Who made GOD?
Why are all philosophers men?
What's your favorite colour and why?
3 things u would take on a desserted island?
In the act of conception, more than one egg(ovum) is fertilzed, yet only one survives. Does this shock you?
How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?
Shortest answer and still make sense?
Does the carrot or the stick increase your perception?
Is a day spent watching movies when you could’ve been working a day wasted or well spent?
why do we care so much for the dead?
He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough?
what does it mean if "the world is governed by causality"?
When does a large sample not commit an accident fallacy?
How do I thank God or Jesus?
Who has and had it worse---?
Half Life in Physics?
what sort of person was rene descartes like?
Anyone not talk a lot?
if you know i die ... and i will die after 2 hours ... what you wish to tell me ?
What's ur best poem that you wrote yourself? Best one will get 10 points so get creative!!! See my one below!
How do Aquinas' arguments for the existence of God differ from Anselm's ontological argument?
If life evolved or advanced what advantage could be gained by moving from self reproduction, to cooperative?
Do you think Answers is a good representation of public opinion?
What is your opinion of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?
Do Plekhanov and Lenin have explicit definitions of philosophy?
Is there a common ground or meeting point between Science & Religion/Faith?
How much money buys happiness?
Help understanding Rousseau's Social Contract?
"Failure is proof that the desire wasn't strong enough"To what extent do you agree with this statement? reason
what is karen floyd's platform?
I'm looking for a quote by a Greek philosopher about gratitude. I'll be more specific.?
if i love you and god loves you doesn't that by syllogism make me god?
Is it possible an advance civilization could save your consciousness?
Howcome jesus is white?
Is it possible for something to be where it isnt?
which is the most blissful place on earth?
What do you think is the ultimate source of connection to people or something?
controversial moral topic?
how can i start to belive in myself?
What are your views on Fate and Destiny?
is love essential for survival?
What are some objections to catigorical imperative?
can someone have faith but not be religious?
Are we truly free when we don't have to rent our arms to someone to lift a piece of bread to our mouths?
Why do we focus on what's different instead of what's the same?
What does Sigmund Freud think about this statement "People are naturally evil and selfish'?
How to increase my vocabulary?
What is the last thing that made you smile?
Are there any ambient nature shows? ?
What is Life?
Are you blinded by faith?
Do miracles happen.........?
What are the two things a man cannot hide?
I am looking for a new book, I think it is called Wilder Wood?
How do we know we exist?
Moral Dilemma!?
What do you think the world will be like in 40 years?
If necessity is the mother of invention, what do you wish were invented?
what will happen to her or nothing?
Ugliest quality a person can have?
Why do young children have dreams that are far beyond their experiences?
is normal don't be normal?
why not ????
What are the possibilities for human knowledge?
Do you believe that humans need control or need to be controled?
Have any projects been ruined by a broken agreement about a job promised, conditions of work or one's true....
Finish the sentence, to seek wisdom is to......................?
Is STARBUCKS COFFEE an evil corporation? why or why not?
namethissong: like this'how in the world did we lose our happy home,its just ain't fair;i thought u cared...?
Doesnt God love atheists too - will they love Him in return someday?
Why do we support our most ardent enemies?
Who iz the biggest Satan?
Who, knows the Greatest truth of all?
can someone give me some title of songs related to love , frindship and murder ?
Has the internet given us too much freedom of speech?
What are the things that you're looking in your life?
Do u think there will always be a place for bass/guitarists in music?
Will Mankind ever learn the secrets of the universe? if so, how do you think this will occur?
does god really their? or its a friction?
Why does humans (most of 'em) want to believe that there is a higher power?
What did the first man said to the first woman?
Philosophy question ?
What happens when you die?
Can rain make you feel lightheaded?
If you are familiar with Peter Singer Please Help me with this question!!!?
What does it mean if soneone says you speak with your eyes?
What is the Foucault book with a chapter with no name?
ludwig wittgenstein definitin of philosophy?
What is your one wish for the world?
Why is KINDNESS more associated with STUPIDITY than INTELLIGENCE?
What's the first thing you turn on when everything goes dark?
Which is more important, the product or the process?
Is perfection illusory?
If you could take back one thing you've done in your life, what would it be?
can you provide me leading indian researchers or any knowledge about on rebirth or reincarnation?
If you can change one thing in your life, what would that change be?
Philosophy Quotes which are dedicated and inspirational ?
What is the answer to this question?
What do humans do best?
What should i do when im scared?
What if..............?
what is more important-Intelligence or Beauty?
You find out that you have 48 hours left before you kick the bucket. What would you do?
Is life like a game?
Why we are in middle of a bet between God and Evil?
I may have ended up in an insane asylum if I were born in an earlier time period... What is the point to life?
Is this true??????????????????/?
Emilie du Chatelet Enlightenment philosopher?
Why does it seem that most people so selfish by nature?
Is tempting one to morally and ethically fall the greater wrong?
How can I combine functionalism and dualism?
Can Jesus warm up a burrito so hot that even he himself cannot eat it?
Where life starts,where it ends?
Can some prophecy really be intuition?
What's something you wish didn't exist?
Is there any other life form that values "Material Possessions"?
How can you love your neighbor like you love yourself?
is there such a thing like a bad luck?
What's the meaning of life?
What's something that human beings will never understand?
Are You Bad?
What is the meaning of life?
Why people die? and why we take it so easily ?
what does it mean to well arrange your time?>?
Is being a minimalist radical?
what is life?
A Philosophical question?
What is more important to have in life: Love or Money?
What do you mean by Living Excellence .....?
How do I know anything really exists?
What is The Doctors philosophy?
Is life a struggle for everyone or just me?
