Why are natural disaster referred to as "acts of God" while good things never have anything to do with God?
Quote to describe Man's Search for Meaning-Viktor E. Frankl?
Which do you like better peanut butter and grape jelly or a peanut butter an strawberry jelly sandwhich?
what is freedom to you?
what is the purpose of life?????
Share your views on- If God appears before you and ask you to seek a Boon from him, What boon will you ask?
What are the deeper meanings behind this video?
Are these sets consistent or inconsistent? Philosophy help!?
voltaire famous philosopher?
What does EVERYTHING have in common?
What is happiness?
Why can't I find better things to do with my time then this?
If u had only 6 months to live what would u do in next 6 months?
Hi how are you today?
is the organizational set-up of DepEd effective or not?
You know that thing they did with SanJay.?
Is Confucianism religion?
what is the utilitarian viewpoint on dont ask dont tell?
Philosophy thinking question?
Does cheating help guys love their wives even more
The intersection on the venn diagram of my life and my niece's is life is getting uncomfortable?
How does Socrates show integrity?
Why are Parmenides ideas that the world is motionless and that nothing doesn't exist so hard to dismiss?
how does it make one feel to have someone give or buy them something? (someone you dont know to well)?
A thermos keeps a hot beverage hot and a cold beverage does it know to do this?
What is the air speed velocity of an unladen British swallow?
How does killing off those beyond reproduction age assist ZPG / Population Connection objectives ?
Do men have all the answers?
Is this theory right?
would you want to live for all eternity? (loaded question, see below)?
who is euthyphro?
How does the music affect your life during the day?
What arethe fundamental natural indivisible unitsorentities that when assembled makeup the physical universe?
Are we blinded by the things we do not want to see? Are we too busy looking at what isn't, instead of?
How do you respond when somebody says to you" Say something philosophical"?
How Would You Want To Die?
Title for my Utopia paper?
how dumb is emily?
How do Greek thinkers transform the way human beings view the world?
what do you think?
What career revolves around travel and positively influencing mind sets around the world?
how many of you find that life is a torture and it is better to suicide and live happily in the heavens?
I dreamt of my old friend whom I have lost contact with... Wht does my dream mean?
differentiate the cartesian view of man from the marxist view?
Extreme Measures movie-philosophy?
Types of intimacies and their significance?(reposted)?
Are there any Spanish-speaking philosophers?
Did Collins software effort suffer the equivalent of "malicious malware" ?
quest asked in my phil class. think u can get the right answer?
if you don't TRUST HUMANITY, can you ever TRUST GOD?
Why is weed accepted in society all of a sudden? What is happening to this world?!?
What do you think happens when we die?
Good question, and interesting. Now how can a pearl be equal to Earth?
what makes this world different?
Should alcoholism be considered a disability?
How does John Locke's philosophy affect American politics in 1787, and today?
Can you LIFT the CROSS you CARRY or you always DRAG it ALONG?
Since Descartes only proved the self,has anyone else been able to prove the existance of others?
Can I kill myself now?
Which one of these two answer is the correct translation into standard form syllogism? Logic?
Why do people accept this Q&A format when so much of the info is entirely fabricated bunkum?
Why do you think your religion is the "one". When you haven studied anyother religions?
For Collins project, who reviewed the contract and associated documents to : b. Identify all contract?
How to assert dominance (positively) , be more whimsical ?
Don't you think this is a PARADOX? "God has a son"?
if you can be IMMORTAL for a DAY, how are you going to spend it?
When will this end, the whole thing, the world and everything?
If you had all of these things....?
How many times must we endure the chicken/egg question?
When is Bush gonna realize that Bin Laden is playing with the USA?
Do you exist?
What is the best cure for sanity?
IRON BAR is always better than reality Freedom DOG Life cos IRON BAR, everythings is free by trade in FREEDOM!?
Help me understand this?
Weird eye focusing in deep thought?
"We are doomed to be ourselves." What is this philosophy called? Who developed it?
If Gomer Pyle and Floyd (the Barber) consummated their love for each other?
What type of place would you live in if you were a billionaire?
Philosophy Help- Radical Hope by Lear?
Can you really describe yourself?
What is the origin of the universe?
If an Alien asked you "Give me one reason not to destroy your planet" what would you say?
why people build towers and castles up when their noses face downword? Nose is pointing final destination?
what are the 4 psychologically and emotionally challenges events in peoples lives?
In really simple terms, can you summarize Heidegger's philosophy on being?
what is life how it be better?
In the dialogue of the same name, Euthyphro attempts several definitions of holiness. Restate at least two alo
What does my professer mean by 'reobfuscation'?
You are on a stranded island. You can only take 3 things...?
Is the American Society for Psychical Research still in business/?
What if you do this.. what would happen?
What is meant by affirmative duties?
Can anyone ever be truly happy?
15 Days in prison for insulting prophet Mohammad?
Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Is one really the loneliest number?
What do you think of to help you escape from a place that you dont want to be? E.G. A hospital.?
What makes true happiness?
Do you think the world WILL end?
LD DEBATORS - do you know a similar concept/theory?
Could you cut your leg off with a penknife if you were in the wilderness and it was pinned under a boulder?
How did Pericles define Athenian democracy?
What do you say when writing a condolence?
What is one thing you could not live without?
What 'Philosophy' question on QA do you remember best?
What about hidden feelings?
what is the meaning of life?
why did the cow jump over the moon?
Is the office psychopath shown up as a fraud by asking "Which project made the most money ?"?
exorcismo... real o pura pose?
which is the HARDEST: to stay POSITIVE, to stay HAPPY, to stay HEALTHY, or to stay a VIRGIN?
When using a pen, do you prefer the colour black or do you like blue.?
