HIPSTERS!? your opinion?
why did aristotle reject platos theory of forms? need at least 2 reasons.?
When life gives you lemons...?
If you died today, would you die knowing you did your personal best in life?
If you could ask Adolf Hitler ONE question, what would it be?
We were wrong about the world being flat, in 1000 years what else will we be wrong of?
To you, what is the meaning of life?
whats your motto in life?
Do you try to be normal?
What would you like to ask?POEMS OF GARDENER?
How to end a philosophy essay?
what's more beautiful,people or rain?
if your thoughts were food, what food whould they be?
Can a human being ever be perfect? Would that even be a good thing?
What kind of string is the strongest in the world?
Does intelligence grow with knowledge?
What is the problem of other minds?
Do you go to the gym?
Harold Camping made a lot of money by scaring folks?
what is a spirit?
why do females want to keep things unknown?
What is your strongest desire?
In general what do people regret the most in life?
Will software development often be "a continual rhythm of disequilibrations and recoveries of equilibrium " ?
What's the difference between a pipe dream and your life-long passion?
Why does life have to be so complicated?
When will the world come to an end?
Today is my 22nd birthday, I am now going to take a sentimental walk by myself and reminisce on my youth?
What'is innocence?
how do scientist view the existence of man?
How does Time Paradoxes work?
If you really had intelligence what would you do?
Won't some people responsible for safety-critical software take too many "bad bets" in the way they manage the
Have you ever been dishonest ?
what came first, chicken or egg? Prove it.?
Why are asians more critical and angry toward their kids?
what is the meaning of life?
What might be the cause?
Does it ever feel....?
Escape from the void of nothingness known as "life"?
What if the Polygamist concept was adopted by a woman, one to six husbands ?
Given a chance to correct 1 mistake in your life, what would that be?
What's advantage of having your own apartment?
If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be or would you change anything at all?
I'm good at nothing. What's my point in life?
your first impression is always right ? Y/N?
How can the world end in 2012?
What is the most superior talent of them all?
Aristotle's Golden Mean and J.S. Mill's description of happiness?
if i FOLLOW my HEART, would it never lead me ASTRAY?
How does Sartre solve the problem of nihilism? How does he relate to Nietzsche in this respect?
is my red is also your red?
there is a woman who sang " to the world you might just be sombody to the world you might just be nobody but?
Why people love to answer my questions? when i post Q i got many answers fastly?
what is strict deontolism?
Why isn't their world peace?
categorical imperative argument/situation?
why does the world need religion why cant we do away with itsince its the cause dor practicaly every damn war?
Empty mind... tabula rasa.. possible?..difficult?.. worthwhile? what do u think?
What is the meaning of life?
Plato's view on slavery. Cicero's view on slavery?
Have you ever reached your limits?
What fears u da most.?
Who are we and why are we here? Also, who/what created the universe and what's the meaning of life?
Your Heart?
does the government know?
A level RS...What is a Form in philosophy?
Manifest content of a commercial?
Pretend that you could MAKE someone love you … would you be happy with that love?
Do you have questions about religion, christianity, salvation,the bible ,jesus?
formal sentences that we use in dialy life.?
Where's a composition titled/related to: my happiest/saddest memory ?
What is the major theme in Aristotle's "Daedalus and Icarus"?
Is it fair to ask "What is the ultimate question?" when there may be more than one ultimate question?
Why do some organizations keep jumping from one standard to another?
How come small towns are some of the most dangerous places?
what one thing you haven't got would make your life much better?
Have dreams got something to do with our real life? Why do u feel so?
What the most peaceful place on earth?
What is the essence of all religions?
Why is ther a black history month?
if you could choose how you were going to die how would you go...?
Is Dickinson North Dakota a good place to earn money?
Song writers/composers/creators of things in general: How to stay focused when making something?
why unlearning is so difficult???
what is end of human act?
What virtues and values about the ruling of ancient Chinese society does the Mandate of Heaven extol?
what if i said i can use more than 12% of my brain.?
What do you think happens to you when you die?
Alasdair MacIntyre critiques Rawls as follows:?
if i FOLLOW my HEART, would it never lead me ASTRAY?
Do we love creating God in our society becouse 1>God is superem 2>God is necessity to believe 3>God is need
If you had to select the most important human emotion what would you single out?
