if u have 1 minute please read it...?
"forever drowning in the pain"?
who likes fairy tales.....?
My Saturday LOVE Poem. What's Your Comment? Please remember I am medium height.?
URGENT!!! Should I Submit My Poetry To A Book?
What c/c for this "Jefferson Airplanes' 'White Rabbit' " poem?
SOnnet help?
What are some types of poem typically used for very serious subject matter?
What do you think of this poem?
How many poets does "synopsis" know on a first-name basis?
What is the Walt Whitman quote?
Do you remember me? What are your suggestions...comments?
What does this poem mean?
In a Dark Time - Theodore Roethke?
beaks of eagles??
poem help plzzzzzzzz?
Okay, so I don't have perfect form and rythym, but as far as content?
Like My Poem????????????
Do you write poetry or are you the poetry?
Do you think people write poetry because they have been emotionally hurt?
Good morning and good day and good things?
Help on my poem please?
Help with the poem Dulce et Decorum Est?
Writing a Romantic 18th Century Style Letter to a Prostitute?
What do you want to find in the Poetry section?
Can someone please edit my poem?
In the Home, for a friend, I hope it is O.K., c/c?
what is the meaning of the poem it is not a word by sarah teasdale?
Your thoughts, feelings and opinion on my poem?
Can someone please give me a translation of an Arabic poem about flirtation or love?
do you like my poem....................?
What do you think of my short poem?
Would you make suggestions for my poem?
A poem I just had in me all day?
What are some powerful poems?
Will you comment on a final thought for the day, please?
Do you like my poem?? rate it out of 10?
I wrote this...do you mind telling me what you think about it?
Is this a poem " Change of seasons"?
Last for the day. I think. What do you think of this one.?
Baritones and Bourbon?
poem by an author who has won any of these?
When was the poem 'Peace' by Rupert Brooke written?
literary devices found in william shakespeares poem spring?
Is writing a poem like giving birth?
need help on poem problem please help ?
what is the rhyme scheme for the poem rhodora by ralph waldo emerson?
A poem for my friend? c/c/? ?
What do u think of my poem?
Can you help me indentify the methaphor in this stanza?
When did Wilfred Owen meet elderly poet Laurent Tailhade?
Poems about missing a ex boyfriend?
Just want to know what you think about this poem entitled "The End"?
Awaiting your kind comments
Comment on my poem, please?
PLEASE, I humbly ask for a POSITIVE critiquing of my newest poem?
When we went away, give me feedback ploise?
Tell me a meaningless poem that doesn't really make sense?
What are your feelings on my POEM?.... THE END?
I just need some input on this poem..?
poem relating to the bean tress?
problem child poem!?
Calling all poets, can you help me?
A short little poem.. Thoughts and opinions please?
Can someone please help me with poetry?
voodoo poem?
Come on, am I alone in this confession?
Help finding a poem/poet?
is this a good poem..?
In our beautiful world of the written art known as Poetry, how would you describe these two words?
What are some Alex Turner readings?
DO U LIKE THIS POEM????????????????????
does this sound like a decent poem? please give feedback?
what do you think of this poem?
Is this war poem any good so far?
Your opinion on my poem, please?
This is my poem. It is called "what is dance?" Please give me your full and honest opinion about it.
What do you think of my poem?
Sonnet c/c?
Can you stomach another Dorsimbra? Do you ever play in the rain?
Edited poem! Feedback please?
Have you ever played with fire?
How would you revise this poem?
Is this a poem " The longest play "?
Who can give me a poem about fashion models?
Anybody, want to tell me what you think of a few poems I wrote?
Is this poem any good...be as mean as you want...?
Have you looked outside lately?
For LC and the work she will do in the future,c/c?
In John Donne's poem Holy Sonnet XIV, What does the last Two lines mean?
Can somebody read my poem and tell me how it is?
What does this poem mean?
poems that have to do with resisting death?
emo poetry?
What think you of an inky, dinky, spider poem?
