Honest feedback on my poem please?
need a good poem to analyze for a paper?
Whats a poem or song about being in a relationship and wanting someone else who is taken,?
If you found your poems that you have posted here were being copied and used in love letters to..?
Are dots in a roll really ellipsis's or just pauses or both... maybe I need to find an answer? C/C?
How would you rate my Poem?
Write me a short poem? DO IT!?
Please critique my poem?
Tell me what you think of my poem please? ASAP?
Have you seen a saffron moon lately? Please share your comments about this poem?
Hello?.... No, this goodbye is official...It even has a badge for proof. Will you?
Do I need say anything more? C/C?
What is the meter of the sonnet "When I consider how my light is spent" by John Milton?
I need to make a poem!!! Please help!!?
i wrote a sad poem, basically about my friend, is it good?
What does this poem by Ernest Hemingway mean?
Can I ask about your day, we havent chatted in a while?
What would you do for attention..write me a poem?
What do you think of my poem?
I need a poetic symbols list?
I need a acrostic poem on earth?
Can someone write me a poem? Please!!?
Will you critique a poem about my day?
A 3rd poem from me... your opinions?
Will you offer me a poem that truly enchanted you in Y!aps? C/C?
Prosody in this work? Meter?
iambic pentameter in this sonnet?
Is this a poem "Before you go"?
A poem of encouragement, hope, and inspiration?
Honestly tell me what you think....?
does anyone know the 'only child' poem?
Help Please.. Sonnet Help.?
Ain't much, but here goes. A poem of regret.?
Can somebody help me better understand a stanza for Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood, a poem by Whitman?!?
what should I name my poetry portfolio??
Please read this Poem.?
Do you find your shoes restrictive? C/C?
What is your take on this poem?
What do you think of this new poem?
Poems? are they to amature to present in class?
can someone help me analyze the poem "the tropics in new york"?
Semi Humorous poem outlining lifespan of animals?
What do you think of this poem I wrote - it's my first one? I don't have enough room: First words are: Pop a
What is a good song to match to this WWI poem? PLEASE help!?
Critique ze poem please!?
Poem Help: Emily Dickinson?
editorial topics?
poetry question plz answer?
I need a help sifting through this poem?
is this a good poem for english?
It won't take long to read or c/c so how bout it?
i did this all by myself...what do u think plz?
Can anyone help me make a love poem?
I have to do an abc poem for the crucible.?
Do you need the picture to see this image?
a few lines of poetry on nostalgia?
Have you ever felt like this? Does the feeling pass with time? What if it doesn't?
Could ya be so kind or straight up to comment?
words to describe the sound of thunder?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
i need help writing a sonnet?
My first poem / piece of prose, Please comment?
Is this poem any good?
need help with ( feels like, looks like, ect ) poem?
need a poem?
Why do fathers become statistics, why can't they be fathers?
Do you think this is old?
Rate my poem?
If you are good at writing poetry, please help!?
What do you think about my song/poem?
Amateur poet, can I have some constructive criticism only please?
i need love poem 10 points for best poem?
Will you write a Haiku about hate?
Recently I've read a selection of poems by Emily Dickinson. Does anyone understand her poems?
Word for scary in a happy and unrealistic way?
do you like this poem..pls?
What does the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost mean?
is this a good poem...?
Another poem for you to critique please!!! =]?
Feedback on my poem please?
I wrote a poem.......?
As long as we're confessing, I think I should tell you....?
What think you of a perky, lurky, Morning pome?
What's a poem using extended metaphor or a simile in free verse form?
what do you think of my new poem?
Help with my poem?
Mi soneto de amor primero (en ingles)...?
What do you think about this poem I wrote .?
English Help please?Symbolism?
Guilty until proven innocent.......C/C?
A dog haiku for you, you like?
Life is like?
Rate my Poem please! It is called Camelot?
5-6 sentance paragraph about computers using personification? please help?
What do you think of my poem?
A part 4 for perusal>>>>>>>?
Help me think of a name for a video review group/site?
Your opinion on my poem - or your annotations of it. Thankyou ?
What is the difference between Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman?
who is you're favorite poet?
A poem written by William Blake at 13 years old, what do you think of it?
what dies this mean??
Like my poem????????
If your poetry was being served at a restaurant, how would it be described on the menu?
A Poem - Vacant - Do You Like?
can you read this one please ?
What can I include in my poem about Romeo and Juliet?
What are some good poems that you have came up with? I need some ideas.?
What is a poem by robert frost that has similies, metaphors and possibly an alliteration?
is this any good?
my amateur work. penny for your thoughts?
My final poem. I think I just quit. Enjoy it.?
A quick poem...what do you think?
If I can write poetry does that mean I might be able to write a song or is it completely different?
This is my newest. Will you critique it please?
Doing the right thing,,, can I have your opinion on this poem.?
can you give me a line or two - thanks?
What do you think of my poem? Be honest please!?
What do you think of 'Snidely and the Owl Got Deleted' pome?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
What would you do if you could create your own religion?
How do you like my poem "The Ewells home"?
hey do you like poem. what do you think of mine ?
Idea for a gothic poem?
5-6 sentance paragraph about computers using personification? please help?
I have to write a one-paragraph response to this poem can you help me?
How can I get my poetry noticed?
How often do you need to be fertilized?
What do you think of this poem?
please critique this poem that i hated writing?
