If I do a big fart in a forest but no one is there to hear it.......?
Which beaches of paradise are least likely to get hit by a natural disaster? By paradise I mean crystal blue w?
Love is..............?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
If you work the hardest at your job and other people just do barely nothing what will you do?
I need a thesis statement for a paper on Nelson Pike's critique of Hume's formulation of the Problem of Evil.
Isty our only defense against vulgarity?
can I really buy a russian bride?
If you could do just one thing to change your life, what would it be?
Definition of free world?
Whats gonna happen on this whole "End of the World" day?
What is the best relationship to have with God?
When Life Gives You Lemons, How Do You Make Lemonade?
if you only had 3 days left on earth, what would you do?
does self-existence imply necessary existence and vise versa?
What do you think of the " End Times " of Earth? What about this video?
What is Augustine's basic argument against the skeptics?
Do you ever feel like being around diffent people brings out different sides of you?
What do you think Nature is?
how to pose question to know the perception of people about participatory Govenance?
Is the world really going to end at the end of 2012?!?! I'm so scared! Plz tell me it's not true!?
if you had the opportunity to do it, would you?
Death is a long orgasm?
Where does this quote derive from, " ...and so be humble, beauty is knowing you are small beneath the stars."?
what do these pairs of notions mean? (philosophy)?
how to become sucess in life?
What makes you impatient?
If you had all of these things....?
What are the limits of lexical meaning in context: Could Nothing stand absolutely still in the Universe?
How would you like to spend the last 60 minutes of you life?
Is it true without a problem we will have a big problem in this world?
God is the solitude of men?
backs turned, dead memories (saying in spanish) help with meaning?
if you could have absolutely anything, in the entire world, what would it be?
in your opinion, what is the most liberal town in America?
What are some Knowledge issues relating to the usage of na?
What is the point of having romantic relationships?
Can there ever be world peace?
Is there any room for doubt when it comes to true appreciation?
do you beleive that " everything that happens ....happens for good"?
If we were all at peace in this world, would we still be the same person?
Is there a connection between Hume's "Association of Ideas" and "Relations of Ideas"?
why am i sad for no reason all the time?
Lets say you get to 116 years old what item you keep would you still like to see?
Comment on below setence:?
I believe in forgiving BUT never forgetting. What do you do?
is there a life expectancy for children with agenesis of the corpus collosum?
Explain what is meant by the technological imperative and show how it is at work in bioethics....?
What is "God"?
Why are athiests condemned by religious folk for believing in something that we can actualy see or touch?
if you can't REACH the FRUIT, would you CUT the TREE down or wait for a ROTTEN fruit to FALL?
Is space the basic property of the Universe, or is it just our minds' way to organize the world?
If u had not been born, would humanity be worse off, better off, or no difference?
The man is a thoughtful reed?
What is the Petrine Theory ?
who is the perfect man and who is the perfect woman?
Would you choose eternal life on earth or an afterlife in heaven?
What is wisdom? Who is a wise person?
In astrological history, how did the sign of Cancer get its name?
Isnt it that God created the world?
Is it possible to be just another nobody and be happy?
is man more superior than woman?
How can mill's utilitarianism be applied to an ethical issue like capital punishment?
On big software projects (say, bigger than Collins australian new construction submarines computerisation)?
what was ur most satisfying experiance ever (non-sexual)?
Question about Zazen. Is the practice supposed to be about the breath or no thoughts?
Why do people search for "the meaning of LIFE" ???
what does it mean to be alive?
What is negative happiness, according to Viktor Frankl?
are you more stimulated by an 'opposing viewpoint' or by a 'like mind' ?
If you could rid the world of one thing...?
ever daydream about people or places that seem to be from another time?
Can god controll free will?
Help! Which quote do you like best?
is a compatiblist via freedom of action? or an indeterminist via free will ?
Would you rather be blissfully ignorant and poor, or know too much about the problems of people and rich?
what date is the end of the world supposed to happen?
What makes a person?
are we living a lie about christianity? what is my future?how do i tell when i am inlove?how can i be a star
Does it pay to stay single?
What is the difference between faith and hope?
what to look at when interpreting a book as a realist?
what was the daily life of mendicants?
What do you think of this?
Do pure deeds exist or does every favor have a hidden agenda?
read this about batman's will power and answer could an human being do such things if he had such willpower?
What is the name of this philosophy?
How can we enable ourselves to be kinder?
Can man live without war?
do dreams send us messages?
What is there to laugh about?
whats the point in living when you're going to die?
Have you had to work hard to become the person you are now?
Are you absolutely sure your views are correct?
Did you have argument with your husband or wife?
Why Is Anger More Usefull Than Despair?
How does the social context of scientific work affect the methods and findings of science? (Be reasonable)?
When life must day inevitably end, why do people go through the struggle and pain of living it?
What does this phrase mean?
Was Susan B. Anthony a political philosopher?
Do you think we can have contact with another dimension? If yes, have you had any experiences?
What/who is the one thing/person in your life that affects you the most?
What can be used as arguments to prove socrates is guilty of corrupting the youth?
What happens when you have run out of time and reached the end of the line?
If Lucifer kills the other Archangels and gets 99% of humanity to worship him, can he overthrow God?
what is your philosopy about the life?
How much money does someone in prison make every day?
wouldn't times be worse for the regular person if the world was going to end anytime soon?
Are you hoping for a challenge?
Does anyone agree that all the wrong questions are being asked here???
Why Christians are denying the truth of their no believe?
The "afterlife" sounds great, considering killing myself just to be there?
What do u say to this kinds of people?
If you could know the truth -- the absolute TRUTH?
How is your brain?
How difficult is it to do nothing?
What kind of personality traits do you admire the most?
"If there ever were a time to save oneself"?
