What is your philosophy in regard to Questions?
If you woke up and discovered your whole life had been a dream?
what is holy grail?
What do most people fear the most?
Isnt killing an animal such as a lion or wolf the right thing to do if it's attacking a human?
How does good overcome evil in Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone?
Who is the Philosopher?
Do you use any little tidbits of information that may not be widely used but can contribute to your life?
Which is a bigger mystery ... Life or Death ? ?
What is the meaning of life?
What does the pleasure of inflicting pain feel like?
names of personalities and cultures who declared themselves Allah/God?
Why is your god better than everybody else's god?
I think therefore i am. The greatest mistake in philosophy?
Are you wise or a fool?
When do you think our species will finally be ready for peace, or are we just another evolutionary dead end?
how do you cure boredom?
What is something you find amazing?
What does it cost to be loved?
Bicentennial Man: What do you think?
Is there a scope to my thoughts?
Haste makes _____.?
IF we miss our destiny?
Do people have a right to revolt?
what is the meaning of brilliance?
Isn't faith in the existence of a God-being a controversial metaphysical Q/topic within philosophy?
what's your dream ?
Why are we all so scared of getting hurt?
Help with Madame Bovary?
what is wisdom in your own opinion?
what is your struggle?
why people cheat there benefactors?
Are we going to evolved further?
Is there something else in this world aside good and evil?
Are you a happy person in this world, or if not, why?
why we feel sad when somebody die?
What is my religion/spiritual philosophy?
why can't g.e.moore conclusive prove premise one?
Give an argument to defend your own position in the nomos/ phusis debate.?
What is the meaning of life?
What answers did you find when you asked yourself "Who am I?"?
What have you learned about tolerating paradox?
Is life black and white?
Is it too late right now, or too early?
What moves you to stand your ground?
Atheists :: If there is nothing beyond life , then how come some are born fortunate and some unfortunate ?
what, in your opinion, is worse?
Did you have any strange experiences in life?
Who do 'You' ' think' 'You' are?
What are some causes of why some days are seen as negative prior to events causing negative reactions?
do you think that the world will end soon?
Why do people do things like answers?
who is carl sagan and why are people talking about it?
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
How long does Time last?
Why are beauty and sadness intertwined most of the time?
Any body can give me the exact meaning for LOVE?
Does it seem that when you have low confidence or self esteem that you actually pay more attention to things?
Question about philosophy of logic: whats a contradiction in terms of logic?
Recently I was asked whether I have a dream in life. I do not. Do you?
what do you think is the scariest thing about being a human?
Is my brain reality....................?
what is the meaning of the universe?
How do you like your steak?
Alasdair Macintyre: "What has not happened in moral philosophy"?
What dream means??? ya think people change or they just STOP doing certain activities..cuz ive heard genetically you cant?
why is it important to control interruptions?
wat is meaning of life explain me anyone?
Gay conversion Therapy...... WTF?
If, for whatever reason, the earth explodes and all bio forms seize to exist, what will happen to the universe
Natural Law is too strict to be a good ethical theory?
how can philosophy contribute to the knowledge and practice of kinesiologists?
what is it means by "If there's no money in poetry, neither is there poetry in money."?
Why does the image of autumn make me feel depressed and why does it also sound like Chopin's valse brilliante?
opinion poll question: which species is more dangerous humans or snakes be honest think bout it though....?
Would you rather be a member of the apparachiki or the power elite from a philosophical perspective?
If you could change one thing about your past. What would it be ?
What makes Jesus better than Buddah, Allah, or any other god figure?
How would you explain the difference the philosophical,the religious and the functional concepts of god?
one reason why knowledge of time zone is important in business?
in the END, _______________ will PREVAIL!?
what is your opinion?
What Would you prefer?
Do you think that Philosophy is merely a vicious Language Game as Wittgenstein asserted it ?
How big is too big and how small is too small?
How can the meaning of old age be the wrong issue?
what is the most valuable thing you've lost?
What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? Looking back, what?
Define who is rich, which country is the richest in the world?
do you believe in fate or destiny?
If you could end one thing on this earth to benefit mankind what would it be and how would you do it?
Do you agree we are bound to our enemies when we hate them?
Which should i do? this is about my life.?
What is the secret of happiness?
What is respect.........?
Is Man anything more than a natural automaton?
In your opinion, what exactly is a thought?
what is this question asking me to do?
how to get rid of so much pride ?
what is the right definition of beauty ?
A question about friendships outside of America?
what does a STRAIGHT LINE signfy for you?
Man by nature is "evil" by Thomas Hobbes? Can you explain?
Do good things come to those who wait?
How much is sex life important to a person ?
"the ocean tells me a thousand stories, none of them are lies." - what do you think that means?
long and short term impacts of social darwinism ?
Why are us human beings afraid of honesty in life?
How do you beat "The System"?
Have you hugged anyone today?
Woman should stay home and man go to work?
Does the current neurosciences research endorse the Kantian Theory of Knowledge ?
Isn't Universe the biggest trap ever occured?
True or False, Need Help With Humanities?
don't want to appear rude - but can't invite her back?
Best Socratic dialogues?
You ever get that feeling...?
Are we choosing to give up our liberty or is it being forced from us?
What is your opinion on this bit of literature i came up with?
In one sentence, what's the purpose of a government?
What feeling is or jealousy?
Ok I am not really a religious person but what should I do?
Just wondering. What's your passion?
If a question has no answer, is it worth asking?
Meaning of "Art of Living"?
Can you be wise and innocent at the same time?
To those of you who actually experienced hurricane Sandy has it really changed your life and why?
Is peace possible logically?detailed analysis is required.?
If you could be anyone else in the world who would you be?
