Can any one help me find Three literary devices in the Following poem Please it's due in two days?
What is the answer to the followng limericks The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme and have 8 syllables.?
What do you think of this hell?
Does anybody write poems??
Acrostic poem for fragment?
A question about poetry. what do you think of the verses below...?
Amateur Poet ! Please Read?
Would you like to comment on my poem pls?
Do you stay away from poetic topics that may get you labeled "Conservative" or "Liberal"?
can you interpret this poem?
New Poem :] Please Comment, feedback?
what is the form and rhyme scheme of this poem?
Rhyming poem???
ok how about these 0.0 there not depressing =]?
What do you think about my poem? And what title should I give it?
Please read poem I made last night?
Another short poem in need of???????
What do you think of my phonetically rendered street poem?<3?
Piercing poetry?
What is the meaning of the poem ars poetica by archibald macleish?
Help with S poetry alliteration?
would you consider these metaphors?
who like this poem?
can any one tell me which poem is this from...?
Give me some abstract concepts (literary)???
Are my poems good or bad?
Is my poem okay?
Will you read this poem please?
Help analyze poems: Mutability, Riding a One-eyed Horse, Jabberwocky?
help! i have to find the meaning if this poem?
Do you remember this classic poem I wrote and posted here in Y!AP about 16 years ago?
poem...how is it??
My poem, "With my eyes closed"... please read and critique! Thanks alot!?
Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare help?
3,000 Years of Black Poetry?
Would you comment on a poem about a satisfied angel?
I need some edgar allen poe poems!?
Give me poems about.. ?
Can anyone help me with a "I Am" poem for english?
Can someone please do a quick Analysis of this poem?
interpretation of poem?
Acrostic poem for DEVELOPMENT?
Guys: write me a poem?
How can I add a metaphor? :)?
Can some one make me a acrostic poem about the progressive era?
How to write a poem on how an object is made?
Would you care to comment on this Sonnet?
Can anyone recommend some beautiful love poetry for a wedding ceremony?
What do you think of this poem I just wrote? PLEASE read... Like PLEASE?
Who is a poet and who is not? Are re-posters poets?
another poem.....I call it Please Listen mr. terror man....whatcha think?
Why is this poem written like this?
Please give me your favorite traditonal Haiku poem and write a modern one?
Why my free verse to contrive is in better English than your beehive? Do I apprehend it as recommended? C/C?
A poem about a Saturday morning, just for fun, comments?
Is my short story good so far...?
Do you agree in life that "No Pain, No Gain"?
What do you think of this poem? It's called Secret Tears?
Quick poem opinions please?
Do you ever sing a favorite song a second time?
another childhood poem.....?
Are these poems good to you?
what goes around comes around, and if i said help a 1,000,000 x would you help?
whats a quote that could go with the picture below (click on the link to see picture below)?
Is this Poem good??? Suit yourself. It's sad...?
Do you think this needs additional elements, or is the story complete enough to let readers assume the rest?
Part 3 of my yet unnamed series, still love more title suggestions?C/C?
Poetry reflecting Soviet society during Cold War?
Honest opinion? Please answer...?
some words written by a friend,some time ago,not my words i tell you so,u like them?
Please rate this poem.. its about my beloved dead dog...?
A shorty, movin up and about, will you comment please?
Are Poets born or made?
"Destiny awaits us".... a poem. Just sharing.....?
Chaos Storm, Heart Ride?
What does the poem In the Orchard by Muriel Stuart mean?
Are there any metaphors (direct and implied) in the Emily Dickinson poem "I Never Saw a Moor"?
interpretation of sonnet 80?
What "bad" things do you do as a child?
Please read and rate my haiku??
Shakespeare - Macbeth?
what do you think of this poem?
Poem I written Rate it please need help with it?
I need a rhyme for favors?
a love poem? 1 stanza?
Walt Whitman: Song of myself?
poetry simon armitage/carol ann duffy?
what do u think?
Can anyone give me an example of a five sence poem?
Someone read and help me out? poem?
What do you think of my poem?
How does the poets convey powerful ideas in Time by Allen Curnow and in Sonnet 29 by Edna St Vincent Millay?
Poetry assignment..need song with poetry elements in it?
why i chose a piece of poem?
In this poem, what is the poet trying to persuade readers to do?
Happy Thanksgiving poem?
An oldie for the ladies with insomnia . . . c/c?
Plz read my poem and comment your opinions! plz ! ?
Be Harsh; What Do You Think Of This Poem?
Can I show ya'll my Mizzy-ness?
Analyzing traditional poetry?
Your thoughts on my poem please? Opinions only, I will not change my poem.?
need help marking the meter (rhythm)?
Honest critisism please it sounds of to me.. so what do you think of my poem?
Is this a Shakesperean Sonnet?
Dark Poem I wrote some time ago?
How's this Haiku poem??
Your opinion on my poem?
What do you honestly think of my poems, which one do you like better and why?
A poem for my special ladies?
In what ways are the Harlem voices in Langston Hughes's poetry distinctive?
I never finish songs?
Unfinished prose/poem, need ideas and opinions please!?
Can you please tell me what the poem "Attack" by Seigfried Sassoon means?
Who is your favorite poet and what is your favorite poetry style?
How deep is Love?
plz help me out????/?
i need an acroustic poem?
I found YAPs physical location, what do you think?
"The non-triumphs of aging gracefully"...a reiew of thwarted intentions, to c-c?
the poem of rizal "to my muse" who is his inspiration? and when it was written?
what does "wim" mean?
what does Aristotle say about comic actions and comic characters in the Poetics?
