Critics please!!?
Write an acrostic poem-S-C-A-N-N-I-N-G?
poems and songs on...?
Opinion on poem I just wrote?
I wrote a poem........ care to rate?
Does anyone know or where to find a retirement poem for a teacher.?
give me objects that rhyme with Tiana or Sel.?
Does this poem have anything to do with keeping promises? what does it mean?
What words give you a sense of horror?
What do you think of "FEVER?" (A pome)?
Do you like this poem?
I need love poems with a metaphor, personification, allusion, and symbol.?
Can anyone help me with writing a poem ?
i need help writing a dimebag darrell poem?
Can you give your opinion on this poem i wrote?
I need a poem.....?
What is a simile or a metaphor for being pushed around?
Is this poem okay? what changes should I make?
Honest opinion of my poem..?
Write a verse about freshness?
Repost...what do you think of this poem?
Do you have the right to express yourself?
write a poem it has to start with "I am from"?
A violation poem, you think?
Do you like this poem...?
You like the sonnet?
Please Critique My poem- PLEASE!?
A question for girls?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Does anyone know a poem that has the theme of Poverty to Richness?
The Wordlessness? A poem that I wrote. Please, give opinions.?
What should I name my poem?
My poem; Care to comment?
Acrosstic Poem for the work SERVANT? it doesn't need to rhyme just needs to have a rhythm ?
Need help on newspaper poem?
Can anyone do this twice?
is my poem any good? ?
What does this poem say to you?
a collection of poems?
I'm not really into poetry, i'm trying to write a poem for my Bf can someone give me some help? thanks xxx
which haiku peom is better?
The poets Longfellow, Bryant, and Lowell exhibit romanticism through nature in their respective poems?
para ti mi anima? por favor, perdoneme?
Poem: The Chiripy Cricket?
Sonnet helpp please???
What is the literary analysis of "no se por que piensas tu" by Nicolas Guillen?
Dave, thank you for reminding me the word "REKINDLE" in your yesterday's poem. C/C if you may?
Have you ever had a group of Good Mornings?
Hmmm? Something seems weird with this beat and flow ?
Just wrote this, do you like it?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Villegiature by Edith Nesbit?
Songs with similar meanings to the poem "Alone" by Edgar allen poe?
acrostic poem using the word Singapore?
In the poem Mother to Son by Langston Hughes where is Syntax used?
What is the point of poetry?
Gary Soto's "Oranges" Poem Q?
What do you think, i'm only 13?
Who is this poem talking about?
Another poem I ust re;lease. Do you like it.?
Modern sonnet about love?
do you believe in reincarnation?
A short poem called Bobby Jo I hope you can connect with.?
A poem, or just thoughts?
I call it "anticipation", opinions please? crap or okay?
What do you think of my poem?
Will you not rise to the bait?
where i can find short tagalog poems( site )?
my sonnent love poem?
What is Poetry, and how can one separate it from prose?
is there something in the wording of a question that attracts non-Poetry-regular answerers to it?
Does this sound like a Victorian Poem?
Where can i find poems for children?
what do you think of my poem?
Who is your favourite poet?
Well I have some sad news everyone. The one you know as the Dark Prince is dead.?
Need major help with an introduction of...?
Meaning of Good Hours Poem by Robert Frost?
Is this very long poem good?
Please commet on this piece of writing! Thank you in advance!?
free verse poem about grief?
Do you know him? Please comment on this poem?
I need help writing a poem concerning plants & our relationship.?
Poets, if someone who has spent too many hours abusing you suddenly wanted to join your network...?
The tone and mood of this poem.?
Do you like my winter sport poem?
Can you define poetry for me, and is it based on living or reading?
Is this a good line for poetry?
Sometimes you just can't help feeling, there but for the grace of God - will you c/c please?
Do you like this poem?
Radical War Song?
...how much more time to get there?
what do you think of my poem? please critique if you have any sujestions on hwo to make it better please say?
I am trying to get my poems and songs published. Does anyone know?
Please read my poem and give feedback!?
Can you write me an acrostic poem?
how do you say farewell?
Where to write poetry online?
Does my poem sound good?
Plz take a look on my poem and comment! how do u like it?
10 line poem, need help, please... :)?
Poem,Honest answers only and criticism welcome.?
How would you improve this write..reworked and relined..C/C?
How will you go, in the end?
Do you like my poem at all?
In the poem the seafarer...?
From my dark side...can you critique my poem?
john keats "to sleep" poem analysis/meaning?
please help analyse the poem a holiday by margaret atwood. thank you.?
how would you define hamartia in greek tragedies?
If I were your wife, and I wrote this poem for you would you like it?
A question about poem by Mary Queen of Scots?
Can you please help me to understand this poem?
Why some grown ups write like Kindergarten children?
What do you think of these few lines?
do you like my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Poem: No Other Reason (please let me know what you think)?
So what do you think of this poem?
Analysis of "man listening to disc"?
What does Keats mean by 'parent of my theme' in his poem The Fall of Hyperion?
Comment on a poem about a beginning thwarted...?
Is this poem any good ?
Acrostic poem about health and safety?
Will you comment on this piece please?
what ya think made it kinda fast ehhh?
What are some descriptions of a girl rocker?
Feedback on my poem please?