I need help with my poem?
Can you comment please?
what was the poem charles bukowski wrote about his lover's butt titled?
Trying to describe Wordsworths treatment of nature using 3 words?
The Poet Caedmon and literary devices?
Does anyone have or know where to find a copy of the poem 'Psychopath' by carol ann duffy?
Please translate to Urdu.. Poetry?
My poem what u think?
My 13 yr old daughter wrote this poem yesterday, could you please critique?
can you give me examples of a villenelle ....a kinda solemn one?
Just a back porch, an old oak and a tire swing, will you comment please?
What is your life made of.. wanna create a poem?
Poetic geniuses. Can you write a quick poem about?
what hyperboles are in Nikki Giovanni's poem ego tripping?
Help with analyzing a short poem?
Does anyone know where I can find the short story Greasy lake by TC Boyle on the web?
"After great pain, a formal feeling comes" by Emily Dickinson?
Thoughts/advice on short poem?
Good ideas for writing a ballad? please help?
Had to write Archibald Mancleish's Poem Ars poetica for ninth grade english in a different way?
Who died and made you a poet?
This is for everyone....goodbye?
can you combine words from two different pages into one line in a found poem?
Can poems really make you feel depressed?
Past Feelings Being Expressed Here. Care to Read?
is this poem/rap i wrote last year any good, im 15?
What Do You Think Of This Poem??????????????????
Milieu Question: Borderline on Peoples Poetry?
guess how old i am by reading these poems i wrote. closest answer gets a 10?
would you care to comment on a pome while I look for some warm clothes?
Do you like my new poem? Does it sound old?
a Love Poem....care to read?
In the poem-"the ancient mariner" why does the mariner stop 1 of the 3 guests?
Will this poem be ok for mars?
What mood are you in when you write the best poems?
What type of poem is this?
Live Fast Lie Pretty.?
A poem of a dance. Will you take my hand and join me?
How's this tiny poem? Do you like?
rhyme scheme for "The World Is a Beautiful Place"?
What do you think of my poems?
Shoddy - poem, rhyme, sumptun like 'at c/c?
Please explain Rizal's poem, "Education Gives Luster to Motherland"?
what are some parodox in this poem?
read and comment on my poem please?
Do you have time to read another simple thought?
Is poetry pointless? Why are we attracted to it?
Can you please help me interpret the meaning of this poem?
Her favorite place, can you accept this posting?
Arno, a poem...he was named after this river, which i found out after i wrote the poem. your thoughts?
Is ambiguity your driving force in penning words?
This is no way finsihed but could you take a look at my poem?
Do you like this poem for my dead boyfriend?
what is this poem about and what do you think about it?
sad poems about suicide?
OK!!! Mr. Bill.. what is your fascination with me and blue feather??? ANd to everyone else who is with him???
What makes an Elizabeth Bishop poem an Elizabeth Bishop poem?
Do you schmeck my new poem?
"No more": An unedited, unrevised poem. I just wrote it impromptu.Tell me how to write this one better please?
Do you like my new poem, "Hey Krissy Baby"?
Music time. Music time. Any new music?
in what song does the phrase "nobody not even the rain has such a small hands" used?
Another one, what do you think?
what do you think..........?
What do you think of the first poem I ever wrote?
Revised Poem...Opinions, Comments Please.?
what is Frank O'hara's poem, Walking to Work, about or talking about?
Does mother nature talk to you? A poem, c/c's welcome?
Will you comment on micro super nova please?
What do you think of my poem?
is it gay for a guy to write poetry and cook?
Can Someone Please Critique My Poetry.. Honestly and harshly?
How many 'Theys' have you seen lately?
Can someone please help me with a metaphore using music?
What song should I play while I say this spoken word and what do you guys think of the spoken word itself?
Okay So I need to write a poem for class?
Do you help yourself as much as you can?
Shiny Droplets?
i need some inspirational poems quotes?
interpret this poem? 10 points?
How is the Italian sonnet different from the Shakespearean sonnet?
What is the name of a poem about Joseph?
Is this a good haiku?
Are you good at writing poems?
What do you think of my poem? And also what would be a good title?
Can someone please help me anaylse this poem?
what you does thinkn of this song?
A poem I scribbled? Read? Yes? No?
Will you comment on a goodnight of sorts please?
are you any good at poem writing ...?
please .. rate?
...is it the suit that defines a man?
A Dark one for Marilyn of course. Comments?
i need a good topic...?
two things that rhyme whit green?
What do you think of my poem?
What is the theme or tone of the poem "Inoculation" by Susan Donnelly?
My fourth poem for wednesday. Is this anygood.?
Can you guys help me write an acrostic poem with the word tennis. Thanks?
Do you like what I wrote, can you relate?
What would be a modern interpretaiton of From the Dark Tower, Countee Cullen?
Will you let me know if you have a poem you want me to answer?
Is this a poem " The Party" c/c?
What do you think of lying liar heads and their stinking lies?
If you have read Beowulf, please help with these questions?
Please give constructive criticism on my poem?
Can you answer my poem question about Star Fish, comments or critique welcome, thanks?
where can I get my poems published online?
Can all the Poets please gather together in a poem to prove, that we can cooperate in a mutual groove?
Socks - Poem. read/comment/darn it?
Is this a poem "At the Sea"?
Q. about Beloved, thou has brought me many flowers by Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
Use of assonance in the poem Aunt Jennifer Tigers? Please Help?
