What Should I Write My Poem Based On......?
write a critical analysis on The Return by Ngugi?
How much do we really know?
Can't Sleep, Would a poem do the trick and help?
Is this A good Poem?!?
Might you offer any suggestions for this?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
What does this peom mean?
Famous Poem HELP ?!?
Can anyone translate a poem for me, please? It is in Enlgish and has to be translated to French.?
What think you of Part 4 of 'Allegra'?
Help I need to make up a poem about my best friend?!!!!!?
can someone send me a link to a good poem on london multiculture ??
Does anyone think this poem is good?
i recently asked if a poem was good, i updated it... RATE OUT OF 10?
please read and comment on my rap or poem whatever u wanna call it?
Is this sonnet poem good?
can any one send me romeo and juleat act 1 sean 5 sa?
When was "Love and Friendship" by Emily Bronte written ?
Is there a poem called Knights of the old round table?
Can you give my poem a score please :D?
I'm shocked! i saw one of my poems ...they edited it a bit and turned it into lyrics....Look!?
Poem. What do you think?
What two language techniques are used by poet Henry Lawson?
Self mutilation poems?
Will you read my poem about a marvelous invention and c/c it?
I'm trying to write a poem by me for the deaf?
Is this a poem " Love. A traveling road show "?
Poetry critique please? :D?
What do you think this poem means?
Yeah thats right just ignor this question you...?
As the one that cries, as that one who suffers its sorrow,As that one that shouts and no one comes?
Is this a good poem??????????????
What do we really crave at 2AM? a poem to c/c?
Can someone tell me what they think? (poem)?
Soooo, how many people write poetry here?
My Poem. I want rating:)?
what is a poem that is easy to memorize and would take one to two minutes to recite?
Please read this poem I wrote for my girlfriend?
This is my new poem .. Opinions ?
Just a poem I wrote you can comment if you wish.?
Can anyone help me with personifying emotions in poetry?
What kind of a poem is "If" by Rudyard Kipling?
Who among you has a screen name cool enough to use as the title of a poem?
is this the worst poem of the day?
curse of a soldier?
Who are a few morbid poets?
What do you think of 'Recipe For A Good Morning' poem?
How is this poem about a unique topic?
Opinions/Thought on my Poem?
How about reading my Synopsis on REAL poetry and "Synopsis" comment on NON poetry?
The reason I write poetry?
When you know you NEED to write because of emotional wreckage, but you're afraid.....?
Are you in the spirit?
names that rhyme with cow...HELP!!!?
What do you think of my poem ... Just wrote ? ?
poem about losing a friend to death?
i need a little help with a poem for my daddy. i love him hes been there for me but i have nothing :( help?
I can't even take a crap without my brain stopping; what's wrong with me?
My fellow poetists, will you comment?
"Man: A Question" Is there irony to all these? Care to C/C?
Rate this poem? And what is your interpretation?
Is this a silly little love song poem? Comments?
What do you think of my poem called Mother's Will?
Feedback on my poem PLEASE??? thanks (2)?
What do you think of this poem i recently wrote?
What are some of Claude McKay's best poems ?
What do you think about my poem?
What does the poem Pet Panther by A.R Ammons mean?
Care to comment on my poetic-style diary entry!!!!!?
Can Someone Help Me With a Analysis of the poem The Blacksmith Village? Please I need to pass this class?
Friends, will you join me on the floor, and read this poem?
Pleeaaassssee is it good?????
what are some 20th century poems that are similar in style or form to Percy Shelley's "Indian Serenade"?
What would they have you do? Brief Autonomy, c/c?
I am looking for a poem...It goes something like this...?
Can u find a personification , alliteration nd assonance ?
Can someone help me on this poem?
How would you define poetry?
Will you comment please?
what is the theme of this poem?
When seasons collide.....Comments/critiques?
Another poem here about the times we live in, can you rate?
Missing, a sad rumination, c/c/?
can anyone analyze this stanza from Sylvia Plath’s “The Disquieting Muse"?
What do you think about THIS poem?
What is an agency when referring to a poem? Third time!!! Someone answer! all points!?
I need a poem !!! It doesn't have to be by you it can be coppied off internet ..s!?
A poem about anger, the most touching poem gets 10 points!?
Would like feedback/critiques on a poem?
Do you feel sad about this poem?
What do you think of this poem?
What do you think of this one??
What do you think of my love poem?
Whose poetry do you like in this poetry section?
Do you understand these words, and if so, would you consider this a poem?
Hope it's not too late a time for you to read a little piece of poetic offering from me today?
hi guys,i'm an excellent poet but i dont know what to do with my poems.please help?
Help with S poetry alliteration?
Write a poem (if you don't mind/like writing poetry) about senior year of high school?
Please could you suggest a title, comments and critique welcome, thanks?
I need a poem about success! 10 points to best poem!?
One word acrostic answer for poem, seven,button?
Will You Tell Me What You Think Of This Poem? please help?
A poem about a place called home, comments welcomed?
slam poetry is beast.?
A poem for to be CC'd?
Do you like my husband's poem?
I need a short poem please!?
Does all the noise get to you?
novel!What is foregrounded by its deviation, parallelism, repetition – what poetic features/ devices/ techniqu
Good poem for mom??? need one asap?
What does this mean in the poem Paul Revere's Ride?
I need help understanding and reflecting on the poem "skins" by Suji Kwock Kim?
