Thank you for all you share with me, a tribute to you dear answerers...?
When you post a poem here…?
Wherefore art thou . ? ?
do you like my poem?
me poem i just writ?
does anyone know the the words to the poem that includes "do not stand at my grave and weep...."?
Can you please quote for me a few lines of your favorite poem?
What does "Invictus" mean to you?
rate this poem?
I need some help finding poems by Romantic poets?
Can you give me an interpretation for the poem refrain from Allen Ginsberg?
Is praising poor work productive or destructive?
Anyone good a poetry?
What is Sylvia Plath's poem "Cinderella" rreeally about?
Oh, joy, oh joy, a sonnet to dissect--and what's this? Is it a naughty sonnet, to boot?
is this guy a poet................................?
Thoughts on my poem/help fixing it up?
Poets: Disregarding the "happy medium" blah blah blah, what's your take on the "Form vs. Function" debate?
What is a Frisco Seal?
Give me a few title options?
My poem, Tell me what you think?
Is my poem worth publishing?
what do you think of this poem?
An extended metaphor poem with a door?
what kind of figurative language would this be?
"Miffed" a Spontane of light for the darkling miffed....c/c please?
Worth the read? thanks.?
What is your opinion on this new working??
Which is your favorite old style poet?
does this poem suck?
What do you like best about your writing?
Aren't we all just spinning in the gale?
Chemistry Counts...?
Do you like my happy birthday poem?
Argent!! Analysis on Lawence Ferlingbetti's poem #9?
This beauty has inspired a poem, please leave your comments?
Is this poem that i wrote good?
Hows my poem until now?
When does coffee REALLY taste good to you?
Can anyone help me write a poem that begins with "This is my pen..."?
Poem Annotation Help!?
who wrote this poem?
Finish the poem. Should be fun: :-)?
like my poem?
A poem about taking things for granted, comments?
ALERT ALERT SCENE MEN EVERYWHERE (or skaters or musicians, you're cool too)?
How do you go about writing poetry?
Spirited from the Guff...new Rondeau. Have I met all the criteria?
HELP finish my Poem for Her?
Is this more moving in the female gender than the male?
What does this poem mean?
A happy poem? Do you like?
Please give me a Bragging poem?
Rhyming for a poem help please!?
Positive feedback on this poem please !?
Approximate Rhyme ?!?
Who wrote this poem? & When was it written?
feedback is sustenance SAUR plz help SAUR?
Is "brewing" and "curving" considered slant rhyme?
What is a good title for a poem about destiny?
2 short love poems. 1st the way I wish it was, 2nd the way it is. Thoughts?
Does anyone know what to do with Yards of yellow ribbon?
What say you to "Seti...a Haiku" poem?
Poems about confusion?
will anyone tell me what they think of my poetry??
Opinion on Two of my poems?
who is the composer or poet of the poem "utho jawan desh ki vasundhara pukarti?
winter poem? please help.?
my last question got deleted here..please help meee???
poem analysis help!!!?
A poem about being snowed in with a paid day off?
May I have a constructive comment on this poem, please?
What is iambic pentameter?
Do you feel lucky, or...Darlene's spin for poetic justice?
Is beauty in the eye of the beholder... c/c?
What is an essay,short story,or poem that is in Spanish but not translated into English?
Can somebody please read my rough draft to my poem? Constructive criticism is welcome.?
what does whitman describe in the poem " i hear america singing"?
Do you like my WWII poem?
[au revoir]...What does this 'poem' convey to you...?
It is Memeorial Day weekend, I keep writing poems remembering. .A poem about losing your virginity.?
Opinion please.................?
Another poem I wrote....Comment on it?
As I like to say, poetry is a journey, not a destination, and as such, what can we say with certainty?
I need a sweet brithday poem for a friend. Can you help?
I need a poem.................?
racism in america[acrostic poem]?
what is the meaning to the poem A Face by Robert Browning?
Rebirth..a poem about awakening to the world?
Holy Sonnet 1: What does "And thou like adamant draw mine iron heart" mean?
Do you get words of the week?
Anyone figured out what happened here in Y!AP yet?
Can anyone find this poem? It's called "Windows" I believe, and I read it in a children's lit book.?
What is the difference between a dramatic monologue for men and women?
need you guys opinion on this poem i just wrote?
How do you edit an item on writing.com?
how is my poem from 1-10?
LITERATURE: Petrarch's Sonnet 307..Help!?
Opinions requested.........?
Who is Iano, and Why is he so controversial?
english literature???
can i get example of imagery poem.?
What are your opinions about my poem?
for LC, hope she enjoys this...cc?
What is the title of Shakesphere sonnet 1?
Poetry and Failer.?
Can someone help me analyse the poem Butterfly bones or sonnet against sonnets by margaret avison please?
Please will you read, comment on, and critique my poem?
i dont know what to do for this. please help?
Poems for a lost loved one?
Do you call this a poem? IS this a poem? Why or why not?
A poem that you have fallen in love with?
What is your opinion regarding my poem: "On the land of Al- Andalus"?
Creative way to present my poem to the class?
analysis/summary of "always for the first time"?
plzzzz give ur opinion in this.?
what is qwertyuiop-literary devices?
will you rate my poem?
Does anyone have a poem?
i need a good funny poem to recite infront of my class any ideas?? 2 minutes..?
