Tone & theme of "much madness is divinest sense"?
What do you think of this poem and or free verse I wrote?
i need help on The Raven by edgar allan poe poem?
Will you write a poem about something you find yucky?
what is the poem late for work by shane ward?
is the poem half caste rugular or irregular?
What is the meter in 'Nurse's Song' by Willim Blake?
I need a poem for a performance?
Loves Me Not, will you read and comment?
I need Some good poems ?!?!? PLEASE HELP !!! =] Thnx?
Going to show this poem to my crush. I need feedback.?
Some of my recent Haikus....feedback welcomed!?
Closing my eyes is the fastest way to create another landing.?
Has poem ever been written in reverse? If so, what is it called?
hello there a poem again, constructive critiscism only, i posted this before but the trolls got to it?
18 writers (that I know!) have left because of TDs & trolls. Trolls are mindless but does care?
Do you always tip your waitress?
Will you C & C this first draft poem, please?
ode poem about basketball?
Critique my poem please?
What do you remember about high school?
need help with poetry homework?
A link for all my poet friends in Answers, is it acceptable?
help with this poem meaning?
As a light-hearted balance to gooshy love poems, here's the...Saddest Poem In The World...comments?
Does this sound good? do you like it?
This is not a poem. Is it?
Poem for english class. Opinions on the style?
Can anyone help me analyze this Judtih Wright poem?
Who can help me with suggestions?
Inspirational poetry?
Can someone please write me a physics poem, or mnumanic about physics anything!?
Have you ever seen the Devil?
What is the tone in the poem "be a friend" by Edgar Guest? and what is the poem really about?
Poetry analysis help??? Only 4 lines!?
Have you ever slept better knowing that Astrology was not a real science?
What do you think of my draft for my short story "She's Gone?
Is this poem good enough for my girlfriend?
Can you rate my poem?
Is this correctly phrased, or...I think I'm turning Yapanese?
C/c please? Another poem.?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
This time with Pic: Please CC Poem: The Haircut & The Recitial?
15 line poem on David Livingstone?
honest criticism of these poem please?
is my poem as bad as i think?
A light hearted look at speeding!! What do you think? I wrote it?
Quotes & Poetry question.?
i need English translation for this (Urdu) poetry?
Something that obeys no rules, just from the heart.?
Do you like the poem that I wrote?
How's this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Why can't I write anymore?
What do you understand about this poem?
Wondering if I should give this poem to a friend I really like... Give your opinion and any advice. Thanks?
Similar to DeviantArt: any recommended sites that allows sharing of poetry and prose?
"The Old Familiar Faces" - help!?
Can you tell me what you think of my poem? And make suggestions?
feedback on haikus? if you want to know the meanings i'll email them to you:)?
Help with the poem, Points of View by Lucinda Roy?
What do you think of this poem?
I need a party invitation poem? It's for college fresher's party, it should include disc, dance, etc...?
is this a good poem? feedback please(:?
Care to comment on a Superbowl poem? ?
What do you think of my poem?
poet laurate? is it a certificate or actual award?
One more time...Please rate my poem!!!?
Do you find the ocean breeze uplifting... please read and comment?
Please help me analyze this poem!?
Does this need more something to finish it? A poem?
is this a good sonnet?
Poem help: How would you feel if you received this poem from your best friend?
This one is called Fluffy Amnimals?
Poem for brithday plesee help?
Is there any free website for me to put poetry on display and read other's poetry?
Can anyone check my sonnet please?
Read The Poem "The Road Not Taken"! and tell me how does this relate to the theme of identity?
i need a little help with a poem for my daddy. i love him hes been there for me but i have nothing :( help?
Have you ever walked this walk?
Quick.. think of metaphors for the MOON..!?
Beyond Recognition, would you comment on and/or critique this poem?
Are you hungry?
Can someone help me write a sonnet about spring please I need for tomorrow!!!!?
Is my poem good? If not how can I make it better?
Have you put your Make-up on?
Breakup poetry, anyone?
A rewrite/re-post/re-something that may be too vague, or not; thoughts?
Is this Valentines Day Poem Tasty at all?
Would you read a poem titled "ma's advice"?
Need title for this poem!?
Will you read my answer to someone who asked for it? C/C if you can?
read my poem and tell me what it means to you?
Can anyone help explain what the poem Butt Prints in the sand is about?
Name a word with the 3rd letter being o?
OMG lolololzzzzz a short poem 4EVA?
Help on Barabra Allen poem?
A poem for those who were victims of rape?
things fall apart book, help me?
i need help writing a poem?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
Do you enjoy a little bit of sausage with your poetry?
When was 'To Be In Love' by Gwendolyn Brooks written?
Okay, this one is inspired by a few I have read today...is it rubbish or a keeper?
Two short related poems, will you offer comments or critique?
What do you think of my poem?
So, I'll play because I'm bored with the tripe I read...?
Can someone rate this poem from a 1-10?
Has this ever crossed your mind?
What is prose? [20 characters]?
I need help in some home-works, in poetry.?
A poem with a twist in the story .......?
poem i wrote dedicated to the girl that stole my crush(bff too) and then broke up with him?
Please read my poem tell me what you think?
critque anyone?
A small history in a poetic medium? c/c?
Hide Yourself Away -Poem?
A poem about me in a sense?
