What is the Difference between Marxism and Leninism?
Is life too short to waste time?
How will the world be without humans??
Should we continue to waste money researching cancer?????
What is the significance of a choti in the body of a man?
True or false: Socrates proposes that he should be given free meals at the public's expense as his "punishment?
If you could change anything about yourself . What would it be ?
What's your best quality?
Development philosophy question. Did the key players on the Collins submarine computerization project (real...
Leon Trotsky and Marxism...?
Ketchup, or Mustard?
What is reality?
Is god powerful enough to create a stone that he can not lift?
Nothing is New with Humanity Do You Agree With Me?
What is your definition of happy ?
God has been proved to not exist; what do you do?
"yourself think that ur going in correct trackor not then we result how"?
have you ever been in the Cirque du Soleil? if soooooo how was it?
True or false: There is no truth. Just different perceptions of reality?
Psychology/Philosophy of War: Facing Our Enemies: When Killing Others Kill Us Inside?
why do i think and feel that the most important thing in life is making money?
What do you do when you're sat on the toilet?
Philosophy: Christian Ethics. Question about Aquinas. Please help!!!?
Is this an argument? (Critical Thinking)?
Do u believe u will be alive 2 years from right now? Why, either way?
MInd self and society by george herbert mead ? ,,,,,,,,?
Have you ever dreamed of [the] actual infinite?
Do you think God is all forgiving?
Further reading on idea of "scientific reincarnation"? Not religious reincarnation.?
All these companies have one goal using people as stupid consumers?
Terminator paradox question?
what are the rules of fair fighting?
Does passion inspire more thought than serenity?
Is Cheltenham the new home of the horse burger?
SEX with Megan Fox at my house?
What would you do if you found someone's wallet laying on the ground?
What personal accomplishment are you most proud of?
What exactly is colour? And what does "colourless" look like?
what is upanishad?
what happen if all the animal speak, think and drive like human being?
Are you gonna draw those guns or whistle dixie?
Is our mind more strong or our heart?
What to believe Creation or Evolution ???
What is the difference between Wisdom and knowledge?
Is there a proverb like this out there?
What do you consider to be the root of all Evil?
the higher circle by cwright mills?
Is art useful?
If you were to do something, would you go all out?
If a tree falls but no one hears it does it make a noise?
In your own opinion what is the meaning of conversion?
if you could be any age for the rest of your life what would it be?
is anyone who actually train the ability of telekinesis?
do i live in the most effed up country in the world?
Is there more meaning behind "If a tree falls in a forest..."?
My dream is being rich and marry with a cute guy. Am I superficial and silly?
Differences between atheists and agnostics?
Do you live by your heart or by your head?
Who agrees that your eight hour a day, forty hours a week job has a big influence on who you are?
Is happiness a lat discovery, or I'm the only one who thinks so?
Why do some individuals take science as divine truth?
What is Love?
What is your perspective or opinion on 'suicide' ? Why?
How did you overcome the most tragic moment in your life?
Narrative Paper Allegory of the Cave?
Which came first , the chicken or the egg?
What is the basis of morality and Values?
Is beauty more important than personality?
Who provides the greatest balancing act of heart and mind?
what is respect for authority?
Does the medical industry and hospitals make a lot of money off of cancer illnesses?
When was the first time you become just aware about yourself?
Does anyone know the answer to what comes first chicken or egg?
Can you ever truly escape your past?
five most important things in your life?
what fallacy does this argument commit?
Why is lying wrong?
Do 'big" & "small" as metaphors even apply logically to philosophy?
If a fish tries to climb a tree, will it learn it eventually or will it just die?
the ultimate test of a young man's courage used to be to jump off a 400-year-old bridge (destroyed?
what does dahli lama mean?
What is one thing you will never sell or give away?
What would a Christian version of the Sharia Law be like?
How many poins do you get for answering this question?
Is being catty just like.... the bdsm of flirting?
What do you think about the phrase "the exception that proves the rule"?
Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Agree or Disagree?
How do I know that I am real and this is reality?
Does Your Life Suck?
One way to develop concentration is to focus on a particular object or follow your breath, but can I improve?
What do you think of life?
Its true what they say one choice can effects the rest of your life?
why does everything happen to me?
Any tips for my first day of highschool ever?
Is knowledge worth anything if it's not applied in the real world?
what is fortitude?
Why do people can't accept the fact that mostly bright ideas came from young people?
How does Descartes justify his belief that God exists? ?
so where do i find the answeres to all these questions?
i drank one cup of white russian coctail within the past 10 minutes and i already feel like i am loosing contr?
what would you rather?
What would you do in this situation? Save a childs life even if it cost u your arms and leggs?
What (or) Which (or) Who comes to your mind when i say "Poem"?
Having ur own apartment vs with a room mate?
What do you think about the Germans????
What is the meaning of life lol?
What other options do I have than killing myself?
How much does fear influence our beliefs/actions?
Everyone tells me I'm a failure, how would I know if they are telling the truth?
What's My Odds Of Surviving The End Of The World?
Like these lyrics?
Can an Atheist deny all these?
how many beans make 5?
what came first the chicken or the egg? and could you explain why?
would you advise me to read l'etre et le neant from sartre?
what do you prefer A} live in a unequal society with you, your family on top or B} live equal and mediocre?
If you become Devil for a day what would you do?
Do you like Osho Rajneesh?Why?
Whats your main problem in life? Whats your main Virtue in life?
Does fashion/trend dictate rhythm or does rhythym dictate fashion/trend?
What's one way people sometimes act as "an island, entire of itself"? I don't understand?
