wat love can be remind as true love?
how would you go about starting a website or resource where..?
should we be humble all the time?y?and...?
What people and objects to take to a different planet for survival?
What does it mean if someone says you're a blessing?
I'm the ONLY me in this world, am I an endangered species??
What does the word 'abstract' mean?
why can't people who are in love work or do anything productive?
Compassion: are you born with it or do you learn it?
Is Islam a religion of peace research and answer.?
If a homeless man was dying on the street, would you give him CPR?
At what age did you truly "find yourself"?
why when you walk,do your arms swing at the side of you?
Do the high points and low points in life balance out in the end?
where to get political theory summaries/outlines?
who said "honesty is the best policy"?
What is the quote about not being afraid of your own greatness and not compromising self for others?
What is the wisdom of fasting the islamice way?
Is it better..........?
If it was seen as discriminatory to question the appointment of, say devotees of Shakespeare's works, wouldn't
What is the Meaning of Life?
Is it love, jealousy, posession, or all of the above?
Did Collins software effort have software integration hiccups ?
What is the meaning of life?
Could reality be an attempt by all of us to give eachother purpose, including ourselves?
How you will take care all the children of the world without a Father?
Who founded the Unitarian church?
If you had known then what you know now, what would you have done differently?
Your happiest movement of life......?
Given a chance to save the world, would you?
is there any universal defination(acceptable to every one)of good and evil?
If you lived by a quote, what would it be?
Is it true that nothing is impossible if you put your mind into it?
What is the difference between the explanation of mathematicians, scientists and historians?
Objectivism and Subjectivism. The nature and convention distinction.?
What is the meaning of life?
A philosophical Poem.. If YOUR life was a poem, would it rhyme?
what is the worst thing a man can do?
another thought...?
If in God there is love, then why is it that we so frequently fight because of religion?
Is : “The Earth is slow, but the buffalo is patient.” an antithesis?
How could any man want to murder a child?
How do you know if someone speaks the truth about the Truth?
According to your own judgment, who are the most dangerous people in the world?
what is the meaning of life?
what is the meaning of life ?
what the hell is this ( we can tell the future? )?
If modern men evolved from monkeys -according to Darwin-, how come monkeys remained monkeys?
What are you FED UP with...!?
What is the difference between your spirit and your soul?
Is "Bertha (who is infallible) believes that..." truth-functional or not?
Can anyone tell me why I've allways hated stupid people?
why do some married man cheat?
Is it possible to be out of place.?
Does Albert Einstein know anything about Confucius?
Would it be more accurate to say life is pointless, or of arbitrary value?
Kant vs Aristotle : using happiness as a criterion of morality?
What is Kant's doctrine of transcendental idealism?
Consequentialism and non-consequentialism?
Has anyone watched White Light / Black Rain on HBO?
Why are children usually happier than adults?
Ka ka ka karma? Tibetan suffering and now oppressing forces suffering?
What would be the reaction if (Emerson's Self-Reliance) was read at a presidential election?
What are the differences between someone who is a reletavist vs someone who is a secular humanist?
Was Nietzsche an anti-semite, a philo-semite or both in different moments,texts and contexts ?
what is the meaning of life?
How do we know when something is not suitable for us when we pursue it with our Heart and not our mind ?
Is it okay to kill a fly?
Why can all the country's be one big country and be FREE it's one world we should share it kindly?
Do you believe that the best lessons learned are from mistakes made by yourself?
I'm bored of life:/?
Why do so many people mistaken lust for love?
Why do I continue to feel this way?
we should expect anything from people?
When Will Ted Nugent Be Dead or in Jail?
Oedipus the King: Irony/knowledge + intellectual pursuit(humility)?
what is the tao?
how do you define an argument.?
Who is the ultimate role model?
Why do all organisms want to live/not want to die?
If you take away the complexity in things... it would be reduce to?
What would you do if you had a million dollars?
One more day until the END?
If the Buddha were to sneeze in front of you- what would you say?
Can someone explain Hegel’s Artifact of Meaning...?
I'm looking for info on Charles de Secondat Montesquieu?
How does it feel to fall in love for the first time??
what is most important to you , money, love or happiness?
Acoording to Mead how does a child develop...?
What is your thought of true happyness? (easy points)?
can you give example of positivist approach?
DO YOU believe in taking revenge?
what is deferve?
what are 10 ways ppl always cheat money?
Why are people so easily offended?
I'm a complete loser. Is there any hope for me?
Is there a name for when your you don't like anything about yourself?
If you were given a chance to live forever but all your loved ones will go on, would you take it?
What are some things that you can be both mentally attracted to and physically attracted to?
If you were immortal, how would you spend your time?
Will humans evolve further or have we reached our final form?
I've spent several hours on this site, you probably have too, we're all losers with no real friends aren't we?
What is the relationship between free will and Free Willy?
The WELL of SELF DESTRUCTION? is it true?
How did people survive before mobile phones?!?!!!?
What is substantive Skepticism?
What is your favourite red-coloured possession?
why is it important to be positivein life?
If you could choose...Would you be you or someone else? Who would you be?
What do you think of this paragraph?
What's the use of beautiful if it isn't useful?
what is considered having a life?
If I told you that you were going to die by tomorow, would you care?
Is this isomorphic to what happened on the Collins submarine computerization project ?
How to get the wall paper or the background change
If I said "It all works out in the end!" Would you think me a fool? If I said "It will work out, faith?"
what is obsessive?
Will humans evolve further or have we reached our final form?
What's your favourite product warning label? Or a fictitious warning for a product that doesn't yet have one?
Responsibility Personal Response?
Could someone explain in detail the specificity of the three types of Aristotelian knowledge (theoretical etc)?
Do you agree that our society has become too materialistic?
Is Forgiving always the right thing to do..?
Clouds hover over pyramids, lightning flashes, sparks shower; in a blink of an eye you've missed seeing?
