please read and comment on this poem i made?
Mood/Analysis of this poem?.....................?
Must they pay the price?
What does this poem mean?
How do you like - Not a poem?
Do you like my poem about being tired?
Poem for the broken hearted?
What do you think about my poem about atticus? (TKAM)?
Is it really all about the poetry? That's it?
The Paradise Lost Poem?
Is Y!AP more fun than a pocketful of spiders?
e.e cummings. poem "i thank god for most this amazing" what does god represent, whats Gods importance?
in flanders fields poem help?
what do you think of this short poem?
Bored. Wrote. Read? c/c?
Will you C/C on a Extremely Good Poetry related link?
What is the inner message of this poem?
what is the name of this poem and what are the word to it...?
A brighter rhyming poem than my usaul deep, dark stuff, titled Such A Love. Thoughts?
When did your season start?
"WhoDunnIt?!!" a high-dudgeon outraged spontane - please c-c and no nonsense unkindness please. Thank Uou ! :(?
Does anyone kno anything about the poet nikki giovanni?
Your thoughts on this poem?
What's a good American or English poem for classical song lyrics?
what do you think about this? can anyone relate?
can someone help and give me some sites about Anne Bradstreet and her style of writing her poems?
Is fantasy ALWAYS a safe escape?
poem sites?
Inside this pencil poem, helppp!! Desparateee?
You like these lyrics?
One more continuation for tonight for you to c/c?
Any cute, funny, or different ideas??
Do you like this poem?
Poets, do you ever feel like this?
It's been a while .... How many moment toes does it take to fill a heart of glass?
Can you help me find the name of this brittish poem?
Question from a poet..........?
The Ghost by Charles Bandelaire meaning/interpretation?
does anyone know how to make money from writing poetry..?
Hey,i need some ratings for my poetry,and also some criticism.they can be found on my blog.?
A trigee quad?
Is this a good poem?!?!?
Does anybody know where I could find war poetry?
What would you rate my poem??? [:?
can someone write me an acrostic poem please?? =]?
which one would be better for a poetry book?
Would you be honest?
Does Mitt's loss bear any resemblance to the poem "Casey at the bat"?
What do you think of these?
What do people think of this poem for my girlfriend, any advice?
A serious poem this time?
what idea is the poet trying to convey in ars poetica?
please read this poem and give me comments about what you think?
An ode to Vivian de Jeune. Am I being too obscure for you?
I will now post the Truth for all to see, regarding Otteri stealing my work...?
help me with a english sonnet poem.?
Is this a good poem????????????????????????????????????…
Hunger Games Inspired Poem?
For the many poets out there, is there a site where I can submit my poems for free?
A poem inspired by Poppy Pickette?
I am looking for some poetry or a poem about midwives.?
What do the significant features of Weeping Woman poem by Grace Nichols represent?
Re-write. Will you evaluate this poem? What sense does it give to you?
Do you like this?
Do you like this poem?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
Once again, hot off the press. Will you take a look?
Somemore poems I wrote?
This is a raw first draft that I plan to work with. Any input?
Care to comment?
What do you think of my poetry?
like my poem? its from some mean girls point of view. ... :)?
Do you like my new poem?
what is "Original sin on the Sussex coast about"?
what else could i put in this poem thing??? ahaa?
Have you ever watched wrens?
What legacy do you want to leave to the young? Comments or critique welcome, thanks?
can you translate this poem for me?
Will you c/c another old one, about being......?
How can I improve this poem?
Will you please rate my Foo-Ku?
Is this a pome ??? C?
My poem " The Lingering Cries". Tell what you think.?
''love'' my FIRST poem i EVER wrote plzz comment?
What do you think of the song I just wrote? It is under copyright so do not try to copy it!?
I need a poem about cleaning for a shower gift.?
Is this kind of poetry important?
can you tell me what you think of this poem ?
Please read this poem I wrote!?
favorite poet?
The theme of this poem (don't worry, the poem's short)?
Whats that rhyme that's starts with "Theres was once a man from Nantucket...?
Which word is it that you're looking for?
So you like my poem?
Good Narrative Poem to read?
my poem i made up in a second, just now, what do you think?
I just wrote a new poem, my I have some feedback?
Another attempt at unrhymed , metered POETRY?
what are some poetry blogs for teenagers?
Just wondering, after reading around and getting jaded, does this qualify as a poem?
In the spirit of "writer's block" is this OK?
"Death of a Sinner" revised?
How does the poem go in Always Remember Me (The game)?
This love poem any good?
I need help with this acrostic poem?
a love poem? 1 stanza?
How do you interpret Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as a poem? English majors, help!?
How many poets do you know that write gothic or mysterious poems?
Plzzzzz ? what do u think ? :)?
How do I write a poem with just two stanza's?
Need help with a poem to write about school?
do you like my poem?
What do you think of this poem? please?
Examples of a sonnet?
Do you ever have a spring clean of your poems?
Rate my imagist poem?
How do you respond to kindness this pure? For Ma?
What are your feelings on this ..No Poems?
Another Hybrid Haiku which Margurite has christened "haikoem". 6 haikus strung together to make one haikoem.
What are your feelings on MY poem? Untamed Melody?
Visitation, an old poem I found, c/c?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my first posted poem?
What's all the 'seemingly' commotion about a poem 'must' ryhme?
Who know how to Rhyme?
Can you help me find a love poem?
Applying for the school newspaper, is this any good?