What was John Locke's philosophy concerning government? How is this similar (or not)?
If some says that he / she is not interested in you and ......................?
How can I help to balance out the injustice I see every day in the world?
Why do we let these masters of war and death control us all?
How would you describe "nothing"?
how do glaucon or adeimantus alter thrasymachus' arguement that justice is the advantage of the stronger ?
What do u think is not transient in life?Justify.?
Is there any truth outside of God's truth? Or can you disprove any of God's truths?
If immortality were offered to you, would you take it?
I feel like no one really cares about me and my life is meaningless?
I bought a potato and I think it hates me?
How is philosophy relevant to me when I am flipping burgers at "Tasty Freeze"?
Was Alfredo Reinado lured into the open where he could easily be eliminated and used as a patsy ?
Are you a nice person? A kind person? A generous person? A charitable person? A warm hearted person?
Why is the moon so far away?
If you owned everything in the world - where would you put it all?
What is the Worst TRAGEDY in LIFE?
Is time on your side?
Fear of what you don't knew? True or falce?
god mademan .man made money,money made man mad,so who made that mad person??????????/?
What's wrong with men?
Would this phenomenon be likely to affect a project the size of Collins submarine (supposedly a big project)?
How can the human race survive the next hundred years?
do you think everyone comes into your life for a reason?
Why does effective communication take an audience centered approach?
Deep thoughts and quotes?
Do you think immaturity is one of the main reason why break ups in relationships happen?
Are there any modern versions of Socrates?
What does determinism really suggest?
If you could start over the last five years of your life, would you?
Do u b'leive that their is a common law that can abolish the way we destructively live life?
If ignorance is bliss, then why do we have to seek for knowledge?
what do you know of clouded vision and psychic intuition?
Philosophy on matter, beginning til now?
What's worse, to kill the spirit torturing someone, or to kill the body being tortured?
Help me understand why David Hume doesn't believe be have a "Personal Identity"?
whats the difference between Aristotle's view of happiness and a Stoics view of happiness?
Can one person affect world peace?
What in life would make you happier?
Philosophy, AA, AC, DA, DC?
Who is Krisha Mae R. Bernal? Where could she really be?
Are religions suppressing scientific truth?
what are the three best way to die?
Is Father Christmas an athiest?
Do you think you are smarter because the net facilitates access to almost all existing knowledge & theories?
question about imagination?
Anyone, anyone? Job interview help?
Brief overview of Nicias' life. ?
What should I look forward to in life based on your life experiences?
Who are you?
Is there anything that is not contraversial??
Are humans sentient life form?
What are the differences are similarities that exist between empiralism and materialism?
What is the 'hope' that keeps people going?
Why is ! Answers in total violation of the US Bill of Rights, Amendment I - Freedom of Speech?
Distinction between positive and negative noumena?
Life: ......Are you enjoying the journey?
Describe Carl Jung's philosophy in problem-solving styles.?
How do your philosophy studies impact your relationships with friends and family?
Is the world becoming a dark, poor, depressing place or are we going to recover from these terrible times?
Why am I suddenly yearning to be with my friend?
Change your mind and you change the world?
how to raise funds for charity?
Philosophically speaking, Atheists- Now that the end is nigh, is it not time to repent...?
Is the world an experiment in progress?
Why didn't God put the "bad people" on a different planet?
What is it Like to have your life flash before your eyes?
Which's better? Please answer.?
Are you a loner......?
Is Ayn Rand a legitimate philosopher?
Do you have the compassion to tolerate the opinion of another?
What is the meaning of 'Theoretical Justice?'?
The Philosophy of Freedom- Rudolf Steiner HELP?
Kant's deontological ethics.?
Would you rather..........?
What makes you happy?
Do you think there's one or multiple forms of sanity?
Once you realise the inevitability of the universe, and your place within it, does your life lose all meaning?
Integrity? Is it bad to be a hitler...?
How could one feel so empty?
would you rather live forever or died by old age?
How am I supposed to trust a thesaurus when it doesn't even state that Human and evil are synonyms?
What`s the meaning of life?
Which alignment seems most fitting for me?
what songs could i remake about libertarianism ??
what is this fuss on the da vinci code all about?
I’m going to DIE tomorrow… Pls. tell me what should I DO?
why living?
Who said: This quote?
When you die, would you prefer to be Buried, Cremated or turned into a Diamond?
If potassium 42 has a half life of 12.4 hours,how many hours have passed?
That person you fought with today.. If they died tomorrow would you regret not having made up? Why is sorry?
Arguments against Aristotle's "Good man vs. Good citizen"?
Who is your favorite philosopher?
Third time lucky............................?
What do you think of history as a subject, how is school history relevant to our lives really?
can one believe in God, and not believe the Bible, word for word?
What scares you the most about life,or your life?
Out of sight out of mind OR Distance makes the heart grow fonder?
why do ppl remain upset wid us even after we ask for forgiveness?
Do you think Love is more like a solid, Gas or Liquid?
why shouldn't i kill myself?
What are the main things/factors that would make you switch or leave your job right now?
What is your opinion on the meaning of life?
what philosophy is an indispensable knowledge?
Is anyone awake and why?
Who said "the law is a jealous mistress?"?
Studying up on hate and need useful answers...?
If God said to the snake "You will crawl on your belly", how did snakes used to travel?
Which is more attractive? Cuteness or Lust?
Is there colour in darkness?
If men are from Mars and women from Venus, what are they doing together and why?
What would you like to ask?I dream that there was a man bad situation in money & he looked drunk what does tha?
Who are you?
Why is it so hard to be an atheist? ?
what are we living for?
Where do i git the mask in red dead redemption?
do you think our destiny is our destruction?
