Last of the nite. I'm exhausted. How is this.?
Is it true poems don't have to rhyme?
15 yrs old. Critique one of my poems?
In one word, tell me or describe to me, what the universe IS?
i am an accomplished poet but am struggling with this stanza, can you help?
what do you think of my poem?
Does anyone have any information on this poem? (Comic Beings)?
Need help with english theme's for the raven ... i know its love, death, man vs nature, madness but... ?
Just wonderin, are Y'all OK today?
Dynamic Energy - Can you feel it?
Cheese reminded me and I need to tell this? Prose or poetry, what have you, C/c?
Do you find posting poetry on here an "Acquired Taste"?
New Poem, Check it out. ?
is my poem good? answer me honestly please?
Rate/Critique my poem?
What would be a good.....?
What will the world be like in a thousand years?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you know who originally wrote this?
Can you please give me a poem on heroes?
please help 10 points!?
What do you think? Care to comment?
Personalities and Ifs, what if?
Would you like to offer comment or critique?
Why do people say this a good poem? It makes no sense to me!!?
Opinions on a poem I have to turn in for school?
C/c a poem about fall please?
Help me analyze this poem please?
I need help with poetry!?
I made a poem what do you think?
Please read poem I made at 2 in the morning?
can someone help me write a haiku poem?
New Dawn In An English Rose Garden (my first sestina) Care to critique or comment?
Is this poem "suicidal"?
Nother' new poem, please read?
Good name for the United States of...?
Do you look the other way? A poem?
Would you care to comment on this poem, inspired by the poets of this site?
First poem.. please rate and tell me your perception of it.?
Is this rhyme a rhyme?............./\/\/\/\/\/\/\?
Hey i need help putting several lines of Romeo and Juliet from old english to modern english??
Does anyone know of an uplifting poem by Emily Dickinson that would relate to Walt Whitman's poems?
Need Poem.?
What is the tone in "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost?
Petrarch lived two centuries before Shakespeare?
what makes walt whitmans poetry different from poetry of the time?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you help me with my poem?! x?
I need an analysis of this Sarah Denssen Quote.?
Are there any poets out there?
How to creatively present a poem?
Anyone willing to give harsh criticism about a freshly completed poem?
Another wintry mix perhaps?
Help Finding Poems?
What is the symbolism of this luck Bret harte's poem?
please read.. it was one i did real quick.?
"A Supermarket in California" by Allen Ginsberg?
Which of Shakespeare's Sonnets compares life and death?
What role do you play in the Y!AP drama?
I need help with poetry?
A poem I wrote some time ago for the one I loved. A repost. Hope you will enjoy reading.. :) .......?
What do you think of this 'Morning Was Delivered, But Taken Back' morning pome?
whats a good emotion/feeling to use for my sense poem?
Would you like to rate this verse?
examples of metaphors in storm warning by Adrienne Rich?
The last poem I'm ever posting on here.?
Just a poem, what do you think?
Onomatopeia poetry?
WHAT do you think of my poem poem poem poem?
I need opinions on the poem i wrote.?
like this poem? ALLISON!?!?
Has LuLu Poetry shutdown? (website)?
Can anybody help me with comparing Dannie Abse's view on life with Philip Larkin's?
Do you think I could sell Buk on the Black Market? What could I get for his green hat?
Is this a good haiku?
Do you like my new little translation from the Latin?
Poetry for the refined and faint of heart. You like?
What is the theme of the poem " i carry your heart with me " ?
I'm an aspiring writer, adore poetry, but what should I know about writing that can make my technique better?
What do you honestly think of this poem?
Could this qualify as a really long converb?
what do you think of my poem " Bird in a cage" please leave your comments?
How is your aim today?
How would you describe Catullus' emotion and view of love in this poem?
Slogans that rhyme with Kayla?
Do you like this cutting poem???
My Medidations?
What is the name of this poem? What is this poem?
What are some Famous transcendentalist poets (example Thoreau/Emerson)?
What is the central idea of the poem "The Net"?
What are some things we know about the speaker in this poem?
please read my poem and thoughts?
Please Let Me Know What You Think Of This Poem.?
A poem inspired by TD Euwaite? Acrostic anyone?
I'm trying to find a poem entitled "To a Dead Kitten." The last words are "so immense a thing as death."
What do you give voice to? A poem with something to say?
Comments on this new poem, please?
Why was I impressed to write this macabre poem?
Poetry, Slam Poetry, Jill Scott?
What is the structure, rhyme scheme, and meter of The Rose Family by Robert Frost?
Help finding poem about harbored ships and life?
A 'Love' Dorsimbra - Comments ?
Is my poetry any good? Suggestions?
Is there a message in this Poem?
What are New Year's Heaves?
I need Shakespeare sonnets (Any).. HELP?
Will you please read, and perhaps c/c my poetic response to Caz?
Poems with ryhming scheme , or without it ?
If I die, I have left detailed instructions for her....?
can someone please wrote me a christmas poem?
According to Plato, what is the relationship between poetry and truth?
Do you like this poem? HONESTY WELCOMED
What do you run from?
Constructive criticism on this poem?
Does this poem fulfill the theme, death or the end of an era?
Would you want to be like these people?
Does anyone have that poem "when all the others" by seamus heaney?
Words that rhyme with nagdadasal?
What emotion does this poem evoke in you, if any, can you describe it?
could you, would you, c/c stuff and stuff?
