what is the big red mythological button?
I found this "mystic poem". wondering who wrote it, what i means, or just what u think of it.?
Silver Cord, Astral Plane, who is familiar? Please share something.?
how many times do u lie per day?
Can you give me a five sentence essay about love is historical?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
What one thing that you don't have would make you happy in life?
How does ignorance lead to prejudice?
do you spend much time wondering who you are?
Why does planet earth need you?
which is more important Luck or Work....?
What is our greatest achievement?
don't mistake concedece for fate?
why did the western world and the arabes who took black africans for slavery are refusing to pay africa people
how do i scan mypicture on my hi5 profile?
Is it self-centered to see yourself...?
Will the world end in 2012?
Do you think God gives wisdom to those who ask for it?
Is it smart to be afraid?
What is considered "normal" when describing people?
What is the "soul" of a computer?
What is the most random, pointless fact you know?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Agree or Disagree....Intellegent answers....What came first?
Is it a depression or is it just looking at reality as it is?
how do you view life?
Is it true that drowning is a really peaceful way to die?
How would a Kantian deontologist (‘duty-based’ ethicists) respond to the practice of contract pregnancy?
what does it mean for two things to be numerically identical?
Am I right about this?
Ayn Rand's axioms, and axioms in general?
I know what two words are used best to convince others, do you?
what age do you think being a fool stops?
If you could go back in time and give advice to your self in your early 20's what would it be?
Who has seen the wind?
Briefly describe your experience caring for seniors and why you're passionate about what you do.*?
Without referencing sources what do you know about Aristotle?
Why do many atheists hate every kind of higher thinking?
Does the Devil Exist?
Do men really KNOW what love is?
Do you agree in this line?
Which 3 things are most critical between 2 human beings?
Do you sometimes wonder why you are the one with the 'good life'?
Which is the most important value or moral, excluding righteousness?
Do we have free will in Big Bang creation, or are decisions already made because our matter was blown this way
what is easier to make...friends or enemies?
Aristotle's theory of scientific knowledge?
What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?
what will happen if the most important food source of the first family ends today?
Do you seek to work for God or do you let him LIVE through you to make the opportunities in your life?
Have you ever discussed what a thought is? When, where and with whom did this happen?
Definition of Loyalty according to a philosopher?
Why are most scholars & students of Philosophy politically left of centre?
how does one not waste their life?
Would both men end up in jail today, or do you think they would be revered leaders of their countries?
Is it true that Great men have great life?
Whats the NUMBER 1 thing you HAVE to do in your life! The most important thing that you want to do before you?
Can anyone please summarize Hume, Kant, and Durkheim?
Could someone explan or describe the worldy and spiritual sides of Evangeline?
Did Socrates believe the good life was objective or subjective?
do you ever feel like you spend too much time on homework?
What surprises you most about humankind?
Can any all-encompassing philosophy be free of assumptions?
What does not die?
Will this appeal to Zorrowna?
In your opinion what do you think or believe is the meaning of life?
Is She the One????????
Why does time go faster as you get older?
Late term abortion and ethics?
I have many things in my life but i feel a little bit sad... Why?
Hi, Can someone please tell give me a sentence using the words deductionand induction?
What is John Rambo's philosophy based on this 2 minute video?
if you got a million dollar and needs to spend it in a day, how will you spend it?
"A man who does not enjoy doing noble actions is not a good man at all"?
for what reason the whole unniverse has been created by god?
What is the BEST ADVICE you ever got from someone?
In Plato's cave story, what did the bunny shadow represent?
When Galileo proposes that the water that is sloshing from side-to-side in the barrels is like....?
How do you know if challenging yourself everyday is working for you?
Which is the most influential and popular book each of Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, B Russel, and Wittgenstein?
why is it desirable to be nice to children?
What does the term "infantile rage" mean or pertain to?
Is rebelling the right thing?
Whose fault, I was born naked too, dose time matter?
Do you think the purpose of the universe was to create life?
Is life worth living if we're headed toward certain death?
If anyone above the age of 18 could destroy the earth at will, who would be the first to do it?
What are objects that you are attached to?
Know any positive life quotes?
are there any disadvantages to momentum for the one keeping the momentum?
What is the best answer to the question of life?
Is "performance management" a good way to destroy a supply chain ?
Do you know a real life person's biography that describes true love?
Does loyalty requires to become a knight?
Philosophy class midterm essay question.. HELP?
y is time always going foward and never backwards?
which is more difficult to OVERLOOK, your own MISTAKES or others' MISTAKES?
Is karma personal or inherited from our parents?
What is man's worst mistake?
you think it is wierd for me a 20 year old to date 38 year old man?
How much influence do you think Francis Bacon's writings had on Descartes?
We are the CHILDREN of _________________?
Do you know that "if" is the middle word in "life?" What else do you know?
What is Kant's view on art other then his judgement on taste?
what website is better life at i couldn't find it?
Counter arguments for "The unexamined life is not worth living"?
Song that goes I still believe in your eyes there is no place in your life?
Name impotant roles of Socrates, Plato, & Aristole & their contributions to Western philosophy.?
dont you realise you're going to leave this planet one day?
What are the views of Hobbes and Locke on the right to revolution?
Are you one of THOSE people who nit-pick everything somebody says?
what is a good project concept to make that would relate to governance?.?
Do you believe in cherishing every moment of your life?
Are you pondering what I am pondering?
Is my life worth living...?
Did Christine help or hurt Phantom?
There may be many unanswerable questions but are there any unaskable ones?
Do we look better in a mirror than in real life?
Is it easy for a player to trick someone on vacation?
Are you mostly a imaginative,fantasy,magical thinker or are you more of a real life practical thinker?
