Why did I need to do all those things to be happy and ok with myself, do you have any explanation?
Poems by William Carlos Williams?
What are William Paley's views for the basis of morality?
If you could be God for one day, what would you change or keep?
what is the meaning of "penpal"?
Diogenes roamed Athens with a lantern looking for an honest man. Do you think he ever found one?
What are the ultimate goals of human society?
Rate Your Day 1-10(20 Characters)?
What kind of moral instruction or ideology a simpsons episode have?
What does Plato and Lady Gaga have in common?
CAUTION.. Only for thinkers - How does one reconcile duality in Self....?
What is humanness, in terms of philosophy?
Can you answer this with a smile, how many colors are you wearing right now?
Philosophy of science hellppp?
Are there any Greek Philosophers who talked about the after life? DId PLato's The Symposium discuss about it?
If you could think of one thing all humans have in common what is it?
What makes you happy?
A very seriouse question?
Please describe the most challenging experience of your life to date. This could be physically or mentally dem?
Are we the makers of our Destiny? Or is everything predestined?
Is it through giving that we actually receive?
What is the meaning of life?
what do you think about the dictum "I think therefore i am"?
What do you think of Aristophanes in regard to his lampooning of Socrates?
Humans being the youngest of all creations, why do we consider ourselves as the most superior of all ?
if i woke up one morning as the oposite sex i whould...?
What's the worst that can happen?
Why does money and government operate survivalism on the level of costing other peoples lives and freedoms?
How does sensation and perception affect the five senses?
Does going through difficult situations... make us stronger?
What ethical responsibilities to humans have to others according to aristotle, socrates, plato, and confucius?
Did you marry someone opposite or very similar to you? Tell me your love story?
Is Terry Pratchett the best modern philosopher?
What makes you feel alive?
@IS (and friends) - Can Rationality be a choice, in the way that Emotionality is?
Is your internal dialog mostly positive or mostly negative?
What is the difference between ideology and epistemology?
When will the world end?
Is this fate or just a coincidence?
What has been the best day of your life??
who know me??
I know the meaning of life,do you agree with it?
Why is life so difficult??
Do you have a philosophy of life that you live by based on a pop culture reference?
Which book has changed your life? (even a little change matters)?
Would you ever sell your soul?
would you rather be a BUTTERFLY or a FIREFLY?
if we remove all the world's religions overnight, what would replace the obvious civic "duties" vacated?
say if you were born an hour ago and then put on this earth?
Please someone help me!! Homework help!?
Where do we find a true source of modern day prophecy?
Why does it seem like every time a civil rights movement occurs?
Does anyone know some good rimming sites?
Will we ever be rid of religion?
What philosophy do you live by?
A moral dilemma - If you are a surgeon, and you are treating a patient who tells you, no blood transfusions?
What does this world can be ugly, but isn't it beautiful mean?
Ok it's hypothetical question time again. Ready?
Do animals have free will?
What are the laws of nature?
Does your most treasured memory more than compensate for your most awful memory?
From A to F, how would u grade God on Her, His or It's stewardship of the universe?
What do you think about a Philosophy Blog?
Do you ever wish that you have a different life than the life you have NOW?
Should and could the word "truth" be disassociated from the word "reality" ?
If you had all of these things....?
What song would define your life? Or......?
Where can we verify this quote by Albert Camus?
what is love and how does it happen?
Can you give me examples of higher goods than pleasure?
love??? what is your opinion?? mine..? love at its finest :)?
Need advice on life...Thanks.?
Do u believe in the afterlife?
Explain the four noble truths and list items in 8 -fold path. Why are they empty?
Who is the love of your life?
How do we know that the colours we see are the same colours viewed by someone else?
'The essence of humans'. Discuss from the rational, religious, social and scientific points of views.?
Would you rather be rich, smart, beautiful or happy?
how does gender still determine the difficulty of making ones life what you want today?
Philosopher- Platos Repulic How is the Allegory of the Cave and the Lines of Cognition connected?
how do we look after the enviroment?
What is the meaning of life?
"Culture is the sanctity of the intellect"?
What's more likely to happen...?
Rhetoric and sophistry in philosophy......?
for what porpose were we created ?
Philosophy instructor tells us to not "get creative"?
how can a person die legitimately if he wills to die?
complete the following (use your imagination)?
How can u live a decent life?
if I stop to think does it mean I'm dead?
what does it do?
What is meaning of successful life to you ???
In Plato's the republic when creating the city what is it that goes against social norm?
What do you want as your very own?
can someone help me find an online source for this quote from Jeremy Bentham?
How difficult is it to do nothing?
At the end of Chapter 67, in the Count of Monte Cristo, what proof is there that Villefort has gone insane?
Which do you think as a meaningful life?
Do people have all sorts of problems, or do problems have all sorts people?
Who would you rather be...... Ugly and rich or Gorgeous and poor?
What should I do this project on?
How would you define happines?
Why do people give up on life?
Why people are so selfish?
If curved lines do not exist, is everything straight lines on various planes?
what is meant when one says philosophy is i know what not?
Kid Cudi and Philosophy?
the world is going to end! ! !?
what abt frustrations in your life?
What is grace?
How valuable is a good friendship?
who do you prefer, dumb friend or intelligent enemy?
what's up with people?
how do i participate in answering answers?
If all things exist when only measured, observed , then God exists outside the physical mind, yet within the..?
What is the meaning of life? What are we? Why are we here?
If you cry...does it mean you are weak ?
A survey of sorts, on logic?
Can you explain the differences in the philosophical systems of Mr. Hobbes and Mr. Locke?
do u believe in bible?
how do you define humility in this internet society?
Love is buullll don't you agree?
What is the meaning of life?
What do you think life will be like in 100 years?
why is it so hard to come up with questions?