Time to comment on a simple Thanksgiving prayer?
What say to "Good Morning Gustav!!!!" pome?
Just a quick one............any comments...........?
what do you think of my poetry?
Question for the poets who also dance,....?
critque this poem?
Family - what do you think ?
So I guess I'm pretty stupid?
I'm counting on you guys to help me with this...?
A hopefully soothing poem, please comment?
Do you like it?
Would "People are Strange" be considered a lyric poem?
Please please rate my poem It would mean a lot?
How would you comment upon this segment of the Fake Oprah (Fay Koprah) show?
Can you see the Moonnnnnnnnnnnnn?
What does this portion of the poem, "At the Young Composer's Concert" mean?
Need some constructive criticism?
What type of poetry is The Tyger by William Blake?
is this a poem i wrote?
What are the 3 moods in the poem daffodils by William Wordsworth?
How come only the crazy people are doing all the work here? We want something in return. Write us a Dorsimbra.
Rate my poem for school?
A wish-would you plz read?
Feed back on my poem please?
Appraise my Poem? (Knots)?
A noisy morning, will you comment please?
What do you think of my poem?
List your favorite, MODERN poems. Something that popped at you.?
What do you think about this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Can you share with me your most favourite poem that you've ever read here? And the reason you like them?
Rate my poem ?
My Boyfriend, wrote this poem/lyrics... I found it in his wallet. What's it mean?
Use of grammar in the war poem Dulce et Decorum est?
Can you please read my poem?
Little Girls and Fairy Tales, would you critique and/or comment upon this poem?
I was on the train and I saw this poem and it confused me what do you think the poet is trying to say???
Memories fade away…?
I need help on my poetry slam?
This is what happens when you try to write a poem after two beers. C/C, please?
My poem from before..but continued. It is complete. Go ahead.?
Squirrels In The Attic.....a poem...c\c?
Writing a sonnet, please help!!!?
A repost. Pearly Gates (with changes). Will you comment?
your feeback on another of my peoms?
Value of parents,..short story!...?
Plz tell me if my poem is any good-i'm only 13 so don't expect much, but plz try 2 be nice?
Have you ever met a poet?
Can you stomach one more triolet?
Question about John Keats poetry? best answer=100pts?
Can you suggest a creative way to write down a poem for some I love?
the unshed tears part two comment please?
What do the poems by Yosa Buson mean to you?
Some thing new, care to have a look?
Is my sort of poem any good¿?
Urgent! Will you C/C on this quote, if you may?
poem rhyming i need help?!?
Dance Me To The Light (do you like this poem)?
can someone help me finish this poem?
What's wrong with rhyming poetry?
New Poem - "Anole" -- will you cc?
What is your favorite poem and whos it by?
Would you comment on a poem titled "Collateral Damage" in terms of how it speaks to you?
Why are all the poetic missiles out today...?
Do i have imagery in my poem?
Do you think this piece is too preachy?
What do you think of this poem?
Can someone analyze the poem by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell that was in the film Hamburger Hill?
Do you like my poem? Please be honest.?
"Do, I, Hear?" a Spontane before I sink to the utterly banal..pleasec/c for me poets and the cuiousand even wo?
What is a good published poem?
Anyone care to take a stab at this Bukowski poem, with a focus on the last two lines?
Please read and comment. Thank yer.?
As the one that cries, as that one who suffers its sorrow,As that one that shouts and no one comes?
does anyone know of any published poem books by either india arie and erykah badu?
need help with poem/profound thinking?
What do you think?
What makes a brilliant poem?
I want to write a nice message for my mum as it's her 50th birthday!?
haiku challenge!!!!!?
Ruminating on the Fallen Angels, c/c?
what kinds of things would you like to see addressed in your Freshman-Sophomore creative writing classes?
Do you write more poetry when you're happy or when you're sad?
A fun poem for Team 7?
What do you think of my poem?
wht do you think abt my poem ? (be honest)?
Need help writing poem?
What are the poetic devices in this poem?
what do u think of my poem?
My Poems are Old Fashioned. Are they enjoyable in modern society? Comments, please?
A Sonnet? beets me, lettuce seed......comments/critiques?
Please write the meaning or descriptive line about this poem?
Please critique this? I'm 13 and it aint a teenageangst poem?
What are your thoughts on line breaks in poetry?
Do you feel you need to explain?
a song or poem about someone taking in a snake from the cold and treating it good then gets bitten by it?
What does this poem mean? I understand a little, but not fully.?
Where do I need punctuation in this sentence?
Sacrifice hunger games poem help?
pleasr read and comment on my poem?
Short poem about my son?
Do you like my new poem?
Within and without me?
Do you, too, think that, although decidedly lighter fare, it's still Ironic He’s Iconic?
Where do you go to write?
Will all poets read this (indisputable) GOOGLE translation of?
Can somebody paraphrase Spenser's 1st sonnet?
Do you recall when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
A good morning for birds, at least, c/c?
i need a poem through which i could talk to GOD and ask him the reality of life after some 1 special stepedout
Who wants to write an acrostic poem?
How do you make a cento poem?
Poetry for young adults?
Judge the Poem ..please .?
Can you write a bio poem with this words?
Thoughts on this poem I wrote?
I need the theme of this poem?
Poet whos name i dont know?
