What would a utilitarian say about surrogacy?
"our grestest glory is in never falling but in rising every time we fall."?
Till how many years will man be alive?
What's the difference between courage and stupidity?
What does Montesquieu expect a people to "do well" (politically speaking) in a republic?
Do you actually believe that you you can make your world a better place just by thinking positively?
Could you help with remembering the name of a philosophy text?
Does anyone have a nietzsche quote meeting this criteria?
do you believe in having knowledge or having confidence?
if you have the POWER of PERSUASION, what would be your Favorite COMMAND?
What is between work & leisure that should be erased in the following statement:?
Do boys really have cooties ?
Do you 'Philosophers' exercise with psychoactive substances?
Love is Blind. True or False?
Is sexism part of human nature?
How important it is to you that others believe you?
You can summon a demon, can you call for an angel then?
Aside from faith, how do we know we're SPIRIT ? what's the proof of it ?
If a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian all believe their religion is the "true" one, which one is right?
Describe the role of Muhammad in Islam. ?
do we handle the things around us or the things around us handle us? :P?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
What special help or meaning does this article have for you?
Is truth objective or subjective?
What are your favourite interesting websites?
Do we have to de-evolve to evolve as a species?
What can make you whole?
Why is it important to understand the world around us?
why i'm so sad ? i have great life?
The Anonymous Nature of a Prank?
What's the difference between- Idealists and Idealism?
Is the lie the most evil thing in the world?
How do we define Reality?? what is Real??
is it true that all men are created equal?
What would you say is the best decision you made in your life so far?
What is the meaning of socio engneering?
Why do so many people like to hide behind an avatar?
is life a fate worse than death?
If I'm constipated, does it help to hold down the shift key? If you remove the "F", you know what you get.
Describe an object that defines life?
Will the world end in 2012?
We all have same type of life, birth-living & death but why different Life style?
what is life?
A few random questions requiring simple yet thought out answers? For writing, life, and science?
use your brain here!?
how can I believe in God?
Can I introduce myself a self taught philosopher when I would be asked of my endeavor?
If God doesn't exist, is everything allowed?
Does real magic exist? Can you make something from nothing?
Macrocosm vs Microcosm?
Which would you rather do: save the world or rule the world? Elaborate please?
What is love to you?
Will I ever find the answer to the lie known as the truth?
If Pinnochio's nose grew when he lied, what grows when you lie?
Do you speak the truth or to save people face more...?
The nature of creative inspiration?
What really matters in your life?
Where can i buy wooly nylon thread in mumbai or india?
Plotinus emanation by the One?
Proof with SIX additional lines, using the 1st eight rules of implication.?
Would the universe still exist if every conscious being was removed from the universe ?
what is the philosophy behind the prison system? sources?
Is it better to feel NEEDED or to be NEEDY?
Would you rather forgive, forget, or hate forever the one who cheated you ?
Would you agree with this?
Is forever a continued beginning and an extended ending?
are there any famouse philosohers or any good books..........?
Greetings Earth humans!?
What is the opposite of god?
What would you never wish for in your life?
Can you say one good/positive thing about yourself that you are truly proud of?
Survey in my Philosophy class Need your opinion and help Thanks!?
Is this a valid argument?
HOW is LIFE going ON when no results to your hardwork?
what do you believe you have learned in life thus far?
How do you make your life go by faster?
With the human sea so turbulent, has the vision of hope and love become strangers in the world in which?
Is Curiosity a good or a bad thing?
If you could travel back and visit with the person you used to be - what would you say?
what consequences flow from realism into ethics and social philosophy?
What's your life philosophy?
supervenience and property dualism?
what is depth perception?
If God gave you 20minutes to live, what would you do?
What are the strengths & weaknesses of the Ontological argument for the existence of God?
what is the most important thing in life?
Are you an awesome person?
Are we the gods to our pets?
What are the chances I would be a human and not some single celled organism unless. . .?
How do we difine NORMAL??
The World will end on Wednesday?
What are the steps of the Writing Process"?
the Greatest Happiness Principle holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness,
Why is it that when you are trying to be really quiet, you always seem to make more noise?
Is it really all in the mind?
Let's say that you just won 100 million on the lottery ,would you share with the less fortunate?
Question about Descartes theory, how is the knowledge of our mind different than knowledgeof physical objects?
what is the meaning of life?
Optomists & pesimists, how do you perceive the future of the Earth?
Do you think God has a sense of humor? If not, where did we get it from?
Is "What is Enlightenment?" by Immanuel Kant a bad translation from german?
“Appearance and Reality” – Bertrand Russell?
In game theory is there a concept of carrying the team on ones back?
Any one is reader of writing from Bruce Lee or his favorite writers?
How can we stick to our PLANS and not be affected by current motions??
what does this quote mean to you?
is this normal, for a girl?
Sad sad sad. De ply hurted in love?
what is the algorithm ? and what is the time complexity of that algorithm ?
Do you exist in the third person?
What's that one wrong you want to right in 2009?
Did you have the chance to choose your own name?
i want to know about african conception of time?
In philosophy, what is deduction and induction?
Can you simplify Benjamin Franklin's 13 virtues?
Is Satan right or left handed?
Has thee that reads what is red have had a breathone event?
Is it better to take risks in life or to play it safe?
The future is a bleak place....?
How to get your Imagination back?
Where does the universe come from? Philosophy qeustions.?
Where does our innocence vanish as we grow up..?
Every one of us... living in this world, struggling... what do you... have right now that makes you?
POLL: What female leaders, you feel made a great impact or influence on the world?
What Bible verse is the most inspirational you?
How is "Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" relevant to today?
What was the last thing that made you feel like the world stood still for a moment?