Will you dream tonight?
please tell me what you think of MY POEM!!!?
I really need a mole day poem for tomorrow?
Can someone write a cinquain poem about flowers.?
Where to download e-books?
What do you think of this poem? What do you think it's about, and what truns through your mind while you read?
can u make a rap/poem for me?
What are some of John Donne's poems that contain both secular and religious themes in them?
Please give me feedback on my poem!?
To My Children , With Love.?
Please allow my poem to be the question...?
Do you know something about Mexican poetry? What do you know about it?
How Do You Feel About My Monday LOVE poem ?
Could Any of you give me a song or poem about greediness today?
Did you kiss a pretty girl today?
hey could someone help me with this poem fix errors, orders, and add something interesting?
Not Enough....a vingette I wrote. please critique?
What do you think of my poem?
like my poem ?
So, What do you think? (Poem)?
Can you hear the stone, or...A day at the museum?
A poem about my best friend who passed away. Any comments or suggestions? Is it any good?
I need an ending to my poem + feedback?
need help with the next part in my poem ..plz help ?
What do you think of this poem?
Acrostic poem for history.?
What do you think of my sonnet?
Can you give me an example of a poem written as an "exquisite cadaver/corpe"?
words that rhyme with measure?
What's your opinion of this one?
Contemporary Poetry?
POEM help? please and thank you!?
read my peom, tell me what you think (poem # 2)?
What type of rhyme scheme is this? every two lines rhyme. What type of A B rhyme schme is it? thanks?
"The Journey" ?
What's your favorite poet?
What do you think of Tennysons poem the eagle?
What's a good title for this poem?
poetry for her?
Do you like?
please read if you like?
My Poem.."Love Without You"..wht do u think?
So tell me, do you hear me now?
What do you think of this? a little ditty maybe?
Is this a good poem?
This poem kinda sucks but how can i improve it?
I was not chatting! Is this a valid question now?
is this a good poem?
Does anyone know a poem that has the line (or title) Think no more, young man?
criticize my poem any ideas ti improve?
I am looking for the name and author of this poem. plz help!!?
...to where does despair lead?
Are you a flat or sharp type of person when you sing?
I Wrote This For A Very Special Friend?
Does mother nature talk to you? A poem, c/c's welcome?
Do I Need To Rhyme If I Use Iambic Pentameter In My Poem?
help! i need a poem to memorize!?
Need help finding the final line of the couplet for my sonnet?
Can you sing Amazing Grace to this poem?
"For My Birthday" a spontaneously eccentric ecstatic idea..for you c-c :)?
How do you fix mechanical gadgets?
I’m sorry we had a fight poem?
In An Hymn to the Evening by Phillis Wheatley What natural phenomenon does the poet describe in lines 7–8?
The last Wolf poem today... Again, will you read?
What category of poetry would most likely be about sex. Is it romantic or more towards crazy modernists?
What was the main difference between 17th century poetry and 16th century poetry?
What should i write in the bio necessary for my poetry submission?
Do you like my poem?
A poem i wrote do you like it?
What say to "Voodoo vs. Gustav" morning pome?
i read a poem and i dont know the title or the author ...can you help??
Is there a voice you just NEED to hear to make your day complete, as this poem describes?
Do you like this POEM???
In Shakepeare's poem Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Opinions on my poem!?
Nuyorican Cafe'/other poetry slam coffee houses?
i have a poem about my grandma.. tell me what u think?
What is the meaning of flash cards by Rita Dove?
Read, Comment, Critique?
Does anyone like edgar Alan Poe?
This is from .a question I saw and is an old poem, Dance?
A short, sweet poem to ask a girl to homecoming?
What do you think of my poem/ where can it be improved?
would you comment, critique my latest effort, thanks?
"i wandered lonely as a cloud"?
What do you think of "Sing The Truth Of Feral Bananas" poem?
Any comments/ideas/opinions about the poem?
Help me figure out the meter of this poem?
what do you think ? *poem*?
would you join me in wishing the Maddamselfly a hearty farewell?
Please help me with shakespeare????? I have an essay about sonnet 40 :) HELP!!!!!?
What are some good poems?
Does poetry have to ryhme?
What's the rhyme scheme on "Prometheus" by Lord Byron?
For a friend?
looking for a poem about unknown human potential.?
A poem I have written, your thoughts?
Good 14 line poems to memorize for extra credit?
do you think my words r ok?
What type of poem is this I can't tell? Is it a ballad or what?
Spanish Poem, any comments or suggestions?
Strangers, friends, who are we to one another?
Help with poem about Las Vegas!!?
How is poetry like photography?
Do I need to substitute any words in this poem, or is it as good as it's going to get?
my friends say i need to write a happy poem, so can sme 1 help me w/ this please?
A brighter rhyming poem than my usaul deep, dark stuff, titled Such A Love. Thoughts?
PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ... help.to search this poem?
Is Imagination most beautiful when reality is unwilling to yield?
Comapre and Contrast Sonnet 116 and 'Love is not all' by Edna St. Vincent?
in a class at school we are learning about poetry and we have to analyze a song.. can someone help me with it?
Primrose poem - will you cc?
Question about poetry format?
Can you fall in love with people?
Daily Romantic Poems?
Is this poem good?
what do you guys think of my poem?
A poem that's driving me crazy!!?
what do you this of this poem??? (a different poem)?
i need help finding a Love poem?
