10 points for who ever can guess what i am talking about?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you know who I am?
ten points to whomever gives a best title:)?
Does anyone know any poetry regarding science vs. religion?
Not really a poem but tell me what you think?
Is my poems good people please tell me!?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Found a poem I wrote when I was 14. C/C?
How good is this poem? 1-10 What do you think?
it ends tonight figurative language?
How many times do I have to post this before someone recognizes my greatness?
who wrote the poem "we did not lose.."?
Thoughts on an edited poem?
what are the chants you do on peoples backs?
Experimental Poetry form or conventions resisitated?
phenomenal women by Maya Angelou?
A second poem for monday. Do you like this one.?
How is this poem and do you like it?
What Do You Think Of This Poem?
Can you correct Capitalization of my Poem?
Funny poems for high school?
Please rate my poem for english 2?
Can you help me annotate this poem?
Is this a poem? opinion please?
This is a poem I wrote called Happy?
A ! ... " I can think clearly now the Sol is gone" thing. Avete Un Commento ?
Please help with two questions on the poem Migrants? The poem is included with questions!?
What do you think of this??
Why doesn't a poet use repetition?
Who can translate a poem written in Marzipan?
Will you comment on a look back?
Rate my poem? thanks?
Have you time for a short poetic thought?
Can anyone provide me with the original Polish...?
can u help me finish a poem?? (for mothers day)?
I've been asked to write a poem for a wedding and I'm stumped?
What is your personal opinion on my poem?
please read poem i just made?
Blank Verse Poem......?
Should I give this poem to my bf?
How do you write a funny poem that is good, but not stupid?
Will someone please edit my sonnet?
Can you Identify the Poet of this poem,to whom a famous book on poetry done by BIG B's father?Name the Book.?
A repost. Does this poem work?
would you consider a poem?
Do you like this poem?
what is subject matter of poem "identity"?
Do you sleep? A bit of a brain,Sleepless, c/c?
Help with Essay?
Does this poem inspire you?
What lines/phrases from Yeats' poetry could make a good band name?
Poems similar to Rumi's?
my poem , what do you think of it?
Summary on Thomas Hardy's "The Three Strangers"?
poem about 1920's....?
how many poems did Walt Whitman write?
Does anyone know this poem?
Poem/Quote About Love Birds?? HELP!!!!?
Will you please comment on my love poem: To Melissa?
An Acrostic Poem for my Contacts?
Is my meter running here, or...is Champipple the REAL King of beers?
i need a sonnet.....please help me!!!!!?
Stream of consciousness writing? Do you do that?
Calling all poets! When was the last time you actually bought a book of poetry?
(Gypsy) poem, will you c/c if you may?
One for Semper,one of the best.....?
I wrote this poem myself. It's a draft for english class. Is it ok? It's for 9th grade, DRAFT!!!!!?
Rate my poem por favor?
someone have any ideas for my poem?
Will you comment on Seduction please?
May I dedicate another sonnet to Gio? c/c?
someone please help me what grade would you give me on this poem?
Is this poem any good?
Will you comment on this please?
Please read my poem.....;)?
I apologize in advance for this brand-spanking new poem. Suggest improvements, please?
What poetic form has the rhythm aba cdc efe?
Comment on a repost with new title?
Would you take a minute to read my inferior song for a superior lady?
What do you think of this poem i wrote about the afterlife?
HELP!!! I need an opinion! ?
The belle of Amherst?
What makes "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" a poem?Give as many reasons as possible please.?
I need a "class of 2015" slogan, but not like all the others!?
Poetry help & Opinions?
How good do you think this poem is? (i wrote it) oh and give me some pointers on how to impove?
Bruce dawe's poem Katrina, help??!!!?
why do poems in emails now lose their verse structure.?
Does anyone like what has done with their new spell check?
What is the meaning, subject, and theme of John Ciardi's poem "A Box Comes Home"?
i know this may be long but plz read it and let me know what u think, in memory of my brother.?
important notice!!!! every poet, writer and reader please look in here i have a confession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What poetic Devices are in the Poem- Peace by Rupert Brooke?
I need opinions on my poetry Please?
any poets willing to share poems?
please help me it is really important to me about a poem?
A re-post? The first poem I posted on yap? C/c?
Choose the better poem - an experiment.?
Do you have promises to keep?
differnt types of poems i dont understand?
Once and for all can I get a clear definition of page sixing?
I need help with writing an epic?
What is the difference between a poem and definition essay?
I need help with a Sonnet. Please?
Do you have a favorite aunt? C/C?
What do you think of this poem?: Hey, Im 14 and I wrote this poem. Just use the words to create an image in
What do you think about this poem? its short(I promise)....so read?
Bad, good, and great poetry?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
Why do people love twilight?
Is this a poem? Some hesitant words? Constructive c/c?
Do you like this new poem?
Is this a good free-verse poem about noir?
At midnight it slips into October. Will you write a poem to serve as harbinger?
Here's another poem. "A True Story"?
Please explain these lines. Its from the chapter "The Gift of India" by Sarojini Naidu.?
re-read my poem if you like i made a few changes.?
"Will Someone Please Tell Me" a yes, a spontane for this mouse-trap agatha christo night, c-c?
What is the name of this poem? What is this poem?
Anyone feel like giving some honest feedback?
Where do you keep your shame?
What are the benefits of using a sonnet compared to using free rhymeto write a poem?
edited version - better or worse?
