are you barking up the wrong tree?
Thinking over the years, do you believe religion has caused more destruction that it has salvaged?
In Collins project was anyone developing checklists to be utilised in monitoring and documenting the software?
What techniques does John Lennon use in his song imagine. e.g. imagery?
Who is the biggest liar on earth?
Do i go see a therapist or a psychologist?
What would Pragmatism achieve?
Which of Nietzsche's writings best represent his master-slave morality?
have u ever thought of this?
What do Agnostics believe in?
What should I do if I feel complete despair and have nothing to live for?
How do you find out what you were meant to do in the world?
The concept of equality is for the masses?
what - to you - proves the existence of God?
If you were granted one single wish, but at the cost of one human life...?
Without ignorance would there be any point in existing?
People are just too ungrateful; am I right?
How do you become happy with your surroundings?
People say I come accross wrong when I speak at work, How can I change my communication skills?
wat is heaven??
What's the meaning of this song?
Reoccurring dreams about this guy, what could they mean?
Do you think that certain people come into our life for a reason?
Why are some people smarter/wiser/more intelligent than others?
I would like to know how I am able to know the names of my guardian angel, archangel and 7 masters.?
The shell must break before the bird can fly. What does it mean?
Leave no stone does that fit daily life?
how can i belive we got job & not to be cheat by company?
what does the statement "intellectual by birth. Rebellious by nature" mean?
My friends have changed drasticly.?
ΙΝ GOD WE TRUST: Do you think that writing this on the dollar-bill is a misuse of God's name?
Explain the role of habit in moral life according to aristotle's ethics. what is the significance ? ?
What would Aristotle say a body is?
what is the nfinity cheer shoes symbool?
What are your views on death? Do you believe there is and afterlife?
what is beauty?
Is something wrong with me or my emotions?!?
Are you the type of person that needs people, or is it people need you, which one are you?
Which came first, nothing or something?
Is this a stupid question to ask?
If a tree falls in the forest and?
What never stands still?
If you had to say, would you say the world was a sad place or a happy place?
Man vs. Nature....Who will win the ultimate fight?
what is the purpose of life if you will die eventually?
What's the biggest lie one can tell themselves in life?
report on Muller-Lyer Illusion?
are drugs 4 people who cant handle reality, or is reality 4 people who cannot handle drugs?
can a cancer date a virgo?
How would it be to be Einstein's son? Great because of his genius, or bad because of being in his shadow?
Why are people scared of 2012?
what exactly are the perks of being a wallflower?
What constitutes proof? Can a philosophical argument prove something? How can anything be proven?
Life: Is making a bad decision better than making no decision at all?
Why should I not become an atheist?
which philosopher came up with "i think therfore i am"?
(For guys) If you struck the lottery, would you live the easy fun life?
Truth Table Help logic!!!?
Is it possible I could be?
How common is common sense?
Who was the philosopher that said something like....?
Is all 'knowledge' humans gain influenced by past perceptions regardless of what we'd like?
Am I humble if I say I'm humble?
What part of the body do YOU think actually feels feelings?
Would Wittgenstein argue you need all possible baselines, audit trails, backups, for a safety-critical system?
what is the different betweeen realism and idealism?
What if you wake up one day to find that whatever you lived until now was just a dream?
How would you feel if this was true?
Does nobody notice that life is really lame?
Can you give me examples of "3 part of soul" according to Plato? Which one do you belong to?
Is the Abilene paradox, and the idea of groupthink for that matter, essentially the same as peer pressure?
Are you happy for this sort of thing to happen in your country?
who am i?i dont recognise myself in the mirror.i dont relate to people around this normal?
is there a point of living?
Ever had the instinct where you need to leave a place?
Does the entire system need an overhaul?
Always look in the bright side of life…?
Could we re-introduce the slave trade?
How do you know when something is "real"?
If you loved someone enough would you want to be part of a human centipede with them?
Would you lick your master's footsole at the expense of your life? You are a slave. Think twice before?
why 'a clockwork orange'?
What is one word you totally love?
Do words and actions define a person?
What can I do to avoid my natural tendency to be such a selfish prick?
Want purchase sumthing important material which is important in pharma industry?
what Karma ?
Describe a place that makes you feel delighted and explain why.?
How can i live my life to the fullest?
When will mortal earthlings stop the "holier than thou" approach to life?
Is there a religious belief that combines both ideals of Deism and Ignostic?
How do you start a new life?
Do you know Richard Brandt?
Good Meaning for Living Needed, Life is for what?
Name one thing life is worth living for?
Does ! envision its role, as becoming the Mind-Police?
When Descartes' body was transported back to France, anxious relic collectors removed pieces of his body.?
How can I relate a star-chart to the anthropic principle?
what do you think this means: no matter how sharp a knife gets it cannot carve it's own handle" ?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
what are aristotle's view on logic and reason?
Why was utopian literature popular in the 17th and 18th century?
how is love best defined?
Who are some famous Philosophers/strategist?
Does anyone else get flabbergasted to the point that your soul lifts beyond your body when you hear movie?
what is meant by teasing?
philosopher's view on human nature? PLEASE HELP!?
In this world of contradictions, where is that place where we can all sit down and agree?
Are Feminist another form of Racism???
Can u tell us the secret of your success? All of us want to know?
can the humankind survive with out gods?
Why do people often choose the person who loved them instead of choosing the person whom they love?
Is my life mine, or is it the property of my parents?
Why do you feel compelled to drive through puddles?
Do I exist?
If you were immortal, how would you spend your time?
Why humans the only species that commit suicide?
What is the Principal Of Humanity?
If the road to hell is paved with good intentions why are there so many potholes?
what is on your bucket list?
