What's your life motto?
Do orphism and hinduism share the same meaning about the concept of the power of maia?
The Matrix - philosophical movie topics help?
plz give ur thoughts?
At what age did you meet your true friends?
What would the world be like eith no usa?? Please be serious!!?
The Allegory of the Cave, Help?
You must discern the result in the cause, and discern the cause in the result. Who said this?
What makes a man recognize,that you could potentially be a contender for his hia?
Do humans yearn for a conclusion? (part 2)?
what would you rather be able to live your whole life without, food or sleep?
How was life ever possible for you before brian boitano?
Ever taken psychedelics and had diminished social ability for awhile after?
What is likely the biggest event to happen in my life time?
What happens when dissimulation (deception) reaches its peak in man?
Why does the toaster have a setting that burns the toast?
Does Murphy's law suggest that a computing project can run astronomically worse than you'd expected ?
Has love destroyed you or Created you ?
How would you take it if the person your involved with suddenly disappears for the weekend and then tries to?
Do any safety-critical projects remind you of the "Iphigenia" movie ?
Is Jesus a God or just a prophet?
Have you had any unusual experience that has positively affected your life/beliefs/future?
why is it that when shows in europe or america show african countries...........?
What would be a modern version of Jonathan Edward's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"?
Do the ends justify the means?
If all truth’s are necessarily relative..?
What is life like at a juvenial detention center?
What movie revealed the greatest philosophical truth to you? Why?
What does nothing look like?
what's the biggest secrets to life?
Need serious help with this Proof?
When you die, what's the last song you'd want in your head?
whats your motto in life?
Who is God? And how do you worship him?
Explain Simmias’s argumet concerning harmony & the lyre—how does it attempt to prove Socrates wrong? (phaedo)?
what is National Debt?
What is the status of Jerusalem in the Kuran?
Isn’t Nature itself a work of art, a masterpiece?
can you tell what this song is about?
success rates of those who believe in themselves vs those who doubt?
Who can interpret the million dollar painting by Picasso called nude green leaves and a bust.?
What's the meaning of life?
Who is currently the wisest person on the planet?
What extreme choices have you made to keep your work-life balance intact?
do you think we are at the end of the world now?
Who is John Galt?
After i die will i ever be able to feel myself physically again?
Do you think old age has meaning?
if LIFE is a BEACH, what often gets washed off on your SHORE?
What is the 'hope' that keeps people going?
You OD'd and are about to die any second. What goes through your mind, and what would you do?
Help me with these questions please?
which do you prefer.., cute or beautiful?
Why is everything so boring and pointless?
What isthe difference btw the kind of existence wecall physical/ material and the kind we call virtual/mental?
Im moving out on my own and need advise?
Which is the very biggest sin in the earth?
Is utilitarianism always moral as long as the participants in it r ready 2 sacrifice self for the group?
1/16 of a substance remains after 26.76 hours. What is the half life of this substance? ?
In logic, truth outweighs fallacy, in life fallacy tends to outweigh truth. Why?
What is the meaning of 42?
Do you think unconditional love is possible?
Why are the real odds for coin tosses / roullette counter-intuitive?
Do we have moral obligations to non-person entities such as plants and animals?
Who has a harder life?
What do you think about philosophy lectures from the Teaching Company?
What role should government play according to John Stuart Mill's political view?
Do all philosophers or philosophy professors master all branches of the field or they have specializations?
Philosophy of Aesthetic Preference?
Define the word pain please.?
Can you force someone to be free?
There is only Consciousness and the universe is just the interplay of Light arising in Consciousness?
Is there a link between A Priori Statements, Necessary Statements and Analytic Statements?
Do you think the Bible was relevant when it was written.....?
What things in nature can I use to represent the following things?
how to make the first move in courting agirl?
Out of sight out of mind OR Distance makes the heart grow fonder?
does god really exist or is it just a plain illusion?
what are the speech organs and their functions?
Help me with this song idea? "If you no longer see the signs, you've gone too far"?
It seems all the really good questions have already been asked.?
If you met God, and you could only ask him one question; what would you ask?
when someone says they have "fallen for you,what does the word fallen mean?
How is this a VALID argument? confused?
do you believe that anything of which the emotions entails has ethical guilt?
Whats our next stage in evolution?
who said "to live in ones heart is to never die."?
Aren't we all someone else's btch?
What does "phenomena converging" mean to you?
I find creative people fascinating. What qualities do you particularly admire?
What do you think of infinity symbol to represent life goes on?
High school and middle school students, please see if interested!!!?
What if we lived in a moneyless society?
Who is Gauranga?
How far away is far away?
My 9 yr old daughter would like to know, if God created everything, who created God? Can anyone help?
Where can I find magic mushrooms in edinburgh, UK?
After all that you have experienced, what advice would you give a young person?
I feel like I'm falling into a trap?
Why does the u.s get involved in everything?
What do you think about this short quote?
Does the Collins project read like "Lament for Seville" ?
Which is version is better? The book or the film?
I completely fail at life, what should I do?
Are Plato's "Higher Forms" the same concept as Kant's "Ding an sich"?
"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain"?
if there is a WAY IN, is there always a WAY OUT?
wat to do in free hours?
What is the sexual tension between a demon and an angel?
In platos "phaedo" how does Socrates prove the soul to be immortal?
Am I my mind or is my mind me?
In Dostoevsky's "the brothers karamazov..."?
How would you diffrentiate between your wants and needs ?
War and Peace by Herman Hesse?
what are 10 ways to survive a recession?
Philosophy Help Pleasee?
What's your purpose in life?
What is the centre of everything?
what do you consider to be your biggest personality flaw?
If Plato came back to life today, what questions would you ask him?
a jar of ........................................…
How does one define quality?
Why can i never get a straight answer?
Who are you?