Hey, Poets...poetically speaking, "Who Loves Ya Baby"...?
The Apparition - Maxine Kumin?
help writing a narrative poem?
Can anybody give me feedback on my writing?
Do you like this poem? be brutally honest-i can totally take it?
Can you be the glue to renew?
What do you think of this poem?
Odyssey poem from Penelope's viewpoint. Is what I have so far good?
What is the answer to Robert Frost's "One Guess" poem?
This is for everyone, Thanks to all my fans. You guys rule. Comments?
I need some examples of an "I Am" poem!?
Poems about how great your friends are?
War poetry compare and contrast?
A brighter rhyming poem than my usaul deep, dark stuff, titled Such A Love. Thoughts?
what does this poem mean to you?
What do you think of my evening poem?
got another poem what do you think?
Can anyone give me any modern day songs that compare to the poem "when we two parted" by Lord Byron?
My first dig of the day This one is deep?
Nothing deep, just a dog story, comments?
what do you think of this poem it's called lock down?
Miracle of Life: Care to Comment?
I have an acrostic poem i need to do help ??!!?
Can someone help me write a poem about illeagal drugs that would persuade teens not to use them?
here is a poem you cant hear but can read?
Will you write a poem about how aggravating I am when I keep asking you to write a poem?
What are some symbolic patterns in "I wandered lonely as a cloud"?
Is my poetry good?(i got em for yah(: )?
Does anybody where to search for the poem Till Our Face by Carol Ann Duffy?
Morning Symphony....a simple poem, comments?
Who is your favorite poet of all time?
Can someone please write me a satire?!? Im super desperate. Its very sad.?
Do you like my poem? Does it make sense? or it needs work?
What does this poem reveal about the american experience in vietnam?
Can you tell me what are some of the figures of speech in the poem " Law like Love " of the poet W.H Auden,?
How long do attitudes last (a villanelle)?
A response to Neonman's 'Vaseline' which I was a bit tardy in posting, C/C?
puppy love, ain't it sweet?
Honest Thoughts about my poem please?
Will you please read and critique this poem for me, I would appreciate it, okay?
Minor re-write: another autumn sonnet. Comments?
How can we make sure poetry lasts forever?
What is the line "O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain’d with the blood of the grape" about?
Execution Exploitation-a poem needs feedback?
what do you think of my poem?
a nickel for your thoughts on this poem?
When you know you NEED to write because of emotional wreckage, but you're afraid.....?
this is just a sample but, am i a good poet?
What do you think of my poem?
Rhyme............ for comment.......?
What are some ways in which Dickinson’s poems are like Whitman’s? In what ways are their works different?
What is the dictio (authors word choice) of the poem summer by Walter dean myers?
Marilyn Manson poem about drugs?
Poem about a Sleepy Garden?
Could I ask help with a poem please? I know next to nothing about poetry !?
Surrounded by ten thousands sounds ,colours Through the window i saw poems falling from the sky. a dream ?
A poem about something, comment crit?
Poems showing feeling?
how to write a poem for a guy u relay like?
What is the significance of the number 59 in Yeats' " Wild Swans at Coole"?
According to "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," the poor and rich are equal because both:?
Rate this poem... "1" to "10"?
Ode to a rose, part one hundred and seventy?
Please read my poem "song"?
I need a title for my poem?
Are you there, God? comments/critique?
Please Read My Best Poem?
When is it acceptable to write an ode to someone special?
Is blogspot a safe place to post poetry and stuff?
For everyone considering themselves a poet/poetess?
Are you really living . . .? c/c?
What do you think of my Annual poem about !?
What do you think of this poem? please correct any grammatical errors and criticism will be welcome.?
Simple Poem for comment...?
Help with translating this urdu poem?
Is Alicia Keys a good poet?
Please comment on this poem?
Can you name me an adventure poem that has a synecdoche in it?
What is the definition of a parody...?
Please offer me only two words. All I want....two words...can you....just two...?
What is this quote from?
anyone know a poem thematically similar to the book siddhartha?
Have you ever lost? Trying to draw, c/c/?
tell me what you think of my poem?
Getting Older, a rumination, c/c?
Putting in my request, a poem for you to critique?
Could someone please help me analyze this poem by Howard Nemerov?
Will you read and c/c a poem written by the Greek poet?
Will you please read my poem and give me your opinions.?
What is the name of this quatrain form with repeating lines?
Something else that needs to be said?
Can we really expect to have happiness in old age or is that just poetry written on a page?
Need a title idea for this poem?
how to write a deep poem about yourself?
Is any archeologist out there to translate this free verse poetic script taken from an ancient marble epigraph?
In need of a poem about the abortion I recently had ?
I need to find the poem "Shady Character"?
How can you tell the difference between stressed & unstressed in my poem?! IM SO CONFUSED.?
Who can c/c this "Once. Twice. No More." poem?
Are you too shy to ask?
How is this?
A Quartern for Elaine P - Do you like it?
Poem about the future?
ladies... wut do you think of this poem?
Do you ever wish you could see how many people read your poems and move on without remark?
Does anyone care to guess the subject of this poem?
Help me name this poem?
Does this poem make sense?
I need some beautiful poetry to post in my room?
what are some literary devices found in this poem?
Know what else a screwdriver is good for?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you except a Manic?
What are the literary devices used in this poem?
This one needs a new title. What do you think?
Is anyone else having trouble with editing their answers?
Help with analyzing Percy Shelley's poem: To a Skylark, please?!?
i need ideas for a poem spesific please!!!?