Is there any scientific theory to explain why life plays out as ironic as it does?
who is kilian man or machine?
what is the similarity between death and sleep?
do you appreciate your life?
Should the end of the world be rescheduled for 14:04:2014?
Is it possible to have peace on Earth and good news and prosperity and happiness?
Is This Man Telling A Lie?
Do you think determinism is incompatible with this thesis?
Why do people sometimes get so money hungry?
Do we Always have a CHOICE?
can i see 619 with no mask?
What make us judge others? Is it their looks...their dialog? We are all guilty, no?
If you could do one thing in your life what would it be and why????????????
Learders are born or made?
what is domination of nature philosophy?
What is the real meaning of getting"born again"?
Can you proof read my paper??
Should mental illness be defined as such? Can this be Stigmatizing?
Whats the gift you give to someone who has everything?
Why can no atheists rationalize a paradox. SPECIFICALLY THIS ONE!?
Where can I find the picture of the philosopher king?
The BIG QUESTION is which came first the chicken or the egg but MY question is?
What would Justin Stuart Mill say about a you think?
Whats you favorite expression ...?
Philosophy on matter, beginning til now?
I have recently been invited to a Bar Mitzvah. What traditions should I be aware of before I attend?
what is life?
Do you believe in spriritual death?
God said `if you eat the fruit of the tree you will die`. Doesn`t this make God a bare faced liar???
Do you always believe in your own hypothesis?
Why be moral?
I HATE this world,to the point where I feel saturated by it?
if you could DESTROY one thing in the world what would it be?
If you were dying would would you do?
if you met a genie with three wishes to give you.......?
Is there one word that makes you feel safe and happy?
How much cash do you need to get by?
whats the purpose of this life?
i need help... mill: how can government be man's greatest happiness?
atlas shrugged. jesus wept. why should THEY get to do it all in a two-word sentence?
What is Christina Hoff Sommers philosophy about?
i met god yesterday he is not happy at all.?
What two centuries were the centuries of the philosopher?
Machiavelli question?
are you happy with who you are?
Why do i feel so empty?
We know nothing about anything? Do you agree?
Creation or evolution?
Who makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world?
Will the world be different if god decides to start all over again?
Ok, so what do Scientologists believe?
Why is it "wrong" to eat humans, but ok to eat other species?
Philosophy question help???????????
What's a really good quote to live by?
what type of a relationship b/w Boss and Subordinate should be there which make a achiever or looser?
Does "performance management" make people gullible and ready to believe anyone who says "we can give you?
Are Humans really the superior species?
What aspects of human behaviour can be observed at crosswalks?
Hi, my name is bond.Where, did you suppose that can get supporting China, animals?
What is society's greatest flaw?
Should 'happiness' be considered as a value term ?
Is the purpose of life...?
How did Darwin's education influence his life?
On Collins project, had much of the bureaucracy been outsourced ? Did this outsourced bureaucracy have a knack?
Why am I feeling so guilty? Did I make the wrong decision?
Rhetorical analysis topic help?
Is there God?
What is your big 5 for life?
does it rain on the days your sad?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the difference between the views of the materialists and hedonists?
Does QUITTING always make one a LOSER?
what would you have if you could have anything?
where have you found happiness?
how does natural law guide us to the 'supreme good' thought by Thomas Aquinas?
Could you kill?
define LOVE with a one word synonym...?
moment that changed your life?
Can we improve our civilization without advancing technology.?
How to search from within for my soul-mate?
What happens if you get startled during deep meditation?
why all people surround me always made me sad and make me felt tired.?
Sometimes I have the feeling I'm two people. What?
Which is important for a just city?
Is it wrong to rub two stones together in class...?
Justify, why you exist, 99% of humans are worthless , what make you think you are worthy of existence?
Robert Edgerton and concept of Cultural Relativism?
Helppppppp im having a quarter life crisis!!!!!?
I'm freaking out about my age?
What is the meaning of life?
can you die for love? what do you think?
Why doesn't Santa Claus age with time?
why people feel lonely though surrounded by a million?
is a man without love is like a fish without a bicycle?
What does it mean to be a "tracking person" and not a human being?
"I do not wish to expiate, but to live" meaning?
Why is kindness or altruism important for a society?
Blindingly obvious or silently confusing>?
what does it mean" nothing to be done?
How is bigotry responsible for inequality?
Do you ever feel awkward having sex with your partner?
Lost in Space/The Matrix/ PAIN PILLS?
In new submarine computerization project was the number of levels of testing of the software during its?
which is the most scary incident of your life?
which is more dangerous science or religion?
Need help with final review question relating to Anscombe and her essay War and Murder?
The Light says all of this is irrelevant, so what's a man to do?
What motivates you to make each day in life?
What if life went backwards?
How to change others like kids or wife?
Does life have any meaning or a purpose? What keeps you going through the daily drudge?
When applying for graduate school in Philosophy which looks better?
How do I know you exist...?
Can anyone help me find the fallacies in this lecture?
What kind of music is there for the Autumn season?
If you could teach everyone in the world one skill, what would you teach them?
do you believe in aliens?
1. What inspires you? 2. How important is inspiration to you?
So if you could start over?
do you think the eyes really are the windows to the soul?
is it possible for an honest, hard-working person without an ego problem to be just as,...?
Can a couple get pregnant without having sex?
Help with plato's Philosophily?
What is the secret to a meaningful life?
is president bush making money off of the war in iraq with the oil companies.?
Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
Who is Carl Schmitt? How does Giorgio Agamben use Schmitt's ideas to draw a different conclusion?
What is the secret of happiness?
why are we living on earth? what is the importance of our life? i mean human life?
What is the meaning of life?
How does utilitarianism describe the good life?
Why are some teenagers just not social (at all)?
what is gestalt theory? how is it applied in counselling?who is the founder of this theory and in which year?
Why should we be careful for what we wish for?