Do you trust people who do not like animals? People who hate animals are they good persons?
how would u know if u ask a question to God, if the answers u get are really from God or lucky coincidences?
I want to know if the people of this world really want peace, or is it just a catch phrase?
a person had made a promise at a different situation.but the situation has changed.what will he do?
How quickly will you answer this question and what does that say about you?
Q To all subjectivists: If You do not believe in objectivity as goal of knowledge, how do U do physical tasks?
Help understanding a poem?
Do we actually die?
what would make you happy?
Question about philosophy of religion?
What is your philosophy on life?
How would you rank the following in your life: Family, Job and God?
why should Western society become slaves to progress?
Are there any “dadaists” in today’s world? Anyone who holds everything up to ridicule? Are they effective.....?
Does conforming to society limit one's free will?
Do you think ghosts are real?
What if the entire earth only counted one village of 500 humans?
Are emotions biological? why?
what is mandevills analysis of the relationship between private vice & public virtue?
If God is all good, and if he is the creator of all things, where does evil come from?
What is pluralism? What is marxism?
Is capitalism more patronising to the rich than to the poor?
Are we all brothers and sisters? Are we all related?
Why do we hurt the ones we love the most?
What's the point of trying in life if you're just going to die?
Plato and one's interest?
If God controlled everything, then why didnt he make us evil-free?
Whats your Philosophy?
is EGO a FRIEND or a FOE?
What is the ulimate answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything?
what is to ask?
what is the difference between a 'soulmate' and a 'kindred'?
What about sexual relations in Heaven?
Philosophy or Food & Nutrition Course?
Plants have feelings...Agree or Disagree ?
Why is a humans life worth more than an animals?
how much e-waste is discarded each year around the world?
Does knowing who's to BLAME help SOLVE the PROBLEM?
What is: Ite, maledicti, in ignem eternum?
Where are the Ramanujans of our century???? The genius of our century?
The Concept of Organizational Culture: Why Bother?
What is the modular model of decision making? (Philosophy)?
If you could have infinite knowledge about any subject matter, what would it be?
What to do with my life? :(?
Would you say that life is too important to take seriously?
what s last film al pacino?
how do you explain this quote in your way ?
If someone calls you evil for showing frustration with getting bullied, does that really mean you're evil?
what are the evidences of man's superiority to woman?
What do you want in life?
Can we achieve god,if yes,how?
what is voice of criticism?
Can we please change the definition of Atheism?
While looking for water Juan Comodoro found petroleum, he became rich...but died of thirst.?
What is your greatest fear?
Is everything a figure of your imagination?
Butterfly wings and erosion?
what are three things you can't live without?
Where is the best place to hide a dead body?
Moral Dilemma!?
Your opinion on this?
Is it difficult for people to stop displaying favoritism?
What is the Cult of the Dead Cow?
What are some other things I should add to my "to do" list before I kill myself?
Connecting happiness to the human function and to virtue?
who is more intelligent - a girl or a boy?
Could this situation be possible ?
what to do if you feel split in half?
Why is being "conceited" considered a bad thing?
Has our materialist world changed the concept of success?
If ultimately we are all going to die,Why were we created in the first place?What is the purpose of our lives?
what are the four positions on the existence and nature of universals/archtypes?
Is this statement considered a slippery slope (philosophy definition)?
the world is going to end! ! !?
What would happen if everything became computerized?
How do get the local Golden Dawn Adepts to email me.?
In what way is Kant’s categorical imperative different from The Golden Rule? Explain your answer fully.?
Does diggries values more than knowledge?
left justification versus full justification which is better?
what is the goal of dating and intimate relationships?
For what can be above the man who is above fortune?
You die tomorrow. What would u like as an epitaph?
What would be the title of your life story?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this word?
Are dreams an unconscious architect of our hidden creativity?
I want to learn how to meditate?
Write any one philosophical sentence or word which describes you....?
What did I do to deserve this?
God or Karma??
when wil our earth come to an end?
How is a teacher different from a preacher?
What are these symbolized statements?
was plato socrates' philosopher or the other way around?
What is the meaning of this ?
I need help with IMMANUEL KANT, i need help ,anybody knows anytihng about him?
What is the meaning of life, the, universe, and everything?
How could you measure how much you happy?
Would we live in peace without desires?
is it ever wise to put all your eggs in one basket?
why bad things resembles more to good peoples? what is the remedy for it?
What do you think Henry Dunant's personality was like?
what would you buy if you had the money?
Do you think that you deserve better treatment than your current state....?
Can communication come off as a chess game sometimes? Even if Im just a listener. I notice?
What would a utilitarian say about surrogacy?
whos is the voice on the zen tapes on the show "life"?
Where is the best place in the world to live in and why :)?
Is verbally & emotionally abusive partner better than no partner?
Who wins in today's world:beauty or brain?
I can't connect with people - is this normal?
What is your vision of Utopia (a perfect world/society?)?
Define 'loser' in as many contexts as you think of.?
What you know about that?
who are the academic critics of Reproductive cloning?
I have nothing that drives me in life, like I have no passion for anything.?
If God told you that you will lose everything tomorrow, except your health, what would you do?
Metaphorical question...?
What brings joy to your life?
why is building muscle decrease your life expectancy?
What are the main similarities and differences between Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates?
Does anyone know how to create a fictitious profile of a leader? Is there a template available?
is it true that life begins at 40?
How do you keep from crawling in your skin?
Why would you want to be "born again" when you could remain a free-thinking grown up individual?
what's your indulgence?
Where do you think the universe began. Where iwll it end?
Will the human race destroy it's self?
Is the office psychopath happy to fan rumours ?
What do you Need from Your potential partner?
