can you give some information on some good site to get the philosophy of matrix- the movie?
Does anyone have the right to deprive others of their rights?
What's more important? Making money or making yourself happy?
Can you go with the flow?
What are some moral issues that are not obvious ones?
What & who is God?
People are often proud to have such huge corporations in their country...?
Does Money equal Happiness?
The use of torture, what are your views?
what is an example of a "platonic theme"?
Who do you think is smarter than you?
Was the code being written for the Collins computerization project minutely appropriate ?
If technology could change your sight, would you be bad if you changed how your spouse looked?
can you tell me why somepeaple have green eyes?
what would make your life better?????
answer only if you're familiar with crito/socrates and martin luther king letter.......?
what significance is a "burning Cross" associated with the KKK?
What do you believe are the greatest barriers to world peace?
What is the point of morality according to utilatarianism? What is diff. between act and rule utilatarianism?
If a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one around to hear it, and it hits a mime, does anyone care?
Does "PERFECT" randomness (if possible) apply to Real Life, or do physical boundary conditions effectively ..?
Do you think one day we will populate the universe?
If you could change one thing?
If all the people in China moved one inch to the left, would the world tip over?
Epictetus on freedom and justice?
when talking about drug abuse, why do people say "they're JUST escaping reality"?
Do the questions on ! Answers prove how vain the human race in general is?
what you think about destiny ?
Who is more at fault the person who proposes they do something wrong or the person who accepts that proposal?
Is Love a Weakness or Strength? ?
10 Points for the best and most sincere answer!!!?
Do you like it when it rains?
is the joke or what ese let me tell you...?
Some people dont believe in ghost. That's true but do ghosts believe in people?
People at Philosophy: How often do you visit R&S?
when is secret girlfriend starting up again the show?
Whats Humanism????help!?
Why is there anything and not nothing?
is there life after death, or a "different way of "living"?
Do you owe your parents anything?
God loves you, so why don't you love Him, or do you?
Do you think that enlightenment is equated with Sainthood?
If ignorance is bliss then why?
would there be less hatred if we where all colour blind?
Should we be quick to judge OURSELVES, and much much MUCH much MUCH much slower to judge Others.?
What's Your Definition Of Evil?
Do you believe there is a cure for Love????
Kant's murderer at door from a virtue theorist's point of view?
How can we ascertain the good?
If you could name a flower after someone?
Are my reasons valid to prove I'm no team jumper?
Can perfection be improved?
the time of this doesn't seem right, can someone explain?
SERIOUS QUESTION GUYS! What is your opinion?
what doe each stage in the allegory of the cave mean?
is being reborn a sayin or an actual event!!??
is it difficult to become a philosophy professor?
what is the Spiritual Realization is the future Global Language of Earth Humanity?
can we realize the truth this lifetime?
Explain Edwin H. Sutherland's "Dramaturgical Approach" theory?
Do the means justify the ends?
what is Kieslowski's Decalouge 1 about?
how can i be sad for other people when theyre sad?
Was there a budget for Collins ?
What is your earliest event of life you remember. how old you was then?
What is the meaning of life?
How to let a drop of water not to be dry?
If you knew you had one week to live, what would you do?
Is it better to start with no hope, or have hope and be let down?
Has Quine had an inordinate influence on academic philosophy in the U.S.?
What is the mad monkey mind in Zen?
how would you rather never have met?
The Republic-Plato? Please please please HELP! PLZ!?
In philosophy, what is the problem of the real/external world?
4 aspects of view according to religion::Which do you agree?
What are Kant's merits in your opinion?
How can I get something for nothing?
Is metta world Peace the dirtiest player since Bill Laimbeer ?
What are the chances of people using spell checker before submitting questions?
How might it feel to be a champion of want?
what will you do if the end of the world will be next week?
i just came home,i'm so drunk n i cant understand a single question nor an answer!i have to work tomorrow?
Is it "moral" to plot against people to engineer their downfall?
Is money the root of all evil?
A question about time and consciousness?
Why do we have weeks?
Why was Atlantis as a whole destroyed and not just the people?
What is an interesting paradox?
does god really exsist ? why cant everyone be happy ?
Do you believe in heaven and hell, if so what is your idea of either?
What should you do when you have lost all hope in humanity?
do you think there are some people who will never be loved?
Is it possible to hate yourself?
if i say no to sex dose that mean that i hate her?
What is your heaven like?
What does it mean to be a man? What is life? What is poetry? What is music? What is virtue?
do we have our own heaven?
If you could go back in time and ask one question...?
What techniques does John Lennon use in his song imagine. e.g. imagery?
You know what would be awesome?
Here's a moral question for you. Who will you decide to save and WHY??
if time is money and everything has an oppsite why cant we buy more time?
I'm trying to think of a quote by a Chinese philosopher, about how we're naturally self-centered because we..?
Is there an icloud for androids?
delying/not doing one's own works at the same time exellently doing others work - the (ab)normality is called?
If we are having doubts about something,does that means the Left side of the brain is fighting the Right side?
Why doesn't This Feel like a Relationship Please Advice?