Do people who were born blind, see dreams ?
POLL: What do you love so much about your life ???
Is this argument valid and sound?
Tell me if this could pass as the meaning of life?
Imagine you were free of all restrictions and expectations, ideally what would you want to do with your life?
you couldnt be anymore oblivious to all the pain you can cause me ?
What is the difference between righteousness and vanity?
why am i alive, what is the purpose of life, why are we here?
what makes life more abundant and more joyful?
Are personal teachers more important to recognize, than cultural teachers?
Need to find my spark?
What truly keeps perseverance and answers the call of hope?
What happened to humans sixth sense?
In what aspect of life do our greatest struggles take place?
Is it only after a major loss or tragedy that someone can fully begin to conceptualize reality ?
How do people have sex with someone they don't love?
could half life 2 run smoothly if i were to do this?
philosophically, why is the best plan in life the most changeable in life?
how can u describe the color red to a blind man?
Can Humans Survive Out Of Pizza Forever?
what's the youngest age you can remember being?
what is the full form of ACDT?
How do I know whats the most important thing to pursue in life?
What would the world look like if we had had modern technology in the 13th century?
Nietzsche and his view on morality and philosophy?
Please elucidate for us some of the virtues or evils attendant to Secular Humanism.?
do we keep life going or life keeps us going??
Have I stumbled upon a flaw in solipsism?
how do glaucon or adeimantus alter thrasymachus' arguement that justice is the advantage of the stronger ?
"People never change" True or false?
is life action not contemplation?
What does "LIVE WITH PASSION" mean to you?
, Every time I have a problem ; thee first thing people wanna yell is God will mmakea wway?
WTF? Is this right or am I overreacting?
do you think peoples life path is already written out for them?
Do you want to be loved?
If you could have just one thing... what would it be?
Do you have the text of Abraham Lincoln's letter to school principal asking to teach Ab's son about life?
Is there logical proof that Jesus is God? If Jesus isnt God, then who is Jesus? A lunatic?
Why are some people luckier than others?
What is the definition of Esp?
Philosophical insight and ideas needed?
What can I do with my life? I need help.?
Don't you get tired of the world?
what is Anslem's ontological argument?
Do we have free will of thought or free will of thinking?
Why do we fear death so much?
What would you say If I told you God does not exist in the form you would think?
:)..:)..:)..:)..:)..:)...:)>---Can philosophy smile back at you?
What is it that you can't get enough in life?
If you could kill by just thinking it would you?
Who can make any sense from this?
Can a human being ever be free from the fear of death?
What one thing would you like to see happen in your lifetime that hasn't yet?
How are people indoctrinated?
what does "lol" mean? I see these letters at the end of sentences.?
Are there any similarities/mis similarities between the moral issues of euthanasia and abortion?
Optimism is a hopefulness for a better future, but does being optimistic require present contempt?
what is the history of the triangle in religion, math, alien conspiracies?
Martin Luther and John Calvin?
what would you do if you knew you were going to die in 24 hours time?
Is living a question of how or why?
how can we say that we're alive?
what is the most meaningful sentence you have ever heard in your life?
Is wikipedia evil?
Forgive me for asking a dumb question but what is the RAPTURE ?
Do you understand yourself?
if a tree falls in the forest and if no one is there does it make a sound?
If i drink 4 cups of tea, 3 glasses of coke and a pint of milk, what time will 92 bus be due?
Why do people feel "empty" when they are depressed?
What would you least like to be in your next life?
Is it possible to reconcile Freud's notion of infinite childhood libido?
Does my logic works?
Reflecting more on the Spoon, am I right with these assumptions?
The Matrix - philosophical movie topics help?
Why do men approach easy women and not smart, intelligent women?
Will science and religion ever be able to exist together?
need philosophy expert's help .........?
If life is a journey, is death zenith(coz datz where we go after completing our journey)?
Do you think insects have consciousness? Is it wrong to kill them?
do you feel like nothing really matters?
When we dream do we see the images like in a movie screen?? and where do we see them if its not by sight?
Would you prefer to be feared, respected or liked?
How does John Hospers use his strong and weak senses of knowledge to refute skepticism?
Can and Will are cousins who never trust to luck.. Can is the son of Energy.. Will is the son of Pluck..?
What show makes you feel smart?
The reference of Immanuel Kant saying "I belong therefore I am"?
Logic HELP?? Predicate?
What is the most painful of all human emotions?
do you think that relativism is a self-destructing concept as if u thought otherwise it would also b true?
How do you usually resolve your complain when you make a complain?
How are Ethics & Philosophy developed and how are they used today?
who was the oldest living female in the BIBLE, or is it even recorded?
Are free will and determinism compatible? Why and how, or why not and how not?
How or when is speech action?
If we say human nature is bad how can we make good laws?
Is it possible for two omniscient beings to coexist, and each retain their own sense of self?
What can everyone agree on?
Can morality exist without religion, or religion exist without morality?
Was "Bus compatibility testing" equipment available to the Collins system maintainers ?
how are the baroque and enlightenment philosophies different?
What will you consider positive and why?
can someone give me good websites about emerson and his philosophies/beliefs and life, mainly philosophies..?
how can life be so amazing one day & completely horrid the next?
I feel like my life has no meaning help?
Wht kind of person makes an impact on the world?
Does love contain carbohydrate?
justify life is paradox?
how to create a proof using predicate logic?
What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?
Free Money or Free Love?
What is recognition but input made twice? Meaning the same input?
who said "mind over matter, soul before flesh"?
Freedom is _____________..(fill in the blank)?
Do you believe animals KNOW things?
What is it that you are most thankful to God for ?
How does your worldview today compare to your worldview 10 years ago?