In love, are you anonymous (spiritually/philosophically)? Two quotations enclosed and a seeming paradox...?
Primary Source on Child Murder?
What is a “law of freedom” according to Immanuel Kant?
Considering the cave Analogy is idea of the good Socrates' God?
do you have any speech how to introduce yourself?
where is morality in violation?
What are some philosophers that talk about sins?
Where did the quote "My belief is stronger than your doubt", come from?
What happened to my cup ?
wat is the persnality dovelopment ?
Why do we live in a world of binaries--good/evil, strong/weak, rich/poor? How can we transcend this?
Can you give me a five sentence essay about loneliness and love?
Has anyone here read Self Reliance by Ralph Edwards?
What do you find the most rewarding thing to do?
Why are philosophers so ugly?
Is truth perception or reality?
Human sexuality: How do you show respect for your own body?
(Philosphy) Credible or lacks Credibility? Explain.?
why do we work?
Nietzsche's Ressentiment and slave morality?
How many people have died throughout human history?
OK, who the heck did it?
What Would You do if You went Blind Tomorrow?
What is YOUR meaning of life?
I need philosophy help with René Descartes?
what is life?
in your opinion: does nothing exist?
If Taoist opposites take you off a lifetime quest from Earth revulsion, do Earth lives spiral you back on path?
What is beyond good and evil?
Is this just laziness?
What is the difference between happiness and misery?
What does Kant say about Positive and negative noumena?
why didnt god just stop it when he saw adam and eve messing up?
Ontology, Epistemology, Axiology, and Teleological?
Any idea what it feels like or must feel like to be awesome?
Is it OK to "deliberately" make mistakes?
What little things make YOU really happy?
what is the meaning of life?
Is this a passage said by Nietzche?
What can we be very sure about in this life ?
What are the main issues for philosophy and theology posed by Near-Death Experiences?
What should we learn from Cho Seung-Hui?
Oscar Romero?RE Help?
why are people attracted to self destruction?
what is aristotles argument....?
meaning of global culture?
do we always get the ANSWER we seek when we ASK?
On which dth platform UTV Stars channel available?
the importance of self-knowing?
Define boredom in your terms!?
What really matters in life to you?
In what real life situation may you come up with this question?
how socratic dialogues illustration of Allegory of the cave?
Who is the one person on the planet, who you think is more full of "good" than anyone else?
How long is "Long Suffering"?
If humans attach meaning to words, can words simply mean weapons that we use to survive psychologically?
What if you we're in control of the world?
Socratic System questions, please answer all parts?
What is the meaning of ying and yang?
can anyone explain to me what scientific prominence is?
How do you explain or understand the onto-theological representation of relationship between God and human?
Modus Ponens (valid) and Affirming The Consequent (invalid): Is this correct?
what does simple truth miscall'd simplicity mean?
How can we be certain that nothing is certain?
What does it say about us when there are 2x the qs in love and romance as are in Arts and humanities?
Are you good friends with your life ?
what is a gift horse and why cant you look it in the mouth?
did god ever come in the garb of a Black man or woman?
philosophy 101 question?
What will your epitaph read on your gravestone and why?
Artifical happiness or a miserable truth?
What is a visual coincidence?
Why are desires based off of bad things?
Are people living or dying?
Give me the name of a person that means the world to you right now in your life and tell me why?
Until wel in2 the Middle Ages ppl thot that the key to finding the corect interpretation of the Bible lay in..?
church teaching about sexual harassment?
if you want something more than anything will it happen?
what did Socrates think about beauty in the Athenian society?
Why do you think we choose to make such decisions even though we know the "better choice"?
Do you think a human is capable of this?
Anybody can define : Committee? Philospher? Experience?Ecstasy? Love affairs ? Marriages? extra marital affair
Is it better to live by following your heart or following your mind?
What is the meaning behind Aesop's fable "The Man and the Wooden God"?
What do you want to achieve in life?
Is there anyway to stop Monday from coming?
What do you think of the present, past and future experientially?
This is my Destiny?
Is ther only one omnipresent God...or several Gods for specific purposes?
What does the term "infantile rage" mean or pertain to?
Why do colleges have required general eds?
what is john lockes concept of the love of truth? what does he mean by it?
What makes you proud to be British?
Whats' your opinion on life?
virtue ethicists hold that moral evaluation of people is more fundamental than the moral evaluation of action.?
What are the similarities and differences between perspective and reality?
Please answer this question!!:?
what does M.I.C.E. mean?
Would you rather drown to dead or be burned alive?
In Plato's cave allegory why did he choose to have the objects made out of stone and wood?
Is there such thing as true love?
Which is more important to you; questions or answers?
what is the buddhist view on man?
What if there were no hypothetical situations?
Sorry about this, but still vexed. What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?
please elaborate to me the Ideological state apparatus?
Through The Looking glass by LEWIS CARROLL Are Alices Tears Real?
What happens to us when we die, is that the end?
T or F: For human beings, the experience of happiness all comes down to serotonin levels?
Mercy vs. Justice, what is more important?
Money or Love????????
When this life ends, where do you think you'll go?
My life has no meaning and If don't know what to do?
What was life like in the Heian court?
I am having trouble understanding Plato Phaedrus?
Hursthouse says deontology and utilitarianism define right actions but virtue theory does not.?
Your opinion please??(:?
Why is the philosophy of man the foundation of moral philosophy?
if a tree falls in the forest who cares?
Gary W. Coleman dead. Is it a incident or a homicide?
What is more important, to love or to be loved?
There is always an end to everything beautiful : Agree or Disagree ?
Abortion or not????????????
i found a badger but it had the head of a chicken and the brains of a small cheese what should i do with it?