How was life for you around the 60,70, or 80's? U.S?
why we life in world if we have to die so what?in your idea last in die we finished or we have another life?
what time is it?
Practical Reasoning Fallacys?
describe life in 3 words..?
Why do people believe in God?
if you could meet god and ask him one question what would you ask?
Engels' laws of dialectics.....?
What is a particular in regards to Philosophy?
Is our mind 'inside' us or "outside' of us?
Was Collins project run "like attempts to create the already-present sun" ?
what is something you loved and did only once before?
What are the meaning of "Time relativity is only applied to physics not ethics"?
Someone tell me something I didn't know about martin buber?
I have been writing an essay on my choice to be pantheist, this a good start?
It is funny or not.....................?
What makes people find attractive the "90210" style of living w/ buiness park style of neighborhoods?
how would you go about starting a website or resource where..?
If two tears make a heart what happens when there torn apart?
Do you think God punishes?
things to make out of ducttape?
Philosophy ..... PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
What is the realationship between rats and humans like in the US culture?
Looking back, Do u have the feeling "Man, what a moron I was then?"?
can your heart be free?
What is something you cannot figure out why....?
Will Mankind live long and prosper?
what is "normal"?
What is the very essence of humor ?
What is the definition of despot?
Which is the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins?
If man had not eaten of the tree of life, would we be better off or not?
Hey! im a thing girl ....?
how did the book iqbal influence our life?
Can science 'empiricize' selective attention?
Please let me know?
do you like yourself..are you proud of your past behaviour?
What is more important character or reputation, and why?
Does anyone have a Theory on what causes Dissociative Fugue?
what is nagging in your opinion?
Can you prove that we exist?
Is this irrelevant to Collins submarine computerization ? The Ubiquity of Dishonesty 0003 :?
what are some good philosophical questions?
Why aren't amazing things happening to me? I have a substandard life. How do I become one of the lucky people?
What is your best way to deal with setbacks & disaters happened to your life - sometimes too many at once ?
"for want of a horse shoe, payment for the horse was held up"?
If God can do anything, can He make a stone so heavy that He won't be able to lift it?
What would be the most precious treasure you could have?
What are the most trivial questions to ask people of this generation?
Do you agree with the statement "Life is hard"?
What if everything you imagined was actually real in some parallel universe?
If humans attach meaning to words, can words simply mean weapons that we use to survive psychologically?
What are equiano's implicit and explicit philosophical assumptions regarding his life and slavery?
Marxism is a social determinist doctrine. is this true or false?
In what ways can you be ‘loyal’?
What do you think about this thought?
What will you have written on your headstone when you leave this life?
What behavioral trait/belief structure in humans has been the most detrimental to society?
what is life?
What would life be like without toilet paper?
what's your Favorite FOREPLAY to intellectual INTERCOURSE?
Why are people afraid of death?
How much different are you now that you have grown up?
To which domain of life do humans belong?
What if, when you die, nothing happens?
Human connection in the world?
A question for all the men ..?
Can the word "catalyst" technically b applied 2 human nature? (Take Two)?
Is the future set in stone?
Has time been kind to you?
what's opinion artist about art ?
What is one thing you shouldn't never have to live without?
Was the matrixed organization created by an office psychopath ?
Aristole Ethics?
why Sun Rises in Midnight in Norway?
Are we no more than the sum of our actions?
Is this called a correlation illusion?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
Confront your inner demons: Are you blindly theistic?
Man life begin at 40s. who create that word?
Wisdom or knowledge?
Why is it unreasonable to believe in God?
how do i get out of here?
Do you know about the influance Plato's Republic had on the Wizard of OZ?
Choose one: Empathy or apathy?
what is a world of ideas in Philosophy?
Does money make happiness?
Does this morality scale at all ring true to you?
What is Love?
If you're a great thinker, can you explain the fundamental philosophy of Education?
To love or to be loved ,which is more important?
What are the five most important things in your life?
If one laments by wearing a sackcloth of gold and the ashes of roses what's really going on?
Philosophy Degree in College Help?
why do we park in driveways and drive on parkways??
This is not a hw question. In Zen and The Art of Motorcycle what radical ideas have been written? (spoilers)?
What comes to mind when you think of hippies?
Help me understand this?
voltaire famous philosopher?
If philosophy is like Olympic Weight Lifting, which philosophers are like the clean, the snatch and the jerk?
When you're not being yourself, are you happy?
if you were to classify ALL the people in world, into only two categories? what will be those two categories?
guns or peace???
is it true women is like animal with long hair &short ideas?
What is the #1 threat to the existence of humans ?
Is there anyone else out here in love with life itself ?
Was he being rude to me? Why does he care where I would live anyway?
What do you think happens to your soul when you die?
It's 2012, why no hover cars?
Who does God think he is?
Do you know any John Calvin quotes?
in which cases you use foul language?
what would you do if you find out your father is a gangster responsible for the deaths of hundreds?
What evidence is there for and against the claim that Italy became a modern industrialised?
Why do i miss my fire and desire so much?
when is a good age to tell your children about santa clause and the easter bunny and...not being real?
What is the philosophical word for the argument that if A=B and B=C, then A=C?
compare and contrast chinese&soviet communism. How did thier cultures change thier interpetations of marxism?
What is my alter ego name?
Is there more than 1 way to skin a cat ?
Does Harris-Moore's capture make you feel dead inside?
What is an enlightenment thinker?
how much do we really benefit from the answers to the stupid questions we ask on the net?
Philosophical question for you. Why?
Toulouse vs Agen live/Streaming/Stream Rugby where can i watch?
how do you enrich YOUR life?
what hinders you from reaching your true potential?
who was Confucius? explain hes philosophy.?