Career advice re my interests and my unrealistic Dream jobs?
Fluorine-18, which has a half-life of 110 min, is used in PET scans.?
Do you ever just really despise life?
Which kinds of stories often read or hear about in "local news"? why people like to keep up with it?
wat does it take to make something of yourself? to be your own person?
If you had a role model when you were a kid, who was it?
can u tell me the address of god?
im asking what love in god made her make the evil one ...?
how come..............?
Derrida, performative language and belief?
What do you enjoy more? Something you can touch OR something that can not be touched?
Is there an effective glucometer out there that doesn't require you to prick your fingers or doesn't hurt?
What is the most beautiful thing in the world?
Help on my philosophy paper?
How do I process this? :/?
Where can I download Space Odessey 2010?
Is utilitarianism the same as societal welfare?
What is the ultimate norm or ground of distinction between right and wrong?
What would you ask for if u are granted a boon?
How Can I Build Self Esteem and Improve My Life?
I feel like life is too long to live?
Where can I find a website that gives philosophical terms that are easy to understand?
philolophically speaking, is philosoraptor a bird of pray?
What really is love? An Illusion?
thomas more Utopia? need some information :)?
can God create a stone that will be too heavy that he will not be able to carry?
As not only the richest female in the world, but also the most beautiful, could u have anything u want?
what are ancient texts or ideas used today for advice and guidance today?
Do u agree with my opinion?
Is hatred pointless in your opinion?
What Stages could we do?
Do you get more done on Wednesdays or is it just another day?
Do you get tired of thinking?
Do you think the 'lost left socks' dimension really exists?
What is the purpose of life? What's the point?
Why am I this way (I feel so guilty about it)?
What do u love/hate most about life as a human being on Planet Earth?
Discussion Question Ideas?
A superior race that believes it is inferior, How dumber can humans get?
Does It Hurt To Be Smart?
How do you find peace of mind when you are upset?
How science/philosophy/religion overlap? Y/A is @ asking questions & encouraging others 2 think/research/talk?
What's the meaning of love?
What is your most painful memory? Were you a victim of circumstance then, or did you create the problem yourse?
Can you give me some info on Ralph Waldo Emerson?
what is certain conscience?
Which traits of Nietzsche's philosophy were adopted by the nazis in order to concoct their 'weltanschaaung' ?
do you spend much time wondering who you are?
what is god in real sence?
which saying do you think is truly correct?
Which do you prefer, a perfect sunrise or a perfect sunset?
In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?
Why is it that LOVE is associated more with the HEART than with the MIND?
how do I define a wrong action?
What is your opinion of me?
Conflicting about Work and Personal Life?
What biological question, disease, condition, or phenomena would you love to research? ?
what is the one thing you've learned from life?
what are necessary beliefs derived from rational analysis that contribute to becoming a person?
Why do people still live, when they know someday they're gonna die?
Does continual human progress have an affect on our idea of "free will"?
what is your deepest secret that nobody knows about YOU?
Why is reality a lot more complicated?
If a virus swept though the human race and killed everyone on Earth but you, what would you do?
where can i find links concerened with aesthetics philosophy??
There is no answer. unless you want there to be one?
Philosophy to think about: How do we reach the unreachable, is it possible with forgiveness?
why do we talk??
Should all men be feared as sexual predators?
Please complete this sentence...I am happiest when _______________.?
What came first? Politics or politicians?
Nos Vemos mi amiga.... Dolce Suenos?
Are you the reason God loves you?
Why is Dakota Sweeney refusing to do her own work, so then her soon to be enemy has to do ALL of it!!!!!!!!!!!?
the idea is to dissolve the self....?
How can I support this? -> Rousseau impacted social justice the most?
Why does asking a question in ! answers cost 5 points?
Can I just float through life instead of working hard?
Anyone here prefer suburbs to the city?
Do you believe G-d can do anything? If that is so, Do you think G-d cand create a rock heavy enough that.....?
is there an aesops fable for or some similar piece of philosophical advice for procrastination?
where is your happy place?
Is it possible that we don't even exist?
Why do some people have to suffer more than others?
If tomorrow was your last day alive how would you spend your remaining time on earth?
why will the world end i 2012. people said the world will end in 2000 too. but did that happen ? noooo.?
is it possible for OTHERS to Know you BETTER than you Know YOURSELF?
Does an insult have to have the intent to be insulting for it to be a real insult? Why or why not?
In the quest for life's fulfillment, what role does comfort play?
What do you think?
What would be worse and why: Being face to face with an enraged Siberian Huskey, or an enraged Cheetah?
Someone said deja vu is a past experince , but is it not a sight of what will happen in the future ?
If you had enough money to live a normal life during your whole life, would still work?
For Collins software, was it as though someone confused "inoperable" and "interoperable" ?
Young people under 18 who have made an impact on the world?
Is life boring or is it just mine?
Name one item you desire? (something that will make you happy)?
Why would an Omnipotent, Omniscient & Omnipresent God ever create this imperfect universe & inconsistent life?
Is this a philosophical topic? Quickly!?
I have big dreams, but I can never bring myself to start on them. What can I do to correct this?
What was Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Theory/ philosophy?
where does the word God come from?
Is the end of the world really at the end of 2012?
Why i'm lonely as there is millions of people in the world indeed? Horney..Talk to me Y/a/h/0/0 IM= MellissaSi?
if you could fly or be invisible, which one would you choose? why?
What are the biggest philosophical questions of all time?
what is ur biggest fear?
What are you phobic/fearful off?
If the meaning of life was known,Would you still wanna wake up every morning?
The Neotarian College of Philosophy?
What is the difference between the Descriptive Essay and Narrative Essay?
What is the importance of philosophy in our life and how do you define it?
