If there was one thing you could change in the world to make it a better place, what would it be?
How possible is it to build in my daughter feeling of security with me?
why is the ability to read people and adapt your behavior good for project managers?
Do you lead by example or are you a follower?
should i kill the devil?
i love whome what happen why?
Idea's for a teenagers semi-popular online column?
i'm almost 20. I feel if i don't do something worth while soon i'll go crazy! help!?
Anyone who has read crucible - 2 questions?
What is most important to you in life?
Was the secret for Collins project, or any project, to keep building on the system ?
From De Anima, what are Aristotle's moral values?
How many people here?
Which is going to be better God of war 3, or Halo Reach?
How to be happy when you don't have friends?
what is th difference between atma and paramatma?
Can a girl truly change?
If everyone was kind to each other,what would we learn...?
is a prison stil a prison if it's doors are open???
Has anyone watched "the Fountain"? Please tell me your understanding about this film?
Does time really exist, or is it just a man made perception?
What are the things you can be sure of in life?
Is it acceptable if poor hungry people steal food in order to avoid dying of starvation ? ?
why is it "bad" to be a sociopath when most people are so?
Should everyone asking a Q or answering one premise every statement they make as IMO or is that not necessary?
What to do with my life...?
Would you rather be mean or stupid?
Which type of person do you meet most often while online...?
Why are there wars when humans have the ability to resolve conflict?
Does anyone know how important you are?
philosophical problem with goal achieving and goal achieviement: to get, to lose?
I Stand Before Fifty Romans Nothing Follows Before The Five Romans Invert The Three After The Five Romans And?
Why do people try to become persons of success rather try to become a persons of value? (Einstein docet)....?
did prehistoric man jump off cliffs by mistake due to a misunderstanding of gravity?
what is the meaning of life?
Whats is the best weapon?
When Oatmeal strikes, can you toot a loud horn while strumming a banjo?
what is 'falling into theory?'?
define the idea of a conscience?
is there such thing as a POINT OF NO RETURN?
Tiberius Gracchus vs. Octavius the Tribune?
How can you explain the Looking-glass self by charles cooley simply and clearly?
do you agree that pleasure could be a standard of morality?why?
Sentential logic: Proof?
What was the last thing someone said to you that really made you smile?
what is the action and renunciation?
If our thoughts could be connected...?
what is the meaning of life?
why we are afraid of past when past doesnt exist in present?
What if we're all characters in one huge never-ending story?
Jean-paul Sartre wrote about duplicity, "leech-like", and "slimy". Would bogus personnel on Collins project?
Thread like creatures coming out of skin what is this?
why do we love the ones who ignore us and ignore the ones who love us?
What mystery is Terra hiding?
How come people don't like us, pentacostals very much?
Can there be money (in circulation) without debt?
Evolution or Creation?
Why is my faith in humanity lost?
Why do I feel so sad and empty?
Why Kierkegaard thinks that boredom leads to despair?
Is the END really NIGH?
Agree or disagree - there has never been peace on Earth, nor will there ever be!?
What changes to the idea of a human being’s place in the world came from Locke?
How could i enjoy my world?
Can you honestly call yourself beautiful ?
Where in Plato's Republic does he mention the noble lie?
What is the love?
If you could ask God any single question, what would it be?
what does being civilized mean to the pakat?
Would a computerization project typically suffer from defects caused by the inadequacies of a key player ?
does being optimistic often leads to disappointment?
Humans Rights Article 23 Question?
Can someone explain this better than me?
What is the meaning of life?
what is a premonition and is it a postulate?
im doing a project in my philosophy class need help with a presentation on compassion?
Why was the concept of ether thought of?
Are human beings naturally good or naturally evil?
Why are people so afraid of certainties?
what is the tragic consequences of exceeding human limits?
Who taught you how to think and are you satisfied with the teaching?
does this make sense?
Which one would you pick?
How can I stop being so angry?
what do you prefer love, trust or loyalty?
how can one define God?
Is this saying TRUE: "Some things NEVER change"?
Poles or spectrums?
What was Plato's theory of reality?
Why empty life doesn't makes much noise?
"I want to create my own philosophy society for gifted minds, but where should I start and how?"?
Are you weird?? if so why... tell us... (come on weirdos...)?
What do you do when everything you know crashes down around you?
Why is it that only things with physical existence are considered real?
Please answer my question?
If you had to pick a limb to lose, would you rather lose an arm or a leg? the left or the right? why?
Philosopy of Law : Cicero?
What is freedom on a personal level?
Does God exist?
Imagine life without mirrors..?
Rene Descartes: First Meditation Demon and Dream argument?
describe your life in one word?
Do you believe that:"Men are more intelligent than women"?
A friend of mine said this to me a couple nights ago...?
In The Crying of Lot 49, why is Pierce Inverarity so important?
life is so unfair..............................?
When will the world end??
Why some people are white, some black and some yellow?
how can a man be successful and happy in life?
What is ultimate in Life?
What will cause the end of the human race? When? How?
Do you agree or disagree with Descartes dream argument and why?
how do i get a website that can give me advice on life and other words of wisdom?
Please give an example of foolishness?
What 'Philosophy' question on QA do you remember best?
If a stranger tells you not to take advice from strangers would you take his adviice?
Ayn Rand interpretation?
Do we need an Ideology ?
What is the essence of being a woman?
What are hot dogs made from?
Is Religion a product to satisfy the demand for eternity?
why hasn't anyone answered my question in current events?
If common sense is what we all sense in common, but we all do not sense the world the same?
What does exestenial mean?
Big Bang Theory or God?
What would Pragmatism achieve?
What is it that you really want for yourself in your life?
how do you get “get objectivity from subjectivity”.?
why you guys out there nver have the mind of " enough "??????