What is stronger; friendship or love and which lasts long?
if LIFE is a JOURNEY, are you the DRIVER, a PASSENGER or just a HITCH-HIKER?
Has deja vu ever been satisfactorily explained? If so, how?
If God is omniscient, would it make sense to a joke on him?
What is Marx’s perspective on historical change? How is this different from the likes of Machiavelli?
'Why?' Solves it all.?
If you had to classify human beings into 2 categories, what would be the categories?
Friends! Can you help me for preparing a presentation?
Contemporaries of Rene Descartes?
What's so bad about being vain?
which came first, the chicken or egg?
do more DREAMS or more NIGHTMARES come true?
If you cold become invisible, whats the first thing you'd do?
are problems important? why?
Do you believe in afterlife?
Was John Lennon right when he wrote 'All you need is love'?
Buddhists, if the goal in life is to attain nirvana, what's the point of the cycle of rebirth?
What day is Wednesday? Will there be more? Help!!!?
Can someone explain to me John locke's thoughts on Personal Identity?
If you're happy and you know it will you clap your hands?
Is money the root of all evil?
What do you think of Marx philosophy about the life we live into ?
God save the Queen?
what is your biggest fear ?
career tips pls..?
Why is it like this whenever I look at the clock?
What do we really mean by mental peace ?
Nunc stans. When and where was this term first used in philosophy, and what did it mean?
What is love's greatest source..?
Since eveything does not last forever , why were they be created in the 1st place?
Can two souls come together in oneness & purity of purpose??
Can any one explain this....more?
What do you want more of in your life?
If god is all knowing and the creator of all things, is he responsible for evil?
If you have a strong moral code, or follow the bible will you live a happy life?
If you could eliminate 1 disease from Earth, what would it be and why?
What does it mean to be strong?
Name one thing life is worth living for?
If said "Thank you!" to a store manager ..& they answered "ummm hmmm"..what would think?
Everyone is a follower..who or what do you follow most often?
Did God create the Platypus after a heavy night of drinking?
Is this a passage said by Nietzche?
when you look up to the sky?,whats the first thought that comes to your mind?
how do u judge things u did in life so far..satisfied or disappointed??
What was thomas hobbe's ideals or philosophy?
any philosophy majors?
do you think that most people on here are full of it?
Assuming that reincarnation might be true, could our dreams come from past lives?
What is the secret to Ignorance?
How to focus on the "Other & Moment"?
What's your philosophy on Life in general?
Has anybody noticed that 2012 is happening right now? End of the world?
Can you make yourself die?
philosophy ;- " I known what not " discuss?
what is sub concious?
wierd vibes, sensations....?
When someone sees things, do you wonder?
If god is omnipotent and infallable......?
Does your emotions have access to your laughter?
Is an approximate idea of God better than no idea at all? please help?
If God gave you a choice on how to die, what would you choose?
At what point does life become more important than the right to think freely ?
would you do this?????
To LOVE or not to LOVE that is my question?
When you suffer diarrhea, how many days does it take for you to feel the freedom of giving a good fart again?
Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Like?
Was there a budget for Collins ?
Does love always feel like a battle field?
What is 'Subjective' in Philosophy? ****URGENT****?
For people who use drugs (please name your drug)?
How likely is it that "I" exist somewhere else in an infinitely large universe?
Are you very philosophical or practical..?
Is lucid dreaming legitimate? if so, is there a human explanation to it?
Why is modus tollens a valid form of argument?
what you actually mean as dream?
Hypothetical Question?
For the Greek philosopher experts - identify and summarise?
Is this true?Will it happen if I don those it to 20 other pics?
If we give up everything and realize nothing is real and it is all relative do we find Serenity?
what kind of affection does th life has, that in any condition now one can wish death.?
man and a genius man what is the different ?
Are You Bad?
What would bring peace to the world?
Is Time multi--dimensional or one--dimensional?
What would you like to ask?
What is global ethics?
Did Christine help or hurt Phantom?
what is the one place you'd really give anythin for?
Freedom of speech, is it a good thing always?
Logic Question: Can fuzzy logic include the laws of thought?
Who rules you-your heart or mind?
Do people usually play a different role with people older than them than those at same age? (even in 40s?)?
Ever been loved...artistically?
Is reality one big illusion?
what is your philisophy?
can u please tell me where can i find the God ,i've to ask many questions from him.?
what is an occassional table the rest of the time?
What would be worse and why: Being face to face with an angry Cheetah, or face to face with 2 angry pitbulls?
What is the best way to define freedom?
Describe the emotion 'love' in five words?
How does one find where they belong?
If men are from Mars and women from Venus, who's on Jupiter?
How can you feel more empathy and compassion?
What is there without truth? (or w/o God, same thing)?
What is the philosophy behind Shadow of Rome?
Whats your horoscope star sign???
If life was perfect would it be boring?
If you say and do nothing are you morally just as bad?
does women love or use men for there benifit???
So, what is the real issue behind calling something "meaningless or meaningful"?
Where does time go when u are done/ used it ?
persuasion or manipulation. Is there a difference?
What is your defination of real music?
How can we prove logic?
is marxism capatalism or communism? i am SO confused?
why is life worth living?
What is the philosophy of Logic?
y can a bird fly but a fly cant bird??
What year were the first humans recorded?
Can I cause the world to be destroyed/terrorist attacks to happen by Internet activity?
How can you relate the philosophy behind the movie "THE UGLY TRUTH" and with the philosophy of ARISTOTLE?
Do u think God planned out your life to be the way it is now?
Why would a hardware store assistant have acted this way towards me?
What is the formula to earn happiness?
What is the meaning of life?