Why is shel silverstein such a good poet? Examples PLEASE!?
Does anyone like my poem?
Please read poem I just made?
A love poem, what do you think?
What do you think of my poem?
one more tonight good or bad let me know?
how can you get your poem copywritten for free?
Finish the last line of this poem?
What think you of a poem about a great poet?
Can anyone give me exaples of tension and paradox in poetry..please?
Poetry by Rudyard Kipling. His poem 'If'?
Does anyone like poetry?
favorite poem?
Alone I shall stay. By me. How is it?
An answer to a question that worked out humorous? c/c?
is this weird for a middle schooler?
i need help with this double entendre?
Stupid People?
I need help finding a poem....?
please comment...Paper sacks and plastic bags?
Opinions on an edited poem please?
What is the saddest poem you have ever heard?
Critique these poems?
Would 'your latest foolish girl' take the spotlight for a few days?
Will you c/c on a revised script, written by the Greek poet?
What are some controversial/scandalous groups of people in our society today?
how do YOU like MY poem... PLEASE ANSWER?
rate this poem please?
What ambience is in between relaxed and fun ?
Do some people seem to metaphor themselves?
what is the authors message in the poem "There Is No Word for Goodbye"?
Can someone please help me right a poem for a girl named Jewel (me) 10 POINTS TO BEST AND QUICKEST ANSWER?
Have any of you experience the?
what is this music from Beowulf?
But May I Ask, I would like to improve this, suggestions for improvement?
is this the theme of "the Tragedy of Julius Caesar?"?
"On the wall" Please read/ C/C my poem?
i need a last line to need this introduction on cherry blossoms?
what do you think about my poem Why Me?
this is not an ordianry love poem (not about love at all) but about ones hatered for her own body?
Is this Ballad Worth Sharing?
Horse poem?????????????????????????
last one!!! improved poem?
info on the poems for my mother and coolie mother?
Do you like my new poem?
Does shard work in this little diddy? comments/critique?
Has a suicide bomber ever changed his mind like this one?
do you like my love song?
What do you think of this poem?
Can someone give me an idea for a poem?
16 Line Poem...Easy To Memerize?
Do you like my acrostic poem so far?
What is a poem about Edgar Allen Poe dealing with guilt?
I'm very proud of this poem, but I'd still like some opinions on it. I'm not sure of it??
what do you think of this?
What poem is this and who wrote it?
Can someone make a poem for me by heart plz?
do you like my poem review and comment?
need help fast. please help?
I need a poem for my girlfriend?
What emotion deos this leave you with?
Poem about a solider?
And your thoughts on one more poem?
Help me out with the rest of this poem?
What do you think of poetry.com?
is the shakespeare is called dramatist?
My boyfriend wrote this poem for me? Whats the exact meaning?:)?
my mind I can go anywhere?
poem friend wrote?
Whats a simile and a metaphor?
Your opinions please?
What is an Haiku Poem?
Most creative story gets 10 points...?
Selfishly.....I Cling, a poem to critique?
Real opinion ok! Is this a good poem?
can someone please help me I need to write a poem about Medgar Evers?
Where can I find a decent online poetry contest?
Your opinions please?
Do you like my new poem?
Write me a poem....I'll give you the topic.....?
Can you please read my poem?
Analyze Poem: In November?
Top five personal favorite poets?
Any links of a Petrarchan (Italian) Sonnet?
I wrote a poem, tell me how it tastes?
What are your thoughts on my poem?
do you like my new poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Ask Gideon;- Do you like my Poem?
Please give feedback on this poem/song I wrote about becoming at dad?
A Sunday Sonnet.........?
Will you please read and C/C ?
i forgot this love poem? how does it go?
My poem...if you could please c/c?
Please Help With My Poem?
Tell me if my poem is alright?
What is this poem about?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
What are some abstract concepts?
Short poems on any of the elements?
create a six to seven line poem. It has to be an "I am" poem.?
Do poems 'compact meaning and make unexpected associations'?
What is a good poem to go with this song ?
Help with this poem, please?!?
Will you comment on this poetic attempt, rambling, wrangling please?
Rate this, would you please . . . ?
Is this a poem? I need to know how to improve it or if it is a poem or not!?
What do you think of this poem?
A little quatern for you .. please read and critique.. (I am not jumping..) c/c?
Inspired by Ma. That is all.?
“Puritan Sonnet” by Elinor Wylie? QUICK 10 POINTSS!!!?
What do you think of my Halo poem?
Something happened to you,you have changed a lot tonight?
Are these good poems?
Homecoming poem?
I posted this already no one answered please read I will give 10 points...?
PLEASE rate, and leave opinion/ suggestions. short poem?
Unique in Oh So Many Ways... ( Thoughts )?
Would you please comment?
Is this poem great?
Who can write a nice poem in like two minutes?,lets have it !?
a poem 4 u poetry lovers out there, wot do u think?
May I post a poem for my contacts to read and review?
Snow Flakes By Emily Dickinson?
2 themes of transcendentalism pleaseeeee?
With his heads between his paws" gives what impression of the sea. In the poem the sea?
I need help on shakespeare sonnet 20?
A quote about a rose?
what do you think of my poem?
Flies really bug me. What do you think?
Long poems to perform? URGENT!?
write a water poem with prepositional phrases in the beginning and ends with a noun?
What are your feelings on MY POEM? Our longing?
