Two haiku.......c/c?
is my poem good enough for publication?
Review and Revise please!!?
Not sure at this time of night...?
Can someone write me a poem about Charon, the boatman?
What do you think of my poem?
cud u plzzzzzzzzz..explain like what is the dominant atmosphere in the poem??..i wud be soooo grateful to you!?
Candy bar poem for welcome sign?
Halloween poem title... stuck?
What do you think about my poem?
It just seems timely, will you comment please?
What is this poem about ? and is it good ? (Have to write a review for college)?
Can someone write me a poem please?
I need a name for my poem.... HELP??
what do you think of this poem?
please rate this poem 1-10. poem compition.
Can poets be teachers and vice versa?
What do you want on your Tombstone? (Besides sausage...)?
Hey! I'd like to know what kind of poem this is and how I can improve it, thanks in advance!?
How do you cope with life?
what do you think of my poem?
Help Writing My Slam Poem!?!?!?!?
What do you think of my Short poem?
Homework help would surely be appreciated. Please?
Any thoughts on this shorty, "insects"?
Help with poem?
Help writing an opening paragraph for a poetry essay?
Does anyone know what "width" and "clouds" in this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
I'm not happy, can you make me smile with a funny poem?
Are these poems sound good?
Humour something poem ?...?
Poetry , History ! Please Help In Any Way Possible !?
Do you like this poem?
Memories of memories....G'morning..and your thoughts?
"On My Way" a very provincial poem of superstitious lore, care to C/C?
What do you think of my poem? Any title ideas?
Do you like my new poem?
Can this poem be a gift from me to you?
What does the poem by Raymond Souster, The Seller of Pencils mean?
Would you tolerate a poem called Ham Sammiches?
what poetry device is used?
What do you think of my Poem??
do you ever write poetry..while being held at gunpoint?
I love you for who you are I love you for loving me....?
is this an okay poem?
What does this poem/sonnet mean?
C/c a new poem please?
Ive been looking for this poem every where.?
Do you find the ocean breeze uplifting... please read and comment?
narrative poem ideas and suggestions?
Will you please C & C this new poem, She Looks Asleep?
Hi, what do you think about this poem, and how would you analyze, critic this poem?
Be honest please! What do you think?
Word help................?
* ..., "Employment"!?
i need help on a french poem please?
Another one that is a touch too intense for some users.?
A provocative thought,care to read ?
Please read poem I made?
Has 'saki' been able to juxtapose 'pathos and humour' in 'Dusk'?
Hows this sound for a poem about respecting my floors.?
Could this reworded and re posted poem be helpful, Yes or No answers please?
what doi you think about my poem ? M.N.?
Poem i wrote for my mom s?
A poem written for my mom?
Will you comment on a baseball game please?
Painful to write, yet here it is. comments please.?
how does the poet try to rouse the captain? in walt whitman's o captain, my captain?
What is the title of this poem?
What do you think?
in the peom,The Rubiayat,wat do the phrases about Time suggest about the way muslims lived in the middle ages?
what does the person lament in the poem "The Seafarer"?
thoughts on my new poem "Addiction"?
I need help on this poem?
How can a make a A,B,A,B pattern og this in an 8 line poem?
A continuation of a recent story, this needs editing help please?
rate these poems (2) ?
mmm. where is everyone when you want answers? *waves a red flag wildly* C/C please?
What is the tone and mood of "Autumns Chant" by Edna Vincent Millay?
Please critique my poem. It's all I have. I'm so proud...?
Do you like my poem about my holiday?
I'm Thinking of Publishing Some of my Poems...?
Is this poem good? Constructive Criticism please?
Just random poetry what do you think?
Are you a poet? Am I . . .? c/c?
hey i just wanna know waht you think of my poetry???
Interpret this poem! 10 points?
Kindly edit / improve my Petrarchan Sonnet..?
without using the words :poet, poetry or poetic can you describe this activity?
Will you C/C my poem, if you may?
candy is the look of?
What do you think of this poem "The-Scented-Garden-of-Perfumed-Delights… it mystical?
Who changes your diaper?
What do you think of my Poem?
Do you like this verse with alliteration and rhyme?
What is it that you want to feel when reading a poem?
What does A science-so the savants say By: Emily Dickinson Mean?
Please critique this usurper poem?
Is this poem any good?
What does it mean when someone sugests this in a reply?
like a poem my sister wrote?
Help with poem "On Spies" by Ben Johnson. needs to be done tonight!?
*It has been a While... perhaps a poem, prose or just a train off the track, your thoughts, please?
Do you like this poem, or not, why? And what is it's meaning?
Does anyone know a poem that starts with the following lines?
Name of a Shakespearean metrical device?
Shakespeares Sonnet 99?
What is Lucy thinkin' about, sittin' in that old ruin of a tavern?
How to poetically compare the beauty of love with the beauty of various elements of nature like moon,clouds,ra?
"Waiting" By Joey Wilson?
Hello....a small,cute,funny poem/rhyme.....do u like it?
Poem for the troops... feedback please :)?
Opinions/Thought on my Poem?
An Irish poem by Maher?
Critique a poem about being a poet, will you?
Decided to give poetry a shot? (is this any good)?
New to the city and I want to start a club?
Are the lessons you learn the most from, the most painful?
Can I offer a more obtuse write for Christmas...just cuz I awready wrote it?!?
Poem: Because I Could Not Stop For Death?
Weight Loss/Skinny Poems or Quotes?
Do you guys like my poem???? And i ned to know how to finish it. Its free verse (no rhyming)?