Shadows are only the proof of the existence of light.?
Another passage from Leibniz that I need help on!!!?
What is the purpose of life?
I find that feedback is key for reaching my work (or school) goals.?
Is documented marriage is necessary?
what is the castration complex according to Sigmund Freud?
Summary of Montaigne's On The Cannibals essay?
what is a transcendental argument?
Please explain Descartes’ “wax argument.”?
wht is the full form of ok?
What is the best way to get back at a company that shafted you?
wat is truth and does it even exist?
If you had a choice in being born or not, what would you have chosen?
Why do the outer planet aliens need to be ugly? Why are they depicted as hideous beings in movies and books?
which is a primary quality?
What do you expect..................................…
what does this quote mean to you?
Is unconditioned stimulus introduced first?
It is said that we are one but why are we...?
what would you think about if you were all alone?
How do I live the simple life?
Can you think of anything that never changes?
Why the economy is in mess and civilization is not yet started?
If you could add an 11th commandment, what would it be?
i assumed everyone visually checked the paper to know if there was "more work to do" Is this why so many peopl
Is time the wheel that turns or the track it leaves behind? Please pick one and not both.?
The philosopher associated with the idea that change itself is the nature of reality is?
Have you ever wanted to live a full life?
Relationship of computational theory of mind and methodological solipsism?
Why and how do classical ideas about beauty harmony and proportion still impact your society?
What's the filling of feeling?
Epistemology questions for "The matrix"?
Can you test me to see if I read people well? If not, could you teach me?
what is the result of possessing the divine science according to aristotle?
life is here, death is there, where else can one go?
What if... there was no what if?
Question for those who believe in right and wrong..........?
If you had a choice about ur birth,would u like to be born at all?or you would refuse the life? why?
Whats more important - The pursuit of your lifelong dream or the love of your life?
Why do you ask questions when you know, there is no answer?
who is the greek philosopher that discussed the concept of free mentality versus slave mentality?
what does your perception is their reality mean?
Philosophy paper help &allegory of the cave?
why do people die?
what is the philosiphy of life?
What is love (asking a from a relationship perspective)?
How Would You Explain "Nothing Comes Cheap"?
should i just accept who i am?
Foucault Readers!! - what is the social body for Foucault?
why does correlation not prove causation?
if you had a plan for world peace and were convinced that it would work who would you tell ?
what does it mean- ''being TRUE to oneself''?
Can someone tell me the ten commandments?
what did you not say or do today that you really wish you had?
When we discover the meaning of life?
What is the name of this theory?
Look up Disablity/Disabled & answer "yes or No" that pops in ur head first, "Are people born deaf disabled?"
How much 'power' can a word possess?
I hear this life is overrated. Did you?
what was first the chicken or the egg?
Will medical science succeed in predicting how long one would live, say, by running some tests on our cells?
is there anything to be gained from failure?
In "The Apology" how does Socrates direct people to self reflection?
Who's happy where they live?
Would you call Clyde Shelton from law abiding citizen a anti hero?
are we born with a gift?
Do you feel that stories are a big part of your life?
Can a philosopher philosophize without the formal systems or principles logic?
Do woman actually show any interest when their having a conversation with a stranger?
Faith vs. Trust: Which comes first?
How to calm myself down?
When did you realize your not as smart as you thought you were?
What brings out the BEST in PEOPLE?
Why isn't cannibalism more popular amongst human beings?
who is martin Heidegger?
discuss Aristotle's view that man should not live in solitude?
What's the contribution of religion 2 us than the damages 2 science,culture & humanity.Is it necessary for us
who's the philosopher who talked about how environment has a bigger impact on development then genetics?
What works better in the long run, violence, or peace?
Mitigated & Excessive Scepticism?
Simone De Beauvoir or Carl Jung; who was a better sidekick?
What are all of the worst human qualities?
where could i find happiness?
the majority of people are ___________?
Sleeping & eating are weird- what do you hate to do the most, but you would die if you didn't do it?
What are all the changes you will do this year to bring forth an even more fulfilling life 4urself?
How can i be myself???????
A Challenge To The Intellectual World?
Can there be an effect without a cause?
Do you believe in Karma? Do you believe in a force that lets good or bad things happen to people?
Imagine there was Irrefutable evidence that there was NO GOD...?
What happens when you take a walk outside your mind?
The things I want in this life, I regret having later on. I'm indecisive. I don't know what I want?
billy collins-my life?
Is there anything good from experiencing loneliness?
What part of the flame lets off more heat, the orange part or the blue part?
For the Collins submarine project is it likely that the correct amount of EAI as promised in the contract,?
When you add details to your main Q, is it to focus the direction of your Q , to shape the answers, or both?
Glass half empty or half full?
If you could live in any time period in the world answer me and explain why it would be better than 2006?
There is no such thing as nothing?
Steve Hawking said ,before the big bang, time didnt exist,therfor there is no God?
Where all these waters came from in our world?
Be true to thine self?
What does death mean to you?
Which one ultimately shapes human behavior basic drives or instincts and why? suppor your answer?
What do you think about 2012? What will happen to us?
What would you do?
What influences do Greco-Roman philosophy, art and culture have on the modern world?
10 things about the Allegory of the cave?
The function of faith?
what is a persuasive definition of knowledge?
Personal/work ethic changes to develop TRUE passion for knowledge. I Always get the A but Ive never worked?
whats some applied philosophy on St. Thomas aquinas?
Theory for why people prefer to be the "first" player rather than "second player" player?
What is the best advice you would give someone?
What does success mean to you?
Is there such thing as over exercisinfV?
Whats the meaning of life?
How does one go about changing their thoughts?
So, Antonela Motura it's a looser, she can't live in this life?
Do you believe unconditional love really exists?
I'm trying to find a quote i heard years ago.?
People between 40 and 55: do you feel old? Why?
