If i were to die today, how many people would be sad?
what do you believe god or evolution?
A question regarding Nietzsche....?
Does keeping secrets make one sick?
Do you have any heroes? Who are they?
Could I get some philosophical advice about my future?
even if you try to escape your way of life, you will still be within the flow of your own destiny??? 10 POIN?
How do I overcome depression?
What's your fave female name, the most beautiful you can think of...?
If you were God, how would you end the world...?
According to Plato....?
Muscle memory? Dependent or independent of the subconscious?
Why are so many places in the world (America included) poor and backwards?
why it is easy to radiate but difficult to absorb?
Are we the only intelligent life in the Universe?
Is phill collins singing about stan?
A philosophical question regarding Multiple Personality Disorder (Locke and Wilkes)?
Would you say that a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
What are all you people doing here at this hour of the day in the USA?
what is the notion of mediocrity in gustave flaubert?
Should all men be feared as sexual predators?
Money can buy happiness!?
What is mankinds biggest mistake?
What is a watered-down definition of categorical imparative?
the meaning of life?
what if there was no logic in this world?
What would you like to ask?
How can I eliminate pain and negative feelings from my life and maximise pleasure and good feelings?
Why are humans the scum of the earth?
How can i change myself i can't control myself -bed habbit,time waste,etc u understan na ?
Why do ppl think that there's always sumthin out there a lot smarter than us?
Philosophical Questions?
DUALISM VS. IDEALISM which one is more plausable- and reason why?
How to be more jolly?
Does it sometimes take a while to find the right band?
Have you ever told a lie because you didnt want to be bothered with the situtation?
would i LOSE my MIND if i LOSE my HEART?
if god is real, and you actually met him, what would your Question be?
This is my ideal world, how can I achieve it..?
where does a soul go after leaving body?
George Carlin, the comedian, once called Lacrosse a "gay" (used a different term) activity.?
I need some philosophy help plz!?
Who said "The meaning of life is to give life meaning"?
is all truth relative?
What is the meaning of life?
what is deniro disease?
Is this a strong or weak argument?
where to find happiness that will never end and it shoul give me evernew joy?
who was the first human being?
George Berkeley offers a criticism of John Locke's views. Unfortunately, Berkeley's major writings were publis?
How long does Time last?
Does the sexism and the racism card have a use by date after which we stop their use?
death by Hemlock?
What is the best thing that ever happened to you...?
What is the best question in the world?
how does knowing your environment help you succed in life?
what is success? what are its parameters?
What would hurt more, if the love of your life died or left you for another?
Is it best to have a good time do the unhealthy things?
Explain GREEN.?
Is Qualia real or not?
What is a science societal trend right now?
Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to me?
Is there anything in this world that is actually permanent?
Some invalid arguments can be used successfully to give explanations A. True B. False?
critque on metaphor?
why don't people like to hear the truth? and why don't they like to tell it too?
Why do some enjoy "Sadism" and "being sadistic"?
I'm an introvert.....?
What is the kind of person you want to be?
How would Bertrand Russell say racial slurs work according to his "On Denoting"?
I need a summary of Viking Philosophy, any answers or site links would be good.?
What, briefly, are the representationalist, expressivist and formalist theories of art?
Is it true that what we are thinking sometimes is not what our hearts are thinking?
Who said, "I'm glad i chose the right parents"? something like this?
Why do some think blocking someone will help the problem?
Will the world end soon?
What is a good ethical decision to analyze?
whats the meaning of life?
If you have to live your life over again, would you make the same choices as you had then?
So if we all start concentrating on thoughts where dedicated followers of the secret...?
Do you think that people/things dont exist until you can see them?
has this earth's human condition become so disturbing it has become too shocking to properly consider?
Make your wish!?
if you kill for the greater good is it justified?
Explain the philosophy behind the "Death Wish" movies.?
If a vaccine were developed to cure cancer but, live human donors were needed would it be worth it?
existential surrealist?
That makes me an agnostic or an atheist?
True or false? According to Noe, the current orthodox view of consciousness and vision is that the mind...?
what is your philosophy of life?
Sin, Suffering and Disordered Passion; Comment on this claim.?
To what end do we live our lives?
If you knew you were going to die in 7 days what would you do in this time?
teleological arguments, I am not sure about?
forever young....?
If you would have a "$1000.000.000 US", what would you do next day and after one year?
have you ever experienced or lived an epiphany? how did it change your life?
Wouldn't it be wounderful if religions respected each other?
How did confucious chinas most notable thinker help us.?
What is the happiest moment you've encountered today?
Best advice you've ever been given?
Do you think "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" between partners is a myth?
Are you a lover or a fighter? Why?
Do you considered yourself ignorant?
Getting a job in the economy?
is that possible to give his life for money ?
What is happiness?
is this real?
comment on the view that philosophy could lead one to become a fully fuctional person?
how have your challenges affected your life?
What does this phrase mean? "We find ourselves by losing ourselves?"?
What is reality? There is no spoon?
Mathematics - Discovered or Invented?
I recently made my girlfriend to have an abortion, am i a bad guy?
Are all religion good?
what does viva la vie mean?
first random word which comes to ur mind ?
Garbage Men vs. Doctors (in general)?
where was it written that you can only "find yourself if you are not wise enough to look"?
Does intelligence grow with knowledge?
Telling your partner if you cheated?
What would u consider as a perfect utopia? Most people perceive a perfect utopia as a world w/o war and crime?
Help me analyze this music video please?
If a tree falls down in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
How can you exist without me?
What flavor is your smile?
why do people hate moralists?
How is it something so simple has so easily been forgotten?
If you could have dinner with 5 famous people (dead or alive), who would they be?