What is the nature of the universe?
What is beyond perfection?
how do i deal with my getting my feelings hurt?
Does God Have a gender?
Greco-Roman Wreath Meaning?
Hagakure, Book of Five Rings...are the teachings applicable in current times??
Is happiness finite? Is it an on off switch. Does more translate into better, happier. Journey or possessions
what's something that never changes?
If u weren't born rich/wealthy/whatever, what do u plan to do about it?
Is martyrdom admirable?
How do you feel confident without your ego interfering?
What would the world be like eith no usa?? Please be serious!!?
Could i be both a nihilists and existentialist?
How high is your moon?
Would you rather feel hurt than feel nothing at all ?
Is this 1984?
Has anyone made any assignment about plato's devided line(allegory cave) ?
With apologies to Luigi Pirandello, right you are if you think you are?
can a cancer date a virgo?
did the guardians in Pato's republic make the rules? or who made the rules?
The World's Hardest Riddle?
Need help on Philosophy Final! Need help answering these questions Philosophy Majors!?
GOD does care to all muslims,hindus,cristians,nd every person in world than y we dont nd god DONt hav religon!
What is the difference between morality and righteousness?
Does the world really exist , or am I imagining all of this?
ღ What makes you feel powerless?
why is it best to make friends than to be alone?
Caminos separados­­­­­­?
Has telling the truth ever caused you to lie?
What does life want from us?
Is it "right" to punish persons who are hypocritical concerning who deserves a good childhood?
L in the movie3 "change the world" he die?
who creates ''science''?
Why is everything so hard?
Do you think in the future there will be teleportation?
do you believe in religion or evolution?
what is the password to ur heart?
why is there so much stupidity in this world?
What causes people to fear being committed?
Can't I do anything right?
What is your favorite thing about human beings?
Your beliefs will be the light by which you see, but they will not what you see (cont'd)?
What can two rich girls do for fun?
what is the sound of one hand clapping?
MAN IS MORTAL....can u prove this wrong?
Is the disturbed album "indestructible" i good one?
You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.?
what was the best day of your life?
What kind of a proof did Aristotle think was most important?
What is unconditional love? Is it good or bad? Can it be both?
if to ask the question gives the answer?
Kant Vs. Mill? What is the right thing to do according to Kant and Mill?
what happen if all the animal speak, think and drive like human being?
How can we stick to our PLANS and not be affected by current motions??
A is within B. A cannot exist in B's absense. Isn't it impossible for A to cause B?
Is it acceptable if poor hungry people steal food in order to avoid dying of starvation ? ?
wich came 1st, chicken ot CHICKEN egg? for a importent speech, plz contain reson in answer?
we sedate what we dont want to ask about?
With enough intelligence, one could take on the goverment?
what kind of deductive argument form does this quote belong to ?
How you comment this: "Man can do what he wants but he cannot want what he wants.(Schopenhauer)"?
if a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
what makes something funny?
What is something that you find that is thrilling?
Can religion be an addiction too?
Is the human race's destiny an either or question? What happened to optimism?
when will it happen?
Who pressed the button in the "big bang"?
Should we be friends again or not?
Is it true that we will die in the 21st century?
Sometimes, I worry that no matter what I do, I don't get life right?
Why Does It Feel More Real When Im Dreeming Im awake?
can anyone help with Half-Life 2?
If you could receive a sixth sense, what would you want it to be?
What do you think about this thought?
What do you think is Kiekegaard's most valuable work?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....right?
Anyone know of sort of a primer for Phenomenology? A place to start, like Husserl and Heidegger for Dummies.?
Do you have a place you can call "home"?
if revenge is so bad why does it feel so good?
Do you think one day we will populate the universe?
Do you have to know everything?
Financial Aid Question, Help Soon. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If it is all about "Cause and Effect", why can't we predict the future accurately?!?
True or false - Money can buy you Happiness?
What is the meaning of life?
What are the "agents" to describe lebertarianis and determanism in Philosophy?
Does everything happen for a reason? My choice led to a move I didn't expect...?
Which quality do you look for in a friend ?
My friends theory on the Cup half full/half empty?
If you were God how would you end the world?
Was the bible really created from a tribal slave culture, if so are we any different today?
What love means to u ?
Life is not a rehearsal, so what is it?
How would these two selected reading compare to today's United States Government?
My life is a complete nightmare, and I'm a worthless moron. Anyone have any...advice or something?
hindu religion?
what is life?
does god exists ?
Did John Locke convert to Islam?
Since most of the time that the guy is expected to make the first move and approach a female, do you think?
Why does imagination and dreams fade as you age?
Is stealing always wrong?
What are some of the unwritten rules of life...?
What is the most important thing in your life - love, money, health or wealth?
Was St. Thomas Aquinas rich or poor?
Is it not suspicious when all agree on some thing and have similar replies?
is this an example of red herring?
Why do we live life in in the end, all there is is death?
what is the true meaning of life?
What going to happen to me after I die?
Hopping that life is short and joyfull?
Are you the same person today as you were yesterday and will be tomorrow?
Should humans make robots that can rebuild themselves?
can we realize god through an action or without doing any thing?
How does literature reflect civilizations around the world in different time periods?
Why is my bod not the main attraction?
How many innocent IRAQIs have died due to the US invasion?
What makes you smile in life?
New Atheism, your thoughts?
Compare Sartrian existentialism humanism with either Aristotalian or confusion virtue with ethics.?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Can the mind exist without the body?
Must one love in order to respect?
How do you symbolize these propositional sentences?
how can you identify a problem to be without a solution when you haven't tried solving it?
Want your wish to come true?
Why are you so smart?
What are the chracterictis of Gemini?
