any poems for new daddy to be??
I offer up my poem to your opinion and critique?
My Princess....................... c/c?
Something tho rhyme with 'tot'?
Is this any good?
Who wants a poem written just for themselves?
Lincoln poem, edited repost, comments?
do u like my newest poem?
I need to know if anyone knows some web sites where I can find holcaust poetry. Or if you know the poet's name
Rate my poem please.?
Acrostic poem to the word latham ?
Poetic Devices in this line? >> Personification? Or something else?
I need help decoding this sonnet that was sent to me?
i need help with interpret this poem?
Another Valentines day poem. How is this one.?
Anyone awake enough to c/c on this "Ramblin Rose Is How It Goes" poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What does this poem mean?
What is the structure of the poem A time to talk by Robert Frost?
Does This Flow Well......?
what poem should I pick ?
"i wandered lonely as a cloud"?
I love poetry. What poets would you recommend?
Help me with this poem!!????
Help me make a Haiku poem?
A poem for Caz, and for nostalgic waxing, C/C?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
the latest poem please comment?
What does it take to ignite your creativity?
wat do u think about mah poem???
Poetry...I never knew?
How well can you write a poem?
ok i need opinions about this poem (it was for my Gf) but b fore she reads it i hope its atleast ok?
any poems about animals?
Emo "I am" poem? any good?
How do I symbolize this poem?
Would you comment on this revised and hopefully better verse for my granddaughter?
Can some one help me with the meaning of this poem?
is the poem half caste rugular or irregular?
Here i am.?
10 Points + 5 Stars What does this poem/lyric mean? What is the meaning or feelings of this music?
Will you remark on my first attempt at Haiku?
Would this poem be an accepted apology?
Why do you think Tennyson wrote ULYSSES as a dramatic monologue??
what do u think of my peom ?? please leave comments x?
What is this poem? need help please?
what do you think about this poem I have made?
HELP! Shakespeare sonnets that relate to these themes?!?
Will you comment on Once upon a maybe, please?
Poems for under 7's HELP?
this isn't so much a love poem, more a love letter. thoughts?
What's your honest opinion of this poem?
A Southern Love Poem?
i need a explication of what denise levertov's poem divorcing,or a summary. anything to help me understand it
What is the longest you've ever spent writing a poem?
Can we rhyme one more time like we are running out of mind?
Poetry by Henry Lawson, BEST ANWSER 10 POINTS!!?
What do u think of the poem Dream by Langston Hughes?
Can you see what this poem I wrote is about?
Please comment on this Koala poem?
Ginsberg struggles to create a uniquely American poetry. What does it mean to be an American to Ginsberg?
Poets, would you try a writing challenge?
What's your biggest dream?
Can someone translate this hindi love poem to english and explain it please?
What type of poem is A Dream by William Blake?
Can you tell me that my poem makes sense in a good way?
A poem about a place called home, comments welcomed?
plz, i want a very very very funny hindi poem (hasya kavita) for a comptition ...!!!!!?
Would you care to comment on another day in the life of a nurse?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think bout this poem i wrote?
What is your favorite Shakespearean play?
i need a french alliteration poem?
I was just threatened with my life. this is for cami. How is this one.?
Is falling sometimes a good thing?
what do you think of the poem i wrote?
what could be a cute little poem that goes with this picture?
What are some poems about hell, preferably by major poets like Blake, Whitman, Dickinson, etc...?
HELPP PLEASSE ); Are there any devices(imagery, metaphor, symbolism, etc...)in this poem?
Poets: Are you proud of all you've accomplished in 2010?
It's a poem...What do you think?
A love poem, I'm talkin' real love, critiques?
Meaning meaning?
The Sonnet?
Please Read My Poem!!!! (let me kno wat u think honestly)?
Does this poem make any sense? I am extremely confused.?
I need help writing a sonnet now PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Nick jonas poem pleazzzzz?
Do you like my new poem?
Your thoughts on my poem, pretty please?
Will you c/c on a script of the Greek poet - could you call it a pro-em? Hmmm.... Will you tell me the truth?
There has been an overwhelming output of the pieces to the puzzle of the people that we are. Do you agree?
What do you think of this poem?
Poetic devices in "The World Is Too Much with Us?"?
Let's Remember...Will you read and be nice, please?
what's a list poem? how do i make one?
Please, PLEASE, hear my poem, marvel in it's sheer genius, and depth.?
When was the poem "Lovepet" by Ted Hughes published?
Personification and Imagery in this poem?
C/c a poem about fall please?
Your favorite line or 2 lines from a poem you love?
What are the judges of poetry contests looking for?
This is for everyone, Thanks to all my fans. You guys rule. Comments?
What is generally regarded as the best text on writing lyrics?
Poem on society what do you think?
Another poem to be published in community collection. Please comment on mine, thanks!?
Just a notion, will you comment please?
Will you join me as we go Ice Fishing off the Coast of Alaska?
Need help on a Thanksgiving gone but never forgotten. Lend your helpful hints even if they may hurt Please!?
i need to make a concrete poem?
Do you think "The Box" is a good title for this poem, comments?
What think you of "A Mah-ve-lous Cat"?
what is the tone and mood in the lady of shalott?
Will you C/C on a new script of the Greek poet?
what kind or irony is used in this poem.?
Can anyone help me with an acrostic poem?
I need help finding a unique title for my tanka poem.?
Trying to remember this poem by a Japanese woman involving a tree, maybe Cherry Tree?
