Anybody know of a good poem about brothers?
This poem is for June. she wanted something for spring. How is it.?
What do you think of this poem that I wrote?
Ideas for a Fall Poem?
Something I wrote, Give my your opinions on what you think. :)?
Judge this poem would you please?
My first Kryielle - an answer to Sin's challenge.?
help beginning a sonnet?
My poem, like, do you?
Do you like these poems I wrtoe for class?
Extended metaphor poem help?
Macbeth Translation?
Writing a poem for english...need feedback?
So many things to do, so many to reconsider and repost and re re, will you pick a favorite, please?
What does October bring to you?
Girls: PLEASE read my love poem and leave opinions?
How many times do I have to post this before someone recognizes my greatness?
Have you got what it takes?
Summer Sonnet? HELP?!!?
Further ramblings Grannyjill. Do you like this?
C/C on my poem please and thank-you?
What are the poems "fortune" and "teller" by Kevin Young about? (subject and occasion)?
Opinions please! Just a little poem from when I was younger.?
how is this draft poem olease anyone?
Would you like to visit my garden? Comments and critique welcome, thanks?
An Update on Lubna al-Hussein comment?
Do lyric poems need a meter?
Does this Poem make sense?
what do you think of this poem? any critique pls :)?
what poet wrote this poem?
I'm looking for a CD with poems for women. Do they sell such a thing?
"My Loved Stanger" an impromptu for your help with a c/c, please?
Dream a little dream for me, a poem to critique?
My girlfriends birthday is today I wrote this.. What do you guys think?
How do i write a sonnet?
Website to post your poetry?
In the poem Mexicans Begin Jogging what is the significance of sociologists who would clock me?
In The Odyssey... (not for homework!)?
Has anyone read 'The Last Post' by Robert Graves?
HELP! I need a title for a Hawaiian poem?!?!?
another imitation poem by dlp?
Poetry Help?
i forgot this love poem. how does it go? please help?
What do you think of Gone (Revisited)?
What do you think of a Rambling, Snidely Writes A Poem morning pome?
Poem about middle school year?
what is the meter of no woman no cry?
Anyone Would like to read more of my poems?
Need to find a candy poem for "Take 5" candy bars.?
How would I personify a very slow and awkward computer?
basketball poem help????!!!!!?
Where are you now?
do you know the theme to the poem "barter" by sara teasdale?
help i need an ending for a poem?
Love poem Feed back wanted please!!! Pieces preferred but any help will do?
how would you determine stressed and unstressed syllables in "The Raven" by edgar allan poe?
Comment on a poetic trip through a forest?
Do you like to be hugged?
What is this poem about? In a London drawing room?
Poetry writers can you help me finish my Roses are red Violets are blue poem?
What do you think of my new poem?
Is it alright to ask for advice on the poem I wrote?
That gadget was the receptacle for God. A strange poemish thing, c/c?
Rejection-poem i wrote for my gf after she left me a few months ago hmph.?
what do you guys think of this poem honest answers only please?
I'm trying this something new. How is this.?
A shorty, movin up and about, will you comment please?
Need help analyzing a poem!?
How the English discovered the sonnet and changed it?
Anne More and John Donne Marriage?
Poetry decisions?
Please give your feed back on my poem:-)?
Poems like "Sea Fever" by John Masefield?
Help with literary devices..?
Rate my poem?
Could I please have your thoughts on this poem?
please help me find figurative language in this poem?
Need to write out Message Clear as a normal poem with punctuation and choosing where to start a new line Help!?
concrete and shape POETRY....any ideas????
Where can I post my poems and get decent feedback?
Please critique my poem?
A poem for the only woman I love Marilyn. Comments?
Need help with a love poem?
how can i improve on my poetry?
Does Poetry have to follow certain grammatical rules?
Speechless, would you give me your reactions to this poem?
What message is in "Telephone Conversation" - Wole Soyinka?
A clever egg has nothing on me...?
sort of poem ive written - opinions?
A website on Sylvia Plath's Poetry?
Comment on a silly poem inspired by a Shazzy question?
i'm writing a poem about dance. can someone send me some lines ?
Care to comment?
What do you think of 'Twilight Storm' poem?
plz read....and post ur comments.....and help me pick a title...?
do you like this poem?
Where to find popular poems?
How about this for all the budding poets out there?
can somone write a ballad for me.?
i need some underground/rap/poetry lyrics?
whats the jingo woman by helen hamilton about any good points? THANKS?
Will you c/c a quick poem for me>?
An 11 year old wrote this poem! Is it good?
When you see: 'Sylvia Plath'... What come's to mind?
summer poem?
Need help writting three sonnets?
Any good, simple poem suggestions?
What do you think of my poem?
I have unblocked everyone.?
From a harlot to a hermit: A poem. Thoughts, reactions, critiques or commentaries please?
Can you identify who is reading poetry in this Radiohead web clip?
My Princess. A poem. c/c?
Anne Sexton poetry meanings?
Dynamic ,epic graduation poem for 8th grade middle school please?
What happens when something's missing?
is the poet salah faiq still writing?
What is the tone in Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain by Jessica Mitford?
A poem about my family?
This is my first poetry post - comments, suggestions, insight would be greatly appreciated.?
write an 'ode to coffee' poem anyone?
what is the meaning of this poem?
Advice on a sonnet on pain?
poem about love and time any good ?
How to become a poet?
christian poem about homecoming?
Comments wanted for this poem (is it funny-or not-or would you call it risque?)?