OK, imagine that u r god (or evolution). What would u change to the man u just created?
Does anybody ever wonder where we are at? "galaxy"?
Are my fellow North Easterner's prepared for Sandy?
who is tom cruise?
What Is Ethical Egoism? (in simple language).?
Identify the inductive fallacies.?
No matter how bad things seem right now in your life, just know that this to shall pass :)?
Would a Corporatist Oligarchy be a good idea?
What is a good word to describe someone who hoards money to themselves?
can one die from boredom?
How do you get free Big Bang song?
Is buddism a cult?
If there were problems with Collins submarine's software, does that mean there was no chain of custody ?
Obscured reality? give an example?
If you could solve one problem effecting the world today, what would it be?
Agree or disagree: 'Tis not a year shows us a man.?
How do I know you are real?
Are you assimilated?
whats poppin bloods?
How can one create purpose in hollow fields?
If you could spend a month with any 3 people living or dead who would they be?
Has anyone used and found any success with Bob Proctor's 'the science of getting rich?'?
How might Locke's ideas have been useful in the French Revolution?
What is something that keep you asking yourself....?
What is the best thing of life ?
Do you know what my question is???
in which year did the dinos die out?
Ethical question?
How can you prove your existance to world?
How can one be perfect in an imperfect world?
Why do we perceive Fraser's Spiral as a spiral?
Was Collins submarine software developed in a sequence of one or more dependable upgrades ?
Would you want to live in a world without suffering?
David Humes philosophy question ?
is this fate or destiny? wht u think?
Are you happy?
Has anyone ever thought that life is an illusion?
What are the benefits of living in anonymity?
Our Brain to Energy?
Why are there always stressfull and threatening times in every adventure? Can there ever be an all happy adven?
If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
Does one need to be well versed in the words & thoughts of the Philosophers to have a philosophy of life?
is it wrong to do things that u love?
What is the purpose of existence of the universe?
help on an english question por favor?
philosophical point of view/angle?
What are the benefits of living in anonymity?
At the beginning of the Second Meditation, Descartes discovers something that cannot be doubted. What is it th?
Is there a limit to how much we can learn?
If all the people in China moved one inch to the left, would the world tip over?
What is the best piece of advise anyone has ever given you?
What do men live by? (20 chars)?
what is the emiricist theiry of imagination?
Why is equality not essential?
where will you be when you're not here?
What do you think about this saying?
What are your wise words for the day?
what are the seven circumstances we have to consider while calculating the worth of an action by Bentham?
when is gona be the end of the world?
If the Cartesian doubt is to doubt everything, how exactly does one get to the truth?
A Geni tells you that you can make one inanimate object come to life...?
Agree or disagree w/ neitzsche...?
Do you ever think some people in public you see are actually from the future?
What are some jobs that robots/machines can't replace?
What is Plato's theory of knowledge?
which MATTERS more, how you see the WORLD or how the world see YOU?
What do you think of this statement 'Can't we all just get along?' is it realistic or not?
Anyone have real psychic abilities?
How are Truth and Beauty different?
if you don't TRUST HUMANITY, can you ever TRUST GOD?
Understanding a James/Stuart Rachels quote?
Why does making love seem to an observer to resemble two people eating each other? What its ethical issue?
Ideas on a socratic dialogue :]?
Location of this Albert Camus quote?
Philosophy paper confused ... the crito...?
Is your external prosperity necessary for your happiness?
tagore's opinion about the westerner's idea of freedom from the book Gitanjali?
'intelligence is knowing that you dont know anything' Agree or disagree?
What is in a label? Can we really do away with or avoid labels?
What gives meaning to your life?
Why do people develop forehead wrinkles?
What did you think of the book The Da Vinci Code?
Short truth table method question?
the best things in life are........?
What are the main philosophical works by Eugen Fink?
If there be a GOD, which GOD is the real one and how can I know it for certain?
How do you explain colour to a person who has been blind since birth?
Is it possible to forget the person you truly love?
Little bit of genuvinty, much better than calculated and thought out?
Can you translate these into categorical statements?
Spritual love is this?
Why have we been taught that in order to be better than another we have to be right?
about the ten philoshers of the age of enlitenment and the french revolution and their effects .?
if i love you and god loves you doesn't that by syllogism make me god?
Is this life worth living?
What is ‘real’? How do you define ‘real’?
what´s the thing or tought you fear the most?
why the god have created animals in earth?
Do you belive in reincarnation?
If you weren't the sharpest tool in the shed, what would you be?
Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to me?
Who is the creator of Technologies?
If you died right now, how would you feel about your life?
Do you think heaven is on earth , in the sky or somewhere after that ?
Would you please fill in the blank?
Is saturday a holy day of rest for christians as well as Jews? Why are christians worshiping on Sunday then?
The night sky used to provoke the adventure in me?
what are the pros and cons of rejecting a debate with your opponent?
Why doesn't Vargas think we should be hard incompatibilists?
What are strategies for use of rhetorical scare tactics?
What does true love look like?
An eye for an eye - tooth for a tooth. Or forgiveness...?
What is your definition of a Tragedy?
what will you ask God if you meet him?
I will wait for you <3?
Is Aristotle a Rationalist, Empiricist,Ethicist, Phenomenologist or Neither?
What blows your mind?
what is the meaning to life?
According the hegel was it alienated labor?
Cultural relativism helpppp!!!?
Is there some life after death?
What ruler is in my 10th house or mid-heaven?
the things that i do feels like i have done it before in my memory..anyone has any answer to it?
Which Personality is behind Dr.Abdul Kalam Success?
do u feel guilty?
Why would it take 40 years to advance nanotechnology?
The Recollection Argument; is it valid and/or sound?