OK i am 15 and i have wrighten love poems and all friends said i should Wright book all love poems and sell?
I need to know what hue means?
Can anyone explain to me what T.S. Eliot was trying to convey in his poem the Wasteland?
What do you think of my poem (it's short)?
oes anyone know any good romantic poems?
What do you think of my poem?
can some1 critique some poetry for me?
Does becoming a father automatically make you a great coach? C/C?
Metaphysical and Cavaliers poets: Milton stands ''apart but above'' from these 2 categories?
does anyone know a bio poem for erica?
How is poet's spiritual conflict?
Do you think that an alliteration or assonance helps with the imagery of a poem?
Listen to, What think you of this simple poet?
what type of poetry is "The Valentine" by Edgar Allan Poe?
Am I on a roll?
Omg. Lol. 4Eva. Hee hee ha. A rewrite. Bff. Imho. Bbl. Ttfn....?
What does this poem he sent to me mean?
The Beginning: What do you think this poem is all about? Please interpret?
Please rate my poem?
He can still here the music... thoughts?
Will you accept an apology?
English poetry help!!!?
does this sad poem do anything for you ?
Violets are not Blue!?
Help me with a poem please!!!?
What do you think of my poem?
Can I submit my poem to two magazines at the same time?
Should we petition ! Answers for a Poetry sub-sections based on age, genre, etc?
please tell me what you think of my poem?
please be honest...and rate my poem...what do you think?
comparision and contrast between 2 poems?
I'm not sure if this is a Metaphor Poem or not...?
Read my sonnet please?
Does anyone know the poem "When I was crazy" by eve alexdranda?
Is my " I am from " poem okay?
What do you think of this Pantoum? (Can you write a response in Pantoum form?)?
And a poem to accompany the Haiku?
Does this poem need more to finish it?
I need a cute poem to put on my friends picture who passed away a week ago.?
Beginner at poetry any comments.? ?
Hi,I'm michael(I'm italian) Can you help me?
Plz tell me if my poem is any good-i'm only 13 so don't expect much, but plz try 2 be nice?
Okay, what are some words that rhyme with 'city'?
What do you think of my poem?
Can someone give me a copy of Audre Lorde's poem, Home?
Will you please comment on this poem?
Has anyone ever seen this one? and if not what do you think?
Is this a good senryu? thanxs.?
why did George Elit divided the poem " count that day lost" into two stanzas?
What kind of poetry Is this? help me:D?
how do this sound?
Do you like my poem? <♥haha its the third one ive posted today♥>?
Looking for a poem called Prophecy by H.D. Carberry?
Found this poem I wrote when I was a teenager. What do you think?
is it bad to put a question mark in the title of a poem?
Can someone help me change this to a short story?
Literary devices In Shakespeare Poem?
What is the climax, rising action, and falling action for the poem Casey at the Bat?
Help with homework please Read the poem and answer the questions thanks :D?
what do you think of this poem?
I Want to Find This Poem..?
How's this one?
When real isnt' real?
wisdom of the toddler?
Hows this for a poem? ?
Hydro's example of pathetic poetry?
A tribute to one of Sandy's casualties, C/C?
please tell me if you like this poem...it is copy writed.?
And what does nine inches mean to you?
Rate my poem( sonnet) .?
Do you like my poem, any suggestions?
GF won't play with my balls?
Do you like this poem?
What is the meaning of this poem?
I wrote this poem and my teacher doesn't believe I wrote it !?
Please rate my poem, thanks?
This poem took me 2 hours to write (not five minutes). Will you please give it your best critique?
what do you think of this sonnet?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
a limerick what do you think?
i need to write a sonnet on vacation.?
Feedback on these poems?
can any1 help me with postie postie verse plz?
ever been hit upside the head with a maglight?
Do you like this poem?
Do you like my new pome?
A rare moment of me thinking? Comments/Critiques/Utterings?
Can poems really make you feel depressed?
Rate my poem please!?
Do you like this poem?
Poets please I need help?
What do you think of my poem?
Can I have a comment on my poem?
Do you like my poem?
does anyone know where i can get some good pictures for this poem?
Poems for a special girl?
What is the meaning behind "Freedom Bound" by Tagore?
maybe you could name this poem for me?
What is this child rhyme?
HELP: "A Poison Tree" Analysis?
i need to write a poem?
What other techniques have I not put that are used in this song? PLEASE HELP?
moving words 4 a peom?
Revised poem....Is it any better than my previous version?
For anyone who didn't get a Valentine card or who wants another, will you read c/c?
What are the names of women in Edgar Allen Poe's Poems?
Please, chime in if you disagree, and we can be civil. This is not about MARS, it's about POETRY....?
This one of my original poems please comment?
What is "the Cry of the Children" saying about god?
Do you ever regret answering the phone?
I have a poem problem?
Yellow Brick Road Poem?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...?
Formulating an alliteration help?
i wrote this song. do you like it?
I wanted to write a thought provoking poem. Did i Do well with it?
What are some good literary devices that can convey the feeling of staying together forever?
English Literature Help??
i am an accomplished poet but am struggling with this stanza, can you help?
Critique this poem for me please.?
Tone of the poem "Remember"?
BOYS, can you relate to my poem?
Writing a 'slice of life' need help!!!!/ideas... :) :) please?
Would you read this poem and think, before you answer?