Romatic poets and altered states of consciousness through meditation?
HELP!!! I'v fallen and I can't get.......?
What is the theme to the poem Shine, Perishing Republic?
Your opinion of this? It was based on a murder years ago.?
Continue with poem question ..?
read and comment on ym poem please?
Please give your opinions on this little poem of mine?
What do you think of my poem?
my last poem for today!?
haiku ideas?
Looking for poem just know the title?
its been a while but.......?
Can you please read my poem and say what you think about it?
Please read my poem and tell me what you think.?
Poems about being bullied or overweight?
Am I on a roll?
I need a poem!?
What shoud I write my poem about?
Tell me what you think of my poem...thanks ?
What is a poem about family?
Are these well made poems?
I wrote this. Is it any good?
Is this any good? What do you think about it, how does it make you feel?
Please critique my poem?
'I am from' Poem?
Could anyone help me with a theme statement for this poem?
For all poets who know about cars, and revenge, this "Just Fixing A Car With 'Creativity' " humor pome?
Are you a right brained poet, or the left...see details.?
[Baby it's cold ouside]...Your offerings, c/c please, on this jingle...?
Most commonly used poetic devices in poem?
What is your opinion of the premise of Koch's poem? ?
My zubat has not yet evolved in pokemon silver?
does anyone know the poet Pablo Neruda?
Is modern music a form of poetry?
please help me with describe the main idea of this poem?
What animals make you think of poetry?
Theme and Elements of poetry of "Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley" 10 points?
Check out my poetry please?
What do you think?
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came?
Have to write a short holocaust poem?
Do you like this?
what you you thing of this strore.?
How can I get everyone to do exactly as I tell them to do, go where I tell them, say what I tell them, etc.?
PUDDLES- 10 points to whoever can guess my intention for wrighting this poem and its meaning!!?
What are the rules for writing a sonnet?
over18 only please?
Did I deserve full marks for this poem? I thought it was awful!?
Have you time for a short poem?
Please tell me what you think of my poem/song?
is there a online poem class?
Read my sonnet, critique, grade, correct, rate?
this is a poem i wrote after i read New Moon. can you tell me what you think of it? and please critisize it?
Please critique this one entitled "The Serpent's Labyrinth". Thanks!?
if writing poetry is "EMO"?
Is THANK YOU a good name for this poem?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
I just wrote this poem, what do you all think? Any criticism welcome. Written in free form, no real structure.
Does this poem convey true emotion?
Any notes on these?
could i write a good night poem for some special people I have found and would you or they respond?
Does anybody have any ideas for a Shakespearean Sonnet about Romeo and Juliet: Act 1?
a quick poem...please c/c?
I just read a question and the poem was "off the top of their head". What would your's be just?
Yo you like me new cON-VERb?
Interpret this poem please?
I really need your help on this poem! Can you help?
I wrote this --- tell me what you think..honestly!?
hows this poem sound?
Something fun for Sunday morning, How do u like this.?
Epigrams help?
Do you like this poem, what would you rate it out of 10?
Would you dance with her? I want comments. COMMENTS!?
Would you care to join me in a celebration of sorts?
Shall anyone help me to write a poem, please? 10 points for sure!?
What c/c for this "Damn Mad About What Went On Yesterday..." poem?
Can i get the Literary Techniques of this poem PLEASE HELP ME :(?
Write an acrostic poem-S-C-A-N-N-I-N-G?
Sometimes, it's a long ride to get to the end of the rainbow, and just what do you find there?
Review my Italian Sonnet!?
Rate my poem please, thanks a ton!?
What is an Acrostic Poem for this?
Writing a Haiku poem?
May I tempt you with a silly poem?
Please help me find the figures of speech in my Sonnet!?
New York City/Manhattan Poem..Help? 10 points!?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Analysis of Greater Love by Wilfred Owen?
A poem about You and I? Atheists and Christians?
A love poem for last call c/c ?
So like I want to know if I am good enough to continue and be something with Poetry?
Poetry Question with a rhyme scheme of AABBCC?
Poetry Devices In This Poem?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO?
Poem inspired but the book Uglies?
An intervention, will you comment please?
my poem.tell me wat u think about it. and wat i shoudl fix :) thx?
free verse poem on being cool?
I need help finding this poem?
Please read and comment on my newspaper write up?
Let me know what you think. Any good?
Can you feel the pain, touch the heart ?
Selfishly.....I Cling, a poem to critique?
A poem about me in a sense?
Can you explain a literal translation of the poem "Fireworks" by Amy Lowell?
Can you describe the common themes of the Poem "snow" by Shel Silverstein?
How would you describe the diction of the poem "Footprints".?
So I tried something insane. Did it turn out all right?
Help analysis for this poem The War by Leon Gellert?
Is this poem a bit cheesey or should I cheese it up a bit more, please help?
Short Spanish, Hispanic (translated to english) poems?
URGENT!!! Should I Submit My Poetry To A Book?
Poem. Wrote it awhile back, whatcha think?
How do you filter poetry?
Edit my poem?
One more for GC, then I will get to work...do you like this one?
It's called luscious insanity?
wind poem?
what is the name of the robert frost poem recited in the movie Telepon?
Rate my poem?
Is aroses a word? ......?
Poetry in religious books, where can I learn more about this?
The ballad of Mary Foster?
Poems about Dementia?
A hopefully soothing poem, please comment?
Can a poem have more than 5 lines to be a limerick?
What is a short-metered poem, Alliteration, Slant Rhyme, Diction, Lryric poem and theme?