What does freedom mean to Kant?
What is the dfiference between knowledge and wisdom ?
Besides death, what would be the worst thing that could happen to you?
what has science done to extend life?
How would a Buddhist criticize Taoist philosophies?
how is it possible to perceive and believe in authentically different ways and still be yourself?
What are some things people share with you that to you it is seen as gift...?
How to make people Better understand,If sometimes there IQ will not work?
if pizzas are round why do you get them in square boxes?
I am the stupediste person on Earthe?
Whats the difference between?
Would you choose Money over Happiness?
What does it take to have lived a 'complete' life?
what is a fullfilling life?
Have you even wondered when, what, and how you first seen the world?
what is your philosophy on life in general?
Mary Sconster would like to know why grapefruit are called grapefruit. Surely there's a more sensible name?
If you could choose between reality and living the perfect virtual life, which would you choose?
Do the creative minds have a higher degree of randomness and disorder?
I need life advice, please help me.?
If God created the universe who created God ?
does the phrase"there ain't no success like failure and failure's no success at all"mean anything to you?
If a random idea or name pops up in your head, how curious are you to find out where that idea came from?
nietzsche è nichilista o no?? per favore aiutatemi non ci capisco niente?
We're getting older, not better?
what does "leap of faith" in relegion philosophy means?
What is social stability, individual liberty, and individual equality or well-being?
Is there a God?
how are you so knowledgable doctor why?
Should we seek to end work?
What is a word that describes this worldview?
If a man says something in the woods and there's no woman around to hear it is he still wrong?
any ideas for this question?
What make us have different interest(s)....?
what is the point of life? we all end up dying anyway?
If you could have one wish, what would it be?
If your life's goals are definitely unattainable, what's the point of living?
What will the year 2036 look like?
why did the child enjoy watching the circles made by the stone he through in the pond?
what was Jim Morrison mean "when you make peace with authority, you become authority"?
What would happen if the entire world were atheists?
what came first, the chicken or the egg?
What was something that you lost that was precious to you?
What was the first question?
What is the meaning of life?
x is impossible for god x is above god if you eat x you will die x is on your head! what is x?
Why is that the intelligence and love I see.....?
What's the etymology of OK ?
Dont really know what will happen?
Is this a good insight for safety-critical software development ?
Are you allowed to drink water with an Elijah fast? Anything else?
nothing in life is free, can you prove me otherwise ?
How can I help others find themselves?
Do Gods exist? What is the point in religion?
Is it right or wrong to say Believing in God is a metal disorder?
do you feel like the world is literally falling on top of you and wanting to squish you? I do all the time?
Where in the hell have you been, your late!!!?
Why do bad things happen for no reason?
59yrs OR some money, which gives more pleasure ?
Who I am and what is my significance?
If you could only pass one piece of wisdom on to your next of kin, what would it be?
Philosophy- Hume-Necessary CONNECTION?
What is more important-Love or money? Why is money God for some?
Is it really so hard for you to believe...?
what is the meaning of life?
If all you want is someone to take your picture, then i wont waste your time?
What is Theodicy in Filipino?
Is there something else in this world aside good and evil?
Why has yesterday come and gone?
How does epistemology influence society?
Is it shallow to be into fashion?
is it possible to not interact with any humans for the rest of ur life and still live in the states?
whats that one important thing in our life which makes our lives worth living?
Do you have a personal sort of picture of what the entire universe looks like?
If possible . . would you go back in time or forward? why?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
Is it possible for a color we have never experienced to exist?
"Is human nature innately good or evil?"?
What are the main problems with relativism?
Is language the strength or weakness of philosophy?
What is the most important lesson a person should learn in life?
social darwinism synonyms?
What definition do you give to the generosity ?
Is it true that ANY CAR will last a life time if you give it ALL the scheduled maitence?
I've come to the conclusion that I'm a complete idiot...?
What would be something that symbolizes Voltaire?
Do you consider the eyes to be the windows to the soul?
Do we "know" more than we can say? What do you think?
today my practical exam of UNIX ?
what is the need of mony and property when a man has to die at last?
What is truth?
In a for profit medical system what is the incentive of actually 'curing' you?
Do you think it is UNLOVING to push someone beyond the point they are willing to go?
Why do female teenagers have no respect for themselves?
Is it possible to be happy?
Whats you're goal in life?
What, if anything, do u believe happened to Ayn Rand after her death?
Am I deprived of jealousy?
Surviving when you LOGICALLY feel the whole worlds against you?
How come freezethink occurred on the Collins project?
Is the meaning of life, the universe and everything 42?
Why does evolution supersede previous efforts toderstand the reason of human existence?
What many visitors does a popular philosophy website get per day/month?
Would each subsystem of Collins software have been a "fundamental project" (as defined by Sartre) ?
What is "better", Mill's or Bentham's Utilitarianism?
What do you think is beyond our universe?
If someone is a non ecofeminist what does that person believe in?
Who knows?
Question about certain creatures and insects?
do you think suicide can be a rational choice?
rhetor, orator, rhetorician?
please answer this honestly!and please don't mistake me!!?
Who made YOU who YOU are today?
what is the theme of "the guest" by Albert Camus?
Has anyone really SEEN themselves?
does any animal besides humans drink milk after wined?
How can we use changes in pH to prove the rock is dissolving?
Is unix, and C++, emperor's new clothes ? Wouldn't you want Burroughs WFL, Univac ECL, etc as well, not just?
why is the right lane the slow lane?
Wat can a man give in place of his life?
what did the best day of your life include?
Are you outgoing or shy?
Is it true that we have to be very careful HOW we ask political questions on ANSWERS?