You ever have a beautiful daydream?
What do you think of my winter poem.....?
Looking for the Christmas poem?
Will you comment on this poetic effort please?
Please comment on my poem?
Look at my short poem, 10 points?
Poem 50 - 13-4-07?
Shakespeare - Macbeth?
At the round earth's imagin'd corners blow analysis john donne?
How many minutes per day, on average, do you act in a hateful manner?
I need a short poem from poetryoutloud.com?
Feedback on this poem I wrote two years ago....?
I wrote this for my friend..?
I WROTE A POEM but cant think of a name helppp s FAST?
Magpie poem?
Where can I buy some bookmarks for my book?
New poem suggestion, help??!!!!?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
ahemad fraz poetry suna hai log usse ankh bhar kar dekhatey hai english translation?
What poetic Devices are in the Poem- Peace by Rupert Brooke?
Comparing Literature?
My inner anti-behaviorist therapist has got out again, C/C?
Rate my poem, thankyou :)?
Can anyone please help me interpret this poem form the Faerie Queene?
i have alot of poems i could enter but i would like to hear from one just one person who won some cash! i mean?
Something new and controversial. Will you tell me what you think?
What does this poem mean that my guy friend wrote?
Will you C & C this first draft poem Through the Night for me?
Hot dog question?
Do you think that this is a good poem?
Will I get hate mail for primitive & corny?
Feedback on my poem please?
Should we invent a new type of WD-40 spray? c/c?
What is the theme of Amy Lowell's poem Music?
Do you believe in Sin? Will you take a stroll with me to discuss?
What do you think of the poem/song i wrote?
How is love compared to an avalanche?
Poems about vanity?
What do you think of my poem?
A "Breaking Up Is Har..r...r...d To Do" Very Sad Poem. Any Suggestions To Help ?
Please c/c my poem/prose?
what should the title of my poetry anthology be? any ideas?
This is the most elaborate poem ever written?Please be critical.?
On her loving two equally by aphra behn?
i am horrible at poetry i desperately need some help?
Have Margaret Atwood, Walt Whitman, or Billy Collins written any sonnets?
Opinions on an edited poem please?
1 and 1make a tree. (What do you think of the poem?)?
Japanese barking dog translated into Japnese and back into English?
Where can i find reviews of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the poet cause i need revies for a project?
The end of the beginning (New poem, what do u think?)?
how do you like my poem: what do you think it's about?
what do you think of my poem?
Please help with rhyme ...?
what do you think of my poem?
Is My Poem Bad?
Review my SONG lyrics please plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
I wrote this about/for a friend, do you think it's taken on a life of its own?
is this a good poem?
Down and out poem... take a peek?
Do like this new poem?
Is it too early for me to give the Mothers of the world a poem? From their child's perspective?
Part 3 of The Captured, 24 to go?
A song I wrote tell me what you think[im 13 its called bleed out]?
A Christmas memory, will you C/C please?
What's a short style of poem?
Here's a new poem, a challenge from Grannyjill. What do you think? Comments?
This is one of my favorite short pieces from RHPS.. any thoughts?
What do you think of my poem?
Has y!a decided to close this board?
Poetry: Could I have some feedback on this please?
Clouds are as sad as me but their tears are priceless while mine are worthless. Summarize?
What are some good poems?
Can someone give me an example of an haiku poem?
I need a 14 line spanish rhyming poem?
Form Poetry help plz!?
The best poetry website?
Where's the hyperbole in the poem 'Blessing' by Imtiaz Dharker?
Poetry Criticism.?
Please read and review my poem. Its awesome, i tell ya.?
My poetic answer to Lapiz and her "El Geko" poem; is there a poetic terminology that blooms in her post? C/C?
What say you to a poem of feeling?
Feedback on my poem please?
The people on the street (please comment)?
Help me finish a Short Poem with a Rhyming Sentence? Looking for inspiration...?
Please rate my poem? thanks so much?
why did boublil not make castle on a cloud rhyme?
Poetry writers, need help?!?!?!?
Poem's Interpretations?
how can i write good poems?
What do you think of this poem?
is this a good poem starting?
Can someone help me find poems that comapares and contrasts?
Is this a good haiku?
do you like my poem?
Tell me what you think about this poem?
Can I have some titles for poems? ?
Is this poem any good?
Who are some Poets or rappers about black history?
I would appreciate it if you could give my constructive comments on this poem?
What are the 3 elements of poetry the occur MOST in this poem?
hello, poetry experts. can u tell me any indigenous latin american poets?
50-Line Star Wars poem?
What makes good poetry?
Comments on this?
An Easter poem, care to comment?
Is Robert Frost the greatest poet ever?
What Does this part of a poem mean?
Do you ever feel you cannot really cope? c/c?
Is My Poem Too Sexual?
Should this poem be longer?
Does this poem make sense?
Is this a poem " My anger with time "?
Who am I in this universe?
Did Baudelaire write a poem called "Beowulf"?
Do you like this poem? i wrote it?
can you expound on "my freedom is tangible" what do u think the poem would be about just by hearing the title
Tom and Jerry "have" or "has"?
personification poem?
Does anyone know how i can get my poetry published?
How's this poem?
How is The Collar by George Herbert and Social Justice Related?
Do you like my poem??
What makes an Edmund Vance Cooke poem an Edmund Vance Cooke poem? What makes his poems special?