If you could sum yourself in one word, what would it be?
Does Australia exist ?
Why is Hard Indeterminism considered Incompatibilism?
what dose this mean in "the world without us"?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
What is Descartes Definition of Ideas?
Is 'waiting it out' all you can do in some situations?
What is the secret of eternal life?
Whats the purpose of life?
Why do I think with my emotion?
where do we see Platonic influences in christianity or lslam?
If a cat chokes and dies on a mouse, who killed who?
What is the theme of James Burke's "The Day the Universe Changed"?
in your opinion what is the worst thing that can happen to a man in his life time?
What is the magnitude of darkness?
Why is self-pity,self-praise considered wrong..?
Philosophy of the vedas?
Who said "The meaning of life is to give life meaning"?
i'm writing a philosophy Paper about existentialism and the plague by camus. Help with thesis statement PLZ!!?
About the plato's three parts of the soul.?
Is anyone else here concerned about JJJ? She seems like she needs a friend!?
How can formal ethics (an ethical theory based on formal logical system than content) be criticized?
Is there any humanity really left in the world?
Is pleasure happiness?
What is the answer to challenge of cultural relativism?What are the strenghts and weaknesses of utilitarianism
What would be the u=tilitarian response to the Argument From Injustice?
distinguish between an ordinary person an a qualified philosopher?
If you were a vegetable what would you be and why?
what is the ultimate purpose man in this world.?
What is reality? There is no spoon?
Do you think abusers are insane or mentally ill?
when is UPSC mains results out?
Is Hume right about the limits of inquiry?
Do you have ears that are painted on or do you really listen? Do you have eyes that look, but do not see?
what is the meaning of life?
What is the meaning of life?
What have you learnt from using " Answers"?
There was a quote about how not to judge a man?
how many times can we die before we are really dead?
Music vs Existence.......Decision?
like or love?do you think is that really love!?
What's the meaning of life?
What makes gay people evil..? And what makes the atheist evil..?
would you be willing to sacrifice the ability to interperet facial expressions?
why is life so shitty at times?
Does the abused eventually become the abuser ?
wot makes a man or woman want to be alone for the rest of life?
What are we alive for?
How do I know if I have dyslexia?
Does the world get better?
why do people lie when they dont need to?
what are some similarities between thomas hobbes and nicolli machiavelli?
What do YOU think the meaning to life is?
What language or situation in the rescue book can be interpreted in more then one meaning?
Does everything have a cause?
Natural Law and Individualism?
How does one find ambition and motivation?
Happiness; State of place? or State of mind?
When did you realize religion was faulty?
what is a Spiritual Samaritan?
What you wanted to be ?
were dose life begin and end?
Can existentialism be reconciled with the belief that the human will is determined?
What circumstances would cause a person to do something brave?
What did Camus mean by "rebelling against the absurd"?
I am too lonely, no one to talk to or understand, no job, feel like God is ignoring my existence..?
What is the defective concept of perfect goodness behind “The Problem of Evil”? what is the superior concept?
What is your personal ideology?
i need a forum for my paper..?
What transcriptiolizes intersectionalistic dogmalosophy?
Is birth nature different from human nature or same?
"What is more important your reputation or your happiness?
As the years go by, does it seem like Summer is becoming boring?
who believes in miracles and supernatural healing? Can these things happen?
the predictions made by Nastrodamus?
who here prays and for what?
Where can I find simple happiness?
what is Logosophy?
What is the truth about Madame Blavatsky? Why everyobody think she is an impostor and a faker, what happened?
Destiny runs not on time, but on Schedule...agree?
what things does aristotle consider and then reject as candidates for the highest good?
Where should we go for truth?
Cultures(Eastern, Western, and African)?
What do you like the least in your life?
Why do girls have to feel all the pain and always have to get hurt to learn from their mistakes.?
Without words, what consoles more, a HUG? or a KISS?
Is wisdom or experience counted by how long you lived, or whether it's how you lived?
consciousnessas ordinarily experienced is a human ability shaped by evolutionary pressure and since?
Whats really the point of life?
Is an indirect voluntary act still voluntary....?
How many stars are in the sky?
What is Wrong with Humanity?
Can someone explain Simon Blackburn's view that science is dispositional all the way down?
Why does it seem like every time a civil rights movement occurs?
What was first: the chicken or the egg?
Have i disproved the existance of god??
Why did epistemological empiricism emerge - & become dominant - in the British Isles, rather than elsewhere?
i have no knowledge about my correct birth date and time, how can i get my zodiac prediction.?
There r many things yet 2 b explaind by Science. But when they r explaind they'll aslo become science. comment
Jean Kazez's list of values?
What is the ultimate fate of humanity?
does god exists ?
Do you think bad things happen for a good reason or are they punishment for a past bad deed?
What does a spiritual adviser actually do? Whats the benefit of seeing one?
What inspiresYOU in your life?
Good, better, best.. never let it rest.. till your good is better and your better is best.. Do you agree with?
What is more important 'Money' or 'Fame'? Why?
Fitting in verses being unique....?
one more question?
Why are you sitting on ur pc at this time ? dont u have any other work to do?
How can we improve our communication skills and personality?
what does the double infinity symbol mean?
Does power corrupt, and does absolute power corrupt absolutely?
What do you think the hardest thing about life is?
The Absolute, Death and God Questions?
Do you think that you think your own thoughts?
What should be the most important thing in life?
If there's nothing to drain, then your brain should have a fresh steaming load in the morning?
What is H A A R P and what are its REAL effects? Does it affect you?
What is your serious opinion on?
What would you decribe a basis for fairness?
what do you think about god? within four words?
what do you think of that saying?