A little poem - please just c/c..?
Any comments?
Help me write this poem please?
Inspired, not stolen, will you comment please?
What c/c for this "Anatomy Of A Hurricane" poem?
Does anyone know any good Poetry websites???
Short love poem. Opinions?
what are two poems that have the same theme but different authors?
What do you think of my poem?
Translate poem to Spanish? :)?
heey everyone, im really struggling thinking of a good haiku poem can anyone help me out?
help me write a poem about nighttime?
How can i develop this nature poem even more?
Do you write about someone you miss, even if they passed?
Do some people's avatars really scare you? I just saw one of someone's face and it was a really dark photo?
Hmm... I really don't know why I wrote this poem?
my poem, what do you think of it?
"How Your Heart Speaks" credited to Cassie for inspiring me, c/c?
Is there anyone who is willing to publish this poem?
What does the silver mean, in this poem?
2 examples of post-colonialism in rudyard kiplings poem "The White Mans Burden"?
another poem?
Poetry Terms and Definitions?
Does anywhere know where I can read the Charles Bukowski poem "Me Against the World" online?
What do you think of this poem?
The Portrait?
Who is the speaker in this poem?
How may I improved this poem, Should I add or take any thing away.?? Thanks.?
What is this poem about?
Any good poetry blog sites?
What poetic devices are in this poem?
Poem named "Lady in shadows".. What do you think?
Acrostic poem for trash?
What think you of this Gulf-water poem?
Would you please tell me the meaning of this poetry?
This is a new poem what does this mean to you? comments?
Please read poem I literally just made?
can anyone give me a website that translates shakespear into modern english?
help with poetry analysis?
Can poetry be like food...care for a piece of Seuss-shi?
Can poems be unanswered questions?
POETRY help please?? thanks?
what was the poem mr rooney said in ferris beulers day off?
How are the Eastern and Western styles of poetry different?
Getting Older, a rumination, c/c?
What do you think of my poem? WWW + EBA?
Critique my poem, would you?
what would the tone of a poem be if its talking about not having any freedom?
what do u think of this poem i wrote?
Can you rate my poem?
meaning behind the poem "To the Oak" by Shu Ting?
What Happened on the 20th june 1367?
what does "And all the daughters of the year shall dance" mean, thorough description please!?
i need your tears.?
Who would like to read just a little poem about something that happened to me yesterday?
Does anyone in this whole entire world KNOW what love is??
i need help writing a short poem on the book dr.jekyll and mister hyde?
What do you think of this poem?
I am looking for a character with one or two descriptors, and a sentence describing their outlook on life?
Anne Sexton poetry meanings?
Where do you find poetry in American life today?
Any poems online that express how i feel right now?
poem.. i need critics please!?
Can you read and rate my poem?
Will you read and C/C my poem?
What do you think of my poem? This is my fourth one on here?
Haiku by Kobayashi Issa?
Since the 1970's, American poetry has...?
Narritive poem writers?
i need help with a parody poem! can anyone help me?
What do you think of my poem?
What is a good title for my poem?
Who know how to Rhyme?
What is the difference between a metaphor and a personification?
How do you like my short poem?
Can you please give me ideas on how to go about this?
Help with Denotation and connotation of a poem?
Can you write a poem about clowns?
What is the first stanza of Poe’s poem Annabel Lee?
What does the meter do to "The World Is Too Much With Us?"?
What do you think about my poem...?
terrorist poem---- please help?
What do you think of my poetry?
Would this be a critical point where you remembered your Father?
What poetic Devices are in the Poem- Peace by Rupert Brooke?
Did you hear that? Or did I hear it and tell you about it? Or? Comment on this poem?
Where can I find a Spenserian sonnet NOT written by Edmund Spenser?
Have you time for a few lines? Comments? Suggestions even?
Please read the POEM and tell me what you think?
Will you C/C on a translation {Modesty} that I have promised to submit, if you may?
Prompts to write poems?
Please take a look at my poem, and crticize it?
This is a sneaky poem, I shouldn't be telling this, ssshhh.?
Give your personal interpretation on this please?
Can anyone who has ever read my poetry define my style?
Lunch? Ya wanna have lunch?
OK, calling all poets again........?
A poem inspired by Ma ?
When I die I want to be burried in a river, what river is the river in the poem to the river?
Will you comment on untitled please?
Something's missing in there... maybe you know what?
Is my poem perfect now?
need to write a 25 line peom about baking..help please?
Is it OK if I'm just a brat today?
Pt one of Wraith and Wizard, will you give your critical advice? You don't have to hold back?
help with these lyrics...?
Feedback on my poem!? (Opiate Molly)?
Comments wanted for this poem (is it funny-or not-or would you call it risque?)?
Please Read rough draft Tell me what u think?
Care to comment?
"Godfather Death" by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm?
please rate my poem with honest opinions..?
What do you think of these poems?
Please critique my short poem?
What could be good start for a paper about phonology?
Can you write a bio poem with this words?
What is main aim of any poem?
what is the most amazing poem you have ever read?
If you have children or are a child ... (we are all one or the other or both)?
Will someone read my first Acrostic?
Poem Comments, Anyone?
>>>> Faith and Trust?
What is your interpretation of As Imperceptibly As Grief by Emily Dickinson?
Does anyone know a good holocaust poem?
What are some poetry devices in "spiders" and "Harmony"?
