What do you think of my poem?
Are these some slightly original lines?
What should I write about?
Does this poem have to many questions/question marks in it?
What does it mean by...........?
Would Mark Twain approve of this?
Can someone please do a quick Analysis of this poem?
Like my new poem?
I can't find the right words. Where did they go? C/C?
will you please judge my poem?
What do you think about my poem? Could you please tell me?
What do you think of this poem? (help wanted)?
I just wrote a poem! Tell me what you think.?
How to write poetry?
Taken Away?
I hope someone here can help, I heard a poem comparing a man and woman touching using the 50 states.?
If you could do any thing in the world you wanted, at this moment, what would it be?
What rhymes with sesquipedalian?
Just one more???
what rymes with orange? i need to make a poem with it.?
What of the old man...?
my poem please tell me what you think?
What do you think of my rap/poem?
Are the line breaks effective here, or...all the news you need to know is not news at all?
what do u think of the poem i wrote?
Can people give me their opinion on my poem?
Can Yuhh help me with my poem?
what do you think of this poem?
How do you write a poem that is in the subject of two-tone and has to be about me?
How many of your contacts are Mothers?
Can stories be poems, or are they just unfinished emotions?
who is a great australian poet?
What is the poem from For Colored Girls.. Nyla I think tells it while in the hospital..?
Need help with another limerick?
Please help me with the technical stuff?
Never thought I would post this "ode" Seems apt for today, Comments?
What do you think of my second poem?
Help on writing a sonnet starting with "Shall I compare thee to..."? What is something that is pretty, perfect
Could I have your opinion on this poem?
why is the first scene of each act important in Macbeth?
"On My Way" a very provincial poem of superstitious lore, care to C/C?
How do you write a color prose poem?
Will you comment on a lament please?
Help me finish a Short Poem with a Rhyming Sentence? Looking for inspiration...?
My name is Caleigh. Pronounced K-Lee I need a homecoming rhyme (: someone please help me!!!! ?
Have you dug up Uncle Arthur yet? You know how he loves to scare the kiddies...?
Honest opinions; I want to know.?
What you think about my poem?
Would you comment on this shorty please?
what do you think of my poem?
How can I improve this poem?
When and where did William Shakespeare write this?
What are Poetic Devices?
I need some poems for 6 th grade please?
Was this meant to be a compliant?
Need Help Understand A Poem?
A good acrostic poem describing tell Tale heart from Edgar allen poe?
This guy I like wrote me this poem. What do you think, and what does it mean?
What do you think the person who wrote this text was trying to say?
2 short love poems. 1st the way I wish it was, 2nd the way it is. Thoughts?
I need help writing 3 short poems!!!!?
Critical Analysis of a poem?
Ginsberg struggles to create a uniquely American poetry. What does it mean to be an American to Ginsberg?
What's a good thing to write a poetry slam about?
poetry help!?
What do you think of 'The Morning...She Be Dancing The Night Away' morning pome/poem?
Analysis questions on the poem "The Sun Rising" by John Donne?
What is a good poem that describes the education (or lack thereof) children in the Victorian era?
What makes you....think...you can write a poem?
Here is a part of a poem, rubbish or truth?
Have you noticed this change at YAP?
A Hand to Get Started....what do you think?
help with poetry analysis?
Mental Release?
A poem of triangulation, sort of, critique?
For those of you who do not understand poetry, or certain aspects thereof?
Why is it we are so eager to have strangers critique our work?
What do you think of my poem?
Hey what do you all think of this little poem thing?
can someone help me write a ?
When do you stop giving and start showing?
Comments, are words tangible?
is this poem a good one?? serious answers plz!?
How do I write the bully poem from a boy or girls point?
Would this be the use of Onomatopoeia?
i wrote a new poem...heaven?
Poetry contest scams. What can I do if I may have fallen prey to one?
Is my poem good?
i need help making a poem?
Would the style of a poem include literary devices?
i need some ideas for a poem about working harder in school?
How and what things can I add on to this (doesn't have to be good) poem?
What is this poem about?
can you look at this please? id appreciate it.?
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
can anyone look at my poem about rain?
Do you see yourself in your grandchildren? Comments?
I answered an eighth grader's question and was pleased with my results, c/c?
Please, tell me what you think about this poem?
The Ode to a Cheerio!?
Your thoughts, feelings and opinion on my poem?
Are there any good poetry analysis books out there?
how is it??
I wrote a poem, could you tell me what you think?
Do you know what others are thinking?
Another poem . Do you like it ?
This poem.... it could be called a poem right?
Is there a website I can put my poems in?
I wrote these poems for my 8th grade English teacher, please let me know your input I'm curious! Thanks!!?
Which Bob Dylan song could my college professor consider to be poetry?
When did your season start?
plz tell me a cinqauin poem for kids?
Thoughts on my poem? (As well as an alternate title?)?
There is a poem at the beginning of marvels infinity gauntlet that thanos says it starts with what merit has ?
dis a good poem.?
place to post poems online..any site??comment options will hep a lot..?
pls help me with a serious message or poetry rhyming or non rhyming for my grand daughter on her graduation?
Do you like this? I work really hard on it.?
Hows my poem sound?
Is this poem I made good?
in the poem Advice to my Son by Peter Meinke...?
What is the meaning of this poem? A guy wrote it for me?
i need an acroustic poem?
Poetry Terms?
Alfred Tennyson Religious doubt 'In Memoriam'?
what do you think of this poem? i need to no whether or not i should enter in my school magazine and comments?