Is there such a thing as a truly selfless action?
Is one mans trash really anothers treasure ???
Have you ever been resistant to a change in your life, and it turned out for the better? Care to share?
Dus def ppl here?
Is life worth living?
A preschooler insists small people must live in the TV because they are right there behind the glass. Identify?
I do not want to die?
Aristotle's five elements.....?
Are you a prisoner of your own illusion....?
Do you agree that freedom can't exist without social order?
Is a utopian society possible?
what is the interesting situation that happened in you life?
Have we been taught to ignore our creativity and our gut feeling?
Was Collins submarine software development a test-driven development ?
what constitutes man as a person?
Would you say that nowadays that the majority of the youth are addicted to the internet?
Who or What do I Control or Who Controls Me?
Taking the entire world into account, WHERE is the best place for a human being to live? Why do u think so?
Any SKEPTICS here who would rather adopt children than...?
do you know mean of my name ? enver?
Need help with Philosophy(socrates)?
Is it possible to move to a rainforest and live there for the rest of your life?
Are we the only human race in the world?
The most horrible thing someone can do is take advantage of the weakest points of yourself?
What is "love"...........?
i would like to ask of the Meaning of Able Man's Theory?
If you know the principles of the art of war, do you follow them?
if you could, would you?
Different reason why people communicate?
POLL: What do you love so much about your life ???
which is your favorite motto?
How much does a dream reveal about a person?
Hi, I need to know something about Gorgias:On the Non-Existent ?
Does the Brave New World Society achieve its goals of community, identity, and stability?
~~Have you ever........?
How old is time?
Live and learn about life > school (for now) ?
Has anyone signed the ONE Declaration?
Why are the babes getting emotional over the question "why does a man need more than one woman ?"?
What do you prefer, to die and cease to exist or die and get to another place with the memories of your life?
What principles to follow, to achieve Excellence in life?
Who do you think had more fun?
What's borderline sexual harassment in the work place?
what's your definition of love?
Write down the first spanish word that pops on your mind?
Which would you prefer? Only one arm or only one leg? And why?
What's wrong with your reflection?
What does 'lingering green' represent?
Are dreams induced by chemicals in the brain?
Is there a place for rotten peaches in your life?
Complete this sentence: Life is like _______?
Are the powers of separation and oneness subject to moral evaluation?
How might a group exhibit loneliness after finding there were no others that could form some other group?
when will the world end?
Can Nietzsche's Zarathustra be understood without having read his other books?
How can you save your dying conscience?
which philosopher came up with "i think therfore i am"?
Is happiness just a state of mind?
Are we born with an inclination to a certain state of mood?
If your creating your own animal,what would it be?
Have you ever thought about the oddities of life?
Are you motivated by guilt?
Why are the ideas of martyrdom and sacrifice highly esteemed?
Religious analogy of the matrix?
Do big computerization projects work ?
What makes you happy?
Am I excessively stupid ? How could Collins submarine system have been "late" ?
What are the types of atonement?
how long does it take for what goes around to come around?
Who's the Indio king of chukkas?
If a project set out to publish safety critical software, would the software be unusable ?
if sun is just a dot in the universe, then wot is earth n wot are we?
If cows produce milk, and women produce milk as well, does this mean women are cows too?
Should there be a test before people can reproduce?
I am too lonely, no one to talk to or understand, no job, feel like God is ignoring my existence..?
Explain the differences between compatibilist views about freedom and libertarian views. Explain why some are?
i have lucid dreams quite often but find it hard to manipulate it.Is there a way to control what i dream?
How good are you, scale of 1-10?
What are the best arguments against Emotivism and Ethical Egoism?
What is wrong in hating someone without intention to revenge?
Can you please suggest a reader/companion/guide to read with Heidegger's Being and Time?
careers in philosophy?
Did Jean-Jacques Rousseau have Aspergers Syndrome?
What is love and who want to be loved?
What does "intellectual pursuit" mean?
What do you think the difference is between love and addiction? Please read.?
Why is it so easy to DESTROY but so hard to CREATE?
What requires you to be good?
Even though money is not the source of happiness, it's difficult to be happy when you are broke.?
Can someone help me track down my mother?....she left before i was born.?
What is it like to have an identical twin?
will I be happy some day again?
I feel like the world we live in is really coming to an end soon what are our chances of survival?
Thomas Hobbes Question Philosophy question?
5 things that make you happy?
Do You All Have Any Life/Love saying?? HELP!?
Could you ever have guessed you life would lead to this point?
Can you forgive anything and everything?
what is the meaning of life?
Would you really want to be able to prove god existed if you were the only one that could find out?
How many authors wrote about Socrates while he was still alive?
What is the one thing you’d most like to change...?
What is the best thing about cheese?
Is death our true state of existence?
How do you know if you're genius?
What do you think of the philosophy in this poem?
What does the word fugazi mean?
Do roles of philosophy, science and religion overlap?
Is ultimate corruption the path to ultimate salvation?
What role, or roles, does a person’s intention play in assessing morality?
Do you believe we are morally obligated to obey our country's laws?
Where in the world would u have been born, if you'd had a choice?
Time matter space,how are they related?
Why is this site filled with such boring questions to which answers mean absolutely nothing in the global view?
What would an act utilitarian say about abortion?
connection between job dissatisfaction and job satisfaction?
People whose greed caused them to fail?
what does "F*** the world" mean?
What is a b c of environment? How important you are in it?
What is a Westerner?
In 2012 will the world really end?
Why is the problem of Freewill a problem of morla responsibilty?
should people who detest their resident society simply leave and go elsewhere?
if you had 3 wishes but money was not one of them, what would you wish for?
