what are your opinions on this Friedrich Nietzsche quote?
Why do we wear clothes?
Should people be able to combine their bodies into one perfect being?
What is the difference between Yin chi and Yang chi?
What is presently being proposed?
Does your concept of beauty/attractiveness change with time?
how can people who lie, cheat or steel live with them selves after they do it?
why is it that ppl can give great advice but they never actually take them for themselves?
How can Plato's Cave Allegory relate to us today?
finish this sentence~ i think_________is the coolest thing in the world, don't you?
Zombo Alert! Expect more zombos coming your way...?
Are you living to the best of your ability?
Do you agree that a person reveals their true self when they are feeling stressed?
Are we on Earth just to fart around?
Aristotle's 'On Interpretation' (de interpretatione) - What is the point?
If you could fly ...?
Can you give me a good saying or a great quote?
Age of enlightenment?
Who is a person ( living or dead, real or fictional)YOU choose to portray the following gods and why?
What happens if I don't have a question?
what makes man die n live..cant a dead man relive?
Why should attempt to commit suicide be considered a 'punishable crime'? Don't we even own our own life?
is love the only thing on the world who is not payable?
Is perception reality?
Help me in taking a decision....choose one?
What is the main point Socrates made by telling the story about the oracle of Delphi?
What is platos theory of justice as a harmony of the soul & of the city?
Is there life out there?
Allowing for notational conventions which are the following are sentences of sl?
why do we secretly like it when others fail?
Is it possible for two omniscient beings to coexist, and each retain their own sense of self?
If we are born to die, and we all die to live?
How can you prevent your software being doctored ?
Do you get embarrassed?
Why are women legally allowed to hold a man's remote control? Women don't know what they're doing
Why is it that no one checks their spelling before they send?????
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
what is more important-Intelligence or Beauty?
do you think animals work like humans do?
what is the essence of a woman? is it her beauty or her brains?
What if the Hokey Pokey really isn't what it's all about?
What's the difference between an existential crisis and depression?
How long does Time last?
what did this person mean? if you forget your past, you forget your name?
Has your philosophy left you thinking you have all the answers?
whats the point in life?
Has anyone read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle?
Why it is said that problems and difficulties do come for good?
I don't get it. "If your dream can come true it is not real dream" Why?
Water, Earth, Wind & Fire. Which are you?
who is the best all-times poet??
Do We Really Have Free Will?
NATURAL LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP?
What is the nature of change in organization behaviour?
I need help. I dont know what to do about life. What can i do?
Would you agree that there is a difference between moral instinct and moral thought?
How do I become elightened?
How do I prove that an argument has inconsistent premises without using Indirect Proof?
Could we already be in hell?
How has your imagination guided you?
What are some your own curiosities?
What does this (Ayn Rand) quote mean to YOU?
What is cosmic retribution in philosophy?
Is this question worth answering?
What do you think God does in his spare time?
is it LOVE, FOOLISHNESS or mere INSTINCT to Jump and try to SAVE a loved-one drowning...?
Discuss the problem of evil in Augustine's Confessions?
Our memories???????????????????
What is your opinion on the meaning of life?
are their any objections to T.M Scanlon's theory of well-being?
Do you live in a friendly or a hostile universe?
What are the similarities between Allegory of the Cave, Social Contract by Plato &the game Prisoners Dilemma?
I need your opinion.?
what are the little things that make you want to get up in the morning?
What is not your answer?
"Does thinking about the future have any value when you only exist now?"?
is it wrong to feel of leaving your home that causes your head not in peace?
How do we reconcile the old Wittgenstein with the new Wittgenstein?
What is the logical property of transitivity having to do with the principle of Dictum De Omni and Nota Notae?
What is the best invention that human has made?
2012 End Of The World Question?
If there's a 50/50 Chance of something, should i begin to get exited?
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
what is the point of the book bye J.P. Sarte, la nausee? (something just general about existentialism)?
Can "project management" be used to take over an organization ?
Is it actually possible to become a genius? or is that something people are born with?
what do u believe in : science or GOD ..and offcourse why?
What is the "Virginity"?
what is the meaning of population for hannah arendth theory of totalitarianism?
What are some examples of "Zen Koans" ?
Ghosts are highly implausible, agree or disagree?
Who are the top 10 british philosophers of all time?
Does ignorance make us inquisitive...?
What can cause an intense hatred of everyday words?
“The air is the only place free from prejudices.”?
When something perceived as "useless" becomes part of life experiences, can it be deemed necessary?
If you consider The Call of the Wild to be an allegory, which one of the following statements would be true?
Why do i have the urge to ask a question?
Name a sad depressing song or movie.?
What brings you the greatest joy?
I need some help finding information on Jean Paul Sartre and his idea on God.?
Is destroying a mutually beneficial relationship ethical?
how does aristotles concept of woman relevant in modern times?
Is the universe in the inside, or the outside..?
How do you know that your sole is obsessed by god or some other deity?
Truths about human nature in the Stranger?
Does this thought ever come into your mind?
Does this photo have any deep meaning? What does it mean?
What is the ONE thing you could not live without?????????
GGGGGGGUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYSSWhat do you think when you see my avatar?
Are you an extrovert or introvert?
How would you debate this quote?
Die and end the suffering or live and suffer?
Can God know what suspense feels like?
Will good ever conquer evil?
What did we learn from the child's toy "Macbath The Silly Sea Slurpent" ?
does ego brag upon philosophy?
Is it physically impossible to rotate your ipsilateral (same side) foot and wrist in opposite directions?
When good things happen or when you succeed,who do u give credit God or Yourself?