Aristotle- The Politics?
if whales are mammals, then they are not fish. whales are fish. whales are not mammals. Valid or not valid?
What do you think is the root of all evil?
Don't you hate when you're debating but you forget the specific details of your claim?
whats the basic thing that makes people change?
Why do people get so offended when you question their beliefs?
What is the philosophical reason for the success of The Reti?
Does anybody know where the expression, "No matter how much things change, they stay the same" came from?
kyuki-do terminology what is the name, meaning,and number of moves of your highest form?
What does the term 'JEWISH FIRE' mean?
I hurt a person who is from a high level now i don't know how can i make him happy. he is 42 yrs & i m 25.
What is the problem with capitalism?
Need help with philosophy paper!?
This will make you think?
Even if we ASSUME that a Transcendent Being created the Universe ex nihilo, what EVIDENCE do we have...?
Montesquieu and James Madison on the nature of the republic?
Ancient Greek letters had a numerical designation Rome knew it; where can I find information on the system.?
what is the meaning of ignorance?
In an increasingly connected world, how does one person interact?
me minus you equals blue ?
What do you want most right now?
why are we as humans, self destructive?
Can you prove me wrong?
Why do atheists always ascribe the trait of "free thinker" to themselves?
Your opinions on this?
Must everything be personal?
What is the relationship between Logic and Reason?
Ancient telescopes: spiritual hogwash or scientific possibility?
If you could live your life over, would you?
To what extent should governments reflect the will of the people?
Happy aniversary mail!?
If you could change anything about yourself or your life what would it be and why?
Would you like to know your future or is ignorance bliss?
can you describe thomas aquinas as a person?
what is the meaning of money?
What are the little things in life than you enjoy?
Why cant i just die instead of living my worthless life out?
How people influence communication in an organisation?
Should my parents be dissapointed?
Will True Love find everyone?
i want to know issues relating to skepticism. from Tunar, Botswana?
The mechanics of karma are?
i love whome what happen why?
Is this phrase importent: "Never travel without your orchestra. You might need it.?
How old are you when you figure out what you want to do with your life?
Based on "Thompson's Lamp" should I ask for food and a house instead of money from my employer?
how can i become more apathetic?
how to define my purpose of life?
What do u think, do we need to improve our spiritual life?
Do you think i'm crazy?
Which is the very worst place to live in the USA?
Why do we feel the need to belong?
When i say "Imaginary".. What comes to your mind and why?
What is the one thing that you know for sure?
Can someone explain Berlin's 'dualistic view of the self'?
How can a logical reality exist within a seemingly illogical construct?
What's the best philosophical/theological essay C.S Lewis ever wrote and why?
how do you master your perceptions, sensations, and interpretations?
How would one become invincible?
what is wisdom?
If you could get back at somebody for ruining your life, who would it be?
Is life anything more than a brief span on earth, with nothing but eternity on either side of this existence?
What are you passionate about?
How was Odysseus from THE ODDESSEY an epic hero?
Are you still dilly-dallying around, or did you find the answer to life yet?
Would you?
Understanding a trick, does this make you very smart?
What is the greatest title a person can have other than 'a god'?
“Sitting on the dock of the bay”… such a beautiful and peaceful feeling…?
what would you ask god?
Since most liberals are against severe punishment for criminals, should they be immune from protection?
Is there a way to escape reality?
Is a person's pride corruption, or misappropriation?
which is the comman mistake of humans life?
what human behaviours do you hate the most?
What made humanity so feudal, and what drives it?
The Protagorean theory of truth?
Should humans destroy the Earth?
How to live your passion in life?
Is it Ok to learn Vishnu Sahasranamam by myself or should I learn it from a guru?
The path your future is not Behind you?
the Apology by Plato is shows a theme of justice?
What happens when your reflection moves faster than you?
what do you want your last words to be before you die?
How would the world be without oxygen?
what Dewey means when he suggests all experiences have a common pattern?
Can I have a list of philopshy organizations?
Fax for Catherine Keller?
Do you live your life with no friends at all?
What FASCINATES you most in life?
what is the real love?
where is Duke University located?
Picture of life and deat playing cards?
Questions about quotations?
how did descartes relate to the theory of free will ?
If a person asks to be killed, and his friend kills him is it murder or suicide?
what happens when u die?
tacit and express consent and the generality problem?
do you believe in the law of attraction?
if you had the chance to start the world over again would you?
What's the difference between the strawman and red herring?
If a person calls himself a philosopher, is he then a 'deep' person?
what are the things that happened in 2012 that relates to madness (can be good or mad)?
What is your reason for living?
what do u think about life,helping poeple?
If you didn't have to worry about money anymore, what would you do with your life?
Who among the following is NOT a contractarian?
why people looks at sky,when they are happy or sad???
Why is it hard for us humans to be contented with our status in life?
Why is the world a Vampire?
Any of you regulars here in the philosophy section who DON'T agree with me?
tell me if it is not the most interesting and educational question youhave ever seen on sport-rugby category?
Why are children usually happier than adults?
One day at a supermarket I meet an Angel he was real and talk to me, Have anyone had a experience like this?
how can we stop those things?
If I told you "world peace would only be achieved through war" would you agree or disagree? &why?
Is preservation the end of life?
Does political freedom refer to the concepts of autonomy and independence, and freedom a state of mind?
Did Einstein have a lot of headaches?
Do you believe that humans have souls?
Do people change for the better as they age? Or do do they get worse?
what is on a poor man's mind?
Adam's Curse : what does it mean to you ?
Hmm, decipher this quote?
is it possible to create a society as it is describe on the Republic?
What doo you think of little Buddha-Nepal?
