Which is the better line in this poem?
Can you critique my poem?
What is your interpretation of the third stanza (listed in details) of Sylvia Plath's "Morning Song"?
What is your 6 word memoir?
Poetry terms..?
i need to write a ballad on misty may can somebody help me write a line or two?
who is alfred tennyson adressing his poem The Eagle to? and why do you think he wrote this poem?
Is there any truth to this?
What is a good peom for a newspaper for the last week of school?
What do you think?
What are you going to be dressed as at my birthday party masquerade?
please read this poem and let me know what you think?
Can you describe the theme of love and beauty in literature and poetry?
Do you like the poem that I wrote?
What type of poem is A Dream by William Blake?
maggie and milly and molly and may (:?
can someone help with poetry?
How do you like this sad and non-fictonal poem i wrote?
Does anyone like poetry about salvation and recovery ?
I’ve Lost My Words. Can You Provide An Ending To This Poem?
I need to write a limerick poem?
Will you offer me the similarities and differences between Surrealism and Dadaism?
How is a prose analysis of a poem done?
Short friendship poem?
Need a poetry slam visual?
Rate my poem please.?
Can I also try the Tyburn? Is this a real one or not?
What does the Man From Snowy River (poem) mean?
Mood/Analysis of this poem?.....................?
Poem 67 - 12-11-09 What do you think? Let me know!?
Any ideas for a poem or monolouge i can read?
Not sure at this time of night...?
more for metaphors a poem for the reader?
how can you analyse this phrase in a poem?
Do my poems suck....?
Can you help me do a good poem ( ANY POEM)?
That chick who wants you to write a poem?
I need a 26 line poem by tonight can anyone help me?
I made a poem on fall (the season). Can I have some input on it?
I didn't mean to be a drama queen?
Can poetry be displayed on a Kindle in an orderly fasion?
Analysis/annotation of the poem "Aurora Borealis" by Rita Dove?
Poem by me, how is it?
December- the end of something and start of another?
i need a poem for school can someone help me?
What's a good title of this poem?
Have you ever been tortured?A sunny morning poem...?
Any good poems which relate to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?
How do you show a girl a poem that you wrote about her?
do you think this is a funny poem.?
I made this poem... is it good??
Please help me with !!!!! Poetry help!?
Can I get some thoughts on my poem....................??
9th grade literature, poetry, please help!!?
Where can we find poems that are either from or about Palawan. Philippines?
What are your thoughts on how genius can come through in spite of so many drugs some have used?
William Shakespeare ??
Okay, here is my first for the day and It's going to hurt me to write. I also changed to The Dark Prince?
Tips, please?
The insane run, a poem to calm the urge. c/c?
What do you think of my poem?
William Blake the poet believed that humans can be both innocent and experienced at the same time?
Good poetry?
A good poem to talk about, that i can talk about what it means etc?
About bein gay and comin out, will you comment please?
Have you witnessed a dog and cat play day?
Please help!!! What do you think of my poem?
An Easter Sunrise poem, something I needed to say, any thoughts?
Do You know a poem that is about space or relates to it?
My poem, Jack The Ripper, comments?
Rate my rap verse 1-10?
What are your comments on 'A Morning With Tricksy Autumn' morning pome?
Getting my poems in the right hands?
Poem help please?
The Low Road by Merge Piercy! PLEASE HELPPP!?
do you like my poem and should i improve it?
How's the beginning of my poem?
What is the form of this poem? I think it's an ode? or is it freeverse? help?
Do you know who this poem is about? What are your comments?
what would be a written analysis to this poem?
Write a poem for me please?
Why can't we all just get along?
While you are writing a poem...?
Things to say in a sonnet about love/care?
Anyone else find this poem very creepy?
"WhoDunnIt?!!" a high-dudgeon outraged spontane - please c-c and no nonsense unkindness please. Thank Uou ! :(?
does any one know poetry?
Invisibly Different...good?
I Need help, what is the perfect title for this poem i wrote for my mom/sister. check the grammar. please?
What killed poetry, do you know?
Critique on my poem?
Do you like my poetry?
what is queen elizabeth's role in sonnet writing?
Ever wonder what a Blue Belle would sound like?
What is your favorite kind of shower?
What seems to be the main subject that's being written about in Y!A Poetry lately?
Am I a Good Poet?
how this poem? warning not for every one?
"Bottle of Secrets" new poem... what do u think??
Is this bad for my first poem ever ?
Can u rate my poem please? :)?
No way! Total nonsense!! Do you like warm sandwiches or cold?
Poems about life/love, everyday stuff basically?
is this a good poem...?
i have to find a comparative text for this poem. help?
poem feedback please?
Do guys like girls who write poetry?
I just deleted this a while ago, but I need to know what you think?
Can someone give a limerick poem?**?
Another poem i just made. You like it?
I need Ideas Fast!!!?
How do you tell the difference between tone and mood?
Who´s your favorite poet?
does any one know of funny poems that i can use in uil poetry?
What do you think of my Super Special Poem of Love?
Appraise my Poem? (Curiouser and Curiouser)?
How about a Halloween Poem?
Any ideas about techniques in 'The Raven' in relation to Imaginative Journeys?
who is both kind and learnt enough 2 help me with these excerpts from Robert Stevenson's an apology for idlers?
I Am From Poem Help?!?
Interpretation of Ted Hughes 4 poems?
How do you get yourself together?