I want to understand the poem "The wreck of Hesperus"?
What do you think of my poem about fighting fear?
Can someone tell Gio to stop using my name?
What are some good poems?
can you please critique my new poems!!?
Why would another person put my name on their profile?
A small poem with a large meaning?
Are you Betwixt? Please come read this poem and find out?
Poems about missing someone?
what was Mary Poppin,or...sip sip pass?
drawing on the inherency stylistic approach describe ways this is seen as literary?
What theme or advice does the poem "Still Night Thoughts" offer?
Is there a biography of the poet that wrote "I do not know your name"? Kenny Martin?
what does this mean?!?!poetry help!??!?
what are the five steps to analyzing a poem?
Wilfred Owens poem 'The end'?
here's a poem for all yall it came from a dream?
Is this any kind of Ku?
Any thoughts on my two line poem, "Witness"?
What do you think the theme of the poem, "Free Labor" is? The poem is by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.?
can you write a poem about your horoscope sign?
no replies was it that bad?????
What do you think of my poem?
Summary of shakespeare??? PLEASE HELP?
Do you like my poem?
is this poem good?:::::::::::::::::::::?
do you like my poem..........?
Any comments please?
Heres another poem of mine (hope u like)?
What do you think of my Poem..?
HEY WRITERS...Are you a tool...?
What do you think of my poem?
what is a metered verse?
What is the best poem you have ever read?
Feedback on my poem please?
Poem my friend cant figure out?
Have you ever written a poem and your computer ate it!!?
How is the poem The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner political and polemical?
Will you offer critique on my poem inspired by Jeff and the book "The Last Lecture"?
A little something about Poetry?
Please help me/write me a math poem?
What is your interpretation of John Keats's famous lines "Beauty is truth, truth beauty"?
Write two hyperboles to complete each of the following lines?
more lines for Poem?
Help me come up with a funny get well soon poem?
Has anyone written a poem, or know any good poems that have to do with....?
what do you think to these?
what is summary of the village blacksmith poem?
write me a poem about pain?
What is it about a military ceremony we find so thrilling?
Can you add to this poemlet?
Last poem for the nite. Is this any good.?
like my poem?
Your thoughts on a poem? (and title suggestions)?
I have critiqued others, now my head must be placed on the block as well. I would like your opinions, please?
read this love poem please?
What do you think of my poem?
Opinions on a new poem?
Anorexia poem... Opinions?
Examples of poetry help?
'Intimidated' will you read and comment?
Will she like my poem ?
Read My Poem? Just looking for some feedback.?
If ya have an ounce of good in ya, can ya comment please?
I need a poem...?
Write something that will elicit a scathing response. I double dare ya. C/C?
does a mother toss her kid out just because he misbehaves?
Dark Side of The Moon question.?
A quickie, PLEASE PLEASE read!!???
help, "the vampire" poem. ?
What do you think of this poem?
Please rate my poem for CP English 1?
what mood would this be?
Why is nancy morejon important?
Another poem XD please rate!!!?
Tell me what you think of the poem?
Does anyone know of HYDE has poetry?
Can someone give me a summary and the theme of this poem?
Can you take the time to critique this poem?
A couples confusion....?
It sounds silly, but that's because hate does not belong in it. Did I walk the thin line?
Please critique my poem : D (Ode to the Ocean...)?
Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave? help!!!?
Can you help me to find links or websites about Kathleen Raine's poems ?
About poem 'London' by William Blacke?
Walk in the garden; Care to comment?
What would you say to a little Lone Star Valentine Poem?
why do poets use rhyme royal stanzas?
Do you have a Prayer List?
What is an acrostic poem for "Aloha"?
What do you think of poem "Still Crazy"?
Can you translate this poem?
What Do You Think Of My Poem ?
Would someone please call me an..... AMBULANCE!?
Does anyone know any strong and really good poems by a woman during the harlem renaissance?
I wrote this poem, what do you think?
acrostic poem for change and loss?
What do ya think?
PLEASE, I humbly ask for a POSITIVE critiquing of my newest poem?
A discussion, care to contribute with a comment?
Tell me what you think :]?
I need help interpreting this part of Edgar Allen Poe Poem called Alone.?
Can you take a look at my short poem?
can anyone please give me help writing a poem?
Poem, I guess, appreciate anyone who reads it?
What does this poem mean?
Can someone interpret the poem i know why the caged bird sings literally and figuratively?
small poem need critics?
C/C my poem and tell me what you got from it?
a forgotten man...?
What are your feelings on MY poem? I'm never alone?
Plz take a look on my poem nd comment on how do u like it? plz c/c.?
Can any one explain me Shakespeare's sonnet 63 ?
Is it, or isn't it? I cannot remember....?
figurative language in you are the sunshine of my life?
I am printing a poem and I don't know how to set up the page, do you?
Ghostie poemzie to readzie & c/czie?
What do you think of my poem?
A poem inspired by Icy Gazpacho?
A Candle for warmth?
Can I please just lovingly say?
My sonnet, The Majesty of the Night Sky?
Wanna hear more?
I'm not joking?
What the Hay??? OOPS all Day???cFOyc?
Just some words, even if between the lines, will you C/C please?
What do you think of this poem?
ur favrite poet in answers?
Does anyone know what Hart Crane's "The Broken Tower" is about? And a paraphrase of it?
Feedback on my poem please?
Help with a review of a poem?
Hows the beginning of my poem/story.?
Have you had a very good title that you made but no poem for it?