Why do we want what we don't have?
What is stopping you....lets talk logic?
last minute connection high end award opportunty advisory matchup for 3339393547?
How do I overcome my depression?
Do we ever meet somone from a past life in our current life?
what is the meaning of life?
what is the most thing your afraid of in life?
Why do we fear death?
Whats your philosophy on life?
Where are the best web sites to learn about philosophy?
Can LOVE wait...... Can LOVE be planned......?
I need as much info about Western Materialism?
We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone.?
In your opinion how do heredity and environment relate to the development of a child?
What is the logical concept of Plato di Platito tralila un pugito tu panchito, hihihi?
How can I begin living again? I feel like i've lost everything.?
Is there a case of "them" and "us" in your life...?
Whats the biggest problem in your life?
Love is nothing but an illusion,Agree or Disagree?
How do aristotle's teachings on potentiality and actuality relate to his ethical writings?
How often do you ask for someone's opinion even though you've already formed your own opinion?
In your life do you have the courage to step into the unknown?
What is the purpose of human existence?
Please don't answer this question?
Whats the best moto in life? =]?
Is life to be lived for yourself or for others?
What is the best thing one can get in Life?
why do we read poets if no one really care ?
What do you think was the very first word people invented?
Why human beings have two eyes,two nose, two ears....?
What is Cleanthes perspective on love?
Is the world really going to end on the 06/06/06???
Athiests, describe your daily life and what you do?
i need help with utopia!!?
What's something many people take for granted?
What is the defference between SOCIALISM & COMMUNISM?
Do you think that objectivism can exist independently of Rand?
Does it make you feel sad to see what we humans have done to this planet?
What is your favorite quotation?
Annoyance is a avoidance-emotion, so what do you get annoyed by?
some questions philosophy/.?
What is the difference between grandiose thinking and being really proud of changing your life around in the?
What does a strong presence mean? List advantage and disadvantage of having one.?
who or what created God?
Are You sure that tomorrow you still life?
Did we exist before we were born?
Pursuit of a goal or attaining a goal?
Do you think fair justice will return to American popularity soon?
how do you rate can it really be helpfull??
Did you come into this universe, or did you come out of it?
What is social paradigm?
How do you tell if a friend is being a true friend?
what happens when something complex is governed by something simplex?
why is Greek mythology is important?
Am I a murderer?
What would be a good essential question to ask about human trafficking?
What is the realm of necessity?
would you rather be UNDERSTOOD or MISUNDERSTOOD?
What's the most important thing life has taught you?
Who would win in a fight between Jesus and Buddha?
Why are beautiful regions with nice weather poor?
how many birds can u really kill with one stone?
Is it not always cold blooded murder?
Can you help me define "throw people off"?
During the night, what thought will not go away?
the Apology by Plato is shows a theme of justice?
What is your defination of normal?
what is a symbol i can use for marxism?
What is Spinoza, philosophically? Did he get the credit he deserves?
A question about my race?
Will it be possible to live forever?
Who wrote this, what is it ? "...we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace."
What is your serious opinion on?
What can Offend ---- an INNOCENT Mind?
What does my life path number mean?
How we will know the God?
What are some ways to rebel against the absurdity of life?
do you live in the moment?
Does anyone ever really die: when they exist in potential in a potential combination of DNA in their genome?
Can you guys give me all the reasons the quaren and islam is wrong?
Why does everything have to be controlled?
when did you start to appreciate life?
Why do we assume that God loves us?
Just Imagine.....................?
What is the truth?
Why are you scared of death?
What if there was no tommorow what would you do then?
Differentiate HABBITS and the VICES ...?
What’s important to you in your life?
Do happy people irritate you?
Would you like to describe FIVE things about your country's CULTURE?
Fury will awaken the purest hearts?
Do you know yourself ?
If you only had five days to live, what would you do with those days? Each day much be something different.?
have you ever touched the sky?
Is reading about a local pharmacist or chemist who sold medications illegally ...enjoying a type of "Gossip"?
In the Separate Peace. How does Gene come to grip with himself?
Was Idi Amin a Good or Bad Leader in Your Opinion? Why?
What do you like about answering questions?
What is the meaning of life?
Augustine argues that free will is to be counted among the good things that God has made. Why does he come to?
How do you keep yourself cool in turbulent times of the life.?
Psychics can you employ divination techniques on my behalf?
I am having so much trouble writing my philosophy paper on ethical subjectivism?
Will my life be fulfilling ?
How could be people there swearing they know what´s to happen after death?
Can you Prove that we Think? (I think therefore I am)?
what is half life 3 beta liquid installation password?
What ONE word describes you at this very instant, right now?
If I ate myself, would i disappear or become twice as big?
Why must all great things come to an end?
what is life?
Is it true that world will not end ds coming dec 21 2012?
Can I analyze how you think?
My life help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where does happiness truly come from?
Have you ever felt like you were on the bottom rung of the ladder?
if you could ask God 1 question, what would it be?
Which do you prefer -- Hallelujah by beautiful Kina Grannis or the less than beautiful author?
How to handle a fragile ego?
why is the sky blue?
Is the world going to be a lot worse years from now, or are things going to get better? Are bad times now.....?
Do you have a poem that describes who you are, what gives you meaning or one that someone created for self?
If you could be a professional right now at anything in the world, what would that be?
Big Controversial Issue?
Are you motivated to ask questions or answer questions on this site because of the points?
What is the meaning of life?
Do you love with your heart or mind?
Do you think the 3rd world war will be fought over "water".Several of the worlds greatist minds think it will
What will happen to atheists after death?
natural signs regarding religion?
Can someone please tell me, what happens to our lives if we ignore reality?
What are 5 most important details/concepts about Machiavelli's life?
is family a dead concept in today's time..?