What can Offend ---- an INNOCENT Mind?
does god really exist? leave your email add from philippines.txt me 09216391075?
anyone in the world, who would u fight?
I believe in forgiving BUT never forgetting. What do you do?
We were given read down in more detail!!!!!!!!!?
What is wrong with doing work carefully and meticulously?
Why do we punish bad luck? example below?
Is there a logic of scientific discovery?
There is only one God, why would he have a son?
Can you give me an example of a deductive and inductive arguments?
whats the best analogy u ever heard?
Most philosophers agree it is difficult if not impossible to consistently hold that?
Isnt Money everything!!?!?
What is anything lies beyond that which we perceive?
what is the most profound thing you have ever been told?
How come the world isnt perfect?
Dude if you think for a second a god would be dumb enoth to send its own son to hell guess what :)?
Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman?
10 Points for the Best and Most Sincere Answer........?
Can you enjoy yourself without having fun?
Any ideas of how to keep the conversation flow?
Why is N necessary to life?
what do u think is the greatest achievement of mankind?
Do gears symbolize time itself? Or something else?
When i try to go super human, it doesn't work, am I doing something wrong??
Why might Kant's categorical imperative be difficult to to apply in moral decision making?
What is the fundamental atheistic philosophy of nature?
What was John Locke's philosophy concerning government? How is this similar (or not)?
which creation is better?
Who was the earliest - Man or God?
According to Plato, what does it mean "to be"... and why?
The Abyss(your thoughts)?
What if your family has a negative effect on your life?
Who Know Pilgrims (by Alan Simon)Lyric?
I NEED ANSWERS THIS IS FOR PHILOSPHY According to sartre why is a human being different from a letter opener?
Is happiness meant for all?
YAPOO, hiding my Question, Communication I still make, Who yet did u find out? LOL!?
The Meaning of Life: Advance Civilization until we are Gods?
Do the ones who love you know what do do to bring you happiness?
what is the meaning of life?
What's yellow and scary?
The good side of speculation is you can say just anything?
Can a single premise be a combination of statements?
where do i live in my life?
If I am me and you are you, who are the 'they' that are refered to in the phrase 'that's what they say'
What is the logic of a statement: "only if"?
How would you feel if this was true?
would it be a better world if?
Is humility ever wrong?
Did Collins project contain anyone of this description ?
What makes you what to answer a question?
to light a candle is to cast a shadow.?
Why do some people assume that animals are morally better than humans?
Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it's important to you.?
Explain the difference between material objects and physical objects. Can an object be one and not the other?
What is the most valuable lesson in life you learned for the past 4 years?
why wont females answer this question?
What is the difference between a "priori" knowledge and a posteriori knowledge?
Who came up with the idea of a soul mate?
what happens with soul when human dies?
We are five little things of a similar sort. You will find us all on a tennis court.?
wat would u want to be named after you, after u die?
what is jungian philosopy?
should i kill myself?
What would happen if Electricity is cut off from world for 7 days?
Can a person be happy if their sincere belief that their life is going well is a lie or unjustified?
If they had a "Bisexual Pride "day parade-would the parade go both ways?
Questions about Marichi?
What can cause a difficulty in expressing and experiencing emotions?
Philosophers who talked on privacy?
Have we reached the "end of history"?
where did the nazis make the jews work to weaken them?
What is your favorite funny word?
Scientifically speaking, couldn't one day a human could be born with supernatural powers?
is asking u neccessary to learn..?
Hey dr france and PeterVincent?? and for everyone around^_^?
What branch or branches of logic is the "prime important" to philosophical logic?
are friends a downfall or helpful?
Reid's “The senses give us immediate contact with a mind-independent reality.”?
Arguments against hegelian dialectics?
What are your thoughts on Nostradamus' predictions?
When youngsters confront with modern life,the traditional ideas will be useless. Is it right?
Why do we feel guilt when we lie?
My mum was telling me how it is bad to get attached to pets and also to things and people. Is this realistic?
Human intelligence: is it nature or nurture?
A 'basic kind of being', according to Descartes, is?
Did I get this right about Aristotle and Plato?
Which is better bake or make and why?
What would , 'I have finally made it!' mean to you?
If God Knows everything, even tommorrow, how come he didnt stop adam and eve, and Lucifer, if he already knew?
What do you think of the Dead?
Is human intelligence overestimated?
If you feel down today, read this?
what will be my theoretical framework if my thesis is about kindergarten education?
I always get asked "Do I know you" " I have seen you somewhere" Do we all have a twin out there?
Why am i not good enough?
How does Bertrand Russell sum up the value of philosophical study?
Can everything be regarded as play and not a solid thing to be against?
How does Nietzsche’s atheism affect his epistemological and ethical views?
What would it take to make you the happiest person in life.?
Should the Asker be aloud to choose the best answer?
True or false..........?
What would be the most stupid question would you think of?
If other living beings & humans are the form of nature, then why can't we predict natural disaster?
How can we do open traversing correction ?
What fills you with the most self doubt?
when your FAITH went missing, where should you start SEARCHING?
What does this quote mean?
Should older humans apologize to younger ones because of the world we're leaving them?
Does this make sense? (End of the World Opinions?)?
When is it the best time to stop knowing?
what exactly is john stuart mill's idea of a free social organization?
What was Steven Gate's quote about how one cant be happy if they continue to want the newest thing?
Religion beliefs?
how old is usher remond?
Is this a standard description of the office psychopath / power tripper ?
whats more vicious thing to be?
Is self esteem simply a matter of doing whatever the hell you want?
Why can't money buy happiness?
What is "range of the moment" consciousness?
What do you think of this situation?
why are we here on earth?
What are your top 3 worst ways to die?