What do you think is my ethnicity?!!! (Pics) I still don't know.?
Is this a good poem?? (and its short)?
Does anyone think this poem is any good?
If we're doing kids poems. How about this?
what do you think of these poems?
Is my poem good? Rate it 1-10 (10 is the best)?
What does it mean to analyze a poem?
what do you think of my poem for my love?
what is the viewpoint of John Agard in the poem "half-caste"?
whatcha think of this really short poem?
There has been an overwhelming output of the pieces to the puzzle of the people that we are. Do you agree?
your body hurts me as the world hurts god?
What happened to santa's sleigh?
Please Let Me Know What You Think Of This Poem.?
Can you give me feedback on the poem I wrote?
Does anyone know a poem about:?
can u finish my poem plz?
How to write a good poem?
Why does icecream have no bones?
Someone please answer!?
Have you seen the Mulberry Bush revisited?
Can i put this poem into a book titled resonance?
A poem about me????????????????
what happens in this stanza of three days ride by stephen vincent benet?
what do you think of this poem?
Poem For A Friend - What Do You Think?
Your Opinion?
Poem About Science,Please Help?
what an example of work of literature from Christina Rossetti (poet) and why is this piece typical for her?
Can you help me do something to this?
Anyone remeber this emo type poem and where to find it?
A breathless concise poem for your perusal?
Do you like my poem? I worked very hard on it...?
who has the craziest mind?
Poem - Commands Of The Heart - What Do You Think?
I really need help, please? My life depends on it, well, not literally, but...?
Airy (todays theme) A fun write would you c/c?
the man he killed poem criticism?
the poem from the perks of being a wallflower?
Was Dorothea MacKellar (Australian Poet) blind?
Children's valentine poem. Anyone know it?
Is this poem any good or am I wasting my time?
What will RAMJET think of this poem?
One of my poems. ---> Facebook Poetry site https://www.facebook.com/PoetryForYourSoul?
This is my poem, please, I would really appreciate comments and critiques.?
This is rather like a poem, don't you think?
Entitled: "The Broken Trust Lain". What do you think of it?
WHAT DO U THINK OF MY POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
Will you comment on a day in the life of a dog please?
Opinion on my story I made up just now on the spot?
is it the lover covered by arctic monkey is a poem?
Please Comment On This Peom I Wrote?
Can someone read this please. I wrote it.?
Can someone tell me what this poem is about?PLEASE TEN POINTS.?
Can anyone help me with a poem about death?
An English sonnet about Piano? ?
How can you differentiate a question from an answer?
Hey what do you think of my poem, thanks?
I want to go home, but it is gone, a rumination, c/c?
Write me a short, random, original poem.?
Is this a good poem????????????????????????????????????…
what is the authors message in the poem "There Is No Word for Goodbye"?
opinions in regards to my poetry?
what is the theme of the peom?
rambling about carrots and oh.... c/c?
Something for a friday night. I hope you like it.?
help with interpreting with this poem?
Hey you....HP.....got a minute to read?
Music for a poetry reading?
Anyone Has Any Idea's for Biology Poetry?
Is this a good sad poem?
First Kiss, from a previous question, c/c?
What do you think of these lyrics I wrote?
Rate this and you will be sent directly to heaven?
In our class, in groups of 4 we are writing anthologies, and each have to add our own poem- short?
help with poetic devices!!?
Games aim to maim or to tame?
All you poetry experts out there!!!?
Petraeus Has an Affair- Newsflash!?
this is my poem...?
Grannyjill's Trigee - Do you like it?
Poets, do you ever feel uncomfortable with erotic content in a poem...?
tell me what you think this short free verse is about?
Is this emo. I wrote it long ago.?
Do you ever ache from seeing bad things too often?
Does anyone know who wrote this poem?
Will you judge a p(l)easant poem"?
NEED HELP WITH SIMPLE ANSWER: what page in the rose that grew from concrete is IN THE EVENT OF MY DEMISE on?
Poem ideas about my cousins?
How can I write my thoughts?
Sergei Mikhaylov Poem?
Really short poem by E. E. Cummings?
Even so, this could be?
Will you c/c on a script of the Greek poet?
Is this poem a love/tragedy poem?
what do you think of this short poem?
Was that a year or what? Will you comment please?
A poem in response to a poem, comments?
mothers day poems?
I won't be impatient, tell me what you think?
Popular poet with the first name of Tony?
Ready Poet?
What are the themes of Walter Raleigh's poem "The soul's errand"?
Can you please tell me how this poem sounds, what to improve, or rate it out of 10? [-=?
What is the purpose of poetry?
What do you think about my poem? Could you please tell me?
Anyone got some rlly good 6 word memoirs?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like my new poem?
Halloween approches, have you even seen a ghost?
What do you think of these two poems?
Can someone help me find a famous poem on conflict?
Young poet, good poet, small vocabulary.?
Do you like poetry in spanish?
In the Poem Beowulf. Where all does the dragon's treasure get moved to.?
Rate my poem I randomly typed?
is this poem any good, i wrote it, im 15.?
What do you think of my poem?
In Margaret attwood's poem helen of troy does countertop dancing, what type of poem is it?
How can I make my haiku better?
Do you every remember someone fondly? c/c?
would you do whatever you want with this?
Want to read an inspirational poem on self-forgiveness?