Any opinions on this poem I wrote?
Quickie - will you cc?
Please anybody who knows the rest of this "poem"?
opinions? celtic poem?? (celtic well)?
Can you tell me what you like/dislike about my poem please?
Do you proof read?
what do you think of this poem?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
Should I continue this or start something new?
How can I find a poem that I read a long time ago and only know the last line?
Venomous Eyes Poem, comments?
Words that rhyme with "anger"?
Critique? Constructive Critism?
Like my poem???
Would you critique a writer's block write-ish thing? Is it a poem? comments too?
What think you of this 5 minute poem?
Can a Little Mean A Lot?
Can you help me interpret this poem?
plzz....Can somebody check my acrostic poem?
Missing a stranger today, please comment?
Comparing two poems- Mental Cases & Homecoming?
*****POETRY***** care to comment * my first try BLINKS*?
And how is your inner child, an older poem asking to be aired c/c please?
Something about the moon..which i don't get to see anymore =(..sighs, can you bare w/ this?
dark poem,comments ?
I need Help with this poem, Please Help out?!?
would you rate my poem?
Need help writing poem!!!!?
Need help writing a poem about Tartarus and Urania?
Rate my LA poem?
Give me an analyse of holy thurstday from songs of experience?
Could this pass as a poem?
this um...will you c/c this?
what is the meaning of "Reconciliation" by Walt Whitman?
How is this poem..? I know it's sappy and stuff but it's meant to be..?
Anyone have a "writing" computer?
Need help with explicating a poem!!!?
Do you like this poem and what do you think it means?
need a 8 line poem about how jesus is the light of our world?
what kind of language techniques are in the poem 'a rose has thorns as well as honey'?
Do you like my poems? (4) PLEASE COMMENT!!!?
Weight Loss/Skinny Poems or Quotes?
Constructive criticism?
Whats something gray that could be a metaphor for boredom?
What poem has a line cut the telephone and had the word aero plane written by a man it is an older poem?
is this a good poem..?
Do the ads really get you down?
Is it OK sometimes to just express graditute?
Is there a good site where I can learn to write poetry?
When will they ever shut up? Take it how you want....re-posted, rehashed, retarded...?
Can Anyone Help Me Find The Name Of This Poem?
can any one help me write a poem or song?
Do you like my poem?Thankyou!?
What are the thought processes and considerations when deciding line breaks?
use disperse in a sentence .?
"Delusion" A poem a wrote, please won't you tell me what you think?
Quotes that deal with love and outer space?
Do you like books? Are you a book? Library, c/c?
Like my poem?
meaning/poetic help!?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem (Escaping Mortality)?
Biographical Poem Reflective Picture Ideas?
Can someone please make me a poem ?
Concrete Poem Maker?
I need a 1 min. poem to recite in my class!?
help finding poet.....?
since some of you liked my other poem...?
Here's somethig jsut playful My attempt at urban poetry. Is is hard enough.?
We Didn't: poem author and where on internet?
Some feedback on my poem?(:?
What kind of poetry is pretty sounding but makes no sense?
Opinion on my poem?
Filling You?
I need one line for this poem?
What's the name of that type of poetry that doesn't use sentences, just words with the same syllable count?
Would you read " Imagination"?
Will you take the challenge and write a poem using these words?
is this poem for my girlfriend good?
poetry question?
who are good at analyzing poems?
"Fade Out,Zoom In.",,A Spontane.ous write if you`ll be so kind as to c.c?
How does this poem have a figure of speech in it?
A feeling in poetic form?
Help Me With My Sonnet!?
With a nod to A Good Egg, Disenfranchised, c/c?
Can you figure out the meaning of this poem? Please COMMENT AND INTERPRET. 10 points for best answer.?
Who will c/c on this "Morning Is A Damn Strange Time" poem?
What do you think makes a poem good?
Does anyone know of good songs or poems?
A good website that explains "jarchas"? Arabic Poetry?
Can I have some chorus ideas for this verse?
what poem should I pick ?
a poem, comments please?
Are politicians the 'favored' race? C/C?
What is the thesis in Rilke's, Letters to a Young Poet?
i know i know...but will you critique this?
Will you answer to this? Are you a poet?
What are poetic devices?
"There`s Little Bit Of Badness" please c-c before I go off..LOL..?
Is This Poem Good?
I am trying to find out the title of a poem I read in British literature class?
Love That Doth Reign - Henry Howard - Poem?
could someone please explain this poem to me?
What is a good idea for a poem?
What do you think? Puberty?
What is the Grindstone by Robert Frost about?
She thought she was strong enough now - a poem, perhaps bad, but c/c?
do you like this poem?
Help with the title of a poem I read in school this year?
Would you like to read my poem... Entitled ... Drivel or something like it .. Yawn if you want?
The wife of baths tale, easy ten points?
How does my writing sounds?
need a poem for scattering ashes?
Read me as fiction, write me as rhyme, think me a riddle, solve...?
i wrote a sonnet in shakespearen form for my lal class.... need help on revising it?
Opinion on Two poems I wrote?
what should i do my poem topic on HELP?
Do you like my poem?
Would you read and comment on this prose piece?
Will the Prayer Warriors accept this poem gift?
Have you time for five lines?
Please comment this poem.?
A short one for your brief viewing?
How about this?
Are we a fickle nation (Americans)?
America Library of Poetry vs. International Library of Poetry?
What do you think of my poem?
Ok, Here is another. Tell me what you think Title: So Close To Heaven?