Does this poem suck (Hunger Games)?
Read my poem? Critic my poem? :)?
can anyone help me with this poem?
sonnet helpp please???
poems about movies???????????????????
Are girls impressed by poetry,i broke up with my girlfriend recently and i have written a poem for her?
Who can write a shakespearean sonnet about sneakers?
Will you step out of your skin for a moment?
how did william wordsworth poem affects people life?
what do you think of my love poem?
Not homework! Are you up to a limerick challenge?
good night thoughts,i guess?
I want poem having these words - what if you fall asleep and you have dream & what if in your dream you find?
Need help on writing a poem about elements on the periodic table.?
Can anyone translate this poem?
is this poem any good? Any suggestions on how to make it better?
Stability [Some Reassembly Required.] Feedback?
What do you think of this POEM!? PLS Give Opinion!!!!!! Very Important!!!?
A first draft for HD - please read..?
Help me revise this poem?
Some poetry I've written has been accepted and I must admit it was not expected May I doff my cap and take a?
Acrostic Poem help??
What say you to "Seti...a Haiku" poem?
A poem for an advice card...pleash help finish it...?
Who Can Write an Allusion Poem That you did By yourself?
How is my poem? Be honest.?
what do u think about this poem by dylan thomas?
what do you think of this?
Techniques used in this poem besides rhyming?
What does love mean to you?
A poem i wrote, please read it?
does anyone know a good personification poem i am comin up blank?
I have been working very hard on a poem. Will you respect that?
I am in need of a poem that correlates to the theme of *Loss of Innocence* Any ideas?
Looking for constructive criticism for a poem I wrote!?
A poem I wrote on my 18th birthday. c/c?
Here is another poem by me?
Will you C/C on a revised script {Metzeler Handle} of the Greek poet if you may?
This is not a poem, but maybe you can find poetry in here....?
Aren't we all just a little bit weird?
Can someone read my poem?
Could I get an opinion on this poem please?
What do you think of 'Dedicated to Everyone Who Thinks They Write Bad Poetry' poem?
Whoever you are?
ok ok... final poem, no more revisions, what do you think? opinions, critiques, etc. welcome...?
sonnet- silence, by edgar allan poe?
New poem please be gentle?
How is my writing? Feedback would be much appreciated.?
Perhaps a fairy tale?
what does the poem I am mean?
Will you read and critique my latest poem?
What comment do you have for this abstract bit of writing?
Writing/Poetry group?
free verse rhymey thing...uh...yeah?
A poem about Sue, will you C/C?
Would you please read my poem and rate it from 1 to 10?
Do you like this poem....?
Why do you write poetry?
Poem I saw in a movie...?
My son needs a poem for his elocution. But the length should be 3 mins. He is now in class 7.?
Rate this poem on the scale of 1-10(along with ur comments if any amendments r to be made).?
Can someone give me an example of an concrete poem?
what is a acrostic poem for the word veterans?
Poetry Analysis? Please Answer this!?
Poem: A Fading Gift (You'll love it!. . .I hope heehee=)?
what did you think of emily dickinson if i should die poem?
Who wrote this first verse of a famous poem?
I need help with this poem!pleasee (=?
How does one begin to write?
Why is Gertrude Stein's poem called 'Tender Buttons'?
why would a poet write a dramatic monologue?
What do you think of my poem...?
Please interpret or criticise this poem?
Some thing I wrote tell me what you think.?
Yo...so I went outside, and well, does this work??? comments/ please?
Comments on a poem about three ground hogs?
Poem, please tell me what you think!?
La Belle Dame Sans Merci help!?
funny poems perfect for high school kids?
what do you think of my poem?
can you analyze this poem??
Last poem for the night. Kind of long but worth the read. Check it out.?
Will you C/C on a new script of the Greek poet?
A Halloween Tale?
Will you read a poem just for the heck of it?
What title would you give to this poem I wrote?