Does anyone have any philosophy or ideas regarding anthroppocentrism vs. biocentrism?
what is the meaning of my dream about a thief.?
If you were reincarnated as an animal, what animal would you want to come back as and why?
complete the following (use your imagination)?
Would Morality Exist If Life Didn't?
can God create a stone that will be too heavy that he will not be able to carry?
Why do you think you are right?
what instances makes you realize the importance of humaniy?
Does violence really solve anything?
What makes you the most contended?
People who get married for the sake of it, to tick a box on their check list of thing they must do in life?
Will there ever be world peace?
If thwarted in love and felt a pain out of it for 2 years, that means your 2 painful years were determined by?
"There is no such thing as a coincidence." Is this true?
Descartes - Criterion of Truth and God's existence?
I am from England. By definition, is whatever comes out of my mouth English?
You have a week of freedom before being imprisoned for the rest of your life. How do you spend your time?
How to stay Positive?
I have the weirdest thoughts...?
Does an "office powerpath" typically behave as if in parliament, being dismissive of own staff, as if they are?
Why do I talk better than I speak?
logic class contradiction -> valid?
Is having a job key to succeeding in society?
Would this have assisted Collins project ?
what are the contradictions about the idea of god?
what do you mean by "if you can't see beyond what's close by. we're relying on chance."?
Am I Jesus Christ? ?
why do I continue to do the things that I wish not to do?
what is beauty to you?
Did Sartre borrow Kant's Categorical Imperative for existential ethics?
what are some things people/you are proud of?
When you're lost, where do you go to look for you?
How do the five senses aid us in our perception of reality?
How often do you feel compelled to do something radical?
What's the point?
Will you be dishonest...?
What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?
explain the cartesian view of substance?
what is your favourite part of the day?
To reconcile or not to its my question?
In George Berkeley's Alciphron: or, the Minute Philosopher why does Euphranor call sight a visual language?
What would put it all into perspective for you?
Which is the most powerful invention; the wheel or religion?
Does your subconscious realize the truth/reality (dreams)?
How random is random?
is life important ???
why do people alter their envirenments?
is there is god?
What is love?
Did "God" Create Us, Or Did We Create "God"?
can someone ask me some hard questions? that makes me think?
Destiny or Choice?
if all else fails, what do you do next?
What does this quote mean to you?
Is it good news and what impact do you think it will have?
What is nihilistic libertarianism?
5 things that make you happy?
Is this how life continues for a family?
react to plato's argument that the soul exists prior to the body.?
Astrolegers dob is 3june1969.just recovering from heavy loss..when good thing happens in life?
what is this thing that fish loves, doctor hates and children eat. 13-letter world?
what is the relationship between philosophy and comedy?
What makes a beautiful mind?
What's happened to the Colin's project lately?
meaning of rain on funeral day?
No emotions.........?
If God is perfect than how can he create man?
is religion a self serving service?
Objective & Subjective Beauty: What is the difference ...?
I need a few reasons for why life ISN'T sustainable on Eris.?
I say tomato. How do you say it?
What will be the Wu-World Order when Wu-Tang rules the Universe?
What are Mary’s three arguments for materialism and problems with them as a philosophical theory.?
What one word carries the meaning of life.?
Before one could ask if there is God, where did the concept "GOD" come from?
If heaven or hell is a place on earth?
sense perception = knowledge? help?
what is your opinion about god?do you believe it?
If you were some one else would you date yourself and why?
Would you rather live a miserable eternal life or die an early death right when you were your happiest ?
What would a life without suffering be like?
If all humans disappeared from the earth, what would be the next dominant species?
why do i need freedom to live for the rest of my life?
Just be yourself? What are your thoughts on this cliché piece of advice?
would you lay in a coffin underground for 24 hours if someone offered you a million dollars?
What makes YOU unique?
Why do people alway wait government to slove thier problems?
How do you find your purpose in life if you're not passionate about anything in particular?
The Power of Ideas: How are pragmatism and analytic philosophy uniquely American movements?
Belief in Luck or hard work?
I have a question concerning theological books.?
ok one more poem...?
voltaire famous philosopher?
What should I do? I'm not happy I'm bored I feel like I'm wasting my life?
Do you like who you are?
What's the ultimate truth?
That's why MM Lee and PM Lee never wanna me 2 die cos i am too useful to be byebye off from the Doggies LOL!?
If love is better than hate, why is there so much hatred in our world?
Whats the best part of life?
Cities,states,countries,world every thing has a MAP is there any MAP of LIFE. HOW to live it successfully?
What keeps us from being truly happy?
In Science, is proof logically valid, is disproof?
will it change you if you hade the chance to watch your life?
What inspires you in life?
What is the meaning of life then?
How will the world end?
Would nasa fiascoes (challenger and columbia) be a poster child for the sociopath who wishes to mismanage his?
Is suicide a tragedy?
Is this a good basis for human rights?
Explain how Plato understands the relationship between the allegory of the cave and the account of knowledge t
How has the history of the world, after WWII, been shaped by the rises of Japan and China?
why does anything matter, since life is a free for all?
How does Albert Camus account for his claim that Sisyphus is happy in the book The Myth of Sisyphus?
if some humans have it all, why do they get bored, how to fix this?
do you in favor in martial law?
If ignorance is bliss then isn't madness divine?
Do you think as humans we kill to prove we aren't weak and feeble?
who is Dietrich Von Hildebrand?
What is happiness to you?
Just wondering. What's your passion?
What are examples of materialism (philosophy) in modern society?
"Character is what you are in the dark." Why isn't character what you are in the light?
Did people have the keys, the charts, which would guide them to success in the Collins software effort ?
Does the Mandelbrot Set provide strong evidence for the concept of emergentism?
Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing is wrong?