Have you found Happiness?
Why does Barrett think ours is a particularly self-conscious age?
What Ibnu Khaldun philosophy of education?
If you knew you would be a wage slave for the rest of your life, would you feel there was a reason to live?
What did John Locke think on "Public Opinion"?
When did you stop caring what others thought?
when sad and happy events come together how to react?
What is your most memorable experience with your mama?
what would be the last thing you would wanna do before dying.?
would you consider war a drug? metaphorically speaking of course.?
It is better to take than to give?
Do you believe that our smallest,least signifcant thought, word,& action have real consequences throughout the
What Sartre should I read?
Who is a Poor Man ? and Who is a Rich Man?
Do people think that what you mean is really what you mean?
Are there any poor Jewish people in the USA?
Want to tease your brains???,answer this one....?
Is there a bibliography on the philosophical theme of the PRINCIPLES OF MORALS = HOW SHOULD WE LIVE OUR LIVES?
Is the meaning of life to keep asking "what is the meaning of life?" on ! Answers?
Aristotle's Theory of Happiness? PLEASE HELP?
Is my grammar right? 'thats just beyond the extent of an average pedophile's intentions'?
What's a question you would never ask and WHY?
Does metaphysics presuppose epistemology or vice versa?
How was the world created in the first place?
What could the world do without?
complete the saying.........?
Do you think two loners could develop a great romantic relationship?
Is it god to be true and helping to others all the time when all are not like that?
When we become immortal how will we handle the temporary death of a loved one?
Is the human being essentially religious?
Do you live by a code, where do you find the discipline?
Crimes and misdemeanors - philosophy through film discussion questions?
Does my story relate to philosophy? if not, can you help?
What would 2nd order questions be for these three?
What were aristotle, ptolomey and plato's contributions to geography?
If the multiple world theory was to be proved true in the future what it damage credibility of a Biblical God?
Why are we here?
BA philosophy or Bph?
Why the majority people of the World are suffering, while a few rich are enjoying life extravagantly?
Wireless energy, what are some ways and techniques of long range wireless transfer of energy?
According to Ayn Rand?
Who is your current choice of a living guru?
What philosophy do you think most people believe?
Explain the two ways in which morality might be “dependent” upon God?
Is hatred more powerful than love?
Have you ever seen sunshine on a cloudy day?
Do all good things eventually come to an end ?
Is there anything wrong with saying, "If only I had ________________________ I would be happy"?
What if everything you imagined was actually real in some parallel universe?
Girls <women> are just as flower for smell not to violate them?
why is the meaning of "3rd eye"?
What is the meaning of Life?
r u good with aristotle's philosophy is so help me with some ?s from the "nicomachean ethics?
Who is the chosen one?
I think therefore i am. The greatest mistake in philosophy?
When applying for graduate school in Philosophy which looks better?
am 18 years old but am still in high school. do you think that i should start having sex are should i wait?
I am searching for truth. Where can I find it?
So I turn 22 next month, what are some celebration ideas to say goodbye to my youth?
Is wikipedia the real Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
Do you ever wonder if you are truly the only person on this earth and everyone and everything is an illusion?
Why Does it Feel like im Goin to a Crisis?
who said "in order to obtain a thing one must be able to control a thing"?
Is he thinking of me when i wake up at night sensing his presence?
Is it wrong to put my happiness first?
Doesn't asking people here to solve your philosophical questions make little sense and even be dangerous?
Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas?
How does one keep from taking life for granted?
Who is more trustable -- a human or an object ??
Dogs are from the Dark, Men are from the Light, indeed u are right thanks cos i never thought of that at all?
In your opinion, are regrets good or bad?
Can G-d create a rock so heavy that he would be unable to lift it?
Where are Your Thoughts Focused Right Now?
What are your dreams and did you pursue them?
If you could ban one thing for the general happiness of the people of the planet - what would it be?
Are uneducated people fooled more easily?
What are DesCartes' writings on ethics?
Why are feelings subjective?
what's better: a 50% chance of going to heaven or hell or a 100% chance of reincarnation?
For the millions who belive in God?
What is the one thing that seems to be important to everyone?
Poll: Are you easily manipulated?
Philosophy Magazine Recommendations?
Is the subjunctor distributed over the conjuction or adjunction?
I have a life-advice question.?
the one who puts bullets into the gun for another person to fire?
Why is it ethical or unethical to allow capital punishment? from a governments point of view?
Should I feel lucky or unfortunate? What should I do?
What if you have only one more day to live (like today's your last day)...?
According to Aristotle can one act immoraly, yet still achieve ultimate happiness?
philosophy question of Descartes and his Works?
when will big beautiful women be accepted into society?
Would you work for a carrot if it didn't love you back?
What school in epistemology states that we cannot know what knowledge is or if a particular belief is knowldge?
What is the soul? Whats your opinion?
If God is all-powerful, can He cut a fart so rancid that it would kill even Him?
If you had the choice?
True or false do you think the world will end in December 21, 2012?
How do we perceive time and space?
Martin Luther King's life?
Is there any way to reconcile karma with free will?
What qualities would someone who is "morally questionable" have?
Do you think humans would be better off living like animals?
Sometimes i feel so happy, i could hug the world. who feels the same. peace, love & humanity?
Is it possible for a social man, despite being a perfectionist, to live without telling at least a few lies.?
What is it like to live knowing you are beautiful?
What’s the meaning of your life? (What makes you really happy, what is your “mission” in life)?
what to look at when interpreting a book as a realist?
God said `if you eat the fruit of the tree you will die`. Doesn`t this make God a bare faced liar???
What is better?? Being a Girl or being a boy??
Who wears PJ's anymore for sleeping ?
how many people in the whole world?????????
Why does this happen alot?
What would you rather have?
For Collins project whose responsibilities included “ensuring that the appropriate policies and practices are?