How could Collins submarine computerization have not run into problems, unless it 1/ had the ability to give..
Can magic mushrooms be found now?
Does Australia exist ?
Reasons to believe/not believe illuminati theories?
Descartes question Meditation on First Philosophy?
socrates clearly broke the law in athens and plato in crito defend the rule of might we reconcil this?
If u are gay and want society's acceptance; must u accept everything society rejects to save u from hypocrisy?
If they had a "Bisexual Pride "day parade-would the parade go both ways?
looking for eastern philosophers in their veiw point?
Which do you think is better, to love and to lose it or never to lose at all.?
do you think we came from apes?
What do you wish there was more of??
Would you accept to relive your life from day one with the same script if offered?
Is death defeatable? How can one defeat death?
Does symmetry imply design?
Give me peace.?
What do you do when you get this feeling?
Why do I keep question life? And myself?
how long is a piece of string?
Are we living to die; or dying to live?
Is Plato's Form located in one's head?
What are the consequences of a nation divided against itself?
What is the meaning of life? in your opinion?
Must someone have to tell you to "Tell the Truth" Before you will tell the truth?
What is the meaning of life if.... LIFE = squareroot of (196*9)?
What if drinking water is slowly killing us?
If Jesus and Budda got into a fight...Who would win ? ?
Do you think someone can live life too fast?
Do you belive, animals should have the same rights as humans?
Who is the stupidest Homer, or Peter?
how does john change in A Prayer for Owen Meany?
is your own freedom dependent on how free you allow others to be?
Suburbs vs city living?
What is anything lies beyond that which we perceive?
what is the difference between people in creation and why we are not equel in sight of some people.?
Nietzsche Quote - He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How?
aristotle most important contribution to ethics?
Is racism a problem in America?
how can we define the term life?
If u could be anything in the world?
why do you think people want to have their freedom ?
What's the most ridiculous thing about teenagers, boys and girls alike?
If you deep down have a "sixth" sense can you describe it?
If subsystems have been designed to be integrated together, wouldn't you imagine their subsystems would?
How many times a day DO YOU think we 'imagine' something?
Outline one attempt to resolve the problem of evil?
What did Hegel mean by this question...?
What philosophical discovery did Wittgenstein make that Kant didn't see?
Mechanically speaking, which is the most simplest form of perception?
why do these young suicide bombers kill themselves and inocent people?
In todays world, is it possible and indeed practical, to be a peacekeeper?
Will you always be curious?
Do you feel old yet?
Will I go to hell?...................................…
Can a person start the life all over again? And how?
So is this really real life, and how do I separate real life from fantasy, illusions, hallucinations.?
They say the universe is expanding, but where is it expanding to?
Question about philosophers?
Is it important to worship something?
Explain the multiple realization problem for the identity thesis. Why is it a problem for the thesis?
Does anyone have bad dreams that seem so real,and why.?
Do you happen to know who said that?
If enough people wanted to join me in creating an egalitarian community all of our own, would you join?
Live fast, and die free, live long, and die content, or use the time allotted to you differently altogether?
Do other people's moods affect your happiness?
Why not commit suicide?
what is the christian view regarding the sequence of existence between body and soul? do they exist simultaneo
life is a game , do u agree or not?
Why is there problem dating someone younger wen 18 its who u wanna be with for life and u only have one life?
Glamis thou art, and Cawdor, and shalt be what thou art promised. Yet do I fear thy nature:It is too full o'th?
Introvert Struggles ?
Machiavelli hoped that..?
What is righteousness? or for that matter, Right??
How can our happiness engerize others emotions?
In your life do you have the courage to step into the unknown?
Is there such a thing as a human body tour?
what is another way of saying: the teacher uses knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media?
Do you like my piece, it's a true story?
two people the same age, one person dies 10 yrs. before the other will they be the same age in heaven?
should one merry or remain single?
Questions on Philosophy and Plato?
Which do you prefer, a perfect sunrise or a perfect sunset?
What is the study of the human mind?
Dont you just hate!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the Reckless Voyage?
example of rhetorical devices on pro life in abortion?
What regrets do you have in your life?
G.E. Moores Argument?
is there a major accident in my life?
What was the most inspirational Quote u've heard?
Are "All Whispers" meant to be "Sweet Nuttin"? Or it's just the mind so clouded to for those who think of?
why is man so materialistic?
What comes first the chicken or the egg?
What do you take away from this parable?
What is that something in man which keeps him going on despite all difficulties and hardships?
Life has no meaning. Nothing truly matters. What would it matter if I died? Does anyone feel the same?
What do you think about Madara's, Tobi's, and Pain's reason that true peace can never be achieved?
What one word carries the meaning of life.?
What role does the term 'natural' play in the Politics? what's right/wrong with such arguments? (continuation)?
Is it possible to forget the person you truly love?
Why does religion usually seek to be hegemonic?
Do you understand this?
would you rather be a PIANO or a GUITAR?
If you could describe yourself using 4 objects or less what would they be and why?
ARE MOST PEOPLE STARVING AT THE BANQUET OF LIFE? Are they just not getting all that they should in this world?
Is there anyway to become or appear shorter?
What's The Matter With You?
do u believe in "eye for an eye?"?
help with philosophy homework.?
what will be in heaven?
Are intelligent or dumb people more likely to be happy?
Are humans sentient life form?
What's the best way to escape from prison?
What is the meaning of life?where do we go when we die energy can not be destroyed.?
there is joy in work.There is no happiness except in the realization the we have accomplished something.?
Is it better to go through life with low expectations?
What is curiosity, I'm curious? Why are some people so much more curious than others?
Is the narcissistic leader on a computerization project duplicitous, leech-like, slimy ?
