What is business knowledge?
What is it that makes a "good" person?
Why do old people drive so slow?
what site offers free essay answers for literature without the need to register?
really deep thoughts?
What do you live for?
When will the world end?
We are given abundant time because mostly there are no one-minute answers?
How do you write a socratic dialogue?
Should one prepare for one's death?
How can I make the world end by Dec 21?
seriously give me a poll?
A question for women...?
Do you believe that man really is superior to all other forms of life and if so, will he keep that status?
What are your thoughts on a really strange short film?
How does postmodernism relate to Fight Club?
What makes you feel better when you want to die?
would you save someones life if it meant sacrificing your own?
Sounds of silence?????
i hav nothing to do,what shld i do?
Kant v. Mill - How would they respond to this situation? Also, how/why would they determine their conclusions?
Can you think of something that it will last forever?
Why do humans feel the need to question life?
Do you think we'll eventually figure it ALL out?
We don't choose the things we believe in; they choose us?
Is there any particular merit in running "acceptance tests" for a computerized system ?
If you become rich today, will you share or be selfish?
How can one embrace loneliness?
Do you think there is anything wrong about Porter's evaluation of Epictetus?
What are you really, really afraid of?
How to improve concentrations..?
Can an Atheist deny all these?
i want to do masters in philosphy and want to know which cilleges in delhi offer that?
Do you know how Madoff got away with his crimes so long, undetected and uncomplained of?
How do you feel anout life and after life.?
How to do visualisation Meditations?
ok so y dont God talk to me wen i wanna hear Him?
does anyone knows how to get an e-mail from a hi5 profile?
What is a good book about BODHIDHARMA ?
Is this something Coincidental or Supernatural?
True happiness?
What happened to the religion section?
Which is better and why? A simple life with your true love, or a wealthy life without your true love?
is it ALWAYS true that what goes on in the dark, will come out in the light?
fear is more powerful than love?
If life gets better how come mines hasn't?
Did Phantom have a leg to stand on?
Plato & Ethics?
Meaning of “The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory but progress.” Joseph Joubert?
Why hard determinism and libertarianism are incompatible?
What is your opinion on Thomas Hobbes' view of human nature?
What is the meaning of life?
Would this make everyone in the world happy? (Read on)?
Help philosophy question ?
i need help with a riddle it involves someones life?
what is the difference between substance use abuse and dependence?
the real question was "why are we so selfish, mean and destructive?"....and yet so full of love and dreams
Is their a book out there about the philosophy of Epicurus that is very down to earth?
Did Collins computerization have the normal checks and balances?
Eckankar? what is it?
Do you think there is anything wrong about Porter's evaluation of Epictetus?
I supect that no one on Answers is real. Can any of you prove to me that you exist?
Is it wrong to keep a doll if you are grown up?
Could we re-introduce the slave trade?
What is Kant's view on art other then his judgement on taste?
what we learn from sun & moon?
Standardizing arguments- critical thinking HELP?
would Sartre buy Apple, Dell, or PC?
Why am I always having evil thought when I'm sad or frustrated, I don't like it and want it to stop?
Do you think world peace is possible?
What was the last thing someone said to you that really made you smile?
What does 6-8 sunsign pattern mean?
What is the meaning of life?
What is ‘governmentality’?
What's the love Alphabet?
In your opinion, which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Official Aussie phone wiretap: Who is white?
What is the meaning of the story of Balaam's ***/Donkey?
What is John locke legacy?
Why do people that commit suicide do it at home where the family will find them?
Why do i feel sad when good things happen to me?
Whats ethical dilemma ?give an example of an ethical dilemma experienced ?
Are you happy?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
Do you believe that humans have souls?
What are some moral issues that are not obvious ones?
Any one out there please help me with this questions?
Law of Matter disproves time travel?
check out my new original genuine?
How is it that I am?
do have faith in humanity?
If you born again, an if you can, woul you choose the same family?
Free Money or Free Love?
Asking God our heavenly Father for help, is this an everyday practice for you?
Whats your life plan?
Money Vs. Happiness (What would you choose and why?)?
Is poisoning better than reasoning?
Is philosophy considered to be garbage?
I'm super-high. Philosophers: HALP?
do you trust your eyes to tell you what is beautiful?
WAIT SO WHY DO WE CARE ???.......?
Do you share your knowledge?
When someone sees you in a way that you are not, do you struggle to show that someone your truth?
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
How is outlawing the free market for the service of assisted suicide compatible with capitalist values Now it?
what is the difference between a human and animal about attitude and how can we make a difference when we feel
Is there really such a thing as pure pleasure? ....and if so what is it?
(arguably) if LIFE is the opposite of DEATH, what is the opposite of "FOREVER"...?
please explain "human heart are compelled to keep silent"?
Can love be so powerful that it takes your breath away?
Is anything permanent?
who do you suppose was the happiest person to ever live, and what do you think they did?
If you could solve all the problems of the world with just one word what word is that?
How does Kant distinguish between autonomy and heteronomy?
What are the strengths of Monism?
When is it ok to die?
what is the meaning of the name "Sunny"?
What is life?
Is wanting to feel content too much to ask?
Science vs. Religion which is true?
What percentage of contemporary professional philosophers in the West are committed to materialism?
what's the diferrence between skepticism and dogmatism ?
I wonder if it is possible for us to all live as if we were competing for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Is life best realized when the extreme is visited?
What is the best FOOD on Earth?
What is your expectation from a friendship?
Is it a sign of laziness or depression?
Philosophical and Moral Context?
What can each of us do to make a difference in this world during 2006?
Does Hume believe the conclusions of these two arguments are incompatible with each other? Why or why not?
Kant... what is the relationship between good will, duty, and inclination?
What does the language of thought hypothesis mean?
If not now, then when?