In To Coy His Mistress by Andrew Marvell what are the five characteristics which make it a metaphysical poem?
just a poem a i wrote?
Can you write a poem based on one of these images?
Critique for a poem i wrote?
Last poem. Don't want to overdo it. Written many on every subject imaginable. Need feedback. Ta.?
Help......Who can help me to intepret/ analyse/ summarise this poem? URGENT...?
A poem about me in a sense?
a new poem i'm excited about, are you?
While truth can be confusing, would you please comment on the poem itself?
famous poets ????????
What e.e. cummings poem is this photographed?
What do you think of this poem? Plz answer I NEED answers!!!!!!!!!?
What form does the poem "The Crystal Gazer" by Sara Teasdale take?
Am I good at poetry?????
Do you stop to pick up pennies?
Do you think this would work as a love poem for a departed one? C/C?
Is e.e cummings selected poems worth buying?
My latest poem to be published, again. Please comment....thanks!?
A poem for a special friend (long and not prefect I know.?
I need a poem from the 1960's depicting free love?
What do u think of this poem?
Anyone know of a good synonym or reference/allusion for the word "contact"?
10 points for who ever can guess what i am talking about?
Your Opinion Of This Poem.?
What do you think of my Roses are red poem?
I need help with writing a poem please?
Analysis of 1996 by Tagore. i need help understanding this poem.?
Looking for some insight on my poetry? Critism? Compliments?
the poem that Nick reads in class in the movie, "The Invisible"?
Poll<I> Who is your favorite poet?
Sonnet project help please!?
Your thoughts on this?
Can someone help me write a poem about illeagal drugs that would persuade teens not to use them?
Really, does it bother you when someone reads your poem and (tries) to answer with one of their own? c/c?
What do you think about my poem?
"Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers. One hundred million angels singing...?
Metaphor poem? Help!!?
What is the meaning behind "Freedom Bound" by Tagore?
What is your favorite sonnet from Shakespeare..........................?
Can you take a moment........Good Morning?
Please read poem I just made?
POEM HELP plzzzzzz. Rudyard Kipling..?
What's a good title for my poem?
What does this poem make you feel?
ok, this is a sonnet, please have a look and give opinions?
Would you like to comment on my poem pls?
Can you give me a subject/idea to write a poem about?
Do you have to have that cup of coffee in the morning?
What do you think of this song/poem?
I wrote a poem-- tell me what you think?
i want a short concluding poem on animal cell.?
May I offer a white rose to my friend Lapiz? Smile and C/C if you may?
im having trouble writing a sonnet?
Could I become a professional? Is there such a thing?!?!?!! :P xxx?
the shortest poem i've ever written...?
Change Upon Change by Elizabeth Browning was written in ....... year?
I'd really love feedback on my two latest poems!?
Do you think that this is a good poem?
Is this poem a waste of time?
Is this the most beautiful love poem ever?
Is this a good poem about my sis?
whats the deal with this poem?
Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Ok, I'm writing as i'm posting, can you help me with this poem?
i wrote a song tell me what you think?[I'm 13]?
please help me.. with a fall poem?
A Requested Acrostic: Care to Comment?
Can anyone fond these poems by Margaret Atwood?
rewrote it what do you guys think? the original is still open?
What do you think of my poem?
Please grade my poem?
What is the theme of THE NEXT WAR by Wilfred Owen?
RHH;yo regs!peep this dope rhyme?
What do you think of this mess...my first write in ages..incomplete?
Is it possible to write a poem about the Presidential campaigns?
Is this poem good?? Kinda longish!?!?
Pablo Neruda Poems Online?
new poem what do you think?
Will you please read, c/c and suggest improvements? ?
PLEASE READ. (sorry, i never get many answers!) a poem.?
Could you interpret this?
Can you relate to this poem?
Poem Tell me What you Think?
Can anyone provide me a DETAILED yet precise analysis of the poem "Tomatoes" by Stephen Dobyns? (Poem below)
Can someone give me their opinion?
Poetry assignment help??!!?
what does this poem exactly mean?
Will you read the second of two poems about the mythical phoenix?
Arguable Thesis? Yes?
good poems for a loss of a loved one?
What do you think about poetryismysaviour.com?
why is the poem Pleasure of Fancy pastoral?
Someone is making me very very happy...wanna share?
I wrote this poem, what do you think?
Is this a good poem ?
Can someone help me start my poem...?
Please give me feedback on my poem!?
Just here to have some fun kinda. Is that OK?
Poem [Tell me your opinions/ how I can improve?]?
Want help!!! Can anyone tell me the brief summary of poem "OZYMANDIAS".....!?
Can you make a limerick about Y!ap?
Who is the Speaker of Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare?
"Fourteenth Birthday" by Phyllis McGinley?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Poety Research Assignment: I have to pick a subject that can be anything that involves poetry. Anything.?
What say to the pome, "Snidely's REAL Happy This Morning!!!!?
Can you please explain these quotes in this play by Shakespeare?
What do you think of these haikus?
If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom?
Please rate and comment my poems!! xx?
Can you help me with making a poem?!?
Poetry.com is a scam right?
Do you like my poem? Titled It's not the end?
The story of Moonlight Bells. Can man fool nature? ?
What's your opinion on this poem?
how do you turn an excerpt from a sermon into a poem?
my gf`s name is Sarah.. can you help me write a poem?
Parliament of fowls by Geoffrey Chaucer?
What do you think of this poem?
I am using Literature Craft & Voice v.2 Poetry by Delbanco, can I download access card?