Plz any one help me in my problem?
What is your favourite poem?
pleaseeee critique my poem??
Please comment on a poem on the topic?
Help me with this Poem..?
a poem for a friend getting surgery?
Can I get More Help on this Poem?
What do you think of my poem?
poems like she paints a pretty picture :)?
Another poem help?
Carl Sandberg wrote" the fog came in on cats feet" in which poem?
simon armitage?
Just wrote a poem can u tell me what you think?
What would you do if you caught a big ol' fish?
Poem, tell me what you think?
Help writing poetry!?
Want to do some exciting Ice Fishing? Would you please read my poem and join them?
Can anyone write a poem about rainbows?
can anyone click this link and tell me what kind of poem is it like couplet or elegy or something like that?
could you critique this poem please i just wrote it.?
I'm trying to get out?
Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess" (images and characterization)?
i need a poem that i can write a 90sec oral for?
A poem about ambition, will you critique or comment on it please?
How can the idea of nature be compared and contrasted in Song of Myself and The Clod and the Pebble?
Please read my poem...?
What is the rhyme scheme of this poem?
Best Format of poetry to win a contest?
What do you think of my poem?
What is "In with a bullet, out with hearts" suppose to mean?
is this a good poem #2?
Is my poem good? 1-10?
A Black Widow Spider and a Donkey.....Yes, it means much, so much, so very very much to me....?
what do you think of my poetry?
Words to describe tea?
I don't understand this poem!? 10 points.?
How to eat a poem?
How closely can you examine yourself? c/c?
Last words in anger, would you consider this a poetic?
what is "fool's prayer"?
is the poetry nation contest a scam?
Would you comment on a poem about the absence of laughter?
Does anyone know the title of this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Urgently trying to find a poem?
I have great difficulty understanding this poem. Help me understand the theme of it?
Is this poem good?? Roses are red Violets are blue I love you lets say "I DO"?
poem website?
Aren't you tired of all this "Doom and Gloom"?
Will someone send me in the right direction?
Help me write a poem?
Most Haunting- a poem I wrote in a free-time media lesson. my teacher said it's freaky. what do you think?
Anyone good in poetry and want 10 points?
I need a 14 line English Sonnet about the Globe Theater?
Sonnet to Autumn. You like?
Does this poem describe a Power Outage?
When it comes to writing poems and writing in general?
How is this simile? A martyr hanged in the forests as the sun hangs in the trees of early morning.(Seshendra)?
Please comment on my summer poem?
Please tell me what you like about this poem?
Can I also try the Tyburn? Is this a real one or not?
POEM; *Love With Intermissions* feedback?
"for all we have and are" Rudyard Kipling?
which type of sonnet did john milton used in When I Consider How My Light Is Spent?
Does anybody know a good poetry book?
I need a 45 second poem..any suggestions?
Can Miniver Cheevy's attitude about contemporary culture be compared to Willy Loman's "Death of a Salesman?
Write me an acrostic poem please?
One of my friends said that this is very bad writing,your thoughts?
Please read and give your true opinion! It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.?
What are some good, famous poems that are 2-3 minutes in length?
What does my poem make you think about?
poem edit, is it better?
can someone edit this poem for me?
What do you think about this poem?
Is this a good haiku?
what do you think about this poem i wrote?
What is closure & when & where do you find it? and how...?
poem...read and comment?
Will you offer a C/C on a Hair Cutting poem, by the Greek Poet?
Opinions on a poem I wrote?
Please give me feedback on my poem!?
What does this sonnet mean to you?
plz!!!! help me .....poem/ film that describe society?
My Poem.... "No Hiding"?
what is this a poem a letter type thing what is it?
What is a summary of the poem Water Night?
putting myself out there....critiques for poem?
What meter is Bishop's Sestina written in?
rate this poem?
What do you think of my poem? WWW + EBA?
What do u think abt this poem?
For people who are good at writing love poems? Please help.10 points..?
teenagers looking to get alot of money quickly from poetry contests?
Would you help with my poems? advice?
What do you do at the bar?
What is the rhythm in Henry Reed's poem "Naming of Parts"?
Have you ever missed someone so much that you could smash bricks and slide down a pole to get to them?
would someone be able to right a poem for me that is about revolution?
Why do you keep saying goodbye?
A football-ku, comment while I cry, thank you?
YOUR A STAR ....................POEM C/C the other me Pleases?
Doctrine of the Dogfight................................…
Thoughts on Extended Metaphor Poem?
Can someone help me with an ode about hate?
Is this really a poem or something else?
Where can i submit poem into a contest online?
Emily Dickinson #252 "I can wade Grief--": a few questions on specific language in the poem?
Which Maya Angelou poem is more "moving?"?
Is pleeeeeeeeeease begging?
Who taught you to drive, your mother or father or other?
Would would you rate my poem,10 points?
Read my poem thing? :)?
Here is a poem I just wrote. I want to know what a real poet thinks of it. Are you a REAL poet?
A little different offering from me, could you critique please?
What is this poem? need help please?
Stars in Bars.......Fappy Jorth of Huly ...Is your flag waving today?
what is this kind of poem called?
Do you like my new poem?
what can I add to my poem to get an a??
I need help with this sonnet?
Are you ready for happiness in your life?
what did Robert frost talk about in his poems? (hes a poet)?
what do you think this poem means?
Need some suggestions or inspiration for a poem?
Might you offer any suggestions for this?
I have writers block, care to lend some ideas?
What's a fitting Easter gift for a YA Poet?
characteristics of American revolutionary literature period?
