I need you to seriously use your imagination on this question?
Agree/Disagree - "There is no fate but what we make"?
What is profound?
More than anything else in the world, what are you not?
Would you take a oppurtunity like this - film weddings as a job?
Is there such a thing as "pure Evil"?
What is the difference of study and approach? is symbolism a study? and allegory is one of d approach?
How do I make myself irresistible?
What makes your life special?
what do you do on those days when you feel as if there is no tomorrow, nowhere to go...?
Whats going to happen to me in the future?
What if the will of the body and the will of the spirit contradict?
Philosophy has made so much progress?
what is your passion?
Is love even worth the broken heart?
Can anyone recommend a good website for engaging in philosophical debate?
Have you ever seen a girl who you would actually consider breathtaking?
what is your philosophy on life and why?
Which would you prefer living in Ignorance or in Knowledge?
Is it true that there's one person on the earth that looks exactly like you?
For traditional logicians; Can term logic be sufficient to philosophical logic with philosophical concerns?
How to get over a man who promised me everything?
What exactly do people mean when they ask what the meaning of life is?
what is the revelation (matrix) of the power and virtue?
what is sin?
If you could go back in time what part of your life would you change?
Who was the author of the saying,"Spring has sprung. The grass is riz. I wonder where dem flowers is---at?
In what year would you be born if you had a choice?
Which was first, the egg or the chicken? Why?
Does utilitariaism make sense for reasoning for how to fight a war?
Which are the best universities in the world to study Philosophy and Physics?
does anybody actually read other people's answers?
Do you feel like you're free?
what are some connections between science and the humanities?
Descartes Meditations Help?
Would you prefer a choice of voice or to be able to voice your choice?
Investigating individual perspective?
Anyone agree with my opinion on how excellently structured the human body works?
Difference between a claim and a non claim?
Are you happy in your life now?
I need primary sources about noise?
How do we distinguish necessary pain from unnecessary pain?
How do you think the world will be like without death?
Do you considered as a rational being ...?
Is the right to die justifiable?
When inherited State Department policy creates just more problematic world theatre isn't it time to reconsider?
Do you think more clearly using a word processor?
In three words, describe yourself.?
What logical fallacy are these?
what one thing frustrates you in your working environment?
How would you feel if this was true?
What are the five aspects of the reptile mind?
Is there such a thing as a selfless act? If so, describe it.?
What do you think is the relationship between consciousness and reality?
does David Hume Live his philosophy? why?
Does my computer know what the meaning of life is?
what should I do? I was in a deep trance and I was changed on the inside...?
Is your life genuinely valuable, or just instinctively valuable?
what do you need to do to live life to the fullest?
hi is this a prepositional phrase?
What's going to happen if I ask you to...?
TRUTH is before you, do you LOOK AWAY, RUN AWAY, HIDE AWAY, or CHASE it AWAY?
Would you do this or not ?
when your FAITH went missing, where should you start SEARCHING?
What in life,is beautiful to you?Where do you find inspiration?
Why are you looking for your other half....when you're a complete whole?
what are the ways to treat mental disabled persons without hurting their feeling?
Should Friedrich Nietzsche be blamed at all for the rise of fascism in the early 20th century?
people rousseau would want to meet?
What is the Socratic method?
i have no knowledge about my correct birth date and time, how can i get my zodiac prediction.?
Are you "Original" or "Extra Crispy"?
when knowing of everything is done without involvement of emotion then afterwards only nothing is there.?
Hypothetical Question?
Is life just a dream/illusion?
What is the easiest way to live?
Kant's Categorical Imperative?
How can I stop being so angry?
Euthyphro question for my essay test coming up?
What does the future hold for mankind?
According to theories concerning the origin of life, the atom shown is a likely choice for the basic element o?
What is the rule of ethics in the family?
Why doesn't Thomas Aquinas' five ways prove the existence of five different gods?
I would like to respond to those who answered my question, is there a way to message between us?
what are the themes of domestic christianity of the 19th century?
What does teen spirit smell like?
why don't people like to hear the truth? and why don't they like to tell it too?
Immanuel Kant, "Idea of a Universal History"?
What brightens your life ?
what is your best piece of advice?
why everything not happening as we want or plan to be happen. how can one satisfy himself when things go wrong
How do you deal with difficult family members (specially the squabbling adults) who test your patience?
What is important to you that keeps you happy? emotional/mental wellbeing 1-5?
what is the purpose of life ?why do v need to achieve when 1 day every 1 has to die ?
what were the ideas of justice in Plato's Republic and Apology?
A question from a friend?
Who Quoted? " Knowing is not enough, We must appy. Willing is not enough, We must do"?
Can the world be a better place?
What makes someone beautiful?
How is it right to casterate your pet?
buddha, suffering, philosophy questions?
How would one achieve an effect similar to this?
I have never heard a ripping fart by a girl. Do girls fart?
Do you know your own mind?
Do you think it's wrong to commit suicide? Why do most people think so?
what do you think the world will be like in 1 million years? 2 million? 3 million? etc......?
Non religious purpose but confess anyway !!!! :)?
Do You Believe In Destiny Or Choice???
Don't you think this is a PARADOX? "God has a son"?
When is ignorance a bliss?
Whats another way to say I owe you one?
If someone you were dating gained 200 lbs, would you still date that person ?
what are the dangers of working with freezers?????????????????????
My Golden Tuna Keeps Swimming In my Piano?
Which one was the first one the egg or the chicken?
whats your view on Jehovah's witnesses?
Shouldn't people just forget about 9/11? It's probably time to get over it and move forward isn't it??
What does this quote mean from the Bridges of Madison County?
why is everything in two's?
whats missing in my life?
can you please cite an example wherein love of money creates evil?
is there proof that love exists?
