Was Nietzsche a capitalist?
what is theory of the divided line in relation to "the cave"? (plato)?
Could God create a stone so heavy that he couldn't lift it?
Are there any emotions that do not exist?
Can't the bellicose more successfully deconstruct the opponents' stance, when it suffers from a dearth of qual
Marx and Mill comparison about the role of the law?
how do bad things happen?
What is the possibility that the end of the world will happen?
Without a belief and reliance on an afterlife, don't we appreciate this life more?
50% of our happiness levels are pre-set by genetics? why is this a bad thing.?
Rorschach lists of love and selfish?
Is there anything more evil than denying that Humans deserve to go extinct?
im 17. in love with a 24 yr old married man. we have the greatest connection possible on earth.?
What is the meaning of life?
Help with Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Question?
Who can respond to this question with the most obscure, arbitrary sentence possible?
Asking questions............?
Is this something to be proud of?
i have a problam of social angsitic sesorder i con`t speek any thing when there is more than 3 people or a ne
Why is abortion morally, religiously, politically, and philosophically wrong?
Bible commentary on Job?
How would you define a moral responsibility?
How would you live your life if you had a month to live?
What is the most important thing to remember about life?
What is your deepest desire?
What question—or perhaps what kind of question—should I ask?
Why is it that LOVE is associated more with the HEART than with the MIND?
Is it true that "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES" and what does that REALLY mean?
Do you support gun control?
Does anyone know what Plato's or Aristotle's theory on what makes things exist is?
Have you heard the sound of nature?How did you find it?
Philosophy help again... David Hume?
how does reason neglect emotions?
Why do people belive in god?
Explain the distinction between Reductive and Non-Reductive Materialism?
if i Tell You "I LOVE YOU" and You just SMILED.....?
is life truly worth living?
How do you cut yourself any slack?
how do you Know when to defend yourself and ideals.Or when to act against an assailent even if it's yourfamily
Would someone please argue for this quote for me? (Hamlet related)?
Would you finish this sentence?
Aren't you glad your mother was pro-life?
Is it true::if people turn their back on us we should know that it is time to get them out of our life?
what is your favorite book or movie?
Why don't humans treat each other like brothers and sisters?
What is the definition of a tragic character?
Which view of Jesus is Correct? The one in the Koran or the one in the bible?
I think about love all of the time. How do I stop and focus on myself?
What's the relationship of virtue to human nature?
Is there a common root cause of all problems? If so, what is it?
Will Money Destroy The World?
How friendly is joking such as: "He's the shrewd 1...I'm the good looking 1!..LOL!!"?
When in the Jewish religion did they first start awaiting the Messiah?
What is the premises and conclusion?
Why would a female say to another female stop thinking all these guys are eyeing you? she points out other wo?
According to Plato....?
living a new life after death , where to read about it?
What are some good philosophy of love books?
More than one profession?
Is there nothing(time,place) before god,then where god exists?
Why is the donation of 1 living person's organs to save 5 commonplace or acceptable?
What can YOU do to improve humanity today ?
Who likes Steve D?
If you had to be a veggie, what kind would you be? why?
Does anyone know a song in spanish that sounds like lady gagas song just dance?
any confessions get off your chest ...before end-of-the-world?
Is the community wrapped around our bodies?
Is sex really like mountain climbing?
what do you think about god? within four words?
what is the meaning of "hunky dory" as in "everything's hunky dory!!"?
Is memory and thought separable?
Are you jealous of my life?
HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF "WHO AM I", "WHY AM HERE" ? If yes, what answer(s) did you find ?
What makes you feel confident?
Is this fact or opinion?
Are wise acres really that wise?
do you live "in" your body, or are you literally your body?
Do you believe that "what goes around comes around"?
what is abstract hypothesis?
Do you think that technology is changing human-beings into robots?
what is the meaning of Nos Factus Noctis?
what do you think will happen on 6/6/06?
Will rumors, speculation, and accusations regarding the Collins project persist into the foreseeable future ?
What do we do to get better answers, when what we are receiving are not factual?
How Will Life Be For The Human Race In The Next 100 Years?
What is the best answer to the question of life?
if i MEET You at the CROSSROADS, Would you SHOW me the RIGHT WAY..... or you'd let me FIND it MYSELF?
Hi All :) .. WHAT or WHO in your life DEFINES YOU as a PERSON?:D?
what is the meaning of this quote?
when will the world end?
what person, place ,thing, or concept if eliminated would make this a better world?
Whati s your favorite movie and why?
Are these codewords for the same phenomenon ?
Are you afriad of death?
why? deceptively simple question isn't it?...?
Do I know that I have a hand?
Is Kuhn an anti-realist?
Why does More use Dialogue form in Utopia?
greater greek influence in roman culture?
what was the last embaraccing moment of life and why ?
Yin and Yang in History (please help)?
philosophy is' i know what not'.EXPLAIN?
Are we alone... or are we?
Is philosophy a pack of lies hoisted upon us?
What is your opinion on animal testing? What is acceptable? What is not acceptable? And why?
What would you sacrifice your friends before you're ideals...?
is the socratic wisdom worth having?
25 people fall from a balloon, how many hit the ground?
what is chiltons rule?
What would get a whole town roaring on Halloween? What tricks could I pull?
What discoveries of Galileo seem to oppose common sense experience?
formalism same image?
is there any question which cannot be answered by huh?
Are you always trying to define yourself, or do you let yourself run wild?
so if markets are destined to crash, should it be a goal to be the one who crashes it?
How did the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre contribute to Epistemology? What did he say about knowledge and truth?
How can I achive best in my life?
Why do so many people equate being polite with being dishonest?
Does this explain Collins project ?
Seeing the future, blessing or a curse?
if i give you a $100 to BUY me a GIFT for someone i LOVE, what would it be?