What can I be for Halloween? All I have is lace dress.?
If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then ...?
Is there any philosopher who practised what he preached?
Prove to me That you Exist.?
How do you publish a philosophical theory or thought?
Isn't it true that we only exist if other people are aware of our existence?
do i sound crazy enough for you?
Is love supposed to be selfish?
Do you think that moral obligation is categorical in the sense given this term by Kant? Why or why not?
The Matrix Control System? what is it? also do you believe in it?
I want my life to end any help?
Does Any One Really care??
Propositional logic symbols?
Where can i find true love?
what is the meaning of "barred"?
Do you ever look back in the past and it seems like it never happened ? like it was another life?
What exactly is love?
Is an animals life as important as a human life?
How to Join Osho ashram in pune,India?
what is real to you in this "world"?
how do you kill the people on level three of causality?
Who is the man pictured on the front of the Infinite Black t-shirt made by Imaginary Foundation?
Dies having a big nose make someone less cool?
Is mathematics for everybody?
who are 2 people that influence/inspire you?
Does the world belong to the intelligent or the illiterate? As an illiterate myself I find that people are?
If an argument is convincing enough, must it cite it's sources?
Should extreme measures be taken when people do not listen to reason?
Could gravity have been discovered only by using Aristotelian epistemology? How?
What is work........?
Does Will Kerrins have any regard for human life?
If your life was a vacuum, how bad (good?) would it suck?
How to be happy and content with our life?
What is love... How do I love myself? (continued)?
is "all living things must die" synthetic or analytical?
What is the simplest thing to do in life?
Do you ever wish that you have a different life than the life you have NOW?
Twitter and Facebook harming children's mind and perception of reality...?
What is the technological process?
Just Curious and my Friend is to chicken to ask!!! legit!?
What is the best way to reduce the nervousness before an exam?
It is better to regret DOING something, or is it better to regret NOT DOING something?
which came first, chicken or egg?
Is human intelligence against nature?
Did I exist before I was born?
If we sacrifice everything in return we get betrayal from other side, how can we sustain?
I Think, Therefore I am. Would things still be able to exist, if not thought of first at all?
Plato's representation of justice in Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito?
Is there any1 out there who knows why we yawn?
What is the power source behind the Magic 8 Ball?
What is self respect? How can I earn it? ?
Is there an underlying philosophical message in this scene?
the individual way someone see's the world as it is?
What lacks the most in this ply?
does being really intelligent suck or what?
Why Study Philosophy' in support of viewing philosophy as a valuable field?
Do you believe in fate?
What instrument do you think someone like this would play? Electric guitar or bass guitar?
What is life??? What is the meaning of life??? Who is god???? Who made god???
Would Plato be for or against capital punishment?
Do Gods exist? What is the point in religion?
If God is real.......what are His origins?
Is 80/20rule(or 90/10) real?
A question what morels what to do?
is eternal gaming a leet sauce cyber amature league gaming team?
How much would you say you value your life?
Fighting for your own LIFE or Fighting for the ONES you LOVE?
does this question really exist?
if more persons who are undereducated have jobs than those who are educated/have abilities...?
3 questions concerning life....?
Does kindness ever go out of style? Even if it's only you that reaps the benefits of it, from knowing you?
why dont we stay on green light and not cross on red light?
Do you think it is funny that its called 'Good Friday' when Jesus was massacred? I dont think it was his GF
What is a thug????????
How can i become more knowlegable?
do any animals ever ask themselves whats the meaning of life?!?
What are the masses suffering from the most?
What is this spooky thing that keeps happening to me?
What is the purpose of creation,is it aimless or meaning full?
Do you think it is ethical to use automated technologies to monitor and control natural human behaviors?
my love is gone ,what i do?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
Would it still be you if you had died?
How can we enable ourselves to be kinder?
what is euthyphro's second definition of piety?
why do i feel alone with so much attention?
What makes life worth living?
Describe an instance in life where your perception of the reality situation was far from the actual reality?
how can one reconcile principles of religious and political freedom with feelings of fear, anger and grief?
How many times have you started over and ended up in the same place?
Nietzsche's suggestion to overcome nihilism is to simply create a meaning for life, and?
what is the "ship of fools"?
Why should I accept to live a mediocre crap life?
Go back in time and change one thing that has nothing to do with you, where are you heading?
How would you define "computation" in the most general sense.?
why people are afraid of dying ?
Which life would you choose and why?
Why the pep[;e never feel what i feel all the time thinking?
when u cryin on the movie that really about ur childhood , is that mean I have a sociology problems?:(( thanx
Which is which (Confucianism)?
can someone explain Meditation 1 and 2 to me because im not understanding anything about it?
what is the benefit of doing yoga?
I'm totally irresponsible, live paycheck to paycheck, and party too much...How many children should I have...?
Philosophically Speaking Wouldn't you agree Sex after 50 is better?
On a big project would a "master manipulator" be valued ?
What upsets you the most?
when will we all start to realise that we have a choice to not be horrible to each other?
How firm are you in your DECISIONS making and following them in life?
Identifying arguments (critical thinking/philosophy)?
phili question please help?
How stereotypes can affect our own self-image?
What will be may constructive speech in debate about brain?
How to get my life on track?
Who is the picture of what life is about?
im searching 4 god & i find comfort in many of seethers songs i believe they believe what do u think :)?
Do Our Actions Constitute Anything?
Is approval essential in this worldly survival?
Can someone develop imagination or is it just something you are born with - or not?
How does one grow in humility?
What are the good things you like to your self and what are the bad things you dont like to your self?
Moment of clarity results in deep introspection?
Nature VS Nurture?
Who Created Matter.....?