IMPORTANT, rate this please!?
to the profit?
can anybody else write some stick it poems?
Who invented poetry?
Suggestions for some topics.?
Please read my poem and comment/criticize?!?! Much appreciated??
Poem for english class. Opinions on the style?
Will you spare a moment to read a few lines. Please?
does anyone know a good poem i could use?
What is your favorite poem?
Will you comment on this?
ur favrite broken love / lost love poem?
A question about the short poem, "Still to be Neat" by Ben Jonson.?
What does your face hold? History, c/c?
Stop the fighting! We need poetry! Poetry can bring us together!?
Thoughts on my poem, please?
translation to Insomniac poem?
Is this to your liking?
What are some examples of Victorian Poetry? I need some for a research paper but I have looked everywhere.?
Do you think this is a good sonnet?
examples of myths???
who likes this poem?
Should I submit this poem to my school's lit mag?
What do you think of my poem?
Cna oyu raed this fickung poem?
Help asap poem for bf?
Please read my poem "god given"?
Do you know anyone who might want to take this poem and stuff it in their asss?
What do you guys think of my writing?
Can anybody explain this poem to me? (Don't let that horse - Lawrence Ferlinghetti)?
What do you think the rhyme scheme is using letters in this poem. Thanks. s to good answer.?
Please write a poem for me! I need help!?
a thank you poem to parents?
Good pick up lines??
Please tell me what you think?
Do you wish more people would answer your poems?
Square Root of Three poem?
Which Found poem would you say is better?
Home, yet another poem :)?
i came across two poems written by the same person do you think they are good?
My poem, Haircut experience, is it entertaining?
The idea was to use color in a short poem tell me what you think?
Do you sometimes finish a poem, step back, and say, "I didn't just write that"?
Care to critique my first poem? It's very short?
pls send me two witches poem photo?
MLA: Placing commas inside or outside quotation marks?
poem help? 10 points for the best asnwer?
A patriotic poem for your critique and commentary?
And how clean are your fingernails?
where can i find a discount code for andrea Gibson's online store?
no more bed time poems. they have been called off for lack of enthusiasm... C/C?
What's the easiest way to memorize a poem that doesn't rhyme?
Forty year anniversary of Woodstock. Here's the question?
I wrote this for my son. What do you think?
When are people too old to learn?
can someone write a poem that has 2 do with an instrument like a drum?
what is the meter of william shakespeare's :shall I compare thee to a summers day?
please check out this poem!?
does anyone have a poem?
Is my poem any good? Read please?
Who has written the following poem?
Dylan Thomas, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" poem help!?
What is this poem about?
Help me with the poem "Red" by Ted Hughes, just with the CAPITALS?
Please help me do you like my poem?
do you like my poem..........?
What meaning does this have?
What do you think of the poem Winter Willows?
one more thing...?
Can U please Give me a CONVERSATIONAL poem with 7 stanzas with each stanzas 4 line?
A Sweet Poem?
Good morning! Welcome to The Buk Show! Today's guest is....Mek!....!....!...!?
Help on my poem, please????
Will someone help me like Lapiz Dominoe perhaps?
Please rate my newest poem? Should I write more?
Can someone please help me. I need a poem about a blue star. It has to be like 10 lines long. Thank You?
How is my poem?
A poem needed help just help?
Please read this poem, it was very difficult to write.?
What are some figures of speech in this poem?
Here is a rewritte, I'm so confused, i don't know what to do. Comments??
a rewrite poem?
Give An Opinion On a Poem I Wrote?
Revised and re-posted would you comment or critique for me please, thanks?
Do you like this poem? Feedback?
Do you like this poem ?
Another poem of mine? Will you read this one and comment?
Do you still dance? (A poem)?
what does to e.t. the poem by robert frost?
Does this poem stand the test of time?
Will you please take a minute on my brief poem?
i want to be a poet but AM afraid i Will be made fun of what do i do?
For my lovers and haters?
If only all immigration issues were this easy to resolve?
Paraphrasing a poem ?
A short freestyle....opinions appreciated?
I love poetry. Do you love poetry?
Poetry- I have always wanted to be a poet, but have always found myself lacking...?
can some one make me a sonnet please?
Please comment on my poem?
Do you write poems to ur best friend?
8 Different Types Of Poety In This Song?
Will you comment on a native prayer please?
Constructive criticism on this piece I wrote?
Could you critique my poem?
A good place to write a blog?
"Tequila, Hot" C/C Please?
Grrrrrrr!!! Ahhhrooowll aarr!? Deja vu?
can anyone help me understand this poem?what is the tone and the message?
What poem should i memorize for speech class? (needs to be between 2-4 minutes long when speaking it)?
"The non-triumphs of aging gracefully"...a reiew of thwarted intentions, to c-c?
Creative title for a sonnet about cupcakes?
What's your favourite poem?
What is The Lovepet by Ted Hughes about?
How do u like my poem on rain? plz c/c it? ?
My poem, what do you think?
Does anyone know any racism poetry for school?
what's the name of that japanese poet who carved poems into trees and rocks and was never seen?
i know theres lots of errors but bare with me?
Rate my poem I wrote for history please and thankyou?!?
Famous poems on peace or freedom?
How is my poem?
carl sandburg poems...?
Have you been to Christmas?
Can some one make me a acrostic poem about the progressive era?
Langston hues poem????
Is this a sad or happy tale?
When is my mind a never you mind or is my mind a poem you find?
a poem, be honest if you like it or hate it?
Does anyone care to guess the subject of this poem?