I have written a simple Christian Poem, opinions please?
3,000 Years of Black Poetry?
does any1 know any good poems!!!!???
Would you (pretty please) critique my song, "The Birth of a God"?
Another for comment?
can someone writh a school appropriate 8 line poem?
What is the setting of Emily Dickinson's Work?
Is this a well written poem?
What are the kinds of poems according to lines?
Have you ever had a Good Morning in your dreams?
Will Never Fit In?
what do you think of my poem?
In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, where does the Mariner's journey start?
ho is the speaker in shakespear's sonnet 130 ?
Questions on Poetry, 'Out Out-' by robert frost?
my poem. please read and tell me what you think. be honest!! i can take it?
is this a good poem for a 17 year old?
What do you think of this poem? I wrote it after 3 days of no sleep. Honesty please?
Can you critically analyse the following poem?
Can somebody help me write a sonnet poem?
Something else depressing. See what u think of this.?
When was the poem 'This is London' by Silent Dogwood (I think) written?
This is for my beautiful Marilyn. I love you. Comments?
is this a good poem ?
Will you join me to a 'Trip to the Zoo'? - Short version?
Was it a bad dream or the absinthe?
is this a qood poem ! help ! comment .?
my grandma sadly passed away on Wednesday and i have to write a poem for her funeral, any ideas? HELP PLEASE!!?
Thoughts on my poem? C/c please?
Can anyone give me an acrostic poem with WICKED that describes the story of Wicked by Gregory Maguire?
Will you accept an apology?
What is your honest opinion of this poem????
What do you think of this poem?
ABSTINENCE FROM SEX, SURVIVAL COURAGE three acrostics please kindly evaluate thanks ?
You would really like this(or not)..please comment?
What book of poetry has meant the most to you personally ?
Why should I pray for Haiti?
I need help with a love poem.?
How patient are you? (I'm not very) (Comment/critique)?
is this song any good its what i have so far please help?
He had a matted beard......?
Help Interpreting Some Shakespeare Sonnet?
help on the hollow men poem?
Should i give up on poetry?
Poetry:is this a good limerick poem?
Another for Comment?
What do you think of the poem I wrote for the girl I like?
Who here has obsessive-compulsive rhyming?
How is this poem about the holocaust?
Dead Poet's Society. Mr Keating irresponsible?
My awesome New Year's poem! Will you please fawn over it and tell me it is grand?
Re-Post Poem...feedback? Anything I could do better?
I have to write an Abortion poem for R.E, help?
Poem/song I wrote. Tell me what you think. Advice if needed.?
Would you c/c my poem please?
Do you like my brand new poem?
What is the theme/ message of this poem?
Can you please answer these questions about a poem...?
What does By Candlelight by Sylvia Plath mean?
everyone says im a good poet, am i?
My Happiness comment if you like .?
Iambic pentameter poems?
Can you help me with a couple lines in my poem!?
Rate my poem, honest opinions?
Please help me analyze Emily Dickinson's poem...?
What do you think of my prose poem?
Petrarchan sonnet c/c?
Is this aHaiku's ...?
Do you like my poem/song ? I call it "Another Sad Crush"?
What do you think about a light-hearted morning poem?
Andre Breton Poetry Marxist?
Do you enjoy my poem?Have any title ideas?
Rate my poem please?
Poem! Analysis?
are there any poems by american authors about friendship?
When you are busy writing poems that will someday unlock all the mysteries to the universe and sell millions..?
What should i call my poem? I neeed help revising and editing this poem, New ideas are greatly appriciated?!?
analysis of this poem?
Looking for good poetry suggestions...?
how do you like my poem?
Feedback on my poem please?
(Beachcomber Dog) - poem, c/c if you may?
What is a good hitting rock bottom poem?
Ted Hughes poetry essay?
my new poem “family”?
A new poem, inspired by firecat (slightly edited) ?
Haiku about fireflies - will you cc?
Love unconditional) poem, please rate and comment.?
Does anyone have any emo or really any kind of poetry to share?
Help making a parody of Longfellow's "A Psalm of Life"?
Like my peom??? I'm new at poetry....?
Have promises been Vrokken?
Prince Charming - BY me : )?
My poem. do you like it?
compare and contrast these two sonnets? William Shakespeare and Elinor Wylie?
Please rate my poem?Thanks so much, 10 points?
Inspired by Elaine and Annabella's beautiful Paris reflections, I've penned one about my home town. Is it OK?
Do you think im good at poetry?
Is my poem any good..?
What Is Your Opinion Of This Poem?
What are some of Alexander's Pope's most famous short poems?
Martin luther King acrostic poem... plzzz?
For men: Don't you agree that a girl with a smile makes her beautiful?
Care To Comment ON a POet With low hopes?!?!?
A poem for mom?
Can someone make me a rhyming voicemailbox greeting?
Can you give me a subject/idea to write a poem about?
Songs like Ruby Tuesday?
when was the poem "september" by ted hughes written?
What do you think of 'My Childhood Sweetheart' poem?
Read this poem please, easy points. (Mr.X)?
What are some metaphors for change?
what was langston Hughes career before becoming a famous poet?
Does anyone know of a book of witty "everyday" haiku poems by a U.S. male author within the last 5 -7 yrs?
"Your The One I Desire"Please tell me what you think?
where did everyone go?
Please Look at a poem i Wrote?