Do many of us spend most of our time "anticipating the present moment"?
if you know that show bones is there a job in real life that the guy does?
If there's nothing to drain, then your brain should have a fresh steaming load in the morning?
compare and contrast Hume and Descartes on certainty?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
Would there be a "risk journal" or journals published by those interested in safety-critical systems ?
how is Jesus alive in today's Church?
shower problem?
Is belief in God is the sign of mental sickness?
Hey I was just wondering what Country you all come from?
Can you express your first thought when you read this?
What is the one thing that you know for sure?
What's your definition of educated?
write a debate on we are limited but we can push back the burdens of our limitations?
Who here thinks that some things that are classified within psychiatry are fraudulent?
please fill in?
Would you rather learn karate, or carry a gun?
5 thing you can't live without?
I have 2 disorderly conducts and disturbing the peace?
What would be a good allegory for:?
Can you say one good/positive thing about yourself that you are truly proud of?
Sophists and Cosmology?
How much power do I need to destroy the universe?
what's your definition of love?
augustine and self-discipline?
What would you like to see after you die?
What makes your life so great?
Do new products always say they are the better form of the old?
What if I told you that I loved you?
what is the most important thing in your life?
Can you guys help me find information on Pierre Bayle?
You change yourself to change others, but how about going into others or changing as them? Something about OCD?
Why is this a paradox? Can you solve it?
Can we face our own misgivings or is it easier to focus on other people's?
Who is the most unique person in the world?
What do yo consider to be of a very bad taste in a person?
I lost many opportunities in my life out of my lazyness?
why do the world have so much hate and what can we do to make it better??
why is philosophy so difficult to understand?
Without Religion, will we live like ANIMALS?
What's worse? Regretting doing something or not doing something?
what is the solution of Baluchistan?
Which would you prefer?..?
What did the philosopher Confucius see as the key to the successful organization of a society HURRY!!!!!!!!!!?
The Greatest Question in the Universe: Why is there something instead of nothing?
What happens when we die?
Who are your heroes?
What is better for life?
What is your favorite quote?
How might immortality benefit the seven deadly sins?
can farts dye eggs?
Is there something to look forward to after we die?
How to un-spank your kids, by un-giving them a good-hiding?
is love simply a chemical reaction in humans to insure reproduction, or do you think there is more to it?
School can never teach you.......?
I am a prodigy. This is my work. For the ages. I throw gems before swine.?
How do you pick your lines in the sand?
what is the biggest sin you have ever commited?
To what extent is our selfhood constituted understood through language our narrative?
how do i become enlightened?
Is convolution better than evolution?
Will you ever make your dreams a reality in this life, or will you let them pass you by ?
How do the rationalist and religions views foster a concept of the human as being at odds with nature? ?
What is the biggest mistake you have ever done?
Are you mad that you're going to die one day?
Is it true that the world will blow up June 6th, 2006?
The Power of Forgiveness?
help on Thomistic philosophy?
What are Lock/Hobbes, Rousseau, and Burke's theories of social contract?
Power and Society Reflected in the Allegory of the Cave?
What do you want as your very own?
How do I start "FULLY" applying these 22?
Am I on the right track?Or do i need some work?
Do you think there's some quiet soul somewhere, who sighs for all the love that has ever gone misplaced?
I really need to talk to someone..?
What happened during your last couple of hours?
what exactly is power on earth...just someone's ideas basically right?
Cómo hacés cuando alguien te trata mal, te insulta o te hace daño?
which religion seems to be most logical, most meaningful and most beleivable?
How can you keep up with me once you get me started, LOL?
How do I find peace within my mind?
Do mentally challenged people go to hell?
What is the meaning of life?
Will the world end in 2012? im scared.?
Have you ever told yourself "I AM BETTER OFF ALONE!"?
is it good to make ideal in life?
Do unto others?
How does this make you feel?
Is it true that if someone can't respect your ideas, then they can't respect you as an individual?
Which is more believable?
What would you do if there was no tomorrow?
what is the difference betwin love and sacrifice?
What is the difference between Aquinas' 2nd and 3rd proofs from his Five Ways?
When playing a game with yourself do you win, lose, or tie?
Can you hande the Twilight Zone!!!?
if LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, COURAGE, FREEDOM, PATIENCE, JUSTICE, WISDOM got stranded on an ISLAND, who'd be the last
is the richest man in the world happy ?
If g-d is so all powerful, can he make a rock so big he could not pick it up himself?
Scorpio Sun with Pisces Moon?
If your tools could speak, what would they say?
What kind of syllogism is this and is it invalid or valid?
Does your love for life need rebooting?
Doen anyone know what is the Biconditional of 2 contingencies???
Philosophy Help - Strawson’s Basic Argument?
What Is A Full, Rich and Meaningful Life?
what is the meaning of life?
Is there a god?
Why's the bird Albatross considered as a symbol of hope/success/brightness etc?
On the value of Initiation?
How to be happy and stay happy ? Is there a Magic Mantra ?
Do you think an afterlife exists? If so, what theories surround it's existence?
Predicates and quantifier confusion?
What motivates you in your success?
what is thought to be beautifull?
if you was a comprehensive shrew?
Do you think Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but it is about learning how to dance in...?
What if I can keep my head when all about me are losing theirs and blaming it on me ?
No Freedom, No Privacy. Help!?
will ultimate gold show up on a drug test?
John Stuart Mill happiness opinion?
Would you take the cure?
if everybody in the world was the same race,what color do you see them as?
i feel that consumerism we're living right now is all wrong with buying & having all these newest tech.?
can convert the name?
kindly describe "love" in only one word...!!?
do you think that the world will end soon?
Do you believe in coincidences?
My thought on how the apocalypse. I would like to hear your opinion.?
Why are humans generally unhappy?
What makes you feel proud of yourself?
the best and the worst day of your life till now are........?
Why do I need money to survive?