Are you afraid of death?
what are you doing right now?
What is currently the meaning of life?
what do you "need" to have in life to say your life's complete?
Human connection in the world?
if you believe stars are eternal, then why can't you believe that goodness is too?
Have you ever said "I give up on life" to yourself?
If the Man Stop Asking Why .... What will Happen In Mankind ....?
How do I show that the sentences A&B and B&A are equivalent in SD?
What is the difference between holding a grudge and just not wanting to be bothered?
What is the truth behind a Fata Morgana?
in camus "the myth of sisyphus" why is don juan the absurd hero?
Would Jeremy Bentham and John Stewart Mill be ok with abortion?
Where are you God?
What are your opinions on 2012: Doomsday?
If knowledge is power..why do we need electricity?
why is wrong?
why do we have to die?
What advice would you give to "Honesty" that is being tempted to participate in a masquerade?
Repeat with a twist...If you love someone and have committed yourself to one another...?
Was the customer an enormous drag on Computer Sciences, asking stupid questions ?
Why do "Christians" post Statements as "Questions" on Answers?
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
What is the most important factor that determines your success in life?
Are optimists idiots? Why is it that so many intellectuals are pessimistic and/or depressed?
how do you deal with failure?
What is your ambition in life ?
What are you !?
Why were images of the prophet muhammed not allowed to be shown on South Park?
Could a Mars Is Heaven situation actually happen?
why do we feel emotions?
Do you think that the fault for the state of the world lies on every single individual and?
Can Truths contradict one another?
Who can respond to this question with the most obscure, arbitrary sentence possible?
Why do my desire to make every one happy around me is not going to work ?
Please give an opinion on this idea.?
To what extent is the Anzac spirit relevant to life in Australia today?
I reckon that most people here don't read other peoples responses. They just want their 2 cents worth...?
Can a love that is special ever be unconditional?
does human beings want to controll the world show that we arent ready to?
what makes u happy?
Auto correct or whatever is a great invention?
Are 'LOCO MOTIVES' essential to a Healthy Life?
"Is something good because God commands it, or does God command it because it is good?"?
How does courage grow in an individual?
how do i set as my homepage?
Why is Einstein’s E=MC2 considered a "paradigm shift"?
Which Country is the greatest in the world? Maybe there isn't a greatest?
Are most people nice people?
What are the main reasons to stop meat-eating?
Should we respect one anothers beliefs no matter how farfetched they may seem, or try to convince or force...?
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
if you had only one more year to live, what would you do ?
What happened before the big bang, then what happened before that, then what happened before that....?
Examples of Self-Reliance in pop culture?
How do I know if this is real?
What is your biggest fear?
Philosophy Trouble!! Multiple choice questions!! On the works of Plato: Meno, Crito, Phaedo, and Epictus?
Where can I find "The Sinews of Peace"?
Does the Utilitarianism principle hold?
I eat like a pig while others are starving...?
Exactly what purpose is there in living if my birth was an accident?
This is the question: Why?
Are you tired of the question: What is the meaning of life?
how the world is created?
What will be the most significant invention of the 21st century? How will this contribute to society?
i was just having these thoughts about reality and human nature and i confused myself?
What does AFKAP mean?
Do you think the USA is a sick country?
Is homosexuality accepted where you live?
characters from books/films that are philosophical?
Why is education important no matter what the cost of being ignorant has on a society?
who has ever met god? or an angel!! in dreams or really or w/e jw?
Was Plato really a Cynic philosopher?
if we the people start act like a human being what happen?
If a tree falls down in a forest and there are no people around, how can you prove it makes a noise?
Atheism could be very dangerous dont you think?
its a kind a love life?
How is a cactus like an artist?
No rapport with people!?
Is there such thing as a human "instinct"?
descibe how modernity has been represented in film, specifically in Modern Times and Metropolis?
What is the true meaning of life?
how would a conversation between you and ''pride and arrogance'' go?
Why does money impact our relationships with others so profoundly?
In Dostoievski's The Idiot what is the significance?
How big is our universe? How big are we really?
Why is this an important question?
Why can't we just born with knowledge?
In what ways can plato's philosophy be seen as a response to the relativism of the Sophisits?
What problems do you think our world is facing or is go to face? Anything?
Is it wrong to have sexual desire?
Would you?
what is the rest of this quote "when in rome..."?
why is dionysian so important to nietzsche?
Why we think contradictory things without even know we think so?
on a scale of 1-10 how good is this question?
Can a person be in a bad mood for no reason because of a dream they had that they don't recall they even had?
Why are we called humans? Why not some crazy random thing?
Are you your job, the money you have in the bank, the car you drive and the contents of your wallet?
Would your world be "right" without your friends?
What is the meaning of life?
Confucius say: lovers in triangle not on square. Any ideas what this means?
Before language how did one think?
Describe your outlook on life in one word.?
Did God actually create women? If so, why are they so treacherous? Could they be pathologically deficient?
What will make a human being completely satisfied?
What is the meaning of Life?
is the movie the divinci code a 12a or a 15?
I want to kill myself?
Highest quality cultural/political cartoons?
Why are we here on this earth?
do babys judge their own actions? What do you think?
Have you ever been part of a herd...?
Why do some people like to keep telling everyone their sob story?
Do you think it is more important for you to just BE than to have a goal?
What do you find beautiful, inspiring and up lifting?
How much would having my window open raise the heating bill?
People between 40 and 55: do you feel old? Why?
Is it possible for a potato to love?
what is the meaning of life?
Is it essence precedes existence, or existence precedes essence?
what would you like in youre life?
God doesn't exist. But where did the concept of God come from?