Two drunk drivers are on the road...?
What are the happiness of blind person?
What is Time ??
computer and human who have more larger memory?
What does the theory of the eternal return say, according to Nietzsche?
Is life futile and pointless?
whats happening in the world?
Is it bad to be a non-conformist?
How can i .. be funny .. ?
Have you spent your morning thinking about what's wrong or what's right?
What is the only thing which will comes along with us until our last breath?
Have you ever personally experienced a Forrest Gump type of moment in your life?
What is right and what is wrong, and who desided this?????????
Where would you go - forward or backwards in time?
if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it fall dose it really make a sound?
does love caused crime?
What does it say of humanity when evil must fight evil for the greater good?
What is the rarest quality found in humans?
Why socrates says this "a life without investigation is not worth living for" , Apology of socrates By plato
I am so afraid of confrontation unless I have full knowledge of the situation.?
How could you be so blind?
What Philosophy will next become Science?
what is there "somewhere over the rainbow"?
Meaning of Henry David Thoreau quote?
Does anyone know the origins of the famous "gooey butt"?
Are you easily guilted?
Can you really experience anything objectively?
Thesis Help.. about Behavior?
When does reality ever measure up to fiction?
Can music be an intellectual interest?
Why is Dilbert So funny?
Is the secret of successful system development boil down to also developing a HIGH-FIDELITY simulator ?
How did Marx's words about the purpose of philosophy change history?
EVERYBODY SMILE! Hey don't you have SOMETHING to smile about?
Do you believe in evolution or in creation?
If you are asked to think one last thought on earth then what would that be?
do any philosophers work with logic gates in electronics?
What are the essentials of human life?
When is it the best time to stop knowing?
A joke that includes a priest, a philosopher and a scientist?
development of wesrern thought since sir Bacon till Jung?
Why is watching videos of Ayn Rand almost unbearable?
What do you do when your thoughts yearns for a companion?
What do Athiests believe happens to you when you die? ?
does reading increase mind capacity or listening?
How to characterize the causal role of perception?
Any word on Hare yet ?
Should I take chemo or radiation for my headache?
If you grew up poor, how do you think that influenced your outlook on life?
why did physical laws like cause and effect exist of Kant?
If you could, would you end hunger or hatred?
what is the meaning of life?
In Thomas Aquinas's law theory, more specifically, natural law theory?
what does the arrangement of the lectures in Pragmatism tell you about the substance of James' philosophy?
Why did Socrates refused to compromise his morals just to be acquitted by the jury?
If God is our final judge, why do we care so much about other peoples opinions ?
should people who cannot accept the morals/norms of their society move elsewhere?
If God is NOT real then why do my prayers often get answered?
Does Bertrand Russel mention Aristotle's "Golden Mean" in The Problems Of Philosophy?
what is the most romantic thing in front of you?
What is the fastest, most direct (no-nonsense) path to spiritual freedom?
Does money bring happiness?
The importance of tool life, who knows?
Is it possible for two completely different people to fall in love?
How old do you honestly expect yourself to live to be?
Have done.... wish you hadn't...... haven't done.... wish you had!?
How to live life to the fullest without living in regret for what you've done?
Does anyone believe technology can solve all our problems?
Please tell me who you "really" are?
Do you see the inner beauty of things or just the outside of things? or both?
Why do we fear death so much?
Why is this going to be a good day?
What is love?
A dialogue group for all of us - care to support this civilized step?
how to live a life without friends without kiling yourself?
What do we think of "prime universal semantemes" or prime universals, assuming they exist?
Are Jews the cause of all evil?
What do you do when you notice unlikable habits you make?
Central Features of the pleasant life to Epicurus?
I have to do a drawing of oedipus path from crisis suffering self realization and peace?
What is Mental illness? Is it Violent behavior? suspicion?Delusion? Hallucination?
Philosophy help (Plato)?
What is NOT true about US city life and the people who lived in them? Choose the INCORRECT answer that does no?
Are you scared of your exact opposite?
do you think if you learn more, you know less?
Your beliefs will be the light by which you see, but they will not what you see (cont'd)?
why are you so SKEPTICAL?????
Is it possible to imprint with someone in real life?
If you could choose only one quotation,what is your favorite?
What is the cause of sorrow.?
Do you consider cynism to be an ethic of freedom or is it a bad joke?
why do i want to kill myself?
if you will be a piece of clothes which piece your prefer??
how do u know jesus didnt sin?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the best WAY to keep your best FRIEND yours FOREVER?
Who represents the Religious Neoright Conservatism in USA today?
I can't handle myself?
Can a mind reject death...after the body perishes?
Do you feel angry hurt & bitter right now?
how fast is life going for you? is it good or bad if life goes fast?
If everything happening around you is also within you....where can peace be found?
Do you think there could be some kind of super brain embeded in the biosphere?
Do you answer the clarion call?
how do we know that the future will not be like the past ?
What do you think the role of individual transformation is in manifesting world peace?
Can you be born in a house that you built yourself?
I am a gay woman how do I meet other women if I don't know if they are gay or not?
is it morral or immoral to have physical relationship with other than your life partner?
Love is a beautiful thing, but why does it hurt? Mee ow?
If you could do just one thing to change your life, what would it be?
Descartes foundational knowledge?
how complicated do you think life is?
What is something wrong in life which gives us too much pain?
IN RESPONSE TO Deepak Chopras question WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SOUL WHEN YOU DIE? Do you believe there is a soul?
What brings true happiness ?
Football and all associated (crowds et al), is nothing more than tribal-war-like theatre, right?
What is the color green?
Who do you think will be responsible for the end of the world?
what is happiness where to find it?