How can this be improved? A poem about how I usually am?
What does this poem teach? What parallels does it draw? What scientific laws does it address ?
write a poem about yourself?
Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy ?
anotherr poemm...?
What do you think of my little poem?
I need help interpreting the poem "Places We Love" by Ivan V. Lalic?
Anybody know a song that has a little poetry to it but it has to be like hop hop or something from these days?
What are some topics for poems?
Ice Heart please review?
Am I going to be buried in the Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey after I'm dead or even before?
A poem about loss in the book 'The Smokejumpers' by Nicholas Evans?
How do I write an original poem from the poem Green?
Does anyone know any good Joy poems?
How many times in life have you had a free ride? And is this poetry in motion?
Another poem/song i wrote PLEASE READ?
do you no of a good poem or poem web site?
can you read my poem please?
Is this poem any good?
Is this what you call torture c/c if you will?
What do you think of this poem?
I want to be a poet when i grow up so what do you think?
help pls.. about literature?
Sonnet poems I can use?
Betsy (Be gentle, Im new at this)?
Do you like this poem/lyrics of mine?
What do you guys think of my poem?
Please let me know what you think of this writing for part of my wedding ceremony?
What category does this belong in?
Creation. Any thoughts?
What are the most important features of Persian literature and poetry and how important they are in the world?
chinese poem about forgiveness?
My Epitaph.....for the future?
What does this poem 'So Give Me Back TO death' mean?
Is this an acceptable poem?
What does this poem mean? I'm so confused!?
What's your opinions and thoughts of my new poem? 10 points to best answer.?
What should the title of my essay be? William Shakespeare sonnet 29..?
I'm looking for a good poem or song about......?
What do you think of my poem?
Please, PLEASE, hear my poem, marvel in it's sheer genius, and depth.?
What do you think of my poem?
In Remembrance of our beloved Chief, Will you PLS-His 2ndLaQ? Anyone scribble a rhyme that will make my day?
Limericks, Haiku, Senryu, and Sonnets poems ?
what should the next line in the poem be?
Just wrote? Rate/free for interpretation?
Does this poem make sense? Does it mean anything to you?Comment?
meaning and theme of poems by rumi?
What are some good poems about music in general? They have to be by accredited and verifiable authors!!!?
The Nightingale and the rose : was the nightingale right in helping the boy?
I need help coming up with an ode a put chocolate?
honest critism please!!! poem: my dear?
Would you read this poem and respond to it please?
Can you imagine?
Someone mentioned a poem..."why cant he tell me he loves me?" where can i find it? who wrote it?
What does this poem mean?
Can someone give me constructive criticism on a poem?
How do you all like my poem?
Comments or Suggestions on this Poem?
Comment this poem for me?
Poets--which version of this should I use for an assignment?
"Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to Ur, 3rd Millennium BCE"...?
I am not an ostrich, are you? CC?
Would you comment on this poem?pls?
do you like my poem =)?
Poem for a guy that I like.. what do you think?
Which poem formats are the most effective?
What do you think of this short poem?
Figurative language help?
I have to work it must be said, Thats why I've got me from my bed, Can you but wait a while for me, And then?
Could you tell me what you think of my poem?
What distinguishes a Spoken Word verse from a rhythmic structured verse for song?
How does this poem sound?
where online to find glossary for poetry words?
School Appropriate poem song?
Do you like this poem?
Do you ever drive around the crossing arms?
Am I asking a question?
Help me with poems please?
Would you consider this a poetic?
Does anybody no what the song "hurricane" means by Something Corporate? What is it about?
A poem for the new woman in my life. Did you think I would apologize 4 ever? How is this one.?
Does anyone know any poetry clubs in the MD area?
Question about poem titles?
Please c/c my prose/poem?
Question about the word deluge?
Which poem is better (ou to of 2)?
Have you ever had your?
Poets: Do you prefer to write poetry on the past, present, or future?
What are some good ryming poems for your crushes birthday? :/?
Opinions on this poem? Paper Cups?
Topic for poem????????
can you critique my writing, please?
Something I threw together on a very depressing Saturday. Do you like this. It is rough.?
give some examples of a petrarchan sonnet about a dog?
I need help writing a poem for my mom and step dad?
Please comment and rate my poem? It'll only take a sec?
Quick poetry question?
poem sites?
WB Yeats Poems : Help analysing?
What type of life did the poet's mother lead in her childhood?
Need some constructive criticism?
Poem i wrote about my eating disorder................................…
will you c/c this thing?
Will you write a poem based on your latest happy day?
Please help me. I need a poem that has similies and metaphors.?
Will you C & C this SPRING poem for me?
A repost from 7 months ago for a poet that is still here and still fits the poem niceky, don't you think?
Please read this poem I wrote.?
Is there a specific device/technique for this quote from T.S. Eliot?
Compare these two poems?
Kinda gay lol but my poem I wrote.... Like it?
I am interested on your comments and advice on the following poem......?
How can i do a metaphor poem about Minnie Mouse?
how do you make money with your poetry/songs you wrote?
Am I a poet? (Huh? okay A!Y 20 characters long it is)?
is this poem good?
What is the name of this poem? Life is like a crystal ball, shattered, skattered, no one ever finds them all
Do you like this parody of beat poetry?
Not a great poem, but a true from the heart oneC?
Haiku's please?
do you ever write poetry..while being held at gunpoint?
What do you think of this poem?