What would bring you true happiness?
is it better to know everything about nothing or nothing about everything?
can you create your own reality?
where i find www.destinys
will any answer do?
gay or straight< SAME PERSON?
What are the humanistic and scientific approaches to the understanding of different cultures?
The superior is he who acts before he speaks and speakas according to his action?
Why is the pen mightier than the sword?
what's your favorite time of year???
Is there a place to go to live without much technology?
Looking for the most original thought out here?
Hey dr france and PeterVincent?? and for everyone around^_^?
Do you think saying sorry is a sign of weakness?
What is your idea of the good life?
Do you believe that if a person loses one of their senses, the remaining ones get stronger?
Why are corporations bad?
How would you describe the noise a sparrowhawk makes?
What is your advice for my love life?
what do you think of all the negative things in the world?
Ask a "who, what, when where, why or how" question?
Which is more worse, failing or never trying? Why?
wil they need to tell us what to do...?
what is the big bang theory.?
I feel like my life has lost its meaning and everything is getting worse. help?
I think I discovered something....?
If emptiness is desire what is inhibition?
is thou ready to die?
Should i take LIFE too SERIOUSLY or take it as a big JOKE?
Can there be LOVE without FRIENDSHIP.... or FRIENDSHIP without LOVE?
What can you tell me about Richard Rorty's views?
Why would using skeletons in an office psychopath's closet to encourage them to do better quality work be ..
What are the psychological,sociological,or philosophical issues in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"?
Which came first?the egg or the chicken???
If my actions are determined, does that mean they cannot be free?
Aristotle golden mean for or against whistleblowing?
What do I do with my life?
define death meaning?
which among an unconquerable MIND, unbreakable HEART or indestructible BODY can make you the STRONGEST?
explain the "religion: opium of the people"?
When is a foot not a foot?
what excites you?
what is life?>!??!??!!?!?
Would a modern-day Periander, reponsible for safety-critical software, doctor some of the code and approve the
What should we follow if the heart and the mind are in conflict........?
What two views did Aristotle consider about human desire?
What is your favorite movie? How would you change the sound or music to enhance a particular scene?
What would you consider is a good manager,leader, or a business man?
What is your definition of "GOD"? I would only like to hear from agnostics and non-believers.?
please help me! this is urgent?
What does Boyle in "Carnal Knowledge" achieves with Irony?
why do people take drugs?
Is there philosophy in a smiling Deer?:)?
Is happiness a lat discovery, or I'm the only one who thinks so?
what is the meaning of "FUNDA"?
What are you so angry about?
The abbreviations of CE and BCE are beginning to replace AD and BC. What is your opinion? Should it change?
Is there a SIXTH sence ?
Why should I not treat this kid in the same way he treated my dog?
Were there any problems at all with Collins or was there a scam to extract extra money from an unsuspecting...
in ones life whom do u think is the most important thing??
Is egg donation immoral? from a christian perspective?
why do we need god? i dont understand?
whats the meaning of life?
If ANYTHING can be a drug, WHAT is your drug?
what is the meaning of the story of the ring of gyges?
If you could create your own world?
Do you think its time for Americans to read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire?
what does ''follow the white rabbit'' mean. i can see the white rabbit on the moon too?
Why can't human beings live forever if they don't die as the result of an accident or a mishap of some kind ?
Pressure points on very muscular people?
What is it that we all seek?
If a girl has a fat nose, would she like a guy with a fat nose?
Plato's argument?? help?
What is Industrial Sabotage in work of ethics?
What if god...?
the mystery method on not having a handbook on how to be human?
They say money can't buy happiness; but can you be happy without money?
What is Plato saying in the Allegory of the Cave?
What is enlightened absolutism and why is it important?
What is something you cannot buy with your money ?
How does music help you relieve the pain?
The use of torture, what are your views?
Is there any one... that you love seeing..their face..just the person... it brings comfort to you.?
If you would lose your memory today, who would you be?
Fiat justitia, pereat mundus.......what does it mean?
What are the central themes in Citizen Kane?
Link to some really really awesome science or philosophy videos?
Business department contributes nothing to humanity?
If two propositions are inconsistent, are they therefore dependent?
Socrates Journal entry. PHI2001?
Why is it that all people do not work to make this world a better place for mankind to live in?
When will the world end ?
What makes you happy in life ?
What do you gain out of being atheist?
Why does YA seem like such an addiction?
I have about 3 hours left of being 29 years old. Is old age as miserable as it looks?
Does Descartes have a quotable definition of philosophy?
i believe in a soul but not religion?
If you had a life before this one, what do you think you would have been?
Can anyone prove to me that I exist?
What is the color of freedom?
Peoples vibrations, charkras??????????
Does anybody here have synaesthesia?
What is the meaning of human life?
The world's coming to an end and you're in charge of the library?
What is your life philosophy?
How does someone sense when ppl stare at them? ppl stare at them behind their back?
I do not want to advise you to keep growing quietly and seriously...What is your opinion? Who said this?
what has happen to LOvE?
what has to happen in my life for me to be less socially akward?
Is this a normal feeling?
What is the best thing that you have in your life?
What was the principle behind Hindu Teachings?
what is the greatest enigma the is not solved so far?
If you could only speak/write 3 words in your life, what would it be?
what would you do if you found out you were going to die tomorrow?
Philosophy paper - aristotle's virtue ethics?
Is money everything??
Is belief in God is the sign of mental sickness?
how much money matter to you , if you are blessed person ?
To be or not to be?
Why do I get sexually aroused by music?
Do you have any regrets?.... If so what's your biggest one?
Anyone who has read Aristotles poetics could you have a look at this and tell me whether it is accurate?
You get three wishes - What are they?
If Death is the only real certain thing in your life and the only uncertain thing is when? What is death?
Describe the perfect human.?
why we born if we are going to die?
Are you lying to yourself? How often?