The point of creation (please comment?)?
i have my first poem on english. thoughts???
Few lines in form of a poem, please comment?
what is the poem "The Triumph of Infidelity" about?
I am writing a conceit poem?
Has anyone heard the spinning jenny rhyme?
How do you like my Pleiade?
This is no way finsihed but could you take a look at my poem?
Help With remembering Shakespeare's sonnet #66?
is this poem too dark?
Critique my poem? Tell me if its any good?
*Need your opinions* What do you think of this poem, is good, or okay etc?
Would this be an okay birthday poem for someone?
What kind of lines do you see? Will you C/C?
Do you know of or a resource to find poems with the theme evolution?
Please help me?
some please help with this poem section?
where do i find poems or songs involving bats?
What do you think of this poem? Please be honest..?
Meter in poems is confusing...?
Opinion on my new poem?
"Forgiveness" an impromptu.Please will you comment, perhaps correct parts, suggest positive improvements ?
Will you need a new fluorescent soul soul?
Critique my poem please?
How can I publish my poem?
How's this poem I wrote? (Mine Collapse Lover)?
Read and Comment on my poem/advice ?
Help with poem interpretation?
Is this poem any good ?
What do you think of my peom?
Poetry in other mediums?
PLEASE HELP-What are some ideas to write a personficiation poem about?
Feedback on this poem please?
Do you like my new poem?
POLL...sorta : I want a million answers to this... ?
Poetry now it is here, now it is gone, is there a logical reason why poetry is being?
Is this poem good or bad?
Eagleton and Wordsworth hw I dont know how to start this paper help?
poem..enjoy and comment?
peom:)) comments please? :))?
Poetry for my mom's birthday?
the little things--a poem of sorts?
Do u like this poem?
Help.. I need poetry criticism?
...when did you start walking away from wishes?
do you like my poem................?
is my poem okay? understandable?
Who knows what the longest poem is?10 points for the right answer!?
Youngest PLEASE READ my poem?
What do you think of this 'Ideologies And Snidely...Agree' morning pome?
Can someone suggest a new last line?
Rate my poetry please!?
Will you support our Soldiers ?
Is my poem any good? Can I please get some feedback?
Just when you relax and feel safe, there it comes - A Marauder at night? c/c?
newest poem--i thought?
feed back on my poem?
Please critique my poem. Does it have the right name?
I would appreciate it if you could give my constructive comments on this poem?
Should I apologize for depressing poem?
I need critiscism on my poem?
What do you think of this poetry/rap verses????????????????????
Read this poem please?
what do you guys think?
I cant figure out the theme of Reading Scheme by Wendy Cope.?
When is a retreat an advance?
Please rate my poem... and add to it as you please?
Where is the curse first mentioned in the poem ?
Would you consider a Monday poetry challenge?
would you consider this a poem?
Can you find meaning in this poem and provide a quick analysis please?
How to you interpret Edgar Allan Poe's Poem "Eldorado"?
What do you think? (I only wrote this like just now so its ruff)?
Please can you read my poem.?
Care to view a poem of mine inspired by Neonman?
I need help in finding a modern poem (1830-1930) that can be rewritten as a children story.?
do u know a novel name with an extract describing someone beautiful/attractive?
If I can write poetry does that mean I might be able to write a song or is it completely different?
What do you like about my poem and what would you do differently?
What do you think of Wrong?
This compost by walt whitman .. Help?
What do you think of this poem?
when you read this poem what do you visualize?
PART 2: What's your opinion of this?
Do you somehow just know poem, comments?
Please C/C 5 liner: "The 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in Nov in America on years divisible by 4"?
colors of the world?
Hi, how to paraphrase the poems. I have difficulty to do that cause I have no literature background.?
Is that a shark? Will someone critique my poem please?
Judge this poem would you please?
i need to find all of the poetic devices in the poem: Couplets on Wit?
Would you eat with a poet?
i have a message to the talaned young poem writer?
DO U LIKE THIS POEM????????????????????
Are you Sane? or Insane?
this poem just doesn't work... can you help me?
Your opinion of my poem..?
Dark poem ?
how to write a ballad?
have you received this email also?
Am I Any Good At Poetry? #5?
How does John Keats portray imagery in Ode on a Grecian Urn? please use examples and analysis?
Opinions on this poem? (That I wrote)?
a poem by me- tell me how it is?
What is the theme of the poem " When I Have Fears" by John(Johnathan) Keats?
can anyone make a diatelle poem about flowers?
love poetry : what is a poem like "somewhere i have never travelled" by ee cummings?
Poem about war: Stolen Dreams????
Why the tribesmen are "silent and subdued" in the poem we are going by oodgeroo?
i need a hopeful poem...?
Can you plz post a hindi poem on energy conservation?
What happened to talentdatabase.com?
yet again, another poem. what do you think?
can someone help me with my cinquain poem about hydrogen?
Looking for the great critique monster. Do you have one?
Can anyone make up a random lyrical poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What is the alternate name for a poet called?
care to critique my daughters poem? she is 15 yrs...... i am proud of her?
What do you do when you're bored?
Last One for now: Title is "I Know You're In There"?
What do you think of this 'Hand Across Time' poem?
A poem for those with a case of the Mondays. Will you know you're not alone?
The last rewrite i hope for this one. Tell me if I'm right. Brutal honesty pllease.?
Why is the sky so high ?
what would you do if someone took it all away?
comments &suggestions on this poem ?