If you could wish anything upon your worst enemy what whould it be?
I looking for Reuben Best a minister in Manhatten?
what are some philosophical problems with utilitarianism?
Confucius teachings??
100 years from now, do you think us dear humans will live differently?
Mission, vision, philosophy of Mindanao State University?
Is it possible to be an Atheist and fear death?
If predestination is true, do we really have to have faith?
Who thinks the end of the world is 2012?
what is an example of "true evil", that isn't actually "indifference" by another name?
Is 'Anyone' worth our 'tears'?...?
Sunnyside up, or Scrambled?
How can the world end in 2012?
You shouldn't be scared of death, you should be scared of a life half lived?
What things do people do that make you feel uncomfortable?
Why, if you ask a relgious question, everyone pontificates?
except "LAUGHTER", fill in the blank: _______________ is the BEST MEDICINE!?
What is Lady Philosophy's relation to the goddess Fortune?
What is a bourgeois concept?
What do you consider the two best objections to the idea that one state of affairs is better than another?
How do scientists prove some creatures can see what they see?
Another problem I am having is that why do I feel like God waited for me to be born before returning on Earth?
Let's say that you just won 100 million on the lottery ,would you share with the less fortunate?
Agree or disagree : Desire is the cause of sorrow ?
If a God or some sort of designer didn't create the universe then who or what did create the universe?
Please help me to translate this song in tagalog.......?
which came first, chicken or egg?
Is there a difference between linguistics and philosophy of language?
A speech on "what peace means to the world!"?
Do you feel each day is too long? Not long enough?
St. Albert the Great [ patron saint of philosophy ]?
Does the value of human life decrease with each child born? Increase with each person killed?
what do you follow : your heart or your mind?! and why?!?
If you were granted one wish,what would it be?
"An entrepreneur is a troublemaker"?
What makes you incredibly happy?
What would a deontologist do?
what exactly makes that pleasure so guilty?
question about ST. Thomas Aquinas?
Do people act more through stupidity than intelligence?
What should I do when I feel shut down?
why is mediocracy apppealing?
What is purpose of our creation?
How do you look at life?
Can there be LOVE without FRIENDSHIP.... or FRIENDSHIP without LOVE?
If the BEST things in life are free, why are the NICE things in life expensive?
what do people want to make life better?
Affirmative Action?
How to discover personal strengths?
Why some don't give way to others even they can't make it, especially in work place ?
detachment and reality?
Without electricity, would civilization come to an end?
perfect people?
how can some body be engaged without nothing?
Do you think everyone is perfect or Would you agree that nobody is perfect?
Philosophy Logic help please?
what is luck is it important in ones success?
who wrote the poem ' A Stranger in the night' which is something about Abrham and a visitor in his tent
what the hell is wrong with me?
In death, what really dies?
Tell us what you think of this question. Your rating and feedback will be displayed alongside the answer?
Do you think attraction first comes from appearance and you then have to dig deeper into the person or........?
Is your life a paradise or a prison right now & why?
Is tomorrow more important than today ?
is it true that the penis mightier than the sword?
Philosophy Logic help please symbolized statements?
what really scares you?
what is your philosophy in life?
What's your opinion of solipsism?
The best WORD that describes you?
Is laughter really important?
socrates used his physical appearance to support his general theory of virtue how?
Does every question have an answer?
What do people who doesn't think think when they think they do?
If you would rather be an animal instead of a human...?
Do YOU think Sandy is another sign that Mother Earth is hurting.....?
Sometimes the right thing isn't always the right thing?
Who said "Humour guards a thought of truth masked by life and seldom shown"?
what are some of the most enjoyable aspects of travelling?
What can be gained, if anything, by understanding a trillion pounds beyond a maths concept?
Humanities Question??????
What influence did Pythagoras have on Plato's theory of the soul?
what exactly constitutes "getting along with people"?
What never stands still?
If someone were to commit suicide on television, would you watch it?
"you can't love anything too much in this world" u agree or disagree? why or why not?
In demirti martin's "if I" he talks about playing a game in school using words where each letter is a number..?
Don't you think that life can be a real b*tch sometimes?
How do I say "Faith of God" in Latin?
Aristotles' teachings and beliefs?
Peace is a lie, there is only passion?
Is there any worth in living life?
What is the meaning of life in your opinion?
Will technology affect the evolution of the human brain? And how? In your humble opinion :-)?
What are you afraid of/apprehensive about?
Is smiling, the best defense?
What type of language is the language to discussed the meta language which is discussing the formal language?
Doesn't a lighting rod on top of church/temple show a lack of faith?
what is your favourite part of the day?
What is the differene in the human brain oppose to Dogs, Cows, Pigs, etc. that allow us to act in evil?
What makes you happy?
How can one know that his/her love is vital or pure??
Pathetic fallacy in chapter 1?
what is the difference between M. phil degree and Ph. D degree?
Is Philosophy there in Andhra Pradesh undergraduate programme?
An I.Q. Test for all of you?
Happiness is......................................…
Who is right in this situation? Am I asking too much?
Why is sexuality so enticing?
Are we truly alive? Or are we in self-denial?
what does heteronomy and excusability have in common?
Engels' laws of dialectics.....?
What would Kant do with the Ring of Gyges?
does secret life do re runs?
Under what circumstances will a reinforcer make the target response more likely to occur again?
Philosophy: They power of ideas and afterlife.?
Can we speak with god ? When and Where ?
What is your opinion?
At times, my life feels so empty...what should I fill it with?
what's a capricorn like?
what colour is a thursday?
I dont care anymore about Why.. All i want to know now is HOW?
what do u get when u fall in love ...?
knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books?
Do I exist? (What are your theories?)?