British poets?
what are two poems that have the same theme but different authors?
Poem.. What do you guys think?
Help finding a Poet ...............Please?
a long goodbye, would you consider this a poem?
Is it fine to start an essay with a poem?
Another Poem!?
How do you like this poem?
Brand new poem, please share your thoughts..?
questions on emily dickinsons poem~the snake~ (poem included^)?
Who's a better poet: Walt Whitman or Bob Dylan?
i want to write my girlfriend a poem....?
what is shakespeare's the phoenix and the turtle poem about?
Can you give me the 'hope' poem from Out of the Dust by Karen Hess?
any thoughts on this poem?
What are some good topics to write poetry about?
Does this poem have a scansion?
Speech Team: Adoption Poetry?
my amateur work. penny for your thoughts?
Good poetry topics for a school thing?
Should I keep writing this?
What do you think of my poem? Its about my darkest hour of my teenage years. the hero who fell was my father.?
A poem about saint or sinner, comments?
Tell me what you think of this poem. I worked for like an hour on it. Be honest?
Write a review of RL Stevenson's poem "Railway Carriage"!!!!!!!!!!?
What's your interpretation of this poem?
The Lockless Door By Robert Frost?!!?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you imagine?
i want the anthology for the poem escape journey 1988?
PLEASE help me with ENGLISH short Poem, William Wordsworth?
Can you make up a witch or demon or perhaps some other fiend and describe them in a poem?
Please consider c/c of this short poem?
English poetry help - Understanding the poem?
Please Will somebody rate the poem? Thanks Poems ON . Thanks?
What poetic devices are in this poem?
rate my poem thats NOT about love =)?
Another spoken word poem♥♥snap your fingers for this one???♥♥♥?
I don't remember writing this poem?
edgar allen poe - alone poem (figurative language)?
Poetic licence?
New pirate poem. Would you read & leave a comment? TY?
Analysis of Shakespeare Sonnet 147?
"Woodchucks" by Maxine Kumin?
Please read poem I just made?
Do you like my poem?
Is this a good imagery poem?
Is this not the best poem??
Can somebody help me write a sonnet poem?
I need help with poetry homework?
What do you think of my poem?? (:?
What is your opinion of the short (WIP*) (DAQ*) poem?
Someone help me with a poem.?
dont know how to write....?
New poem/short story. What's your take on it.?
This is a Poem I would like to share if feel up to it.?
my poeeem... ya likee?
a good genuine ballad?
mom poem. C/C please?
I need help with my poem!?
is this a good growing up poem?
How much do poets earn for their poems in the UK?
Is my poem following IAMBIC pentameter?
short stories.............?
Are you waiting for something?
words that rhyme with so?
A holiday memory (free-form) What do you think?
in the panik you remember called the outside world i wrote this -?
Firts poem I've ever written. What do you think?
classic g.a.a.s.g.?
Comments on this new poem, please?
A Word, A Touch, short poem to critique?
Another poem i wrote in anger last night.?
what do you think about my poetry?
Why do they call it fall? Good morning!?
Does this sound like it's about suicide?
Grrrrrrr!!! Ahhhrooowll aarr!? Deja vu?
Isn't the sunset pretty tonight?
What do you think of my poem?
Is this poem good? It's for my gf..and no I don't think highly of myself..?
The poem the raven analysis plz? URGENT?
About to submit this to a contest, your thoughts?
What is your opinion regarding my poem?
what do you think he is trying to symbolize through these different bells and the poem?
does any one know what the poem "the progress of beauty" by jonathan swift is about?
Critiques on my poem?
Anyone know this poem about learning to be buddhist in the car?
the oasis is lonely...is it a poem?
Have you had a Friday rock and roll Morning?
How does this compare with Frost's "A Draft Horse"?
What do you think about this poem I wrote?
Do The Children Know?
What is the name of this poem?
Outdoors-y poem, reading, or song for an outdoor wedding?
could you please read this poem and evaluate...no mean comments please!?
What do you think of my poem?
i have to write a short, talk, rap or poem about myself but am struggling to find ideas of what to write in it?
What do you think of my poem? Comments and suggestions, please?
How common is metonymy in the figurative language of hip hop?
A Peep's Lament - is it any good?
Studying poems. I have 83 if my own. Write a poem here so I can interpret it?
I 'm looking for a specific poem?
A poem. Do astronauts wear a diaper because liftoff is so terrifying?
Poem. Please Critique?
Have you ever felt this out of place?
Do us women want it all? comments and critique on my fun poem thanks?
can anyone help me understand this poem?
Poetry: Feedback/Interpretations on my lyrics that I wrote please?
I need to know what Edgar Allan Poe's "A Dream" means.?
here's is a couple of poems tell me what you think?
I was sick yesterday and wrote this...feedback please????
Poem metaphor idea help?
What do you think about this poem?? I wrote It :D?
What do you think of my poem?
I need some examples of an "I Am" poem!?
My poem....these are just words...........my words.........?
What do you think of this poem?
How many poems have you wrote and do you have one that is your favourite?
Want suggestion on dark poetry?
I am still learning making narrative poems? What do you think about my poems?
What are line-by-line interpretations of Rabindranath Tagore's poem "I Am Restless".?
A trip through my mind. Is it as scary as I think?
Help me with this poem!?
What do you think of this 'Political Chicken' morning pome?
Can you tell me how this poem is?
So I wrote a short poem...just about how i feel....what do you think?
What should I write my Sonnet about?