Do you think we should have less memory ?
where do one goes when one has lost his hope?
How do you imagine the appearance of God?
what was the concept of man in Ancient Greece?
who made ballons?
How does forgetting things happen?
Can U plz define the Word LIFE in 1 line?
how much money you need to be happy in you lifE?
Do you agree...............?
Why is it that one's haters always have more to say than one's fans?
Could you give me an example of something that you have forgotten?
How can you relate yourself to a battery?
Did anyone follow this sort of advice, for Collins submarine computerization ?
Should I be stopped?
At what AGE did you discover yourself AS A PERSON ?
What kind of fallacy or argument is it...?
how can I know where my happines is?
Descartes' Mind-Body Dualism?
Is there life out there?
My life is a complete nightmare, and I'm a worthless moron. Anyone have any...advice or something?
what is more reliable knowledge or instinct?
Why do they say that apathy is the opposite of love as opposed to hate being love's opposite?
What deeper meaning does "chasing you white rabbit" have? (besides drugs)?
What does "Chariots of the gods" mean?
What is the difference between paradigms and stereotypes?
Need some help with philosophy assignment please?
Example of a reliable narrator? (Film & philosophy)?
Is there a big difference in productivity of those following a key factor for success and those not following?
What can we do to realise Noam Chomsky's goals?
What will bring happiness in our life?
Who wrote the bible and how do we Know they are truly god's words ?
If by some chance we do come back as other animals what would you want to come back as? And why?
How can you prove maturity other then time?
Is there an accademic institution where I can study Christian apologetics full time?
What "shields" a brokenheart that protects it from healing?
What are the Noble Eight fold path?
Will the world ever truly know peace again?
how to be optimastic and lead life without fear?
Is there a demonstrable article in fashionry to prove murder is illegal?
Would you like to end your life like this?
How does Thomas Aquinas think we acquire knowledge?
How can bipolar disorder affect people mentally, physically, emotionally, and spirituality?
Why might Plato's picture of the world be false?
Does the fact that Heidegger was a Nazi taint his philosophical views to the point of irrelevance?
Why is there so much evil in this world?
If a picture is worth 1000 words what does your favorite picture say?
What is the psychology behind works of art and drawings?
if you could ask for anything in the world, what would it be?
people of religion?
How is it to be a nihilist?
Does your passion get results?
Are zoos sad places? With all of those creatures locked up? Away from their natural habitats?
What made you think the 1st time you are a complete fool?
what is the purpose of life?????
Do you shape the world or does the world shape you ?
Why are Christians who believe the King James Bible is the only Word of God always accused of causing division
Is it inevitable that we are all going to die?
What do you expect from people around you....?
is it legal for an englishman to kill a welshman with a long bow?
Have you ever heard about happily remarried Indian couples? If yes pls tell me I need motivation?
2. What are the Four Noble Truths and what do they mean to YOU? Apply one of the Noble Truths to something in?
Which type of person do you meet most often while online...?
Why do we kill people who kill people to show them that killing people is wrong?
What is the poem with the refrain: "thank God the strong men keep on coming on"?
Do you think Religious people have a better understanding of life, humanityand moral compared to nonbelievers?
What is the mind/body problem?
What's meaning of "pasung bumi"?
Brave New World and Man's search for meaning?
Are the weak really just worthless?
Why everything in life isn't loveable?
Who created God?
are emotions the only thing that can create value out of nothing?
I'm self destructive?
If a polar bear and a squirrel turned up on your doorstep looking for sanctuary and you had to choose...?
what are those 4 planes taken which are taken into account when dealing with metaphysical reality?
What are the general differences between philosofy, religion and spirituality?
who r the TOP 1000 highest paid corporationsCEOsandDirectorsCOOsandCFOsa… inyourcountry?
Is There Anything You Are 100% Certain Of?
What are your ideas on the subject of seeing different colors? ...?
What inspires you? & what is your passion in life?
The belief of Plato that mathematics should serve as the standard of certainty and clarity for all knowledge s?
I lost my inspiration? Please help?
Writing a paper on views of society today. Anyone have ideas for a THESIS?
can someone give me good websites about emerson and his philosophies/beliefs and life, mainly philosophies..?
Last stupid religious question, I swear.... To God even?
Why many companies make so much $$$ by selling toxic/unhealthy stuffs?
Plato and Aristotles view on human nature?
Would you affirm that Rawls's Justice as Fairness solves Arendt's Social question?
my ? is very simple. but it requires complete honesty if u should answer. here it goes,?
Is today the best day of your life?
Love is blind now what to do?
Your mama told you not to talk to strangers, when you look in the mirror do you feel your life's in danger?
what would ayn rand suggest a society does for those that can't take care of themselves?
How can i stop myself from mentally torturing myself? ?
What is transformative knowledge?
human relations question?
what do you mean by vacteria?
If I would let you time travel to right 1 wrong from the past which one would it be?
Is it possible to sum up Nietzsche's philosophy in one phrase?
Is'nt technology making life complicated??
Whats your goal, purpose, mission, passion , in life?
What is your opinion of hopsin?
Be yourself, or define yourself?
If you are to describe God with one word, what would it be?
which is more STUPID, hanging on to something you DONT LIKE or letting go of something you LOVE?
Was I right to erupt in rage last night?
Generation Anyway...?
where can be timeless and placeless?
The immature and young say we will die for the cause and the mature say we will live for the cause?
Apocalyptic Dream, please read if you are interested...?
Where is the Spiritual catagory? Why is silent on this subject?
Why did the Sith leave there home world for Korriban?
Stay and suffer for a great reward, or leave and risk it all for a chance at happiness?
Kants Autonomy VS hereronomy?
Why do people laugh? What makes something funny? what is funny?
I was reading about emerging properties (System's Theory)...?