If you had to abandon all your morals but one, what would it be? Why?
What feeds the hate towards someone?
How many types of humour are there?
Can I be of service?
what does "F*** the world" mean?
FedEx lost my package and my retailer emailed me, I am confused on their instructions?
What is soft determinism and what are its chief weaknesses?
What is the point of the neo-Kantian or neo-Utilitarian approach?
Do you ever feel just left out of things and wonder why?
What is your most painful memory? Were you a victim of circumstance then, or did you create the problem yourse?
what is ethics?
What is the best way to predict the future?
Whats your theroy on how life was created from the dawn of time?
How do you think the world would change if everybody lost the ability to lie?
Why is it we can laugh at others misfortunes, but get upset when they laugh at our misfortunes?
How do you enter life?
Would this change your perspective?
whats the difference in being intelligent and in being wise?
Who wrote this quote?
would you rather be a WHISPER or an ECHO?
Does anyone here believe that there is a inferior/superior race?
Did Nietzsche consider science the key to understand the absolute?
What is wisdom according to you?
My Xfather thinks that because i read Philosophy my brain is screwed and i need to sell them and stop reading?
The Philosophy of Beauty?
what is the real meaning of meaning?
Do we need another person love to find something in ourselves...?
How can I make the world a better place?
what if one of the closest person in your life has only less than 1 year to live?
According to Laudan, Ruse is right in thinking that creationism should not be taught in schools..?
Satisfaction And Growth. Can They Be together?
what is the name of this effect?
what is the meaning of life?
what is aristotle's definition of megalopsuchia?
project for philosophy about art. need some ideas?
if there is no HELL, where do LIARS go?
How would you feel if you'd wake up one morning and in the front of your house would be a truck...?
Does everything happen for a reason?
is the glass half empty or half full?
Could we consider ourselves Philanthropists.........?
How do you do the thing of the thing?
David Hume philosophy questions? Please help!!?
You Opinion On This Ethical Dilemma?
what did people think about confuscious?
why is it easyer to hate then too love,?
What sounds deliciously good?
There is silence.. But when it is shared with a friend, is it then that so much can be heard in the unspoken?
When you read something, do you lose yourself in the thoughts it gives you?
what does kiergaard argue is necessary for any proof of gods existence?
i was LONELY before until i LEARNED to ______________.?
Philosophy Authority help?
When a system is constructed from subsystems, doesn't each subsystem possess its own automated tools ?
What is the meaning of life?
Out of sight out of mind OR Distance makes the heart grow fonder?
poll-What is meaning of life?
what is scology difination?
What were Einsteins thoughts on the existence of God?
What if you died tomorrow?
What is it about canned meat that people find so good?
do you think you should follow your heart [or just do whats logic?!]?
What would you do if you had 3 months to live?
Do you believe money could bring you happiness? I mean millions of dollars?
What in the world is Epica?
Is violence ever necessary?
what's your favorite philosophus?
What is your interpretation of the t.v. series LOST? Especially the last episode.?
Why would someone do something that would cause them to be unable to face you? I mean why do it in the first?
how do i get the lectern/stand thing to the mayor?
If Love were to be colored, what color would it be?
How do you maintain self-control and stick to a decision?
Explain in detail a story that speaks about a hermit, and a bear?
What could happen without food?
Should all christians become vegetarians?
what does it mean when your marriage line cuts your life line(on your left palm)?
Is there a realistic way to move towards a world without violence? Or is violence inevitable as long as humans
what is time?
In which of Plato's works did he present his concept of Platonic Ideas?
Can "viatical payment" and "patient trafficking" be related ?
if machines take over the world, will they make movies about humans taking over the world?
Is it ever okay to lie?
who wanted to change courses to include composition and civilization and literature in the 40's was it gov. un
How often do you wonder?
I have a question about peoples thoughts on something I have read online about dreams and parallel universes?
Do you believe in the PUmpkin Fairy???
Is it wrong to dream big?
How does one obtain the drive to do what they love to do?
My own path, or wait for time to pass...?
Why is teenage life so boring?
What does being free actually mean?
exact Goethe quote ":anything which increases man's capability without increasin responsibility disasterous"
Free Will and God?
Do you consider God, and the Divine, a matter of belief, or is it absolute?
why are men incapable of being faithful in a relationship?
Define organs and organ systems.?
Can creativity be taught? Why or why not?
why is exekias the master of black figure works?
What Would Darkness Be Without Light?
are souls born with babys or there is a standard "soul stock" and and a soul is given randomly to a newborn?
Do You Believe In the Big Bang Or God Created The World?
It is sufferig the cure for evil ?
what is the revelation (matrix) of the power and virtue?
Do you wait for Death to come to you or do you go find her?
Cake or death?
Economy, but not money? Read on...?
What would you consider the most important virtue in life?
Are all opinions valid?
voltaire famous philosopher?
does anyone agree with me that some day the Dune books by Frank Herbert will be classics along with shakespear
if earth is our mother and so nice, why is hell believed to exist 'down'?
What is the difference between DEAD body & ALIVE body ?
The Great Atheist. . .?
Do you think the world will end?
How did you find out who you are?
What's worse than death?
How do i just stop caring about things wouldn't that make life easier?
"The Problem of Evil" a wonderful argument of Epicurus found 2300 years ago, what do u think?
what is the meaning of "MAN is the measure of all things"?
Can killing ever be compationate?
why we call king is philosopher and philosopher is king?
what is something you dream about?
Take a moment to reflect: what do you see....?
How many wrongs does it take to make a right?
In the tatus what did Wittgenstein mean by 'the case'?
who will save the widow's child?
describe yourself in 5 words?