My life can be measured in hours I serve by being devoured Thin, I am quick Fat, I am slow Wind is my foe?
Are you a risk taker? Or do you take the easy way out?
MONEY is the root of ALL EVIL,is it true?
So its Demeber the First?
Social Darwinism vs. Social Gospel?
How do you know when to stop asking "why"?
What is the purpose of marriage?
How would you interpret this quote?
Do you feel that if you chase something then it only gets further away?
You go to board a train; one of your shoes comes off and falls through the gap onto the tracks. What do you do
what is the meaning of this quote ?
What one thing makes your life worth living?
Do you agree or disagree with my opinion?
would you like to see the death of us?
What is the definition of puppy love?
What types of truth are found in math?
why the god have created animals in earth?
is the philosopher Leon Kass a genetic determinist?
how can I be a muslim. I am a christian?
evil or wise what r u?
How do you react when someone you would rather forget, reappears back in your life?
what's life all about?
Spiritual testimony of a creator's image, is this the silence that needs to awake, to have change?
How Do Can i Be Active and Agnore My Negative Thoughts?
Do you wish you were perfect?
What's the difference between a realist, & idealist?
who are happy? Human beings or the birds in the sky?
Is there really such things as ghost or is it or imagination?
I need some help off of mature life experienced people out there please? l?
Do you think leaders in other contexts(business, sports. religious) exhibit the same qualities of great or nea
Who's arche is the law of non-contradiction...?
what is my purpose in life?
What is Aristotle's views on the after life?
What is the purpose of life?
Why is that if a man /woman stands straight with arms streched sideways he /she forms the sign of the cross ?
Why is it that some Happy people are NOT really Happy.?
How does epimetheus transform animals?
Is this the first biblical account of a zombie apocolyspe?
Can someone break down, "what you don't know, you don't know" any further?
What is a count noun and what is a mass noun? How can the latter be turned to the same use as the former?
if i Tell You "I LOVE YOU" and You just SMILED.....?
Which life is more selfish?
For you, What does the MOON symbolizes?
Is critical thinking ability just missing in some people?
What would if feel like to be as free as a bird?
Why is one afraid to ask???
What is the secret of true happiness?
If you could point out one negative thing about yourself, what would it be?
Ghosts - I don't want to believe - everyone else seems to - how can I disprove the existence of ghosts?
What is your opinion on the issue of theodicy?
What are your philosophies of life?
can you please explain this one quote by Plotinus in detail, and if possible, do you know Ennead is it from?
How would you define your Conscience?
What Does Despair Feel Like?
What is life exactly ..............?
Could God create a rock that he couldn't lift?
What do you think will be the cool thing for 2012?
Who wishes to Learn Martial Arts?
Anecdotes about changing the world?
What meaning is there behind marriage?
If there were no humans on earth, there would be no evil on earth?
What is the one thing you regret the most ?
Is it considered as inhumane to end the life of a person who suffered heavily from something...?
Iv been getting alot of flash backs lately...what is that suppose to mean?
according to you ...what's your place in the universe?
what is meaning of life for u?
What are some things I can do for myself?
A man has everything but everything.What can a woman give to this man ?
If no one is perfect, then how can practice make perfect?
What is the most beautiful thing on earth?
In nature, what really moves you with it's beauty?
Are you afraid of change?
If you had a quote written on your gravestone, what would it be?
How did you feel when you met yourself for the very first time?
what is a normal life?
What are some cute sayings for Chi Omegas? Example: Chi-O till I Die-O?
Has anyone ever thought that life is an illusion?
Who am I? Where will we go after our death?
On Collins submarine project, did some suppliers' PR extoll how great an idea it is to change, with their....
Shall will give Answers a short round of applause?
Is thi world ever gonna come to an end please serious answers only thanks?
What is the number one obstruction to world peace?
here is a question to think about...?
is there any good philosophy sites.?
Can a nation can disagree toom the USA without being treated as a rogue country?
is playing games for hours every day a waste of time?
What role do human emotions play in Confucian Philosophy?
What is mimesis? How did Plato & Aristotle etc.. see it?
Does energy ever die?
Is it possible for humans to live forever?
Is modern philosophy based on rationality and if so can politics still be considered a branch of philosophy?
Does any one know the Syllogism table, which is used to solve questions on syllogism?
What is the meaning of Life?
Do we invite our own sufferings?
Why do many people like to support football teams and have united rivalries ?
Can you name one absolute truth?
What responsibilities do we owe our fellow human beings?
Does anyone know of any sites that relate to the study of ki and/or chi? Please no Wiki answers.?
What is consciousness and can reality be altered?
when do you think the world will end?
Final: Ego Essay "The Long Walk" by Stephen King?
Philosophy help, Descartes and the existence of material objects?
Hi, it's my BIRTH DAY today, July 15th, any stars for me please.......?
why GOD created human beings.?
what are the differences and smilarities between Carl Jung and Freud?
Which philosophical system do you use the most in everyday life?
Question to those of you in bands?
Is human life equal???? or is some people life more important?
What guy runs the internet?
Why is my life so terrible?
What is the root of all evil?
Has anyone ever experienced anything tragic with your love life?
What came first ... the egg or the chicken ?
How to pick a moral theory?
I always take things for granted and want to have what I can`t have,why am I like that?
What will make a human being completely satisfied?
Is it all just a game?
What is the ultimate question?
What makes you come on answers? Boredom? seeking understanding or company?
When will Earthlings have their incomplete education's improved by meeting the operations crew of a UFO?
Is "All members of *NSYNC are males" a necessary or contingent truth?
Why do we always like to get into troubles?
Is evil inevitable? Is good hopeless?