"Eternal Genius" an as-I-ponder-it-typed poem, please c-c?
(Misty Droplets) - poem, c/c if you may?
suggest me some good poems?
Do you know how to cook? I mean really cook?
Is this post secret corny ?
Do you understand the reason for the behavior? ?
What are the common concepts, feelings, or themes in poems written by shakespeare?
Another vintage poem for you all--read and enjoy?
Are looks that important to you?
Care to read Friendship poem dedicated to Y!A friends?
Opinions on my poem I just threw together?
Need help completing this hyperbole.?
What do you think of this poem?
What are some of the themes of james whitcomb rileys poems?
Can you give me a poem about PRUDENCe or a prudent person?
What do you think of the poem i wrote in school today?
Are you left with a puzzled look on your face when Yapoo provides no reason for removing of your question?
Can someone give me an example of iambic pentametre in Othello or Hamlet?
Does this bird enjoy her singing?
i this a sonnet?
Poetry/English question?
A poem I'd love your opinion of?
will you c/c my poem?
Strange, sweet, romantic, or all 3?
Profile info...?
Anyone up for surfing?
Does a poem have to rhyme? ?
Poet who wrote Jellyfish?
Please rate my poem..?
A literature response to the poem Gold by Pat Mora?
What do you think of my poem "Please, God, forgive me"?
Can someone tell me what shakespeare is trying to say in this sonnet?
What do you think of my poem?
Borrowed back, will you comment please?
Your opinion on my newest poem?
What do you think of THIS poem?
HELP ME! Why did e.e. cummings decide not to use upper-case letters in his poetry??
i need a poem from a african american do u kno any???
Can someone please Help me write a sonnet?
Isn't it nice when.....words are nice?
Poem-Need help with title and need critisism?
Will you c/c a kinky question?
Does anyone know this poem by Alfred Noyes?
How do you feel about my poem?
What to title a poem about childhood?! :D?
What do the next ten lines of Du Bellay's sonnet mean?
Any links of a Petrarchan (Italian) Sonnet?
Does a poem have to follow a rythym?
What do you think? Comments?
God, God, God?
15 yrs old. Critique my poem "An Athiests' Perspective"?
please rate my poem with comments to help me finishing it?
How's my poem???
is this a good poem i wrote?
From an Emo to another Emo( No rhyme!)...do you understand how you make me feel?
Your breath is sweet Your eyes are like two jewels in the sky?
Can anyone guess who wrote this poem?
Need birthday poem or quote?
More of these Dadaesque tone poems; exercises in sound. Do you like this one?
Please read my poemish song I made in class?
When was "Love and Friendship" by Emily Bronte written ?
would you care to comment on a poem, about the sky tonight?
Do you know any words that rhyme with head ? for my poem.?
There is a poem starting" Beyond the Empyreum lies, Anticthon moving antiwise".?
Does anyone know the lyrics to this poem?
A quick Ku....comments/critique/galoshes?
Could you please give me feedback on my poem ??
Would it be possible for you to review my work then explain any thoughts and/or feelings it might evoke?
"It's Not Hate (A Love Letter)" I Wrote This, What Do You Think?
dose anyone know a good poem?
hows my poem for poetry class?
write a poem?
Who knows Emily Dickinson poems?
What are the( if any) pronouns in this last stanza? (Emily Dickonson)?
Is this suitable for Mother's day?
Why the tribesmen are "silent and subdued" in the poem we are going by oodgeroo?
Taking Poetry Lessons?
"Ode to the Obsolete" c/c?
What is The Dalliance of the Eagles by Walt Whitman about?
What is the theme of the Poem Nothing Gold can Stay?
Do you like this poem? I am 15 yrs old so go easy on me :P?
Poets, do you have a certain muse?
I left this open-ended on purpose, how would you close it up?
One last one for tonight. Comments OK.?
What was your "pacifier" when a child?
i want to submit my poem for an assignment, review please?
How is my new poem???
poetic devices in sonnet 20?
Is there ever any defined time for "Breaktime"?
Do you like my poem?????????????
Feedback on my poem please?
Is this a good poem, A distance?/?????
Fill in this poem i will never....?
Read this poem please, easy points. (Mr.X)?
What is a good short story topic?
I wrote this. It is a Poem. It is called a Terzanelle. Who has these eyes?
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas?
Is this insanity or innovation, or a whole new creation?
for all you poem writing lovers!?
Any opinions on my first narrative poem, The Old Cobbler?
okay so im writing a poem to my nephew should i add anything!!?
Survey: Do you like my poem ?
Can you sing this to the tune of Anchors Aweigh?
opinions please, original poem?
Can a poem serve as a parable?
Should I give this poem to my bf?
I'm looking for some feedback on my poem?
Here is my response to Semper, Ok?????
Can i get feedback / advice / input , on this poem please ?
who is the best Bangali poet?
Does this poem make sense?
Please critique my poem : D (Ode to the Ocean...)?
Favorite poet?
Does anybody know why......?
I would like critique on my poem please?
How should I end my poem and is it any good?
Villanelle. c/c?
What do you guys think about my poem?
Acrostic Poem Help?!?
how do u like my poem?
maybe if they knew(poem)?
Comment on my poem please?
Anyone Care to Comment?
help with a poem please?
Hey Y'all! I just wrote a poem not to long ago. It'd help a tone if you can tell me how to improve! thanks :)?
Can you make a cute,short, and sweet crush quote?