Is the meaning of my poem clear? What does this poem means to you? Suggestions for improving the poem?
Do you resist using words you (for whatever reason) dislike despite --at times-- their pinpoint necessity ~ ?
I would like your opinion on my poem please?
Would you call this 'bigotry abounding' or something like that?
nybody nows a poem starting - morning bells are ringing?
how would you define the term "Poet as Witness"?
If I am not the greatest poet, who is?
i need opinons this is a poem about my dad ?its called "my breathe i will spare"?
Does anyone know where to find this poem?
Can someone please help me analyze this poem? BY Rachel Hadas The river of forgetfulness?
If you found your poems that you have posted here were being copied and used in love letters to..?
Love poem/Quote question?
Do you like my poem?
Do you guys honestly know whats going on in this poem?
What do you think of 'Medicine-Woman' poem?
Is poetry basically word sex?
need help finding a poem and its author?
HELP MEEEE!!!!??????????????????????????
Is the Theogony a latin poem?
What type of poem is william shakespeares 'A Fair Song'?
are there any american poets who wrote poems about hockey?
What's a good site for interesting poetry? like poetry submissions and/or forums and blahblah?
[One for Sorrow]...What does this poem convey to you...?
can someone please help me with my poem?
Tell me what you think :]?
Are there any metaphors in this song?
Aside from posting here, what other poetry activities do you participate in?
What do you think of this poem/ story I wrote?
How do i write a good sonet?
Critique My Poem: I am Sad Without You!?
Do you like DR. SEUSS?
4 those who are passionate writers pls help?
Help with figurative language?
do you think this is good?
an acrostic poem (in poetic language) about Atticus Finch?
Will you comment on a serious acrostic poem?
Need a good tongue twister poem?
What do you think she meant?
If You Can't Love This Love Poem, Can You Accept It For What It Is?
ask criticism on this love poem,I wrote....?
This is very old and from gs. rewritten. How is it.?
Is that it then? Pills, drugs, and alcohol?
What do you think of my Poem?
what is the solution to the anagram yacht active symmetry that is a character from T.S Elliot's poem?
How many times do I have to post this before someone recognizes my greatness?
Interpret this poem! 10 points?
hey me write this poem???? i wrote it, will you edit it?? maybe add some too it?
This is one of my poems is there a name for it's style?
Can any one give the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore's poem/song esho hey boisakh?
But really, did Adam have fleas?
What would your reaction be.........................?
What are your priorities? (a Petrarchan sonnet) c/c?
Poem about a fisherwoman, comments?
What do you think of my very, very short love poem?
What say you to a poem of missing someone?
Poem name helkp please?
What do you think of my poem?
Opinions on an older edit please?
What say to the poem, "Maid Of Panthea"?
Will you read and c/c, are seashells, do seashells come in handy anywhere you?
what is "Sancta Maria"?
Are you good at consoling others in times of grief?
Simile for shaking hips badly?
Poetry Questions?
what do you think of my poem?
where can i get hindi poems on mothers day?
What would 8 Track Mind think of this poem?
Please write a poem for me! I need help!?
Do you ever stop focusing on writing and just act silly in yap poetry?
i'm trying to write a poem about second chances for my class project. what do you think?
What are some of Pablo Neruda's best poems?
Is this the type of stuff that reveals too much and should have been kept in my safely deposited box?
do tell me what you think of my poem?
And if you had to build a building would you follow all codes? C/C?
what do you think of this poem?
I am a poet and write poetry on an imaginary girl who I regard as my love does she exist really?
can you write a nice poem for me?
Do you like this poem?
what rhymes with all? i'm making a short poem for my class...?
love poem. is it any good?
what is the best website to publish poetry?
A thing of beauty so it's said, will you c/c please?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
What do you think of this poem.?
What would you say is the tone of this poem?
Is this poem enough, or should I have said more?
2 questions about the poem "To His Coy Mistress". Please check my answers, im pretty sure..?
Can you help me with an acrostic poem?
How can you tell from the poem that she is a Puritan?
Rhymed iambic pentameter in Othello?
Just for Grins: A poem I wrote today?
Please help me to make some metaphors and similes!?
Poem: Ordinary Sadness (Comments appreciated. Please let me know what you think)?
Rate this poem plz...........?
Hey I haven't posted a poem for quite sometime...wanna read...if so OPEN ME!?
Which poet do you feel most connected with, through his/her writings?
a short poem. what do you think? does it make sense?
poem good or bad?
would you consider a humorous attempt?
Who wrote this poem? Need help QUICKLY!?
You like my poem i written it 1 year a go ?
In "To His Coy Mistress" what reference is made in lines 20-21 about a winged chariot?
What think you of an ominous, portentious Sunday morning poem?
What element of poetry is this?
Poetry project help?
is this a good drunk facbook post?
Have you time for a short poetic thought?
Does anyone know a good place to find poems writen by Murasaki Shikibu?
this is the poem i wrote for class how is it?
Can you let me know what you think of this poem?
long poems (at least 8 minutes) for verse competition for forensics?
I want to be a siger but im not sure if my parents will support me and im afraid to sing in public. What do I?
Survey: Poetically reacting to a Plus-Sized Super Sonics Fan Who Wants Your Clam Chowder ?
What are 25 words to put in a wordle of The Raven?
who is your favourite poet?
Guys i am having a problem understanding Sylvia Plath's poem 'Moon-rise'?
how do i write a good limerick poem for catcher in the rye?