Will you C/C on a revised script by the Greek poet?
what are your feelings on MY POEM? Withering Heights?
Page 6...a spontane 20 characters later?
Whats a good theme for this poem? Ten-O-?
Thanks is advance for your help. This one teeters on 'Stupid.' Which way are you leaning?
Comments on a poem about nothing...or life?
acrostic poem...................
write me a poem.. about anything. BE CREATIVE. i'll hang it up on the wall in my room if i like it!?
a poem about a horse that passed away?! good or bad?!?
Help! Don't know what a line from an Emily Dickinson poem means?!?
what's a good poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Will you please rate my poem?
here's a poem give ur views about it?
Do you like my new poem?
What Shel Silverstein poem is this?
Who´s your favorite poet?
Does this poem have a scansion?
I need a name for this poem...let me know how it sound.?
My first attempt at an acrostic poem? How do I improve?
what is the themes of this poem by William Blake?
help! does anyone know how to summurise and show the poetry techniques in this poem butterflies by mandy mari?
haiku poems fro 3 sentenses?
What do you think of this (very short poem)? c/c?
Where does doubt come from?
This is not a poem, but maybe you can find poetry in here....?
Is nature more powerful than words?
Is the trip worth the ride?
To my wife Kerry?
BrOkEn loVe comment if you wish ..?
I need a POEM about a BENT NAIL! lol?
Is this poem good? Does it seem to dark or depressing? Is it not organized?
Is Lili's windy rhetoric worth listening to?
Another about the Witch... Part II waits for your eyes, will you give in?
"Waiting" By Joey Wilson?
Easiest Shakespeare Sonnet to analyze???!!!!?
could you read this poem and share your thoughts on it?
New Poetry (Comment / Critique)?
I would like to post a poem to make people realize we are all the same, where should I post it?
Do you sometimes finish a poem, step back, and say, "I didn't just write that"?
Please help me identify any rhyme scheme here?
"Snow." Written in Honor of the first snow. What do you think?
What is the meaning of this poem?
What do you think of my poem ...1-10?
A re-post. Do you like my Ameri-Ku?
Game: can you Read this poem and tell me...?
Desiderata Poem: What does the line "Go placidly amid the noise and haste" mean?
Sad Poems about Old Age?
How do you think, feel and act?
What's that poem where the narrator meets "Death" in a garden?
i need a cultural free verse poem for my project?
poetry,cinquain poems?
Will you c/c this poem?
Patience and hope (poem)?
What you think of this poem?
Sometimes mine is cornflower blue, what's your favorite color?
Which of these features describes a Shakespearean sonnet?
Getting a poem published?
The poet who was famous for breaking spelling, grammar and punctuation rules?
read by poem about narcissus and ekho?
What Nationality was Walter D. Wintle?
Who doth bequeath c/c on this "Poetry Is A Snack-Of-All-Trades" poem?
Does this poem have a deep subject in death? And is their any suggestions or improvements?
Is this a professional quality poem?
HELP me FIND A good POEM about SPRING????
please comment on this poem?
Is Stop & Go a Oxymoron?
is the second part of this poem any good?
What is the meaning behind iris by Break te Silence?
Does anyone know anything about Indiana poet Alonzo Rice?
Am I a good poet? please answer?
What do you think of this?
Just something I wrote for fun in school. What do you think?
A poem about a poet's thoughts, would you critique, please?
i need help in writing a poem of a heart of a champion i need some ideas pleaseeee :)?
this is another of my poems,is it ok?
I am looking for a poem that mentions their mothers dragging their kid to church?
What is a good poem for roll of thunder hear my cry?
Robert G. Nathan poem?
Do you think this is the BEST POEM EVER?
Write a 5 stanza, 4 line ballad?
Any Ted Kooser (poet) fans willing to help?
Can you remember your first taste of grief. Please comment and critique, thanks?
Do you like this poem?
Really unique poem topics?
A shorty, sighs, will you comment please?
What poem best represents this painting?
Looking for feedback on a poem I wrote.?
Dark poem for writing class?
Does My Poem Sound Like Questions?
Will some one read my poem and tell me if it is deep in the subject of love?
What is the difference between a concrete and a found poem?
okay! my other other other poem! I'm thirteen?
What is the rhyme scheme for these lines? with all types of rhymes (slant...etc)?
Cree tribe poem or song!!? Please Help me!!!?
Advice on a Poem. I could use someone's opinion :)?
Please rate my poem on a scale of one to ten?
Poem idea! please help me add some details to it !!?
How is this poem I wrote called Swelled?
critique my poem?!?
What issues would you have to have to Block someone?
Do you like my new poem thingy?
What do you think of my poem?
unconventional poem but what do you think whats your opinion?
poem to go with "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?
What does the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost mean?
How Long Dose iT Take To Be A Poet And A Baker ?
What are some great poets?
When you wer nine years old, did you ever have to come to terms with something?
Is this A good Poem?!?
Still farmin I bet, will you C/C please?
Would you title or comment my poem please?
Opinion on a new poem I wrote for someone ? thank you?
what poem should i enter?
"Incriminate, I Ask" for C/C, What prompts you to question guilt?
My latest attempt? Humbled?
do u a name for a title that i can use for my poetry anathology (book)?
What type of poem is?
What think you about this old, depression saying?
Once in a blue moon, the perfect line comes along. Have I gotten one?
The Start. (my first poem , tell me if you like it.)?
Amelia Lanyer Vs. Sir Philip Sidney?