I have to pack for a trip, what should I leave behind?
what is a hyphen in a poem called?
What is a good poem that I can review for English?
"This Hole Is Now My Home" revised, looking for crits, anyone?
Could someone write me a cute love poem ?
Is my new poem any good?
so, whatchaa think about my poem?
My husband says - Heaven is endless Ranch dressing - what do you think?
If this is a riddle, will you tell me?
GReek Poetry?
C/c a new poem please?
I am in a very dark place today. I'm sure my writing will reflect this?
names that rhyme with cow...HELP!!!?
Contemporary Eden?
ok poets...A question of ethics here...?
Is this a good peom? Poetry- grade from 1-10?
Where were you in 1994, August of?
simile Poems about lady gaga, Converse, or Paris?
What do you think of these poems i wrote?
American Chameleon (revised) - will you cc?
Can you please help me turn my poem into a song?
Is this any good at all?
Poem, mostly abandoned...now resurrected ghoul, please kindly c/c this work from noob-poet?
{Blance where were you... ?} a villanelle of the Greek poet, C/C if you may?
Is this in Trochaic Tetrameter?
Do you like my new poem?
My poem, Teenage Identity=)?
my friend wrote this poem. if i get 20 reply's she says she will try to publish it. HELP ME OUT!!?
What say you to this Triolet?
how is this poem??
What does this mean? My brother always says it?
i need to write a sonnet about holes that includes the beginning, middle, and end of the book. Any ideas?
would this be a romantic poem for my girlfriend?
A poem that tells you the exact time it was written?
What's the name of the poem by langston hughes?
Is there single booklet with analyses of all poems in The Rattle Bag?
Similies and Metaphors?
Can someone please critique my free-verse poem?
Can you critic this for me, please and thank you.?
I need help with an Emily Dickinson Poem?
Would this cheer you up on a bad day?
Will you c/c on a new script of the Greek poet?
I'll give 10 points! What does this mean, I'm so confused?
Is anybody about? I have a poem if you would like to read it?
Hey! I just wrote this poem, And I'd really like some help (:?
Shakespeare poem! I need help!?
Please Read and comment on My Poem?
What's your thoughts and opinion of my latest poem? ?
Best Way To Create A Chorus Or Refrain?
"To God" Poem What Do You Think Help Me Fix It?
I'm Looking for 1960's poetry...Any suggestions?
Can anybody help me write a poem about Canada?
Rate my poem, 1 to 10?
Does any one know the poem "Half-Caste" by John Agard?
is this poem i wrote any good?
what is the poem late for work by shane ward?
If I write poems all the time does it mean I am gay!?
Poetry submission websites???
Can I use your poems? Please ANSWER! 10 points!?
Is this poem worthy of a poetry contest?
A poem about a relationship, how unique. Would you care to comment?
Help writing a song/ poem? ?
Opinions on my poem?
Drowning Forever--Poem--c/c?
C/C on my poem please and thank-you?
in what poems does williams wordsworth reflect feelings over logic, or heart over mind?
can you help me with my poem?
Are weekends made for weddings?
Need a title and feedback thanks?
Ladies what would you think of the man who sent you this?
Do you understand this poem I wrote? Its called: A Life Wasted by Distaste?
What would be a good memory to write a poem about for my English class?
What does this say to you?
What do you think of 'Homeless Woman In The Hurricane' poem?
I'm only 13, is this poem any good?
Do you know who wrote this poem or it's title?
Please Rate My Poem =)?
help with poem..what literary devices are in this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Opinion about my poem?
constructive critt/oppinions on edited poem ?
What do you think of my goodnight poem?
OK, since you asked so nicely...?
I would appreciate it if you could give my constructive comments on this poem?
What does her poem mean? 10 points!?
Is this poem alright to turn in?
can anyone help me with this poem and tell me if it sucks?
Poem about high heels?
All you poets, here on Y!A, I propose a challenge, what do you say?
do you like this poem? I do?
a new poem i'm excited about, are you?
Are there any else poetry or dialogues like the one in Jab Tak Hai Jaan - The Poem .?
I Need some help with a rhyme.?
This is kind of a halloweenish poem, is it good?
Ah well...what the Hell?
Please comment and critique on my rhyming verse "In Dreams"? thank you?
how can i connect sonnet 116 to romeo and juliet?
What game are we playing today?
do you want me to write you a poem ?
A poem that has been waiting in me since September 13, 1996. C/C?
Semi Famous POET Wants YOUR Reviews?
Examples of a stress poem please?
what do you think of this sonnet?
Have you ever ranted and raved for no reason?
I'm doing poetry and I hate it!! Can anyone help me?
I need help finding the meaning of this poem by linda Hogan?
I edited my poem, please give honest opinions- "Yellow Bird"?
A not so soppy love poem - what do you think? Comments, suggestions please?
How do you like this poem? Any comments or suggestions?
What do you guys think of my writing?
new poem i wrote im thirteen?
yeah...I can't finish this....what do you think?
I just wrote this poem, so what do you think? PLz read it! I know it needs some revision, just lemme know!?
A name for a poem book?
The World Of Disease -- Poem -- Thoughts? C/c?
What do you think of my poem...?
Can you comment on this simple poem?
Blank Verse Poem......?
read my Brand New Poem?
Ever wonder what a Blue Belle would sound like?
Aren't kids just the greatest *^_^*?
