what isthe information-technology imperative?
colloquially what does "baws" refer to?
In death, what really dies?
What are the philosophical conditions necessary to consider something "natural"?
YAPOO, hiding my Question, Communication I still make, Who yet did u find out? LOL!?
love is blind,is it so?
if you could spend the last day of your life with anyone?
Spiritually speaking, What is the ultimate ecstatic feeling one can get on Earth?
Question about the Existence of Universe and the existence of everything?
no job/ no boyfriend....can life get any better?
ADAPTL Theory A Possibility?
What does Ethical Hedonism and Buddhism have in common and how are they different?
how is love best defined?
What is the most ironic thing that happened to you?
why ?
No formula implies its own negation. True or False?
would you rather be a SALMON or a GOLDFISH?
WHY (i will give ten points)?
Is war inevitable? We continually fail to achieve peace.?
Is toughness better than tenderness?...?
who is real philosopher?
Babylon philosophy ?
which urge is stronger: man's thirst for knowledge, or his hunger for pleasure?
life is nothing but 50% fate and 50% luck? is it true or false?
Do sacrifices made by the good people are essential for evil people to have enough time?
What is there 'not enough of ' in this world?
what is the most beautiful and meaningful sentence you have ever heard in your life?
If you won £3 million, would you be greedy, or generous?
Philosophy Paper Topics?
the best things in life are........?
Why is the argument known as "The Problem of evil," difficult to refute?
I'm looking for a quote by a Greek philosopher about gratitude. I'll be more specific.?
Why does getting older seem like life just gets more depressing and conforming?
why do people need connection?
Does any big problem have its solution? If so how?
will god come to earth ever???
Why do people think they will solve ageless debates on ! Answers.?
Philosophy: Explain the differences between naturalism and materialism?
essay on unethical and ethical behavior?
can devil worshipers control your mind?
What comes to mind when I say happiness?
Who was the writer that said everything we do is based on selfish desires?
If we are more than 6 billion people in this world, why we do look at ourselves as strangers?
What issues are related to the dreaming argument?
post for tree loving?
Can God do the impossible?
is there such thing as luck?
Could God create a rock that he couldn't lift?
If you could know the age of your death, would you want to know?
is the socratic wisdom worth having?
Do you want to live forever? Yes or no and why?
Confucius say: "oacsollp" What does Confucius mean?
Isn't the only absolute truth that we know of, The one which states that is the only absolute truth we do know?
real love is dead, all left is lust, people cause love to sex .... agree or not?
Is there anything wrong with being a guy who loves dollhouses?
Nihilism is self refuting and nihilists' favorite philosopher is socially awkward!?
Political theory help!!!!!!!!?
Can a woman be considered a lady if she lives without morals?
Why am I terrible at the things I like? I should kill myself?
What's your life motto?
I have this thing of always imagining terrible things happening to me or those around me. Is it normal?
What are you?
What's the 64 million dollar question?
what would you like most in the entire world?
Why did God put us all here on the 3rd rock from the Sun (aka Earth) ?
Describe the desolated day-tripper.?
Whats is the best weapon?
Is it accurate to say that 13.7 billion years ago we WERE the big bang?
do you like the da vinci code?
Which one do you think is the most harsh or are they even?
My life is a complete nightmare, and I'm a worthless moron. Anyone have any...advice or something?
what is the problem of induction and how did kant solve it?
do you think the eyes really are the windows to the soul?
Is it right to neuter mentally retarded people?
what do you prefer to use?
Absurdism, your opinions?
What could be a metaphor for a stove?
do u believe in the outer spiritual world ??
what's Camus theory or philosophy?
What do they mean when they say "The Truth will set you Free"?
what is the most important thing for man?
what is a disney movie that the allegory in the cave relates to?
kindly describe "women" in only one word...!!?
Which philosophy would you have used to 'bring order to a disordered world?
What are the ingredients if any, to achieve genuine happiness in life?
If you only could choose one would you rather be happy or success full?
right now, would you want to suddenly have powerful, intense orgаsms..?
Is this a good example of the prisoner's dilemma?
How to feel proud of ourself?
Does mere charisma have us sitting upon the verge of a neo-hegemony?
How do i become wise?
How can I lose my attachment to my physical body?
does hard work actually pay off for EVERYONE?
Regarding Kant's ethics?
I would like to ask Paradox another question. What if you think that you are in love with him?
How would you know that something is "good", if you don't have anything "evil" to compare it to ?
Where can I get a record of the latest developments in Chess openings?
How do I calm myself down?
If there was a magical portal into the mind of anyone, through whose eyes would you want to see the world?
If you were to Take a FILTHY RAG and CLEAN IT and make it NEW. But then track dirt all over it. Why Clean IT
What are mankind's greatest achievement? War?
what is the meaning of you are just plain scary?
True or false - Money can buy you Happiness?
Who is Socrates always confused with?
What question can you ask if your head is empty of common sense?
This is a bit weird but has anyone ever experienced this?
Did you grow up in the '60's & '70's? If so, did you ever get what we called a "whooping" with a belt etc.?
Does man can find real and everlasting happiness in this world?
Why is it hard to understand god and his attributes?
What does essence mean?
Whats another way to say I owe you one?
At your death bed: What would your last words be? OR quote famous last words.?
which is WORST: Stolen IDENTITY, Stripped MEMORY or Sold SOUL?
Why does it seem like bieng compassionate is so underrated in this world?
what does the devil tribal design look like?
Is it ethical to only want a kid...?
Do you agree with my opinion?
how do we determine what is morally right or wrong?