Where can I download "How to be funny even if you're not" by Stanley Lyndon for free?
Who is your favorite philosopher, and why?
If you had to make a freshman survival guide what would you include in it?
Do you love God with all your heart, mind and soul?
what is berkleys argument for the conclusion that lockes account of perception results in skepticism?
Do thoughts come before emotions? Or do emotions come before thoughts?
What does it mean when someone says they are jealous of their own poverty?
When you have so much love to give isn't it so much better when you share it? Doesn't it then?
What's the difference between an existential crisis and depression?
What is post Socratic philosophy?
Is it difficult or easy to like yourself?
What does this even mean?
do you believe in ghosts?PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
What is not true?
If you were to identify one aspect of your behavior that masks your insecurities, what would it be?
If a person who always lies says, " I never lie", then what is the truth?
How do I know I'm really me?
if we know what the meaning of life is what is the meaning of death?
What's the 1 thing you kids feel you can share with us grown-ups that you know will make a difference?
what is the meaning of life?
Poll:Will 2012 be the end of the world?
Can anyone prove to me that I exist?
If not sexual what other reasons for relationships?
Becoming a new me being myself? Answer!?
How much is enough in life?
Is there happiness in the sunlight?
why do we desire and not need others? (levinas)?
Hey, did you ever cosider what if we were living with others in this same place but the other dimension?
If im me and you are you, who are they?
What is a question that should never be asked?
What brings out the BEST in PEOPLE?
If you have read Hermit and six-toes please tell me what you think this satire is about.?
Has anyone heard of the legacy center in NC?
If Plato had had the opportunity to play with Play-Dough, what might he have tried to prove with it?
how do i get there from here?
What should i do, help please?
I need to do a short 10 min presentation on Plato's Ethics based on Law, can anybody help me with what to say?
Whats Happines to you?
The meaning of life?
Why do we die?
Can anyone explain Mamonides classes of people?
Why do people have a problem with my stubbornness?
What do you always enjoy doing no matter how you feel?
a question about jeremy bentham and utilitarianism.?
Please, please help with Frege and a sentence meaningfulness?
I used to be happy...?
What happens when hegemony meets an opposing philosophy?
who knows what Ephebiphobia means?
which is more difficult to OVERLOOK, your own MISTAKES or others' MISTAKES?
if i give you a $100 to BUY me a GIFT for someone i LOVE, what would it be?
Did Denis diderot think people could govern themselves? Is humankind basically bad or good to diderot?
This world I build its great truth or its great lie?
What is Plato's most important contribution to the study of philosophy?
What is the difference between aesthetic and beauty?
Is this an appropriate life goal?
This is sad what do I do?
Why do humans tend to give God a persona?
how can I make myself to believe in love again?
What's your opinion?
Black or white?
----Life confuses me?
Can God create a rock so heavy he would be unable to lift it?
What is a sociopath...?
Why would an Omnipotent, Omniscient & Omnipresent God ever create this imperfect universe & inconsistent life?
If you are to create your own quote, what would you say?
Which famous persons face is synonymous and comes to your mind first when you think of India?
is there reincarnation?
How does Thomas Aquinas think we acquire knowledge?
What types of things should we keep in mind when building 3-D objects in 3-D space?
Analytical Question for the movie Man of the Year?
Why must causes precede effects?
What is "quality evidence" in medicine ?
Where do you go when you die?
What do you think of this video?
Have you found yourself?
Do you think the universe was created or do you think it has created its self?
What is the most beautiful thing/things of life itself?
Do you think any science can have any objective other than making human life comfortable?
You ready to use your imagination ver 3.0?
what is (or are) the staright line philosophy(ies)?
What is the point of a lie?
What is a real beauty?
could the world survive without war?
what are the Gandiji full name?
Descartes' first meditation issue?
if the world ends what will happen to our minds?
Help with an informative speech on Buddhism?
If you had 1 week to live, what would you do? What about 5 hours?
Why do we people strive so much in our life and work like donkeys, when we know in the end we all have to die?
Did Epicurus have a concept of God? If so, what was it?
notions of scientific progress?
Bored with life, have any suggestions?
Are scientists also reverted to myth, just like the religionists?
What is one job you would NEVER do?
do you like the band queen? why?
Do you regard every day as a gift? ...a challenge? endurance test?
Please Read my speech?
are most MISTAKES recognizable or unrecognizable?
what kind of things do you think about to make you happy?
Were there competing philosophies for how to run Collins software project ? Was software available to support?
What do you call the philosophy in which a person sees and measures everything in terms of money?
WELL YES i'M ADDICTED.................?
If everyone was kind...?
Why can't people accept peoples' beliefs and move on?
What implicit lesson does Mantega's Camera Picta send to Ludovico Gonzaga, ruler of Mantua?
When you can see more than most people do, and frequently end up disappointed by what you see,... :) ?
Have you ever questioned your own existence?
Do you belive in magic?
Interested in your opinion on philosophers?
Why is the John of God Casa Inc. And Elisabetta Dami being sued?
When you are happy, aren't realities, just dreams come true?
Pros and Cons of Plato's Theory of Forms?
If God gave us the right to make our own choices, can he tell what we're gonna do next?
Are below average I.Q. levels reflected in the Polls and Surveys category?
is anger a virtue or vice?
Dont you love it when? What DO you "love it when" ?
what is the problem of evil and what is the resolution between good and evil?
what should i do ?
There are 3 kinds of people in the world. What are they? Which one are you?
When is it morally justified to use lethal force against a police officer?
Was Nietzsche a virgin, a loner, and a freak of nature?
anyone over 65 out there look back & think what a waste of time being overly concerned w/your appearance?