What do you THINK could potentially happen if all laws of society were suddenly stripped away?
What do you think of the predictions of Ray Kurzweil and my Prediections of the future?
how would flying humans affect todays world?
What is Carl Mitcham’s characterization of enlightenment optimism?
Have you ever felt like you can leave your body and see yourself while looking at the mirror?
I am sure this was asked already .... but WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD?
what does a presidentiable platform contain?
Why do people feel the need to be abusive?
what does ashu think about vat?
How do I "opt out" of the social contract?
computerized information systems can be obsolete?? true or false?
What's the point, what am I doing?
Does anyone know what happens to us when we die?
What did Harry Hilsson mean when he said Sweethaven was "safe from democracy" in the movie Popeye?
The use of torture, what are your views?
What is Aristotle’s doctrine of virtue as a mean ?
Do you believe that envy is irony?
Why does this happen?
Can you help me with these words..?
Can't, won't or don't want to.... which excuse do you favour?
Does anyone have any interesting incite on Thomas Aquinas and The Treatise on Human Nature questions 84-89?
Suppose that Universal Grammar is adaptive. Would it be correct to say that it was selected for? Discuss.?
Would you date me? My screen name is...?
What is vedanta and is it pseudophilosophical?
On some computerization projects is there someone who gets a kick out of?
Why God allows that?
If we voiced what we really thought and felt would people like us more or less?
What are the "Seven Solitudes"?
Have u ever seen the eyes of poor people?
Do you operate primarily from your intellect or your emotions?
How do aristotle's teachings on potentiality and actuality relate to his ethical writings?
What exactly is love...?
what really scares you?
In life "Love" is so essential...? I mean a girls is need ?
Do you prefer being PERFECT or just being REAL??
Do u think when a band like Radiohead tours it is mostly for money?
Is there a cosmos in every chaos ?
what does descartes argue for cartesian dualism?
Where is this parable from?
todays modern life there is no concept of true love ....?
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?
When your getting to know someone shouldn't the pursuit be mutual meaning I call you sometimes and you call me?
Can pain and suffering ever be erradicated from human life?
How Do We The History We've Studied For Years Isn't False?
Why do so many people ask rhetorical questions on this site?
If we pray "Hallowed be thy name" does anyone know what God's name actually is?
Define ataraxia & aponia? Which do you prefer?
Is there any meaning to life apart from repeating experiences repeatedly?
Are we always conscious of what we are doing?
what is the meaning of life?
if you could get these things for free, wouldn't you get them?
what is the difference between destiny and coincidence?
why should we live until we die?
Is it ALWAYS better to tell the truth?
how will you know if you're living your life to the fullest?
whats your philosophy in life?
How to make the best of your life?
should be confident for life?
All created by GOD, who created Him and where he come from ?
which is harder to EXPLAIN, what is LIGHT to a BLIND or MUSIC to someone DEAF?
define YOU in 3 sentences?
how do you pronounce "nicomachean"?
what is hyprordosis?
what is the most valuable thing in your life time?
Should our leaders display some irreverence?
Kindness= weakness? Why, why not?
What does the quote mean?
is life just a waste of time?
Why do people frown upon those who cut themselves?
Is it not better to be boring anyway?
Can you think of a good opposing argument for my essay? Please help!?
Where can I find the source of famous people's quotes?
Would life be better or worse if you could undo all your actions?
what are the effects of the early philosopher,chemist,physicist,and inventors' works to the modern life?
Can there ever be pleasure without pain, happiness without sadness?
Half-full or half-empty?
Why do we die, why don't we just get stronger?
Why can't we prove the existence of God?
The race card, is it overplayed?
Do you notice the strange coincidences in your life?
The world should end. Express your opinion?
Is it OK to use violence in self defence?
assume i have three weeks to live,what must i do?
A pointing directly away from Answers is directly toward the essential?
is selling dirty dirty?
What are the two most important things in life for you?
Help on argumentative essay on Free Will?
Why does your comment line block freedom of speech if there are too many thumbs down? How many thumbs down?
Suppose the sun had a flavor. What do you think it would taste like?
Can there be LOVE without FRIENDSHIP.... or FRIENDSHIP without LOVE?
What does philosophy mean to you?
is there A truth? does truth exist?
what are the major philosophical points made by Martin Heidegger?
God of war free for sony tablet?
Is death our true state of existence?
Do humans suffer the diversity traits attributed to dogs?
What are the five canons of rhetoric? How old are they?
Whats the best way to true happiness?
if a mockingbird chirps in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
How to have good days in your life?
Do you have a example on choosing between loyalty and ethics?
appraise the role of philosophy as a multi dimensional approach to issues of life?
Anyone think most people just want a job that pays decent?
how does it feel to make it?
Do you think that the future isn't what it used to be?
Can the Mind travel backward (and forward) in time?
What kind of a proof did Aristotle think was most important?
difference - BA philosophy and Bachelor of Philosophy?
"dar o cu é facil?" isso não é uma piada?
When love becomes an obligation, is it really Love?
What is the difference between fictitious and non-existent?
what do you do when you are alone in an elevator?
Why are unsheathed swords not allowed in churches?
how to have apeace of mind?
Who are some famous Philosophers that differ greatly from each other?
Can art create something in life? Or is a direction of life?
How does Descartes commit an intensional fallacy in his Meditations?
Are safety-critical software projects exempt from this nonsense?
Sharon Miller's text?
Can someone explain Occam's Razor in simple terms please?
Does Marxism advocate making everyone who can go to work?
in general what are the main things people regret in life?
What are some Mind and Body dualists?
In the book of Job, has anyone else notice that when God replaced all Job lost?
What is the worst thing ever?
If I sent you on a wild goose chase, what would you bring back?