Chilling more important than big goals?
What's Rene Descartes' book "Discourse on the Method" main point(s)??
Define the universe and everything in one word?
what is right and what is wrong?
what is the meaning of Life?
Do ! Answerers Like Silly Questions or Thought-Provoking Questions Better?
How come freezethink occurred on the Collins project?
What's under the pillow?
Are humans more rational or more irrational?
"Remember, happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have...?
Why don't I accomplish what I would like to?
Would you rather have the heart of a champ or the body of a champ?
If given the ability, would you switch brains with Leonardo da Vinci?
What do you do when your thirsty disowned to the sea?
What is the purpose of life?
Does it take courage to be kind?
Is there any Truth beyond the Human Experience?
According to you three things that will bring peace back on earth...?
What continues forever?
Is there such a thing as a MRD (Mitt Romney Disorder)?
Why do you think so many people are depressed?
And god promised.............?
What is the sequence of inquiry you would use before you communicate the result of your experiment?
Has anyone ever accused you of doing something (that you never did)?
Sex or Food? click in to hear more of the question...?
What do you percieve when you hear the statement, " Poor People Are More"?
How do i kill myself without the consequences?
Would a stable organization be self-repairing amd self-restoring so it wouldn't be possible for an?
In search of something really deep here...?
when will human beings!become real human beings and stop killing,hurting...and start loving ?
Lyotard's metanarratives in modernism and postmodernism?
What makes a person cool?
Define love. (Just a survey, though....)?
In the song, "I write songs not tragedies", what theory in philosophy can this song associate with?
what is the answer to todays noggin hoggin question?
Which ancient pilosopher was known as tthe Angelic Doctor?
Who is your hero, and why?
What is the opposite of time?
How do you kill somebody and make it look like it was on purpous?
What is Ego Death?
i think i have a problem???!!!?
What does logotherapy regard as the fundamental human drive?
What ethical code can an atheist use and it not be arbitrary, and therefore optional?
Is the world going to end in 2012?
What are good back up careers to go to college for?
Speaking of Rainbows, I wondered....?
What are ten things that we absolutely know (facts)?
Free Money or Free Love?
Would you have an orgy with a family member to prevent a great tragedy from happening?
If money does't grow in the tree than why banks have branches?
If a guy is bald what color would his hair be on his Drivers License?
Regarding counterfeit antibipartisanship, where is the conceptual limitation to democracy?
Weed changes the outlook on life?
What permitted Montesquieu the freedom to travel throughout his life and to study the government of various?
Is peace possible logically?detailed analysis is required!!!?
what do you think is the thing that will cause the future civilizations to stagnate?
Could someone explain the meaning of this quote?
Is the world really going to end?
I have been thinking that religion is simply prepackaged philosophy for the masses what do you think?
Will there be "algebraic structures" in a computerized system for example a computerized robotics system ?
Question About Americans as Animals (QAAA)?
Might a person walk around in a building with a styrofoam pointer, causing havoc, perhaps like someone out of?
I am always hurting others with being too honest, and I am not a good liar. Any suggestions?
Why do I get chills all the time?
What are some reasons why it is better to not know the truth?
What makes you, you?
If you were trapped in a room with an ultimate deceiver...?
How can I help to balance out the injustice I see every day in the world?
Do you believe in aliens and god?
Is it better to do evil or have evil done to you?
How ethics may relate to other sciences?
what is your honest perception of happiness?
Eternity or infinity?
how can you truly have love for others, if you really hate yourself?
How do you want to die?
whats the weirdest dream youve ever had?
John Deweys view on animals and art?
In this world of gentic modification and designer babies, are we cancelling out our own evolution?
pro and against Hobbes?
What in life is a never ending search?
If we all die suddenly??
Why is Ammar Shaikh really dumb? ;;;?
philosophy help please?
Can someone give me a brief explanation on the ethics of Aldo Leopold?
What is your opinion on 'The Apology' by Plato?
Does money make you happy?
If I try to fail, but succeed, is my success a failure?
Why is the word "BASTARD" no longer used in legal contexts ?
Do you think world peace is ever achievable?
How do you overcome failures in your life?
What was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread?
There is one thing we all have in common.?
Does The Worth Of A Life...Decrease With Age?
Speculation on Idealism & the Fall of Rome?
Can people who were born slow at birth lead a normal life, meaning participate in gym etc.?
Which came first.....loosely based evolution question!?!?
What would you say to them?
Comparing your life now to your life the way it was 5 years ago, what is your opinion?
Opinions on my essay?
Why if I'm attracted to someone of the same sex should I be ashamed?
What does this quote mean?
how can one describe development concept in ones understanding?
Exactly what color is a whiter shade of pale?
why do so many people fear death?
Philosophically speaking; What do I do now?
was EVE really created from a rib from ADAM?
what are some examples of social freedom?
What led to Parmenides radical view of the One and what is it?
Can any one prove that there is SOMEthnig called MENTAL ILLNESS?
what is the influence of Chinese philosophy on Chinese art?
If you could give one bit of advice to the next generation what would it be?
why people like butterfly?
What would you say is most wrong with humans?
Modernism and mod? : (?
Basing your philosophy on another's is following a belief system, and that's not what it's about?
What are the major factors behind the rise of romantic attachments as the basis for marriage?
Do you ever feel like you are fighting fate?
If muslims hates "non muslim" world, why they just dont stay in their countries?
Can a sound argument have a conditional as its conclusion where the consequent is false?
What is this sudden fascination in philosophy and the meaning of life?
What did Nietzsche think of Aristotle and his philosophy?
What is a highist tree of the world?
what is logos?