Have you ever seen someone who looks like you?
what type of arguments might be made for.....?
I feel like commiting suicide...?
What is the meaning of death for Epicurus?
Essay "First beauty then duty" ?
If money can't buy happiness, why does lack of money cause unhappiness?
what are some questions we must all ask ourselves?
Have I discovered the objective purpose, meaning, and value of life?
how do you get peace in your life?
what is your definition of you even believe in it?
State your IQ and hobbies???
Do you think there are too many humans on the planet?
What is something that you value more than money?
what is the meaning of "life" for you?
Can ignorance be a gift of happiness? "The isolation in one's own garden of eden"?
Is death the only way to assure freedom?
Give me the meaning of life in two sentences.?
what do you describe the world we live in a metaphor way ?
philosphy multiple choice questions plz ans?
Do you know where can we find a translation of Einstein's "God Letter"?
Language and Truth: A question for philosophy.?
Which is more likely to be true: Cultural relativism or ethical relativism? Why?
What is the last line in Thoreau's "Walden Pond"?
Is the LOVE related to the Sex Intrests?
How would you LEAST like to die?
Do you think Art is Defined by a Social Structure?
Does something like GOD really exist in this world?Y do u feel so?
Is it possible that God’s 7 days of creation is equivalent to 10’s of thousands of years of evolution to us
Ever felt sorry for People who ought to be a reflection of Yourself?
Is American government a combination of anarchy and justice?
What is "software integration" ? Wouldn't the software need to be "born integrated" ? How could tampering with?
What modern models of education are considered platonic?
Have you ever had your mind shut in by another person? What does this mean?
What's the most important in life?
why we are born on this world,for what reason,piease tell reason for that my question,next one is god isthere.
Can you provide me with unique wisdom, here and now?
If my goose is cooked, is it too late to save my bacon?
Poll: Name one certainty in life apart from death and taxes?
What is the evaluation stage on the system life cycle?
Did this happen on the Collins elevator project ?
Can humans handle reality?
Do you always believe in your eyes?
What is the best piece of advice you know?
Suppose the sun had a flavor. What do you think it would taste like?
what are your goals? what did you do or what are you doing to achieve them?
philosophy question about Kant and Locke?
I live my life to be as Honorable and and fight for a good couses why do people say I'm crazy for doing so
Anselm's argument may be viewed as a reductio ad absurdum argument because?
burker dopply grach frim-what image did this bring to mind?
Share your views on- If God appears before you and ask you to seek a Boon from him, What boon will you ask?
I dont want to do anything but eat and sleep at the age of 24,Im getin lazier.What do i do?
What will be the basic tought of living? is it life ends the way a normal man life style?
Am I the only person who realises that all people are not equal and that this is self evident?
Tons of MONEY or Cure for your loved one?
How would you envision your fear(s)? What would you see them?
If you could pick one person to be OTHER THAN yourself, who would you be and Y?
what is nominalism?
"obligations unwished for and unattended"- where did this come from?
in life everything happens for a reason why is that?
So how do we change man kinds thinking for the better?
How can I be the member of the certain interanational organization such as World Peace Organization?
finish this sentence~ i think_________is the coolest thing in the world, don't you?
Who parks in the handicapped spot when they aren't supposed to? What kinda person does that?
If the Universe was originated from the big bang, does it mean that ...?
Philosophically speaking: how do you treat your horse?
Has religion something to do with the fact we are afraid of death?
What are the most important ethics which people should adhere to?
Why do guys at my school do this to me?
Can a human really justify "owning" an animal? Is that really ethical?
What is the concept of Quasi-Memory from philosopher Sydney Shoemaker?
Do you identify with your feelings?
why is the world soooo F@C%D up?
Where is the escape? Why haven't I found it yet?
if God is real and Adam and Eve and all that is true then what the hell were the dinosaurs all about?
One for the atheists. What came first god or mathmatics?
Why dead will be ordered to rise by his/her mother's name and not father's name on the day of judgement?
What is consciousness and what is reality? Is awareness the origin of perception, or the origin of existence?
what's sadness?
Both Aristotle and Confucius understand the goal of ethics to be?
Why i fell bat asking others to buy from me?
You're a s l u t! You're the one who didn't want to see if we'd every go golfing! Lemon!?
What is the difference between formal logic and pure logic, and how did Ancient Greek phil make use of the two?
if we live on like worthless fools...?
Which should i do? this is about my life.?
What do you call this logic form?
Deontology and utilitarianism applied to a situation. Help please?
Where is the best place in the world to live in and why :)?
Do you believe everything in life happens for a reason?
categorical propositions help, need explanation why?
How do you spread humanity?
In general, why should we care for other people or people in future?
Does magic exists in this world?
How does Marx's notion of freedom contrast with Mill's?
Ugh. I feel so ugly. (sounds like whining but plz?)?
Why do I feel mentally challenged around other people? am I?
Can a boundless GOD be boundless if you are to claim all of us to be separate individuals?
what does "KARMA" mean??
Do the Americans really wanna catch Bin Laden?
Sense or sensibility?
What is the Natural Law Theory? How are Locke and Hobbes both Natural law thinkers?
Are you good or bad?
Is there anything you wish you didn't understand?
do you think everyone is praying to the same god but from different points of view.?
What's happening to my son?
At what point of time do you think philosophy went from ancient to modern?
Things to do while pulling an all-nighter by myself?
when the world will end?
Where can I find a critique on the article titled Toward an Agathocentric Ecology by Erazim Kohak?
What is the definition of Humanity in terms of philosophy?
who was carlton l. lee?
End Of The World is Coming Soon!?
what is the meaning of life?
John chapter 8 verse 34 what is the meaning to this verse?
Philosophers: Is knowledge the answer to fear?
What are the flaws of a constitutional republic?
Why make life complicated, while everything will end on December 21, 2012?
Ho can i get more confidense in my life?
why people r afarid of doing some things but others do the same with ease?