What would your sacrifice your memories for? what could make you give them up?
John mighton: Possible Worlds?
Is this what an existential crisis is?
utilitarianism question?
When people share their problems with you,How do you feel ...?
if reincarnation is real, and moksha impossible, wouldn't life itself become deeply meaningful?
What is your favorite Quote? I will share mine....?
do you think the eyes really are the windows to the soul?
have you FIGURED OUT what's been MISSING in your LIFE?
How can I make my life more fun?
How Cicero viewed the commonality of man?
can you recommend some reviews on Schopenhauer?
Is there any better philosophy than Deism?
When does human life begin?
What are your thoughts on suicide?
can u explain some of these teachings of friedrich nietzsche?
Give me your arguement for either PRO LIFE or PRO CHOICE?
How do i root my desire hd with superoneclick?
Could it be true that everyone is actually innocent, and guilt is an illusion?
Whats the point of anything if I am going to die in the end?
Say you had just 30 mins to live, how would you like to spend those 30 mins of your life?
HELP!!!! Anybody good with words???
why do people constantly ask about happiness?
if you had 3 wishes but money was not one of them, what would you wish for?
Will I ever get better?
Is art a necessity of life?
Are we, as a human race, headed into the right direction or the wrong direction?
Was Kenny James a "mole" or "sleeper" ?
What is th meaning of life?
Can someone give me a link on "The Deathbird" by Harlan Ellison?
Gears are logical and mechanical, what is the opposite?
What is "collective awareness" or "collective conscience" in plain English terms?
do you like your life?
What does freedom mean to you?
Can you make hard decisions?
What is the source of rights?
Have there been cases where 24/7 (24/366) systems were replaced by non-24/7 systems ? What was the reasoning ?
Is there a God?
What is your definition of a life-ruiner?
what is a good love life and work life ?
Who is the philosopher, Epicurus' rival?
What makes a person feel superior in America?
What is HAPPINESS? Love, Achievement, Understanding, Life-Work Synergy, or Friday?
Isn't the statement "I think therefore I am." by Rene Descartes fundamentally flawed ?
Are men intimidated or threatened by strong minded women?
Do you trust people who do not like animals? People who hate animals are they good persons?
What is your idea of Heaven?
what are human beings?
What do you want out of life?
Do you believe in God?If yes, why can't he make everybody happy ?
To progress do we just have to change or actually change for the better?
How effective and significant is Taoism as well as Confucianism?
what is the meaning of life?
Really interesting about life????????????????????
weird World Record question? ?
Have you ever considered that when you look in the mirror, you are not seeing what you actually look like?
where can i find god?
Whch one is better when no other choice is left for survival. 1.Begging 2.Stealing?
why were we born with two ears and one mouth?
how do you answer the unanswerable?
What are your top 3 priorities in life?
Was Collins developing and evolving around its own created problems ?
first random word which comes to ur mind ?
I'm sad??????????????
describe the platform of the black panther party?
Hermes had a particular philosophy of life which he declared to his mother, the Goddess Maia. What was it?
When is enough enough?
Do you think it's acceptable that people are buying?
A world of someones nightmarish delusions come to life[Harry mason] Silent hill pyramid head costume sell me 1?
I'll cry tommorrow, why not today?
What songs make you tearyeyed?
Am I losing out on Life?
why i have to live?
What do you find beautiful in general?
Hume and Descartes.. What is the argument about his Archimedean Point?
Why I always end doing things by myself?
fccckck schoool?!!!!!!!!!!!?
tell me what i am?
Wouldn't it suck to be immortal and be buried in concrete?
What can we learn from the greeks and plato?
at 18 are you a kid or an adult?
waaak! r u staring at me??
How would you define the word "natural" as ethical?
Do you like the format of this document ? (I like it)?
What is the difference between a raven and a desk? read details?
How do I go back to becoming a loner and an introvert?
Why does this happen alot?
Whats the meaning Of Life?
Does human warmth originate from within?
Name one thing that really grabs your attention in life?
What is the purpose of life?
Can you be polite to people who hurt you ?
Locke and Innate Ideas?
Ghosts or Zombies. What would scare you most?
Will you very nice people finish this in your own chosen words to make sense....?
nothing in life is free, can you prove me otherwise ?
Lincoln Douglas Debate tips?
are you a better person today than 5 years ago?
Need help with writing my philosophy paper...PLEASE?
Do you feel a connection with the world around you? How?
Why GOD created us unequal?
is corey feldman the only celebrity image portayed by the avatars?
Would you be happy if you received everything you wished for?
What do you ppls think... what is a relation?
Is it an exaggeration to say that the fate of the world is hanging in the balance?
You go to board a train; one of your shoes comes off and falls through the gap onto the tracks. What do you do
What were Plato and Aristotle's views on Euthanasia?
Is anyone else here stunned at the number of religious goons on this site?
what do you think is the scariest thing about being a human?
Where life starts,where it ends?
what exactly is a fate worse than death?
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, role of duty?
Does depression affect ones creativity?
why people are worrying about life?
Have any famous philosophers had muses?
An argument that uses logic to show that a conclusion is true.?
What is more REAL? A slice of bread you can see, touch, smell and taste. OR a mother's love for her child
Why HABIT die hard? It is like a disease......Do you think so? Can you get a cure?
how many legs do a millapeed have?\?
What is the nature of the eros according to Aristophanes and Diotima?
Serial experiment Lain...philosophy & memory question!?
what is the meaning of life?
I need to talk to a martial arts expert on the philosophy of martial arts...any ideas?
Should we allow other people's limited perception to define us?