A city like this.............?
Question about Nicomachean Ethics; Aristotle....philosphy HW?
why woman have feeling to other man when they have one ?
We can accurately describe Socrates as an epistemological rationalist because commitment to his elaborate worl?
whats missing in my life?
How can we explain the presence of Evil in the world inspite of God's Omnipotence and Benevolence?
why are men nowadays not capable to love?
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote?
I've tried this question in Higher Education, History and Sociology, now here.....?
What is your opinion on suicide?
Is life just a dream/illusion?
What do you think about philosophy lectures from the Teaching Company?
is -176 rational or irrational and why?
Innocent ???
What is Spinoza, philosophically? Did he get the credit he deserves?
IT'S ALL GOOOD!!!!, is it really?
I need some help off of mature life experienced people out there please? l?
Explain the Comparison between Generalization and Perfect Induction?
What would Heraclitus and Parmenides say about the importance of philosophy for living a good life?
I just want to give up trying in life?
Why is it "cowardly" to commit suicide?
What is......tomorrow?
if you were forced into a time machine and exiled to 500 yrs ago, and allowed to bring only one thing, what...
Will the world end in 2012?
My mind stay always is in pain. in fact in my life I do not have trouble. My business going good.?
SUICIDE, your thoughts on it?
Why can't we reach out and love the unloved?
if you are alone in a small town in a country far far away........?
Without knowing me, could you tell what kind of soul I have?
What is most certain in life ?
why do we talk??
how do you clear your 'subconscious' mind?
Life philosophy????????????
theory of when life gets good, something bad always happens?
Is it ok to write on your self?
If someone made a drink that made us live forever would that be a blessing or a curse?
Which is more important to you : Your imagination or your knowledge?
I have seen the god with my eye can you belive?
What do you think of this philosophy that is also mine?
Philosophy Question about Relativism?
“For that is what redeems us, that is what makes our pain and sorrow bearable—this giving of love to others, t?
what does it mean if it says my spirit guide medicine?
Identify the presupposition of the following questions.?
Can you help me with this philosophical scenario?
PHILOSOPHY --> Logic --> Indirect Proof?
What do you see in a forest?
how do you get this Big Bang song for free?
What Does It Mean To Be "Educated"???
If curved lines do not exist, is everything straight lines on various planes?
What if the light at the end of the tunnel was a train?
what's the meaning of your life?
According to Hobbes, which two needs drive human action?
Can you name FIVE famous Belgians (without the help of Google)?
Is liking yourself inside and out the foundation of being happy?
what is humanity's greatest flaw?
Does anyone know any quotes about those who are conquered/opposed always triumphing in the end?
What would you do if you lost your flash drive?
Are the people of global organised religions a threat to the life of my planet(earth)?
What is Crazy?
What someone would mean by saying.."Sorry, I have to change my persona,I have been talking to salesmen today"?
why am i me?
Should I kill myself?
What kind of obstacles get in the way of clear human understanding?
what do you think about Confucius` statement on Becoming Human?
I know i'm going on about it but im going to explain my situation with my friend better below.?
my point was missed/isnt the world a mess because of all religions claims of exclusive validity?
Would the script of the Kurosawa movie "Ran" be a blueprint for how to ruin a project ? Would Collins project?
Why can't we experience eternal bliss?
If someone told you that the whole world is an illusion, what would you say to him?
how does man learn to love?does he got it from god or any power?
help with PLATO proving heraclitus and parmenides?
Philosophical question for you. Why?
Do men or women have a deeper respect for life?
How much is a car in India?
How do I know I really exist?
black magic,its true?
the meaning of life?
unconditional love or conditional love! what are your thoughts on this?
John Locke's political philosophy is known as Classical Liberalism. What does this mean? How would EITHER Hobb?
Has the world progressed?
What would it take for you to change your mind about the person you love the most?
Help on Plato's early views on knacks and arts, please?
What is the best piece of spiritual or psychological advice you have ever heard?
Explain King's arguments against the charges that he is violating the law and is an extremist.?
I cannot believe in anything. I'm confused utterly ahhhhh?
According to Thales, how are the concepts of motions, souls, and water related?
So here's the question: do you take the red pill or the blue pill?
In your lifetime, as of right now, in regard to others, do you think you've done more harm or more good?
What Inspired the name under you picture? AKA your nickname.?
whats the worst animal to be?
Descartes Argument Summary?
Philosophically speaking how do I get out of mess that i've made of my life ?
Is there anyone in your life who waits on the sidelines to watch whenever you falter?
I have the most profound questions ever known to man?
Anyone familiar with José Gasset's Philosophy?
What do you live for...?
Is Euthanasia the correct decision?
What are the forms and conceptions of "suffering" throughout Crime and Punishment?
What is "Love" ?
Please, describe "life" in one word?
Can there be LOVE without FRIENDSHIP.... or FRIENDSHIP without LOVE?
Foucault: Power/Knowledge Two!?
Is all well, that ends well?
What would U do if the world ends tommorow??
What is more important - the past, present or the future?and why?
What is the basics of love success?
What is the proper reaction to not being able to understand some premise or statement completely?
The search for the Ultimate Answer?
Am i gonna die i don't know?
Can you explain how someone might object to utilitarianism in connection with the concept of justice?
who is ongari maththai?
i have some problems how can i get relax am not able get relax my self?
who is the great philosopher in this world?
does Arthur Schopenhauer have any awards for his books or his life?
john rawls and society?
Why is the sky so very quiet?
Just tell me, Yes or No?
Is this world a truth?
Would You Want to Live Forever?
Do you love yourself?
Do you think that we are truly free to choose the direction of our own thoughts?
You are what you love not what loves you?