Do you think there is a sense that we don't know of?
Thoughts on advantages and disadvantages of love?
Why, when someone brings up death, suicide, anything "bad" everyone thinks they should get help?
Is your glass half empty or half full?
Emontier Meaning so mysterious?
List as many tips as you can in regards to becoming great at life?
Are any vices or shortcomings worse than others?
Are you a good hearted person?
Who is the better person in this case?
Has anyone thought that we're all not real and just controlled by robots. What do you guys think?
What question could I be asked, that if I answered it correctly would prove my genius?
What do u mean by a ghost.?
Which book and movie had made the biggest impact in your life?
Is hard work God?
Is the concept of understanding no beginning in a world of rules and constraints possible?
When it's very quiet at night, and you're about to fall asleep, what do you think about?
Do your eyes say what is unsaid?
How can someone "draw a blank"?
Why do people believe that prejudice is a mental illness?
What is the impact of the Greek philosophers on modern thought?
Do you think like me? help!?
Where is god?
Your reading material points out that it seems to be human nature to?
Would u rather your bf/gf hate everyone except for you or love everyone as much as he/she loves you?
how did Greek philosophy influence the society, political views, and literary ideas when it first originated?
Is Modern Philosophy becoming increasingly divorced from the practical application of philosophy?
what does "we will laugh at gilded butterflies" mean?
Is the term "pro-life abortion" an oxymoron?
Why do humans believe in god when everything is proved scientificly?
Stage where people give testimonials to gain forgiveness...antient philisophical/greek? what's the stage calle?
What is minimum version of NS 6.0 that can be upgraded to Symantec Management Platform 7.0?
we are bound by the laws of man so that we may be free?
I have a question about the philosopher Edward Gibbons?
which one would you respect more than another?
why is there something instead of nothing?
What types of fallacies are these?
What is the Christian View on Losing Your Virginity Before Marriage?
What is fundamental right?
is the first impression is the last impression........?
What would life be like if we never made mistakes?
True or False? The world will end in 2012. (Doomsday)?
Do you think 2+2=4 ????
Why does it hurt LOSING something that was NEVER YOURS....?
Can God build a wall so high even he can't climb over it?
comapre and analyze the charecter of socrates in "crito" to his charecter in "the death scene from phaedo". do
Do not let anyone shrink yourself?
Is Aristotle a Rationalist, Empiricist,Ethicist, Phenomenologist or Neither?
can anyone briefly explain the six prima facie duties that W.D Ross outlined.?
What is the "meaning of life"?
What if you're an outcast in your family?
what do you think i look like?
How do you think a powerful AI will come about?
What did Harry Hilsson mean when he said Sweethaven was "safe from democracy" in the movie Popeye?
what makes a man happy if he is not active or smart enough to get it?
Free Will or Determinism?
What is the source of human suffering in the world?
Is this a valid argument pattern? Confused!?
How do you feel about an unsuccesful artist who lives in a foreign country totally dependent on his brother?
What will last forever?
why is it easier to believe a lie rather than the truth
what would be you ideal thing to happen after you die?
I think I wasted my life. Is there any way to repeat it?
Is it ethical to set fire to people I don't agree with them?
I feel sad for no reason?
philosophical Music Analysis-At the bottom of everything?
The good, the bad, and the pleasurable - The difference?
What is the nature of synthetic a priori judgments???
What is the biggest cause of a failure?
What does Kant mean when he says rational beings are ends within themselves?
What is the occularity of oculence?
Does Charles Darwin believe in life after death? Do you?
I'm super-high. Philosophers: HALP?
If you could kill by just thinking it would you?
Who would win in a debate?
Can you tell me about the deconstruction of Jim Gilchrist?
Why is self-pity,self-praise considered wrong..?
Have you ever been Spiteful ? What emotions did you go through later ?
top three responsibilities we owe our fellow humans?
The BEST quote/saying you've ever heard?? I need inspiration to study and live life stress free PLEASE!!?
What are your views on Euthanasia? For or against and ?
what do you want to be?
Are there more than two metaphysical truths?
How is it rude to tell someone you do not want to be hugged?
who will save the widow's child?
If ignorance is bliss, why do people seek for knowledge?
Tell me your final wish, Please ?
Is wealth a deterrent to justice?
why do men( even me) follow girls without any intention to marrying them?
What would Thomas Hobbes think about these questions ? Thanks in advance!?
What is the wrong end of a gun?
When there's no one left to hate, what will you do?
What does 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever' means?
Can there be happiness without sadness?pleasure without pain?peace without war?
Are you preparing for the cold or the warmth?
example of rhetorical devices on pro life in abortion?
what did people in th ast think that organisms were made out of?
Are you thinking what im thinking?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being alive?
I'm so sad right now I feel like killing myself!?
Can we as humans ever be truly unbiased?
Who is the most important person you know?
when Socrates asks, "What is justice?" or "What is beauty?", etc., he is asking for?
Why do all organisms want to live/not want to die?
Finish this phrase... Happiness is...?
What does it all mean???
What do you want more of in your life?
Why do people say soldiers fight for your freedom?
how we maintain our friendship when we love a girl, but didn,t proposed her ?how we maintain our relationship?
What could be more valuable than a personal opinion?
whats the point in living if were just going to die?
wanna die, can't kill myself. what to do?
The relation between Marxism and Violence?
Is having faith in Scientists any different from having faith in Religion?
Ok, consider have the chance to raise two clones. One of hitler, one of MLK...would you do it?
Where can I submit a Philosophy Paper?
If you are to describe God with one word, what would it be?
Nothing is true All is a lie?
what do you guys think the reason of R&B is?
What is the basis of the argument of nature vs religion?
Does anyone know any of the answers to any of these philosophy questions?
A few random questions requiring simple yet thought out answers? For writing, life, and science?