Are human beings creatures or by-products of evolution?
here is 2 find out wheather u r mission on earth is finish if u r alive it isnt?
What happens if you do not pay your exorcist?
What are some things that make your day to day worth it?
Can people have red eyes and not be albino?
Can you put yourself in another person's shoes :) ?
If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
"To know is to try"... but can't we know without even trying?
In your opinion, what are the steps to becoming a wise man?
I need a good topic to start my classical argument paper?
what did 2pac look like after he dead?
the judas·s gospel is true?
Can someone please help me with the story "Phaedo"?
Is today the first day of the rest of your life?
Can I get some examples of the romantic universals...?
The value of faith- persuasion?
We live today in the age of partial objects, bricks that have been shattered to bits, and leftovers ... We no?
What will happen when the universe ends and takes time with it?
How High Is Your Heaven?
How can I know that I exist?
explain "why"?
How can i win a woman over a goodlooking guy competition?
Is there a sequel for "The Da Vinci Code"?
Is love necessary to live?
is the mind identical to the brain?
One more question before I retire for a day of slumber.?
What does it mean to respect someone's opinion?
Who was the philosopher behind the madness of Hitler's thinking?
Which color makes you feel happy? Why?
Are you afraid to die?
what is the ATTITUDE,How it can be really evaluated into all walks of life?
Once I establish myself as pack leader with my dog does this position stick for life, or is it something I hav?
Who's Your Favorite Ancient Greek Philosopher and Why?
positive philosophy's?
How does man's desire for perfect happiness spring from his nature?
The body can be compared to an assembly of machines;who is the driver?
If you could do one thing in your life what would it be?
What is the hardest thing to tame?
What does being in love feel like?
What will your tombstone say?
Where do ideas originate - david hume, an enquiry concerning human understanding?
Would you rather.....?
Two angels.......this is a you believe in this.. ?
what dose Pandora's box mean?
relative optimism by albert the great and pessimism by arthur schopenhauer..?
What isn't knowledge?
"Great minds think alike," or "Great minds against themselves conspire?"?
What's the movie about existentialism called?
Why do so many meat-eaters hate the thought of eating dogs and cats (I'm sure they're tasty)?
What is the likelihood that we or I am living in a simulation like the Matrix?
Do the Nietzschean mottoes "The Will to Power" and "The Eternal Return of the Same" contradict one another ?
What's the main points in Descartes' "Principles of Philosophy?"?
do you believe in God?
Adam Smith: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations 1776?
Please help me find the antecedent and consequent in this sentence!!!???!!!!?
Do you ever Just Wonder?
what can i do with my life?
In a war between skinny and fat people, who would win?
why is venus williams so lame ; i mean she didnt even put effort?
Do you agree that in life, friends come and go?
Who was?...............?
what would it take to achieve world peace?
i feel content with what i have in life but there is a bit of me thinking i should want more?
If reincarnation is real, and moksha impossible, wouldn't life itself become deeply meaningful?
is your life cheap for you or expensive?
Could you survive without technology?
if drinking and driving is prohibited why do bars have parking lots?
what is the point of being alive?
whats your vice?choose one of 7?
What is World Unity?
Why does this happen alot?
Why does Socrates place so much importance on the "understanding and perfection of your soul?"?
if you could spend the last day of your life with anyone?
Why do we answer the questions on ANSWERS?
Is there something that never changes? Is there? Is there?
God is the creator of every thing, then why monks or terrorists?
Please find a statement in modal logic which would be both...?
What is the unanswerable question?
What is the most effective way to deal and heal from an issue?
Are there 'degrees' of potentiality in Aristotle's philosophy?
If time is infinite, then it extends forever into the can this not mean that we never got here?
If someone you loved died suddenly, and you were given one last chance to see them, what would you do or say?
Philosophical question about the movie "Collateral"?
what is the meaning of the "tree of favour" in the iraqi area.?
is it wrong to feel of leaving your home that causes your head not in peace?
do you think alphabets we use for any name brings our inner strength?
Is suffering really necessary for human wisdom?
What are you looking for in life? Have you found it?
What the difference between renouncing and denial, in relation with a statement 'Renounce the World"?
This is a bit weird but has anyone ever experienced this?
Give me one reason why life is worth living?
"I" am you?
what would you like your epitaph to say?
Should you trust your gut instinct and is it reliable?
What is mans highest purpose for being on earth ?
God acted most through general volitions and not _____ ______? Malebranche?
HELP ME! I'm not good at philosophy!!?
PLEASE HELP Logic/Philosophy experts!?
Just arrived at a fork in what we refer to as "Life", should I hang a left or a right?
If you could kill someone, would you?
Does knowing who's to BLAME help SOLVE the PROBLEM?
"The truth shall set you free"?
Who gets credit for the Greek inversion of religion?
Whats your word to sum up life?
Do you believe that each difficulty that you face in your life that wisdom and strength will be given to you?
what is the impact the violence 's representation in the image?
How and when is it important that one practices critical thinking and knowledge making?
How you think is how you feel? So how do you think? In self talk? In images? In video?
propositional logic (molecular and atomic)?
Can you help me with this half life equation?
What is the diffreance between man & woman?
Good and Bad, who among believes in these doctrines?
Were subsystems purchased to ensure the integration of sensor, effector, and sensor-effector subsystems for?
Value in justice? Forced education? Prevention of danger and crime? Punishment? Removing the problem?
If a picture is worth less than a thousand words, does it mean it's a bad picture?
Who said, If your not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if your not conservative by 40 you have no brain.?
A question for the scientific mind: what is the great question of all time?
Are there any SOLUTIONS to Descartes' Meditations?
Has anybody read the Satanic Bible?
What one word would best describe how you should live your life?
Do you think if everyone had a Zen mind, the world would be a better place?
oii..! are you all out there agree or not, we all patien and try to be a doctor?