What do you think about my poem?
Looking for honest critique. Will you offer yours?
What is the name of this type of poem?
where can i find a poetry contest thats not a scam?
can you tell me a poem about a friend thats fun to talk to?
What is the meaning of each stanza of this poem?
earth day poem?
New York Poem?
any comments on my poem "lies"?
Help with creative writing idea?!!?
Care for some? c/c's welcome?
You feedback would be extremely helpful?
BITCHES BREW...got poem going to share, read & comment as you dare -poem from the voice of a witch/wizard?
Since nobody has "totally hated" my attempts...can you give me your comments on this poem?
A Petrarchan sonnet for dreamers like me . . .c/c?
Paste (comment if you want)?
Please read, and critique?
what is a limerick about music?
Fall Cold.. free verse c/c pretty please?
how are these two poem alike in mood and how are they different in ending?
i believe james douglas morrison to be the greatest poet of the 20 century any comments?
my poem please tell me what you think (bout my uncle who died of cancer)?
I swear those cherry reds are talking to me, a poem for c/c?
is this a good poem from 1 -10 tell why or why not?
How much do poems cost?
write a poem for a movie!!!?
what are some dark medium length poems that would take 3-5min to read out loud with emotion?
Poem: Is this good? Yes, no...?
A poem. Will you read?
grammer help for my mom's birthday card.?
A late night poem. How do you like it.?
Is it a good idea to use Stream of Consciousness for a short story?
Poets, can you help me with this important thing?
How to start a descriptive essay on roses?
Critique my poem please. "I Met You In My Dreams"?
How do you write a poem in the simple style used my walt whitman?
What do you think of my poem?
♥ ¿¿ Do you believe,,,,in Yesterday,,,,,???
will you write a dark poem that is humorous?
Poem...any thoughts would be niceee?
What is the rhyme scheme for Paul Revere's Ride?
my teacher's mother just died?
Can someone write an acrostic poem for the word fashion?
I made a short poem. What do you think?
what are the literary elements in this poem?
Native American Poetry Analysis??? HELP.?
Please comment/critique this poem?
What does this talk about?
Another inspired by this morning's beauty. Do you like it?
Could you rate my poem on a scale of 1-10?
I NEED A Poem with pronouns!?
Please read this poem and comment, it is my first poem in English.?
Be hoest is this a good poem?
poem comments please... something is missing?
Please list the top 3 things you want the Y!A Poetry section to be used for, or to become...?
Rate this poem 1-10? Is it good?
what do you think about this one?
Another poem for a thursday...Howe do you like it.?
What do u think of my poem?
Thoughts on this speech topic?
HELP! With this poem's main ideas?
"The Cause" Looking back at creation, this is what I see, care to C/C this poem?
In the poem "Dover Beach" what is this poem's rhyme theme?
Attractive Men name to choose or Create!?
What do you think about this poem? Tiny Feet?
How would I start my poem?
Advice needed???..........?
Please need help its a matter of love!?
Reflections Of An Angry Ghost..........c\c?
A poem so simple even a cave-man could have written it. Will you tell me what you think?
What do you think of poem?
Who's the author???
What are you to others?
Donnie Darko poem, Would you choose Death?, a poetic dual?
What are the literary devices for the poem, "World in Hounding me"?
Finding a Poem?
And finally(?) will you c/c one that got away from 3 years ago, on dream interpretation?
Please read and critique my Poem if you would like?
Love poems?
Tell me if you like this poem?
Aren't kids just the greatest *^_^*?
Is my iPhone trying to tell me something?
The Gist of the Matter?
Feedback on Poem please?
Hey can you help meee please if you dont mind?
What say you about this poem, would you say it is to "Your Taste"?
How can I improve this poem?
can anyone please tell me of a very short poem that has a nice message and that i can remember and memmorize?
malayalam poem on mother's love....?
Should I make any changes to my poem titled. "Red Flesh cravers?"?
Poet lovers PLEASE rate my love poem ! What do you think ?
i need some poems that appeal to the senses?
Your thoughts on a verse please?
*Have you ever* a poem *looked a spider in the eye?* is it a poem, do tell please, explain?
someone write me a beautiful haiku, the best one gets 10 points?
I wrote this in another lifetime, will you c/c?
Are there any poetic terms in this poem?
What do you think of my poem? IS it good enough? Please help!?
Poets, writers, bookworms etc...Don't you think that...?
What do you think of my poem?
Do any poems have epigraphs?
Write a poem on Quid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali jinah?
Poetry should rhyme? Do you write poetry that rhymes or not?
Help with Emily Dickinson Poem?
Have you ever transmigrated to another's world? c/c?
Poems that contain metaphors, similies or personification?
What do these lyrics mean to you? and are they good?
Hey hot stuff, you come often here?
What are your first impressions - this poem? =)?
Long , hot summer nights.. apoetrymoment?
The rays of happiness, like those of the light, as colorless when unbroken-- explanation?
Who is your national poet?
Another poem here about the times we live in, can you rate?
What does this line from the poem The Wanderer mean?
What do you think about this song?
Warning: I am a poem. Proceed at your own risk. C/C if you would.?
Will someone write me a poem about mirrors?
Have any of you been inspired by any of these poets here?
What is the theme of this poem?
"A Strange Thing Happened" for your participation and/ or c/c, please?
I worked a bit on this piece, I think it is better now. It is close to my heart, will you read it?