Why is where life begin related to round structure? (or sphere etc)?
what is the single most important thing in your life and why?
Can you be happy all of the time?
What does it mean to create a work of art that is purposefully transitory?
what's the differentce between the formal logic and dialectic logic?
site for intelligent humans to socialize?
Are we all one mind?
Do you believe that the Human mind can never grasp the real truth of God?
can someone help me with these logic questions?
How does the sun approach and move away from the earth according to Aristotle?
Why shouldn't I kill myself?
a catholic lenten festivity marking the triumphant entry of jesus christ to jerusalem?
what is islam?
Help with Philosophy HW?
In the face of reasoning that God doesn't exist, do you think that humans are here on this planet to learn?
Philosophy Question.?
what the event things happen in the world?
what else can make your life more beautiful?
The value of faith- persuasion?
Therapeutic success is best defined as:?
why do we live? : | |?
will ultimate gold show up on a drug test?
do you think that the world will end soon?
if someone is not satisfied with life? what is the right thing for him/her to do?
No Justice from AP police is there anybody in this world who can do justice for a poor girl?
what is the meaning of your life?
As not only the richest female in the world, but also the most beautiful, could u have anything u want?
Where have all the Flowers Gone?
Are people stupid?
I didn't beleive as god exists. I beleive me, i right. If not why?
I am terrified about the "end of the world" in 2012? What do I do to calm myself?
How does one fight off boredom at work?
What is Darwin's theory of evolution?
Why is man basically good?
will the world end on the 21st december?
Who would win?
i just spotted a unicorn!! should i set a trap for it and tame it, or shoot a missile at it?
what were Rousseau's beliefs in women in society?
Why do your organs need fat?
Can you define this and thank you?
Plato's Thoughts on Morality?
is it TRUE that "You cant teach OLD Dogs NEW tricks"?
What is the begining of knowlege?
Do we need a God to lead a good life?
What is your definition of perfect?
Whats your biggest flaw?
Explain Kant's synthesis?
How do you decide what you want to do with your life?
is it really neccessary to have girlfriends? or boyfriends?
does water cause materialism?
why do we born for?and why do we continuine on our lives???????
How would you feel if this was true?
previous life.?
how can you know if God exist?
What if our life is just one big lucid dream?
What are you phobic/fearful off?
Another question about the future: what if everything was told?
Know thyself, why is it so important to get acquainted with your Self?
Does freethinking destroy faith, or does it seek unbiased truth?
Isn't this dangerous? Why such distinction?
A few more philosophy questions i really need help with?
would you rather fall happy or rise sad?
What does Stuart Mill feel are the limits of government?
What's the one thing that you can't live without ?
Need a name of a philosophical theory?
Are you truly happy? Why/why not?
Is it in touch with reality for a Banking CEO on $16.1M pa to say:?
Can something be created out of nothing?
If the nature don't gives us eyes then what happens?
Are there degrees of Impossibility?
ADAPTL Theory In The Nature of Our Reality?
Tell me something you NEED but NOT READY to HAVE?
how to create the personal world view?
What the meaning of life?
If something is easy is it wrong philosophicly speaking?
what is the biggest lesson life has taught u till now ?
in your opinion Who is the worst man person ever walked on earth?
philosophical point of view/angle?
do u belive in miracle?
How much can change in 100 years?
Are you who you think you are?
What should you do in life in order to make yourself worth being born in the first place?
what do you call a woman when he husband die and she is single for life?
How could you criticize Nicomachean Ethics, and how would Aristotle reply?
what is time?
School of psychology: Rationalist philosophy (read more)?
What colour do blind people see?
Do opposite people attract in real life?
What are some good themes to write about "the great gatsby"?
Does anyone have any views on enactivism/representation here?
a question about jesus baptism guys need help?
How can we not be attached to this world?
Symbolize the sentence "Exactly one of the three will go"?
how to achive in life faster?
are most people in the world happy or unhappy?
How confident are you when you get naked?
What makes love eternal?
categorical syllogisms having the same mood and figure will both the same validity value?
Is the "office powerpath" often a puppet, being bullied by someone else ?
Do you think that any one can distinguish between love, lust and a crush any more? Does love even exist?
What do you think of when you think about stars?
What do you think about that 2012 will be end of the world ?
Is this what life really is?
As my friend Mehmet once asked: Why am I a squirrel?
What Does Philosophy Mean?
Why would an Omnipotent, Omniscient & Omnipresent God ever create this imperfect universe & inconsistent life?
what are socrates 7 definitions of piety?
do you think silence is da best way to communicate?
How is this relationship between the mind and the world consistenct with the significant BEING theodicy?
what is the most stupid question possible to ask?
Do the ends justify the means?
Life has its mysterious ways, does this apply to your life?
Why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill?
What is the most beautiful thing in the world?
Why were we placed Upon this Realm of Existence?
What does aristotle mean by...?
what are some of the principle issues with Analytic Philosophy?
What is your way of staying happy ?
Does god know when now is?
Would you consider Adam Smith to be a market anarchist/anarcho-capitalist?
what is the death penalty called when the peson being exicutes wears a black robe and mask and stands?
Why are some philosophical theories/beliefs did Thomas Hobbes have?
if you could see in to the future...?
A wise man once said....?
In what sense is reductio ad absurdum a valid argument?
How difficult is your life?
Who is Hilda? is she a comedian...a TV actress? Who is she?
What place do love and compassion have in a world of evolution?
What is the goal of free masonary?
Why is literal existence defined as material existence?
If u cld describe ur life in one word, what wld it be?
What does the phrase "In with a bullet, out with hearts" mean?
Does anybody else love their life?