For a man who is a son and anyone else who knows what it is to live this, c/c?
Why do you write poetry?
In the poem's final stanza, the speaker in "The Rainy Day" says:?
Where can i find good backround music for a birthday poem?
Is my iPhone trying to tell me something?
opening to a short story, what do u think ?
Do you like ..."My love, my love" ... a poem by me?
All I can do is whisper and hope for the reflection you made,the same before...?
what is a good poem that goes with the theme bringing the world together??, or helping the world. thanks :)?
Please critique my poem?
Do you think the song "kiss me" by sixpence none the richer is fit to be considered poetry?
What do you think of my poem/lyrics ?
help me with my poem?
my 3rd poem needs a title and is it any good?
poem for your perusal - relapse?
Where to find a love poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Is my haircut poem entertaining?
what kind of poem is "Today is veru boring" by jack prelutsky?
Please recommend good poems for me.
Is This A Good Poem Please Answer!?
Please review my poem- it is for my school's literary mag!?
MARiAH!™ this is dedicated to you for calling guys who write poetry ar gay!?
What do you think of this short lovely poem?
Has anyone read jabberwocky?! What does it all mean?! PLEASE HELP!?
The Poem "She"?
Is this a poem or what kind of writing?
Whats a poem with a good example of imagery?
what is this poem about?
science poems?
Opinions on my new poem?
Poem I wrote, what do you think?
what do you think of this poem?
To give to person or not and please help?
What do you think of my (new) poem?
How well can you see in the dark (comments)?
So who is happy that we drove off another? C/C?
think about a time when you were astonished. write a rhyming peom about what surpried you. plz help people.?
What do you think of my poem?
i seem to have lost my ability to write poetry?
Do you think i have a writing talent?
Can someone please help me out with a poem?
Can I get some constructive criticism for my poem, please?
Your opinion plz?
Poem #2 Please Comment.?
Where can i share my poems and gets opinions?
help with understanding parts of a poem..?
A poem for mamma?
Hello , could you please give input / advice / feedback on my poem ?
Are you proud of the stories of your father?
what do you think of my poem?
Are you or have you ever been Flattery Operated?
Quick! Write a poem! Best poem gets s!!?
Do you like the Poem the Raven? and why or why not?
Unfinished prose/poem, need ideas and opinions please!?
You up for a little cheerin'... Or do you need cheerin' up?
Will you comment on this diatribe please?
Will you C/C on a revised script of the Greek poet?
What are three connotations and the theme for the poem "On Turning Ten"?
Can someone give me an example of an ballads poem?
i need a diamante poem with alliteration?
What is the poem Bonny Barbara Allan about?
Help with poetry?
What should I write a poem about?
Finals Question!!?
What do you this of this poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Will you please criticise my poem: The Clown's Joy?
Does the poem "The Listeners" by walter de la mare have any connection with the arrival of Jesus Christ?
How is my Poem?
I am sorry to be tiresome, but another question about iamic pentameter?
Can anyone explain to me who the Theban flamens are? Doing a paper on Melville's poem, "In The Desert".
What Do you All Think of My Poem?
Critique my poem...............?
poem by ee comings need ideas?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
Would this poem win a scholastic award?
Anything to improve my poem?
how do i improve this poem?
do you lke my poem?
critque my poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>?????????????
to what book does carlos bousoño's poem España en el sueño belong to?
like to read this ?
Do you like my Haiku?
How is this poem I wrote?
Do you ever get the urge to write or paint or compose poetry?
halo poem question?
what do you think of my poem?
Which is the most sold poetry book ever , most sold poetry book contemporary and most sold in english ?
rate this poem 1-10, and comment?
need help in a poem?
What do you think of my poem?...TITLE: ''Raising Depth''?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What is the poem, Televised by Maya Angelou about?
Literary Criticism Help!?
Poem, Criticize it please, anything you can say with help.?
a piece of alliteration, could you read and remedy or critique?
narrative poem ideas and suggestions?
What do u think of this poemm?
Some feedback on this poem?
what do you think of this poem? c/c please?
I'm so sorry! i have a lot to say please click this?
Let Me Know What You Think Of This Poem.?
Can some one write me a poem about Cheech and Chong ?
A Poem i wrote tonight do you like it?
Poem: Free verse - what do you think? Is it complete?
Poem about the "dumbest thing"?
Poem help :)?
help with writing a poem about a butterfly?
Do you have any suggestions for this poem, inspired by Dondi?
Don't read this by candlelight. ;) cc?
What do you think of my poem?
im trying a different approach to poems wonder if i could get some feed back?
Please read my poem and give feedback!?
OK This is it for tonight. How is this one.?
Can you write a poem about paranoia?
what you think of my poem?
What is a peom about the arts and humanities?
I just wrote a new poem, my I have some feedback?
How is love being made fun of or who is being made fun of in Ben Jonsons Song: To Celia?
i need deep love quotes...?
All the villages along the Sottish Moors c/c?
Can "we are the Dead" be considered a Metonymy in the poem Flanders fields?
I Need a poems for two people being in a love relationship and them dieing together please?
After reviewing my life's work, I've found some basic flaws. Do you agree?
MayI have your thoughts on my madrigal of the buried life?
Help me finish this poem ?
What could i compare my kids to? as in how they're growing up fast. poetry.?
Do you like my poem?
Is Imagination most beautiful when reality is unwilling to yield?
Would you be open to reading this?
Does anyone know the meaning of the poem "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe?
