If you had to confess one thing in a public forum that you've never told anyone what would it be?
how will life be like when the world starts to end?
Why i am not happy with my life?
Why don't people get sick when the earth is upside down?
How to deal with mean, evil people?
Please help with African and Western philosophy?
i want to die,life is boring?
What is the tension between faith and reason in the western world?
What is on your list?????
According to Georg Hegel, "What is the "most effective spring of human action"?
if you could have the perfect day, how would you spend it?
If you were to be precisely cloned, would you get along with yourself?
Could you know who someone is, if you don't know who you are?
Not getting played on my soccer team?
If you could ask any question, would it be this?
For every ending, there is a new beginning... Is that so?
What do you regret most so far in your life?
Why do you think you are here in this world, what are your duties?
How to be happy no matter what I have to face?
Why do all the offical posters on scams have 0 best answers? Or am I just not seeing the ones..........
is there any scientific reason why we have anger,greed. as we have knew that hunger,thirst caused by our?
What is a small, easy thing anyone can do to make the world a better place?
What is the alleged circularity in John Locke's argument regarding Personal Identity?
How could we say life is unfair when we could still smile, is life really unfair?
Is doing what you love to do for employment the better choice over a relationship??
What is the philosophical definition of time?Are Length, Mass, Time subjective to the Change?
Do you want to live forever? Yes or no and why?
Is there truely a selfless act in the world? Prove your answer.?
Complete this guys (political philosophy)?
Why no one is happy with their present ?
Why is the problem of Freewill a problem for moral responsibility?
i think, therefore..........?
what is the difference between empirical realm and rational realm?
Is life but a dream, an imaginative surrounding where nothing is actually real?
are you a "BAD" / "EVIL" person?
What do you think happens when we die?
Where can I find poetry of Allama Mohammad Iqbal online?
why there are much sufferings?
what are important things to the people in this world?
I'm totally irresponsible, live paycheck to paycheck, and party too much...How many children should I have...?
What famous person, living or dead, would you most like to meet, and what question would you ask of them?
How many things are there?
What is very precious to you?
What would you do if you could do anything?
Please help I feel like I want to kill myself?
What is the begining of knowlege?
Would $50,000 be enough money to induce you to take a loyal, healthy pet to the vet to be put to sleep?
How to actually find happiness now in this society?
Do you think there will ever be a time when ridiculous hypotheticals will cease to exist?
What Work Makes Man a good man or woman?
what is a metaphysical,epistomological,axiologoica… question on abortion?
What would you do if every day started out the same day and everyone knew (like Groundhog Day but everybody)?
How God reveal Himself in man's dignity?
what happens when we die?
what happen if there are plenty of robot who will help people in every part of thier life.?
How to make the right decision?
what does blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay mean?
If free will is an illusion then what really governs everything?
How do Emerson and Thoreau connect nature to self-realization?
explain the role of habit in the achievement of moral virtue.?
What were the perceived Yoga practices of Sai Baba in Shirdi as analysed by people?
are all science teachers non-religious?
Do you think in the past we were even more advanced?
If there were no women, would the world be a better place?
What does love mean to you?
What is Alva Noe's thesis (main argument)?
Why doesn't Thomas Aquinas' five ways prove the existence of five different gods?
How do I learn to be a Mentalist online with out websites that say "laern how to be a mentalist in 3 steps"?
Would you rather be loved or feared?
what are the philopsophies or beliefs of philosophers in contemporary era?
Love is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Am i right or wrong...?
Why do people have the tendency to act fake sometimes?
what would you like to dump into the ocean?
what are the five (5) characteristics or contexts of humanity?
Have you ever made a mistake that you're proud of?
Were the gods of our past actually a more advanced race helping us get started on this planet?
If a person changes but no one else acknowledges the change does the change occur?
Why some people are more remembered and being loved than others?
"The human race has always lived more or less happily in the kingdom of the blind...?
Professional Recluse?
what is your deepest secret that nobody knows about YOU?
what is life?
Can a method justify itself? Or does this lead to a tautology?
Do you think it's right to kill someone who has ruined your career?
What is it being successful...earning a lot of money...getting the love of your loved one...?
To be, or not to be ... that is the question :)?
Philosophers, poets, and deep thinkers: What allegorical meaning would you ascribe...?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this word?
have you ever had a vision?
Please read! This is my life plan, does it sound like a good life plan?
Good life analogies ? help ?
Why did Aristotle dismiss the life of pleasure?
How Do You Turn An Enemy Into A Friend?
Who invented the word 'THE'...?
why does the world wan't to distroy it's self.?
What does 'finding yourself' mean?
Are people in the south much nicer than the north and west?
Am I becoming Insane?
why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?
Do you think you own your body or your body own you?
The Jedi Code?
Is the world really going to end?
Do u believe everything American politicians tell u?
I want to kill myself, I'm so tired of life and this diarrhea HELP!?
Who are/were your greatest fictional rolemodels ? And why?
Do we have moral obligations to non-person entities such as plants and animals?
Do you like the way you are living "your life" .. do you want anything different?
what does it mean to call a theory absolutist?
Will you think less of me?
What does an objective framework of value means to you?
Is it possible to forgive but not forget?
what is the difference between aristotle and plato and did they believe in the gods of the state?
Do you believe in fate? And if so, why or why not?
The beginning of enlightenment is to understand that you know nothing, has this statement has any truth in it?
Have you ever wondered if people talk to you just to be nice?
What is the concept principle of philosophies that has greater impact to you?
Can money buy happiness?
With only 3 words? Can u tell me about your life?
What is the meaning of the song "Will I loose my Dignity" from Rent?
In your opinion, What is beauty?
the following are all examples of Empirical sciences except?
wouldn't it be nice to have Nano machines in you're body sometimes to figure things out.?
Living in the suburbs good or bad idea?