Where can i find some Indigenous poetry on the internet?
What type of figureative language is this? HELP ME!?
Poem, Do you like it?
Can you help me find a title for this please?
Does anyone know a poem about cryogenics?
What do you think of this poem?
What is meant of Bouquets and ribbon'd wreaths in O captain My Captain?
Are these similes, Metaphors, personifications, and hyperboles?
I Need A Poem Please Help !?
I don't know what the word is..?
I was bored and made this silly limerick today...?
DO you like my poem a bit?
Is my poem good at all? (short poem)?
Opinion on a poem that I desperately want to understand?
What does this bronte verse mean?
My new poem - what do you think?
Is there a way that I could attempt to get my poetry publish?
URGENT!!!!! multiple personality disorder australian poem?
who knows this poem of Yeats?
For the poets here what do you do when you have nothing inside left to give?
What do you think of Mechanical Things Always Have Directions. Why Don't We Ever Read Them? morning pome?
Publishing Poetry?
If a yellow dolphin appears in a poem is that on porpoise?
what is beautiful and pink?
literary elements?
What is the meaning of the poem ars poetica by archibald macleish?
What are some poems about love or peace?
Is this a bad poem? Please be honest.?
List two sonnets which use the indicated themes for each of the questions.?
A Woman to Her Lover?
Does anyone know this poem? I can't find it.?
plzzz i wanna know this?
Poetry Help! Answers Needed?
I'm looking for the words to a Scottish folk poem called, 'A whisky history'?
Poems similar to "If" by Rudyard Kipling?
I did not do it. Read this is you want to it is a poem, criticize it harshly or comment on it please?
Please read my poem and give feedback?
This poem has a bottom line. Do you like it?
Poet or not? *warning* its deep!?
Can I have your help with this?
help me finish this poem?
tell me what you think of this poem please?
Do you support the death penalty? The life penalty?
what does this poem mean by stanzas?
Woman. What are her strengths? (other than those in my poem)?
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow the poem "The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls"?
Would you care to comment on this poem, and who are you missing tonight?
I know you will not like this..but..well...can you forgive me?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
I need to write an Italian Sonnet Poem on Love any ideas? ?
Tell me what u think of this poem?
Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman question?
Poem: Which one is better...........?
Can you please rate this slam poetry?
Were you at your parent's deathbed, did they teach you how to die?
Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven (poetry)?
Need a last line . . . graduation party invite?
How about a poem for BlueBelle on her birthday?
okay...you may want to laugh at this, it's highly unorganized, a mess..i need more coffee,right? =P?
Poem Comments? ~Read Right Side Up.?
Do you like the poem I wrote yesterday?
Do you have days when you would just like a little peace? Comments or critique please?
Figures of speech help?
I want to write a poem, but need some inspiration, can anyone help me?
she nearly had me roped and tied?
How would you like this to continue? A bedtime poem continuance C/C?
Who can tell me the poem 'What happened when I went to the store for a loaf of bread' by Alden Nowlan?
Wordsworth's Tables Turned?
what would you say about the language choices, images and sounds of....the poem...?
"Hey, YOU! ... I got my Eye on You " a poetic piece for your perusal, C/C?
Inspiration for a Wedding Poem?
Please comment on my poem?
help with a poem plz?
In "The Road Not Taken", what do the untrodden leaves symbolize?
Do you like this poem of a first meeting?
What do you think of this poem?
Help with the poem Swing Valley by Frank Gaspar? need explanation?
How is this poem?
Media and Image acrostic poem?
Can posting my poetry or other writing online affect the copyright?
Does any one know a poem of a cell?
A poem for women who worry? From a guy's perspective?
What do you think of today's Ocean poem?
Is this a poem, or is it a poem, or is it a poem, or is it a poem, or is it a poem, or is it....?
can you give me a line?
what do you think of this poem my friend got form his girl?
Divine Conversation, Realization?
what do you think of this sonnet?
my very first poem EVER! do i suck?tips?
Is My Poem Okay? Do I Have Enough Detail?
Is it good manners when one does not like a poem to report the question?
What does the poem "Pardon, old fathers" by William Butler Yeats mean, and is talking about?
What does consequence mean in poetry?ASAP!?
do you like my anti smoking haiku?
Space filled up, galaxies stripped open, care to read?
what do you think/do you get what this is about? please please help!?
A lamentation, what do you think?
Please can you sent me a nice poem?
Critique a poem about nicotine withdrawal, please?
I need a poem or rap regarding a ex boyfriend stalking me. He is always writing me stupid poetry.?
What's a good poem about Australian Pride?
How would I punctuate this poem?
What's narrative poetry & how is it different from normal poetry?
HELP ASAP PLEASEE D= what is the tone/voice of this poem by James Wright??and why, explain.?
Poetry help? someone please help me?
PLEASE! I need help on further interpretation on Allen Ginsberg's poem called Homework?
Hero poems to famous people?
Where can I find the poem called " Day " ? I donno who is the writer but I really need it.?
can any good poets write me a poem about a mother-to-be?
where do you go when you need a clue?
"He Thought She Thought"...a spontane in a minor tendril, for your c-c?
how does this poem make you feel?
What is this poem about? Having a Mind to Change the World?
Am I allowed to post an answer as a question if it is a Poem?
Bed - Time a poem... not found but left, would you please and C/C?
Meaning of this poem? Very deep?
Why is the poetry market so small?