A poem I wrote earlier this year it is rather long but any thoughts on it are welcome?
Which poetry books should I discuss with Santa while at the Mall this afternoon, as potential gifts, I mean?
opinion on this one?
What are some good short poems about regret???
A Puppy Poem, do you "get" the title?
Is it plagiarism to rewrite a poem from a different point of view?
i want a poem on anything related to school?
what is the best shakespearean sonnet to memorize?
I need a poem about a Corvette that could be used on Valentine's Day.?
A late night poem. How do you like it.?
is this a good poem? yes or no and why?
please tell me what u think of my poem/rap?
In terms of poetry, which of the following would you choose and why...?
Valentines day poem help?
I dwell in possibility Emily Dickinson?
Poem ,rate and say what you think?
What do you think of my poem? And also what would be a good title?
Slogan for Lithium ad?
What's the mood of this Poem?
How do you appreciate my poem posted herewith:?
I need a poem that is 30 seconds long to do for class that is not shell silverstein? Ideas? THX.?
Please read poem I just made?
One more groaner for Remembrance and Regret Friday...Do you like it?
can you understand what im talking about in this poem? What should i name it?
A new approach for me. Care to comment on the effort ?
Thoughts on my observation of character POEM? :)?
What are some good come backs?
Does poetry (being a poet) affect your way of life?
What is a Neutrical Tale?
Poll: Coke, or, Pepsi?
Do you like me poem now?
Can someone write me an acrostic poem for the word HOLOCAUST? It needs to be a sentance not just words.?
Criticism for my poem?
can you help me with my poem?
A History Lesson, would you comment or critique please?
An Unfinished Random Assortment of Words – What Do You Say To a Poem In Progress?
If someone asked you...What is wrong with you man....?
help with the poem HELP! by shel silverstein?
I wrote a poem about Willy Wonka. Will you critique it, please?
with minor changes an old poem I wrote, what do you think?
can someone give me a good poem for martin luther king?
poetic thoughts........comments?
please read poem i just made and tell me what u think?
Is World Poetry Movement a scam?
Where do you plant the seeds of truth?
can somebody come up with a lifespan similie poem?
Quick and pointed, will you C/C?
who likes this poem.. im not saying i wrote it!!?
Do you enjoy early Sunday mornings?
This is called Nice Like Lice?
How did William Ernest Henley die?
How many poems did Ezra Pound write?
Whaere can i find the summary of unharvested a poem of robert frost?
semi-poem your thoughts please =)?
I find some anniversaries particularly tough; would you agree, C/C?
Would this be a metaphor?
My AP English Exam is tomorrow.. Can some explain to me POEM STUCTURE?
Where's all my Y!Biznitches at?
Is poetry the most difficult art and what is your favourite poem?
Give the substance of the poem 'Futility'.?
what is your favourite quote or poem written from a mother to her daughter?
What are your first thoughts when you hear the word 'poetry' or 'poet'?
Opinion about my poem?
"I Am" poem ? where do the comas need to be placed?
Plzzzzz ? what do u think ? :)?
Is the syllable count in my haiku right?
The Forth sonnet help give me an answer?
what does this poem mean....?
Will you C/C on a particular script {Roost} of the Greek poet?
What have I ever done to Miss Fat and Mr Fatter?
short poem, need opinions?
Do you like this poem?
Who the hell is Buk? Is it me?
Who is your favourite poet?
What do you think of my poem?
Hoe to create a perfect poem with a perfect background on the computer?
Year12 Farewell Poem!! Please help!! I'm desperate?
Need comments on my poem...?
Life is like ??
My latest poem to be published, again. Please comment....thanks!?
Is This An Alright Poem?
Light hearted good morning poem, comments?
Help writing a poem please?
what is the theme of The road not taken by Robert frost?
How many syllabes is this word -> 'Fire'?
Poem made by wallah all lies?
where can i sell my poetry?
How do I know this is me asking a question?
Please read and C.C this Poem in honor of the recent passing of Andy Griffith. Will you Nip It in the Bud?
I need help with this poem!!!?
what do you think of this poem please?
Can you help me with my poem?
Can you please help me turn my poem into a song?
poem for someone who needs comforting?
How is this poem against hate crime?
Do you like this poem?
interpretation of emily dickinson's potraits are to faces?
okay, anyone good with birthday rhymes?
i'm writing an "i am like" poem, and i cant think of anything to put. please help.?
hi...my name is....Phil Indablank?
Evidence to support that idea that in killing Caesar, Brutus did NOT commit treason?
Maybe if they all would have said "Just one more day, and I'll see what happens...." Maybe not...?
Is this poem easy to memorize?
What is your all time favortie poem??
Poem!!! tell me what you think?
I need a poem to write to my soul mate, best friend who passed away and its his birthday today can u help? ?
Do people in your country use the word "Bromance" for the love between two men who aren't gay?
What think you of a pome about 'bait'?
Comment on a poetic trip through a forest?
need help understanding poem meaning?
"Triolets" do you like this form? Care to C/C?
I'm feeling blue so i wrote this unrhyming and unstructured thingy. Is it too crappy? (i actually think so...)
whats your favorite poem by Rumi?
Have you voted for your favourite poem yet?
I wrote these today. Please tell me your thoughts. Are they good? Do you think they should be on Mars?
Do you have any favorite poem?
Rate my RAP verse 1-10 (wrote it 5 minutes ago)?