What will happen if my spaceship will crash in an alien planet?
what is the meaning of life?
In what essay/s does Alain Badiou discuss the 'logics of site'?
Did God exist before He was aware of Himself?
How does one detoxify the soul?
do people really get what they deserve?
Does God desire EVERY PERSON to be saved, or just the predestined "elect"?
who said??????????????????????????????????
How much do u drive a day average?
What is your defantion of 'COOL'?
Did EVERYTHING happen for a reason?
What is my actual race??? Why do I look like a Hindustani?
Do you expect everyone to suck up and agree with you?
i don't think god exists at all. i think it's so obvious to me but most don't agree. can u prove he does???
There is no science behind love?
What do you think of these quote? Do you think they have any special meaning? Who do you think is moral?
Is it possible to live a fulfilling life having never tried wearing sandals?
In your opinion, Is all human life of equal worth?
synonym of likeability?
what is the philosophy of scientific revolutions?
What do you think is the most important thing that money cannot buy?
in kazakhstan, men with big nose, jew, cause much trouble, they cause trouble in america too?
What would you have to lose for your life to be meaningless and/or not worth living?
If there was a way to measure a person's...better aspects, would discrimination based on that be justified?
What new life form will take over when we are gone?
What dose it mean when your a.r has green and red lines in when you type in a code?
Who has and had it worse---?
Concept of everything connected? Seashells? Pi?
If I could grant you three wishes, what would they be?
if colors could be represented in numbers 0-9, which color would be which number, why?
What is the reason why you keep breathing (living)?
Which is worse regret or rejection, which would you rather live with if you had to choose?
Why does aristotle distance himself from sophists and natural philosophers in The Apologu?
what's your favorite proverb or phrase?
Do you think that " Cheap things has never be good & Nothing fee of charge in the world? Do you think so? Yeah
Why has nobody answered my question. Too tough?
POWER OF ASSOCIATION: Do you think before becoming friends?
What is the shortest answer to: What is the Meaning of Life?
What is the most beautiful thing on earth?
What investigations might this work for ?
Some Bibles say "thou shall not kill" others "thou shall not murder" which one is correct?
What is more important than Truth?
How can I turn my life around from empty, lonely, dirt poor, and boring to productive, happy, and fulfilling?
What should be our "motto" in life?
easy 2 points: is the glass half full or half empty?
Do you believe that bad command over language create communication gap in a relationship?
what time is it?
Is the Explicate order real?
what does M.I.C.E. mean?
Did you ever find that you love someone more then life its self?
What is the way to Improve Hand Writing and to Increase the Speed Brothers and sisters advice me please?
If you were young say in your 20's and you knew.....?
What is your philosophy of life?
Are you a jukebox hero, a pinball wizard or a dancing queen?
Can you tell me something that is MORE important than happiness?
What can I ask the person who wants another question but has stated that they don't know anything?
life is so hard but do you this quote can bring some joy in life?
is it true that the BEST Things in LIFE are Free?
Do you remember what were you doing on this day one year ago?
What is the meaning of so humble to cheat ?
Does enlightenment mean rising above thought????
if we were all born with a birthmark TATTOO, what would be your SYMBOL?
"rethinking thinking"- emotion,"many economic rationalists still hold true to their faith" what irony is the?
Must everything be personal?
How does culture + religion define certain things in terms of respect?
Do you remember what were you doing on this day one year ago?
What gives you hope in the most difficult situations of life.......?
what is life?
What will you do when the world ends?
what is the basis of the theory of authoritarianism as the theory of knowledge?
did USA's growth and power come from its pragmatic ideology?
What is more important, your money or your life?
Just got back from the Singles and Dating.?
If you were in heaven, what age would you prefer to live in?
I have to write assay on "a journey of 1000 miles strat with single step"?
Did/do your parents discuss religion openly with you?
what defines you as a person?
Does the office powerpath modify an organization which is producing reliable products using unreliable?
Why do we live in such a meaningless and selfish world?
REVOLUTION! universal revolution question.. how can u be u more then u..? (possibilities are endless)?
Whom to follow ? to my inner men , to spirit or my mind ?
Questions in Legalism (philosophy)?
What is hope?
As one of the 9 Supreme Court Justices, would u cast a deciding vote for or against the death penalty?
if 2 bees r flying @ the speed and rate of a pb&j sandwich,how long does it take 2 trains 2 cross the atlantic
Before I die I want to _________?
Is there any hope left for the future generations?
if you could have any kind of superpower, what would it be? why? would you use it for good or evil, or both?
Whats A utopia for Gatsby?
If you were on the state board of funding for the arts and your view of the arts is Platonic......?
Is your whole thought process based on mottos?
Why do some of you guys say that R&S is a mean section.?
Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green?
Do u lie atleast once in a day ? Without lieing u can survive?
Honestly, do you clearly know what you want from your life?
You change yourself to change others, but how about going into others or changing as them? Something about OCD?
why does reality hurt?
where did you hear about your end of the world predictions?
When we walk over and stomp ant beds, are there beings on other planets who would do the same thing to humans?
What is a unique and righteous way in couting a girl?
Niccolo Machiavelli............?
Top existential songs?
what do premiss, conclusion and argument mean?
Do you think Shivers by Dio can be considered a love song?
What is the difference between Western philosophy and Eastern philosophy?
Im wondering are my thoughts normal coming from what Ive been thru. do others think like this at times?
i want my bill in inbox(email) of idea postpaid cell.?
As no one can ever know our thoughts or be inside our head. Are we really always alone from birth to death?
Specialization in a world of problems?
What is the best piece of advise anyone has ever given you?
Russel objection to Nominalism and Platonism?
would society be better off if bullying was deemed moral?
what is normal ?
Do all moral compasses give the same results?
What new life form will take over when we are gone?
Is it epistemically sensible to separate *understanding the *meaning of words&stmts into 2 aspects: the def'ns
ok...this is a tough one... " Why"?