What is the best way to get over the feeling that my life is pointless and i am just a blip on the screen?
Do humans have free will?
Where can I find "The Gay Science" by Nietzsche online (i.e. website, e-journal, etc)?
Is WANT more powerful than NEED?
Is it possible to know yourself?
What regret in your life are you determined to recitfy down the road?
Some questions about FEAR...?
What is the most genius quote ever quoted?
Is death like just a joke, because I don't see any end to what life has in store?
“There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false”, how i can use Aok and Wok?
Are You religious? Why/Why Not?
Parts of the truman show that are existential? Help?
Do God bugs exist on Earth?
The old "whats-life-for" problem?
Please answer this question honestly.?
what is ur weakness?
Would you pledge your own permanent celibacy if it would solve a world problem?
What are the names of 7 archangels as stated in Bible?
Agree Or Disagree?
What are you?
Can someone answer this Philosophy question?
Why does it always seem as though someone is feeding off of my ideas or things that happen in my life?
How to make platform paper shoes to hold a 120lbs?
What is the world of dead humans like? What does it feel like to be dead?
Opposites exist where you would never expect them to be?
Anyone know if the world is going to end this year?
What is life and what shoud we need for good lieving ?
Once you realise the inevitability of the universe, and your place within it, does your life lose all meaning?
Should you feel sorry for people with no imagination, or envy them?
How does infinity exist, when there is only the present moment?
What is Bauhaus Philosophy?
if you could choose to be immortal,will you?
can you prove to yourself that you actually exist?
What is your gift?
Do you think people choose to fail?
What does the term Moral atheism mean?
What ever happend to "Tank Man"?
is there any pictures of judaism?
What do you think of childfree people ?
What's your opinion on Gay Marriage?
When people tell you kind things... do you start observing yourself and think?
How do I stop life from passing me by?
Was Collins software like fruit ? (For the software, and for fruit, things decline after reaching perfection)?
In what ways was a gadfly, a model for humanity, and an educational midwife?
Art completes what nature cannot bring to finish. The artist gives us knowledge of nature's unrealized ends. ?
Where can i find all 256 Categorical Syllogism Venn Diagrams?
What is your gateway to reality???
how can i make use of my life in best way?????
What was Descart evil genius” skepticism and the kind of knowledge claims it is intended to call into question?
Smoking is dangerous?
What is your ambition in life ?
if you could have absolutely anything, in the entire world, what would it be?
why is life such a bi*ch? why isnt it nicer?
Is nature racist?
Why do bad deeds done by a person tend to overshadow the good things done by him?
'Truth' is to 'sensory experience' as 'perception' is to ______?
do you agree that arts show how smart we are and that we can reflect on our world?
Do we create Reality?
What song best describes your life at this point? Why?
This Is the best question in the world EVER!?
Is "you win some, you lose some" even a philosophy of sorts?
How was the staement Man is the measure of all things realized in Ancient Greek civilization?
From which country are you?
Why didn't God put the "bad people" on a different planet?
How is Thomas Hobbes still relevant for today?
what does Freud say about freedom?
Why was Socrates compelled to believe that the soul outlives the body?
Advise regarding marriage partner selection ..?
What does the integrity of your person mean?
Whats your oppionion?
Do you think the movie Children of Men is a realistic vision of the future?
Whats your imeadiate impression of quiet people?
Which is the most important value or moral, excluding righteousness?
Hatsheput, for the journey to punt?
Has anybody here read J.Krishnamurti?
Why is the philosophy of the Enlightenment caused changes in America?
what are the different types of beauty?
How many of life's great questions can be answered with "because forehead"?
FB is full of them. How can one be that big jerk..!!!?
Does it ever just hit you, that all of this will be gone one day?
What if this, is all an illusion?
Whats the point of life?
do you agree that seeing is believing?
On a project like Collins, are there little acts of social thuggery ? Are these inconsequential?
why do we deem cruel acts as "evil"?
Can someone explain what Platonism, formalism, intuitionism, and logicism is?
What would you do if you have to choose between your responsibility and your desires?
is HUMANITIES sciences LOOSING its impact on human LIFE?
i want all your stupid humans to get off the phone?
Which is more important to you to be loved or to love?
are animals capable of achieving a higher plesure?
What is Existential Angst? And why are some more prone to it than others? (NO GLIB ANSWERS...EXPOUND!)?
Descartes Third Meditation?
Are we real?
Free Will vs. Determinism?
How can you be happy?
Nothing happens where I live?
Is the best society one that maximizes the participants’ happiness?
which came first the chicken or the egg ????
What do you want freedom from?
do u believe if there is someone who wathes u everytime,your good and bad deeds-like the almighty?
What is the best advice you ever got in your Life?
If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
Why do people put faith in religion if it is man-made?
What was the remit of the people involved in Collins submarine computerization ?
is the life of human is fixed and every activity of life is predetermined?
what is a slogan yu live your life by?
Life is an ILLUSION.. do you agree?
I always know when my Friend is lying cause he gets mad when he is caught. How many guys do this?
What is work........?
Are these arguments valid or invalid?
Plato's Moral and Immoral Person?
Should humans destroy the Earth?
Is this a good way to live by and how would the world would be if everyone followed it?
why do you have to do things in life you dont want to waste your time on?
Whats the meaning of life?
With the end of the world less than 24 hours away (Official) what will you be doing today?
What is the principle of sufficient reason?
Does this sound right ? If I contract a disease (for example Golden Staph) in a hospital, the disease is not?
what motivates you when you feel like you can't go on living?
What really makes up an ideal love?
Is an unhappy life a life worth living?
Is the man's greatest desire happiness or is it freedom?