Did Terri Schiavo think what didn't kill her made her stronger?
is there something to this 2012 end of the world stuff?
I don't care what you think!?
Why anti-americanis is getting stronger?
Can someone outline the theological relevance of Aquinas' work?
IS it right that this social injustice should continue,?
Why do agnostics and athiests celebrate christian and other hollidays?
How does someone live in thought?
What is the absolute answer about everything?
why is that life has both happiness and grief?
Does anyone know a link to a "Where your True Self Lies" kind of quiz?
What do you think is more powerful: Physical strength or the power of words?
Would Hindus consider certain animals such as crocodiles as "Evil"..since they greedily devour other animals?
Osama Bin Laden will die this Wednesday 23rd August from kidney disease is the war won?
How does the Free Will Defence justify the amount of evil and suffering in the world?
Can you prove "((P-->Q) v (Q-->R))" a.k.a "If P then Q, OR if Q then R"?
Innate or empiric "basic axioms"?
What would your Utopia be like?
can someone explain the themes "microcosm parallels macrocosm" and "conformity vs. non conformity"?
Theres no such thing as forever...How true???
what is the most happiest and sadest moment in your life.?
are we not happy because of our sorrows or due to envy that why others are happy.?
Can we ever really know for sure if we're seeing perception correctly?
Is God She or He? what do u think and why?
Is Love During Teenage Right or Wrong ??
Why do people falsely believe in a personal God ?
How is Jesus of Nazareth is greater or wiser than all the Hebrew patriarchs?
What makes Jesus better than Buddah, Allah, or any other god figure?
have any of you ever really felt the presence of god?Or seen Him?
Help, need some ideas of a journal topic?
Reason for living?
What would you save for humanity?
What if people could not lie?
Does anybody here have synaesthesia?
If humans lived 10 x longer would they be more or less productive during the first 10th of thier life?
Are people living or dying?
Would you rather be?
can anyone tell me what the future has in store for me?
Why do old people drive so slow?
How will you know if the one you love is true to you?
Have you ever reinvented yourself?
Can you be charged with murder if you kill a person in your dream?
how does Freud revise our understandingd of the source of human desires?
Do you think the world will end in 2012?
What does Kant mean in this passage? (referring to prolegomena to any future metaphysics)?
Who developed Collins software ? Did they use this methodology ? If not why not.?
Would suicide be a good option for me?
Are people sad because they listen to sad music or they listen to sad music because they are sad?
Wisdom and critical thinking: what's the connection?
Do you believe in the sentimental value of objects?
If something is easy is it wrong philosophicly speaking?
can you have SELF-RESPECT even if others don't RESPECT you?
What are some philosophical reasons not to commit suicide? Sociobiology teaches that a certain set of egotist?
religion is an idiots way to describe the world around him?
What do you believe in?
Did "new management" add any value to the Collins submarine organization ?
“Is dark fibers in backbone networks good or bad? Justify your stance with sufficient arguments”?
Is being a cannibal something to be frowned down upon, if murder is not involved?
What is worthy for "oneself" before anything that comes next becomes meaningful?
Is every act a selfish act?
what is your favorite quote or life motto?
Who gives life to our written words, the writer or the reader?
What is the significance of Daguerre’s and Fox Talbot’s processes emerging at approximately the same time in?
what is the concept problem of evil in Charles Hartshorne's process theism?
What is the most meaningful or effective sentence that u have ever read or seen or heard ?
Things which are identical with a third thing are identical with each other?
How do you get through a sad day in your life?
How do you define "thing" without using synonyms?
What is your favorite flower? Why?
Why we tend to compare ourselves to others?
Can a system be constructed "hierarchically" so that functionality can be added without destroying existing?
Whats the chance of running into a ghost in life?
Is there anyway to become or appear shorter?
Assuming that the Collins submarine computerisation project had hiccups,?
If life gets better how come mines hasn't?
What is the measuring stick of free thinking or logic?
In reality, Who came first? The man or the woman?
who is the first person to be born on this earth?
Why is blind acceptance of historical determinism almost the universal norm?
What is beauty where it exist how u will judge?
Did one of the Collins software people have a track record of kangarooing from project to project causing?
Are there a lot of happy people?
what is the secret to life?
Why dont more people answer my questions about bavarian cheese nipples?
How old is time?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
How and why, according to Hume, do we make judgments of causality?
What is the appropriate response to nihilism?
How can you "take something in stride" if you're sitting down?
Can all men be absolutely equal ....?
What is your upbringing that has shaped your attitudes or life today?
How can we get people to think more and believe less?
What is the difference between Free Will and Freedom..?
Why do I always think of Krishna?
Does Antonio Gramsci's "cultural hegemony" contradict Hegel's triad "thesis, antithesis and synthesis"?
What images (pictures in the listeners' mind) does Edwards use in the passage to make his tone clear? What eff
how did you get your nick name?
Anarchy in Plato's The Republic?
do any of us really know the true meaning of life and the real reason for us being here?
Is it best to distance yourself in this situation?
Should we cry?
Is knowledge worth anything if it's not applied in the real world?
can i see if my pen is red?
What can I say to defend that things happen because of fate and not because of free will? (for a debate)?
do u believe in miracles? what is it exactly?
can i speak to my soul?
What IS the meaning of life!?
Do you think there is a connection between your taste in music and your intelligence?
Which of the two creates more problems..?
How do I stop annoyance when I can't ignore it?
to which university in paris did descrates send his writing " meditations on first philosophy" ?
What kinds of pleasure and motivation people used, along the history, to justify living?
why are answers to philosophy questions so vague?
Do you think humans will ever evolve so much as to not be able to live solely on the planet ever?
Why does Love ends? Do you know why? (Next)............?
life is not easy.if you no wat you are doing, you we surely make it in life 100% sure?