W. H. Auden's poem "Musée des Beaux Arts"?
fresh start?
I am writing a conceit poem?
who will save me... or be my victim... your choice "a pome"?
Who is going to write a verse for me?
Need feedback about this poem, please...?
Random poem of mine of mine that I would like some comments on it?
Rate My Song/Poem For Me .......?
How are women represented, and what are the positions of women in the poem (helen, andromache, breseis.)?
What say to "Good Morning to Funny People While Traveling" Pome?
what is the main idea of the poem "i heard a fly buzz when i die"?
National Forensics League interpretive readers! Rules for selecting cuttings?
Do you like my poem??? c/c? thanks!?
Poem critique please?
Do your detractors ever cause you to be weary?
Can i get someone to give me their opinion on my poem and maybe edit it?
Poetry please?
which shakespeare sonnet number is this?
The meter gives a poem?
can someone write me a meanish sad poem please.?
What are the literary elements to this poem?
The Sonnet?
Is there a limit to how long an epigraph to a poem should be?
My boyfriends poetry!?
What do you think of the use of profanity in poetry?
What do you think of this poem?
Dedicated to mer-folk and their companions, C/C?
A very short poem please leave your comments?
I need the name of a poem!?
What do you think of my poem?
Need help with the last phrase of a poem?
the death of poetry has been canceled...newsbreak at 11?
Can you please tell me what you think of my poem, s best answer?
How can I fix the rhythm in this?
How do you format text like this?
Do you like my poem???
do you like my poem? (:?
Good 15 lined poems about halloween or fall?
Is giving in giving up? A poem for your comments and critique?
Read this poem please, easy points. (Mr.X)?
Can you turn water into wine?
Does it ever fail to amaze anyone else?
One more, and then I gotta go. Any good?
What do you think of my poem?
Tried to dig deep on this one. Whadd'ya think?
What do you think of my poem?
How to write a epic poem?
What do you think of this poem i wrote?
what does this poem mean?
What is a poem by robert frost that has similies, metaphors and possibly an alliteration?
is this a good poem..?
Do you like new poem?
What Whitman poem says...?
Is this how you Write a poem?
ASAP!!! Does anyone know the name of this Emily Dickinson poem?
Will you critique my poem?
help with a poem about rain!?
Can somebody please answer Danny R.'s post, the one where he is bawling about TDs?
does anyone have opinions on this poem?
Please read my poem tell me what you think?
In ten words or fewer what is the purpose of poetry?
historical essay over Victorian literature?
Am I a good poet, how can I be better?
sherman alexie's Capital Punishment?
An extended metaphor poem with a door?
help me with my sonnet please?!!?
What is the best love poem?
poetry! terse verse!?
Want To Trash This Poem (serious critics invited)?
Poetry Help Needed?
Do you like... THE sweet bird, ever so sweetly...?
Can anybody tell me what this poem is called and the original author?
How Is "The Bite" poems..?
In the poem, 'Twas the night before Christmas', Why were the children dreaming of sugar plums?
I wrote my first poem, what do you guys think of it?
Does a sonnet HAVE to have 10 syllables?
I need alot of help please?
write poetry about bean trees character Mattie.?
shakespeares sonnet explanation?
help with shakespeare please?
What collection is O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You" from?
Opinions...and suggestions????
the lost leader...URGENT!!!?
Are there any poems about selfless love of a man who faced denial?
Do you like these short poems?
Music that compliments "The Truth the Dead Know"?
A short poem inspired by my new avatar, what do you think?
What is your favorite Robert Frost Poem?
How is this poem?
Help with poetry PLEASE?
How do you like my poem? 10 points?
Rate My Poem!?
At the round earth's imagin'd corners blow analysis john donne?
Any ideas how i can improve my poem?
I'm Back............with my new poem..How's it?????
*do I bother you* a poem written from the edge - will you answer with a C/C?
What do you think about this poem i wrote?
"Dream Room" what do you think of it?
Basically first poem, thoughts?
i need to write a poem to say how i fill about my mum know i fill now she has pasted?
Can you help me write a mothers day poem?
How should I start my sonnet on love?
What does this portion of the poem, "At the Young Composer's Concert" mean?
Facts about the famous poet A.L Hendricks?
what would you title this poem?
Hey, Semper, you out there?
Time for me to ask a difficult task of you. Will you write a poem that hurts you when you write it, please?
How do I write an essay comparing these two poems.?
Have you ever dreamed of a prose poem and you couldn't even get the names right?
Not quite a poem, but thoughts of a dying woman I had to share...Hope you dont mind?
Does anyone have the poem "Ogun" by Edward Kamau Brathwaite?
Acrostic Poem Help?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem about my grandma..what do you think?
iambic pentameter in this sonnet?
Please rate my poem from 1-19?
Please, please, read my OTHER poem?
i'm just trying to make a point but...?
I'm a poetry writer and I need ideas!?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think of this short poem?
Which would you prefer: Gabriela Mistral or Pablo Neruda?
Is Wilde a Victorian, or an anti-Victorian writer?
If you were going to have "a word with yourself", what would that word be and why?
What does Walt Whitman's poem, A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim mean?
How would I put this in a free verse poem?
What does consequence mean in poetry?ASAP!?
Fire Dance -Poem? I need to put more words so it reaches 20 characters?
What do you think of these poems?
What is the meaning of this poem?
one of my old poems for some of my new contacts and for the old ones also if they would?
Need help writing a poem?