Why do people believe in god?
Why does a society which espouses intellectual pluralism discourage the mere study of Marxism?
What is more important, the actually good one does or the intentions/motives behind good actions?
If you could be transformed into any animal for one day...?
do you always learn from your first mistake?
Is there anything in the world more cheesier than cheese?
What is Philosophy?
Whats the deepest, most philosophical thing you can say about a broken chair?
What could I do...?
In 2012 IF the world does end what would your reaction be?
is ramarpalam was built by god rama?
Is it cool to be yourself these days?
Should I believe on my sunsign?
which one would u prefer? special someone or someone special? why?
when am i supposed to be a grown up? im 26..?
what does "the world's a tough sort of place at best; that's how i look at it" mean?
What does this Nietzsche quote mean?
Would you rather be rich and friendless, or poor and happy?
What does anything mean without considering it in relation to something else?
what is life?
A question of semantics - Can a statement be clear without being specific?
Is there such a thing as a transhumanist girl?
What would you consider the most important virtue in life?
What has been the happiest moment of your life?
describe your self!?
How could we know if said right does this be sane or keep destroying what it makes if it does sound like?
How does Plato's Worldview Compare to Aristotle’s Worldview?
Is there such thing as perfection?
Similarites of Kant and Kierkegaard in regard to the importance of faith?
Love... This is my song.. What is yours?
what are marx's 4 estrangements?
What comes to your mind when you seeing "Sunrise" and "Sunset"?
Hi All :) .. WHAT or WHO in your life DEFINES YOU as a PERSON?:D?
Roses are beautiful but why girls like smell of bikes? Thickness of money?
What happens to a proud gene pool when it is forced through generations of indignant existance?
i found out my self very hard to say no for what people ask from me, is their any medicine?
What's difference between notion, concept and construct?
What is your take on how humans got here???
ok...this is a tough one... " Why"?
Give one reason for your happiness?
Does the book "Collins Class Submarine Story: Steel, Spies and Spin" allude to whether there was a failure to
What is the meaning of life?
if HEAVEN is a PLACE on EARTH, would it be open to the PUBLIC?
Aristotle's Political Philosophy?
Is Contemplation the most important thing? Whys is contemplation the most important thing?
If 2 gay guys raise a child how should he refer to his parents, as mom or dad?
What could make you wish that you live forever?
Name one thing that opened your mind?
I can't find the desire to want somethig really badly?
What would likely happen to a safety-critical system being developed if a mind-blowingly inappropriate person ?
What is normative ethical subjectivism?
What are your opinions on Einstein's statements that...?
Do you believe in equivalent exchange?
Causality vs choice?? Philosophy questions?
Is 12/21/12 really the end of the world?
Why does my life f**kin suck?
What is the meaning of life?
I feel soo empty inside what to do?
What keeps you in line?
As you age, does your attitude change to allow you to pass on peacefully?
if you know what you know and know what you dont know what else is there to know?
What is real genius.?
Can one be considered selfish due to their words and not just their actions?
Can you tell me a COUNTRY whose name starts with the letter "D"?
Do you agree with Kim Stanely Robinson?
What is the meaning of life? In your opinion?
Why do some people hate R&S section?
What % of russia believe in God?
If GOD is the creator of all, then how he was created?
Do you believe there is life after death? Explain.?
Does existentialism preclude or pervade religion?
What is the only thing which will comes along with us until our last breath?
Does this make sense ..........?
If there is no proof of god, why do we believe that god exists?
Why is it that so many want to make women out to be so wicked when?
what is god?
What did Parmenides say really exists, and why?
What should we follow if the heart and the mind are in conflict........?
Do you think more clearly using a word processor?
How would I explain the first formulation of the Categorical Imperative?
How to argue for/against semi-compatibilism?
If you were to admit the one thing you constantly delude yourself about, what would it be?
why cant life be peaceful with no troubles around?
Is thought the highest wave form energy?
Why does life have to be the worst thing in the universe?
Is the Gospel of Judas a piece of a whole pie missing from the works in the bible?
what do u know about misanthropy? ever experienced it?
What kind of people you try to avoid?
Why is life worth anything?
Which philosophers speak of the relationship between nature and science?
how did moral and ethical principles in Judaism influence the modern world?
What is happening to trees in today's society?
Question about the "Unstoppable" Retreat?
Was Collins submarine project secretly outsourced, so that the planned layers of protection no longer existed?
What is the very first assumption that every quest of knowledge must make?
Why do I have to be human?
Is love a state of mind or does it truly exist?
ABORTION QUESTION for you to ponder???
Love life problem...?
What do you say to unwanted telephone solicitors?
You ready to use your imagination ver 2.0?
In Eudaimonia how does Aristotle conclude that the superior activity of the gods is the activity of study?
How do you stop loving something that's only brought you sadness?
Do you believe that we are in the end of days?
Which is more important: asking questions or answering them? Why?
Does Richard have a life?
Can I actually do anything with my passion for logic?
Aliens?? yes or no??
why is there a universe?
Is the philosopher Roderick Chisholm a character in fiction?