Tricky Question: Did he do the right thing?
Does this life plan sound good?? Please answer!?
Hush, hush and Beautiful Creatures?
How do you forget someone?
Confusions in the area of logic?
Aristotle philosophy question PLEASE HELP!!?
You have $20. You are hungry and five miles from home, A meal will cost $20, a taxi the same. What do you do?
Are there any good books on nihilism?
What one thing can you tell me that will both make me the happiest person alive, and the saddest?
What is your interperetation of this quote? What then would this say about Answers?
What is the best way to self study?
Do you believe in the existence of GOD? Can you tell one example?
Why do I always get the shopping cart with the messed up wheel?
is it ever wise to put all your eggs in one basket?
Who are your inspirations and why?
Are there any places online where people engage in philosophical discussion?
Why does Plato's analogy tell us nothing about reality?
Why do people use this claim to support God's existence?
Nelson Goodman's strategy of solving the old problem of induction?
You want to know what the most evil creature on earth is?
How do I get away safely?
What are several things that would make you "accountable" to either society,self,or the community?
What was the beginning of the world? 10 points for best answer?
If someone gave you $15million dollars but it meant that you would not smile ever again, Would you take it?
Discuss "philosophy is I know not what" by Wittgenstein?
Do parents understand the concept of logic?
how did pythagoras influence plato?
How do fictional works influence the reality, and vice versa?
Can an Atheist deny all these?
read a short passage about my views on happiness?
Did humans invent time?
why is it peopl have different levels of thinking?
If you can own one material object what would it be?
Descartes uses analysis to discover more about himself. What does he conclude after testing some possibilities?
If you had to choose a color for these different emotions...?
why we are afraid of past when past doesnt exist in present?
what is religious language?
if you could have the attention of every human being on the planet for just 5 minutes, what would you say?
who would u like to disappear of the face of the earth and why?
In life, do things happen so we learn lessons and learn from our mistakes?
Birth gives us life, but what makes life worth living for you?
Are aliens Christians?
Did Jesus die and rise again to life?
"obligations unwished for and unattended"- where did this come from?
How would you say life is repetition?
What is your favorite saying that you say regularly or on a daily basis?
Something that implies when the alembic drips, the alchemical broth of resurgent genius brews?
Ever felt death in dream?
What is a good location or region to contact people or become part of groups that are philosophical?
why dont i get much e mail?
Why is the world not perfect?
can somebody explain Plato 's Theory of Forms simply for me...?
I feel sad all the time. what can i do to feel better?
What would John Stuart Mill think of capital punishment?
Deepest Fears...?
Was behavior on Collins computerization project everything from altruistic to borderline evil?
When does the "soul" enter the human body?
When is it okay (check all that apply)?
what would be the it nature or man?
Is my reason for not wanting to drive foolish?
Are the eyes truly the windows of the soul?
What trips your trigger?
how to be blind. permanently.?
How would you define evil?
What is your greatest strength about your life?
can we defeat death?
What is to you rhetoric? Do you think it's important nowadays?
for wise people only???
What makes life exciting for you?
Assess the extent to which the target and goal of vision 2030 on education and training have been attained to?
Is it possible for two omniscient beings to coexist, and each retain their own sense of self?
Why when you go into stores in city or city suburbs that people seem much more "professional"?
Can I have my cake and eat it too?
how to know if something exist or not?
Would you like to correspond about Philosophy?
What question could generate the most random set of answers?
If you had to get rid of anything from the 21st century what would it be and why? I NEED 10 REASONS WHY ATLEAS?
Are humans born with Telepathy?
If life is bule or failure of evrything what could I do?
Rawl's Mature Theory of Social Justice?
why do we live so long?
What are some good even ideas for a college philosophy club?
What jobs are there for someone who has good street smarts and common sense?
Are you an outsider in your culture or society?
If you had the chance to interview anyone you wanted, for twenty minutes, who who he/she be? Why this person?
Philosophy Question .?
Is it true that the world will blow up June 6th, 2006?
passage from leibniz, please help!!!?
What is the hardest thing to do each day? How do you accomplish the task?
Mill criticizes Bentham’s idea of pleasure. Why?
what is om philosphy...?
if the floor is a cup and the ceiling is a cup, are you a cup?
What characteristics makes a "good" society?
Are you someone who readily forgives...?
This shall be a very difficult question for some..?
Which is more powerful - money or knowledge?
Opposites Attract?
How come I can talk to myself as if I were talking to someone else?
The world would be a better place without _____________?
how many here are left handed?do you feel it's a gift of a curse?do you feel?
Do you know where the source leads?
If a demon or creature attacked one of your loved ones?
If science and religion can coexist, why can't the people who back them?
Reasons why count ugolino deserves & doesn't deserve sympathy?
I`m afraid of dying,its spoiling my life.?
what would be our life greatest achievement? What will it worth? and where it could be bought?
Black or white?
What if we needed licenses to have children?
What inspires you?
List Key ideas of Modernism?
Why do I need philosophy, to add on to my out house?
What is social injustice?
What is John Rawls' approach to social justice?
who is generally more content, the trusting person or the suspicious person? And WHY?
zizek's conception of the subject and identity?
Teachers who lack knowledge on what we can know about anything cannot direct students in their studies-?
Who were some of the great persian/iranian philosophers?
What is the difference between Devils and Demons?
What is "hope"? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
I isolate myself from the world because I perceive all people to be evil? Does this site exists?
I really have no f**ckin idea what i'm supposed to do here in life?
How do mind and matter interact?
What’s the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing'?
Write song the really evocative of a certain time in your life.?
is it possible to think too much?
Aren't those paranormal 'reality' shows pathetic?
Agree or Disagree , ABORTION IS MURDER?
Is This Good or Bad? It's a Starting Point...?