Do you think people who post nudes online have no self respect for themselves?
What is the meaning of 'Karma'? Does it mean destiny?
Where do polar bears go to defecate? Do they pretend that they are surrounded by trees?
What is time?
Aren't Satan and Hades the same thing?
What is freedom?
Wouldn't it be wounderful if religions respected each other?
What is telepathy,I hear that by this knowledge one can effect on other person even he is so far from him and?
can anybody tell me where is the website for Dr. Ayala GSA ?
How is Descarte's Doubting Methodology compatible with his ontological argument for the existence of God?
What connects the soul to the body?
Do you ever think this?
Why do people need to interpret reality?
How would you describe the world as you see it in a superficial yet detailed form to a person who has autism?
Why do we have emotions?
What is a non painful way to kill yourself?
There are basically two types of people on this earth?
What are biblical parallels?
If forever exists then mustn’t everything happen?
What prevents you from wanting to commit crime?
Do you think sometimes you can "feel" too much?
Would you really be happier if you were richer?
what is your meaning to life?
What is business knowledge?
What does knowledge smell like?
Superconsciousness: what would it be like?
Do you like this song why or why not? How does this speak to you about god? What lyric especially grab your?
Why did you pick your name?
Are you scared to die? Yes and no answers please explain?
What is William Thackeray's Philosophy?
john hospers is a what?
There are 195 countries. with 195 world views, why do Americans impose their believes on all others?
Who said this wisdom ; Fear of God establishing fearless of people ?
What is more difficult : To Remember or to Forget ?
Can Socialists be influenced by and agree with Karl Marx and Marxism and still not be Marxists ?
How do you know if your relationship is worth while?
Is there a contradiction between Christian Faith and Intelligence Design?
Where do you belong?
a philosophical question about sectarianism and ecumenicalism?
Is the question of God's existence live and momentous, as James says?
Is love the answer to all mankinds problems?
what were the theories of society of St. Aquinas and St. Augustine?
What makes human so special?
If u inherited $10,000,000,000 tomorrow, would u be any happier than u are today?
What is the structure and meaning of Molly Peacock's poem "Desire"?
Do you believe in afterlife? why or why not?
Will the world end in 2012?
What is the most accurate way to find my core values in life?
Whats the deepest thing you've thought?
is the pope a catholic?
Is it his way or the highway? Control freak?
What is your way to stay in the now ?
Starfox....... what source would that be?
Do I exist?
True or False: We're all going to die?
In the eyes of god; Who is better? An apathetic man who gives, or a sympathetic one who does not...?
Being in abusive relationship is better than being lonely - do you agree or disagree & why?
I am disappointed by everyone?
Do mentally challenged people go to hell?
Do you have anything to say that has not been said before?
Why do bad things happen to good people, and vice versa?
How i wish everyone of us live in a Utopian Society but why is this not feasible?
What is your definition for the word "rouge"?
What are the basic requirements for citizenship?
what is dichotomic develeraging?
Could you name a few things that are more important than environmentalism?
Is It important to be vegetarian?
Apply Descartes's Rules for the Direction of the Mind to the problem of deciding which used car to buy.?
Why are we born when we eventually have to die?
In the cave who is the most honored among the prisoners?
2 person utility space representing better-off worse off society?
How to search from within for my soul-mate?
Will the world end in 2012?
What do you think was first egg or chick?
If the past exists, does the future already exist, and if it does, is our future already predetermined?
a women's life is love and a man's love is life?
Are there more stupid people on this planet than smart people?
How does Sartre reconcile Marxism and Exitentialism?
"Everything really valuable has to enter you through a different opening" - meaning of this quote?
who? what? where? when? why?
Balance is a must in all aspects of life......!?
What is the power of life is it a legend or just a mismatch cycle?
who wrote this?
whats the meaning of life???
i`m so trired of living?
When they say "pray hard" is it because that person ....?
how to make this success?
what is the organization pattern of Issac Asimov "what is intelligence, anyway?"?
What is War?
why does the wind changing direction make your expression stay on your face?
Who is better 'An intelligent Enemy or a Foolish Friend '?
Why do you make your precious body a graveyard for dead bodies of animals?
Is happiness bought?
Did Collins Class individuals agree to variations in schedules ? Did Collins Class individuals provide .......?
I need another world, this one's nearly gone?
Does anyone have any information of Socialist Realism??
If it is to be, it is up to me?
if its meant to be will it be in time?
Do you believe in god? Why or why not?
"The more I see, the less I know for sure." Is this John Lennon quote true?
Is karma real? If so, explanations?
what do you think is more important common sense or intelligence?
human cleansing?
what happens when we die?
How do you stop creating emotions you dont want and start creating emotions you do want?
What is life????
What does it mean to say that truth is priori and eternal?
If you were more than one minority, can you get a college scholarship for all of them?
would u rather live in a city in africa or in a biodome in the middle of the australian desert?
What do you think happens when you die?
Why is life so short ?
What is the most beautiful moment in your life?
Why am I such an emotionally frigid person?
how to be optimistic when there's so much sorrow in the world?
Should PLAN A always come with PLAN B?
Do you think one person is destined to the same treatment?
So what is the meaning of life?
If you had to pick one virtue to live your life by, what would it be?
If you could speak to a child version of yourself, what would YOU tell YOU?
Why are humans like hitler and all the soldiers who helped with the beating of jews capable of such cruelty?
what do you want to know of me ?
Whats the deepest thing you've thought?
Who can convince you better than your conscience:?
If there were scientific evidence that human consciousness survives after death, how would you live your life?
What makes human beings want to live? who are u????
Make the best case you can for one of the candidates for being Thesius' ship.?