"Okay, okay!`.....a thought for your attention animpromptu to c/c.please?
Could you help me with this Edgar Allan Poe Question?
Care to comment on an alliterative poem?
What do u think of my poem?
One last for Comment?
Interpret this poem written by Langston Hughes?
help some1 i need a extremely funny poem by tommorow 8:30 am?
what do you think of this poem?
Can somebody please give me an example of an INTERLUDE POETRY?
What inspired Lord Alfred Tennyson to write the poem "Lotos Eaters".?
Thoughts on my very very short start to a poem (or song I was singing it while I wrote it).....?
Is anyone aware if Robert Frost the poet was also an artist via pen & ink too?
Does any one know any Poetry Contest In LA County?
Can Some One Help, I'm Having Poetry Problems..?
pls tell me some poetry contests that are easy to access, that is i can send my poems easily?
Does anyone know a poem where a girl falls in love with a dead guy?
Read this poem! School project. Need advice! (Long)?
Robert frost at woodward's garden poem meaning?
Might you take a moment to read a meager effort?
Critique on my poem?
Will you ride with me in my Time Machine?
added a bit more. Thoughts on the added? c/c??:) Title: Give up the dream, dreamer?
What do you think of this poem for a funeral?
Can you please tell me what this poem from Spoon River means?
Can Someone Give Me Some Meaningful Poem Ideas?
Rate This Poem Please?
What do you think about this poem?
Oh what's a girl to do?
Hey you poetic geniuses. Could you help me out?
Good afternoon! Welcome to Another Buk Show!...Today's guest is...Koye Lott!?
What is this poem called?
Feedback on my poem please?
Did you have that moment yet...?
An old poem or story or show.?
What changes would you make to this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my short poem?
What is it like, in other places?
What's the name of this Shakespeare sonnet?
poetry analisis help?
Please look at my unfinsihed poem?
when was the poem 'The Fly' by William Blake published?
Can you please read my poem?
Another Poem, Another Style... Thoughts on This One?
Acrostic poem on citizenship?
Comment my poem?
What does this poem mean?
I have to write poem but I don't know how, please write the following?
Some Con-verbs for ponderance........care to comment?
CALLING ALL POETS!!!!!!!Made a poem, tell me what you think?
am I a sick boy now? psychosomatic?
What's on your "to do list" today?
What aspects (historical, literary, moral, etc) of the poem The Raven by Poe reflect the life of the time?
Need to analyze this poem by tomoro!?
can anyone say the names of some books on confessional poetry?
Help on writing an essay about William Shakespeare's Hamlet?
Tink.......a poem in four Haikus...c\c?
Do you have time to read a tribute about someone? C/C.?
Milieu Question: Borderline on Peoples Poetry?
Sylvia Plath poem Lady Lazarus?
what do you think this poem is about? 10 points!!! easy points!?
Will you consider this poem and comment?
Year12 farewell poem! Please help!!?
Is it wrong to swear, in a poem?
what do u thnk of my poetry?
writing a poem about awards. help!?
hiii....i need a poem about anything which left a deep impression on u......plzzz??//?
What is the best poem ever?
A short poem for all of you who who may not be at 100% today?
I need a translation for this poem?
tell me what you think, and offer a title suggestion?
Wrote this poem I need lots of opinions please!?
Title help for my poem please.?
Best Collection of Arthur Rimbaud's Poetry?
What do you think of this love poem?
Poems and Text to World connections?
Need a perfect poem. Any ideas?
help me writa pome please!?
My first attempt at a Triolet, will you comment please?
"Gone", comments welcome?
I need help writing a poem about home...?
What do you think of this?
Sorry but another opinion? (called let me)?
trying out non rhyming dark poetry how does this sound?
This is a rewrite of a vampyre poem I wrote awhile back. This flows a little better. Do u like it.?
There not really poems and they're are separate. ?
Give me a topic to write a poem on.?
Will you lend me your ear?
Please rate my poem???
Do you like this poem& how does it make you feel?
my poem...ur opinion?
what do you think of this poem???
Would you like to read a poem with passion?
What Do You Think of This Poem?!?
But I'm Still Alone -Poem?
What is an example of an existential poem?
What does Mark Strand's poem "Eating Poetry" mean?
Can you please help me with this poem?
This is really long but I truly need feedback.?
Can you tell me the rhythm and rhyme scheme of this poem? I really don't understand these definitions.?
What do you consider to be Sara Teasdale's best poem?
What do you think of what she sees in me?
Rate my Poem, comments please?
Is Freedom of the Press to blame?
A Christian poem, do you like it?
What Nationality was Walter D. Wintle?
What do you guys think about this poem called "finders keepers"?
Poems help?
Isn't this a strange poem?
if you are doing a list poem on a color can you start every line with "the color of"?
Good mother daughter quotes or poems?
Can u help me find this poem?? whoever can gets best answer!!!?
what do you think? part 5?
Here is a poem to start the day, Marilyn I love you. Comments?
The Red Dress, poem, comments?
I need poems with zoomorphism in them!?
is this a good poem..?
Would you care to comment on a poem? And do you have nightmares?
Who can give me a poem about old nostalgic photos or nostalgia itself?
I Need a good Poem to read ..?
Please help me with this poem?
RED RED ROSE POEM -- why do some people cheat in the Poetry category by?
Repost...what do you think of this poem?
Has anyone any idea as to what this poem is about?