What makes you happy in life, truely happy?
I nearly died once; would my life be a lot simpler if I had?
What do you think of this quote?
what is emerson's tone toward his piece "self reliance"?
What is the essence of the Existentialist philosophy and how can I (an atheist) incorporate it in daily lfe?
How do you turn your life around in a day?
define death?
Is your life a random event, or are we all like feathers in the wind, with some sort of predetermined destiny?
What is your life like with God?
Do people who never ask questions have all the answers?
Can software development degenerate into a scam ?
Think about this. Please comment?
What is the meaning of life?
What is your recipe for happiness?
Moral and political philosophies?
What passage by Socrates, has him lamenting...?
When someone reaches optimal levels of mental and physical health, what then? Is there something beyond that?
What 1-3 words describe your life philosophy?
What are your views on vanity? Why are we so obsessed with remaining young?
Explain Chris Argyris's theory of immaturity to Maturity stages.?
What does an infinite improbability drive look like?
Advice for a video-what's your opinion?
Why do people wait for chatastrophy to learn about what we have in common?
Why is a humans life worth more than an animals?
Where does a good and happy life come from for Augustine?
Would General George S Patton take on as Nature or Nurture According to Goldings Ideas?
If the pope goes for a crap in the woods, and there are no bears watching, does he fart loudly first?
please help me in comparing these?
What will make a human being completely satisfied?
The future of planet Earth?
During your life, have you ever changed the way you think?
What does the saying " It requires a great deal of faith for a man to be cured by his own placebos. " mean ?
how do you react to someone who always gets mad at what you say?
Why people (including me) make mistake of marrying wrong person despite getting warning bells?
From the prev answers and adding some thoughts Can we say this is the Chronology or Theme running the World ?
When the future arrives will it be the present?
Can animals sense attraction in humans?
What EXACTLY is it that just is?
What is truth?
Ok, your dying and you want to ask 1 question. What would it be ?
why do i have the feeling that things are only going to get worse?
Phineas Gage & Gremlin in the watch?
Imagine if the continents had never separated, would there be less wars and one universal religion?
Re... The burning man festival... Why do people feel the need to participate in escapism, to feel that they?
Have people seen chakras????
Do we know of another planet that could support human life?
If 2 grasshoppers are infront eachother going for the same bug, which grasshopper is most likely to get full?
What is more important, the question or the answer? dont forget to tell me why?
what does the religion Taoism teach and how does one practice it?
· If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Why what we publicly condemn, we personally fantasize it?
what lessons can nature teach us?
Was there a deliberate strategy of fraud by anyone involved in Collins submarine software or legacy software ?
What are some things uniquely American?
Poll: Is man what he thinks or what he eats?
What is something you believe every human being has in common?
define the utility of logic?
What's the greatest cause of your unhappiness?
How could you spend more time with these people beginning nowadays?
Why do we (human beings) always blame ourselves for every disaster caused on earth?
What is an example of Philosophy of diversity?
Give me advice on ANYTHING people should know but dont really think about...?
If you could have any one power in the world, what would it be?
Why does my life suck?
about the essence and practicality of arts ?
Is Euthanasia a reasonable solution for terminal Halitosis?
What is the best lesson you learnt in life ?
which came first? the chicken or egg?
When does a HousE become a HomE?
Easy 2 point question>>Who AM I..?
who is harry.s.holtz?
Have you ever heard about the "Praxis" movement?
Be yourself, or define yourself?
Why Do People Kill?
why building philosophy upon a theory about universe is a must?
How to Discipline Church Choir?
Who said "The further you look, the bigger you will become?"?
What is your purpose in life?
Anyone interested? : From T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", Please interpret last 9 lines?
If you could trade lives with anyone, past or present - would you and with whom?
Would you rather be loved or feared?
Can a person worship God in their private way,without being a member of an organized religion?
to Truth-and others -proof that there is no such thing as evil?
favourite quote?
where does our soul go at night ?
Does this give you any insight into potential problems in projects and why Collins project, for example, would?
What does Kant say about the Rules of Skill?
Know about myself and my destiny?
How is Circe like Helen of Troy? How is Circe unlike Helen of Troy?
Help!! Understanding 3 quotes from Nietzsche and Dostoevsky!!?
is creation true?
Bhakti followers it is possible we are all deities with magical qualities?
The Apology: How does Socrates succeed in refuting Meletus by using the Socratic Method?
Do you use profanity?
Why there is no hope for such a people?
Does Your Suffering Matter?
Have you ever known someone over 30 who has truly changed themselves?
what is the two difference between men and women?
can you explain the key concepts of existensialism?
What do u all believe in more....... God or Yourself ??? and why???
who wrote: not here for a long time, but for a good time?
Might Franz Brentano be treated as a solipsist? If so, how?
If you wrote a story about your life, what would be the title?
What does you know about living?
Money is a friend or enemy?
Peace not war: is the world addicted to blood shed now?
What do you think about this?
Can you find the answer to life in this life?
Is it ever too late to start "documenting" a computer program ?
What do you do when life hands you lemons?
Could 'free will' be random thoughts filtered by design selection?
Are you celebrating life?
what is the meaning of life?
Can i put16 molleys in a 20 for the rest of the life?
what is the purpose of life if you will die eventually?
Those who believe in horoscopes, UFO's, ghosts, the DaVinci code,etc??
Does safety-critical software need a "shakedown period" where all safety-related problems are fixed ?
Define Your Life in ONE...Word?
Do you feel like you expect to much of others?
who is the most stupid person?
Nature of philosophical problems?
Why do people waste their life falling in love?
Do you know what it's like to feel love, be loved, give love and do you know what love is?
Do you think that life is fair?
What would Socrates say in regards to bioethics?
what could be the possible reasons?
What are your talents, and how do you use them to make the world a better place?