Worldly wisdom: is there a point?
monads and archetypes?
what is endless ???
So how do we change man kinds thinking for the better?
What do you think about the theory of Infinity Universes existing in alternate dimensions?
Why is life up and down like a roller-coaster ride?
do you think that this is a good life philosophy?
What makes a human being superior to all other beings?
Why is "I love you." considered the ultimate declaration of love?
make a relation between nomos physis and philosophy, comic?
Does my theory make you question your faith in God??? PLZ READ BELOW?
why is human mind is always looking for something better in life?
back 2 the normal ......... ... ..... as normal i?
Albert Einstein is alive! (Proof)?
Is birth nature different from human nature or same?
What are some of the aspects that may limit your knowledges in life.?
If Heaven really exists (assuming god also exists), then why is it such a sad occasion when someone dies?
izzit true that one will be happy when one decides to be happy?
with all your past & current relations & experiences, what would be your GREATEST LIFE DISCOVERY?
are science and religion two sides of the same coin?
what is courtesy and its reflection?
Why does the universe exist? It seems like it would would be easier for it to not exist.?
What do you think of this picture?
What is the BEST ADVICE anyone has ever given you? Will you share it with us?
Should you give your opinion if no one asks for it?
"Destiny has two ways of crushing refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them." Meaning of...?
How can i apply the philosophical Kantianism Theory to Gentrification?
hey, please help me. How is my instruction? if not, you can fix it for me. Thanks a lot.?
is there a major accident in my life?
Which of the following is NOT a principle of transactional communication?
How can nothingness have a name if there is nothing to name?
what are the kanji symbols for peace and inner peace/calm(ness)?
I have the life path number 33. what does this exactly mean?
what does "anatomy is density" mean?
Is knowledge enough to understand?
Can semantics be argued?
If the archetype is inherited by the society, then who inherited the first archetype to the first society?
whiich r the TOP 100 theme parks?
if someone told u that u were going to die......?
What is your favourite chinese saying or quote?
Which would you prefer, experiences or memories?
OK this is spooky! Why did this happen??
Where did the quote "My belief is stronger than your doubt", come from?
At what point in your life does the World crush your spirit?
What is the meaning of life?
What happens every eleven years?
Scandinavian countries, Canada, Utopia on Earth?
How do you cope with the fact that we're all just like everybody else?
A question about being right and wrong with respect to political argument?
whats means MENKA?
How do you define compassion?
where does philosophy research occur?
Does money make you happy?
Objections to Descartes' Dream Argument?
Do you ever argue with that "little voice" in your head?
Why is Schelling never talked about in universities?
The meaning of life....chapt. I?
Describe your educational philosophy?
Are ghosts real?Has anyone seem them?
What's wrong with the future?
is it ever acceptable to exert physical dominance over others?
will i be able to live independently?
Why do you think some people are so gullible?
How to make the most out of life?
why we are afraid of past when past doesnt exist in present?
Identify whether arguments are (1)inductive or deductive, (2)valid or invalid, (3)strong or weak. Explain why.?
What is a pseudo concept?
Bentham and Kants theories applied to government?
meditation and seperate mind?
If im me and you are you, who are they?
Is it possible to use every situation to your advantage?
How did Renata Agondi spell her name ?
What if a man told you that he's the modern day Noah & God told him to build something. Would you believe him?
What is your serious opinion on?
where are you in your body?
When it's all said and done, will you have said then you're done?
What are the things you can't live without daily?
I need help understanding two quotes from Plato's Crito?
What could be the motivation behind our life cycle process?"To The Mankind"?
what do you think about this ?
What would happen if every tree on earth died?
What was jacobs 'ladder" the exact method 4 reaching the heavens? was it pangea god split? ?
i feel so bad for taking an innocent life...?
What is the simplest truth in your philosophy?
What are some good rules to live by?
do you like rocker girls?
If you recieved this, what would you write in it :)?
What one thing should be done to create harmony in the world?
Philosphy question Help! intrinsic,instrumental, expressive value?
What would your ideal funeral be like, this isn't a serious or religious question it is a joke?
How does the verification theory of meaning support empriricism?
Extracting algorithms for human behavior?
All aspects of 3D perception become less effective at greater distances. Is nature doing its best or?
Am I not suppose to have love?
What is the meaning of life in your opinion?
What are the two most important things in life for you?
do have faith in humanity?
If you had the power to change the world where would you start?
Do you believe in life?
the world view of biblical judaism is?
Best short quote??
what is biggest thing in the world?
do you agree with quote, success is 1%inspiration, and 99% perspirtaition?
what is up?
should i kill myself?
where has philosophy gone in 2400 years?
Discuss instances when the speaker can become a barrier of effective communication.?
What are your thoughts on this quote?
when did you realize that something is wrong for the first time?
Can "viatical payment" and "patient trafficking" be related ?
why do we die?
Wheres my other sock?
Descartes, Two types of chance?
What makes you say to yourself.....?
What were Socrates's beliefs in God, Government, Education, etc.? Thanks...?
How we will know the God?
To Aquinas what was perfect power?
how much fun is there in the universe,will we ever run out of fun?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
what do u think u were in your last life?
What do you think the future will be like?
Here is an odd and scary question?
Is there nothing(time,place etc)before god, where god exists?
What is the meaning of Lawful Interception?
What truths do the founders see as "self-evident"?
What's the best piece of advice you've ever given or been given?
what is a secret you have that you are ready to tell anonymously on answers??
In what ways does "Rashomon" parallel Plato's "Allegory of the Cave." How does the woodcutter represent a rete?
is a dream reality, or is reality a dream?
why life is like this?