Which knee hurts?
What qualities required which can be considered as true success in a man's life and living?
Do you find silence to be calming or deafening?
Who is your favorite short story author?
Logic question s?
Do haters need a reason, is it merely convenient to have a reason?
How poor have you been, I am poor, but spiritually rich...?
What is the secret of the psalms?
Man is the measure of all things, of things that are they are, and of things that are not they are not. What i?
last night i had a dream that my boyfriend died, what could that mean?
Is being able to play the lottery at 16 wrong?
who is the greatest love of your life?
what are your 3 wishes?
Anyone else seem to realize that christians are the most aggressive and hypocritical people around?
is it really possible to achieve self-actualization?
what is the meaning of life?
Does nobody notice that life is really lame?
Have you ever hated love?
What are the four main points to Jean-Paul Sartre's view of Existentialist Philosophy?
Philosophically speaking, why do dirt, toxins, things, baggage accumulate? ?
What is in between birth to death and how you handling that?
if you love people in general really, how can you express it?
Can we hate? Is hate also a freedom?
Can the fear of success lead to laziness?
Criticism of Kant's noumenon by Schopenhauer?
conclusion for life cycle of bryophtes?
regarding the view on the levels of soul, which is more acceptable to you, plato or aristotle?why?
What is meant by "assisting disaster by building up a stock of resentment"?
Do you think its really sad to live at home when you're 27?
Is it possible that much of what we think is good is actually evil?
what is secret of one day babies innocent smile?
What have you learned about your life today?
what are the similarities and differences between property and substance dualism,?
What is a book?
In your view, are there more than one source of thoughts and if so, what are the sources of thoughts?
Don't you hate when you're debating but you forget the specific details of your claim?
Would you rather burn alive or freeze to death?
Is there ever a time when an ad hominem actually works?
Does "ordinary language philosophy" promote the use of informal logic instead of formal logic?
Will technology destroy the earth?
What doesn't make sense to you?
Which is better between Trust and Will.?
Why is Ammar Shaikh really dumb? ;;;?
Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?
Who is responsible for this misquote: "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it..."?
if you had one day to live what would you do?
What is the main cause of problem that we encounter in this suffering World?
What would life be like without our bodies?
i am ALIVE because of ________________?
is it wrong to not want much out of life?
Help! Which quote do you like best?
are nihilistic thoughts common with the economic crisis?
Is this statement true; Socialism enables people to become Capitalists?
Is there a philosophy that is less depressing than Nihilism, but with less assclownery than Laveyan Satanism?
What is the one thought that scares you ?
How to get over the imagination of changing the past or having someone's else's life?
What do you think the perfect human would look and be like?
Who is the best person whom you met in life ? and why is that person best ?
What is your life philosophy?
In which subject are you profound and animated?
It was said in the 1990's (perhaps 1980's as well, I'm not sure) that there were "problems" with the Collins
What does this video mean. Is this video funny.?
kant on good will?
is science something more of an external reality than induction?
Did Jesus exist in Heavan before being born on Earth?
why people waste time of self and others by asking silly or no-meaningfull questions?
I am going crazy, I see no way out... please help me?
Was Susan B. Anthony a political philosopher?
How are LIFE'S GIFTS recognized?
how long it takes to clean a dirty mind?
if you could describe today in one word what would it be?
What is the grand narrative and could you apply it on Beckett's Waiting for Godot?
Do you agree that Science is a socially constructed phenomenon?
What is your most important life lesson you have learned?
If you wanted to say something to the whole world, what would it be? Say it here...?
Can someone offer me an argument on "brain in the vat"?
Do ethics should lead our life?
Where is love?
conceivability argument?
What would be a good Diss parody of "Feel Too Good" by Utopia?
Just viewed a property and there is a burnt Bible in the garden, what does that mean?
What is Nietzsche's idea of culture?
Are Atheist too hard on Theists?
why are governments afraid to legalize a but are OK wit alcohol?
Why is this life a joke? Are we really living? Or is it all just a dream?
Examples of Appeal to Ignorance Fallacy in History?
Plato's notions of justice and virtue?
who said: What can be conceived can be created?
What do u belive ghosts or no ghosts?
In the end, Kant suggests morality is based upon?
what is the definition for otter trawl?
dissolve ego- 2nd question?