Want to read a short poem?
I'm writing a poem about me?
a poem i actually like here ya go?
Can someone help me write a poem?
Please really need opinions) Rate My Poem(1-10)?
Can you check this over for me and give me your opinion?
What is an interesting two stanza ten line poem?
What are the poetic techniques used in the poem 'Then and Now' by Oodgeroo Noonuccal?
hmm, opinions please?
Asking out a 14 year old boy...?
What are your feelings on MY poem? I'm never alone?
Is this a good poem?
Lyrics or poetry for a speaking competition?
What is the tone of this poem and how does it make you feel?
What is the name of a poem about Joseph?
Evolution. This poem is about evolution, I need to get some comment, will someone please?
This is my poem Contemplations. How is it?
"Jaws of Life," could you help by improving the line breaks?
can you please edit my poem?
Does a rainy day make you feel this way?
what so you think of my poem?
Why is the poetry market so small?
Isn't the sky beautiful tonight?
If your friend had shown you this poem, what would you do?
Anyone wanna help with congress poem?
Need help with poem! pronto!?
I need opinions on the poem i wrote.?
What do you think of this 'poem' I wrote?
A poetic rant for your enjoyment…?
please read poem/rap and comment on?
Is this a Shakesperean Sonnet?
What words rhyme with 'invented'?
I Made Another Piece of Poetry, Input?
How do you write a basic poem ?
What is ur favorite poem from Robert Frost?
What are some of the downfalls of rhyming/metered poetry?
Poem about the american revolution?
What are your feelings on MY POEM? Our longing?
Some thoughts I've had before. Is that alright?
Can someone write me a 15 line poem about nature?
i need a poem thats 8 lines, each line has to start with 'i am' .....?
I wrote a poem, thoughts?
Dark comedy works when the skies are cloudy. Do you agree?
I wrote a poem.........?
Does singin' rhyme with Britain?
who has read the poems sex without love and/or living in sin?
rate my poem?
Make me a HORRIBLE poem?
Anybody want to read my poem?
An old Sunday Sonnet? Yes?
Do You Like it?
is my poem good?
Can anyone give me a Sonnet poem?
Does anyone know what this poem means? by e.e cummings?
What does a poet do when the music dies?
any good boy/love poetry you got for me? :)?
I just wrote new lyrics and I wanted to know if they were any good... Could you please read and comment?
"The Cause" Looking back at creation, this is what I see, care to C/C this poem?
In your definition and opinion, what is a cliche?
I need a few great quotes about my grandpa who passed away a week after my daughter was born and never met him?
Will you comment on this poem, the second of its kind?
In Richard Lynche's What Sugared Terms What All-Persuading Art, what is personified in Lines 1-4?
Would anyone like to try this poetry challenge?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Poems/lines/quotes with Alexia in them?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
Do you still send poems for love to people?
where can i download poetry recitation by shiv batalvi in his own voice for free?
plz give me more lines...whatever u can.. i just need it to rhyme stanzas at the end.....i need 21 more lines?
Which poem/short story is this?
Please help me. Pardoners Tale.?
What is one technique used in this poem and how does it create strong feelings of love?
Need ideas to write a poem inspired by the book The Age of Innocence?
how could i make this poem sound better....?
What words are determined by the poet to be placed in his or her poem?
what's it like to be a bird or an animal.?
How many sonnets were actually written by William Shakespeare? Curiosity killed the cat, and now it's after me?
Poems written by Mary Jane ward in poetry.com?
Distinctive Shadows?
Are my two songs any good?
poem critique: flying in a hole ( i wrote this when i was 16)?
poem help please?
Are you Normal?
Something else that needs to be said?
Online Poetry Outlet?
Does Autumn bring out the romantic in us all?
Plz read my poem and tell me how do u like it? c/c!!?
any good psychological anime?
What are some examples of figurative language in this poem?
War poems and what they're about?
to quote ,Emerson's words?
Words that rhyme with...?
Need feedback on my Valentines Day poem?
What do you think about those haikus?
g.a.a.s.g. in the bathroom stalls?
Please help me to see Jack Kerouac's two poems!?
A toast to Farrah in poetic form?
Poem I wrote for my bestfriend; Opinion.?
White Elephant poem, need help!!?
Does Somebody know any self written Haiku's.?
Ok so I wrote this poem and I dont know why but all these words just came to me when i was depressed?
Will someone write me a poem to keep me strong and stalwart?
What do you think of this poem?
Why did J.R.R Talkien write the poem the road goes ever on and on ? please tell me?
My girlfriend is starting to feel insecure, can you please rate my poem?
Would you take the time and read this and Remember Someone close to you?
Unhinged - My peom for a darkened day or simply madness?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
what are your comments on my poem?
Opinions on my poems...I want your feelings and critisisms to improve them. Thanks! :)?
Do you think this short story-poem? It is about a bird?
ok what sounds better?
I have 5/8 meter of yarns that she wants to cut into 1/2 hoe many meter lengths of yarn will i have?
what was louise marie bogan known for?
is this poem that i wrote stupid?
Paraphrase/explicate poem, "learn'd astronomer" by Whitman?
Will you write your verse for or against this one?
Can this be a limerick?
what do u think?
critique my poem? please be harsh?
Can you help me interpret this poem by A.R. Ammons?
can you write me a poem about yellow?
What is the rhythm and sound effects of this poem?
Are you self centered?