Can you make a poem which include these words?
dose any one have the analysis of shakespeare poem ( no more mourn for me when I am dead ) ?
New Poem to Critique by "My Black Abyss"!?
trying to find words to old poem or rhyme about the moon in the daytime and how fun to see the sun at night?
A poem called Mek The Infinite Madness?
What is it about a forest that draws us in, as if it were a magnet and we its targets?
Will you join us?
similes and metaphors?
stalkers from the sky (poetry)?
What do you think of this poem?
help anyone?
In need of some good poetry? Ideas please!!?
Whats wrong with this Poem I need good criticism?
does anyone know anything about shakespeare?
Can someone please write a poem with an extended metaphor or simile about a value, a feeling or an experience?
what is the theme of the poem "Disabled", by Owen Wilfred?
A poem, "the land that made me, me, I need a link, please help!?
How many of you write poetry?
What do you think about this poem?
Ideas for Writting a Sonnet?
Othello Act 1 and 2 themes?
Need to write a peom for my bestfriend. Need help.?
How much can we learn from children. Care to comment or critique my short poem, thanks?
What think you of this Gulf-water poem?
Do you think this is a good poem?
A werewolf poem? Is it any good?
I wouldn't thank you for a Valentine?
What do you think of my poem?!?
A...poem?Like it?Or not?
please read my poem and thoughts?
English homework... poem...?
What is the theme of The Execution by Alden Nowlan?
This is deep for me I do have many feelings on this poem, would you tell me what you think im saying????
Which Poem to Choose (To Kill a Mockingbird)?
short and sweet - will you please critique this poem?
What do you think of these lyrics I wrote?
Is this poem any good?
Slogan for Lithium ad?
Got a minute. I'm gonna write this in 5 minutes. Tell me what you think?
Here is a dirge that just spilled out of me...any suggestions for a title?.?
I need poem help??????????
What suggestions have you for humanity?
"Does anyone else?" please will you c.c this :D?
Is this poem I made good?
Can you please tell me the name of the author of this poem?
Acrostic poem for INNOVATIONS.?
Calling all poetry analysis experts!! Help answering a few qs about John Keats poem "To Autumn"?
my very new boyfreind stole something off me need a poem to send to him?
Poem for my boyfriend - try #2? What do you think?
need help on checking my self poem?
How would you descibe T. S. Eliot's Style in The Hollow Men ?
Haiku poem help......?
can someone please help me to write a nice poem i have a poetry cafe tomorrow?
Will you please read my poem and critique?
can you rate my new poem?
How do you like this poem?
Abomunist Manifesto, Bob Kaufman?
Need help with birthday poem please...?
Stupid poem i made up in 5 min what u think?
Time when i was homesick?
what do you think of this poem?? it's called the Teenage Experience....?
What do you think of my poem?
Please help... poems needed!?
Want ten points????
What is this poem I'm thinking of?
What is a good birthday poem about old age?
Poem about middle school year?
How should I finish this poem?
French speakers, please read over my poem and fix mistakes?
shayaris( poem) pyar ek bar ho to ushe bholapan kehte hai,agar?
rate my first ever poem?
A poem about your science and math teacher....?
An inspired Poem : Care to comment?
"And the Band Played On", a poem for c/c?
Is this a good poem?
Poem/childrens song/...what's the name of it?! :)?
16 line poem about Otzi the Iceman?
Do you like this?
What Do You Think Of This Poem?
do u like my poem called over the years? Be brutally honest?
Please comment on this short poem?
How a Haiku poem is written?
Will you C/C a poem on a Monet, written by the Greek poet?
poem...ever heard of it??
What do you think of this poem? Please Read!?
Have you ever received a gift that said...?
Will you comment on this please, it's not worth critique,?
Read my writing please? Im a beginner trying to write a novel :)?
An Arts Council Grant of 10 points for the best poem entitled ....?
What is an easy Lord Byron poem to memorize, that is at least 20 lines?
figurative language in you are the sunshine of my life?
Whats your favorite poem or saying???
Please coment on my poem?!?!?
a poem for a friend...?
In the end (rate 1-10)?
"Sonnet 56" Still about the moon, are there times when it looked different? Care to C/C?
Is this aHaiku's ...?
I don't know. What you think?
do u like this poem i wrote?
what real word rhymes with chirp?
I need ideas for a poem!!?
What is the tone/mood of this poem, and which lines convey the mood?
Poem help!!! 10 Points to best answer!!?
Rate my poem..............?
Dear Friends,Please see the poem "உற்றுப்பார்க்கிறேன்" in "nanvinai.blogspot.in"?
do you like my poem???????
What would you add to my analysis of this fabulous sonnet?
which poem is the easiest to interpret, find images about and find poetic devices?
Contest of poetry!!! write a poem!!!?
What say to the poem, "Wish List"?
Poem: Scifaiku - Renewal -- what do you think?
Rate please poems - by a Russian woman from Siberia ...?
what is a good POETRY book?
Random question about Anne Bradstreet's selected poems?
Compare Sonnet 116 & "The one that got away" by Katy Perry?
Ye poets of YAP - how do you keep it up ? The willing suspension of disbelief I mean?
A shakespeare sonnet or quote to use for this?
i need to find a poem about when i was a kid it had something about pokemon,fighting over power rangers.?
Could someone help me in poetry?
What would you consider to be a stereotypical poet?
Why does William Blake name his poem "The Tyger" with a Y ?
I'm writing a poem, but i can't find a word to rhyme with purple,?
Give me your rating on this one?
a poem i wrote, rate plz?