Some knowledge of current it necessary?
It makes me so happy. To be at the beginning again, knowing almost nothing.?
What thing symbolizes you and why?
True or false and agree or disagree?
Does it matter where you get off if your destination is still the same?
What's your opinion........?
Where can you socialize with free thinkers?
Do your eyes say what is unsaid?
If you are over 40, Would you go back and face everything again? The laughs The heartaches? The tears?
what is the best quote or saying you've ever heard?
Philosopical deconstruction period?
apply this to your life?
I can't even believe this happened, I'm devastated, confused. How can this be?
What does a human have to do so their life is not wasted?
This Doesn't Make Any Sense to Me?
What are you willing to risk it all for?
What is the most painful of all human emotions?
what is the worst thing in your life?
Do humans really have free will?
Why does the government tell ud that god is real, but yet, they say aliens dont exist despite video proof?
what is the significance, for the utilitarian moral theory, of John stuart mill's claim that it is better to b?
you have brik or brak on your coffee table. one items falls off. is it a brik or brak? how do you know?
Statement about language (philosophy); does it make sense?
why is life so difficult?
In your own opinion?
A world "dominated" by women...?
Since the world ends everyday for those who die, does anything really matter at all?
Do you have a life?
Will huricane isaac effect where I live?
Pick 10 current or former world leaders/celebs/any person of influnce...?
Which would you rather be, poor and happy or rich but miserable?
King James Bible says, God said to Moses "The Ground where you stand is Holy". Was it holy before then ?
What's LIFE??
Any advice on how i'll make this happen?
Does my vision board just have to be about one specific thing?
Why is Artemis Better than other Gods?
What do you think is much more important in life : love or money?
what little things make you happy?
Anyone think people rush into relationships too fast thinking it will solve all their problems?
How can I balance my chakras?
What is the most powerful word that you know?
do you exist??????????
Does god exist both within and outside time? how is that possible?
is the world getting better or worse...?
How do anthropocentrists justify their belief?
what do yo think would kill mankind first?
what is the secret of life?
Who's the best at chukkas?
Will the world end this year?
If scientists managed to clone a person, would both of them share a cosciousness/memory/soul?
When someone says this what does it really mean?
Can anyone explain Anselms' Ontological argument to me?
Deductive argument or inductive argument?
How do we learn to think?
If you could change one thing about your community, what would it be and why?
If you could describe you past experiences, how would you?
Why is John Stuart Mill considered a more important thinker than Herbert Spencer?
Problem of evil by Epicurus ?
Why do people not want to make mistakes?
Are you ready to ascend to a higher vibration ?
What are the most important intellectuals today except Noam Chomski?
Could there ever be a One World Religion?
"Hell is other People" you agree?
Looking for the most original thought out here?
Is time travel possible?
Is the capitlism system fair?
Which is superior, black or white?
how can logic help in the attaiment of truth?
What is that one thing, for which you can sacrifice anything else ?
Why is this the case?
how have philosphers tried to get out of the vat?
Please help me understand this quote by Charles Baudelaire. Thanks?
Why is the fervent desire for change being shown by some of Luther’s followers disturbing to him?
Do all of the pieces fit?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
I can't seem to do long distant drive?
According to Immanuel Kant what makes an action wrong?
What is the point of philosophy? it seems pretty useless sense no one likes when I bring it up...?
is there such a thing as a waste of life?
Money or Love?
What am I missing in life?
Is it worse to punish the innocent or not punish the guilty?
How deep are you,give an original answer!?
examples of making things clear?
how evil is evil in your mind?
What do you WONDER everytime you GAZE at the STARS?
What is your most favorite numbers just two digits and please tell why?
What is the knowledge of the physical world according to Locke?
What is the State of Nature?????
is this question obscene if I typed it with my nob?
What is collective karma?
What is the best relationship to have with God?
Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance help?
is there is god?
sigh!I am 30 years old and have held over 50 jobs! what do you think of that?
Why do I try to enter into the world of people when ...?
In your opinion, which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Looking for a Meditation Tape?
Who philosophizes that man is savage or beast by nature?
is all the violence we see in the middle east a sign of the end?
Should we be judged by our actions or our intentions?
Survey : In whom/what can you see an image of God ?
Are babies born with a moral instinct?
Creativity depends on the mood? if yes, sorrow or happiness?
Has the rain finally stopped in the UK?
Utter nonsence. Need 1000 eyes,1000 brains to get answer for a simple direct question,crowded/unwanted with?
Who introduced the theory of operant conditioning?
dosen't what are good philosophy books?
What is freedom?................................…
Are we all in the Matrix?
If someone were to pay you 5 million dollars would you go without human contact for five years?
What wouldn't you do for a lot of money?
I'm having a dilemma right now....?
describe your self in one word!?
Can some please elaborate on nietzsche's will to power ?? weak will /strong will etc?
Where does the legend of Santa Claus come from?
Is it morally wrong to kill someone who has a martyr complex?
Can i find Hannah Arendt's 'Eichmann in Jerusalem' on the internet?
What the most important thing you want to do before you die?
I'm dissatisfied with my Life and I don't know why?
If God created everything, then who created God?
What does "to know" something really mean?
Why do I continually search for happiness?
Is it true that by age 25, most people have their lives figured out?
if you could reproduce yourself sans sex would you?
What happens to ENOCH in Genesis 5:24? "...he was no more, because God took him away."?
Do you hide your feelings... put a smile on that face of yours..pretend like everything is fine inside?
Having an existential crisis, no idea what to do?
What is the right way to live the life?
Life is too short to____________?
I need help with Phil... =[ i dont under stand it (descartes)?
Your thoughts on this quote....?