I wrote this to my girlfriend. Is it good?
a five paragraph poetry analysis paper?
If you like poetry, what is your favourite kind of poetry or verse? Care to share a poem or link to a poem?
Who wants to write an elegy?
poem on animal testing?! good or bad?!?
What lines can I make up with the words "generosity" and "honesty" for my English sonnet?
Poetry tends to differ from prose in that it:?
What kind of poem is this?
I wrote this a couple days ago and was just looking for a little feedback.I call it 'The Hollow'?
poem translation?
I have a question, is this a good poem?
How could I improve this pantoum poem?
john keat's poetry...?
A Poem I Wrote About Memories Of My Mum Who Died 7 Weeks Ago.. just little things that remind me of her?
What's a short style of poem?
I could use some advice, on the poem and the breakup?
Feedback on a new poem please?
Would you like to read this out load with gusto?
read my poem and tell me if it iz guuud?
Your thoughts on this little poem, please?
How is my new poem???
Does my technique in this poem work and still maintain a message?
...what do sunsets paint?
How about one for old times sake?
what do you think of my short little poem?
Did the Jabbawockeez get their name from a poem?
Will you C/C Life is like a bike, please?
What do you think about my morning pome?
Have you ever been to a liquor store? A sort of writing, C/c?
Can anyone come up with a good 15 line poem about helping someone or a cause.?
I have to write a poem using song lyrics?
are there any similes or metaphors in this poem?
Any Tobacco poem ideas?
Cottonmouth Country, what is this poems meaning?
Annabel Lee poem by Edgar Allan Poe, Help?
Maybe I've asked before, maybe I have not, but have you....ever....climbed a mountain?
What is your opinion on my poem?
Bukowski says.... "Huh?"?
Why Did John Donne write the poem "Death Be Not Proud"?
Please tell me how my poem is sounding.?
any comments on this poem?
Philip Larkin poetry homework help please?
Will someone help me with my poetry homework please?
Plz read my poem and c/c it? do u like it?
what do you guys think of this? I thought that it was kind of obvious what it is about, but that is because?
what do you think of my poem?
im 18, do u like this poem i wrote?
Poem Analysis help.?
A song or poem about friendship?
what do you think of my poem? what do YOU think this poem means?
A new fairy tale, of a more mundane sort, please C?C?
What do you think of my poem?
what do u guys think about my very first poem ?
Do you want 10 points......write a poem....persuade me.?
Hmmmm, who's the "delete happy sod?"?
Do you ever write poems like this?
Is this really a poem, or is it prose?
What is the best poem you've ever read?
Will someone write me a love poem?
Do you like my poem????????????????
Long: A prose poem, maybe, with a touch of Southern smoke...comments/critique?
What do you think is the tone of the poem?
still crazy?
Bonsai, another new poem!?
Poetry Anaylsis Help Please!!?
Inspired by SemperFi?
Critique this poem about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?
May I have your thoughts on this poem? How does it make you feel?
Ano mga ang katangian ng tula? What are the characteristics of a poem?
what do you think about this poem ?
What do you think of this poem?
what makes this poem modern?
Difference and Similarities between this two poems?
Can you describe what your "muse" looks like, in 5 words?
What is the theme of "Human Family" by Maya angelou?
Will you judge my poetry?
Someone stole my poem on answers?
Who knows a lovely romantic Swedish poem for my girlfriend. she live's in sweden?
How do I go about copyrighting several poems?
interpretation of poem?
Poem Analysis please!?
how could i finish this poem?
Will you dig a litter deeper and comment on the content/thought/message of this short poem?
I posted a poem on poetry contest called Yellow Butterfly, I didnt bookmark the page. How can I find it??
Can you accept this poem from me to you during this wondrous season?
If I could find the words, would you hear me?
Can someone please give me a poem for my daughter that is 4 yrs old today?
Child Abuse Poem... 10 FREE pts. to the best answer.?
do u like my poem i wrote? on a scale of 1-10..how good is it?
What is beowulf like in the beginning of the poem?
whats the best poem you've ever read? why do you like it?
Who wants to read my awesome poem?
What say to another poem by Dr. Glenn Swetman?
How to write an anaphora poem?
poem question?
Certainly in a creative mind tonight.?
What do you think about this poem?
could you please explain the composition of a Villanelle poetic scheme?
in what poems does williams wordsworth reflect feelings over logic, or heart over mind?
Why does keep sending me to recommended questions when I click on poetry?
I need a nature sonnet?
Will you read and do other things to my Sonnet?
What do you think this poem is about ?
i need some help is this poem good....?
What is your opinion of this "I AM" poem?
Decomposition by Zulfikar Ghose?
HElP NOW PLEASE... ILY IF U DO HELPPPPPPP who wrote this?????
What are themes of John Keats Ode On An Grecian Urn?
Please critique my poem?
I have this poem about art in nature, and I need help closing it?
Have you climbed the smallest mountain? A Pome?
What do you think the concept of this poem is ? i got it from a movie?
Please rate this poem ?
What is the great importance behind the poem The Rape of the Lock?
My sonnet, The Majesty of the Night Sky?
How does my poem sound?
where can i find a poem about an only child soon to have a lil sis?
what is the metaphor,irony,speaker,and audience in the "Sweeney among the Nightingales" poem by T.S. Eliot's
what would be a good rhyme for this poem?
Can someone provide an analysis of the poem "Outside History" by Eavan Boland?
~The Lover's Dance~ Poem Feedback? ^_^?
can you give me a line?
Can anyone remember the childrens poem about Doctor Foster who went to Gloucester?