Was Aristotle Syllogism the core-stone of the West in develop their science from 15 to 19 century?
modernism and post-modernism?
what is your opinion of the show "pretty little liars"?
Do you like when you see 11:11 or 12:34 in a digital clock?
How long you resist to stay alone, without a contact to the others?
What should i do,no one can be trusted.?
Is love necessary to live?
Thin Blue Line still appropriate?
What do you think God does in his spare time?
What is the purpose of religion?
Do you fight back or forgive?
I want to end my life.?
does everyone really have their ups and downs it seems like my exes life is all only going good?
What image do you have when you hear "childhood bubble"?
What are some objectections to Nozick's 4 conditions for knowing a statement?
what is more worthy...a sweet kiss from your lover or a hundred million dollars....???
Did you ever want someone to love you more than life itself?
is there another "World" in this world?
if you can be IMMORTAL for a DAY, how are you going to spend it?
Do you think I am just being selfish or...?
Do you try to be a positive influence to others?
What is the difference between...PLEASE ANSWER?
Is Buddhism, or for that matter, Islam or any other sect of belief anymore correct than catholosism?
Is system of a down against conforming?
What would you like to see the night after you die ?
What's your True Identity ?
I'm so sad :,( ..................?
How do you find balance in life? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
Can you answer this LEGENDARY question?
Do you fear god?
What philosopher argues that justice is important, but not as important as the overall happiness of society?
What is postmodernism, especially as is related to literature?
Help with themes to Plato's political philosophy?
anyone here?
Help with Plato's dialogues?
Who controls the world?
How valid is the numerology death path number (as with the life path, add all digits together)?
♥How philosophical are you at this moment in life?♥?
What should be the shape of a point?
what is the definition of "happiness"?? I mean in personal, not according to the dictionaries.?
You know, Dr. Phil says I'm afraid of commitment...Want to help prove him wrong?
What do you want from life?
Can you imagine what the world looks like 100 yrs from now?
Do you think propaganda influence people to want and actually NEED things?
if you could be frozen then thawed 500 yrs from now, would you?
what is the sequence of the game art of murder?
So what is the TRUE primordial element that created life: fire, water or air?
Mind spectrum holographic reality?
Do you do it for the grade, the degree, or for your personal best? Explain?
what is the meaning when someone feel "insecure"?
i woke up with a headache today, it must be because I saw my ex-husband at the mall two days ago?
What Atheist logician wrote this quote?
reasons why alister mcgrath believes in the big bang?
Aristotle: Nichomachean Ethics : Easy 10 points if you love it. BOOK 2?
Translation problems.?
which religion is the right one and why?
why do you ask questions?
What is the fact value daulism?
Would you give up your life to save 1 million of your countrymen?
Philosophy: Do actions always speak louder than words?
What is the belief/philosophy that the physical has the strongest impact on reality/mind?
When all else fails what do you do?
In your opinion, what is Descartes proofs for God's existence?
who would win in a fistfight, ghandi or buddha?
What's the point of progress?
People = pain and drama, the less people you have the happier your life will be?
LSD can be an amazing thing...agree or disagree?
What do you want written on your headstone?
what is Bakhtin's Theory of Carnival?
Are we human?
Is today the first day of the rest of your life?
Will I always feel guilty about what I did? ?
My Girlfriend is supposed to deliver in September, i Need a Boy and Girl Name?
What are 2 documents/ideas that led to the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"?
I objectively don't belong on the world, is suicide justifiable?
what is meant by the statement: "knowing what is can never lead to knowing what ought to be"?
Philosophy Question- Knowledge?
Is anyone genuinely happy?
i cried watching a movie! Its fiction, not related to me yet i cry sometimes watching some movies.why?
What does "philosophy" actually mean?
Question about people?
Do we have the right to end our lives..?
May being a whole be defined? Does Beauty has definition? Love? Faith? Hope?
What are your top 5 goals in life?
Would this have been a good philosophy for a safety-critical computerization project ?
What is the meaning of life?
Plants have feelings...Agree or Disagree ?
What percentage of human are really honest and good soul?
Does historical materialism base politics in economics?
what this life for??
why is it important to uphold social equality?
what is the ostensible wrong in being judgemental?
Why do people say Life is empty?
can you think of any metaphors that relate to life in the military?
What is a total mystery to you?
were humans made by God or made by science?
Which is a more important virue, self-discipline or patience?
How would you feel if you wake one day and all automobiles disappeared?
Life is crappy THERE IS NO GOD!?
Is life fair?
why those stupid people woken you up in the middle of the night jsut by asking if you were sleeping?
What was Thomas Aquinas Philosophy on life?
Your thoughts on this little quote would be great?
When we see something or someone that needs help we need to do it right away? Does it apply to all things?
why human nature belive bad things easely? but good things are hard to belive?
Is "Who's your McFavorite hamburger clown?" a loaded question?
What is a rational person to do upon reaching the conclusion that life is futile and death is immanent?
Is Yin and Yang a religious symbol or spiritual symbol?
If you're 5'7" at 18, will you still be 6 foot later in life?
How can it be that our entire wonderful way of life can end in one second?
What is the meaning of "rubricizing" in this context ?
why is it so hard to find who you really are and what you want to do?
Do you hear the devils and demons speaking to you?
Do you like my piece, it's a true story?
is ther nytng like last births karma v have 2 face in this birth,if yes thn wat abt this brths karma?
is john 3:16 about salvation?
What is so unethical about capital punishment? or... why is it necessary?
In a first order reaction the half life is 116 min. what would be the rate constant, k?
If the middle east was destroyed would humanity be better off?
Does enlightenment not last forever? Since die only to live, let go to grasp, stop to continue. Endless.?
When the minority act, why do so many blame the majority for their actions?
What is your definitive answer when asked, " what is love? "?
who "I am not what happens to me"?
How can you tell if your robot REALLY loves you?