Hows to define wuts is between the reality and fantasies?
should I have a God?
What is Aristotle's doctrine of the mean 10 points!?
Give a personal example of a reality assumption and a value assumption?
Why must reality and ideals sit so far apart?
how does aristotle's unmoved mover move things?
Why is it okay to eat animals?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
Does knowing you can not do certain things regarding your personal goals hurt?
Is there any hope for this world?
White People, who you fooling?
Is this a question?
how do you save your parents marriage?
challenging my reality part 1?
Why is the world based on looks?
Would you help a parent who mistreated you?
If there was a fire in your house what 3 material goods would you remove and why?
if a car travels at the speed of light and you turn on the head light can you see the light?
Is this a good example of the prisoner's dilemma?
Why doesn't a psychic just step up to the plate and accept Randi's challenge?
When does point of reference begin?
In war and love it is allowed everything?
Where does the soul of an Atheist go after he dies?
If the rapture has occured, then either some of the cars on the highway will be unoccupied or all the drivers?
What is an Absurd Hero?
Honestly, is life easier for people this way?
Which is more important to you : Your imagination or your knowledge?
What are the three forms of knowledge in John Locke's Empiricism?
Is reality all in our minds?
aside from FOOD, what is the FASTEST way to a man's HEART?
Philosophically speaking, what can you say about guilt trips?
If atheists believe humans evolved from a single cell... where did that cell come from?
Whats the difference between a lie and a story?
What is going through your mind this very second?
Need help with Marxism?
What is the purpose of existence of the universe?
What is trait approach?
Why right answers for wrong questios?
What is the concept of Sarterian Existentialism???
If every invention has an inventor, shouldn't there be a God who invented our world and the whole universe?
What's the difference between morals, values and ethics?
what coleges offer phycology ro phychrisristrist and whih one makes more money?
What makes something/someone beautiful?
why do so many beautiful girls like only handsome boys. why dont they like other slim boyz.?
Will you read a [mildly long] report I wrote and tell me what you like about it, or what you do not?
Why can't we all just get along?
Why do we feel so alone, in a world with billions of people?
What is more important - the past, present or the future?and why?
What is your perception of life?, how do you see life? (question for atheists and theists)?
The Limitations of Language: Ever feel like words aren't good enough???
Where do you think a human goes after his death?
Question about John Stuart Mill and government...?
Give a good pocket book about philosophy discussing its four major branches?
Do you believe in fate?
Does one need to be well versed in the words & thoughts of the Philosophers to have a philosophy of life?
NEED HELP##!!!!!???????????/?
Would a software development organization or project need automated tools that might suggest possible?
Is it better for humanity to be destroyed or let its sins go out to the stars?
define better my subconscious?
What is your interpretation of "Boys will be boys"?
what will you do if the end of the world will be next week?
Abort, Retry, Fail?
Do you know your directions in life?
Who believes in/agrees with cryogenics?
Any psychics good with names?
finish the sentence. i am...............................?
What is the point of being alive, when all we going to do is die?
What was happening in America at the time Behaviorism evolved?
How did Marx view the human being? What was his concept?
what makes us happy and satisfied in life?
what is the theory of evolution?
post modernism or latter-day?
In what sense is the contingency argument a posteriori?
Philosophy Degree in USA?
Does Australia exist ?
Ignorance - what is happening to the world?
Words that warm hearts, and hands that reaches out, how important is this today?
What makes you think you exist?
How do I work on Saturday and Sunday?
what is the love made of?
Why does this happen?
Should all Religon be banned ?
Who wrote the book of genesis?
why did john rawls name his concept the original position?
i just wanted kown who made god?
are there any good counter arguments for determinism?
Objections to Hilbert's term formalism?
What is the "ivory tower," and what's your opinion of it?
do you think everything in life is planned/pre determined?
Was there a devil working in the Collins submarine project ?
"The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility." What do you think?
who are u?
Life is too easy for young people today , they lack challenge and don't have to fight for anything"?
what preserves your sanity in this crazy world?
What is the way to remove tension from the mind ? I have trid very much but everything in vein.?
Do it make sense to ponder "why" 3^3 + 4^3 + 5^3 = 6^3?
What is a soul? Same/different to mind and (sub)conscious?
What is the most important thing in life?
hi,i get .pps files in my email but cant view it because i need a program to view..where can i get from?
Do you think it is UNLOVING to push someone beyond the point they are willing to go?
please help with philosophy hw..?
Can you resist answering this question?
what does kiergaard argue is necessary for any proof of gods existence?
Is abortion murder?
Can you live life without looking for the answer?
What Sartre should I read?
what is the name of supreme power?
What is the philosophy of Relativity..?
If I had £5,000 what would you do to get it?
Why do insecure people turn to evil for satisfaction?
Are men really looking for relationships with women - or do they simply want to play them?
George Berkeley?
i can turn off my emotions!?
I think everyone is greatly motivated by other's approval as we are all motivated by our emotions in this?
From a secular standpoint, what is the point of life?
Is it strange to mentally think that you're apart of a show tune?
how do you deal with harsh people?