GCSE "English" Anthology poems are stupid, pointless, by foreign authors and anti-British?
i want to get paid for reading poetry in st louis?
Analysis of the Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock?
a tribute to Y/A poets.....?
how about this one? need comments?
Do you ever flash back to simpler times?
What is the poem White Eyes by Mary Oliver about?
Has anyone got a limerick/poem?
How can I improve this poem?
If i gave this to the girl i like, would it be creepy or cute and romantic P.S. i am 14?
A Rewrite for James's poem to Natasha?
Read and Comment on my poem/advice ?
Need two Free Verse Poems !?
Do you like this little poem?
What is contemporary poetry?
If you have ever regretted "Dropping Guard," would this poem describe how you felt?
What do you think of 'Morning's Preparation And Serving' morning pome?
Comment on my poem, tis about the wind =)?
Anyone Care to Read my Poem?
How would I punctuate this poem?
my new poem? bear in mind im 14 and very upset!?
Would this qualify as a free verse poem?
what do you think my poem is about????????10 points?
What happens when Magic goes out of your life?
what do u think?
Famous poems on peace or freedom?
What is some good poetry to read at Sprachfest?
Any comments or helpful critiques to offer on this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
has anyone ever heard of a poem called "The Yellow Steeple"?
What does William Ernest Henley's poem Invictus mean?
A question about dreamspost.com?
Have you ever played B-Ball naked?
Comments and suggestions welcome?
Maybe if they all would have said "Just one more day, and I'll see what happens...." Maybe not...?
Like My Haiku?
Opinions on an edited poem?
Anyone familiar with the John Keats poem " The eve of St Agnes" if so can someone tell me the general story
Poem? Be gentle please!?
What do u think of this poem?
I need a Poem pretty easy to memorize and it has to be 28+ lines, preferably as close to 28 lines as possible!?
Love poetry does anyone know links to poetry competitions?
Is this a true Kyrielle?
May I share a poem inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "Little Match Girl"? c/c?
"Sonnet 64" What should you do if you won't want to rush where angels fear to tread? C/C?
What do you think of my short poem?
can some one make a petrarchan sonnet about a dog even just half of it?
What do you think of this poem?
What clothing does Black Ice (poet) rock sometimes?
Can someone summarize what this poem is about?
Thoughts and advice on my poem?
Do you like this poem?
Can somebody tell the me life story of the poet Wallace Stevens?
poetry contests?
Will some one please tell me what you think of this?
Can someone please help me interpret what the poet Lorcas is trying to say in his poem!!?!?!?!?
Will this poem be ok for mars?
How to start a descriptive essay on roses?
Good public domain story to make into a short film?
Anyone have a hammer with them?
Poets... What color is your bedroom?
Do you like this poem?
does my poem have meaning?
My poem...=]?
How's this poem I wrote? Good bad or okay?
Please rate my poem. Thanks in advance!!!?
How does this poem for my crush sound?
HEY! pelase read my poem....i have 2!?
analys Elizabeth Barrett Browning how do i love thee ?
I need help writing a haiku about cable tv.?
do you write poetry? if so, share something you wrote?
something is missing - could it be love?
Will you C/C on a script of the Greek poet and on an oil canvas?
What does this poem mean?
Just a verse I wrote for a song. Comment and it will mean a lot to me. What do y'all think?
what are some tips for writing poems HELP!!!?
HEY WRITERS....Do you care whether or not...?
What does her poem mean? 10 points!?
My first attempt at a love poem. ?
Where I can find a free text of essay "On Grief and Reason" by Josif Brodsky?
rabindranath tagore's poems and it's summary?
Is this a good poem?
Help translating poem?
What's The most 'the cleverest'?
Once Bitten, a poem. Will you c/c please?
Can you comment on my poem please? Pretty please?
Poetry analysis on this poem by David Hernandez?
what in the world is going on?
please critique my first poem?
What does this poem mean?
is "hidden heart" a poetic device? YES OR NO :)?
What's your opinion of this one?
What does the last stanza in the poem mean?
Do you like this poem& how does it make you feel?
can you hear what i'm saying.?
What about the ones left behind. A poem?
having problems with this?
Will you C/C on a script (Andromache} of the Greek poet?
When did you last say "Welcome Home"?
So tell me, do you hear me now?
...how do you protect a dream?
have you received this email also?
What was the name of that French Romantic poet? Fourcord, or something?
Memories, will you C/C please?
Nights almost gone?
Care to comment on a free form poem of mine?
how do you like this?
A tribute for someone special. Can you help me improve it please?
Analysis of Cantos 17, 18, and 19 from Dante's Inferno?
did the woman in sonnet 18 die?
Is this a good poem about the one you love?
my new poem what do you think?
How's the air you breathe?
What's a legitamate site to send poetry?
What is the atitude for the poem if, by ee Cummings?
Do you like this poem?
Need Help.. have to write essay comparing and contrasting 3 Dickinson poems?
Comments on a poem about faith in friends?
Care for a thought provoking poem?
What would this mean: "Bread thou were born & bread thou shall remain".?
Is this how one should answer a poem on this site? example below?
Need a short poem!?
So lonely the night?
Is this new poem of mine any good?
Who said "I saw that god made adam out of dust so I tried to make love out of lust"?
Here is the rewrite of "together" I took all suggestions and put them in. How do u like it.?
A poem about the Holocaust?
Latest poem..I would love to know what you think?