When you are having "thoughts', who......?
After her political fame, Ayn Rand refused to speak to her Russian?
Happiness is direct or indirectly proportional to inteligence?
Is terrorism ever justifiable?
What is Historical Materialism?
explain Ambedkar's view that the caste system is a harmful institution.?
Has process philosophy any application in management?
Deep questions about the theme of betrayal?
What is Evolution ... HERE Y/A? I thought it would be something seen or I could point to. Please explain it?
Does anyone know about the concept of the black box in philosophy?
Explain and illustrate one criticism of the ontological argument?
Question for all atheists or agnostic people...?
why is writing an opinion an important part of a courts decision?
How do I make every minute of my life count?
Do you believe in pyschics? Ghosts? Tell your freakiest encounters.?
What's better - Realism or optimism?
I am unconventional, creative. Which career suits?
What does it mean when a guy zones out looking at you?
Can a person be truly happy alone?
Are most of our fears, irrational?
I think my time in this world should end....?
“There are no ordinary moments. There is always something going on.” – Peaceful War?
The world is flat. Any objections?
You might not run america, but...?
what is the meaning of life?
What do you think about peace?
I Seen Devil. enybudy Seen it ? Where ?
Shouldn't happiness be simple?
If there's an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?
is sorrow better then happiness?
Do money and fame truly make one happy?
What do yuo think of the different religion?
Why the inadequacies of these theories led to the development of the 4 principle approach (principlism) to eth?
What do you think of this saying?
When will the world end ?
When it comes right down it, who would win in a battle royal between God, Buddah and Allah?
How does one achieve full happiness?
can we really dedues if god exsists?
do you constanly feel mixed emotions during the day which cannot be expressed really without feeling silly?
How come the world isnt perfect?
Do you feel like a stranger in this world?
to you what is the meaning of life?
Hmmm hmmm Hmmmmmmmm hmm... Y'all made me up to my last question.... or did ya?????
Why do people get a good feeling when they do the right thing or do good?
What is a life lesson from Marilyn Manson / something you've learned from him?
what is the easy way to die?
If you could have whatever you wanted whenever you wanted, would you be happy?
Would you say that those who controle your given info can overall cotrole your judgement?
What were the trends in philosophy of the Romantic Age?
would the world be a better place?
According to James, skepticism is always the wisest attitude to take toward an option when it is momentous.?
Where's Waldo?
Which ethical perspective is Islamic morality related to?
Is not believing something a belief?
which are the 10 safest citys and which are the 10 most dangerous citys?
Where is that special place you visit to find peace and contentment.?
Has something ever saved your soul?
define better my subconscious?
I want to go on a life changing journey?
What is the definition of Terrorism ??
Why doesn't Santa Claus age with time?
What does "cast pearls before swine"mean?
How do you know if you are someone's best friend?
If progress occurs by modifying a module of a system, producing a new system with demonstrable improvements,?
Do people mean the love they give?
Any good books/tv shows/movies/texts that focus and emphasise "belonging"?
Without Religion, will we live like ANIMALS?
1) In what ways did the Creation narrative in Genesis inspire a philosophy of labor in British thought?
why is the meaning od life?
What is modern about modern political philosophy?
In Identity Theory, what's the difference between Type-Identity and Token-Identity?
why there has been very serious debate about post-modernism in all intelligentia but nobody understood it?
Do i go see a therapist or a psychologist?
Help with LD case.... PLEASE! 1st time?
My Bohemian Life biblical references?
On some big jobs, are there Machiavellian battles between authenticity and non-authenticity?
what are you tired of?
looking for sympathy words to send to a friend who has lost her grandfather?
Should I kill myself?
Is man born evil or born good?
Do introverts derive joy in different ways from extroverts?
i met my SOULMATE but we can never be TOGETHER.....?
Philosophy about work?
why do we do the same mistakes sometimes again ?
How would Kant approach the problem of the existence of matter?
What are willingness and unwillingness made of? Is understanding necessary?
Plato's Republic question?
What are some reflection questions to ask yourself at the end of the month?
What does it take to be a good business man or a leader? How to be one? ?
Where can I watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind for free online?
do you accept any illiusion?
What shall one do with this life?
How does it feel to have a true friend in your life?
Is Phoenix Quill incapable of seeing the world from a different view because he lacks fluid intelligence?
Is this man a cheater?
Could you imagine having your last good deed caught on tape?
Why transformation from "expect it" to "accept it" is so difficult ?
Optimism is a hopefulness for a better future, but does being optimistic require present contempt?
Are people equal (repetitious creations) or different but equally valueable?
St Paul said “Of faith, hope and Love. The greatest is Love” Why do you think this maybe so?
Does all life have inherent worth, or...?
What is life to you what you think?
In the haste of our daily lives, what are we not seeing?
just made this one and i just want know what the people thing of it : i'm gonna trow you like a javelin, cuz y?
What is normal?
What would you least like to be in your next life?
As per Zen philosophy doing nothing is meditation. Is it so?
No emotions.........?
What do you want out of life the most?
What's the going rate for life modelling? P/h?
"Existentialists" (some dont like to be categorized) please clarify.?
Descartes Proof of God?
If your tools could speak, what would they say?
Does good always triumph over evil?
Who got the idea of big bang?
Are some people inherently inferior to others, and we simply are too PC to cite otherwise?
what is the meaning of Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poo?
why would people disagree with this statement, There does not have to be evidence for something to be consider?
whats white, red, relative, and lives in trees?
What do you think the self is composed of?
Is jealousy good for us?
What makes people carry on with their lives?
If the world was coming to an end tomorrow,what things would you do before that?
Winning in an argument no matter what it is...?
Hedonistic egoism..?