Is This ok.......................?
Would this poem by Mark Anthony Thomas be powerful enough to recite in front of a class?
Suggestions and Opinions on my first sonnet?
Who are the most optimistic poets?
Does this sound like an Ode Poem so far?
Which poems contain the name Libby?
Tuesday evening poem. Would you c/c please?
...do you believe the things you hear?
poem feedback please?
Needing help isnt a bad thing!?
does anyone know a song or poem defining a women?
simple,but yet so complex..just thoughts?????
Could anyone explain to me some parts of "Bird in the Classroom"?
Summary of Beowulf?
I have to do a found poem on pictures of hollis woods. help please?
Does anybody know a poem about a dark future and how that person will regret what is going to happen?
What is this poem about?
I posted this piece but just a week ago, are there any other comments?
Opinions on my poem please? Harsh!?
What is the best website to make poems on?
What makes "When the Year Grows Old” a lyric poem?
need help writing a poem on my teacher urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What does Walt Whitman mean when he called the United States "the greatest poem"?
A poem just written; would you please take a look?
"One Perfect Rose" By Dorothy Parker (poem)?
do you ever ask poetry questions when...?
What are some unique last names for a story?
What should I write about?
Funny songs that rhyme with Brandon?
Tell me if this poem is ok?
How do YOU write?
A Monday poem before I go see my shrink. New meds or is this ok.?
Do you have something to say about my poem?
Pity the Beautiful poem...?
A hymn I heard over the weekend. C/C if you please?
What do you think of my poem?
Subjects to write about?
Do you know what Gio thinks of you?
More of these Dadaesque tone poems; exercises in sound. Do you like this one?
A Poem For Cheri, My Beloved Niece...Care to Read?
this poem is about the holocaust......?
What are good and unique golf acronyms?
Do you like my new Mars poem?
choose the better one?
is poetry and art more of a philosophy or just meaning less rants etc.?
will you c/c to this poem?
A Valentine poem without desire or passion, or is it? Comments?
could anyone tell me about Hafez poet?
Poem? Thoughts?
What do you think about my original poem about my lesbian lova, Goodies? 1-411 please?
What do you think of my poem?
Does anyone know the french poem about a woman falling in love with another woman?
What do you think of my love poem? (edited)?
Have you heard of Collected Whispers or Favourite Memories?
Devoted love market... What has happened to it?
Hi, Do you think this poem is ok? :/?
best poem wins?
good or not?
What is the meaning of this poem?
What do you think of this nonsense poem?
a quicky rhyme for the poet that knows he is?
writers block...poetry..isnt my thing..?
Haiku is what i do. Hope I don't disappoint you?
which emily dickinson poems are ironic?
What are you feeling on my poem? Last walk Thru Hell?
What do you think of my poem?
"Tristan" in Bernart de Ventadorn's "Can vei la lauzeta mover"?
Please Help Me With This Poem?
Romantic story, help?
What do you think of this poem????
Analysis of Robert Frost "The Road not Taken"?
I am writing this as I go so lets see what happens. What is your answer to the questions in life?
A sugar-coated poem about a rape: thoughts and criticisms please?
Would you read a poem about the moon/soup?
Can someone give a rough translation of the poem "He was" by Richard Wilbur?
Six words that are easy to use, and every word rhymes with at least another word?
10 POINTS to the one who criticizes truthfully.?
What animals make you think of poetry?
Can someone write me a Personification Poem?
What is a good title for my poem?
Like my poem? ECHO BY THE SEA - POEM 00006?
Seven years ago I thought this was good writing....What do you think?
Summer Sonnet? HELP?!!?
what is a poem with a zealous tone?
Have you read this goofy, spoofy, poem?
Does this poem sound too vague?
what are four poems by langston hughes that are connected?
how do you think i should end my poem?
Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" and Elliot's "The Wasteland" are not a poems but just prose What do you think?
Who loves me the most? Write a letter or poes about me and try 2 win!!?
Will you C/C on a revised script of the Greek poet?
short poem, bored poet, please rate. if ya want i wont force ya. be truthful like criticism?
Poem: Choice .... your thoughts?
Poem for wedding invitation? ?
I need an acrostic poem?
would you eat with a poet?
What do you feel when making love/having sex/whatever you call it?
Will you C/C {Arcanum Bride} of the Greek poet?
what literary devices does this poem have?
short poem, any thoughts?
Can you please rate my poem?site is http://poetry.com/Publications/display.asp?ID=W8964873&BN=999&PN=1TY?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of my poem, please read? :)?
Please Rate My Poem!?
how does this poem work for you?
Inspired again, will you comment please?
Poem for Today, very deep, very twisted?
Would you write a poem using as many homonyms as possible?
rate this awesome poem?
Poem/Song story advice.?
please tell me what you think of this poem--honestly
Tell me what you really think - Thank you in advance.?
Will you offer suggestions about this attempt?
I have no question.. just thoughts?
Tingle with/ in excitement?
what do you think of my poem is it too dark?
Where can I buy all of william shakespearse poems and sonnets please let me know thank you?
can someone write me a good poem?
How does one become a Writer/Poet?
Can anyone help with ' in memory of Sigmend Freud' by W H Auden?
Comments on a short one..........?
this poem needs a title- help?
Does this poem capture the essence of "Cat"?
Can a nursery rhyme be morbid?
Can you care for someone...I mean anyone?
poetry figures of speech?
What do you think off this poem?What do you think it means?