A Morning Fuku?
What are some heart filled poems to write to your boyfriend?
Can you please read my poem (1-10)?
A poem about my father?
Please can you help me with anthology? the poem 'half-caste'?
I wrote this poem and would really appreciate your opinions.?
* ..., dear "Future"!?
is this too creepy to be a poem? Is it any good? C/C plz!?
All this talk of mental brings to mind an acrostic? C/C?
Can someone please give me a poem for my daughter that is 4 yrs old today?
Does this say anything to you?
how do you write a rhmyning poem a persons life?
Can someone help me write a playbill bio?
I wrote this poem, Im 14 and i know im going to be the subject of public ridicule but please give your comment
how is this one??
Poem: Daddy's Little Girl (please comment, let me know what you think)?
A zombie apocalypse poem, c/c?
How to improve my poem--- what to add?
How might I end this first part of a "Creations" poem?
poem "I'm wife" by Emily Dickinson?
how i become a bussiness man?
i need a poetry analysis of the song "ready to fly" by richard marx?
Tithe quotes by Holly Black.?
Advice with poem for English about superheroes asap?
True love cannot exist without chemistry?
Opinions on a poem please?
What is a circle poem?
A " Love "poem. You like?
Does anybody know about a poem "Premature Spring" by Sir John Squire?
How do I find out rhyme scheme?
Can someone help me make a poem?
What do you smell in the rain? A poem?
Where else do you post your poetry?
Theme about a piece of Poetry?
Please rate my poem? 10 Points!!?
on the poem "The agonie" by george herbert...?
is this a good poem or no?
Hi guys, how is this poem?
PLEASE rate, and leave opinion/ suggestions. short poem?
Is Freedom of the Press to blame?
Can a Psalm be part of a poem? Does this work? c/c?
A serious poem this time?
can someone summarize these sonnets by shakespeare?
Another Poem: What do you think?
Do you like my poem? ?
A poem that made you think?
What whos there?
Is this a poem " One for fun"?
dream analysis HELP ?
Can I make a pun with last and lust?
Please, please, please, someone tell me if this is iambic pentameter! And please, explain it to me in scansion
first line to a verry morbid poem. critique?
To any illiterate ιδιώτη who attempted to write negatively about me, c/c ιδιώτες?
what do you think about this piece?
My first "rhyming" poem?
How many of your poems do you think are worth saving?
Serious Q for the poets: Should we sacrifice our voice to feed the reader?
Let me know what you think and some improvements please. Really need help...?
Can ponies really be the answer?
Would you please c/c my Villanelle?
What do you think about my poem?
Is beauty in the face or the heart? Comments please (especially line breaks, as usual). Thanks.?
Have you ever written one of those Mars pome thingies?
Help with lyric poetry?
How many hits can you take?
Any comments on this serious poem?
Would you interpret the part of a poem for me?
ANOTHER new poem, I write alot, Comments?=]?
A subtle change to a previous poem 'Fury'. Does it seem right now?
is my poem any good?give some critique.?
Did I write this poem good or bad?
Would anybody care to give their input on this poem?
Please check and see if my poetry is good. (: 10 PTS FOR WINNER :)?
honest criticism of my poem please, got another one?
RoLlEr CoAsTeR pOeM hElP!!!!?
words that rhyme with fell?
Poetry section, where is everyone--no poems or questions in over 30 minutes?!?
Care to Comment?
why wont anyone answer me ;(?
Is this poem Good or Not?
What do you think of this - Clocks in the Nails?
Here is my second of the day. Comments please. This is a rewrite.?
can I write a poem? will you read it and tell me if it was worth wasting my time and C/C?
What is the 'true' meaning of "Spirit"?
Will you write a poem about your latest paranormal or just strange event?
how do you like my poem?
Long , hot summer nights.. apoetrymoment?
okay here goes another one, still don't have a title for it.?
Is it really over. I need some help writing a message?
i need advise on this poem?
did you ever see a beautiful thing in the ugliest place?
Does being poetic require being spiritual?
Would anyone like to read my poem?
Please can you tell me who wrote this poem and/or the name of it?
Poetry help ( personification, figurative language)?
Can you provide me with a poem that alludes to King Midas?
Ever kiss bruised lips ?
In Sonnet 29, the speaker changes from what?
I need help rhyming this line for my sonnet?
What is the Meaning and Style of Robert Frost poem: Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening?
Can you develop a poem for me with the following information?
Anybody know good sites that analyze poems?
An Acrostic Poem about McCain from a Democrat?
Looking for poems about family from famous poets.?
Is this poem any good? Comments Please?
Do/Did you know a place like this, comment welcomed?
Jose Marti Versos Sencillos Analysis?
quick poem?
I had to write a Dickinson style poem and im not the sure if the one i wrote is a Dickinson style poem.?
this is a poem i wrote about a loved one i lost can i please have your comments on it thanks?
Is this too short and sweet?
how is prose and poetry alike?
Thoughts on this quote?
A bible story with which you may or may not be familiar. C/C, please?
Why do you write poetry?
can you write me a good poem?
What should I write a poem about?
I feel very simple today. Do you find comfort in ease?
Does Anybody Else Really Like Wallace Stevens?
Truth or Consequences - An old write never posted. Would you c/c please? TY?
What are some differences and similarities between narrative poems and epics?
Would you say this is a good poem please tell me your opinion?
Do you like my poem, 'Good Night'?