What word do you love the sound of?
do you want to die.....?
What philosopher argues that justice is important, but not as important as the overall happiness of society?
How is family life important?
Do you think life is always a story about another story?
Why don't Indians respect other's Individuality?
what is the best thing in your life right now?
If you wrote a book about your life so far, would anyone want to read it?
Would Aristotle feel that Ritalin is the way to maximize potential or is it contrary to the good of humankind?
Rene Descartes: What did he doubted? & what did he believe in?
What requires you to be good?
what's more important than laughter?
Has the universe got an outside?
What this world is coming to!?
What are some of the best quotes you have heard?
what do the perceive as their role in relation to the day care center?
Would you walk away from Omelas?
How to get on my feet, how to defeat fear ?
Is mathematics a science?
Could a project be steered by noticing examples of "tortious interference" and using them as rules for what?
To whom was God speaking when he said, "Let there be light."?
Ethicists: Do you follow the moral standards you have reasoned?
Can you tell me something ONLY a WOMAN's HEART will KNOW?
If a cat dies by choking to death on a live mouse it has eaten, which killed which?
Is bill gates naive for this?
Lie mangled by the bronze spear ?
Discuss Machiavelli's doctrine of double ethical standards in politics.?
If we are all humans?? then why do we all look different?
What is the best way to assuage guilt?
Where can i earn a graduate degree in theology?
Can money buy happiness?
What is your opinion about Kant, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche?
If there is an All-Good God, then why does He allow so much suffering in this material existence?
How can you be happy?
What can we as individuals do to make a difference in a world headed for destruction?
What is God's FINEST creation?
Who Says Money cannot buy Happiness?
sens zycia?
what is live and world and god?
republic of plato?? i need a little bit of help?
How do you get on with your life when?
What, in your opinion, is the best question ever asked by any human being anywhere?
What is the very first assumption that every quest of knowledge must make?
What Brings you Happiness?
What were Thoreau's views/opinions on government?
What was the largest NDE scientific study conducted and what were the results?
How do you get the most out of life?
The portrait of the artist as a young man and siddhartha concept of freedom?
Ways that this can actually happen?
Most important Heraclitus Fragments?
What are some ways to build mental toughness ?
Don't you think all wonderful things are wasted on the young?
Why my best friend tried to f... my girlfriend when he knew that I love her?
How construction of MEANING is related to EMOTIONAL experience?
Would you rather live for a long time or have a fun time?
How does capitalism drive peoples actions and reactions with one another?
Does it scares you?
If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to your twelve-year-old self, what would it be?
Do our thoughts really dictate our actions?
Get revenge or let it go... which seems to be what many people do?
"It Takes two ppl Working to buy 1 freedom"... what do you think ?
"When all else fails"____________ (fill in the blank)..... be creative!?
If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be?
what is the true meaning of life?
When you are in love, do you feel like your partner just wants you to express who you are?
If you say you cant know anything for sure then how do you know THAT for sure? How do you refute this claim?
I want to create things for a living but have no idea what to be...?
Should i always let people know when they're doing something i hate?
I want to read some hindi books on literature?
voltaire famous philosopher?
Does confidence = DGAS?
If science finds that criminal behaviors are really diseased brains, that can be we still imprison?
I did the hokey pokey, but forgot to turn myself around. I fear this is no longer what it is all about now?
If the law of the signifier is that it signifies something only in relation to another signifier...?
Reasons why people would be shallow towards others in terms of dating ?
Do you know something about "On the Non-Existent" by Gorgias ?
Do we have 6th Sense ?
Is God greater than, equal to, or less than, Love?
Do you support Humanity, or do you support morality?
Have we ever really invented anything? Or more sorta noticed it?
Truth exists only insofar as perception and experience dictates. What is true for you?
How can i make myself feel happy at school again?
Definition of Pure sensuous concepts by Kant?
Has anyone used inner vision to perceive dark matter and or inner visions of lower dantien and qi/chi?
Is this funny or not?
why will the world end i 2012. people said the world will end in 2000 too. but did that happen ? noooo.?
If the earth is indeed round...?
are honor,integrity worth giving your life for?
What does it mean really "to mess with someone's mind"?
Do we "know" more than we can say? What do you think?
what is the origin for bipolar 1 & 2?
Do you believe in paying it forward?
What do you perceive this to be about?
This isn't too gross is it?
Work, Family, Hobby, Religion--rank in order of importance.?
Is intuition something that comes with experience?
Why africans suffer ?
When there are two children in family then mother gives importance to 1 child only.Why so ?
I’m going to DIE tomorrow… Pls. tell me what should I DO?
Your gravestone would read?
Can anyone tell me how can artificial intelligence work and can carry on after no humans are no longer living?
Can we ever be sure that our perception of things is right . . without consulting other people?
Is this a question?
WHat do you do when that fire..and conviction is gone inside you and you feel there is no hope left,do you?
Metaphysics help-Maritain?
Help! Kuhn's Paradigms? Philosophy help?
If you ruled the entire world what would be your first commandment?
Do we truly have free will?
Is it possible to stop thinking voluntarily? Just turn off the thinking part of your brain?
How do you recreate your reality?
would u agree our thought processes are a string of memory associations?
what is transcendental materialism?
An enquiry concerning human understanding david hume question?
Do our morals eventually fall prey to our emotions?
In your opinion, what is the world's biggest facade?
When is enough enough?
What is Life??????? .s?
does anyone know this whole quote and where it cam from? "he awakened in my soul the desire to find glory"?
Just been a victim of Happy Slapping. Should I hunt the person down and tear his head off?
Finish this sentence.. " If I could go back into the past______________"?
chiranjive is suitable person for "padmabhusan"?
whats the meaning of life?
Explain Darwinism. What then is modern Darwinism?