Challengeing reality?
what do you call then type of person who is "always there when people need them"?
what is heed theory?
Do you ever feel sadness when you have something, but lose it later?
Does this make sense ..........?
eye are the windows to the soul, where did this orginate from as there are hundreds of different ideas!?
What are Kantian ethics?
Do you think humanity is a good thing?
Dogs are from the Dark, Men are from the Light, indeed u are right thanks cos i never thought of that at all?
Would You Give one Kidney up to Save Another?
major in philosophy and minor in communications?
is it possible to create a society as it is describe on the Republic?
Apart from the colours in the rainbow, are there any other colours in the world, and what do they look like?
What is the 'hope' that keeps people going?
what is the blog about the top 50 wake forest girls?
Question About Thomas Aquinas?
What to you equals stupid in a person?
Merged consciousness, rings of conscious, levels of consciousness?
Secret life of bees; Metaphor!?
What you think people literally believe they "Defend and Advance a Cause" by arguing/debating others?
What comes to your mind when i say "silence"?
What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do in your life?
Is pulmonary fibrosis on some sort of ZPG radar, with the gullible being prescribed prednisone ?
How does one fight off boredom at work?
Philosophers: How do you resolve the problem of evil?
Setting aside the issue of whatever the something is, what do you mean when you say you believe in something?
Can something great be achieved effortlessly....?
Does mere charisma have us sitting upon the verge of a neo-hegemony?
Do you accept Western patriotism even though it is utilitarian in its ideology?
Is it possible not to be brainwashed by the media and the society you live in?
I want to do something AMAZING!!!tomorrow to live life to its fullest?
I want to kill myself?
What is the purpose of the meaning? Discuss.?
Jesus was/was not a pacifist?
Do you think this is the reason why our life becomes more complicated?
If you had a chance to do it over again, would you?
Have You ever felt you generally understand the overall human knowledge from Thales time until today?
Can one really win through such a way?
How is it there can be a definition of nothing?
What arts is?
What is the best cure for sanity?
How can we increase the influence of our reason in our life?
What word rhymes with orange?
why is it so much pain in the world?
How has Greek philosophy influenced today's society?
why is it that there is always the word free up on the screen, but you must always spend money?
Why am I a good person and is there a place for good people today?
can you explain this qoute "True happiness lies in you. Appreciate someone who is trying to care for you in s?
What would your New Year's resolutions list looked like?
What is your opinion on modernism and/or postmodernism within contemporary culture?
How can I be committed to life?
what is scientific attitude?
What's more likely to happen...?
schutz theory of interpersonal needs... life situations?
Is there a support group for those who have suffered under deconstruction?
Would John Stuart Mill accept self-sacrifice over killing of a convicted felon?
What's Your Sign? I'm a Pisces....................?
Is an "early American canon" posible or even desirable? If so what works should it contain?
How do we find a sloution on video games and how they influence us?
Do you agree or disagree with this idea?
in which of Nietzsche's books can I find this quote:?
Is it true that we will die in the 21st century?
Do you prefer simple or complicated solution/idea/principle/theory/system/so…
would you feel jealous if someone you knew won the lottery?
half full or half empty?
do you believe in devil?
If you could get the answer to one question what would it be?
Are ideas copies of sensation? Please explain.?
are you a nihilist?
My ex has just been left by his fiancee is it wrong to feel a little pleased?
Responsibility for actions??? help! im confused! :(?
Are your positives totally outweighing your negatives today?
Do you feel you don't communicate well with others and often your thoughts or intentions misunderstood?
what is the meaning of life in the spritual sense of the term ?
which philosopher said that tell me the song on the tongue of the youth i will tell you future of the nation.?
What is a person's destruction?
What do you personally think is the root of all evil?
What "should" everyone do at least once in a lifetime?
What philosophical movement do you most identify with?
Is it better to feel NEEDED or to be NEEDY?
vote my musics please hear them and response?
Is Plato's argument for the Immortality of the soul valid?
What's so great about life?
Why can't people sit in silence? Why do people talk or feel like they have to talk?
why most of the people take sleeping pills to commit suicide.?
How can I make life more exciting?
(About a girl's song) What does the quote mean "make it rain", sang by Colbie Caillet?
Do you feel like you are always having to wait for things?
Do you agree that true love has no opposite?
How does one set about joining the Janjaweed please?
Would a safety-critical computerization project need to be run by an outfit which is a "learning organization"?
What is rawls' original position theory?
What are the odds of you dying within the next hour?
In a dispute between your partner and your best friend, who's side would you take?
Is permanent happiness, secure prosperity, and abiding peace a foolish dream?
Is organised religion a shelter for a weak mind?
what's you favorite/most fond memory?
what is chi ? how does okonkwo feel is shapes his destiny?
Does conforming to society limit free will?
What gets YOU through the night?
What is the one thought that scares you ?
Which musical instrument speaks to your heart?.. and what it says?
Could you ever know true brightness without knowing true darkness?
What do you consider to be the root of all Evil?
I'm begging for your help right now.?
What is the essence of Socratic dialogue as a method of teaching?
Pls help me with some Philosophy question...?
Forgetting abstract concepts that no one should forget?
Does selfishness lead to lose more money?
do you think a box should be written like this a bokx?
POLL: What are your views on the big bang theory ???
What is your type??????????????????
Why can't buddhists eat garlic or onion?
If you are the grasshopper who finally snatches the stone away from your master's palm, are you really to....
Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?
WHat is true Poetry?
Do you Agree or Disagree with Mark Twain's Quote?
why is stem cell research right and why is it wrong?
If you could think of one thing all humans have in common what is it?
Your Mind can be your best Friend or Worst Enemy why don't more people get to know it?
Is you nose on strike ? Why pick it?
what is important in life? ans needed for a radio station. - sss?