Is life black and white?
What is life without true love.?
Do you manage to keep your ego satisfied?
Is the trail you are on now in your life the one you want to take?
How does death influence literature?
What is the meaning of life?
How did descartes destroy his mental foundation?
why we feel insult?
What's with --- "For ADULTS Only"?
Why is noticing the little things in life important?
What drives you to become a better person?
In Aristotle's The Nicomachean Ethics...?
Does eternality exists?
do you like my painting?poll?critizque?
Live and learn about life > school (for now) ?
what greek author wrote the fable the tortoise and the hare?
How thin do you wear your patience?
Humanities Question.....?
What would be some examples of "wasted effort" in life?
PLEASSEEE! Where in the Tao Te Ching is the Zhou dynasty talked about and critiqued?
i find it difficult 2 love someone what do i do?
Can people change?
Can true love happen twice?
Who is the wisest person in the world?
What are the pros and cons of war?
what is life?
What if God Smoked Cannabis?
whats so good about atheism not a trick question i just want to know where your coming from?
The devilfish, tell me what you think.?
How is propositional, formal, mathematical, etc., different to philosophical logic?
Why Only children look forward to getting older and the rest of us wish we could stop time.?
Is your mind really a powerful thing?
Is everything real?
is it ALWAYS true that what goes on in the dark, will come out in the light?
Secret To Happiness?
Why is arctic on the north?What do you think,seriosly?be free to think different?
Alan Cabal said,"Bullshit is creative, inspired myth-making intended to provoke growth..."?
Why does this happen to me?
what is an Erodable Argument?
Do you think maybe we already have freedom, but we just need to truly actualize it?
Is it possible that sooner or later there will be someone who changes everything for the greater good?
What was the First ever Blond Moment?
What is your dream,and how are you going to achieve it?
Do we create our own destiny?
is it possible to recreate the impossible?
could you murder one person if it meant curing cancer?
Explain the distinction between Reductive and Non-Reductive Materialism?
What is Your Reality Like?
Is every wish a selfish wish?
Is there really something in the world which we can call our "own"?
What is the meaning of life!?
Are moral values and virtues the same thing?
When ANGELS Talk what do they sound like?
Why many people can't get enough in a life span?
How often to you talk to God?
Why should we believe for nothing in Rebirth? Beginning with Lord Buddha let us end up with Ma-Mahajnan.?
Is racism necessarily a form of hate?
What do those rasta colors mean?
Do you prefer being PERFECT or just being REAL??
What is Videha mukti ?
What is the best philosophy book?
What is the best sound in the world?
Is the year 2009 the start of the end of the world?
How is Confucius similar to Plato? What similar ideas do they share in terms of government and rulers?
destiny won. now what?
If you had 3 wishes?
Plato's Theory of Ideas and Cavern Allegory?
Whats your biggest flaw?
When you are honest, why people react different?
What do you think you were in your previous life?
What is the origin and purpose of the phrase "Love, Peace and Understanding"?
describe at time that you demonstrated your reliability or integrity at work.?
Why we die one day?
Explain the process behind comparing and contrasting?
Love Survey - Please Help?
Need help understanding Nietzsche's concept of Will To Power?
What is the greatest lie in the world?
What is fear?
what is the meaning of life?
what is amorphous intransigence?
What is your life motto?
How can i escape from possessiveness?
if a mans greatest test in life is a woman, whats a womans greatest test?
Money can't buy happiness but it can certainly rent it for a couple of hours. ???
Is it true that what you want you can't have?
If a God or some sort of designer didn't create the universe then who or what did create the universe?
according nietzsche, is there such a thing as spiritualization of passion?
Are you good at recognizing when it is time to keep your mouth shut?
will there be peace around the world?
How is Psi used in Mind and Body studies?
socrates, republic 580d-583a / 583c-587c?
Is anyone born evil?
Do you trust people who do not like animals? People who hate animals are they good persons?
Would QA people intending to witness demonstrations of software need to proceed to an integration lab or to a?
What is your goal in life?
Is the media the potter?
On a project such as Collins set-to-work of computerized systems, would you expect : "There is already in?
The Stranger - Camus- how is Meursault in bad faith?
what is considered to be thoreau's magnum opus?
Why does the FDA and other agencies seem like they want people "drugged up" on artificial chemicals?
If you could change...?
which life course approach best fits your perception of the emerging adult?
When it comes down to it, are we all just selfish?
what is your greatest fear?
is life an imposition?
in life, is it better to be good or lucky? why?
What is your goal in life?
How to be heard in times when silence is the only way to speak?
Would you rather hear a lie that felt good or a truth that hurt?Are you sure?
Does worry anyone that Paul Ryan has stated his Hero is Ayn Rand?.?
What are the defining factors the separate strength & weakness?
How would i state a thesis for are we free or predestined?
Does conforming to society limit free will?
Who were you?
Was it one of the greatest signs of racism, ever?
What does a philosopher do?
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?
What does the saying "Once a man, twice a boy." mean?
Descartes Meditations quiz?
Most heartbreaks are a factor of love or lust?