Diotima in the Symposium?
out of all the dictators,evil kings or evil historical characters,etc...whom would you like to send to heaven?
what is gang life? and what defines a gang member?
COMPLETE ANALOGY compassion: remorseless:: qualms?
What is seventh sense according to you?
What is the ultimate question?
are us males wiping ourselves out, and so maybe leaving the future world in the care of...?
are you happy???????????????????????????
What are the four gate-keepers to the Bhakti Yoga?
What is your biggest accomplishment in life?
What happens if we expect our friends to be like us and...?
man is a machine that thinks?
is the cup half empty or half full?
Anyone have some good informational sites on what a murderer's method of murder shows about their psyche?
Is it wrong to want something extra (a potential soul mate) after finding God, or should I just focus on God?
If you look for deceit, deception and corruption?
Could he be psychic or was it just a lucky guess?
Who said "Man as knower & as a posr of an immortal soul...?
Can you find the meaning of this man's speech from adventure time?
human relations question?
what you think i do some painting in my own right with a sudden finish in my age of forty with out Evey traini
Explain how place or context affects your communication.?
I find creative people fascinating. What qualities do you particularly admire?
Are they sneakers or tennis shoes to you?
Can you help me with these words..?
"Is nothing in life a guarentee, except death?"?
What should be the important goal in life?
Im looking for anti-war peace songs that sound like "we are the world" or "why can't we be friends".?
Socrates and Meno and the interpretation of learning?
For those who believe in possibility of time travel, explain how it could be attainable.?
Can some tell me how dose it feel to travel around the world that is one of my goals that I want to achieve.?
What will happen when the man behind the curtain is revealed?
whom we should call a friend, pls no ans like those who help during our hardships.?
"find me an example of the icon named <Theotokos of Areovindus>.?
why human is created on the earth n whats he doing here?
Will anything happen?
if we will take your sex abilities and we will give u something in it place what u will choose ?
wat do you feel abt eternal life?
Do you feel that you have become what you were not supposed to be?
Whats the meaning of the phrase 'Nothing succeeds like success'?
What is "tortured logic"?
what circumstances in Gregors life made him feel dehumanized?
Who are some existentialist philosophers......?
How do colors manipulate our perceptions?
why would people tell you to speak your mind if you have to watch what you say?
Living a life alone...?
how do we create reality?
why people are so cunning every where?
Do we deserve to be happy?
can anybody tell me 1 reason to live ?
What is man's greatest weakness?
Is philosophy an alternative to religion?
which is WORST: Stolen IDENTITY, Stripped MEMORY or Sold SOUL?
Eternal life - is it a gift or a curse?
oh when will this night end........what should the next line be?
What does this mean? " philinus was the true paragon of "pragmatic historiography"?
Equality is sameness and fairness, but...?
What is the meaning of life?
The mechanics of karma are?
What is the greatest question of all time?
Is the world really going to end on the 06/06/06???
What is the meaning of life?
Why to live this life when it will end one day?
Did making a living used to be easier?
How far can I go without alienating myself from everyone?
What's most improtant in a persons life?
Why do I smile when sad/bad things happen?
If you could do one thing in your life what would it be and why????????????
what are the importance of dimensions of knowledge?
To all christions out there?
What categories did Descartes use when he was trying to prove things?
i need help with my outline?
why am i geting porn i do like to look at women but come on this is bad i am 30 yr old i don,t need to look at
how can Bonjour's argument against externalism also be used against coherentism?
How do YOU define being a "success" in life?
"THE PLAN" - Sound good?
If somehow, it was undoubtedly proven that there is no higher power (God, Allah, etc.), what would you do?
This isn't too gross is it?
What is the Truth?
What's better? Tall things or fuzzy things?
hey allan_district ! i am in need of contacting you:) would you mind giving me your email address?
Why would any human want a world without individuality, desires, or ego?
art imitates art or does life imitate art?
how to enhance our communication knowledge with others and give some tips to express fluently?
In what category does Calkins place Nietzsche?
Commente on this George Orwell's sentence:?
If you could meet one person - who is either dead or alive - who would it be?
Might a project like Collins resemble a card game ? It is as if problems build up because sections have been?
How did Plato and Aristotle differ about the role of women?
is there any difference between social sciences and social science?
"How Did U Feel after READING this"?
What was the argument against socrates?
A man in this universe is a big fool equivalent to the mass of entire universe.?
White People, who you fooling?
Please define "growing old gracefully"....?
Does collectivism negate either(inclusive) reason or the individual or freedom?
What are the colors of promises? Elaborate please.?
What is a soul? Same/different to mind and (sub)conscious?
is anger a virtue or vice?
power and authority, what do you think?
Would you rather have past knowledge or present knowledge?
What makes you happy?
if i am looking for nice and rich girl honestly to explore love why i m considered as money minded?
How can one define being in its highest value ?
In what ways was a gadfly, a model for humanity, and an educational midwife?
what shd i do if my boy freind is intrested in some other girl?
is this true life follows pattern?
In Existentialism why is it important to act on free will and choice?
I wanna be good again.. what do i do?
What do I say to my old friend so I don't scare him off, I want to be friends again?
Have you found yourself?
How can you tell right from wrong, or can you? Do you improvise as you go?
If love is life,what is death?
What are some good study guides for the following:?
What knowledge of art can be gained by focusing on the audience's response?
Is it the whisper or the smile that draws your attention?
If you DON'T want to have kids, please list your reasons?
i can not feel anything,no sorrow no joy ..What should i do ?
What is your life made of?
From a philosophical perspective, what is aspergers?
What is this Qualia nonsense?
what are some hypothesises or infers that can be made in everyday life?
who are YOU?
Would you want to live in a world without suffering?
Can we know something without believing it?
have you ever made an fool of yourself?
What does an existential nihilist think about suicide?