Tractatus Logico-Randomus?
How Can I Build Self Esteem and Improve My Life?
What do you think would be worse and why: Being face to face with an enraged King Cobra, or an enraged Lion?
Would you kill one person to save a thousand?
Whats wrong with me?
I don't feel interested in the present social affairs, nor do feel suicide to be a solution. Any suggestion ?
what is the meaning of life?
What do you think the most precious possession of a human being?
Would you consider math a discovery or an invention?
Doesnt this stuff look scary and wicked?
what do you think of this quote?
Is the membership working?
If u could afford it, would u buy an island and start your own country?
How come God has always been portrayed in the public arena as a man?
is aesthetics depends on our senses?
How do you "know" that you "love"?
does god really exist or is it just a plain illusion?
why cant we just live like animals?
Did Collins computerization project have drivers and key drivers ?
Was Nietzsche a virgin, a loner, and a freak of nature?
The are more people in the world than EVER before, why is it so hard to make friends...?
How do you get a person to overcome the fear of spiders??
Why do birds suddenly appear?
What is an Existential Hero?
The philosopher montesquieu thought that a successful goverment required what?
If God made the universe, who made the god?
Can anyone offer some criticism for (gay) okcupid online dating profile?
Are many systems destroyed during their development ?
Who are you? Do you really know yourself? Have you describe your being? The very essence of your existence?
what is existential philosophizing?
we live, we learn, but what is our purpose?
Is it self-centered to see yourself...?
What are the Theological virtues and the virtue theory of it?
Can you answer the following question ?
What is the reason to continue operation the School of the Americas (now WHINSEC)?
Gladiators, are you ready?
found a school book dated 1800 and 1863 now i need to know how do i find out their value?
what is an Erodable Argument?
"It is most likely to be wrong in our generalizations, than on our particular observations"?
What are your views on religion and why?
What is love?
truthfully, is there greater satisfaction in giving or receiving?
Why do people do bad things? Because they can get away with it?
Which is better eternal happines or a ham sandwich?
Big Bang and Evolution?
Could Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke be considered perfectionists?
What is the best translation of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit/Mind?
What is the being?
What is art? Is it necessary for a culture to thrive? Why or why not?
What is the meaning of life?
Can list the major events in most people's lives?
Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
when will muslims be allowed to make a monty python based film on islam?
How do you think the world/human kind will end?
Philosophical questions?
What is something You'd never do again?
Why marital life of Muhammad has been very important for Allah?God of all beings!!!?
Do you believe this? (10 points)?
What would make another lady act funny when meeting another lady, like a hi but with a slight attitude or?
Do you agree with this?
is education necessary under suffrage?
should i kill myself?
What is the difference between Heaven and Hell?
Do you believe what happened in The Hunger Games will happen in real life?
what does abe mean by you are as happy as your mind to be?
I love you for what you are? I love you for who you are?
What makes someone smart?
What is the most important thing to do at all times?
Would you consider becoming a pad wan learner and learn to 'Let the force be with You'?
In the Collins project, was there a trail of destruction ?
Is it even possible to have free will?
Is confusion = not knowing?
I'm having a dilemma right now....?
Which is the happiest place on Earth for you?
According to you what is the worlds most beautiful creation and why?
"The Republic" Allegory of the cave. Please Help!?
Do vegetarians eat animal ers...?
Are the numbers 4,8,15,16,23, and 42 really the end of humanity?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the highest authority on earth?
do you know how i can make this happen?
why I came to this world?
Is volunteerism the only way to understand philosophers?
What does life mean to a fresh graduate?
why do we cry ?
Agree or disagree with this quote?
what is your aim of life?
What if people could integrate the primal, and human aspects of our natures?
Is "IT" what others think of you, or what you think of yourself?
What is the difference between Hume's simple and complex impressions and ideas?
Do you really LOVE Jesus?
What makes life worth living?
Is similarity a universal?
Are u aware that survivors of the Martian race live within mountains in the western USA?
God created you. How does it affect your life?
What should i assume is happening?
myths. magic. mystery. is the world a scarier place with or without them?
what came first the chicken or the egg ?. im getting paranoid now plz help?
Do you believe everything in life happens for a reason?
MacIntyre criticizes both Rawls and Nozick for not taking history into consideration. Explain. ?
If you could start over the last five years of your life, would you?
If life was a game, what would it be?
What happens after a depression?
what is another definatiom for a seamtress?
what do you like the most in life?
What does a confession do?
What are the Figurative language for the song of Jordan Sparks-tattoo?
What is Marx's view of religion vis-a-vie Feuerbach? What religious themes are in Marx?
What will be your perfect day?
I want to Leave my Home forever ,and want to Earn my Own seeking Advice from some Philosophers ?
If all problems contain the sollution ! Whats the problem?
what is the meaning of life?
In Beyond Good and Evil, what is Nietzsche's ultimate message for the “free spirits?
which is more important in life?LOVE OR MONEY?
would you give your life to save all the people in the world?
wats the defintion of love?
What does it take to win at life?
Are you living in Your MAN'S Underwear..?
what philosophy (s) do you try to live your life by?
What's the biggest problem facing you today or this moment?
15. The theoretical yield of a reaction is 75.0 grams of product & the actual yield is 42.0g.What is the %?
What things make you crazy?
Why is life so monotonous and pointless? Is this all there is?
does our life should stable or changeable according to others?
are you a RULE...or an EXCEPTION ?
what the purpose of man?
i feel miserable all the time?
If you look at a person one way, you see thier attractiveness; in another, their pain...?
what things can we do to improve shoes, toothbrushes, clothing, toiletries and anythin else u can think of?
What the point of life?
What is the meaning of life?
How do I become a better writer?
who is carl sagan and why are people talking about it?
The most memorable day of your life??
There were more than four early versions of the new testament...?