"The Greater Good and the Greater profit are not compatible aims"...?
Which is better, orange or purple?
What are the ethical issues raised in this problem?
some ppl may think that their life is beautiful, but i can't, why?
Why are you reading this right now?
What's the worst that can happen?
Ethics Question!?
Igor, where are you, and why haven't you come home?
who knows whats the real reason for live, where is the happiness???
Are we in our 2nd cycle of life?
beauty versus utility?
Why we die one day?
What lasts beteween people in this world? What is eternal?
How is nothing possible?
Where's the best place to go to seek refuge from this mad, mad world...?
what - to you - proves the existence of God?
Do you believe that a person's changes?
if we are just an imagination who is imagining us?
Can any body tell the secret of greatness?
What should we do if we see a questioner writing that they are suicidal?
3rd Eye Awakening???????????????
If people could read YOUR mind, would they think your crazy?
What is your understanding of the word"perfect"?
When Einstein said "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."?
For Aristotle, nothing can ever become as simple as Pure Matter or as sophisticated as Pure Form.. Whats this?
what is this world .........?
When will the world become garden of roses ..........?
Why can you put a cat with no money to sleep for a broken leg but not a poor person?
He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. ~ Marcus Aurelius?
What is the meaning of life?
what are the pros and cons of liberation theology if there are any? Sted says so?
Should we allow other people's limited perception to define us?
: Who are we and where does this entire universe including us come from?
If my reality is solely percieved subjectively how can we ascertain an objective shared reality?
Why is life so unfair?
How do you know when you're crying inside?
Is there any humanity really left in the world?
how can i make my will stronger than others?
Look at your mirror.What do you see?
If you had dinner with Socrates...?
Does free will exist or is everything controlled by fate?
!Help please..... boy trouble....!?
what do you think of my fears paragraph on my essay?
whats your secret?
Muslims believe its a sin to burn a bible, why don't Americans believe its a sin to invade a country?
If you had to chose which one of your five senses which one could you live without?
Which are harder: "blue collar" or "white collar" jobs?
How to act honestly in the public but everybody can still accept us?
What do you call yourself in your private moments?
10,000 years from now, will it matter to anyone or anything what any of us did or did not do today?
Do you think truth is relative?
Does anyone know what is known about orb-like life forms,...?
Do you like to help people?
Does having your Asc. planet in the 12th House make you less aware of how you appear to others?
What motivates you to achieve things?
which one is an argument or non-argument?
How can I achieve complete mastery over my mind?
I need a satire play\rhyming couplet play that deal with southerners(rednecks) moving up north with the yanks
Is there such a thing as a truly selfless act?
Why did Plato include Alcibiades speech at the end of the Symposium?
What is your purpose?
how much does your pride cost?
What scares you the most about life,or your life?
what are all the different views to life?
What will last forever?
If you were an animal which one would you be?
What does it mean to be endued with knowledge, and what is the meekness of wisdom?
If you really know what Islam is, do you think it is a guidance from God?
What's your biggest dream?
Whats the weirdest superstition you have heard?!?!?!?!?
Why is conflict melody for some, and dissonance for others?
Are my fellow North Easterner's prepared for Sandy?
What should life be about?
why are people so misinformed?
if we believe something 100% will that come true? even if its abt ones own character/attitude?
which set of WORDS is CLOSEST to saying "I LOVE YOU"?
is my life in a good place right now?
what is more important in your life money or love?
SYMBOLIC LOGIC HELP NEEDED!! PHILOSOPHY!! 10 POINTS!!! Disjunctions and contradictions! PLEASE HELP!?
why do all people think that philosophy is a waste of time?
why are we here?
Is BEGGING ----- the 'Braver' Task?
Who do you think is responsible for your suffering?
How can a country be a strong nation by preserving its own nature?
Close your eyes for 5 Secs... And what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
The Banality of Evil?
What do you think(gaps mean diff. entries)? please answer seriously..?
Could Hume's arguments against inductions be used to prove that cause and effect is not a law?
How would you react if someone told you that they didn't believe in god?
Why do people risk happiness?
Use and of the first nine rules of inference to derive the conclusions of the following arguments.?
Do you think girls who talk like pirates sexy?
Who coined this phrase?
" Faith" is a personal choice agree ?
What is an example of a logically possible statement?
who will win discipline or knowledge ? introductio,answer,conclusion?
what is phenomenalism?
I know every thing,still I know nothing. What about you ?
Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
what do people think of life, people and fairness?
If Jesus, Mohamad, and Siddhartha (Buddha) could have a conversation, what would they talk about?
"I exist as I am", does that make me complete?
The Hippies or Van Halen ?
Why should we wear clothes?Why not be naked like animals?
which colour defines u the best?
when you look up to the sky?,whats the first thought that comes to your mind?
Is there such a thing as a "Born Unluck" symbol ?
I believe we were created by aliens and combined with animals , that originally lived on this earth.?
Honestly... if animals and children weren't cute, than would anybody care for them?
how does one achieve total peace of mind?
Aristotle and the Nicomachean Ethics: see detials please?
What is the difference between good and evil, black and white, color, meaninglessness of thoughts?
What is really the point of trying to be the smartest if your going to die?
explain why the lying promise (Kant) cannot become an universal law?
Do you know how can I believe in myself & try to understand the real life..?
describe the context of the dialogue "euthyphro" with reference to the whole discussion about holiness.portray?
How do you know that this question is true?
Psychology or Philosophy?
Would you affirm that Rawls's Justice as Fairness solves Arendt's Social question?
Knowing how your life has turned out so far, would you stop your birth if you could go back and do it?
Would you value your life under this condition?
oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is Plato's allegory of the cave?