What do you think of Snidely Fought The Hawk HIS Way morning poem?
What does the poem In the Orchard by Muriel Stuart mean?
can any one plz paraphrase this poem?
Analyzing Whitman's "I Sit And Look Out"?
what do you think of this poem? any critique pls :)?
Poem with nine stanzas?
Here's another. They are just flowing. Like pus from an infected wound as I just said to freeman. Comments?
Comment this poem for me?
Can you help me with a poem for my friends birthday?
A... "Can You Hardly Wait 'Till Saturday Morning" Poem - What's Your Comment?
Favorite Quote or Exerpt From a Song or a Poem?
Can somebody please read my rough draft to my poem? Constructive criticism is welcome.?
English translation of the poem Clair de Lune....?
Have you ever had a very hard day?
A rewrite from when I was into cutting. I've given that practice up.?
Is poetry born from words or on the contrary killed by words?
What should the title of this poem be?
how did the irish revolution influence W.B Yeats poems?
Who knows a lovely romantic Swedish poem for my girlfriend. she live's in sweden?
I wanted to see if I could write something worthy in 20 minutes...Did I?
This is a poem I wrote called Happy?
What do you think of my poem?
Please c/c this poem (free verse): The Story Of The Girl I Once Had?
Do you ever lose your way too?
An old poem, one of the first I ever wrote, c/c? Title?
Is this good haiku poetry? Feedback.?
I need help writing a really short poem.?
sahayaris (poem) this poem is for gauri barsenge barsenre hamare?
What are some cute & sad love poems for teens that are really long?
Opinions on my poem I just threw together?
what do you think... a poem i wrote?
Please HElp?
Help selecting a poem?
A Love Poem Maybe?
Will you comment on this please?
Any ideas for a shape poem? i need to make a poetry portofolio.... plzz help me?
My girlfriend is starting to feel insecure, can you please rate my poem?
What do you think of this poem? I wrote it myself for my two best buds, as we are gonna be separated soon.....?
What kind of image can represent a Shakespearean Sonnet?
What literary devices are in these three poems?
Feedback on my poem please?
Do u like this poem..?
how to write an ozymandias poem?
Tips on How to write powerful Poetry?( Advice Please)?
My Mother Pieced Quilts figurative language?
I need a protest poem that is 4 stanzas, 8 lines for each stanza and 7 syllables...can someone help me please?
I have heard of Sonnet, a form of poem (English) with 14 lines.Can anyone tell me about other poem forms?
Finally revealing what the metaphors were hiding. Can you please be kind because it's been a rough day?
friends, i have a poem...i'd love advice...?
Robert Frost's Poem, Mending Wall?
Need opinion on this poem I wrote for my boyfriend?
One more, and then I gotta go. Any good?
I just wrote a poem. Now what?
help me to fine a good poem on teamwork?
A short, sweet poem to ask a girl to homecoming?
the raven poem, help?
My first poem I'm posting what do you think?
What do you think of my poem?
Give me your best poem(:?
What do you think of Daily Wish List morning poem?
Isn't the sunset pretty tonight?
Do you have any secrets?
Poem i wrote about my eating disorder................................…
Do you ever write about what you see just to keep sharp?
What rhymes with "orange" ?
can someone tell me of a good type of poem for my gf??
The Reality of Math... a Poem?
another "Off the top of ya head" writings?
Could someone please help me mark the stressed and unstressed syllables in my sonnet?
What do you think of this poem?
Clouds hover over pyramids, lightning flashes, sparks shower; in a blink of an eye you've missed seeing?
Should it last? (7th grade)?
honest opinions on this poem?
A "I GOT A STIFFIE AT SUBWAY" Poem. What's Your Comment. It's A Sonnet and Such for the Holiday.?
short story please review ?
Help me finish this poem? (one line)?
Poetry or drama that contains several unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter is called:?
Help with Poetry?? Due tomorrow??!?
A poem with texture (At means she's bumpy) Would you c/c plz? Thx?
check this : no question.?
Poem ...Pls let me know what u think???
i really need help with this sonnet i wrote??
need help writing a birthday poem for a girl?
Is this a good poem??
Rate my poem 1 - 10? Star this question if you like it?
Comments and constructive criticsm for poem please?
Does anyone know a good conflict poem???
i need a poem for my gf big time please read on?
What is a haiku?
I need help in poetry?
Comparison/Contrast between Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the short film The Danish Poet?
Will you C/C the new script {Gray Birds} of the Greek poet?
Thoughts on this poem I wrote?
Poetry challenge!! Can you write a ringer on the spot?
Her wave goodbye, a poem, comments?
translate please?
How safe is urbis?
Can you check for the meaning of this poetry?
Here I am. Do you like my poem? why?
There are many reasons why I play in Y!AP....?
Would "People are Strange" be considered a lyric poem?
Comments on a poem about a love affair?
Please critique my poem?
Is Oscar Wilde a Victorian, or an anti-Victorian writer? Explain?
Here's another poem...please critique it..?
is this "love" poem any good?
What does this poem mean? -poem analysis?
I re-did my poem.. Is it any better?
Here I am putting one more poem, read it and send me your feedbacks!!!?
What is the definition of the speaker/voice of a poem?
Comments on a poem about nothing...or life?
need help 5 line poam?
What would be a good.....?
How's my Shakespearean sonnet?
anyone know any good web sites with good love poetry?
I just wrote a really weird dark poem and I don't write poetry and I'm not depressed?
Can someonw please comment on what they think this poem means?