If something disturbs you but doesn't really affect you directly, would you choose to ignore it?
Are you just waiting to die?
Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing is wrong?
No emotions.........?
If you had the choice?
Understanding the life of the poor, do you really know, and do you really care?
Can a non-Philosophical question request for a Philosophical perspective?
Is time an illusion or is it a reality? If it's an illusion how can we learn to see through it?
Would you accept a million dollars for wearing a device that will kill you the second you have the next orgasm?
Do you think that . women are . smarter than men?
Could fate be escaped?
Will God help me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is it a good thing that everything in the world constantly changes?
Why has Secular-Humanism taken over Science?
for the same some sources new look questions an aguly?
If you have a safety-critical system being used "in the field" wouldn't you need to be running 24/7 checks on
Who can interpret the million dollar painting by Picasso called nude green leaves and a bust.?
what reason of living a life ?
Can you name a peace joy love?
plz clarify the quotes "thanks for everything" what does it mean if a woman says this?
Where does Plato say, "The unexamined life is not worth living?"?
Are "reality" and "non reality" real or not?
Does your career reflect who you are?
Do you realize your happiness has always been apart of you?
How does someone find their passion in life?
If the body is so good at healing itself, why isn't the mind?
Symbolic Logic Question(s)?
Which is more of a dominant philosophy in your opinion: Social Darwinism or scientific evolution?
What is the source of the statement: I have seen the elephant and heard the owl?
Does the abused eventually become the abuser ?
Life is a journey to death?
What colour has the night?
Can anybody explain about pranic healing and online book available?
Which makes people act more foolishly - love or hate? Why?
If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound, and if it does make a sound, does anyone really care?
What is the question that has no answer ?!?
Is loneliness unhealthy mentally/physically?
What is the most important thing in the world to you?
What's David Humes arguments against reason as the basis of morality?
PURE PANTS. A good or a bad thing? Explain using the word- 'demihippocrepiform'.?
What Is Your Definition Of Having No Life?
With what arguments Frederick Douglass justify stealing? Does moral responsibility alter?
Do you find "dignity in work"?
what is better............happiness or wealth why?
Lesson plan for snowbound by john greenleaf whittier?
What comes to your mind when i say "silence"?
if you went to an island so far away !!!!!!!!!!!!?
How would I find the unstated assumption in this paragraph?
would a lifeof a child being kid naped a good modern day example of the cave allegory?
Does the end of the world give you something to live for while youre waiting?
Could you recommend some philosophical quandaries that will put my mind in a pickle?
Could someone please explain to me how Aristotle's ethics concern univsal principles and objectives?
Can pain and suffering ever be erradicated from human life?
Is he a possible soulmate?
Everything except the order will continue to be the same even if everything changes. What is your opinion?
I`m bored of baiting the extremists , do you think the`re evolving their thinking?
Rate your level, of happiness?
what does prakthukshiya pranam and anumana pranam mean in sanskrit?
What are John Stuart Mill's premises in favor of capital punishiment? Is his argument valid or invalid?
who is meher baba?
If you had to live one moment of your life on a loop. Which one will be?
who came first the chicken or the egg?
Who has the craiest e-mail address on YAHOO?
An eye for an eye - tooth for a tooth. Or forgiveness...?
What is your favorite quotation?
How do I make a wish come true perfectly?
Why am i not able to overcome this?
How did everything begin, or is it just our human minds that need to set a begining and an end to things...?
Some Bibles say "thou shall not kill" others "thou shall not murder" which one is correct?
what is the one thing that changes everyday?
What do you beleive happens when you die?
What would life be like if humans didn't eat food.?
what specific "wrongs"/sins/crimes did the priest in "the crime of padre amaro" do?
what do you think will happen in 2012? Mayan prophesize some great changes... anybody has a clue?
whats the point of living?
He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough?
What changes in your life have you made that has brought happiness to you because of them?
What is the last thing you see when you die?
liar ot not liar!!!?
What is the point of life?
What was the best thing that happened to you today?
Is morality intrinsically valuable, merely instrumentally valuable, or neither?
How would you feel living with a clone of yourself?
What is your never before spoken of trauma experience?
Is my life worth ending?
Help with philosophy?
What will happen to the world IF most of the machines become "Gesture Control" (Motion Control)..?
If you were an inanimate object, what would you be, and why?
Which is most expressive, the eyes, the mouth, or the hands?
if there is a solution of any problem,then why we worry about so called 'problem'?!!?
Do you disagree with me regarding this?
When we are fearful.. angry... anxious... unhappy... or jealous.. are we truly experiencing a state of love?
If we never had mirrors, would we know what we look like?
If every action has a reaction....?
" Justice already was made to benefit the poor persons" . Who said this phrase?
Can I include my self being an autodidact philosopher in my paperwork's authors background section?
Is gravity responsible for people falling in love?
Aside from anything alive, what would you grab on the way out of a burning house?
Where does your next thought that you have come from?
how did St.Augustine use the cosmological argument?
Whats your life motivation?
What is the value of a good deed?
philosophy: do you agree with compatibilism or not?
What is life?
how would you describe 'life'?
This is for people who have heard of gundam 00. Should celestial being really exsist?
Who said "The further you look, the bigger you will become?"?
What is the truth?
Do you know what you look like without a mirror? Life without mirrors?
Locke and Berkeley help?
explain the nature of organizational environment?
In life,we all have an unspeakable secret,an irreversible regret,an unreachable dream n an unforgettable love?
Is money the root of all evil?
What qualities does a good leader has?
Do you really believe Jesus was perfect?