Are your buddies retirin' before you?!? C/C?!?
If this a good first half of my poem?
Opinions on a revised poem please?
Criticsism and Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe Poems?
A Messenger From The Dead (6)?
A short one please c/c?
Whats this poem called?
Which version of my poem is better?
Any ideas for a short quote/poem/saying for big brother?
Something else you might like ..maybe not. Do you.?
what would you say? rate it?
There was a small poem about system of a down(NOT VICTIMS OF A DOWN).....read on....?
I need to write a poem about America?
What's a good poem to read for my English AP class?
Can anyone tell me where this poem about the Devil is from or who wrote it?
What is the poem Family Reunion by Sylvia Plath about?
What do you think of my love poem? (edited)?
what does this poem have to portray us?
Please critique and rate my poem!?
Hi, i was wondering who you would talk to about getting a poetry book published.?
A street corner mime poem, comments?
walt whitman and death?
Affect of paradox/antithesis in poetry?
so i need to write a poem...but i suck at this?
Not everyone's cup of tea...but what do you think?
Do you like this one?
As a poet, what do you think love is?
The Last Goodbye. Opinions?
Daddys Birthday Poem?!!?!?
do you like this poem i wrote?
Please send a patrotism poem on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru?
Anyone got some rlly good 6 word memoirs?
Please crit my poems for me?
what does the poem "Once By the Pacific" mean?
Can I rhyme in my Free Verse Poem? *10 POINTS*?
what do you think of this? I wrote it myself?
is anyone who knows about "western star" poetry???
What kind of poet are you?
An Agency write - a bit visceral, c/c?
Anyone care to judge my poem im gonna enter in a poetry contest?
Two short related poems, will you offer comments or critique?
what do you think of the song i wrote?
i need a short poem that rhyme?
how do i do a "am from" poem ?
are prose poems usually long?
This is a poem about my average morning. What do you think of it?
what do you think of this?
Revised poem again 3rd post?
i wrote this at school today, what do you think?
poem help!!!!Im sooo stumped!?
what activity will fit for the poem the road not taken?
How's this poem?
I need 2 Poems about..?
Q. about Beloved, thou has brought me many flowers by Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
How about this one..?
Do you know what Sleep paralysis is, here's a poem of how it makes me feel... what do you think?
The last four lines of the poem "On My First Son" suggest that jonson?
Can someone write a poem/something for christmas?
Will this poem gain the respect of poets?
Will you comment on this masterwork?
In the poem not waving but drowning 10 points?
Sad love poem about a guy that never told the girl how he felt about her?
l need to write a poem about myself... could someone please help me?
i really suck at poetry?
good poem???
what do you think of this?
What are some poems with hidden meanings?
any suggestions or additions to this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Comment on my poem-Love Letter?
So do you like my poem for English?
Can you give me your opinion on a poem I wrote please?
emergency help in a poem?
Who am I? Do you know?
What do you think of this?
Need help with a poem to write about school?
An Ode to Youth, comments?
help w/ memorization???
Does anyone knows any website that provides samples of Tanka Poetry in romaji format?
help with quotes for the picture included?!?!?!?
A sepal, petal, and a thorn poem help info?
Hows this Poem?
Im a poet and I didnt even know it :) ....?
What do you think of my new poem? Comments and critiques welcomed.?
the coming darkness (i asked this on another profile but cant remember my name)?
hows my poem on abortion?
Is any one good with poetry? please help.?
What do you think of these poems Some constructive comments? Thanks.?
Would you comment on a repost that was deleted, what is your 'take' on this poem?
what do you think/do you get what this is about? please please help!?
Help on my self centered poem?
Will you rate my "Donkey-Ku" on a scale of 11-287?
Have you ever done a double take?
Compare and Contrast the three translations of "Rubens' Women" by Wislawa Szymborska?
plz send me the poem by ramvriksha benipuri " radha saundarya"?
read my poem about freddie mercury?
What do you think of my poem?
Poetry Elements of John Donne poems?
What do you think this poem is saying about society?
What do you think of this 'Baking The Morning-To-Be' morning pome?
What Meter Does "Im Not Lonely" By Nikki Giovanni Use ?
How do you like my poem?
What are some good qoutes about???
my friends please look in here.?
writing a poem for an anniversary present. could use a little critique.?
Critical appreciation of The Tyger by William Blake?
What I really want. What I really want. (Your question is a little short. Please use at least 20 characters.)?
Have you wondered how inaccurate history is?
a Fantasy poem what's yours ?
do you llike my poem?
Acrostic poem for American revolution?
How can we save Humanity! Humanity!.....?
Poem... Confusion?
And what would you say to "one man's treasure..." C/C?
Because i couldn't stop for death?
Another poem :) Opinions?
I would like to access a poem written by Maya Angelou?
poem i did.. honest feedback please?
what poem is the best outta these three? Why is it? How can i fix it?
Literary analysis on Still I Rise, by Maya Angelou?
What do you think of my poem? Titled "Move On"!?
Any sonnets not written in iambic pentameter?
Can anyone PLEASE! tell me a song that goes with this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Will you make amends before they are all dead?
vote please give serious thought?
how do i use a refraine?
Rate my poem, please?
Can someone please help me find the meaning of this poem! s?
good poetry.?