Will you tell me your thoughts about this?
Is anything ever really that bad?
Help about starting a poetry club?
what do you think about when you hear "wont give up?"?
What will your epitaph say was your great claim to fame?
Constructive criticism for my poem please?
i need MAJOR help writting a short poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Can someone write a poem for me?
compare and contrast poem and a song...?
I don't know who wrote this but she used my fingers on the keys, C?C?
Can you define poetry for me, and is it based on living or reading?
Help with John Keets poem?
What do you think of this poem? Title suggestions?
Who can give me the words to Brendan Mcleod's poem Ontario 2001?
NEW POEM -- please critque it!!!!?
How is this Poem? "Dare"?
What do you think of my poem?
is this too corny?
Is this person for real? I'm confused...?
Need help on a poem?
i have a poetry question.?
Can I get an analysis?
Would like to share yet another poem. This is old one back when I was 14.?
What sort of poem is this?
new poem. this is still my first edit, but i felt like posting it anyways?
Haiku Poems Please help?
I've found a poem I wrote 10 years ago, can you comment on it please?
Could somebody explain this poem to me?
...why do people change?
Re-Write: What do you say about this poem? Where will you place it on the scale from 0-9?
a rewrite of My Path, thoughts and further criticism welcome?
How would you improve this write..reworked and relined..C/C?
What do you think of this poem I made?
Indigo Black- "Deeper" Tell me what you think of my poem...?
I need an narrative poem on death?
Does this poem succeed?
What do you think of this poem I wrote? Any title suggestions?
Are you happy ?
What do you think of this poem I wrote a while back?
The Man From Snowy River?
Do you selectively block?
A morning affirmation for your mind and your muse?
What do I do if I'm not sure if my words are original?
I need to find a good poem for my Grandma's Birthday. Please help!?
Can you write a poem about clowns?
any views on my poem?
Is anyone a fan of the poem 'Dulce et decorum Est'?
What do you think of this poem?
which single poem best captures the essence of the renaissance?
say how good this poem(haiku) is..?
does anybody have any good quotes?
Rhyming Pattern Help!!!! PLEASE HELP!?
Example of I am Poem for Thomas Jefferson?
What is a poem about Edgar Allen Poe dealing with guilt?
Poem: Zephyr - tribute - critique please; notes on what you think I should change or reasons why you do.?
Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Dreams" what does it mean?
What does A science-so the savants say By: Emily Dickinson Mean?
Of all my poems,this is the one I like most. would you take the time to read it and c/c?
How many times in life have you had a free ride? And is this poetry in motion?
My husband sleeping, a little rumination, c/c?
Does anyone know the explanation for the poem Preludes by Thomas Steaens Eliot?
Poetry & Song?
I have a request, will you please block me?
How would you welcome someone into the world of poetic learning?
Poetry challenge? Who can write the funniest verse about my avatar?
*Good/Bad Poem*?
How to write a free verse poem?
What do you think of my short poem?
I need poems?
Dear Friends,Please see the poem "உற்றுப்பார்க்கிறேன்" in "nanvinai.blogspot.in"?
what u think of this poem?
My first poem here...what do you think?
Freedom/ Political Poem from Emma Lazarus what do u think it means?
A Poem...?
I know It's strange, but what do you think of this poem?
comment on my poem..........?
How is that for a small little poem?
Dreams are not poetry. Eh?
Are these short poems poetic?
A poem for the sake of being a poem.......?
Is Seamus Heaney a unionist or a nationalist?
Poem, comments please...........?
I came up with this poem from a dream,What could i add to make it better?
If you had a million Shakespeare's, would they write like a monkey?
I'm trying to find a creepy poem?
which of my poems are your favourite ? :P?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What is 'voice' in poetry?
what are your feelings on My Poem?The Escape?
is this poem good?
What do you think of my narrative? Be honest!?
who is your favorite poet here on ?
Will you remember your father on his day?
Another tortured poem for a horrible Saturday. Comments Please??????
Right Mavens Up In Arms....... ?
Help with a poem/song. ?
What's your favourite poem?
What is your favorite poetry technique or tool?
Name of a Shakespearean metrical device?
Who wrote this quote?
how do you like my breakup poem?
Poem's all wrong so what do I do?
I wrote something is it crazy good or crazy bad?
focusing on Poe's use of rhyme scheme and Onomatopoeia as building the mood.?
A poem about winter reflecting despair?
I'm trying to write a poem.?
Cloud poem help????!?!?!?!?
How can you answer questions when 'error 999' cancels them?
intense-type music for poetry reading?
"The Bet" by Anton Chekhov?
Who can tell me the poem 'What happened when I went to the store for a loaf of bread' by Alden Nowlan?
Please rate my rapping abilities on a scale of Minstrel to Master......?
Whats the name of this poem?
will it spring for me?
Monday's Child.....(a re-post)...A year already?
What is the best Billy Collins collection?
Need a poem to recite!?
Deeper meanings in Sappho's Poems for Commentary?
Do you like this poem? I think is terrible?
need helping finding a poem?
Will someone write me a poem to keep me strong and stalwart?
"There`s Little Bit Of Badness" please c-c before I go off..LOL..?
Did you have a guardian?
Who can make up the best cheese poem off the top of their head?
What form of poetry is this?
lyrical poems?
Write a two-line romantic poem?