A Poems Impression, Image and idea?
i need opinions,,, can i have yours? critique my random thoughts please/.?
Poem help? please? :/?
is this a good poem...?
Anyone know what Poem this is?
Paraphrasing Poetry?
How is my poem? good, or no?
A violation poem, you think?
Another poem. Opinions Please?
what do you do when your shoes are missing?
Dear , Why is it so hard to maneuver your website?
"You both." im just having a really rough day today....but what do you think?
what you think of my poem?
A part 1 of 27, will you read and read and read?
What does this poem by E.E. Cummings mean?
How would you interpret this poem?
help i need to write an essay on two poems Dulce et decorum est and suicide in the trenches. i need advice?
A slightly revised poem, what do you think?
any response to my poem? what do you take from it?
What say to the pome, "Da Rooster(not Snidely) Gets Recognition This Morning!!!!"?
What do you think of my poem?
what should i write my ballad about?
Do you value each day of your life, c/c welcome, thanks?
What are your thoughts about this poem? I wrote this for a friend.?
is this a good short poem?
Is ABCBCDED a good pattern to use for writing an epic?
how to make a poem ?? need help please?
Parts pf Speech poem.?
i'm in the army and i need a new company name i'm in C company can anyone help ?
Youth and Victorian literature?
What do you think about those haikus?
Some questions about this poem?
Lyric Poem? 3 letter word?
i need help with finishing this poem about fear!?
Who has heard this long forgotten poem before? What do you think of it?
What do you wish for on your Birthday?
Your opinion on my poem (second draft)?
love poems?
Do you think I am a good poet?
Critique my Poem?
Fern Hill Poem?
In (poem) Ballad of The Landlord, is it just me or isn't the tenant truly guilty? How is this poem non-racist?
help i need a 5 word chines cuplet peom about saying goodby to fall and hello to winter?
What type of poem is "Happiness" by Raymond Carver?
Wildflowers all over the place, thoughts?
Do you suffer from macarism?
Poem topics for a Freshman?
Thoughts on this poem?
What do you think of my poem/???
Can someone give the the link to a poem about Loneliness.?
My poem intitled "Silver to red" Feedback is ver much appreciated. :)?
Does anyone know a poem called bells abor?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
can anyone help me find a poem called "i've always loved you?"?
is there a declamation piece entitled fiasco?
A second poem for wednesday. Do you like this one.?
What is your opinion regarding my poem- "I just want a heart"?
Please give me a example of a 5 stanza poem!?
Will you read and comment, please?
Examples of poetry...?
What is the original version of the poem "Roses are red, violets are blue"?
What would be your immediate reaction to this write, the first thought that comes to you after reading it?
is this a good poem?
Who is your favorite modern poet?
Free verse is not poetry What do you think?
What dose 80 lines in length mean in poetry?
What kind of poem is this....?
When are thoughts just not enough?
What is the diction in this poem "The Panther" by Rainer Maria Rilke?
Will you C/C the new script {ABRAZO} of the Greek poet?
Inspirational Life Poems?
Whats A Good Poem For A Hound Dog?
Is this a metaphor or simile?
"Simple Soul" poem by Grace E. Easley? Does anyone have it?
What does "This" refer to in the the sonnet by shakespeare below?
Poem writers please help!!!?
does anyone know of any other poems by dr. Earl Reum? (the perks of being a wallflower poem)?
Poem---whadaya think?
How do I write poetry?
Haiku Question help plz?
what is the meaning of "dreamland" by edgar allan poe?
What famous poetry, old or new, would you recommend for me?
Which of the following seventeen is your favorite, or...a word a day keeps you in the dark?
Do you talk a good line or do you really stand?
what do you think this poem is about? 10 points!!! easy points!?
Can you tell me what you think about my poem that I turned in to a song?
How would you improve this poem...or, do the Saints come marching in.. circles?
i wrote this after my father passed away... is it good??
Skate poem?
What keeps you from jumping into the cool-aid?