Capstone Project Idea?
what are the beneficiality, necessity, and practicality of undergoing sex change?
what is your opinion about identification of workplace skill..?
When should we trust our sense of smell?
How does Plato's Ethics compare to Aristotle’s Ethics?
what is the real goal in life?
Why is it easier to kill a human being than it is to kill a tree?
Is it inevitable that we are all going to die?
can someone summarize Hegel's philosophy on war?
Is anyone not ever tired?
What do you think of this sentence?
What are the top 3 differences between "Classical Liberalism" and "Marxism"?
How would you know that something is "good", if you don't have anything "evil" to compare it to ?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
What do you think about the following? *Pretty deep*?
Will the World End in 2012?
Do you think that other people limit your freedoms? Are we ever truly free?
Who was making the decisions on Collins project ?
Can you think of anything that DOES NOT have a purpose?
What do you think is more beautiful, a sunrise or a sunset? and why?
How does metaphysics and epistemology support Emotivism?
Are C.E.O.s and business managers usually nice people? how they are like and why?
What is the most important lesson you have learned through experience?
What does it mean to sin out of malice?
My life is a wreck, I dress preppy, laugh all the time (crying all the time though) i need help. i feel emo.?
What's your (life) philosophy?
In which Meditation did Marcus Aurelius speak about being the best you can be?
can we think we all are from root but we have no relationship with others?
What do you do when your life just isn't good enough for you?
Man as a Rational Animal .... ?
what is on a poor man's mind?
When will we give peace a chance ?
What does it take to become a philosopher?
My philosophy on life and well being, presented through the power of rhymes.?
What comes first to mind if i say "EMPTY"?
Does this sentence make sense?
What moral responsibility, if any, do we have to care for our natural environment?
Style of philosophies that match these quotes?
Can you give an explanation of "existentio ex nihilo"?
Wouldn't life be boring if we had all we wanted?
Is it possible for something to be too good?
What would happen if everyone told the truth?
What makes you think it is your God?
What is the meaning of ...Death?
Are philosophers not the biggest fools of all?
*Feel Crap* No motivation & Feeling not quite "with it"?
how do i deal with sydney a mean girl?
What if...time don't heal wounds?
is silence really silent?
What's the difference in the 'carried' and 'carrying' in Plato's Euthyphro?
What is the opposite of perfection?
how would you explain Socrates view of self control in your own words?
What are some secrets to physical fitness ?
Is it wrong to HATE THOSE WHO HATE ME?
What stereotypes about politicians are present in Plato's writings The philosopher King?
what is Emiliano Zapata philosophy?
Is life really just the artwork of a higher more powerful being?
Is someone there who can help me???
What is the meaning of life and how can we life up to out human potential?
What will happen if i live on my home for the rest of my life ?
What philosophy do you live by?
Why do we always find what we aren't looking for?
how do you control and direct your "chi" energy?
Is it possible that we are made of each other?
why are white kids so intrested in a ghetto black culture?
Do MOST people watch or read about the evening news for their local area every evening?
did any philosopher talked or knew about power?
if emerson is emersonian, thoreau is...?
Isn't the only absolute truth that we know of, The one which states that is the only absolute truth we do know?
Compare and Contrast the ontological argument with either the cosmological arguement or the design argument.?
sucess is more important-not the route?
A man standing in a room with no doors or windows, only a table. How does he get out?
are there any famouse philosohers or any good books..........?
How does Locke think our ideas are formed?
@IS (and friends) - Can Rationality be a choice, in the way that Emotionality is?
Do anteaters ever grow tired of asking what is for dinner? Perhaps termite salad with a vinergerette dressing?
Is a little knowledge dangerous?
Questions about Pre-socrates !!?
What's the difference between Revenge and Retribution?
Is the purpose of life...?
Which works of Hegel are useful to understanding Marx?
Serious question: what is the best 'guy speaking to girl' pick-up line??
Waht are Moral obligations to enviromental ethics?
Can you make it and life?
What comes to your mind when i say "Flower"?
Who said "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"?
what does the people casting shadows stand for in platos analogy?
what is d/f b/f goal and aim?
william james pragmatic theory of truth?
What do you like best, The Sunrise or The Sunset and why?
If you hit a parked car & nobody was looking would you still try to contact the owner?
Did Collins software need people with skills in mechatronics ? (Mechatronics engineering brings mechanical?
What is the meaning of life?
If a man makes a statment and there is no women around to hear him, is he still wrong?
Is there really such a thing as common good?
What do you think of this poem?
Which would you rather do without... if you HAD to give up one?
Dont Answer This Question!!!!?
Nurse having problems with dying people?
will ultimate gold show up on a drug test?
Do you believe in the cycle of birth and rebirth,than where we are between Death and Birth?
how can I find out what I want in life? where is happiness for me?
Sources of Locke's views on language?
What's something that happened in your life that you will never forget?
Any "argument from design" must explicitly state that natural things act purposefully. True or false?
If the world thinks of peace on World Peace Day 11/11/11 will peace happen?
How is natural selection to choose to further progress mankind with human nature always getting in the way?
Philosophy of Marriage : Should conjugality and sociality go parallel? To what extent?
what's the best quote u've ever known?
When do you feel lost...?
"The Greater Good and the Greater profit are not compatible aims"...?
why was David Hume such an important philosopher?
Should I stay or should I go?
Is Virginia woolfs to the light house Philosophical or Psycologicaly related to issues of its time period?
To whom is the life most beautifull?
Men: What's your philosophy on women?
What is something precious that you have learned about life?
♥ Does love really conquer all?
How do Taoists describe freedom and how does this compare to Western descriptions of freedom?
Can anyone explain Mamonides classes of people?
What is your concept of peace?
Why, according to I. Kant, does morality have to be based on reason and must be universal?
what is being an musslim?