My poem thinks he's funny. Should I let him delude himself?
Will you comment on disjointed thought please?
Could you write a poem about one of these subjects?
help me to figure out the meaning of this word!?
Could anyone please help me with an analysis of The Dissolution by John Donne?
is being a poet a actual career path?
Please paraphrase the poem called "Ring Out, Wild Bells" that's below!!!Please need it asap thx!!?
Can disregard for Major English "Rules" diminish a piece's poetic expression?
How do you interrupt my poem? .. 1st one ever?
How many other elders feel the same as what's expressed in this poem?
am i pretty even thou i have?
Feedback on my poem please?
Spring and Fall: To a Young Child?
Favorite Poetry?
Can somebody write a short poem about slavery ?
Name for this poem?
Will you read this poem and pass it along for the sake of Unity?
Metaphors in the poem Self Reliance, by Ralph Emerson?
Help understanding the poem The Mysteries Remain??? by H.D.?
First poem in a while. . .?
Judge my poem please?
Are these poems any good...?
Who is best poet of Bollywood cinema?
could you please revise this poem? I am not a native English speaker but I love writing in English.?
Have you ever felt the need to be brave and share the source of your tears?
If something was close to 40 years old, would you still post it? C/C?
How do I make a journal into A novel?
how would you define the term "Poet as Witness"?
Revision--hero poem?
some poetry helpful tips please (not finished yet)?
My cousin and i got bored and wrote this what you think?
A rearrangement of a poem previously posted...will you kindly offer your thoughts and suggestions?
I think I just wrote a Con-verb. Do you concur?
thesis statement for the poem the fish?
how is this free verse poem coming? any advise?
What do YOU think this poem is about?
How would you describe the sound of a bus parking stopping then leaving again?
What say to the poem, "Maid Of Panthea"?
A poem ...of sadness , rate it?
What's your favorite poet?
What do you think about this poem? Tiny Feet?
Can somebody write a short poem about slavery ?
help with poetry?
Metaphors in "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe?
How are the Eastern and Western styles of poetry different?
Plz comment on my mathematical poem? is it any good for college maths magazine? plz c/c honestly!?
What do you think of my poem? for my girlfriend?
Which two Shakespeare's Sonnets do I use to compare the character of the persona?
What is the "heart" a metaphor for?
What is ur opinion on poem? Is there a where i could publish this/get paid?
What are some good Vietnam war poems???
Feedback on my poem please?
could somebody help me analyse this poem(literary techniques, symbolism and themes) ;)?
How do you write a poem?
A poetic trig formulae is this set correctly?
Anyone know which type of dog this poem is about?
What do you think of this poem that I wrote?
Poem I just wrote.. Opinions?
Special Schools (Colleges) For Poets??
poetry....in form with today's,,,opinions and criticism. does true emotion,in raw form mean anything,or nothin
What do you think of my poem?
Is this a poem " The Taming of Ricardo "?
Monster...a poem.?
A poetic trig formulae is this set correctly?
my baby is turning one, theme is minion from despicable me i want a poem but don't know one..any ideas?
Opinions on a new poem please?
Opinions/Thought on my Poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like my first numbered poem?
Could you please let me know how this poem makes you feel?
Who is UK's USA's Australia's Canada's... leading... poet?
Seraphim, will you comment?
can u rate tics its mostly in code but still wonerin wat yall think 1-10?
Poems writter before and after 1990! Please answer! 10 points rewarded?
Please crit my poem for me?
is this a masculine rhyme?
Can anybody tell me what this poem is called and the original author?
Will you read and comment?
Is this the beginning...the end...?
What do you think of the following quote?
Is this a quality poem?
Rate my poem please, 10 points?
A Farewell?
do you like my poems?
What is your interpretation of the third stanza (listed in details) of Sylvia Plath's "Morning Song"?
What do the last lines of this poem mean?
Is this still appropriate?
How do I annotate a poem?
What do you think of my writing?
Here is part, the Fifth, of a Witch and Eva, will you comment?
Is Stop & Go a Oxymoron?
what is the message behind "the war song of dinas vawr"?
i need a poem written about anything at all it just have to be a mixture of personification and onomatopeoi?
Poem "Bears" by Adrienne Rich?
Why is there so much traffic at 3:43 a.m.?
Will you weigh this with the scales of justice?
Would you comment on this poem, is it a trick or a treat?
How's this poem? Please reply.?
RED RED ROSE POEM -- why do some people cheat in the Poetry category by?
does my poem make sense?
chance love?
I need opinions toward this poem.. I understood that it is a deliberate reflection.?
I need to write four different types of poems Please help!!?
Feeling a bit unsettled today, will you ɔ/ɔ?
Will you offer your critique please?
Is this a peom, a pome or a poem?
What do you HONESTLY think about my poem??????
I need help with poems.?
A poem for you to ponder. c/c it, please?
This is my other poem. What do you think?
Did you ever keep a homeless person warm for the winter?
Do you consider bob dylan to be a poet?
In poetry, what is a "strophe"?
Would You please cc this dreadful write? Thank you.?
What do you think of this poem?
can someone help me with this poem?
Care to comment on my latest attempt at poetry?
Please paraphrase and explain?
What say to "Good Morning to Funny People While Traveling" Pome?
"Pentasyllabic Octaplet".............What do you call this format?......?
What do you think of my poem?