What is the most contradictory or ironic thing about you ?
what does a gift of jonny walker blue signify ? ( yes there is a meaning to it in the business world )?
What is the greatest truth you have found about human nature?
Do low wages violate your consciousness ?
According to Plato's "The Republic," what is the effect of eliminating the "mine" factor?
Why I love California life?
Am I true to Myself?
What would your perfect world be like?
Are you loving this moment in time?
What do birds and bees have to do with sex?????
Is it a sign from Almighty ?
What are some sad scientific facts?
How can I keep hope alive?
Is there a need for scientific proof of the existence or character of God?
Does money bring happiness?
Did "God" Create Us, Or Did We Create "God"?
do you believe in having knowledge or having confidence?
What do you think the world would be in the next century???
What is meant by Intellectual Apprehension with regard to the work of Maimonides?
Whatthe meaning of factual?
To deny Particular negative categorical proposition (an O-Type sentence) one must........?
Who is more the Monster: The Monster Himself or The Creator who made him?
When is it selfish to give money to others?
Is popular belief generally contrary to popular belief?
Neighborhood downfall... what is your opinion?
What is the best way to Transcend the Human Experience?
why we make on the mouse double click and not double tick?
what is the identical formalism and image?
why is it deemed "polite" to hold doors open for people?
LDR works or not in real life?
Do you think humans are naturally good or evil? Or something else?
"Hell is other People" do you agree/disagree with this? Why?
why is the united states or mabe the world so focused on sex.?
Can you tell me something nice ?
If you have time and are interested in Michel Foucault, please read this and share with me your opinion?
Is the universe fluid?
What exactly is love?
what gets you by?
Do business rules have a chain of custody ?
waht really is the concept of "time"?
I want to kill myself. I don't believe there is anything wrong nor is it selfish. What do you think?
What makes a person more care free?
How can you own a person?
HELP: What is a current event that can be explained by a philosopher?
What am i meant to do?
What do you think happens when you die?
Is, "Would you mind coming downtown to answer a few questions?" a stupid question?
I'm lost in life?
Why is it wrong to kill Humans while it's okay to treat diseases?
Augustine Does not Believe that sinful decisions arise from a defective nature, but the will acting in a?
We cant the world end already?
What philosophers would disagree with daimonion?
I'm anxious and hopeless about my future. Do you have any advice?
What does kant means by a priori judgment ?
Arguments against aquinas's fifth way please?
How does non-scientific perception fit into Thomas Kuhn's idea of a Paradigm Shift?
What philosophy believes everything is subjective?
Are all things already consequentally determined since the beginning of time, including human thoughts?
Can a SIN be inherited?
Where do you think the future is headed?
If love is life, what is death?
PREVENTION is always better than CURE, but is there a way to prevent a BROKEN HEART?
What is it today, Yes or No?
Do you think that we the human race will ever learn to live in Peace?. Or will we always kill other human?
"If you were re-living the same day, over and over, and nothing that you did mattered, what would you do"?
i am looking for my dad and my mom doues not now how he is. They are 2 men. What do i do?
Can you help me come up with a situation that is similar to this one but different?
What is your mantra?
Every life is beautiful, what say you?
What is fatalism???????
"I Have a Dream Too!"?
How do you resolve the following 2 statements?
Astrologers and Astronomers?
So...who do you love and for what reasons?
Whats your biggest flaw?
coloriris does it realy work?
If you have the power of giving life to dead ones?
Are the numbers 4,8,15,16,23, and 42 really the end of humanity?
What's the first thought that came to your mind when you read this?
If you have the power of giving life to dead ones?
did u say treat pple well but i have no life so where come friends to be treated nicely unless doggies SPY me!?
What abilities is the human mind capable of beyond our realm of knowledge today? (serious answers only)?
How Do You Turn An Enemy Into A Friend?
Is this World, a Lonely-Place OR a Crowded-Place ?
Where is mankind going?
Does Nietzsche fail to acknowledge the Brutus' of history?
Whats the meaning of life?
what is the meaning of life?
why do we get bored with our talents when we are good at them?
how do you define the ethical theory in an argument?
what is more important - Knowledge or wisdom?
if the point of something is to be pointless, is there a point?
"esprit de séiux"?
How do you prove something is an ideology?
What gives people the right to force restrictions on you?
Which ones are gereralizatin and which are descriptions of particular state of affairs.?
what responsibilities do we owe our fellow human beings?
When does life get good?
Is there any more mind-blowing inventions, theorems, or discoveries in general to be unleashed soon?
If men are as intelligent as they stubbornly claim, why can't they understand such a simple and sweet?
Epistemology and Ontology?
Why most successful men were COLLEGE droppers?
namethissong: like this'how in the world did we lose our happy home,its just ain't fair;i thought u cared...?
What do you understand by the term "shared mortality"?
"Bitter is a deep sweet"...?
where is it?
Apart from your soul mate? Please Help!?
If a door leads to the same room...?
Please Help with Kant?
Why are people so short sighted? Seems like many people don't know what is really going on in the world?
Is volunteering at a fire house a platform?
Biggest mistake you ever made?
What is the most beautiful thing to you?
Is it harder to wake up than to fall asleep?
What should you do if someone keeps annoying you?
Spinoza's philosophical positions ?
What if you are wrong?
What's the difference between these 3?
is it better to answer stupid questions with stupid answers, or to ignore stupid questions, or something else?
[Blank] states that actions should be judged right or wrong solely based on their outcomes?
I'm only alive because I'm too scared to kill myself.. is others too?
What is windelco?
Do you agree/disagree? Why/why not? Please be fairly detailed.?
Shall I sell all that I have and move to a new country for a fresh start?
Are ideas really bulletproof?
Does believing in God really help?
what question can never be answered?