The words that you have spoken... Once you say them, they can never be taken back. Are YOU responsible for?
What does this quote means?
What is the most loveable thing in world?
Can you be TOO ambitious?
How if life more complicated now that we have technology?
What makes a great first impression....?
Question on Hobbes and Locke?
If you could have anything in the world, what would it be ?
is it possible to change the view of the population to make them realize that we most change the way we live ?
Will the year 2012 be the end?
What are the three most important questions in Philosophy?
What does Kant say about Positive and negative noumena?
Does religion do any good?
Can my right your wrong?
What is the best way to self study?
I don't understand life??
explain how the life and works of voltaire have made him an important philosopher?
What can you become if you study Philosophy?
what is the meaning of life?
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
What is the best thing about cheese?
Star Ocean 2 quote: "Do lifeforms which do not evolve have (the) value...?"?
what is the meaning of Life?
Are People Only as Good as The World Allows them to Be?
Will i be alone forever?
How do I find out if Im physchic?
dumbing down a question?
how can you describe your life in one word,do you think you've always done the right things?
I don't know... who I am?
Do you believe it is morally right to leave someone to die to preserve your own chances of living.?
Is this quotation true: "If you don't use it, you will lose it." Why or why not?
What does it mean by "insider's knowledge"?
What is Double-Standard Mentality ....?
In documenting a successful, or for that matter an unsuccessful project, would it be important to ask who the?
Where i the Love?
Is Aristotle's "Golden Mean" similar to the Buddha's "Middle Way"?
If it goes without saying, why do you say it?
Wierd Dream, need opinion?
Do U believe in a 2nd life after this?
Why humans and many animals want to dance with music?
Do you always know why you did something?
I cant imagine disliking you, give me one reason why I should?
Why would someone not like you for no reason?
From your perspective, describe what you would consider as one or more keys to happiness?
What does "servatis a pereculum, servatis a maleficum" mean?
what are the conditions to have a reformer a(marten luther)or DECARTES)in the muslem world?
Please find a statement in modal logic which would be both...?
Isn't Non-Violence and Non-Cooperation more effective than War?
Lets say you get to 116 years old what item you keep would you still like to see?
How to overcome shyness and self-consciousness?
Was there any progress on Collins computerization after Ros Kelly left her portfolio?
Can this translate in to Latin - if so what is the translation?
if TIME can be manipulated, which between the PAST and the FUTURE would you visit more often?
what are the differences found in Metaphysical Materialism, Metaphysical Idealism, and Metaphysical Dualism?
Are some "risk mitigation initiatives" fake ?
"Small wonder" Incest?
“War does not determine who is right—only who is left.” (Bertrand Russell)“We shall defend our island?
why does he act like he likes me.....10 please.?
Why can't we learn from other people experience?
why do we secretly like it when others fail?
Do you believe in fate?
Why most philosophers have disparaged emotions and favored reason ?
Do human beings have an inherent sense of morality, or is all morality learned behavior?
Is it wrong to hope for a brain tumor, in order to honorably leave this life with a little advance notice?
what is the solution for "confusion"?
can someone explain Descartes three main arguments for dualism?
Some Bibles say "thou shall not kill" others "thou shall not murder" which one is correct?
Philosophy Toe nailer: Is there guidelines to the activity around your house?
Are we one of the last generations?
1984'S World Are we or aren't we?
Imaging a State of Nature?
How to know more and believe less?
Does racism effect you?
Where do thoughts come from???
Can Humans create a Religion?
what are marx's 4 estrangements?
What is your major regret in life, if you have any?
Revenge or forgiveness ? What is your preference ?
Can a person do wrong if they don't know what wrong is?
Discuss Socrates's coception of punishment and its relation to human freedom and responsibility.?
consequences of the "essence preceds existence" approach?
What do you think life will be like in 100 years?
When are we most true to ourselves - when we follow our conscience, or when we follow our feelings?
Do you know any buddhist theories which indicate the free will?
What are some quotes that are technologically correct...?
What kind of people hang out in the philosophy section?
What happened before the big bang, then what happened before that, then what happened before that....?
Life is too short, so why do we keep living in the past?
History and Epistemology?
what would you do if you ruled the world?
If you had absolute proof there was no god, what would you think of this world?
What you are waiting for is waiting for you to come true?
Do you believe in gut intuition or angels? I have had experience with both.?
How did the creation of the C.I.A. change the way we operated in the world?
What is the one thing you regret, or would change if you could?
family reunion religious slogan?
What is disjunct syllogism and how does it work?
What is the best way to get rid of?
What is the most important thing you know?
what's happiness?
I need to ask the GUYS ONLY another question.luv lexy.?
Friedrich Schleiermacher claimed that to correctly interpret a text one must... .?
What do you think of Freudian psychology?Agree with any of the complexes or ideas? Is all really based on sex?
Would you rather have good morals or be rich?2482013306001"> wat did u do yesterday? something new?
Plato takes the soul to have three parts, corresponding roughly to reason, emotion, and desire.?
If the world ended tomorrow. What would you do today?
Is it true that babies that are exposed to the music of Mozart are smarter than others who weren't?
What word rhymes with orange?
Some scientists have recently pointed out that after death the human spirit joins the universe?
Do you use philosophy to help with your problems?
Is advancement of knowledge a disadvantage?
how long did u study for the ISEE test...? how did that benefit? THANKS:)?
Why do bad deeds done by a person tend to overshadow the good things done by him?
Why do you fear or worry about death?
Is it possible to get lost all your life in yellowstone?
Can someone from the MINORITY represent the MAJORITY?
Have you ever died in your dreams?
Is 'Prejudice' present in every REASON?
If this is the question.........what is the answer?????????/?