What do you think of my short poem?
what type of poem are each of each of these? PLEASE help if you can!!!?
William Shakespeare sonnet help?
Is This A Cool Sort of Poem?
My poem about My wifes daily shower, is it entertaining?
"Stength And Power" a 1st Draft/ 1st Verse.if you`ll be so kind as to c/c a short verse ?
Do YOU look out for CHILDREN'S feelings?
Should I be able to...?
Need help with a poem?
A quick Petrarchan sonnet dedicated to Gio. c/c?
What do you think of my poem? Please c/c? Thanks?
What do you think of my song "Hey Love"?
one of my first attempts at poetry... what do you think? be honest i can handle it.?
What do you think about this poem/song?
Help on a poem that i have to analyze for an essay please?!?
i need a poem for a little girl who lost her dad at three?
Does this work to the tune Cavatina(it's religious)?
Do you find it hard to read other people's poetry?
can someone make me a sonnet? 14 lines ? please help!!!! pleasE!!?
The past that won't let me move on (poem I wrote, can you take a look)?
funeral poem for my granddad?
I want to publish my poems at an adventist website?
what do u think of dis poem? itz 4 my BF!!!?
Please help me write this sonnet i am failing? 10 points?
What do you guys think of this?
Can ANYONE help?? I'm not sure what this poem's meaning is or purpose?
A poem about being snowed in with a paid day off?
Would you comment on this poem please?
I have been reading on wikipedia about Confessional poets and they never once mentioned Bukowski. Why is that?
Why are two stanzas of Puff the Magic Dragon so sad? And any relationship to a recent poem of mine?
Complete this sentence: Roses are red and violets are blue.....?
What is this poem about?
What is he trying to say, the message, in the following poem?
First kiss: Was it what you expected? Please c/c?
Does anyone like my poem?
"It Was Made for Heaven" (a song) Respond please.?
What's your opinion about my poem?
Poems.....s 5 stars?
Feedback on my poem please?
"In the studio of an artist, stood a child in wonder bound." Looking for this poem, this is the first line.
The lines: But what about when we are dead and gone, will you love me then, does love go on?"?
Is this Poem for any self doubting poets in the world :)?
will you help me write a short poem on ghosts for halloween?
what do you think of my poem?
is a stanza like a verse? please explain?
do like my new poem? im 14?
Sonnet- Poetry?
another one of my poems?
When was Christina Georgina Rossetti's poem 'Remember' written?
Poem please comment or critique?
Good Morning all, are you all waking to the poetry of nature?
A little ditty about absolutely something?
My new poem to be published, please comment...?
Questions about The Highwayman poem?
OK this is for someone Very Special. Comments very welcome.>??????
For the best friend a girls mom can have,C/C?
Can anyone give me some ideas for a poem about the Gulf Oil Spill?
Do you speak when you should be singing?
What is our comment on this poem: Frozen Glass?
And if you had to build a building would you follow all codes? C/C?
How to write a life experience into stories or poetry? Please explain and give an example?
...what was the reason behind your choice?
Inspired by Lovechild to post my OWN ....c/c?
help with romeo and juliet sonnet?
Please give thoughts/opinions on my Poem thanks!?
Have you ever felt like this? Does the feeling pass with time? What if it doesn't?
what do you think of my poem i just wrote? its called "be who you are"?
Who knows what poem this is? It's simple, i'm just having a hard time remembering it. ha?
please read my poem and tell me what u think?
What's a short, good poem?
Friday and it still is a depressing week. how is this one.?
Some days aren't for butterflies and things, comments?
Which would make a better Ode poem?
What do you think of this poem?
how do u like my poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Poetry help, literary devices for emily dickinson?
I need a Poem analysis for an Australian poem?
Can somebody help me with an sonnet poem?
Help me decide the last line of my poem?
A small change in my Poem, some constructive C/C thanks.?
Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queen Summary.?
First Poets...Anyone knows of first poets of his country??
help write me a poem?
What think you of Spell Checker Morning?
Do you like this?
Are your poetic subjects real or imagined? CC?
how do you like this poem?
Once, I saw my life. Comments?
whats the value of poetry?
What do you guys think of my poem?
My Mother Pieced Quilts figurative language?
do you think that all poetry has to be pretty?
My new poem...It's kinda dark tho..?
Which of Donne's religious poems and which of George Herbert's religious poems are easiest to compare?
More minimalist poetry. Does it work? Inspired by a phrase?
Poem/Song story advice.?
For LC and the work she will do in the future,c/c?
This is a poem I wrote a few years ago....it is on poetry.com. Please read and give your opinion.?
the flower by lord alfred tennyson full explanation?
what do you all think of this poem? pleaseee answer its kind of urgent?
Would you care to comment on a morning poem?
Bitter, yes, but does it comminicate?
Can someone please post that link again?
I need a "class of 2015" slogan, but not like all the others!?
poetry help?
Second time, bright delight. what do you think?
The final version of this poem. It is fini. Did it turn out good.?
I am looking for a poem I read, can someone help me?
Do the ends justify the means? Comments please?
Write a poem of six stanza "on d topic the massacre?
Number 2 for . Comments Please???? The special girl again. Love hurts?
Read this poem and tell me what you think, thanks...?
at least 8 line rhyming poem with author ASAP?
Is this acrostic poem Frank enough?
what do you think of my poem?
What do you think of my poem.?
Critique my sestina please?
Line break help.....?
I need a poem for a friend?
any free online poetry contests that are NOT for money?
Poems about America, know of any good ones?