Why is the poet, William Wordsworth, eager to know the Solitary Reaper's song?
Do you know and good life statements about rudyard kiplings "if" poem?
do u like this poem i wrote?
Can you give me your thoughts on my poem?
what do you think about this?
how do you write a haiku peom plz tell me?
Quartet Poem Question?
What do you think of my poem so far?
so you think your a poet?
Why was this changed? I'm so disappointed !?
Feedback on some poems?
limerick poem?
for all the writers out there, poetry or otherwise?
poem heeeelllllpppp please?
A rewrite from a few months ago. Do you approve.?
Shall Man Untied Win ?
in shakespeare's sonnet 64 what is one image that show time's ruin?why doesnt the speaker's love console him?
Could anyone reword this poem to modern day language?
What do you think of my poem?
need this help?
this is the first poem i have ever written?is it good?
What does the song "hotel california" say?
PLease, Is My Poem Good?1?
Can someone help me write a quatrain and ballad poem?
How is this poem please tell the truth?
Please rate my poetry ?
does this poem/thing sound okay?
What do you think of the poem I wrote for the girl I like?
What do you think of my short poem?
what are some examples of figurative language in the poem song: sweetest love, i don not go, by john danne?
Will you tell me what you are thinking as you read this?
I need a 14 line spanish rhyming poem?
Do you like spiders? A pome?
Why is Poetry important?
Please help me I really need it?!?
On my first son analysis of the poem?
How do you feel about these kids trying to get somebody smart to do their homework for them?
Why you can't entirely trust the speaker in this poem?
Do you like poems about the Irish potato famine? Please C/C this poem?
Do you like this poem? I think is terrible?
Crime....a poem about misspent youth and reckless young adulthood combined with abandonment?
"Say what? Did I do wrong? HuH?" a poem, will you be critical?
Feedback on this poem I wrote? How is it?
My uncle wrote this before he passed. what do you think?
Care to comment?
Poetry help?
Another poem by me what do you think?
Wind Chimes...wrote this poem when my husband gave me some beautiful wind chimes but....?
Does this Ditty Cheer You Up Or Make You Want to Scowl?
What do you think of my poem?
can someone please help me with my macbeth paper!?
"Your mother won't like it" -- a poem; c/c?
As I think, so I am.?
What do you think about my Glee poem?
Any poet willing to write a poem for my sisters 70th birthday?
This is a good poem?
Updated poem! Comment your thoughts!! Please?
I need to write a poem about "inside this pencil"?
Help with poems?
I need help with my poetry project! PLEASE HELP.?
Yesterday's attempt at an erotic poem, expanded, what think you?
What do you think of this short poem that I wrote?
i need a poem fast!!!?
What are some poems about love or peace?
Poets: What was the first poem you ever wrote?
How's your mirror looking today? Comment on this poem?
Can you help me with a title for my poem? do you like it?
Have any professional Writers or Poets ever commented on your poetry ?
Would you title or comment my poem please?
Hey! Please rephrase this in simple English? it's not my first language and i am having the hardest time?
Motivational Quotes from Ulysses Poem?
can someone please write me a ballad poem?
Need help with a line in a poem...?
For mature audiences only.....?
Do you like my prose poem about glue?
what is the literal theme of the poem the witch?
Acrostic poem for "Live" and "Laugh"?
wat do u think of my poem and if something needs fixed let me no?
What is your favorite book of poetry?
Hi, I would like to know, what kind of sonnet is Shakespeare's "my mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun'?
Will you rate my Limerick?
T. S. Eliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"?
Drunken Memories: Poem Let me know what you think.?
Do people still answer answer questions? I need help writing a suicide depression poem?
Is there food for thought in this poem?
Do you like my poem? :)?
Who in the world is K. Johnson?
Will you comment on a native prayer please?
What does this simile mean?
What is the meaning behind the poem Platonic by Ella Wheeler Wilcox?
question about Romantic authors?
Explicating a poem. NEED HELP ASAP! PLEEEASE?
Does this poem make sense to you? (On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate it as)?
"There`s Little Bit Of Badness" please c-c before I go off..LOL..?
Can You Give all Elements of Poetry and the Definition?
Could you make any suggestions in improving my poem?
is my poem at least okay?
provide me with an explaination of Wordsworth"My Spirit Seal"?
Is anybody fond of three verse form?
Critique my poem? Tell me if its any good?
What do you think of my new poem, The Eagle's View?
What is a good quote for this picture?
What do you think of my new experimental poem about my cat?
What do you think of my poem? Thoughts? c/c please?
Is this a decent poem?
Do you like this poem I wrote? (Be totally honest! Scale 1-10)?
What does this say to you?
Please give constructive criticism on my poem?
PLEASE!! What language technique is this in this sentence?
I need more input, like a junkie I crave your opinion.?
Can you please help me with a storyline to seize the day type story or poem?
Please comment on my poem, its about my attempt of suicide?
What does this poem mean, I don't know the name?
Please comment on my poem?
Read this poem and tell me what you think. Be as honest as you can? 10 points for good insight.?
i like to see if you like a poem i made in class when i got bored?
I wrote this poem/short story; Is it good enough to present in school?
need advice about poem about global warming/pollution!?
Opinions On My Poems That I Wrote?
Do you like this poem?
A poem on the physical side of love, is it true?
Will you C/C on the new script (Andromache} of the Greek poet?
A Halloween Sonnet to C/C, please?
what are the chants you do on peoples backs?
Please, I need help writing 2 end rhyme poems!?
I need a poem?