I am looking for a Raymond Carver poem that was published in the New Yorker magazine in the mid/late 1980s.?
please the scan meter for the lamb poem?
what do u think about this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Does love often fall prey to this?
Is this what's known as a yo-yo moment?
Here is a poem I just wrote. I want to know what a real poet thinks of it. Are you a REAL poet?
How to poetically compare the beauty of love with the beauty of various elements of nature like moon,clouds,ra?
Edit Comment and Name my Poem..Easy 10 points..?
what makes poetry hard to write?
Where can I find some poems about things growing... like plants, fruit etc...?
i need hep writing a poem about falling in love?
Do you like this POEM?
Can you tell me an emotional poem you like that I can interpret with feeling?
does anyone know where I could find the poem Frogpond XVIII:2 and if so put a link to it.Thanks?
Will you C/C on a script {Evanescent Light} of the Greek poet?
Help with my War Poem?
Which idea should I go with for my writing assignment? (I'll answer yours)?
A "Miserable Sonnet" inspired by Styx & a Wilde Poet - What's Your Comment?
What about this poem? Good or Bad?
Are you often inspired by others?
does anybody know a poem about a fire?
Please read poem I made last night?
What do you think of this poem?
How to describe these?
May I dedicate a perfect Haiku to Peter?
How long should this poem be?
Please help me in the rhyme scheme and meter in the Poem by Robert Frost.?
You don't know cold 'til you've felt it. Does this poem help you feel it? Or am I contradicting myself?
PLEASE help with using these words: "fortunate" & "enjoyment" or "excitement"?
What say you to a poem of feeling?
what does this poem mean?
Will you read a poem just for the heck of it?
Could you please read "Desolate Me...." and let me know what you think?
I was wondering if you could go vote for my poem in honor of my greatgrandmother?
What opinions/comments do you have on this first draft?
Does anyone besides me miss Evadne?
can someone make me a poem please? i wont take the credit!?
Will you please read carefully and critique this poem?
Emily Dickinson " 'HOPE' is the thing with feathers"?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem I call Sure? Will you critique boldly?
What's it going to be...roll out or roll back under the covers?
What do you think ? Dont blink?
Help me improve this quote?
How 'bout my poem?
need help with John Keats poem!?
How about a "Sunrise" poem -- for a change?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
What about my translation poem of A Tamil Saint Vethathiri Maharishi Prayer Song?
How do I delete my poetry on poetrynation.com?
What do you think of this poem?
Does anyone know where this poem came from? My friend said he wrote it?
what do you think of my poem?
This is my new poem .. Opinions ?
Un-named poem. What do you think?
Sometimes shouldn't we just count our blessings. Please comment or critique, thanks?
Can someone please critique the words of this poem?
please give me some honest feedback on my poetry, thanks?
Can you please help me withthis poem!?
What do you think about this....poem....song....whatever it is in your point of view....?
does this poem have a title?
Does anybody know of any poets besides William Shakespeare...?
Are you scared to death of animal doctors?
Can you please C/C on my short, Poem. Thanks?
How do I end this poem?
Which poem is this child reciting?
i am not sure about this poem it is a ode?
in sonnet 30 of shakespeare?
Is this a good poem????????????????????????????????????…
Anyone know the poem "In the heart of a seed"?
please read my poem!!! i need to know if it can help save my friend's life!!!?
Plz read my poem, Race Day?
What poem do you suggest I use for this piece?
I have no idea what this is...Ta Dah!...Do you like it?
Opinion on my poem please?
Do you like my poem?
Poem good/bad?
Ur comments on this poem I wrote...??
How bad is your world, when this piece cheers you up?
D.A.R.E. poem ideas?
Please. Will you make up just two lines of a piece of poetry? I would like to see what sort of person you are?
Are you able to admit how much you love my poem?
The sims social hack?
Poem about being alone....?
Explain the poem "John Gilpin" by "William Cowper"?
Need an opinion on this poem?
Write a poem/rap with the phrase "white van man"? 10 points for best answer?
Poem called Wintertime Love?
What do you think of this? (Be nice)
Does anyone have a fairy poem that I can use for my English project about FAIRIES!?
i have trouble understanding poetry, and i need to choose a well-know poet for a project. suggestions?!?!?!?!?
tell me a good poem about sadness happy days any thing?
Do you think poetry is the language of the heart?
Can someone write a poem for me?
What do you think on my poem?
This is not a poem. Is it?
so what am I trying to say here?
Rate/Grade my poem? Please help.?
Do drinking buddies stay together through thick and thin?
Will you review my college admissions essay (its not that long)?
Am I gay because I like poetry?
another poem that id like you to rate?
Which of the following is NOT an example of personification in “The Tables Turned”?
Is this a decent poem?
What do you think of this poem?
How do u like my poem? plz read n c/c it?
How would you grade my poem?
A poem called these tears please rate 1-10?
How important is poetic scantion?
Poetry- What do you think of my poem?
Will you C/C the new script of the Greek poet?
poetry competitions????????????????????
Is this poem alright?
Which pen is best to write with?????????????/?
Give me a 7 poetry slam?
phillis wheatley, can anyone help?
This is in need of editing, would you read and give me your thoughts?
Will you please Title, Comment, or Critique?
Sometimes my stupid heart will say true,?
hows my poem be honestttttt?
is my poem good? i am 11 new!!?
How do you write a poem?
I write, I writ, I wrut. It mght be a poem. c/c plz?
...do fresh air breathe?