Descartes Help Please.?
Martin Luther King's life?
How can you hear the voice of God?
Whats your biggest passion?
Forgiveness and relationship?
What do you guys do when you feel indebted to everything?
Can it not be said that man made God and not God made man since all we know about God is man's hearsay?
Eligibility for Masters in Philosophy - Delhi University?
Philosophy and Averroes Help?
Who wins in today's world:beauty or brain?
does life have a meaningful aim?or only repeat of repeats?
Is it possible to live a happy life without material possessions?
Who owns your Heart? No one will ever own mine. Gives them a chance to break it.?
Rousseau and Freedom?
Why is it when someone asks a question there has to be someone.....?
Abortion, should you really feel guilty? "A life of peace, or a life of poverty?"?
my mother and grandma don't get on and it hurts?
if you don't TRUST HUMANITY, can you ever TRUST GOD?
why dante alligerie's master piece "divine comedy" is saved in the vatican?
what is the raptur?
What do the following quotes mean? 10 points?
Should we...?
symbolism of a photo depicting two different hands with their respective fingers touching?
Marriage is a product or service ? or both ? or none ? Justify your answer.?
Do you think there should be new timeline set up for...?
Don't you think one of the biggest problem for us ( women ) is being taken for granted ?
EVERYONE please pray for me tonight! just pray for me Taylor im 16 guy who just wants to be watched over?
Red Dead Redemption (posse Join)?
Is being a man only physical?
Darwin's Theory of Morality?
Whats Your Moto In Life ?
can your spirit leave a body while the heart is still physically beating?
How does Hegel's Philosophy of right show the state to overcome alienation?
Please answer as my questions as possible and make them short?
What wisdom did you learn from your parents?
Name something that limits your freedom?
Please explain to me the "Poisoned Pawn" metaphor in Mondadori and Morton's 1976 Modal Realism article?
How does Plato address love and virtue in de anima?
Love is Blind. True or False?
"I was not. I was. I am not. I do not care." MEANING?
How would you keep tour stuff safe from burlgars?
Were humans made to live like this?
whats that one important thing in our life which makes our lives worth living?
If you could erase every bad memory, would you?
how outsiders misinterpret your culture?
Do you think Atheism is possible or impossible and why do you think it is possible or impossible?
What is your purpose in life?
In relation to Levinas and Jean Luc Marion's teachings about love..why choose that person not someone else?
Why is it that one's haters always have more to say than one's fans?
don't want to appear rude - but can't invite her back?
what is it for a set of conditions to be jointly sufficient in philosophy?
Instead of adapting technology to suit us, do you feel WE are now adapting to technological possibilities?
Explain Parmenides theory.?
Why do people use avitars that are not a true reflection of there selves,???
How can I reconcile being a buddhist and staying in college?
can someone help me with these logic questions?
People that developing your talent or capabilities?
What drives you to live life?
What are some good philosophical questions on women's weight?
Describe happiness?
Will there be a "Golden Race"?
How would it be if we could assemble our life partner just like computers are assembled?
Can being OCD be beneficial to working or living in a mentally ill world?
What is the purpose in one's life?
What is your response to this statement:?
"The ethics of belief" by clifford...please please help me =(
In the Separate Peace. How does Gene come to grip with himself?
Aristotle and descartes?
How does it feel to be smart?
Have you ever faced the brink of death so that you could feel alive?
What is wealth? Aside from financial assets........?
In what way is Islam influenced by platonism?
Do you have any secret knowledge? What is the source of that knowledge?
Will the Earth ever experience a consistent planet wide Utopia?
Do you believe positive thinking is key to your success?
why are you here?
is money everything?
What is the self?
Why do Philosophers vainly seek knowledge, and attempt at truths...?
We know life is not FAIR, but what about JUST; is there more justice or injustice in our world (lives)??
Can you tell me something "SUBTLE".....?
Is life supposed to be confusing?
what is chiltons rule?
"Manliness Is Next To Godliness". What Does This Phrase Mean???
Is the pen really mightier than the sword?
If you choke a Smurf, what color will it turn?
Why don't we all join hands for world peace? What's the constraint.?
What is your biggest wish?
How can the statement "everything happens for a reason" be proved?
why does evolution negate creationism, couldn't it be both?