What would you have for your last meal before being executed?
Trademark argument as an argument against Rationalism?
What is your opinion on Sartre?
notions of scientific progress?
What would you rate yourself?
Can morality be derived from religion?
what does the word Heggy cheek mean?
If "love" is unconditional, then why doesn't it work out sometimes?
According to Georg Hegel, "What is the "most effective spring of human action"?
Do you think we can ever truly see ourselves as we really are?
What do you do if you're an older or younger person trapped in your body?
Who owns the egg?
What's more important, our dreams or our reality?
Do you care?
is EGO a FRIEND or a FOE?
Do you think that your attitude about world is a illusion?
Confused about people's perceptions of nihilism and confused about my personal percpetions too?
Can you complete the following?
Is this a statistical argument or a description?
would humans live longer living undersea?(in an air chamber)?
What's the purpose of life?
Home is where _____.?
How does Charles Darwin define the relationship between human beings and other forms of life on the planet?
What does this one quote means to you ?
Reality is multidimensional and like a mirror 3D does not exist, only bending of 2D?
Anyone know some deep inspirational videos on the web?
If everyone wanted PEACE OF MIND, who would take on the problems of the world?
how can the world achieve peace if competition exists?
positively success is a ____ reading?
Do you understand life?
what does ashu think about vat?
My favorite color is black - does this reveal anything about my personality?
How do Micromegas and Zadig show that Voltaire is an enlightenment thinker?
Simple and straight to the point - BTW, dont give me that free will crap please. I gave my LIFE to God.?
Did Patrick Swayze really study philosophy?
Do mice respond to high poplulation density?
Would someone explain to me the "Poisoned Pawn" metaphor in Mondadori and Morton's 1976 Modal Realism article?
what came first the chicken or the egg ?. im getting paranoid now plz help?
Was the Earth really created 6,000 years ago?
Can someone help me with these questions below please?
As anyone seen the god?
Do you HAVE to accept necessitarianism in order to be a determinist?
I keep getting philosophical thoughts during sex. What can I do to stop it?
does anyone have an "awe" quote?
hans jonas notion of modern technology vs ray kurzweil futuristic scenario on nanoscience and nanotechnology?
simple question?
Who knows Karl Jaspers' Unconditional Imperative? Can you explain this?
what is the road to success?
For Collins submarine computerisation in 1993, what interfaces were investigated by an investigation team.....
What do you think of this article?
Do you think this is a good video or what? will do best answer?
why is it that rear life exist on the side mirror of consciousness only that u turn to look it dissappears,?
What does this (White Oleander) quote mean to YOU?
Have you seen a person who claimed to be "refining" software but usually introduced bugs and weird ...........
what you think about destiny ?
Do you read every day for some time?
Strengths and weaknesses for Cultural and Subjective relativism?
is the surface deeper than the bottom?
Why is Dakota Sweeney refusing to do her own work, so then her soon to be enemy has to do ALL of it!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do some feelings that you get make you feel like you are"strange"?
Will the institution of marriage disappear in a century or so?
about to jump off a CLIFF?
To be or not to be?
What do you think about osho ? why people not like him ?
What is Free Will?
have you ever wanted to just fade away?
multiple targets in life?
wats an interesting but not ridiculously ignorant question i can ask??
If we say human nature is bad how can we make good laws?
Plato's Republic question?
If you knew you were to die tommorrow what will you do be doing now ?
My head is cluttered full of stuff. I'm thinking it's time for a yard sale...?
Peter Singer's argument about being obligated to give away all of our excess wealth?
What does it take to be a good business man or a leader? How to be one? ?
what happens when you die?
¿What would a topic outline look like from a Chinese philosophy perspective?
How can we define philosophy to give us full details about it.?
Is humility ever wrong?
If computerization projects supposedly have "integration" problems is it for this reason ?
If you choose the manner in which you would ultimately die,would you?How would you want to leave this world?
Is an out-of-body experience more than just an illusion, and have you had such an experience?
Love or Money?
Please help me about literature?
If a self-proclaimed nihilist has any goal in their life, does that mean that they are being inconsistent?
If you could make one change to your life, what would it be?
Can you compare and contrast the views Plato and Descartes had on Rationalism?
would life be better off without vehicles?
What ways did Irigaray take Marx ideas to the next level?
what was the maximum cost of love?
Question on Hobbesian Morality?
what is your favourite word in english language?
What would be worse and why: being locked in a room with an angry male Lion, or with an angry huge Crocodile?
John Watson who made still life's such as tea rex's life?
why do i think and feel that the most important thing in life is making money?
What is the most important lesson you have learned in life, so far?
how is the right to life shown in the times of the butterflies?
Do you think setting social goals can help me come out of my shell?
What are some songs like pursuit of happiness by kid cudi?
what is life? whats its significance?
Why do pepole ask about the meaning of life ?
Was a cost-cutter slashing "integration" costs in Collins project ?
Is a project like Collins software, Machiavelli triple-distilled ?
Do people's values change as life circumstances change?
do any of us really know the true meaning of life and the real reason for us being here?
Why should I have any respect for someone who professes to "believe" in God?
I don't get it my mom says she'll support me as long as I go to school but she really doesn't?
Critical thiking question help needed ( inductive/deductive and fallacy's)?
For those of you who are skeptical about the concept of God, what really keeps you going?
Did you seem to notice desperate machinations during the Diana inquest ?
What are the similarities between Machiavelli's Prince and Rousseau's Legislator?
Why has post-structuralist theory forsaken the work of Emily Dickinson?
When do you think life as we know it will end?
scheduling marathon study sessions once in a while is generally effective strategy true or false explain answe
would you consider this a good saying?
If there are really 10 (or 11) dimensions, can anything exist in the 10th dimension?
Want to know why I would never commit suicide?
I don't understand life??
What is the point of living life?