Who wants a poem written just for themselves?
i need help with a poem?
i need help writing a poem, please help?
Interpretation of 'Not All There' by Robert Frost?
A poem about divide and conquer, comments?
Do you think a Poet should be capable of a variety of emotional expressions?
What does the poem 'Ear Muffs' by Andrea Gibson mean?
Will you comment on this conversation poem please?
Is it time for bed yet,poetically speaking?
how does this make you feel?
What type of poem is Camouflaging the Chimera by Yusef Komunyakaa?
i wrote this poem "Candle flickering in the wind" could i get some feed back on it?
What do you think of this untitled poem?
Help me with this poem?
The poet in me wants to share something with you all,please leave your commets?
I wrote a poem about, well just read it!?
Here I am at five twenty two with a badly nodding head, do you think anyone will mind if I trundle off to bed?
i have to write an shakespearean sonnet which conisist of an a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g rhyme scheme?
What is an interesting two stanza ten line poem?
A Duckie poem, comments?
How do you like this short poem about my long distance relationship? and someone else ?
why did boublil not make castle on a cloud rhyme?
Information on poet?
Can someone help me understand this poem? (Green Rain by Dorothy Livesay)?
do you like my poem?
An offensive poem? My gramps,would grudgingly (because of petrol cost)drive us home at night?
What do you think of my poem?
Is this in iambic pentameter?
Do you like this poem?
My poem; "Dreaming of Pirates"...thoughts/opinions??
do you like my poem?
What are prose paragraphs?
Who will care to translate some words found on a marble epigraph of an ancient unknown civilization? C/C?
Will we remember the end from the beginning? C/C?
downunder balance of life short and sweet ( good or bad)?
Is this poem good???
Does this ocean Trigee match the theme of the day?
If Tyler D. is Wagner, than who is Penfold, and who is Stooge ?
SHAKESPEARE!!!!!!! plz plz answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Have you time for a Christmas poem?
What say you to "Sounds of Life"?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you review my new poem?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Something very intense. Hoiw I really feel. Comments are welcome.?
Is there a specific name for a poetry that talks about the changing of objects, in a before and after state?
Honor or character. Which matters more?
Poem: can someone give me a Critical Analysis of this Poem?
Posting my poem for the last time. Please give constructive criticism.?
plz comment on my poem?
See, this here is about choosing, not about a person...Poetry is fiction....always....?
what is the tone used in Sonnet 73?
Can We Try This Again?
what does symbol mean in poetry terms?
Symbol poem for english?
Connections between If by Rudyard Kipling and The Tyger by William Blake?
Is this a proper/acceptable petrarchan(italian) sonnet?
Can this Converb be true?
What changes would you make to this poem?
Poetry is something right?
What are some moving words out of poetry, prose, drama, and lyrics that you liked?
For the past 2 days I find myself talking in iambic pentameter. What shall I do?
Do you shoot pool or do you?
My poem, My cheating wifes friend, comments?
Is this poem of mine any good?
Have you ever encountered someone on here that you just cannot abide?
What two language techniques are used by poet Henry Lawson?
Should there be a separation between the artist's life, and the artist's art itself?
Does the Walt Whitman quote "some people are so much sunshine to the square inch" belong to a particular poem?
What is that poem often read at funerals?
I need a french poem on citrouille?
One about a dieing Witch... would you read and speak?
How do I evaluate free verse poems?
Why are Robert Frost's poems so famous?
do u think this poem is good or bad?
great love poem?
Author of poem with quote "rage against the light"?
poem i made for my friend, not that good, but anything u want to say?
Any writing contests i can enter!?!?!!?
How many stanzas/verses are there in Gwendolyn Brook's poem "The Mother"?
My best poem evar! Ready to critique?
What were Archibald MacLeish's general beliefs in poetry?
Do canned messages drive you bonkers too?
poetry help????? missing word!?
what do you think of this poem?
Would Anyone Critique For Me...?
What is a three stanza poem?
Will you C/C on a good script of the Greek poet?
Can someone please explain meter/rhyme to me and also sound color?
it this poem/song descent?
I have a problem with my guy friend.....?
Do you think writing poetry could be an effective form of therapy?
A " ..................." Poem. ? ? ? Hold My Turtle For Ransom ?
please read my poem if you like?
what is a free verse poem?
plz be honest with your opinions. as a side note im only 15 so i will cry if your too mean lol?
hopefully good poem please rate?
can someone help me with my cinquain poem about hydrogen?
what do you think of this poem/song?
Hmmmm, a poem headed for Mars??? Whadda ya think?
I just wrote this poem. What do you think about it?
Comments and critique welcome on my poem, thanks?
How to make this poem rhyme?
May I 'salute' the ladies of the poetry section?
what do you think of this poem?pls tell me?
Help on a fahrenheit 451 poem?
Do u like this poem today?
Serious question for the poets?
i need a poem which describes a friend for a student of third standard?
What's your favorite part of fall? C/c?
would you consider this poem?
Round two?
Do you have a Desired Love?
Is this a poem about weather c/c?
Stability [Some Reassembly Required.] Feedback?
How to write a poem on how an object is made?
Is this a true definition of Goddess?
are the poems on poetryamerica.com published?
What can I add to or replace in this poem?
Another Love Poem .s best answer?
Rate my short poem, 10 points?
For Hiram because he keeps saying it, C/C?
This is my first poem or w/e I've written. What do you think?
Poem about my nieces?
Help with scanning poetry for stressed and unstressed syllables?