Can you tell me if these are good poems?
Tell me what you think of htis poem please.?
what do u think?
What are the romantic aspects of this poem?
Can a short little poem be oceanic?
What poems satirize poets?
An Acrostic Tuesday?
what is the main idea of the poem this is the dark time my love?
The tone of this poem...?
Will you comment on If, please?
Has anyone on poetry actually gotten their poetry published?
ok...so I wrote something.....comments hmmm too much punctuation?
What do you think of this one?
Poem for my class is mine good?
I need a quote about someone taking me for granted.?
Poem,comments ?
How does the poem ''Base Details'' show conflict?
is this poem i made any good?
poem?what is your opinion?tis a bit different and bizarre!?
can someone help me write a syllabics verse poem about a family????PLEASE IM IN DYING NEED?
Rate my poem, 1 to 10?
How do i write a parody of this poem?
A short poem to wake you up, Maybe?
What's the title and name of the author to this poem?
What is Petrarch's sonnet 190 saying?
How do you deal with someone who, no matter what, hates you unconditionally?
hey, my grandad sadly passed yesterday, i am looking for a poem to put onhis card, can ne1 please help?
Last poem. Don't want to overdo it. Written many on every subject imaginable. Need feedback. Ta.?
What was I thinking????
My first love poem - please share your thoughts?
Poetry: Could I please have some feedback on this please?
if a girl is mean what do they have that is small about them?
What are your thoughts about a state of mind? A poem?
A poem I reworked, What do you think?
Do you think we ever recover completely from child abuse?
Help make this into a good simile?
Define "ides". Explain the significance of the word in Julius Caeser. What months have ides?
Please crit my poems for me?
What does the play support about the value of poetry and beautiful language?
Will you comment on this lonely re-post please?
~Goodbye?~ Feedback on Poem?
'Josie' by Sean O'Brien poem..***URGENT***?
Good inspirational quotes?
My heart is filled wth a billion girls sadness all at once, I cant carry this cross alone?
Im interested in This lyric "Without you Im a linear standard in an ice flow"?
How does Shakespeare troilus and cressida ending was compelling?
I added a stanza to this poem. This stanza has large spaces after it and before it. Comments, please?
My questions for you=poem?
Help with a presentation of a poem?
short poem. what do you think?
A poem for a man called Invisible?
What rhyme scheme is used in Claude McKays "The tropics in New York"? Also, what is the tone of the poem?
Help Finding Certain Poems, Please!?
What is The Meaning of this?
what is the protocol for posting someone elses poetry on answers?
Poems that engage your 5 senses?
#2 Dream Theme. Free Verse. From a word-search of my poems for "dreams". What do you think?
Drought, will you comment please?
Found this poem I wrote when I was a teenager. What do you think?
wrote a poem for stephen colbert. how do i get it to him?
Can you improve my poem?
How do I make it better?
What kind of poetry is pretty sounding but makes no sense?
How can you make a concrete poem like this?
What do you think of this Dinosaurs Doomed By The Norse Gods morning pome?
Poems of Life ..have to guess in some of it.?
Plz read my poem "headless guy named cigar" and plz comment, how do u like it. c/c?
What is the theme for the poem, "You can't write a poem about mcdonalds?
Can you write me an acrostic poem?
Yemen Poem *EASY 10 POINTS!!*?
what do you think of this poem?
how can i improve this poem?
read my short poem say wutever u like bout it?
Do you like my poem? ?
Help with writing an ode to televison?
What c/c for this "The Great Burning..." poem?
thoughts on this poem?
Need a good song that illustrates figurative language for poetry analysis?
A poem for an avatar change, what say you?
Not at all factual, will you C/C please?
Please consider this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you CC a poem of the Great American/Irish/German/Apache/Dutch poet (me)?
Whats the theme in these poems?
What is a good morning to you?
What's the best part of waking up?
I need a great poem?