When, in physical reality, does one and one make one?
what is the opposite of life?
Do you believe in evil spirits or demons?
Whats the stupidest question you have ever heard of?
when a soap bar silp out of our hand while taking bath,why does it goes to similar corner evertime?
what are some freedom quotations by philosophers?
What is Foundationalism?
was Einstein genius ?
What is the meaning of life?
according to you what is weakness?
people..answer the ??..who am i..where am i from where am i going..its definately not heaven and hell..???
If you knew the world was going to end in 24 hours, how would you spend your time?
Whenever I close my eyes I see a "she" with her back turned in a sunrise.. what do you see?
what is your aim of life?
How is it that "Fat Chance" and "Slim Chance" mean the same thing?
is it ok to open a new YA account everyday to ask just 1 question 4 times a day...?
I need your wisdom, all ages and genders...?
Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have never loved?
How are some ways that your physical surroundings can affect your psyche...?
Do our eyes see more looking outwards at other's or inwards, to our very own souls?
Can you tell me if this poem i wrote is any good? please be honest?
According to your own judgment, who are the most dangerous people in the world?
So... tell me. What is essentially the meaning of life ? And if you know, is life easier or harder ?
Is death the only way to assure freedom?
Why does he get worried and scared when I don't call or text him?
Does anyone seek enlightenment?
What do you think is the answer to life?
When one becomes a fanatic of his/her own philosophy, does that very philosophy turns into his/her religion?
what is target costing, life cycle costing and activity base costing?
What will the world be like in 2106?
Is it possible to completely know oneself?
How would Rachel Carson's Silent Spring?
what is the most important thing in life?
what is the meaning of life?
Time machine...easy 10 points.?
Why? Why? Why?
What do you learn about yourself when someone doesn't agree with you?
Is it wrong that I no longer wanna help save humanity from extinction?
Which Jostein Gaarder book should I give a bright 11 year old?
Help me understand Socrates : " An unexplained life is not worth living. "?
Why it is more easy to be a bad guy than good one?
Why's the bird Albatross considered as a symbol of hope/success/brightness etc?
religion or science?
How do you change your life for the better?
how do u know if u r happy?
what are the sources of ethics?
Who has been making the purchasing decisions ? There used to be mainframes which could do the bulk of the work
Kierkegaard's The Present Age?
do actions speak louder than words?
Is it morally right for humans to expliot non- humans?
What do you mean by KARMA ?
What do you do when you can't stop thinking?
Do u see any secrets in a girl? In every product they are using a picture of a girl?
What actually happens when you die?
What do you think is more powerful: Physical strength or the power of words?
What is the concept of reasonable doubt?
if u call it a rod i will hit u with it. if u call this not a rod i will hit you with it. if u say nthing hitu
i am struggling with simple questions in life?
If dreams take place solely in my brain, how come nightmares frighten and surprise me?
Why do you ask for other people for advice?
Are loners happier without a job?
what is the secret to being truly happy?
Can you see all four corners of the room?
Are there no philosophy majors (or minors) on this site???
Is a utopian society possible?
Is wit the mature form of being goofy?
"Hell is other People" do you agree/disagree with this? Why?
what couldn't you help but avenge?
do you find the imagination more important than knowlegde?
Can I ever discover love ???
Why/how has Plato's Theory of Forms or Ideas had such a powerful effect on later thinkers?
what is death?
if you could go back in time would you kill a child?
Why do I have no drive?
I would just like to know why my body feels like its leaving itself for no reason?
what is ethical reasoning and what assumptions can i make out of it?
If God gave you a do over?
Your personal philosophy of life? What do YOU think life us?
Who is Ayn Rand and why is she famous for?
Are there none so blind... as those who choose not to see?
Help with philosophy personal statement?
What's your secret desire?
Machiavelli's virtous man vs Nietsche's Hyperanthropos?
Whats the purpose of imagination?
Does "evil" exist?
do you ?
Having trouble understanding what an Invalid Deductive Argument is?
If you found one billion dollars inside your Christmas stocking what is the first thing you will buy?
what is the worst thing that u ever did in ur entire life and u wish no one will ever find out about?
Is the truest friend someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today, for?
How do we know that we are going forward in time?
If there is no proof of god, why do we believe that god exists?
What is a deeper meaning to the poem O'Fortuna?
What moves faster than time but remains perfectly still?
What is Your Reality Like?
What does Kant feel about the Akehah?
God or Karma??
Do you think that it is human nature to be Hypocritical.?
When you look at your life,do you feel more like a good person or bad....?
Has someone brought you sunshine to your life today?
Is there a scientific explanation for deja vu?
Is saying be careful a threat at the end of an argument text?
Should it take effort to believe?
What is the moncurse of life ?
what would be a cool project to do on a guy who created clocks?
How long is a lifetime a minute or 107 years maybe the baby died one breath short of perfection, last time?
What makes a lie a lie?
How is the principle of sufficient reason relevant to Leibiniz's rejection of dualism?
Descartes and God - What made him religious before philosophy?
who is nicer to you your mom or dad?
What do you suppose John Locke's personality was like?
what causes someone to have little value for human life - im 18?
What is the meaning of life?
Holyy Shiiiittt!!!!!!!!?
"I think therefore I am.., " is originally quoted by whom? What is the full quote and it's meaning?
Is the man's greatest desire happiness or is it freedom?
Why do humans feel compelled to do certain things? Why are we here?
If an Antichrist had joined the Collins project, would anyone have noticed ?
life is what?
What's the point of wishing to forget the things that we don't want to remember?
Do you know the world more than your senses tell you?
Is it better to see life this way? why or why not?
if i Plant the SEEDS of COURAGE, WISDOM, LOVE, FAITH & HOPE.... which one would GROW the Fastest?
Atheists: Hasn't it crossed your mind why God was always evaded by Science?