Is this poem good???
One more for the ladies...?
Are you a 'simple' person with 'simple' wants and needs?
Can you rate this poem?
Poems (or writings) about solitude, self or contemplation?
How do you like my poem? EDIT, CRITISIZE, whatever?
Will you have regrets or did you give it your best?
Perks of Being a Wallflower poem?
No one really answered before...but I still need feedback on this poem...?
Can I ask a favor or two of you?
I would like to write a poem too!?
what is the tone of the poem "black misery" by langston hughes?
My thoughts put on paper..?
Is it good manners when one does not like a poem to report the question?
Kissaled Daily Post - Thoughts??
Can someone help me find a poem about life lessons?
What do you think of this poem?
Would you care to comment on a morning poem?
When is Father's day? Will you have a memory?
Does a Haiku need to be about nature?
~One of my better poems, I think. Please comment?~?
Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Let's have lot's of Kiss poem's Please?
Can a poem have 5 lines to a stanza and not rhyme?
Do you guys think my poem is alright?
Any ideas for a class activitty on a poem (Holy Sonnet 10 by John Donne)?
Can I get some comments on this?
Can Somebody Turn a Nursey Rhyme Into A Halloween Poem?
Once in a blue moon, the perfect line comes along. Have I gotten one?
hiroshima poem?????????
What do you think of my poetry?
curiosity killed the cats what does it do to humans?
what is the title of this poem's title 'prohor shesher ranga aloy...' & who is the author of this poem?
OK...Someone help me out here! DEFINE poetry!?
is this a good poem???? poll?
NEED HELP WITH SIMPLE ANSWER: what page in the rose that grew from concrete is IN THE EVENT OF MY DEMISE on?
What do you think of my new POEM???
How is my poem I just wrote?
Can someone help me with this acronym?
Opinions on my oyster poem?
Is this a good any poem?
Is this a good poem?
i think my poems are crap?
how do you like this poem?
This Poem,Is it bad? Honesty please?
what do you think?
What is the poem with the depressed bear and the little girl?
What type of poem is appropriate?
'Stifled'............will you give me your thoughts in this?
In the poem, "The Photograph" by Shirley Toulson , Why the photograph has been called "cardboard"?
Would you care to comment on this Dorsimbra offering?
Doing the right thing,,, can I have your opinion on this poem.?
can someone write a haiku poem on feathers OR flowers?
Would you care to comment on a pome about a milestone of sorts?
JABBERWOCKY by: Lewis Carroll ?
Poem?? =) :]?
Ca someone explain the poem "ozymandias" to me?
Why do some people call the Prologue to Romeo and Juliet "the hidden sonnet?"?
Are you a 'simple' person with 'simple' wants and needs?
What is the diction in this poem "The Panther" by Rainer Maria Rilke?
Can I interest you in a collection of small poems?
Short Graduations Quotes or sayings?
What do you think of my poem?
Is it enough to build the images on your own?
Explain the meaning of the POEM Against Love Poetry by Eavan Boland?
What do you think of my poem?
I need a poem for my girlfriend?
What is this poem about?!?
Funny poem i wrote during my divorce!?
Please critique & comment my poetry?
what are the guidelines for analysing a poem..?
John Donne's "The Sun Rising"?
What do you think of 'Lady Mamalade, Hawkins, And The Playboy Club' morning pome?
Critique my poem, will you?
Do you ever get calluses on your index finger from writing too much?
Would you read this write & c/c plz & TY/?
Poetry form? PLEASE HELP!!?
help blues poem/lyrics help! ASAP!!?
A song I wrote tell me what you think[its about my self hate im 13]?
Explain what the sea is doing when he "shaking his wet sides over the cliff" in the poem the sea?
Stone Masons, We....comments?
What is the theme of Shakespeare's Sonnet 109?
(only 14 to 17 yr girls hows this poem?
A ghostly villanelle for your comments and/or critiques.?
what is the trick to writing good poems.?
Is this a Dialogue Poem? Does it represent good teaching?
10 points and full stars again??
Edit Comment and Name my Poem..Easy 10 points..?
i need some underground/rap/poetry lyrics?
What do you guys think about my poem I wrote?
why is it so wrong to sometimes use clichés?
What is the correct format to type a ballad in poetry?
What is a metaphor?
can anyone give me a brief analysis of the poem April by Marcia Masters?
tell me........?plz?
Who is a Limerick Poet?
Can you sing along a poem?
heres a poem i wrote how do you like it???
a request from a budding poet....?
Please HELP my misfortune.?
Can we have some music for this bit of Poetry?
I need petry help ! PLEASE!?
Are you feeling friendly?
Why is free verse considered poetry?
I'm looking for poetry that uses some spanish, help pleeaase?
So what do you think?
please rate my poem?...?
What does this poem mean?
Rough draft; Opinions?
What feelings are conveyed by my Poem? Death Conspires 2?
Can you sing along a poem?
Opinions on a new poem?
In this really short poem....?
Assonance Help For Poem!?
Is there a French poem called "Ralts and the French Gardevoir?" If so, I'd like to know where to find it....?
are prose poems usually long?
Who is the Full Monty anyway? Anyone know?
Could someone check my sonnet for english?
May I have your opinions on my poem?
Is this a good sonnet for 11th grade contemporary lit?
Do you think I could have finally written a Trigee?
What Is Your Favorite Poem?