Are You Inspired To Read More? Poetry In Flow.........?
How do you like this poem? Any comments or suggestions?
"Forgiveness is the scent of the violet that clings fast to the heel of the one who crushed it" Know the rest?
Do all poets love their soulmates as they describe them in their love poems?
Opinions on a new poem please?
What do you think about my poem?
can someone explain Tupac Shakur's poem "in the event of my demise"?
Would you comment on my first poem please?
can you proof read or edit this for me?
anyone know poem 'little tit blue tit hopping around' whole poem and poet please?
What is your interpertation of this poem?
I have 2 poems I would like comments on?
Help me with my ode poem please?!?
Poem for my "lady friend" needs editing, criticism, and help with the last line! and advice on how to give it!?
is this a good poem i wrote?
Will you comment on a goodnight silly please?
Please provide two characters....can be human, animal, bird, etc....?
what are some common action adverbs?
A poem inspired by Icy Gazpacho?
What is Sylvia Plath's poem "Cinderella" rreeally about?
In your poetry writing, how far ahead do the images appear; the next word, line, stanza or poem?
Looking for adivce/suggestions on another poem. :)?
wanting opinions on my poem , please?
How do you pronounce elatior?
"Spring" Simple poem recalled, care to C/C?
Will you comment on kinda just for fun please?
Can I plagiarize a little from SIN?
How should I write this poem?
what do you think about this poem?
Could you knock the crap out of this poem? Tell me I'm wrong, it sucks, rip it to shreds...ready...Go!!?
What happened to lit.org? It was a good site.?
Where can I find an analysis of Lord Byron's poem "When We Two Parted"?
Suicidal Poem?
Your thoughts...?
Will you comment on a very short poem please?
I want to know what you honestly think of this poem.?
good 12 line poems that are easy to memorize?
Explicating a poem. NEED HELP ASAP! PLEEEASE?
If a person screamed.........?
what makes a poem a poem?
Yesterday's attempt at an erotic poem, expanded, what think you?
what do you think of this poem?
Romantic elements in poetry?
Has anyone ever heard of a poem called pill nation?
is my poetry any good?
Please critique my poem?
is this a good poem? idkk?
the waiting game...Song/poem for a girl?
Limerick Poem- Rhyming Problems?
read my poem and tell me what u think pleez?
Do you like this poem..?untitled-suggestions?
She says I should wear armor to the Big Red Barn dance poem?
what do you think? is my poem silly?
Minimalistic Poem ... a take off from Buks Seasonal, does it work? If not, what would you change?
Do you think this is a good poem?
what is the message in the following poem?
How is this even possible?
Ano mga ang katangian ng tula? What are the characteristics of a poem?
Poetry help?
If you don't mind me asking? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?!?
Is the "saint crispens day" speech from henry v in verse, prose or sonnet?
Does anyone know a good winter poem?
What do you think of this: basing the rhyming scheme of my poem on another? Read details!?
Poem I wrote, honest opinions needed!!?
is this weird for a middle schooler?
Do you like this little poem?
English homework help...is this a good poem?
My first non-abcb poem. Feel free to critisize.?
another squared off poem for enjoyment?
A lesson in trioleting...or...." ok lovechild post it and don't forget my danged apple this time!"?
Did you ever have a therapist who did one good thing? Epiphany, c/c?
Rate this poem on the scale of 1-10(along with ur comments if any amendments r to be made).?
Do you think this is old?
You know... you regs in the poetry section aren't very welcoming to newcomers...?
Do you have as many detractors as Shakespeare?
Is it the journey or the destination?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
kenning about myself?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think about my poem? ASAP!!?
can u think of a poem about.........................? please anser the following question!?
Does anyone else like this?
Mirrors............a poem-----c\c?
A poem i wrote for a friend.?
What are forms of poetry?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Will we get a second chance...?
Anyone know a poem about...?
Is Rhyme past its time?
how does "the lake isle of innisfree" shift from beginning to end?
Should I keep this poem or trash it?
Rhyme Riddles? (10 points best answer)?
How do my poem sound?
can you help me get an analysis for this?
words to a poem and the author?
Does 12 eggs and a Good Morning! equal a cup of coffee?????
What's the point of writing a poem?
Please tell me how to fix my sonnet! :)?
is twinkle twinkle little star an american poem?
Is this poem any good? Seeking female perspective ?
Need review on my poem?
Comparison/Contrast between Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the short film The Danish Poet?
Can you please C/C the epic poem: Soc the Warrior As Roman Legionnaire?
whats this popular poem?
Just a stone, will you C/C please?
can anyone help me finish this i started it 9 years ago?
what do you think of this poem?
Poem... what do you think?
i need a funny 9th grade type of poem ?
Some feedback on my poem?
What does this poem mean?
How is my child story rhyme so far? please edit!?
ur opions pls?
What Do You Think Of My Poem? Do You Like It (No) Why?
A haiku about the neghbors dog.Comments?
I need an idea for a sonnet?
Can someone help me annotate stanza in "The Garden of Love"?
About Simon Armitage's poem Kid.?
how do you like this poem?
Which poetry/lyrics is better?
Be harsh -- how is this poem?
what do you think of this poem? for my mother?
what is the explanation of I have begruded the years?
I need an analysys of the poem "America For Me" by Henry Van Dyke ASAP?
whats a good emotion/feeling to use for my sense poem?