What is the main aim of living a life, money or love?
what is love?
when doe silence speak?
do you think that this is a good life philosophy?
How could have Crito convinced Sokrates to brake prison?
if NATURE can repair itself, what it is about HUMAN NATURE that keeps HURTING & never HEALING?
Describe life with one word?
If you were another religion whatwould you be? Muslim/ jewish/ christian.?
What happened to Terra Nova?
Why do we(humans) try so hard for a life of happiness, when we're just gonna die anyways?
Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
What do you think of people who adopt ?
ultimate pleasure is in inner peace and it comes when we execute our ideas. is it so?
Explain this to me ….?
Would you like yourself as your: Best Friend, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother etc.?
what is the angriest character of the Moomins?
Best Answer : Do we often get swayed by an unexpected or strange answer just because of the surprise element?
Why are some people rude in their answers on this site?
How many here are moral reletivists?
Why does beauty have so much significance when judging others?
how can logic help in the attainment of true?
How did the world begin?
What is your suggestion for my doctoral proposal?
what do yall think the meaning of life is??
what is god?
Whats the rationale for why we are obligated to keep our promises according to each of the four...?
my C drive is full not sure why how can i fix it to what it should be back to normal?
What is the meaning of life?
Kant vs. Hume?
As the last human being left on earth, would u be lonely? What would u do about it?
Question about Socrates?
Philosophy question, Kant and utilitarianism FEMINIST?
is stupidity and happiness relative?
Adults please. kids should be in bed !?
Does anyone actually use these Machiavelli-inspired laws or are they purely satirical? Law 38 ?
what was leonard pearlin's inspiration?
How philosopher never believe in religion?
distinguish between common and technical sense of philosophy?
If you can have the answer to one question that's been bugging you what would it be?
why we always want the best things in life?what would be our reaction if donot get it.?
What is the meaning of life?
What is your philosophy on an outhouse?
Someone named astro boy? Answerd a ? about the 6,7 Ect. dimention. Could you forward me the answer I can not f
what would mice say for green cheese??
Would you ever marry a robot?
Is neurilemma a neuron or neuroglia?
I have thoughts about killing my self?
Does it cheat for a teacher being fall in love on his/her student.?
wat is your favourite quote/saying?????
this is a question?
if you love someone set them free if they come back it's ment to be!?
For Collins project, would there have needed to be held regularly, scheduled management reviews of software?
Is this the right way to do it?
Will there ever be world peace?
what is polymorphism?
What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? Looking back, what?
What do you think a "Spadoni" is?????
True or False: The friendzone is more powerful than an atom bomb, it can turn someone Obito(Tobi)?
happiness is nothing but an illusion?
Are 'MISMATCH' Reactions --- the TRUER Expressions?
Which point of view most closely mirrors real life?
why are there so many fools?
If you could have 4 people to dinner, living or dead..who would they be? ( and why)?
Do I put my happiness before others this time?
If you were to die tomorrow, how would you have lived your life?
what do I have to take to be an advocate?
What philosophy would match someone who says they follow the path of least resistance?
The concept of equality is for the masses?
Describe some of the changes Feminist Ethics calls for in moral theory.?
if you could would you like to be born again knowing what you know now?
Is this statement about "stele" true?
what is the song in the documentry of why we bang in the part of the drive by?
How can I be more open about my niceness/sweet side?
Does any out there belive in love at first sight?
why is the question a bad arguement?
what is the meaning of life?
Unconventional aspects of Socrates' trial.?
What does Montesquieu expect a people to "do well" (politically speaking) in a republic?
Agree or Disagree , ABORTION IS MURDER?
How does Wittgenstein's picture theory influence his view about the role of philosophy?
What is a modern criticism of theodicy?
i need a list of ethics?
what will you do when u lose your temper?? shout or break objects or ???
What happens when you become perfect like me? :)?
Is there something called heaven and hell?
what is the symbol for life or second chances?
What is a beautiful smile to you?
who believes that Nostadamus predicted the september 11th attacks, the death of the pope and the war in iraq??
What exists only in the books and movies?
do you believe in having knowledge or having confidence?
Question: Do you think a raindrop feels saddened by the miserable man on the bench?
Niccolo Machiavelli............?
what is virtue according to aristotle?
what is the meaning of life besides 42?
Why don't you question why you exist?
What is your understanding for"moderation"...?
Are you a racist? Why(or why not)? Who taught(or not taught) you to be one?Now, be honest, please!?
What is the purpose of life? Any meaning?
Help me with my philosophy homework!?
Your thoughts on this (for people who have read Think and Grow Rich)...?
how we no that whom we r he/she honest with us ?
Shoul women be allowed to go into politcs?
Why should we study Mary Wollstonecraft today?
English philosopher S.Toulmin?
what id the meaning of focus imaginarius?
how you can really believe in your dream and that 's so very far dream will become true one day? ....?
carnegie committed suicide , is it true?
Do you ever wake up from a dream and wonder if there is so much more to the universe . . .?
Is immitation flattery?
Help with philosophy question?
What is Rousseau's view on the possibility of self-knowledge?
Is there a standard for currency?
"Money is God, God is Money" Yes or No?
What is the author trying to convey, what is the emotion the writer conveys?
Why can a negative not be proven?
What do you think Friedrich Nietzsche meant when he said that Morality is herd instinct in the individual?
How often do you read your Bible?
How i wish everyone of us live in a Utopian Society but why is this not feasible?
What do think about the people that like to win every argument?
Does Malinda and beauty's dad get married in the end in Beauty?
Don't you think sean connery should play rene descartes ?
Is Love Present In The World?
do you want to know about any indian saint on internet? reply and from which country u are?
Are we making history or just passing time?
Is it racist and wrong to have things like.....?