Please review my poem and advise any suggestions or corrections, thank you.?
PLEASE tell me about my poem (i want you to tell me what u think thx)?
Will you comment on my scatterbrain rambling please?
Greek poem? I'm half way done withit but it sucks.
What is the meter of this poem?
Last year, me and one other thought this one was funny. Have I made it laugh?
Looking for long poem with many literary devices...?
What do you think this poem is about?
Is the myth true? A poem about once you go.....?
A SEARCH IN SOLITUDE: what do you think?
Cute poem for a surprise date night?
This is a sickening piece of poetry, care to comment or critique, thanks?
Is this poem a Shakespearean or Petrarchan sonnet? and what is the difference?define? PLEASE!?
Could you critique my poem?
shelbee lyn?
what is the best meter and line length to use in a love poem for my girlfriend??
A poem I wrote, what do you think?
Acrostic poem for fairytales?
does anyone draw or write poems?
Does anyone know who wrote this?
sonnnett help plz plz?
Do you Want my Cat ... :)?
HELP! I need help creating an 8 line iambic pentameter poem on a modern day, made up character?
how to mimic the poem phenomenal by maya angelou ?
How many lines of rhyming couples are in a typical verse of a calypso?
Meaning of Death & Co. by Sylvia Plath?
Can someone please help me figure out what lines to keep and what lines to adjust for this poem? Thank you!!?
What is The rhyme scheme of this stanza from “The Inchcape Rock”?
Need help on revising for Wendy Cope - Making cocoa for kingsly amis.?
I'm looking for a "Mommy/Angel" Poem?
Are any metaphors used in William Wordsworth's 'Composed Upon Westminnster bridge' ?
A 'Help I'm drowning' poem anyone know CPR?
Do you like my poem? ;)?
What is depicted in Geoffrey Chaucer's hand?
I need help with the meaning of this poem, Clever and Poor......?
This is a belief, an opinion. You can mae of it what you will......?
evictions of the heart?
Please comment on my poem?
I needdd poetry help asap!!!?
Taking LSD tonight. Will I be able to write?
What do you think of my poem?
Finish the poem. Should be fun: :-)?
Poets can you help me decide what my next poem should be about?
Why do you think Walt Whitman uses the word delicious in his poem "I Hear America Singing"?
poem of why i love you?
do you like my poem, and what do you think it's about?
Leaves of Grass-Continuities?
A Silent lesson?
A poem for EVERYONE here.?
Inspired by Raven Oktober, wood you C/C this tree?
re-read my poem if you like i made a few changes.?
Poem---Foggy View?
My Poem:Absence of him?
The Poem "Annabel Lee" By Edgar Allan Poe.?
essay comparing poem "The laboratory" with "Anne Hathaway" help ?
Where can I find some good quotes?
i wrote a poem and i need to know if its good, if i need to change anything or what? so please help...?
Poem I wrote...you should read it....?
A Poem about Silent Farts Question and Poem Or Whatever ?
Can someone please do a quick analysis of this poem?
Figures of speech in this poem?
Rate my short poem, 10 points?
What do you think of my poem, critique?
Feedback on english trochaic poem PLZ?
Does this poem sound good?
“So let me study that mine actions be Worthy their sight, though blind in how they see.”?
I need a good poem to thank my friend?!?
Analysis of Bruce Smith's "The Game"?
What should I add to this poem?
Language Arts... please help. narrative poem?
Why all the stress over rhyming and not rhyming poetry.?
What is the meaning Of Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Answer"?
Do you like my POEM?
i need a poem for my grams funeral?
how's this poem...any better?
Say me about george herberts poem virtue?
Can you help me understand this poem?
How would you improve this poem, which is an incomplete thought as well?
Which lines are characteristic of an elegy?
Is this a poem? "The Brave Knight"?
What opinions/comments do you have on this first draft?
Poem titled "Blast"?
This is my favorite poem... Anybody want to add some philosophical input?
Help with a kenning alliteration poem?
What do you think of this poem?
what are some parodox in this poem?
In your opinion who do you consider must read poets?
The sweet touch of Christmas ~ critique?
Poetry Help! Answers Needed?
okay so i've edited my poem to help it make sense...what do you think? (:?
I'm looking for some feedback on my poem?
Ghost. . . Tell me what you think?
Look at my poem?
Poem wording........?
could someone please tell me where these two stanza are from?
another poem i wrote...plz read!?
Where are all my friends from times gone by?
Red Ribbon Week Poem ?
Arise by Ella Wheeler Wilcox?
write me yet another haiku poem? thanks!!?
"The Look" no deep poetry here, just a little dog story, posted for your C/C?
How are these poems? Can you rate them 1-10?
is there any poetry contest sites out there that are legit?
What does this indian poem mean?
What do you do when someone says "Do not say you love me"?
What to call this poem?
Why would one describe a poem as pessimistic?
How can he get her to look at her notes?
What do you think of my poem?
short poems about young death?
Here is a poem I just wrote. I want to know what a real poet thinks of it. Are you a REAL poet?
Who can answer my Question about Space and Time?
do u like my poem called over the years? Be brutally honest?
What are all the poems by Emilia Pardo Bazan?
how do you punctuate a narrative poem?
I am reworking a little piece of ancient text. It might be appropriate as a Requiem for lost accounts.?