How will television influence music for the future?
Spiritual liberation and free will.?
I'm doing an experiment, and I have a question..?
limitations of Ansoff matrix?
hmm Alchemy Real or not? ?
If god made everything(living and nonliving), then who made god ?
Does life ever get better? Why does it seems like always an uphill battle?
Are there Buddhist in Iraq? How do they practise?
To be or not to be?
What is beauty, and what makes a veautiful woman?
In Gorgias what exactly is Callicles view-point and to him what describes the superiors of society?
How is Puritan philosophy shown in Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"?
Will we be able to attain something far more better if we accept our own reflection..?
What is the difference between laziness and efficiency?
What day is Wednesday? Will there be more? Help!!!?
Why do people lie and cheat?
What would Plato & Aristotle think about "The Office"?
Your opinion.....???
Which is better - success or happiness??
Is forgiveness a sign of weakness?
Do you believe that the best philosophy was buried under old out houses?
an equal rights question?
If you could be given another talent or ability, what would you want it to be?
What does Rawls regard the parties to the original position as free and equal?
if you had to commit incest in order to save the world, who would you sleep with?
when wil our earth come to an end?
Is it possible that Love really does make our world spin around?
who would you feel sorry for?
What would you define as gossip?
what does "no more begs"maen?
i wish to find and read free e books of sartre and camus.where i can get ?
why should you follow your bliss? and what things make it difficult for us to do so?
what is more mysterious the universe or the human mind and why?
What quality of which is inherently contained in the question why?
Who is Maurice Freehill?
I talk to god and he sends me places and tells me prophecies should I follow him or repress his thinking?
Do you believe in evolution or in creation?
is smile a strength or a weakness?
Why do clocks still use Roman Numberals?
Why is it so hard to imagine about reality?
What is the point of having?
how did you get yoru name?
Philosophy Ads help plz?
Anyone else have recurring nightmares? Share your details?
what do you think will happen on 06/06/06/? do you think that means something?
Think about it how could we?
Do you feel like a stranger in this world?
what guidelines does Bonhoeffer outline for becoming a life of influence?
Anyone in their 20's enjoy living in the suburbs?
What is happiness to you?
How do I get my priorities right?
Someone at your door (oh my, not again)?
Are Miracles real?
Where do you go when you want to hide from the world?
TOK watching the Matrix?
What were the contributions & claims made by Ludwig Wittgenstein and what was his (Wittgenstein's) background?
National Right to Life Committee?
And these too, are needful things?
If your successfull in the womanising life is there ever turning back to the realm of love?
Why is Kants deontology better than Mills utilitarianism and for what reasons?
What powers do symbols have over your own life and environment?
What do you think of the world?
is it better to punish the innocent or let the guilty go free?
Is life a "conspiracy theory"? If you think it is...why??? or Why not ??
What is the worst possible trait in a person?
Is everyone in this world except me a robot!?
what will happen if you?
Do you share your knowledge?
if you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be? why?
Do you think this is unfair?
Who is (was) the most intelligent person of all time? (I know.)?
I think, therefore I am?
are the cause of ...hurtful pain or created true happiness for others?
Wath is story of life ?
expressionist drama aims to?
all the time she talks with nicel t don't she answer m questionwhy is this but she care for me.?
Can some one IM Julzz20 on Second Life?
Did you ever felt that TIME had STOPPED?
what is friendster home page?
I'm interested in your remarks and comments ......?
do you think it's better to leave without saying goodbye?
Is love enough? Or is there more?
Why humanbeings brain improved but the animals' didnt??
If your emotionally broken from the inside can you get better?
what did you LEARN in CHILDHOOD that has HELPED You Grow Up as WHO YOU ARE right NOW?
can apes write love letters?
What does it take to be a goodfriend?
What ties us together?
Is there life after birth?
do you decide your future or is it already decided for you?
According to Martin Heidegger what did he mean by the "enslaving forces" in his theory upon mass society ?
If life is a dream, what is death?
If what matters most is who we are on the inside then why do people lie about how they look on the outside?
What does home mean to you?
what is "tree of being" related to logic?
What were William James' criticisms of philosophy as a means of discovering truth?
I think I'm suffering from a 'narcissistic/sociopath' complex?
How can we explain the decline of religion?
What would you do if you woke up to find yourself to be the human in the world?
Where am I wrong here, honestly? What is the difference?
Have you ever ask yourself, "WHO AM I" ?
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?
Don't you think we are just waste products of our parents?
What do you worry about tomorrow or about the future. What or who will determine what tomorrow should be?
What exactly is Aristotle's definition of function?
If someone asked you to kill them, would you?
celtic art. friendship and harmony. drawing or illustration.?
are there any questions that truly have no answers if so what is the question and what is your answer?
Consider statement parents care deeply. What experiences might you have caused to agree or disagree with it?
has anyone here got a violation notice from answer? what do you do?
What do we mean when we use the word "evil," exactly?
How do you prove determinism?
Is OpecKing chicken language?
do you think dogs have feelings? And if so, do you believe that maybe insects have feelings as well?
which one is more repulsive to steal or beg for a living?
2012, interesting theory?
my brain is eroding away while my soul rots & my existance bleeds... any advise?
Is there anything wrong with Freudian psychology?
REGRETS .... what do u most regret ????
How much difference can one person make??
How can I stop feeling insecure about the colour of my skin?
Do you have an opinion about the works of Author Schopenhauer?
Why do so many christian holidays and customs correlate to pagan holidays and customs?
who are americas allies?
how to get a tigrex helm at store in PSP monster hunter freedom unite?
why cant we get what we want? we dont deserve it or its matter of destiny? please tell?
if half the people believe something is right, while the other half believe it's wrong, who's right?
everything i do in life i fail?
What is a successful life?
What are the beneficial contributions of World Cup to mankind?