Would you " Sell " your " SOUL " for eveything you want on this Earth ?
Here's a fun philosophical question for any Dexter fans...?
If it came down to this one decision...?
A hidden portrait of one's conscience does determine how one behaves. Why is this true?
What does death mean to you?
do we always have to fowllow what our heart feels or desire?
Why does the scenario fails to meet the definition of competent communication?
Who first asked "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" ?
How long before we do something that will cause the breakdown of civilisation as we know it? Why?
what is society value of art?
how to get frustation out?
In Plato's analogy of the cave what does each part represent?
Don't you miss your freedom?
Does time feel faster the older you are or when you are younger?
Is life worth living if we're headed toward certain death?
Explain how Kant solved his philosophical problem, giving rise to his Copernican Revolution.?
What's wrong with the world?
Do we really have the right to kill or eat animals?
What does Descartes mean by this?
Do you feel like life has passed you by?
What do you think happens when you die?
What is an existential problem? How do I solve it?
In need of interpretation of this guy I like?
Is there an assassin in you?
how can we handle the problems in life? can we enjoy life if yes. how?
Is it possible for the DNA of an animal to be modified during its lifetime?
Fellow philosophers: Do you like this Youtube video of mine?
Meaning? The art of our necessities is strange and can make vile things precious?
Why so many Humans hate the evil members of their kind but not their whole species for having evil individuals?
Overall are Emotions a Positive or Negative thing.?
'Marriage is just a piece of paper,' do you agree?
Does faith = ignorance?
Is happiness just an illusion?
What is our purpose on the earth?
Women apart from being a mother, a sister, an achiever etc... etc.. What a women should be?
" You will meet ur Fate in the Ring"?
If it were possible to go back in time, would you change anything? Yes or no? Why or why not?
What is the best religion?
Since we can never be totally void of thought, what kind of thoughts would arise in a 'peaceful/tranquil' mind?
Is there anything which is the answer for every problem ?
do yall really care about points?
there are 50 and 60 eggs in a basket.when john count's by 3's 2 eggs are left over?
What was Neo's rebirth outside of the matrix?
What is the first thing Descartes finds that he is absolutely certain about and cannot be deceived about?
what is most important thing is in the world.?
is evolution true?
what does "Space and the awareness of space. This is the basic message." by Yeshe Tsogyal, mean?
How are the eyes a window to a person's soul?
Why is there more hate than love in this world??
What was God's greatest mistake?
What kind of work do some ya'll do?
Who has started the Philosophy as/a level course 2008 ?? What do you think of it?
how do scholars define life after death?
To you, what is more important than your happiness ?
How might a second-born son hope to achieve success under the system of primogeniture?
what does it feel like to have your first cigarette of the day? and why?
I have no life.....?
Good Philosophy sites?
Why do people use violence to solve problems when they know its wrong ?
Ideas for expressing feelings?and examples of you expressing feelings?
philosophy, suffering? can you articulate your thoughts?
if your entire LIFE is summed up in a BOOK, would there be any LOST PAGES?
Should my parents be dissapointed?
What is the greatest thing a single human can do? That will make people remember her or him for?
What was the first world wide communication system?
Is this a perfect example of why you shouldn't compare yourself to others?
Do you consider yourself to be wise? Give me an example of your great wisdom?
Why cannot we live forever?
It's alright if you love me; you're eyes give you away.....................?
I will not love you for the rest of your life but for the rest of my life mean?
What is the one thing?
Things to keep in mind in Philosophy?
IS there anything in your life?
whats your BIGGEST fear???
Does ! envision its role, as becoming the Mind-Police?
Do you believe in coincidences?
If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
Why our spiritual leaders, of all religions and sects, are not helping in reducing curruption in India?
What does hegel mean by civil society?
lazy people are practical to a fault?
what is the meaning to the song happy by leona lewis?
Help with Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics.?
Philosophy question concerning Adeimantus and Glaucon?
who said that all philosphers are but nausea?
I made a wish that I think came true, how can I reverse it??
whats should be the best gift for my Girl Friend I meet her after a long period?
when you will feel the most painful pain in your soul?
What should i assume is happening?
what is the meaning of the greek word arithe?
Do You Know Where Does The GOD Live ???
what is the count by Gregory calendar equivalent to the chinese year of 4711?
If matter can not be destroyed what happens to the missing socks from the dryer?
Should abortion be the man's choice?
Is Jeff a great name or what?
Why do we as humans have organized religions when more death and hatred seems so come of them than good?
Does cultural pride help or worsen the potential for a successful foreign policy?
What if everything you lived and is living is a hologram?
Would you give your own life.............?
Did "ANGER" walked with you today?
why does things occurring around us sometimes look as if they are being repeated?
why does a correlation between 2 variables not prove a cause/effect relationship?
what is the secret of a happy life?
What symbolizes freedom within boundaries?
Can someone help me with my philosophy paper?
If you could know you future, would you?
If you have a feeling someone likes you still even after theyve rejected you?
Why would God pass by protocols instead of creating humans right away?
When does a man stop education?
What does life against life mean?
Do you live for something worth dying for?
What is the very best thing right now that could/can happen to you?
are you starting to like your life on earth more and more or less and less?
How do I validate my own existance?
God without religion...possible?
how much is too much?
distinguish between quantum cosmological and big bang theories?
how the religion help to reduce the stress?
What is a secret????
Do you think the sun could really be god and the people just took it out of context?
I need satisfaction twenty characters long?
Requirements for internal computer processing?
What is life all about?
if there was nothing in the beginning why did it explode?
Happy birthday Virgil, do you consider yourself Epicurean?