Do our morals eventually fall prey to our emotions?
What did it mean to have an edge in your life?
Can you answer these questions using four different quotes from Socrates?
Why craving for recognition is most profound when sought from parents,...?
Are highly imaginative people generally too emotional as well? Is there some connect between the two traits?
Is there different logic for different people or is there one universal logic for all people?
Would you kill a butterfly by pulling its wings off one by one for $50. How about a cockroach. Why?
What is the worst thing we can lose in life [ except life itself ]?
Which Disney film best represents your life?
Do you think being heterosexual would make things easier for you(please do not answer if you are not gay)?
Will I see you in the next life?
Is there a need for me to celebrate my birthday today?
what is an advantages and problems with the theory of ethical relativism?
Would the script of the Kurosawa movie "Ran" be a blueprint for how to ruin a project ? Would Collins project?
Can you get tired of being tired ?
Does it pay being honest through out your life?
Help Socrates?
What symbolises England most?
Where do you expect to be in the next 5-7 years time?
Have you ever been followed by your own SHADOW?
What if homeless people are really smart?
Why is this so and whats going to happen?
What makes life worth living?
how does stress impact the way humans react to their environment?
What is best way to answer Do you have what it takes to be happy?
If the devil is in the details, then where is God?
Is LOVE an ART or a STATE?
How to mentally teleport into the future?
It feels like we're drifting apart :(?
Might an organization tend to reorganize itself so as to look like this :?
Why is breaking wind funny?
How much sin can I get away with and still go to heaven?
when ppl kill ppl, we're suposed 2 go 2 hell, but when ppl kill animals/insects are we suposed 2 go 2 hell?
who is the ope rater of human mind?
Do you always find what you look for?
Why are we humans so selfish??????????
Is The End Near?
how do people create interventions?
Who's a real life Guenevere?
why might birds be associated with hope?
Agree Or Disagree?
Thanks all you re my 'lucky to be there". And I just meant that we beat the odds. OMG! Is PJ really leaving?
· If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
what does the tree of life symbol mean?
Happiness isn't that elusive: acceptance of painful emotions, simplify, spend time with people that make us ti?
who was john levy?
Why do so many people get upset when i say i don't know if God exists?
should I make a blog like this? would you be interested in reading?
Logic question about strange implying?
is "YAHOO ! ANSWERS" is a good way meeting new people and shearing thoughts with them?
HELLLPPPPPP???!!!!!! I need your input on this one (Introductory paragraph)...BRAIN IS TIRED!!!?
How many races of humans?
what is mans purpose on this plannet,?
to what extent can poetry be considered a source of historical fact?
What does it mean to be Moral or Immoral?
finding my way in this world...?
The life of an atheist is easier than that of a theist - Agree or disagree?
What is an Argument I could Make?
Philosopher- Platos Repulic How is the Allegory of the Cave and the Lines of Cognition connected?
What do you make of this scenario?
What is the nature of daily life for people living in the middle ages?
I think I have Nihilist depression?
I want to do something AMAZING!!!tomorrow to live life to its fullest?
What is your own worst enemy?
why humans always want some company?
What is the highest IQ score that anyone can get?
whats that one important thing in our life which makes our lives worth living?
There are three kinds of Dreams: Message dreams, Prophetic Dreams and Symbolic which do you have often?
Moral Pluralism Philosophy Help?
Why I can feel like something is gg to happen. I can't tell what is about to happen but I get this feeling?
What does truth mean to you in your life?
what do you think about this video, it truly touched me?
I need to translate a part from the play Everyman?
I'm reading John Locke's "Second Treatise of Government." But I'm a little confused...?
When does an experience become imagination, and imagination become experience?
How do you guys perceive the world?
Define love?
What could this mean?
What is the biggest struggle you face?
Why would "YAHOO! ANSWERS" flag " What is the question?" as too general?
Free Speech, dead, dying or fine?
How can I become wise like GOD?
Logical & Rational ........?
How would you explain to people the need to preserve uncontrolled nature in a way everyone can understand?
Which is the most beautyfull thing in the universe?
Why is the free will thing so important to some people?
What is the one thing that has REALLY CHANGED your life?
Why do bad things always happen to good people?
Are some organizations at "level minus 1" of the "capability immaturity model" ?
Michel Foucault, "Panopticism," from Discipline and Punish?
What exactly is defined as a 'heavy user' or a?
What is a soul?
how to get rid of makulit?
Why are we the only animals still evolving? and others are not?
What are Thrasymachus' arguments for "might is right"?
How do we elevate ourselves beyond an intelligent infestation of the Earth?
How can learn to comfort people who is sad or had problems?
Aristotlian Ethical question?
Do u think god really exists?
“How does Socrates’ understanding of personal morality,.......?
do u know who u really are?
What's your opinion about nice guys that are victims of bullying?
when can I say completely secure: “I am crazy”?
Question about existentialism?
How do I live for myself and not for others?
Why do "we" worry about things we can't DO anything about?
Why do teenagers often make fun of others ?
do you think,if humans survive the sea level rises ,we will over time develop gills?
What would be some ethical concerns with genetically engineering humans using DNA from non human animals?
What would be worse and why: Being locked in a room with an angry Grizzly Bear, or 2 angry King Cobras?
What good is dreaming?
Life is ________. Complete the sentence?
is it right to date a guy who thinks WOMEN WERE MADE FOR MEN?
At what age did you learn that nobody really cares about you, and everyone is only out for themselves in life?
Can you write -Eleven thousand eleven hundred and eleven ?
Is life what you make it?
Would it kill you if you burf, cough, sneeze and fart at the same time?
if LIFE is a JOURNEY, are you the DRIVER, a PASSENGER or just a HITCH-HIKER?