Does anyone know of a good poem?
what do you think makes a GOOD poem?
What type of poem is Sylvia Plath's "Family Reunion"?
Hey guys..wat do u understand?
can someone please answer this question.....?
I need a poem for my girlfriend?
I need helps doing and acrostic poem for gravity?
Is this story okay for children to read?
Tell me if my poem is good or what needs improvement?
Could you critique my poem?
Can anyone help me find a poem to memorize for a poetry contest?
Does walt whitman believe in emo people?
What defines a poet's style?
What do you think of this poem I've written?
Will you read a spontane Inspired by Neonman?
need a poem critics. thanks?
"Sonnet 67" With the help of the gods, made some foray into Dreamland, care to C/C this poem?
What do you think about my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
i need help with a poem tell me if it sounds good?
Classical verses, any thought, gentlemen?
Need help for my poem?
An opinion on what i wrote?
Fruit poems?
Feedback on my poem please?
Start of a poem...It's hard to finish! Can someone please help me?!?
How can a person make a living as a poet?
Please help with analyzing a poem!?
The face that launch'd a thousand ships poem?
Critique this poem about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
Can anyone decipher this for me thanks?
song to go with poem?
i came across two poems written by the same person do you think they are good?
the meaning of life through a child's farewell; check out my poem!?
What do you think of my poem?
Sonnet 75 by Spenser and sonnet 147 by Shakespeare?
what poetic form is my poem?
How would I conclude an "I am" poem?
will you critique my poem?
Poem I wrote, please rate ?
How do i wright a sorry / forgive me poem?
Comment on a poem about refusing to come out, please?
Okay, I know this question is not very interesting, but how does one write an epic poem?
what does Aristotle say about comic actions and comic characters in the Poetics?
I really don't care how good/bad this poem is, it really had to be written, Comments?
RED RED ROSE POEM -- why do some people cheat in the Poetry category by?
can any one help me with in interpentatoin of the poem by edger allen poe, "a valentine"?
Is this a poem, and if so is it ok?
im looking for the critical analysis of the poem "The Winter Palace" by Philip Larkin.?
I need a good.. no... Great ryme!!!!!?
A poem to ponder?
This poem is a bit random... a memory?
What do YOU, the reader, believe this poem portrays?
Do you think I am the best poet in the world?
Your thoughts on this poem?
Comments on a Lincoln poem for Presidents Day?
what do you think of this poem?
confessional poetry who stared it ....?
i want commentary on in memory of w b yeats?
Will you enjoy an AWWW how nice poem that I wrote?
What is the meaning of the poem 'Night of the Scorpion'?
A cacophonous mourning morning (comments/critiques)?
Animal Abuse - fur trade poem..good or bad?
Do you waste time and thought searching for the meaning of life?
i need help with this double entendre?
And what will they say of you?
Who is the sexiest actress, actor to you?
The tyger???
what are two poems that have the same theme but different authors?
is there a vendetta against me tonight?
Please help me with this poem, Bringing the Dolls (For Anya)..?
Why do poets use certain devices in their poems?
If I asked you; what do you think of my poem and what would you change? tell the truth?
opinions on my poem....adults?
What do you think about my poem?
Something I leaned from Buk!Acrostics these are not convoluted!?
Do you enjoy old age?
help on some tanka poems?
Poem makers HELP!!!!!11?
Do you value the worth of solitude?
any poem competitions or forums online for teens?
Can someone help me with finding a publisher to help me publish my poetry?
Do you think that when people post a poem on here there is someone out there copying it down?
Stone by Charles Simic?
Will this one be reported, too?
Is this poem alright?
Which 5 words rhyme with "dust"?
Poetry Help Please!? I Really Need To Know...?
what do you think of my poem?
the time is nigh for "another imitation poem from dlp" hope you had fun -i did here's a recap?
How can I get a record deal?
Please help me with the technical stuff?
A poem...will you read and comment?
Reposting for more feedback please?
How can science help me write a great poem?
continue this poem or write a similar poem on your owen. remember to use aabbccdd rhyme pattern?
Are you scared to death of animal doctors?
Can anyone help me find the meaning of this....?
I think I know what Emo is. I think you should read this. Do you care?
What does, A tree A Rock A Cloud mean in Carsons's Mc Cullers short story mean? (1917-1968)?
Does anyone know of HYDE has poetry?
What flower should one use (in a poem) to represent love and affection for a father?
anyone know where I can read some poetry in philadelphia?
How is the poem i wrote? Do you like it? EASY TEN POINTS!?
I woke up with this thought what do you guys think?
Any words that rhyme with Dani or Danielle?
College - Screenwriting, creative writing, poetry, Russian - Best College choice?
What do you think about this poem?
i need help writing an acrostic poem about renewable?
HELP!!! PLEASE!!! I keep reading and i don't understand
ways to say green *poem*?
What do you think of this 'Totally Silly Pome, Which Could Be A Poem' pome/poem?
Would you read & c/c this effort?
Poem analogy help!!!! Is his an analogy?
Would like your oppinion please?
Whats a good poem for me and my friend who arent very close anymore?
reaction to my poem appreciated?
what will you do to your face when it looks old?
Rain Continues To fall --Poem --Thoughts? c/c?
What do you think about this poem i wrote two years ago? xD?
I quickly need a poem appropriate for a funeral that has an "eagle" theme.?
Pleasee answer. Poem any good?
is this a good poem (what do you think)?
I need help... Where can I find....?
Is this good enough to be #10 in the mansion series?