Why this english teacher HATE my language? He is just an english teacher not a plutonian or a martian?
Arguments against hegelian dialectics?
What's something you disliked when you were younger that you truly enjoy today?
Explain in detail John Rawls’ notion of public reason?
How could you become a good person?
will you forgive at least one person who has wronged you?
Why do some people go on and on when a simple answer would suffice?
What is love (baby don't hurt me...*lol*)?
What do you need to do right now to make your dreams a reality?
is it a womans purpose to have a child (if they can)? and if they don't are they selfish?
Is knowledge worth anything if it's not applied in the real world?
need help on this philosophy quote please?
is there far too much thinking in the world?
Do you think money can buy you happiness?
do you think that in the future we will all live in a space suit on earth like bottle water?
Is it possible to separate what exists from what doesn't?
do u feel that a person should ALWAYS be optimistic? even when faced with a negative situation?
Chicken or Egg?
Do u know Snoop Dogg?
who wants to be awesome?
In "crito" does socrates advance a Positive law or a natural law approach.?
If you could eliminate one human being from the world with no consequence to you...?
what preserves your sanity in this crazy world?
whats an objection to god giving life meaning?
what should be the most important thing in life?
Where do I go from here?
What is reality?
if karla has?
What led to Benedik's engagement?
Which Pill You Would Prefer? RED OR BLUE?
provide a discussion of socrates idea and life.?
Who is jessica brown the Assistant Director of the Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy?
What is the meaning of life then?
Is Barney a Philosopher?
Why is there always a catch?
Are you ready for the end of the world yet?
What does it mean if I want bad things to happen?
Do you watch what you say or do you say whatevers on your mind?
Quote about how humans should reserve their love for other humans, not animals?
What will make me feel better?!?
What is the most mind-boggling question you can think of?
What would yClaudio bows to the wishes of Leonato and feels remorseful once:ou like to ask?
How do you sense that "deeper" meaning?
is love ALWAYS mutual?
What is the moncurse of life ?
I need brown duck the psychic to take a look?
Are thoughts public ? I think Wittgenstein believed this?
do you REALLY believe the world is going to end in 2012?
Looking for a group of philosophical people?
Whats your biggest flaw?
what is the most precious thing to you ?
is this question obscene if I typed it with my nob?
Philosophical question (part 1)?
when was ralph waldo emerson born?
What makes your perfect day?
what does everyone think about much ado about nothing being a love play?
Do you mostly have regerts for things you havent done or for things you've done?
Would you give me one good reason why I should ask a question on YA, considering that I know everything?
Are there any faults in this argument from contingency?
What is something that gives you a reason to go on and live life with enthusiasm ?
Would you sacrifice yourself for an idea?
if you could meet yourself at 5 years old what would you tell them?
Can you please list some philosophical themes?
Tell me about venus?
What If the Human race all worked together, How fast would we advance into the future?
Subject Area for philosophy??
Explain what Lukács meant in the following passage...?
What does the author mean?
Are their any unique ideas left in the world?
what is the meaning of life, and if God is dead, what is the point..?
my world problem....?
On your own opinion what is freedom?
Which is true -----intelligent people dont ask questions because .......?
Help with Philosophy Questions?
Why do we cling to dogma?
What can you not live without?
How can some people be so lonely when there are so many people in this world?
Would helping have more effect if we were helping in a garden (please read)?
What is the main cause of our sufferings...........?
Does the office powerpath often use a scorched earth policy ?
What if anything about a utopia remains in the face of a dystopia?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you believe in revenge?
people out their thatbelieve bendig your elements is not real you are wrong b cuz i just bended fire and water?
Are the best things in life free ?
Why do people care when others kill bugs?
How do you program your self to think 'outside the box'?
What to do when you want to live the fullest as a teen?
what is the secret of being a wise man ?
What is the secret to a happy life? (serious answers please)?
What is The Meaning of Life?
Isn't it cool that you're totally unique & nothing else like you exists?
Can the impossible ever be possible?
Were there really awful problems with one of the Collins people, a self-styled manager ? When did the problem?
Do you realize that repeat what philosophers once said is not the same as philosophizing?
why people start shouting like HELL when they become angry? Are they Psycho?
Are we just a number without words?
How is "meaning" related to "value"?
Why do women get mad if you don't want kids ?
Is the Hokey Pokey really what it's all About???
If there be a GOD, which GOD is the real one and how can I know it for certain?
Should I stay at university or go to art school?
What is on your mind right now?
If necessity is the mother of invention, what do you wish were invented?
What does it meain when i say devil"s advocate?
How often as we are climbing the mountain, do we forget to check out the view?
What are the 3 types of Mysterians?
What does this mean....?
walking from back to front on a plane in flight. How fast am i walking? 3 mph or 203mph?
Philosophy Question: If you had the option to live in a digital realm or die?
give one situation why they are not understand each other and it can be solve?
swami vivekananda-?
What is the meaning of life?
Is it true nothing is a lie?
can abortion be looked upon as murder?
Is Innatism the breath of knowledge?
What similarities are there between The Enlightenment and Absolutism?
HI!have you ever read/studied Richard Rorty?What's your opinion????Thanks!?
Is happiness a late discovery, or I'm the only one who thinks so?
How are pragmatism and analytic philosophy uniquely American movements? What ideas make them different from th?
How do you get through a sad day in your life?
Ayn Rand interpretation?
what is supralapsarianism?
what easy the easy way for someone to hurt your feelings?
What is the best language to express your love to others?
What is the difference between relativity and creation?
What do we live for?
what are some allegory of the cave real life examples?
what is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning with examples and in LAMENS TERMS please.?