Is Ufology dead?
Is there some meaning behind meditation?
Need help revising this definition of the word Existentialism?
Whats more important Laughter, Money or Sex??
Is it plausible for philosophers to pick branches of philosophy base on their need and disregard other fields?
What evidence can you see from your own life of the influence of heredity and environment?
Do we each deserve the best?
I can across a quote credited to Beauchene. Who is Beauchene?
Why am I perceived as happy?
what are the 7 wonders of the world,right now,do tell?
Why is it that when you sing at the same tone your ear vibrate.?
So what life lessons have you learned so far?
Why do Philosophers think they have questions that enlighten and stimulate the brain?
How would this world would be if ppl didn't judge or things can go down and ppl wouldn't have no type of crazy?
Love is forever. So why should we worry?
Does our childhood and life experiences influence the music we listen to?
how to type CHINESE in my BLOGS?
How can my heart hold all this love??
Would experts have been desperately trying to alert Collins project to potential problems ?
Do you look to others to make you happy?
what makes the world go around?
If you went to someones door who had a bunch of "picasso style" statues in their lawn....what would most think?
What did you decide to do on your own today?
when will the world end?
Help with my philosophy essay?
I'm only 14, and I have this question to ask all of ya'll?
what is the meaning of darkage?
What is consciousness?
Do you live your life as a journey or destination?
What does Hume mean when he talks about the sentiments?
Is murder morally wrong?
What does Epicurus think the chief virtue is?
Is age a part of Anarchy?
What is the main thesis of Models and Cognition: Prediction and Explanation in Everyday Life and in Science?
Free Kierkegaard ebooks?
__________ takes TIME?
nitshe said "god is dead'' what u say ?
I need to know this: What is the meaning of the term "RECEPTACLE" in plato's work called the Timeaus?Thank you
Why do I have such problems with communication?
What were the effects of the Protestant Reformation on European PHILOSOPHY?
"He prayeths well who loveths well" - how does this statement translate into the universal proposition of...?
What is the singlemost important question (you think) on the face of the earth?
how can someone change so drastically? i hope i never end up like that, advice for life please? im 18?
Is life/existence just a big mystery we'll never solve?
How can ugly people show them as confident?
HELp me on this !?
How can the world end in 2012 if my yogurt expires in 2013?
What is your Biggest Achievement?
I feel like theres no point in life because bad things happen?
How do you find yourshelf?
Philosophy Question on Williams and Moral Luck..any ideas?
Why do we all ask the same questions??
In your own words, define "God" for me if you would?
Alter-ego names? suggestions needed!?
10 things about the Allegory of the cave?
What are the moral values that guide your life?
This may be a foolish question, but think of this as a curious thought.?
Would you save my life under any circumstances, even if it meant losing your own?
What your tomb stone has to say ?
What is the meaning of life?
If your brain is transplanted to another body, are you still you?
If you had the opportunity to see your future, would you?
how your idie about technologi ? it is optioned human or human in the optioned technologi?
Do you believe in the concept of a 'soul mate'?
What three creatures does Utnapishtim send out to see if there is land?
What "shields" a brokenheart that protects it from healing?
What is your one wish for the world?
What is the symbol of your life, if you have to choose one?
How can you force happiness?
__________ is a big lie ?
Why are we looking for perfection knowing that perfection doesn't exist?
Do we have 6th Sense ?
Why is it in life that if an aspect in your life goes well, another isn't...?
How would you define "authenticity?" What does it mean to live an authentic life?
Can there be a new healing philosphy to take the world by storm and change everything ?
Do u think life is a rip off?
. why does it always end up better to be alone cause friends deceive you?FORGIVE DOSEN'T MEAN CONTINUE /PEACE
What is the predicate and subject of this statement? All advertisements are attempts to deceive?
A good moral for a story?
Great people see it once or twice in a life time You and I see it every day But he who sees everything never s?
what is the agro forestry policy of Srilanka?
does real love exit in this world?
who is the greatest person to have ever lived?
Do you think being alive is pointless?
There are some amazing guys out there, but...?
Could this actually be the reason why?
Why do I always make mistakes??I am 20 and all I do is make mistakes constantly,?
Was Socrates a Sophist ?
Does GOD forgive suicide?
Do u think God planned out your life to be the way it is now?
Do arguments for the existence of god amount to anything more than probabilities? (8)?
what does nietzsche mean in "the problem with socrates"?
This is a bit weird but has anyone ever experienced this?
why do P R O S T I T U T E S refuse to K I S S their clients?
Describe the emotion 'love' in five words?
Why do we comb our teeth with hairbrushes and brush our hair with toothbrushes?
When is life most satisfactory?
What's your problem with the world as it stands?
is it possible to keep everybody around you, happy?
Why do people call the Bible 'Holy', when 85% of it is satanic in origin?
If it is not meant to be it will not happen, and if it is meant to be it will happen no matter what?
What if Russia was still communist???
what does the wall represent in Plato's Cave Simile?
perfect people?
Why people have to kill each other because of religion?
What is Nothing?
anyone know what it means to dream about a funeral?
Which Criminological Theorist had a negative view as to why people commit crimes?
if you had one day to live what would you do?
Philosophy paper outline help (my first phil paper)?
Tell me why do we working so hard when we Live to Die at the end ? !?
i want to die really soon , can you tell me how i am really suffering ?
Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing is wrong?
What is your opinion on suicide?
Where is "you"......?
Inductive and deductive claims such as all, none, or some impact the assertions of argument.?
HELP!!!!! music theory pleasseeeeeeeee?
When you finally consider the words I share, will you be lost beyond repair?
what do you think my friends response about my alter ego means?
what is the meaning of a god's eye ornament?