What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
Why do men think they r greater than woman when they r childish and proven idiots in many ways and so on...?
if you coud do a act of kindness what would it be?
why doesn't god (if he exists) reveal himself to people?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
What do you do with bittersweet days?
You cross an intersection, get hit by a semi and die, Would you be happy with the life you have lived?
"Plan on a page" ? Would "Decision on a page" make more sense ?
Is the world going crazy or am l just getting more aware??:?
Why Are Good Or Favorable Things Or Attributes Harder To Achieve?
Anyone here delete your facebook?
Million Dollar Question?
What greek philosophers believed in fate?
Logic and Critical Thinking: The Cat Is on the Mat?
what is the purpose of life?
Who is girolamo segato?
if genitalia is ugly, why do people desire what is ugly?
Why is the problem of Freewill a problem of morla responsibilty?
If you had to choose a restaurant to feed you for the rest of your life what would it be?
If you had one wish what will that wish be?!?
What can u expect from DOG's doing? lol! I say b4 Elva should stay up till F1 formula is over, I say so imao!?
Am i the only one that think 99 % of the world is sheeple and doesent understand are slaves?
Do you want to die?
3 poems tell me waht you think :) btw there ny me?
What other organs in the human body are useless?
What have you "found" in yourself...?
how do skeptics criticize the empiricist view of sense experience?
I feel like I am born in the wrong place.?
what is the meaning of life?
Can someone give me a motivational speech?
What is the best color in the world, next to blue?
Is this even logical?
do you think its kind of a relief life doesn't have objective purpose or meaning?
Why is society built on so much lies?
If I plant a carrot in my anus will it begin to grow again?
Where does the soul of an Atheist go after he dies?
was apartheid wrong? arguments for and against?
Can someone give me two TOK journal entry topics?
If the world were to end tomorrow how would it most likely happen?
how many people have died since the beginning of the world?
these are a list of my problems, im 18 help please?
What is so biblical / religious in the phrase "Biblical Proportions" ?
A Question on Ontology-?
isn't knowing nothing, better than knowing it all.....?
What questions should I ask myself to resolve an identity crisis?
Is our subconscious responsible for our idea of the universe?
how should we live,for god and heaven or for life in this world?
ying yang with a dragon ?
Philosophers, you're right, those in R&S are really quite mean.?
It seems to me that when people reach adulthood, they become very set in their ways...?
What if someone save you from yourself,but then...?
God.....................? did he ever have a body or was he all just made up?
what is the meaning of life?
Have you found yourself?
If many believe something to be true, is it then true?
Philosophy Logic Question : What is an example of a bandwagon Ad? I am having so much Trouble finding one ;/?
why is 42 the meaning of life and the answer to everything?
If you could have one wish what would it be?
What is life? pleace kindly explain it to me?
Why do people think that money equals happiness?
If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound?
Why were we placed Upon this Realm of Existence?
is it good to be God?
"I think, therefor I am" How can I possibly doubt my existence?
what is the real life goal of a unmarried man.?
What should I do w/ my life?
If you could turn time back so that you could do one thing differently?
What is your personal point of view of Jesus Christ?
What are you most passionate about?
Friendship that breaks your heart - how to cope?
What gives you hope in the most difficult situations of life.......?
What do believers and non-believers think?
If you cold become invisible, whats the first thing you'd do?
Your views on Mikhail Bakunin?
Are the moral teachings of Thomas Aquinas inclined to selfishness since it focuses on self-happiness?
how does music affect a childs brain?
Do you agree that sometimes in life, a new beginning is necessary ?
Stay On Your Toes, what is that mean?
What is a real life example of the angry old man archetype?
"I want to create my own philosophy society for gifted minds, but where should I start and how?"?
If a tree falls in a forest, and there's someone there to hear it...?
if not for aristrotle then the world would be diffrent in what ways?
Do you believe in the balance of luck?
Tell me about yourself?
is there a life expectancy for children with agenesis of the corpus collosum?
If women ran the world and made for sure there were no boys borns until all hatred stopped, would there still
The importance of being proud of who you are?
What are some issues that Plato addresses in The Republic that still exist today?
What is the purpose of life?
What EXACTLY is it that just is?
If there is a God...does He know your name?
what is knowledge? what is wisdom?what is the relation\interaction between them?
When was the last time you were charitable and how were your charitable?
What do think John Stuart Mill would say about Marijuana?
What's the meaning of "There comes a time" by Celine Dion?
Is google destroying our brains: a memory question?
The Kalam tradition in relation to Aquinas' Cosmological Argument?
The city versus the suburbs?
In your opinion, which situation would you find more difficult?
what do you think of helping other poor people?
what are three (3) or more priorities you feel are important to contribute to the overall success?
Have you ever stolen something that would've been freely given had you but asked?
Happiness is......................................…
why innocent people has to suffer a lot?
What, in your opinion, is an important question to ask?
is it morral or immoral to have physical relationship with other than your life partner?
Isn't it so sad that the Human race contradicts on Hatred?
What do you think of life?
Aristotle's Definition of Tragedy?
please tell me about my seniour (5 years and 4 classes ) to me who is a girl forced me to join a relationship
Is the Pioneer Fund still supporting genetic research?
Describe the color red to me...I'm blind?
Why is it that the more you learn, the more you think that you are ignorant?
Will the world end in 2012?
except "GOD", is there a SINGLE WORD that CHANGED your LIFE?
how can i perform hypnosis?
What's at the END of your own RAINBOW?
Formal Logic HELP with SL and PL Translatrion, critical thinking?
What kind of world do you want to live in?
What logic does Socrates use to try to prove to Meletus that he believes in the gods?
What was the relationship between Zhuangzi and Confucius?
Have we chosen to be infinitely shielded from the truth?
Philosophy question...?
why do people tell their boy or girlfriends that they love'em when they know that they'll still break up later
is today the first day of the rest of your life? or just another day in paradise/hell?