What's your philosophy of life?
Do you believe in marriage? Why, why not?
Do you think more about your past,present or future?
Who said, "the world has become my monastery"?
Why is similarity the cause of love?
What is your purpose in Life?
You have 5 days to live...How do you spend those last days?
What kind of place this world would have been if girls were not around?
Is brainwashing/deceiving still bad if the goal is to make them a better person?
how is spring season related to the first stage of life?
what does on ehave to achieve in life?
What one thing makes you truly happy?
What was Matthew Arnold's Philosophy?
I just give up non vegeterian! Have any suggestions?
what was before the time god came in existance?
Forget the chicken..Why did the squirrel cross the road?
who is God?
How can I fight the System "DFC", on getting my babies back? My ex-boyfriend lied to get our child and he won.
What is YOUR favoite quote?
Does freewill exist?
what is the nature of nature?
whats your greatest ever mistake in life?
What book can you suggest on Metaphysics?
Is there a postmodern way of writing computer programs ? Derrida believed "What's written is put together from?
Is God really there??If yes, why doesn't he syop the injustice????
What is your opinion on popular culture...?
why do people seem to be insistent on asking the same question?
Point of making plans?
Do you belive in god? I mean do you think it's nessecary to belive in god or no?
What is the most meaningful thing a person can do?
A question regarding Nietzsche....?
What is something you never are without?
Over my head--disillusioned by the oppression of society,facticity,and the finality of one life.advice please?
how would someone represent sanity? Is there a special symbol or tangible object that can represent it?
Why do some people want to have children?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Hi All;) .. If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be and why?;D?
Love is earnestly received, given or felt, with philosophical views?
What secondary objectives compliment the prime directive?
What is most beautiful thing in life?
Do you fear death?
summarry of philosophy and the matrix?
where do we go after death?
What should I do to be happy?
In The Nature of Our Reality?
Whitch is greater? The divvy or the gather.?
Why are some people blocking in Philosophy? So curious?
Life is a long pain which everyone loves?
What are Callicles declarations about human passions and desires?
Philosophy by the hand: The surround sounds of ups and downs and twist and turns, how do we control this truth?
opinion about converts from islam?
I basically need another way of saying, "my world will fall apart"?
will the world end in 2012????
What would the world be like without advocacy, and why is it important?
If life had a reason...?
who is your inspiration......?
did god created us or we created god?
Do the clothes make the man?
If "Time" were a liquid...what kind would it be?
It's your funeral?
Studying Philosophy/ Medicine in an Asian Country?
if God is almighty, is he a woman and a black man and lesbian and gay and straight altogether???
Why do we listen to sad songs?
Where do you draw the line between prejudice/stereotype and statistical fact?
As You drive you will develop the ability to estimate?
God is imaginary? is it true? is it the world's best optical illusion?
Why there is injustice on this world ?
Can you describe yourself in one word?
chicken's or eggs one was first but whitch one?
Why do I have no emotions?
Can kind of philosophy rests under your bed?
without words show me how you feel?
william james pragmatic theory of truth?
i want to take over the world! where should i start!?
What will be your first reaction if a stranger of your own age comes and slaps you for no reason?
Who thinks the World is about to end.?
What are the chances of winning 500 million dollar lottery by buying 200 million dollars of tickets?
love??? what is your opinion?? mine..? love at its finest :)?
What is "NOT" the meaning of life?
man looses his humanity if he stops to be productive(personal reaction)?
Hw can god be serve properly?
our son has some questionable charracter which my spouse and i dont like, how can we change him for good?
Socrates considers himself to be a philosopher. What does that mean? What does a philosopher do?
Why do humans have so many negative traits? how can we overcome them? is it even possible to overcome them?
Utopia by Thomas more?
Why do we people strive so much in our life and work like donkeys, when we know in the end we all have to die?
The Death of Congroo will live on through sorrow?
What does it mean when your subconsciouos thoughts come to surface?
if my parents conceived me a day later than they did, would I be the same person?
Did this happen on Collins submarine project ?
What do you think the meaning of Giorgione's The Tempest is?
Why I'm really out of focus from girls?
What is better a Roland FP-3 or a Korg SP-200?
If I was lost in the desert how long could I survive on boogers and earwax ?
If i'm going to write an essay explaining about metaphysics, what topics could I cover?
When you say you'd die for someone, do you mean it.. ?
How can I be proud of my nationality without being racist?
Are you an artist of your own environment?
Is causality technically a chain reaction of events?
What would you like to ask? According to pluralism, why is pluralism superior to other metaphysical stances?
Some people call me cocky,but if you were this good wouldn't you be too?
expand on Taoism's philosophy of that the universe is view'd purposeless through and through?
How can I get rich wihout stealing and cheating on others.?
A deductive argument is either cogent or uncogent? (true or false)?
Can we tie the "48 laws of power" to misconduct ?
what is the point of living(i am not sucicdeal? )why do we get up every day just to satisfy desire what is?
Do you think that the terms of 'on' and 'off' are compatible with living things?
Hos is Plato's "Myth of the Cave" an allegory of education?