How old were you when?
Do you own a virtue called "Empathy"?
Need help on this philosophy question on my paper.?
how can i make my will stronger than others?
what is life?
Why does your comment line block freedom of speech if there are too many thumbs down? How many thumbs down?
Why don't we all kill ourselves?
do you think everything in life is planned/pre determined?
Philosophy - Plato's Cave. Your thoughts?
Have you ever lost something only to find you never had it in the first place?
What is your life philosophy, condensed into two words?
Matrix- fields of philosophy?
A bird in hand, is worth 2 in the bush. So should we live with what we have instead of aspiring for new things?
Which philosophers are most relevant to everyday life today?
Can you be born in a house that you built yourself?
How do you feel about music as the positive influence in your life?
Who is God?
What does the right to self determination act mean??
Create a valid deductive argument if the conclusion is that you know how to think.?
Is my assumption correct?
Is there any life after our life ?
How do software writers avoid inappropriate cost-cutting ?
What will the year 2036 look like?
If we all started to cut our thumbs off do you think eventually the we would evolve to havig no thumbs at all?
What are Spinoza's philosophical positions ?
Both Nietzsche and Marx despised philosophy. But why is the former but not the latter widely taught in......?
Could be our world just somebody´s dream?
What song or music would you like at your funeral?
What is the theme of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison?
Responsibility.... what makes you feel responsible?
Is the world ever going to get better?
what is the meaning of life?
Which is NOT a main theme of Existentialism?
If it's OK to eat animals because they're not sentient, don't experience emotion etc. Is it ok to eat retards?
Who's Lying in this Question?
Happy birthday Nietzsche what is your favourite quote?
what is something you will not sacrifice ?
What was Kierkegaard's "melancholy"?
wot was first an egg or the chicken?
is the love of money really the root of all evil?
What in life is a never ending search?
how can u be sure he is the one?.. 2 spent ur whole life with?
Is there any proof of existence of a "Spirit"..?
How can Jimi Hendrix be so good at the guitar?
What is the differecne between academic and intellectual freedom?
What does being in a state of hypertrophy have in common with being in a state of atrophy?
what is the irony in being ironic?
What is the meaning of price mechanism?
Which is more important - justice or peace?
How certain are You from Your own assumptions....?
Is the love you get equal to the love you give?
why is the world so cruel?
Puberty Rites and Chinese Taoism?
Blueprint of life,homework help?
Who puts life in a song- the composer, musician or the singer?
What can one do with a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy?
In philosophy, what is the mind vs the body(mind-body) problem?
may i know who is the chief commander for the america during the world war 2?
Would you consider this a good example of free-wil?
Do Heaven and Hell exist??
Did you ever feel like you had nowhere to go in life when you were in your early 20's?
do you judge people on first appearances?
To a certain extent, could a similar question have been asked at Collins computerization review meetings ?
When you take the bull by the horns... Is that from the front, back, or side of the bull?
do you usually hope for the best, or fear the worst?
Can there be happiness among the thorns?
why girls get mature in comparison to boys of there age?
Would these categories be relevant to Collins project ?
What do you think of this quote/sentence?
In one line, what is life all about?
What would happen if?
Is anyone genuinely happy?
If we don't have souls, what guarantees our individual identity through time?
If there was one road in life you should not have gone down, but did anyway, what would it have been?
Do you believe your future rests in the beauty of thought?
who said freedom to starve is no freedom at all?
why do men have nipples? what purpose do they serve for us?
"Its not important where you're going if you don't know where you came from"?
What do you think will happen in the future?
If aliens from space decided to contact us after watching our TV and radio broadcasts?
Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all ??
after you break up withyour gf after 8 yeARS, what is normal too have a new realationship after what time???
I want the last Harry Potter book, who wants to get it for me for free?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
What do you do when there is nothing to do?
Starfox....... what source would that be?
Can you say something philosophical in three words only?
Was Osho really a mystic?
Will the world end in 2012?
Why do humans have so many negative traits? how can we overcome them? is it even possible to overcome them?
what is focus in the sense of pursuing your vision?
Are we truly dead if we are ...?
what kind of sea life is in Myrdle Beach?
Single Word for a Feeling of Knowing Everything Will be Alright?
little bit under the influence?
FOR GOTHS ONLY!!!! What does it mean to be "Goth"?
what is the main reason for human's fear in/of the world.?
What is the that here for?...that from these honored dead ... , that ...?
will we ever achieve world peace??
At what age can true love be found? (youngest age)?
Can you give me your thoughts regarding Hobbes and Rousseau?
what is the purpose of your life??
Inquiries about Ad Baculum?
How can we live our life forgetting all our tensions and worries ?
what does it mean to "undermine" something ? and does "mocking it " do this? if so, why?
I'm suddenly feeling sad for no reason..?
How does hubris relate to tragedy and real life?
Do you believe in having a soul, and if so, do you belive in soulmates?
How does the office powerpath use the Prisoner's Dilemma paradox to seize power ?
What spices up your life?
The Now, the presence is all THEY need?
Heart makes decision or brain?
What is a simple way to explain G.E Moores con cept of free will?
Where can you find a dragon egg?
If you could ask the founding fathers anything what would it be?
When you boil it down, is there really anything more to WAR than property and religion?
Do u think God planned out your life to be the way it is now?
whats the differences between love & hatred?
Some latest women rights news?
Is there anything that doesn't have an exception?
Is humility ever wrong?
Do you believe in destiny?
of all the kinds of human personality what do you think is the one that has a strong spiritual dimenion?
What would you want written on your tombstone?
Where is your favourite place on this earth ?
im searching 4 god & i find comfort in many of seethers songs i believe they believe what do u think :)?
What's the difference between the mind and the brain.?
if you're physically caged but believe you're free, are you free or not?
Just a Question....?