Help with S poetry alliteration?
a question about the poem "when i heard the learn'd astronomer"?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you think these words by Walt Whitman mean?
What are some reliable sites to post your poetry on to get critique and comments?
What is the main function of symbolism in "The Lady of Shalott" poem?
What does this poem mean?
I wrote a poem about vegans, is it good?
Just a Final for today, OK?
I need help! Is this a real poem?
Time - Revised (Any suggestions?)?
I need to write a poem about me!?!?!?
the shark,not a bed time story...?
What poetic devices are used in Shakespeare's Sonnet35 and which lines are they?
poet archibald lampman?
What lines can I make up with the words "generosity" and "honesty" for my English sonnet?
what do you think of this?
anyone know any poetry contests in ohio?
Poem feedback?
New poem!!! Please read and give opinions :)?
Help with a poem question =]?
what do you think of this poem?
here is a poem. please read. and comment.?
Questions, answers, not going to find them here, C/Cing my poem would be accepted for the purpose though?
why was the name of robin williams keating in the movie dead poet's society?
Poem title suggestions?!?
Can you share your thoughts on this poem?
Deeper meanings in Sappho's Poems for Commentary?
Poem entitled A little Fellow Follows me, does anyone have the words to this?
I need a Poem pretty easy to memorize and it has to be 28+ lines, preferably as close to 28 lines as possible!?
Do you stop and ponder from time to time? c/c?
Memorizing Poems?
can you give me some mothersday poems?
Will you C/C on a particular script {Roost} of the Greek poet?
please give me some feedback on my poem..?
Do you know of any childrens poetry contests?
another cute poem for a special friend..rate it..pls?
Have you ever felt this sentimental? Tell me what feelings it invokes in you.?
Why Do People Over Exaggerate Their Poetry?
Examples of poetry in the 18th century?
Contemporary Match to Tennyson's "Break Break Break"?
I need help with my poem!?
Elliot's "Waste land" is not a poem but only a story What do you think?
Beginning of a short story (short read)?
How do you like my the final closure poem: Leaves of Grass?
Who wrote " Miss Me But Let Me Go" from Caliban's Dreams?
What are some websites where I can post muypoetry on?
Feedback on english trochaic poem PLZ?
Do you like my new poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What does is the difference between...?
What do you think of my poem?
Poetry Question, "The Ballad of Birmingham” by Dudley Randall,?
"Clowning For The Crown" a spontane of royal fun. please c-c?
Short Poem About My Dad?
Are you making the most of every minute you share?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Any poems about rebuilding society?
I'll know that this was worth it. Review my Poem?
Will You Honor Me With A Comment On My Poem?
I want to write a poem to a girl I like and include the following?
Feedback on some poetry?
Write a poem about World History? EASY.?
About "I Wonder" by Jeannie Kirby poem..?
Poem Critics?
Will someone proofread my poem?
please read poem i made. tell me what u think?
'Idle Hands' will you c/c and then tell me do my maths?
um yeah this is sad but i need a mothers day poem or something to put on my moms card! please help!!?
What do you think of this poem?
i need some help with the POEM " count that day lost " by George Eliot?? pelaseee?
What do you say about this poem? And where would you place it on the scale form 0-9?
A poem that expresses my respect for native American ways, title suggest please/?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you C/C on {Bergen}, the new script of the Greek poet?
What does the hippo in "The Hippopotamus" by T.S Eliot represent?
Anyone like this poem??
Rate some of my poems?
"Villainelles" a kind of a not-my-kinda-thing...maybe...? poemy-ditty, to c-c?
poem about newton' law?
What makes a Summer stir the soul?
what do you think this poem means?
Shakespeare sonnet?! -Engligh homeowrk help needed!!-thnak u!?
I need to write a poem about "inside this pencil"?
Will you c/c another old sonnet of mine, I found on another site?
Would ya, comment or critique?
Please read poem I made last night?
what is a poet that relates to summer?
another poem of mine, what do you think?
What does this poem mean by Rainer Maria Rilke?
i need help thinking of a sports poetry anthology title any help?
can anyone write out or send me the poem Assisi by Norman MacCaig?
Why, why, why, why and more why?
'politically speaking' rambling or something to consider? c/c?
almost lost arts...a quick bit-a verse here or there?
A Dear John letter...........c/c?
Are people good to each other? Comments on a Bukowski piece?
What do you think of these poems?
Anyone is really good at poem?
What's a good thing to write about for a sonnet?
without laughter where would the world be and can you laugh with me... c/c?
Help with I am poem I wrote I am a socializer and I need answers now! Help with iseetastfeelthinkwantwill?
Will you comment on this, Number 3 today?
Help Build the Neverending Haiku...?
Will you misinterpret this for me?
Poetry brainiacs please repsond....?
40th birthday.funny versus or jokes?
Poem Analysis: structure?
an artist wrote this... better rap or poem?
How does imagery help you write a poem?
How would you improve YAP?
what do you think of this poem?
Has anyone been offered a cup of Brew?
"I hear America Singing" by walt whitman, what is it about?
s..Help in this poem?
What is your favorite poem?
What think you? Comments please...work in progress.?
What do you think of this poem?
Poem: "The Elegy of Irony" Thoughts?
Poem to Jordon, not about jordon lol?
Do you know any curious tales? c/c?
I need an analysys of the poem "America For Me" by Henry Van Dyke ASAP?