Would Kant believe that a Fiddler Crab could have reverence for the law?
What is meant by strength of inference?
Can we really prove our gender in the Philosophy section?
Is it only considered adultery if you have sex?
Are humans the root of all evil?
Tell me abt women revolutionaries and women philosophers of 19th and 20th century?
most people belive that God created the universe. but how God himself came into existance?
Am I insecure or am I just telling myself the truth?
is there a good pyschic anywhere that is free or just one of those one free question things?
Arguments against hegelian dialectics?
Compare yourself to a puddle?
Can our Shakespearean inclinations be deconstructed...and reconstituted into a form of Lockean existentialism?
Is life for you about the journey or the destination?
Why must people ask the meaning of life so much?
can someone explain philosophy of gilles deleuze?
What's a good way to describe the vicissitudes of fate?
What do you do when you are bored and entering a mid-life crisis.?
What is your first rule of being a Super Hero?
the world is just like a face i no right?
What is forgiveness?
What is the moral consensus in trying to convince people to buy products we know really won't benefit them?
“There are no ordinary moments. There is always something going on.” – Peaceful War?
Who stole the puri from the puri's pot?
A tough dilemma about your sibling?
Where can I find the picture of the philosopher king?
Would you please fill in the blank?
what is the solution to the worlds poverty problems.?
Does everything happen for a (predetermined) reason?
What was Andrew jacksons political philosophy?
I have a question about what Schopenhauers ethics may be?
Why can't we prove the existence of God?
How do I focus longer?
Please proofread my intro paragraph (This program will not allow italics..sorry)?
How can the human race survive the next hundred years?
in general what are the main things people regret in life?
Who really came first, between man and woman?
Do you honestly think Racism will ever be a thing in the past?
What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?
How would you feel if you wake one day and all automobiles disappeared?
Why people are such illiterate?
I need some things in literature that would represent life?
What does the right to self determination act mean??
give me reason why shouldnt i be jealous with people with superior skills,abilities than me?
What do you think of this statement?
why do people wait til the pain gets so bad b4 they do anything about it ?
Do you believe that if you want something bad enough you'll get it?
What do you sound like?
Which came first: chicken or egg?
What are some good starter materials for studying philosophy?
Would you rather hear a lie that felt good or a truth that hurt?Are you sure?
besides sex, what are you most curious about?
Please help me resolve this?
how boost my moral in depression?
what's the basic philosophy of this guy niehtzie (can't spell it) i keep hearing aout from time to time?
Your Open Question Show me another » What would you do if you found out the girl you like had a sex scandal?
What is the "soul"?
1. When we use the concept pf the health continuum, health is considered to be?
Is it perception that colors the world?
What is important to you? success or happiness?
where can i find more information about Epistemology Philosophy
What one word sums up your feelings for life, the universe and everything?
How through Knowledge of Philosophy, a philosophy student can help other Human being and Humanity?
How can you tell if you're succesful in life? is't about money? and buy everything you want?
What Philosophy is there in a "Butterfly"..?
Does the LIfe in America really the way it should be??
Do you agree with Wilkins that the following is sufficient for a group to be justified in exercising..?
Did the teeny boppers take over this site too!???
What qualifies as a good life, what makes you an upright person?
Is Ubik a good SF novel?
Is there death after death?
In life we are all in the same celestial boat. What silver thread binds us together?
Do you agree with this>?
"Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes" Meaning?
what is the true meaning of life?
What are you really proud of?
The futility of "being alive?"?
“The heart has its reason which reason does not know.” Thoughts..?
Is the Golden Ratio accurate when it comes to measuring facial attractiveness?
where do all my spoons keep going? I seem to have fewer every day!?
Who is your fictional hero?
why would a woman allow her self to be degraded in such a way physically and mentally?
Why is the eye of the world on south africa racism when racism is just as big in the uk and us .?
When someone is 'emo', what does that mean?
If you have the power to change the world, what will be the first thing to do??
what is the background on descartes and locke?
in the following illusion how do i make the lady spinning appear other way?
Do people judge u based on how u look?
R u the food, the spoon or the Indian giver when Feeding Frenzy?
Should we legalise drugs?
What is evil? Is stealing evil? Why or why not? Is evil subjective? Objective?
What are you deepest beliefs about life?
you guys are sounding a bit square. is work ethic more important than personal and artistic fulfilment?
Is this true or false?
Huxley's "Brave New World" or Orwell's "1984"?
is there a fundamental value that we all share?
Is the truth dependant upon facts? How does truth differ from facts, if it all?
what is the meaning of life?
what is the secret to self-motivation??
Might makes right or the end justifys the means?
i honestly just feel like my life sucks. I feel hopeless i really do. I can't do anything right?
How do you deal people who communicate in an indirect manner?
im 17. in love with a 24 yr old married man. we have the greatest connection possible on earth.?
is death the greatest adventure?
If fact is what you only believe, then fact and fiction work as a team?
what do you understand about philosophy of life?
What if God created Eve first and the forbidden fruit was a Bananna ?
what should be the BOUNDRIES of my dreams??
I need an answer to this question regarding my life?
for the open minded?
what is the meaning of "life" for you?
whats most important in your life at the moment ?
What is something worth dying for?
How do we achieve enlightenment?
where did the fear of Y2K come from?
Faith vs. Trust (Part 2): Lost and Found?
What is something strange but true that interests you?
'I think therefore i am' meaning?
Can anyone tell me??
Philosophy question concerning materialists?
was pope john paul 2 a vegetarian?
What is the best version of the Bhagavad Gita available?
What are your suggestions to improve this article further?
What is the "purpose" of a snowflake's design?
Can you die from too much happiness?
What is a transcendental argument?
What are some modern parallels to Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"?
What is AM PARTNERS 661 ?
What are the main differences between the libertarian and compatibilist conceptions of freedom?
How to act insane or scitzafrinic?