Philosophy HELPPP!!!!?
is it possible the devil created life?
Why should we go out of our way to please and help others ?
Why be moral?
How do you recognise an unsincere smile?
What in life will remain a mystery forever?
What does the term Moral atheism mean?
Why are we here?
You rub a lamp and out comes a genie. What would be your seventeenth wish?
How much do you care what the neighbors are doing?
In reality, however, humans are not separate independent beings; they are nodes of universal process.?
Way to change the world!?
What argument does Hume use to prove ethics is based on feelings?
PLEASE ADD TO THIS????????????
Can someone's smile becomes the spark of brutality....?
Do you consider sex a temptation?
Can there be a Satan without a God?
What is worse, seeing your country being destroyed by radicals or insulted by foreigners?
Do u have any complaints for God today?
What do you think the meaning of life is? In one sentence-and please state your age.(i am starting a book)?
What parameters define a good deed in your eyes?
would u rather be an unhappy human or a happy pig?
question about John Donne's Death, be not proud?
Why should a human being be afraid to die?
what this life for ??
Am I actually a butterfly?
What color is a soul ?
Please help me a some with resonating frequencies?
What is life?
Why if I'm attracted to someone of the same sex should I be ashamed?
What do you think the perfect human would look and be like?
Did Collins software project set off on a self-degrading path ?
What was the Happiest period of your Life??
If matter can not be destroyed what happens to the missing socks from the dryer?
Why are the Jonas Brothers so pathetic?
What is the different between token and type identity theory?
are we doomed in 2012?
What did Feuerbach believe about God?
What is Philosophical Plumbing?
Would you rather be trapped in a cupboard with an angry badger or stuck in a lift with a scary clown?
What are your views about Death?
what does this phrase mean: weaken your resolve?
If you're gonna care about somebody, it might as well be yourself... Is that right?
Am I a bad person for thinking this way?
What should a person do with their life?
what does it mean when you say "it takes two to tango"?
When will world turn to peace and hormonay?
The ultimate qustion, Is there life after death?
is this fate or destiny? wht u think?
How can you state how much rebel or revolutionary someone is?
what is the key to not fearing death?
Thesis Help.. about Behavior?
I want to live forever what can I do?
What stops a continuous thought?
I would like a spritual guide?
Do you ever think this?
Do you deserve to be robbed if you do not lock your things?
Why are we here in this universe?
Is the belief in god innate, a priori or a posteriori?
How many ways are there to die?
How can one stay happy while he/she is surrounded by a pool of sorrows?
in the adult world why do we still play games?
Would you rather be rich, beautiful, smart or happy?
Please define happiness?
Where would you want to live if it could be any place in the world?
What does the term "infantile rage" mean or pertain to?
What comes to your mind: when you think about death?
Do you agree that the only way for humanity to achieve the dream for an utopia is that humans disappear?
What are some truly insane things the PETA has done?
Without looking it up, can you readily recall the meaning of the term "Occam's razor"?
What defines your identity?
A new style of writing for me..whatcha think?
what is the book "india wins freedom" all abou?
Justify your existence?
help on Thomistic philosophy?
What is the definition of Western Mentality?
Isn't love without attachment the highest form of love?
Your thoughts on these quotes?
what is charle's darwin theory of evolution?
Does art mimic life, or does life mimic art? just a fun question :D?
what's the correct meaning of Dthat?
What is presently being proposed?
Philosophy Question About Consciousness?
What is the best piece of advice you can give?
why m i alive?
Besides love, and health what is the one thing you cannot live without?
What's your advice for me,'cose I don't know what to do...!!!!!!?
What do you know about God?
Do you think everything happening in our life is predetermined ?
How do you survive the most difficult times in your life?
What is your serious opinion on?
What is Searle's "Chinese room" thought experiment. Does it show a computer cannot understand anything?
Is random, really random?
If I am gay and God created me in his own image, is God gay or bi and if he is bi why am I not bi?
Do you think it's cruel to step on bugs?
In search of something really deep here...?
Why is it that people who are truly evil and empathy lacking ever get what they deserve?
in "Good Country People" what is the significance of the fact that manley and hulga have heart conditions?
Where does "What's a God to a non-believer?" Originate from?
Do you believe in revenge?
why do people want to live?
What is the most important thing people need to learn in this lifetime?
"Philosophy Question"?
What are ideas made of?
Questions for the loopy thinkers..................?
Who do you think was or is the smartest or the wisest man alive?
How does culture influence sight?
If a tree is in a forest and no one is around does the tree still hear you?
albino asian can any one think of another good oxymorn?
How to get over the fear of -"I told you so" syndrome?
What are your favorite settings in life?
What is the answer for unanswerable question in life ?
If you only had a month to live would it be a good idea to live in the most boring place so a month would seem
What will happen when I die?
why is utopianism and religion so heavily weaved into the human animal?
What is the definition of beauty?
Do many people experience a lot of psychological tension? why, how depends?
What's something many people take for granted?
Is this the end?
Whats the mean of life?
At what point in life is it possible to be truly free?
Which philosopher when asked what he thought of his country said this?
Generally speaking who would be more dangerous to a society?
What keeps you happy in life?
Philosophy Question!?
Is the utility of uniformity in people more important than the individual?
if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it fall does it make a sound?
What is the meaning of life?
Should I even continue writing? Read this?
What is the greatest love of all?
Fiat justitia, pereat mundus.......what does it mean?
Was/is there source code control in the Collins submarine software effort ?
Can a person be happier than they think they are?
What's most improtant in a persons life?