Re-incarnation fact or fiction?
If our Leaders are convicted criminals then who do we look to.....?
Is there any real purpose in life?
If you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, why can't you pick your friend's nose?
what is epoche?
Why isn't life easy / fair?
Why does god allow us to live in this condemned place?
What is happinesss and where we can get really it's existance?
Do you think "life" is the craziest thing in the world...?
Do you trust your partner?
descartes; body & mind problem; volition &sesation?
What if we switched places right now?
How do you open your heart to gain true wisdom and right judgment?
Who's your role model?
Is euthanasia acceptable to you?
Fame/love/money which is more important?
What do you think will be the effect to humanity if Curiosity does find life on mars?
How would you make a post-structurslist analysis of a painting?
what can you do with someone who is so convinced they know everything and you are wrong?
Why can't I move on without my bestfriend!?
Who am I? The decision maker or the observer?
Has Joseph Campbell made it to the radar screen in the pantheon of great philosophers?
at the end of the day,your life, does any of it really matter?
Trusts can kill while lies lead to deceptions,the first one to reach the ground of despairs....?
what is the ultimate question?
What makes you angry?
Why are girls so mean...?
What do you live for?
Are Religion and Science compatible ?
SingerLibrascope wrote programs and other documents for Collins project (see Google Books "Steel, Spies?
Why do most people complain about their life.. say they've had it harder?
Was there a time where your relative wasn't taking you seriously or respecting your opinion. what did u do ?
What Heelp!! PLEASE I NEED YOUR IDEASwould you like to ask?
should i kill myself?
is there such thing as a gay ghost?
Have you become so reliant on user's answers?
Any ideas where I an learn or read about philosophy?
Does my vision board just have to be about one specific thing?
How much is too much?
Philosophers: Is fasting a virtue?
Philosophy; what is there behind the "Sky Walker" with 7 powers..?
give me a reason to live...?
What really matters?
All works of art belong in their country of origin. Is it right or wrong, why?
Who is the last prophet or pure devotee of God to visit ths planet?
What is life, everybody is selfish, parents, Brohter, sister, wife, children - everybody is looking for profit
does the word forever scare anybody?
How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?
What holds you back the most in your life?
what's the meaning of life for you?
What does Plato means when he says Justice is "psychic harmony"?
All effects of human existence suddenly vanish from the entire planet?
if we believe something 100% will that come true? even if its abt ones own character/attitude?
I need help with Aristotle?
Money isn't everything, What do you think?
Do you feel ethics in society is decreasing?
What's it like to be Religious?
How to interact more freely?
What is that saying that goes like "dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening" etc etc?
do u have any secret admirers?
what is ultimate perpose of human life?
explain Aristotle’s???????
Do you fear what you know in your own heart to be true?
Are some computerization projects rushed, so that faults are introduced too fast, and so the error rate rises?
When you tire of one thing, do you turn to another, or persevere with the original?
Why people (including me) make mistake of marrying wrong person despite getting warning bells?
If "Time" were a liquid...what kind would it be?
Do we live or exist?
why is that we donot see the stars in the day light?
Please Help with Kant?
Which came first the chiken or the egg?
Epicurus: What about the Gods is not true?
Life without love?
philosophy essay help! Aristotle and Augustine?
what is worse than death??
Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean?
what are some of the ethical concerns in murder?
karl popper?
what do you think its like to be dead?
Does Atheism firmly deny the existence of a higher power...even of one beyond our comprehension?
So what makes you so perfect?
is the human race growing at the right pace and if so are they still unintelligent?
Contrast Descartes, Locke, and Hume's ideas about what we can know.?
does destiny exist in our life?
Do you have any faults?
Can you think of anything that is going to last in this life?
Is there any person you love... one person you just love love so much...more than others?
Do you want to live forever?
Is ignorance bliss?
If someone said they cared about and loved you.But they haven't talked to you in 5 months what dose that mean?
Philosophical question?
how can someone tell a lie ?
Does it make you feel sad to see what we humans have done to this planet?
manhood and selfishness?
Which is important for a just city?
"There is a , a in everything - That's how the light gets in." Is Leonard Cohen right?
When LOVE fades away, what is it's last REMAINS?
How does one keep a dying friendship alive?
what is a reflection session ?
Can a ethical theory relate to issues like fair-trade and smoking ban's?
An adult member of your family and a child you don't know on edge of cliff, you can save only one, which one ?
Why do we love to dream so much?
how can i make a picture icon like the others have one?
Love in the Symposium?
Should prostitution be legalized in all 50 states?
has alchemy actually achieved its purpose before?
Do you agree ..... read below?
Are you PERFECT?
What is the most important lesson you've learned in your life?
Have you ever lost something you really cared about?
If thwarted in love and felt a pain out of it for 2 years, that means your 2 painful years were determined by?
is there a reason for so much secrecy and evil in this world?
how to be a creative ?
Why should we wear clothes?Why not be naked like animals?
What does this mean: We doubt love because sometimes it is to true to be real. ? ?
What ,if any, advantages does John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism hold?