When was Our Heroes by Phoebe Cary written?
Poetry Help?
Good quotes/poems? READ BELOW!?
Do you like my new poem or should it just go?
Your opinions on my poem?
Critique thiss Poem plz..FEEDBACK.?
Do you like my poem?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 2 (not the same post)?
On a level with my eyes............c/c?
What do you think of these poems?
A poem for TD...How can I improve it?
would you kindly review my poem.............?
Do you think your poems belong in a book?
Do you know any curious tales? c/c?
How to learn a poem fast?
What is it called in a poem when the first and second line rhyme but the 3rd and 4th don't ?
How to write a 15-lined poem on the color blue?
Do the words of poetry carry you away to the place where loveliness paints its display?
Please C & C: What do you think of this rough draft poem?
So i made a statement for nature and somewhat against society and conformity; critique welcome, check this out?
ive revised this poem of mine called 'cold' but now its called 'blue ravines' please read and comments??
Cute Poem For those Bored!?
What are the words to the poem "a winter and spring scene" by henry david thoreau?
Can someone please please please pleassssse help me analyze this poem?!?
Villanelle. c/c?
Why did emily dickinson write so many poems?
What do you think of my two poems about flowers?
Your Thoughts On This Poem.?
How about his one?
Oppinions Please?
Can u guys make up some poems of atoms?
How's this poem =/?
i need a poem for my brother that died of muscular dystrophy 2 years ago please?
The story behind Siren's Dying Witch. Will you discover?
Will you write a poem based on your latest happy day?
The mind is Heavy Mental Jesus Christ is Heavy Mental?
please please i need a metaphor in this poem. please help me. can u find a metaphor in this poem? please pleas
what do u think abt this poem?
What is this poem classified as like lyrical ballad what?
A medium-sized Bukowski poem; do you agree, on the whole, or do you disagree with some lines?
What category does this belong in?
Weirdest answer!!?
Your opinion on this personal poem I wrote?
Need Help annotating this poem...?
Do big words frighten you?
check out my ballad poem, everyone!!!!?
Difference between the lonely cloud and a friendly cloud.?
I'm anxious to share some of my poems but I'm not looking to be "good" at it or critiqued.Just understood.
Will you comment on too young then to know, please?
what are some easy poems to start with ?
A poem in process. What do you think?
Poem Analysis for Khalil Gibran's poem?
will you CC a Sunday Sonnet?
can some onw write me a poem that has line in it 4 lines "rhyme poem"?
what is another word for "unwind"?
Anyone Has Any Idea's for Biology Poetry?
do you like this poem?
Ideas for a poem describing a brother like relationship.?
A thousand girls beat me up at one time?
Which of the two poems is better?
Swamp Woman and the Sailor..please play!..C/C?
Let me know what you guys think of my poem!?
Do you like my Benelux song?
The structure of Jabberwocky, help?
What is the poem about Charles Bukowski?
Are all poets in pain of one kind or another?
Translate this poem Please! Federico Garcia Lorca?
can you help me write a haiku?
Can I get a yay?
my new poem,,,Confession,, what do you think?
Poem Analysis. When in Disgrace in Mens Eye. Just 3 Questions?
Who knows a best 7 word poem about nature, enviroment PLEASE RESPOND BACK IF YOU KNOW A GOOD POEM!!!!! :)?
Please R/C/C my Poem?
Write your own original Shakespearean Style Sonnet?
What are some games similar to the Exquisite Corpse poetry?
Have you ever desired your youth again?
Can a prose be written in stanza form?
For an american fighting to keep you safe, how many would rate this poem?
can anyone explain these poetry lines?
Any thoughts, changes, constructive criticism?
My poem please critique?
Rate this poem honestly? Please?
Writers block!?!?!?!??!?!?
I am or I'm (in this situation)?
I am trying to find someone who can write poems or knows a good site for them?
both "to a mouse" and "poison tree" have a similar outcome at the end of the poem?
Need help on writing a poem about elements on the periodic table?
can someone write me a poem for the outsiders?
Can you rate this poem out of 10?
Any hot art boys out there?
anyone know any poetry contests in ohio?
Can we get some square dancin done here ya'll?
How do you get yourself together?
Opinions on an older edit please?
What do you think of my poems? Comments please?
What is a cavalier poem?
What c/c for this "Black Hole Pool Game" poem?
Read my poem please, i'd really appreciate it :D?
can any one tell me the summary of the poem 'speak!' by william wordsworth??
Acrostic poem! help!!?
What c/c for this "A Morning Snack..." poem?
I'm stuck on my poem? Help?
What do you think about this limerick?
what is a word cluster poem?
I need a line-break poem about something that you beleive in!?
Is everyone getting along splendidly here in Y!AP?
i need a poem describing carbohydrats?
the meaning or various interpretations of the poem THE RETURN by emily dickinson?
please read part of song im making?
My peom. Please tell me your honest opinion?
Authors message in this poem?
OK, here's the secret. You're not going to like it. THIS is how easy poetry is. Am I forgiven?
Do you like this poem?
Inspired by a song. Will you comment or critique?
What think you of a Morning Pome workshop/lecture by Prof. Goofy?
Looking for a good poem with figurative language about Friendship.?
Will you read and comment, please?
please .. rate?
Would you offer advice on my poem?
How did you sleep last night?