Help me fix my poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
2 Poems eternally linked to unrequited love?
Poems like "Sea Fever" by John Masefield?
i wrote this poem and i was wondering what people thought of it?
Rate my poem plz?and plz be honest?
A poem for the him and her... read?
What do you think of this Multiples Of Creativity poem?
Is this a good poem?
i need help with a poem for my mom's birthday?
please comment on my poem?
can someone help write a free verse poem for me?
What do you think of these words?
What year did Siegfried Sassoon write 'Blighters' in? World War One poetry?
In the poem Soldier's Farewell?
Was coldplay's song the scientist about gweneth paltrow?
Would you care to read and comment on my poem?
Can anyone tell me the summary of poem Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe by JOHN DONNE.?
Someone stole my poem on answers?
What does the word gold evoke when you hear it?
whitch poem do you like better, i wrote both?
Are the poems you write somewhat attached to your personal life?
ocean scent?
I let the muse loose she penned this ...A Poem? Do you suppose she needs a break?
whoever can write the best poem gets 10 points?
What is the greatest poem ever written?
need help with a line for a spanish poem.?
Write me a poem please?
This one didn't get nearly enough TD's last time.......?
Would you please tell me if this is any good? oh please?
How are women represented, and what are the positions of women in the poem (helen, andromache, breseis.)?
Can you Please Read & Rate this Poetry?
Do you have a friend you would like to say this to?
Will you comment, expand on, or deny this please?
We all make mistakes, right?
Will you terrorize this very short poem with your vicious keystrokes and thunderous sentiment?
Can someone help me title this poem?
heres a song i wrote, teme wt u guys think?any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated!?
this is my friend sarah's poem 4 me! do u like it?
Is this a Sonnet??!?!?
How is the poem "the road not taken" ironic and how is it inspirational?
space traveller. can you c/c? :)?
RATE MY POEM ive been told i have a great lyrical ability and could be famous thanks?
Will you C/C on a quote that I found perfectly logical?
And what day of the week do you dislike? c/c?
I need help writing a poem! Ted Kooser's "That was I" form..?
rate my poem. what would you give it out of 10?
Poetry is for the dead?
Just what, exactly. is a "slam poem"?
stopped up ga.a.s.g. what do you think of my new poem?
A poem would appreciate comments please?
Why do some people think other people believe that the (person who writes it)?
whoo said ¨all good things in moderation¨?
What does this poem mean?
I need rhyming words that are romantic. Any ideas? Its for a love poem I am writing.?
dream analysis HELP ?
What do thy think aboutthis poem?
Do you ever realize too late you should have left a posted question open longer?
Please read and critique my Poem if you would like?
how you like my poem ?
Is the meter uses in Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" and "Electra on Azalea Path" iambic?
What is your favorite poem?
How strong is your skin? A rumination, c/c?
I have to bring in a rhythmic poem that I think is genuine? ?
..Do you like my poem?
Do you know any tricks I could use?
I want to write a poem, something sad, that describes my hardships in life and I need some ideas?
Do you know a pretty poem about life?
Concrete Poem Topic Help?
My Princess..........a poem.....(See note).?
A poem with alliteration?
My poem, My cheating wifes friend, comments?
Clerihew anyone..............?
Does anyone know a poem that has the theme of Poverty to Richness?
What do you think this poem is about?
A part 4 for perusal>>>>>>>?
What is a Shakespeare concordance?
Sonnet HELP !!!?
What are your thoughts on 'Walking On Beaches' poem?
If you have a poetry book can you look in it and tell me if this poem is in it...?
How to write a poem with these concepts?
A bit more dark - is it ok ?
I NEED HELP!!!!! can someone plz analyze this poem for me???
Does anyone know of a poem/book that makes reference to a significant other being a "true north"?
Have you noticed the slowness of time?
I want to know some YAP history, like how and why everyone escaped from 'Mars'?
T.S Eliot..The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock?
Is it appropriate to send this poem to a teacher who was almost diagnosed with cancer but is ok?
What do you think of my poem?
I want to write my boyfriend a poem how would I start it out good?
poem about a character?
Please critique my poem?
Help! I can't interpret this poem!?
heres number 4 I think you'll like this comments??
write a poem to save giant panda?
Did your father teach you life lessons?
For those who wear another's guilt. Have you comments?
I need poems for the TP-CASTT format!!?
What type of poem is?
Do you like this poem?
This is from .a question I saw and is an old poem, Dance?
Ratings/Critique would be appreciated?
Which poem to choose for the competition?
wha is your favorite three poem?
Comments on a poem about a little boy shopping?
why did robert frost use visual imagery in poem road not taken?
Make a poem related to water???
"For Sue",,,, from a fellow - perseverer..a spontane-eos good wish or 100.?
Is this considered a free verse poem and is it good?
Take A look at this Poem Y'all.?
Poem, i need you to be critics?
Check out my poem and tell me if its good or not?
can you think of a metaphor for this poem?
What do you's think of this poems?
Please crit my poems for me?
Titles for poems about emotions in music.?
New poem, tell me what you think!?
Do you like this poem I just wrote? ?
Will you join me for a celebration, of sorts?
I wrote a poem.. any thoughts on how to improve it?
Give me a random word about 4th of july?
What is this poem about? Having a Mind to Change the World?
What collection is O'Hara's poem "Having a Coke with You" from?