How can we prove the existence of God?
What is the best way to succeed in life?
Whats the meaning of life ?? ?
What is a negative power to being able to see the truth?
what is the meaning of life?
Will u tell us about the greatest day in your life? What happened?
What Do Physicists Like to Read?
When friends start to act strange, or disappear for no apparent reason, do you think... :) ?
How is a thought different from a belief? or is it the same thing?
napoleon's diary.. what is the role of imagination?
Is It Important To Know Where We Came From, To Know Where We're Going?
How does our Net Creativity affect evolution and the purpose of the human race?
A question about Michel Foucault?
What does this mean? to believe your own thought, what is true for you in your own heart is true for all men?
why we always think we r right and others are wrong?
Close your eyes for 5 Secs... And what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
All hipsters should die agree or not?
“In what aspect of your life do you feel you can honestly say that you’ve been very lucky?
whats the role of trust in life?
Why In Today Society We Don't Have Leaders.....Like Milk, Malcolm x etc?
Who loves you most of all the people in your life?
If we stop eating meat will we be less agressive? Think about it which dinosaurs and animals are most agress.
In what way is Aristotle's Virtue Ethics related or not related to his definition of justice and morality?
technology or lazyness?
If the world were an orange, what kind would it be?
Is there a god?
here is a question to think about...?
Do you think its better to be silent and thought a fool, or to speak and remove all doubt?
A Good Philosophers Help Please? The Matrix?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
Is it possible that one's darkness,is the light,itself?
Is hatred pointless in your opinion?
The people's lives that we should save the most are.?
I once saw a motto that started out "Sometimes it feels as if everybody life". Anyone seen it?
Is it wrong to desire?
Man what all would you shop for??
Do you ever want to thank someone for making you a stronger person...?
wat is the purpose of human in this world?
Is thinking of a contradiction a contradiction itself?
what is the meaning of life???
Are there any similarities between the Form of the Good, the Prime Mover and the Judaeo God?
If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?
Example of a reliable narrator? (Film & philosophy)?
A question of logic???
Were the puppetmasters in Collins project very capable people ?
Do you think the biggest enemy to love is attachment?
Did Collins software's software quality assurance plan (SQAP) explain how one will enforce coding standards,?
If nobody is perfect, and I am a nobody, does that make me perfect?
Do you agree with me that everything begins and ends in the mind?
Do you think that we think, do you control your thinking?
Rationalism and Empiricism?
What is the most important human trait to possess?
Would it be depressing to know that humanities only source of ultimate freedom is in "bliss"?
What is the meaning of life to you?
I am trying to find a book, but i do not know the author or name of the book. is anyone familiar with it?
Am I humble if I say I'm humble?
what is the meaning of blind by distance?
is it possible to drive nearly forever?
I am ashamed of being a human, for humans are very similar to monkeys?
what does kiergaard argue is necessary for any proof of gods existence?
What is the tragedy of peace and peace of mind?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
what is Jean Jacques Rousseau rights to revolt on human nature?
Can you ever really change anything?
Why is Einstein considered so smart?
how wud u define life??
"Hell is other People" you agree?
Why are the first three letters of diet DIE?
Why some people are like this?
i m very emotional guy, i give alot of respect to every body thats why i think tht everybody let down me?
who is hero?
People with an intense imagination..can you help?
Why is it so hard for the SELFto grow and free flow endlessly?
Can someone tell me a palindrome?
In what category does Calkins place Nietzsche?
If you could change one moment in history, either your own or that of the world, what would it be and why?
Don't give the grid power they want , only when you have to , find your inner voice, your own beliefs?
what is the big bang theory.?
"we should let people believe what they want to"?
What are some ways in which music changes our perception of the world?
I'm trying to find a book.... help?
Is pride a good thing?
Who said Man is a rational being?
What does the government fear most...?
Have a made a mistake starting an MPhilStud?
Philosophy- Hume-Necessary CONNECTION?
What is the evolution of disks? ANSWER QUICK!!!!?
Does my story relate to philosophy? if not, can you help?
Okay, a baby elephant and three baby tigers are stuck in the desert. They are battling to the death. Who wins?
Does ! Answers breed a relativistic mind set or is it a reflection of one?
What is the meaning of 'Malicious'?
3 poems tell me waht you think :) btw there ny me?
Why do i feel so empty?
Is buddhist ethics consequentialist or nonconsequentialist in nature and why?
should I end my life?
How can I survive as an Artist?
Do you write your own book or are you happier to sit back and read what other's have written?
Is it that hard to distinguish?
Why do good people suffer bad things?
What area of philosophy did Immanuel Kant work?
Does being yourself include the mind and it's faculties(imagination,thought, feeling)?
What are the top 5 things you want to accomplish before you die?
Do you think that appreciation is the basis of happiness?
Any analyzed poem examples?
what can i do to make the world a better place to live?
Do you exist?
which religion seems to be most logical, most meaningful and most beleivable?
Why do Arabs write characters from right-to-left but number from left-to-right?
What philosophical view am I?
If you woke up and found yourself in your own past, when you were ten years old, what would you do?
is there GOD??? if there is, prove it?
Does nobody notice that life is really lame?
If its not death, just what is the opposite of life?
is there a mystery to profound human goodness or evil, or can everything be explained by human psychology?
How do people get eggs in a glass jar?
Is it better to be insane and stupid than to be insane and smart?
What has been your hardest goal to reach in your life?
What are the Sophist's arguments in Plato's Republic for injustice? What are Plato's arguments for justice?
What are some lessons in life you feel are worth sharing?
If you could sum up your life in one word, what would it be and why?