Do you think my poem is of grade 10 standard? honest opinions please!?
Hows my poem, no nasty comments please they will just be deleted x?
Who wrote the poem 'Dare to Risk'?
The Onset by Robert Frost help?
Does anyone know the words to the poem, 'Charlotte O'Neil's Song' by Fiona Farrell?
Does this poem confuse you? Comments welcome?
What do you think of this poem (HONEST)?
Do you like my poem?
Is Tokyo Ever Safe? C/C?
Can you explain a literal translation of the poem "Fireworks" by Amy Lowell?
what is this poem trying to say?
Bacon poetry help???????
Lasting Light.........?
a poem ,,from a broken heart ,to every broken heart?
What do you think of this Snake poem?
Is this poem good enough?
Which poem is better?(Both by me)?
a childish poem ... moving on.. when does distance become mute?
A... " Ummmm, that's my wiener " thing...? Do you have a comment or would you rather wade in the Hudson Bay ?
What do you think of this poem?
Mood of this poem?
I need help on my poetry assignment (Im new to this)?
looking for the perfect poem...?
Has anyone read the poem: 26 Letters, by Alston C. Davis Sr.( Famous Poets ) What do you think?" Read details.
What's the meaning of this poem?
Poetry and literature chat?
Will you comment on this poem?
Define these poems by Robert Frost? plzzz?
Emersons; The Rhodora - Is this poem only about a flower or something else larger?
Poetic ways to say "not thought of"?
How could I write this better?
Does anyone know how to get there from here?
another poem i would like your opinions please?
what would be a great poem for a admiring your grandmother??
I went to a wedding today which had a beautiful reading and I want to know where to find the full poem?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
Help with poem?
Anyone good at Poetry? (whitman)?
I Need help, what is the perfect title for this poem i wrote for my mom/sister. check the grammar. please?
the battle of maldon...?
"Of Puppies And Kings" how does your life find substance? Care to C/C?
What is the meaning of this poem? NEED HELP PLEASE !!?
strong opinion for my poem?
Poem: What Do You Think Of My Poem: Too Many ... Bullies?
Words of comfort for a troubled soldier?
Is this poem any good for a 14 year old?!?
What is a covert patriot?
A Love with Speed bumps? Comments?
What is "When I read Shakespeare" about?
Anyone can explain to me the poem 'The War-Song of Dina Vawr' by Thomas Love Peacock?!! Please! :3?
Search for Identity and re-thinking identity theme in poem?
Which pen name should I use?
Why did the poet envy the sea in the poem A RING TO ME IS BONDAGE?
writing a short analysis of WW1 poetry?
Are words a front for a deeper quest and do we honestly all do our very best?
Please rate my poem on scale of 1-10. Its about football.?
what do you think?
Looking for honest critique. Will you offer yours?
a poem for the death of a baby??
Someone told me that I should give up writing poetry, pretty hurtful.. is he right?
I'm looking for a poem. Part of it goes "cause of death/the note said suicide"?
Do you like my new poem?
please rate my poem .. IMPORTANT?
In the poem "Without hands" by Lorna Croziez, does she use regular or free-verse rhhtym?
I need help on making a poem?
Have you seen, felt, or heard them lately?
Who can translate a poem written in Marzipan?
Survey: Do you like my poem ?
what lit questions go with this poem Riches I Hold in Light Esteem (March 1, 1841) Riches I hold in light es?
Noodling around with some verses, any thoughts on what I've done so far?
Could someone write a poem I can give my girlfriend?
A poem would like comments on please thanks
I made a few poems, care to rate them, or say how good they are?
valentines day poem for a four year old?
Do you remember being nine years old?
What is the fastest way to memorize a poem ?
is this a good poem..?
I need help with a poem please?
New poem please be gentle?
my poem is..... ________?
what is a transitional poet?
how to start a 9/11 poem?
Can you help me put this poem in prose? as a paraphrase?
Year12 farewell poem! IDEAS SO FAR..?
What are some of the best poems of female vindictiveness?
What are poetic devices used in the 1st and 2nd stanzas of Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman?
Comments wanted for this poem (is it funny-or not-or would you call it risque?)?
Help with poems?
Is there any hope for me? :(?
Am i on track for my poem assignment ?
Do you know any poetry dorks?
Please rate my song !!!?
What to do to make it better and longer?
Is this a good personification poem?
A poem for the most abused person here. Do you ever put yourself in his shoes?
Where have all the poets gone?
What would you say to a poem like this...If I asked you for a few closing lines..positive? Negative?
Poetry help please? Thanks?
Would you c/c this small poem by the American genius (I'm channeling my inner Gio)?
10 points for best short story .. ? ASAP .?
where was vasko popa from?
A poem for my friends on MARS. Will they forgive me if I'm presumptuous?
What does the poem the hand that signed the paper by dylan thomas mean?
would you help me find a title for this poem?
Poem. What do you think?
If you're a regular in the poetry section, could you please answer?
Wuthering Heights by Ted Hughes?
poetry question?
one of my favorite Dallas poems, comments please?
please read my rap or poem and tell me what u think?
Sonnet help, please!?
poem questions ?? please i dont get them?
excitment! another poem looking for opinions.?
pls help me?
Is my poem good? Honesty please...
What are your feelings on my happy Poem? Wet Grass?
What are your comments on "The 'In' Crowd" afternoon lyrics' poem?
Will you comment on this poem please?
peace of mind.....float on a melody...?