Are we truly dead if we are ...?
Can you sum up your philosophy of life in one sentence?
what have you learned so ...far?
How do YOU define imagination?
do abused , mistreated, constanty cheated-on women/men really LOVE their partner?
What was the firs law given to humans from God?
Sweet. Sour. Bitter all can be used as feelings...How does salty feels like?
Who, most of all, killed God?
Have u ever thought that people are monsters waiting for the chance to beat u ??
International help (and law)?
What was to stop Collins project being a lie ?
At what point did your life feel right?
How much do you follow your intuition? And do you usually find that it is right on the mark or at least close?
Please give an example of foolishness?
How do we know we're not asleep, just dreaming that we're awake?
What is the philosophy of determinism as it relates to sex offenders?
Would agree with this definition of paranormal?
What are some entertaining philosophy books?
Why should I be nice to you?
Letting go of this useless existence...?
what should i do, is there a place i can write and people see it without them knowing its me so i can vent and?
"What is more important your reputation or your happiness?
what is the average air speed velocity of a coconut laden swallow?
What would be your dream life?
What are some of your personal accomplishments that you are proud of?
Quote from Emerson's "Self-Reliance"?
When you die?
What will be the order starting with the earliest of Universe,existence or full existence,life?
If you are an atheist, when and why did you first realize religion was incorrect?
If someone asks you to prove it, how do you respond?
How can i get and mantain positive and admirable characteristics?
5 reasons why Micheal Collins was a reformer and not a rogue?
what is the religious controversy regarding the star wars movement?
What do you think of..?
Find a categorical equivalent of one of the four standard forms for each of the following?
What is the essence of being a man?
How would you title your autobiography?
In the Coolins submarine computerization project, was there a problem too complicated to be worked out in back
Hedonistic egoism..?
In today´s world, what problems result from necessity?
one word for money?
What does "Nothing safe is worth the drive" mean?
Do you think humanity will ever overcome religion? Why? Why not?
How have humans used God to escape the responsibility of wars, future and the explainable?
is reality dependent upon Consciousness?
If we stop eating meat will we be less agressive? Think about it which dinosaurs and animals are most agress.
Do you agree or disagree with this quote by Anais Nin and your thoughts?
Philosophy help please. Personal opinion on descartes and princess elisabeth's discussion of the soul?
"Only the descent into the hell of self-knowledge can pave the way to godliness."?
What do you think the purpose is of food?
What is your opinion about the theories of Michel Foucault?
How Important is Money? Is there anything that Money cannot buy?
What is Sartre "good faith" and "bad faith" about?
Imagine that you were in the position of Tom Hanks in the movie "Cast Away". Would it really be sooo bad?
Can you be in love with two people at once? Or more?
what actually is life all about? Is it worth living?
you sweat, bleed, & cry all your life, & for what?
Is there anything that is universally meaningful, that is seen and experienced the same way by everyone?
life is a black hole...... T / F.....?
how do i find reliablemedium reading online,any suggestions?
In Hegel's logic, how does the "werden"becomes "dasein"?
Should we seek to end work?
How can a warmhole be created?..and can we travel from one place to another by portal system?
Does "everyone has their own opinion" in a answer bother you as much as it bothers me?
Is "performance management" a good way to destroy a supply chain ?
what is exciting at 50?
how do rene descartes and thomas hobbes views on God differ?
Have the trials & tribulations of your life made you stronger or made you feel damaged?
Tell me something you LOVE but has to LET GO of?
Is 'protesting' a healthy 'democratic' activity...?
Is it normal for relationships to change over time?
What will we experience after death?
What does Love look like?
Who invented the concept of "the soul"?
Are you happy with who you are? What would you like to change?
what is my purpose in life?
Why is KINDNESS more associated with STUPIDITY than INTELLIGENCE?
Does conforming to society limit free will?
Are poltergeists and jinn the same entities?
Will a genius like Albert Einstein be ever born ?
We will proceed no further in this business?
What would make your world a better place?
What we should do give more importance to while taking decision, logic or intution? Why?
What are the similarities and differences between a Platonic and an Aristotelian conception of reality?
Is anything really worth it?
How many parts are you made of?
why should we live until we die?
Where can go to find out rather or not this is true?
I'm so sad.I cut myself numerous times.?
What's makes a human human?
Why is Act Utilitiarianism a relative theory?
What is the origin and meaning of the word "razor" in the phrase "Occam's Razor"?
C.E.M. Joad claims that our ability to appreciate meaning implies...?
What is a Venusian? What is a Venusian Pligrimage?
If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it ,does it still make a noise?
Will There Ever Be Peace On Earth ?
How many tears have to fall from your face for it to be considered crying?
Suggestions for paper topic in Literature & Psych/Philosophy class?
Can Kings of the world establish the Kingdom of God?
what is evolution of consciousness?
Is God really exists... Why doesn´t he do something about the wrecked world?
What is it with flies and mosquitoes?
what is intersexuality?
how can i know whether i m a good person or not?
Did you know that as you grow older you become invisible ??
Do you've a 'friend, philosopher and guide'?
How does one get to the source of conciousness?
Why do we cry when were sad?
police and soldier which one is better?
Does making us a little kid? Do u really answer because u got 2 points for it?
Why can't we compare Apples to Oranges?
why is the grass always greener on the otherside?
what philosophers or schools in epistemology thinks that knowledge is innate?? at least 4 please!?
why do people reach out to those more important..and ignore those below?
What state does the show: "The boondocks" live?
How would you describe nothing?
there are so many ways to die but how many?
What is Life in your opinion?
Are you looking for the meaning that is there?
What is a question that should never be asked?
Do thoughts come before emotions? Or do emotions come before thoughts?