What are your feelings on My very sad Poem?
Do you like my song/poem? I call it "Is There Love?"?
What's the difference between long and short syllables in iambic pentameter?
Poetic Elements?
Help me think of a best friend poem best gets 10 points?
I need a creative title for analysis essay on poetry about poetry...?
What is a song that connects to this poem?
What would you do if totally alone? c/c?
i need help with a poem that we are suppose to do about MARS.?
help with interpreting with this poem?
I need help with a poem?
Bjork venus as a boy? Properness mimics perfection perfectly but does this pertain or not pertain ?
I cant find the definition of Foot Poetry?
my concerning ABOUT BALLADS?
Are you good at poems?
what do you think is the subject of this poem?
Who loves Charles Bukowski? Who doesn't?
Will you comment?
Write me a poem please?
Help with quick word problem? Wont take much time, Promise!!? Help gets 10 points!?
About poem 'The Sick Rose' by William Blake?
A New Style: Care to Comment?
Anyone know of any good horse, country, country girl anything like that kind of poems?
Is it time for a punctuation reminder? What do you think?
What is the message or theme of this poem?
need help finding a poem....any english teacher's out there?
A poem of motivation?
Can you tell me what you think of my acrostic?
my poem----thanks for the feedback?
What is the poem, Exposure, by Wilfred Owen about?
Would you please rate my poem? I wonder if you can get the point I'm trying to convey, can you?
What do you think of my my poem?
What is a good hook for my essay about William Baer's poem snowflake?
What do you hope to accomplish when you write?
whats a good analysis of this poem?
Friendship or sister poems?
Will you C/C on a poem, written by the Greek poet?
The Epitaph of a Poet.........Do you like it?
Please help me finish my poem!?
can someone help me with poems?
Please understand my sentiments and respond as you see fit....?
Please critique my poem?
is this poem any good..?
what is the title of this haiku and who wrote this?
Hey Chaps, what do you think of my poem? eh, critique appreciated! Thanks!?
ballad poetry topics?
When critiquing this poem, please use phrases like "I don't understand" or "Please stop posting" or "Huh??"...?
A boy, a girl, a dog. Ya think?
I speak to trees; do you?
My Happiness comment if you like .?
Does anyone know any good South African landscape poetry for a year 3/4 class?
When are they coming out with a bionic heart already?
I wrote this poem, a request, I am not sure it is the best, could you please have a look, and see?
Would you like to read my poem "Pink Paws" and have a say on it's quality?
Does anyone know of a poem telling someone how proud you are of them?
Do you like my Scottish ballad?
I wrote this on my lunchbreak, as I was searching for inspiration. Obviously I found none, neverthless...?
list of poetry techniques please?
What do you think of this poem? your interpretation?
does this poem work?
How do you TPCASTT this poem?
Merry-go-round Poem.?
Where did the Victor Hugo poem "Be Like the Bird" originate?
How Do You Feel About My Monday LOVE poem ?
Repost--Well---30 mile an hour winds tonight, can you outrun what they'll bring?C/C, Happy HW!?
I need an example of a shakespreian sonnet that will at least get me a B?
Is this poem fair warning of "Fall"?
imagery in the lamb, william blake?
"Explore how John Clare portrays his first love and examine what he is trying to say about it" Help please!!?
PLEASE HELP!!!!! I am in 6th grade and i need an amazing poem for an oral reading competition!!!!!?
An early sonnet. c/c?
i want some title for this poem?
Would you agree that if you "Can't be with the ones you love, love the ones you're with"?
Hows this poem? Girls?
New poem I wrote 'anti' what you think ?
Please help with 8-line poem!?
What do you think about this poem?
Anyone care to take a stab at this Bukowski poem, with a focus on the last two lines?
Pleade only answer if you have never read this before and tell me what you think of it?
What does Groundhog day mean to you?
just a rough draft but let me know what you think?
What do you think this poem means?
I need a really nice poem for my nans funeral?
Edit Comment and Name my Poem..Easy 10 points..?
Will you read this work by Gene Bourne and yours truly?
Do you like my new poem?
How's my love poem I just thought of ;)?
15 line poem.........?!?!?
What think you of a 'Bourbon Street' poem?
power of what you say) my poem, please rate and comment.?
Title poem for a new working - thoughts??
I'm new to poetry. Can you tell me what you think about this poem ?
What do these song lyrics mean?
can people tell me if this poem is okay ? its about people who cant see a pourpose in life , they need help?
When I was one and thirty.....? HELP?
HELPP PLEASSE ); Are there any devices(imagery, metaphor, symbolism, etc...)in this poem?
How to use an evolving thesis within this Emily Dickinson paper?
What do you think should be my next verse in my ode/sonnet?
If we all remained children, would we survive?
ok poets...A question of ethics here...?
what do you think of this poem?
Do you understand my poem ?
Ice Fishing, The Conclusion. You do not want to miss this. Please come to my space?
Is this love?
need honest opinion on poem I wrote.?
Can someone give pictures about the plot / sequence of "The Seafarer"?
I need an acroustic poem for oddity?
If the Board of Education in your state asked to use one of your poems?
3rd poem in a row! are you ecstatic yet?
Un enhanced, will you comment please?
i would love to hear a little poem from the heart to a friend?
opinions? poetry essay.?
What are the words to the poem "What is this thing called love"?
Is this poem any good? (Title: The Moment)?
Can u please c/c my poem. Advice please?
New poem, any opinions?
do you write poems?
A story in verse with a moral, would you comment or critique for me, thanks?