Compare the concept of god as Prime Mover with the idea of God as Craftsman?
If humans desired a more equal world, should the world be more equal than it is?
Argument Against McTaggart on Time?
How do I send a subliminal message?
Which one do you agree?
my world problem....?
strengths and weaknesses in Socrates idea regarding true knowledge?
Does knowing you can not do certain things regarding your personal goals hurt?
Views on Abortion: Euthyphro Dilemma, ANY philosophers? Quotes, please, if possible!?
Is god is there ? Yes means give examples or resons or prove?
In three words, describe yourself.?
Are you better at building up or tearing down...?
What is the purpose of the relationships of equivalence?
is this passage an argument or non argument?
Can someone please help me with these three Propositional logic statements and explain exactly how they did th?
i have a really deep question?
life is to short to______________________________________…
Are you living or just existing?
What's the difference between a friend and a true friend?
GeorgeBerkeley vs John Locke?
philosophical thought?
Would you rather be too naive or too cynical?
What solution does Kant propose for the problem of "unsocial sociability"?
Strong feeling that I have a higher purpose in life?
Is it better to live a moment be spontaneous, or plan ahead, be sensible and resonable?
How many people would it take to change the world?
The person who builds it nor the person who orders it has no use for it. person who uses it, doesn't want it.
Are men so different than women when they cry?
Judas - Traitor or obedient servant?
Who is Leo Strauss?
Would this not make life easier?
how do you deal with the feeling of "regret"?
When "heroes" are destroyed in their pursuits?
Who Believes The end of the world will happen on December 21st 2012?
consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it's important to you?
Why continue the search for knowledge?
Is one's consciousness always separate?
what's the greatest part of your life and what would you do if it was stolen from you?
How do we discover what we want, our desires?
Are we in our 2nd cycle of life?
What is Aristotle's proper function argument?
Could God create a rock that he couldn't lift?
If you knew someone that killed someone or nearly did...?
What is the meaning of life?
What can unite the people of the world?
Major themes in the consolation of philosophy?
philosophy essay question. Someone please help?
“We are not where we want to be, we are not where we ought to be, but we are not where we used to be.”?
Explain Sinclairs journey to self-awareness?
I need your help to make a decision?
Why is life full of violence?
Why am I still living?
Do u live to prove urself to others......?
there are 300 or more known religions in the world. if i believe in one of them, am i just tiking off 299?
What is Philosophical Optimism?
What is the meaning of life to you?
Is lack of communication the heirloom to doom.....?
Is there such thng as a loss ness monster?
What is the difference between ideals and politics?
What sorts of things would Collins software people have needed to do, each day really, to "strengthen the?
Ser bohemio es algo bueno o malo?
Do you know of any true philosophical anthologies?
Concerning Descartes and Borges?
Does anyone need anything?
This year I will be forty. Does life begin at forty?
Can someone create an original philosophical system today like that of Platon, Socrates or Kant?Why or why not?
what is the advantage of make up?
Come on guys logically be realistic,if god can not heal/cure cancer how do you expect him to create Universe?
Can't everyone have only one religion in the whole world? If Not Why?
Why cant every male be Mahatma Gandhi and every female Mother Theresa?
What makes a person UGLY..?
If you could or would make a deal with the devil what deal would you make?
can i know everything but to not be affected by this???????????????
A thought B was C or C was B?
A is for ADVENTURE, B is for BEAUTY, C is for WHAT?
What doesn't annoy you about other people?
What is a normal person?
Are there secular self help books that help readers try to be happy in a world that has so many tragedies?
What are your views on Euthanasia? For or against and ?
Which have born first, agg or chicken?
Example of a reliable narrator? (Film & philosophy)?
"rethinking thinking"- emotion,"many economic rationalists still hold true to their faith" what irony is the?
Who is she? Tell me how you think...?
what is thomas hurka comparing in "philosophy, morality, and the english patient?"?
You ready to use your imagination for a while?
How do you feel about the suburbs?
Please help me with a philosophy assignment!?!?!?!?
Directional 'signs' and life's path...?
what is rachel's challenge?
who started this argument?
Care to test your morals?
If you lived your life with propriety, but in your moment of death you are in disbelief,will you go to heaven?
Why is getting married, having kids and a house the 'thing' to do?
In what way may contemporary North American/European culture be described as relativistic? In what way is it?
allegory of the cave?
greed + what is love?
Does love make you stronger or weaker?
What's the point?
I am alone what should i do?/?
Why its said that cleverness is not a wisdom ..? Can you explain with example ...?
can you show me the full and complete information about validity of knowledge in philosophy?
Why have we Americans grown so complacent?
Is the mass media poisoning our culture and society?
If your Life was a book, what would be the last lines of the last page?
the world will end in 2012..?
Is our cycle of life changing?
I was having a philosophical discussion with someone about life and he just told me how he was impressed by my?
how would edmund burke respond to mary wollstonecraft?
Why are humans on earth, whats our purpose..?
When will you be old?
What are the top three best bits of wisdom, or advice that have had a positive influence in your life?
What is the most important?Money,Love or Knowledge.Select one and give reason.?
I am going to kill myself.?
What's a disaster recovery plan ?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how emotional are you?
Why did the elephant wash owner keep the blue water outside of he knew that it would turn all of them pink?
What is meaning of life????
Descartes - hero or villain?
Was Immanuel Kant a constructivist "avant la lettre" ?
according to you what is weakness?
Does magic really exist?
Does free will exist?
Presentation on the History of Sexuality by Foucault?
how many is too many?
What's the meaning of Memento?
How can I accomplish this goal?