What is the title of this poem?
What do you think of my poem? Please c/c? Thanks?
What do you think of this 'Night Poem' poem?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
Help...my brother-in-law wrote this poem and wanted feedback on it. I don't how to sum it up. Any thoughts?
What are some canonical poems about Greed?
why is poetry so hard to write?
What will Semper Fi think of this Poem?
I need help with Poetry!?
What do you think of the poem I just wrote?
What do you think of my poem?
Poem opinions ne one?
Can this be considered a Haiku Poem?
Can you recommend any good New Zealand poets?
Are you ready for some really deep eye staring rumination? C/C?
What do you think of this poem?
Criticisms? (poetry)?
haikus written on my "vacation" opinions?
more poems, which do you like best and tell me what you think.Im only 13 years old=]?
Dear Friends,Please see the poem "உற்றுப்பார்க்கிறேன்" in "nanvinai.blogspot.in"?
Any opinions on my first narrative poem, The Old Cobbler?
Please, I need help analysing a poem?
Deeper meaning to this poem?
kindda long poem, but please read!! im like crying right now!!! :'( ?
What do you think of this thought? Agree/Disagree? Comments/Examples?
Tell me if you guys like this?
Can you help me find a title please for this, comments and critique welcome, thanks?
help im stuck on my poem?
Hi, Do you think this poem is ok? :/?
"Sonnet 75"?
I have come across a poem, I think I know the Title but not the Author. Help?
dance poem? help please!?
The first published African-American poet, Phylis Wheatley, wrote poetry?
Do you have a daily routine that's sometimes outta whack?
I need help with a ballad.?
is this a good poem?
What do you think of my poem EVERYONE!? :):(?
i just wrote this poem... please comment...?
Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"?
Poetry Analysis? Please Answer this!?
Do you think my poem is good enough to win?
Will you c/c the new script of a poet?
Friendship poems....?
What's your favourite poem pic and which one is the best?
whats the coolest poem out there?
Is my literary talent seriously underestimated?
I need a good short meaningful poem.?
what is the meaning to joy harjos "This land is a poem" ?
Sunday pondering, will you C/C please?
El Cantar de Mio Cid Por favor ayuden (please help)?
what dies this mean??
what do you think of this poem? do you think its too long?
Help me make a poem for a greek play?
Who is the author for the poem "What if I am a Black Woman?"?
What do you think of my very, very short love poem?
I need a title for my poem and opinions?
What do you think of my poem?
Opinions/Thoughts on this poem?
a bit of something to tuck you in...comments?
Help me with a few starting lines of a love poem?
Help with sonnet 18 (shall i compare thee) by william shakespears?
What 17 year old wrote a transcendentalist poem?
What were the literary periods between the 1920's and 1970's?
do you know any modern powerful african-american poets?
Developing a new form called Grid, what do you think?
alliteration peoms...?
Give an example of each of the following elements of poetry from the poems you have read in Units 4, 5, and 6.?
A dark poem since it's late. Hope you like this short jewel.?
What is the deeper meaning to C.K Williams' "Light"?
Is this appropriate as a Birthday present.....?
What is a good love poem for teens?
Are Robert Frost's poems romanticism or realism?
What word has been ruined for you by pop culture?
Candy Bar poem help!?
Can somebody write me a good Petrarchan Sonnet please?
Help with a title or a comment for my poem?
What is your fav. Edgar Allan Poe poem?
Please pen for me a poem for a foggy Friday and show thy true colors?
please read my poem if you like?
Frosted Glass, will you C/C please?
What is the effect of this caesura in the poem Disabled?
Little Hampkin & Razorback (any thoughts)?
For the best friend a girls mom can have,C/C?
`The Reckoning` a spontaneous realisation, (Ist Draft only), would you kindly c-c?
What do you think of You Had It So Damn Good, You Were Blind, poem?
Do you like this poem?
Can anyone tell me the poem "Grasshoppers" by Paul Fleischman?
A hymn I heard over the weekend. C/C if you please?
A Poem inspired by a tv program?
Opinions please, thank you.?
whataya think?
What do you think of my poem?
Nice poems 7-10 lines help please?
can anybody tell me the name of the poet of following lines of a poem ?
A short poem of mine, not complete yet?
Does anyone have quotes OR sayings OR poems about BETTERING YOURSELF?
If you feel a chill in the air tonight, what would you do? C/C?
Emily Dickinson " 'HOPE' is the thing with feathers"?
i want to write my girlfriend a poem....?
What do you think of my poem, can you help me fix it if needed?
Opinion Please, about my poem, thanks?
Can anyone tell me what war poem this is?
What is your favourite poem?
What are We, when We become?
I write poems but i dont have any about me want to make one up?(SORRY GURL THAT I GOT THIS IDEA FROM)?
For anyone who loves potry?
Can any one help me write a poem now!!! PLEASE?
What part of this poem means silver or wind?
Past Feelings Being Expressed Here. Care to Read?
I am not a poet. I love poetry. Am I wrong in wanting to tell contributors that their efforts are not poetry?
how is A.e hoseman's poetry different from lupe fiasco's rap?
Poem to be read at funeral/on gravestone...any good?
Did I print this one before?
I'm looking for a poem?
Another poem i just made. You like it?
I've already posted this poem, but here's the finished version. How is it?
What type of poem is Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe Is it a ballad?
anyone know a good site with some inspirational poems?
What does the poem "what still alive at twenty two?" by Hugh Kingsmill means??
Whats's your favorite Robert Frost poem?