What does this quote by Thomas Nagel mean?
When you die will you go the heaven or hell? And why?
Durkheim was born a jew but did he become a dualist?
Please explain the following quote?
If you were a candy bar what would you be?
Describe the two different kinds of truth-as described by Kierkegaard?
Am I too old to do this now...?
I do love the Word, don't you?
Can existentialism be reconciled with the belief that the human will is determined?
Need help with David Hume?
What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?
Psychics can you employ divination techniques on my behalf?
How can we create a society based on Rhizome?
How can you lose your innocence?
What? The question is What?
Is there a God, and how do you know?
Would you accept to relive your life from day one with the same script if offered?
IF you could choose your method of dying and the place in which you will die....?
Does anyone have any predictions for A2 OCR Philosophy exam unit 4?
life is like a box of matches?
thought process. what do i make of it all?
How to prove the existence of god?
Who is Jerry Myers from Iowa?
how to be happy dammit?
Is there free Spritiual Christian PODCAST. either Video OR Audio?
What is the most proper way to express your love somebody?
Does there need to be an amnesty and a "truth commission" for the Collins submarine software effort ?
Do any intelligent people use this site?
Do you belive in horoscope? Do you live your life after horoscope?Do you think that is good to live your...?
Was jesus Christ a good philosopher?
Life should be long or easy going?
What if world ends in 2012?? Are you ready for it?
What is unconditional love.....?
What problems can occur when someone has a tendency to give emotional rather than reasoned responses?
why americans are like that?
Philosophers: Is fasting a virtue?
How long is too long , and how soon is too soon ?
Random stuff about my life what should I do?
what do you think about the dictum "I think therefore i am"?
what meaning of aarav?
What do you think about this...?
What is the one thing that lasts forever?
I had a DREAM that I had THREE LEGS!?
If you were born during dinosaur times, how would you spend your time?
Does the office psychopath use asymmetric warfare ?
will there ever be a time in which humans don't have to work to sustain ourselves?
why cant perpetual motion exist?
Need a Summary on "Treatise concerning the principles of Human Knowledge Summary" By George Berkeley
If you could take one "Evil" out of the world, what would it be and why?
" You will meet ur Fate in the Ring"?
How to do meditations properly?
If someone came up to you and told you you could have one wish what would it be.?
What is one dream that you tottaly remember?
What's your biggest fear?
jonestown cult/utopia?
What created the universe? Can things pop into existance?
Plato states knowledge is food for the soul?
What would it take to make you happy?
How would the Dead Poets Society be an example of modern day history?
if some people and scientists think that god does not exist so i want them to guarrentee for us the eternity!!?
What is the first word that enters your head when you read this?
Could you explain to me what exactly is Marxism? And what is Socialism?
What is the meaning of life?
Saints say that our life is a dream and all the comforts, an illusion. Is it so?
if women give live and she is god then what is man?
Have you ever thought about suicide?
which one?
what is your understanding of the word ethics or ethical ?
Why did humans of the ice who conquered the sun people let mold from poop conquer them?
Philosophically, what is the boundary between critical thinking and negative thinking?
Who create the world except God?
Half Life Two: Episode Two Textures?
can some one describe 2 differances between symbolic interactionism and neo-marxism?
Is the war with Iran impossible to avoid ?
Contemporary artist / philosophy presentation?
Are My Thoughts Correct on Creationism or am I Stupid?
Am I the only one who finds it depressing that we're the product of self-preserving molecules?
whats one thing thats improved your life lately.?
How would you like to spend the last 60 minutes of you life?
Jezebel? Jibe? and who was Webster and what has he done with my Hat?
how can you describe your life in one word,do you think you've always done the right things?
Why full moon earned bad name?
Describe different characteristics that can be used to classify hospitals?
what is that ONE thing that makes u smile?
How do Socrates and Plato compare with one another?
Two people can look at the same thing and see it differently ?
Are footballers fake heroes?
!NB! Memo to self! How does 's thought police fit into the whole?
What do you guys think of 'Tao Te Ching'?
i know the world is not ending in 3 months?
Is your philosophy kool aid sweet?
What stimulates your mind?
Which is better: Nerdy, geeky, no friends, Billionaire --or-- Poor, no house, no money, love of life?
Why do we need GOD??
Is saying damn him or F him about the Holy Spirit unpardonable?
Philosophy: Difference between the liberal model of work, and the conventional.?
Aristotle tragedy essay help?
Does forgiving means not taking action against them and not standing up to them?
What do you think will happen?
Why is it always a nice day when you have to work?
Plato's Myth of the Cave?
If you went to heaven, whats the first thing you say to god ?
Is the square root of 42 rational?
Did Judas Escariot Have Free- Will?
Will A FART Float A BALL00N?
What would you want people to know before you die?
Do you think "platonic love "is a sign for a weak personality? Why? Why not?
But why ??
what is new evangelicalism?
What would Emmanuel Kant Say?
Are we real?
If you could change anything?
Why is the issue of God's existence or non-existence so difficult for many people?
All you need Is love, do you agree?
Who would you shoot if you could get away with it?
Which antagonist do you want to win?
what do you believe god or evolution?
What keeps you motivated in life ?
Why is KINDNESS more associated with STUPIDITY than INTELLIGENCE?
What are peoples motives for bad actions?
What do you gain from Inner Peace?
Is hypnotic and LOVE-REINFORCED “sanity” back in fashion? Do we have to feel sorry for the eccentrics?
HELP!!! Aristotle info needed....?
Do you think our lives and everything we do is predetermined by nature?
A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life?
How does one go about changing their thoughts?
Close your eyes for 5 Secs... And what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
if you could go back in time would you kill a child?
What should be the goal of our life?