Does anybody REALLY know what time it is?
What do you find beautiful in general?
a group or a site that teaches practical occultism/meditation techniques?
Aristotle and Nietzsche?
What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Can you tell me a COUNTRY whose name starts with the letter "D"?
What is the difference between objective and subjective, in terms of law, for instance?
? What is the purpose of your existence?
If you could go back ro forward to any age and stay there a while, what would it be?
Why do we (as people) ask questions???
3 beliefs of each enlightened philosopher?
Meaning of these words?
Do you believe in evil spirits ? seen any?
Are we pets to the creator?
What is your biggest REGRET?
What are your thoughts on Pragmatism and Ethics?
Immanuel kant united empiricism w/ rationalism. How?
the question was do i think stlin was able to achieve everything he wanted to and i said no, how do you know?
Have the trials & tribulations of your life made you stronger or made you feel damaged?
which god would win in a fight?
What do i do my teachers are driving me crazy?
What are the most important skills to learn in life? In YOUR opinion?
what are your opinions on forgiveness?
Does God exist?
Smile on your face?
Which is better, a parliamentary system or presidential system?
Is life truely 100% perception, or just random acts of personal agenda?
Do you believe on evolution or creationism, you could believ in a evolulionary creationism?
what's the first word that comes into your head?
What do you think of this philosphy?
Why animals never commit suicide; how come no amount of struggle seems ever to kill their will to go on living?
Prepare for the worst that can happen?
Is my argument logical/valid?
If today was the last day of your life, what would you do?
what kind of person could kill Bambi's mom?
what is the meaning of life?
Is it right or wrong to say Believing in God is a metal disorder?
Per Vol XXIII of The Eclectic Review the only way to win the mind over to religion is by shewing it to be what
Is the most powerful word in the human language 'Yes'?
What reoccuring dreams do you have?
Darwin believed in God. All the great philosophers believed in one God, then why Atheism?
What is the best piece of spiritual or psychological advice you have ever heard?
what is the meaning of life?
How to enjoy bad luck?
How can anything even exist?
If logic is reasoning, and people have different reasoning, then people have different logic?
How indiand misusing freedom?
What is the Anthropic Principle?
Aristotle golden mean for or against whistleblowing?
What do you think of this quote about humanity?
Do you believe in God?
Do wrestlers have a philosophy of life that contributes to the high suicide rate?
What would happen if all the people in the world met in one place and they did these things at one time?
Which Sin is Unforgivable ?
who are the amerindians, and what is there tradition of life ?
Why is so difficult to make the right choice in life?
how can one be oneself in such massmedia bais individualy and as a country?
Which is hotter: Hell or the interior of the Sun?
What does Pascal mean when he says, “True Christians, nevertheless, comply with folly"?
do you believe in pyschics (people who can see in the past, present, future)?
tell me about the god ru beleiving ? why?
what is the mission of ur life ????
What does Hume believe is stronger? ; ideas or sense impressions?
What is the Cult of the Dead Cow?
how do we know the universe is not just the contents of a grain of sand in some other world?
Do you think the happy moments balance the painful ones in your life?
What books or ebooks do I have read to understand the basics of philosophy?
My bf doesn't call me anymore n he claims he was so tired after work. Is he lying to me?
If God is omnipotent, is he able to make a rock too big for Him to move?
Life without true love how would it be?
Wjat is Hume's third argument against the purely causal principle?
Why does everyone in love always have to end up sad one way or another?
how much collateral damage is necessary per person in order to generously give him or her the gift of freedom?
Does every need come down to a want?
How is Jesus of Nazareth is greater or wiser than all the Hebrew patriarchs?
What is something that you MUST do before you die?
explain Ambedkar's view that the caste system is a harmful institution.?
compare and contrast Emperialism and Rationalism as philosophical epistomologies?
where do all my spoons keep going? I seem to have fewer every day!?
if there is no LIFE after DEATH, would one LIFETIME be ENOUGH for you?
What;s the philosophy of sexual frustration?
What moves you?
why does sadness feel closer to reality than happiness?
what can we do to control our anger?
Is evil something you are or something you do?
What is the meaning of Life????
Is there evidence of God in the fact that nature seems to possess products of Induction, deduction&Algorithms?
How do I stop feeling like a freak for being transgender and how do I cope with being so misunderstood?
If God Is a Loving, Perfect God?
Does the end justify the means?
Why does something seem to be missing..... for so many?
were there any famous atheists in the medieval world ?
what is time?
Are gay men really more fashionable? I think it's stereotypical myself and a little insulting.?
If I do a big fart in a forest but no one is there to hear it.......?
Need opinions for my poem "God the Director and I, Myself, and The Cameraman"?
If you could invent anything in the world what would it be and why?
The question is are you a Racist?
Why people ask like that, "god is, or not " ? ?
I was just wondering, do you feel that practice is always more important or just in the majority of situations?
What is your happiest childhood memory?
Could this be true or a lie?
What is more important, balance or hypocrisy?
come on, this whole god-jesus thing, you got to having a laugh?
philosophy help please?
What makes u perfect?
What color is God's skin?
What is the worst decision you have made?
legal advise much needed?
does life have a meaning?
What are your opinions of Utilitarianism? Is it right or wrong to you?
Averroes supported Aquinas's contentions that belief in God is rational and is supported by Greek philosophy.
The John Tesh Radio Show said wait one month for every year you spent in a relationship before seeking another?
A superior race that believes it is inferior, How dumber can humans get?
What is life all about to you ?
why socrates said he is the wisest of all?
what is culturally responsive pedagogy?
What is Vice of Definciency and Vice of Excesss? 10 points?
Principal problema filosófico de René Descartes?
should I have a God?
This life of yours,your eyes see beauty...your feelings... Do you just look at people and think to youself?
What does mean "Death is the Road to Awe"?