Is it me, or is ''Footsteps In The Sand'', one of the greatest poems ever?
Is there a website where I can read all of the poems from Shel Silverstein's Falling Up?
I need a title for my poem, do you like it?
what does it mean? poem?
Tips on How to write powerful Poetry?( Advice Please)?
Poem about Money- Can someone help me add more lines?
What do you think of my poem?
Ode on a Grecian Urn?
Would you care to comment on a poem about words, sort of?
How do I write a thesis to compare/contrast two poems.?
Will you, for a constant gentleman?
Hey will you read this poem that I did? Critiques? Comments?
heyyyyy explain the poem psalm of life... pls pls pls?
Define poetry?
i need good similes for hope?
Feedback on my poem please?
Can a poem be a metaphor,simile or personification?
Can you rate my poems?
Do you like my poem?
PLEASSSSEe help is this poem good? PLZZ TELL ME?
read and comment on my poem please?
meter and line length of this poetry verse?
Can you please tell me what this poem from Spoon River means?
Please help me with this line of a poem!!?
Christina Rossetti poems about?
read my poem please and yeah tell the truth even if it sucks?
"Would you read my Real Poem Spontane?
What do you really, actually see out your window?
do u lyk my new poem?
A poem poured from the soul. What do you think?
Heavy stuff as a kid, will you comment please?
A poem lamenting the loss of our ancient woodland ?
How would you finish it?
Paint colors, what I wanted in my once upon a time house? c/c very simple?
Poems about life/love, everyday stuff basically?
What do you all think of my revised english poem?
Rainy days and Thursdays always bring me down. Do you feel this poem.?
Patience and hope (poem)?
My new poem - what do you think?
Old poem "sin"?
What is a good birthday poem about old age?
does anyone know of any poems by established writers that are ironic?
I need a poem thats at least 7 minutes long.?
Has anyone got a copy of Eithne Strong's poem 'Dedication'??
Will you comment on this not so poetic offering please?
I need a rhyme for an invitation?
I need a rhyme for an invitation?
Have you ever heard any of these things?
Writers' Ink Corps.?
Did you hear her cry last night?
how could i improve this poem?
What are some good simile poems?
Help on Barabra Allen poem?
What do you think of this...?
what do you think of my poem?
What type of poem form is best for describing feelings ?
I've been writing poems for a year, now; when is the money going to start rolling in?
Any ranking for literary contests?
What do you think of my poem?
writing a poem and need help with rhyming....can u help?
please rate and help me with my sonnet?
Can you review my new poem?
what does this poem mean?
Write an acrostic poem about the month of april?
what an example of work of literature from Christina Rossetti (poet) and why is this piece typical for her?
For you guys, will you comment?
What do you think of this poem?
critique my poem? its on "The Scream"?
PLEASE read my poems! and rate them?
What's that poem where the narrator meets "Death" in a garden?
Is Elizabeth Alexander an over-rated poet?
Is this a good day to feel old and broken?
Why did Bess decide to shoot herself in "The Highway man"?
Would Mark Twain approve of this?
Relationships are sometimes like Yo-Yos, are they not?
William Blake the poet believed that humans can be both innocent and experienced at the same time?
what do you think of this poem?
Please Rate My Poem!?
i can't find the explanations for these poems on google ..please help!?
What are some allusions that TS Eliot uses in his poem "The Waste Land"?
what do you thing of this little song we made up and started singing..?
Stuck in my space monkey poem?
rudyard kipling poem?
Do you like this poem?
Are gun-lusting liberal poets more rare than unicorns?
Like OMGEEEE! What do you think about these song lyrics I wrote all by myself :D?
Please R/C/C my Poem?
what kind or irony is used in this poem.?
Help me with my poem?
What you think of this poem?
A serious poem this time?
COMMENTS ARE WANTED!!! (Please read!!)?
Beowulf the poem vs. Beowulf and Grendel the movie?
Random object for a praise poem?
Im doing a simile/metaphor poem and i need an ending sentence with a metaphor that starts with animals?
How would you summarize this poem in just one sentence?
When an account is suspended does everything disappear now?
Does anyone know where Lord Byron is buried?
Can you please tell me what you think the frustrated poet wanna-be means in her poem?
A poem...do you like this?
Experimenting in enjambment, c/c?
what is the tone of this poem? and how the language effect the tone? im so confuseddd!!!?
Please tell me if you like this poem. I'm not sure, please help!!?
HELP! looking for a good christmas poem, any help?
Can you see this I'm not sure if I'm do n this right.?
What is the theme of this poem?
Any websites that will let me post my stories?
What's your favourite poem?
do you think my poem is ok?
Any good poems?
Any thoughts on this verse, it's not Lennon, it's not Kerouac, but it has something I think?
Is this a good love poem?
Do you like my Benelux song?
this is my ode to chocolate . I'm using chocolate to represent life. Let me know what ya'll think.?
Can someone help me find poems of tolerance that I could find in the library?
Any songs that relate to this poem?
Is my poem any good tell me what you think?
Where can I find an mp3 of Walt Whitman reading "A Noiseless, Patient Spider"?
what do you think of my poem?
Who can write the best poem?
A poem about addiction. Do you think it is strong enough.?
Hey..... My Crystal Palace -- PLEASE let me know what you think of my poem?
What c/c for this "Angel In The E.R." poem?