Another one...God?
Poem, give me some feedback let it be constructive or malicious?
is this a good poem?
Random:Write ur best love poem!!!!!!!?
What do everyone think of this poem?
Say happy birthday to Benny with me please?
Please let me know what you think?
Tremble In Prayer: poem critique?
i need help writing an acrostic poem about renewable?
A good poem to write an english essay about?
What do you think of my poem "Recollection"?
poems?? rooms!!?
criticism on poem, please be as critical as possible?
Rate my poem out of 10, Please!?
Which version of my poem do you like the best?
Am I on a roll?
Is it, or isn't it? I cannot remember....?
Can you read my poem?Do you like it?
What do you think of my poem?
What is your interpretation of As Imperceptibly As Grief by Emily Dickinson?
Though simplistic, does this poem still pack a punch?
Will we kill the Earth before it kills us?
What is the theme of The Execution by Alden Nowlan?
"I Gotta Delete!" oh the wanton wicketness of ye! a spontane to regain my composure, please c/c.?
Opinions on my oyster poem?
what is the rhyming style "aabb" called?
How would I put this in a free verse poem?
What genre is Bruce Dawe's poem 'The Wholly Innocent'?
What are some depressing poems?
What do you think of Dis Heah South Got Its 'Superstitions' poem?
My sad poem? Plz rate it from 1-10?
What do you say about this poem? Where will you place it on the scale from 0-9?
Help, Please?
15 yrs old. Critique my poem plz?
Superman Poems? Anybody know?
poetry help?
What do you think of my poem?
Tounge twister need opinions?
Is this poem any good?
Can I share this poem with you?
All Poetry lovers I need your help?
Review my poem please?
Whats a canadian poem that talks about human rights?
What do you think???
What Is My Poem About?
Please write a poem gushing about the hair on Happy Hiram's head?
s....I share my poem you critique it?
What does the poet convey through the imagery in these lines?
What are some great poems that have a great meaning?
Yet another short poem...do you like it?
Help with my slam poem please ^^?
Blue Child is back! Do you have welcoming words?!?
what would a good poem title be that has to do with Autumn?
Is there misfortune on every drift?
poem-what do you think? title ideas?
"But I hung on like death: Such waltzing was not easy. " what do these line mean in the poem My Papa's Waltz
what are your feelings on my POEM? Apparitions?
♥Okay, I'm back! Tell me what ya think!?
Girls do you think this is a good romantic poem (note: free verse poem)?
A poem about loss, in the book the smokejumpers, by Nicholas Evans?
i need 8 poetic techniques used by roald dahl in his poem 'the pig' and Why do you think they have been used?
Another Poem?
More seafood for lunch? Do you like this one?
Rate my poem about FATE out of 10?
Help!! with poem!!?
Constructive criticism on this creative writing?
How do i write a poem about a gift I am giving to my valentine?
They don't call, they don't write... a poem, this is?
Ages For a Lifetime ( Feedback )?
Sin City 2012, Si ............Si?
Long distance I by Tony Harrison analysis or explanation?
will you read this poem I wrote when I fell of the damned ladder? comments?
Line between love and lust poem?
Missing in Switzerland, would you c/c please, thanks?
Will you c/c a 5 year old lunar poem by my old mischievous alter ego?
gary soto's poetry writing?
What do you think of my poem, critique?
About a re-post of A Trip?
Is this poem any good? Just wrote it.?
Questions that I could lead a discussion with about this poem?
i need help with these poem, its not very long ?
explain how purpose,tone,audince,content impart academic writing?
A Nice Recipe.....compliments to the Cook?
do you like this poem I wrote for my husband whos away at basic training with the army?
What do you HONESTLY think of this poem/rap??????????????????
Please read poem I literally just made?
Whats a good way to start off a drama filled short story?
What can you tell me about this poem?
Do you think this is a good poem?
What is the "blonde assassin" in "Apparently with no surprise" by Emily Dickinson?
Good poems on revenge by well known poets?
tada...the end result......c/c?
why do i dream?
Peom Almost done, I need help on the end...?
I fixed my POEM??? Do you like it???
Help!!! I need a topic for poetry!?
questions that help me to write my own poem ?
i need a GOOD title for this poem.?
What do you think about my poem, 'Of both heaven and hell desire'?
Poem of Sam Mcgee, what is the climax?
adventures, adventure time. my imagination is swallowing me c/c?
What do you think of my poem?
What is a good idea for a poem?
"In Respose To Beth"...a spontane, apologia perhaps...for you Beth....c/c if you wish.?
Is this quick poem funny?
Can the people you meet online truly be your friends? (Poetically I ask you)?
Help analyzing poem We are Many?
help finding this poem?
What is the original version of the poem "Roses are red, violets are blue"?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
please read my poem 13 year old author?
poem2. last one for today. thoughts? critisism? thanks(:?
Dark poem, need feedback?
One for Otteri. Is this a structured form?
I Need A Creative "HOOK" Sentence?!?
how to make a poem about infinitive phrase?
what were some of walt whitman's themes in his poems?
Edited an old poem of mine, changed the style aroud. what do you think? any help with it?
metaphors in this poem?
What is Dickinson's poem 1545 about? Is she rebelling against men or God, or what?
What's a good title of this poem?
How to get into spoken word poetry?
Who is the main character in the poem "Eldorado"?
Why was my poem about the ocean deleted?
i need three verbs that relate to love. please and thank you!?