Do true stories write themselves?
Do you truly expect a critical and well versed overhaul on your poetic offerings when you post them here?
A short poem " The day off "?
Would you please join me in wishing Ski-Idaho a Happy Birthday?
I need someone to totally tear this apart for me?!?
Will you.....................................…
Poem entitled ABOUT STORY by kahlil Gibran?
Im confused What does this poem mean ?
I have to do a preoject on a poet, does anyone know a really good one??
Does anybody know "Eva Dawn" (aka. Morbid Candy) from AZ, middle 20's, who writes poetry and rides horses?
What are some poetry sites with professional poetry on them?
Is this an epic poem?
Any bi-polar sufferers out there? I want to share my poem.?
Feedback on my poem please?
An abstract thought or a work of art. Which is this?
Is the second stanza a reverse, or normal, Haiku?
who's good at poem analysis? s!!!!?
how many lines are enjambed in sonnet 55?
Will you C/C on a Extremely Good Poetry related link?
Have you ever written a poem?
What is the meter of "Night" by Louise Bogan?
has anybody read the poem "the cities inside us?? by alberto rios if soo...?
Has only one read More than just a thought?
To Laugh Often and Much -best answer-?
Opinions on my poem (Abbadōn's Reckoning)?
What do you think of my poem, critique?
How Do I Write A Chorus?
Where is a good place to publish poetry?
What do you think of this poem-type thing (lol)?
Writing a sonnet about live love laugh?
what do you think of this poem?
please read.. it was one i did real quick.?
how poetry communicated?
Poets, do you really get into your work?
What are all of the hyperboles in the poem Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out?
Where can i share my poems and gets opinions?
what's all this shouting?
Will you read and c/c my edited Halloween poem?
RED RED ROSE POEM -- why do some people cheat in the Poetry category by?
Do you hide behind poetry because you are shy?
Is this the section called poetry?
what do you think of these poems?
What do you think of the poem about my blog?
I Wanna Be A Rapper Or A Poet?
Please rate my poem?Thanks so much, 10 points?
'The Raptor' C/C?.......?
Care to comment on my poem?
Do you like my new poem?
I ned a poem hyperbole poem with containing the letter V in the title.?
Would any be so kind as to respond?
Another poem XD please rate!!!?
Which poem by George Meredith inspired a composition for the violin and orchestra by...?
Nothing deep, just a dog story, comments?
Write me a poem please?
Apology poems?
Feedback on my poem please?
What is the tone of the poem "Sick" by Shel Silverstein?
What do you expect from a man with a wooden leg?
What are some good love sonnets?
What u thing about this poem its called open my eyes?
'I Want to Know You', is it possible to love too much? C/c, please?
I need an example of a reflective poem?
What do you think of my poem? It's short!?
help editing improving a poem?
Any comments on poem please?
let me know hows my poem?Comment any spelling mistakes let me know?
Writing a sonnet? Please help! Thanks.?
a short poem about a war torn country ?
Have you ever read a poem that gave you an epiphany?
Help me annotate Sonnet 67?
Opinions and/or comments on my poem? Thanks.<3?
I need an Alliteration poem with my name in it. (Jordyn) Help?!?
What is the symbolism in this poem?
Limerick: HONEST ANSWERS: if you tell me it's good, i'll assume you're lying!?
New Poem..............??
POLL: can someone help me write a Shakespearean sonnet about the sun?
Another of my poems since you liked the first I posted...
What do you think of my poem?
Advice needed???..........?
I've been writing poems for a year, now; when is the money going to start rolling in?
Would you mind giving comments or critique on this poem again, thanks?
is this poem ok?
What is the meaning of this poem? "Soldiers Return"?
What is this poem about? Its the raven?
Can you write a poem that describes Victorian London which includes poetic devices?
Pain Within Clouds, please read and tell me what you think?!?
Help on my poem please?
A poem written for one of my contacts just to say thanks. Do you think this is good enough?
What does this poem mean??? i dont understand it??
Please critique and rate my poem!?
anyone like my poem? and please no negative comments?
Need help annotating poem and answering questions!?
How should I write a short poem on a social issue that consists of Earth's features/orbits?
Can anyone please send me this poem again ... i want to use the poem?
Help with this poem!?
William Shakespear's Sonnet LV (55) + Wendy Cope's "Not only marble, but plastic toys"?
Which is your favorite old style poet?
Poem help!!! 10 Points to best answer!!?
metaphor poem?
Where can I find a Spenserian sonnet NOT written by Edmund Spenser?
What does this poem mean? #L by Derek Walcott?
Okay. 2 down, too many to go....?
Will you remember what this Acrostic spells?
Is this a Shakesperean Sonnet?
A poem about a Saturday morning, just for fun, comments?
So easy, but what about the others? c/c's please?
How Pat Mora got her ideas for writing poetry?
Please rate my poem on a 1-10 scale. It's titled, "My Wants"?
A Poem I JUST WROTE.........????
Will tell me if my poem is good, or what it needs?
What is the theme of Genius Child by Langston Hughes?
what mood would this be?
what do think of this poem..?
Yellow Brick Road Poem?
A poem in between moving. How do you like this.?
I revised this it I don't think its anywheres near as corny can I get feedback ?
Does your appearance make you sad?
Another in the style called 'Dorsimbra'. Do you like it?
Tried to translate a beautiful song based on philosophy of life, from some other lang to English.Plz review &?
Is this a good poem at all?
Easter 1916 William Butler Yeats question?