Why is Wittgenstein's linguistic theory controversial?
What's wrong with Boethius' argument proving that God's foreknowledge does not affect man's free will?
where are you from?
What is important to a Human?
Wowscape gone 4ever or is it just something temporary?
how to make life fun?
How do you find balance in life? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
Where's the Middle of Nowhere ?
If you could have a one word philosophy what would it be?
what is this?
Should we teach war to our children, or peace?
how much money does a man really need?
Does Your Life Suck?
What good books out there for eastern philosophy?
How's Life Treating You?
what is your opinion?
Is it true that according to Jewish dietary law, pork and shellfish may be eaten only in Chinese restaurants?
How do I know that I am real and this is reality?
How do you see beauty in a thing?
what is the meaning of life?
What was seen as being good and evil during age of revolution?
what does ciou mean?
Need help with philosophy paper!?
Can you tell what flashes in our mind in the last minute of our life?
What does this passage mean in John Stuart Mill's essay On liberty?
Have you ever said to yourself,why did this happen to me?
Is it morally wrong for Batman to not kill the Joker, allowing him to continually break free and murder again?
have you ever wished you were any other creature rather than a human being ? why ?
If MONEY is NOT everything... WHAT is EVERYTHING?!?
What is one simple thing in life that gives you sheer joy?
I know I ask this question b4 couple times. But I just need to know was this real that went down?
How would you describe life without suffering?
How many people believe that there are other intelligent lifeforms outside of our solar system?
Do many early 20'ish males still think like adolecents? (example like EMINEM)?
My german shepard died, how do i dispose of the body so my family doesn't notice?
Real-life example of Thomas Hobbes' theory?
What is the sunshine that you are ( made ) of ?
What is the meaning of donald ducks atom bomb?
What is the meaning of a double rainbow?
What is the argument of constraint?
How to create burning desire to get something/anything?
What is the significance of newspapers?
Help on Ethics question. dealing with Aristotles views of virtues?
Are U lost ??
Why do I hear my voice differently than others?
What does having a controlled fate mean?
What can we say is 'true' nowadays?
are people who believe in "good and evil" and "right and wrong" silly?
Did Greek Philosopher Socrates say anything about to get starting things are difficult?
How can I pass the time during lunch?
What is a saying that you live by?
Why are Muslims so hated by the west especially America and the Britain?
what's the saying "judge me and i'll prove you wrong..." ??
Findind 10 different ways to detach a page from another?
One word you love and why?
whats your PHILOSPY IN LIFE?
Life is so precious and to live and enjoy !! Do you agree ??
What are those moving planet machines called? x?
My life sucks and i want to die?
do things really have away of working out for the best in the end or is this just how we accept things?
Do you agree that the best things in life are for free?
Did Thomas Hobbes believe that humans are basically machines?
Are you poor and always in a hurry?
Need help with philosophy?
would you rather be rich and alone or poor and with the love of you life and why?
enumerate not your immature galanations, prior to the puncture of their brittle epidermis?
What do you guys know about Sexism In High School Sports?
Would you kill an innocent man with your bare hands if it were to end hunger in the world?
How to control imagination that are beyond normal?
Are you happy in life?
why does man always search for meaning?
An interesting question to think about..?
what is the difference between Utopian philosophy and Realist philosophy?
Can a love that is special ever be unconditional?
What are you passionate about?
what would you think about if you were all alone?
Why are all philosophers men?
Would you like to live a longer, healthier, happier, and more successful life? Continue reading please?
are there any modern philosophers?
Does life actually ever get better?
Is this manipulation?
Why do you ask alot of Q's in philosophy & if you do,can U share w/me what are your main goals & expectations?
what exactly is a modetn state and would it be beneficial to belong to one?
What is the 3rd proof of God and each of the steps?
Is this a legitimate question?
How can I help the world?
anybody ever think there will be a day when the world isn't a total mess?
Who Said, "judge a man's character by his friends"?
where can i find more information about Epistemology Philosophy
What is the exact goal of science........................?
Have you ever had that strange feeling...?
What is the philosophy of showing cleavage?
What is happiness?
Is the imagined continual renewal of innocence a central mirage of consumerism?
what is ur favorite name?
Who was your childhood hero? How does s/he compare to your hero nowadays?
Do you want, hope and expect people to care about you?
Why do people notice the negative side of a person than the nice side?
are there any ancient mexican philosophers?
Is suicide worth it...?
if you get those things in your shoes are u really jelllin or a poser jellin?
If you could change your identity completely what would the new you be like?
if you were given 3 wishes what would those be? explain each.?
Would these approaches work for testing Collins?
humes induction help?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
is there an after life?
Do you agree about the death penalty?
there is no money in my pocket....?
How Can I Be a Reasonable Skeptic?
what would you call a life without...?
what is God?is there any real GOD?
what is abstract hypothesis?
why do people die?
Is there such a thing as a "soul" in people? what makes you think there is (or isn't) any such thing
Are you the same person as yesterday?
the devil and the forbidden knowledge? ?
What prevents passion from burning?
Why doesnt genesis mention the rest of the universe?
Why does this happen to me every morning?
Is there such a thing as "unconditional hate"?
Are there good arguments for the claim that is there is no life after death it must be irrational to fear it?
Advice needed from CRAFT TRADERS please...?
essay on unethical and ethical behavior?
Best tv shows of the last twenty years?
What came first the chiken or the egg?
my husband is in a very band they have potential to make it big what are some things we can do to?
My life is so boring?
If happiness is the meaning of life...?
You know what you can do with your mind…?
Can money buy happiness? Can it buy love?
Do you think it is better to fit in or be different & unique?