The workers in a large office building began to complain to the manager about the long wait for elevators from?
Have you even been scared to make a decision ?
Chaos or order? Which would you serve and why?
Is this sentence a lie or not?
When a person says "There are no absolutes" hasn't he just contradicted himself?
Loneliness amidst people, happy when I am alone. Still, very popular among people.Whats the reason?
How to do meditations properly?
when the world ends, what will be the last words said on earth?
Does your meaning and purpose need to have value beyond the self?
Why does every question I ask get an answer?
which nation knows very well how to live a good life?
Should vaccine skepticism be considered as religious belief?
Why is universal explanation better than particulars in philosophy?
Does the hypothetico-deductive model of science escape the problem of induction?why/why not?
how can one really turn into a spiritual that of lord buddha..?
what will the world be like in 2106?
Why do people misuse the term 'moral dilemma'?
if a tree falls in the forest and if no one is there does it make a sound?
Confession time; what is one thing that people don't understand about you?
what things are FREE in this world?
Why is Nature's Law unchangeable/fixed?
What does Pascal mean when he says, “True Christians, nevertheless, comply with folly"?
A good philosophy website ?
What are some John Locke theories?
why does the world wan't to distroy it's self.?
how will i know if i dont ask?
Would you rather be AWAKE or ASLEEP when the WORLD ENDS?
Why do I sometimes feel I just popped out of nowhere?
“For that is what redeems us, that is what makes our pain and sorrow bearable—this giving of love to others, t?
Can Humans ever be satisfied?
Aristotle ethics:the golden mean?
What do you search in life ............?
For non-religious people - What is your purpose in life, like what are your goals?
Do you ever feel as if you are being consumed by shadows?
Zeitgeist open minds check it out. tell me what you think....?
Does anyone understand John Dewey's book Democracy and Education?
Criticisms on Objectivism?
Is there an icloud for androids?
Are you a reductionist?
what is the answer to life?
What would Sartre's opinion be on cheating?
Could Truth also be refered to as Pure?
How can you know you don't know anything when the very statement negates itself?
the more comfort we create, the less happy we are with something that used to be comfortable?
What is the purpose of religion?
If humans suddenly become extinct, what would be the dominant life source?
Do you believe in Ying-Yang and why?
Namesake by Jumpa Lahiri????
How far away from God will you get?
what is the evolution of the notion of work? How is the meaning of work related to the meaning of the body?
Questions & Quotes Said & Asked by Socrates & Other Famous Philosophers?
what is the meaning of life?
Does "cold" exist, or is it merely the absense of heat?
what do you think about the book fountainhead?
when it comes to finding a job, what's more important: what you know or who you know?
Existential quantifier statement? (LOGIC)?
Am I worried too much about money?
what is Berkeley take/answer about skeptic?
Descr​ibe your life in one word?​?
what is the significance of middle age and medieval time? why is the medieval time is known as the middle age?
is there a point of living?
Its funny how love takes its sweet time to come around?
what is life?
If today was your last day of life, what would you do?
i think life is telling me something?
Discuss three stereotypes you encounter in your own life and the effect those stereotypes can have on others.?
Explain and evaluate the definition of 'hostile environment' sexual harass- ment.?
How to interact more freely?
What you don't know scares you the most?
"If you have no personality 'disorder', then you do not have personality." True or false?
How willl we know in our paths in life what we are doing in the present is what we were meant to do and be???
What is philosophy?!?!?!!??!??!?
What is the one thing that seems to be important to everyone?
Socrates,Plato or Aristotle:Which of the three do you consider to be the greatest philosopher?
Would you choose Money over Happiness?
What's your favourite quote? and by whome that(qoute) is given?
Why does human life have value?
What if it's a wonderful life took place today?
I don't even know how to live by myself properly yet, how could I possibly live with someone else?
Who lights up your life?
what is the meaning to your name?
Would you want to know exactly when you were going to die?
Yes or no?
If at least 4 billion human beings concentrated at the same time, could we make the Earth a Place of Peace?
How can i take a Platonic point of view when writing on my philosophy exam?
What is your "missing piece" in life?
What's a great escape away from life?
How do Atheists find a meaning in life?
What do you want you last words to be?
what does it mean to be great?how can i be great?(For real)?
In which of Plato's works did he present his concept of Platonic Ideas?
Are you happy to get up in the morning?
why is everyone always sad? Where is the happiness?
If you have the power of giving life to dead ones?
what is the meaning of life?
Which is better and why?
Does infinity actually exist?
what does peace feel like?
Why respect patient autonomy?
Do you agree with me that everything begins and ends in the mind?
I want to kill myself?
What is Aquinas' fundamental principle of exchange?
what is the bloom cycle for the marigold?
what reflection can you make about fandango?
If you try to fail and you succeed, what exactly did you just do?
Utilitarianism question?
Can we see God?
what's the differnce between lucifer and Satan?
Will the world end in 2013 or something plz answer?
What makes the difference between illusion and reality?
Could humankind function without the concept of time or something like it?
Knowing you dont want something, but still wanting it?
What is the most honorable trait to have?
Are there any Objectivists in Cincinnati?
What is it about Kant's perception of the senses that was radically new from all other philosopher of his ti?
Why is it possible for a question to be open and liberating, and, at the same time, defined and directed?
The ethical and moral implications of Aristotle's Poetics?
the act of war in today's day an age what is your take on it now as an adult?
Why is life so hard?????
Is a Sunshow a natural contradiction of life?
What is the ugliest thing in the world to you?
what is the meaning of life?
How does one hide in a hole and still carry noticed philosophy?
What is your least favorite thing about people?
What would happen if a person’s personality created the outer appearance?
How does the Tao's way differ from Confucius's Heaven?