Help with my poem to my mom..?
what do you guys think of my poem?
..do you like this poem?
Can you compose a short ten line poem about a REALITY SHOW STAR?
I cant find the rest of the words for this poem th poem is called "Losing It" by Sara Holbrook?
What do you think of this Monday Must Be Astronomical, Cause Everybody's Poetizing Universes poem?
Tell me how this poem is and tell me the truth?
Please help, thanks a ton?
what is the best love poem ever written?
Please help me. I need a poem that has similies and metaphors.?
A poem to say goodbye to Shad?
what is the purpose of this poem?
What do you think of Morning, The Nice Warrior morning poem?
Does anyone know how to write a good war poem?
A poem about love/romace or family, with bio of authour (100-150words), and examples of laungage features?
In your opinion, what makes a good poem?
Acrostic poem not too romantic or fancy?
A darker poem. Hope u like it.?
What do you think of my poem?
Inspired by the man's journey to the moon, I've written, yet again, another poem. Is it you?
Is "eyes of blood" considered a metaphor?
The poem i wrote in 7th grade?
do you like this poem?
for people who love writing poetry and getting money (you need to like both, not just 1)?
id like your oppinion of this little thing i wrote?
"El Greco" a spontane for your exaggeration, enjoyment, c/c,derision, admiration or :)?
Born to die - another poem by me?
Check out my poetry, thanks lots?
Here is something for you to read. I just wrote it. I make no further claims. c/c?
10 POINTS to the one who criticizes truthfully.?
Will you give a comment?
What does this poem mean to you?
competion for a four lined poem.......?
Should a love poem contain ladybugs?
what do you think of my poem?
can you please help me with my poem??!?
what do you think of my poem i just wrote? its called "be who you are"?
whats a good mothers day poem persian or english?
whats a good analysis of this poem?
Terrorist's Wife By Angela Green full poem?
Can someone help me write a poem?
Does this make more sense?
Will you comment on Halloween please?
The Killing Fields, never saw the movie, but here's a poem to critique?
please for a rating and tell if the big words are too many for understanding?
Does anyone know the words to this Wondermentalist Cabaret poem?
The Patriot, a poem about two flags and three generations, your reaction to it?
What do you think this poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
Feedback on my poem please?
What type of poem is Fog by Carl Sandburg?
What is the rhyme scheme for this poem?
I would like to know your opinion about this sonnet?
Alone on Thanksgiving? Care to comment?
Poem????????????????? :D?
I want to go home, but it is gone, a rumination, c/c?
Rate my Poem, comments please?
Updated poem! Comment your thoughts!! Please?
Poetry Analysis ? Henry David Thoreau ?
anyone like my poem? and please no negative comments?
How do you pronounce 'Shalott'?
Ten minutes until Monday, time enough for something banal and fruitless. What do you say?
looking for some c/c I like to get feedback as I write so if you could help that would be awesome!:)?
How to create Rhythm in Poetry?
What does "En sortant de l'école" by Jacques Prévert mean?
Looking for a poem - The Viper?
I did a poem what do you think of it?
Question For The Ladies? Do You Like This One? Pt.1?
What say ye to "Women happy shopping bull?"?
Poem & prose if u want then pls share withus so. Hard as I might .s is difficult at best . Try and share?
write a gothic poem about a vampire that rhymes. rhyme scheme (AB,AB)?
i need a poem for my gf?
Wat do u think of this poem?
What will you do, someday?
Do you like this poem?
Comparing two poems?
Can you please give me a brief explanation of this poem.?
please give me a simple poem on terrisiom?
How are ideas about place presented in poetry?
Do you like my first numbered poem?
write down the critical appreciation of poem 'our casuarina tree'.?
theme of night sonnet for earl of surriey?
what do u think of this poem and is there any thing i can improve?
Just something to read for some extra pionts?
Anyone with a carinq heart?
Can you interpret this poem?
In the poem, 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' why did mariner stop a person going to a wedding?
How do you like this poem/short story?
What do you do when you realize the truth?
Divided by purple, is Samhain still Samhain?
where can I submit my poems and short stroies to win money?
uh, my first poem, WTH, what do youse think?
Were you, too...........?
Old childrens poem. Old lady's a tear keeper. Help!!!?
Where can I find GOOD leaving poems?
Please Help Me With The Road Not Taken poem? 10 points!?
need help to finish another name poem?
One of my poems?? help?
Opinions on my poem?
Broken Heart ....... Care To Comment?
Why would Frost write the poem: "In a Disused Graveyard" as an iambic tetrameter.?
Poets, If your life were a song - what would the title be?
looking for the perfect poem.?
Have any of you ever felt similar to this?
help me with this!? ..im useless at spotting whats wrong with it ?
How do I delete my poetry on poetrynation.com?
where are you? I misss you do you care??? rhymes with chuck duck muck tuck luck buk?
What is the meaning of Charlotte Bronte's poem, Life?
hey, I just wrote this poem. Can you help me with it? Is it that bad?
my rusty old poem?
Crawling across the emerald green grass, stealing the reflection of the lillies of the valleys with your eyes?
how do i get into young money?
does any one know any good poems? any kind! i don't care! as long as if it is a poem!?
opinions/critiques for my poem???
How does the life of W. B. Yates affect writers today?