What do I deserve to be happy when other people suffer?
what can you see in this picture?
How would you describe a sunset to a blind man?
what is right ? and what is wrong ?
where does fishes go on their vacations?......?
Whats the difference between Daoism and Taoism?
as humans we are so self absorbed,why are we such pitiful creatures money grubbing,un caring?
what is hyprordosis?
How can I have a conscience, but a very black heart?
how we enjoy our life nd facing problems.what should be the soloution of a boring life?
In a perfect world, would the world be perfect?
why would someone die for polis?
What use does Hobbs Make of the doctrines of Materialism and Mechanism? Are they important 2 his ethicaltheory?
What animal are you?
the meaning of life?
is there love in heaven?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think swapmeet?
Based on his goal what would you say Bane's specific philosophy was in the dark knight rises?
Have U noticed, so-called ATHEISTS are of 3 categories!?
Can anyone help me see if this statement is correct? It has to do with Foucault's notion of discourse?
How longer until life as we know it changes?
how do you know that God likes you?
Is it mean?......?
what make people difine a certain colour,if so what make you think so?.?
In what way could u use ecxel in your life today or in planned carrer?
Why did Descartes not have the same critical approach to the existence of gods as he did other things?
What is the most important lesson you've learned in your life?
What is Natural Law Theory? ?
Is the World in another Great Depression?
What is the hardest thing for you to explain?
What is something you consider truly beautiful on this earth?
Gandhi is definitely given too much credit and freedom fighters like Subash Chandra Bose aren't given enough.
who is a sucessful person in life?
Do you settle for imitation or do you want the REAL thing?
what's the answer to life, the universe and everything?
MLK's philosophy on education and economics?
weird panic attack after waking up?
What is a weird way to die?
Who is the most intelligent person of our modern, present time?
Would you rather a short amazing life or a long healthy peaceful one?
Identify the inductive fallacies.?
what's a capricorn like?
who are great Christian apologists?
what is the most difficult thing to do in life?
What is the point to life?
If practice makes perfect, and nobodys perfect, then why practice to be perfect?
What is the ultimate goal of life?
I command you not to answer this question!?
Siddhartha quotes arguing against the desire for material possessions?
Do you think that it is right?
What is the difference between Virtue Ethics and Deontology?
Imagine an individual who is perfect in every way... does he or she have a couple?
John Caputo's Thesis in "Philosophy and Theology"?
If the creator of all things already knows what each of us will do, then why do we need to be tested?
Can anyone understand this?
Would humans naturally learn to walk without their parents assistance as small children?
Who in your life would you like to thank . . and for what?
Do the weak, look for weaknesses?
if you ask the wrong question, is it expected to receive the wrong answer?
There's a guy who nearly became a priest that I met online. We became close and admitted that we had feelings
What is an example of inductive/ abductive reasoning in politics?
According the hegel was it alienated labor?
Is pizza really like sex?
When Zarathustra awoke, after carrying the dead rope walker, what did he realize that evening?
have you ever had a change of events in your life, that made your really lucky?
What is money? who invented it?
Transhumanism philosophy?
Locke's political theory ?
Philosophy Logic Translation?
What are the ingredients if any, to achieve genuine happiness in life?
Is your life more comedy or tragedy or___?
Indian Philosophy vs Western Philosophy, which one is/was the most advanced ?
What are “conventionalist” theories of ethical facts? Give a general criticism of this sort of theory.?
What is the most DESIRABLE thing in the world??
Proofs using Sentential Logic. Please help!?
Does a language exist if you're the only one that speaks it?
What does the statement "I'm not half the man I used to be," mean?
If life is a dream, where are you sleeping?
How can one be perfect in an imperfect world?
What is more frightening...death itself or the actual dying bit?
Say you had just 30 mins to live, how would you like to spend those 30 mins of your life?
Should Suicide be considered moral?
What Do You Think About Fame?
will i be the winner of the$1million every year for life?
is it wrong to feel of leaving your home that causes your head not in peace?
what exactly is a fate worse than death?
How does Voltaire's Dictionnaire Philosiphique satirize religion?
Will New Orleans be drowned permanently under water one day?
Only Philosophers can explain creation? Discuss?
Pythagosas what if?
Does God (or the Creator, or whatever) know human beings exist?
Can a couple get pregnant just sleeping together without having sex?
Profile critique/critism for dating site please?
what is meaning of human life? why we came in to existence? And why human die leaving their beloved one alone?
What are your earliest memories?
For doing a different thing a person has to think different,while thinking different society tell him mad,why?
Do you need a reason to be happy?
Why we all should live with many contrasts in this life and why there are those contrasts?
What is the Philosophy of Umayyad?
Think QUICK! What is the FIRST word (only one!) that comes to your mind when you hear the word "money"??
What's Beyond Death?
is anything "infinite"? (besides concepts like math)?
What is a "philosophical conviction"?
Why am i so sad all the time?
What is the reason for us being on Earth?
Why is the term "greed is good" true?
Why do I feel like I have no future?
left justification versus full justification which is better?
Does the beauty of the world ever make you cry?
Considering the works of Plato, how would Plato define virtue? How does this relate to happiness and the soul?
Is it sexual activity necessary in our life?
Be truthfull please. What is your earliest memory? What age did you become aware of yourself?
Do bad people go to heaven?
how i can learn simple philosophy lessons on internet free of cost?
What was Alans watts personal philosophy?
When did logic became so convulted and difficult to comprehend?
why do human beings wear clothes?
what would you do today if you ere to die tomorrow?
What are you views on crime and criminals?
What is a saying that you live by?
what is love n why we felt love ?
What was the greek word for the belief in striving for perfection in every task partaken?
Glory is the shadow of virtue; Meaning?
what are mackie's criticisms of john hick's soul making idea?