Can anyone help with this poem I wrote for my crush?
who wrote the poem about king Bruce of Scotland?
Selling Poetry!?
Shakespeare: When my love swears that she is made of truth????
is this a good sonnet?
Will you join me as we go Ice Fishing off the Coast of Alaska?
i wrote a poem?
Does this poem remind you of someone we all have in our lives?
Someone help me write a love poem?
why is a sonnet significant?
Can someone please explain these Haiku poems to me?
What's this poem called?
What do you think of my writing?
URGENT HELP for my child. Needs help analyzing poem - When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats?
is this poem good, bad, or... anything please tell me?
Could you write a poem using one of these titles?
Do You have a poem regarding Ladybugs?
what effect does the terza rima rhyme scheme produce?
A very difficult poem???
please read this part of my song. tell me what u think?
A Peep's Lament - is it any good?
Would y'all mind if I reached back a "coupla weeks"?!?
what do you think of these lyrics?
Do you root around in your metaphors waiting for change? C/C?
Could you write a poem using one of these titles?
Emily Dickinson Poetry help?!?
14. A central theme of "She Walks in Beauty" is the woman's?
"My Angel" would you the disguise of an heavenly being? Care to C/C?
Five Poems to Memorize?
Ummm, who's shoulder are you looking over?
Tell me what you think of my poem...?
Can I get the lyrics to Mighty Mike Mcgee's poem, Microphones?
That Stupid Love Song!!!!?
Hi what do you think of this poem?
Does anyone have any good poems about growing up/ maturing and just taking life head on?
Do u like this poem I wrote?
Whats the technique called when you read about someones life moemnts before they die?
Have you ever tried to pay your dinner check with a poem?
Poem number 2 since no one looked at #1. Comments please.?
Since my first poem was savaged badly, not one to give in easily, I have no choice but to written another.?
Do the pictures in poetry come before or after the words?
Do u ppl noe a poem of homeless ppl??
If anyone loves Sylvia Plath as much as I do...?
Can someone tell me10 line poem about football?
Have you ever met a girl named Sydney?
who is your favorite Poet?
read my poem please and yeah tell the truth even if it sucks?
What do u call a section of a poem.... instead of using the word paragraph?
Feedback on my poem please?
What are some nicknames that kind of rhyme?
Has anybody read Yehuda Amichai's poem Jersualem?
Do you like This Poem that I wrote?
A song for a sweet Siren...Is it fitting?
What does shakespear Sonnet 89 mean?
For Ma, everyone's visible Angel, C/C?
can you tell people apart by their writing.?
Ideas for a hallloween poem? Plz Help!!?
Comment on this short one?
Has it been a good morning for ya'll?
Poetry: Can I have some feedback on this please?
What will you remember this Veteran's Day?
Poetry help?
Give me the honest truth, is this a good poem?
Do you like my poem?
What ya think of my poem?
Honest opinion on one of my poems?
On a level with my eyes............c/c?
Which idea should I go with for my writing assignment? (I'll answer yours)?
HELP: "A Poison Tree" Analysis?
comments welcome: will you read this poem?
In "An April Day" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, what does he mean in the second stanza?
I need a cute poem to put on my friends picture who passed away a week ago.?
Would this be the use of Onomatopoeia?
Is my wife poem (II) Humerous?
Is this poem nice?
Any suggestions on this poem?
Whats an attendant lord?
What would you find in a sonnet that would relate to cultural context?
Please judge my poetry & short-stories??
can someone please help me with my poem?
She asked, so I must deliver?
is this a good poem...?
Who besides me wants to bring Bards back into popularity?
how many stanzas are in the poem though you are grown?
How should I write my thesis for poetry?
Do you like my essay?
Will you C/C on a real ode poem-script {Άτη} of the Greek poet?
What are some good poetry books?
Do men have to be in touch with their feminine side to be Master poets?
Can you write a poem about paranoia?
I Hear America Singing? Poem Structure?
Please rate my poem! (Inside) I'm 10!?
What is one of your favourite poems ?
THE joys AND sorrows OF life....................................…
Space filled up, galaxies stripped open, care to read?
A poem I have written, your thoughts?
beauty "N" de I ov the beholder?
Audience Analysis help please?!?
Please help me think of a metaphor?
I need a basic interpretation of the poem The Angel by William Blake?
Poem homework help?
Analyze the poem Mother to Son, by: Langston hughes?
poem - love at first sight?
Spanish Poetry: "Siempre que haya un hueco en su vida, llenalo de amor"...?
What is the name of a famous poet?
Do you ever get get aggravated by dinaosaurs in your backyard?
Poetry in motion.......Where did the circle start?
Poem: Does it rhyme too much?
What would you call this?
i need serious and harsh comments and critic?
Are you a flat or sharp type of person when you sing?
Are you setting a bad example when you let your poem be punk (uationless)?
Do musical notes have anything to do with mathematics?
Do you like my poem.?
This is an experiment in form. Comments and critique are welcome, thanks?
Two lines or less; why are you immortal?
please!!please!!!please!!!! tell me what you think of this poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!title--A turbonut is not a nut?
How does this poem relate to belonging ?
what does this sentence mean?
What details from the Epic of Gilgamesh give you a picture of how the Sumerians were like?
An experiment sure to be a colossal failure: Can we turn "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" into a poem.?
What do you think of this poem?
Haiku Question help plz?
An attempt at poetry, do you mind?
I got a new poem! Please comment?