One way to develop concentration is to focus on a particular object or follow your breath, but can I improve?
Why is Israel always called the holy land? .............?
Help with conditional proofs?
Can you sum yourself up in three words?
Who u rather believe in? God or Devil?
Do you believe that people are born evil or is it something that life experience creates?
explain what epicurus thought about desires (natural/necessary)?
how much money you need to be happy in you lifE?
What is the meaning of relgion?
Have you ever thought, but I mean really concentrated about an EMPTY UINIVERSE?
History does not indicate nor disregard the possibility of humans being acknowledged as an alien species...?
Why would the Buddhist be considered an egoist, and why an altruist?
Do you know something about "On the Non-Existent" by Gorgias ?
What is so given in "The satanic verses" by salman rashdie, that it was banned?
What is truth?
yavis vs hound?
whats the point in living if were just going to die?
Philosophy argument help.?
If you are Happy, what is the that which keeps you happy ?
Since I wasn't born two minutes ago in Africa, does that mean at the moment of conception I was given a fate?
What does it look like in FPS view when you die?
Which Christian philosopher stated, basically, that it is preferable to make people convert to Christianity by?
What sort of blind spots might a big safety-critical project have ?
What are some Sufi practices to get blessing of Allah?
what are the research opportunities in philosophy and how can i be part of them?
Any suggestion on philosophy books for beginners?
I can't get no......?
What Is Love ?
What is ?
if there is an exception to every rule, does it include this rule?
What are you passionate about?
How to write an exegetical philosophy paper?
if LOVE is a FLOWER.... does it always full BLOOM?
Would you characterize yourself as a busy little beaver or a lazy sloth?
Philosophical question: what is the difference between real and virtual when you're dreaming?
Can God exist?
What does Henry VII mean when he says...?
how can we love GOD?trough the life and each time of it?
Have you ever farthed so pleasurably amongst friends that everyone congratulated you?
What is psychopathology?
do you think people should be forgiven if they are truly sorry?
have you ever been called weird?
what is life/existence?
Do negative utilitarians hold that morality is objective, or subjective?
Hi, can someone please give me sentences with these words (the philosophical words)10points best answer:?
do you think everything happens for a reason? everything happens for the good?
Agree/Disagree - "There is no fate but what we make"?
how do i run esf on my half life non steam?
Is there any way to reconcile karma with free will?
has anyone lost their mother and father in the same year?
Explain how the divine command and natural law theories assess the morality of sexual actions/behaviors/lifest?
What do you think is the worst feeling in the world?
does anyone remember the quote of mahatma gandi that says let others kill u but dont kill or something?
What distinguishes a miracle from a rare or unique occurence?
is anyone familiar with ayn rand's philosophy, i think its called objectism?
Is there any meaning to life? If yes, what is it?
If you don't mind, I'm gonna take your wallet and push you to the ground?
What is the best thing to do when you have lost everything?
The value of hypocrisy?
Are we nothing?
I am I an Idiot? Why the hell God created me?
What are books that explain the libertarian understanding of human nature?
What would be a good focus statement if writing about the Existence and Nature of a Supreme Being?
John Stuart Mill and his take on Monsanto?
Which can hurt more - SWORD or WORDS?
What is the point of life?
Sentential Logic Question?
Are space and time co-ordinates absent at the “quantum of action” level?
Would you die for something you believe in?
can a bubble blowing machine blow bubbles in space?
What is the meanning of life?
Who believes everything happens for a reason??
What do you think about the theory "Is the glass half empty or half full?" I say it's half full personally.
its late its pouring rain , im bored as snot , any ideas??
Need help with Philosophy!!!?
What would happen if the entire world were atheists?
If I had a magic wand and could change something for you, what would it be?? (except for money or material th?
If a tree falls in the forest and noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Am i crazy, or am i just mentally ill?
I get tired of hearing myself talk?
locke beliveed in inatte ideas?
what is logical fallacy? what is rethorical fallacy? what is formal fallacy? what ismaterial fallacy?
What happens wen u sustain meditation awareness for a long time and still your mind? What does it feel like?
Who or what told you there was no God?
Is deification just a fancy eulogy?
What purpose does mankind serve?
Does the language syntax we use to put concepts in context automatically predispose us to believe they exist?
bumper sticker "satiation is unsustainable" comes from where? means what?
Why does it matter what they think when they hardly think at all?
Is it possible to lose all of your senses?
why are curry munchers so money oriented and evil?
Is it possible to shun the rat race but still be competitive?
Is anyone seeing a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?
Why do I feel nostalgic for things I've never experienced?
Describe a vice in your own words?
If my actions are determined, does that mean they cannot be free?
what is meant by a "baseless conflict/argument"?
Shouldn't all memories be saved... the good and the bad, the happy and the sad?
can someone explain to me what existentialism is?
What if you actually are retarded and people are just being nice to you?
If all problems contain the sollution ! Whats the problem?
What should i say to make my bf feel better?
Who'll be my soul mate?????????
Should I continue to deconstruct EVERYTHING?
who are the cellebrities that are devil worshipers?
Who is Krisha Mae R. Bernal? Where could she really be?
We are all but a tiny speck in the vast universe?
How do you think life started on earth?
What would you sell your soul to the devil for?
Aren't Satan and Hades the same thing?
how the world is created?
Goodman's New Riddle of Induction?
I see a silhoutte, but who hides behind the curtain.?
i was LONELY before until i LEARNED to ______________.?
Do you think I could teach myself Philosophy?
Is Love the perpetuation of two peoples madness?
What values do you live your life by?
Is it common for a person to feel as if their path in life is preordained or even God-ordained?
dead people?
Philosophical Music Analysis- Drops of Jupiter?
why do we need any God?