If technology made it possible to live forever would you take this option?
if you had one wish right now what would it be?
What did Berkeley say in his "esse ese percipi"?
A is within B. A cannot exist in B's absense. Isn't it impossible for A to cause B?
If you take out Religon Whats wrong with being gay.?
are you happy? what are the reasons for your happiness?
REVOLUTION! universal revolution question.. how can u be u more then u..? (possibilities are endless)?
What is love?
How come no one on the Collins project twigged that the team had on board someone of very poor personal?
i don't believe in god = not real?
Think QUICK! What is the FIRST word (only one!) that comes to your mind when you hear the word "money"??
what is the main objective of pocket god?
is the glass half empty or half full?
Is El Dorado, The City of Gold true? What is your opinion?
Can God make an ice cream so large that even he won't be able to eat?
How is "moral" distinct from "just" in the eyes of Plato?
Brave New World and Man's search for meaning?
What is the meaning of Life?
What is entity concept?
How much is your time worth?
How is disbelief not belief?
What physical evidence do you have for God's existance?
What to with my life?
What gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day?
Mother knows best. what does that mean?
The times you've been happier it's been cause..?
What's the funniest philosophical joke you've ever heard?
What is deemed "masculine" by the Ancient Greeks?
I want to know about the life of Luther and Calvin the reformators?
If you could go back in time, any year in history, when would it be?
what is life?
How much of Kant do you see in Wittgenstein?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
Do you know yourself?
Is there a free online advice chat site?
Are you an island or a river?
In some projects, are there too many agendas ?
What's the one thing u couldnt live without?
What lessons have you learned from your relationships?
You come into this world with nothing and leave this world with nothing, What happens to all your possessions?
What does your heart say to you when you are sad?
Does the hypothetico-deductive model of science escape the problem of induction?why/why not?
Philosophy Homework help please :)?
How can the hedonic calculus be applied to torture?
Is all that we know merely a deconstruction of what truly "is?"?
Where does happiness live?
Are you on the side of the Cowboys or Indians?
What does "all is fair in love and war" mean?
Which philosopher's argument is stronger? Locke or Descartes?
do you think that there is a god?
Who guards the guards, who polices the police?
If a door leads to the same room...?
favourite quote?
What extinguishes your flaming ego?
Is God gay?....................?
What "legitimate" questions can be asked about a project ?
Why is life so difficult?
syllogism with deductive argument?
How can we banish Misery?
Is deception reality?
Why there are so many Divorce cases in the west countries? Do u think it is happening of Freedom, human rights
Is The Life of Pi a fable or a parable?
questions about Plato's "Apology of socrates" please click and answer?
What two questions would you ask the philosopher, Rene Descartes?
Give your own developing philosophy of language.?
what is the meaning of atheist?
when will my suffering end?
What makes a person hate?
do you think that money makes people happy or not?
under your clothing are you naked or hiding somthing or both?
if you were a COMMODITY, what are you mostly USED for?
Examples of scare tactics?
Liars, cheater and thieves?
Philosophy: by having Hylas say to Philonous, "admit matter or reject spirit," Berkeley is?
Why do most kids hate school?
What is selfishness a virtue?
What's LIFE??
10 Points for the Best and Most Sincere Answer........?
What is your one wish for the world?
As the mist cleared, the howling....?
What could be the greatest question in the history of mankind?
I have lice. Moral dilemma?
Do your eyes say what is unsaid?
why do humans have such a small lifetime ? ...?
Nature vs nurture? What do people really think about the topic. What about behaviorism?
At what point in your life does the World crush your spirit?
how was the universe created?
World gonna end in 2011 august 27?
what is the differnce between denotaion and signifier?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this word?
What do you know?
would this be a deductively valid argument?
Why do people say this?
End Of The World is Coming Soon!?
I feel so miserable I want to die?
Why do I feel empty?
Extraterrestrials - do you believe they exist?
What beautiful chaos do you loose on others?
Analytic philosophy vs Continental philosophy?
GOD. best friend or guy on vacation?
What is the most insane thing you have ever heard anyone say in all seriousness ever?
Do you agree that over the course of one's lifetime, nothing lasts forever ?
Do you like to make your own decisions in life or do you go by advice?
if you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?
What time of day do radio astronomers make observations? Why?
Do coincidences have meaning for you or do you just chalk it up as nothing special?
What's the meaning of life?
Can we reason our way to the truth about reality?
What is the additional significance and potential risk involved in committing a communication to a permanent r?
What is the the utilitarian theory? What are the pros and cons of this theory?
Where do thoughts come from???
Whats your biggest flaw?
What is Kohak's distinction between "having" and "possessing"?
What, above all things, gives your life meaning?
So what came before Evolution?
Omniscience, a.k.a. all-knowledge, is not possible. What kind of knowledge is possible?
Who else is bored?
the first one to give correct answer gets s......?
what is the meaning of life?
What makes a peson become obsessed?
I am unable to do what I plan to do? I am failing in doing things what I desire and that makes me unhappy.?
Can anyone think of an ironic or philosophical way I could dress up as a superhero for a fancy dress party?
what problems do you think could cause the socila change in the Philippines?
is logic superior to intuition?
Philosophy: what are the 'twelve fundamental notions of the understanding'?
Are blonde women more attractive?
In your opinion, what is the single most detrimental thing to a society or culture?
are dreams true?
Do you take philosophy is high school?
Does true love exist?
Why is it that I always get this sinking feeling that I'm about to die alone?
I just found out that my husband is having an affair, should I buy a pirhana fish?
Is it wrong to be a misanthrope?
Human nature loves no contradictions, but is symmetrical?
If someone murdered your most loved one and was given the death penalty would you watch?