If you HAD to have a LABEL stuck to your FOREHEAD, what would it say?
How did the world begin?
what are the philosophical beliefs on man as lover?
Why problems are so easy to make and meanwhile that hard to solve?
Spiritually speaking-is your lifes glass half empty or half full?
Is meaning inside the brain or outside in the world?
How do you define evil, sin or immorality?
In your opinion how is suburbia fictionalized?
According to Buddhism, what is the universe made up of?
CALLING ALL THINKERS!! How deep can you go?
Your opinion on this?
Can somebody please explain me how I must explain it?
What is life? Why GOD make this earth and people ? what is the moto of this earth and humanbeings?
Why is kindness or altruism important for a society?
whats the meaning of life?
What do any of you think about the idea?
the moment everything changed?
creativity is a big character of a great personality, one who creates............?
Why do we feel a constant need to seek happiness in our lives?
Is anyone born evil?
Could an argument be made that Emerson was an egotist?
Rene Descartes, Natural Law..HELP!!?
Which came first: consciousness or the brain?
Why we take for granted people close to is ?
Do you believe that you have to let go of the past to become who you can be in the future?
What's your biggest regret ever?
If most people act for the does it feel to talk to someone who is acting a "bit phoney"?
what is the ultimate aim of a human beings life ?
You wake in a room with all life's pleasures and are so taken you don't notice there's no exit. Are you free?
Chopper with Green then Red light passes over city?
Debate : Why is collectivism better than individualism (HELP! I need examples!!)?
questions about philosophical eras and terms, pertaining heavily to Descartes?
Besides death, what would be the worst thing that could happen to you?
I have one question: What makes you,you?
Can you give me the name of a good site were I can learn about Marxism?
Can anyone explain why Socrates made unusual punishment options in his trial?
Why was David Hume..?
What do these philosophical quotes mean?
Whats the meaning of life?
what is the evil [Malicious] 'demon'? What function does it serve Descartes argument?
I'm looking for a "Precious Moment" blanket/or a colored picture of it?
what is the relation between art and inner conscience?
Why is it so? That when your kind and giving to people, in return people will tend to abuse this goodwill.....
Who inspires you......?
Is Philosophy section turning into new R&S section?
What is "pain sharing" ?
what are your expectations for 2012?
Does a reply to your answer as ---the bible says --followed by long quates etc.--count as an answer or opinion
What is NOT the meaning of life?
What is Time?
Maritain Perception Question?
Going to the electric forest, what should I expect?
If you were to make up your own quote about 'smiling'...what would it be?
what is the benefit of denying the truth?
Is it true that your life goes across your eyes right before you have die/am in a near death situation?
what is the meaning of life?
How is violence on TV related to violence in other aspects of life?
Is the way of life of a people an expression of(...)?
What's the best 'Plato' Comic you know or can find?
Is love real?
It's a reasonable request for a homosexual individual to want kids so why?
What is the youngest age bracket for Sophie's World?
What are the character traits associated with plants and animals?
How can i enjoy life more?
I think therefore I Am?
Why is everything so simply complicated and complicated so simple?
Is there any constant, or constants in the universe?
What was that one, unforgettable statement uttered to you in your lifetime?
i am looking for some mind altering thoughts/quotes?
Why would a helpless person keeps on whining when things aren't going to get better soon?
What is the meaning of Life?
Why don't God protect us from natural catastrophes such as the Philippines landslide,earthquakes and tornados?
What do you think of my theory regarding God?
What is Love?
Do you believe music has a magical influence on us?
How do we make money irrelevant?
if humans are a result of evolution how can god fit in?
I extremely admire the Spartans?
Help with my life. What do I do?
If humans desired a more equal world, should the world be more equal than it is?
Can a woman who believes she has a calling higher than motherhood still be a good mother?
What little things make YOU really happy?
Will technology destroy the earth?
How is EVIL recognized?
What is a successful life?
i know that there is a lot of hate in the world today, but.....?
where to research what I was in a past life?
Do you believe there are different types of love? Why or why not?
If we go to a beautiful place when we die, why does God sometimes make the end so ugly?
What changes do you believe need to be made to keep the Social Security system solvent ?
What characteristics accompany the emergence of demand for reflection?
is it better to just be CARE FREE?
what keeps you HANGING ON?
Are there any good things about being a teenager?
How do you defeat an enemy who will not die?
What's your first thought when you look up to the sky?
what would yall do in a place were there is only violence?
How complicated can things get within our mind's eye? And how much more complicated beyond?
"Murder is always wrong" is an absolute. Can there be any exceptions to this rule? Why, or why not?
Why it is very hard to do hardwork?
Would it be FUNNY if someone DIED in the LIVINIG Room?
Any idealists (with regards to philosophy of mind) out there?
how can pure absolute evil exist I think it can never be pure evil unless it actually wanted to destroy itself
Do people ever wonder why we all have ....?
Can you describe yourself in one word?
Why we work when we know all of us will die one day?
Could killing bugs ever be considered as bad as murder?
Why do people strive for a means to happiness/meaning instead of happiness/meaning itself?
what does life mean to all of you?
Is it okay to go to Church in the nude ?
What really is the Holy Grail ?
How do people go insane?
What would you do if you were a church?
Drunken emotion, or Pure emotion?
Can you ever be truely happy?
If you're surrounded by idiots, how did they manage to surround you?
Very interesting philosophy question.?
do micheal love me mary and am pregant by him?
what is farican philosophy?
Where exactly does this "all knowledge" concept originate from?
Were you an artist, would you rather be an unrecognized and poor genius, or a rich and celebrated mediocrity?