Was behavior on Collins computerization project everything from altruistic to borderline evil?
What is your best fact?
do you decide your future or is it already decided for you?
What's the point of life?
Why do humans actually love?
where can I find transcript of Bill Moyer's interview of CS Lewis?
Is there any truth to astrology?
What do you guys think about school prayer?
How do you deal with perfectionism and not let it ruin things for you by trying to be perfect?
What's this of living in a world of the single and the multiple?
To whom is F. Nietzsche referring in The Antichrist when talking about The New Testament fooled all but one ?
How might recognizing our unfreedom,increase our freedom?
Why do I crave seeing bad things happen?
why life become very uncertain and strange?
What if we lived in a moneyless society?
Why do people get married? Is marriage pointless?
Would you say all people are equal?
If a man speaks in a forest, and there is no woman there to contradict him - is he still wrong?
Ok I am not really a religious person but what should I do?
What has had an influence you?
Philosophy Rolling: Do you play the roll or roll the play?
WHY (i will give ten points)?
Why can't people think for themselves and form thier own opinions ?
The one you love most betray you. ? HELP?
is it possible that what i see, another may see it differently?
What does J.S. Mill say is the principle of which and individual's liberty can be interfered with?
What are the keywords you see that make you want to answer a question?
Who is the best modern day philosopher?
You ask -- if God were real, wouldn't the world be a better place -- but are we all following God?
can good exist without evil?
are you happy? what are the reasons for your happiness?
Do YOU think its WRONG to call your PARENTS by their first NAME?
What do you live for?
is everything we do for ourselves indicats low mentality?
Would you quit city life and move to the country to live off the land and be stress free?
Just because I don't require as much as you do for happiness, does that mean I'm?
What is the definition of nothing?
Is it possible to fall in love with someone we have never met in person?
Survey in my Philosophy class Need your opinion and help Thanks!?
Is it normal to feel this way or am I just a selfish person?
can you hold nothing in the palm of your hand?
Do you know how to love? And know how to be loved?
In Tantric thought do you believe it possible to reach the achievement of no karmic debt without?
Cellular Knowledge?
How did the wave function collapse originate?
can someone please explain to me what modernism and post modernism means in simple terms?
In this dialogue, do you agree with the philosopher or the tree?
Philosophy: According to Hume, the mind contains what?
Are Horoscopes true or they are just made up? or they arent always true where do they get them from?
What should be our Top priority in life?
Does being alive and living mean being happy and having fun.?
What one book has made the biggest impact on your life?
I'm wondering if this could happen?
How does motivation relate to an individual’s needs?
What is sheep dip?
Is the human race's destiny planned? GOD or something perhaps?
Is Gary Spivey a fake?
Is it possible to only be happy in a lifetime?
Let's say Honesty, Courage, Humility, Patience, Trust are SUBJECTS in school, which are you going to FLANK?
How would you use area (AS IN SCIENCE) in your everyday life?
Are intellectuals compatible with marriage?
what would you consider something to be proud of?
would you rather be capable to read a persons heart, mind , or soul?
Don't be sad because something bad happened in your life, it will turn out to be a good thing that it.?
Has anyone heard of the English philosopher Morris Nicole?
Why is it that the more we seek HAPPINESS the more it eludes us?
Is it a paradox that I can wear a raincoat over my overalls?
2013: end of the world?
Playing for the plays yet to come, should the game ever be won?
GOOD and KIND ....... ?
why do we become sad sometimes?
If a tree fell in a forest but there was no one around, did it make a sound?
what would be a witty/funny paper title for Plato's republic? (knowledge vs. opinion)?
Was Richard Wagner a Nazi?
Would Mastering in Philosophy be Worth it?
What is the point of daydreaming?
why does Flew claim that non-falsifiable attitudes are non-assertional ?
Which one do you think you can live without more and why?
How would you describe your quiddity.....?
Why are the problems of Philosophy Philosophical?
The examined and Unexamined life?
Loss of innocence in nature. What comes to mind?
How to prove that an object doesn't exist?
Why is it that biracialness or multiracialness is treated is a further racial group?
How would you describe your Utopia?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Why do some people disbelieve in god?
what really matters in your life?
How do Wittgenstein and Aristotle critisize Platonic forms?
‘Having a great intellect is no path to being happy.’– Stephen Fry.?
What kind of 4 hour info-mercial would you do?
if you had to???
i am new to this world and i have no knowledge of anything except my own needs?
What is the Morality?
what is cytoplasma related to in real life?
Plato's Republic question?
What's the first thought that came to your mind when you read this?
What is the meaning of life?
What empowers you most.?
Time waits for no man!! This exxpression is used often BUT?
sometimes your heart tells you one thing and reason tells you another. what is your opinion on the poem below?
whats the point in life?
Which book in The Republic does Plato discusses art?
WWould you rather kill and die than go green and endure social FAIRNESS?
Answer this???
Why did you answer this question?
What is amazing (fact)?
Why does the "PORRIDGE BIRD" lay it egg in the air ?????
When I was young the world was to small?
Are you looking forward to your future?
Free will vs determinism?
comment on marx's dialectical materialism?
Until wel in2 the Middle Ages ppl thot that the key to finding the corect interpretation of the Bible lay in..?
What is the meaning of "Art"?
What do you think of philosophical outlook?
Haste makes _____.?
What is the most beautiful thing in the world to you?
how can I make you feel better?
Is Stephen Shellen one of the greatest human beings ever?
Agog? just go nuts! Agog, nice woody sound! not tinny like crazy?
Who, or what, is the god of Spinoza that Einstein said he believed?
Describe the Catholic Church’s view on how humans can gain salvation and go to heaven.?