How might recognizing our unfreedom increase our freedom?
Jaspers and Marcel?
Compare the concept of god as Prime Mover with the idea of God as Craftsman?
can i get any web address 4 assist hr issues?
Nietzsche believed that certain men were super-men?
WwIII??wat can happen to earths creatures?
A man of genius is unbearable, unless he possesses at least two things besides: gratitude and purity. Meaning?
What is "love"...........?
If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Progress Progress Progress?
what was plato's philosophy?
Why do you do philosophy? What was the decision breaker to do philosophy seriously and not simply as pasttime
What does this quote mean.. 'It is impossible to think of a command without a commander.' by Owen.?
what are two forms a moral dilemma can take?
If one seeks repentance right after commiting sin he is forgiven...?
How can I be happy?????
My body is a shell, holding in my soul. The shell's name is Jeff, but who am I?
Is the movie character John Rambo a relativist?
Can someone define 'TRUE LOVE' for me.?
Book smart or Life smart what is better today?
why i can not browse in skype?
Are dreams created while our life is rounded with a sleep?
Is it necessary to learn Aristotelian logic before learning symbolic logic?
Do you think being heterosexual would make things easier for you(please do not answer if you are not gay)?
What do you lose and never get back?
am i pro choice or pro life?
why do we live if were all going to die?
How are you guys today?
How is the world going to end?
For those who UNDERSTAND positive and negative freedom (and that -freedom doesn't=bad), does this make sense?
What is the essence of Inner peace? Is external peace essential for inner peace?
What is the logic behind groups/people who harass/gossip more about someone the more they withdraw from them?
What's the most beautiful word?
Can God exist?
whats your opinion of this message?
what philosopher denies the contingency of morality on human nature and desires?
I can feel peoples emotions when they set them off, how is it that I can do that?
is empty life better than hard and stressing life?
Do you ever miss the dying art of putting pen to paper?
What are some causes of why some days are seen as negative prior to events causing negative reactions?
Who invented the wheel?
Can someone identify any literary devices used in this poem by T.S. ELLIOT?
Do you prefer to ask or answer?
Don't wnt to live n afraid to die.unable to connect to any1.wanna stay in shell..hw to kill myself ?
what is mean of first among equals?give the example?
Prove god does/doesn't exist?
difference - BA philosophy and Bachelor of Philosophy?
Patience Is A Virture - But It Is Also Costly?
Big bang..lets settle this?
What is something you can do to get your mind to focus?
Where to find happiness?
What do all people experience in life?
Do you agree with the philosophy of Stoicism? Why or why not?
How do you kill your self with out pain?
does anyone here beleiv in the ideas of Ra's Al Ghul??
Plotinus emanation by the One?
Is this man's behavior courageous or cowardly?
How do you get to the point when an idea seems SO trivial it can be designated as as good as worthless?
What's the meaning of the name Malea?
Why don't they just have a section on sex and get it over with?
How far is a critical thinker is from being creative?
Why can scientists still not understand or explain consciousness? Is it incorporeal?
Does Pascal offer a proof of God's existence?
Plato & Ethics?
why is it "wrong" to be flaky and inconsistent, when MANY people are?
When something is missing from your life, do you go out and search for it or wait for it to find you?
How would you know if you were dysfunctional?
What is an example of Comte's Law of three stages?
Engels' laws of dialectics.....?
If there were no angels, would there be no sin?
For those responsible for Collin submarine safety-critical software computerization, who might their
Another shoot or be shot question?
For you, what will be your eulogy or a last will testament about your own "envisioned" death?
What does ' A common Humanity ' mean to you?
how to make perfect decisions in all our life?
Who has been most inspiring teacher for you so far ?
When was the last time you cried, and what was it that made you cry?
People dont want what they think they want they "want" feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment?
Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby", when babies wake up like every two hours?
Books on forming arguments, engaging in debates, and acting as an apologist?
according to aristotle is moral responisbility s virtue or vice?
do you think Newspapers and book publishers should convert to electronic publishing over paper publishing as t
Tell me in your own words: what is a human?
What do you like about answering questions?
why is why the hardest question to answer?
What is the best FOOD on Earth?
Ayn Rand's Philosophy?
is ROMANCE expensive?
Do you know anybody or anyone who is missing a right index fingertip?
What one thing do you love to do during the day?
Which alignment do you think describes you and others the best?
Where were we just before birth and just after death or is there any life after physical death?
Am i wrong if I say that we require great translators and not too many original writers ?
Whats the point of life if we all die anyways?
from your experiences does karma actually exist?
Do you blame GOD for the worlds problems?
is the world getting lazy?
Created from the dust of the earth, have we forgotten?
Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
Does art imitate life? What does this mean?
Why were we placed Upon this Realm of Existence?
why God made human beings and left them to suffer here?
What is the true meaning of life?
New video on everything I've studied , thanks!?
why is it so diffcult to disagree with others and come out feeling good about it?
How would you know that something is "good", if you don't have anything "evil" to compare it to ?
which came first, the chicken or the egg?
How do you meditate? What is its purpose?
How to fear the fear?
What kind of people you try to avoid?
What is the worst thing about life?
How much is your internet persona like the real life you?
Are the japanase people inhabitants natural of the earth?
if I believe I am an animal and not a human does it make it true?
What are some problems/flaws in Anaxagoras' ontology?
What fallacy is this?
please help me? this is urgent!?
"Living consciously involves being genuine; " who said this?
What is reality? How do we know anything?? Does life have meaning??
is this a metaphor: You wanna show the world but no one knows your name yet?
medicine vs nursing?
Explain in one sentence, the link between dhama samsara moksa and brahman?
What are your top 3 worst ways to die?