What do you think of my poem EVERYONE!? :):(?
A poem about old people, do you like it?
Is this a poem " Is this poem to sad "?
Is anyone getting thier poems published?
Testing the waters....A voiced poem.....?
Please rate my poem from 1-10?
please rate my poem 1-10?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnet XXI?
"Did You Know?" ...a Spontane with afore-intention, for your comments/ critiques, please?
What is the Poem that Nick's Mother reads in her bedroom when he dissappeared in The Invisible?
is my poem an ok poem for a junior?
What to do to improve this poem...I got breaks..but not yours?
The last of your identity?
ok will this poem get your attention then? C/C?
are there any places in North Carolina that have open mic poetry?
I am looking for a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
help. any i love you poems for moms?
Care to comment on a poem that asks "give peace a chance huh?"?
What type of poetry is one perfect rose?
Poem help??
Would you like to eavesdrop on an honest rebuke?
Do you like this Poem?
Your interpretation of this poem please? (:?
what do you think of when somebody says; GOLD?
Can someone help me write a poem for my English class?
Ever feel deeply overwhelmed by both your emotions and feelings?
Another poem for the peeps?
Poems experts help me please! or people that like poems?
What do you think of the poem for my mom?
does a word rhyme with itself?
What are the juxtaposistions in the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellar?
Help on Shakespeare Sonnet 91?
What is there left to do?
do anyone the poem that standpipe from trinidad?
Poets: Will you give me your thought on this matter?
Is this an answer to a poem about cotton states, or an upstanding voice of extraneous audacity? C/C if you may?
How about a traveling poem?
Why do people answer questions with poetry?
out of all these poets, whci one has the shortest and easy to understand poems?
What is the name of the poem where the author strips his skin, flesh, etc. in order to write?
Will you CC "What can ever fill these empty holes?"?
My poem, A leap of love, comments?
Will you please critique this poem, it is way outside my comfort zone...?
If you wrote a 4-line poem for the candidates , what would it look like?
What are some literary devices in tjee poem same song by pat mora? please help?
Would this bring comfort to you?
Need help with a poem!!!! please help!?
I believe that I am something of a poetry genius and I have written this heartfelt Ode To Answers. You like?
What improvements would you make to my last poem....Line beaks? oh, and a Title Please?
Is my poem good?
Has anyone heard of a poem about talking crayons?
How is "Slow" poem..? otteri selvakumar?
Poem Help Please?
Here's your poem about meatloaf?
Can I ask a question of poets here, please?
what do you think?
Do poems about addiction hit a certain chord with you?
What poetic genre is the poem maggie and milly and molly and may by E.E. Cummings?
Do you know what this moving poem is called?
i need a poem pleasee?
Hey any cute poems? PLEASE like ones that would make you think?
Life too complex? A poem to critique?
According to Plato, what is the relationship between poetry and truth?
Need help with writing a song or poem.?
What attitude does Frost have towards the topics of his poems?
fixing my poem?
Plzz How do you Analyze Imagery in Poetry of Be by Neil Diamond Free 10 points?
What is a smile worth?
Help with poem essay?
most artistic while sad??
What is a good visual for Sonnet 23 (Shakespeare)?
what do you think of my poem, by the way this does not reflect my life in any way!?
Need help with poem with IAMBIC PENTAMETER!! Proof read?
How does Robert Frost's choice of language affect his poetry?
Please rate on 1-10 scale. Poetry lovers welcome:)?
A Martian Sends a Postcard Home?
Will all poetry at thestarlitecafe.com be lost because of the move?
In the movie "Dead Poet's Society", what is the guys name that did the instant poem of the madman or watever??
short poem on independence day of india?
What do you think of this poem?
In your opinion has anyone ever created the perfect poem.?
Poem I wandered lonely as a cloud?
Ummm, can you tell me if I'm still broken?
What is your opinion on this poem?
Writing a sonnet about live love laugh?
I'm curious, give me some creative answers, what do you think this poem is REALLY about?
Do you like my poem? How would you rate it on 10?
♥Ok...which one...or are they both bad?
space traveller. can you c/c? :)?
i need a good sonnet(poem thing) pleae. no links?
Can You Relate To Confessions? Even When Phrased in Prose Browning Would Bury?
i need some love poems!? please help!?!?!?
Poets: What is poetry?
Resuming. Will you comment please?
what do you think is the subject of this poem?
plz plz plz poetry help-->?
wrote it last night, can i have your opinion?
Is there a poem by Silvyia Plath, Pablo Neruda, that has "echo or wind"?
Field of vision by seamus henry- theme?
What does a poet do when the music dies?
A poem about what? Would you tell me?
What's YOUR Favorite Poem or Lyrics?!?!?!?
Poetry that can be read two different ways?
Have You ever come upon a scene like this ...?
What is the ryhme scheme of "I,Too" by Langston Hughes?
Jean de La Fontaine poem "The Two Friends" in French?
Are the minions ready for more excruciating mush in a form of a sappy poem, is now the time to get those bags?
Would you be so generous as to C/C, suggest please?
troxxx peom.read it and comment please?
Would like some feedback on this poem?
Why is my "shadow" picture of a man? Ho can I get it changed? I am NOT a man!!!?
Honest Opinions and constructive critisism only please.?
Please help me analyze this poem "The Gift" by Alfredo Cuenca Jr.?
A football-ku, comment while I cry, thank you?
Do you think poetry is best when it just pours out of you?