Is life really real ?
how do you hurdle into the endzone on ncaa football 2007?
If a man sets out to achieve nothing, and does nothing, has he achieved something?
why do so many people believe in the christian 'god' when so many things are classed as 'SIN'?
What would happen if...?
Suppose you met two creatures on a desert island...?
If there was one thing you could change in the world to make it a better place, what would it be?
Just War Theory, good or bad?
Would you call a suicide primarily immoral or foolish? How do you justify your own point of view on this?
How does Bentham make moral decisions? How does Kant make moral decisions? ?
U shouldn't teach someone lesson to someone else? what is the use of learning lesson from mistakes in life?
what does david hume mean in part 2 of his essay?
Explain randomness, is any event random, or can a cause be found for it.?
what does it mean " I can resits anything but temptation"?
I need some illegal help!?
Abu Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham father of scientific method?
Do u ever feel confused about what to do with the money making part of ur life?
~~Have you ever........?
Do our morals eventually succumb to our emotions?
What is the ethical theory that the bible gives morality called?
A question about understanding my life? ( big question with multiple answers chose any question i have insertd?
If I put 1 bacterium in a bottle and after 1 Hour the bottle is full.......?
Should cloning be aloud? Why or Why not?
What is love?
what makes us happy and satisfied in life?
Is this the definition for roles, culture or folkway?
How do you know when a friendship or relationship is real and pure?
Should there be an organization (education) that does the thinking for people?
half full or half empty?
What Bertrand Russell book would you recommended for me?
Poll: (multiple choice) What would you do if you somehow knew that someone you loved was going to die young?
Will you define structural inequality for me?
how much is "too much" !!!?
what is the one rule you live your life by???
Is meat murder?
which philosopher has the best refutation against solipsism that cannot be refuted themselves???
Smoking is dangerous?
What is the most important thing in life?
Can I believe in the death penalty and abortion at the same time?
Are you really free...?
Why do the people so obsessed about being handsome or beautiful more than being clever?
How would I recognize it if crims joined my computing project today ?
What is W.D. Ross saying in Institutionism?
what was the best thing to happen to you in your life so far?
what is the meaning of trident on marriage line ?
What if the people UNITED to bring this country to a total stop; until Bush gets a grip on gas prices?
What can I do to help the human race, be cool, chill, and fire away?
Why god create this world ?
Sounding the alarm about our direction as a human family...?
If we had the cure to every virus and disease in the world, should we manufature them?
What you do when you have no work?
Will our strings ever be cut? how long have they been attached and how can we cut them ourselves?
Determinism and randomness?
Why is it reasonable to believe in God?
What if life went backwards?
What truths can I ask a guy?
do we all see colors the same ?
What would make another lady act funny when meeting another lady, like a hi but with a slight attitude or?
You LOVE me...You LOVE me NOT... what would the last PETAL tell me?
Dualism. If everything that happened has a purpose. Do you really believe in right or wrong?
Anyone want another season or movie of Firefly?
What is an alter ego?
Do you believe there is a cure for Love????
If it is true that philosphy is useless, then what is the most useless branch of philosophy?
Is war a population culling stunt.?
What is David Hume's theory ok knowledgen does this theory make him a sceptic & why does it?
Do you test people in relationships?
How often you regret for a mistake?
Why is logic so illogical?
Which is dumber - people that ask dumb questions or those stupid enough to get upset by them?
Can anyone tell me how I reply to individuals who answered my question??
In a computerization project, if dud software and dud test software is installed,?
Can I increase its frequency?
What is the 'third eye'?
Is it okay to belive that someone created the world , but not to belive in sins?
What would you describe as a simple pleasure in life?
Is scientology a real science?
What are aristotles moral values?
What is "better", Mill's or Bentham's Utilitarianism?
Why do all living things have to die? Isn't it sad?
What defines who a person is?
are friends a downfall or helpful?
A question on the parent matrix trap...?
What does this picture have to do with Existentialism?
How would you think this study work or test....Im thinking do we or can we really judge ourselves as we judge?
How can we create Peace on the earth?
I want to know.....Has anyone's life actually changed since reading or seeing The Secret???
How far do you think the human race will advance?
Write an inspirational quote or saying..?
When people die, do they explode into spaghetti?
Hello are you happy or sad ? or confused ?
what is the meaning of life?
If humans move to another planet to live, what colour would we be after natural selection takes place?
at what moment in life ...have you had an epiphany?
How much do great things in life cost? Give reasons.?
who said women live better life after 40?
A man died reputedly died from hearing three words, what are they?
Does anyone recall the two readings by Mill ("Whats Wrong with this picture") &("Utilitarianism &the Morality ?
who do you think is happier in this world an animal or a humanbeing?
When is a question, a question?
Why are people blind to this?
what do you think of when you think about the ocean side of life?
what is meant by the statement "calculations could resolve many difference in opinion" by leibniz?
How can I learn to be content with what I have and not always wanting something new (materialism)?
What's you philosophy on these quotes? And what exactly does the second one mean?
From Thomas Kuhn's perspective, what paradigm stage do you think we are in right now?
What value is worry in your life?
i donot have girl friends how can i approach and any one can approach me?
Can anyone understand this?
what is the meaning of life??
DO you believe in Science or in God?
What is a real life example of an archetype?
If we don't buy religion, do you think there is an alternative source of comfort?
Do you agree "Relationships never die natural death -They are killed by Ego, Attitude and Ignorance"?
How can a "balance of power" be viewed as a "balance of terror"?
What is your opinion on the meaning of life?
Why are we privy only to relative truths and/or partial truths?
What is this school of philosophy...?
If I stop answering questions will you start answering them for me?
if LOVE is a ROSE, what are its THORNS?
How do you achieve inner peace?
how to change my mood?
stores in abilene, tx that sell tarot cards?
Half life 2 is installed.. however steam doesnt know?