Is that you?
Why does God take people away from us?
what is freedom?
Kant vs Aristotle : using happiness as a criterion of morality?
Discuss the differences between philosophies and theories. How does one affect the other?
What is the meaning of life other than ice cream?
If necessity is the mother of invention, what do you wish were invented?
when will humans understand that they are useless meatbags who are programmed to reproduct and subsist?
do you beleive on one God?
Would you rather be LOST IN LOVE or BLIND IN FAITH?
what is the meaning of life?
what is life?
What is 42 and why do people keep answering "what is the meaning of life" with the number 42?
Can we have a little sense of humor in life ?
What is the story behind your name?
HUM100 Question...Please help?
How can i succsess in my life life?
What is James Mill's Philosophy?
Is my status at risk......?
Whats the difference between bringing your children up to be martyrs, or athletes and rappers?
How is it something so simple has so easily been forgotten?
Is money the root of all evil?
Which animal seems like a philosopher (in looks, manners etc.) full of wisdom?
What are the 8 characteristics of life?
what is the meaning of ism?
what does para mean for example paramedic?
Does god have a religion?
Kant's take on necessary connection?
philosophy help ! ASAP ! ! !?
I have not seen the muslim cartoon in question,is there any place to veiw it to form an opinion?
why are we taught or indoctrinated to be afraid of death?
I used to be happy...?
If past bully from school came into your place of work how would you behave?
What is the difference between faith and hope?
Are they in jail yet?
is it possible to find the universal truth given to the fact that we may have different views?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the criterion of religions?
the matrix ...ideas and themes?
Looking for a Meditation Tape?
What is happiness to you?
Help could this be the real thing ?is it love ...?
Should I do Porn?
What is your greatest frustration or regret in life?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
How do people feel about Nazis?
Isn't Atheism a belief?
why there is greater amount of "Bad and Evil" in the society?
Do they have such a thing as Sparknotes for Philosophy?
Will you please explain Aristotle's concept of moderation with example and sources?
nothing is actually something is it not?
Did God create man or did man 'invent' God ?
What does this vision mean?
Why are humans the scum of the earth?
Is Santa Claus real?
Why does God allow evil in the world?
What is a swirly fetish?
Chandogya Upanisad and Atman?
Why God is silent? Are we unworthy to see Him?
If you had the opportunity to see your future, would you?
Can someone list which fallacies were used during the firstor other two presidential debate of 2012?
What modern philosophies have overtaken Existentialism?
Degrassi- Craig Philosophy?
Why do God created human if all he want us to do is worship him? is that kind of selfish as a God?
St Thomas Aquinas homework help?
What does it mean when someone says that someone lacks?
Much Ado About Nothing...?
What does Socrates mean by this?
Describe a time when someone took credit for something that you did?
Why do people PRETEND to be something they’re not? If they would like to be better –which is natural-, why...?
What is your world view?
For a system such as Collins how would you know that the system works, for all test cases ?
What are you really proud of?
Are we nothing more than characters in a bad novel, who are experiencing a simulation of real life?
PREVENTION is always better than CURE, but is there a way to prevent a BROKEN HEART?
How can there be no reason for our and the universes existence if we do exist?
can someone tell me what these forms of philosophical argument?
how does dogen zenji in shobogenzo answer the question what is education?
philosophy help needed Great gasby?
Is philosophy interesting?
Atheists, please respond? Christians please comment?
Is emotional freedom technique [EFT] easy to learn?
Is suffering important for you to get some sort of enlightenment?
i have some problems how can i get relax am not able get relax my self?
How does someone live-in examination?
They say that, "good things come to those who wait," how is this possible?
How do I make peace with this person?
how can you be a animal rights actives and wear leather shoes and eat hamburgers?
Can a boy and agirl be friends?
Is WHY one of the top ten words in any language???
I think I might be "The One." How do I know for sure?
What kind of place this world would have been if girls were not around?
r we living true life?
Do you have a secret that your not going to tell me?
Is too much of a good thing bad for you?
Which makes people act more foolishly - love or hate? Why?
Existentialism views freedom as...?
here is a concept on right and wrong...?
What would happen if you tied a lot of helium balloons to a cute baby elephant?
How can I find my identity?
How to logically symbolize this sentence?
Why don't humans treat each other like brothers and sisters?
What happens when a calling becomes greater than fear?
In philosophy how do you break down an arguement into a structured number tree?
I used to be happy...?
If u could change the world in one way what will it be?
Ayn Rand influence in (500) days of summer?
Is innovation disruptive ? Would that have been the problem, if there was a problem, with Collins?
How can the existence of God be fully proved scientifically, without using metaphores?
Examples of Appeal to Ignorance Fallacy in History?
Someone's toothbrush fell into the toilet, should they just wash it off ?
Discuss in detail one of Aquinas' Five ways of God existance. ?
do computers have much impact on ur life?
if God created us..Who created God?
What is something you truly believe in ?
What if you could Look 10 seconds into the future?
Sayings or adages of today that relate?
How does greed seperate us from animals?
what is one octeta? how is it used in todays world?
What are the 3 best things about your significant other?
What is the essence of music?
Why don't humans treat each other like brothers and sisters?
man made god not god made man ! ur thoughts ??
What can i do to help myself?From young i always beign bullied in school now i become no confidece at all?
what are special issues in ethics?
Normal everyday life more Excessive or Deficient ?
Agree or Disagree : Eyes are the mirror of a person's soul ?
Is Plato's Cratylus the only thing he's written about his theories on language?
Philosophy of Marriage : Should conjugality and sociality go parallel? To what extent?
What proof does John Stuart Mill suggest there is that utilitarianism is the right ethical code?