What is the overall message of this poem?
PLEASE HELP, i need a poem which is about "the colour of love"?
Would you please critique my "Blue" poem?
Poem I wrote....is it good or bad?
Do you like this poem i made?
Should I Break My Rule For This One?
A poem would like comments please thanks?
A poem about my grandma..what do you think?
types poems and examples ?
playing with unrhymed meter...another take on sand......c/c?
Question about ABAB and Stanzas in Poetry?
When do you like to snuggle?
Can you criticize my poem?
A poem about something that makes my blood boil?
Do you like this poem? What can I change?
I Need Help with English poem?
help poem critique!!!?
Do you know an inpirational verse involving a road or journey?
what do you think of this spoken word?
A straight love poem from The Dark Prince. How did I do.?
'The Raptor' C/C?.......?
My Spellchecker Contact Madness... Want to Read?
Is my poem good?
Do you know any curious tales? c/c?
HONEST OPINIONS! are these poems good?
Fast poem that rhymes ( HELLPP)?
Any tips on how not to cry while reading aloud at a funeral?
how is my poem, advice please?
Can any body tell me the site for the children where i can find a poem worth reciting?
Duke Frederick from "As you like it" figurative language Lines?
my poem? critisism appreciated, B.S. not?
what is the theme or tone of the poem "American Hero" by Essex Hemphill?
Help with a poem for my older sister... please?
Please read this poem i wrote and give me some honest feedback ? thanks!?
Can you please read my poem?
What is a good visual for Sonnet 23 (Shakespeare)?
To whom it may concern, Would you concider this a poetic?
Do you like my poem?
slam poetry is beast.?
Is this a good poem? I wrote it?
Is this a good poem to recite at my sisters baby shower?
What do you think of this poem that i wrote, what's working and what isn't?
can i please have you oppinion on this poem i wrote?? ?
i've been ill all my life. i'm bipolar (manic-depressive). i try so hard, but i can't heal myself. forgive me?
A poem for a monday. Do you like it.?
would you all please read my poems?
If you write poetry what would you write someone to let them know you care?
Does this poem make sense to you?
Could I get some critique on this please?
"Do you remember..." Start of my Poem... (comments, critiques)?
do you like this haiku poem i wrote?
How many 'Theys' have you seen lately?
Who is the main character in the poem "Eldorado"?
What kind of poems are these?
who is the best poet ever and why?
Would you read & comment? Old reposted pirate poem. TY?
Comment on my Poem??
Here's a poem. Can you explain it to me; at least the last part ?
Comments on an angel's job?
Template...............a poem.............c\c?
How does Emily Dickinson use Faith, independence, nature, love, and hope in her poetry?
i need help on a french poem please?
Is a good poem better than a turkey sandwich with mayo?
what are some metaphors?
i need a short poem from poetryoutloud.org?
A Poem Written For My Girlfriend?
i need advice on my poem?
rate 1-10 poem?? pleasee?
is this an ok poem?
A visit to a graveyard inspired by Caz and Bob, how can I improve my poem please?
Do ya ever really feel like Oh My Gosh?
How to write a Poem or Song?
Am 16 & i've been called by some the best poet alive! but some say it's too early 2 give such a title! is it?
Has anyone written a poem lately?
May I ask of all of you? When you post a poem on YA, do you want the truth from those who read? do you want?
help on something i wrote that i want to live by?
Friend Poem..........PLEASE HELP????!?!?!?!?!!? need a good idea?
New poem need opinions ?
What do you think of this 'A Master Poet Bit The Dust' morning pome?
is this a good poem? yes or no and why?
-------No relent?
I wrote this poem... is it any good?
I wrote this poem a while back... what do you think?
Will you leave a comment?
Tyler Durden... hmmm... ???
The Call by Rupert Brooke explanation?
Sapare aude - comments or suggestions?
What does the poem The Bear by Susan Mitchell talking about?
What do you think of my poem?
Can someone find me a poem?
Too Many Empty Chairs, comments?
can anyone help me , how to comment on the prosodic features of a stanza in a poem?
again, another one?
Drowning Forever--Poem--c/c?
Rate my poem ja??????
Which type of poem is this...?
my old friend passed away. share your thoughts please?
Do you mind if I leave this poem here?
I think I'll sit here all day long and write poems until I write a poem that will rip the top of your....?
Can someone write me a poem about my mom that I can use?
Link to poem to read in class that is at least 10 lines long and is easy to memorize?
Do you like my new poem thingy?
What is the "tone in this poem?
please comment on my poem.?
How do my poems sound?
Can you type few rhyming lines/poem on: Morning bells are ringing........?
IS this a good graduation poem?
What are we?
Finish the last line(s) of this poem?
My first poem in ages, tell me what you think, eh?
Christina Rossetti poems about?
If someone improves your poem is it still yours?
Who do you want on your side against the Darkness?
What is the most memorable type of rhyme?
I tried a rhyming poem this time. What do you think?
So, who's your deity?
I'm looking for a poem I used to love.?
Care to comment?
poetry help please?!?!?!?
what is the rhyme scheme of Beast of England by George Orwell?
how can i make this story more interesting?
CHICKEN WIRE -please help with vocab?
"Those Winter Sundays" - Is it a sonnet?
what is the meaning to the poem A Face by Robert Browning?
Why is the poet, William Wordsworth, eager to know the Solitary Reaper's song?
do you like these two little poems?
i'm looking for a poem (its not really a poem).?
What is the metaphor in the poem Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas?