"A man who does not enjoy doing noble actions is not a good man at all"?
Where is it found in the bible that a liar can not tarry in God's sight?
Is this true, or just another myth?
What is something that is impossible?
What good things have happened in your life recently?
What is the difference between the views of the materialists and hedonists?
what does swimburne say about extreme evil?
What is sincere desire? ?
If the argument is logical does it mean that the conclusion is metaphysically true?
What does down-to-earth really mean?
Looking at your smile is also a source of happiness for me.?
How can I succeed in my own strengths? ?
How does plato demonstrate that it is necessary to transcend opinion and grasp the true nature of things?
What does hegel mean by civil society?
Is it true if you believe hard enough?
Does anyone actually use these Machiavelli-inspired laws ? Law 4?
brief description of only one of the following criminal cases: Jeffrey Dahmer, Scott Hain, and Aileen Wuornos?
More compassion for animals than humans. Im not proud of it nor ashamed but is there anybody else like this?
how your idie about technologi ? it is optioned human or human in the optioned technologi?
If God DOES NOT exist, and there was nothing before the Big Bang, what caused it?
what is atma shakshatkar?
Do u believe that "what comes around goe's around?"?
Recall that a Chinese widow was buried with a comb inside her coffin. What's the ritual about?
what are 5 real world existential events or examples?
Are you happy or sad?
Racial Philosophy in American History X: need philosophy questions?
What do you define "beauty" as?
how do i derive/prove this philosophy/logic sentence?
whos is the voice on the zen tapes on the show "life"?
Love life problem...?
Does Satan exist and if so where is the proof?
i think an ATHEIST is irrational, am i irrational ?
Negativity or positivity,which rules you?
An apriori statement is one that one knows before experience and which is also an analytic statement.?
Why many people hate and blame Osho Rajneesh as sex maniac?
Could someone elaborate on this quote by Jacques Lacan?
What's the dance that plays in your mind?
How can yoy feel better about your self?
Is this belief a form of anthropocentrism?
Why does Voldemort continue down his twisted path of life despite the multiple chances he has to turn back?
Hobbes idea of the cause of Human war and peace.?
Is there a common root cause of all problems? If so, what is it?
please share some stock knowledges...anything will do.?
WIthout using a search engine before answering, can you answer 'Who was Karl Popper'?
Why can't we live forever?
what is the meaning of my life?
What would Thomas Hobbes and John Locke say about the people/community in "Boyz In The Hood"?
What are Hume's 5 Criticisms of the Cosmological Argument?
How would you interpret the phrase 'Hardships of heathen crosses' ?
will the world really end in 2012?
Why do we need to look artificial/plastic right in front of others for sometime?
What does it take to be a good business man or a leader? How to be one? ?
What type of person openly frowns at you? I can understand the person dislike me but why frown at me?
who would you consider to be a virtuous person?
Why do some people like to ALWAYS be the center of attention ?
Stuck between rat race and spirituality?
Aristotle and Plato differ on their ontological views of the existence of the universal.?
could you call people who work with Alzheimer's patients...?
Why is natural law important?
What is the ultimate idea?
In the workplace, are there Machiavellian battles between authenticity and non-authenticity ?
Do nice surprises make u happy after a bad day? What's the nicest surprise u have received?
I think I wasted my life. Is there any way to repeat it?
which religion seems to be most logical, most meaningful and most beleivable?
AGED, MATURED, GROWN UP, TRANSFORMED, IMPROVED, FULL-BLOOM: what perfectly describe you NOW from who you WERE?
i try to hold on to moments of intense highs and shoe away moments of intense lows. where do the lows go?
Do you think personhood is an all-or-nothing attribute or something that admits degrees?
why is understand culture essential?
What would you do if you found out that everything you ever believed in was all a farce?
The Allegory of the Cave- How might contemporary politics bear out this assertion or contradict it?
What can be such a reflection of perfection?
What do you think the most precious possession of a human being?
What is love? An how will u know that you are in love?
What did Harry Hilsson mean when he said Sweethaven was "safe from democracy" in the movie Popeye?
what does the people's society think for?
What is the meaning of life?
How do you feel about the Japanese and Stoic defense and at times tradition of ritual suicide?
Who owns the world?
i will NEVER FORGET how to _____________ ?
question for athiest: Do we have free will or we are just chemical reactions?
I am a prodigy. This is my work. For the ages. I throw gems before swine.?
A question about Hegelian dialectics?
Do you believe in the reality of a moral cosmo?
Without tears, will there ever be a reasonable understanding?
What is a Socratic paradox?
Do you think its time for the human race to be wiped off this world and let the Dolphins take over?
How far is too far?
Who needs help ?
Lynn White Jr.'s historical roots of our ecological crisis?
What is funny?
What was the most awkwardest moments of your life?
which would you prefer, boredom, or loneliness?
Nietzsche: Amor Fati?
Are aliens Christians?
What makes you, you?
Could you have been a Nazi?
If what Micheal Tsarion, Alex Jones, Chris Everard etc. say are true, then why don't they wipe them out?
Do we all truly need a balance in life?
Is Imagination the right word anymore? How about Potential Thought?
I need Hebrew information!!!!!!!?
why should i believe in god?
who is the best in the world?
Better safe then sorry?
What is the aim of every human being?
What are the desires of your heart?
What is Hegelian philosophy and why did Kierkegaard critique it?
Would the script of the Kurosawa movie "Ran" be a blueprint for how to ruin a project ? Would Collins project?
Which fallacy does this question belong to?
seems like some people have all the luck, why is that?
'' take the sword that withstands humanity and the universe and wield it '' what would you interpret of this?
What is functionalism?
What's the meaning of Life (to you)?