Why do I get the feeling we're all different windows from the same building?
Why can't people be more helpful like before.....?
Why was Ayn Rand so controversial?
Senses - your favourite smell, sight, sound, taste and touch?
When you made that change, did you want an unwritten life, or just a new plot?
What's the point of life....?
Pros/Cons of getting married? Pros/Cons of romantic relationships?
If you say you are humble, are you really humble?
Does money really buy happiness?
Why do people only do good things to tell others or when others are looking?
Do u think its ok to go into career, get into it cause the job availability?
if you have the POWER of PERSUASION, what would be your Favorite COMMAND?
What exactly does this mean?
Anselm characterizes God as a being than which none greater can be conceived.?
Relative morality question?
What keeps you going in life?
Am I not suppose to have love?
Why are we all so scared of getting hurt?
How would you define evil?
How can we determine that there is such a thing as fact?
Discourse on Inequality Help?
Is adversity the greatest teacher for humans.?
I am on a desert island and have sent you a message in a bottle. What does it say?
How do you follow through on something that is hard for you to concentrate on ?
Can the existance of God/Buddha/Allah/Whoever be Proven ?
''evil prospers when good men to do nothing''...?
Which is the happiest place on Earth for you?
Let's say you were walking minding your own business and you find a wallet with $500, what would you do?
What is something you desire ?
Do you think a human is capable of this?
what art form is not suffering right now?
When you ask your questions, do you have an ulterior motive?
What one word would best describe how you should live your life?
In your opinion what was the most important part of Life Of Pi?
What's the meaning of life?
How much money do you need to be happy?
In what respects do Am. Conservatives & American Liberals disagree & agree over what ideals Justice entails?
Why is America called the 'grand experiment'?
Why do most people seem inclined not to think too deeply?
How is it that Tides are predictable, when weather is not so accurately predicted?
Does IMAGINATION have a limit?
How does Leibniz reconcile the fact that...(question on human freedom)?
Why does god let people suffer?
How can anyone be sure they're sane ?
Can LOVE wait...... Can LOVE be planned......?
What makes us humans vulnerable?
what do think that you are doing right now that can change people to your side.?
What comes to your mind when you see this?
Which model of swift desire is forever best?
I am very lonely and unhappy :(?
How do you enjoy your life?
What is life like for people living in a theocracy?
Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him For A Day; Teach A Man To Fish, Feed Him For A Lifetime - Origination?
why did god create us?
How do we develop the ability to like the way something looks?
What does "all is fair in love and war" mean?
Why is everyone in such a rush?
Freedom... is there really any real freedom left in this world; has there ever been true freedom?
If life is an illusion, what is Death?
Why is there a need for this site.....shouldn't we all be working or something?
what is the mailing address for enchay monastery in east sikkim india?
What will the human race look like in 3 million years?
Honest Opinion What has Obama done to improve you're life?
What is left of the dew-drop leaves once the frog departs?
Describe, in one word, your ultimate goal in life?
What Could Be Wrong With ME?
Middle Aged Men? Do you feel used and abused when a sweet young thing has her evil way with you as a Goddess?
Give me your life story! ?
Augustine's "Confessions" What were his virtures?
what do u imagine hell being like?
is it true that if a girl's fav. color is pink does that mean that they r girly?
What is difference between Perception and Cognition?
what, one advice about life would you give to someone who is younger to you,...out of your own experience?
Simple minded: What does that mean to you?
Why is that barber question a paradox?
Why isn't disorganization designed?
Aesthetics: A question for philosophy.?
Do you think it's arrogant when someone doesn't feel ashamed about being a Human?
What is the name of god?
How does the work of scientists, or science in general, affect your life today? Why is it important.?
Alot of people like to consider themselves worldly.... What do you consider that to mean?
Do you see the glass as being half empty or half full? Why?
Is God . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?
What can money not buy .. besides happiness?
Debate "The theory of relativism is correct and there is no universal standard of moral truth."?
What is sincere desire? ?
How would you feel if you were leaving your life behind to start a new one?
Do you agree that in this world, there are only 3 important things - money, sex and more money?
Interview with Seneca (Roman Stoic philosopher). what questions do I need to ask?
Question on Descartes' Fourth Meditation?
Do terrorists have any ethics?
Indeterminist argument?
If you will be criticized...would you rather it be by your outer appearance or by your inner character?
Spinoza and Monism (see details)?
Is Joppa a girl or boy...? Prove......?
The delphi oracle was a pothead right?
Is Life 'Ow' or 'Wow'? Help!?
I took the road less traveled by?
One weakness of every human being?
list of philosophers?
what should i do to keep everyone happy?
Honest people are never touchy about the matter of being trusted?
Do you think that "modern" communication methods spells disaster?
hume's argument that reason serves as a slave to the passions, what are his main points?
What is your opinion of this philosophical quote?
What is the alleged circularity in John Locke's argument regarding Personal Identity?
Is it a good idea to confront someone that's lying?
Virgos, how do you treat the object of your desire or your love?
help with voltaire?
if you could ask for anything in the world, what would it be?
What is the most stupid question you have been ever asked?
Help on this Hegel quote?
Can I just float through life instead of working hard?
Is there really such a thing as 'morally obliged'?
Why people fear people more than God?
What is balhala???????
Does Love ever fail.........?
How do you know that a decision you have taken is right?
Are you ready to ascend to a higher vibration ?
How is Plato's Republic a response to Plato's Apology?
Which is the difference between "Bad Infinite" and "Good Infinite" in Hegel's philosophy ?
Who would you ask, and what would you ask them?
what's the best piece of advice you could ever give anyone ever?
How come no one supports my life goals?
Should a person ever drive angry?
Why shouldn't we all judge other people?