Are you human or are you something else?
this is what I am going to do - say something ?
Have you ever felt like you can save the world,but can;t seem to solve your own troubles?
What does the quote "You Cannot Kill What You Did Not Create" mean?
If you were straneded on a island, who would you want to be with?
Can our [natural] instincts...?
What makes life beautiful..?
what is "love"?why do we "fall" in love not "rise".?
What's the secret of your happiness?
What would be the best reference to learn details about the incubation practise of the Iatromantis?
What does it mean to be "psychologically confused"? how similar to a computer o.s. with corrupted files ,etc?
anybody have info on aristotle?
What's the best way to dispose of a body, and how quickly could this be achieved?
Who said "why kill people for killing people to show that killing people is wrong"?
Do you like yourself.....?
Are you looking for the truth of all life?
Why is 'human nature' overused as an excuse...?
do you believe that it is passion that makes the world go round?
Love is an Utopia?!...?
Philosophical Question for ALL deep thinkers here!?
How can one achieve ego death without chemicals?
can u visualize or imagine something u can't comprehend?
What is representative realism?
Why christains don't like to judge themselves? in their religion? I hate this?
how does john change in A Prayer for Owen Meany?
Is good and evil absolute or relative?
What would affect your life more...?
to be or not to be.. my favorite .. ( =I am)?
At presenthow would you decide a person is a true position holder in all means you have a great respectto him?
Who came in this world first an egg or a hen?
How do you think something is defined as art?
Are you thankful for being alive?
why are we here and is "this" all a illusion?
Why U and Why I pick U? because I have the same reason as Wei Xiao Bao! ?
How you define confidence?
Discuss 'All a poet can do is warn'?
What are three hypothetical cases which you believe clearly involves sexual harassment?
Was Abelard on the cutting edge?
Where do you find serenity?
How do you spend your time?
What significant photos can be used to represent the concepts of Humanities?
Regarding the Subconscious and Free Will:?
what is the ultimate goal of life?
What is Manichaeism?
What does teen spirit smell like?
What would you like to ask?
Are you wolf wise, crazy like a fox or wily as a coyote?
If your life were an open book, what would I be reading?
If a computerized system is delivered, would it normally be supplied with a software development system so :?
What is the meaning of Life?
What is to your right?
Why Why do so many people call Christians intolerant, when they are being intolerant of Christians?
when is an answer not an answer?
Does waking up with no erection at morning mean penis dysfunction?
What is it like to sleep in a bed with a female?
What is the saddest sight that you have ever seen?
Most philosophical calvin and hobbes comic strips?
What do you want from life? Or to achieve and why? :)?
How does one live life to the fullest?
please help me find a speech! "real men, punching a shark, how real men act. John Wayne???"?
what is your favorite type of philosophy?
Explain how the mind is better known than the body, according to the end of the Second Meditation. Is this a c?
Did this happen on any of your pet projects ?
Why does it take longer than a life-time to understand fully what is Love, Truth, Safety, Morality,etc?
What if your family blames you for something that's not your fault?
2012: Why is it all just a myth.?
Is Islam a religion of peace? Yes or No?
Have I formed a coherent prophecy involving Mayan 2012 era?
what is the sound of one hand clapping?
Is Knight Ascartes still here? I remember his questions but have not seen his profile can you find it for me?
Another philosophy question?
are most MISTAKES recognizable or unrecognizable?
What would life be like if the wheel had never been Invented?
Would this be a valid reason to kill myself?
Hyper communication , DNA and it's vibratory evolution?
Has an answer ever turned you on?
Is life what you make it?
Girls, how would you react?
Do we exist?
Why is "sin" so much fun?
What are Harman's views on virtue ethics?
Who's driving the train?
Nearly attacked by a random gang, whats the best way to act in these situation?
how does Confucius explain and justify the inequalities among people?
How do the sentiments of this speech relate to the world today? give specific examples?
It's all fun and games until____________?
How can Darwin's theory be used to justify The White Man's Burden?
Do you think it is more important to talk, or to listen?
There is no future only present!?
What is the symbolic meaning of the Partridge bird?
when does the body aquire it's soul?
Hurts wonderful life- What do you know?
How to get a complete education in philosophy?
What is truth? What do you assume?
Ladies; If you could be a Goddess Which of the Following Would it Be: Artemis or Athena?
how to raise funds for charity?
what technological, political and environmental issues directly in influence the contemporary artists?
Does God Exist? Give me irrefutable prove or logic?
I'm concerned about my sister. We are argued and she wont talk to me?
If I had a friend who was racist against blacks, but he had a crush on Paula Abdul..?
Can you tell me something you GAIN by LOSING?
does the Devil have a son?what is your proof and religion if you say yes or no,is it true : jesus is God s son
What is the proper way to formulate an argument, and what are the terms?
what if something doesnt make sense?
what is the bible view on marriage?
What do you think allows something to have a soul?
Can someone identify the man in my avatar?
Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough?
Do modern people in the US have any concept how bad life used to be?
what are you?
What kind of neighborhood do you live in?
How can you prove to someone that you truly love them?
what is perfection for you?
what would you be able to see, if you lived for 1000 years?
What is the meaning of life to you.?
What would you consider your greatest success? Be creative, folks.?
God does not exist?
What is your message to the world?
What would happen if someone saw red as green and green as red?
Why the hell should I vote?
is it better to know and accept your limitations...?
What advice would you give someone that worries too much ?
what is basic difference between Isalm and Jewism?
The French classified art, so Music was the 1st Art, Motion Pictures the 11th, etc. What are the others?
Why do you think people find it rewarding to see others laugh?
What is the meaning of "happy" when someone asks you, "Are you happy?"?