Short Poems about bullying?
i made a poem about 2 ppl that got married and they loved each other and the guy, who was a king died.?
what would u say the meaning of this poem is?
How about reading a love poem with a twist? c/c?
POEM!what do you think of it and what would you changeee?
Seductive prose? Far from it...a harsh reality?
How Long Dose iT Take To Be A Poet And A Baker ?
Discriptive writing help?
Could I have your opinion on this short story (Ten points!)?
World Poetry Movement?
Have you ever met someon from Y!A?
Homework help! I need to write a 74 line poem with spastambic fartameter about my summer vacation in Iowa....?
What do you wish for the New Year?
What do you think of this poem? (By: Michelle -me-)?
Funny short poems more than 10 lines long?
Can you make an acrostic poem for "POETRY" (for curiosity purposes)?
who wrote the poem the pencil?
What poets in literature connect to multiculturalism?
where can i get the analysis of 'In Tenebris ll' of Thomas Hardy?
Heaney seamus analysis digging homework help??
Motivational Quotes from Ulysses Poem?
What is this poem about? Plz help?
Nelly Sach-When in Early Summer poem?
Unforgettable Love...Poem about an Ex Fiance Please let me what you think?
i Want Some POsitive Quotes? Please?
Would my girlfriend like this poem?
Will you comment on this poem please?
is this poem any good?
Do you REALLY need sleep all that much, or is the neighborhood dragon cooking hot dogs?
Is there a name for a poem which isn't really a poem but written in verse, doesn't rhyme and has no rythem?
Can anyone suggest reading material on writing poems?
Kids ask the darnedest things, comments?
"SAVE MADDIE" Poem. critique and comment please!!!!?
A Univerelai also known as a Whoopee. You like?
What would you do with the chance?
Comments on an Acrostic about a new med's side effect?
Please read my poem! Feedback needed!?
How is this?
can you write an acrostic poem with "Rosselle"?
Have you seen "her" ?
Are you having a crappy day yet?
a poem on suzie from the "Imitation of life"?
does anyone here dislike poetry?
Can you write a name acrostic poem for me?
what do you think of this poem? any critique pls :)?
Help me name this poem?
Poem on cillia cells?
Is this poem any good?
Help me find a poem from a real poet about how bad guys lose and the good guy wins?
i need help with a poem! please help!?
Is this a good poem? Comments please?
heres another one of my poems! jews especially will enjoy it?
Poets, how do you use the word...?
What do you think of this poem? i wrote it!?
Some one please tell me where these lines are from?
Want to rate, comment, critique my poem... or just read it?
The Coy Mistress! need help thankyou!?
Cheating lovers poem?
poetry.com/is it a real thing?
What/who influenced William Shakespeare in his writing?
Please rate my poem..?
Will you take a moment to be good to yourself?
can someone please help me i am trying to write a poem?
I need a french song or poem by a french person can any1 help?
How am I going to improve my analysing skill for poems?(I am doing local poems by the way)?
'At Cooloola' by Judith Wright? poetry read online?
Is my poem good enough for 10th grade?
Is it true that no one rhymes anymore in poetry?
What is "My Lute Awake" about?
Next line of a cheesy, rhyming poem?
How do you like my short poem?
What are some great Emily Dickinson poems?
Acrostic poem for Africa?
Please provide feedback for the poem I wrote, how can i improve it? I dont really like it.......?
(Pizza Lessons) How about ein more masterpiece from moi?
What about this poem..............?
appearance.. poem about how people care what you look like!?
I would like some honest, decent answers to this please? Nothing empty?
sonnet 1 from william shakesspeare....?
Hello hows it goin, new poem plz read?
September Anyone?
would you like to read a poem and comment on it?
Opinions on my poem? Thank you?
What do you think of the song I just wrote?
I'm bored.lol. Are these Poems good?
Please c/c my poem- "Under the Willow Tree"?
You are the______to my __________ ex. you are the cheese to my macoroni...?
All alone far from home...?
What is a good poem for roll of thunder hear my cry?