What are some good books on Friedrich Nietzsche, and his philosophies?
What is the philosophy behind global inequality?
What happens to all the memories in your brain when you pass away.?
what is the ultimate goal of life?
What is your ambition in life ?
Here's another twist on the Gap Theroy, What do you think?
Why the center of the civilization keeps moving West?
What frameworks (except SWOT) for information analysis are the most used?
Which came first, God or Man?
Do you know just what you want in life?
I want seriously end everything?
Irony is usually the result of a difference in two different possible meanings?
What would it take to make you the happiest person in life.?
Why does society prioritize happiness over unhappiness while both emotions are vital to human development?
What matters most in you LIFE at this moment?
Did Nietzsche believe that egalitarianism undermines the freedom of the individual? And if so, in what ways?
dont have compassion for some things?
what kind off person could kill Bambi's mom?
Evolution, mankind, animals, natural selection, makes no sense?
What is something you would never do?
What are the Kantian questions?
which is more IMPORTANT, to be FAIR or to be TOLERANT?
"Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?" source?
What is the meaning of price mechanism?
Is offering Cigarettes to someone a form of murder?
What are some examples of an existential predicament?
What is your dream in life, i mean what do you want from it :)?
What squicks you out? What weirds you out for you sexually, but your completely okay with it for others.?
What is the meaning of life?
Why does loving God allow people to suffer eternally in hell?
What is more depressing than life itself?
3 philosophical ideas & refer to the arguments outlined in these ideas (nature of reality)?
If you had a chance to make everything perfect?
Should I support my friend or try to change her?
Do you believe corporations have a responsibility to monitor the conduct morally or ethically?
Do you blame GOD for the worlds problems?
When you see somthing happen before your eyes do you think its a sign for you to recognize in your life?
discuss the meaning of these lyrics?
If tommorow you lost the person you love the most in the world, how would your life change?
Question on Marx's Writings?
If God made everything, who made God? What could be the motive behind such a vast existence?
Love? Does it exist? (damn the 20 chars. min.)?
Can anyone imagine a new primary color?
What do you think has to be the most important belief in everybody's life?
How to be intelligent and how is education helpful to being intelligent?
Why doesn't Vargas think we should be hard incompatibilists?
If you could give one bit of advice about life to the world, what would it be?
is this a good example of modus ponens?
What causes the narcissistic personality disorder?
What keeps you alive and gives your life meaning?
When will religion disappear?
What is your definition of Beauty?
what is the heart and what does it do?
True or False: "We are nothing without God."?
What is nihilism and how is related to the death of God?
Do you believe that "what goes around comes around"?
Do you agree that you must act on knowledge?
How was Pope John Paul II welcomed in Heaven??
guess why no one is buying anything cause we are strapped?
I want to my life forever.. how???? ?
What are Three Laws of Logic ?
what are the limitations, strengths and weaknesses of ethical altruism?
What exactly does the word nuance mean?
this is real apocalypse?
What are similarities between Hobbes and Rousseau?
Using only a Utilitarian argument, discuss the issue of personal freedom vs. social cost for destructive?
According to George Berkeley, how many existences do our experiences reveal?
What does "Your eyes are the purveyor of the universe." mean?
I see no future for me and i just want to die?
My friend was killed monday night. Why do I feel happy and proud?
What fallacy is this: Any decent American would vote for a mother of quadruplets, so why don't you?"?
Is it bad I enjoy manipulating people, does being 13 make it worse?
Can you laugh at yourself no matter how hard you fall?
Has anyone ever suffered from post-enlightenment depression? Tell me about it.?
If God really, present in front of you and said, what do u want? What you say?
What was George Washington's philosophy?
What's thats "saying" that goes something like, "only spend time with those who bring you happiness" ?
Where would you go when you don't have enough? Where would you turn when your life is bound to get tough?
Philosophy question. Please help?
what would yall do in a place were there is only violence?
is REVENGE the BEST way to teach people a LESSON?
Whats your oppinion on the world ending in 2012?
In your life do you have the courage to step into the unknown?
Could the people in heaven be happy if they knew they had friends and family in hell?
which is the greateast opportunity in life?
Whats the best way to live life?
Do you believe that in 2012, the end of the world will happen?
L.Ron Hubbard DIANETICS The Modern Science of Mental Health how much is it worth ?
Is there a deep analysis for "Behaviorism, Materialism, & Functionalism" by Churchland?
What is the best way for timepass?
Who is your favorite theologian and why?
How will I know that a "system test" which purportedly checks that the system still works, actually proves ?
If You try really hard, can You stop thinking?
What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and found out?
what is the meaning of life here on earth?
would these situations be deemed "wrong"?
What is result of Timely Help?
Do Humans look the same to you as they do to me, DO colors looks the same to you as to me?sounds?objects?
How is the life of a mariner?
computer destroyed my life?
Is insanity good or evil? Bad or just abnormal?
What does this (Clive Barker, book) quote mean to YOU?
How did Plato view the physical world of matter in comparison to the world of Forms?
Why is there something, and not meerly nothing? Why is there this something, and not something else?
Who can tell me the meaning of life and what it holds in store 4 us?
explain alienation?
how much bad luck can one get? Is thier no end?
Spinoza refers to his God as Nature, but how is it known that Nature refers to the physical realm and not the?
They say that, "good things come to those who wait," how is this possible?
is it true?
How do dreams relate to the subjective conscious?
Are all vegans humanitarian too?
Would Mastering in Philosophy be Worth it?
please tell me simplest way to be happy and happier.?
Is it really true that "no good deed goes unpunished"?
abolish the belief or non-belief in any form of god & may be the world will have other problems & more love?
Does academic philosophy makes progress?
If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, how many lego bricks can you stick up a single nostril?
In your opinion, what is JUSTICE ?
Immanuel Kant Quote Question?
A question about ethics.?