Poem #3: Amateur poem...What are your thoughts?
Can you help me to find links or websites about Kathleen Raine's poems ?
And how is your bed attached?
trustworthy poem?
Are these 2 songs and a poem good?
Help With Poetry, Please Help?
help me find a nice poem for my dad pleasee :) x?
A song I wrote tell me what you think[its about my self hate im 13]?
How do you like this deep poem?
What do you think of this blog seems it came from a poetry?
This Is Now (Last one for the night)?
Do you like my poem? I call it " Where Is God"?
Why does it matter so?
This is not a gloomy, "woe is me" kind of poem!?
I need to make a poem that has to do with defeat . Please help!!?
Will you care to read and c/c a poem of the Greek poet?
Some advice on my poem?
Will you c/c a new script of the Greek poet?
Black mamba poem.....................?
could anyone tell me about Hafez poet?
Which is it for you? Comment?
Is your muse guided in a direction, by inflection, infection?
I have written a poem.The first letter on each line spells the title.What type of poem is this?
How about a "Sunrise" poem -- for a change?
hi all i wanted to start a career in poetry writing . i am placing my poem here wanna know your comments ?
How are my poems? Be brutally honest. They were "in the moment" poems.?
Your lips are sweet but a bumble bee just flew in my mouth?
So what do you think of this poem, and how can I improve it? Any suggestions?
Ever been served triangle fish?
give me a geometry valentine poem out of the quickness?
Are there any poems about?
Please critique this poem?
Is this a Dialogue Poem? Does it represent good teaching?
How is this my poem 7.Comment......(Happy new year to you all)!?
What is a good poem that is 3 to 5 minutes long?
i want honest opinions on my lyrics please?
Holocaust poem i wrote myself please rate?
Silver Bells is back for a short while. Do you hear me singing?
What is a good song to match to this WWI poem? PLEASE help!?
Poetic Challenge.......will you give it a shot?
I wrote a poem, thoughts?
read please 10 points?
Is this Poem good??? Suit yourself. It's sad...?
Someday, a new poem.?
What is meant of Bouquets and ribbon'd wreaths in O captain My Captain?
What is a response poem?
playin with sticks, new poem again:o?
I'm experimenting because I can!! I would like to know your thoughts?
What do you think of my poem?
Do you like my poem I change it a bit.?
Will someone write a poem for me? I will treasure it, I promise?
Is this poem I wrote any good?
Need help with homework : Ballad Poem !?
What do you think of this poem?
Will you C/C another snapshot pleases?
What are some good titles for a poem about summer?
Can someone write a Poem for my B/F Dad??.?
Are poets just lazy people who want credit for writing but can't be bothered writing a whole book?
One word acrostic answer for poem, seven,button?
Is this a good poem? Comments will be appriciated!?
Poem Analysis? Shu Ting?
Does an ink pen and notebook keep you company on the weekend?
Would you read and comment on a reflection poem?
I need help analyzing a poem by langston hughes!?
How does it rain at your house?
I.A.Richards called the poetry of T.S.ELIOT " the music of ideas". Do you agree with it?
what is the following poem about? what does the poem mean?
Poem Name (cant remember)?
Will u rate my poem?
should we pass rude comments about someone's poetry?
Help on these poems!!!(:?
home work cheat cheat?
PLEASE READ!! Does this poem make sense to you?? How do you interpret it?
Is poetry an escape ... akin to an invisible cape?
What do you think of my poem?
Would you be kind enough to comment please?
Great Poems?
Can someone write a poem ABOUT the 1920's?
My poem, like, do you?
My love you will not understand, I must leave you forever, I'ts not because I don't love you?
I have to write a poem but I am unsure of the subject.?
Simply entitled "Touch"?
A.... "You Would Cry Too" Poem. A B-lated B-Day Sonnet For B-uk and such. Discharge Your Comment?
What is your best one line put-down?
Writing a poem on a girl named Hailey?
A response to Neonman's 'Vaseline' which I was a bit tardy in posting, C/C?
Poets! Lets all write a book together! Who's interested in all of us joining together?
What is your idea of a good poem?
I would like critique on my poem please?
Is this acceptable here?
Summary of the poem God Made The Country by William Cowper?
I dont understand this poem?
Is this a good love poem for my boyfriend?
Do you think I have what it takes to become a famous poet? 3 poems, opinions please??
Ladies, would this melt your heart?
What poetic school does Jim Carroll's poetry belong to?
is there any precise or exhaustive definition of romanticism?
a very very dwarfed ah,,poem ?
what is bachelor of arts major in english?
5-6 Lined poem about the death of an era?
plz. help me to write one or two cute little verses to someone I love the most. I am not a native?
Feedback on my poems?
IS THIS A GOOD POEM -____________-?
what do u think of my poem?
what do you think of my newest poem?
What is your favorite pick up line?
Poetry Help? I dont get it.?
I think this is one of my best poems..read plz?
How can I improve this poem?
Are you waiting for something?
Do you think this is a good poem?
Does anyone know what year the poem The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner was written?
Can anyone tell me a love poetry on mouni or mounika..plz...?
"Beth, Gene Bourne, Soc poet, Questor" a spontane for you to get mad at me? please read! and c/c?
POEM!!!!! You know you want to ;) !!!!!! whatcha think?????
How is this quick poem?
Is this what I had in mind all along?
What do you think of my poem which expresses how I feel about life at the moment?
Drowning can be nice....right?
can you help me analyze this poem by robert frost.?
Have you read Part 3, the final part, of 'Castle Morgana'?