Will you C/C on the new script (lololelei) if you are on a beautiful holiday?
Help with name and if you like it?
An "I Will Be" Poem - What's Your Comment?
What does this poem make you think?
Can u rate my poem please? :)?
Are you sometimes too busy to write your own poems?
Poetry Project?
what should i title my poem?
What do you think of my Roses are red poem?
Help with my " I AM " Poem?
What do you think of my short poem?
what type of poem is If You Forget Me by Pablo Nerudo?
Comments/thoughts on my poems?
Translate a Shakespearean sonnet into the words of a five year old help.?
Idea For The Beginning Of A Poem..?
What do you remember that you would rather have forgotten?
Is this considered a limerick?
Need help on writing a prophiece for my story... ?
Poem contest with professional judging!!!!!!?
I need a haiku poem please help?
what is the most important element of the poem?
line thieves? bout 5 months ago i posted a short story of about 900 words..?
help me interpret this poem?
Comments on poem....Do you have someone like this is your life?
"Pain is only relevant if it still hurts " ?
What do you think of my 5 verse Apartheid poem?
What do you think would be a good idea for a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
How did Emily Dickinson feel towards death?
Ever had a good moment go bad?
Does anyone know any poems about Roses?
what is a lazy sonnet?
Critiques on my poem?
what does this poem mean? summary? 10 points!!!?
what are your feelings on my POEM? Apparitions?
summary of poem "there's something i often notice" by YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO?
the tyger poem by william blake?
This poem has a view to the future,may I have your comments?
What do you think of my poem?
would you care to comment on this, In honor of Buk?
Why do muses show up when you least expect it?
Good Poems on betrayal ?
Would you please join me for Moment in Time?
Thoughts on my poem? What's your take on it?
How short can a poem be? What would you feel comfortable with - writing short?
What do you think of my free lance poem?
Missing Poem found in Jacksonville, FL.?
Constructive criticism on this piece I wrote?
it's a damn sonnet.............................c/c?
What to do with an empty notebook?
Can any one give the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's poem/song esho hey boisakh?
If I never make it back. [Poem!] [Please critic!]?
Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Can anyone give me some insight on the poem "Blackberry Eating" by Galway Kinnell?
I know this poem is long, but it really is beautiful please read it! I wrote it and want your opinion!?
what do you think of my poem? =]
I posted a piece almost a week ago and received a few comments.?
How do you spell the sound of a baby crying?
What say to the poem, "For Honor, For Faith, For Human Spirit"?
writing a poem or limerick?
Help? poetry + essay?
Can you please read my poem?
Tony Morrison Them and [uz]?
What do you think of this poem?
Margin to margin writing format?
Poem My pain do you like it.?
What should the title of my essay be? William Shakespeare sonnet 29..?
Is there any commentary or analysis on the poem Lakeside by Billy Collins?
Feedback on my poem please?
What are your feelings on My Early, Bad Day,Content Goodnight Poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Help asap poem for bf?
how to annotate The Cask of Amontillado?
It's Saturday and I'm having fun, care to comment or critique my light -hearted verse, thanks?
Diamante poem on football?
Allusion in my poem?
is this real poetry ?
abstract ideas of imprisonment?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you think of this poem?:/?
A happy birthday poem for a poetess, C/C?
What are your opinions on Robert Frost's piece, "Blueberries"?
Do you remember Ring a Ring o' Roses rhyme?
Can anyone provide an explanation of Billy Collins' poem 'Madmen' please?
Please, I want to give this poem to my parents, is it any good?
would you consider this revision of a poem?
find me a good song or poem?
Looking for a poem about the sea/ocean?
Analysis of 1996 by Tagore. i need help understanding this poem.?
SURVEY: What do you think of this POEM and WHY?
I need help writing a really short poem.?
How would your life change without poetry?
A new one for my fans...all two of them...?
Another depressing dark poem. how do you like it.?
can you figure this out?