Why do you think this gender difference exists?
In your opinion, do you think these are the two hardest things to do in life?
Name 5 female philosophers, please?
What is an example of 'Paramorphism"?
Seniors use to cheer up the youths & shout:MOVE, MOVE, MOVE,,,.But a few people know when & how to stop, agree?
How do you think to operate, at your level, to help us to not destroy the earth?
Why is my best friend nice all of a sudden?
Is it better to give or to receive in your opinion?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the best way to live life to the fullest?
Where is God came from?
Do you believe that when you die that life is over?That there is nothing?
What is the difference between humiliating oneself and making fun of oneself?
Is life really that simple?
What is 'God'.............?
What do you think is the biggest problem with the world today?
Did you ever meet someone, who profoundly changed your life. ?
Why do we worry so much about the end of the world but not how we pollute the land,water and air?
Kant and Mill: How important is happiness in determining the morality of an action?
Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
Would you want to live in a world without suffering?
Who cares about Hegel anywho?
what do you think about 'Doctor'?
What last made you smile?
Describe a empty tropical beach?
How do you show mercy or forgiveness to an enemy who has shown you nothing but pain and disrespect?
long term effects of the enlightenment period?
What would eternal life be like in the end?
Alfred Camus Quote Help?
What does it mean to live each day like it's your last?
If you found out the meaning of life, would you share it for free,?
as i GROW with my QUESTIONS, do you GROW with your ANSWERS?
I want to find the original text of a story somewhat like the following?
German Scholar Max Muller regarded Hindu Philosophy as?
Smart people only....?
if you could send an EMAIL to your PAST self when you were still 16, what would be your MESSAGE?
What's the biggest unanswered question of them all?
What is Marx’s perspective on historical change? How is this different from the likes of Machiavelli?
How the tragic effect is strengthened by starting the book with the end ?
Is this an effective visual argument?
Does anybody think that Wally is wrong about the benefits of collective knowledge?
Do you tend to like people who resemble you?
Interesting Question??
What does God look like to you?
Which proof of Descartes is this?
Do animals have a theory of mind? ?
What would a world of this look like?
__________ takes TIME?
who is the greatest person in the world???
Are you who you think you are?
Do you think life is really worth living???
will everyone who is not a christian go to HELL when they die?
What is something you WILL NOT put up with?
what is the purpose of living life?
If you learnt (somehow) that your life is completely deterministic, what would your reaction be?
"To know is to know that you don't know." How would you interpret this?
Anyone looking for someone to swap-bodies with for experimentaion?
Will we be related????
What is success??? What's The Defination Of Success?
How can I argue the Paradox of Inquiry which is "you cant inquire into the known or unknown?
is it ok to cheat if you have been cheated on?
What's wrong with a woman's right to choose an ABORTION?
If there'd been a con man working on a computerization project such as Collins, would there be a mountain of..
Is stoicism the closest philosophy for seeking pain over pleasure? Why do some choose pain over pleasure other?
What is the Worst TRAGEDY in LIFE?
What are your personal views regarding Sartre's Existentialsm is a Humanism?
would it be possible for the world not to end anytime soon?
If the physical world is an illusion, then what decides that it should look the way it does?
Is there a philosophical reason why......?
Loved and lost, or never loved?
what's happiness?
If saving the human race required the sacrifice of yourself and everyone you love . .?
critique on this staement by earnest hemingway?
how would you spend your last dolar ?!?
Do you believe in the concept of a 'soul mate'?
When is the right time to make peace with yourself and others?
Kants theory????????
Do you think GOD is neither good nor evil?
What does this (Clive Barker, movie) quote mean to YOU?
What's the difference between a realist, & idealist?
My questions?
Was the universe created or did it grow like everything in it?
Would you rather join a group playing Dungeons & Dragons or one playing poker for money?
How can I attain total bliss and be full of orange bubbles of happiness?
What was Descart evil genius” skepticism and the kind of knowledge claims it is intended to call into question?
When is it ok to play the bad guy/girl? Or is it just wrong?
what is the kind of logical fallacy called where you...?
what do blacks and basketball have in common?
Is the following true or false?
Where's me washboard? Eh? Have you seen it? Where's me washboard?
Have you made a new life for yourself ?
what is the difference between the difference and the discrimination?
what if you punch the person that tells you that free will doesn't exist?
what is love? how do you define it?
Would you give your life to save the life of someone you love?
In today's world what is the value of human life?
How do u THINK? Do you question the validity of what most will say is FACT?What do you think may be lie(s)?
God Give to Men- Arna Bomtemps?
Aristotle's Efficient Cause?
Is tomorrow really end of the world?..?
Does God Exist? Give me irrefutable prove or logic?
Do you believe in magic?
Are you who you think you are?
Who will have a more fulfilling life, a person with self-discipline or a person with a good education?
How can we know things?
What is the exact purpose of a rubber duck?
Is there a good online forum about psychology, philosophy or cognition?
what is the meaning of 'Zelika'?
If you could only speak/write 3 words in your life, what would it be?
What philosophical tradition/ school advocates the use of informal logic as a better tool than formal logic?
Does living for longer matter?
party for girls?
Do you believe this quote is true: "Doubt means don't"?
what if my question is more than 110 characters, will people be able to see it all below or will they skip it?
how can i be fell happy with out my loved one honey?
God flicks a switch, and the laws of Mathematics no longer apply. What happens next?
Ask them this 1 question, are they T one who ‘knows’ OR are U T 1 Hu ‘Doesn’t”.?
Can the Standard Model accommodate Gravitation?
If a strawberry was made out of wood, when would the nearest policeman come to take out the splinters?
I feel like I'm wasting my life?
You are given a mission to not accept any missions. Do you accept this mission?