In poetry what do they mean by abcd etc.?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Who is your favorite poet and you favorite poem by them?
somebody explain this poem please.......it's urgent !?
Truly, I've found a poem I have no remembrance of writing?
clichés and roses?
Immigrant poetry?
American Pie Poem Analysis?
What would be your immediate reaction to this write, the first thought that comes to you after reading it?
Does anyone know how this poem goes or it in its entirety--"I miss Pennsylvania the(something?, something?
How much coffee is too much coffee?
i wrote this poem , but i dont know if it is a POEM?
Why do some questions have no answers?
8-Line poem?
What does the poem "My First Roses" mean?
Help? Poem analysis of 'if' by rudyard kipling?
Too Many Empty Chairs, comments?
Compare/contrast poem ...?
Please write a brief explanation as to why you want to work at J. Alexander's?
Connections between If by Rudyard Kipling and The Tyger by William Blake?
in "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane, what truth does the correspondent finally learn from the poem?
Can anyone tell me how this poem represents fantasy?
Publication Submission?
Is this a poem " Change of seasons"?
A love poem, I'm talkin' real love, critiques?
Some feedback on my poem?
How is this?
karate poem?
is this a good poem for my age???
Got a minute. I'm gonna write this in 5 minutes. Tell me what you think?
Visual imagery in the poem Eaglehawk?
How would you improve, comment on or critique this write?
Good Morning ramble, Where's my muse...coffee?? and comments/critique fine by me?
Need poetry/art/photography submissions!!!!?
PLease rate this poem.... it is sad?
I'm not sure if this is anygood...Input please?
First snow, will you comment please?
Another "poem"??? Some help, if you'd be so kind, please?
A "Get a clue" Ku....?
Do you know which Y!A user this poem is about?
Nother new poem:D would you plz read?
What are two similar poems by fairly known people?
Can you recommend me a good online poetry community?
How can I make this better?
How can you escape your own mind? The 13 TH Door?
What do you think of my poem? (please be honest)?
do we have to identify the sound of a poem that is free verse?
Would you write me a ballad?
Another storytelling poem. c/c?
The meter gives a poem?
poem help can you tell me what this poem mean?
Poem HELP urgent Due tomorrow? THANKS?
Even if you think you are prepared, will you be prepared?
good guys finish last, a dedication...Do you like it?
My poem I wrote in like 1 hour, think its qood?
where can i get the words to the poem "But Then" by Aileen Fisher?
like this poem?
How many poems have you gotten published?
LOL, just found this going through my folders, I was 11, care to comment or crit?
Is this poem good enough to keep writing?
help with poem 23 by Jose Marti?
your answer must be in the form of a question?
Can you name a few literary devices in this poem please?
how does this sound, how do you feel?
A poem to the answerers who lost their fathers?
My third poem rate it for me?
poem: does it need work?
A Reflection Lacking the truth, or not?
Acrostic poem for trash?
"Whistling Girl" poem interpretation...?
Can you think of a good poem for the occasion? Graduation, etc.?
Read this and tell me if you like it!?
Just a shorty for my sweetie. Will you comment please?
Opinions on my poem about heartbreak. Any tips and advice?
Where should I send a rough draft of my poetry compilation?
What is the meaning, subject, and theme of John Ciardi's poem "A Box Comes Home"?
Help with writing Shakespearean sonnet?
What do you think about the poem I wrote? Please read and let me know! Thanks!?
Do you like this little poem.......?
Words that rhyme with...?
Poems...in your opinion which one is the best and why?
how do i contact www.poetry .com for a question?
I wrote this poem after the death of my grandfather. Comments?
what does this mean both literally and figuratively?
Write an acrostic poem-S-K-I-M-M-I-N-G?
Is this a good start for a beginner?
does a dialogue poem have to rhyme?
Critque my free verse poem ^_^?
What do you like or not about this?
Critique my poem? Can you tell me if this is good or not? I'm really bad at poetry?
Feedback on my poem please?
How Many Syallables Do Limericks Have/How Many Lines?
Poem : El Frijolito : An old poem?
Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" and Elliot's "The Wasteland" are not a poems but just prose What do you think?
Never Loved Before -- poem- -- Thoughts? c/c?
Please really need opinions) Rate My Poem(1-10)?
Sonnets aldkflasfgagfassgdgf?
Is it ok to send love poems not written by you?
Do you remember a special elixir you were served when young? C/C?
is this a good sonnet?
What is a couplet that is used in poetry? Please define!?
Is this poem good enough?
C/c an edited poem please?
Esteemed Poets, please rate my poem 1-10 & interpret if you fancy?
Please, what do you think about my poem? please read and comment?
Poem about a family vacation?
sentance help please for school poem?
Could you help me with a concept poem?
Could someone help me with meter of poetry?
Can you rate another poem?
Most Haunting- a poem I wrote in a free-time media lesson. my teacher said it's freaky. what do you think?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you think these here words count as art?
Literature may be read as a form of social and cultural history.?
Sarcophogus Poem Help?
i need a poem for my gf big time please read on?
Two Voice Poems for Seasons?
Positive/happy Shakespeare sonnets?
Opinions on my oyster poem?
Song lyrics meaning? Poets please analyze?
Writing a Holocaust poem for english class, read it and tell me what you think?
HEY YOU...What say you join me for the Pa Show?
What do you think of my poem ?
The Guitarist (edited)?