What aspects of the juvenile justice system make juveniles valuable gang members?
Is it impossible to imagine life with out ______?
How is self-efficacy & Locus of control; similar & different ?
How many degrees of freedom in a human arm?
Is it accurate to say that 13.7 billion years ago we WERE the big bang?
Do you give advise to people, when you're opinion is not asked for?
Why do you look into the Eyes of Somebody....?
Did the captain of the "Titanic"cried?
Who, when & where first used the word "depression" to denote a dysfunctional human state?
what is the count by Gregory calendar equivalent to the chinese year of 4711?
Why is KINDNESS more associated with STUPIDITY than INTELLIGENCE?
what were Nietzsche's concepts on eternal recurrence?
Why is materialism considered flawed in the mind of Jesus Christ?
Best philosopher ever in your opinion?
If we can eat and drink in public why sex in public is considered as sin ?
If we are born to be dead then why are we born?
What is the best thing you could do in life?
what is life?
Dreamboat by Hum need help for meaning!?
Who has had the most positive influence on your life?
Most memorable moments from A Separate Peace?
what makes this world different?
Why would you believe in God?
Do you believe in God?
what is the ''perfect ''life?
What is thomas hobbes legacy?
Examples of Cicero being a Pragmatist?
What is man entitled to in life?
Was this a problem and if so did it impact on any safety-critical systems being acquired ?
What are the new core branches of modern philosophy?
What does it mean to be an irrational pessimistic?
What's your opinion on this?
First think of a famous painter, now you are in a room with the following items, a painting of a cat worth?
What is positionality?
what does freedom mean to you?
Nietzsche's slave revolt of morals and the creditor-debtor relationship?
What is Life? Explain it in one word?
Would you cannibalise yourself in order to stay alive?
explanation of Breton’s desire to blend dream and reality?
If you're awake when the sun comes up, does that mean you survived the night?
What does this quote mean?
if you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?
Is there life, or sense of being after death?
The average person uses 10% of their brain. What would be the highest brain capacity?
How do Aristotle define the nature of psychic?
What would happen if............?
What is the crime of the children that they have to be born?
Have you considered retiring from Y! soon and why?
What should I do if I want to kill myself?
Why don't people have any pride anymore?
why has my quality of life declined after getting a job!?
how will you apply neurotransmitters in your own life?
If you had to describe yourself (not physically, but your true nature), in ONE word, what would it be?
people feel bore why?
Do you think life exists elsewhere in the universe?
What is one the worst things that has happened to you?
What is the meaning of life?
what caused the world to change?
when i will get a peace in my life?
"Can we all just get along?"?
who is the worlds professor?
What is Transcendentalism and Unitarianism?
Are feelings the true reality?
Aquinas' teaching on God's relationship with humans?
Paley's Teleological argument for design?
Does this intersect with your experience on any safety-critical software computerisation projects ?
What would Tyler Durden do?
Are you celebrating life?
Why do we care about ourselves?
Is it immoral to be promiscuous?
Do you feel like you don't belong in this world?
How can one see the world as it is without an attempt to make it what it should be?
What is your #1 priority in your life?
Is it wise to keep quiet than to say something disheartening towards someone?
What was the first book on philosophy?
Your opinions on when does life begin?
what is the difference between an apple and a banana?
What is the meaning of life?
Why some people choose to remain childfree ? What are the reasons they choose to be childfree?
What does Aquila think about poetry and philosophy?
what do you think happens after we die?
Do you find a certain honour, or perhaps just a grim satisfaction...?
What is a small, easy thing anyone can do to make the world a better place?
intellegent design?
What are your views on pansexuality?
I have to write an essay on "What is your philosophy of life?"?
Is there a more profound question than why?
is thier really "enough" to go around?
Should mediocre persons be allowed to ruin others lives?
Second chance to responding to : Why is this a paradox? Can you solve it? (Barber case)?
If money is the root of all evil, and time is money, then is time evil?
Is Neitzche an outdated or (not to be read for lack of depth) philosopher relative to Kant, Hegel, Plato, ect?
What is the Nazarean codicil?
Is Constructivism some kind of idealistic theory of knowledge ?
What do you do when you disrespect someone and you later realize you need them...?
Discuss the idea(s) regarding the role self-respect plays in an individual's response to injustice? Thank you!?
Do all things go to heaven Even single celled organisms?
can u hear the sound of the icebox thats gonna kill?
is "music is a universal language" a quote from somebody?
Is reproduction essential to human life?
What might be the advantages and disavantage of walfare programme? Do you support or RU against to WF notion?
Definition of Pure sensuous concepts by Kant?
Would there be audit trails showing how a safety-critical was computerized ? Would it be feasible to build a?
if MONEY grew on TREEs...?
What does this Parable mean????
Is 3, 1 more than 2, 1/2 more than 2 or 1/3 more than 2? This could be asked as 15 in relation to 10 etc...?
what will you do if the end of the world will be next week?
are you really LAUGHING or just FAKING it when you write LOL?
Know of any cool, witty quotes?
How do i find out if there are any secret societies in bangalore?
What was the happiest moment in your life.?
Does it take more effort to be happy or sad?
Should IVF treatment be allowed if it means a child avoids genetic flaws but has DNA from not 2 but 3 parents?
What signifigance do you think 6/6/06 has, if any, and why?
What's you philosophical opinion on?
Do you believe that there is always some thing to be happy about?
what is meaningful in our life;I'm searching?
Can you really say this is how life should be?
How are Heraclitus and Parmenides foundational thinkers? (metaphysics class)?
expressionist drama aims to?
Can the world be a better place?
What does my life path number mean?
Which place is the best for leprosy?
Do you think that the United States will ever get of recession?
how can i change my password?
In Collins project, what was going on ?
What's up with philosophy?
Guys, how would you feel if you found out that a girl shed tears for you?