How should I finish this sonnet and what theme should I use?
ANSWER PLEASE!!!! Is this Poem any Good?
Lemn Sissay poems......?
What do you think of my poem?
Why won't this question post? If you see it, click here! (3rd try)?
Do you wear a mask? Comments?
Will you all accept this poem as my gift to you?
what do you think of this poem?
anyone know what poem this is?!?!?!?
Who wishes it was like it used to be?
What do you think?
Inspired by a song. Will you comment or critique?
Is rap poetry?
How to make an acrostic poem with the word hyper or amazing?
Would you please rate my poem?
Julius Caesar question help.?
Can you find me a sonnet about babysitting?
Does this mono-tetra sound ok?
could somebody help me analyse this poem(literary techniques, symbolism and themes) ;)?
PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Judge this poem... and don't steal it :D its my work.?
Can anyone find me a poem?
In "Ode to my Socks" what does this metaphor mean?
When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer" by Walt Whitman?
the last stanza in the poem "the passionate shepherd to his love" what consonant sound is dominant?
Afternoon Memory? Analyze please? What's the theme?
Is this a good poem?
What is the significance and deeper meaning of the poem "Bearhug" by Ondaatje?
How many sonnets did William Shakespeare write?
what do you think? c/c?
what is a limeric poem?
Need some help on a shakespearean love Sonnet?
My second grade son has to write a poem with his 15 spelling words?
What is the genre of the poem “Upon the Burning of Our House”?
Was Edgar Allan Poe a comtemporary or classic writer of poems?
Does this poem make you enjoy your kids more?
English poem help please?
A poem about lost faith?
What are Martin Espadas thematic concerns?
Remember me? I fell off earth?
I wrote this poem, please tell me what you think..?
I really need a personification poem about summer any ideas?
What are three characteristics of the genre?
hows the poem i wrote?
Meter?I Need Help! 10 points!?
My poem, A crossing over, comments?
Random poem/lyrics what do you think?
critique please?! <3?
What do you think of my poem?
who is the poet saku da misfit?
Will you comment on my poem ?
I need to write a poem about clouds? It can be any kind of poem. Im not at writing poems. Please help! thnx?
I want to Know Something.Help?
Beautiful sadness a poem please leave your comments?
what rhymes with all? i'm making a short poem for my class...?
"For America!" a spontane, forgive me or whatever b4 any report....c-c?
What do you think of this poem?
can any of u guys or girls help me write poetry?
what is the important of poetry during the romantic age ?
poem for school!! HELP!!!! Due tomorrow!!!!!?
Tattletale as a title for a tittle?
i neeeeeeeed poetry HELP!?
Should our poetry enlighten and inspire, even if at oft times it comes from the crier?
I need a poem relating to hell, satan, etc.?
Doesn't it hurt when life rolls you over, when you're pedal to the metal?
In which George Eliot book can I find the poem "Roses"?
Can you give me some feedback on my poem? (it's short). What do you think it means?
Poem for brithday plesee help?
Where is this from "Beyond the Reach of Human Range, a Drop of Hell, a Touch of Strange"?
a poem, be honest if you like it or hate it?
How can I make this poem better?
A Poem - Original in German - what do you think ...?
What is the detailed meaning of this poem?
Need some questions to ask an audience about this poem. "Incident" By countee cullen?
its about sonnet 116 can someone answer what was the essence of love related to the sonnet?
wat do u think......................?
My second ever poem - feedback?
Need help with writing a poem?
Do you think this poem is stupid?
I put up love poetry and you guys said it sucked, so now I'm trying a different approach?
A quick ode to a loss of faith?
What does the poem billiards by Walker Gibson mean (cited here)?
Monster...a poem.?
Need an opening sentence for a poem about broken love and desire? Ten points to best line.?
Can anyone tell me if this poem is any good?
how can you make poems?
It takes love to find your voice, a poem, comments?
What do you honestly think of this poem?
Hello- Happy New Year. Can you guys please help me find an analysis of the poem "They" by Siegfried Sassoon??
i need a haiku poem in spanish for my spanish class anybody have any ?
What do you think of this? 10 points!?
Simile & Metaphor for Oppression?
help how to start a poem about diversity?>?
First thoughts, will you comment please?
is there any similies, metaphors, or any other literary devices in this poem?
Can anybody give me some context questions for the poem 'The Sea' by James Reeves?
Help need a 12 stanzas of environtment poems with 4 lines each stanzas?
how do you make up your own poem about relaxing?
what do you think of this poem?
will you give me your views on this situation?
What do you think of this poem?
Question on the poem Patterns by Amy Lowell?
how is this poem of mine on WHY I LOVE FROST?
i need a poem about violence,how it affects me?
Will someone help me with my poetry homework please?
Does anybody know who sings this poem?
Beowulf heaney translation help?
Any comments on my homage to Dr. Suess?
I have something I ned help with...?
old poem i made at church camp?
Is this a good poem? It is titled The Mourning Song?
Sonnet for Homework, is it good?
What type of poem form is best for describing feelings ?
I need a good poem for a guy friend?
What do you think of these?
English 2 Paper help? Rhyme scheme?
Would you care to comment on this poem?
Do you know any good poets?
do you like this poem?
a bit of something to tuck you in...comments?
Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside... Comments?
improve my poem please?
OK, I need the BRUTAL truth about my poem!?