Which stage of life do u think is most VALUABLE one?
What causes people to fear being committed?
Did we live in an other lives before this life?
what's the meaning of life?
if a man of god wears fur, is he wrong?
If the world were going to end in sixty-minutes, how would you spend your last hour?
Don't you think the whole material world is a huge jail?
What is the meaning of everybody asking what the meaning of life is?
have you noticed things generally dont turn out the way you plan them?
What are some themes that go along with human trafficking?
Girgio Agamben, The open, quotes?
Is love blind? is it?
living the american "Dream"?
What is the Nous for Plato?
Is it possible to randomly hug a stranger without getting into trouble?
Are you happy?
have you done anything extraordinary today? if yes..please share with me?
Why do we fear the failure?
why do we need money at all¨?
What is realism about univerals?...?
Anyone ever wish you can do something awesome like bring dinosaurs back to life?
LDR works or not in real life?
my life is a devastating?
What does Simone Weil mean when se refers to "rights"?
To Girls Only, a simple question?
Do these traits sound like FAS? If not, then what?
what is the roll of intelectuals to bring peace into human life/?
Is it true all that we are is the result of what we have thought?
Can you prove you have free will not to answer this question?
What is the meaning of life?
Who is a real hero?
Is happiness .......In the living?........or the wanting?
Ever see yourself in public, and wonder how?
Tell me about my JanamKundali,Life path ,Please check details?
One-celled organisms that can carry out all of the processes of life?
What is the most important thing in your life?
What is the aim of every human being?
would you like to see the death of us?
"The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility." What do you think?
What is your purpose in life?
OK I NEED TO KNOW TONIGHT! what are some legions such as....?
do you think soon they'll be rehabs for internet addicts?
Name one thing that opened your mind?
does marriage is a necessary one??
What is the significance of self belief in your life?
all reasoning is thinking but not all thinking is reasoning ? discuss in detail.?
Are nihilism and anomie synonymous?
how do you make a sad person smile?
Are cigarettes compatible with a Biblical life?
Give me a help on the philosophical definition of time.?
How will God judge a soul which died as soon as it was born?
What is the most wise advice you've received in life?
How does the Hegel's master/slave dialectic apply to the man/woman relationships in the modern age?
If we were at a party and you told us you had the amazing ability to swallow a person whole and alive...?
is truth dynamic?
Can signs of Paranoia makes You a good Philosopher..?
has "that which has not killed you", made you stronger?
Is the world really gonna end?
Who thinks the end of the world is 2012?
did humans really evolve from apes?
What is your motivation in life?
What would your Utopia be like?
Don't you think most of us are good talkers but poor listeners ?
Is this a valid argument? And is it a sound argument?
What is the Un caused causer argument?
Everything feel fake?
Kant on Metaphysics. I feel my values are not as strong and I am now wrong and have wasted much time?
Don't let a temporary feeling keep you from a permanent blessing?
what is sense of life?
Philosophy help: According to Plato, what role do the senses and body play in the philosopher’s quest to becom?
what is life's meaning and purpose ????? ?
can you still be happy without a partner....?
In reference to subjectivity, explain the effects of the absence of judgement?
Is "how" equivalent to "through what physical process"?
if there's one thing in your Life that you can't Live without. what is this thing? :D?
ABORTION QUESTION for you to ponder???
How do you prove determinism?
have you ever?...?
Why is life either too easy or a dickbiatch?
how god will judge us ?
"Your beauty is your personality"?
Which great mind had a concept similar to: one who knows a lot, knows that he in fact knows nothing at all?
have you ever met someone somewhere that you thought afterwards: that was an angel? a supernatural creature?
Greyson's scale for Near-Death Experiences?
To whom was God speaking when he said, "Let there be light."?
Do we look worse in pictures than in real life?
What principle would you die for?
Is death the same to every person? Where do all their intelligence and all their logic go once they are dead?
How do we view our thoughts?
What will save the humanity?
What is the point of living, when there is no God?
remote viewing?
what does it mean to be human?
Can you describe your imagination?
what are your thoughts?
Who is/was your teacher of this world?
what causes New smile lines?
how does the quote, "be the change you want to see in the world" relate to The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)?
does true love exists?
Do humans really have free will?
whats there to do today?
What kind of things do you keep to yourself from you S/O?
Was anyone attached to Collins project as phony as a two-bob watch ?
It's not as such what I want to ask just something I disagree with; read the passage below.?
What is the best quote or piece of advice you've ever heard?
Where, if at all, does Machiavelli discuss faking one' owns death as a political tactic? Book and pg # please.
evil proper is a privation and is an ontological non-entity?
Life changing epiphany moments?
I need articles on michel foucault in relation to feminism and the concept of Power.Thanks?
where can I get a report about psychology and topics of it?
Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man can come to Father, but except threw me"?
Do Morals cause more sufferings in a person's life than a person who has a lack of them?
What is love? Explain it...?
Do relationships really have any meaning..?
What was the last thing that brought a tear of joy to your eye?
Can you complete this sentence, "One of the limitations of Science is _______."?
What is the meaning of life?
We are killing our own genes by design?
There is something unreal about the world around me, yet i can't put my finger on what it is?
why do you think some people chose to be lonely? do they chose at all or...?
what does the number 3 represent?
(This is a riddle) What is greater than god, worse than the devil, rich people don't want it, poor people...
What valuable one should not lose at any cost in life?
Should a 21 year old be allowed to dodge responsibility and consequences....?
Is Descartes suggesting a very controversial philosophy in the first meditation?
If you dislike the United States why don't you use a website based in your Country, there aren't any, huh?
Is living a good life determined by what you do, or what you think?