Am i wrong in thinking that a lie is changing and a truth is constant?
Is Life Fair? Why/Why Not?
Why do these things always happen to me?
What is the name of the man who came up with the existence of particles by cutting soap in half?
how to remain happy?
What so you think the odds are you can make music a living as an indie rock musician?
Just how many wars are fought between good friends?
why is life so unfair at times?
A real may be understood as having two aspects: its nature aspect and its?
if you ever find Pandora's Box, do you think it's already EMPTY?
what is the ultimate question?
why can't we sleep properly when we cheat someone or when we do something wrong??
Are you familiar with Neurolinguistic programming? Does it actually work?
First Aid for the Soul?
Michel Foucault has far as I have understood, said that the prisons are there to prevent revolution, right????
what is the best thing u have done in your life so far ?
Does God exist?
Can anyone prove to me that I exist?
If you are immortal, what will you think?
For people who familiar with Karl Marx and Althusser's Ideology Theories.?
Why can't an omnipotent God get rid of evil in the world?
I need 2 build a brand new Hospital, get your men and feed me with Finding Reports ASAP!?
sad or with a deep meaning texts or books?
If God exists, what does God really want from us?
How does the idea of moral relativism relate to Plato's form of the good?
What is one thing you disagree with completely?
do u think health is important in our life?
I am an M.C.A. (p.g.)pursunig(6th sem) one year back . what strategy should be followed to get job in s/w.?
How effective is marriage in person's development ?
''in order to get to where i am, you have to go through where i've gone''...?
Killing myself.. Depressedd?
Wouldn’t it be better life came with a road map?
Why is the Zen or other Budhhist concept of Enlightenment?
what are the importance of language in law profession?
What are the rules of conduct in Plato's Republic?
Is life enjoyable? I'm tired of this bullshit!?
do you think happiness can be calculated based on ones proximity to the internet?
Is life beyond the universe?
Accomplishment I am most proud of?
Small means humility, humbleness or lack of confidnence and inferiority complex ?
Where can we go.... where it will be peaceful (philosophy imagination)?
DO you know who Sam Gold is?
why some people r so short tempered?
Dead is just a milestone or a real end ?
what is poon-tang? What are the origins of the phrase?
How can I know what I want ? What if its too difficult to achieve ?
If birth is the opposite to death . . .?
true or false?
A living contradiction?
Arent there sometimes when you just wanna disconnect yourself from world cuz of problems?
What was John Locke's stance on Metaphysics?
Comment of the meaning of ¨We are narrators for instinct of freedom¨ ?
The Apology of Socrates?
Explain what you find most and least convincing about the philosophies of Socrates and Plato?
do you believe in a parelle universe?
Where is this parable from?
Anyone else notice that all science begins with faith?
how does the text Conspicuous consumption by Veblen relate to Graphic design and visual communication?
do you believe as i do its important to ' know ' things?
What created the universe? Can things pop into existance?
Will the world end in 2012?
what can we suppose the purpose of existence to be ?
Black or White?
How does someone who has lost thier faith get it back?
what would you do if you found out you were going to die tomorrow?
Can some one help me out?
A philosophic question?
Is money everything??
would you prefer every human being in the world to be equal?
Is poverty the mother of crime?
I'm good at debates;however I'm not philiosophical at all?
In the workplace, are there Machiavellian battles between authenticity and non-authenticity ?
Do you believe that great scientists, artists and philosophers are "superior" people? Why or why not?
What happens after you kill yourself?
What one thing makes your life worth living?
Why don't people just admit when their wrong? Why stay in such denial?
Money or Honey,,,,what would make u more happy...........?
why we fall in love ? is there anyscientific reasons ?
who are you or what defines you in one word =)?
what will be the next "glamorized law-breaker"?
what is the most meaningful sentence you have ever heard in your life?
in answer to the guys are jerks ventings, a story?
Do the clothes make the man?
What created the universe? Can things pop into existance?
"Life is so unfair".. When you hear someone say this, what do you feel like saying to them?
Why are some people prodigies?
If practice makes perfect, and nobodys perfect, then why practice to be perfect?
Happiness to me is to achieve and contribute- what is your happiness?
life is existing, what about death?
Would you give your life to save a stranger?
What are some differences and similarities of Space and Time?
Do you think people who are in coma's are reborn when they wake up?
I need a slogan which tells do not put them in cave?
what is your goal in life????
How to not give in to my selfish sinful desires?
why do people lie,knowing pretty well dat they will be punished some day for it??
Do you see to believe or believe to see?
the Davinci Code is a sin, right?
What is your idea of the good life?
I am what remains when everything turns to dust, who am I ?
How does Descartes compare math and the mind?
What Is The Most Memorable Or Interesting Event From You Life?
can a christain be a philosopher?
two questions - advice please?
kindly explain this point?
Cosmic Wheels......................?
What is the best feeling?And what is the worst?
why we are trying to get something from nothing?
When you think of 'extinction' what comes to your mind?
How would the world be different if air had no weight? What scientific truths would no longer apply? Etc...?
How do I know you exist...?
? do a person spent when he/she get a little amount of money maybe sum of cpf given like e.g.300 dollars on?
I try and treat people as they treat me?
Why do we feel the need to ask questions and know things?
Can we change our destiny, or will destiny change us?
Locke's Original Acquisition-main points?
If God controlled everything, then why didnt he make us evil-free?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
Do you think it is ok to be gay and never tell your parents or even some family?
Summary of Birth of Tragedy?
Why are we here?
why would i be worried?
If Diversity is a sacred social goal, how can you ever reach Equality?
In chinese philosophy, ancient or otherwise, what is Sen Dao and Sen Bohai?
i dont want to forgive because the person is unrepentant although she says sorry. what do you think?
Any athiests want to go against 'biblical evidence' ?
Is it me,or the whole existance of humans is pointless if they are destined to die?
what is your biggest motivation in life?