What is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom?
What should I use Indeed rather than certainly?
If it is all about "Cause and Effect", why can't we predict the future accurately?!?
Which informal fallacy is this video of?
What are reasons not to wash? such as "I was forced as a child" etc?
what is this history of the modoc myth?
What do you think about Deepok Chopra in the philosophy category?
Can you think about an endless universe without it boggling your mind?
Ralph waldo emerson " self reliance" what is the main argument?
is it really possible to die of a broken heart?
If you could fly ...?
how to spend an hour usefully?
What is the meaning of "BIG BANG REFORMS"?
Can someone help me with a philosophy question?
Abortion should be granted on demand.Discuss?
How would a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes study the Collins software ?
friendship means?
Have any famous philosophers had muses?
Should prostitution be legalized in all 50 states?
human beings are fundamentally... boccaccio(finish the statement)?
what is the best way to live your life answers community?
why can some people fogive and others can not,,,?
ethical relativism help please?
are you happy when you get what you want?
How come God has always been portrayed in the public arena as a man?
what is the philosophy about LUV letters?
Do All Your Answers Here...Depict The 'Real' You?
Please tell me, What do you think about the extra Dimension? maybe we live in the dimension of Light&Shadows?
What is the difference between spirit, mind, and soul?
What does the subatomic world look like?
If you knew you were to die tommorrow what will you do be doing now ?
What is the meaning of life? ?
is there a deliberate attempt to ruin all good in life so people who can't see it don't feel left out?
Do you think...maybe...sometimes....this site holds us down? That perhaps to let go...would be to move forward?
What kinds of behaviour is perfect with unknown people in public places?
really less than 100 day till the world ends?
Tell me something you LOVE but has to LET GO of?
kant vs. hume and social contracts?
Do you believe that people who drive slower than you are idiots, while people who drive faster are maniacs?
Is happiness contagious? Why/why not?
Do you think that one day all countries will became one and everybody be united and work together?
What will make a human being completely satisfied?
If a tree fell in the forest and there was no one there to hear its fall, did it make a sound?
Would you be willing to give up sex for five years if you could have wonderfully sensual and erotic dreams?
If you could bring one famous person back from the dead who would it be?
What does John Rawls mean by social contingencies and Natural chance?
what are you most concern about when you grow old?
How did we get into our body and not someone else's?
Which form of knowledge do you best trust?
What's the meaning of life?
Hegelian conceptualisation of the object?
do good things come to those who wait?
Kripke opens his paper "IDENTITY AND NECESSITY" by posing the question, how are contingent identity...?
Do you truly believe there can be world peace?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
Why is it not right to judge someone knowing we aren't all given the same advantages in life?
What is the meaning behind your full name ?, are you happy with it ?,?
what comes to your mind if i say....?
help with philosophy. . .help with philosophy. . .?
which is important money,love or intellegence?
Buvaisar Saitiev uses this as his philosophy, but what does it all mean?
what happens to earth if humans get eliminated?????
Who is the best moral philosopher among the three? St. Tomas Aquinas, E. Kant, or Dietrich von Hildebrand?
relationship between human resources management and other functional department in an enterprises?
What is (specifically) Heidegger's concept of Dasein?
Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?
What is postmodernism?
Greek philosopher that wrote of a world populated by two beings in one body, split apart by the gods?
What do you believe?: Are you the man dreaming he is a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming he is a man?
What's the most painful experience you've ever had?
What is the nature of evil?
What is the meaning of life?
Is it wrong to wish or want a financial windfall?
Emotions, are they innate?
what is the cost of men to?
Symbolize the sentence "Exactly one of the three will go"?
Do humans yearn for a conclusion?
Give me one good reason i shouldnt killl myself?
Why is 'freedom of disposition ' important to capitalism?
In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
When will the world come to an end?
Do you think the war in Iraq is because of oil or God's devine plan?
Wouldn't it be amazing if you always had just the right words?
Why didn't people like John Locke?
Is there some sort of isomorphism beween points with coordinates (5,0) and those at (3,4) ?
Can you compare and contrast the views Plato and Descartes had on Rationalism?
Is this all there is to life?
how is philosophy related to chemistry?how to correlate these two different fields of knowledge ?
Can emotional goodness find happiness in the kitchen?
who was Elizabeth?
How can the finite come from infinity?
How long should I spend on an A-level RS question?
How do you think to operate, at your level, to help us to not destroy the earth?
do you dream every night, do you almost always remember them like me?
whose philosophical account of explanation is best?
Is time man-made or not?
what courses can i take while doing analytical philosophy?
"I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world" .?
why does sadness stay for longer than happiness..?
Why do we use words when they mean nothing?
"Your beauty is your personality"?
What is Newtonian Utilitarianism?
No Justice from AP police is there anybody in this world who can do justice for a poor girl?
Does Daniel Goldhagen support cultural relativism?
what, in life makes you happy, that arn't other people?
Where do you see yourself a year from now? What changes are you hoping to see... if any?
If I don't exist, then how do I know that you don't exist?
For ten points who knows what is the meaning of life?
Can you please SIGN this Petition? It is for the Well Being of a Freedom Fighter's Family? Noble Cause...?
If someone betrays us once, can they betrays us again?
Can introverts enjoy going to parties?
what would be the worse thing?
What does a philosopher do?
Could the following exist?
Where life starts,where it ends?
What's the first thing you'll do after you die?
why US always love to be number 1?
way of self happiness or satisfaction?
Why do people talk to me?
If you could, would you live forever?
how true is this, women like everything m, like money and make up and maskara talk about men and marriage?
what ıs the purpose of my life?
Is it ethical to set fire to people I don't agree with them?