Can anyone find me a poem?
Anybody wanna read a 15 year olds poem?
yeah...another poem? what do you think?
I need a title?
how does my new non rhyme poem sound to you?
More poems by breenee. tell me what u think and be honest.?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you think of this poem? constructive criticism please?
Need to write a Spenserian Sonnet, any help?
Have you been trapped?
what are the keys to writing a good poem?
Warning: I am a poem. Proceed at your own risk. C/C if you would.?
May I take a moment to rant? And do you understand?
I need judgement as well as help on my spoken word poem I wrote for class...?
Girls, if you had the power to shrink others down to 2-inches tall, how would you use your power and why?
Are miracles mistakes? C/c?
poetry figures of speech?
What's the story behind your username?
I have a GREAT IDEA!!!.......?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet XXI?
analysis/summary of "always for the first time"?
Any feedback on my poem?
Please read my poem and give feedback!?
the best poet.........?
Ok; do you like my new poem?
First Poets...Anyone knows of first poets of his country??
what are some examples of irony in this whitman poem?
THESIS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you like this short poem?
Here is a poem for Memorial Day!?
What should I name this poem I wrote? And any constructive criticism will help out too.?
Do you like theses lines of a poem?
Why is it so hard he asked,, His Work?
good poem?
Here is a 2nd poem for the day. I hope you like it.?
Critique My New Poem: Whirlwind of Love?
Feeling a little vindictive today... comments?
Do you like my WWII poem?
What's a good summary for pretty little liars flawless?
New Poem tell me what you think? Love hurts who are with me?
Look! Over there, can you hear it? . . .?
What's another word to lose?
Can you rate this poem ????? #1?
ive wrote quite a few poems,for various friends etc.want to know where or who to contact? ?
What inspired Shelley to write Ozymandias?
Will you read my poem about a marvelous invention and c/c it?
I need a poem that is FAMOUS, FUNNY, and LONG! :) Please help!!!!!?
Assonance and alliteration in Sonnet 130?
Poem called Hazel, you like?
What are three poems that relate to each other?
Judge this poem ...judge it with truth?
Today in my English class............?
And Bukowski says "what??"?
a poem, be honest if you like it or hate it?
What do you guys think of my poem?
example of a made up sonnet with rhyming scheme ababcdcdefefgg?
is my poem good i posted this on my other acount like a year ago bee nice to me lol?
What is he talking about?
A depressing poem?
Has 'saki' been able to juxtapose 'pathos and humour' in 'Dusk'?
Do you think that I should publish this?
can anyone post "to the lady" by mitsuye yamada please....?
Can you interpret this poem?
When Hope Takes Its Leave, a poem for your critique and/or comments?
Do you ever write a poem that means nothing to anyone else, but everything to you?
Please give me comments about this.?
Would you comment on a star gazing poem?
english sonnet examples?
Poetry off the top of my head again?
What do you think the meaning of this lyrics? Thanks?
How Do I Write A Chorus?
I am writting lots of poetry but dont know what to do with it?
Why is the poem "Trees" so popular with Americans?
Please read and rate my poem.?
How to make money as a writer?
First airing of the HealthyNuts with Dr Lovechild Show, will you c/c?
Does anyone know any good poems by Emily Dickinson?
What do you think? You may criticize.?
The lone paths. A better work of mine I suppose.?
Nationalistic Italian poem?
poerty help please!!!!!?
writing a poem and need help with rhyming....can u help?
What is a good, explanatory poetry anthology for literature beginners?
Should I continue writing poetry?
i have this problem with being high maintenance so i wrote a poem about it
What do you think of the poem; Song for Australia by Caroline J Carleton?
Questions on Anne Bradstreet's poem ?
Which poem should I do for Poetry out Loud?
what is the poem lucinda matlock about???
Reasonable Return Postage For a Poem; Please Read?
 Will you care to read and c/c the poem of the Greek poet, maybe?
Can anyone find this poem for me?
May I dedicate another sonnet to Gio? c/c?
Does any body like this poem i made?
Literature: "La belle dame sans merci"?
Advice with poem for English about superheroes asap?
is this poem good?^_^?
When an account is suspended does everything disappear now?
Will someone write me a poem about mirrors?
Can somebody please read my rough draft to my poem? Constructive criticism is welcome.?
I need a published poem.?
I wrote a poem.. any thoughts on how to improve it?
Opinion on this poem?
Do you like this poem?
My Poem "Good Morning God", What are your thoughts?
PLEASE tell me hat you think of my new poem?
Four days without the internet. What would you do?
can anyone help me finish this i started it 9 years ago?
do u know any songs that have poetic terms?
So.. I wrote this poem. I think you should read it (:?
Putting the golden ratio into poetry?
writing a poem?
Is this a good poem??????
What Do You Think Of My Poem ?
Need major help with an introduction of...?
Is 'Tribute" a good title for this?
I'm writing a poem for my boyfriend for our anniversary about us having good memories,any good titles? ?
Does this qualify as a "Good Morning" poem?
I'm trying to write a poem that taps into male emotions; any advice?
A crude attempt at something resembling "poetry"?
What do you think of this poem?
The intended audience for the poem "A dream with a dream" by Edgar Allan Poe?
Does anybody know who wrote this poem?
Please read my two poems and leave feedback!?
Poetry question! please help!?
can someone help me find a deep prison poem?
Do you want to read my poetry?