Hot dogs come in packs of 10 and the buns come in packs of 8,Why is this O.K.? in your own words.?
Please take this personality quiz! Its a psych experiment!!!?
"The Republic", what is it about?
What is more mentally fulling-drinking the same amount of water from a water fountain or a cup filled from it?
What's the most colorful color?
what came first the chicken or the egg and why??
What is the answer to challenge of cultural relativism?What are the strenghts and weaknesses of utilitarianism
What all are the various manifestations of the one Divine principle that really is ?
Is the world REALLY going to end this year?
Is there any reasonable Idea to solve this problem?
what are human beings?
Who thinks the end of the world is 2012?
what is being happy about in this short life in this samll world??
Have you noticed that you always have the most fun right at the last minute?
A real life example that includes Theology, Metaphysics and positive (science)?
What did Plato think the reason was why we should be moral?
If you could undo any one mistake in your life, what would it be?
TRUE 0R FALSE?Are we gonna remember?
will a real vagabond follow certain kinds of regulation to remain a vagabond?
If your tools could speak, what would they say?
What are the similarities and differences in the philosophical developments in Africa, the Americas, and Asia?
What is the meaning of death for Epicurus?
where are you going?
What are we looking for?
What does darkness taste like? describe the flavor..?
Can someone help better explain to me Emerson's idea of the Over-Soul?
What do you think love is? How does it feel to you?
Where is the real place for being relax?
Using History and atleast one other Area of Knowledge, examine the claim that it is possible to attain?
Have you ever had a life changing experience? What?!?
I am learning Beg.French 1, it my 3rd class the Professor makes the class?
Eeveryone has to die. What you leave for the world?
what is the meaning of life?
How is Rousseau's General Will adapted by Marx?
does your TRUE SELF show in PUBLIC or in PRIVATE?
what is the point in life?
Do you know your Philosophy and Descartes well? I have a quiz for you !?
according to simone beauvoir's "the ethics of Ambiguity", what happens at adolescence?
Has anyone noticed the more the media scares the people the more Christian the country becomes?
why do men have nipples? did we once breast feed?
What is meant by objective morality?
why is Hell female and heaven male?
If i destroyed all humans, what would i be? evil or saint?
Would you agree if I said that some kinds of knowledge can "taint" your personality?
When will i die? Will i go to hell or heaven?
if I see something, does it mean that it's "there"?
How can I know right from wrong when it exists only in peoples' minds?
Which decision is mature and which one is naive?
What is the theory of the harmony of sky, humans and earth in Chinese philosophy?
Have your Promises turned 18?
Good movies based on existentialism?
what is a meaning of life?
If you could either have a monkeys brain in your body or your brain in a monkeys. discus?
do you get bored quikly?
Why did God make some people more sexy than others?
Why am i so feminin? Life isnt fair?
is sympathy something learned?
is the glass half empty or half full?
What is life exactly ..............?
To what extent do you think your understanding of “the moral community” is shaped by what can be used for your?
Blonde, Brunette, or red?
can any one help in this matter?
Do you think that maybe this world was never created for humans? Or we're not supposed to be more evolved?
Has anyone spent a summer in alaska with their uncle hunting wolverines?
Do you have a sense of dharma in your own life. Explain.?
does your TRUE SELF show in PUBLIC or in PRIVATE?
what is the important things in life a unfortunate child should know?
Why is the human always trying to improve?
If you found two or three rats conducting a philosophical dialogue, would you stomp them?
do you need proof to believe...?
I am bored in life, what can I do to make it exciting again?
When the "elephant" called death stomps on you, will you be ready to go? If not, why not?
"The best government is that which governs least"?
Ying yang or yin yan?
To First Emperor of the World - Be careful!?
do you agree or not, that it takes a villiage to raise a child?
How do you make your life more interesting? Avoid becoming a boring person?
What will it be like if the world ends?
How does the dreaming argument arise for people in general?
What would Plato say about the Presidential Nominees today?
isn't history itself enough to prove that women are not as pcychologically and mentaly strong as men?
What is it called to live within the sound of the church bells?
Why do we put sweetness in everything?
Who do you think will be responsible for the end of the world?
Do you fear and loath what you don't understand?
What is your biggest challenge facing you at the moment?
How do you know you're alive?
What are the four basic elements of Karl marx's philosophy?
Why do I hide from people I used to be friends with that I havent seen in years?
If you could have a day in the life of someone else.....?
I have a question about sak yant ?
Were you born in the 70's or 80's?
why are people attracted to self destruction?
If all humans were nice to each other would an 'ideal world' rapidly become boring?
what does it mean when you say :it takes two to tango"?
What are Nietzsche's views on forbidden love, like having an affair with a married woman?
Ever google best 'net discussion forums? & blog sites? & why? How do you compare the main B-I-G ones?
What is the benefit of 'finding oneself'? Why does literature focus on this so much?
am i too heavy to cary ?
If you have a safety-critical system being used "in the field" wouldn't you need to be running 24/7 checks on
Internet, i ask you a question that will earn me a 6-pack of canadian....what is this?
analogies on life, school, love, etc. ?
How can I change the world ?
What does this quotation mean, please?
What is the point in life if we are all going to die anyway?
Can death exists without life?
Do you believe labels such as depression, bipolar and anxiety disorder are simply barriers?
Who sang this? "No Fronts, No tricks, No Soapbox Politics"?
Have you ever cheated death..?
Does anyone else think that philosophy is just a bunch of B.S.?
For people who have studied alchemy, and Nicholas Flamel?
what are the major problems of our times (in your opinion) ?
Things happen for a reason? fishing story.?
what 2 species will humans branch off into?
How might recognizing our unfreedom increase our freedom?
complete the following (use your imagination)?
how can i make my future perfect?