How are supporting counterfactual conitionals, symptoms of nomic necessity?
Are you a violent person?
why do the current advertising practices of drug companies present a moral dilemma?
Jesus was a true man or a true God....explain?
What is that one thing that fulfills all your needs ?
Is love qualitative or quantitative?
How happiness can be painful?
Ever notice that people don't cut in line at the bank or the grocery store, yet in traffic, they cut you off?
What type of snake build houses?
Which would use more energy, fearing something or someone, or accepting them?
When do you think I died?
Can anyone give a Derridean deconstruction example?
Is there still love for others in our world? If not, how do we get more love in our world?
When life must day inevitably end, why do people go through the struggle and pain of living it?
If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
Can someone justify that doctrines express truthfulness?
What was God's greatest mistake?
When will you know when your last day is??
What's the "appeal" and "fascination" with Porn?
"How Did U Feel after READING this"?
On a computerization project, can there exist motive, means and opportunity for someone to be doctoring the ..
What do you think of this writing piece?
why i made this by:me?
is there more to life?
Suppose this world really were Purgatory of some sort, and we found out. How would society be affected?
guys i found this interesting facebook page on platonic love. what are your opinions about it?
Does food taste the same to you as it does for others? Read more below.?
What is the significance of " Sacrifice "?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the major weakness of human being?
What's the best thing about being human?
Compare and contrast the views of David Hume and Immanuel Kant on the principle of causality?
what is the significance of Robespierre's list of threats?
What is a logical reason a person should stay alive at all costs?
Can anyone tell me the name of this philosopher?
Is jesus ever fall in love?
Please do tell me about your own self :)?
Don't you think that instead of hoping a better world one has to make efforts to ameliorate it?
What sort of a personality disorder would cause a person to declare the Collins submarine project as running..
Whether attitude depends life experience or your life experience constitutes your attitude ?
What's to be said about those people who mock others deep feelings?
An interesting question to think about..?
is the world getting better or worse...?
Who is the greatest person on Answers? I can't decide?
why people need sex ?
Do you feel like your "thoughts" are crushing you into heaviness?
If ignorance is bliss, then what is knowledge? One-word answers please?
what is the secret of a happy life?
How can I be the ultimate internet troll?
What is the definition of stylistic convention?
bad humans are made or born?
What is the best definition of "Life"?
I Seen Devil. enybudy Seen it ? Where ?
what is and how does sensation and perception without external cause?
What are your interests?Music or about space and all?
How do we know that all we encounter is truly our reality, and not someones ealses dream or thought?
Can u tell me the meaning of this?
What is the BEST CONSTITUTION for Aristotle?
Opposites Attract?
Ancient Greece Philosophers?
Is everybody and everything around me just a figment of my imagination?
What is the most positive word you can think of besides this word?
How to cherish life itself?
Suppose that you want to charge something on credit but you don't know that you are going to be able to pay...?
Is 10 years a long time?
when we die is that it?
what does it mean to vision or have illusions?
Is hubris justifiable?
Are you your Body? if Yes..why and if No why???
What % of everything seen in life should NOT be there?
Why does everything happen at once and usually causes conflict?
if the soul is the principle of life, does it follow that pigs, elephants, insects and plants have souls?why?
Is love even worth the broken heart?
Plotinus emanation by the One?
Do you look at each day that passes as another day closer to death?
Do you think I can Jump from a Fifty Floor Building....UNHURT???
How do I determine my own future?
Is the world really going to end?
Are there any unanswerable questions?
What is the meaning of purpose?
Should we continue to waste money researching cancer?????
What is the best part of having memories..?
What question has no valid answer?
whats the positive side of living in a nature world?
How do you watch your back?
Why or why not...........?
What do You think about unjustful and abusive people..? When your foes are hiding like cowards?
how could i knew dat fall in love in u,without a notice?
What is your biggest regret in life?
What exactly is the "intuitive theory" by John Rawls?
What do we mean, by what we say, when we talk about what we do?
Were intelligence outfits mixed up with computers as a revenue-generating racket ?
I was sitting and i thought of this riddle ...?
Why do you think it is that a lot of people ask the wrong questions while searching for their Desired Outcome?
what do you think about the poetry "the abyss perfect knowledge" by max ehrmann?
Why have a majority of the greatest thinkers produced in the post-Enlightenment era come from Germany?
Is life is punishment for every living being?
While there is a chemical basis for "eros," is there a chemical basis for "agape?"?
Did I really learn all I need to know from Kindergarten?
The world's most mind boggling question. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around does it make a noise
What do YOU think will happen when you will die?
Does Jesus say his own name when he is upset?
How do you feel about getting older?
How do you think the world would be without humans?
Can someone explain to me who is "They"?
Does academic philosophy makes progress?
Earn your own way instead of be given a free ride?
what do u prefer: a job that u will never be fired (safe) with a medium/low salary or trying to get another 1?
Do others have more faith in you even more than yourself at times?
What are your thoughts on the relationship between philosphy and science fiction?
Who have told that Philosophy is just game of words?
You know you are to die next week, what would be your priorities..??
Existence before Essence quote from Black Boy?
does money mean every thing in life........??????
What are the major points to Kierkegaard's Either/Or?
How do I stop feeling envious of the superficial type person?
Can science and religion be seen as one?
Philosophy - Ethics Question...need help please?
If all releigions believe in one GOd, How come we have so many people campaigning about "MY GOD"?
Life sucks right now?
What's the difference between DYING for a cause and LIVING for one?
Does hate make a person weaker or stronger...?
How do you justify the existence of free will?
Why is objectifying someone wrong?
would you rather be a SAND CASTLE or an ICE CASTLE?
how old are you? see more?
what might become the problem of theory of evolution in the future?
Fifth Meditation.......?
Definition of Humanitarian?
What makes Jesus better than Buddah, Allah, or any other god figure?
I need help identifying a clip from a film about free will and determinism.?