Mental characteristics of philosophers?
what is the meaning of trident on marriage line ?
What do you think is the most important thing that money cannot buy?
Is "Nothing" Possible?
how do i organize myself?
What is this that I'm feeling?
Ted Nugent needs a life, classy hmm not so much!?
Who has a better chance of survival and happiness?
Why are you so smart?
What little things make you happy?
What do you think true love is?
In one sentence, what have you learned from life?
I don't understand why people believe in god?
We all say I am happy!! But how do we know that we are really happy ?
Human Trafficking Essay?
if you could go back in time?
Which rule of truth is violated by the statement “It is neither true nor false that God exists.” a. Law of E?
How can one prove the existence or non-existence of "God", ...or "the Devil"?
Philosophy about the Book of Eli?
is logic superior to intuition?
What things make you crazy?
Did someone on the Collins project induce fear ?
If a rose represents Love, what do thorns represent?
Philosophically sound tv shows?
If you were involved in Collins project, would the following insight have helped ?
good philosophy topic for essay?
what if new orleans was a bunch of black people? like you know a mass of blacks and no whites?
Is having a lot of money necessary to be happy?
Who is GOD?
Philosophy - Propositional Calculus Homework Help!?
Are you one of those people that have trouble finding happiness?
What happens to your soul when you die?
what is the meaning of arbitration?
characteristics of life ?
why are you reading this young earthling?
How much Energy should be spent trying to reach out to others?
What would you say is most imperfect about humans?
What is the style, philosophy, and imagery of Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson?
Are you the same person that you were last month?
what is your name? what does it mean? and how do u like it?
Is the Freedom youth experience today, the same freedom experienced by youth in the 60's?
How do GOD the knowing experience HIMSELF?
Should we accept Descartes’ causal principles and the proof of God’s existence? If not, why not?
What is the difference betwen Skirt & SKY?
If you were to die happy how would that be?
i think, therefore..........?
What can one do as a philosophy major?
What defines Intelligent?
Why do people get offended so easily?
Elva Xiao Happy New Year 2009! haha...?
What defines you?
Describe the "simple life" in 3 words ( not the nicole and paris show)?
What SCARED YOU THE MOST when you were little and growing up??
What are the two universal questions found in the Bhagavad Gita.?
Is it better to be poor or rich? Why?
What sound or noise do you hate?
is it possible.. i,v been on the net for 8 years.. and all i have is only one chatter... how can that be..?
What do you think of my speech on Liberty?
Does life need to have a purpose?
If you remove the darkness from your heart, are you left lighthearted?
What is "human"?
john dewey self and subjectivity?
What is the hardest thing you have ever had to go through or still going through?
The Ultimate Question?
What is your life philosophy?
are you a RULE...or an EXCEPTION ?
According to determinism...?
Looking for a valid argument for ' what goes up must come down', point me in the right direction please.?
if the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what's the road to heaven paved with?
What are some events or people that have changed your life?
What is your passion?
What is the meaning of life according to tolstoy?
Why is life so fragile?
Will we pass feces in heaven?
describe the platform of the black panther party?
how dose the speaker in '' All but blind '' view his or her place in the world?
what came first, the chicken or the egg ? (personal opinion)?
If your job required you to do something you feel is morally wrong, would you continue to do it?
What happened to you that changed your life ?
Why do people let bad things happen?
who created the traditional definition of knowledge during the 1960's.?
Are there really only two types of people in this world?
Elva, u have anything u wanna to ask me hee hee or else i will be ZzzZZzz all the way?
Name something that limits your freedom?
philosophy help?
Why did rhyme schemes develop? Such as a sonnet!?
do you think that every one in this world has got some good quality ? if yes wat's your.?
How can you feel more empathy and compassion?
Is Aristotle's concept of the soul identical to the modern concept of the genome?
is time just a matter of perception?
I need help in The Art of War?
Are evil people ever going to learn ethics?
if there is an option of knowing what age one will die,would you like to know?
Your take on a philosophical paradox?
Girls who REFUSE to let this world CONTROL?
What is the moment in your life that you are treated of being Loved?
do you believe in the ALMIGHTY THE GOD?
What do a few ethical philosophers have to say about bystanders?
Have you ever seen a girl who you would actually consider breathtaking?
should we remove the word "God" from states and Federal documents?Why or Why not?
philosophy? ambiguous? unambiguous?
Could there be life somewhere outside Earth or our solar system?
₪ღ Can ~Love~ evar die?
Is your true nature reflected in how you interact with the world as you perceive it or as it really is?
What is the difference between Aristotle's eudamian and nicomechian ethics ?
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Pro anthropocentric arguments. Could somebody give me some?
What is the logical explanations of yoga levitation?
What makes a person good?
Looking for better things in life?
do u guys want a glass of ice lemon tea now?
use your best first and you will always have your best left over?
are WE THEY?
Is the modern philosophy studying Buddhists statements?
do u think that these are the end times?sad but true.virtue is backbiting.evwery seems to be out for theirself
Are we doomed in 2012?
There is a really loud bird that I haven't heard before outside in the oak tree?
Is love even worth the broken heart?
Can anyone explain the relation between physic, psychology and ethics?
Is the phrase "democratic nation" an oxymoron?
What would you get back if you could?
do people develop narcissistic traits in response to emotional abuse?
for you, what does innocence mean?
Context? "This is one of those cases in which the imagination is baffled by the facts." -Adam Smith?
What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
Is it possible that the world is bipolar?
What is best? Catholicism or Christianity?
What would u like to be in your next life? What were you in your previous one?
i need the poem called the mirage, byavedik issahakian?
philosophy help please!?!? quick?
can you be a confident person and how?