Please leave your comment/critics on this poem?
IMPORTANT! do u know the opem "my papa's waltz" by roethke..can u answer this ?'s..?
thoughts/views/opinions on poetry?
is this poem "free verse" correct?
a poem!!=)?
Does poetry make you feel alive?
Where are all the turtle poems?
Can anyone help me? I have no idea what to do!?
good at poetry?
Thoughts on a new poem please?
Stepping outside the box again...what are your suggestions?
And what does a book cover mean to you?
What would you do if you had two of your favorite male poets here who were waging war upon one another?
Have you noticed this Windy Day?
what do you think about this poem?
What are some good (credible) writing contest organizations. Specifically Poetry?
Please read over my recent poems?
It is raining here and this has inspired a poem,please leave your comments?
What do the next ten lines of Du Bellay's sonnet mean?
Just a short poem I wrote.?
Please read...xoxoxo?
What happens when you isolate yourself? A poem?
I need a magazine subscription poem for my mum. ANY IDEAS???
See these poems. Which one is good????
is "the folly of being comforted" by Yeats a sonnet?
What is your opinion of my poem?
WDYT of this poem? what to name it?
How is this even possible?
Opinions on my 2 new poems?
Poetic Devices In this Poem, by Emily Dickinson?
Help in Poetry?
Couplet poem?
Do you like my pome about computers and ?
Need help for a read aloud? About my uncle's death?
Can you comment on this poem?
Does anyone know American poems that are simply and long?
Does Codie rhyme with silly?
What are some poems with at least 5 different poetic devices?
One of those poem things. What say you?
Help me make this poem amazing...PLEASE just help PLEASE?
please read poem i just made. tell me what u think?
I want to rework this poem, so would liek some suggestions....?
What do you give voice to? A poem with something to say?
I`m looking for a book published poem about Oceans and pain. Any ideas?
Are all second chances good things?
poem about my real life stalker, take the time to comment please?.?
How about this for Christmas?
Third wave feminism poetry...?
Where can I publish a poem?
Cute, Romantic poetry online?
need a title for my poem?
does anyone have a copy of the speech of flavius and marius?
I have a writer's block, what do you think?
Assignment anyone .?
poem...do you like it?
Alfred Lord Tennyson...like it or hate it?
Stillborn, please comment?
what was Mary Poppin,or...sip sip pass?
The last four lines of the poem "On My First Son" suggest that jonson?
Can you make a limerick about Y!ap?
Will you please TITLE or Comment this poem?
If you were to write a poetry book to publish, what would you title it?
What is the name of this quatrain form with repeating lines?
A little poem I conducted..?
What would Grandpa think of kids smoking and drinking?
what do you think of this poem please leave your comments?
Would you comment on a day in the life of nurse?
What song correlates with Emily Dickinson's poem # 23 "A Bird Came Down the Walk"?
A very old poem, Reflection, c/c?
Poem by Lauris Edmond...HELP!?
"Little Book "?
wat kind of rhyme scheme is this?
A poem to fit with this song?
Poem about Death...?
Does this poem suck as much as I think it does?
Reflection of the poem stars by robert frost?
~Goodbye?~ Feedback on Poem?
what do you think the term?
What do you think of this poem?
What is Faux Rhyme? and a example? HELP! ?
jason mraz - i am yours?
Would you care to comment on a poem, about a lesson?
can i get a poem on summers in hindi??
please rate this poem?
...what's inside your head when you can't think?
OK, my poet friends, opinions?
Would you care to read my poem about a young girl dying from TB in 1920, comments and critique welcome?
What advice has furthered your poetry the most?
Can anyone find this poem? It's called "Windows" I believe, and I read it in a children's lit book.?
What do you think?
Elements of poetry in the Robert Fitzgerald translation of The Odyssey?
How do I write a poem?
what do you think of this poem?
Music I Heard?
How can you relate to this Poem?
Can disregard for Major English "Rules" diminish a piece's poetic expression?
Help me with this poem please! Any ideas?
Is their any english poem with the line om shanti om?
What should I do my spoken word on?
"Grandfather says" Poem by Ai - Alalyze?
How are my poems?
Write a poem about how you feel?
What's a good couplet?
The English language is a wonderful piece of verbal and written engineering but could it be improved?
Another short poem...do you like it?
A whimsical poem. What do you think?!?
What do you think?
I want the summary of the poem The Flower School by Rabindranath Tagore?
What do you think of the poem I wrote for the girl I like?
Care to comment on my poem about speaking plain English?
How is this even possible?
can you interpret this poem?
Does this poem have anything to do with keeping promises? what does it mean?
kidnap poem by Nikki Giovanni?
Just some questions i'm pondering about. Oh…What is humanity?
What type of poetry do you tend to like better? (rhyming or freeform)?
[Eighth of May]...Would you please comment on this poem...?
Poetry help (Colossians)?
What do you think "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe is about?
Will you please give your thoughts on my poem: Guitar?
Help finding a poetry term..?
What do you think of this poem?
I'm new to poetry. Can you tell me what you think about this poem ?
poem...one of my older ones.....so be harsh on it!!!!?
Aerials by system of a down..??
Dreams can come true?
What do you think of my poem?
can i get in trouble for using part of an already published poem in one of my poems?
Please tell me what you think of my poem?
how do you like this poem?