Poetry: Hey you..?
Not much in the mood for Halloween, how bout you?
Do you think this poem is good?
A poem for my bf? Plz help?
Have you ever searched the night for someone who is not there?
Poetry in Music. Please help?
Can you comment on my poem please? Pretty please?
what are some abc poem examples?
from destruction to redemption?
Is this poem... terrible? "Shoot me down"?
Are the line breaks effective here, or...all the news you need to know is not news at all?
acquainted with the night poem?
Help on Free Verse Poem...please rate on scale of 1-10!!?
what do you think is the subject of this poem?
Help on my self centered poem?
Please comment on my poem?
Cerulean!! A man said that love poems are rubbish!!! Will he read two entries on that?
When was the poem One Art by Elizabeth Bishop published?
Can someone give me a good idea for a poem?
Does this poem have any literary devices??!?!?
Acrostic poem for rebellion?
"Family Traits".....for my dada, now gone, echoed by me right now, for your c-c please.?
Tell me what you think about this poem for my gf?
What does this poem mean?
Please suggest a title for my poem. What do you think of it?
Do girls like poetry?
Ode to a rose, part one hundred and seventy?
What are your thoughts of this poem?
How do YOU write?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you HONESTLY think of this poem/rap??????????????????
Opinions on an older edit please?
How about peace in poetry?
In meter but oh la la, my rhyme is doing the can-can. Does it work, comments and critique please?
Help me revise this poem?
Im not very good with writing poetries. But can you tell me where should be corrected? thanks?
Opinion regarding my winter poem?
How do I get discovered for my poem/song writing talent.?
The significance of night in "Two Bodies"- Paz?
How's my first poem I wrote?
I Love Those Roses: A Short Song......Do you Like It?
Anybody think this poem describes love perfectly?
Question about poetry...???
What are your thoughts on this poem?
Poetry Slams/Readings in Chicago?
Why do some profiles need to bring down good poets so they are no longer willing or happy to show it?
Any one know some like really good screamo bands?
The great gatsby meet Elizabeth?
Does anyone know the poem "Ozymandias" of the desert?
Who was the winner of the National Poetry Anthology 2012?
What is the tone in the poem Harlem by Langston Hughes?
"born into this" poem by bukowski?
I need help with a poem thingy about R.E.S.P.E.C.T!?
What's your opinion on this poem of mine?What feelings does it leave you with?
is "the folly of being comforted" by Yeats a sonnet?
Are you aware of the beauty of approaching night?
i have to wright a poem, about customer service . but its hard ,HELP PLEASE !!?
Read my poem please: ) Please and thankyou.?
What do you think of my short poem~Abuse.?
WWC1, page two, comments, suggestions?
what are 3 examples of imagery in the poem"Kubla Khan"?
Poems with this theme. Need a little help!?
What do you think of the poem I wrote?
New Poem sucks, should I burn it, or try to save it.?
Thoughts and advice on my poem?
How is this poem? (0-9)?
Please comment on this short poem?
The Iano tapes: The lost interviews, part 1....?
Read my poem "The Veneer of Other People" please? Trying something different?
What would you say the theme of Dorothea Mackellar's poem "Burning Off" is?
When was the last time you enjoyed burnt toast?
How many of your favourite bands improved when they changed line-ups?
Check My Shakespeare Sonnet Questions? 10 Pts!!!?
To all of my dear poets, how do you handle harsh criticism?
Cinquain poem on "shooting star"?
When was Maya Angelou's poem "Caged Bird" published?
what defines modern poetry?
Why Is The World.....?
is this a good poem....?
Is my poem good so far?if u guys can suggest what else i should ad?
What do people think of this poem?
What happened to santa's sleigh?
If you have posted a poem on poetry does that mean you can't submit it to a magazine or periodical?
A Poem for Ladies :) you like flowers?
Do you like this poem..?untitled-suggestions?
What do you think of my poem?
New Poem sucks, should I burn it, or try to save it.?
what is the purpose of the poet "when my love swears that she is made of truth"?
Can you give me some feedback on this song/poem?
What do you think about this poem?
What is the your favorite ogden nash poem?
Do you like my simple poem?
Do you like my poem, "Three Moons"?
Tell me what you think, honestly, be harsh if you want!!!?
The Forgotten Room....................................… short, metered poem without rhyme. c/c?
What's a good research topic concerning Ben Jonson and his poetry?
i need asummary about the language that george herbert use in his poem love 1?
How would you finish this sentense as in poetry?
Suggestions of what to write in a poem!!!!?
(Up against the odds) poem, please rate and comment. ( thanks in advancement:)?
Does anyone know a poem about cryogenics?
Please help make these names they need to be weird funny and stupid?
Hey you! Hank wrote you a poem.........?
What are your comments on 'Daniel Did Not Survive The Lions' Den' night poem?
hows my poem for social science?
Sort of disturbing poem? Do you like?
Please. what do you think?
if you know anything about writing poems/lyrics?
a poem...what do you think?
How am I supposed to deal with this kind of tragedy?
John Denver was a singing poet, do you agree?
Will you C/C on the new script {silken sough chords} of the Greek poet?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
A poem I wrote on my 18th birthday. c/c?
what can i name my poem?
What do you think of my poem, critique?
Oh, Halloween, what do you do?
Do you truly expect a critical and well versed overhaul on your poetic offerings when you post them here?
legacy sonnet.....i need one quick.......?
Help me out with this one?
Bowling the brain for a strike? Off the top, first and only cut ? 2 time?