Is there a direct correlation between detachment from the world and happiness unconditioned by the world?
Humans can land a rover on Mars, map the human genome and network the planet. But they can't...?
What was the Middle way mentioned by Seneca?
Is PEACE normal? why/why not?
What is a good paragraph on how inevitable loss of human life might prevent a war?
Can knowledge achieve sentience?
Is there such a thing as "unconditional hate"?
Any topics for a Philosophy term paper?
Is it good or bad when a lot of public servants have the power of arrest?
What good thing(s) happened as a result of what you considered to be a 'bad'/unhappy event? (e.g. divorce)
explain teleological?
Am I Wasting My Life By Changing Who i Am?
Does life really get better? I feel like it's going further downhill each day.?
Why does it seem like everyone these days is wearing a mask, instead of showing who they really are?
what are 10 objects you could use fpr the hungergames?
Do yu think that every man/woman is born of royal blood and morals?
What is the root of all evil?
Can pain and suffering ever be erradicated from human life?
Great people see it once or twice in a life time You and I see it every day But he who sees everything never s?
for philosophist what is for you Existentialism??give me a real example?
How did Frege reduce Peano's 2nd axiom?
similarity between minaret and a lighthouse?
Where does god live?
how to be happy even in hard times of life?
What is the deeper meaning of glass, if there is one?
Would you rather be empowered or obeyed?
Does J.S. Mill see speech as a self-regarding action?
Explain group dynamics and work integration as regards industrial psychology?
what is categorical imperative?
has there ever been Peace on Earth you know like the song says?
If your safety-critical system possesses some authenticated test cases, here are two questions :..............
why was socrates so important?
Find Un aspire Human Beings?
have you ever felt there was an almost undetectable force fighting against you (other than your own laziness)?
What do you say if you're talking to God, and he sneezes?
Is the definition of music subjective?
Would the love of a good woman change you or will you always be stuck with the same old bad habits?
Why is there so many brilliant ideas but none reap the fullest of it...?
A question in Philosophy?
It's a funny amazing world we live in isn't it?
Could Saul Kripke be fairly described as an expert on unicorns?
Easy question about The Design Argument?
so you agree with me that the only thing on this earth which is free is oxygen?
what happens when we die?
Is there any way to remove Satan or evilness from this world? Your opinion please?
Kants categories? Revision-can you please check if this is right? Please answer.?
how would edmund burke respond to mary wollstonecraft?
philosophy of the matrix?
What is the correct way to carry, wear, and use of a Buddhist Mala??
What is the role of god in the surviving universe? Can we understand?
Who is your favorite modern philosopher?
What is the significance of the Eternal Return in Nietzsche's philosophy?
What to do if your life loses meaning and you pointlessly live from day to day?
A simplified explanation of what "Progressivism" is?
Is it possible at all to prove either free will or destiny?
Whats the second most certain thing after/ besides Death
what the best qualities of a true friend.?
there are these please who ask me to explean things even though the expleanation will take 4 or 5 hours-what?
why parenting education would important for these stages of life cycle....?
these ''sectarian'' car bombs ,anybody keeping score on which sects?
Can someone clarify the positions of both H.L.A. Hart and Gustav Radbruch regarding legal positivism?
Is there any question that nobody can answer? Yes or No?
virtue ethicists question?
Depression, ignoring our reality...?
did alan gewirth believe that the "is ought problem " could not be solved?
What is Albert Camus's argument on the meaning of life?
Why do people believe in God / the soul / the afterlife?
I’m going to DIE tomorrow… Pls. tell me what should I DO?
what is the kingdom of ends? how is it related to his final definition of morality?
Caring what other people think?
are friends a downfall or helpful?
"Fear of death is rational" True or false and why?
Why does Socrates say that something that is loved by some gods & hated by other gods must be both pious & im?
how do we achieve the 3 postulates? (summon bonnum)?
why do frogs always swim the breast stroke..why not the back stroke?
I guess it's only life?
Why do people say there is no intelligent life out there?
Why is it that human development takes longer than any other species?
What is your idea of the good life?
Why should I care about humanity if life is meaningless anyways?
Which version of the declaraton makes a powerful arguement for freedom? jeffersons original text or congresss ?
Would you Choose Happiness over Money?
how is better to know how to live?
Is there really a difference between Right and Wrong? Or is it completely in the eyes of the beholder?
how to tell somebody who believes he is right but in fact totally wrong.?
If you find at the end of your life, is a new beginning. Which of your mistakes will you aim not to repeat?
What do you think is the most important thing in the universe?
What makes you human?
what would you do in the following situation?
what do some one things and feels just before he dies?
How do we let freedom ring?
If your brain is transplanted to another body, are you still you?
Is it possible to live a happy life without material possessions?
If you were a colour, what colour would you be?
What do you actually know about life, not believe, know.?
Is there a way to forget something xD?
Does every human being on Earth have basic rights?
How do you guard your heart from Evil???
Is there any evidence that consciousness is independent of the physical body?
Is life worth living?
What did the monastic life offer that was lacking elsewhere?
If God Is a Loving, Perfect God?
He who seeks inaction in action and action in inaction he is a ..... what?
Who is Cloyd Bird?
What's the deal with seeing a total stranger multiple times pop up in the backround of your life, but?
What movie revealed the greatest philosophical truth to you? Why?
to live is to ______.?
Why does a catastrophe help people discover what is truly important in life?
if i were a HERMIT and i ASKED you....?
What worries you most about the future?
Who was the most important person who ever lived?
Am I on a right path in life?
Where are memories kept?
Descartes' criticism of ancient ethics?
Ethical Pluralism???????????
is there any god?allah and catholic believers, do they have the same god?