I wrote a poem to vent my feelings and it turned out like this.?
I need a poem?
Short poem what do you think?
i need all the people who like to write poems to read this please !!?
Is it still hate if it only lasts a moment?
What meter and rhythm is The Road Not Taken by Frost written in?
Through the glass door, a rumination? c/c?
What do you think about the poem "Memorial Day for the war Dead"?
Graduation poem for my girlfriend?
New to the city and I want to start a club?
what is the difference between song lyrics and poetry ?
Anybody know where there are poem sites....?
What does this poem mean?
heyya what do u think of this poem.........?
A question for "Puppy Love Wuvs You Girls"?
re-do If we are free to choose, are choices always free????? comments welcome?
Lackluster Love; No such thing. How is my poem?
when writing poetry, should it rhyme ?
Do you agree with the content of this poem?
Any opinions on my lyrics? ?
Here's a kid violence poem I just wrote in answer to someone's question a moment ago. Check it out.?
Do you know who this poem is about? What are your comments?
The Greeks had Gods; do we have ourselves?
Do you like my poem? (For Children)?
Your ideas needed?
Poetry help! I'm confused! ?
A day of poetry, a day well spent?
What kind of poem is the song "break away" by Kelly Clarkson?
what do you think of these poems?
I am a begginner, How is it?
Are there poetry/writing scholarships?
I have sent my reading in so I don't know why some one has been to read the meter?
I have a collection of esoteric poetry, who will publish my work at no cost to me.?
HELP ASAP PLEASEE D= what is the meaning and argument made by the author in this poem? explain.?
sometimes the words win...and the truth loses?
Will you comment on This probly never happened for a boy, please?
A Poem For All.?
Is this poetic or prophetic?
Can Semper attempt a Partenza Represa? Please have Mercy?
Do you like my new amphib-a-poem?
nature loving poem with some picture for class six submission?
"I hasten to laugh at everything, for fear of being obliged to weep." -Mark Twain??? Explain please.?
Can someone help me with iambic pentameter?
An OPEN Apology. Is It BEST to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?
A good morning for birds, at least, c/c?
Help me compare and contrast Shakespeare's interpretation of love in Sonnet CXVI with a Mobius strip. HELP!!!?
i need help on some poems for my boyfriend?
Beowulf essay help!!?
Im doing an acrostic poem and need help?
Have you read this Good Morning poem, yet???
A poem about how the US got Texas?
Will you comment on my poem?
metaphor poem comparing people to butterflies?
Do you like this poem?
Is this a good poem?
This is rough draft; I did not count my syllables and I am seeking a good critique, no frills, please?
do you like this my own poetry?
What do you think of this poem?
Online Publishing Help?
Is this a good poem for an 8th grader?
this is a free verse poem i wrote. tell me what you think?
Poem Help (Analyzing a Poem)?
What do think about this poem?
help me with this please?
Ok...is this something? kindly comment please?
Miracle of Life: Care to Comment?
what do you think about rhyming/non-?
Help with a poem ? " Time was, a sober englishman wou'd knock"?
is this a good poemm??
Please c/c my poem/prose?
1 Sonnet multiple choice ? 10 points!?
Who is your national poet?
Is anyone else like this? I hardly watch any TV, unless my Green Bay Packers or TCU Horned Frogs are playing?
Have you ever worked for the Big Guy?
What does it mean to paraphrase the soul?
Please help me think of a metaphor?
i need help writing a sestet poem?
Do you like this poem I'm 10 and worked hard?
Do you know any 'old' souls?
Does anyone know how to create a 10 line poem about boasting?
star poem....?
A poem, anyone?
i need help!?
I seem to be stuck and can't finish this, can you help?
This poem any good?
Is this poem okay? (for school)?
where can i find some good poems about marriage?
what do you think of this poem?
How would you rate my sonnet I had to make for english? 1-10 10 being the best**?
Short poem opintions?
I'm back, what do you think of this verse(for those who didnt know, this one and the last r raps)?
should i use this as my suicide note? or is it just a depressing poem?
What is home? poem c/c?
I tweaked 'Taking The Bait' based on some suggestions the first time around, is it better, do you think
Terrorist's Wife By Angela Green full poem?
How is this poem doing?
What Do You Think Of This Poem?
Ya don't have to like it, OK?
Tell me what you think about my poem?
Rate my poem "My Hometown" and rate it, honestly - if it's **** tell me!?
Tomorrow October 4th is National Poetry Day. Care to share your favourite ... assuming you have one.?
Are my poems good?
Assignment for poetry, advertising poetry?
Are you worthy of your own respect? c/c?
When I am Dead, My Dearest by Christina Rossetti?
Can anyone help me understand any of these poems?
i want a poem on anything related to school?
Example of Alliteration in Shakespeare's "Sonnet 30"?
What does this poem mean to you?
Would you care to comment on this Sonnet?
How is my poem......?
What do you think of this poem? honest answer and constructive criticism please?
Critical analysis of the poem 'Dolls museum In Dublin' by Eavan Boland?
tips for writing poetry?
Can you give me feedback on the self-made poem about childhood?
a poem by me?
Small offering after finishing our tax return?
What do you keep in the shoe-boxes in your closet?
Poker Rush?