In A Separate Peace, why does Finny deny the war is real? Why does he deny Gene's confession?
what do you think? Is there such a thing as coincidence?
can you defend Euthanasia (mercy killing) as a real progression/ journey to death? :)?
what was your experience at platos closet?
why is it that no one in the world is compatible with yet this one person is?
On Oberon or Collins project did staff grow wiser after they learnt that "much that we have done was very?
How big of a priority is your family in your life? Why?
What do you think of my answer?
with one word, how could you define a world of make believe?
Does Altruism exist? Are we nice to each other just for our own benefit?
Boredom is killing me slowly! How can I "spice up my life"?
For Collins submarine, would the user manual exactly agree with the factory test results for a subsystem ?
Can a cogent argument follow the "modus ponens" (affirming the antecedent) pattern?
What is your purpose in life?
how do you deal with the feeling of "regret"?
What on earth could I do to make a decent living and get away from my home?
Can a valid argument have a contradictory conclusion?
Empirical argument against existential nihilism?
How do the rationalist and religions views foster a concept of the human as being at odds with nature? ?
Ethical question concerning Euthyphro?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Is time spiraling down and not outwards?
Do you agree with Aristotle’s approach to virtue? With what do you agree or disagree?
Need Something to Look Forward to, a New Hobby Maybe?
Which one is Socrates's unique quote?
Would Shoemaker/ Levy have destroyed the world?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
What does love mean to you?
Hi there, what do you think about atheists, atheism?
does logic support your belief in a god?
How can I forget about EVERYTHING for just one day?
Does Dr. Freud have anything to say about it ?
Is it right or wrong to watch pornography?
Can we describe colors to blind people?
Don't you see that living this life not believing in God is the same as...?
If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
Do you think Education for everyone is a good thing?
what is the real meaning of life?
What , in your opinion, is the best non-material "gift" you've received or could receive?
how do i know that i m fittest for survival?
Are the numbers 4,8,15,16,23, and 42 really the end of humanity?
What is the difference between parts and properties of an object?
Ethics Question decision?
what's difference between Marx & Weber?
Can one spent all his life without a single job or responsiblity ....when he is very rich and need not to work
Is it wrong to clone humans?
Is it morally okay for some people to discriminate against others...?
I'm sad will some one put a vision in my head to make me happy?
what is difference between ur thinking and mine ?
The original question was : At what point does life become more important than the right to think freely ?
Do you believe true love is logical or illogical?
Why can't people understand that the all seeing eye can't see everything?
Agree or disagree, our obsession with youth is a result of our fear of death?
If only people who accept Christ go to Heaven, then what happens to people who haven't had the opportunity?
do you believe in Geomancy or ( in the 19th century CE ) they call it Feng Shui?
what is the greatest miracle in the world?
Does Metaphysics affect our ethics?
Why do some people assume that animals are morally better than humans?
Where does the road to this life end?
Why is love so important in life?
Does anyone know Anselms Ontological Argument and could help me on my philosophy midterm?
What Is A More Accurate Statement: "Ignorance Is Bliss" Or "Knowledge Is power"???
What are the responsibilities of owning a mustache?
How you comment this: "Man can do what he wants but he cannot want what he wants.(Schopenhauer)"?
What do I want in life?
True Patriots, would you send your kids to the FEMA YOUTH PREPAREDNESS COUNCIL...?
Will my life be fulfilling ?
Is there a perfect number?
Why do some people have so much and other have none?
When will we know the answer to beginning of life and every thing?
Why am I perceived as happy?
Please do tell me about your own self :)?
Is choosing not to act still an act according to Sartre - Existentialism?
what do you think the most widely accepted lie is?
Did Collins computer programmers solve the problem of people doctoring their code ?
Can anybody help me find philosophy sources?
What do you think of God?
Natural Law - Top points?
what the best target we live for or to made it our best aim in life and how can i achieve it by little cost $.
What defines a person, the motive or the deed?
Perception Vs. Reality?
Need help to understand John Herchel's empiricism?
Is God just an excuse for all our limitations?
If I told you that you were going to die by tomorow, would you care?
why are men incapable of being faithful in a relationship?
which website holds a huge data base of college essays, notes and exams on philosophy and other humanities?
Do you ever feel like you are trying to help others and help them to change?
where is the love?
why do we say "seeing is believing" if when we see we are to know and therefore not need to believe?
No idea what to do with my life...Help?
I need a list of generic blessings?
Is there a change coming to your life today?
what does a gift of jonny walker blue signify ? ( yes there is a meaning to it in the business world )?
Can you help me with this blog?
philosophy majors please?
what kind of person do you admire?
what is justice for plato, aristotle, and john locke?
What is the importance of K'in to the Mayans?
Which emotion rules you heart most of the times..?
Is love a part of sex or sex a part of love ?
What is a sonata? How is a sonata used within a symphony?
Whats the best way to live life?
Why life is like this?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
Geniuses only please. If bad food is not food, does that mean bad people are not people?
What does this phrase mean to YOU?
Do you think we are the way we are because of others expectations of us or?
Insomniac and willow trees, oh wait for what the world shall see, abundant light&life leads to free energy?
How do you believe the world and humans were created?
Which one of these do u prefer most ?
The best WORD that describes you?
Why do people waste their life falling in love?
Did you enjoy the Olympics? ?
What is the meaning of grade DIN 934 in M.S. Iron ?
David Hume 'A Treatise of Human Nature' questions?
Do you know what the philosophy of this song is?!?
How can I develop a personality? People say I don't have one?
Describe an experience in your life that made you feel proud.?
What are some prominent arguments for the existence of abstract objects?
what is my life purpose?
what does "Passion has it's dreams and visions of life in the future" mean?