Do you think is a good idea/stance to take?
Why are humans like hitler and all the soldiers who helped with the beating of jews capable of such cruelty?
I am having an exam and am not at all studying. what to do to motivate myself?
are you always the first one there and the last one to leave ?
Do you think EVERYone is born w/a conscience? OR there are some just born "bad"?
What does it mean that 'summer is a state of mind'?
Definition of Courage?
Which came first: the chicken or the egg? s!?
An excerpt I ran across on the subject of living consciously?
There's always something MISSING in my LIFE, can you TELL ME what it is?
is there a real democrasy and human rights?or it is used for benifits of others.?
If The Time Came, Would You Sacrifice Yourself For Another?
Which is better and why?
Who is the more Logical Speaker?
what do you think about god? within four words?
what is atma? and pramadma?
Why are guys nice when they talk to you one on one, but when their friends are around talk like a pimp?
How would you compare and contrast Mill and Marx on the role of the law?
If I tell you that I was going to kill myself...?
do you believe in the concept of restriction?
If bigbang happened again the universe would not be the same quote?
Do you think the world will end in 2012?
Why do we people strive so much in our life and work like donkeys, when we know in the end we all have to die?
What can make you happy no matter what ?
Is happiness a late discovery, or I'm the only one who thinks so?
Hannibal was seemed that to achieve his ultimate goal he has to find his inner Milton Berle?
Why don't people trust atheists? how is it this minority is pegged as untrustworthy?...?
Why didn't the elephant in the circus break itself free?
How does relativism secure our freedom?
Which is better, love or happiness?
Do you think personhood is an all-or-nothing attribute or something that admits degrees?
Do You Miss Your Childhood ?
The most likely to succeed award?
What hope can I gather from you...?
What's your insight about life?
If you change the way that you look at things...?
Ayn Rand "anthem"?
What is the role/function of beauty in life?
Wise philosophers I call upon you for the answer that has plagued mankind for far too long?
What do you know about the theory of objects (Gegenstandstheorie)?
Can corporations be considered "alive"? Can they be considered intelligent?
How do we know the past is real?
Question about tomorrow?
Essay on solipsism! HELP?
I don't need to know your name, but does it have a meaning?
Are humans the most "evil" beings?
what is the meaning of life?
Will there ba a season 2 for omamori himari and a season 3 for the world god only knows?
if drinking and driving prohibited why parking lots are made outside the the bar.?
Should I change?
Why is life unfair only to good people and fair for bad people?
Okay, how's this for a philosophy question?
Why is...?
why is it hard to believe people?
Why Did God Create Existence?
Have I gotten boring?
Is it better to follow your heart or your head?
Do people manifest what they think?
What would you do if you knew everything?
Is it better to be ruled by your heart or by your head?
Why does society say that genocide is inherently wrong, when in reality NOTHING is?
How do we know that the life we live is real?
how to make 4 million FASTFASTFAST ?
do you think anyone can ever be truly happy?
Do you agree with the dictum, "Let justice be done though the heavens may fall"?
This proof needs to be done in eight steps?
I need your opinion :D?
Does anyone else feel like they are destine for great things.....?
If you were a Jew living during the Nazi occupation of Europe, would you prefer to die early, or die late?
Is poor personality means no success?
Philosophically speaking, what can you say about guilt trips?
"There's no such thing as no such thing."?
Fight Club vs Christianity?
Hypnosis does anyone around this place practice it or study self hypnosis and want to share some tips?
What are the pros and cons of changing one's past?
Philosophy Help Please!?
What do you think life would be like without colors?
I want to create things for a living but have no idea what to be...?
What is your TRUE Gift?
Life Opinion: Can you never leave or change who you are without hurting someone you love?
Do you think that deep thinking people have got more interesting life?
What do you think life would be like if there were no religions?
Immanuel Kant......?
What’s important to you in your life?
Why do ignorant people bash on smart people?
Yesterday i had a really strange dream?
Explain Edwin H. Sutherland's "Dramaturgical Approach" theory?
What's the best way to live life?
i need help understanding this philosophy essay question, and need some tips on how to go about writing it?
If a fly doesn't have any it still a fly?
when will these tears dry?
What would you do in this situation? Save a childs life even if it cost u your arms and leggs?
Is quality a part of any object... if not, what is it of the object, contributing to its total identity?
Over 150,000 People Die Every Day in the world, then why are you still living?
Does cultural pride help or worsen the potential for a successful foreign policy?
Is there life after death?
Why so many "end of the world" predictions failed?
is there such a thing as a quater-life crisi?
Is this lying? Is this deceiving? Is this wrong? Oh god, someone please clear this up for me please!?
If a tree falls down in the woods and there is no one around to hear it what sound does it make.?
What do you think of Nihilism?
What makes people materialize jealousy?
If silence could speak what would it say?
Does mere charisma have us sitting upon the verge of a neo-hegemony?
philosphy: what is the difference between weak and strong paternalism?
Are you afriad of getting old and dying?
If you were writing Ada code, why wouldn't you buy several compilers, and write code that worked with each
Karl Marx: Theory of Alienation?
why do u believe that god exists/doesnt exist?
PLZ HELP!!!!!!Plato's understanding of the appetite and pauls understanding of the flesh?
What would you be doing now if you were not on line?
How do you feel about death?
What are some common questions of philosophy? What are some unique questions of philosophy?
What are hot dogs made from?
How does public literacy define modern American culture?
Did you get what you thought you wanted in life, or what you needed instead?
I NEED your opinion!!!'?
Is it possible to believe in a higher being and still agree with Darwin's writings?
Which would you rather know?
is it legal for an englishman to kill a welshman with a long bow?
Why do some people feel the need to troll the philosophy section?
Why do people disagree with Gerry Spence about Freedom?
personal pilgrimages, what are they and how do i start mine?
which is the best book on existentialism?