Are empiricism and perception both 'ways of knowing'?
life as an early human was very dangerous. what dangers did they encounter?
What do you need in your life more than anything?
What is the limit of technology?
if anyone is watching hallmark right now!! i want u 2 answer this:?
are you an "either/or" person? or does everything fall in the gray area in the middle?
True = Not this universally correct?
what are criminologists philosophes ?
Should religion be viewed as a form of mental illness?
how did socrates bring philosophy from the fringe of greek society into its very center?
HELP: What do Kierkegaard and Nietzsche have in common? What do you like about them?
Is left or right better than up and down? If so when and by how much?
Are there really 2 sides to every story?
Can a human being collapse under its own weight? Like a super-nova?
Whats the meaning of life?
Why the "heavy metal types "of males you see working at autoparts stores think they are Bad?
Help solving a set of inconsistencies; new to philosophy?
When an agnostic dies, does he go to the "great perhaps"?
What do you think is the meaning of life? For what purpose do you live for?
Does ignoring ignorance make one ignorant?
life i find nauseating,what to do?
This question has to do with "making generalizations" and it is: Are there any reasons why they are necessary?
Which kinds of people like to keep up with the local news every evening and why they like this?
Why revolutionaries assigns color to their revolution...............?
Do you think it's better to make decisions with your heart or your mind?
Do you feel like you need escape.... some sort of peace..what do you want?
research on sensory perception?
How might immortality benefit the seven deadly sins?
How does Anselm argue for the existence of God? what is the greatest philosophical challenge it faces?
Would you rather spend the remainder of your life in prison or die?
Should Health Insurance be based on Employment?
In Collins project, were there QA procedures that were used in order to support quality assurance objectives ?
How does one believe in themselves?
A-Level Philosophy help!?
What does this mean: We doubt love because sometimes it is to true to be real. ? ?
dreaming vividly?
Hello are you happy or sad ? or confused ?
Why we divide length by time in speed formula v=s/t ? Why not we multiply like, v=s*t ?
Why is the Philosopher King compelled as a practical matter to tell medicinal lies to his citizens?
Describe yourself in one word.?
Where is the other dollar?
Why is the world in such a chaotic, violent condition?
i have an interesting experience, i want an opinion on it?
Was the Collins project managed using a "project abandonment" strategy ?
Would you still continue your life the same way, even if u were to be warped to a parallel universe?
Why dont i find things on the internet that i relate too?
Ignorance is bliss. Agree or disagree?
Can you ever be the same again?
Have you changed something in your your life lately?
Philosophy help! Is this an argument?
if there was a way to make ONE species of animal be able to speak and understand english, which do you choose?
This expression is right? Help me~~~!!!!?
Is mixing Islam and Politics, a good idea?
True or false? A contrast between two things is a kind of analogy?
if your PRAYERS were unanswered, do you usually believe it's NOT MEANT to be or it's just a MATTER of TIME?
when i am so boring?i would like to be stay in nature.?
If you had to choose a restaurant to feed you for the rest of your life what would it be?
Need to resolve an anger thing.?
Which famous persons face is synonymous and comes to your mind first when you think of India?
what is the positivist critique of realism and the realist response?
Competition or Collaboration, which one is better for humanity/humankind's long-term progress?
So its Demeber the First?
If I don't want what my neighbor's got for me, does the Golden Rule really exist?
Philosophically Defining Originality?
What thought makes you smile?
If "god" can do anything, can he make a boulder so heavy that he can't lift it?
How is Astrology evil? It may help, right?
Which 2 thinkers developed anthropology in its beginnings?
What "something new" have u learned today?
how has technology make life better?
what do I do, stop go, fail succeed, live or die?
Where can I find a tree diagram explaining Philisophical thought?
If God has created us, is he not selfish in creating us to fulfill his own desire ?
Do most people bore you?
Who controls what you do.........?
Why is God so important in our lives?
is the ego to blame for all the ills of the world?
what is the view known as ‘agency theory’?
What aspects of the juvenile justice system make juveniles valuable gang members?
What if the world was like this.......?
How is Heaven Paradise if everyone I love might not be there?
Why do you ask, wait... answer questions on Y/A's?
Is there an objective biography of Lenin?
When is suicide okay?
What makes you happy?
Of these two which is being more knowlegeable, knowing a lot about a little or a little about a lot?
What is your oppinion on stripping?
Is this a selfish expectation?
How is ethics related to communication?
what is the definition of a perfect person?
Don't you think guys are pretty girls???
What are some essential differences between absurdism and nihilism?
Aristotle and Plato dialogue about Government. Any help? Please?
in the apology why does socrates want to continue to pursue his actions within athens?
Odd one out?
Why are some people drawn to the occult and horoscope mumbojumbo?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the Fundamental Attribution Theory?
What does this poem mean?
If you could turn back time...?
I don't know what to do with my life it's scary?
what is a cool Drug Use is Life Abuse logo?
aristotle 4 causes?
Explain why Aristotle thinks that we need to be virtuous in order to be happy?
Give us your answers and we will tell you the questions .?