What can I do to be a better poet?
Let me know how this poem is ???? Would love Feedback?
Never Forgotten, what do you think?
What does the phrase "A sight that could never take its toll" mean to you?
what is a good acrostic poem for October?
My poem called "Love" will you tell me how warm it makes you feel?
Do any teenage writers want to join a poetry and short story Group?
Question about Poetry.com...can anyone help?
How does the painting Landscape(with the fall of Icarus) depict the fall of Icarus?
I want to keep my writings private?
Fantasy... wrote it on my spare time, what do you think?
Poem/for new members of a church?
Please help me analyze this poem!?
I got a poem to share. What does it make you feel?
how do you all like my mother's day poem?
will it spring for me?
3 quotes from the poem, The lady of Shallot by Alfred Lord Tennyson, that represent unexpected destinations?
Do you use a dictionary/thesaurus to help write your poetry?
is this a good poem...?
Will you comment on this?
first time trying to write poetry ? need help in punctuation and other things ?
PLS HELP, it's an important Term-Paper!!?
Do you have any piece of writing?
What say you to a poem of promise?
Poem judging?. please?
i need help with a parody poem! can anyone help me?
Comforting Constancy, a morning glimpse to c/c?
Edit my poem on Eros (cupid)?
Finding the poetic devices?
What do you think of this poem?
Short and sweet poem will you c/c?
What does this say about me?
Help with my poem?
What type of poem is this?
Care for an autumn pause?
can you tell me what I'm talking about?
I need to know what you think of my poem, and I need some help!?
What is the central theme of Gilgamesh? ?
how does the poem fit with the concept of clashing forces?
Is this about home renovation?
He plants me a flower garden - Do You Like?
Yeah OK, the road less traveled, will you comment please?
Hey! I need an example of diamante poetry. The two elements are summer and winter. I want winter to be first.?
I'm not sure why I wrote this poem. I was bored and wrote it in about 30 seconds. What do you think of it?
What are some Connotations of "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman?
I need poems!?
What Do You Think Of My Poem?
A poem about winter reflecting despair?
"Escaping Hades" What are some thoughts, songs, quotes, or poetry that comes to mind?
Examples of imagery in "Say Who I Am"?
the poem that i had required to be revised several times, is it well written now?
What do you think of this song/poem?
my poem. thoughts, suggestions, etc.?
Do you like This poem for Hoalloween?
I'm looking for a CD with poems for women. Do they sell such a thing?
Opinions please?
Could you knock the crap out of this poem? Tell me I'm wrong, it sucks, rip it to shreds...ready...Go!!?
do you like my poem , I wrote it for you?
What are your honest thoughts on this here poem.?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
who wrote this and in what poem "for love has pitched its tent in the house of excrement"?
What do you think; no, no, what do you feel?
Will you be so kind as to C/C my effort?
Why are my poems being erased?
His initials are hidden in this Poem about him?
What are some free writing websites that I can post poems and get feedback on?
What do you think of my poem? p.s. be honest?
I have to write a poem but I am unsure of the subject.?
Does anyone know a poem about humility that isn't Christian? It's for a class, so i don't want to seem biased.
poetry: Is this good? or what could I do to make it better?
could this be considered a poem?
Will you comment on a poem of friendship?
would you please paraphrase these lines?
Do you like my SIMPLE poem?
Any opinions on this poem I wrote?
In addition to reading other poetry, how can I make my poetry better?
Poem For The Name Nicholas?????!!!?
Dream a little dream for me, a poem to critique?
PLEASE help me out,, I cant find an "Anti war poem I heard 20 years ago...?
I wrote this in another life time, comments/critique?
A poem I call Sure? Will you critique boldly?
I need a poem for our school's staff appreciation week. It needs to be a general "thank you" poem.
Please help!!what does this poem mean?
please help me i love you all?
another word for 'embrace'?
how do you like my poem, "the navigator"?
It's just a field, will you comment please?
Please read this poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
Poem critics needed please?
Please help me make a poem... about ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM (The King and I)!!!?
Does anyone have the poem #9?
Do all poems have to rhyme?
How is the poem 'Sadie and Maud' by Gwendolyn Brooks synonymous to Realism, Naturalism and Modernism?
poem#4 (A friend)?
An Acrostic Poem for Sunday?
Can we effectively employ allegory in poetry? Or are we limited to metaphor?
Can someone suggest a new last line?
What do you think of my poem?
do you like the poem? me and my friend sarah wrote it!?
Do you like this song i wrote about the holocaust/war families?
is this a poem? " I cannot see her " C/C?
A friend of mine wrote a poem, is it good?
A good morning for birds, at least, c/c?
Do you like me new poem what has sheeps in it?
can any tell me the rest of a poem that starts of.hand in hand they danced in a row.thnk its called clothsline
Squiggley line in my eye fluid?
I need help with this poem?
What falls asleep at the end of summer?
Comments on a poem about um, a field?
Graffiti poem , help please (:?
what is the rhyme scheme of Beast of England by George Orwell?
I need hyperbole poems quick!!?
Is my poem good?
New poem. What do you think of it?
One more for my folks...then it's off to open diary for the evil stuff. Comments???
Poem help!?
Is this a poem, or not?
What are the figures of speech used in the poem "The History Teacher" by Billy Collins?
A poem filled with love, will he say yes?
Is aroses a word? ......?
Help with a metaphor.?