What is Excessive individualism ?
Do you think that life is fair?
Is it normal to worry about the end of the world?
What Martin Luther king speech is on Linkin park song "Wisdom Justice & love?
How much do you like Answers Beta?
Is it okay to lie to myself??
What things in the world ALWAYS make you laugh, no matter what?
What would be a modern epicurean job?
if you had a second chance to live your life over, what would you do differently?
Mill's theory on Justice?
where does fishes go on their vacations?......?
Will me and martez be to gather and get marrd and have a happy life to gather?
"The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility." What do you think?
Can you describe eternity?
Herodutus' focus on individuals makes him unsuccessful?
Why don't people ever RSVP?
"eck principle loving thought or lighthearted ider".?
Is There Anything You Are 100% Certain Of?
To the deep questions of & about life, are we the answer?
How does it feel when you first realize that you're about to spend the rest of your life in prison?
What you should do in case you are needing more than 24 hours in a day to do all activities ?
i want formations about graves disease?
What great thinkers could you relate to the movie Pulp Fiction?
What was Alans watts personal philosophy?
If you do....why do you believe in God?
why do I always want to be in another world?
How to speak in a more concrete way?
is this statement true or false?
what is end of world??
the meaning of although the world is full of suffering it is also full of the coming of it?
The best make-up a girl can wear is her smile!?
Whats your biggest fear in life?
Romantic Philosophy of the Imagination?
philosophy 101 question?
Working for a good job?
Do you have a place you can call "home"?
Is there one day you'd like to relive?
Why am I living???????????????????
Can you imagine not having "chocolate" ever again in your life..?
What is the best Joan of Arc movie?
What do you think of these issues?
If death is inevitable then why is your main instinct survival?
Who are you my friends . . . . . . . . .?
How important do you have to be to be considered assassinated instead of just plain old murdered?
What is a good man?
What comes to mind when you think of caring?
What made my cousin act like this before he dies, he said he heard his dad calling to him?
a small paragraph on positive growth of children?
if i agree god exists why he is unable to control human mind? is there a power beyond his caliber.?
How could music be influential on a persons life?
Who is alone, and who lonely?
What is good government?
2012 Believers: Why do you think the something will happen?
What purpose do you think you were born for?
Is hatred pointless in your opinion?
Are there projects that are managed, or mismanaged, by mixing partial admissions with misinformation?
Ok, Adam and Eve bore Cain and Abel, so who bore Cain's wife?
is swinging adultry?
Whats the difference between a "Twin Flame" and a "Soul Mate"?
what is the meaning of tribal symbol?
''<violence''>! to huert other people physcially.?
Do you think that . women are . smarter than men?
Which is the one thing we cannot able to see that but we can feel it?
Do you have the drive to learn about and demonstrate leadership?
would it be hard for right-brained people study science?
[Survey] ****What is the one thing that all humans can agree on?
If you could turn back the time?
Define the term varnashrama?
If you were on a desert island and could take 3 things what they be?
Is it possible to enjoy your life more as you age?
Debate : Why is collectivism better than individualism (HELP! I need examples!!)?
Can we scape Christmas?
“The design argument explains the purpose found in the natural world”.?
Did each person with Collins project have a major definite purpose ? Or had someone already tinkered with duty?
what are the best years of life?
How do people who are happy know their happy?
How the hell can I get a job so that I can afford to live life?
Exactly what is between sanity and insanity?
would you like to live in a world without?
Which of the following is true about office friendships?
I believe that if there is a god that's cool, if there's not that's cool too.?
Is it true our DESTINY changes with our thoughts.....?
Jean Jacques Rousseau?
What kind of people think that man's will is free?
Help with Kantian Philosophy Questions?
What is the ancient greek/socratic definition of justice?
Can you exist in oblivion?
What little thing would you do to feel happier?
Worst scumbag in the world ever ???
Meaning of....?
Is it true all that we are is the result of what we have thought?
What are the differences between the Sacred Cosmos, and Clockwork Universe??
Does the consumption of eggs let us live life kicked up a notch?
True or False, "This statement is false"?
Do you have a example on choosing between loyalty and ethics?
There is no right to opinions?
when was the last time you thanked god?
Do you believe you create your world?
You are not going to blackmail me with my personal answers that I provide you every day, are you?
What is Hayek's concept of spontaneous order?
Are "All Whispers" meant to be "Sweet Nuttin"? Or it's just the mind so clouded to for those who think of?
Any other philosophical novels similar to 'Sophie's World'?
discuss the natural inclination of human person to do good by aristotle?
Philosophy Uneasy: Had a bad day have ya?
Agree or Disagree: What goes around comes around?
Are you happy with your life?
Why is abortion morally, religiously, politically, and philosophically wrong?
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Was Aristotle wrong?
How was Kohlbergs stages of moral development used to suggest there’s a difference between female and male?
Quick question for Philosophy Majors....?
where do dirty thoughts come in mind come from even when one has no such intentions or desire?
What is normal, (read on)?
if the world ends in 2012.How will it end?
Does society just tend to be always restless and never satisfied with anything either good or bad?
Does one's thoughts make a person's character?
Whats the point of life?
Who's your role model?
what do you miss most about childhood ?
can someone explain Fundamental Presupposition of Science to me I don't comprehend the concept. ?
can u help me this is for school, what is the author trying to convey in this poem what emotion is he trying e
Isn't life just a battle of the genes?
Anyone tried Anna Mandragora with success?
What are some of your (little) secrets?
what is your notion of a "sound consience"?
How can you prove god does not exist?
How many people on this freakin' site can just answer a question?
in LIFE, what's worst to not PAY ATTENTION to?
Need help with David Hume Philosophy?
Who are we if not our selves and if we are ourselves what are we?