What could I write for my poem about remembrance?
Poem for my boyfriend?
I'm writnig this at 4:20 in the morning. How is this to start the day.?
...what do you do with the hole in the silence?
Just a bit of silly verse to start the day?
What do you think of this poem.?
what is the literary device used in the phrase "tired song" in the frog and the nightingale?
Do you like reading lighthearted poetry or intense poetry?
It really is a very nice destination, regardless of the jagged...?
What do you think about the poem...Winter's Maid?
The River Merchants Wife: A Letter?
At first glance her eyes revealed their beauty?
Who is your favorite poet?
Have you ever searched the night for someone who is not there?
you and me...my new poem....what do you think?
PLZ rate my poem is for a contest [also dedicated 2 bf]?
When is the best time for a sonnet?
I need help making a Where I'm From Poem!?
do you like this poem i wrote?
More of a freewrite than a poem. Feedback?
i need help with a winter triplet poem?
Can we all say a prayer for the dearly de-parted, hydropro?
Can anyone help me analyse the poem "Joining the colours" by Katherine Tynan Hinkson?
Will you c/c on this first draft poem called The Greatest Love?
help me to correct my poem?
Inspired by Fredric and Doe, C/C?
how does Yeats evocatively convey the gains and losses involved in the fight for Irish independence in ...?
Do you resist using words you (for whatever reason) dislike despite --at times-- their pinpoint necessity ~ ?
What do you think of my poem?
Thoughts on what this poem might mean?
What do you think of this STEALTH Bomber Christmas morning pome?
Another wintry mix perhaps?
what do you think of my poem?
can you give some list of websites for hindi poems?
can you interpret this poem?
Where are alliterations and assonance used in Robert Pinsky's "Shirt" poem?
Appreciate your input...It came naturally today;)?
Any bands out there with strong lyrics?
Poem you think what?
What would be a good original theme for a Halloween poem challenge?
is there a vendetta against me tonight?
Tell me what you think of my poem?
What do you think of this?
Wordsworth or Keats? Opinions?
can someone help me with this poem?
feedback on my poem please?
what do you say about my poem?
Did you ever see irony on the hoof?
What think you of a Morning Pome workshop/lecture by Prof. Goofy?
Are you ready for some really deep eye staring rumination? C/C?
Help on my poetry homework?
so you like this ! ?
Can anyone show me sites that has anything about the poem "On his blindness" by john milton;?
Do you like reading poetry?
Just a few things I came up with, all separate poems that go together well, C/C?
As the only true Greek on Y!AP, and the only one who has reached God status, I would appreciate...?
Can someone give me a poem about hair?
a poem about love.....?
Have you ever been lost in the woods?
got another poem/rap i would like to be commented on?
can u help me analyze this poem by elizabeth bishop?
Okay kiddos, how does this one grab you? "All the Answers"?
Help with metre in Hardy's 'the voice?'?
I've been reading this poem for so many times and have no idea whats it about, please help! I'm so lost!?
With Regards to Self Expression in Poetry...What Do You Think of This Poem?
Need HELP from a GOOD POETS?
Can you please help me with writing a sonnet poem?
Can you make a poem about the atoms historical development and its subatomic particles?
Opinions on a Poem?
Will you oc/cupy yourself to evaluate a V.G. G.V. poem? {Clary} Hm.. And energetically participate if you may?
This poem is for my gals, Cilla and Poppy, What do you do when the words won't come...?
Is this a poem " Payment is always due "?
Does you and me make we or We?
What reaction do you have to a question and how it is worded?
Sorry, I lied, another haiku, with a request for opinion?
Day of End (and to waste characters i type this :p)?
What do "Ring my Bell" and "Ring My Bells" mean in Enrique Iglesias`s song ?
Darker a memory... beginnings of knowledge. Is it a poem or a story?
does writing poetry help you with your sadness, anger, ect?
I need a good love poem ?!? With rhyme scheme ?
A poem about love read and rate and feedback?
Please review my poem and advise any suggestions or corrections, thank you.?
Do you like my new poem?
What doors do I have to look through to get recommended? C/C?
I need Help With a Poem! (Living in Sin by Adrienne Rich)?
poem help... i need a poem?
This ever happen to you? Comments on poem?
Is this what they call belle weather?
Does this poem have anything to do with keeping promises? what does it mean?
where can i find a biography of Charles C. Finn?
What a sweet and special poem to write for my guyfriend?
What do you think about 'Snidely Does Not Approve Of My Radio Answers' morning pome?
Who Whwi =sjjjj sjsjs Siohwl ZSDei''''' ESJWo?
Can anyone think of a song that can be related to Langston Hughes' poem The ***** Speaks of Rivers?
What think you of a wish-list Sunday pome?
how to get myspace friends?
Feedback on my poem please?
Which is more precious, diamonds or water?
hi...my name is....Phil Indablank?
Why you think you're so cool cuz yer a poet?
Will you try some instant....coffee?
the first poem may be confusing- 'specially for smaller minded people!?
Why the caged bird sings poem by maya angelou?
It's a poem, poetry...for people that like poetry and poems. comments?
"By the waters of Babylon" Poem ideas?
poetry help for dogtags?
Can a free verse poem have refrain? help please!?
Do you believe in the power of prayer?
Usually I keep my poetry private, aside from a few..I want YOUR opinions on this poem..?
how do u make an peom?
Is this poem good or bad?
What do you think of my poem?
What will Luna's Lover think of this poem?
I'm back with some new poems!?
help me write a poem about nighttime?