Whats everyones views?
What is a good poem about longing?
Hows this poem? Any ideas???
Opinions on my poem plz?
help! what is this quote mean? i am blur..is it make sense?
What type of poem is this..?
Need a poetry slam visual?
Can Anyone find the poem "Joey" by shel silverstein for me?
Do all poets think others write better?
Help me for the recitation competition?
where can I get notes on the sonnet by John clare?
I SWEAR IM HAVING WRITERS BLOCK!! please help!!! What are your thoughts?
Sonnet about an Ipod? ASAP?
Write a poem (if you don't mind/like writing poetry) about senior year of high school?
A Little Night Screaming - please critique.?
Hi guys, please comment on my new Poem. Thanks! x?
I need help on my poetry slam?
one of my poems what do think?
Is this a good poem?
Help with making a rhyme for a temple in minecraft?
please tell me if you like this?
Another poem - this one up for judging?
which poem do i use to get the girl i love?
Another poem I've written. How's it?
okay, how about now?
which poem do you like best? Worst?
Is poetry any useful or is it just for beauty?
If wishes were horses....or something?
the poem that i had required to be revised several times, is it well written now?
How can I make this poem better?
what do you think of my poem?
Rate this poem and tell me what you think about it 1-10, 10 being the best. Thanks!?
help - what are some items in a swimming pool that can be metaphorical for obstacles?
Help on analyzing "Heat" by Hilda Doolittle?
How are these poems? Can you rate them 1-10?
Verb Poem Examples? Please Hurry!?
What does this poem mean?
How does a poem's rhyme scheme contribute to its theme?
An older poem re-written for someone special. Criticism is welcome.?
i need help writing a POEM!?
What do you understand in regards to poetry?
Published writer?
Do near life experiences change you?
Poetry figurative language help!?
Does anyone know who wrote this poem?
May I try the Tanka too?
Social Studies Poems?
Why is Flanders Field such a popular poem?
Can you please give me some advice on this poem I wrote?
Been in a funk, something new, care to have a look~see?
Will you c/c this first draft poem of freedom calls?
question on jonathans swift poetry: "the place of damned"?
Any good websites with good poetry?
Analyze or poem "Flying Inside your own body" by Margaret Atwood Analysis?
What does this poem mean?
Do you like this poem that my friend (girl) wrote?
poems about punks or the punk subculture?
Your thoughts, feelings and opinion on my poem?
...I bet you didn't know. Did you? Did you?
Interpertations of Naomi Shihab Nye's poem "The Rider"?
Lets all make a poem!?
"Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds" is an example of which type of poem?
What poems are like Bluebird?
Will you rate my Limerick?
What say to the pome,"Hungover Snidely.... And Dondi(Not Hungover) Be A'Hunting!"?
Weird Dentist Poem?
What do you think about 'Snidely Does Not Approve Of My Radio Answers' morning pome?
What do you think of this poem?
what does this poem mean to you?
can you give me some poems on ice cream pizza chicken and salad?
Does anyone know this poem?
What's in a name, that may be in a poem Part Deux?
Is this Haiku?????????
I needed to write...so here goes. Another poem by me. What do you think?
I wrote another new poem ; anyone care to read / critique ?
Beowulf Help?????????
Please read poem I made when I woke up this morning?
Guys: Would you like it if a girl gave you this? ?
i made this poem up for english class. im 14. its extra credit up to 7 points. i hope its good?
Please give an example of hyperbole in a famouse poem.?
Is this a good poem?? (and its short)?
what about this poem?I've got low marks because I wrote it at the test.But why?
What is the name of this poem?
Can someone help improve this poem, give advice, criticism or make any changes that would make it better?
Examples of a stress poem please?
Save me,my love...Do you like this?
Can someone please help me find a poem about winter/snow?
Haiku Freestyle Challenge ... for writers only?
My poem "Paper Wings" will you C/C please?
should you ask for a kiss, or take it?
is this sonnet in iambic pentameter?
A poem for a lady (but gents can answer too). c/c?
I wrote this poem about the guy I want and can never have. What do you think?
How is this Poem ..................................?
What are your thoughts?
In Praise of Imagination?
Would you read my poem about Elizabeth Shue and how I'd like to stick my thing in her poo?
Just another small poem that hit me at the late hours of the night. What is your opinion?
Best way to revise aqa litrature poems?
What are a few literary devices in this poem ?
Will you dream tonight?
A poem for my late brother Calvin? Comments/Critiques/Reflections?
whats a good acrostic pancake poem?
Is Shakespeare's Sonnet #20 Iambic pentameter?
2nd posting of final version- whatayathink?
Does poetry really have to rhyme?
Anyone know any poems about cheating?
What feelings does this captivating poem convey? The Wolf and The Owl?
Having troubles with this poem,please help?
Would this be better as prose or...what should I do with it?
Drought, will you comment please?
Need a last line . . . graduation party invite?
You love writing poetry?
Elliot's "The Wasteland" is not a poem but only a prose story What do you think?
Poetry 101 - Diction?
Have you ever been moved by a kindred soul and has poetry ever turned your heart into a scroll?
Did you hear her cry last night?
What would you do if you caught a big ol' fish?
What say you to a non-perfect sonnet?
I like poetry, but not confident about my writing.?
what is the poem that starts with "I am a simple man"?
A good start for my poem?