Do you perceive this to be philosophically relevant?
philosophical physics quote..?
The Golden Rule - Treat others as you want to be treated?
Is Gerge Bush Gay?
Are bed bugs real life creatures?
How often do you ponder the idea that life is ultimately pointless?
What gives you faith in humanity?
What is the meaning of life?
if someone told you you was going to die in 3 weeks what would you do?
Does quality accrue by leaving computer source code unmodified ?
Don't you think that we as individuals can do more to help people who have very little in life?
Do you think revenge is selfish?
if you could have just one wish, what would it be?
What is between order and chaos?
if given one chance what is it in life that you would like to change?
can money solve your problems?
how does one define phillosophy, what is it exactly?
how many people feel we spend too much time worrying about what other people think?
Could someone please give me an aphorism related to global warming/ the environment or one on denial.?
What is the best answer to the question of life?
Does time really move faster when you are having fun?
did thoreau have a will, or any offspring?
Does thinking make you happy or is it a catch 22?
what is life without love?
Do you really find solutions to your questions on here, or is this just a place to go to no particular reason?
Have you ever found a soul that is your pure reflection (be it your soul mate, or a friend, a sibling...)?
when you feel hopeless what do you usually do?
foucault help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Is making the 'first move' in reality a form of sexual assault?
How do you feel about Gay people?
Determine which of the following of the passages contains arguments. identify the premises and the conclusions?
Are you all that you are? all that you can be?
When is the best time for thought? To think creatively?
if you cant help yourself , CAN YOU HELP OTHERS ?
why are we human today?
Is anything exist after full satisfaction?
Does God exist?
lucy show me your lovely face?
What is the difference between morality and righteousness?
how is newtonian mechanics reduced to general relativity?
Is Philosophy dead?
What do you do when life hands you lemons?
What are you in the eyes of others?
forgive & forget!?
Argument from Subjectivity?
How is the concept of dispositions used by philosophical behaviorists?
How would immortality influence or change human life on earth?
what subject did you enjoy the least in high school/college?
In what year will Jesus come back to Earth?
Does Locke hold comfortable self-preservation as an ideal?
what is real and what is fake?
Kant vs. Mill philosophy?
when alone, what do you think?
Philosophy: Why is there evil and suffering?
Was Aristotle a nominalist?
How do atoms and molecules create consciousness?
Can anyone suggest topics for my research paper which will be argumentative.?
In the end, do Socrates and Euthyphro conclude that the pious is loved by the gods because it is pious?
Now I live by this, but is this sad?
If God is perfect and created the earth why is it wrong?
Have you read Tao Te Ching? What's your favorite verse?
What does Boyle in "Carnal Knowledge" achieves with Irony?
Did Plato believe that people could develope out of their classes?
What is the difference between Wisdom and knowledge?
Any genius on existentialism?
what's the importance of a person name?
How can Plato's Cave Allegory relate to us today?
What is it like to die?
How can we kill the evil in our selves ?
Are there limits to empathy?
Rhetorical Questions?
do you want to live forever?
Has it been a while?
i think i found myshelf?
Why Human being get upset? How they will get peace in thier life?
Why is there no love in the world any more?
can you tell what this song is about?
how to practice perfection in our daily life?
why do fools fall in love?
what are anne buttimer's four traditions of geography?
Why are Tautological statements so common amongst the netizens?
What is the best way of living your life?
You Are Throwing A Dinner Party, You Invite 5 Guest, Who Would They Be(Past Or Present)? And Why?
What do you think of the name AEONXAL?
Could it be said that destiny is determinism with better PR?
If you had the chance, what would you do to achieve peace?
Who is the one person on the planet, who you think is more full of "good" than anyone else?
Is Richard the Lionheart in Hell?
how should i improve my grammerskills?
He bought me a huge cookie. Could he like me?
What's more important, freedom or security?
In the future, will we all live inside "Vanilla Sky" afterlife-dream tanks?
What is the standard?
What is the textual source for the following Nietzsche quote...?
Why does my heart hurt after being rejected?
Philosophy in the back yard: Can you keep a secret, a real good secret?
Can someone explain this to me please ?
With the highest recorded I.Q. in human history, would u use it to help humanity or just yourself?
Is honest good? Is lie bad?
who do you think you are? your personality? your mind? your brain? your circumstances?
The craziest thing you have ever done, PART 2!?
What are some personal ethical goals?
How can you explain to a blind that apple is red?
what are scenes in the movie Harold and Maude that best show Transcendentalism?
Virtue Ethics and the Good Life in Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics...?
In order for other people to love me i must love myself first ?
Is it normal that some people prefer to have pets than to adopt orphans, who are human beings like us?
Can regulation be made heavy enough to make trading errors such as J.P. Morgan's considerably less likely?
what do you hope to have more of?
how important to you how is your legacy when you are dead or do you not care as you will be gone?
why do current advertising practices of drug companies present a moral dilemma?
This is no way to live, not at all. Who agrees?
Is there a cookie that isn't good with milk?
what do you do wrong when you?
Are you in favor of political correctness?
What do I do with my life?
who is beter - an uneducated person with a nice personel who has ethics or an educated person with bad manner?
Transcendentalism question?
What comes first? The chicken or the egg? ?
If you make a wish ...?
Citation required for Foucault's comment re Aristotle. "For millennia, man remained what he was for Aristotle
philosophy question and the knowledge argument?
on 2012, do you think anything could happen before the year is out?
Describe happiness?
What is making you smile today?
If in God there is love, then why is it that we so frequently fight because of religion?
What did you do today to make the world a better place?
State and briefly explain the shareholder and stakeholder views regarding the corporate objective function.?
if god speaks to you what will you ask for?
what are good topics for my philosophy of man critique paper?