I have to write a love SONNET for english help???
Can someone write a sonnet for me or help me?
What does this poem mean?
What of a poem on hard labor?
help writing a narrative poem?
I need a ode poem on chocolate chip cookies?
Is this a good poems?
This one is incomplete, actually, lacking in every way. Does that make it a Po?
my poemm. is it good?
Need a good death poem?
Should I ask her out through this poem I wrote?
What do I have to do to get a book of poetry published?
T. S. Eliot's poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"?
what's the type of poem that starts with the object/person you are writing about and ends with the opposite..?
How would you ..or could you...Improve this poem?
10 lined ryming leaf poem.?
Does my poem make sense and can u rate it?
publishing a poem?
I am in need of a funny birthday poem for someone who just turned the legal drinking age in Canada (19)?
Who dares to wish to make the average heart sing and call themselves a novelty or a thing?
Do you like my poem: True love endures time?
What do you think about this poem?
Will you give some time to critique to this poem please?
What do you think of this Poem? Not one of my better ones.?
Ponder carefully, are you adorkable?
What do you think of this 'Reincarnation' poem?
Is this a good poem? Yay or Nay?
Would you comment on this shorty please?
What does this mean in... 'the soldier' by rupert brooke?
hi all i wanted to start a career in poetry writing . i am placing my poem here wanna know your comments ?
from a dying father to an unborn son he will never meet......?
What was Nicanor Parra talking about in the poem "Warnings" in the collection "Emergency Poems"?
poetry help please?!!?
Is 1-100 sorry he broke my mind?
Is this Ballad Worth Sharing?
What do you think of my poem titled behind the walls?
poetic devices and the moral in franklins tale by chaucer?
Are Blondes REALLY dumb?
Re-post: Just need a little input please. thanks?
an "ode to food" ... is it any good?? constructive criticism please.?
Favorite French Poetry?
howz my poem ................?
Any devices of sound in this poem? 10 points best answer!?
Is this poem worthy to be a poem?
What do you think of this poem?
A poem for .................?
A short and sweet poem is it?
The Raven line meanings?
Poem, Wrote awhile ago, what do you think of it?
Can anyone write me a fourteen line poem starting with "shall i compare thee to a..."?
Do you like my short poem/song? ?
!!!Please Rate This!!!?
How did Dorothy Parker become a famous poet?
New short poem. Opinion please?
A poem I'd like you to read...?
A special birthday poem?
Which Title Would You Chose For This Poem?
What do you think? Any Comments?
help writing allusion poem?
What do you think of my poem ?
What do you think about this poem? Ideas?
How many times do you have to post the same poem, before you let it go?
What are some good love poems to write for my girlfriend can anyone make me one please because i cant?
Heres my poem - what do you think?
Free verse is not poetry What do you think?
"Angels` Wings" a 1st Draft whilst typing for you c-c?
Sunshine. . .?
what is it about this poem that makes it breathe?
Can I get a biscuit, please? (A poem)...?
can somebody write me some strong lyrics that will grab attention i cant?
Sonnet project help please!?
What do you think about my poem...its about harry potter!!?
What do you think of my poem?
What do you think about the poem "The road not taken"?
how can i be paid for writing or submitting poetry?
Could you write a fluffy poetic?
I Need Help To Explain This Poem In Not So Sophisticated Vocabulary?
Dark Poem ?
How do I Indicate that my line of poetry/prose continues?
A word that symbolizes perfect efficiency?
Do you like my poem?
Explain your feelings of this poem? Still Searching?
Opinions/Interpretations on my poem?
Are words a front for a deeper quest and do we honestly all do our very best?
Can you critique/rate my --Blame?--?
could someone please explain to me about this poem?
What is the theme of this poem?
WHY AM I YELLING.........?
Help with poetry essay?
Have you a moment for Silence? A poem?
What think you of a chatty, ratty, daddy, splatty, poem?
My garden poem... you like?
Can anyone tell me the meaning of the poem, please?
Can you please my poem?
Do you think you could write a poem about a Wonderbra ?
What Nationality was Walter D. Wintle?
Is this poem lyrical or narrative?
can someone help me edit narrative poem.. it needs to have every poetic devices and rhythm?
How do I write an ode about a pet?
I wrote this as a teenager and now have updated it. Is it ok.?
Poem help...........?
American Poetry?
What do you think of the poem about my blog?
Has anyone read the poem "Venetian Air" By Thomas Moore, if not here it is and tell me what you think it mea
does anyone like my poem?
I wrote my boyfriend this poem but I can't decide if I should give it to him or not.?
Please critique poem?
New Poem One Gun Two Graves?
Last poem for tonite.I'm beat. How does this one work.?
help, i think i'm a good poet but i'm not sure?
Just while I wait forever for something profound to say, would you comment or critique my poem, thanks?
What do you think of my poem?
I need to recite a poem?
It's a bit brutal but what do you think?
Will you comment on this poem please?
Not my usual style, but needed to get out some anger?
I'm looking for some good english poems?
Do you like my poem?
Do you write poems or are you a Poet?
What would be a good memory to write a poem about for my English class?
Pizza or Baked Potatoes this is a poem, would you C/C it?
"The Journey" ?
What kind of poetry is pretty sounding but makes no sense?
Where to find answers/guide for 'Radiance:Communication skills, Prose and Poetry'?
"Mothers" at least, a remembering, if not a tribute. Care to C/C?