Will you comment on Da Vinci please?
i need a portriat poem about an emo kid?
Would you care to comment on this poem about oranges?
Do you think i have a writing talent?
What do you think of what I have written so far?
Is skating a metaphor, or just typical Sunday television? Comment on this poem?
Are you in there..........?
Can I uplift someone this day? Will this poem minister to you?
feedback on poem please?
Help with Denotation and connotation of a poem?
I need a Baseball poem?
Care to comment on my poetic-style diary entry!!!!!?
Native American Poetry Analysis??? HELP.?
Do you contemplate your place in the Universe?
he seems to be and is?
What do you think of my poem "MONSTER"?
Media and Image acrostic poem?
What do you think of this new poem?
Can anyone help me understand...?
What should I write about?
Took me one long week to write. What do you think this poem means?
"Not Waving, but Drowning"?
Will you C/C on a script {Daffodils} of the Greek poet?
What is John Clare's 'A Vision' about?
El Cantar de Mio Cid Por favor ayuden (please help)?
"people are much more than the appearance of their body"?
What are your opinions on Damian Walford Davies?
can you give comments for this poem?
Have you heard of this poem?
What is the theme of the song "Hey There Delilah" By: Plain White T's? I need it tonight for a poetry project!
"Simple Song" by Marge Piercy --> meaning?
Can you write a poem that is not about a love lost or pining for that one?
would you consider this poem?
Please work these words into a children s poem or song.?
Happy Wednesday fellow writers. How do you feel about this poem?
what does this poem mean?
Please c/c my poem? "On a Serpent's Back"?
critique my poem please?
Something else I wrote, what do you think of it?
Poem: This Dark Night (comments welcome. please let me know what you think)?
Breath on Glass, an old poem,. c/c?
Ladies: Do You Have A Sense Of Humour?
Any good writers out here?
one more please read?
Coleridge and Wordsworth?
morning at the window T.S Eliot poem analysis?
A repost. What do you think?
How can i understand sound devices in poetry?
I never wrote a poem!!!!!?
Can someone give me tips on how to rap/write?
what do you think?
Will you comment on or critique my poem please? Thank you?
When I was little, big trucks drove down the street spraying DDT. Is that what happened?
Can someone write me a poem about.... well anything? I'm going to be honest I need a few for this class im in.
i need to write about something else?
Please crituqe my poem.?
As the only true Greek on Y!AP, and the only one who has reached God status, I would appreciate...?
Is this a good poem?10 FREE PTS.?
real poets?
I wrote a poem and i wanted some feedback?
a poem maybe youd like to rate?
Is this a good Imagist Poem?
what do you think of this poem?
How would you paraphrase this part of a poem??
Do you think I wrote well on this editorial?
Who wants to share love?
what do you think of my poem?
Poem.. more a depressed one but tell me what you think (no spell check sry paste and cut)?
Ever notice the wonders of Starlight?
Can someone help me restate the poem storm ending by Jean Toomer in a more understandable manner?
Read mortals. Fear and retaliate against the evil Quackers.?
Do you understand this meaning to my poem and can you rate/critique please?
How would I go about Copywritting my poems?
Just wondering if you like the verse i wrote the other day?
I wrote a poem for mine & my boyfriends 2 yr anniversary as one of his gifts.... what do you think?
help me with my poetry?
What impressions does it give you of Elise's personality?
Emily Dickinson " 'HOPE' is the thing with feathers"?
Review my poem for points!?
What do you guys think of this poem? really short.?
can you explain this poam?
a quick and small poem ...?
What poems are Similar to "Coal" By Audre Lorde?
What are your thoughts on this?
wake up and smell the poetry, will you?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you know any 'old' souls?
Will you consider this poem and comment?
I cant think of a name for this poem!!?
What do you think about this poem?
I need help with a rhyming acrostic poem?
read my poem please?
what do you think of this poem?
For those who would like to read my darker poem? Offensive to religious people?
Is there a question or only answers?
can somebody please write me a poetic stanza?
I nead help whith couplet poems?
"Bass Ackward" a Serious impromptu, please will you c-c?
Is this a good free verse poem?
Is It Plagiarism??????? If so why?
my poem? critisism appreciated, B.S. not?
Do you think this poem is suitable for a narrative poem and is it good?(Answers=best answer)?
Can you hear the beat during open heart surgery?
Is there anything left-Ku?
Any comments or critiques on this poem? Any ways to improve?
Will somebody read/rate this poem?
poem help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know of a poem...?
What would it be like if their were no poets or poems?
What do you remember that you would rather have forgotten?
how do u like my poem??
A poem any good?
Behold there is a light yet still (a poem)?
Is My Poem Okay? Do I Have Enough Detail?
What are some songs with alliteration?
Understanding some poems?
What do you think/feel about my poem?
When is the best time to write poetry?
what do you think of this poem?
Um...a morning poem, comments?
A good poem? ( details inside )?
I am using Literature Craft & Voice v.2 Poetry by Delbanco, can I download access card?
I am stuck writing a horation ode can someone help?
What do you think about my poem?
I need help for poetry?
10 points to the best/first answer I see! Is this a good poem.?
What do you think of my poem?
How is gender/sexuality represented in John Donne's poem, "The Flea"?
I'm writing a poem for the one I love, but I have writers block, could anyone help me?
can you find any literary devices in this piece?