Describe yourself, character, traits and values and how you perceive the world?
What do you think is the biggest problem with the world today?
When Would Using a Allegory Or Metaphor Defeat The Argument Or Stance Taken?
Do you practice self honesty within the way you live within a economic system?
Could there be something more frightening than failure?
Are their a lot of philosophy organizations?
what is your idea of a perfect life?
What makes you what to answer a question?
Does the "Holy Grail" represent the cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper or Mary Magdaline?
does using a mood-altering substance free your mind or does it cloud your judgement?
Atheists, what is your opinion of G. K. Chesterton?
Why do we surrender ourselves to silence?
How have virtue ethicists used Aristotle’s insights in today's moral issues?
long term effects of the enlightenment period?
Desire is the day and night is sleep is this hypothetical or categorical proposition?
What word do you love the sound of?
A is for ADVENTURE, B is for BEAUTY, C is for WHAT?
Why do you believe in god? What are your reasons for believing in god?
criticisms on Plato's theory of the forms?
What comes to mind when you think of the number 7?
What's your take on the Australia TV show "Border Protection" ?
Gary W. Coleman dead. Is it a incident or a homicide?
What is love? Explain it...?
Near the conclusion, our narrator tells us that the farming of humans will end, but what will replace it.?
Philosophy Help?
A true measurement of intelligence?
Has there ever been a time when you thought everyone was on the same page only to find out they were not?
In The Apology, why does Socrates have a dialogue with Meletus?
I feel that I could predict the future. What should I do?
What is the tea party's platform?
What is the meaning of the tiger fighting the dragon?
How much money will it take to fill a room?
How many of you know the "One"?
Why did Machiavelli think it necessary for a Prince to know how not to be good?
What exactly is the point of the label nihilist?
Government Philosophy of Gaius Julius Caesar?
what is the happiest experience in u r life?
Would you prefer to live forever or die and go to heaven?
What is the Just War Theory?
What is the real meaning of life?
God or Devil or Me ?
Why do so many people insist on treating others as lesser ,or nondeserving as themselves?
when does different thoughts on a subject lead to chaos, and why?
Do any of you know why Thanatos changes his physical age appearance?
How far do your morals extend?
Is money really the root of all evil?
What is "watertight limbo"?
why are we on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can someone have so much hatred in thier heart?
Where do you find serenity?
Is it better to be feared, or loved?
Can your dreams or desires ultimately make you happy?
Stoicism vs. Utilitarianisn?
talk on empiricism with respect to 'science','ethics','language','history',…
Help!Was this fate ?10 points ?
Do you think we can develop such qualities in ourselves?
have u ever question where is god when u needed him so badly especially u keep get something bad in your life?
Philosophy's Magic Wand: Who or what would like to cast a love spell on?
What happened before the big bang?
What is tragedy, please tell me in your own definition.?
Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?
How far should we extend our moral concern to things other than human beings?
Was Alfredo Reinado the main opponent of Taur Matan Ruak ? Was Taur Matan Ruak the main opponent of Reinado ?
Do you depend on others for your happiness?
Benefits and costs of a life of service?
What makes you think you exist?
Why does this make me feel guilty?
If the Theory of Karma is to be believed why do bad things still happen to good people? And vice versa?
How to make life not suck?
Should you challenge yourself to do what you dont normally do?
Thomas Reid attack on John Locke concerning logic ?
i wanna ask a question on porn?
What does it mean when you have frequent nightmares of deadly Tsunamis?
Have anybody seen God?
Why do many people not like people who are "popular" in school?
What is wrong or uncertain about Searle's argument about the mind?
I know it sounds absurd But please tell me who I am.?
Is crualty necessary?
Why is it so that the beseeching lover or wooer, more often than not, gets ignored or spurned by the beloved?
What makes philosophy dull as a rock,and yet so tamed?
Do you fear growing old?
I think i finally understood id, ego, and super ego?
Should we call him an epitome of American self only?
Thoughts on quote: Give me a man who is man enough to give himself to only the woman that is worthy of him?
state the 2 reasons why people resort to violence?
What is the meaning of life?
Atheism 0 and Theism 1... Could the head of 1 be inserted into the hole of 0?
What question can never be answered with a 'Yes'?
Putting the other cheek is always the best strategy to reduce evil ?
what is your #1 PRINCIPLE in Life?
Would you sell your virginity for £485,000?
is the world really gonna end in 2012? what do u think?
what is the meaning of this symbol used by Otep?
Philosophy Homework Help- valid ? cogent?
What does "what does the lover's love is visible his beloved hidden..." mean?
WHY do people give strange looks at mixed couples?
Whats your imeadiate impression of quiet people?
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be...?
what is your imagination if you smell somethigs good....?
What would you like to ask?how to convert EXFAT to NTFS in pen drive?
When did the fun end?
Which is the difference between "Bad Infinite" and "Good Infinite" in Hegel's philosophy ?
Why is the sky blue and the skies white?
What do animals think of humans?
If you go back in time and kill yourself what would happen?
When does a characteristic trait become an identifying characteristic?
If you know something is WRONG, what stops you from doing something about it? See details...?
Why are you who you are and not somebody else?
Can you give me a good advise?
what do you think it means to be human?
Is the other side of the mirror,reflects our negativity?
What is the difference between Ambition and Greed ?
What is the meaning of the song "Inner Universe" by Origa?
life or death question?
"Their Eyes Were Watching God" QUESTION!?
When You love somebody....?
Based on your experience, What can we do to make the world poverty free?
How many things are there?
*Happiness* . . Is it being at ease in our bodies?
Existentialists are often concerned with the experience of nothingness. What is this experience?
Who would you follow plato or Aristole? and which one you would reject there method and why?
What do you think of this?
What’s important to you in your life?
What makes a Woman a Woman?