What is the best bible quote to put in my essay to help explain the sanctity of life principle?
Do you think my job is for someone uneducated?
According to Immanuel Kant, what are the two principles that govern punishment?
debate: do we learn to communicate or are we born with this ability?
Please help me shoot down this argument?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Is the world going to be a lot worse years from now, or are things going to get better? Are bad times now.....?
I'm concerned about how my mind works... 10 points!!?
Can you be a "Skeptic" and also be "Agnostic"?
Why does life have to be so hard?
Hi there, what do you think about atheists, atheism?
what is your problem???????
is ethics a competitive game?
Do you think a human is capable of this?
What is the most unanswerable question you have ever heard in your life?
can someone dialectical materialism?
can someone help me with this quote? what does it mean?
I have a serious question:l ?
how could diogenes have been at socrates's lectures and met alexander the great?
If it's true that we are here to help others, what are the others doing here?
Should Turkey join the Europen Community?
If practice makes perfect, how come nobody's perfect?
famous biblical pairs?
What could be more valuable than a personal opinion?
I need a reason to live...?
What type of women do men respect?
What type of argument is this?
Is George W Bush an existentialist? Like Jean Paul Sartre there is no exit.?
the world is going to end in 1 hour...?
I want to know all things about pin?
When is "Too much of a good thing" too much?
Which ethical theory can be used to interpret ethics?
What is that brings true happiness into a persons life?
What is the exponential growth rate for the total knowledge of the human race?
What are all the job on rebirth ro?
Please suggest a term paper title concerning Heraclitus...?
God made the heaven and the earth?
Would u rather excited with dehabilating anxiety or just regular feeling more calm?
How do you define present day humanity?
Will the world really end on December 21, 2012?
have you found what you have been looking for?
Should we legalise drugs?
What area or place could this be?
What percentage of human are really honest and good soul?
Construct a table using Mill's method (Philosophy)?
Know what is in your self interest?
How optimistic are you? Is the cup half full, or half empty?Assuming you had a cup.?
"WHAT are YOU"....That's Right..."What are you"?
You know you're an idiot when....???
What's the one thing you wish you hadn't experienced or witnessed in your life?
The closer I get the farther I am. Is life just a receding illusion? Do we ever reach our destination?
“In one sentence, what do you believe is the secret of life’?
Who are we (humans) without the law, socialization, and society?
What is philosophyyy?
Secondary Sources to support that being selfish leads to consequences?
So... what kind of an experience is non existence?
What is the most noble profession?
is Confucianism a religion?
what is that?
Aristotle, Art of Rhetoric..please explain difference between?
Is life or death better?
What is Christopher Phillips Definition of Virtue?
Does QUITTING always make one a LOSER?
How much do you love me?
What do we want ?
How can we apply the gandhian philosophy in our daily lives?
What's more important in life?
Do you believe in fate/destiny?
Why is it that the more we seek HAPPINESS the more it eludes us?
Philosophy Logic Translation?
If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
In his description of virtue as a mean as 'relative to us,' what is it that Aristotle is saying?
For some philosophers and intelligent people please?
A book about your life? What title would it have?
Is there point in living if nothing exists?
Everything is everything, it just depends on how much?
what came first the chicken or the egg ?. im getting paranoid now plz help?
Does Ulquiorra die? If so... how and by who?
how are Socrates' elenchus and Kant's categorical imperative similar?
What do you think will happen when you die?
why time passes e faster and faster ?
when do u think u'll be truely happy?
Song that defines your life!?
What determines if a human is male or female?
Can you give me some feedback on my new life outlook?
Death or Immortality?
what does man's true happiness consist of and what does not lead to happiness?
Is john negroponte sarcastic?
Do you agree in Communism ...... yes or no ..?
What are your life ambitions for the future :)?
what is the difference between clever and fool ?
Do you live your life to please yourself or to help humanity?
what's the meaning of life?
does anyone feel the mind is as vast as the universe itself. or consciousness is as vast as the universe?
are you happy with your life?
What do you think of the Chinese philosophy of the Mandate of Heaven?
What is life and the meaning behind it?
I can't see my life past 16?
tell me something about nyndra?
Why should attempt to commit suicide be considered a 'punishable crime'? Don't we even own our own life?
How would it feel for YOU to live this life?
What purpose do humans serve in nature?
would you rather be a PIANO or a GUITAR?
Why is "I love you." considered the ultimate declaration of love?
Is there a way to make this dream possible?
What if it's a wonderful life took place today?
Is this a Pray to your God? ... : "Let The Dog See The Rabbit!"?
Why can no one answer the contradictions I posted?
What kinds of professions did well-known philosophers have?
if u were a god and have the authority of ordering to do only one global thing immediately,what would it be?
Thoughts on this--sometimes the greatest act of love is walking away?
How many fairies can dance on the head of an Oscar?
Do You find in life that You spend more time,?
What is faith ? and what for??
what proves children like decorative things?
Selling self sovereignty for personal gain?
if time is a real thing?
What's better- getting over ur addictions or controlling ur addictions?
Do you ever wish there was more live music coming from stranger's windows?
Why does it always have to be one UPON a time.. i mean why cant it be once into(as in multiplied) time...?
Is it true that we will die in the 21st century?
should GOD be put back in public schools and why?
Are you comfortable with silences..?
Who is much better, Jose Rizal or Andres Bonifacio?
I always make excuses with homework, gym, girls,etc?
Which religion is right?
What's your Favourite quote or saying?
what is metaethics? and an example?
An eye for an eye - tooth for a tooth. Or forgiveness...?
Dying is an art like everything else?