What will happened if 2012 end of the world was a hoax and fraud?
Have you even been scared to make a decision ?
What do you do?
How did Martin Heideggar's work influence literary postmodernism?
How can i feel better when everything seems to me complex?
Socity and Culture Paper - Pip - help with how to approch topics includes child labour.?
humanism, philosophers and writers?
Aristotle versus Immanuel Kant on motives of praiseworthy action?
What if the implantation of a microchip underneath one's skin could deter 81.5% of crime?
philosophy: What determines the fate of each individual?
What is existential philosophy?
Hopping that life is short and joyfull?
Why are unsheathed sabers not allowed in churches?
How do I know that I'm not God? How would I be able to tell?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
A virgin pretending to be a whore or a whore pretending to be a virgin?
How come some people have more patience than others?
If ignorance is bliss, what's stupidity?
True Happiness?
Why do we feel time?
Everyone in philosophy plz answer. Why am i having this strange intuition?
Why is $cientology a vicious UFO cult based on greed and lust for power?
What is better religion, evolution or conversion?
Will the world end 2012?
Marx's distinction of labor ?
I Stand Before Fifty Romans Nothing Follows Before The Five Romans Invert The Three After The Five Romans And?
Many of us put salt on our food, what is truely the spice of "life"?
Buying Clothing Online.....?
Why is life so crappy ?
Do we all have potential to be "Einsteins" or like other great figures in history?
what comes first the egg or the chicken?
Only Philosophers can explain creation? Agree or Disagree consider both points?
Whats the main idea on havard's lesson, the moral of murder'?
what is the happiest thing you have experienced?
What sort of things has Aung San Suu Kyi done?
what does inferior complex means?
What is Love?
How will you measure if u were succesful in attaining your goal?
the ego is actually the false sense of self. ego isn't part of the brain but part of the mind.?
Hegelian conceptualisation of the object?
IF we miss our destiny?
Can something else take over your life, unintentionally?
Are sense data produced by an object or exist within an object?
How do I choose a career?
Do All Things (Both Good and Bad) Happen for a Reason?
What simple things make you happy?
Is rationalizing the rational capacity of reason rational?
What is the point to live life?
What do YOU want the world to know?
If god created everything...?
What 3 things can't you live without?
Symbolic Logic Problem Help?
why are the poorest people most happiest?
Why is life beter than death?
Does being attentive make me sensitive?
A question related to freewill?
why did hobbes name his book behemoth?
do things always happen for the best?
What do you think of natural burial...?
do you believe in aliens?
Why can't you get a decent job with a philosophy degree?
What is the Marxist theory?
the most coherent relationships between literature and human experience?
What is Machiavelli’s opinion of Christian Virtue?
Can you name three basic fields of inquiry that Aristotle formulated?
How to stop being lazy?
Astrolegers dob is 3june1969.just recovering from heavy loss..when good thing happens in life?
Symbolic logic substitution instance question?
If you can have the answer to one question that's been bugging you what would it be?
Hi, it's my BIRTH DAY today, July 15th, any stars for me please.......?
examine how education is a catalyst to self liberation?
Questions about The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas?
Please tell me, why, why? ?
How do you define ART in one sentence?
Is suicide legal in America?
"There is only one way in the world to be distinguished. Follow your instinct!.." Who is the author?
Why does Hume think that morality is irrational?
What is the meaning behind the quote "marriage is not freedom"?
Does everybody deserve a SECOND CHANCE?
so I'm alone in this life. always have been. why is life filled with sad silence?
can YOU get away from it all?
Do you believe in life after love?
whats the difference between sociology and philosophy?
What is the highlight of your last twenty-four hours?
what is love ? how can show it?
Does a thing called Mind exists?
Have you ever related to this Joseph Campbell quote? if so tell me how and why?
Life After Death? Heaven and Hell, we've all heard of it. But, do they exist? What happens when you die? Talk.
would a one world order be a good or bad thing?
How did Democritus develop his atomic theory?
Is the material world more important than the spiritual world?
You shouldn't be scared of death, you should be scared of a life half lived?
How did Alan Turing's life affect what he wrote?
Is it lame to say "i want to kill myself" on answers?
Is there anybody here who has actually studied philosophy at a university?
Do Gods exist? What is the point in religion?
Do you think Dottie Sandusky is a hero for standing behind / standing up for Coach Sandusky all of this time?
How do you feel about the existence of defined societal groups and your inability to participate?
What drives human to believe in God?
What does the term “blank tablet” or “tabula raza” mean?
Would you rather conform to society or live free and be seen as an outcast? Why?
IF we miss our destiny?
Is this a deductively valid argument?
Are you in, under, or out of control?
i need the name of someone who is famous for their arrogance.?
Why do we have to cry...?
Would you believe him?
If life is unfair, doesn't that make God unfair also?
Is it contradictory to be an Athiest, but to also believe in the spiritual?
Do u think there is such thing as perfect life?
Are you DRAWN to HAPPY or LONELY people?
How to find out what you want to be in life?
Do you feel that Vortex Based Mathematics relates to the true nature of the universe?
If a man makes a statment and there is no women around to hear him, is he still wrong?
How Do u Write??
2012? could it be the end? or the end of how we know it?
Whats the meaning of life, what is the purpose of living???
Why do good-some time very good- things happen to bad,even wicked, people ?
Does GOD exist? If YES, provide a proof, if NO then provide proof. Can this be undecidable?
Can our dreams be influenced by past experiences of blood relatives?
Question about Descartes and Husserl?
When does silence convey more meaning than words?
Why is it difficult to end a beautiful story?
Is this an example of an intensional or extensional definition and which specific kind is it?
Is life just a projection of the mind?