We are one.. but we are many.. and from all the lands on earth we come.. we share a dream... but why can we?
What is your definition of beauty?
why do people fear things different?
What's the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath?
Like a kid at Christmas time, is that the bliss in ignorance I hear about?
Is there such a thing as a "soul" in people? what makes you think there is (or isn't) any such thing
what if in the end it's just all dark?
A-Level Philosophy help!?
Translate philosophy prompt to layman's terms?
Quotes regarding subjectivity?
What are your views about Death?
Why is it we are surrounded by people but are still lonely?
Who represents the Religious Neoright Conservatism in USA today?
Everything is just blahhhh?
What is the formula to earn happiness?
Is it ethical to experiment on people? broad question!?
Is life ever going to be perfect?
Is it fair to say that giving, the urge to give, should always originate in the giver?
are you happy with your life?
Is It Important To Know Where We Came From, To Know Where We're Going?
relative optimism by albert the great and pessimism by arthur schopenhauer..?
Are we all part of a universal consciousness that ultimately combined form God?
What is ‘future shock’ and how does it affect people?
What is the difference between inner peace and boredom?
What are some impossible things?
s a college student, where do you see yourself in relation to this statement?
Need help with informal fallacy!?
What is worse? Living in the future or living in the past?
Can you say that you are truly happy?
do you ever wonder why we meet the people we do?
Please, describe "life" in one word?
who sings "heaven, what is heaven, Is it home for the hopeless?"?
Do you think God laughs?
Does True Love Exist?
Is it possible to lie silence without saying a word?
Time is the father of truth, its mother is our mind...Do you agree?
What is your religion?
Why Socrates in the Apology is a gadfly,a soldier and, a hero?
Can you tell me where I can find Peter Singer's analogy of the drowning child in one of his book?
Is predestination determined by free-willed choices?
How do you perceive liberty?
Does safety-critical systems engineering have loopholes ?
Any philosophical reasoning for my thoughts?
If 'Philosophy' is the 'love of wisdom', what, then, is the 'love of stupidity'?
Can someone tell me if Hurley allows you to get both PandQ from P&Q by simplification?
What's more important, where you're from or where you're at?
why is it I don't think freemason are bad people?
if GOD blow us a KISS, how do we GET it?
is there any soul in humans if so where is it?
The Enlightenment can be explained through three interrelated concepts.?
What clouds thought?
what is the philosophy of the communicative approach?
what is time?
What are the characteristics David Hume thinks are necessary for one to be a credible art critic?
How do you get through a sad day in your life?
Why do so many people equate being polite with being dishonest?
Why did Socrates want the philosopher Evenus to follow him into death?
What do you used to believe in?
I'm Sad :( :(((((((((((?
How would you apply Mill's Liberty Principal to the 200th South Park episode (censorship of Mohammad)?
prophetic song help?!?
How are Leibniz' necessary and contingent truths related to innatism?
I am made of organs witch are made of tissue , wicth are made of cells, witch are made of cells witch are made?
Which statement reflects an argument of Enlightenment philosophers against the belief in the divine right of ?
I hate living on this horrible planet. What can I do?
Distinguish between deductive and inductive arguments.Use examples to illustrate your answers.?
what is that mean by live in your life?
if god come to see you what wish you would like to ask !?
What is the meaning of life?
Explore the nature of human survival?
Has anyone had a psychic reading that was truly accurate?
How much do your nocturnal dreams effect who you are an the way you perceive the world?
What makes someone racist?
If a tree falls in the forest and on one is around to hear it does it make a sound?
Is there a such thing as an UNASNWERABLE QUESTION?
The Red pill or the Blue pill?
Does acceptance make everything alright?
what happens when you have to much brain food?
hi , where do you think you go after you pass away ?!!?
Tell me something you LOVE but has to LET GO of?
Why do people do things like answers?
Atheists, What created the Big Bang ?
a poem ' FEAR' read it your comments r requried, did u liked it?
Do you think a perfect moral life is unlikely to be a happy life?
What is 'truth'?
is life worth to live in this so called society?
What are two things in life we will always have?
explain why Locke is against absolute monarchy?
are u belivie about love?
how can i be sure that god exists?What proof do i need?
Did the Sophists write anything? Or anything important?
Are you blind to God's love? Are you feeling alone?
Can you imagine what life would be like, if we didn't have an imagination?
Politics of fear: are you being manipulated?
If love is the answer, what the hell was the question?
Philosophy Validity of an Argument?
Are questions more valuable than answers and more profound?
Do u belive in luck or hardwork?
Is life meaningful if miseries can be completely deleted?
What makes you young at heart?
I don't appreciate the human experience at all, should I kill myself?
How to stop thinking?
What if you could appreciate what you have, and appreciate the potential for much more of what you want?
why are clocks/watches set at 10:10 am/pm in commercials/advertisements?
Please Help! What are the forms and possible counterexamples of these arguments?
what are objects that represent pride?? and objects that represent shame?
I want to become a machine there is no use with a good heart damn world?
If you had to kill your own food, will you still eat meat?
If I were blind my whole life, how would you describe what green looks like to me?? i bet you can't answer!?
What is "The Happy Place" for you and why?
Why do people hold theyre emotions inside?
If there's something we can all agree on, it's.....? Complete the sentence.?
Anyone familiar with 'The Power of Intention'?
If existence is ultimately meaningless and futile?
do you think there comes a time in every mans life where he has to fight? or is there never excuse to fight?
where would be the best place in the world to go to escape people all together?
in hume's opinion is there any empirical evidence for cause and effect?
What do you think about these?
Do you sometimes wish you could have been born into religion?
What's one thing you're most grateful for?
Things become clearer the longer you look at them or the less you look at them?