Who Do You Call To Report A Missing Muse?
what do think of this poem?
10 line performance poetry?
So how is this poem ?
What do you say to this?
What does the phrase 'from the deserts the prophets come'?
please respond another poem?
A Ripper of a poem . . . c/c?
the poem "fifteen" by william stafford.?
Help on a poem that i have to analyze for an essay please?!?
The non anthropomorphic cartoon tiger query?
What Shel Silverstein poem is this?
How do you interpret this poem?
who is the speaker in the poem April by marcia masters and whom is it talking to?
Please Read, I love all Criticism, Your opinion is what i need, Nothing you say will give me an aneurysm!?
where can i find poems about the book Everlost?
Can someone help me write a poem about illeagal drugs that would persuade teens not to use them?
comments or criticism on this poem I wrote?
Narrative poem, Halloween Night 1987, critique please?
Can a mind share what the angels whisper in our ears or are we to cringe and live in our fears?
Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson?
Looking for life experience stories or poems you have written?
Do you see the lives of those dear to you through the lens of poetry?
What do you think of these lyrics?????????????????????????
What does -- mean in a poem?
how can i connect sonnet 116 to romeo and juliet?
"Wanted, Alive Or Dead!" a funny impromptu to c-c see?
do you like my poem?
Is my poem number one or number two?
what do you think of this short poem?
for those of those who are skeptical How do you like this avatar and poetic piece?
What main issues are highlighted in wilfred owens poetry?
Sonnet, The Guitarist?
Hi, I need a poem about waves?
Poem: Falling Sky - what do you think of this interpretation?
What is the theme, tone, and the analysis of the peom, "Heart! We Will Forget Him" by Emily Dickinson?
Critique this poem of mine?
Does this describe true friendship?
Should I put a poem in a girls locker?
A poem I wrote, opinions??
A real Love poem from The Dark Prince.. OMG It is. Do you like it.?
What poetic devices in this word/phrase?
Another poem from off the top of my head?
I think I need help with his one.?
can you make me a short poem?
Is This Poem Good?
What do you think of my poem?
what are some great poetry books that aren't complete works and 'best ofs'?
Prose poems examples?
Chains Of Envy..........a poem...c\c?
Did I make any sense.?
What does this poem say to you?
I Have Seen Dead Birds Everywhere (care to comment)?
Need a perfect poem. Any ideas?
Your opinion on my poem?
what is a good poem idea for a poem that outlines or discusses the qualities of a sucessful student??
Please help me find this poem! "I'm becoming the woman I wanted, grey at the temples, soft hearted, delighted"?
Why does Emily Dickinson use ambiguity in her poems? What's the purpose of the ambiguity?
My poem. Comments?
please suggest a title to this poem?
Can you offer a Haiku about ignorance?
Examples of a well-written poem?
anyone know of any poetry slams on ocala fl?
whats your favorite poem?
can someone write a poem 12 lines long and use i love thee?
what is a good poem idea for a poem that outlines or discusses the qualities of a sucessful student??
Rhyming fairytale stories (3 little pigs etc.)? 10 points best answer!?
calgary 2am by Christopher Wiseman?
What does crazy look like?
Need Help explicating poem?
what does this poem my boyfriend wrote mean?
poem help? 10 points for the best asnwer?
What do you think Called 20-30-40-50-60?
Do you like this poem?!!?
what is half rhyme in poetry?
What do you think of this poem?
i am looking for a poem asap!!! do you know this one?
How many of your poems do you think are worth saving?
I need help finding a poem.?
Where did you first read, "For your writing to have any bite, your heart must know full devourment!"?
is this a good poem....?
Please read my poem. What do you think? (it's kind of graphic)?
Is this a good poem for LA class?
what is the meaning of the poem " four haiku " by Matsuo Basho?
I need another B-word please!?
Semi Humorous poem outlining lifespan of animals?
does any one know the international society of poets?
What is a good object to personify for a poem?
What allies do you have in the maple tree?
what do you comment on my poem?
All poetry has rhyme?
implied metephor poem.. ?
A contribution to Grandma(what do you think)?
would this be a hyperbole?
What do u think of my poem?!?!?!??
What is heaven in your opinion?C/C?(celestial calliope?)?
Would i be considered a good poet?
POEM help! I need help with a poem about...I NEED THIS FOR TOMORROW, PLEASE HELP!?
Is love meant to be forever? c/c?
Mother's Day Poem?
A play that I wrote when I was 14, what do you think?
pigeon poem! do you like!lol xxx?
i need help making a poem?
what do you think?
What do you think about my poem?
what do you think of this poem?
EASY 10 POINTS!!! Poetry analysis help?
A Ditty for a Dalek?
Published poem about a dead man's wasted potential?
the poem After the deluge by wole soyinka. im finding it hard to analyise- can anyone help please?
Will you read my poem?
is "I'm the product of angels and demons" a metaphor?
Poetic Devices in I Wont Give Up by Jason Mraz?
poem IF ONLY?
do you think this is a good poem? yes or no? why?
how come there's so many people asking for opinions on their poems?
Need help on acrostic poem for HISTORY? ?
Can someone read my poem and tell me what they think?
why do people think puncutuation is so important in a poem?
Can someone tell me the theme of Choices by Nikki Giovanni and tell me 4 poetic devices quick for best answer?
Care to comment on a light poem that admits "my bad"?
what is this music from Beowulf?
is poems sad (its more of a story then a poem) but still sad.?
How many times would you watch this show, before you walked out?? Or, How can I improve on it's message?
Help me come up with a title for my poem? And let me know what you think, please?