Personification and Imagery in this poem?
Hows this for mushy? Can you guess the girls name?
What is a good website to find poetry ideas and non-famouse poets and their works?
Make poem about favorite sport?
Poem and Song?
Is it possible for someone to write a DECENT poem that ISN'T completely gut-wrenching?
What is the "tone in this poem?
any comments on this poem?
Do you have a Desired Love?
Am I hiding well enough?
Can anyone help me with a poem about death?
Is this free verse poem poetic?
How are Ithaca and its people described in the poem Ulysses?
Random words for poetry?
What might be your favourite artistic advice?
Will my contacts please read this, thank you?
Please read my poem "bed calls"?
They're not really snow flakes, you know....?
In Paradise Lost, during Satan's lament (book 4, lines 96-97), Satan says"Ease would recant vows made in pain"
Does anyone know of short poems about small town life written by famous poets?
help...i just found my son writing EMO poetry in his bedroom.....?
Do you like this poem?
In poetry what do they mean by abcd etc.?
Which of W H Auden's poems are best to study in the question about titles?
i wrote a poem and i need you to see if its good or needs some changes here it is...?
Which lines are characteristic of an elegy?
do you like my poem.?
What does this poem mean?
Can anyone make me a sonnet about Love?
Can you help me find the meter in my poem? and which type of metrical feet is it?
what is the poem"kubla khan" about?
new poem about my bf thats in the army.?
Help me please, I need a word to rhyme with sphincter, for my romantic homework project?
Can anyone write me a quick poem (about 8 lines) about a Roast Dinner?
which Victorian poets were religious?
Michelle H again??
Do you live with other people? My habits, c/c?
new poem in the morn, plz read?
If you know anything about sonnets I need you?
Are you thankful for what others see?
what is the theme of the poem ode to tomatoes?
Do you like my poem? What kind is it? Any poem contests? Tips?#2?
What made Walt Whitman be called the "Father of Free Verse"?
Poetry sites??
What do you think of my rough poem?
What do you say to this?
I need help getting inspired. Well I need help with my poem :]?
Please critique my poem?
what figurative language is this?
What kinds of dance do they do in Australia?
Can anyone help me write two more poems..they need to be about personification and stuff?
read my poem?I call it "The mermaid call"...........?
Poets, Will you be writing your Valentine?
What is a good poem for my graduation ceremony?
And does "neon" glow?
a poem? maybe not..?
Can you type few rhyming lines/poem on: Its time to pause and think.....?
Are you in a love that can't be broken?
Hows this small poem,, i've just made it up?
Have I met the requirements for the Dorsimbra?
I need help finishing an Italian Sonnet!!!!?
Is this a poem " A poem of sadness"?
ever read or heard these words spoken?really, no best answer,just wondering.?
Is this a good poem and worth it?
Does this poem sound good/does it sound like a poem?
Rate my Poem?
Does anybody have any ideas for a Shakespearean Sonnet about Romeo and Juliet: Act 1?
Have you ever considered writing a poem with no rhythm, rhyme, tempo or purpose, and thought..?
Short poem. Let me know what you think:)?
Whatcha think of my poem? ANY CRITICISM PLEASE! ?
Does anyone know the rest of the Guy Fawkes poem?
Is my poem good? thanks?
What do you guys think of this random poem ?
Please help with the poem "The Horses" by Ted Hughes, just with the phrases in capitals . . . ?
i need a poem for the one year anniversery of my nieces death?
I need to write a Preposition Poem......?
Just wanted some advice on ANOTHER poem?
What's your cure for writer's block?
What do make of this?
can anyone write me a good diamante poem?
How to write a life experience into stories or poetry?
A poem (2).............. ??
Do you know any poems or can you come up with one to fit this situation?
Do u like my friends poem [NO it is not mine]?
Looking for the poem with the virse "The odd breeding habits of flickers call neither for Priests nor for vcar
what do you think about my poetry/ song lyrics?
Will you offer a C/C on a Hair Cutting poem, by the Greek Poet?
How could the poem "Not waving but drowning" be a summing up of one's whole life, or of the human condition?
Have you ever planned your death?
What does this poem mean?
What do you think of this poem?
please read poem/rap i made?
Out of 100 what would you give this poem thanks?
Poem I wrote....is it good or bad?
What do ya'll think of this poem? (HAPPY POEM :D)?
how do you know what your "style" of writing is?
cinquain peoms??????
do you like my poem 10 easy points?
what do you think of my poem?
'What I Don't Know' is my title; it is simple and honest, will you read and comment?
What is the poem titled something along the lines of "The bullet that killed the king"?
looking for poems that talk about a brave soldier fighting alone?
Two-Stanza Alliteration Poem for O?
Is this a poem or what?
can you write a nice poem for me?
How do you like my poem?
Can I try to tell a storyishkindathingydo? ok..maybe not...?
Just sharing again, comments invited?
Can someone write a poem describing the story of Macbeth?
What do you think of my poem?!?!? ((=?
any helpful ppl out there wanna rate my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
some poems =)?
do you like my poem, what should i title it?
This is a Poem I would like to share if feel up to it.?
Analysis of 1996 by Tagore. i need help understanding this poem.?
How old do you think i am?
please read and rate poem?
Poetry question on theme?
Poem analysis?
Do you dream or do you remember?
Angel Kisses?
Is this a good poem?
A poem with the following criteria?
What are examples of sensory images in this poem?
Eternal Love ?