MHFU ( monster hunter freedom unite ) help ?
Can you read this? test your mind?
Getting nervous about this?
Was I right to erupt in rage last night?
What is the most interesting thing you'd like to do on the internet but haven't yet?
Which Came First????
What is the name of a Latin or greek poet that starts with "E" or sounds similiar to Escalar or Escalade?
How do you develop a sense of humour through laughing yoga?
I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life carrer wise but it feels like nothing will make any differnce?
Can you guys explain Mill's Principle of Utility?
WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE(in your opinion)?
Is it easy to do hypnosis?
Why can't I find something/someone that makes me happy?
what do your usually HIDE but keeps on SHOWING?
Why are people asking stupid questions ?
what is the importance of critical and creative thinking in an individuals life?
What is the question that you often ask yourself ?
Alluding to the Merlin stories, what is "the sleeping dragon"?
what's your definition of 'freedom'?
Is life worth it........?
NEED IDEAS??????????????
So why haven't u moved to Mars already? Why stay on Earth with all its problems?
Describe two distinct scenarios in your life in which one of the advancements/innovations from the...?
Is it bad to not want or have any desire to change old habits?
If a picture can paint a thousand words, than why can't I paint you?
If you could?
Can we compare the idea of ideology to the idea of paradigmes in the Kuhnian sense?
neoGENESIS: do you think we will evolve to gods?
Who is the one person on the planet, who you think is more full of "good" than anyone else?
If computerization projects supposedly have "integration" problems is it for this reason ?
For Intelligent and Philosopher one?
Explain what marx means by "alienation of labor' under capitalism?
Have you ever searched through the emptiness of your own reason, and found yourself wanting?
what do you think about that ?
Which viewpoint makes more sense: moral relativism or moral objectivism?
Time ??????
Why is thisa deductive argument? why not inductive?
Who is Bach J. S.?
Someone asked me a philosophical question yesterday about God:?
Is it fair to say you can work on yourself more when you move out of your house?
Do people understand what could happen in ten years?
Are these valid examples of deductive and inductive arguments?
What makes life so wonderful?
Do you really think you know better?
Is there any way I can kill myself and come back to life?
What are some ways you can dissolve your ego?
Which would you pick, and why?
What makes a person so inhuman...? Who's more prone of being one? A religious or an atheist?
Do you believe you have free will?
would you kill a "puppy",if you"Knew"it would grow into a killer-dog?
The Greek cultural context: from poetry to Philosophy?
Which is more amazing? The Universe or the Human Mind?
Can a peaceful world exist?
What one emotion would you like to eliminate from your life? Why?
Why no atm card is invented to withdraw love, care, friendship, respect and happiness?
If silence had a sound what would it sound like?
if a tree falls in the forest and kills a mime..does anyone really care?
how can we live in balance with nature?
How do I stop feeling like a freak for being transgender and how do I cope with being so misunderstood?
can life be a dream?
is the meaning of life 42?
how do you see the colour 'blue'?
Chandogya Upanisad and Atman?
How do I ask a question or repost my answer?
What is the answer?
Do we see what others see?
I feel sad for other people?
What is life?
what is some criteria for testing wether or not a statement is true or false?
Some come here to learn.. other's do not.. And we can learn many things from here, but can we learn love,?
REINCARNATION:if you had to pick what form you would come back as,what would it be and why?
What are 7 things you want to do at some point in your life?
Could an A.I Fall In Love?
Discuss the role of wisdom in true virtue?
Can Anyone Have a Spontaneous Original Thought.?
Who are you?
I am writing a paper on freedom...?
is there any possibility that we might know just how many words we have spoken since the day we first talk?
Is famliy guy postmodern?
"Life is like a box of never know _____" What?
Kindness= weakness? Why, why not?
At what point does a person's perception become their reality?
How can I develop compassion for people?
Most religions have a negative consequence for suicide victims. What do you think happens to them?
how do u get rid of nervousness while meeting people???
Would beauty strike your eyes or heart?
What was Descartus view of living life?
What words do you live by?Your mantra.?
Vanity is fine in one's privacy. But looking in the mirror when guests are over is a bore.?
I think life is meaningless, live it meaninglessly, without any interpretations, just be?
What is the real deal with life....?
Argument Point of Views?
what is/has been the absolutely best moment in your life?
URHOOUR HOORU?WHOami?WHooIShoo?sheisShe&heisHE?R… ahead and fig this one out,say aloud(can I?)wr1
Do you believe the Kabalarian Philosophy?
How would contribution of lipids be at the organelle level in sustaining cellular life?
What is the meaining of asking for the meaning of life when one may look up life in the dictionary?
Do you believe in God?
How are you going to describe color blue to a person who's blind since birth?
is the desire of want more than the desire of need?
Is Socrate's warrant for his defense his evidence?
Was Collins project like a science fiction movie ? Pond slime took over.?
what is your opinion on taking pills for depression?
Can you pray for me, I feel as I am slipping from God?
what is gang life? and what defines a gang member?
why is the working week 5 days and the weekend only 2?
Are you a happy person ?
Which is more important, individual freedom or the common good?
What is the biggest Human Weakness ever ????
how do we know god is a man?
Is it immoral to spank children?
what's the greatest lesson that life has taught you?
What time is it?
How does nature and nurture influence human behaviour?
secret life of bees critique?
Is the Barber Paradox a pseudo-paradox?
Do you think the real American dream has been forgotten?
Can you watch this without even smiling a little bit...?
We're you made sick or sick made?
If theres all that money i the world,what would you do?
What is so shameful aboutty?
Im scared to make the first move, i like my friend?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
If you wanted to say something to the whole world, what would it be? Say it here...?