What is the meaning of life?
How do we difine NORMAL??
Books on Just world phenomenon?
I wanted to change my hair style a little. How far did I go?
Did you ever imagine your life was meant to turn out totally different to so far?
Do you follow your own advice?
in what state do you HEAL faster... in SOLITUDE or in COMPANY?
How do women attract the man they like...........?
If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?
what is the mood in henrik ibsen's "when we dead awaken"?
Why do we need possessions to be happy?
Do you want to live forever?
what is your aim of life?
Cried Working at the 'Happiest Place on Earth'?
Who Said '"We should live in the world as it should be, in order to show the world what it can be."?
What is scarier- God or no God?
What are the things you think but do not say?
Is there such thing about Originality?
Is there a life for such a creature?
Why do people feel they have to Lie about anything?
Can an act of love be an act of abuse?
Paradox I can't figure out?
Is a miserable life worth living?
Knight and Knave problem?
how does dasein relate to god in martin heidegger's 'being and time'?
have you ever?...?
why is this a weak analogical argument when we compare smoking to eating cake and cookies?
Can people who say "i dont like myself" actually have a big ego?
Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten but hotdog buns come in packages of eight?
do u think eating fleshand bones is a sin? abt egg?
At what point do people "get it". Life lessons?
Where do we draw the line between Public Health and Eugenics?
How did Plato develop many of his ideas?
Does "performance management" make such sense ?
Altruistic acts?
Why does everyone hate gay people?
Explain the two ways in which morality might be “dependent” upon God?
Which philosopher has made a greater impact on societies morals?
does anyone know the meaning of a full moon on a leap year?
what's your biggest regret in life?
To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?
How can I find peace of mind,salvation,total freedom to be me without struggle,therapie & other peoples advise
Why has god been ignoring me?
my 7 year old wants to know what trees think about?
What is your greatest achievement? ?
Do people who believe in "karma" believe that bad things will happen to certain people in life?
how does geographic area afffect people's life?
if God were to ask you, "why should I let you into my Heaven?" what would you say?
how to make 24 million in 2 days?
Explain racism and discuss the extent to which it may be regarded as being morally discriminatory to woman?
Why does this guy do this to me?
what specific "wrongs"/sins/crimes did the priest in "the crime of padre amaro" do?
what are the glasses that kid cudi is wearing in the pursuit of happiness video?
Do God really exist ?
How can one Embiggen? You know, Jebadiah Springfield? (I don't know the spellings)?
with people slowly destroying the earth we live on and there being a huge overpupulation problem...?
Did our father told us just to play not to kill or commit suicide?
i hd done a mistake in mah life with mah ex.its cheek it called a mistake or not.?
Do you agree with hobbs or locke on weather people are born good or evil?
Do you ever go into a moment, where the world could divide into 2 different worlds but only 1 will happen?
Compare and contrast Thomas Hobbes and John Locke's ethical system?
Should I go out with this girl after she's acted like a mean conceited b*tch?
What are 3 things St. Thomas Aquinas contributed to philosophy?
How was classical conditioning first studied, and what are the important elements and?
Where do we start diffrenciating reality and dilusion?
I feel so lonely and confused in life... What can I do?
what is the computational representation theory of thought (CRTT) and why is it considered functionalism?
You ready to use your imagination ver 5.0?
is philosophy a good optional for UPSC?
When Jack Chick passes away, who will draw the comix?
Philosophy Language: What does this mean?
Is there anybody out there that was or wants to know about Amish?
What is the "soul"?
what is impression ?
Who's going to build Dagny Taggart's train after her and her fellow elite strike and leave the leaching middle?
how can i study philosophy at mit if i have no money, no monet?
I have a desire to spend money. suggestions?
Is it our moral obligations to future unborn generations of humans?
The use of torture, what are your views?
Are there too many atheists in the world?
Is death better than my rubbish life?
What can you tell me about the idea of communal wisdom?
What went on in your head when you first saw my screen name ? like for the first few seconds ?
Is killing myself worth it?
How to move up in life from a loser to a winner.?
why is my life so misorable?
There are only two ways to spread light, which one are you?
I need help with logical Fallacies.?
Can a loose cannon be turned into the perfect weapon particularly if he is willing to be a leaderservant?
if you have the POWER of PERSUASION, what would be your Favorite COMMAND?
What is the difference between morality and righteousness?
As we head towards a more preverse world then we thought possible, has there been a study?
Ever noticed some people say "make love", while others...?
man and a genius man what is the different ?
what is self-hypnosis?
What is time (and you can't use the word "time" in your answer)?
What if people were willing to examine their opinions for being opinions, and not the laws of the universe?
What is love?
I want to dedicate my life to helping others? How do I do this?
Hume's skepticism includes doubt about the existence of what?
what are some questions we must all ask ourselves?
On a safety critical computerization project, would testing be pushed to the front end ? Would everyone seek?
Do you want to live forever? Yes or no and why?
What is your Million Dollar Idea? Will you Act On it?
If you dont believe in GOD... then to whom you will entrust your SOUL after you died...?
please help me,wad lessons that The Lumber room(Saki) has as lessons of human nature?
Is the world really going to end soon?
Would you ever want to wake up if waking up would mean ending a dream in paradise?
Can people talk meaningfully about something they clearly haven't even grasped the fundamental basics of?
Are you an observer, or a participator of life?
Socrates seemed to espouse some of the fundamental principles of Skepticism?
Philosophy Question To think about?
Is it better to know the truth and be hurt or ignoring it and be happy?
why some man unable to express or communicate well?
What If...?
What makes man unhappy ?
I want to hear something?
A local radio station posed this question? Would you prefer to die at 50 peacefully, or 90 brutally?
What if you discovered you are much more than you think you are?
In Aristotle's The Nicomachean Ethics...?
Is death really unfair?