What are some allusions that TS Eliot uses in his poem "The Waste Land"?
Words: A love/hate affair?
Does this poem reflect frustration?
Do you like reading and listening to poetry?
The First One In A While!! please Read!=)?
In response to TD's finishing poem in head..ere you wrote them.?
What do you think of this poem?
can some1 critique some poetry for me?
Okay how about this poem?
Okay how about this poem?
Does anyone know any racism poetry for school?
You like this?
any opinions on my poem c/c?
Please read my poem "god given"?
Who is this poem by?
"My Heart" please c/c a shortie?
What do you think the theme of the poem, "Free Labor" is? The poem is by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.?
please rate or comment on my poem- Timers?
Where can I listen to the poem "My Luve e's Like A Red, Red Rose" read by someone?
Like my poem?
Can you help me determine the meter in this poem?
Is this your typical Sunday?
What poem is good to preform at school?
Constructive criticism on this creative writing?
The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy?
Please, can you check out my poem?
The first cut is the deepest, will you comment please?
I have to make an I am poem. Can I have some examples?
Are you a traveler, of sorts?
Here is a poem, let me know what you think.?
can someone help me analyze this peom and tell me some backgorund info on it?
Poetry help?
Please help me interpret this poem?
what do YA think of my poem?
do you think my "ballad" is good and understandable?
Please rate my poem and tell me what you think
How do you guys feel about this poem? please be honest..if you have to brutally honest..sorry 4 da grammar lol?
Would you like to join in the "defense of Moley's poems" poetry slam?!?
can anyone name this poem?
What mood does my poem give you?
scary italian sonnet?
Will you comment on this almost a poem please?
an afrikaans poem on mandela?
please help me on my poem?
A Depressed Poet Kills Himself After His Wife Dies on Wedding Day?
women what do you think if a man wrote you this poem?
Poetry class...need someone to review and critique my poem for class?
I need help making a poem with 4 stanzas, 4 lines in each stanza?
Is poetry a good way to express nothing?
What do you think of my poem?
Popular friendship poetry?
My new epic poem starring me (Quick before Penfold drags it off screaming)?
Would you consider this poem?
What is the overall message in this poem.? Help please.?
Does anybody know any good poets besides shakespeare and emily dickinson?
I wrote a Acrostic Sestina for Elaine P; Do you think she will like it?
a cute rhyme to say to a girl?
How do you make a poem so inspiring?
Is this poem good enough for a project?
Can someone read my poem?
I would like a grounding in poetry, could you help?
Feedback on my poem please?
A poem from swoosh to you...?
What do you think of this 'Political Chicken' morning pome?
My question is not how, but WHY do you write?
Have you read any news about Phoenix lately?
Check out my poem, thanks?
what would be something like gods that is similar to poetry?
Opinions of my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like this poem that I wrote?
please critique my first poem?
How's this poem coming along? Does it need more?
WHAT Do I Do if I'm addicted to writing poetry , and I try really hard?
What are the stressed and unstressed syllables in this line?
i need to find a poem about smiling or laughing? please help!?
One about a dieing Witch... would you read and speak?
Pistol shots ring out in the bar-room night?
Whats your favorite poem???
Modern dark poetry... Any recommendations?
My opinion on the old adage that "tears are cleansing." Do you agree with this write?
This Geom is a simple triangle. Do you like these 'Shape Poems'...?
a dark poem i think....please read...?
Any poems as intense as Charge of the Light Brigade?
I need to make a poem that has to do with defeat . Please help!!?
Art and poem question need help please!! :)?
What literary devices are used in Shakespeare's Sonnet 69?
Hi Guys!!!!!!!!?
What poems are similar in theme to the poem Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy?
Is this a good poem? how can i fix it?
Comments on my new poem...?
Rate these poems :D ?
Can you kindly share your interpretation on this?
Help please!!!!?
Ever see something that just moves your thoughts? Comments?
I need 6 words that rhyme with "suicide"?
If you were a song what song would you be?
A song or poem about crossing boundaries?
She has always run into perfection, The Dawn Dolls, c/c?
i need help with this double entendre?
Care to comment on this?
I write poetry and i would like your opinions on the ones that i have written, Thankyou.?
Since 'Crackhouse' didn't get to stay around the front room, let me post this for him...?
Help with writing sonnet?
what do you think of my poem "through the fog"?
what do you think of this poem?
Analysis of Sonnet by Rainer Rilke?
What does Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice" mean??
Help me with poems please?
Do you like my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
So, how do you get rid of nominal?
Can you get scholarships from poetry contests?
Mood of the poem Lament by Edna St Vincent Millay with specific reference?
I need a short and sweet poem to write inside my guyfriend's mother birthday card that I brought her?
Please read poem I just made?
What is the meter of the sonnet "When I consider how my light is spent" by John Milton?
Could somebody give me a link to...?
How do you TPCASTT "Romance" by Arthur Rimbaud?
PLEASE READ MY POEM, and tell me what you think? I need constructive criticism and honest opinions.?
How can I edit this poem and make it better, C/C?
A worn path symbolism?
A short poem to critique if you please?
15 line poem on David Livingstone?
Will you C/C on a script, written by the Greek poet?
Do you like my new poem?
I need a acrostic poem for the word flight.?
Do you have time for a Harley Ride?
A "When I Eat Potato Chips My Lips Get S..........alty" Poem ! What's Your Newly-Improved Comment ?
How do you store your poetry?
"Blackened Flight" a poem for you to c/c please?
OK this is for someone Very Special. Comments very welcome.>??????
What do you think of my poem?
my crappy poems haha?
critique me please.... Can You See Me?
Who wrote the poem 'Dare to Risk'?
im writing a quote on my wall please give me ideass for a quotee or lyrics of a song!!?
why where and how do you lyke to licjk this poem?
What do you think of this 'Baking The Morning-To-Be' morning pome?
So what does it all mean?
Can someone help me improve my poem?
Does this poem make you cry???
Plz comment on my mathematical poem? is it any good for college maths magazine? plz c/c honestly!?
What is a good title for this poem?
Another old poem. Opinions please?
Going nowhere fast poem, comments?
What do you think of this poem?
Types of words to use in a poem about beauty?
Is this poem anygood?
Care to read and comment on the old man and the sea?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this short poem?
what percentage of your time reading involves reading poetry?
Sheryl's in watching the History Channel. Here's what she was hollerin' about. What do you think?
Comments on Lincoln's bird's eye view of the Inauguration?
can anyone identify and supply all the verses for the poem that contains?
own version of sonnet 116 by shakespeare.. please help!!!
A poem I made today.. sort of sad.. tell me how I did.?
"Sonnet 55" How innocent should love be to be in fantasy? Care to C/C?
How does the begining to this short story look?
Can you offer some criticism on this poem?
Rules of Visitation, comments?
how the form of the poem reflects poet's message?
my unfinished poem help?
Help me find a good poem to analyse!?
Would you be so generous as to C/C, suggest please?
Me? A poet?
Help! Don't know what a line from an Emily Dickinson poem means?!?
Help me with this poem?
A thought scarier than Death?
i wrote this for her, I do not know if she will like it. would you point out errors in it?
Deal with it-New Poem can i get some feedback?
what do you think of this short poetic piece?
For those good at poetry?
I don't believe in god.........?
Tell me what yall think about my brand new poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Icepick, the know-it-all "Speaks..." on what he thinks is happenin...care to c/c?
Do like this new poem?
What about "The Shadowed Angel"?
I need help finishing this poem.?
what is a good poem that will be easy to write story about?
Please read poem I made in class?
Hey. I need to design a poster for a "poetry slam"?
I have to write a concrete poem for english class?
Any fan of Thoreau out there?
What's the meter in this poem?
What do you think of this poem I wrote about labels and prejudice?
What's in a name? Is a rock by any name boulder than another?
A poem for my younger sister who is my maid of honor?
Is being mediocre a bad thing, poetically speaking?
Analysis of the serf by Roy Campbell?
Beginning of my raunchy poem... what do you think?
what are some traditional elements found in whitman's poetry? ?
What do you think of this??????
Independence or freedom?
Remember the Cinquain? 2-4-6-8-2...I fixed this one. Is it better?
Are you really living . . .? c/c?
Hope & Trust?
Would you like to compose a Really Good Poem or jump carelessly around good baked pizzas? C/C?
Could conquest have started so simply?
Rate my poem!?
Please help with my Poem?
What is happening in the Poem "The Burning Babe" by Robert Southwell?
hey. here is yet. another poem!(=?
why does my poetry suck?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
Does anyone know who wrote the poem called "It Is"?
7 lines(edited)..please comment?
What do you think of my poem?
are habitat and adapt slant rhymes?
Help ladies! Poem for a girl I want to date: Please critique!?
You dirty lowdown rotten scoundrel?
Are these poems true to their forms?
Do you like my new poem?
Can anyone give me constructive criticism on my poetry?
Who are some easy poets to read?
can you please help me with an alliteration poem that has a rhyme skeeme?
Do you like this poem?
I could not leave you today without a spider poem so what is your c/c on this baby?
Our Two Hearts [poem- COMPLETELY REWRITTEN] - thoughts?
The Ghost Of Myself (Feedback Appreciated)?
What do you think of my poem?
help on sonnet for english?
In what ways does Hughes' tone differ between the two poems, "I Too" and "Dream Deferred"?
I need to know what makes a game?
Is my poem rubbish? As no one has answered?
Can you please comment on this poem? I'm dying to know what you think?
I wrote my little brother this dark lullaby. I thought perchance you would c/c the lyricals?
Is this a better Good Morning?
>> The Ultimate Game <<?
read and c/c my vampire poem?
Is this Poem good??? Suit yourself. It's sad...?
Ask Gideon ; Do you like my Poem??
The Arrow and the Song by HW Longfellow Analysis?
Do you ever listen?
good poets?
do you know the main purpose of the poem "the past" by Elizabeth J. Eames?
Why do I have no idea What is going on in YAP will someone tell me or is it not very important?
In the poem "Not waving but drowning" how is romanticism shown.?
Do guys like it when girls write poems to them?
Where do you go...in your mind....when you need peace?
I read a bit, so I wrote a bit too...does this work? comments/critique?
What do you think of this?
Comments on a poem of a different Christmas day?
What's the theme of this poem ?
Can anyone summarize Brian Turner's "2000 lbs"? I am having serious trouble understanding it?
Who will c/c on this "Morning Is A Damn Strange Time" poem?
May I offer you a very simple poem with a simple wish?
For you, can the slightest detail in the weather evoke specific memories?
List the themes and literary devices for all four poems. Thank you very much!?
nonet poem about sports?
Will you care to c/c on one small Real Poem of the Greek Poet?
is this a good poem..?
what is the poem "dante" by Longfellow about?
In the poem ode on the poets by john keats.How far does the poet succeed in convincing us about the continuity?
Please critique?
What do you think of my poem Tomorrow's Star?
is this a poem i wrote?
What Do U Think Of My Poem?
analysis questions on the poem in Just-?
Who wrote this poem? I wish I was one of your tears. So I could be born in your eyes, run down your cheek and?
Can someone please help this poem?
I need a poem about cleaning for a shower gift.?
Wilfred Owen poems? ?
Is this good for a poem?
Do you agree with the statement that critiques (literary critiques) are poets who failed to be a poet?
A poem: Do you get the meaning?
Why do you believe.......whatever it is you believe?
IS this aNy good?
Why was T.S. Eliot an important poet?
Asymmetrical...............a poem...c\c?
Where can I find an analysis of Lord Byron's Poem "When We Two Parted"?
What do you think?????????
another poem?
What do you think of my poem so far?
A poem I wrote in a half hour out of boredom. Is it ok?
Would you consider this a poem?
Will you write me a poem?
Rate my poem??? Please??!?
what do you think of this poem (dark but please read)?
I need a long PUBLISHED descriptive poem for Forensics any good ones?
How is the song The Climb a good poem song?
Four lines of poetry - do you have time?
How would I write a poem about Rumble Fish?
What is the mood to the poem "Annabel Lee" by edgar allan poe?
Can you decode this poem?
I wrote this...How can I get you to read it?
What is a poem by robert frost that has similies, metaphors and possibly an alliteration?
I need some honest opinions on this poem 2 (not the same post)?
Do you like my poem ?
Poets, if someone who has spent too many hours abusing you suddenly wanted to join your network...?
Ladies what would you think of the man who sent you this?
Wanna rate my poem please.....?
What do you think this poem means?
Why did you go back? As his Probation Officer, I needed to know. comments please?
"You Are" - A poem for your consideration/critique?
Any comments or critiques on this new poem?
What does is the message of this poem?
Just made a Tumblr (Law interest, Artist, and rapper/poets welcome)?
Febuary, will you comment please?
Does anyone kno anything about the poet nikki giovanni?
Is this a good love poem?
What say to a "Makeup Gone Wrong Morning Pome"?
Honest opinions please!!! Is it okay?
Check this Poem and No from 1 - 100?
Would you give advice on my poem? Or help re-write it?
oppinions on a gothic sort of poem i wrote. thanks?
(Pizza Lessons) How about ein more masterpiece from moi?
A poem, what do you think?
how do you like this poem?
what do you think of this verse?
poem good enough for national competition ?
what is the sonnet Ozymandias;explain?
Feedback on a poem with a prompt?
What is "Reader Positioning"?
What do you see in a sun rise?
Poetry help in identifying natural imagery?
I need HELP writing a poem. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. I know alot of people wont be able 2 so that means HELP
What are some literary elements for My papa's waltz?
Will you C/C on a revised script of the Greek poet?
Civil war poem I think it's all over the place... critique?? Please...?
I need a sonnet professional!?
How do my poem sound?
Can someone read my new poem and let me know what they think?
please tell me what u think of this poem/rap i wrote at church camp?
A poem about knowing the source, comments?
suggest me title for this poem?
Pls. I'm really desperate for a few lines!!!!!!?
What do you think of my poetry?
Will you c/c a revised script of the Greek poet?
Will you go with me to homecoming?
A poem about my grandma..what do you think?
Do you like this poem i just wrote ... Opinions?
please rate my short poems?
What does the poem - the house of christmas by gk chesterton mean?
Can anyone give me a detailed analysis of the poem 'A London Fete' by Coventry Patmore?
What are the acts of love in George Herberts poem, "Love" ?
Help with poem! Urgent!?
A Serious Piece to critique.. ,Comment's?
what is a British poem about the honor and glory of war?
We interrupt your morning stuff for another Special Blab?
what u think bout my poem, oh and ten points if u can guess what its about, real easy?
Literary Devices Help?
Thoughts on this poem? not finished but could use some c/c?
a poem a girl sent it to me 65 years ago?
will you rate my poem (watching me)?
Is there any metaphors or similes in "Haunted Houses" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow??
Can you give me your real opinion on this poem?
Could someone help me with a poem?
Do you think my poem is good enough to win?
My Mustang, Draped over the Sylvan hill?
help with poetry analysis. i don't understand this poem?
William Blake peom?
"what light be light if silvia be not by" what poem?
whats this chant thing?
It is just a simple poem I wrote. What would you call it?
Can you critic this poem?
Can some one help me translate this Poem:?
any oppinions on my poem?
new poem, what do you think? should i improve it?
Opinions on my poetry ?
ok how about these 0.0 there not depressing =]?
Is seeing clearly an illusion?
Been a while since I've posted a Haiku, what do you think?
A messy palette inspired by Mizzy?
Left Side Features................?
do you like it?
A poetic rant for your enjoyment…?
How can I compare a person to the night? Help please!?
what poetic devices are used in the poem fear by gabriela mistral?
I wrote this. Is it any good?
Will you please c/c Alterations, a poem with two authors?
I need help on making a poem?
Poetry experts please help me!?
matthew arnold obstacles he faced in his life as a poet?
READ MY POEM!! <3 feed back appreciated! =)?
How do I finish this poem?
Do you like my '5 minute' poem?
Romantic elements in Spenser's The Faerie Queene?
Were you impressionable as a youth?
"Sonnet 65" how else could you convey your words as true? Care to C/C this poem?
I haven't written in forever, but how's my poem?
Can you hear the stone, or...A day at the museum?
Is Religion a theme for the poem "The Seafarer"?
Can someone post the poem Inland by Andrew Motion?
a poem whit 30 math words?
New Poetry style is my poem good?
How can I make this a haiku?
any thoughts on this poem?
Tell me how you like this one?
What are some themes of Walt Whitman's poem, Songs for Occupation?
What do you think of this conceit poem?
please read my poem and thoughts?
A longer poem - not happy with it but what do you think?
Where was your Super Secret hiding place?
hope someone can help??
When we was allowed, will you comment please?
Can anyone help me analyse this poem?
Have we created "brands" of emotion in order to satisfy ourselves?
A poem for Dutchess?
Two hearts joined by a thread, a Chinese saying. Any know?
May I invite you to this poem?
Creative Writing my first big poem help!?
read my poem please?
I need a short poem, for a couple who are thinking of breaking up?
Is there a limit to the power of poetry?
A poem? Will you read it?
whimsical Australia poem. Comments?
What do you think of my poem?
Don't ever know how these will turn out but will you read any-who?
what is the meaning of the poem "Alone" by edgar allen poe?
Do you like this poem?
Can anyone help me explain this Poem?
Is this good for myspace profile?
Are there any writing contests or competitions in Las Vegas, NV? Or poetry contests? please help! ty.?
Poem to a girl i need feedback?
What do you say about this poem? Where do you place it on the scale from 0-9?
How is this poem?
Would anyone be willing to rate my poetry? Please and thank you!?
What do you think of this poem?
new poem is it a fart poem?
Comment if you will on a revised poem, "Carriage Ride"?
please read first poem?
Be harsh -- how is this poem?
Villanelle poem starters?
Do you argue with your computer?
does anyone know any good poems for a honors 7th grade project?
if writing poetry is "EMO"?
anybody read the poem "ways of talking" by ha jin?
The difference between night and day, a morning reflection poem, c/c?
What say you to a darker Angel? A poem?
What do u think of my new poem?
Could someone please provide an honest critique of a short poem I wrote today?
Need review on my poem?
What do you think of my phonetically rendered street poem?<3?
What are some words that sound good in poetry?
What do you think about my sestina?
would you be so kind as to critique this poem of ours?
This is based on When Dove cry by Prince. How is this; Only two lines are Princes.?
What inspires you to write?
Creative writing class poem?
Is this day lifting you up ...into a smile?
just for fun: any poetry ideas?
What are some powerful poems?
what do you think about that poem?
I think I shall call this a poem...comments or critics welcome?
Why do my fingers smell of Dumbarton Swimming Baths circa 1972?
A Visual Poem: Musical Solitude - could you please comment?
Stupid/funny poem, help?
What is the irony in lines 7 and 8 of shakespeare's sonnet 55?
may i hear your thoughts on this poem?
Do you 'member how things were ....before?
what do you say about my poem?
Help with poem analysis: song of hope by kath walker?
I received this poem in an E-Mail - What do you think of it?
This is driving me crazy?
What song should I play while I say this spoken word and what do you guys think of the spoken word itself?
What is an Acrostic Poem for this?
Villanelle poem starters?
feelings ?
English Help, Poem Dulce et Decorum Est?
Is this poem fair warning of "Fall"?
What is this poem about?
Have you lost a talent? A sad rumination, c/c?
I need your oppinion on this story? (Written by a 12 year old girl..)?
Make me a poem please?
3rd poem, please give your opinion, criticism, i am not trying to be a master of poetry, just a better writer?
Another for comment?
Help me finish this poem?
is this a good poem........?
What's the difference between open and close or submerged plot?
What If Poetry USA "RED-CARDED" All The UK People Like Cassie, Iano, Danny, Barry, Grannyjill et al ?
Looking for the words to an old poem?
What is your opinion on this?
I think words are cool! Even when they are just words!?
What do you think (Specific C & C please) of this new Golden poem?
Could you comment on my take on winter?
Will you rate this poem out of 10?
What is you favorite form of poetry?
Poem by E.E. Cummings?
Classic birthday poetry...?
Writing a poem about Amelia Earhart! Thoughts? Ideas?
2 poems by me tell me what you think plz and ty?
What are your thoughts on this poem?
What Bukowski collection is the poem "The Laughing Heart" From?
i need help with a rhyming poem!!!!!?
How to write in a more vivid way?
What were Archibald MacLeish's general beliefs in poetry?
How can I improve my protest poem?
Which is your favorite.......?
What is the theme of the song "She Will Be Loved"??
Limerick poetry safety labs for science?
Can some1 help me write a poem about bronx masquerade?
Linkin Park's Iridescence?
ABC poem (acrostic) for Harry Potter :) PLEASE HELP!!! thanks! it must be 4 word sentences!?
do you know a poem about eggs?
is this a good poem i wrote?
Do you want to look at another poem.?
Are lines 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 in the right place?
can someone write me a Heroes Series poem for me ?
Good or No good??? poem?
Assignment for poetry, advertising poetry?
Can anyone give me good poem?
Ladies, does poetry turn you on?
What do you think of my poem that symbolizes emptiness?
hey... can you tell me if this 'emo' poem is any good? thanks?
Poem from me good or bad?
Post-Shakespeare Sonnet?
What do you think of my new style?
Is it a bad thing to write your pain in a poem?
Have you heard of.....?
Ode to Mrs. Bridge....Have you ever been down Bayou LaFourche?
What are these type of poem called?
Look at my poem? It's short and funny? Critique?
Limerick Poem anybody?
Does this poem suck? Please tell me.?
I need something dark to write about, any suggestions?
When you make a mistake in your question, is it only polite to take the bloody thing down?
This is an old poem, what do you think of it??
Check my LOVE Poem?
Help naming my poems?
Thoughts. Opinions. Suggestions. Criticism.?
Who are your top 5 favorite poets?
help with a poem please?
Can death be adequately described in a sonnet?
Hair turned purple is not that bad at all?
is this poem any good, please reply?
Star if you like this poem?
Please tell me what you think of my poem/song?
What about this??
the Wanderer rhythm (scansion)?
plzzz answer i need a acrostic poem for atmosphere that describes the atmosphere?
Want To Read A Poem Of Great Social And Political Significance I Wrote?
check out my poem please?
How can I improve this?
Can someone give me an example of a sound poem?
Is my poem any good? ?
How does This poem for her sound?
With daylight savings time, please tell me what time it is?
I can not belief I wrote this poem. What do you guys think of this?
So how is your life going?
suggest me best hindi poems?
Second poem for tuesday. this is a rewrite, hopefully it is clearer. How do you like it.?
"Unborn" a poem about roe vs. wade.do you like the perspective?
Can someone give me an example of an ballads poem?
Have you heard a funeral dirge?
POEM: Ex-Basketball Player by John Updike?
Help with writing!?!?!?!?!?!?
*It has been a While... perhaps a poem, prose or just a train off the track, your thoughts, please?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poem??
Do you like 'em short and hard, or...subtitled for the lesser ones?
Can someone help me analyze Next by Ogden Nash, please?
This poem is a diversion.. Do you hate packing to go on trips?
What would you think of a poem that you would need a dictionary and thesaurus to comprehend?
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?
Any idea for a Rondeau?
Some help with poetry?
Okay let me know what you think, Just a rough draft c/c?
Will you comment on this shorty please?
any thoughts on this piece of writing?
Who wants to c/c this "Paradigm of Venus On Steroids" poem?
What are 2 acedemic journal articles of Walt Whitman?
Will you C/C on the new script {Dark Angel} of the Greek poet?
Please can someone help me with this little thing?
Is there a time when you can justify sinning? C/C?
a poem for you?
i need a poem for my sister?
Please give me an example of a filipino poem or the tula related to a mother or child.?
How is my poem? Please pour in your suggestions ! :)?
How to write a religious poem?
whats a good bio poem for Clarence thomas that sounds educated and good?
What do you think the theme of this poem is?
The character sketch of the village school master --poem by oliver goldsmith?
can you help me with these english questions??...poem 'THE PSALM OF LIFE'?
Have you ever discovered what you thought to be a new species?
Do you have any idea what this means?
Can anybody give me the poem anything you want, you got it by maggie anderson?
music poems?
How do I finish this poem? Please help!?
What can you say about periwinkle blue? Can you make a poem? The sky is that color right now.?
Whats Your Best Poetry/Lyrics (((((HAPPY/SAD/HYPER)))))) BEST ONE GETS 10 POINTS!!!?
Finish the last line of my poem......?
PLEASE HELP ME !! i have been writing poetry for years how do i get them patent?
what do you think of this poem?
Where is he? A very short sort of poem?
What is this song about?
what do you guys think of my 'poem'?
What thoughts on this 'Day In The Life Of A Parkbench Man' poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my poems? Are they any good?
Opinions on this poem about cutting?
Happy mother's day............?
do you like my poem...........?
A Christmasy poem...to mother dearest...?
could someone please rate my poem?
poem about a horse?! good or bad?!?
(Reposting of a previous question.) What does "I touched her thigh and death smiled" mean?
Poem. comment.?
How does this work for a 14 yeare old?
Guilt in Shakespeare's Macbeth!?
I fear I have caused too much trouble in Y!A poetry today......?
Poem for your C/C What would you title this poem?
I have another poem for you guys... "My Depression Stage"?
what are the famous poems by kahlil gibran?
its a poem i wrote.. im in 8th grade.. is it horrible?
What do you think about when raking leaves?
Are you supposed to capitalize the first letter of each line in a poem?
Poem Help 5 lines ? Easy 10 points !?
i am writing a poem and i need to know what i give.....?
ok,I wrote this about a guy,there are my honest feelings,lol,what do u think?
Good free Verse so far? Please Help?
Comments wanted for this poem (is it funny-or not-or would you call it risque?)?
Is this poem okay?
What is this poem about?
Is there a place for lace in heaven?
Will you read this poem inspired by Nancy?
What is the meaning of the poem 'Night of the Scorpion'?
Assignment for poetry, advertising poetry?
poem...read and comment?
poem advice?
Did you ever have to go pick your own switch?
Can coffee damage a Fairy Tale romance?
A poem for your thoughts?
I dont understand the third part of the poem 'if i were a sunshine' Please help?
What Poem Is This?! 10 Points?
What do you think of my poem?