John Rawls's distributive justice?
Excessive kindness... How can kindness be EXCESSIVE?
I was reading that people want med students to use plastic models instead of cadavers for training.?
Is "love" the most complex emotion ever?
Assumming there is no God. What do we replace him with ?
have you ever think where the years gone ?
What's the philosophy in this?
is ethos defined as being honest and sincere?
I feel like I have nothing left to live for?
What is the possibility that there's evil in you?
Is the world going to end in 2012?
What would be worse and why: Being locked in a room with an angry Polar Bear, or with an angry male Lion?
What is the maddest that a mad human can be? ... And why?
Arguments for why god does exist?
how real is our reality?
Is this argument valid or invalid: "Either that's a poltergeist or something weird is happening in the...?
what kind of life do you want to have?
Is there a requirement to love one another in the principle of "Trade"?
what/where drives the fanaticism?
How to make this world a better place to live?
importance of logic and what is the relevance of logic to other fields?
what keeps you going on thru life knowing that after settling a problem today another problem will arise tom?
What was the outcome of Immauels Kant's Philosophy for religion in the west?
Who are some hard determinism philosophers?
What is the general opinion of Take That?
If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound, and if it does make a sound, does anyone really care?
Does money equal happiness?
What wisdom did you learn from your parents?
What is the best method for the nation of peace ?
What is the meaning of life?
♥ In your opinion . . . what makes love last?
Philosophy Moon Dogging: When is the best time to ask a good question?
I've been studying philosophy for about 4 years, and still have no idea what makes philosophy so important
Is there gonna be another life?
what quality you value most in a woman?
What would it take to get you unstuck in your life??
I need a Filipino and a dedicated netizen to answer my question?
if you had to???
I need help on a Philosophy paper over Aristotle and Friendsip?
Was life simpler when you were 13ish?
What is the most sinful act?
May I ask for your personal definition of life ?
Physical impossibilities are self-contradictory whereas logical impossibilities are not- T/F?
Question??How can you love someone you know hates you?
what are the limitations, strengths and weaknesses of ethical altruism?
if you could live forever, what are some of things you would like to do and learn about?
Is there room for hopeless romantics in modern society?
Is similarity a universal?
Why do i feel like cutting myself?
Master and Margarita can it be argued that the general attitude can be applied to any time or place in history
What kind of fallacy is this?
Must one love in order to respect?
Who was the smartest person in the history of the world?
Descartes: I think therefore I am?
Which are Best Moments In Life?
What is Kant's view on the Cosmological arguement.?
Please help clarify the concept of "metalanguage". Thank you!?
What is the primary reason that human beings will follow corrupt leaders?
Wat does ur birth month reveal about u???? ...... and do u believe in it???
Does this inductive argument make sense (needs to have 5 premises + conclusion), based on prop 30?
Aristotle's relationshp with the Church?
Is this world an Illusion? If so, what is real in this world?
I believe there will be a catastrophic change in the world the end of this?
Do you honestly think that the world will never end?
why was socrates so important?
Why Natural selection and Survival of the fittest didn't worked here?
are we real?
Can we know cause and effect??? help!?
finish this sentence~ i think_________is the coolest thing in the world, don't you?
3 things u would take on a desserted island?
Does everything have an origin?
What would be the difference between providing a real life example and a personal example?
What is the meaning of life?
What makes your life special ?
Do you consider yourself intelligent?
If you could choose one age to be forever, what age would you be?
X is impossible for u. X is above god. if we eat X we will die. X is important then love.?
According to Cicero, why does injustice exist?
What are Mary’s three arguments for materialism and problems with them as a philosophical theory.?
how can i able to grow my personal knowledge network ? ( it's for specially to that mystical pippin )?
one should be emotional or not ? what its advantage and disadvantage help me?
if life was like a box of chocolates. what would be the name of your box?
Can't everyone have only one religion in the whole world? If Not Why?
What is the explaination of Quine's Naturalism in brief?
This philosophy is puzzling--?
which is closer to the earth. . . . the stars or the moon??
When ANGELS Talk what do they sound like?
Is our past important to us?
Should the Asker be aloud to choose the best answer?
Guardian is like a watchdog, an individual is like a polis...?
do we get use to pain or does it really go away?
Will humans ever accept they are products of nature?
Does this beauty (birth) mark look attractive, or no?
What is with George Bush's left eye in this video?
Are you the type of person that likes to dance,...?
Is "freedom" just another word for "nothing left to lose"?
How does the Explanatory Criterion justify the existence of moral principles?
what is your favorite cake?
is this argument valid or invalid?
What would be worse and why: Being face to face with an angry Cheetah, or face to face with an angry Wolf?
If the world in danger ,why aren't we doing something to save it?
In the great totem pole of life, what position do you occupy?
In Russia in "Potemkin village" times, would it be treason to ask if there were Potemkin villages, or if .....
Walden pond?? whatt is it?
Simulation and Metaphysics?
Discuss three stereotypes you encounter in your own life and the effect those stereotypes can have on others.?
What is the meaning of life?
if animal;s could talk,would we have a better relationship with them?
Where is heaven?
How is the U.N's definition of genocide a 'compromise' definition?
Is it possible to think positively at all times..?
what is more dangerous for human- SUPERIORITY complex or INFERIORITY complex?
If you could only chose 1 - Would you rather talk or write?
what are the little things that make you want to get up in the morning?
1- How can you defeat the spirit of hatred in the Muslim radical?
What is another way to say this phrase?
What Women Want????????
Why has the world become so cruel?
How do you define “smart”?
Would you still respect someone for their intelligence...?
Does happiness follow you?