Why did Emily Dickinson never used sonnets?
Your opinion on a lighthearted Sonnet?
what do you think of this poem?
are there any good love poems obsession poetry or a poem that was made into a song?
Is my poem "Water Lullaby" any good?
plz help is this a good poem?
help with a poem plz?
Diciphering "Stars" by Robert Frost.?
Can you help me write a poem?
Poems for a lost loved one?
What do you think of my poem?
What u think about this poem?
The Evil, please read and respond to this poem!!?
If you can spare me time- Would you tell me what you think of this poem? Thanks?
What is the poet by dunbar saying?
What do these lines from this poem mean???
Yes we had "The Talk" will you C/C please?
anyone have any ideas for a foot binding poem?
Have you ever seen this?
Would you critique a poem called "Stone Angels"?
Poem about love, it has a good meaning if you can see that?
i wrote another poem....could u rate it 1-10 and leave comments pleez?
what is the meaning of the poem I'm Nobody! Who are You? by emily dickinson?
Do you like this poem?
did anyone read poem " stopping by woods on a snowy evening" by Robert Frost?
Can you understand what im trying to say?
My Madness...An experiment in Automatic Writing?
My second ever poem - feedback?
Can anyone help me with the last two lines of my Clerihew?
what is the meaning of dunbar's poem sypathy?
poems about rape and date abuse?
What figurative language is used in Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Women"?
Comment on this poem please?
I need help on an ABC poem, haiku, and rhyming poem!?
A tribute for Siren. What do you think of this poem?
A short sexy poem? Comments?
Wrote a Poem Battling Abortion. Any Comments?
"To him..." I don't like this much, but it gets my feelings across pretty well i think. Comments welcome.
Is anyone familiar with Anne Bradstreet poems ?
is this poem good please answer!!!!!?
Help with scanning poetry for stressed and unstressed syllables?
Poetry Help Needed Please?
Is this a good enough poem for my best friend on christmas? (i wrote it)?
Here's a new poem, a challenge from Grannyjill. What do you think? Comments?
john donne as a love poet?
With this poem I've gone somewhere new, is my meaning clear?
What's that kind of poem called when it is really short?
Poem Analysis?
What purpose do you think the allusion to the poem in flanders fields serves in the story paid up member?
If Poetry, was on Who's got Talent? Who would the WINNER be ?
What do you think of my poem?
Please tell me what you honestly think of this poem I wrote?
'Self'-contemplations, should I title this "You should not write your own epitaph?
Here, please read and comment. Thank you in advance people.?
a dream of jealousy, seamus heaney?
Alas it is finally here?
Would u plz help me find a free english translation of "
Deutsches Requiem" by Jorge Luis Borges.?
Will you comment on or critique this please?
Can you help me with a poem problem?
fictional wisdom from a moment of truth?
I need opinions........?
Journal Of The Man In The Mirror?
what letter that starts with a rhyme with apple?
what is the meaning of stopping by woods and how does the author use rhythm and rhyme to contribute to it?
Repost.. Thoughts on the ending to this poem?
who would you pick Edward or Jacob?
What do YOU, the reader, believe this poem portrays?
do you like this poem??
Is it OK to revisit and revise an old thought?
Ode To Poe. What do you think?
What is the theme of...?
Help me finish this poem?
Write an acrostic poem-S-K-I-M-M-I-N-G?
Comment on Poetry?
do u like this poem?
Guess What bye Car Mama Tack?
please help me with my poem?
can you suggest another title for Delhi Beat?
A ku....Would you like to comment?
Happiness, a poem I wrote, How is it :)?
Poetry Question Please Help?
What say you to a flaming poem?
Check out my poem, please?
WHat do you think of this poem?!?!?
this poem is from 6th grade xD, tell me if you like or not?
what is a persona in poetry?
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Scarlett O'Hara at Eighteen. Will you be kind enough to caress this Poem?
What do u think about this poem???
I could use a title and perhaps a verse from someone mentioned herein, If you will?
Read my Poem and Tell me if you like?
macbeth translations?
honest critique, please?
What c/c for this "Switchblade" poem?
What do you think of this poetry?
what would be a good titile for a slavery poem?
Would anyone care to comment?
What is the theme of the poem "Psycholophon" by Gelett Burgess?
A new first draft - simply titled music?
Can a little group-therapy do more harm than good?
Poetry assignment help??!!?
Is this, perhaps, too dark?
Please c/c this poem I just wrote.?
http://www.bartleby.com/103/13... iwhat is the meaning of this poem?
Writers of poetry where do you find inspiration?
Do you like my poem?
Is an anorexia poem appropriate considering......?
My Princess. A poem. c/c?
the lady or the tiger?
what are your thoughts on this poem i wrote?? =]?
Do you have a Prayer List?
Whatever your stand is your business, this is mine...Do you care.?
Critique poem please?
What you think of my poem? Comments?
Remembering... Letting go.. healing.. will you take a moment?
What is rhyme? And what is meter? What's the difference?
Do you like my poem??
How can I make this better?
What does Walt Whitman's poem " A Noiseless Patient Spider" mean?
Can anybody help sum up or analyse the poem 'Meeting Point' by Louis MacNeice?
Who's Your Favorite poet?
Are you ever swept up in admiration?
One for Semper,one of the best.....?
Does any one know a Japanese poem about family bonds?
Is my poem good?
An intervention, will you comment please?
how's this poem? and grammer? :/?
please comment on this self composed poems?