Anyone know the poem about sunflowers with the line "she watched her god the sun march across the sky"?
Should I give this poem to my bf?
Who is your favorite poet?
Graffiti poem , help please (:?
Number four for Monday. Short, simple and sweet. How do you like it.?
What are some poems that have a similar message as "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost?
i want to publish my poetry?
Does anyone know any Maori kids poets?
Aging Ballerina, will you comment please?
Are you familiar with this old saying?
Opinions on this poem?
How's this poem so far?
poem i wrote? would you consider...?
A poem --no special form is it my turn?What is morning…?
can someone help me or rewrite the poem easier: Sonnet 73?
What are your feelings about My NEW Poem? "Footsteps"?
Irreverence? Probably?
Your opinion on this quick poem?
How can this poem be made stronger? Please read and give advice.?
I need to make a speech for my sister's 18th birthday! Help please?
How is this poem please tell the truth?
Is there any alliteration, personification, similes/metaphors in this poem?
Would you help critique my short poem?
this poem was written about suicide, do YOU like it?
Critique another one of my poems?
What types of poetic devices can be found in these lines?
In the poetry mood, please give inspiration?
What makes a poem beautiful?
can i get a summary about the poem Warrning by Jenny Joseph?
What do you think about this poem?
Fire, fire burning bright.?
Opinions? Criticism accepted, tell me what you think and what can make it better?
Plz read my poem and comment your opinions! plz ! ?
What would be this poems rhyming scheme?
Please critique my poem?
Who fault is it? Poem thoughts?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you know any good nonsense poems ?
Meaning of a couple lines from this poem?
I’d like some honest criticism about this poem.?
Can just any moronic hick quote shakespeare?
Help with finding a poem.?
please be totally honest...?
what is a good i hate you poem to give to my teacher?
What is Oscar Wilde's most famous poem?
What does this mean?
Is it a good Poem??? ?
How can my goodnight poem be better? 5 seconds of Mine?
like this poem 10 points?
A poem inspired by Icy Gazpacho?
How do I mark the meter of this poem????????????????????????????
...is it really important to make sense?
Can anyone please help me write a rhyming poem?
How do i write a sonnet?
how does "the laboratory" by Robert Browning portrayed the individual within society in the 19th Century!
Are these 2 songs and a poem good?
Can you recommend me a good online poetry community?
How do I pronounce these words in Shakespeare's sonnet (No. 66)?
A story poem, still needing work, will you comment please?
This poem might not be awesome as i wrote it in impromptu, yet it's what i'm contemplating now. Care to read?
a short poem. what do you think? does it make sense?
Do you have comments to share on this poem?
A poem....What are you made of? ?
Ever go on a roadtrip and get lost? A poem?
Can someone help me find a poem I am looking for?
Yet another poem? Suggest a title if you like or improvements.?
Please read my latest poem?
would you qualify this as a poem?
Do you like my newel poem?
can anyone write good poetry about soccer?
Which English-language poet was the greatest metaphysical thinker?
Analysis??? Help understanding?
So easy, but what about the others? c/c's please?
does anyone know how to write different poems?
Love Poems From Harlem Renaissance Authors?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
whatchu think bout my poetry? read plz?
On what occasion do you call a man "Sir'?
What do you think of this poem?
Care to comment?
Hey all! Is this a ballad form I have done? Thanks for taking the time to look at it.?
can someone make a poem for me about freedom?
improved poem...plz tell me what you think?
Mocky mock mock mock?
How is my new poem???
Poetry is dead. Please read and give feedback?
Just something unusual~Is "Getting Old" a good title for this?
Can you think of any real life Romeos and Juliets?
Mother's day poem?
I need to give this poem to some one special?
please rate my trolling poem?
Can someone give me a good idea for a poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
"Ode to the Obsolete" c/c?
What literary magazines can I submit poetry to?
Your opinion on this poem?
Can someone help me with 2 poems?
What type of poem is The Animals by Edwin Muir?
what do you think of my poem?
What if it wasn't so bad?
will u tell me what u think (2 poems)?
If your writting a research paper about a poet and have to include the poem how do you write it in there?
Whats a good song you can put into a poem?
why did George Elit divided the poem " count that day lost" into two stanzas?
What kind of a poem is "If" by Rudyard Kipling?
Cheating lovers poem?
how do u like this poem...???
So you like my poem?
My poem intitled "Silver to red" Feedback is ver much appreciated. :)?
What do you think of this original poem of mine?
When someone ask for CC in this section, what does it mean?
Rate my imagist poem?
A shorty, will you comment please?
In the poem "The beekeepers daughter" can It be classified as a story about love? death? fear?
What exactly is this poem saying?
i need a simile poem?
Need help writing a poetic response?
Do you like my new poem?
Do you ever reach for the stars?
what do you think of this sonnet?
A scene more than a poem, really. Title or improvement suggestions?
I have another poem. Do you think it's okay?
Why do I find ignorance of poetry running rampant in the poetry section?
can someone explain this to me please?
People! What do you think of my poem?
Does anyone know a poem about Culloden?
Writing a poem... I need words?
what do you think of my poem i wrote?
Poetry Questions ...?
What do you get out of my poem/how does it affect you?
What is he trying to say, the message, in the following poem?
poems "he loves me he loves me not" ideas?
ca somebody make up a pretty poem about cheer do not get it offline please make it your own?
i need a sonnet with 4 lines 10 syllables per line and ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheem for today please?