Do you like my g.a.a.s.g. sonnet?
'More Lost Than Me' will you c/c?
poetttttrryy hellpppppp!?
Poem Contest Again- To make me happy I must go,?
Poetry Analysis ? Henry David Thoreau ?
do you like this poem i wrote?
Poem's Interpretations?
Another attempt at unrhymed , metered POETRY?
Where can I have my lyrics/poetry protected?
please read poem i made yesterday.?
Can anyone help me find poems about parents using drugs in a teenagers perspective?
A Poem by Emily Dickinson..?
Beowulf, I could really use some help.?
What do you think of my poem? (please be honest)?
What does it mean to remain inconstant to something? Or to remain inconstant to any sense of self?
Do challenges inspire you to write new poems?
What do you think of You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch? poem?
Sonnet poem about school that rymes?
What's a good poem with an example of personification in it?
Sonnet for Mokingjay by Suzanne Collins?
where can i sell my poetry?
Inspired by DIY Doc, I wrote this poem. Do you like it?
question about a poetic device?
abstract ideas of imprisonment?
Could this poem cheer you up?
Poetry HELP! Please!!?
How to increase creativity and writing ability?
Thoughts on this poem i wrote?
A poem "Scream your name from the rooftops"?
repost: please rate, c/c?
Guys what do you think of my poem?
I just can't figure out what these are symbolic of?
Tell me what yall think about my brand new poem?
'Streaming' for Liz written exactly SO. Will you comment?
Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare help?
do you like this my own poetry?
Can you tell me why i still dream of my first love though we didn't really get on?
Can someone give pictures about the plot / sequence of "The Seafarer"?
Poem Paraphrase/detailed explanation needed.Full marks for best answer.?
I Need some1 to help me with this poem!!!!! QUEEN OF DARKNESS.?
can you critique my poem?
can you help me analyze this poem?
A part 1 of 27, will you read and read and read?
Can you write a poem about paranoia?
how to use vulgar in a poem?
Just contemplating, but sure I don't like things I don't understand.?
how to make a ode poem on flowers?
skies...................................… poem. Opinions?
Eva Skrande?
Who the hell is Buk? Is it me?
is this a good poem ?
Just a poem called Lucky?
Have I posted this in vain?
I need a long PUBLISHED descriptive poem for Forensics any good ones?
A New Poem - Your thoughts Please?
what is the rhyme scheme for the poem rhodora by ralph waldo emerson?
i from pakistan plz check my english poem?
In the poem ozymandias 10 points?
What is a good title for this poem?
Can you identify literary devices here?
I need the poem "hiawatha" by H.W.Longfellow.?
Can someone give me a list of all of Robert Frost's poems or maybe if you could identify this poem for me?
anyone wanna help me with an acrostic poem for family? im not good at these...?
What is your favorite poem of all time?
need help to write a free verse poem!!!! plz help?
i need help on some poems for my boyfriend?
im stuck on my poem, and need help!?
is this a good poem ?
Please rate my poems!!!!?
Updated poem for my mom's bday any suggestions?
For you poetics! Please critique my poem and tell me what you think!?
Is poetic structure a factor in making a good poem?
Math poem!!!! Please help!!!!?
What think you of 'surviving a Friday 13th' poem?
poem for school newletter?
What does this poem mean?
Sylvia Plath poems "Lady Lazarus" and "Daddy" similarity?
I am attempting to find new outlets for my poetry. Has this been moved?
Are there really members who report other members. because i wrote a beautiful poem i thought id be nice ...?
Acrostic Poem for PERSEVERANCE?
What does this poem mean?!?
Please honestly tell me what you think?
What is the literary term for when a poet anatomises a female, discussing each of her physical attributes?
Scraped off the bottom of my boot, will you C/C please?
Do you like songs that repeat things and sometimes stuff? I do....?
Hmmm.... Challenge accepted (Firecat)?
tell me what you think...?
anyone know what type of poem this is ex) sonnet, free verse?
Help with a analysing a poem?
I need help finding this particular poem about how far a smile can go???
Mark Jarman's poem "Coyotes" - hoping John M sees this!!?
Need help in identifying slant rhyme, eye rhyme, and graphical elements in at least one of these 3 poems?
another poem...your opinion?
Im try to find the name and author of this poem?
What do you think of my poem?
Can some give me an example of an cinquain poem?
Wrote a poem on Anorexia. How do you like it?
What are the chances ALL of my contacts will read and respond to this poem?
what do you think of my poem about Truth?
Christina Rossetti's decision to have a robin, a bush, the moon, and the ocean speak in "A Wintry Sonnet" is a?
What would you say is william butler yeats's most popular poem besides The Second Coming ?
I need opinions toward this poem.. I understood that it is a deliberate reflection.?
what is the poem and its talking about harriet tubman?
two poems to present to the fireing squad...?
Something else you might like ..maybe not. Do you.?
How do you like my Poem??????????
Could you please critique this visual poem?
Do you like this poem?
"We Real Cool" poem...?
What do ya think?
ok i got a message from poetry.com?
A short poem for your consideration, comments please?
Help interpreting this poem?
What do you see when you look up? c/c?
Acrostic poem for American revolution?
What is ur opinion about this........?
I was wondering if anyone can make me a poem for this girl?
would you consider this poem?
alliteration in poem?
Can anyone help me find the poem "Goose Pond" by Stanley Kunitz?