Illusion and reality: how can we know the difference between the two?
In what way could we make the parenting section feel more welcoming to those who don't perceive it that way?
What is the knowledge gained from investigation?
Aristophanes was never thought by socrates?
Is there a question to which no one can find an answer?
Can animals make moral desicions?
Karl Friedrich Schinkel influence?
Have you noticed that almost all the questions on here are to see if we are 'normal'?
Is it better in life to have strong views or to be open-minded?
are forgiveness and acceptance the same thing?
Help with Philosophy John Locke demonstrating his theory?
should it be legal to smoke pot?
Help with Protagoras?
what weird thing do you hope against hope to get? (u know you can't get it)?
What is your opinion on sheakespears measure for measure?
what reflection can you make about fandango?
utilitarianism and kantian ethics?
What is goodness?
What Do you think about LIFE ?
Meal Deal - are you in or out?
Whom would you call as most adorable human being ? Why ?
why, what, where, when, who, how, if, do you know?
when people are no longer suffering from poverty, they will stop beleiving in god. (personal reaction)?
Why do people kill each other?
why does socrates disagree with critos claim that many people can cause you the greatest danger?
Do you belive in GOD ? If so who has seen the GOD ?
Having too many kids immoral?
definition and aspects of human values?
what is life?
If "nothing external can be eternal" what then, is eternal?
Are you in control of your brain or is your brain in control of you?
Do you think humanity is a good thing?
to light a candle is to cast a shadow.?
Is scientific knowledge really counted as knowledge or might it be false reality?
HOw is the "love" between?
What do I need to do to attain freedom from unnatural surroundings?
Do you ever wonder what is so "beautiful" about life?
How would Nietzsche feel about suicide?
Why does Love ends? Do you know why? (Next)............?
What happens to God if humanity is eradicated?
What is the purpose of life? Any meaning?
what makes a person a loser?
Could you explain Heidegger's en-framing technology?
What exactly makes oneself the most important person in the Universe ?
how to get a real friendship?
do you live out of your philosophies?
What is the best way to listen others?
Do certain smells remind you of certain things/people/places/events?
What does Montesquieu expect a people to "do well" (politically speaking) in a republic?
Do you think as i do?
Is the human being essentially religious?
I have a number between 1 and one million. What is it?
What clouds thought?
If you could come back as a dog or a president, which one would you choose?
Do you think we will be alive by 2020?
How does the "Looking Glass Self" relate to beauty?
What would the world be like if terrorism never existed?
what is most requerment of world?
Don't like your newborn baby, just leave it in the safety deposit box?
Why are people afraid of death?
Was there "tortious interference" on any software projects in 1994-1995 ?
What does "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life." mean?
Think about it?
What is the impact of Utopia on society?
Do you know where you are, where you were and where you are going?
If you could travel back in time ten years and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be?
Worrying for the past, Thinking about future... Are we enjoying the present ?
How long does it take you to figure out you made a wrong turn... somewhere?
Is the number of automated systems sold each year small ?
Is Reality a Social Construction as postmodernists assert ?
why isn't it moral to select which children should receive good treatment?
how to icrease ones iq?
Why do we waste our life worrying?
When will human civilisation collapse?
Can you honestly say things are getting better in your life?
what is your biggest challange ever ??
How do you come to judge the character of another?
Give me a man who is intelligent but not wise or a man who is not intelligent but wise...?
Do we live or exist?
Philosophy help!!!!!!!?
Who else here think that red and pink clash? i.e. fire-engine red and friends don't believe me!
do u wish u had a different name and what is the name?
how can I be creative when I feel so empty and dead?
Am I a hypocrite for...?
Why or why not should we study philosophy? Also do you have a favorite philosopher?
Do we have SECRETS or do the SECRETS have us?
Is "prototyping against an operational baseline" an easy concept to understand ?
Why is life worth living?
What services are provided by alcoholics anonymous?
Am I dreaming?
What causes events to happen?
Why is it easy to forget your love for one person but difficult for other person?
Please help understand this: ALHYSTERIA AND MADNESS?
what is the meaning of life the universe and everything?
If everyone hates Nazis then why are Americans viewed as the Neo Nazis Regime?
If this is the question.........what is the answer?????????/?
If a loved one's life depended on it, which of your five senses would you be willing to give up?
what is the consequences of the uniqueness of man?
Deductive/Inductive Arguments?
What is the deal with Plato's The Divided Line?
What is your ultimate dream for your life?
What Does This Quote Mean?
What conclusion can I make from this scenario?
why is it pleasant to look out of the window while traveling?
What does it mean to be "snarky"?
Why we die one day?
Why does life have to be so harsh?
What school of philosophy advocates the use of informal logic than formal logic?
which came first? Man or Women?
What time of day would the world end on December 21?
What makes a mother cry,when actually she's not sad..?
Is permanent happiness, secure prosperity, and abiding peace a foolish dream?
facing the unknown, what's your first response: deflector shield, photon torpedo, or open hailing frequencies?
Explain and expand this definition and show how it leads to the conclusion that the contemplative life is the?
What is the diffirence betweeen a man and a woman.?
Isnt the rhetoricians "Gamblers Fallacy" and the statisticians "Law of Large Numbers" contradictory and..?
Who was the most advanced soul you ever met?
How did statistic affect our daily life?
Why do misanthropes assume that any species that were sapient would naturally have better morals than Humans?
Work-related ethical or moral or ok?
i had a very beautiful dream last night and i knew i was dreaming in my dream?
Humanity is 80% evil and 20% good, correct?
Why do we, humans, love falling in love?