Should I even continue writing? Read this?
Does this make sense? For an essay on Ontological argument?
is that really important to marry someone, is marriage necessary in oneslife?
who is the completly happy in the world, rise to set ?
If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Where can you buy a Tarot deck in Chennai - TN - India ? How much will it cost ?
Why am I so generous to people, yet not generous to myself?
what is love?
Does anyone believe in life after death? What do you think happens after death? Logical or fiction?
Why Romans didn’t bother borrowing Greek philosophy in Ancient time.?
what country nuke a civilian population?
Plato's theories of knowledge and reality, as simple as possible?
What type of galaxy do we live in?
If an antisemitic man found he was a Jew, would he kill himself?
Was Collins project shut down BECAUSE it was successful ?
Why do people find its necessery to believe in a god?
Who was the philosopher who claimed that selfless good acts don't exist?
Is happiness our birth right?
define LOVE in your own words...?
Good quote that is similar to Plato's beliefs?
How do you explain waking up with vomit on your sheets?
What planet are you on?
what's a life style?
How Will you develop the qualties of sharing & caring in the child?
Will Klatu have to come eventually and stop this?
What makes one place better than another?
How often do you look at the bigger picture?
Do people ware blinders?
What species can I spend the rest of my life with,i've gone off humans,they're shite!?
What did Renee Descartes truly mean when he said in his book, "The Discourse on the Method"...?
is indeterminism the same thing as free will / open theism?
for you, what does innocence mean?
If your heart's not in it, why are you doing it?
Is there anybody, who experienced complete or partial realization of God or truth?
Can anyone give an outline to MacIntyre's Virtue Ethics?
alchimic ritual to precipitate water?
Do you believe we learn the same things at the same time?
If the Universe expands towards nothing, is nothing infinite?
What is your strategy for writing answers so yours gets chosen as Best Answer?
I have a head line starting from the extreme end of my left hand stretching to the other end.?
What are the main fallacies of Randian objectivism?
Are you know good astrology site?
What was Thomas More's defining philosophy?
When it comes down to it, are we all just selfish?
What is the meaning of life?
Please tell me why a person would kill an animal if not to eat it or save their own life?
is wkd brazil exists?
I want the name of the boy starting with letter "J" !?
is roger the singer who sings i wanna be yuor man dead?
Why do people get angry when you immitate them?
Are you hope or are you retribution?
What could be the underlying psychological motives for man's assuming possession of his body?
paths from BA Philosophy?
What matters more, Love or Friendship ?
What is that one thing that makes you feel happy?
What is that agnostic?!?
How would you describe what pain is?
bible old testament who?
I've lost my way in life...?
If life is a bowl of cherries.....?
What prevents you from wanting to commit crime?
What is your life motto?
Is language is more important than content?
who is jmw chrzanoska?
If there was no language, could you still think?
Plato's tripartite theory of the soul examples?
Do We Believe In "God" Just To Make Ourselves Secure... ?
R u happy in your job or want to change?
Is The Moment of Death or The Moment of Birth affect you more?
I'm spiralling down a black hole. Say something positive and life-affirming please?
Do you have anything to say that has not been said before?
what is the life of a paranormal expert?
Are we our minds, our bodies, [our souls], or both?
What do you think happens to your soul when you die?
how might this persons environment be modified to compensate partically for such a loss?
Gilbert Ryle and the problem of other minds?
What is the relationship between rationalism and intelligence?
"You Are What You Do The Most" Personal Identity Quote?
what is knowledge and what is knowing.?
if love know no boundaries ...why do we make them?
What is the best philosophy for being happy?
Is there an average attention span?
I shall tell you all a great secret do not wait for the last judgement,it takes place every day or does it?
What does "While the state exists,There can be no freedom. When there is freedom, there will be no state" mean?
i think i have found the reason why people follow religions. check it?
What is Marx's German Ideology about?
Could you change your life style to be with some one that you have fallen in love with?
IN RESPONSE TO Deepak Chopras question WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SOUL WHEN YOU DIE? Do you believe there is a soul?
Whos theory is a better moral theory, Kant of Jon Stuart Mill?
Do all things good have to hurt?
What would push the introvert, peaceful, humble, non-violent people to the point that triggers them....?
is stealing an art?
How can people know they are in love?
"Bad politics is bad for business."- How is this quote present in the Novel "Life of Pi"?
What do you think of "GINK" (green inclinations no kids) ?
What gives you the energy and motivation to live, day-to-day?
Do you have a reason to exist?
what are three (3) or more priorities you feel are important to contribute to the overall success?
Why is ciliacs disease considered a diability?
last night i talked to god and the lights went on in my room. how can u be athiest after proof?
If God exists and made the world and everything in it then who made God?
what came first, the chicken or the egg?
How do you earn your living? The Buddha's Eight-fold Noble Path cautions us about right livelihood, that is,?
why do random people think they know all the answers?
If your life was an animal, which one would it be and why?
what would happen if you watch Adventure time on shrooms?
If you had a chance to be the first to travel to a different galaxy but only 10% chance of success, would you?
I saw end of world in 2060. Why once the world ended I would return as the Messiah in China?
Why are my emotions all over the place?
If everything we do is part of God's plan, how can he say we have free will?
If Dr. Wayne Dyer is correct, then when we die we won't see loved ones again will we?
Does more knOwledge leads to more crime?
do you know who said that?
Do you think the world would be a better place if more people thought and behaved as you do?
How does the music affect your life during the day?
How does the Ed Norton character in Fight Club embody the modern predicament of nihilism?
what would the world be like if everyone wore a mask?
do you live for the moment or the future?
What do you think is the line between animal and human territory? Should animals be granted more space?
Difference between militant idealism and liberal internationalism?
What were the philosophical values of the Enlightenment?
What would you do if you were handed a scrambled rubiks cube?