Poem about fear of death?
i have always been fascinated with the name 'Jezebel'. Does this fit the name?
Please help me write a rap or poem on these vocab word?
I need some examples of personification. Plz help me!?
Another poem. A little more... Recognized ?
Do you agree that a war poem should never be silly?
Please read poem I made?
What do butterflies have to do with remembrance or memorial? (a poem for Remembrance Day, easy 10 points?)?
Songs/poetry for 9/11 Tribute?
I need an acroustic poem for oddity?
Please read this poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
open for critique, please give detail if its bad thanks!?
Stolen from Dallas, will you accept that I did that?
what poems are similar to 'in paris with you'?
any ideas on a chorus?
how do u get your friends to read and comment ur poetry?
What can I include in my poem about Romeo and Juliet?
Would you give me your opinion on this nature poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What makes you who you are?
does anyone have any of these poetry analyses?
What does this poem mean?
Forbidon zone! Enter if you dare! will you read?
Can you tell me if this is any good (twilight poem)?
can you help me analyze this poem?
Have you hugged your kids today?
new one from a future teacher.?
a theme based poem for recitation and it should be a easy to remember poem?
I have a question about the poem Inferno?
Summary of Love Stopped Before It Began - I.D CARSWELL?
summary help - poem - shakespeare by matthew arnold?
What is the Bandersnatch poem?
Anyone Have Any Favorite Poems?
a poem about Hephaestus?
What internet sources will help me the most in searching for poems?
is there a song that has similar meanings for the poem "a moment of happiness" by rumi?
plz rate this poem...?...one of my firsts..pretty new in this..tell me how it is??
What are some good ideas on a poem? (More details)?
Read my poem and comment :)..?
how do you pronounce the words in Spenser's The Faerie Queene?
any haiku poems that capture a season as well a specific mood?
Can I get a star if you like this?
What say to the poem, "Old King James, And Translations. The Real Story"?
What does this poem mean? -poem analysis?
whats the theme of this poem?
if high quality poems are met by jealousy?
Acrostic poem to the word latham ?
Did I write well ? I don't know?
A simple, but heartfelt acrostic, do you find them easy to write?
Will you comment on For my Kids please?
'Afterimages' Please C/C?
Umm... Is this an okay poem? (It's based off of Anne Rices' Vampire Chronicles) plz rate!?
Passions Fire.....opinions c/c?
Will you critique an ode to vanishing poems?
My Goodbye- First poem on here?
Is the poem The Trees by Philip Larkin a narrative poem?
I need help writing a poem!?
My poem. C/C please x?
I need a poem about Greek Gods Hermes, Apohrodite, Ares, Hephaestus, Persephone, or Artemis.?
Do you hear singing of high sweet notes? c/c?
Has a new form of poetry been introduced and accepted in the last 50 yrs.?
To all incredibly gifted poets please read... What do you think???
What do you think about this poem? Please COME LOOK!!!!?
Her voice will echo in my head until the day I die. A somewhat poem, c/c?
Can you rate my poem? Be honest?
Will you offer any comment you feel is appropriate?
interpretation of The Red Wheelbarrow poem??
What do you do? Order or beg, Who is anyone on Y!ap? c/c?
Wordsworth's Sonnet on Toussaint?
Song lyrics, please comment...?
Beause I could not stop for Death?
I wrote this poem/short story; Is it good enough to present in school?
Is the World Poetry movement contest a scam?
~~Chocolate Breakfast and Wisteria~~ what do you think of this poem?
Eminem - When I'm Gone Poetic Devices?
What do you honestly think about this poem I wrote?
Gone to the dogs... a poem, maybe?
Poll:If you were a piece of furniture what would you be?
Anyone knows any cool quote or poem to ask out a girl?
What is a reason that the classic "Roses are red, violets are blue . . . " poem would NOT be a standard examp?
explain with practical examples,how one poem may be judged over another as having more poetic merit .?
Repost.. Thoughts on the ending to this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
A private storm, will you C/C please?
A forty five second poem... C/please?
Hey you....HP.....got a minute to read?
Trent Louis Wilson?
They say *sighs* don't matter. Not a dark matter, but a bit of a sad goodbye, C/C?
What is the main conflict in The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe?
Another poem by me......?
Have you ever had one of these mornings?
"Spring" Simple poem recalled, care to C/C?
I can't think of a third line for a haiku...?
Opinions on a poem I wrote..?
What do you think of this short poem that I wrote?
Will this poem win contest?
in desperate need of feed back?
Have you ever written a poem as a challenge?
Last of the night, a freeverse for the heck of it. Do u like it.?
Have you ever thought about becoming a restorer of great art?
What is the message of this poem?
Poem on scrooge ?
Do you take a good look at yourself occasionally, inspired by Dave and Fredric this morning. c/c welcome?
Can anyone summarize Brian Turner's "2000 lbs"? I am having serious trouble understanding it?
10 points for best anwer!!!?
Should auld anarchists be forgot?Happy New War, C/C?
What is the effect of sarcasm in poetry?
What do you guys think of my poem?
What do you think?
How to improve my poetry?
Could you read my poem and make it better?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Need a poem about President John Adams?
A Halellujah Poem -- Christian and non Christian poets alike: Thoughts?
Are ramblings enough for a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
Do you like my poem any?
I need help with a poem? 10 POINTS!!!!!!?
This is really long but I truly need feedback.?
Have you ever been happy to go?
what is the rhyme scheme of Beast of England by George Orwell?
Thoughts on this poem?
where can i submit my poems and get me prizes if im a winner?
Help me with an acrostic poem please?
Are these poems okay?
is there any author who makes three voice poems?
poem help please ASAP 10 POINTS"poem included"?
What is the meaning, subject, and theme of John Ciardi's poem "A Box Comes Home"?
What's a good idea for writing haiku?
Is this an okay poem?
What is the theme of this poem? Please Help!?
This is my double acrostic. You like?
Search for Identity and re-thinking identity theme in poem?
whats a quote that could go with the picture below (click on the link to see picture below)?
What would be a funny/clever topic/story for a rhyming poem?
A poem for those who were victims of rape?
Can anyone explain to me what goes on in the poem "Mutation" by William Cullen Bryant? Thanks.?
Can anyone link me to the poem "Karamojans" by Alice Walker?
What y'all think of this poem pls?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
what should i title this poem?
the poem my excellent education by kenn nesbitt uses what poetic device?
can anyone become a poet?
Do you hate spiders?
A Halellujah Poem -- Christian and non Christian poets alike: Thoughts?
Will you appreciate what I'm doing?
Is this a Poem .. The hole?
Are you intimated by your intimates? C/C?
What do you prescribe for writer's block?
In the middle of it all, does the innocence of your youth make you laugh until you cry?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
easy ten points from the strangers eyes?
does anyone know this poem?
Please interpret this for me?
do you like this haiku poem i wrote?
wrie a poem a minimum of 8-10 lines must rhyme any format?
When Shakespeare refers to "If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head" in Sonnet 130 - What does he mean?
Poem meaning? I need help?
What does "poetic form" mean?
How well do you like/dislike my poem?
Please critique my poem?
Do some photographs cause you to pause?
Do you ever try to analyze your life just to discover how effed up it is?
Can you find me an audio link for this poem ? Or can you recite this poem please?
poem abought liers! good? help finishing?
Poem 1-10, don't be harsh please?
Does this poem suck (Hunger Games)?
Hurry up, read my poem (Tick-Tock)!?
Tell me what you think of this poem?
Favorite famous "missing you" poem?
could someone please explain to me about this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Poem comments Please guys! Much appreciated!?
I have a good idea, Let's all write a poem for Dave, just a bit at a time, from all who want to contribute?
It's a poem, poetry...for people that like poetry and poems. comments?
Started from a show called "life" turned into a poem by me, what do you think?
Can you solve my mystery poem?
cinna the poet?
Poem ideas? Please help!?
Good Poems For Vodcast?
poem about cupid and psyche?
Help with poems?
Why am I not inspired to write poems anymore?
Experimenting in enjambment, c/c?
How can i publish my poem?
Do you think Mayakovsky was sexy?
My poem. do you like it?
Poetry Journal Help? EASY 10 POINTS?
What do you think of this poem?
What is your favorite poem and who is it written by?
15 yrs old. Critique this poem?
What is the plot summery of Beowelf the epic poem?
What do you think, i'm only 13?
im looking for a poem about someone whos quiet but loud?
Poems for a girl(girls only)?
what do you think of this poem?
Hi,I'm michael(I'm italian) Can you help me?
How do you remember a poem you wrote when you were half asleep?
What do you think of my poem? All input is appreciated! Everyone gets thumbs ups! :D?
Can you hear this?
Need Help On Poem...?
Shakespeare sonnet question?
This poetry stuff is kind of catchy, I think I got the hang of it?
Published teen poems???
Can You Write a 6 Word Poem?
Abstract art...a poem. c/c?
Any Good Poems?
Analysis on "Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?" by William Shakespeare?
poem help!!?
Help picking apart this poem? 10 points to best answer!?
Why did Kenneth Rexroth become critical of the Beat poets and movement?
what you mean to me...?
What's in a name? Is a rock by any name boulder than another?
Do you know some publishing company??
Do you like my poem ?
Do you know a couple like this? And would you share your reaction to this prose?
Poetry or drama that contains several unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter is called:?
Let's call a truce. Time for this to end.?
Poem for boyfriends xmas prezzie?
How can I write my Calculus poem/rap?
what are the makings of a great poem?
Does this poem take a stand?
Can somebody PLEASE tell me what this poem means?!?
Can some things in life just be too difficult to write?
c/c this ordinary magic?
Does your ability to write well make you feel more intelligent than others?
i need help in my poetry project heeelp plz i have to do an analysis of a poem i have no idea how 2 do it heel
Would anyone like to rate my poem?
How do you like my poem so far?
how is my donkey shouting poem ?
Have you ever taken the wrong turn on Halloween? C/C?
good poems...?
need help with a writting a poem?
Poetry help pretty please?
Can anyone please help me analyse this poem?
a good rhyming word?
My husband sleeping, a little rumination, c/c?
Poem - Critique?
what do you think of this poem i wrote?
Will you read my poem about Jesus and tell me how it can be improved? Part I and II?
is my poem good ?
Does anyone know any poetry like "Shake the Dust" by Anis Mojgani?
"Othello that Moor of Venice" by Shakespeare.I'm so stupid in literature.Can you help me with these questions?
Plz take a look on my poem nd comment on how do u like it? plz c/c.?
Famous Poets about Jealousy or Insecurties ?
Best way to get my poetry noticed?
How many poets do you know that write gothic or mysterious poems?
What is special about Prévert's poetry?
Peom about confusion?
Carter's 6 literary features - does any1 know which ones are used in the below text?
Oh dear, what is this, which I have found amongst my effects?