Hi could you help me write a few lines for my 14 line sonnet its for my best friend !!! thanks?
What is a poem? (to you)?
"Winging Our Ways" for your c/c a night-thought to you? in spontane.?
Tell me what you think of my poem? Thank you beautiful people :)?
Finding the theme of a poem?
Writing a poem for father's day.?
I can quit. Y'all maybe had enough?
Commentary for my poem please?
New poem I wrote ? Made by wallah all lies?
Is this a dark poem " Black Widow"?
can someone please help me finish my red ribbon week poem?
Write a poem. about anything. off the top of your head?
Feedback on my poem please?
NOW what do you think of my song?
do u likemy new poem?
What do you think of my poem?
what do you thing of this poem?
How is symbolism used in this poem?
In Robert Frost's poem "A Minor Bird" (continue)?
I'm not completely happy with this yet, what do you think so far?
...when does it become complete?
ok, i finally finished this poem. please, tell me what you think? honest answers only.?
what does the poem 'a red, red rose mean?
I need a poem with the theme of deceit!?
Can you please tell me what this poem from Spoon River means?
I wrote a poem about vegans, is it good?
Poem by a 10 year old?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
will someone rate my poem?
Will you read a poem even if I warn you it may bring you down?
Looking for constructive criticism for a poem I wrote!?
Help with a peom?! I'm desprate and ready to give up?
One from the schoolyard......?
Poems/short stories about obsession?
does anyone know where to get the poem lizzie 6 by carol ann duffy?
10 points giveaway!!!! READ PLEASE!??
Anyone know a good publishing company for poetry books?
just edited my earlier poem, more tips on editing?
need help to write a free verse poem!!!! plz help?
What do you think of this short poem I wrote?
Elliot's "Waste land" is not a poem but only a story What do you think?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like this poem?
Online Poetry Contest?
compare a poem and a song?
Will you get this question wrong?
Ning-Nong "I Am Lonely but, Not Alone" are you?
what do you guys think of this? I need a little help at the ending. (poem)?
Tell me if this short poem is good for school?
How does this writing for my creative writing club sound? I know it doesn't make sense, but it sounds good.
What literary devices are in these three poems?
Please read and review my poem. Its awesome, i tell ya.?
Poem ideas?
I am looking for Diane,Bentz e-mail address?
What is the first stanza of Poe’s poem Annabel Lee?
Another poem.. thoughts please???
What does your significant other look like when they sleep?
"No more" they said, "no more". - will you c/c please?
I need a metaphor about something related to the ocean?
See, this here is about choosing, not about a person...Poetry is fiction....always....?
What do you think of this dark poem?
a poem about suicide..............?
Please tell me what you think of my poem!! Be honest!! Is it any good?
How do you all feel about this "poem"?
Is this a good Goodbye poem???
Okay here's a brand new one. Comment as you will.????
what do you think of this poem?
Is this a poem " Paradise Lost "?
Is this a song or a poem?
Please critique my poem. Does it have the right name?
Did Robert Frost write a poem that refers to Jack Frost?
how do i improve my poem?
A pome I just rit (sic) Do you like it?
write a poem about the beach?
I'm an amateur and I could use some feedback...?
I'm writing a poem. Does ocean and potion rhyme?
can anybody explain the last verse of the poem if?
Are there any hyperboles or metaphors in these poems?
Do you wanna make a bet on a trophy of pure poetry?
Reflections Of An Angry Ghost..........c\c?
romantic poem?
How would one get a book of poems published?
What do you think of my first poem?
What's Your Interpertation of This Poem?
opinions plz?
i need to write a poem about anne frank and another character in her diary?
What do you think is just a perfectly gruesome word? And would you ever use it in a poem?
Ano mga ang katangian ng tula? What are the characteristics of a poem?
please read and comment on my rap or poem whatever u wanna call it?
what do you think of this poem?
What is the irony in lines 7 and 8 of shakespeare's sonnet 55?
Why did I put my poem up for vote? My last act?
Will you c/c on a revised script, written by the Greek poet?
Poem analysis please help!!!!!!?
What is the meaning of this poem?
Inspired by Caz writing about love, although was this lust? Comments or critique welcome, thanks.?
Please read my poem and tell me what you think. What should it be titled.?
Does anyone know a Poem where The pansy winks beside the garden wall?
Ever read the warnings on gas pumps?
Do you have any idea that I have accomplished this astounding feat?
Opinions on an edited poem?
Have you heard had hid held your Thank You yet today?
ur favourite poet in answers?
Poetry help please :)?
Will you help me tidy up this revision?
WHY AM I YELLING.........?
can someone please help me with these questions about poetry. Sucess is counted sweetness poem help please?
Can one start a new tread like...HEAVY METAL poetry?
What is Iambic Verse?
Can you give your opinion on my poem?
I am looking for a list of hispanic poets?
Petrarchan sonnets read in movies?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Living Alone. Poem.?
What do you think of this poem?
another poem, Hope you like?
People good with poetry: what are the motifs present in The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot?
How can I improve this avoidance poem?
Meter of Sylvia Plath's "Insomniac"?
I need help understandint the rationale for Dante's punishments in the Inferno?
How is this poem that I wrote?
Is this poem good? Any comments? Title Suggestions?
Tell me what you think?
help with a poem please?
who loves to write poetry besides me?