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
Did we evolve from Adam & Eve or Did we evolve from dinosaurs?
Why are atheists so unhappy?
The Pursuit of Happiness(not the movie)?
what is the important (one thing only) in life?
plantingas theory of warranted christian holding christian belief wrong or right?please help peopl?
I have to write a paper on moral philosophy but I'm not sure how each category relates to morals.?
If 1000 people believe a lie, does that make it the truth?
When will everybody on this planet get happy?
Philosophy, please help.?
If you could go back in time and give your teenage self any advice, what would you say?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason, or is it just a series of random events?
what was socrates concept of the state in the Apology and the Crito?
What is the most important things in your life that you can't live without?
What is your motivation or reason for getting out of bed every morning?
How does Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke all compare?
Existentialism: Does Having All Knowledge Even Matter?
Under what condition does a person’s rational insight not hold objectivity?
Are we only kidding ourselves we can see in 3D? We only have left/right not up/down?
Did Socrates have any witnesses in his trial and if he didn't why was it seen as unconventional?
How could you describe a rainbow to a blind person?
how do you make a bean dish?
What role does leadership play in creating an environment that supports knowledge sharing?
How long will it take to wake up a person who has been sound asleep for 49 years?
What would it take to make you really happy?
isn't an "equal society" a pipedream?
Why do humans treat other humans inequaly? they either treat them either lower or higher than themselves!?
Where am I wrong here, honestly? What is the difference?
When does life begin?
Why do we listen to sad songs?
Survey taken by a famous philosopher or scientist or someone over 40 times in their life?
How could u tell if your organs was bleeding?
How does Moores Utopia help us understand human nature and the law?
What is the key to the door that leads to another door, that leads to a...?
paley vs. hume?
Philosophical Question :D?
We will proceed no further in this business?
Spiritually & philosophically, is the best answer always the technically correct answer?
Before everything NOSCE TE IPSUM?
is it selfish to feel 100% entitled to the finest things life has to offer?
Would you rather be able to stop time, move things with your mind, transport wherever, or be invisible? & why?
What does "nothing" look like?
Is it true that the only way mankind could ever unite is if we are faced with inevitable destruction.?
If we were a fly and those huge humans said that we would live for just a day, would you believe it?
Is peace better than war? Why?
Does "unbiased" really exist?
Can having money and power shield you from the principle of Karma?
Can all people be described/categorized under introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?
Will the wise human train her/his mind for the unexpected?
Who plays the MOST important role in the family Mother or Father?
Meaning of Ushnihâ?
What is Man ...?
How can I find my inner self?
What is the most important thing in your life?
what is the real meaning of happiness?
Why is it wrong to lie?
Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
Hypothetical Question - You have a choice: Tomorrow you wake up either a millionaire or immune to bullets?
Why do is religion based upon the afterlife and getting to heaven?
Life after Death?
What is something you know to be true about human nature?
Human being evolve, the body that came from apes, but would you agree that our soul didn't evolve but thrown?
define space ?
Is there anything like Hell or Heaven ,philosophically what does it implies?
On free will?
If enough people wanted to join me in creating an egalitarian community all of our own, would you join?
Does money equal happiness?
Is it more important to be just or merciful?
Is there a specific name for those who are lovers of science, arts and philosophy but have no interest in ...?
What are your personal standards for daily life?
How soon is soon enough?
qualities of Epicurus?
What happens after death?
what is the point of life if elephants are pink from swimming in blue water that has been left outside?
What would the world be like if there was no money?
If true love is hard to find, then why does the vast majority of the world get married ?
why sex with loveone is so desire?
What is the meaning of life?
Who created God? How did he come into existence?
Are the virtues intrinsically valuable or are they good only insofar as they lead to happiness?
Political Art? Any thoughts?
Well do you actually think that you can put a "right answer" on this?
Does this happen 2 you?
Do you understand life?
How to be 1st and not last?
Raja ! Your answer was much appreciated. Can u give me ur email or tell in detail about the spirits,?
Have i come from OUTER SPACE........?
Does practical science, guide man to his ultimate salvation?
Is 43 for a guy to early for mid life crisis?
what comfort zones does one need to challenge in order to achieve their goals?
What is the Problem of Evil?
How is movement possible when we just keep dividing space?
Why do you feed the trolls?
Are you just as happy as everybody else?
What is your considered opinion of this statement?
What does love mean to you?
How is the natural law theory used to decide the right moral action?
what is KARMA? what are the latest reserchs and discoveries of soul?
who are the fifteen classical prophets of israel?
Do people really have "bad" eyesight?
What is the difference between faith and hope?
Why Realism in the human been it's a culture and in God it's a power?
What exactly is Spinoza's God?
How soon did Princess Diana's (Henri Paul's) car crash after it entered the Alma tunnel ?
define beauty?
What is symbolic logic?
y do moral problems arise in the health professions and why these problems are considered to be moral dilemmas?
Philo and Cleanthes claim? Please Help Me .s!!!!!!?
How does Altruism exist in our society today?
According to Socrates in Phaedo, why is the clearest knowledge attained by thought rather than through the bod?
What would you do if you were invisible? How would it impact your life?
As an American citizen, do u have any complaints? About anything?
Did Socrates have any children?
What is communism? And what do you think about it?
What do you think life will be like in 100 years?
what makes a person cool?
To girls out there and to guys .Is it really important to have such pretty face than having a big brain?
How can sacred theology be a science if its origin is faith, and its aim salvation?
do you believe in religion or evolution?
Why do deep ecologists think traditional ethical systems need to be revised?
Why does nothing ever go right in my life?
can u die if u love some one???
are you normal ?
I would appreciate your opinions on this poem of mine?
They like to make babies but they hate to take care of the product of their doing?
How do you usually resolve your complain when you make a complain?
how to cope knowing i will disappear?
In what chapter chapters in 1 Dead in Attic for where Rose makes a claim based definition of a concept?
According to George Berkeley, how many existences do our experiences reveal?
How do I know you exist?
what is the difference between Expression and Representation and Symbolism?
Are you who you think you are?
What is the most precious thing in the universe, of which there is ONLY ONE?
whats the meaning of life?
non-deductive arguments?
Do you believe everything happens for a reason ?
what is the most expencive thing on earth ?
Is it just better to be carefree?
Is the world really going to end on the 06/06/06???
If you had an option to save a life...?
What makes a person beautiful?
Complete the following (use your imagination)?
Do you think that life is fair?
play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold?
when i am so boring?i would like to be stay in nature.?
Are please and thank you two magic words for you?
Why is it wise to forget?
Why do we feel jealous ??
What is the One thing that binds the world together?
Difference between Buddhism and Aristotle version of happiness?
Did colour exist before organisms could see?
Can anyone explain to me what Socrates' method of elenchus is?
What is faster than the speed of light?
Is Marijuana bad?
What is any mans life worth?
what is the most worst sin a human could do??
Do you think that critical thinking is all that is up to be?
Do Blind people Dream?
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "order" or "chaos"?
If time travel was actually possible, don't you think we'd have met some time travellers?
If space can expand and contract...?
Did anybody ever told you that you are cuter than you think you are....?
I love to have a penis inside my a.nus, what do u think?
what is the meaning of life? what do we live for?
"It might be possible to tweak an individual's sense of timing by altering these signals"?
What led to Benedik's engagement?
if you were offered the chance...?
Why is it so sad when things get killed?
Why do we study Thoreau today?
If God called you on your cell phone, what would you say?
Do students live in a Socialist universe in school, then face Capitalist world upon graduation?
What is ART??
If you had known then what you know now, what would you have done differently?
What is a simple life?
Is the world on a brink of a eternal damnation.?
What do you wonder?
What does "he who sleeps on the floor cannot fall out of bed" mean?
what is the "F" that separates a beautiful liFe from a beautiful lie?
what is one word defination of love?
Finding happiness in the simple things, is that just another way of giving up?
Why dose money make the world go around and not love???
Have you heard of the "Sperm Theory" ?
Why a human wanting more and more...?
what was god's first place of living?
if life was like a box of chocolates. what would be the name of your box?
What is love? Physiologically, Logically etc.?
Are you happy in your life now?
Why is it that I'm never happy with what I have?
i feel that i need to be a world peace maker?
Will you be the voice for those who have no vice like me?
What are some important life lessons you learned?
what logical fallacies are being made in this argument?
do yu below?
Wealth or Health?
Was he being rude to me? Why does he care where I would live anyway?
what is aldous huxley's best work??
Everyone has a story. If you had to tell your story in only six words what would they be?
It's warfare we're dying, believing we're winning.?
What if love never actually works out for anyone...?
What is the one thing so easy to say,a struggle to define?
Which is better - success or happiness??
what ur best color and why ?
Have you ever/do you feel this way?
Who does God think he is?
similarity between minaret and a lighthouse?
What makes life beautiful?
What is wisdom? Who is a wise person?
I need help identifying a clip from a film about free will and determinism.?
Was Alexander VI a narcissist trapped in a frantic effort to secure alternatives ?
Did any scoundrels work on the Collins project ?
Describe your LIFE in three words at this very moment?
What's a good/pointless debate topic?
what makes pity the such a horrible emotion?
Is it possible for a human being to be continuously happy for years? And 99% of life?
Can u tell me ur opinion abt this love-hate problem?
What do you think goes unsaid, is small but actually worth more than it's value between two people?
Are all you philosophical folk really all-that troubled?
Is it true that some people have real problems?
mark: "I LOVE YAHOO!" expand...?
Atheists, What created the Big Bang ?
Does Free Will Exist?
who invent love?and who it so increases in today life?.?
if i MEET You at the CROSSROADS, Would you SHOW me the RIGHT WAY..... or you'd let me FIND it MYSELF?
Did Charles Darwin question his own theory?
hi? i lost my ACER mp3 player!!!!!!?
How important is acceptance by others?
Would you shoot or be shot?
Guess who came up with the idea for round teabags?
How do we gauge the sincerity of the wrongdoer who just say :I am sorry" as a form of apology?
Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?
How can we hear ourselves talking in our heads?
What are the factors causing the war between humans? your thoughts?
of these two, which is more important to ones happiness?
About nature of Psychology - Science or Pseudoscience Who said so in past.?
(an exercise in analytical philosophy): which of these statements has more meaning?
How is blindness?
what is the best religion in the world? i wanna knw it?
Whats a moment you'll never forget!?
Kenya's violence is acute but Human right commission itervenes later not in time. Can any one alrm them ?
In one life how many times we fall in Love?
Philosophy of science hellppp?
Justify your existence?
Does God Exist? Give me irrefutable prove or logic?
what is absolute idealism?
did dinasaours have culture and a society?
What are the advantages in bitterness?
If cause and effect exists then what caused the cause to cause the effect?
As far as human development is concern which field is more important?(biology or engineering)?
what is the ultimate question?
What is Inner Peace? Does it depend on Outer Peace?
Why does this happen alot?
Which side do you find more plausible determinism or freewill?
if there is no HELL, where do LIARS go?
what's the different between being awake and being a sleep and dreaming ?