What is it that you can't get enough in life?
What was God thinking when . . . .?
Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance help?
Why don't I laugh even when something's funny?
Is It better to be hated for who we are, or to be loved for the mask we wear?
Who feels like the world will end soon?
What will happen to my life?
who has done the solo for arriving somewhere but not here?
How and why do we dream also do blind people dream if yes how does it differ from ours?
Do many feel COMPELLED to talk and act a certain way as their "friends" are acting like?
what is my wish in life?
Tell me about your most profound spiritual experience.?
What do you feel is the biggest threat to the world today?
What would you say was the thesis of Benedict Spinoza's life?
can someone please tell me what a posteriori analytic means? PLEASE HELP!!!?
If there was one question that you would ask the almighty?
Is this earth we are living in real? Or is it just an illusion? Explain.?
'philosophy is i know not what' explain its context.?
Do you ever think of the human race as a disease?
Is philosophy worth to study as a university course?
How does race help shape/ affect the society we live in today?
What are Immanuel Kants critical theories of knowledge?
Why do people think that worship places have to be expensive ,when Buddha worshiped out under a tree?
PLEASE HELP!! I BEG AND SUPPLICATE YOU ALL!! How does one'es epistemology inform their ethics?
CAN THE DEAD see EVERYTHING that we do here on earth? Do we have any privacy from being observed?
does philosophical skepticism's theory exist today?
i just realized im turning 20 tomorrow...?
What is the meaning of life?
Hi! John Donne Said: No Man Is An Island - Was He Right?
how can u describe the color red to a blind man?
What or who comes first in your life?
Dus def ppl here?
Can you give me a concrete example of where Popperian verisimilitude is at hand?
What does vision 2030 entail in relation to education?
Are we all figments?
Why when you ask a psychology or philosophical type question everyone always Assumes you are looking for help?
What does your NAME mean??
Whats the meaning of life?
what might happen to mollusks if amphipods start dying even if the mollusks aren't connected to the amphipods?
Are there other universes aside from this one?
How long can you live without music?
How will i laugh tomorrow when i can't even smile today?
what, do u feel, is the purpose of human life?
How do considerations from introspection motivate dualism?
Why we are so selfish? Can we restore the beautiful world with peace and happiness?
Does everything happen for a reason?
if you could have the attention of every human being on the planet for just 5 minutes, what would you say?
Was the code being written for the Collins computerization project minutely appropriate ?
if my other half wants an open relations ship, would that be considered cheating?
Why is the number 42 the answer to life?
weird panic attack after waking up?
how many people here have dark-dark secret that nobody knows about it ?
What does it mean when you dream you are dreaming?
Transcendentalism music?
Do good and evil really exist?
Why is fantasy so much better than reality?
Is it true that there are knowns and unknowns;known unknowns;and unknown unknowns?
Does power have meaning if the one's under control don't know or don't recognize the value of your supremacy??
POLL: What are your views on the big bang theory ???
Are you capable of loving someone without asking for love in return ?
If one of the main points of life is to reproduce, how does that change if you're gay?
Who is the most influential philosopher of all-time?
Why bother delivering software that actually works ? Especially as the system can be mucked up by a change,?
Do you know why you are alive?
what is impact a one wonderful circle i round and around life long?
Is there any other explanation for motion besides an "unmoved mover"? If so, what is it?
what are the four ways in which descartes tries to call into doubt belief..?
In your opinion, has life felt short or long?
What really makes us complete as human beings?
What can you see but can never touch ?
Who would you save?
do u lik me?
Are there any good ideologies? If so, what are examples of 'good' ideologies?
How to become the happiest girl alive?
I need a quote to start the final chapter of a book I'm writing?
in Maslows hierarchy of needs what exactly does he mean by self-actualization?
Does anyone know who the first god was?
How good are you in your ability to identify non-verbal clues from a person , why or why not?
Will you please explain Aristotle's concept of moderation with example and sources?
why we born?!?!?!?
what were the two accusations made agaisnt Socrates in the Apology of Socrates?
Have you seen any mericle in your life?
True or False:through the coarse of your life, someone you know will die in order for you to stay alive!?
What is the meaning of life?
Conflicting stakes in Apple/Supply chain?
Would you rather be underestimated or overestimated by others?
rules of validity in a categorical syllogism?
What exactly is Albert Camus' stance on the notion of hope?
Do we Always have a CHOICE?
Chinese Philosopher, Lhou Tze?
Do you think that science is failing?
What do you do when envy strikes?
"one thread stands alone, woven together, we can ....................what?
I need help with philosophical approaches. ?
Can a love that is special ever be unconditional?
what is specific knowledge?
does it even matter what the ultimate definition for so undefined words such as bad ,good ,beauty ..ect is ?
What is more important to your education? The intrinsic value or the instrumental value?
Stop kicking yourself!!!!!!..........................…
Do humans only have one life, or is this life the first one?
How can i get an alter ego?
if you could be any animal, but still keep your intellect and understanding of the world, what would it be?why
why are leaders so important to us?
I don't understand why people believe in god?
life is contagouse i get infected and now i'm crying?
Does money brings everything in life????
Must one love in order to respect?
will the world end in 2012?
Whats happening in our mind and body when....?
GOD doesn't need us!!!?
How does this sound? What does it mean?
If God has written everything that is to happen in our lives then why do we still get punished??
what is the meaning of life?
Describe yourself in a single word?
What is the difference between a tautology and an analytic proposition?
If there were a Nobel Prize for Stupidity, who should get it?
Have you ever done one good thing in your life?
When is war justified?
If The Best Things in Life are free?
what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding?
If cows produce milk, and women produce milk as well, does this mean women are cows too?
how do I know that I'm not dead?
What Brings you Happiness?
does it mean that cats are better than dogs?
What do think of the morality of time travel?
What do you think of scientists resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth?