What is an objection to Act Utilitarianism?
How to deal with this situation ?
What is a goal or a dream.. with no ambition to reach for it?
Is it possible to create your own denomination of the Religion you believe in?
If a pioneering (female) computer engineer bears a child in the middle of a breakthrough computer project...?
Augustine's "Confessions" What were his virtures?
What are some philosophers of the 3rd-15th c.?
Is a miscarriage as tragic as the death of a child? Relate your answer to the abortion debate.?
if LIFE is a JOURNEY, are you the DRIVER, a PASSENGER or just a HITCH-HIKER?
What is happiness for you?
what is the sex of angels?
How can I live my way without hurting feelings of the people around me?
Which Natural Philosopher was accused of of Atheism?
Who will have a more fulfilling life, a person with self-discipline or a person with a good education?
How can a Good person be so Evil?
if life gives u a lemon then make what context is it said?
List of prosexamples of how animal exploitation helps us (humans).?
Anyone think making a tv show would be awesome?
At what point in time did humans consider an afterlife?
Is 'maybe' a word of hope?
Is sorrow better than fear? why?
What did you think about The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell; I thought...?
Can you describe your imagination?
what year did Aristotle create the Lyceum?
"Plan on a page" ? Would "Decision on a page" make more sense ?
Have you ever changed your mind about a belief you held?
Why shall humans always take the easy way out even if it means the result lacks in clarity and vigor?
What is Emerson's "Self Reliance" about?
Can you daydream at night?
What quality is that of someone who reflects alot?
What is Zen, and what is meant by "The Zen Approach?"?
how does Euthyphro define good (piety)?
Visual Perception justified?
firing squad will kill all prisoners or you pick and shoot one yourself the others go free....?
Does GPA define the type of person I am? (College Senior)?
do you belive in God?
Buddha achieved ultimate realization,name a few others?
What will be the order starting with the earliest of Universe,existence or full existence,life?
What does it mean when you dream that your lover is trying to kill you?
At what point do we stop using the term "African American" and just say Black American ?
What songs make you tearyeyed?
What would you like written on your tombstone?
what does comparisons mean?
what´s the meaning of life?
What is essential for successful teams in collective collaboration?
is it true that, theres nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for?
Your opinion please??(:?
Do I sound odd to you?
Polls & survey:: Yes or no...Your life is full of ups n downs...?
If you had one question to ask before you died, knowing it would be the absolute truth, what would you ask?
Why does reductionism result in infinite regress?
What are some critical thinking techniques you can use in explaining problems, their solutions, and other deci
Can you be saved if your jugular is lacerated?
The absolute and eternal negativeness is selfaware?
what's the age when the nomad society appeared?
Discuss the problem of Evil and Swinburne's answer to it?
Are you afraid to know yourself....?
What will be the order starting with the earliest of Universe,full existence or existence,life?
when death is your business,what is your life?
How does Atheistic Existentialism agree or disagree with Christian beliefs?
To be or not to be?Why?
Is it really so sad if you *choose* to die alone because dragging someone else down with you is even more sad?
If removing a necessary condition makes something cease,...?
what qualities or thought patterns give a person charisma?
Is LOVE Dead??!?...?
Explain to me: what is love?
What does "Acceptance" actually take..?
In what way is the adventurer closer to authenticity than either the nihilist or the serious person?
What is a good motto to live by?
What qualities in a person make you inspire or follow them..?
If everything comes from nature.. how the term "Artificial" does exist?
Clarifacation of J.S. Mill's view on justice?
What is the scariest thing in the world?
Are we doomed? DOOMED?
Biological influences on perception?
what would make you happy?
why does lovebirds break there won eggs after lying two to three days?
what is the most rewarding thing in ones life?
Would you like to have everything you ever dream of? Would you want to feel happiness all the time?
has anyone else ever thought about this? if not this will make you wonder about something?
Please help with a philosophy question?
Why does evolution supersede previous efforts toderstand the reason of human existence?
What would happen if I put marmite on an orphan?
how can i find happiness in my life?
Why is it that if i think of anything for long time or passionately that things never happen in my life ?
Which is the proof or argument used by St Thomas to demonstrate the God's existence?
What do you think will eventually be the cause of the extinction of humans (nuclear war, virus, asteroid, etc)?
What is your concept of effective scientific teaching?
What is "population health", given the concept of "fair innings" ? Is a population which does not meet "fair .
Insight on Epicurean Readings?
Mind bender question? For the genius' out there!?
Is it silly to marry a man in prison?
Are you happy with who you are? What would you like to change?
GETTING OVER something means FORGETTING it or...?
What is the key to true happiness?
poem about losing touch with your roots?
What 2 things do you desire the most for yourself?
Why are people so afraid to achieve their Goals?
What kind of philosophy of life does one have if they respect someone born rich over someone born poor who?
how can i learn spanish and italian lang. by internet? could u recommend a web adress?
Every formula implies itself. (That is, A implies A . Hint: For this one you will need to employ?
What, in your opinion, is the hardest thing human beings have to go through in life?
Love or Money?
Is your pride an impediment to successful relationships?
Who`s reality is it anyway?
How did Alan Turing's life affect what he wrote?
What are the reason people think the world will end Dec. 21st 2012?
What is your weakness?
The universe makes no sense?
What class of creatures is encompassed by divine providence ,according to Maimonides?
does FlyingSquirrels really fly or do they glide in air?
what is the strumming pattern of i can wait forever by simple plan?
In your opinion, is religion a good or bad thing?
Why are we here? Is there more to life than our own personal drama?
Looking for book with the problem of the panther ?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau- The basic Political Writings?
can we think we all are from root but we have no relationship with others?
Do you sometimes have to laugh to keep from crying?
"The ethics of belief" by clifford...please please help me =(
what do you mean, commonsensically, when we say that an event caused another one to happen?
What life's lesson have you learned or are sharing with others today?
According to Hobbes, when is a covenant invalid?
Once you realise the inevitability of the universe, and your place within it, does your life lose all meaning?
it so hard to get a straight answer.can't you develop a better system of helping people directly.?
True or False: Conceptualization is Falsification?
what makes you blush?
Monday Night Combat platform?
Why are people easily offended?
What do you think nothingness imply?
do you think it is true that we only find ourselves in places and forms where we can be successful?
Are jesus freaks more annoying than turbans?
what is the biggest lie you,ve ever heard?
Have you ever been falsely accused of a crime and what was the outcome of this issue at hand?
If God has created us, is he not selfish in creating us to fulfill his own desire ?
Should you act against how you naturally feel?
Modus Ponens (valid) and Affirming The Consequent (invalid): Is this correct?
what's the nature of love?
Some see the glass as half full, some see it half empty, but how many see that the glass is filled exactly how?
What do you love most about life?
Can Plato's theory soliloquy Forms be extended to include abstract templates for abstract concepts?
my 7 year old wants to know what trees think about?
What is the symbolic meaning of the Partridge bird?
that's why so many innocent pple's life are killed by the dirty singapore government doggies! haha without ?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
When will be the end of the world ?
Why do you avoid my questions?
What five things would you like to achieve before you die?
why are we here?
What do you think of my theory regarding God?
College Philosophy Exam...?
if i say: ihave seen GOD, would you believe?
Can anyone help me find the fallacies in this lecture?
Do you let your anger rule your actions?
The Recollection Argument; is it valid and/or sound?
Do you know any Rituals I can do with the ocean?!?!?
Why would using skeletons in an office psychopath's closet to encourage them to do better quality work be ..
Are you offended by words?
Rank these three according to your priorities. LOVE, CHARACTER and SUCCESS?
Who Quoted? " Knowing is not enough, We must appy. Willing is not enough, We must do"?
what does the world have right or wrong?
How to be happy in life?
If God appeared before you right now and you could ask him a question what would it be ?
Do you think there anything after this life, when you die.?
what is the meaning of life?
What's the point of living?
Does it take more courage to ACCEPT "faith" or to REJECT it?
The unexamined self is an unfulfilled self quote? What's the exact wording?
What does it take to be financially independent?
Reasons u have for doing good and being kind etc?
What is the purpose of life?
All we are is dust in the wind?
How does this article inspire you or help you?
Is life worth all the pain and struggling?
How is Nietzsche's concept of the ubermensch similar or different than the Romantic hero?
Imagine this world without religion?
Is there such thng as a loss ness monster?
Is it in human nature that we're never 100% satisfied with our life?
What was Augustine's view on sin?
Is Chuck Norris really a god?
I'm 32. And I think that I'm too old and the all good things in my life are passed. Am I right?
What colour is your soul?
Are you living a life of quiet desperation?
If you could muster every ounce of confidence, what ocean would you cannon ball into?
Plotinus emanation by the One?
What are some personal ethical goals?
How would ethics be compromised if Social Determinism were the only way to understand human behavior?
Do you believe equality can be achieved?
Should I stop expecting great things to happen in my life?
Can’t we guess the possible knowledge about anything which we haven’t studied before?
What song is stuck in your head at the moment?
Does it do any good, or any harm, to worry or fret about anything else other than today's problems?
is the glass half empty or half full?
Doubt is the key to knowledge. To what extent is this true in the Natural Sciences?
What made my cousin act like this before he dies, he said he heard his dad calling to him?
What does this sentence mean ?! It's rather interesting...?
What is your big 5 for life?
Why don't some people listen until it's too late?
What are the arguments for ethical absolutism?
What do you think of the Dead?
what is the thought comes in GOD mind to make the life .what is ultimate aim of our life.?
Why do I feel so disconnected from the world today?
what is a typical day for a blind person?
Would the world be a better place?
If a person was drowning and you could easily save them and you knew they were on death row? Would you?
Where do you find inspiration after destruction?
is anybody feeling like a fool solving problems 4 others but none of your own?
If it were possible, would you want to know the date you are going to die?
Do you think i will get more best answers this way?
Would you kill someone for power and wealth?
If you could somehow give advice to yourself back in 2008, what advice would you give?
who can touch the Sun with bare hand? (Only human being)?
who is the creator of universe?
What does it mean when I only have this question?
I am among the 1%, should I be concerned?
What is the meaning of life?
Scientific Knowledge?
What is private justification? TOK?
what's the point of life?
I can't stop analyzing my thought processes?
When you say you'd die for someone, do you mean it.. ?
do you think that nature may be 'god'?
Is the best way to get rid of a telemarketer to ask them if they are naked?
what do you think is the purpose of life? ;)?
if you could have the attention of every human being on the planet for just 5 minutes, what would you say?
Tonal or Nagual, what's your prefered realm? And why?
everyone sees them but what ARE they???
Can you change your future?
When do YOU think the world will come to a end? Or will it ever?
Fortune cookie: "Your nature is intense, magnetic and passionate."?
which is the HARDEST: to stay POSITIVE, to stay HAPPY, to stay HEALTHY, or to stay a VIRGIN?
Life Energy Philosophy; what is the concept of this subject..?
What do you personally think is the root of all evil?
Good has a holy trinity. If evil had a unholy trinity who would be included?
What will happen when we die?
is the world that we live really real or this just a sleep?
Is it right to sacrifice the full expression of your capabilities to protect your insecurity?
how to cut off emotions?
what is the reson of pain in life?
What does "Life" in Life Liberty and Property mean by John Locke?
Humans can't help but ask big questions—does the instinct seem wired in our minds.?
Does the contrast of Post Modernist and Romantacist philosophy explain Fantastic Futurism used in this Act?
what the heck is happenin with the world?
Can any body tell the secret of greatness?
Is it an exaggeration to say that the fate of the world is hanging in the balance?
What is the biggest achievement an woman can have in her life?
I killed a squirrel and feel like crap! I have a ton of guilt right?
What is an underlying X-factor?
Why do we allow our minds to dwell on evil thus carry out it's act creating harm to others?
"Everything really valuable has to enter you through a different opening" - meaning of this quote?
Are you a unifier or a divider?
If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
would you want to be treated for weight problems by an obese doctor? there's more ...?
What would be the ONE thing you would want to rid the world of the most in order to work towards the perfect?
Is the world gonna end in 2012 ??!?
How was Earth created? How did living life get here on Earth?
Should I right a book about myself?
If your heart's not in it, why are you doing it?
Do others respect you as much as you respect them or is there none at all?
Lance Armstrong fall from grace?
For the millions who belive in God?
do you think god exists?
whats the meaning of life???
Which is better, love or happiness?
If life is but a dream, who stole my ores?
Can this situation be possible?
Which 3 things are most critical between 2 human beings?
Moral Dilemma!?
What if the future is a stereo that eats the soundtracks to your youth that cannot be replaced?
Is this a question?
where it's haven???
What do you live for?
is a solitary life a meaningless life?
Daoist philosophers ?
In what cases is it better 'not to know'?
What is a worse decision to own many houses that are scarcely used or to own no house.?
How much can you be sure of what you want?
What is love made of?
Do you think the Bible was relevant when it was written.....?
Would you want your soulmate to find another if you had Alzheimer's?
If a moot question doesn't matter, is a mute question one people should shut up about?
Would you rather catch a snowflake on your tongue or a raindrop on your nose?
I have a question regarding the brain and states of consciousness to be used during a visualization session.?
do you think this is right?
What truth does the bible speak of life today?
Was XXXXXX project "non-dharma" ?
Can A Person Live Happily Without Any Forms of Escapism?
how to expel hesitation while speaking with others?
Why the certainty of positive science seems to be going to hell? By now, science begin to look as a religion.?
What if human teletransportation would be possible?
Name one thing you could not live without?
Late term abortion and ethics?
Plato the Republic: the idea of the good has no political relivance?
100 years from now, do you think us dear humans will live differently?
How good an athlete was Albert Camus as a youth?
Compare and contrast Descartes' cogito to Hegel's Geist?
Can I do anything to help them?
Does a system possess a suite of automated tests ? Are these tests run if it is desired to link the system to?
do you think man lives his life choosing free will or determinism? why?
Should we believe in reincarnation? Why?
If there is no god can you kill people?
If you could rid the world of one thing...?
What is your individual purpose of existence?
Why should we accept what we can't change?
What do you think of this quote?
What does personal development mean to you?
Can someone further explain these philosophy theories?
does anybody actually read other people's answers?
whats the driving force in your life? money,power,status,god?
I have 4,809 points, I need like 182 points to get to level 5. Will I make it there tonite?
Would you accept twenty years of extraordinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant you would die at the end?
What is the single most important thing to you?
will it affect this world if i cease to exist?
Is Love...A Living Thing?
What's your first thought when you look up to the sky?
Definition Essay Ideas????
What is Moral Fiber?
If you were a flower, what type of flower would you be?
I told my fiance that if we live separately, this relationship is OVER. Was this too harsh?
How can we restore our earth to the paradise it once was?
what is the most beautiful thing in the world?
What distinguishes the death penalty as an individual act versus an institution?
What time of year makes you feel the saddest?
Have you ever felt like you have a constipated soul?
Who am I? Man or Butterfly?
What is your opinion on religion?
Question regarding Saint Thomas Aquinas?
For someone who has never tasted sour, can you describe sour to him without point of reference?
What Makes The Man Perfect in his/her life?
how do I know if Iam listening to my intuition?
Is human basically good?
Really weird and things have happened in the ladt year on earth is it possible 2012 will happen?
According to hegel what happens when one consciousness meets or confronts another consciousness?
What is "The Ghost in the Machine"?
Would you consider yourself to follow Kantian Ethics or Utilitarianist Ethics more?
What do YOU do when all hope is gone?
Can money buy happiness?
I'm the worst person in the universe?
Is there such a thing as "true altruism", or is everything motivated, at least in part, by selfishness?
In the world, as we know it today, does hate overwhelm the power of love?
what is meant to happen on this day?
Set the New World Record for The Longest Hug, When we Can't Even Sign Up Cause we are to Young?
How much can you be sure of what you want?
hi friends, how could a man find his dream woman?
what is the guarantee that people answering this quetion are real. and not computerised??
Is the "Law Of Attraction" something that's real?
IF perception is the way we interpret the signals sent to us from our surroundings…could reality then be nothi?
If you had a machine that could answer any question you asked it, would you ask it when you were going to die?
Do you agree: nothing heavier than air can fly?
Is the ouroboros society real?
Is this argument valid or invalid: "Either that's a poltergeist or something weird is happening in the...?
What is true freedom referring to Dante's "The Inferno" ?
What do you think about my great idea of teaching this dance?
What is your lucky Number/Day ?
What is the difference between an existentialist and an essentialist in Western Philosophy?
where does thought come from?
How do we know apes do not have the same level of conciousness as humans?
Would we make a good couple?
Question on Freewill?
How can i change myself i can't control myself -bed habbit,time waste,etc u understan na ?
what does confucius say about vanity?
What is the Ambiguous nature of the Human Condition, according to Beauvoir?
What is your thought on the book " How full is your bucket" by Don Clifton?
What things are good?
How does one reach their dreams if one's dreams are not within reach?
What is that mean "I think we should each take the time to get to know each other better before we commit"?
what did you LEARN in CHILDHOOD that has HELPED You Grow Up as WHO YOU ARE right NOW?
why god created earth?
unconditional love?
What does each and every one of us posses that is remarkably and truly priceless?
Is it possible for a dog to be your soul mate?
From which country are you?
Why does time appear to speed up as you get older?
why do ppl blame their failures on others and keep success 4 emself?
Why am I Isolating Myself?
Do people who don't party lead miserable lives?
Are parents better people?
has the whole world gone mad or is it just me?
What made God want to create the universe?
Interesting Morality Question?
would you trust me?
Do You Ever Get Just Plain Sick Of Love?
is it true that demons and devil are dont like awful or scary at all?
Humans as an end rather than a means?
whats the difference between a thing and an unit?
why you need to have s*x?
what was troubling them today?
What was Heidegger's view of animals and how they should be treated?
Is the idea of GOD a social construct of the human mind?
Can you ever get someone who was born evil .. Phycopathic?
What comes to your mind when i say "Flower"?
What is... The Greatest Love of all?
In TROM who decides what is right and wrong for society ?
What are some ways to get involved in stuff?
everyone sees them but what ARE they???
What is the meaning of wife?
What is the color of silence ?
What is the best theory that has been proposed in the year 2010?
The Color which I see as Black makes the same image in retina of other persons or not?
Is free will possible?
what do you think is the root cause of all evil?
where do all my spoons keep going? I seem to have fewer every day!?
Is this why I'm a loner?
Consider this passage from Hume:?
what's your meaning of life? there's a common one?
plese explain me the aims and purpose of the coparitive study of religion?
Are there good arguments for the claim that there is no life after death?
Why can't you stand the truth...?
What is a purpose of my life?
Present and evaluate John Searle’s Chinese Room Argument against the view of "Strong A.I."?
What sort of classic blunders might an "office powerpath" make, in mismanaging a safety-critical software?
In some safety-critical computerization projects, won't there be a little bit of passing off non-accredited
Is the traditional prison system a relic of a less enlightened era? What alternatives could be used?
Given a chance to correct 1 mistake in your life, what would that be?
Should cloning be allowed? 10 points for the bst answer!?
why does the Rasta Culture have a star of David as its one its signs?
What is the real aim or goal of Life?
What would you like to ask?Which ethical theory is most "natural"? That is, which theory requires the least al?
Is there a religion without good and evil?
woman was created to be man's companion? or is it?
Did Thomas Hobbes believe that humans are basically machines?
What future situations can you envision that will require you to explain concepts?
Why does this happen?
What are some great new years songs?
wyhat is the inclusive language means?
What is the meaning of life?
A child was born in Boston,MA from parents who were born in Boston,MA.This child isn't a US citizen.Why not?
Can we travel life's road alone?
What is 'proterosis'?
what's your motto in life?
what is the real angle in your life ?
definitions of life style?
What makes you truly happy deep inside?
Ways to not make an egg break during eggs prize?
Tranquillity or excitement, which is the main element of happiness?
Who has been the most influential person in your life so far?
What is John Rawls' approach to social justice?
What is the Cartesian Circle? Can the circle be avoided?
Is it possible for a PERFECT life to exist?
Which chapter is the most interesting in Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan?
While the exact cure is yet unknown, there are some who would argue that “there is much that we may gain from?
Who gave this quote about feelings?
Why doesn't Karma ever get what it deserves?
what is the meaning of life?
How best we can make this world perfect for life? You can summarize the minimum measures to take for this!?
what do you think about underage drinking and doing drugs?
Is it possible to be at peace while living (even unknowingly) in a lie? A false concept of reality?
How can I drop this person as a friend when not calling her doesn't even work?
How would you describe destiny?
People Can't look me in the eye ?
Do you think it is better to be loved by one or the entire world?
What makes you an important little being in this wide universe?
What is the best description of your life in only ONE word...???
Life is beautiful do you agree ?
What does cozy, warm and content mean to you?
If computerization projects supposedly have "integration" problems is it for this reason ?
How can there not be a God?
A good life now, complete home tool that?
ancient philosophy questions?
"If one were to give a man too large of clothes he seems as a child. What a persistent child he is."?
Do People REALLY Think the World is Going to End When the Mayan Calendar Ends?
What could be a metaphor for a stove?
What is the most pleasurable aspect in the (your) Life of a Musician ?
Using the socratic method, what are good first and second order questions i could ask...?
DO you turn against god,if you loose your loved one.?
What do you consider to be an unethical or immoral action?
Why is life not perfect?
What is your favorite quote?
Is romance, dangerous?
When will the World end? - Just for fun.?
whats the meaning of life?
Why am I so scared of life and living, and how do I overcome this fear.?
Who would be classified as more of a person?
Are you happy with your Gender? if no Why?
what is happiness,in your opinion?
What does John Keats "To Homer" mean?
I belive in god but not in idol worship do u???
Do you believe humankind can end with one verbal suggestion?
What is stoicism......?
what is an idiot or a retard ?
complete the saying.........?
Agree Or Disagree?
In Thucydides, how do the speeches foretell that end of the war?
is everything we see a dream??
what is the week of peace?
What does it mean when a guy opens up to after many years?
who do you love the most?
Do you think that H+ (transhumanism) technology would be possible in this generation?
What is your best advice to be a better person?
what is the meaning of life?
What are some existentialist thinkers who published works before and after WWI?
Which is more powerful - money or knowledge?
Are my reasons valid to prove I'm no team jumper?
Should I wait to procrastinate?
Why do those who preach tolerance instantly become intolerant of anyone making am moral truth claim?
I'm at level two... so how famous am I now... do I have any adoring public yet?
Is philosophy just intellectual porn?
what is the point of life??
What's the difference between death and non-existence before life?
Why do they use sterilised needles for death by lethal injection?
What if everyone knew when it's life would end..!?
What is the meaning of..?
How can i see The Secret On Demand? I cant find it?
What do you believe...........................?
How does it feel to know "yourself" is going to suffer a lot?
philosophy of space by Lao Tzu, Francis D.K Ching, Yoshinobu Ashihara?
What can you learn from this source about McCartysim?
By disbelieving solipsism, does that make my belief in God hypocritical?
How would you react if you met a direct decendant of karl marx?
Emotionally Success but Financially Failure ...?
where is your mood today?
"If there ever were a time to save oneself"?
How to make the life which is bridge of swords as a song of a bird read details?
do you believe in ghosts or huanted houses? Let me no if you ever had an experience w/one or the other?
Do you believe that our smallest,least signifcant thought, word,& action have real consequences throughout the
Hi All :) ..What do YOU think WE need MORE of, and WHAT do WE need LESS of in LIFE :D?
Anyone good in Philosophy?
Do you think being alive is pointless?
Who was Christopher Columbus?
Egoism vs unselfing?
How does money measure happiness?
What is a philosophical viewpoint, on my work experience, to make me less nervous for it?
What happens when your reflection moves faster than you?
What are David Hume's arguments against Gods existence and nature?
Is the hardest part about holding on letting go?
Should we tolerate gay marriage?
If a person was homeless,U offered them a place to stay 4 awhile,wld U feel they "owed" you for life?
What makes you think?
Ok, so your an egg..?
If you have the power of giving life to dead ones?
Help with my confusing life?
can anyone explain this poem?
what is it like to work as a children`s nurse?
What's more important: Nihilism or the human soul?
What is the best book to learn about Aristotle's law of ethics?
do you think bruce lee was a good philosopher?
can hollywood & other parts of the entertainment business be partly blamed for the increase of A.D.D.?
life is to short to pursue ______________?
Will the world end in 2012 or at some point?
What is true Love?
If you met God for the first and last time.... what one thing would you ask for?
in your own words explain to me what pragmatism is?
Should you tell all your secret to the the other?
What is the significance of peer group in the socialization process?
If your child is born in any part of what is now legally Hawaii, the baby is guaranteed a genius IQ . Affect?
Is everything relative?
Which of the negative emotions do you believe is the strongest felt?
What is the meaning of life?
Would someone please help me to understand Michel Foucault's circulation of power?
how does you think will the existentialist view on man,alter,develop and change your own personal existence?
How did financial considerations and the international market....?
What would you likeWhat is the model of the relationships between organisms? to ask?
What's the deal with atheists?
What does the phrase-'Ignorance is Bliss' mean to you?
English translation of sentence from Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico Philosophicus.?
What is better/worse? Unrequited love or mutual love that can never be satisfied?
what is the true meaning of life?
What is Aristotle's life and philosophy in general?
What is the meaning of life?
Why do bad things happen to us?
how can we determine if an individual is telling the truth and obviously not a lie... give me some steps pls..
Wouldn't Batman do a lot more good if he spent his crime-fighting money on worthy causes?
Which is evidence that organs systems develop in an organism before birth occurs ?
Why would the use of a ruler not be effective to measure the thickness of your foil?
What is the most simple thing in the world?
Do you think shouting can solve arguments or does it just fuel them?
what is the meaning of life?
decribe the historical developments of both traditional and modern ethics.?
When people in your life pass away, are they really "watching over you"?
Do you think people can truly be happy?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Which of these proverbs best sums up the message of Omar's Rrubiayat?please explain why.?
Where is the melting pot of the world?
What philosophical questions come to mind about the declaration of human rights?
Why is it that being simply nice to men and not only women are taken maliciously at times?
What would you do if you have to choose between your responsibility and your desires?
Is it wrong to cut all communication with "friends"?
why do we always ask question about people helping people?
Is the world run by the thought of something bad could happen?
How does a dream wake up?
Losing all hope for humanity?
70 years old? Do u think you'll ever be that old? How old is too old?
what does this mean ? Waking life?
Do you sometimes wish you could have been born into religion?
What is the meaning of life?
Moral Relativism? What's your take on it?
Do you belive in Destiny?
Do you think intellect is attractive?
If scheduled for execution 5 hours after u read this, how would u spend your remaining time?
Can someone describe or give an example if what existential aesthetics is and how can it be applied to a poem?
Is october 21, 2011 The End of the world?
Did Nietzsche Actually Believe in Eternal Recurrence?
how would you like to die? and What would you want on your tombstone?
life is stupid mistake!! right?
If you would lose your memory today, who would you be?
What does today mean to you?
is the glass always half empty or always half full ? are u a pessimist or optimist ?
describe yourself in a single word.?
Why would someone just choose to "Rip off " the guy who cuts their lawn?
Why does smart people act usually silly?( Not all of them of course)?
Are you happy in your life now?
Theory of Knowledge REASON?
what is a friend?
A man goes from point A to point B then returns to A at a faster speed, will he arrive before he left?
What is the world's biggest problem?
What exactly is meant by Isness?
if a person accepts the idea that the ten commandments are the direct commandments of god make them lessauton?
Hello world. This is not really a question...but let's have a discussion shall we?
What is good customer service & bad customer service ?
We all encounter roadblocks. What keeps you on your path?
Will Islam be the reason for the world to come to an end.?
I looking for the biography of Homes, he was a person?
If you could choose for only one of Shakespeare's characters in Romeo and Juliet to live, who would it be?
Every day we live our lives.. we never know when will be our last moments on this earth. If we lived like?
Why can't everyone just get along?
How does one find true happiness?
mother or wife?
The best day of your life? And the worst one? What happened?
is there a difference betwwen a hare and a rabbit? how about a pig or swine?
what does gospelstitch mean?
If you were to predict on how you die, how would you die?
When did you first realize there was a God?
Why most of the atheists are genius?
What is your greatest challenge in life???
Who is the Mevlana?
Why do we take such pleasure out of other peoples misery?
what is plato's perfect model?
If there is no proof of god, why do we believe that god exists?
Can you love somebody else, if you have found the one and only but are not with him/her?
Is it possible to rebuild society around art, philosophy, and music in the 21st century?
Why do people settle?
What do you think about the astroplane?
What makes you happy? :)?
i hav to write a speech titled knowledge isnt power and need help to think of a title?
How can we make the world better?
Why do humans often seem to need to find 'meaning' or a reason to live? Where does this need come from?
If you find at the end of your life, is a new beginning. Which of your mistakes will you aim not to repeat?
which is better....Doubt or certainty ?
Why don't people ever RSVP?
What will end the world?
What are some songs that basically mean F*** the world?
what was peter singers contribution to philosophy?
Is mathematics a key and or a map to all things that have ever happened or ever will happen?
what is the meaning of life?
How have humans used God to escape the responsibility of wars, future and the explainable?
What are Peter Singers (philosopher) main idea's concerning the needs of animals?
Are you an intuitive sort of person or are you all about "just the facts"?
What does "internal equinox" mean?
I want your opinion...?
what is deconstruction?
Hegelian Dialectic v. Marxist Dialectic?
Life is full of ups and downs, which one did you enjoy most?
why are all these questions in english?
where can I find dances and songs from the 1920s?
Does selfish, abusive & evil people change? Does their second marriage work?
Everything you want in life has teeth. True or False?
Does God exist?
What are some reasons that it is better to be rich and unhappy (than poor and happy)?
Love or Money?
What is the meaning of life?
a life of suffering or a life of happiness from making others suffer?
Are we dead forever?
Whats your favourite thing in the world?
What is the importance of better enviornment in our life?
What are your regrets? ?
Can I get a Hell Yeah ?
I want my life to end any help?
The world is about to end, and there is no chance of living - so what would be your last words?
Do you think God has a sense of humor? If not, where did we get it from?
Should vaccine skepticism be considered as religious belief?
is love synonymous to hurt ???
What is life realy about?
Do you have a mind or a brain (or both)?
Do thoughts come before emotions? Or do emotions come before thoughts?
Are you a bad person if you smoke a?
In a game of cards...?
why God says quran in arabic language?and what is role of language in recieve quran meaning?
Why do we exist?????
What's the best thing in life?
Sorry to be very ignorant but how does jumping from a high place/bridge into water kill a person?
What does this quote from Nietzsche mean to you?
what exacly man is? body, mind or soul, prove.?
Republicans & Your Freedom of Expression is what...?
are people on answers... normal...?
What would you do if you knew everything?
do u believe in life after death?
what is the philosophy behind ecodiversity careing?
what do you think would happen?
Would you rather be risky or safe?
Define Daoism?
Can a SIN be inherited?
Need help on a philosophy theory?
what are the best years of life?
If you could be any three animals what would you be and why?
If foreign intelligences services did some Sherlock-style sleuthing and deduced there was an office powerpath?
Perlu gak kita mempersiapkan jalan pulang?
If the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is indeed 42, then what is the question?
Is it true that the world will blow up June 6th, 2006?
What is man's relationship with children?
Did Socrates or any others in the Socratic rationalistic tradition see time as being 'a circle'?
How would you describe life in one word?
Philosophy question with knowledge and skepticism? We Can Remember it for You Wholesale?
love hurts?Y/N?
What do you think of Vincent van Gogh?
as a father,do you feel to help your son who is grown up but very careless and not helping him self to be man?
how do you know whats real?
Is this account of Rousseau's general will accurate?
Is andy griffen dead .... yes or no?
what is the fatal part of human beings and how to get ride of it?
What type of bee do you liken yourself to?
If you had all the money you needed, what would you do with your life? Would you do something for free?
Atheists, please respond? Christians please comment?
What will a Athiest say when s/he dying : Oh God or something?
What do we all have in common?
What is the most beautiful thing on the earth?
How to cope with before test result anxiety?
If God had face, what would it be looked like?
why do certain people make me happy?
Is life really the joke i think it is?
Novice symbolic logic question?
I dont know where to classify this jokes or serious? Dogs digging backyards, what if we dug their holes for em?
Whats the difference between porn and erotica?
Who said...I think, therefore I am?
Everyday my contempt for mankind grows. I am worried that I may one day hate you. Is this wrong?
would you hug me if i had a sign saying free huggs?
How come the world isnt perfect?
If Pascal were to hold that not trying to believe in God has infinite negative utility (if God exists)...?
Life is an ILLUSION.. do you agree?
what would you do if you found out you were going to die tomorrow?
Is it possible to love someone phylosophically?
What is most important in life?
Reasons why happiness is not real?
What will cause the end of the human race? When? How?
Columbia University Supplement essay feedback?
P -> Q really means ~(P ^ ~Q)!?
if not now.....when???
what's the truth?
True or false question?
do you believe that a cockroaches(or any other animals)life is equally as important as a human beings?
What are some things you want to do before you die?
do you think god exists?
what is the purpose of our existance?
If you were a clock, what time would it be?
what are the six sextets of dhamma?
who is the best dressed person in the world?
If one could harness the power of Chaos, and immerse himself within it, what should that man do?
it could have been a much better place to live in BUT _________?
What makes you miserable?
Why people always ask the same question AGAIN AND AGAIN such as Is GOD real?
Can you check if my answer for this is right and how to make it sound/understand better?
If a fish is still floundering when you throw it back into the water is it worth the trouble of saving?
Is this saying TRUE: "Some things NEVER change"?
Does hell or heaven exist?
Can someone offer me an argument on "brain in the vat"?
Is suicide wrong if it's done to save the lives of others?
Why do some people have philosophical problems with their lives?
what socratic philosophy support "In that case the moral imperative becomes topply limited resource fairly?
Help edit the begginig of my essay?
whats the meaning of life?
What is your opinion on this issue?
What do you think is your purpose in life? I sure haven’t figure mine out yet!?
Which book would you recommend me about...?
What did David Hume write about miracles? Can you suggest available books and or online sources?
For philosophy students?
how many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?
If the price of gasoline went to over $4 per gallon...?
Why are the fundamental questions of life?
what are the fundamental human talents?
what would happen if?
Why humans are called social animals while actually it's the other way?
life is not easy.if you no wat you are doing, you we surely make it in life 100% sure?
whats you're biggest fear?
President Reagan spoke of the necessity for "verification". For a safety-critical project would there need to
What do you make of this?
Socrates' contradiction in Apology and Crito about obeying state laws?
YOU have 72 hours (3 days) to live what do you do ???
Who changed the requirements for Collins submarine software and associated test equipment and simulators ?
What are major inflences in Thomas Aquinas' life?
What is the meaning of life. What is the point to our universal existence? Do we exist to play soccer?
Is your name important to you?
What alignment would the Bible and Koran have? (Think in terms of D&D)?
If im me and you are you, who are they?
Which is worse, when a good friend moves away or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?
I feel like when I'm happy, I'll be punished. ?
Is it, or is it not, "later than you think"?
What are some John Locke theories?
Why is Arctic on the north?
if memories are what makes long dead people alive,(although not physically) what happens if they are forgotten?
Damn, when i went outside i just realized something?
how I can live ideal life, I have many great ideas about how to live life but could not succeed in following?
What is this argument? If a woman floats in water, then she is made of wood. If a woman is made of wood, then?
Who is killing the great chefs of Europe ? Who is alleging that CSC software for Collins submarine project did
Points of ponderment for your consideration-?
I am becoming more of a social conservative?
What is the one thing that you dislike about your life?
Would a big project inevitably contain a Macbeth figure ?
What would your life be like if you were born as the opposite gender?
What was the most difficult time in your life?
What is the relation between Philosphy and Education?
Do you look at your glass as half full, or half empty?
Do you believe we create our own destiny, or do you believe fate,or God plays a part in it?
Does learning to deal with emotional pain (either by being forced to or through concious study) help with...?
kindly tell me the famous forums of world or india?
Does life get more beautiful with age?
WHo would you reconstruct Aquinas's "fifth way" in order to avoid the objection? any ideas?
How to know if your a good person?
Is it normal to prefer internet over people ? just compare a world of knowledge to a standard moaning person?
what do plato and aristotle say about justice,happiness,virtue?
Is order a symptom of understanding?
What exactly does the word nuance mean?
What is love....................................…
Top secret questions?
What are you afraid of/apprehensive about?
Why did ayn rand give her charaters strange names in anthem?
quest asked in my phil class. think u can get the right answer?
Why is empiricism considered an epistemology and not a metaphysics?
Are peoples opinion irrelevant?
Where are you, what is the weather like right now, and what are you doing?
On the road of life..............How would you finish this statement?
Does it look like significant amounts of testing were inadvertently skipped or cancelled in the Collins?
What murdered your inner child?
I want to change. How? What should I do?
whats your greatest accomplishment ever?
where dose time go when it`s gone?
If you had a piece of string that is infinite in length, would you be able to bunch it up in the middle?
if LIFE is a RACE, is it the GOOD or the BAD that finish LAST?
Is peace sign satanic?
What does this mean? 5 moons and people?
what is zen?????????????????
Thomas Nagel, The Absurd?
Should I get tested for ? Won't I get depressed if I find out I have it?
if life ended, what or who would you like to come back as ??
If something is neglected, improperly managed and unproductive...?
What is the secret to success????
What was the name given to Aristotle's God-like figure?
What's the Difference between Pride and Self-esteem?
What is the difference between life and death?
When u meet a hardship, what will u do?...I need advice :(( someone can..?
What is the most beautiful thing in life ?not being love !?
Understanding the heart, can we ever know?
What is Plato's theory of "objects of knowledge"?
When Will She Come Back To Me?
What is most precious in the world?
what is the meaning of life?
why does life come at us so fast?
how would you measure welfare in nairobi kenya?
What do you think are the top 5 qualities that separate humans from other animals? (please be very specific)?
When was your last eye-opening experience?
What is the meaning of life.?
You Have To LOVE Yourself Before You Can LOVE Another...Agree or Disagree!?!?
What is so unethical about capital punishment? or... why is it necessary?
Is it wrong to think you're beautiful ?
Have you learn a hard lesson in life today that will help u in the future?
Nietzsche's "Apollonianism and Dionysianism": what are some modern characters that represent Apollo/Dionysius?
If a Tree falls in the woods and no one is around; Does it make a noise?
Evolution is a big joke?
Free Money or Free Love?
If a virus swept though the human race and killed everyone on Earth but you, what would you do?
What is this that I'm feeling?
If God chooses you for the job after he decides to retire, can you handle it?
I want to know beyond beauty ok my Mama when i was younger?
does anyone besides me beleive that this is hell and things will never get better?
Aristotle's four causes in regards to literature?
what are the basic notions one has to grasp about " politics" ?