Do you agree or disagree with these quotes and why?
What's that precious thing for what you have to survive either doing or not?
'' take the sword that withstands humanity and the universe and wield it '' what would you interpret of this?
RE: IVF, If a fertilized embryo is frozen for 5 years then inseminated, surely the baby would have problems?
I want to live forever what can I do?
convert (P&Q)-->(~P V ~Q) into truth table?
How do I translate this into predicate logic? (GPL)?
What form of government was advocated by....?
Do people who intentionally try to annoy and anger you do so to prove "who is smarter"?
What do you call then type of person who is puts there own feeling first, doesnt listen to others and gossips?
why is life so tedious?
What is the true cost of vulnerability?
I was told that the secret of life was 'never to argue with anyone'--- that's right isn't it?
is it morral or immoral to have physical relationship with other than your life partner?
Does luck exist.................?
Christianity moves west, so what of the Indians before-hand?
How can civilizations cooperate on higher platform?
how do you think the world was created?
Why do people keep saying creationism and Darwinism are compatible?
What would happen if?
A central concept of nueorealism is?
LeeeeeeeD Us NOT into temptation?
In order to achieve good results, or achieve anything at all, do people liberate their minds ?
If "brain death" and death were identical and equivalent, there would not be a need for the term "brain death.
Can this statement ever be wrong? "Nothing is a fact" (Which is my philosophy by the way)?
Does anyone feel that there is reciprocity for everything you do in this world?
Just because they're family doesn't mean I have any real obligation to them?
How do you solve these Proofs!?
Does anyone know of any resources looking at ethics in science fiction?
I just found out that my husband is having an affair, should I buy a pirhana fish?
is there any meaning or significance to the types of shells used in jewelry worn by men?
What advice would you give to "Honesty" that is being tempted to participate in a masquerade?
What do you value most your logic or your instinct and why?
whom will you chose?
taking written test for class c drivers license in tx...?
"Life's unanswerable questions..."?
What is your favourite saying or slogan?
Is a day spent watching movies when you could’ve been working a day wasted or well spent?
what would utilitarian feel about patients paying for their own organs?
What logical form is Descartes' Ontological Argument?
Can someone explain Occam's razor to me?
Does saying you believe in something with great conviction really make it real?
Who's God? Where is he living?
are people who hate themselves inferior?
Why are people around me so pissed at my introvertism?
Could we already be in hell?
If you had to lose one of your senses, which would you choose to lose?
what is your biggest fear ?
why and what made Hamlet important to the humanities?
why do bad things happen to good people?
Can you really buy happiness with money?
Why do I have more than one voice in my head?
Why do some people feel the need to troll the philosophy section?
why is that when you're sleeping sometimes you feel like you're gonna fall? is somethign spiritual or what?
Do you think "Giving up" is a good any situation???
What do you think is the TRUE meaning of life ?
what one thing would you subtract from your life to make it better?
What's your survival plan for 2012?
how did George Polya died?
What is more important, to give money to someone in trouble or your time?
Is Evil more powerful than Goodness ?
when we close our eyes what's there beyond darkness?
What makes some people constantly complain? Why are they not able to find happiness? Is it only themselves?
Are humans just dumb creatures?
What is the best way to live life to the fullest?
What are some key differences in Homeric and Sophist Traditions?
Plato's Republic?
Wheres my other sock?
How does nineteenth century transcendentalism link to twentieth century ecology?
Okay, how's this for a philosophy question?
What would happen if the combination value was faulty?
what is the meaning of Life?
If you could be any thing other then human, what would it be and why?
A penny for your thoughts?
Why did what i saw just now seem like this?
Which is the most beautyfull thing in the universe?
Is there any real people out there or just actor/esses on a stage?
Adeimantus and justice in Plato's "The Republic"?
If you ruled the world, what is the first thing you would do / change?
what is the best way to come closer to god?
If you were God, how would you end the world...?
How does Augustine adapt classical philosophy to teaching of divine revelation in his defense of Christianity?
NO high school diploma or ged.I want to become a photographer need help.Mesa a.z?
What should I major in?
how can you apply and put forth respect????
What if you could break fate?
What is Friedrich Nietzsche's best book?
Ever felt stupid for falling in love with only one person in your entire life?
what does "lol" mean? I see these letters at the end of sentences.?
Who r u?Are u "MAN" or PROGRAM?
can you explain the nature of a soul without using religious dogma?
Looking for information on Sensationalism as a philosophy?
what is life?
Doesn't Philosophy and Religion coincide?
What if you're an outcast in your family?
Would you rather be rich, smart, beautiful or happy?
Philosophy help!!!!!!!?
What the best way to make time go by faster?
who found the earth?
Should you let your self over someone's control?
Plato's tripartite theory of the soul examples?
What is one thing that could make you happier than you are now?
which is the minimum(BEST) age for loosing virginity??????????
what are the 3 criteria for knowledge? explain in philosophy?
I am Insulted in My Philosophy Class,How i can take Revenge Students laugh at me when i give Wrong Answer?
Is there really such a thing as happy death?
what was Aristotles view on natural law?
what is the famous quotations of the philosophers?
What are core values?
If you had to take one positive out of being brutally butchered by a gang of deranged apes, what would it be?
what is law?
Song writers/composers/creators of things in general: How to stay focused when making something?
What is is?
what mean this life ?
Is farting better then listening to one direction?
What is the ultimate lifestyle for you?
Do you think there are people who can live a life on an isolated (say, tropical) island and be happy?
Why is it so easy for us, even as an adult, to believe we are the only people enduring something?
What is the most widely accepted theory of existence? Is there one?
Next time Singapore Government Dog, Car accident makes it real for me, dun let me say can be avoidable haha?