Does anyone know any Dystopian/Utopian famous poetry collections/poets?
Are you leaving behind smiles?
Please read, and critique?
I'm struggling a bit with form. Any suggestions?
Is this a poem for 'old' souls to read?
what poem by robert frost compares well to out out?
Attack by Siegfried Sassoon, help!?
I need 2 lines to finish this poem - Give me your take!?
What do you think of my poem?
Bittersweet Outlet (please review my poem) :)?
How can I start an analysis of a poem?
Do you agree that sometimes a child's eyes are opened wider than ours?
I need some poetry advice?
write me a poem!?
Do you live in the country? I want to live in the country, again.....?
What would you rate this poem? Just maed it up on the spot?
a poem it speaks for me if you know how to listen?
Did Bob Dylan ever write any technical sonnets?
POLL:What is your favorite poem and why?
why are you here on tonight instead of enjoying time with friends or family?
what do you think of this poem i just wrote?
when a line of poetry has 11 syllables how do you write its meter?
oh a question... ok... Do you like my little poem, please c/c?
give me an informtion about the national park Kejimkujik?
I wrote this, what you think?
what do you think?????
What do you think of this poem?
Okay, I am taking off the mask, can you see me now, why would you want to I write like a 6yr old, don't I?
I just spit out this poem while listening to one of my favorite songs, what do you think?
Who is national poet of Bangladesh?
Nearly hallowe'en...poem worth reading?
Just a word, will you C/C please?
A different kind of mansion, is it sufficient?
i need English translation for this (Urdu) poetry?
Who is poet of "Kamayani"?
please tell me what u think of my poem/rap?
Official RSVP for Nancy's dance, will you read?
How about a hot one.......?
do you like this poem i made???????????
What role do you play in the Y!AP drama?
Please read my new poem? " facade"?
Favorite poem?
Roses are red, Violets are blue...?
I have written a short piece about bereavement, friendship and hope. Would you please critique?
Help with Boudelaire Poem!?
Quotes about someone ruining their life?
Any suggestions or comments on my songwriting?
Who wrote this poem? easy 10!!?
Is the "Illusion Unveiled" Poem about abortion, adoption, death, insanity ?
What is the deeper meaning of the poem "The Fool's Prayer"?
My Poem, what do you think, eh?
Please critique**poem to be pulished***THANKS! :)?
POETS: Will you tell me what day your birthday is on?
What do you think of my poem? FYI I'm 14.?
What is your opinion on my poem?
Tell me if you like this poem?
Can anyone remember this Irish Gaelic poem from school?
what is this poem about? please help ASAP?
Do you like this new poem I wrote?
Does anybody wanna suggest a 3-5 minute poem for me??
would you rate my poem? it's called it's about time to let go.?
Poetry - A few more of my poems.....?
So what's in your bowl this morning?
where to go in Australia to copyright my poetry?
I read this poem.......?
Will you share a favorite poem of Love?
I wrote a poem, and now I need to know what a bunch of strangers think of it...Can you help?
can you tell me a famous poets name?
can someone analize this poem for me?
abstract ideas of imprisonment?
need topics?
What is a good title for this poem?
Sonnet, Heaven's Lament?
What think you of dancing a Monday pome?
"Isn`t Life Strange - and Sometimes - Wondrous?" !st Draft....would you kindly c-c?
Hey, have you got a second to spare?
poem contest?
Question about Spoken Word...?
Its 2:52 in the morning Is any one still up?
What Kind of Poem Is This?
Quick and pointed, will you C/C?
Can someone give me an example of a sound poem?
Will you help write a lullaby for a grown-up-too-soon girl?
what was the pourpose of the poem george gray?
Please rate this song?
Robin Goodfellow/Puck poetry?
HELP? please i need your help.?
What you guys think of this little poem?
...what do you do with the hole in the silence?
“Awake! Young Men of England” analysis?
Do you like my poem? It's called "Meet me at the ice cream truck"?
Would you be mad or grossed out if someone told you this [poem for school]?
My second poem. Hopefully getting better.?
REPOST---"Winds Of Ween''can you out run them? C/C pls. Happy HW!?
Does anybody remember Black and White TV?
Comment \ Answer on this poem?
What is "Evil" to you?
A vintage poem for TD Euwaite, unearthed and lovingly rebasterdized, you like it?
what does "And all the daughters of the year shall dance" mean, thorough description please!?
Langston Hughes' mother to son help?
Does this poem make sense to you?
Would you read this re-post - single roses?
Employed by Content?
Please hlep me finish this poem.?
Love sonnet 14 lines in iambic shakespear ?need helping writing it?
music question?!!?!!?!?!?
Hows my poem is it good?
A song I wrote tell me what you think[im 13 its called bleed out]?
Do you like this poem about growing up??
I've been told that poetry is no longer modern. What says you to that?
I wrote my girlfriend this sonnet. should i give it to her?
what is the poet sending to the reader in this poem?
Someone stole my poems and turned them into songs. Help please?
to what extend do we find Whitman enumerations in the poem in A supermarket of California?
is this a good drunk facbook post?
Graduation Poem (UPDATED) COMMENT!! <3?
help help me poem ok help me?
is this a good sonnet?
Would you please tell me what you think of this poem(prose) and how could it be improved?
My first attempt at a rondeau. Will you read?
Poem or essay about celebrating yourself?