What is it?
what are ethical judgements?
is LOVING WINNING somebody's HEART.... or LOSING your OWN?
is karma the way to resolve past life issues with those who are with us this lifetime?
why do people dislike the rain?
should i believe in Jesus?
what's your motto in life?
if you were a monkey would you invent fire or the wheel first?
Does money return your love?
What are some good philosophical books that will change my life for the good or bad?
What would you consider is the "nightmare of reason?"?
why do people have so many expectations from us?
Can philosophy be learnt ? If so, why ?
What do u think of this paragraph!!?? please comment!! any feedback is useful!!!!!!!! please be sincere! thanx?
what's the meaning of life?
what is the route to all evil?
On the Common Application Short Answer?
Are things good because God calls them good, or does God call things good because they are good?
Why we die one day?
"Culture is the sanctity of the intellect"?
how would you develop an analogous critique based on racial differences?
is it legal to have a a buta buta tree?
DIO is a description of God, to italia and hidden within DIO is DI. .nU(the I=I.,O=.n u), perhaps DI is on God
Do the religious beliefs of a person matter once they're dead?
Do you think loneliness can be cured with contact with reality?
What do you see in the mirror?
Do you support gun control?
A child sees life this way at the age of 14?
Just some imagination lol?
Is it really the end of the world soon?
What is the biggest example of evil in the world today?
Is it possible for scientists to create a new race?
What is a good indicator that I will be forever single?
Don't you think petlovers are somewhat mentally damaged?
Why is my life so boring? ?
before I dive into some Ayn Rand, I gotta know... is she anything like the annoying peasant from Holy Grail?
I am judged by others because i don't have a social life?
What if we could prove that aliens visited earth in ancient times?
Whats more important Laughter, Money or Sex??
WHAT IS ultimate secret of happiness?
What's going to happen to me?
To what extent is our knowledge of what is right and wrong based on media perception?
Would u rather excited with dehabilating anxiety or just regular feeling more calm?
If bad food is not food, does that mean bad people are not people?
Why does Popper think we should prefer theories that make risky predictions and avoid conventionalist stratage?
How will be the life without pain and fear ?
What exactly is "The American Dream"? How would you define it? How does one achieve it?
Explain the meaning of the quotes?
why most of people have dual kind of personality?
What is the best cure for sanity?
Need a name for my invisible friend?
Life is not fair? :( :( suicideeee?
what is your #1 PRINCIPLE in Life?
If someone's favorite tv show is "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo', what does it say about this person?
I think therefore I am, or I am therefore I think?
How do you start to build Artificial Intelligence?
You are a metaphysical numbskull?
How can I find what are real goals of my life?
Do you think like me? help!?
why is george berkeley's philosophy not accurate anymore?
Does this seem like fate please help 10 points!?
What are some good open-ended questions about love, spirituality, responsibility and/ or awareness?
What's the point in life...?
Could being very important to 100 people ever be an adequate substitute to being most important to just 1?
What are breasts? And why are we excited by them in full exposure?
What would happen if pinocchio said "my nose will now grow"?
Is this test of humanity and mercy impossibly difficult?
What is the Best Question EVER asked?
Why shouldn't I commit suicide?
Is this Ethically right or Wrong and why? Please consider the scenario below?
What is this yearning, longing?
does philosophy journal allow essays without citations if there is none the author used when he is writing?
If you look into the abyss long enough ... does it really look back?
Will people question me for this decision?
"...(T)hat among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..."?
How can we change things for the better?
Back to REAL Philosophy; What is your best argument?
sens zycia?
What was the greatest gift God gave to man at the creation?
What is a unique and righteous way in couting a girl?
Does it ever bother you knowing that one day you will die?
If you declared your personal space an independent state, how would you design your flag?
what subject did you enjoy the least in high school/college?
Where do you think you're going after this short life on earth?
If you could be reborn after death and came back as an animal. Which animal would you like to be and why?
Ponyfag? Really? What's with people?
What does one mean when (s)he says "Objectivity is Impossible."?
What shall we do if arteries of a person are blocked with Hatred ?
What is the meaning of the Socratic Paradox phrase "I know that I know nothing"?
Do you think it is worth living an ascetic life to dedicate yourself fully to whatever you are doing?
Socrates arguments for the immortality of the soul?
why i am so fade up with life?
What is love ? its all pain to our life ..?
"Career Choice" What should I do?
What is your greatest fear?
Philosophy cafe in socratic questioning style for high school class?
What does loyalty mean to you?
Was a ruffian involved in The Collins software integration ?
Utilitarian or Kantian ethics?
Science is a threat to Humanity. Thoughts?
Is Darren Shan God? Or is he the next Destiny?
Why is it so hard to forgett your first love ?
If God can do anything can God make a rock so heavy that even God can't lift it?
Why is life so boring?
If you could choose your life what would it be?
If we were to find a single organism existing in multiple galaxies, what might be inferred?
what is life?
what is mean by hetrotropic?
Are you righteous? Or self righteous?
what is the meaning of life?
If you were a Yak, who would you spit on and why?
What philosopher came up with the idea of rule of law?
What does 16th Heaven Means? and is there a pre defined way to reach or cross that.?
Can your worst day and your best day happen simultaneously?
what is an example of a rule in the statement logic. Additionally, derive this rule.?
what is familiaris consortio?
What defines LIFE?
Does Popper argue in favor of metaphysical statements? Or does he just argue against the positivists?
if today was the last day on earth for everybody, how would we know?
Guesseppe of Wattle Flat Creek Pub says we should load refugees onto jap whalers?