What is WISDOM ....?
is it better to be safe than sorry or sorry than safe?
how are we sure that god is a man??
Do you considered yourself ignorant?
In your opinion do you think the world should have 1 king?
wht is the significance of indian philosophy?
Is it possible to reach the absolute 100% truth?
What comes to mind when you see the word 'nothingness'?
what is meant to happen on this day?
What did Marx wish to abolish?
How does Hume set up the Paradox of Taste?
Is Up, forward, and/or is down, backwards?
What philosophical view am I?
How is perception used in deciding what to learn and unlearn in this life?
what is the purpose of life??
If I told you I love you, how would you react??
Senses - your favourite smell, sight, sound, taste and touch?
if an author from +400bc spoke to you now, would you take their words at face value?
Thrasymachus' defintion of justice?
Have you ever got the feeling that somebody up there loves you? How come?
If you ask a stupid question, do you get a stupid answer?
Which of these is more accurate? I am George versus My name is George. I am hurt versus my feelings are hurt?
Is this bad or good or just what ?
Would you say that a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
Plato and Aristotles view on human nature?
Shouldn't religious believers reject modern scientific products as well?
What is your way of staying happy ?
If "team X arranges to set objectives, and team Y arranges to meet those objectives", would an "office?
Life is a long pain everybody loves..are u agree with me?
Do you believe in "tit for tat"?
we'll be save in the dark, its in the light that we're vulnerable. its the light that makes the shadows?
How would you interpret the phrase 'Hardships of heathen crosses' ?
Who loves you most of all the people in your life?
Since scientist and doctors are capable of creating diseases...?
What is the meaning of life?
How do you understand this:"It is more important what you give then what you take"?
what does it cost, to live your dream?
have you ever?...?
What is it that money can never buy?
what colour is happiness ?
Can you put this in layman's terms?
What questions can I ask myself when making a time capsule video?
when is it time?
I want to argue against views of W.K clifford against those of Aquinas?
Did anyone do this for Collins, or for Oberon for that matter ?
why does Kant say existence cannot be a determining predicate?
Why do people think that Satan is so bad? (please don't look at this subjectively)?
do you think a new, better world order is possible?
If death is inevitable then why is your main instinct survival?
Is selfishness the root of all evil?
How long do you think the human race will last and how could it end?
Do we have moral obligations beyond the law?
According to Mirandelo in his Oration on the Dignity of Man, the individual human being is a?
Glassen’s categories of Deontological and Aeteological moral terms?
Is the psychologist's job to sear the conscience & make you more evil?
What music are you listening to right now?
What do you think of the way major websites become associated with their founders' personalities?
Why is there a Label for Everything?
Is there any question, which has no answer?
Why am I never certain about, ‘WHAT I WANT’ in Life?
How you you find the strength to Persevere???
Do you consider Neil De Grasse Tyson to be the genius of our time the way Einstein was the genius of his time?
What will happen when we die?
What do you like and admire most, Belly dancing or Ballet?
If all the people with 'faith' suddenly realized that there wasn't such a thing as god, what would happen?
Don't you think we have too many inhibitions in life and our thoughts and behavior?
whats are some really hot songs about having sex ,?
What is the maximum amount of knowledge that a human being (past,present,future) can obtain in their lifespan?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
what is the meaning of your life?
is there a difference b/n political theory and political philosophy?
What is more important in your life-that you have been, that you are, or that you will be?
If you aren't having sex every single second, aren't you killing the potential babies that would result?
Do you understand another with compassion?
If there was a zombie apocolypse right now what would you do?
Is nonsense truly nonsense or perhaps something different?
How do you "BE" nice?
will us end or will us make it?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if he thought he was about to die?
How popular is Soren Kierkegaard as a philosopher rather than a theologian?
What would u like to be in your next life? What were you in your previous one?
what is the beautiful thing in the world?
If God made the universe, who made the god?
If you were able to change One thing about life . . . . . what . . . . why?
am i a commitment-phobe?
Why will you answer my question?
Do you think people have a specific destiny?
What is the Meaning of Life?
How do you prove your innocence?
What's the point of life if we're just going to die?
Using 5 senses, answer the following: Whats the color of darkness?, the taste of love?, the feeling of red?
Are you interested in the paranormal?
what is the meaning of life?
Why is Scientology a religion? And what does it consist of?
Do you think it's arrogant when someone doesn't feel ashamed about being a Human?
Time travel?
So...Is death the end, or is it just the beginning?
Am I an idiot for not understanding "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"?
Why do we doubt? It just makes things confusing. So why?
Paint a picture in your mind., and Frame it... With Words!?
Do you consider your life a docu-drama,sci-fi adventure,or "B" movie, or maybe something else?
Why the EXTREME pride in one's own country, race, or color?
What is the world coming to ?
"It is impossible to achieve Utopia, so we shouldn't even try"...?
Why is there three little birds pitched by my doorstep?
Would a world without sin, be a world worth living in?
Will you still love me when I turn ugly from inside?
what is true love?
Anyone really familiar with The apology ????
Is beauty relative or a specific quantifiable universal standard?
Is my happiness too good to be true?
When you look into your eyes while staring at a mirror, what do you really see staring back at you?
Your halcyonian days.............................?
Please help me for my philosophy homework!?
why is the working week 5 days and the weekend only 2?
Why are we here...?
Is it a category mistake to try to "integrate" a system such as Collins software ?
Why are we born .... whay shd we even live????
What is the ONE QUESTION you have always wanted to ask?
What keeps you in line?
Excusing your faults because you're young?
What are some of the best, happiest moments in your life?
What is a little thing that makes you happy?
When the world ends, what do you think will happen?
Wat is more powerful than god,worse than da devil, poor people have it,rich people need it,if you eat it u die
What does Occum's razor have to do with razors?
What makes you smarter than I am?
If you could ask Hitler a question, what would it be?