Thoughts on my poem called hip hop?
...is it always about the pain?
Appreciate your input...It came naturally today;)?
What is the difference between lyric and poetry?
im a guy and write poetry...am i pathetic?
just words floating in my brain...should I have kept them to myself?
Another poem, please let me know what you think.?
How to make a katy perry sonnet ?
What's the name of the poem by langston hughes?
Can you hear the stone, or...A day at the museum?
a poem/ $.02 maybe it's too short?
How would you define the spirit of a poet? What makes some people eloquent wordsmiths?
Cane someone please explain this poem ? I read and read.?
What Do you think of my poem??
A poem, voiced. Working on rhythm. Thoughts?
is there anyone have a book "Forever Spoken" by Howard Ely?
Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave? help!!!?
Please Help?!!?
All of a sudden, I got silly. Do you like it?
A first draft for HD - please read..?
can you give me a line?
Will you C/C on a poem I wrote a long time ago, in Italy?
whats a good acrostic pancake poem?
I need a relatively simple 10 line short poem for my daughter to memorize by Thursday?
Partenza Represa of silliness; can you fluff and stuff?
How do you like my poem?
A poem about my father and mother? Comments/critiques? Outbursts?
Question For The Ladies? Do You Like This One? Pt.1?
Please rate my poem about trolls & polls & getting involved?
Was there a stage in Robert Frost's later life when he became attracted to another elderly woman? This seems
can you translate this poem for me?
some good romantic similies/metaphores?
Does literature from different times and culture focus on different aspects of business?
I'm writing a couplet poem for english and can't finish it?!?
Do you think that this poem is good or bad?
Looking for a specific poem.?
Where on the net can you post a poem you wrote?
help with a poem or song?
A re-post about a car?
Another dark poem by me. Please comment or critique?
the wife of bath questions?
what do you think of this poem?
in what song does the phrase "nobody not even the rain has such a small hands" used?
Who is "thee" in Shakespeare's Sonnet 18?
"Eavesdropping" please c/c my poem?
Do you like my poem?
Please look at ma poem?=]?
What do think of my little poem I just wrote?Your opinion on it please?
What do you think of poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you please read my poem?
Will someone help me write an alliteration paragraph?
Check out my poem, rate it? Thanks?
Another one just for kicks.?
PLEASE help me!?
How do you write a love poem for 2 girls?
Write me a poem....I'll give you the topic.....?
Feedback on this poem I wrote! (Ash Lover)?
Here's another poem of mine, what do you all think? Please keep answers respectful, peace.?
Rhyme Scheme to Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Dani California"?
What's so good about summer anyway (critique/comment)?
Is this poem any good? Comments Please?
what do you think of this poem?
Any Lovers & Friends POEMS?--?
I need help with finding a metaphoric, irony, and allusion poem.?
This is just a 'Sentiment" will you c/c?
what does sympathise mean?
Publishing Poetry?
good things about la rochelle in france?
How can I improve this avoidance poem?
WDYT of my poem? I also need a title for it! Help!?
Rose's are red, Violet's are blue...?
Magazines That Will Pay Me For My Poems?
help with a shakespearean sonnet that relates to nature?
Analysis on "Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?" by William Shakespeare?
any suggestions?
How can I continue this poem?
Do You Know A Family Like This?
How do you like this one?
'Speed Limit' will you c/c?
How is chapter 1 as a poem book beginning?
sad poem????
Shall i compare thee to a cup of tea... 10 points!?
And ode to Bob?
Help with analyzing poem?
who wants to write me a sonnet in iambic pentameter?
What is A.E Houseman's tone in the poem, "To An athlete dying young?"?
What do you think of this 'Name Snidely's Chicks' morning pome?
What is the deeper meaning of this poem?
What do you think about this poem? Critique please. Also, what is the message that is given?
Please help me with !!!!! Poetry help!?
~Our Funeral~ Poem Feedback?
My child needs help understanding poem, I Ask The Impossible by Ana Castillo. This is life though!!! Look:?
Is looking back too hard? c/c?
Water Wall..........a poem....c/c?
Please read this?????
I need help : What poem is this ?
How is this weed poem?
One more, I guess I'm wasting my time. comments?
Poem from romeo to juliet?
If I sent both Buk and Hp a list of everything I have ever stuck my finger into...Who do you think could write?
I need help to write a sonnet about falling in love?
Some opinions on my poem? Don't really want people that will be mean just to be mean :/?
ready for my first question?
Want to get to know a little about me in a poem?
Help with the title of a poem I read in school this year?
What do you think of this poem?
A Short One...Can You Relate?
A Fantasia on Saying Goodbye?
Unrelared incidents - please help?
What is a nice creative poem you came up with about Freedom Rights individuals?
I would love feedback on this very short poem?
What dark writing poets are alive today that I can submit poems to?
A brief vignette, would you care to comment?
Really short poem by E. E. Cummings?
Would you please give me a short analysis of Shelley's Adonais?
What images do you see as you read the poem, "i hear america singing"?
What do the poems by Yosa Buson mean to you?
Some questions on the poem "If " by Rudyard Kipling?
would every one please comment on Lance Rock's Poem on Cod, its amazing?
I need a rhyming sorry poem for my mom!?
What do you think of my Poem..?
Can i get advice / assistance with this poem please?
Can anyone help me annotate this poem?
What do u think of Maya Angelou's poem I Rise?