What are your thoughts on the worldview, "All is for the best."?
define YOU in 3 sentences?
Can love exist without living things?
How can we begin to bring, peace,?
No one errs or does wrong willingly or knowingly, do you agree?
i have a question for the smart philosopher-man/woman....?
how did friedrich nietzsche arrive at his slogan "God is Dead"?
have you ever touched the sky?
pooper scooper extraordinaire?
Is your Soulmate in your life as we speak?
what do you have to do before you're satisfied with your life?
how to be happy amidst of failures? especially when these failures make life so miserable?
Both Hobbes and St. Augustine criticize classical virtue as essential proud.?
Is it weird I like criticism better then compliments?
Are you smart?
Question for philosophy fans?
What is your idea of utopia?
who is the real iron man?
Suppose a person is 27, but it is clear?
what is joot really mean?
What is a symbolic payout?
Can you imagine life without Google now? Would you say Happy B'day to Google?
Is life complicated to any of you?
How stupidly or indecisively can you answer a question?
What do you want your dying words to be?
is it right to say that man who think is tragedy and the man who feels is comedy?
how do you express sadness?
What is a good way to release "mental tension"?
If you 'lose' your innocence, can you find it again?
what is god?
how to be myself in all situations ?
How do I prove: 1. A / ∴ ~(A • B) ⊃ (C • ~B)?
What kind of games in casino can make you rich to play ?
What exactly does a Tridecagram mean?
If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, would democrats still be wrong about everything?
does the god belıves ın me _?
What's the ethical approach behind the categorical imperative?
Why does life does this...?
What was the best moment in time that suspended your thoughts, and changed some of your philosophy?
I don't understand kant's first maxim of the categorical imperative?
what Karma ?
Has a bug ever saved your life?
describe your life if you were a Berliner living in the soviet sector?
what will you try to do in this situation.?
Examples to prove that life today is easier than life during the 1930s?
Have you Ever Been In Touch With a Psychic or Would You Like too and Why?
What is the best to get revenge on someone who didn't think you could achieve a certain goal??
Do you mostly have regerts for things you havent done or for things you've done?
If god exists then devil should also exist. Agree or Disagree? Please provide a explanation.?
what is the first color that comes to mind?
can a person possess metaphysical properties/qualities?
What is the meaning of life?
Why do people not like to be alone? Are there people who prefer to be alone?
In "Of the Standard of Taste," does the author David Hume imply that philosophy is subjective and pointless?
Do any of you wish you weren't born around this time?
Technical question - presupposition without entailment?
what is time?
Philosophy - Martin heidegger?
why god created everything?
In your eyes are all humans equal?
A movement called ??,is attacking religious faith as being not only wrong, but actually evil because it can be?
arguments for and against cultural relativism?
What do you do with belly button lint?
What happens with the penus after transgender surgery?
Do you think the world has become corrupt because many have rejected God?
What is ?
What is the single most important rule to follow in life?
Multidemensional World More Than Our Average 3...Describe?
If you could ask Adolf Hitler ONE question, what would it be?
If God exists, where's the proof? Nope, it ain't in the puddin'?
How do metalectual people socialize with the infrasecluded, if their transplanes were to intersect?
what is third eye of human being?
Hush, hush and Beautiful Creatures?
Is sanity really insanity? Or is insanity really sanity?
How do I get my point across with any question wihtout sounding like a total jurk?
Why do people answer answers questions?
What does this mean? It's on liberty?
i created 5 rules for myself when it comes to having a boyfriend? are they rational?
The Best Things In Life Are Free...Do People REALLY Believe That?
why did humans decide that certain parts of the body should be covered almost all the time?
how do you know the past is real and not an illusion?
What is the percept that forms in your mind after closing your eyes and what would make this image interesting?
Do you feel that either gender is more susceptible to either type of argument, sound or valid?
When will the world end?
How do I build up presence of mind ?
Do you consider Humans superior to Animals?
What is the meaning of life?
Is unconditional love a reality or is it just Hollywood movies?
Which is more important to you - the journey or the destination?
What does a married couple usually do when they go for honeymoon?
In this world of chaos and pain, is chocolate an answer?
Do nuances ever emerge from repetitive thought and experience?
What is Aquinas' fundamental principle of exchange?
How can we know anything w/out begging the question?
Is there really no such thing as a dumb question?
If someone gave you a $100 and said keep half and give the other half away to a cause what cause would it be a?
perfect people?
According to you is suicide an act of weakness?
What is a question you could you ask that if everyone asked themselves, could bring about peace on Earth?
The skeptic believes that if it is possible to doubt a belief, then that belief cannot constitute knowledge.?
Are we, as a human race, headed into the right direction or the wrong direction?
Ibn al-Haytham?
In Camus' The Plague, what do you think the plague represents?
What state does the show: "The boondocks" live?
Does art mean to make things simple, consistent, and a pattern design?
If actions are stronger than words, why is the pen mightier than the sword?
Do you believe in love or feel people are imitating the hollywood concept of love?
Does the Holy Grail exist?
Were POLICe originally created to enforce the POLICies made by our POLIticians?
In what realm/reality can the same character exisit in 2 places at the same time?If possible, how can this be?
Are most people kind simply to satisfy others and not to be excluded from society?
what is humankinds ethical responsibilty?
what influences perception?
what do u imagine hell being like?
Whats life?
Will I go to hell?...................................…
What is the most beautiful thing in the world?
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
WHY (i will give ten points)?
From every person we give and take a little of our essence. What is your's of another?
what are some of the biggest life lessons you have ever learned?
one thing you don,t like about your life?
What is the most beautiful thing about the following..?
Is it ever okay to lie?
Does anyone have AIM? I need some help?
Do you believe that ethical subjectivism or ethical absolutism is more likely to be true?
What is "Too hungry" in critical thinking?
dont have compassion for some things?