Anyone up for a silly(hopefully fun) Poetry Multiple Choice question.?
What do you think of this poem?
wat is the purpose and audience of bruce dawes poem enter without so much as knocking
Will you read a revised script written by the Greek poet?
Can i get an honest critique for this Poem, Please?
About love poems?
I need help with poems!?
I will regret this in the morning - laugh, hate, whatever?
Short love poem. Opinions?
It's called luscious insanity?
could you please read this poem and evaluate...no mean comments please!?
do you think this poem i made sound cute?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
Sweet Surrender. Read and comment if ud like?
Poem from a future mental healthcare worker, c/c?
What do think of this?
What are good songs that have to deal with being in a relationship and love each other a lot but joke too much?
What do you think of this poem?
What should I do?
Maybe Now We Will Now Understand ??
Please rate my poem on scale of 1-10. Its about football.?
I have no direction for this one, suggestions?
Norwegian Word(s) Deep?
Do you like this little poem ?
what do you think of this?
Have you ever been to Evesham?
Do you like my dark little poem?
A poem,answer/comment will be appreciated?
why did shakespeare choose to write in sonnet form?
Is it good form to prance around in your pyjamas?
Honest opinions of my sonnet?
hey can you tell me if my poem is any good? thanks?
Hellooo Poets! I am looking for words strung together using rhythm and rhyme. Have you some you could spare?
Like my Poem?
Which of these poems that I wrote do you like best?
Tell Me What You Think About My Poem .?
poem help?
will you please read this?
I am poem of Galileo?
A breathless concise poem for your perusal?
can someone help me to write an emo poem?
what are some famous chinese poems that are in english?
Poem for your C/C What would you title this poem?
who is speaking in the poem? to whom?
What's a encouraging poem to write/send my boyfriend....(ADULTS WITH A MATURE MIND) Please Help?
Can someone help me with linking Wordworth's preface to his poem?
Any ideas for this rhyme?
Where is the best place to submit poetry?
how to make a poem into iambic pentameter?
A poem inspired by Ben Allan, please give me your critique without fear of offending, I want this to be good?
write a poem/song/rap about 'feeling good tonight'.................?
Rate my poem from one to ten?
what do you guys think about this poem? only half the poem here, other half in another question?
what is the literal theme of the poem the witch?
poem interpretation?
How well can you write poetry?
Poets, do you have a certain muse?
i need poems/monologues?
In your own oppinion, what would you say the best poem ever written is and who wrote it?
"For America!" a spontane, forgive me or whatever b4 any report....c-c?
What do you think of this poem?
How do I write poetry?
To die crazy or never die at all?
What do you think of my poem?
How do you make a poem emotive?
Will you comment on Superior Conjunction please?
It was just a matter of time, can you relate?
Who dies in the Simon Armitage poem 'Hitcher' ?
What do you think of this thing that I wrote?
What do you think of my poem so far?
Do you like my essay?
Tell me what you think of this poem it called My heart is safe?
16 birthday poem for my daughter?
Do you ever write about what you see just to keep sharp?
magnetism of hale poem?
Is an edit and repost acceptable?
A new first draft - simply titled music?
how do poetic devices make a poem more interesting?
A poem so simple even a cave-man could have written it. Will you tell me what you think?
How would you rate this poem?
HELP ASAP PLEASEE D= what is the tone/voice of this poem by James Wright??and why, explain.?
Is this a good day to feel old and broken?
What does " a Babylon of languages" mean?
Can you hear this?
I have edited my poem please i need advise?
Will you please rate my drama?
Do you take criticism well?
What do you think of my Poem? (:?
Where can I find poetry in specific relation to social chaos/disorder?
Up for a poem to rate?
Once and for all can I get a clear definition of page sixing?
what do you think of this poem?
Did my friend and I write a good poem?
what do you think? I am the last lord of light.?
Do we expect the author of poetry to be feeling every emotion they write in a poem?
Can you compose belated stuff to yourself?!?
Do you like this poem I wrote. It's meaningless, really, a sort of practice poem?
Can someone write me an acrostic poem for the word HOLOCAUST? It needs to be a sentance not just words.?
WHats the THEME!?!?!? HELP!?
What do you think of this poem about a depressed grandmother?
Use the word gargantuan in a poem?
Have you ever felt like this?
First poem posted here.?
how can i send my poem to be rated?
Can u help me write a triplet poem about cancer?
please critique my latest poem --is it any good or not?
How do I make everyone love me and pay attention to me through my poetry?
Comment on my poem? :Untitled?
What is this poem format called?
Rate my poetry or tell me what needs to be improved?
Where can I find poems about food or the food groups?
A poem for my younger sister who is my maid of honor?
I need A.E. Housman poems?
Is this poem any good or is there still work to be done?
Famous poem on heaven/hell?
Visitation, an old poem I found, c/c?
What do you think about this poem? #2?
characteristics of cameras for a poem?
can anybody write a poem about this?
please read my poem and thoughts?
I've a poem for you to criticize?
Modern dark poetry... Any recommendations?
Poem on summer and winter using imagery?
What do you think of my poem?
This is my first attempt at free form poetry what do you think?
What you think about this ? :)?
What do you think of this poem? btw- got any ideas for a title? Help!?
Read this poem... is it good?
What do you think of my short poem. all comments welcome.?
Does everybody quit in their own way? A very short story poem.....?