Can anyone prove God's existence?
philosophy: what is epiphenomenalismt, causal closure, and dualism?
Would the subsystems of a project such as Collins be supposed to be checked out using accredited test cases or?
definition of self-hood vs identity?
in your opinion what is the worst thing that can happen to a man in his life time?
If everyone believed there exists a purple dragon, would it be there?
why now a day human being like to make mistake 1st then regrade?
what is the relationship between cartesian philosophy and both religion and politics?
If several subsystems are being "integrated" to form a system, isn't the test program for a subsystem a?
Is a hegemony of philosophy possible or desirable?
Would you please fill in the blank?
The more we know, The more we don't know. is it true?
Is there always hope?
Will a Solipsist abandon their belief if I punch them hard in the face?
How many of you would give up your life for another? If so, who would you give it up for?
For a good life, you need to know where the good things are?
The MIND, How can someone eraze another persons memory.?
is it right for married man to have a girl friend, man is satisfied with his family and children?
What do you expect to win earning ! answers points? Is your life so pointless?
Should Zacarias Moussaoui be executed?
Kripke opens his paper "IDENTITY AND NECESSITY" by posing the question, how are contingent identity...?
If I can waist points then I can waste my life, is that an if, or as is?
when Socrates asks, "What is justice?" or "What is beauty?", etc., he is asking for?
What are the consequences of life?
"Jerusalem Mother is God the Mother"...What`s mean?
Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things, it is when we start understanding SMALL things!?
What is the greatest quote you have ever heard?
Why many companies make so much $$$ by selling toxic/unhealthy stuffs?
'Stupid/uneducated oppressed folk tend to religion; intelligent & educated oppressed folk tend to Marxism?
What exactly does "post-modern culture" mean?
Does your mind control you or do you control your mind?
How do I unleash my inner robot?
Why when you ask a simple question people be ignorant?
If Emerson were alive today, what would he think of fads in fashion?
Is there colour in darkness?
What is your personal definition of 'success'?
Is beauty a virtue?
If scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, and rock smashes scissors. Which is the more dominant?
Where do I go for a poetry reading in Louisville?
Do you portray yourself to others as those who hold the keys to enlightenment?
Could one use Occams razor in conjunction with The Socratic Method?
What is that which your curiosity focuses on mainly?
What is your one direction otp?
Why is beauty in the eyes of the beholder?
Hi All;) .. What is the greatest thing in life?;D?
can life get any worse?
what is " lol "?
If you were to sell yourself....?
Did Aristotle ever reject the main tenants of Plato?
Is poverty the mother of crime?
Can you tell me something "SUBTLE".....?
why do we attracted by subtitles even we understand every word?
If life is but a dream then what is really going on?
what were the chances that the dominant species would be a breed of ape?
What is the best invention that human has made?
how did marxism effect the live's we're living today?
What do you think of darkness?
Where is the other dollar?
Could you rephrase these in simple philosophical terms?
Philosophy: Definitions?
What are the most common facts that are sent down from generation to generation by word of mouth?
How to comparing myself to the greats?
Freedom - what does it mean for you?
Would it be a good idea if I actually try this thing, why or why not?
is the world getting better or worse...?
Whch one is better when no other choice is left for survival. 1.Begging 2.Stealing?
In your opinion, can we (and should we) laugh about anything?
What is the major driving force in your life right now?
What are different moral Philosophies of Business..... and more importantly.... Who cares?
What are the three parts of the soul and how are they defined? by Plato?
How would you describe this individual?
In this world, work and knowledge is above all values?
what is sacrifice?
what are the interesting ways of getting "BOARED" ?
what is halperin's reading of the Aristophanes myth? in one hundred years of homosexuality?
When you last met a "Smarta$$", how long did it take you to discern...?
Is this the platinum rule?
How to determine a cause of an effect?
Is it possible to be happy all the time, without drugs of course?
What's the point in asking all of those questions if I only get idiotic, narrow, superficial, simple answers?
Significance of the storming of the bastille?
anybody afraid?
Is it wrong to question God?
But I thought what motivates us to dream is the sense of site?
how many copies of mw2 prestige are there made ? or will be ? or will there be infinte copies like the normal?
How can you make life more fair?
There is always more than one side to any conflict ? i needd unique ideasss!!?
If you met god what would you ask him/her?
Can somebody please give me a simple definition for mutualism?
omg WHAT IS MY GF DOING??????????????????? WHATS WRONG WITH HER????????? HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Can I trust the system, man?
I feel as if my life is meaningless?
Have you ever been afraid of your Own Mind?
What do you want right now?????
How do you comfort yourself through all the madness?
Did anyone remember the PROdisestablismentarians?
what does a STRAIGHT LINE signfy for you?
Is it true, as Freddie Mercury stated, in "Bohemian Rhapsody," that "nothing really matters" in life?
if we are all born to die and die to live that what is the point?
Where were we before birth, and where are we going when we die?
How can I be free? Realy free!?
how old do you think you'll be when you die? why?
Do you believe in Magic from young girls heart.????
What are the most trivial topics and questions to ask people of this generation? (2000-2012)?
I need to know this: What is the meaning of the term "RECEPTACLE" in plato's work called the Timeaus?Thank you
Whats your inspiration to live?
Is there someone you'll never forget?
Whats the point of life?
If you could ask God to do one thing for the world, what would it be?
why life is so unfair to some people??
if the stars are thousands of light years away?
I am asked to do a philosophical research paper but until now I still can't find a philosopher of my interest.?
Does happiness exist?
White horse is not horse?
who are some people who made the world a more equal place?
How come God has always been portrayed in the public arena as a man?
What is Good Parenting, to you? Why?
hoew can you get long lasting peace in your life?
in learning there is knowledge. in knowledge there is wisdom? in wisdom there is truth. in truth there is?