What book do you reccomend about a photographic memory person?
What have the Romans ever done for us ..............??
To make an errois is only human?
Where do we find/apply pythagorous theorem in real life situation?
what is umi?
what do you think about the DEATH PENALTY?
Is God a person,or just energy?
Do you think it is possible to ever fully overcome, all the things that have left all of us in misery?
Do numbers truly have value?
Is it just coincident that the show LOST has philosophical historian?
Does the church ever talk about exorcisms?
How long should we put up with rude people for? How long do you look the other way, turn the other cheek, so?
Can anyone think of an ironic or philosophical way I could dress up as a superhero for a fancy dress party?
Are you doomed never to live up to your potential?
St. Augustine believes that pride is the basic form of sin. What is the strongest critique of pride?
What is the worst taboo?
What 'season' are you in your life?
Obversion and Conversion(Logic)?
How can someone claim to love someone else?
In what situations is it OK to kill someone?
Will the world end in 2012?
What is the secret to success????
How do I go from having an ability to get rid of negative emotions via acceptance to being able to flow?
What do you want out of life? People say life is full of opportunities! But everone just gets married, kids et?
Does optimism pay off?
Are you a misanthrope- why or why not?
Dogen and birth and death?
What should I do with my time?
Where does one find best friends?
Which is right and why? Aristotlean or Aristotelian?
Philosophy Question To think about?
Have u had a smooth ride on the highway of life, or have there been bumps in the road?
What are your wise words for the day?
Idealism- what is the philosophy of idealism?
Is it better to study harder or smarter?
Does it always have to hurt?
What are your predictions for the year 2020?
What is the most positive thing you did today?
What work by Soren Kierkegaard displays his most important thoughts?
Where is the love?
Now a days humanity going off from world. what we should do.?
how can be happy?
What's been the best mistake of your life?
Definition of Pure sensuous concepts by Kant?
categorical propositions help, need explanation why?
Is it better to be a merchant of dreams or a merchant of real life?
i just want to end it all?
If God is not a hypothesis, if God is not an idea, then what is God?
why does god not love me?
My friend says perfection is an undesirable headache; it can only be boring and predictable. What do you say?
Is moving away a bad thing?
what trait do you admire in your role model and why do you admire this trait?
what freaks you out the most?
What's the meaning of life?
English - Short Story, Help Please!?
the enlightenment....?
If something already works, are you guilty of tweaking it till it fails?
What is this OFWGKTA?
What humbles you the most in your life?
What does a man REALLY want?
How does natural theology differ from revealed theology?
What is the biggest mistake you have commit in your life??
Why is life so complicated?
which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Can someone be Truly happy IF?
"Dreams aren't perfect. They come true. Not free."?
Why do people think it's a crime to be a introvert?
Does living for longer matter?
Which is the longest: Up or down hill?
How do you want to die?
If you could ask god to do one thing(no matther what it is), what would it be?
What are ideologies in relation to a national Zeitgeist?
Is the extent of knowledge infinite?
When does caring for another become a "responsibility"? What might is also be?
how is phenomenology of death possible? Philosophy.?
how do you know what life really is?
How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a lemming?
What is the contraposition of the following claim:?
Utopia and Thomas mores real opinion?
which ic the first mystery that confronts the teenager?
What is the most defensible of all three Descartes, Locke, and Hume about personal identity?
What if humans didn't grow old?
Who is the Light of your Life?
What is your opinion?
So uh ya,world sopsed to end tomorow hu?i think not?
What is a good one page reflection or response to this poem, by Maj. Kelly Srong, "Freedom is Not Free"?
What do you think of people who adopt ?
Why do you look into the Eyes of Somebody....?
What philosopher who lived after 1900 disagreed with David Hume?
i need a list of ethics?
Your favourite words of wisdom?
What are the premises and the conclusion. Is this a deductive arguement or inductive arguement? Explain why.?
Is the most important thing in life, love?
How come taking a stand on issues could cause a feeling of anxiety?
Why would "YAHOO! ANSWERS" flag " What is the question?" as too general?
What is one word that best describes you?
Is there any way This can happen?
how do I know its you who is answering my could be somebody else?
Why it is very hard to do hardwork?
what is nihilism?
Do you pay for your parents and fore-fathers sins in your life in a philisophical sense.?
when everything goes wrong and life has no where to go?
Question About Alien Life?
Does Descartes derive his physics from his metaphysics?
.s for anyone who can tell me if it's better to own a cow or buy the milk.?
are you older than you should be?
why can't our emotions guide ethical actions?
Do you believe in God?
Is there a name for the desire of destruction in ones life as the only seeming way to be loved?
Where could I find a list of songs that match up to life situations?
I’m going on a 5 day fishing trip and I need some deep philosophical questions to ask myself, any suggestions?
How do you define a "leader"?
*ABOUT YOU...What makes you happy?
Do you exist?
What do you think is much more important in life : love or money?
Explain the reactions that the Human babies had in this experiment?
What is the "biggest" word you know?
in order to accomplish anything must we have faith in ourselves or in god? explain why?
What is a good life, and how does one live it?
What is Rene Descartes response to the problem of knowledge?
Poll: Name one certainty in life apart from death and taxes?
What are the influences on Marx's thought?
Philosophy of the vedas?
Do you ever wish that you have a different life than the life you have NOW?
What is an "overdetermined" motive?
Q: How many Zen buddhists does it take to change a light bulb?
if someone told you you was going to die in 3 weeks what would you do?
where is god?
Should I just try to be a kid..?
What do I do when I'm lonely & bored?
When are you the happiest?
How do you find your peace of mind?
In depth I, Robot question?