I need help making a Where I'm From Poem!?
who is the speaker in the poem April by marcia masters and whom is it talking to?
what is the hidden message in shakespeare's sonnet # 138?
Is this poem that i wrote sad enough for a funeral?
Through Despondent Minds?
where is the nearest poetry reading in manassas va?
Great older sister poem?
a poem i just wrote, please comment. short?
What do you think of 'Medicine-Woman' poem?
Are you inside yourself?
Am I the greatest poet of the XXI century?
Your thoughts on my poem?
How can I put myself into the mindset to write poetry quite quickly?
Did you ever have enough?
please rate my poem?
Are you hungry?
Another for Comment?
How is this even possible?
Bacon poetry help???????
Any suggestions on poems about young soldiers regarding what they can and cannot do because of their age?
Something else a little erotic, what about this one.?
What about this poem?
Do near life experiences change you?
How about this one?
Not sure what I just wrote, but critique?
First time writing a poem ?
Can anyone help me with identifying all of the literary devices in " A Sad Child" by Atwood, and their effect?
How do you tell the difference between accented and unaccented syllables?
Should I keep this poem or not?
Title for my poem about art?
what does this poem mean?
why different people looks different in their character & habits?
Do you have any short philosophies on Love?
I'd be impressed if someone could tell me what meter this is in!! (WARING: the translation is rude)?
"Eternal Wine" a poem.. based on Romeo and Juliet ..what do think?
A poem inspired from last night...how can I improve it?
Can you rate my poem?
How do u like my poem?
I don't know what my own poems mean. What do you think this poem means?
can i have opinions on my poetry!? keep in mind im only 14!?
A poem to the one I lost. Will you give me some input?
Is this a good poem?
A poem for you please to c-c.`..`The Reach` please?
Really strange mood today. I feel very cryptic. Your opinion is valued.?
how do you feel after reading this poem?
What does this poem mean?
Poetry about ambition?
what is a good topic for a poem asap please?
Is this poem any good? More questions after the poem! 10 points for answering all of them in detail?
This is my Poem called "The Forgotten Piano" can you help me out and give me some Corrective Criticism please?
Please give me an web address for a POETRY FORUM where eye can post my poems with pictures and banners?
would you like a poem to carry you to sleep or perhaps wake you up? c/c?
Poem for special women, hope you like?
Anthology Poems!?
Is it plagarism if i take a j.r.r tolkein poem and make it a song?
Poem by a canadien poet about love?
does anybody know of any site where i can find a good poem by ruskin bond?
this is soo not finished yet..but what do you think of the beginning? honestly?
THis will be Very Short and quick.?
can anyone become a poet?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you think this needs additional elements, or is the story complete enough to let readers assume the rest?
tell me some advice about this poem[ and use michael jackson's death as insperation]?
I was wondering what your opinion is about my poem. :)?
Is this a poem " The long walk 350 AD "?
Help on my poetry homework?
i hope you like my poem its about my mum who died 22 years ago please tell me what you think. i stil miss her
A triolet about my low opinion of the triolet... c/c?
Thoughts and advice on my poem?
What is the simplest rhyme scheme? I am a beginner with this, help?
Waht do you think of this:D?
Comments on a poem about resting my pen for a day?
What do you think of my rap/poem?
How is my poem? Differently structured?
Is this a good poem to include in an apology letter?
How do you write synonym and sense poems?
And what would you say to "one man's treasure..." C/C?
How can I make my poem better?
Jus wrote personal poem? comm?
Do you ever feel the flutter of angel wings as your hand tends a grave and your soul fairly sings?
~The Screaming Never Dies~ Poem Feedboack?
Shakespearean translation? For .?
Have you ever felt the need to be brave and share the source of your tears?
Analysis of William Wordsworth's poem "the brothers"?
what do you know about D. H.Lawrence and/or his work called "The Rocking Horse Winner"?
What poet,novelist or short story writer uses terse prose?
Just a poem for all you Mothers?