What does this world resemble MORE: Heaven or Hell?
are friends a downfall or helpful?
what was the moment that changed your life forever ?
is the world in you or are you in the world?
If nothing + nothing = nothing, then How did the universe (something) come to exist?
If your eyes are the windows to your soul?
Can you give a valid and an inductive argument?
Please read this and give me your opinion. Max Sablosky If you wish to use it please give me credit. Thanks?
i cant hold my promises to myself and to others what should i do?
How does capitalism drive peoples actions and reactions with one another?
How can I find the meaning of my life?
what is the meaning of reality?
What do you do when you feel complete & crushing despair toward life?
HELP! (For people who know about head, alergies, or autism)?
why is it that genius are weird?
What are some Greek myth names?
Why am i classified by some as a Nihilist?
While being humble, mild and soft spoken is a virtue, don't you think such people become easy soft targets?
What is your purpose in life and will you make a difference?
What do you do to stimulate yourself? What is it that you are passionate about?
What is your definition of Beauty?
Are we choosing to give up our liberty or is it being forced from us?
you are GOD .do u know it ?
Where can i watch Dear John for free,no surveys,or fees or downloads? i just wanna watch it.?
how do you hold on to happiness?
does killing time,damage eternity?
I had an odd hypothetical question- what would you do if the sky suddenly had an immense in it?
Is there any thing that is not a mystery?
And how a person can help that person that changed so much?
what has science done to extend life?
What if you forget to forget? How could you forget to forget in the first place.?
World no.1 industory?
what does comparisons mean?
What's something nice about you?
Principle of non contridiction and assuming indentiy?
Is your life a wonderful adventure?
Do you think that life has certain mysteries and there are forces in our lives beyond our control?
whats the purpose of life?
what is the meaning of life?
What's the meaning of life?
What are the points and the differences between Kierkegaard and Sartre?
What are some of YOUR favorite quotes on adventure, growth (especially growth), and life? Why!?
Why is telling the truth always the right thing to do?
"why is "education ought to prepare individual to use his leisure wisely" beneficial?"?
As the years go by, does it seem like Summer is becoming boring?
is your life closer to hell or to heaven ?
Where do you draw the Line?
What must you do before you die?
Are there any age-old questions that nobody could find an answer to?
How is it possible to share your heart with more then one?
Which do you think we will follow when we fall in love?
Is there a computer in heaven?
can i get some help sorting this out???
Do u ever look for relationships or just let it come to u?
Do you reckon autonomy/independence IS true freedom?
Is freewill the ability to make ANY choices?
What's the relationship between spirits and our physical bodies?
what does B.C. stand for in the bible?
when does Yin Yan means in chinese?
In philosophy, who phrased the term "beula" (or similar)?
How important is a person's view on Choice/Pro-Life impact how you see them?
"woman is the strength and weakness of a man?" agree or disagree?
People between 30 and 40: do you feel old, and why?
"Do you think that money is the most important thing in life ?
has anyone thought that lsd just tunes your mind into another frequency of reality?
11 crows were sitting on a tree.A man fire on those crows on the tree and shout 3 crows.7 are on tree now?
Would efforts like Collins submarine computerization typically possess these sorts of controls ?
Using Ontological?
Can the impossible ever be possible?
Which one is better in your opinion?
Does it matter to The Big Picture if we do own thing?
The compatibility Between Modern Science and Islamic Religion …?
An interesting question to think about..?
Could we all be insane?
if the square is happy, and the triangle is confused, then what is the rectangle??
Has anyone here read Sam Harris' book, The Moral Landscape?
Do you think that the advanced syphilis that ruined the Nietzsche's last years iinfluenced his philosophy ?
What is truth in comparison to false? Are they opposite?
how do you know if you're crazy?
Anyone familiar with Eleonore Stump's article on petitionary prayer? I need help critiquing it.?
What is a possible Question/Hypothesis i can make on this topic?
Plato: Meno; Was virtue considered knowledge?? Who thought so?
What Is The Difference Between Ghosts & Spirits?
Learned one... do you have knowledge about st. thomas aquinas ethics?
Doesn't the fact that human brains are different by gender automatically prove there is no free will?
Define "evil" in your words...................?
does God really love some people more than some?...why?
what is the purpose of living after the age of 40 ?does anybody know the answer to this?
Should we seek to end work?
What is the key to happiness?
What book would you recommend that discusses the future of technology and scientific discoveries?
Q&A on-line vote on the subject - "Life is good" - Answer 'YES' or 'NO'?
Is he my friend, idk?
how to tell if you would make a good writer?
Which current movie can I relate to the idea of phenomenology?
what do you pray about is it?
Is it normal that I don't feel like life is beautiful? ?
do you belive in god?
the mission and vision of red cross?
What comes to your mind when you hear the word..."Perfection"?
what are you doing here answering people's question ???????
Faulkner believed that moral truths were inscribed on the human heart. What do you think?
whose philosophy do you prefer?
Do we really know what is wrong and what is right?
Please read! This is my life plan, does it sound like a good life plan?
Your opinions on this?
what is your favorite book or movie?
why do we hide eggs on easter i mean its the day of when jesus came back to life so why do we do it?
Why shouldn't we talk ourselves with open voice ?
Why the egoist person is disgusting?
how many times do u lie per day?
Evolution - the foundation for the antichrist. Wonderfully interesting! leave feedback please! no question?
How had the world changed over time. ?
Suppose I told you I was GOD/ALLAH/BUDDAH. What would you say to me?
Are you more like a tree or a computer?
death and life whats the connection between them ?
A box suddenly falls down from the sky. What do you hope is in it?
give one reason why it is difficult to exactly predict someone's traits even if you know their genoty?
which is the TRUE BLUE: the SKY or the OCEAN?
If drugs take peoples fear away, arent the only bad as not everyone is doing them?