Poets: How long does it take you to write a Real Poem? C/C please?
can you help me make a quick poem!!?
when doth ye old Yolofish migrate barn ye?
Review of my fourth? "While Mortals Play"?
What do you think of my short poem?
In the video Facedown by Matt Redman, what is the name of the poem that a woman says?
What do you think of this story I'm working on?
Do you like my poem?
Wrote this poem I need lots of opinions please!?
What do you think of my poem?
Care for a perhaps trite kitten poem?
A poem for mamma?
A simple ballade to tickle your incus, malleus, and stapes. c/c?
Is my poem good?
Would you give this poem to a significant other?
Any good? thank you..?
Im interested in This lyric "Without you Im a linear standard in an ice flow"?
How can i improve my poem....?
What are some examples of imagery or figurative language in this poem "the family man"?
Just some thoughts about being starved?
Help with a kenning alliteration poem?
May somebody please take a look at this?
can any one help me by providng summary of psalm of life by H.W.Longfellow?
Two longer poems. What do you think?
A short freeform. . . comments?
I need a Valentine's Day Poem using candy bars...Please Help!!!?
How many poets does it take to write a triolet?
some wounds are worth the blood...?
Find Poems!?
Can You Tell Halloween Is Near?
What is the mean of 'garal-sudha,ripu-karai mitai,goupad-sindhu,anal-sitlai?
what do you people think of this poem? here the link http://blog.360..com/blog-zvtTWjI6er.sgjkeZKlxulOx0Q
I just wrote this poem, what do you think?
Read my love poem I have to do for school?
Help with The Dream of the Rood Poem...?
what do you think?
please read part of song im making?
Finish the poem. Should be fun: :-)?
Do you like wearing skirts???? (LOL)?
Which was the earliest English poem about railways by an important writer?
Would you help me analyze this poem?
I FIXED the POEM!! Do you LIKE it???
how about this poem?
Will my teacher in my playwriting course think this skit is good?
Can you judge my poem?
what kind of sonnets are sonnets 130 and 116?
I'd appreciate your comments on this poem by me?
Poetry notes?
Deconstructive analysis of "London" by William Blake!?
You like excerpt from my epic poem very much, yes?
A tribute to one of our own. Won't you sing along?
Poems for a recitation competition in English?
A poem about a doggie bath.?
hey, will you c/c this?
Is grape juice healthy for you?
any comments or criticism on this poem,I wrote?
Grammatically divide the poem by matching off each sentence?
metaphysical issues in poetry?
Does Shakespeare ever make fun of love poetry in Romeo and Juliet?
do you like my poem?
How is my Poem?
what do you think of this poem that i just wrote?
Long Road Trips- comments or critique please?
Can poetry be like food...care for a piece of Seuss-shi?
Is this a limerick poem?
What do you think of this song/poem?
I want to think, not from complexity, but because of simplicity. Can you make me do that?
Poetry term question? I have no idea what to call this and desperately need help?
rate my poem and help me choose a title?
Uhm, is this a good poem?
I have a question for the Poets, what is your birth order?
One last poem today for you to rate.......?
I need critiscism on my poem?
Another inspired by this morning's beauty. Do you like it?
Acrostics seem to be the order of the day. Is this one all right?
I need a poem about 'The Outsiders' NOW!?
Do you prefer a sunnier poem?
A " I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU BROKE UP WITH ME" Poem. Can you feel my angst ?
Hitcher poem Simon Armitage ?
A rewrite for "bondage" Pain is good, how is ithis.?
Can anyone help my write a Sonnet? ):?
Troubled Soul?
I need help writing a poem?
who wrote the poem "a soliloquy on sleep"?
When is the sky darkest?*?
Poetry submission opinion?
is this a good poem to give to a girl?
What on earth is the name of this poem?
Care to comment on my poem?
How do the games in Sir Gawain move the plot forward?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
I need some help finding poems by Romantic poets?
I need some friendly advice? Can you provide it?
can you help me!!???
Poem help please urgent?
Is end-rhyme a literary technique?
Songs about rain or the ocean?
Chaucer style poem? Help please!!!!?
Rate my poem please.?
Poems of a dark nature ..........me laughs?
what do you think of these old poems?
What do you think about this poem?
Is there any form of notebook better than a Moleskine?
What is a good scripture or 40 word + SAYING about me and my 3 brothers?
what is Yusef Komunyakaa saying in his poem: "Once the dream begins"?
Do you like my poem??
This one here is a country song that I started last Summer. Just finished. Do you like it?
can anyone help me write a revolutionary poem?
"Borrowing" poetry?
acrostic poem: peace?
Can someone help me to write a funny poem?
In the poem "The Seven Ages of Man" by Shakespeare...?
Hi! Can anyone can help me to understand what are elements allow Shelley's Ozymandias to be a romatic poetry?
The Last Goodbye. Opinions?
My abcdefg......poem, what do you think?
The Redhead brat is back, will you comment please?
What rhymes with Jen?
Can anyone help me Translate Stanza 15 into modern day english in the poem The Raven By: Edgar Allen Poe?
...what was the reason behind your choice?
Why was Walt Whitman so revolutionary during his time and What made him a great poet??
Is this all of the poem??????
Do you like my poem?
I need some help on perfecting this poem!?
Can you criticize my poem ?
Cosmic Poetry...Opinions??