Ethical question?
How patronising is it that the definitions of words are for sale?
i always wondered if people are all different ,then why are we always trying to make our selves fit in?
tell me something about the supreme it worthed?
Can a whisper drive you crazy?
What do you do when you figure out life?
How To Acheive True Happiness?
Secret Life of Bees...questions!?
is worrying about the future irrational, since no one knows what the future will bring?
What is the type of fallacy that occurs when you add an unrelated statement to something your trying to prove?
what does patriotism mean to you?
How did Aquinas develop the theory of natural law?
way we have tow ears but don't have tow moth?
Why animals never commit suicide; how come no amount of struggle seems ever to kill their will to go on living?
What would you like to ask?Im very competitive by nature how can I use this trait to make myself successful?
Does happiness come with a price?
What are Some of Aristotle's views?
Fight or surrender... which will achieve peace?
If computerization projects supposedly have "integration" problems is it for this reason ?
Isn't keeping great apes in zoos the same as slavery?
what does nietzsche mean by calling himself the antichrist?
Need Amnesia:- can anyone help?
Could someone compare/contrast Tolstoy's "Confession" to Kierkegaard's "The Leap of Faith". Thank you.?
3 idiots dialogue doubt?
why we are mostly grabbing what's appear instead to create appearences?
what is the link between reason, emotion and ethics?
what is atonement?
Who are you?
on average, (0 to 100%) how often are you afraid?
If the current court system for determining custody could be changed, what should it be changed to?
If there is no god can you kill people?
Martin Buber's The Knowledge of Man analysis?
people out their thatbelieve bendig your elements is not real you are wrong b cuz i just bended fire and water?
A word that has lost its meaning to you. What is it?
how to make 24 million in 2 days ?
How much influence do you think Francis Bacon's writings had on Descartes?
So in lieu of the the time question, which brought up creepier depths of existence..... continued?
Help! Any thoughts on my Nursing Philosophy statement?
What effect does deconstruction have?
is there such a thing as a waste of life?
How does one combat fear?
What are your thoughts on animal cruelty?
If God has control over everything, why are you not mad at 'him'?
I'm intelligent however lack some common knowledge?
What are the benefits of being a citizen paying tax in yor country?
Are they coming your way? The slings & arrows...I mean?
what did wittgenstein mean when he said philosophy is i know not what?
Is this a rhetorical question ?
Help with life, motivation, school, etc?
Heidegger works involving Technology?
What do you think of Kamadeva?
What is ment or implied by the saying "a woman with a past or a man with a future"?
Identify the inductive fallacies.?
what was Ayer's three point criteria that needs to be met if a person is to be held morally accountable?
What things are only funny if they are ironic?
How to Grow Tumbleweed?
Is the modern era irreverent of human life?
We can accurately describe Socrates as an epistemological rationalist because commitment to his elaborate worl?
Who are the loneliest people in the world? And why do you think they are? Do they deserve to live then?
Is freedom possible?
What is the true meaning of life?
Not everything is what it seems?
What is love?
Why are we here? and what should we do?
why does life suck?
Does a hearing impaired person experience thought differently than one who has full hearing capabilities?
If a tree fell on the woods and no one was there to see it, did it really fall?
Do people have free will?
What do you think is the best argument to refute this?
Rebuttal points that make Eratosthenes a better philosopher/scientists/mathematician than Archimedes and Plato?
how does the role doubt play in human beings development and apply it to the 21st century?
what is the exact meaning of this french statement "ce petit chef d'oeuvre de dialectique subtile" into engli
Is it better to try to do good and acidentally do harm, or to try to do harm and accidentally do good?
My girl friend hates herself and thinks that she is ugly, stupid, she cant take love or afffection?
Aristotle's 4 causes??? - Philosophy?
When should we trust our sense of smell?
What do you call a man who degrades women but is too cowardly to do it to men?
What is the best way to stop drinking alcohol?
What is the opposite of "happiness"?
if an idiot walks in front of a bus going 30mph whats the last thing to go though his brian?
Which of these schools has the best Philosophy program?
Theoretically, on a project like Collins, there could have been someone really rotten, in a key position. How?
Is love at first sight true?
What will happen after DEATH??
Can God create a rock so heavy he would be unable to lift it?
Old people, or anyone above 18, what was your biggest mistake/regret in high school?
Do U believe in a 2nd life after this?
How can I survive on this type of society?
Do you like to experience life?
what has the euthyphro dilemma got to do with god being supremely good, the source of law and moral goodness?
How would Bertrand Russell say racial slurs work according to his "On Denoting"?
how to find a soul mate?
Did Aphrodite die?
why do you think that aristotle's model needed the planets to be ...?
What makes a person feel superior in America?
Why did the evolution of nucleotides stopped after 4 in number? Why has no new NTPs or dNTPs which are parts .?
Challenges are what makes life interesting...?
Why does humans (most of 'em) want to believe that there is a higher power?
What makes you angry?
how many emotions exist?
Transcendentalism-who says all humans are inherently good?
What will you do if you are not needed anymore in your life?
do u believe in "eye for an eye?"?
which of these theories do you find more convincing: Big Bang theory OR when God made the world in 6 days?
How much is enough?
What do you think about this article?
In the Iliad when are the moments of peace during the war?
What are your dreams about?
what is empiricism?????????????
For Collins project whose responsibilities included “ensuring that the appropriate policies and practices are?
Does a person's handwriting reveal his/her personality?
What does your NAME mean??
Do countries exist in reality?
Are you human or not?
How complex is the world?
When will the day come that religious belief is seen by most as the immature weakness that it is?
Is there anything we are not able to think about?