How can change in the business world be supported by biblical principles?
imagine you are the only one on this world and everything else is an illusion, but isnt this really true?
do you resent that you're going to die?
ideas for philosophy.....10 points?
If a person were ill, say due to a depression and because of this?
Are the things we see and do products of the two?
Do politicians seeking national level placement reside on high...or on low?
was hurricane katrina named after a person?
How old are you?
the only man who never commits a mistake is the one who never does anything?
Have you ever wondered if our understanding of time, past, present, and future is simply a product of . . .?
Why do some people moved to a different country and then complain about it's values?
Please help me understand this paragraph by German artist Albert X. Heinnlech?
What's the hardest thing you have ever had to do?
Why do many people seem to become "more nice" and less selfish as they mature out of teenage years?
How many topics of discussion can be answered with the phrase "Bah! It's an absolute disgrace!"?
Does "modern management" claim to be able to document "key performance indicators" which it then claims to be
Why was Nicolas Cusa was not condemed for his belief in a radical Neoplatonic cosmology?
What argument does Socrates give that death is probably not a bad thing?
What life do you Prefer?
Is a friend to all, a friend to none?
How would you apply Deconstruction theory to "Twilight"?
Explain what the metaphors in Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" stand for in reality?
Practice makes man perfect,nobody's perfect then why do we practice?
What are the reasons Aristotle gave for one thing being considered greater than another?
Can someone please explain Master Signifier to me?
What is the greatest thing a single human can do? That will make people remember her or him for?
Does free will really exist?
What worst decision have you ever made in your life?
Is my kindness a downfall?
How would you know that something is "good", if you don't have anything "evil" to compare it to ?
What is a philosophy major like?
What ONE word describes you at this very instant, right now?
what site can i get bible readings and personal reflections(i mean those that are not boring)?
What is Causistry...?
Who are the children of God?
Willingness to take turns is one way we can express our attitudes in?
If our soul is not of this earth, are we aliens?
What does the statement "You can't HANDLE the Truth," teach us.?
What does Descartes mean by this?
How does Jung’s recounting of his patient’s dream of the “scarab beetle” (in “On Synchronicity”) suggest a dif?
What do I do if I'm going insane?
Did you ever notice simple things can make you feel so nice?
10 Points: Comparison: The Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix?
what transforms a question into knowledge?
Does Leibniz' philosophy allow for the possibility of two things occupying one single spatio-temporal location
Where does the soul of an Atheist go after he dies?
Why do people have to complicate and embellish small issues?
how nature can comfort man's distress?
what is the worst pain in the world?
If you were asked by a child you love to tell the most important thing you have learned in life,?
What's the one thing that can put all of your worries away?
Do deep thoughts have bottoms?
please help me find a speech! "real men, punching a shark, how real men act. John Wayne???"?
Best tv shows - new or old?
What is your best advice about life?
What is the meaning of life?
When you meet new people what do you notice about them? What does it take to make a good first impression?
hollywood the most evil place or not?
Food, sex, and money? Does this about cover what most people want from life?
What gives you faith in humanity?
What is a reason that the speaker in Thanatopsis gives for people not needing to be sad about dying?
what motivates you when you feel like you can't go on living?
Engels' laws of dialectics.....?
For Psychologists/Thinking minds - what do you think about this conclusion on the topic of self delusion? ?
What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what its all about?
Philosophers: Why do religion exists?
Please help me. how does this make aristotle a materialist? A materialist is...?
Do people choose to be homeless?
Sum up you life so far in a single word?
Why is the simulated reality debate (ie ''the matrix'' debate) so readily open for debate, yet others aren't?
what is true happiness?
Wanted unbiased book of Philosophy religions and science in Hindu and world relgions?
What if it really is all just about the Hokey Cokey?
What is your life worth and would you?
what exactly does it mean to have the sith sense?
Can you tell me about the deconstruction of Jim Gilchrist?
I am blind, can you explain to me what the world looks like?
Can "documentation" be produced by automated means ?
What in life,is beautiful to you?Where do you find inspiration?
Decide whether the function is even, odd, or neither. Describe any symmetries?
How do you approach philosophy readings for a class?
Moore or Machiavelli, who do you side with?
What is it like to be human?
why is life to short?
Do you think humans are a virus to the Earth...?
What do u gain by studying philosophy?
I don't want to be selfish but I feel like I'm losing my best friend. Help me deal!?
How can we know which pleasures are higher, and which are lower, according to john stuart mill?
Hello are you happy or sad ? or confused ?
What is the point in life?
what is the wrong in an oppressive society?
Argument research paper ideas? Must be Environmental?
How do I return to my old-self before I met her?
If you knew the world was going to end.......?
Can music be enjoyable if you have a boring life without inspiration and motivation?
Why was life made perfectly?
Was there trust and committment, in the Collins software effort ?
Do you feel like the end might really be at our doorstep?
If your partner was to walk in front of a bus, would you jump in front to save her?
Is a philosophical branch an independent subject by itself than just being a branch under one subject?
How soon is now?
What value can a study of Nietzsche bring in ordinary life?
would u put yourself out there to prove a point to the world?or would u do it for god?
I need help with philosophy?
what does the name of Weatherall have to do with Granny's nature (or her life story)?
Why.....? Click on me, plz!?
God or Devil or Me ?
Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham?
Why is what aristotle said and did important to ancient greece?
complete the following (use your imagination)?
What does this poem mean?
if we are poor whos mistake is it??
Do you think the rights of the individual should super cede the rights the community?
Scientist, is bacteria proof of life?
If you wanted to be 100% truthful about everything, what would be the consequences?
Can someone explain why is that humans have a natural instinct to do good to others?