Is consciousness awareness or feeling?
is it normal or healthy to fall inlove with your boss?
What is your philosophy in life?
Questions about Kierkegaard?
In Francis Colins book The Language of God what are the four philosophical problems mentioned in chapter 2?
When we discover the meaning of life?
if you could remove any word from human vocabulary, what would it be and ...?
Will you always be exactly what you are right now?
Can you still see platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross or is it covered by building works?
Why did the all-mighty God need a human to have a Son?
Can you give of yourself without the expectation of receiving light or recognition or rewards in return?
i wana know that how can u b so sure that she is the gal which god has sent it 4 4 u?
ღ What quality do you admire the most in a person?
how do i trust a person ?
Does Marxism advocate making everyone who can go to work?
does anyone else think...have i lived life good enough...without regrets?
Why do people keep asking the "meaning of life"?
Do you feel like your life is evolving so fast you have no choice but to change?
What are you the most ashamed of?
What is your first thought when you awaken in the morning?
Philosophy explanation please! The mean (not)relative to the agent?
Is hatred pointless in your opinion?
Philosopher's definitions of rhetoric?
what is the truth?????????????
Am I an idiot for not understanding "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"?
Is the meaning of life to make changes? as everything else thats not alive cannot?
Is violence justified in the name of liberty?
what are the false theories of morality?
Define federalism to include meaning and defination.?
Is science advancing at a quicker pace than human ethics?
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
Do you think most Americans are happy?
What makes us truly superior to all other beings on earth.... is it our intelligence or humaneness?
Where are we going?What are we doing?Who does need for true love?Come with me now...and make me happy!?
what does it mean to say that existentialism "brings philosophy down to earth"?
Does a Wise Man question everything?
What is the best story in your book of life so far?
Do you forgive easily............ ?
In "The Artworld" Danto claims that Testadura gets something right? What is that?
Will there be TV in heaven:?
What is the most meaningful or effective sentence that u have ever read or seen or heard ?
Would u reather have WISE heart or EMOTIONAL mind?
Would you agree that everything in life is relative?
I need an explaination about paranormal experts....Can you do this???
Why most mom-in-laws try to control or interfere with daughter-in-laws life but not son-in-law?
whats that one important thing in our life which makes our lives worth living?
Why are people scared of 2012?
what is the route to all evil?
what do you think about life?
What personally gives you hope when things are tough?
How do you Compare John Locke to Peter?
what do you think the true meaning of life really is?
if we die, what happens to the soul(i m not sure abt whether soul exists).?
What happens when they take the bait you throw?
Can you explain me what is wrong with me?
when everything goes wrong and life has no where to go?
If you could teach your children one moral lesson about love, what would it be?
What kind of place this world would have been if boys were not around?
Are we just chunks of walking and thinking meat?
What's the most advanced thinking tool?
what do you do when you can't just stop hating someone?*?
what do you believe god or evolution?
Do you think Perfect love casts out all fear?
Would "To thine own self be true" look good around a cross?
Does the universe have an end?
What is radio activity explain decay constant and half life peroid?
D rich build bridges on air; whereas, d poor build nothing but dream. What d blind can do per see?
is anyone familiar with Plato Gorigas?
What is the greatest human need?
Does liking "gLee" make me a homosexual?
What is the point of my existence. Single for 12 years.?
What do you See in the EYES of a CHILD?
What books from Genesis contain the stories of de-creation?re-creation?
Do you think we should have earth day everyday?
As good as it gets.................?
What makes you unique? Please continue to read before answering?
Why does it feel so hopeless when you're hurting so much?
If you are above 30 years, tell me what life has taught you?
Philosophy: Do actions always speak louder than words?
what is happiness?
How do you go to Infinity and Beyond?
what is western philosophy tradition?
What is the meaning of life?
If you were to give up a bad habit, or acquire a new habit; what would it be and why?
I don't want to watch porn?
What essential natural element could represent You...?
which came first the chicken or the egg ????
If you knew you would die in your sleep tonight, what would you try to dream of?
If you stood for a week up to your ankles in wet manure, what would it prove...???
Does everything happen for a reason?
What would you do if you meet you on the street?
Is it better to need and not have than to have and not need?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
Imagine you are completely alone.......?
Does This Sound Like a Song that Jim Morrison Would LOVE?
Need 2 ask, Very important.?
"A 'real' sacrifice is like a story that should never end." rima masri?
examine how education is a catalyst to self liberation?
what in life is more important than money?
What is your ambition in life ?
are you happy being farmed like an animal by a form of mind that's stupid enough to poison the planet?
Who was the Operational Software Manager for pre-Collins, legacy, systems, that is, Oberon, software,?
Do you agree with my theory on Ethics?
what is the actual meaning of "sorry, my karma just ran over your dogma ..."?
Deductive logic: Without premises, deduce "-p(p.-p)"?
Would you rather tame the whirlwind or take the tiger by the tail?
what is transcendental materialism?
Who would win in a fight Jesus, Alha or Buddha?
is there more than 1 true love?
Are there any reasons why it's good not to live a long life?
What are the chances of someone who's been crazy their whole life "finding themselves"?
does true love exists?
Do you hate it when people say not to question reality?
If in God there is love, then why is it that we so frequently fight because of religion?
What is justice?
What is the best quality a person can have in your opinion?
“Everyone must admit that if a law is to be morally valid, i.e., is to be valid as a ground of obligation?
How can you relate media and philosophy?
What's one thing you love about the world?
How does nature relate to the concept of Transcendentalism?
I am looking for a book with title : "... Divya Anubhuthi" by a saadhu or saint from Nagpur, Ind, Pls help
Life is...?
seperation of ethics and politcal ethics ?