Would like to join the poetry site.. good poetry?
please be totally honest...?
Do you sleep? A bit of a brain,Sleepless, c/c?
In Answer to Sue's Poem...HOW WILL I KNOW?
What do you honestly think of this poem?
How can I make this poem better?
Do you like disturbing poetry?
How is this poem?
literary devices found in william shakespeares poem spring?
Will you read my poem, if you must?
What website can i trust for publishing my poetry?
how does maya angelou's poem Still I Rise express some form of double vision?
Do you think this is a good sonnet?
How many streets do you cross to get away? C/C?
mother's day poem Plz!!!?
What type of poem is william shakespeares 'A Fair Song'?
Did you have a P.H.D. in the fine art of swearing? C/C?
My Friends Dislike My Poetry...?
What POEM IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Who popularized the phrase "suck it"? Was it The Rock? Stone Cold Steve Austin?? Who?!??!?
i need help with a poem for my grandma how passed away last month translated in Italian?
Pls. rate my poem?
Would you like to comment on my poem?
Are you afraid to read the pain within their reign ...?
can you interpret this poem?
Is this a good translation from the French?
I want the summary of the poem The Flower School by Rabindranath Tagore?
Question about Poems?
What do you think about this.....?
Poetry section and friends...question for you....?
Am I any good at all? Should I keep writing or quit?
What do you think this poem is about?
YOU asked for a poem... I wrote this for you... do you like it?
What do you think of this poem?
What is a free verse poem?
what you think of my poem?
Discuss how the poet "Tells all the truth but tells it slant" HELPPP!?
What song would match a poem written by an English poet?
I have a question concerning the new format, Your comments, please?
Who died and made you a poet?
To Ann Beth- (U asked me to repost) I need help with this situation...?
Anyone know this poem?
Have you ever met a girl named Sydney?
Can poetry help find a soultion ?
Is love phenomenal or noumenal?
What are your comments on this 'My Roof's Got A Hole In It' morning pome?
I was wondering what you think of my poem?
Poetry (or writings) about writing?
Tell me what you think please?
What can I title this poem??
Do you like this poem?
My poem! tell me what you think!?
i need to know what this poem means?? 10 points for best answer?
can you give me a line?
"The Understanding" do you get it?
do you think this is a good poem?
Could you critique my poem please?
Do you think this needs additional elements, or is the story complete enough to let readers assume the rest?
Whut Dew U think of MY Peom?
What do you think of what she sees in me?
Games Like IGI and IGI2?
HELP! need a poem for an audition?
Will you c/c on a script of the Greek poet - could you call it a pro-em? Hmmm.... Will you tell me the truth?
In honour of the UK National Poetry day, I have a poem for you?
What poetic Devices are in the Poem- Peace by Rupert Brooke?
how are images incorporated to poems?
What you think about this ? :)?
30 Haikus from the perspective of the "Scarlett Letter" characters?
And what memories of the Chalice do you have?
Help me make my poem better?
Can you? Hey! Would you please offer an examination of yours, for my poem?
ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! I'm 13, and wrote these. What do you think of my lyrics? (:?
where can i get Shakespeare's sonnets?
If anyone is a member of Poems-And-Quotes.com?
What do you think of this 'Take The Measurement Of Me, God' poem?
Something I wrote while I was angry....?
i need help on a poem:)?
Poem help? I need one more sent., can be changed?
What do you think of my Religious poem?
What's the structure of this poem?
"Sonnet 63" If you were Odysseus, with your love by your side, would you hurry home? Any C/C ?
What do you think this means?
who is the best poet ever and why?
please comment on this poem?
Add some lines to the poem please?
dorothy parker's famous poems?
NOT the same?
I really need to go...Will you please take me?
I should have posted this in poetry, not books and authors. Opinons?
"Dyed Voice" Read this poem I wrote.?
Care to read/criticize my sonnet?
Does anyone have ideas for publishing poetry?
i can't find any short poems [idk]///?
This love poem - what do you think it says?
can someone help me write or at least start a poem about determination?
can someone give me a cool or interesting poems that rhyme about life?
I have a question concerning a Japanese Haiku I have written?
How often do you take stock of your life?
What is the tone of this poem and how does it make you feel?
help me find a poem???
What makes you who you are?
Help with Poems?
How is this poem? What do you understand of it?
poem evaluation please?
What do you think of thoughtless thinkers?
Critique please?
what do you think of this?
Help interpreting Native American Poem.. (Simon Ortiz)?
are these poems good???
Have you ever seen this guy?
Do you like my poem? Can I improve it?
Can you explain?
Do u like this poem? if u like then rate this poem?
What do you think of my short poem?
Can we ever know when peace will come?
Do you ever walk sideways?
Poem, Tears in the rain, what do you think ?
An Easy ten line Poem?
Friendship Poem - What are some good titles?
Poem help pleasae grade 8?
Help with Economics Sensory Poem?
Won't you come and share in one of my favorite poems?
Will you write about one of these in a humorous way?
another poem...untitled as yet...?
I need a poem for my girlfriend?
Can anyone please suggest a long english narrative poem for recitation Competition?
IS there onomatopoeia in this poem?
Can someone give me a Bud not Buddy summary please?
When can you not write a poem?
God, God, God?
Poem advice please, your advice will be much appreciated?
Is this tale dark and dreary?
Can anyone please make an acrostic poem out of the word obedience?
Will you read an old favorite I found in my archives and comment?