Help with analyzing the structure of the poem, "The White Man's Burden?"?
Do you ever write poetry to inspire the next generation? c/c?
my werewolf poem it this good? it doesnt ryme my first one like this?
It ha been too long... Won't you come and see my poetry?
Do you like my new poem?
What do you think of this Trip In The Universes morning poem?
Does anyone know of a poem...?
French poem about Canada?
whats a good love poem that cant be found on google?
Any poems that are two sided?
A new 'modern' poem . Comments?
A poem about ...stuff... your comments?
What think you of a 'Bourbon Street' poem?
Do you like my new poem?
please read these poems?
Does anyone have quotes OR sayings OR poems about BETTERING YOURSELF?
An Ode to Youth, comments?
Hows this poem!?
Can you write a poem about what is in the sky and in the ground around you?
kinds of riddle poem?
what do You think of my poem? entitled robin hood.?
Can someone help me write a rhyming poem?
Another shot at amateur poetry your comment please?
should peotry be outlawed?
Could anybody write me a few lines on...?
I need to find a good elegy poem. I need one that actually makes sense.?
How's this poem =/?
What do you think of my poem?
What rhymes with wings?
Do you want to read a funny poem?
rate this PLEASE!!!!!!! 2?
back in town and looking....who are the hot poets on here now?
What effect does the rhyme scheme have on a poem?
A birthday poem for you to critque?
How is this poem? 0-9?
What do you think of this Enjambment Has Its Pome-etry Uses morning pome?
Does a poem about overcoming obstacles also count as a determination poem?
Thoughts on this poem?
Have you ever been misinterpreted?
Does anybody know a good and safe place i could....?
what's another name for Oakland? or for "urban city"?
Have you ever felt like this? A poem?
Have we yet conquered this Stupor of Life?
Do the blues make you feel good sometimes?
A diamante poem about summer to winter.?
Simplicity to greet the morning.comments?
What do you think of It Ain't All That Wonderful In Neverland!! morning pome?
what message dos this poem says>> "You are who you are for a reason" by Russell Kelfer?
A "Sorry You've Been Dumped" Poem - What's Your Comment about it, or anything else going on in the world?
What think you? Comments please...work in progress.?
could someone please help me with a rita dove poem analysis?
Is it important to have role models?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
Website for a free poem..?
Do you think my poems are any good?
whats anothr way to say this?
Is this a good Limerick poem?
What is the first line of Edna St. Vincent Millay's 22nd sonnet?
Favorite Poem?
My Happiness comment if you like .?
An amusing tale? Did it make you smile?
What category does this belong in?
Please Help With My Poem?
whats the topic of the poem africa?
Need to interview a poet, writer, or a journalist for an English course. Please help.?
My latest effort? What do you think?
Ambiguous Church Bells, a poem please rate?
Municipal gum style poem?
Hello hows it goin, new poem plz read?
Could you give me an analysis, summary of this poem "Perseverence"?
Does anyone know two good haiku about frankenstein?
How do you write Beat Poems?
What do you think of this poem?
what is the speciality in derek walcott's poetical craftmanship?
Hi, I need to analyse this poem but I don't understand the methaphor of the last line.?
How's this poem I wrote ?
Is Giorgio's poetry in English, or broken English? Answer! The meter is running...?
is this poem good? i just wrote it?
An attempt to link a poem with art, please give any comments on this, thanks.?
Another depressing dark poem. how do you like it.?
Musée des Beaux Arts exposition?
are your posts posting?
Can someone help me write a quatrain and ballad poem?
Poemm !!!!?????!!!!!?
No matter the circumstance, will you remember this?
How can I write a happy poem?
agree or disagree modernist poetry really has no specific structure or form essay?
I worte this poem for my brother is it good?
Are you seasonally affected, or...disorderly poetry Falls freely?
Who Whwi =sjjjj sjsjs Siohwl ZSDei''''' ESJWo?
My Job: Care to Comment?
Help me out with my poem please? Comment?
Opinion please.................?
A poem that was pulled out of me by a couple of contacts?
I was too lazy to change this after leaving cap lock on, will you c/c for me?
help with english poem?
Another Friday gem...well, maybe a semiprecious stoned. Do you like it?
Please make commentary on the themes the poem deals with particularly, particularly, particularly, 10 points?
Reflections Of An Angry Ghost..........c\c?
What do the white flannel trousers in the 18th stanza of "the love song of J Alfred Prufrock" represent?
Any comments on poem please?
Im writing poems abt death and idk y some one plz tell me?
a new poem; could you offer a title please?
Would you read my poem and tell me what you think, C/C please?
Having trouble understanding the poem from langston hughes called- Twilight Reverie-?
I can't figure out a title for this poem and is it any good?
Do you like my poem??? c/c? thanks!?
Which is correct? Answers. or .answers?
novel thoughts (questions)?
Please give an example of hyperbole in a famouse poem.?
I am tired of censorship Here is a poem I wrote Could you kndly comment.?
Comment on my poem please, The Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford England was cancelled without notice
what do you think of this poem?
Newest poem, what do you think?
what would be a good poem for English?
Does poetry attack you in the night?
what does this poem mean?
Can you use any adjective to describe the tone of a poem or are there rules for what words to use?
What does this poem mean to you?
Have you ever been almost lost?
kidnap poem by Nikki Giovanni?
How do you keep your creativity from running dry?
Whats ur fav line of poetry?
Need a perfect poem. Any ideas?