What is your paradise? Is it just the small things all around you?
would you like the thought of living for ever or would it scare you, and why so?
How do you see god creation and race?
Is money the only best answer to all your Questions?
What is a kindred spirit?
What is
With all that we know as humans why do we still kill each other?
do you think humans make themselves unhappy by trying to be civilized?
The philosophy of a detective?
What do you think the meaning of life is?
how does love of drugs creates possibility of evil?
What is an agnostic?
"getting lucky" to me -is finding my car in a parking what is "getting lucky"to you?
If you knew that you'll die in 7 days, what would you do?
what is the hard thing in life ?
Is imagination reality?
which is better money or mind and why?
Can someone please explain epistemological pragmatism?!?
what are the leadership principles of john maxwell?
A question for all philosophers of all schools of thought out there?
What is the philosophy Descartes reveals? Skeptism?
Why don’t we dump all patent laws all around the world and stop restraining creativity and innovation?
life changing situation?
Is God just one inch above our heads?
why is it for the last few years i have studied..?
Is alcohol the answer to feeling happy?
What did you discover in your life ?
Can you be a Christian and practice Yoga and Zen?
What is the speed of darkness ?
is man really asoul using a body as plato argued?why?
Yes or no??????!????
what is better RDR question?
Tell somthing about your self?
Favourite philosophy book & why?
Discuss socrates's conception of punishment and its relation to freedom and responsiblity.?
Does earn,eat,die is this a life ? ?
Shud i forget about falling in love?
What are some things you find meaningful?
What defines where you belong?
Is it true that by age 25, most people have their lives figured out?
Why do some people take pride in being from the slums?
Can love heal all scars?
when will we give peace a chance ?
What if you are blind in love what will u do?
Why so serious?
What is the worst thing to violate?
Assuming that atheist are correct in saying that God does not exist...?
i know the secret to reaching enlightenment....?
Anyone else think the war on drugs is a big joke?
What if you could have it this way?
If you could live forever, would you?
Is there life after death?
Hi, I was wondering what the rest of this verse is from? SHARE THE CONFLICT BUT HIS PAST... mayb frm the bible
What are freedom and responsibilty?
Has the sword of truth and honour rusted?
I have a problem...?
What is better, if you have a choice: stability or adventure?
time travel?
What is the name of this Biblical man?
why do girls like to gossip more than boys?
how is "CHANGE of HEART" different from "CHANGE of MIND"?
Why Did I Have To Be One Of Your Mistakes?
Can Desire exist independent of Matter?
How does the character Boethius differ from the narrator?
What's makes a human human?
How a Human can get the real peace & Happyness into the life?
EXPLAIN: Suggestion vs Direction?
do you think world would be differnt if there werent any religion?
What do you do when you need to gain back perspective in life?
are all people equal in essence?
For an Existentialist what does it mean to not do something "in perfect authenticity"?
Do you believe in fate?
What would you like to read/find in a blog?
Naturalists and supernaturalists (everybody*), do we agree that existence is isotropic?
So do you believe in an afterlife?
Help with life decisions?
HELP! What is Russell's Theory of Descriptions?
Why some say "bless you" when you are sneezing or even sometimes when coughing?
What happens when you appeal to someones better nature?
In today's society,the unexpected is the expected?Agree or Disagree?
what is life?
what is the difference between moral standing and moral significance?
What is the reason for existence?
What do we have children for?
What philisophical school of thought does the song "Blank Generation" seem like?
everyone sees them but what ARE they???
What do you call this logic form?
Do you feel that no matter what a person says or does, he will almost always try to return to his comfort zone?
why do humans give more importance to money?
do you think men get a better life than women?
What is freedom?
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself" that's all well an good but....?
it is okay to keep your feelings hidden in order to be accepted? under what circumstances and why ?
where can I buy eLogic CD-ROM used, w/o textbook?
philosophy arguments..Warren, Marquis, Thomson??! Help quick!?
do you believe everything happens for a reason?
What would happen if?
Is calling someone Red Indian offensive?
Assignment - Hows the idea for a border-less radio?
What is your favorite quote?
if this is the answer, what is that then (over there)?
Why people always ask the same question AGAIN AND AGAIN such as Is GOD real?
What does C.D. Broad support?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Who is really happy?
Three doors,Pleasure, Knowledge, or Meaning, which would you enter first,second,and third and why?
Is there such a thing as universal aesthetics?
What is freedom?
Would you rather burn alive or freeze to death?
If god's power was correlated with a physical object, would god be able to lift this object?
What is the theme of James Burke's "The Day the Universe Changed"?
is the glass always half empty or always half full ? are u a pessimist or optimist ?
"eck principle loving thought or lighthearted ider".?
"My life is full of __________"?
What's your purpose in life?
What is an ethical dilemma that people face?
Can you ever forget someone that`s been etched deep within your heart and mind?
If you could go back in your life and change anything, would you?
Is love a state of consciousness?
How do i know the character of a girl by talking with her without hurting ?
What's the most difficult answer you have ever questioned?
what are some good philosophy books?
Are we afraid to be alone with our thoughts?
Philosophy Logic help please?
Augustine thought that skepticism could be refuted by?
a harvest for the world?
Define successful?
Can anyone explain Wilfrid Sellars' "Myth of the Given?"?
Would a blind from birth person hallucinate if he/she took LSD?
Empiricism? Help would be appreciated.?
why is there so much conflict with everything in life?
What is the best way to fight racism and avoid hate?
Close ur eyes... what do u see? Shapes? Colours?
Why do people take the Holy Bible so literally?
Are there any groups out there for outcasts?
What's the meaning of "themata" in philosophy of science texts?
Do you think that the world will end in a few months?
genealogy of Morals please help ?