Which philosopher or existentialist author wrote quote: "secret agent of the absolute"?
Should rich people be banned from the lottery? Your thoughts?
Is "freedom" a misleading concept?
In what ways does "Rashomon" parallel Plato's "Allegory of the Cave." How does the woodcutter represent a rete?
Beginners book on philosophy?
is there any question that hasn't been asked before?
Are humans above God?
Can you tell me where I can find Peter Singer's analogy of the drowning child in one of his book?
Man is what he eats. What about a spirit? Is it what it doesn't eat? Is God what it doesn't eat?
Dont you think death sentense is must and mandatory?
Do you feel worthy of your Mothers love?
What is the thing you cannot live without?
Does god really exist? Or is he just a dormant answer for unexplained and doubtful questions?
Could we re-introduce the slave trade?
How do science and philosophy differ from each other?
Which is superior, black or white?
I'm having a dilemma right now....?
What is one of your greatest achievements in life?
deleuze criticism? either by plato and kant?
What is your heart's deepest desire?
what is life?
What do you do when you know you aren't going to reproduce?
Tell me somethin' good. :)?
Why can't we all just get along?
What's the difference between Truth and information?
How do you react when someone you would rather forget, reappears back in your life?
Considering the works of Plato, how would Plato define virtue? How does this relate to happiness and the soul?
You are a metaphysical numbskull?
If you could come back as a dog or a president, which one would you choose?
Tell me something you LOVE but has to LET GO of?
bloodsucker with two letters?
compare and contrast the foundationalist(cartesian)?
What is required to ge a Philosopher?
Do you like to keep your bed made every day or just leave it a mess?
Are we all really alive? Or just dead people living in heaven?
Is saying " fully empty" illogical? ?
i had woken up about dreaming of rape.?
how far will you go to realize your dream?
Does suffering bring wisdom?
what is world crossing beta personality like?
what is the purpose of ontology?
Wave or Particle?
Analytic and Synthetic Judgments according to Kant?
Do you think humans should be allowed outside the Solar System?
Has Natividad been put up to allegations against Mangudadatu to try to somehow get Ampatuan off the hook ?
“What makes you happy to be alive?
Is my cousin's mom wrong for saying this?
Why does this happen alot?
What does Hill mean by “commodification of truth” in the article “Lessons from a Dark and Distant Pass”?
Do projects almost by definition typically run into almost insuperable problems ? Only if the project was?
What is the true meaning of dejavor?
How can one really know the enemy within?
Why does man demand instant gratification?
what is the name of the female character in the Karma Sutra?
what are the limitations of Thomas Hobbes' Political Philosophy?
A source contains 8.0mg of an isotope of strontium which has a half-life of 28 years.?
in capitalism, the rich become richer while the poor, poorer?
Could there be more than one first cause?
Do you think no can steal your heart if it is made by steel ?
What would happen if everything were easy in life?
Life is short live it up to the fullest?
Do people who don't know about god, or who aren't capable of understanding it, go to hell?
can anyone briefly explain the six prima facie duties that W.D Ross outlined.?
Please HELP! Should I run away?
If you knew you had one week to live, what would you do?
What on earth is your primary most effective citation?
What is the clearest indication that your community is seismically safe?
What is the "categorical imperative"?
Need help with Philosophy!!!?
If you could ask the world one question what question would you ask?
Theories in physics clash with theology, who's to say which can delegitimize the other?
Spiritual forums guide us that attachment leads to dependency and expectations?
How to change something , non-violently?
Explain GREEN.?
Can a question write itself?
What leaders have the desire to lead?
I don't believe in God anymore?
Why do I hear my voice differently than others?
What is a life of greatness - that is, how does one live a life of greatness?
Am I being too cynical about how I perceive life?
Where or how does one find them self?
Are you where you are needed or where you need to be?
there is one (unique) answer that is only true ex post facto ( = after the fact )?
Success is a negotiable term?
Who do you think has made a difference?
how can i get rid of boring?
What is your plan if 99.9999% of the world population disapears?
What is life? define it shortly.?
is it true or sense of morality is just what we intellectualy believe to be right at the moment?
Can someone tell me about a life lesson learned that did not contain loss, pain, or struggle?
Does anyone have a copy of Werner Erhard's audio tape of "The Heart of the Matter"?
x is impossible for god ! x is above god ! if you eat x you will die ! x is on your head! what is x?
When we look for E.T. Life why do we look for water?
What is your opinion on the American Aesthetic?
what philosophy (s) do you try to live your life by?
Is the grass greener on the other side?
Art and themes relating to the human condition?
why is santa potrayed to be fat red faced and have a white beard?
How Would You Answer...Ethical Dilemma?
Why does Kant think that the rational will is bound up with the end of humanity?
Suicidal thoughts daily. What can I do?
Why is life so unfair?
how to increase our memory power?
How far will you go for the things in life that bring you happiness?
What are Anaximenes's Philosophical peception about men?
What would it take to make you the happiest person in life.?
Do we fear god more than we love him?
Why isn't Wraxtiorre labeled as a top contributor?
what has happened in your life that has helpped shape who/what you are today?
what is the meaning of life?
Is it possible to actually achieve happiness in life?
Philosophy question Utilitarianism?
Question regarding life...?
Does this sound like a smooth life plan?
Who else thinks old age is a sad?
What are your thoughts on Theological Authority and Authority of Royalty?
Who am I ?
who is the greatest person to have ever lived?
What is the nature of reality?
I need help with something relationg 2 philosophy: boethius?
Consider Aquinas’ philosophy in terms of Plato’s allegory. Please help!?
Do you understand this quote?
Top 5 realistic things you want to have in your life right now but can't afford?