What is faster than light??
What are you deepest beliefs about life?
why is 42 the meaning of life and the answer to everything?
Spiritually speaking-is your lifes glass half empty or half full?
whats the point of life?
what is the difference between technology (as a concept or an idea) and technologies (as tools we use)?
Is this an analogy?
Where can we find the meaning to life?
What is the meaning of everybody asking what the meaning of life is?
Does ! envision its role, as becoming the Mind-Police?
Have you ever broken someones heart ? will it hurt you ?
Life is ________. Complete the sentence?
what is the means to be an really indian?
if you could meet yourself at 5 years old what would you tell them?
if someone told you you don't exist, what would you say?
Do you consider lying to be immoral?
Why people presume that they are more intelligent than others?
I have alot of problems n my life right now idk what to do.?
Do you know something about "On the Non-Existent" by Gorgias ?
What would happen to the world if the average IQ of people was magically raised from 100 to 130 overnight?
Is the time going to end or its gonna last forever?
Where can I find a website that gives philosophical terms that are easy to understand?
Are uneducated people fooled more easily?
Protectionism refers to the philosophy that:?
What do you thonk about "Plato's republic"? Is it attainable or not? Explain?
Anyone have a list of nature of man?
What do yuo think of the different religion?
What is the answer to life?
What Are You Good At?
If 'there is a rainbow in every storm', what unpleasanty can there be on a clear sky?
if you know what you know and know what you dont know what else is there to know?
How do I know what's real and what's not?
What makes life worth living?
How does Ralph Emerson's Self Reliance connect to democracy?
what would you do if you were the sole surviver of a nuclear holocost?
We make many acquaintances as we go through life, but how rare is it that we make a true friend? One that?
What is meant by original sin... oppose to unoriginal ones!?
when the world will end?
"Aristotle warned that we must take care not to mistake 'intellectual analysis' for 'ontological status'"?
what is the meaning of life?
Can anyone explian Heraclitus doctrine of opposites and change also role of Fire and Logos?
If you could have one free service in your home every day, what would you choose?
Can someone help me with a question from my Art Appreciation class?
How do you truly define YOU?
What is the one thing you have done that will make people never forget you?
What exactly does the word 'deconstruction' mean ?
Why do you still live your life?
Can you nominate a contract or project or system, and a person who contributed for good or ill ?
Philosophy Help! How would you answer this.. Please i need home work help!?
Who loves being by themselves?
Is philosophy at an all-time low?
Are INTJ's normally shy people?
2012? could it be the end? or the end of how we know it?
Is it true that there is no one right promotion blend for all situations?
If you work for a living, then why do you kill yourself working?
how can i love my family?
need help for philosophy..?
ur fav quotes?
Can a chicken and a turkey fall in love?
What makes you connect to others?
If God does not exist, how would you imagine how it would feel after dying? (thanks in advance for ur opinion)
If life is a lock, then what is the key?
What is your opinion on life?
If there is a meaning of life, how can it not come down to attain some sort of balance?
have you truly got freedom to believe what you want?
When a person who strongly dislikes you inspires you to be more patient and kind, is that person truly an...?
How do I make myself feel better?
Profile critique/critism for dating site please?
Is there enough time?
Is ROI a demon to humanity?
Do you like the country life or the city life?
Is telepathy really possible??
Does conforming to society limit free will? Yes or no? Why?
spontaneous nature designs?
Is our existence is possible outside our bodies?
what is the best university of Philosophy in the world?
Have you ever shattered a seemingly indestructible way of understanding which you thought could never change?
I feel so empty.. I just want to feel something?
Do you know the healing mental process called "catharsis"?
what is the meaning to life?
If Aliens watched an NBA or NFL game, would they think black slavery is still going on in U.S?
how do i get things to start on fire with my mind?
Have u ever lost trust in god? And decided never to trust him again.?
do you think paris hilton is the wisest human being alive?
what is your happy place?
How can one know if God exists or not ?
What is your definition of rich?
How does Carlye influence the writing of John Stuart Mill?
What words do you live by?Your mantra.?
Who is the world's most beautiful women in the world?
how or why should we be happy despite having many problems?
Osho lovers,can you answer these questions?
humanity is tearing me apart?
Are you a hypocrite?
Was ZuangZi on target when he wrote: It's your universe and you have every right to change it?
If the universe is infinite, is there room for a god?
one lie requires another lie and before you know it you are drowning in a sea of lies and taking everyone else
Transcendentalists: Who came first, Emerson or Thoreau?
How much can you be sure of what you want?
If we could plug everyone in the world into a machine that would stimulate their brain so that they were......
What legitimate universities offer graduate, online dgrees in philosophy and theology?
Why are people so curios?
what does it mean that the world will end?
What would be an argument against Aristotle's conception of Highest End being Happiness?
I feel empty inside and i can't describe it?
What scientific principles were applied to develop the Elevator?
i think constructivism theory, should be taught in elementary schools?
"If wisdom is knowing what to do next, then------" ?????
Using the conditional method to get 10 additional steps.?
Is CONFUCIUS religion?
Have u taken the red pill?
What is your mentality of life?
What is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you right now?
existential view of man?
Ishmael(Daniel Quinn) help? Summer reading confusion.?
If you could take one person in a zombie world, who would it be?
Where do you want to be tomorrow?
What would St Thomas Aquinas think about the legalization of a?
In Plato's dialogue written in The Republic.. How is Justice defined?
What is the most important question we should love asking ourselves?
What are some good places to study or do revision?
what are LAPD's organizational goals and what are there ethical standards?
Is this the reason I feel more cold hearted?
When was the last time you received a great nugget of knowledge while doing a mundane task?
What are all of the scientific theories of creation?
Do you think there will be a scream4?
If any of our wish is not full filled then why we wish for same thing in our life ?