Is there a free online advice chat site?
Why is God so quite and hides?
Have you ever felt like...?
ur fav quotes?
Is it possible to see someone as an enemy, without seeing them as a threat?
Can we speak with god ? When and Where ?
If a Muslim lady is wearing a Burqa/Nijab, what happens if she wants to sneeze? How does she wipe her nose?!?
How do you feel about the suburbs?
When im liveing a seure life?
Tell me if I right or wrong and why?
Do we live in a spoiled society ?
humanity is tearing me apart?
how to control our emotions at critical times?
What is your social class?
General question about life?
Is God singular or plural?
who are known members of Satanism?
HELP! What does this quote mean: "The relationship of photography and language admits of two basic...?
Do we have free will?
Sports philosophy, anyone help?
what is social environmentalism?
Do you live because you think there is no tomorrow, or do you live because you think there is one?
What is the best piece of spiritual or psychological advice you have ever heard?
Heaven/Damnation, OR Karma/Rebirth?
Does energy ever die?
What is love????????
One can have sex without love but can't have love without sex- True or not?
What is your favourite colour and why?
Nietzsche's beyond good and evil?
Why move on if fate deals with your life?
what is the meaning of life?
What is your definition for soul mate?
How do i know that i have choose the right path in my career?
If you could, would you live forever?
How do you solve these Proofs!?
Life and Society And important life making decisions.?
I am not suicidal, so don't start talking all this BS to me.... but here is my question about suicide?
what is the meaning of life?
In Eudaimonia how does Aristotle conclude that the superior activity of the gods is the activity of study?
can i ask a question about a tree falling in the woods that has nothing to do with the sound it makes?
What are some good forms of escape?
How would you describe nothing?
What are the qualifications of a spiritual master?
Why we human like to believe that we are the owners of the universe.?
why is it easier to believe a lie rather than the truth
R u/do u know anyone who is a late bloomer? why, how so?
Russel objection to Nominalism and Platonism?
Does John Locke succeed in showing that people can overcome reasons for doubt?
Best argument for the non-existence of the Universe?
What's the meaning of Sushmita Sen or Pres. Abdul Kalam asking questions here?
How often do people hold opinions, and not know why they hold such opinions?
Exactly what color is "a horse of a different color?"?
does this sound like a good idea for a story?
Can you JUMP like me???
what does it mean to see underwear in your dreams?
if i was a fairie would you date me?
Question on Confucius?
What is philosophy, why we need a philosophy and brief history of it.?
Who is the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
If God deserves your utmost respect and consideration, then is refering to God as a "he" disrespectful?
what would be the best question to ask?
what relevance do african leaders draw from plato's allegory of the cave?
Can you sum yourself up in three words?
Did God create everything?
Do you (answerers) look at questions posted in other pages than the first one? Why? or Why not?
why is it that most philosophers are anti-Christianity?
"Dreams are real & reality as we know it is the illusion" Do you agree? why? if not why?
Is it sufficient to seek "75% mutual intelligibility" ? (Is it sufficient in yachting to tack at 45 degrees?
Can you hate loving something?
what is secularism is India secular Is there any thing like secularism its a propoganda?
How do people who are happy know their happy?
Is this good advice to help protect yourself from an office powerpath ?
Are you scared of your exact opposite?
what would you think of a person who when?
What is the concept of Quasi-Memory from philosopher Sydney Shoemaker?
If it were possible, would you want to know the date you are going to die?
Do we Always have a CHOICE?
what is the difference of being and space?
Chess anyone?
Why do we use nonparametric tests? Describe a psychological research situation or scenario that would use a no?
What are the most trivial topics and questions to ask people of this generation? (2000-2012)?
Need advice on life...Thanks.?
what do ı want to know?
i need a list of ethics?
Does it make sense to describe gnosticism as the view that knowledge of god is knowable?
If you were born blind and at the age of 18 were allowed to see one thing what would it be?
who is Prophet Mohamed?
If one could harness the power of Chaos, and immerse himself within it, what should that man do?
how is love best defined?
can u guys help me find info on determinism (not wikipedia) can u post internet site u used here?
Does my principle have a right to do this? (Freedom of Speech)?
If you could change one thing in your past - what would it be and why?
Do you think that "science" is part of the Christian tradition, not contrary to it?
Do we get to keep anything?
Do people really have souls?
Should human rights be taken away from someone if they are diagnosed with schizophrenia?
Why is one afraid to ask???
Was Machiavelli inflammatory?
do you know something about "On the Non-Existent" by Gorgias ?
What scares you the most about life,or your life?
Is kindness weakness?
You Have To LOVE Yourself Before You Can LOVE Another...Agree or Disagree!?!?
What does it feel like to be alive?
How does a person instantly change their reality according to their preferences?
Is there certain things...people say to you that make you self-conscious?
Why is P important to life?
What is the best path to Happiness: Love, Sex, Excercise, Money or Jesus?
what is the different between culture and religion?
what is blue?
Complete this sentence.. In light of recent events....?
I'm on level two, I'm on level two, Hooray! To celebrated here is something to think about?
Athiests: who was made earlier by people? Biblical God or Satan?
What is the best piece of spiritual or psychological advice you have ever heard?
Do you believe that "Candide" successfully manages to debunk Leibniz's optimism?
If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, who's on Jupiter?
Are you trying to enrich your life with?
Is it better to regret something you have done or something you haven't done?
If virtual reality = fantasy, then is virtual fantasy = reality?
my mother wants to know an answer for this one?
What is the right thing to do or what do you suggest ?
hinduism is a culture offering more freedom.can it survive in the long run.?
Atheists, does infinity exists? Try to be a bit logical?