Poetry help?
What is the proper name for proper name for exaggerated imagery?
Can you express your love for something trivial? oeh this sounds slightly kinky OH WELL?
A Poem, Have all my contacts abandoned me? :-(?
How can I make this poem better?
What do you think of my poem?
ten points poem...........................?
Feedback on my poem please?
Can you guys send me poems?
Need help writing a poem. ?
"Would you read my Real Poem Spontane?
my last poem for today its an old one.rate it pls?
Is it love, pride, ego or all, that drives you to try something when asked? C/C?
Any sights that I can write a filmscript?
how is my mini poem so far? (going to add on to it)?
This won't be the last one, will it?
Suggestions for Literary journal cover?
Is this a sonnet poem?
I have to model it and idk how? what kind of poem is this?
Please give me a Bragging poem?
Need Help.. have to write essay comparing and contrasting 3 Dickinson poems?
What type of short poem is this + how would you rate it?
what do you think of this poem? do you understand it?
What would you say is the meaning of this poem?
before you i fall humble: poem critique?
What does this poem mean?
poem question?
Poetry help? someone please help me?
Would you consider this a poem?
1st and last love poem? enjoy it and comment?
If blackness is your calling, what is love?
What is a cute/flirty way of saying "Kristen"?
Will you read this and understand? a poetic deviance?
Rate my poem please.?
Can you read my poem and tell me what you think?
What is the meaning behind the 6th, 7th and 8th line in the poem Mirror by Sylvia Plath?
a question about the poem "when i heard the learn'd astronomer"?
what do you think of this poem?
A very detailed poem about a hug!!?
What do you think of my revised poem? Do you have any critique to offer?
Rose's are red, Violet's are blue...?
what is ur favorite poem by Thoreau?
Help with a title please?
What do you think about this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Comments on a poem about thighs, sort of?
I Have this Poem........I want to know who is its poet?
Critique on my poem please?
What are your thoughts on this one?
Does this line sound good?
Extremely dark and depressing and grim and hopeless, I hope you like it?
Can somebody find me the Japanese translation of this poem (originally written by a Japanese poet)?
Please c/c my poem/prose?
Her favorite place, can you accept this posting?
Can you pleazzze help me with the poem "the road not taken"?
What metaphors does Holmes use in "Old Ironsides"?
Star girl acrostic poem?
What do you think of my Poem?
realization poems?
What is the poem Homeland about?
Would you please tell me how you find my new sonnet?
Ode to a spongecake! What do you think?
is this a good haiku........im not sure if it is!!!?
Tell me, who is in The Crew?
Are you getting into the Halloween mood yet? C/C?
Can someone please translate this poem in your own words?
Can you please read my poem?
Write the best poem?
Is there a subject/topic/theme that you can not/will not attempt to write a poem about?
Would you care to C/C a soldier's Halloween poem?
plz help me with this poem." The Brook".?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Are you good at poems?
15 line poem.........?!?!?
do you like my poem?
If words were hands, how would you hold them?
Poem question? Help please? ?
stepmother poem?
What kind of poem is "If You Forget Me" by Pablo Neruda? (poem included)?
Can you tell me what this is?
Poets, one for Semper Fi, your comments?
Poetry critique; How can I improve?
Any input or criticism on this poem? Is it good or bad?
I am looking for a site to help interpret english poetry words such as "hauke,nae,mair" is there a site?
Can anyone help me with this poet Elinor Wylie?
Rate my poem? Please?
please read if you like?
An old Sunday Sonnet? Yes?
Who wants to write an elegy?
Is there anything left to write?
Looking for opinions on this new poem.. and also suggestions for any good poetry forums?
Help Understanding Poem?
Could you stand a challenge?
need a 2 minute poem for presentation.?
What do you think of this poem?What feeling's does it leave you with?
What do you think of this song i just wrote?
I just can't get enough abuse, help me?
Antony and Cleopatra poem - FEEDBACK?
Do you think, maybe, there is no such thing as a poet, there are only those wishing to be?
In one word, tell me or describe to me, what the universe IS?
Does any one know how to write an anapest poem?
What do you think the person who wrote this text was trying to say?
What is "empty tension" when referring to a poem?
Is it the sun or the son, pome ?
what are you fond of?
Do you mind very much that I did one of these again, and will you forgive if you do?
Rate Love Verse (1-10)?
can you tell people apart by their writing.?
Who is LG in Adrienne Rich's poem "History" (line 28)?
What is on the inside?
With apologies to Emily Dickinson?
PLEASE help with using these words: "fortunate" & "enjoyment" or "excitement"?
Songs of recited poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
Hey i Need to Make a thing of poetry of these 6 words, please help?
A poem of loss. Thoughts?
I just wrote this poem for reading tomorrow what do you think?
wich is better for a sonnet?
one more really short poem, for you to please critique or comment?
Where are alliterations and assonance used in Robert Pinsky's "Shirt" poem?
What do you think of "Quotes From The Ole 'Taxi' Series" morning pome?
I need a topic on 20th century poetry for an essay. Ideas, pls?
Give me your feedback on this?
Do you like the poem that I wrote?
writer's block help?
s rewarded! what are adjectives that rhyme with smile and unwind?
Wed. nite poem to c/c plz?
who writes this poem??
Not my best but I like it. Will you critique it please?