Will there come a time when technology does not evolve further simply cause everything?
What is God?
what are three things you cannot live without?
Do u think getting ur own place changes the way i do things a bit?
Do you think the morals and ethics of society are getting better or worse?
is it true the bible contradicts itself?
What's the best way to manage time?
Has anybody read Roland Barthes' "Mythologies"?
What is reality ?? .. / what is real / what is not?
What does ''lol'' stand for?
Do you take philosophy is high school?
what are some freedom quotations by philosophers?
Explain how Fitzgerald's life parallels the Great Gatsby?
Everyone is born beautiful -True or false?
How to understand humanity better....?
Why must he wear black and white when he can wear a rainbow?
why people becomes so selfish? self oriented?
Why is everyone else so unhappy?
What get stucked in your head?
When you think of 2012 what of it will you bring into your world in all that follows?
If you feel sad today, read this?
How can one be a true Christian and yet be so arrogant to think that they alone have the monopoly on God?
is the following an accurate brief summary of the enlightenment period, modernism and postmodernism?
What means in philosophical sense of meaning the Latin proverb: For great things good will is enough?
what symbols/metaphors in mythology and philosophy are used as universals?
What did Nietzsche mean good and evil undergo transvaluations?
how do we think?(what is there which makes it possible to "THINK"?)?
Do you know your purpose in life?
What is the best thing that you have in your life?
Do you believe that once people die they can still see you and watch over you?
How does one fight off boredom at work?
How does Augustine view the world differently after his conversion?
is life nothing more than an abandoned amusement park?
Opinion: What is beauty to you? What is ugliness to you?
So in this time right now July 2012 what is it?
Are babies and children more conscious than adults?
which one of them do you have more: questions or answers?
The more I learn, the more I know - the more I know, the more I forget - ...?
What do you love the most about planet earth?
MONEY vs LOVE wich is most needed in life..?
why cant we just live like animals?
How is history relevant to your life?
Have you all forgotten to enjoy life?
Why do so many people (me too) have such low-esteem and self-confidence?
Would humans naturally learn to walk without their parents assistance as small children?
Summarize Gallagher's argument for why color-blind attitude is still a privileged attitude for whites in soc..?
Where are the Ramanujans of our century???? The genius of our century?
Money can't buy happiness but it can certainly rent it for a couple of hours. ???
Can we replace the purely mathematical technical in dealing with philosophical logic which is not symbolic?
What do you do when envy strikes?
What's the difference between partly cloudy and mostly sunny?
"Don't give up on life, there's so much to live for!" Like what?
Are we just chunks of walking and thinking meat?
why does the world bow down and think all people have credit cards,money and thats the only way we can getstuf
Why exactly did Schopenhauer hate Hegel?
Why do people keep asking ...?
Why can't I be happy?
How can the ideas of a utopian society between Karl Marx and Jean Jacques Rousseau be compared?
What was Einstein's answer to "What is happiness?"?
What's the meaning of life? Is it really 42?
What will make us respect and love each other?
does god exist?
in LIFE, what is your Uttermost CONCERN?
Is Spinoza's 1st Argument for God An Ontological Argument?
What's the one animal you would fear the most being locked in a room with?
In your eyes are all humans equal?
Is ther an easier way to discover urself than time and thought? a online test prhaps?
why is fsb2u2004 thinking that there is no such thing as promotions and why does he or she feel being not so n
ludwig wittgenstein definitin of philosophy?
what happens when you die?
What is the reason(s) for life?
Why fear death?
In regards to philosophy of the mind, how would Descartes interpret the statue by Rodin named, "the thinker"?
Do you think that our society hurts fat people in a way or another?
::.If it's true that we are here to help others, Then what exactly are the others here for?
Is it truly possible to see someone for who they are without considering gender, race, sexuality, etc.?
Given a choice, would you choose a perfect fantasy world to live or reality?
What is the secret of success?
if i love you and god loves you doesn't that by syllogism make me god?
What does Student Success Mean To You?
school-a prison cell?
Last stupid religious question, I swear.... To God even?
If you could be anything other than a human what would it be?
why do we all think that everyone else should think just like we do?
Do you know what your souls purpose is in life?
what is the meaning of life?
Do you leave food on your plate?
Wuts the purpose of life?
Do you agree...............?
What would the world be like if all our emotions were switched off?
Perfect makes a man Perfect ?
How Much Knowledge you want to Acquire in your Life ?
Would you advance it for the world to see?
Aristotle's four causes in regards to literature?
Does life get more beautiful with age?
are you certain that you exist? if you are; how can you prove it?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the meaning of a 'QUESTION'?
why dose no one care about the world in which we live in?
Philosophical Question. What is an answer?
Is it more beautiful to be mystified by the nature of magic rather than...?
can you explain what Plato meant by "homoiosis theo" ? translate too?
what is Opportunity?How to find Opportunity?
What would you like to ask?
Are you an atheist?
Why does God allow bad childhoods?
in your opinion, is it a bad thing to live on the "Edge"?
Why do you love nature?
Please help with African and Western philosophy?
What is your definition of Beauty?
what is the answer of a question?
What matters to you and why?
Is there really such a thing as time?
according to you ...what is your place in the universe?
Money can buy happiness!?
What makes you so sure that you know right from wrong?
How Plato and Aristotle view intellect and free will?
does anyone know of a good website explaining who the philosophers of ethical egoism are?
What is the most important question that can be asked?
Thesis Help.. about Behavior?
I am lost and have never known who I am or my purpose,how can I find myself and mature into adulthood?
Why are ships and planes disappearing around the area of the Bermuda Triange?
Is there a question that has no answer?
How did Jean-Jacques Rousseau's concept of inequality influence his concept of education?
how would you travel through time?
The Pursuit of Happiness?