What do you think is the greatest challenge facing society today?
If you had a chance to make everything perfect?
republic of plato?? i need a little bit of help?
If fame is the spur why did me mum tell me Gentle Jesus meek and mild?
If you are unhappy. Exactly how long would it take you to alter your life?
What are the core values that we should develop?
What is your life worth and would you?
Have you ever convined some of your worldviews in real life?
if we have two eyes, why dont we see two of the same thing?
Do u agree with my opinion?
what are the different "philosophies" regarding suppressing your "Desire" nature / tendencies to be happiest?
Has the strongest tree of life protected you in the storms?
What do you think about suicide,advantages and disadvantages..???
Does the rest of the world really exist?
I think I wasted my life. Is there any way to repeat it?
why is it wrong to hit women?
Explain your view of the meaning of communications.?
Why am I a failure in life?
How can Shintoism promote unity and world peace?
Greek Philosopher help?
what are some questions we must all ask ourselves?
How to motivate a young man in basic training??
Isn't it strange to have a lot of people born the same year as you but then they go down as you age?
I can't reamber but does the pragmatic method invovle any philophical conclusions? Explain if it does.?
why do i think when am dreaming?
What does " People do not lack strength, They lack will" Mean to you?
How can the world end in 2012?
How do you feel about people when you vist them and all they talk about is themselves?
discuss philosophy as i know not what?
philosophy homework?
what or who is Shanti Vachan Bhandar?
METAPHYSICS HELP!!! Need expert answer!?
Why do some people don't accept the 'Survival of fittest theory'?
which is the link between "tree of life" and "spiral", how can I associate them?
what is developement platform? difference between os & platform?
Do you think MARKETING makes us MATERIALISTIC?
Is nothing ever as good as you imagined it would be?
Do you think that women now are . more beautiful than . women that lived 1000 years ago?
Compare Religion with revelation?
Do some people never fall in love?
Stion about life generalyI want a good question I can ask frds who want to be my frd wat dey like Ãήϑ wat D̲̅?
If time is an illusion,then how do you explain the aging process?
In most cases: Does the media make news rather than reporting it?
Why am I getting left out?
Do you think there anything after this life, when you die.?
Politics of fear: are you being manipulated?
Trapped In The Matrix?
Why a human so destructive toward everything?
If money were no object?
I want to kill myself?
Why is the world getting worse than it already is?
if god exists?
Are you tired of the question: What is the meaning of life?
If God meets you, what shall be your first demand before Him?
If a tree falls in a forest but no one is around, does it make a sound?
Are you happy with who you are? What would you like to change?
Kiss kiss! bang bang! Is that what philosophy is like?
Misunderstanding like natural may be a conclusion to stop a conflict?
Ryles Category mistake "university example"?
In The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, How are Puritans captives in a sense too?
does god exists ?
how to learn about faith?
Where does innocence go?
How would you define Existentialism? How does it differ from Determinism?
What would you save in a box, so the people in the future know about our existence?
What is the difference between innocence and ignorance?
If you were to die right now...?
Why am I here? What is my purpose?
who was or is the stupidest and smartest people during thier time ? read the details?
Death is an unavoiadable fact. Are your minds ready for it yet?
Anyone has ideas about Zhuangzi's concept of "Understanding"???
Do you agree that an unexamined life is not worth living?
do you still have faith and hope in society despite the fallen smutty dark world we live now?
What technology sounds cool to you?
How do I learn to be more self disciplined ?
what is the notion of scientific progress: a critical analysis of the various paradigm shifts from Karl popper
Can one ever truely know when their philosophy homework is due????
what is the thing that you dont have in this life but would like to have in the next life?
how does reason neglect emotions?
how i can reduce my anger frequency?
What is the benefit of a practical education as opposed to a theoretical one?
modern technology is creating a single new world culture do you agree or disagree ( i need a short essay )?
Why is there no rest for the wicked?
Could you drink tea during your coffee break?
If there was one thing you could take with you when you die what would it be?
Who is our creator??is there is a God??what cause life?
Telepathy ? Soulmate ? Another me ?
'On Darrow's argument, all crooks get off?' What does this mean?
The following sentence is false. The preceding sentence is true. Which is correct?
Which would you choose: Truth or Happiness?
The meaning of life?
How often do you listen to that little voice inside that tells you to do (or not do) something?
What is the purpose of human life?
Is the biggest hurdle to letting knowledge& understanding developis the egocentric attitude that so many have?
What could be a good thesis for world hunger for my research paper?
What point that convince atheist that there is no God?
What are the four groups John Locke excludes from tolleration?
What do you think your purpose for being on this planet is?
can something happen without reason?
Who is Maurice Freehill?
Changing one's perception of time?
What"s the purpose of the narrative in My Life With The Chimpanzees by Jane Goodall?
Is philosophy (developed by communicating it with others) merely a recognition-through linguistics-of actions?
Do we make melody for change or as a reflection of our culture and its despair?
Does anyone learn about Occam's Razor anymore?
Do you think the root of sorrow is attachment?
What's your life motto?
What do you think of this article? And how many do you have?
What is the possibility that the end of the world will happen?
do you like your life?
Here's another twist on the Gap Theroy, What do you think?
i think that america is very individualistic and doesn't know the united we stand thing. am i right?
Do you agree: nothing heavier than air can fly?
Why do people want teens to drive such cheap cars?
Do you think Jesus is happy to see his innocent lamb killed for Easter?
Has the sword of truth and honour rusted?
what is the meaning of life?
What book had a major influence on your way of thinking?
which is harder to EXPLAIN, what is LIGHT to a BLIND or MUSIC to someone DEAF?
The start of creation.?
Yes I have a question. Its boggling my mind!
Kant thought that a better chance to become enlightened existed as an individual or organized society?
what are inhumane things in this world, effects/consequences of inhumanity?