Does this poem have a rhyme scheme and figurative lauguage?
Haiku.....country style.............comments?
What are some good pieces of poetry that would last 5 minutes when being read?
Any good writing sites for young adults and adults?
Question for Poets: Who or what inspired the muse in you to take up poetry?
Can You Hear the Ocean Cry?
Just one more, I promise. Critique my poem please?
Please read poem I made?
Does a poem have to rhyme? ?
Whats the meaning of this poem?
Soulless - poem -- please critique -- what you see needs changing, etc.?
No more than merely myth? Perhaps?
What do you think of my poem?
should i quit writing this?
I need harsh criticism...?
What do you think of 'Supper or Beauty' poem?
If you think your a good Poet...?
will you c/c my poem?
Pile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo.?
is lil wayne the greatest rapper alive?
Death speaks........................…?
Can you bash this Bukowski poem?
Songs that go with The Mending Wall?
M.A.D. (modern american deppression) comments?
how to make this better?
How is character and voice portrayed and to what effect in the poem "Checking Out Me History" by John Agard?
What is a noun that is accociated with death? Its for a diamond poem?
What does this poem mean?
what do you think of this silly poem?
poem: does it need work?
war poetry and songs?
Help with a poem please!?
Why do people answer questions with poetry?
Why is do some consider the song "Vincent" a poem?
Can someone write me a love poem?
Which pen is best to write with?????????????/?
2 questions about the poem "To His Coy Mistress". Please check my answers, im pretty sure..?
If I deactivate my Deviantart Account?
Is this poem any good?
Are Classic and Modern poetry the same?
What do you think of this poem?
One of my very first poems... what do u think ?
What hidden meaning can you find in this passage...?
Is this any good?
Anyone out there doubts that I am a "REAL" poet?
What do you think of this poem, "Façade of Perfection"?
i'm an amatuer at this poetry?
Poem - What do you think?
'simple' will you tell me if that's a good title?
What is the theme in the poem "To Autumn" by John Keats?
What is in your garden? A rumination, c/c?
A couple of poems for a sad weekend. How is this one.?
is this poem good? i just wrote it?
Give me a petrarchan sonnet please?
One sonnet question?? 10 points! Sonnet 79 By Pablo Neruda?
I need to write a sonnet about the beach, for my english class, can someone help me?
Can anybody show me a limerick poem about music?
I wrote this poem, please judge it?
What do you think? Teen Poem...?
Does thyme rhyme with mine?
Is this poem (English and Italian translation) by Michelangelo?
Richard Wilburs meaning to "Boy at the Window"?
This is an old poem Todd helped me with. This is a new version.?
What is this rhyme from?
Any poets out there who can edit this poem? Please be specific and as precise as possible! Thanks :)?
poems about the harlem renaissance?
what do you think of this "poem"?
What is a poem I could use to get somebody to let me borrow something?
can you make up a word...10 points to the most beautiful word?
5 line poem describing love?
need help with a french poem!!!!!!!?
Sacrifice hunger games poem help?
I'm curious of what anyone thinks!?
How and where can i get a poem published?
I need help!?
One more...but walk carefully...it rhymes. Will you critique?
do you like my poem?
Good or bad poem(short)?
Write me a song...?
Poem contests?
This is a Poem I would like to share if feel up to it.?
what's a good acrostic poem using the word guitar?
Can someone explain this poem to me?
please tell my what u think of my poem(rap)?
What do you think of this poem I wrote?
Can someone give me some complicated, inspirational quotes or poetry?
Will you please tell me what you think of my poem: Tears?
I need English versification on the topic natural disaster.Can you help me?
Tipply Tuesday.. a poem? and I am ..........?
Need some Help writing a poem?
Poetry books???
I'm searching for a copy of the poem : Ballad of a Mother's Heart Day by Jose La-Villa Tierra.?
I need a 4 line, 3 stanza poem on 'Pride Goes Before A Fall'?
Please rate "river of solitude" my new poem?
There's more than just Nantucket out there....?
Please give your opinions and comments on this poem.?
I would like to know if this poem is any good. is it?
Your feelings on this poem?
what do you think of my new poem???????????????
Ideas for a Poetry Slam Competition?
What do you get from this?
Aspiring songwriter. . . . .poet?
words that rhyme with so?
who are good dark/gothic poets?
Would you care to comment on a Sunday morning Poem?
Another evening poem. How do you like it.?
last line for this poem I wrote?
Another poem. Tell me what you think. Wrote this a long time ago, when I was younger.?
can someone start this poem of me ' How lovely are the stars in your eyes?
Translation for these Shakespearean Insults?
Rain Continues To fall --Poem --Thoughts? c/c?
Check this poem out?
can anyone help meh with a poem???
Can someone finish off my Poem?
what do you think? 6 seperate poems which is your favourite? plus least favourite. also any comments welcome?
a Christmasy poem.. idk,, Comments plz!!?
Thoughts about my poem called "The Wordlessness"?
Reliable sites for poetry?
What is more difficult? Remembering or Forgetting?
Have you seen that list of student semifinalists?
Do you like my poem.......?
can anyone give me a poem 25 lines or less on "What makes me a Global Citizen"?
please I need a poem for my girlfriend DIANA?
Paradise Lost - Satan As A Tragic Hero?
apart of me?
So how many of you hate it when you read a depressing, generic, emo poem?
Is your life a straight LINE ...........?