In the real world could you compose 2 lines of meaningful Poetry?
What's I good short poem about liking a girl?
Can someone help me with this...?
Do you ever write poetry that makes sense to no one other than you?
Do you think this is good?
Which poem do you like the most out of my Blog?
Might this be tongue in cheek?
Want to read my poem... comments, thoughts, suggestions?
another or my poems, what do you think?
What do you call writing that follows poetry like verses and form, but doesn't rhyme?
is this poem stupid???????
please read my poem if you like?
christina rossetti poetry style?
Could you c/c a goodbye note from one poet to many others?
What/who influenced William Shakespeare in his writing?
Does anyone know a Poem where The pansy winks beside the garden wall?
Are there any conflicts in the Poem "Growing Old" by Matthew Arnold?
what is the message in the following poem?
what words rhyme with chocolate?
This is another rewrite, housecleaning. How is this.?
What may be some things that might make some poets angry?
poem i did.. honest feedback please?
Hows this for a poem?!!?
Is this a last poem for a while?
Compare Sonnet 116 & "The one that got away" by Katy Perry?
Poem about Money- Can someone help me add more lines?
What does this poem mean,I promise it's very short! 10 points,I promise!!?
The Seventh Flower. Is that a good title?
I worte this poem for my brother is it good?
Would you peruse and profess about this piece?
Do you like my poem? (im 15)?
Is this a double acrostic poem?
When did you last feel like quitting?
The World Of Disease -- Poem -- Thoughts? C/c?
How is the poem i wrote? Do you like it? EASY TEN POINTS!?
out of the following poems by robert browning, which one is a dramatic monologue?
where can i find the short poem "war"?
What poem/short story about fear am I thinking of?
what does this poem mean?
Can I have your thoughts on my poem please?
guess how old i am by reading these poems i wrote. closest answer gets a 10?
Help me write this poem please?
can u tell me bout dis poem?
poem # 3 - honest opinion please?
Are you a girl born in the 60's?
What does poem mean or trying to say. Do you like it?
What do you think of my revised version of a poem I wrote this morning?
Poetry question on theme?
I need to find out who is the famous writer of this sonnet. plz let me know if you know?
Questions about Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare?
how do you like this poem?
Do you like this poem????
Who do you think my poem is about?
did emily dickinson write poems about having a crush on someone?
Do you think you could fix me?
What do you think of my poem?
What type of poetry is this? Also what is the theme, mood and purpose of this poem?
I need to write a poem for my sister Klementina, but I can't find what rhymes with my sisters name Klementina!
how do u like my poem?
What to title a poem about childhood?! :D?
Prima Donna - critique, please. Must be constructive.?
What do you think?
Who is the author of this poem?
A street car named desire poem ?
What does this poem mean?
What say to A Morning Not For Oyster Boats Nor Bridges?
Help understanding the poem Thistles by Ted Hughes?
Have you time for five lines?
Coleridge kubla khan question?
Do you have any tips to improve my poem?
judge my poem please?
Poem help Sky is the Limit?
Very angry poem... Very much swearing?
How much can we learn from children. Care to comment or critique my short poem, thanks?
What effect does this have in poems?
Please critique my poem?
Where the Sidewalk Ends - Poem, Aural and Visual Techniques in it?
Do you agree with TS Eliot?
Please critique my poem?
How to plan a poetry night? ?
Have you ever tried exercising on Wii? care to comment or critique my light verse, thanks?
Is there an American poem about life?
Please read my poem!!?
what do you think of my poem?
Do u lyk my poem?
s for the right guess (title)?
What Making a short story or poem about a mask?would you like to ask?
Lightning Crashes. What is this song/poem about?
Guy names that rhyme with Stan?
Anyone good at translating Poems? help?
what poem related to brave new world that has a theme of master/servant concept?
Do You Like My Poem?
Has your child ever taken a bath with a Sabertooth Cat?
Experimenting on a new style...what do you think?
Which version of my poem is better?
what do you think of my poem?
Poetry Help!?
I will regret this in the morning - laugh, hate, whatever?
I want to do a silly poem, May I? Indulge, please, c/c?
Godvia Tennyson poetry analysis?
What do you think of these lyrics?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
what rhymes with "up" and "it"?
Graffiti poem , help please (:?
Have you ever worn a coat such as this? A poem?
A silly little ditty. Do you like it?
Are the poems you write somewhat attached to your personal life?
I'm Tryin to Find a Poem about a Girl liking 2 Guys?
Can I do this? A poem?
Please, thoughts on this poem i wrote?
Judges what do you know about the life in prison?
What is the meaning of flash cards by Rita Dove?
Is this poem bad, good, or alrite?
Part 8. How can I make it better?
Would you break this up differently? Title help?
comments/opinions whatev :)?
What is the meter of this verse?
Is my Sonnet for AP English acceptable?!?
find Walt Whitman poem?
May I please offer a poem?
A little help with poetry?
Website please? x?
Are you....one of...those?
Do you find student's questions about assignments inspire you to try it for yourself?
Do you want to become something, for a little while?
can someone please help me giving me dead of mortality of holy sonnet 10 and meditation 17 by john donne?
Will you read and comment, please?
always the same on the inside, different outside?
What is it like, in other places?
What did Dr. Seuss mean in this poem?
My poem revised, My wife and the park flasher, is it entertaining?
In your opinion, is this sonnet any good?