Who, knows the Greatest truth of all?
What is "moral dangers inherent in contemporary thought"?
who first circumnavigated the earth??
What kind of metaphor can be used that is referring to the word adversity....?
Kant's Idea of Freedom ?
what was the first question asked ever in human's history?
I feel as if I'm waiting for my life to begin?
are you a 'yes' person or a 'no' person?
Prove this logical argument? How?
Is the kabballah an official part of judaism? What are the main principles of the kaballah?
what's the difference between anything's possible and nothing's impossible?
What is the first thing i need to make my character in our life .?
Philosophy question about photography?
Help on Ethics question. dealing with Aristotles views of virtues?
Do you think friends are important to happiness?
Would you get a chip implanted into your brain if it could...?
Is sensory experience the only truth you are capable of knowing?
what does it mean "Virtus Omni, Loco Nascitur"?
A man says to one particular woman.....?
True or False. There is a formula that implies every formula.?
How would you rate yourself and your life........?
What is it you would like to experience that seems to be eluding you?
How do you like your steak?
Are you think human rights is observed in iran?
What does it mean the sun never shined on a cause of greater worth ?
Why does O'Hara think that the JTB (justified true belief) account is wrong?
Leon Trotsky and Marxism...?
Who is your favorite philosopher and why?
i Have a questionn??
Is it wrong to think like this about life?
Where are the Ramanujans of our century???? The genius of our century?
Other than creating chaos,and possible riots ,which in my mind would be better than dying of thirst ,Why can't?
Do you know that in ancient Greece philosophy was the title for all subjects that equated to any knowledge?
I feel SO EMPTY WHY????????????????????????
What do u think is gonna happen on 6/6/06?
Why do people develop forehead wrinkles?
why is life worth living?
a stupid question?
Why do worst case scenario always seem to happen ?
What is defination of all the drama styles. Thanks?
Who is the most penny-pinching person you have known?
Did "God" Create Us, Or Did We Create "God"?
What is your secret SPICE for life?
Feel as-if life is fading away? what will happen if..?
Can you write Hikues?
In what era of ethics history does John Mackie fit into?
What is the most offensive thing in the world today?
I tell you this,the purpose of life is not to please GOD ,but it is to know and recreate Who you are.?
dose anyone believe in love at first site?
Did Collins project contain anyone of this description ?
What is the true meaning of beauty and youth? Are they curses or blessings?
Guys: Beauty or Intellect?
Would you rather be supremely taleneted in one area of a jack of all trades?
If you could have any talent when you woke up tomorrow what would it be?
how will i keep up with my so proud office mate?
To be or not to be?
Explain the Divided Line from the REPUBLIC and the Scale of Loves from the SYMPOSIUM.?
Would Collins project have involved logical fallacies ?
How the wrold was born?
Did anyone on the Collins submarine project resemble Jafar, the evil Grand Visier to the Sultan ?
When we are fearful.. angry... anxious... unhappy... or jealous.. are we truly experiencing a state of love?
Knowledge can buttress racism?
Has the sword of truth and honour rusted?
What is John Ruskin's Philosophy?
anyone here eaten psilosybin before?
What is the buddha dharma?
finish this sentence~ i think_________is the coolest thing in the world, don't you?
Why is Philosophy the most spammed category on Answers?
Who is more unintelligent those that ask "stupid" questions or those that answer them by saying it is stupid?
Moral Dilemma!?
Do you think its possible that we are just thoughts of a higher being?
what is your opinion in this incest case?
what is the average IQ level of a person?i know that a mental guy's is 60 and mine is 124.please answer?
Tom Cruise declared that he would eat Katie Holmes placenta...?
Hume's idea of necessity...where does it come from?
if there is an option of knowing what age one will die,would you like to know?
Do you think we are very slowly evolving into more intelligent beings?
What is an alternative way of relating duty and good will from Kant's philosophy?
Were there any "software managers" involved with the Collins software ?
Why people believe in Personal God?
Your happiest movement of life......?
what is time?
why people get angry?
what is being reborn like?
I have thoughts about killing my self?
What is always coming but never arrives?
What are some circumstantial evidences to prove the existence of Abrahamic deity?
How can I decipher a Poneglyph?
Can Humanity EVER live in a world of dignity?
Are Preference Utilitarianism and Negative Utilitarianism mutually exclusive?
Why do the idiots asking these questions totally lack spelling and grammatical skills?
What makes people cheat on one another?
Flesh VS Spirit; are you fighting the battle?
What do you want right now?????
life is a dream???....?
Why Does Love Hurt so Much?
In search of something really deep here...?
what if there was no such thing as money?
Currently unhappy with my life, despite having everything I could want?
What do you think of this alternate answer to the question: Are humans inherently evil or inherently good?
Why don't people want you to have a better life then them?
What is your definition of a bad person?
The following represent valid immediate inferences:?
Big Brother’s watching you. Little Sister’s watching Big Brother. You are watching Little Sister...?
Revenge - Right Or Wrong??
How positive are you?
Do you believe in a soul?
More names for symbiotic life forms?
the best things in life are........?
Have you ever seen someone carrying on a conversation with himself and wondered if maybe ?
Describe commonly accepted criteria for establishing the credibility of claims (premises).?
Who's better, one direction or The Wanted?
how will you describe the the actions of Winnie the pooh in Eastern philosophy?
feel the rain on your skin , no one else can feel it for it for u.. speak the words on your lips , drench your
have u ever felt to run away from ure life????
do you think it is true?
Trying to find scientific critique on Heartmath and GCI?
why is a sexualised society a beneficial thing?
"We are like fishing boats, and God is like the Sea"?
what site can i download,women of faith instrument of peace video?i love that video!?
Can we prove luck or karma exists?
What makes a human being superior to all other beings?
what does it take to make life more easy and comfortable?
Thought-provoking question.?
What is Evil?
what is the meaning of life?