Idea for Reflection or If I Fail?
"If the END justify the mean" ........... so ?
What's the name for the Ph. that says we always make the best choice, even when it doesn't look like it, there?
What are the philosophers who don't believe in God?
Cephalus and the notion of justice?
Is today the first day of the rest of your life?
Do you believe in Fate?
Why did God make some people more sexy than others?
What is the strength of your loneliness?
Original Order of 5 Components of Life?
I'm searching for Arabic philosophical or culture magazine in Canada to send to them an article in philosophy
fallacy of anachronism whenever we fail to apply contemporary standards to the past.?
Should we be judged by our actions or our intentions?
Can someone explain Plato to me??
Why Anglo-america's new world order concept is false leading and will never work?
Does anyone actually use these Machiavelli-inspired laws, or is someone having a lend of us ? Law 20 :?
Is an "authorised" change to a computer program usually to cover up earlier unauthorised doctoring ?
If you knew the world was going to end in 24 hours, how would you spend your time?
Can we really choose to be happy?
what is Kierkegaard's authentic and unauthentic life?
What are your views about Death?
For Epicureans are there an infinite amount of people?
what philosophy is an indispensable knowledge?
What is the meaning of our pursuit to find meaning?
Who would support federal law to enforce "slower traffic keep right"? by enforcing no passing from the right.
What do you think Camus means in this quote?
Anyone have any insights frm reading Sophie's World?
Why is the kind of hat that is worn by Inspector Gadget and reporters and football coaches so special?
Why do we ask questions to which we already know the answer?
What's up with dancing?
What makes a man,a complete man?
How hard do you try to hang on to the familiar even when you know it's all going to change forever?
Was William Murphy a great man? did he deserve the noble prize?
Can you tell how you made wishes?
If you could have a conversation with your reflection in a mirror, how do you think that conversation would go?
How to obtain Email list of philosophical Associations in US.?
What do you want more of in your life?
if there is no LIFE after DEATH, would one LIFETIME be ENOUGH for you?
what do you think about others not as fortunate as yourself?
What is all this about?
Is islam the bubonic plague of the 21st century?
happiness is nothing but an illusion?
Master morality examples?
Where does Aristotle talk about being responsible for our moral character?
Advice for a video-what's your opinion?
How do you jump higher on the food chain?
Democracy will eat itself...?
If every insect on the planet started to attack and kill humans, who would eventually win the war?
Does "darkness" exist, or is it, in reality, the absense of light?
I wish to know all names of KAROL WOJTYLA?
Do you think that love is important in life?
Weed changes the outlook on life?
Is it just better to be carefree?
What is the cause of sorrow.?
Who do you assume you are?
What is the meaning of life?
Comment of the meaning of ¨We are narrators for instinct of freedom¨ ?
Is it human nature to be selfish and exhuast the world of all it's natural resources? No animals do this.?
Aldous Huxley's vision of the future?
Which qualities are considered intellectual qualities?
I have a life-advice question.?
Could we become synchronistically quantum entangled through our YA interactions?
Could we be manipulated in a plot to shape reality?
How do I stop overthinking random things?
İs Hell a creature?
Do you feel like your destiny is determind by the stars?
What are the rules of the world?
How are the eyes of a phoenix?
Infidelity rate in the whole world?
How will my Russian be in a semester?
Cogito, ergo sum. Why do i think in the first place?
Rhetoric and sophistry in philosophy......?
Anybody can define : Committee? Philospher? Experience?Ecstasy? Love affairs ? Marriages? extra marital affair
If you dont believe in GOD... then to whom you will entrust your SOUL after you died...?
Do you see God working in your lives?
If you could describe your life in one word, what would it be?
When does humility become a handicap?
Karl Marx: Infrastructure and Superstructure?(need help ASAP)?
Is there an established standard with key success factors for one to reach maximum potential in their life?
If God is real.......what are His origins?
What was the populist party platform?
what kind of world do u think we would live in without our beloved politicians?
What methods and tools would have used to integrate and verify the compatibility of data bus equipment with?
i'm for real with this, why can't we all just get along?
do we need to live by all the rules?
If you were given a chance to live another life...?
What does Plato try to demonstrate with the divided line?
why do guys cheat on you?
I am having an internal conflict?
If humankind was to evolve, what do you see changing?
Can a SIN be inherited?
"Man is the measure of all things" -Protagoras (480-411 BCE).?
Why do we assume people who make triple digit salaries are better than average workers?
can you help me with apptrailers?
How can you go back to a place that you have never been to?
Whats the Grestest thing you've ever learned?
Who is more virtuous?
Elements of 3 faith traditions commonly observed in contemporary society? (Hinduism)?
What would your New Year's resolutions list looked like?
Which school of literary criticism is concerned with the inner tension between introversion and extroversion?
would it be safe to say that time and energy will never cease to exist?
is there anyone a hippie WOULDN'T love?
Will human immortality ever happen?
Rousseau "Social Contract" help?
Inter-racial relationships, part 2?
What were Enlightenment assumptions about human behavior and the role of reason?
What is the one thing in life you want to do before you die?????
How are Pathos, Logos, and Ethos used in The Apology of Sacrotes?Thanks!!?
Why do people always judge each other based on apperances?
what is life? please tell me?
What's wrong in propagating hatred?
In literature, what planet(s) would best represent the following?
Which of the following is/are elements of tragedy as defined by Aristotle?
What is the best thing about being religious?
Personal identity philosophy true or false?
what is ur idea about life?
The Golden Rule - Treat others as you want to be treated?
Free Money or Free Love?
What is easier to face... Lies or the truth?
what is the meaning of life?
When Jack Chick passes away, who will draw the comix?