Was 'The Man In The Water' selfish or selfless?
Can standards be a smokescreen ?
What makes you happy?
What has made you smile today?
if i could READ your MIND, would i be FASCINATED or get SCARED of YOU?
Is it an enjoyable experience screwing to elevator music?
If God exists why do we suffer?
Is this weird "philosophically" speaking?
Where the most intelligent person in the world lives??
What is an A Posteriori Analytic Judgement and does it exist?
A Waste of Life?
What is the porpose of this life and the life after?
Ever feel this way...?
Why do we have memories when we rarely learn from our mistakes?
What should be the aim of life?
What would you do?
Is it possible that when we die, before our mind goes, it plants us in an eternal dream?
Why is there something rather than nothing?
What is jealousy to you?
What is the meaning of life?
How will the world change by the year 3000?
define love?
Are you able to accept the fact that being dump is the end of the world ?
why do most people say that when they c som1 else's work they compliment how much thier own stinks?
what is the difference between metaphysical reality from logical reality?
Glamis thou art, and Cawdor, and shalt be what thou art promised. Yet do I fear thy nature:It is too full o'th?
What roles do juveniles play in organized crime?
how is life in luxmberg?
can you ask me any of your problems related with your attitude? i can help to solve your problems.....?
What is vulgar relativism and what makes it vulgar?
Do you agree that love always wins?
Will it all happen again?
Heteronomy of the will vs. autonomy of the will?
When was the first time you were like a burro in spring?
Do you have the stomach to watch the pain of these poor people?
what is ur biggest fear?
What is the greatest quote you have ever heard?
How should You treat haters in Your life...?
what is "mind" made up of? (making it clear, i'm not asking of brain)?
What shape do you imagine all of time and space to be?
What is the first thing you want to know when you wake up in the morning?
I LOVE YOU!... is it easier to SAY it when you MEAN it or when you DONT MEAN it?
Is Raymond Kurzweil's "Singularity theory" basically the gist of "The Matrix"?
What Is A Priori?
What did the Pythagoreans say everything was made of? Why?
what's a good question to think about?
Should I just end my life?
I"m looking for a video copy of the debate on god's existence between Copleston and Ayre?
Has anyone read "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior"? How did it change your life?
who said "when I die this all ends, for it's in my mind?" a philosopher, Greek?
Is there an objective standard to judge art by?
If your spirit were an animal which would it be and why?
meaning behind "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"?
Science or religion:what do you think about evolution?
Can someone explain me this 45th verse from Tao Te Ching?
Slow syrup'd seconds drip like years.?
Do you think anti-americanism is getting stronger??
What makes man a man?
Are majority of philosophers Theists or Atheists?
On what topics would todays generation love to write poems??
How has quantum physics refuted the law of non-contradiction and the law of identity?
Does eternality exists?
Points of View of Tulsa Race Riot?
What is the question to which there is no anwer ?
how can we right now help red pandas?
Can Any one tell about SALAGRAMAM......?
What do you think about this phrase? "Honesty is the Best Policy"?
I have a million pounds in my hand...?
I want to know who...?
Construct an argument of your own that commits the fallacy of hasty generalization.?
Can being sober becomes a life's asset...?
What are Anaximenes's Philosophical peception about men?
If I chose your answer as best?
Stock market and richness?
Questions on Philosophy and Plato?
Logic, Rules of Inference?
Why are some of the elements on the periodic table despised so much?
Is it true that if there were more good people like U on Planet Earth, It would be a better place?
What do you live for?
Is faith and hope the same thing, but religious people say it's not because they get defensive?
What makes you the happiest?
Did the concept of oneself and personality always existed?
Why do I feel nothing ( emotions )?
I LOVE YOU!... is it easier to SAY it when you MEAN it or when you DONT MEAN it?
in your opinion, what is the root of all evil?
what is the best advice that you can find at
Will There Be a Red dead Redemption In 2011?
Are there a lot of happy people?
Are natural philosophers and scientists the same thing?
Why do you humans.???
what is time?
If you wanted to be 100% truthful about everything, what would be the consequences?
What are the implication of the meaning of freedom related to our contemporary world today?
In the cave who is the most honored among the prisoners?
is the purpose of life to be happy?
Is the complete knowledge of everything finite?
Whats wrong with the world?
What's with the number 42?
According to Spivak, in what way is the intellectual complicit in marginalizing the subaltern?
Is the end of the movie "the midst" ironic in a sense?
What are words of wisdom that you live by?
"The Good is the Enemy of the Best" does this statement ring true for you?
What is Ayn Rand’s philosophy and how is it bad?
what do you see as the meaning of life?
Is life just a dream?
We see the sleeping in the underspell who is the one who will find the spring?
environmental factors regarding personality?
When is the worst time to make decisions in your life?
Do animals have a sense of humour? What is the philosophy of smiling?
When am I creating a new karma? By doing what I do with these thoughts, words and acts or is it more subtle?
Occupying a space just by viewing it.?
im not afraid to die?
i am disturbed, what should i do to get peace of mind?
why does faith spend so much of her man's money?
My Buddhist monkey ran away from home. Where should I look for him?
For Spanish Speakers ONLY: An impossible philosophy question?
what is the meaning of the poen a thing of beauty?
Is existence self-evident?
Life..what does it all mean?
Can one die of a broken heart?
Firefly one of the best tv shows?
Could you rephrase these in simple philosophical terms?
What do dreams tell us? Are they true?
What can you find in the unconscious mind?
Does an other individual Persian feel isolated in his/her environment?
Is belief in a God necessary for a moral life?
is my life over? yes or No?
What would a scientist find in your room?
How much would having my window open raise the heating bill?
what is the price of love?