I wanna get a tatto to remind me of the poem "IF" by Rudyard Kipling...I want something original?
Read this poem and answer a few questions?
Can you feel in your body when you will create ? some words, c/c?
what it means to you poetry?are you writting too?
Father's day poem Needed?
What do you all think this poem means?
what did Robert Frost think about his poems? What did he consider a good poem to be?
Is this a good poem??
Please read poem I wrote on iPod ?
Poems about?
Quotes with curses slang whatever?
A "Bring Me Snacks Or I will " Poem. Are you able to find the poetic devices and sweet melodies within?
What are your comments on this 'Taking On The Greats' mawnin pome?
Feedback on my poem please?
What do you think of my new poem, The Eagle's View?
Please comment on my poem?
Kissaled, took your advise revised my poem, what do you think?
A Different Kind Of Mother's Day Poem - Any Ideas ?
Can you feel (sense) if somebody sends you love?
What is the surface level (meaning) of the following poem?
Will you comment please?
What do you think of my poem plss read?
A private storm, will you C/C please?
what do you think of my poem? what should i call it?
I've always been a Real Trooper, never giving up!!!?
philosophy and poetry?
Would you indulge an old repost of a night I wouldn't mind reliving?
can someone write an extended metaphor poem for me?
PLEASE READ MY POEM, and tell me what you think? I need constructive criticism and honest opinions.?
Do you like this poem?
I want to be a poet...some one is there who can help me..!!?
What is the meter in Edgar Allans Poem To My Mother?
Poem..pls review...?
Will you c/c something a little better?
How should I end this poem ?
Have you ever laughed while playing the banjo, and then realized you're the only one laughing?
Analysis of Sonnet by Rainer Rilke?
please read if you like?
recent unrequited love poems?
Do you like my poem?
Is writing song lyrics easier than writing poetry?
are there any allusions in the poem "the fish" by elizabeth bishop?
HO HO HO! 'tis the season?
Could anyone explain to me some parts of "Bird in the Classroom"?
Comments on a poem about missing what's right in front of you?
can someone give me a famous poem by a famous poet please?
what are good poems that go with the the archetype journey and are by dif. poets from dif continents?
i need three verbs that relate to love. please and thank you!?
Please read poem I literally just made?
Do you know the original author of this poem?(I already Googled it)?
Taming The Lion, a poem c/c please?
Do you like my poem? It's about writing poems :-)?
Do you find poetry often takes a backseat to your other interests/hobbies in life?
Is it important to keep a sense of humor when it comes to t?
My poems suck, right?
Translation of a R. M. Rilke Poem?
Hey please read!!!!!!!!!!!?
Poem for her...from her...?
What do you think of this poem???
Do you like this poem i made?
What are the sound devices in Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" parts 33 and 52?
What kind of poem should I write?
QUICK! RATE MY SHORT POEM about aging :)?
Will you critique my poem about our Earth?
Is my poem good.....?
writers block...poetry..isnt my thing..?
Would you like to know what I find amazing?
compare the cow and the bed in summer poem?
Need a poem to go with this one? URGENT?
What is The Meaning of this?
Who can make the best poem?
what makes anne sexton poems postmodern?
Please c/c my (revised) poem/prose?
Can anyone please tell me, what they think of this poem?
Help with Poetry Analysis!!!?
A poem about myself?
I dont understand the third part of the poem 'if i were a sunshine' Please help?
What specific c/c would you reccomend for this new poem?
another original poem by Penfold?
Would you comment on a repost that was deleted, what is your 'take' on this poem?
What do you think of this? What are your suggestions?
What do you think of my short poem?
Are you ready for some really deep eye staring rumination? C/C?
How do you like this poem?
What does the silver mean, in this poem?
Do you like my new poem?
What are New Year's Heaves?
Opinion on my poem?
the poem "the blind men and the elephant" is the poet comparing the elephant to god?
What do you think of my first poem ever?
Poetry Help!!! Can you make this into a poem? EASY POINTS FOR THE BEST!?
Have you ever thought about becoming a restorer of great art?
Is this a really good poem?
what do you think of my poem?
what does this poem mean: 8:06pm June 10th 1970 by tom raworth?
Will you C/C a revised script written by the Greek poet?
Why do metaphors have to rust?
I need poem help !!!?
In regards to the poem 'If I Could Tell You' by W.H. Auden, why is the villanelle for significant?
Picking a poem for English class...?
A Cute Poem for a Cute Girl,......?
compare and contrast exotic poem and Homage to My Hips poem?
Poems Plz!!!!?
poem title, the real me?
Check this sh!t out...?
Help on Poem?
Does anyone know this sweet poem about hands?
Do you like to fly kites?
please read poem i made yesterday.?
How tall a ladder is needed to reach enlightenment?
The Last Dinner Party For Two C/C?
Can someone help me think of a visual interpretation of this poem?
Need a PEE paragraph about this poem helpp !!!?
The Hunger Games Helppp. Poetry?
Can someone find me the entire "The lipstick on the mirror" poem by Tom disch?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
Constructives ideas on how to improve this poem please?
Can you endure an angst poem?
what have you hidden? (poetic thoughts?)?
Do youu like this poem i wrote ?
Someone please answer!?
poetry-what can a poem tell about the times it was written in take for instance W.H. Auden?
Have you ever worked for the Big Guy?
What you do last time you pulled off the road...?
Poem, it's called Numb?
Courage poem help. will be mailed to firemen, Y sponsored event?
Just spending a "Nickle"?
Will you check out my new poetry website?