Poem advice please......?
Survey: Do you like my poem?
Critique this poem—Abbadōn?
i need to find a Art poem...help?
Please make commentary on the themes the poem deals with particularly, particularly, particularly, 10 points?
Poem needed for elocution?
how do I go about copywriting written work eg poetry?
Please give your opinions on this poem. ?
What do you think of this poem?
what is a 4 stanza poem?
Would you care to comment/critique this poem?
Just written - promise to Elaine. Check it out?
What are 4 possible meanings to this short poem? Please help me?
who wants to give a try at 7th grade poetry?
Excuse me sir . . . . .??
my latest thought, care to comment?
another poem i wrote.... could you please tell me what you think?
what is the attitude toward the person in the poem how do i love thee?
Can someone critique/rate my poem?
Heyy, i was with this girl watching a clip from Def Poetry Jam where this guy was talkin seductive but smart.?
Write me a poem please?
Can someone make me a good poem on snow?
What do you think of my poem?
Were you ever good at hide and seek?
If you know that you have zero talent in poetry writing, why do you still write poems anyway???
find this poem?
Will you critique a poem about my day?
I need help interpreting the poem "Places We Love" by Ivan V. Lalic?
Can you please check out this poem? and comment or help?
No more than merely myth? Perhaps?
Why was T.S. Eliot an important poet?
What is the poem 'The Tiger' by Pablo Neruda actually about?
Today again I wonder, C/C please?
What do you think of this story my girlfriend wrote for me?
How can a person produce...?
A poem to stimulate faith? What do you think of this one?
when did you start writing poetry and for what reason?
Can someone tell me who the "orphan one" is in the first line of Shelley's Epipsychidion?
What is a good poem about telling the truth that doesn't have to do with love?
What think you of a Morning Pome workshop/lecture by Prof. Goofy?
poem can u tell me how it is?
What is "abnormal" behavior?
Does this poem reflect how you sometimes feel?
What things to you assosiate red with?
Opinions please, good or bad poet?
Would you please comment on this poetry collaboration...?
Is this poem too much, or not enough?
May I offer something a little lighter?
Do You Like My Poem?
Do you visit the beach in a November twilight?
Poem - what do you think?
who is the persona, what is the occasion in "To a daughter leaving home"?
Have you ever been caught off-guard?
two voices poem. sun and moon?!?
And do you love to view faded photographs? C/C?
What do you think of my new poem?
Inspired poem, care to comment?
Poetry Contest!!! Details below?
Do you like this poem?
What is a response poem?
Help with English poem?
Villanelle by Branden Navedo?
Is ThIs A gOOd PoEm?!?
Would you make suggestions for my poem?
Do near life experiences change you?
This is another one that kind of popped into my head. How is this.?
Please help me identify any rhyme scheme here?
Just a little poem I wrote (revised). Please analyze and give your critique. It is appreciated!?
Nother' new poem, please read?
It's been a while but I have another one?
What is a beautiful Love Poem?
What does the song "hotel california" say?
Studying poems. I have 83 if my own. Write a poem here so I can interpret it?
Will Times Square publish 1 of my poems if I send one through mail?
What do you think of this song/poem that I wrote?
What do you think of my poem
How can i get help for my album?
What is the name of this poem?!?
for all the people who are posting poetry online ? warning?**************************?
Essay on Sonnet 116 help on topic?
Help me title my poem?
my poem about anne boleyn?
i need 26 stanza poem .. need heLp ?
Love the Story of the Dragon?
i wonder... where is north?
Pro-life poem to share. How do you like it?
What's another verse you would add to this poem?
Just tell me what you think of this, please?
What do you think of this?
can you tell me if this poem is good are not?
Is this a good poem? 10 FREE points to the best/first answer I see!!! (:?
Romeo and Juliet GCSE exam question?
Please comment my new poem please.?
Do you like my poem? I composed it...3 years ago, but I'm curious if you like it?
Maya Angelou Poetry Collection-HELP!?
Tell me how this poem is and tell me the truth?
What is a haiku poem?
Good Morning: Will You Comment?
How it feels to be me, Reconnoitering?
I need help understanding sonnet forms.?
I need a simile poem about EARTH xcan you help?
Do you think bipolar people have the right to write poetry?
Can you decode this poem?
My Idle Pen, would you take the time to comment or suggest improvements?
Complete the Limerick......There once was a man from Nantucket.............?
Poem -- Stolen Sleep. It's 4 AM -- please critique.?
Honest feedback on my poem please?
help with a funeral poem?
can someone help me to write a poem abt love in ababcdcdefefgg rhymes in 14lines plz?
I need ways to improve this poem?
A summary of "A sight in camp in the daybreak gray and dim"?
What do you think of my poem?
a poem called puzzle?
Good morning and good day and good things?
Can someone tell me why?
Yr 10 English School Certificate Papa Poem 2010?
compare a poem and a song?
Do you agree with any of this?
There's a first time for everything, will you comment please?
'A Clock Stopped', technical aspects?
What think you of an inky, dinky, spider poem?
Is this poem great?
Does this poem make me look fat?
PLEASE HELP! asap.!?
Just a thought ? Please CC , Thankyou ?
a good love poem?
I'm working on this poem but need some help please comment advice?
Good, popular poetry themes?
Would sincerely appreciate feedback my poem, "Emerald"?
Is this a good sonnet?
novocaine.....c/c please?