Has anybody read "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsch?
What's the difference between formalism idealism and expressionism?
John Keegan's opinion on war?
When did you realize your not as smart as you thought you were?
What do you look forward to everyday ?
How can God be omniscient and humans have free will?
Will humans evolve further or have we reached our final form?
What is the first thing you learn when you make a mistake?
Is Ayn Rand still a very influential writer/philosopher in USA? Is she adored or disliked mostly?
Why doesn't "God" give logical thinkers irrefutable evidence of his existence if they cannot accept faith?
Is the air in higher altitudes less dirty ?
How much (or little) does your current job reflect your values, goals, and aspirations?
Need Help with a philosophy question?
if you succeed at failing...have you failed or succeeded?
Which way we know mentally and physically healthy?
What do you think the meaning of life is?
What is the meaning of being qua being according to aristotle?
Predicates and quantifier confusion?
Do space monsters visiting Earth in UFO's consider human beings as no more than bugs to be squashed?
philosophy is i know not what/-can anybody explain this statement by wittgenstein.?
What's happened to the Colin's project lately?
Can we compromise with Death ?
I am fret off of life?
who is jacques maritain?
If you were forced to press a button that would kill one person in the world, who would it be?
So...what was your last dream about?
What does "the end justifies the means" mean?
What are your thoughts on peter singers shallow pond argument?
Emotional vs Emotional detachment?
Was Fredrich Nietzsche a racist?
What comes to mind when you think of the number 8?
sometimes i wish there was more to life?
How to be optimistic?
What is an object/something that is constantly moving?
phrase like live life with eyes open?
what's wrong with me being an alcoholic?
how can make ourself confident to face interview?
What are the top three best bits of wisdom, or advice that have had a positive influence in your life?
What are the paradoxes in life?
Do you think true happiness is uncaused?
are you "yours" ?
why humans are prone to do nausty things while alone.?
Does a beneficial culture help convert people's natural aggression into positive activities?
what is the meaning of all of this ?
is there a game that will never get over?
i want to be succesfull in my life?
If someone you loved died suddenly, and you were given one last chance to see them, what would you do or say?
What is everlasting without force?
I can't find the desire to want somethig really badly?
Utter nonsence. Need 1000 eyes,1000 brains to get answer for a simple direct question,crowded/unwanted with?
HI,What is the importance of good manners in life.?
whats the defenition of life?
Does the past really define the present/future?
What is the most wise thing anyone has ever said to you?
You do the hokey pokey and you turn around... is that REALLY what it's all about?
What are your view on the meaning of life?
What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it's all about?
Do you think life is all about luck?
you're stranded on a deserted island. you can have one meal delivered every day for life. what do you choose?
what would be an inappropriate thing to say to someone when you first met them?
when does life begin ?
Is humility ever wrong?
What do you think will happen?
What does my answer to "is the cup half full of half empty" question say about me?
I want to make my life worth something?
will any answer do?
why do we kill ppl who kill ppl, to show that killing ppl is wrong?
Who am I? Who are You? What is This?
Good morning answers family, i hope everyone is doing well?
Does energy ever die?
What is pluralism? Why is it closely related to freedom?
Greatest Mystery Ever?
What phrase using the word "chest" can also mean "to pat yourself on the back"?
What's Kuhn's Paradigm?
This may be a foolish question, but think of this as a curious thought.?
What do you regret the most in your life?
does it annoy you that the same questions are asked like a million times in the philosophy section?
how to change my mood?
Truth or Dare?........ ;D?
Why is acceptance important?
Logic: Distribution?
Why is there not a section or catagory for beliefs and faith?
what does man's true happiness consist of and what does not lead to happiness?
What are the principles governing the categorization of things?
how to tell a rich man from a poor man?
How do I know that I exist?
Is nonsense truly nonsense or perhaps something different?
name 3 things you couldnt live without?
What are the differences between the Sacred Cosmos, and Clockwork Universe??
Humans and ants?
how to earn $$$ without working hard at all????and with low IQ?
Is it impossible that a God/creator/architect could exist? If so, why?
Is it wrong to clone humans?
What are the two most important things in life for you?
What would be a good metaphor for the philosopher Plato?
What are words of wisdom that you live by?
Who is the author of this saying:?
Is life worth living?
Would a project like Collins need tens of thousands of good "fallback" baselines which are never used ?
What is your reason for living?
There is no future only present!?
what is the greatest gift a parent can give to a child?
Is God really that cruel and vindictive?
What does the saying 'We Owe You Nothing' mean in regards to HouseCore Records Phil Anselmo's record label?
Studying different philosophies, I get confused, how to overcome this problem. Suggest some helpful points?
What is the meaning of YOUR life?
What is the relatioship of subject and object in Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology?
Is it right or wrong to say Believing in God is a metal disorder?
Once you realise the inevitability of the universe, and your place within it, does your life lose all meaning?
do we always have to fowllow what our heart feels or desire?
Can I make a slideshow on ?
What was Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Theory/ philosophy?
Is the ontological argument for the existence of God a substantive one?
What is the analytical aspect in how education and technology affects globalization?
What Would The Life Lesson Be?
Do you think attributes are innate or developed by an environment?
What is enlightenment to you ?
What is the best piece of spiritual or psychological advice you have ever heard?
This question is about Thomas Aquinas and God's role in the creation...?
If there was one thing you could do differently, what would it be?
Philosphers say that money can't buy happiness, how come????
Is it always good to be tolerant? Should we refuse to tolerate people that are intolerant?
Explain Dualism in Indian Religion?
What is the best of all yoga systems?
Books on existentialism?
Tell me something DIFFICULT to EXPRESS?
What's the measure of success?