Opinion on a new poem?
how does the poet try to rouse the captain? in walt whitman's o captain, my captain?
Rose's are red, Violet's are blue...?
I want to write a poem, something sad, that describes my hardships in life and I need some ideas?
a collection of poems?
Is it OK to be inspired by one, who just moments ago conjured up a fond memory?
Another day, another poem. Will you tell me what you think?
Read my Poem Please !?
What kind of a figure of speech is this "my sighs have dried the wine" "my tears have drowned the corn"
Poem Help?!?!?
Writing a poem (Grade 10 level)?
my poem about anne boleyn?
may i ask u poets on here for some help?
O captain my captain analysis?
new poem...i need critique?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem that I just wrote?
when enough is enough. . . I do the "rage dance" =)?
What poetic devices are in Scarborough Fair (poem) ?
What literary devices are in these three poems?
Wherefore seekest thou Death?
okk so what do you think about this?
CONNOTATION of this poem!!?
Any comments about this poem?
A Petrarchan sonnet, perhaps?
Any Maxine Kumin fans out there?
Need help with a poem?
Comments on a morning walk's reflections?
who are they? Poem 1, what do you think? more coming...?
Comment on my poem? :Untitled?
Poem of the Insane, Please Read and COmment?
I wanted to know what you think of my poem? Is it alright?
Is this a good poem and what should i name it?
Please read my poem! I need your help!?
Would you read and comment on my dainty poem?
Tell me what you think of my poem. (Changes From The Past)?
Tips on how to improve my first poem for Creative Writing?! Thank you!?
Will you c/c an oldie which may have been deleted?
People Don't Care?
Any poems as intense as Charge of the Light Brigade?
Ok, so, like, what if "Writers Unleashed" were to move?
"Adversity" what could be the worst misfortune that could befall anyone, care to C/C?
What does this poem mean to you?
RATE THIS poem it is called secrets and give me any advice if possible . thanx in advance?
can you give me a line?
Greatest Poem Ever?
can anyone give me an example of an english ode poem?
do you like this poem i wrote?
A reworked post on madness, kinda. What say you?
It's not always pretty to have an epiphany?
who wrote this and in what poem "for love has pitched its tent in the house of excrement"?
What do you have to say about my new poem?
Looking for a old poetry book?
I need a poem regarding love. Not just boy-girl relationship love but to your parents. Any recommendations?
Can you give me a subject/idea to write a poem about?
I've Dedicated This Poem To Dave Gio Peter and all the people with multiple accounts?
What do you think of this short poem?
i need help with my chocolate poem. can someone think of a line with the words mark and dark, desire, liar?
Tell me some great quote to write on our school 25th anniversary card?
Poetry help... Its homework...?
is this poem worthy of publishing?
Please c/c my poem/prose?
Help with soliloquy from Lady Macbeth's point of view?!?
please read poem i just made. tell me what u think?
What do you think of this poem?
Some one who love poetry please compare the similarities Of these two poems?
Would you rather write a poem or sing a song?
What does the poem I Went into the Maverick Bar by gary snyder mean?
Was this extended metaphor poem written by anyone famous?
since some of you liked my other poem...?
Have a second?
poem ! can someone help me get an idea of if its good blablabla?
A Fighting Verse for all who would not be divided and conquered, Please contribute to this?
what is the purpose of the poet "when my love swears that she is made of truth"?
My first of the day. Unrequited love. How does this convey my feelings.?
what is this poem about and what do you think about it?
What was the first piece william shakespeare wrote and when?
is this a good idea for a concrete poem. if you have any other suggestion it would be helpful.?
What do you think?
an old poem, will you c/c please?
How does Carol Ann Duffy present greed in her poem 'a healthy meal'?
What are some love poems by Anne Sexton?
don't advert your eyes...poem?
I want to be a poet...some one is there who can help me..!!?
Can someone tell me the definitions for stressed and unstressed syllables?
Please read the POEM and tell me what you think?
Poem God's World by Edna St. Vincent Millay one quesion please help? :)?
Memories. What do you think?
What do you think of Friday Nonsenciest morning pome?
when was this poem written?
know any good DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE poems?
Can anyone find me a poem about wanting excitement / an exciting life?
Is the tone of this poem "confused?"?
Critique this poem for me please.?
Wanteed to share a poem with you. Tell me what you think?
What is a rhyming 8 line poem for leaves?
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came?
So I was looking around and saw some...?
what do you think of this?
Tell me your fav poem??
Who is the bravest, newly 14 year old girl you know?
is this cliche ?
Cannn you plzz check my poem!?
Can you write a cautionary tale in 14 lines? (a sonnet from my youth)?
Have you ever written a poem for someone...?
what do you think of my poem?
Please, tell me what you think about this poem?
write me a poem... =D?
Please translate to Urdu or PASHTO... POETRY!!!?
What do you think of this poem?
A Poem - Lost - Comments Anyone?
How can you finish this song? its from the show the league, its for a girl I like & I want a different ending?
do you feel that i hate this thing yet i cant help but love it?
Have you recently discovered new found beauty in something very common?
I wrote this poem for my bf. How is it?
easy ten points from the strangers eyes?
View On Humanity...{YIKES!!!}??
Can you please tell me what you think of my poem, s best answer?
Don't we all have our secrets and aren't some of them truly best to keep unspoken?
Big Sister/Sibling Poems?
Do you like the new poem?
what can you use poetry for?
Critique my poem? Thanks :)?
Do you have a soapbox from which you preach or am I just blowing in the wind here? C/C?