Can coffee damage a Fairy Tale romance?
An added stanza to fight through it all...?
Did your life kill the dream you dreamed? A villanelle to c/c?
Whats ur fav line of poetry?
Last one for today Very dark and I hate the subject. Commments?
I need a 26 line poem by tonight can anyone help me?
What poetically becomes of the One Ninety Nine?
Is it weird that on EVERY question I post in the poetry section, I get exactly 17 answers?
I have a poetry quiz tomorrow can you help?
Whisper,, LADIES a poem,, comments thoughts always welcome :)?
What do you think of my poem?
any comments on this poem?
Who Wrote This Poem??? Cause I See It Everywhere!<3?
What's your dad like?
Can you suggest a poem for a 5 year old? About 10-12 lines long!?
Some more words...keep these...but send me a few of yours?
When I wrote it it sounded good, now idk?
"For America!" a spontane, forgive me or whatever b4 any report....c-c?
Why oh why?
Does Anyone Know Any Good Poems?
What's happening on Mars?
Need poem interpretation for assignment?
please tell me what u think of this poem i wrote.?
What do you think of my poem?
Where are my contacts and why do they call themself now Oops?
What do you think of this piece of writing?
Do you like my silly Halloween party invitation?
Words that rhyme with...?
Opinions and suggestions on this poem i wrote plz!?
What was the main difference between 17th century poetry and 16th century poetry?
Which book of Shel Silverstein had a poem about March 25th?
How do you dig up a whole??? G'morning! Comments/critiques?
What do you think of the poem i wrote?
Back with another of my poems , can i get feedback please ?
What is the prose, or plot, of the poem The Taxi by Amy Lowell? What are 3 ideas from the poem?
Emily Dickinson's Poetry?
How do you edit your poetry?
Do you like my new poem?
What can you write a poem about here?
Abyss of flames (Poem that needs some feedback!!!!)?
What do you think of this poem?
Feedback on poem? Really would appreciate it!(:?
Can you please review this poem?
And do your memories still ring?
What do you think of this poem?
Kinda musin today, will you C/C please?
I wrote a poem, and now I need to know what a bunch of strangers think of it...Can you help?
A short poem I've wrote, - Your thoughts?
Inspired by Loose Change, I have written this poem. Do you like it?
Please read this poem I wrote?
What is a ballad poem for felix baumgartner?
My short poem 'The Knife Inside' ( It's sad btw)?
♥Ok...which one...or are they both bad?
space shot poem by gareth owen analysis?
Extended Metaphor Poem ideas. please help!?
Stolen from Dallas, will you accept that I did that?
what does it mean when someone says they are "wearing their heart on their sleeve?
Input on this poem.?
what do you guys think about my poem? check it out. :D?
After reviewing my life's work, I've found some basic flaws. Do you agree?
How can I make this poem better?
I got this poem for my class?
Please identify the figure/s of speech in every line with corresponding reason/s. Thanks! ?
Critique my prose/poem?
What's the weather like on Mars?
Cheesy's post-Halloween poem. Will you read it and stuff?
do you like this poem i made?
I'm stuck with this poem...?
What is the shortest poem by Edgar Lee Masters?
William Shakespeares "Much Ado About Nothing" Thesis Help?
Need help with poem Up-hill by Christina Rossetti?
Is this an acceptable attempt at poetry?
Do you feel sad about this poem?
i wrote a song tell me what you think?[I'm 13]?
Another poem from me. Tell me what you think?
What do you think of this poem?
I need help with alliteration for hunger games (Read description before answering...)?
Could someone help me with analysing the poem 'Water' by Wislawa Szymborska?
When is Memorial Day this year?
Poem for a Sixth Grader??
what do you think about my poem its called dead i wrote it about my best friend who comitted suicide?
Can you tell me what you think this poem is about?
Is the tendency to Troll, a proof of having something small... C/C on a poetic jig: "Absinthe Pig"?
Hows this story? Help me make this paper better?
What's your favourite poem?
when was John McCrae?
Curiosity by Alistair Reid question?
And do your memories still ring?
Anyone up for surfing?
Do you like my newest poem?
What' s a good title for this poem?
Inspiration From An Unknown Source...c\c?
poem about stuff im real bored :)?
Just you and me (a poem) please read?
Will you Please read this Poem about a Special Friend named Lucky?
what is a metaphor...ex. of it?
Help......Who can help me to intepret/ analyse/ summarise this poem? URGENT...?
Will you write me a 2nd short poem?
Would you c/c this old poem? Three on a Match?
Critique My Poem: I have Abandoned Your Love?
Hope it's not too late a time for you to read a little piece of poetic offering from me today?
can you help with with examples of alliteration within the poem Pablo Neruda 'here i love you'?
Sunday morning poem of worship, comments?
Could you die for someone you really love?
I need a poem approximately a page long?
.How do you write a poem or song about rape and sexual violence without actually mentioning it straight out?
can some find a poem?
literature interpretation?
What's a good poem about Australian Pride?
rate this 1-100. please be truthful =)?
Poem about any specific season! 10 points(:?
Please c/c my (revised) poem/prose?
READ! tell wat u think am i a good poet?
Do you enjoy a little bit of sausage with your poetry?
i need a poem for someone i haven't met but i want him to know that i exist..not too deep of a poem though thx
How is this poem......?
~The Screaming Never Dies~ Poem Feedboack?
What do your hands tell about you? A bitter little pill, c/c?
Do you like this poem?
how would you define a technique in a poem?
Just sharing my poems(feedback would be nice)?