Does Hospers convince you to believe his theory? Why or why not?
What's the best advice the voice inside ever shared with you?
Where it's your soul located at? It's the soul that cries, simile and love?
What are humanity's biggest worries, now and in the near future?
which came first? the chicken or egg?
What is the Platonic account of knowledge?
How much percentage of these three should be there in our life? IQ, EQ, SQ?
Is humankind its own worst enemy?
When you turn away from love, are you not really turning away from your own self?
What's the first thought that came to your mind when you read this?
Can someone give me an aspect of scientific methodology?
Can Computers think, why, or why not?
who has done the solo for arriving somewhere but not here?
According to George Berkeley, when a tree is not being perceived by any human being or animal,....?
Do people who have mass insecurities miss the point of life?
marriage has always been a different thing for men &women ? do u agree.give reason.?
What is the true nature of a Virgo?
The Nature of Humankind: Inherently Good or Inherently Evil? (more)?
What does my professor mean by "gained" here?
How can can Thomas Hobbes and John Locke be applied to the film "Boyz In The Hood"?
who r the TOP 500 MOST richest men?
describe yourself in 5 words?
Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morality?
do you think soon they'll be rehabs for internet addicts?
Does anyone have the time ?
What is your IQ and does it really matter?
What simple things make you happy?
What does Aristotle's work in Physics owe to Plato's Theory of Forms?
critiques of Plato's analogy of the Cave?
What is the purpose of life? What's the point?
What's more important, knowing yourself or knowing others?
Since change is perpetual, are we even the same people we were before?
Would you be willing to lay down your life to save the others ???
Why do people ignore truth?
Whats the meaning Of Life?
What would happen if....?
What are the Six Questions of Socrates?
What causes the thoughts of Love, Hate, Greed, Anger, Jealousy.etc. Do you think it is basically self survival
is death an end or a beginning?
to get from point a to point b, you must first cross the halfway mark. but to get THERE you must cross.......?
what does Anamnesis mean?
What makes what the Pre-Socratics wrote philosophical?
what does "deus ex machina" mean?
meaning of the quote?
What "proper controls" would a computerization project need ?
A result is dependent its causes. Is a cause dependant on its results?
What does the phrase "a feather at hand is better than a bird in the air" mean?
What in the world is wrong with my avatar???
if a full grown tree falls down in the middle of a forest, and there is no one around, does it make a noise???
Is this new plague of of any benefit to any thoughtful, inquisitive individual out there?
What does it mean when you "Can't wear white after Labor Day"?
Do you think your smart?... Haven't life thought you, your'nt smart as you think?.?
Can you comprehend the purity and rage of angels?
discuss the passage, and not merely a passage or issue related to it?
Define 'family, friendship, and insanity' in your own words.?
do u believe in life after death?
Logic: Amphiboly, equivocation, missing the point?
Immanuel Kant: What is the Good?
what is the point in suffering ?
Question about philosophers?
When we're all together?
Is there any website just like secound life?
Why am I motivated at work but not outside?
Will i get drowned if i go deep in the sea??
Is art in the way it's presented or the way it's perceived?
How does suffering fill into God's plan?
Is The Moment of Death or The Moment of Birth affect you more?
what is pacification of existance, according to marcuse?
why do most humans eat meat whilst they know how pain feels like?
What do you think about a life that has a dependence on technology such as in The Veldt movie?
Is it better to be emotional or logical?
Have you ever said something and then regretted it?
Where is the other dollar?
Could we already be in hell?
Does the Three Fold Rule apply to Macumba?
How do you feel?
Calling all philosophers! Who said this?
How do we handel traumatic memories as a group? like war.?
what is the meaning of "hunky dory" as in "everything's hunky dory!!"?
Should ignorance be respected, as well as feared.?
Explain why descartes thinking error possible?
If Jesus were reborn today, but in a different body, WOULD WE KILL HIM AGAIN???
what does the mythological theory entail?
use of phrase: Feel the tickles?
What do you want your dying words to be?
How do logical, intelligent, rational RELIGIOUS people believe the bible?
What is Metaphysics?
What is the biggest human weakness?
What is meant by "creating form out of chaos" in terms of humanities?
What is True Happiness? Are you truly happy?
What's a good life according to you ?
Did John Stuart Mill advocate Strong or Weak Rule Utilitarianism?
How to mentally teleport into the future?
nothing is a waste of time and so is everything so what abounds?
police and soldier which one is better?
In as few words as possible how should we live in these times?
what influence writer mem fox?
The only person whom we can trust in this world is ourselves....?
Why are people self centered!!?
Rousseau's ideas about philosophy and education?
Does anybody know of any good books to assist one's reading of Kant?
what makes astrology so evil?
What would life be like if we never made mistakes?
Are you afraid of death? If not why?
Do you know any Rituals I can do with the ocean?!?!?
Sweet soft water wears down rock cliffs?
the short happy life of francis macomber ending?
Do You know...?
Which is the best season out of the four?
What's your first thought in the morning and last thought at night?
What is the universal symbol for marriage?
Why does the story of Zacchaeus have the specific sycamore tree?
was plato socrates' philosopher or the other way around?
the use of filipino dialects in writing reaction papers in philosophy?
how much is your life worth ?
Would you wilfully create a world of silence and emptiness in the name of peace and ending all conflict?
If life is THE solution, then what is the problem?
Does anyone know any philosophers that deal with Artificial Intelligence?
what is avatar and why study it ?
why? sometimes you have to lose your mind before you come to your senses?
What real life criminal trials that proved the jury are fair and effective?
Who thinks that anyone rich or famous is one of Gods chosen people?
Do you think there are more bad people then good people left in this world?