Define both justice by nature and justice by convention. ?
why people try to get lots of points, or lots of anything? whats the point?
Why must school be so absurd?
When is the right time to meet your life long partner?
what is love?
Why do people hurt you,when your nice to them?
Is knowing the Spiritual Path enough or do we have to walk the Path?
What makes you really happy?
Does your mind exist?
Is consumerism both the goal, and the road block, of the consumer?
Is suicide forgivable or not forgivable ?
Inter-racial relationships?
what is the meaning of life?
Can you help me with my Philosophy homework?
How do you tolerate things you find intolerable?
Has anyone attended a Ramtha retreat?
Hypothetical Question "What would you do if someone was forever searching to find fault in you"?
What is the perfect question?
How can I mail a package,without paying expensive postage?
did your life turn out as you planned?
Would you eat your own dung to be financially wealthy for life?
Will the world end in 2012?
What would be the result if every church member would begin to do as Jesus would do.?
Do you think people who post nudes online have no self respect for themselves?
please answer this.?
I asked a question once that got me read off every way to sunday.Should I ask again?
Without illusion there is nothing?
How would most fuel station store clerks react to their customer accidently spilling water on their till?
what is the hard thing in life ?
What was the most difficult time of your life?
Can a devil be salvated?
design epistemology?
Allegory of the Cave project help!?
Are rapists victims themselves?
explain what is the logical positisim according to Bertrand Russell?
can tell me what is meaning of O.K ?
People who support evolution?
What going to happen when this world gets over populated with people?
why a person behaves differently from time to time under the same kind of situation?
Do you believe life is a big Canvas and you should throw as much paint on it as you can?
Songs that you could relate to Plato's Symposium?
What is the meaning of life?
Religious cult or overbearing mother - what is more likely to ruin a relationship?
What is the underlying system upon which Chaos operates?
What philosophy do you live by?
Does anyone know about the concept of the black box in philosophy?
philosophical question for u to solve!?
What do you think you will regret not doing in the next twenty years of your life..?
In short, please explain, what is miracle?
What philosophy of life is conveyed in John Steinbeck's Nobel Prize acceptance speech?
What do you get if you cross an elephant with a rhino?
How can I stop going thru life as a dull witted moron?
dis advantages ans advantages of going to a counsellor about 150 to 200 words?
Who are your favourite philosophers? list 3 names please?
What's the name of the "law" which says a task takes the amount of time you give it?
Which do you agree with more; "My body is my temple" or "My body is my vehicle"?
What philosophies of Plato's do you agree with? Which ones do you disagree with?
IS there life after death ? scientific thoughts only?
what does the typical 19 year old social life consist mainly of?
What makes you happy?
why do some married man cheat?
You want to know what the most evil creature on earth is?
Did individuals involved in the Collins project keep on the straight and narrow ?
Deep and metaphorical movies and/or short films?
What is it that you think causes a person to become prejeduce?
what is the view known as ‘agency theory’?
Name one thing that's in your Cabinet of Curiositie's?
Would you like to describe FIVE things about your country's CULTURE?
PLZ HELP!!!!!!Plato's understanding of the appetite and pauls understanding of the flesh?
love/hate vs. kindness/sympathy for Nietzsche?
a very childish question..?
Are you are deep thinker?
How can Moslems be opposed to alcoholic beverages? People have been drinking them since before the beginning o?
how do you picture the days of the week in your mind's eye? is it a linear picture or what else?
Do you think we can want something so bad but not know how to recieve it and what to do with it. Im talking...?
Do you believe there are things in life that are endless?
What can change the nature of a man?
Philosophy to live by: How can you fault me for my craziness, are you really that looney?
It is believed that creativity can be viewed as a fourfold process consisting of perception, incubation, inspi?
Why most mothers/sisters jealous of son's/brother's wife? Why dont they mind their own business?
What's the difference between sensation and perception?
how did alan watts die?
The most important thing in life is it love?:?
What is the concept principle of philosophies that has greater impact to you?
does the idea of one in a lifetime/Soul-mate exist, or is possible in this World ?
Girls, please help me out. I'm doing a survey here....?
Real man bleeds and cries...?
Are people basically good, neutral, or bad?
Faith in God?!?!?
Learn from yesterday, Live for today and hope for tomorrow?
What is entity concept?
Can you say something that will change my life forever?
Would you be happy if you received everything you wished for?
When you are young and single, what can bring meaning to your life?
How can i find inner peace?
In what way could u use ecxel in your life today or in planned carrer?
Is acting morally necessary for happiness?
Is Freedom More Important Than Morality?
Is "modern management" or "performance management" a way of telling your staff "Actually I am an idiot and am
will all men be enslaved and most killed by women and will the men object to this, sweet blissful death?
what - to you - proves the existence of God?
What is transnationalism?
As not only the richest female in the world, but also the most beautiful, could u have anything u want?
What are these little things in life that we enjoy?
can a cancer date a virgo?
I dare to say that women are more sensitive than men. Do you dare to disagree with me?
what is the pleasure extracted from smoking?
What's the most important sentence of all time?
Does man really have free will?