Using one word, how would you define your persona?
Why do we feel telling stories almost inherent need to construct everything into the form of a narrative?
In 1 word could you say how you feel about yourself today?
What is the one thing that you are proud of yourself?
If natural language that refers to the actual is rational, and...?
What is "The Ghost in the Machine"?
What Does It Mean To Be "Educated"???
Is the universe we observe more real than the universe we extrapolate?
Is the toilet half empty or half full?
I just started to read Michel Foucault, and at times it seems as if he is saying that all of reality or ......
How is human experience similar and different throughout the world?
why are people always unsatisfied with everything, life,relationships, the way they look.why aren't they happy
What does power do to a man?
Do you feel the same?!?
which religion seems to be most logical, most meaningful and most beleivable?
Would you describe yourself in one word?
Given that hydromorphone is 10X more potent than morphine and morphine?
Let me rephrase. Is the formal move of science, from theory to conclusion, a logical fallacy?
Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he's getting out of bathroom, he put a towel arround his waist?
is man by nature good or born evil and is made otherwise by his environment?
2. Apply Kant and Mill to the “Coventry Dilemma.”?
Should a cleaning lady have a cleaning lady?
what is the most important thing in life?
Are there web camera volunteers who share there every day life live?
What might be an example of being "virtuous" and/or "honorable"?
What is the ultimate aim of life?
Is martyrdom admirable?
what would happen if everyone became rich?
The Greek cultural context: from poetry to Philosophy?
Where does fun end and work begin?
What part of your world needs help?
the irony in society...?
What is the social ramifications of failure in the 21st century?
More academic way to say "give him an inch, and he'll take a mile"?
Is this called a correlation illusion?
Aristotle's natural law?
Describe an experience in your life that made you feel proud.?
What is life?
how many languages do you speak ?!?
If Nature could speak to you... ?
tolerance or ignorance?
Do we, the people of the world, exist?
do you believe in perfect people why and why not ?
thinking and wondering is it all the same? or wonder is the absent of thinking?
how does one fill themselves up,so that when you meet the wrong person you can say hello and good-by?
What is the tragic tragedy of peace and peace of mind?
Is a child impermanent?
what is the real aim of the human life?
do you think things will get better?
What is a saying that you live by?
what is at the end of the universe?
If i hadn't asked this question, would it have been answered eventually?
Is GoD evolving ??
The Internet was made to waste time...?
can any one at all define true love?
Compare/Contrast Plato's philosophical theory of forms with the version set forth by Plato's student.?
How can I become an ubermensch?
what type of fallacy is this statement?
Should a person always act in their self-interest as long as they don't hurt another human being?
Religion: What kind of world will we live in if?
What is "Schrodingers cat"?
do you think there would be peace after death if you take your own life ?
how many times do u lie per day?
Creation or evolution?
Aristotle's theory of the mean?
The first principle of judicial self-restraint is that a controversy must exist. Which of the following is not?
What do you think happens when you die?
How would you feel if you found out you were a clone?
Why people have ceased to concern to religion seriously??
are you afraid from dying ?
Philosophy homework: if God commands you to murder, will you do it?
Did Rousseau believe that people conquered in war could be legitimately enslaved?
Solve in SD: ~ P & ~ Q Therefore, ~ (P v Q)?
If I sent you on a wild goose chase, what would you bring back?
Whats your ULTIMATE SENCE EXPERIENCE (taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing) to allow people to try new things….?
what is your personal reflection in the movie "for richer, for poorer"?
why cant a mere assertion or statement of beliefs can’t constitute an argument?
What is reality???????
Why do you believe in god?
Concept of FUNCTION (with atleast two examples) in every day life?
If You Could be Anyone in the World, Who Would You be and Why?
help with this sentence of aristotle?
What will happen to people when they die if they are not baptized?
You learn something new everyday, but do you REALLY learn something new everyday...?
URGENT!! I have one day left!!! Yes or no?
Do you live in a friendly or a hostile universe?
What do you think will happen when the world ends?
How did everything begin, or is it just our human minds that need to set a begining and an end to things...?
Why do some of my dreams become real?
How could have Crito convinced Sokrates to brake prison?
How can the book Utopia serve as a critical commentary on the customs, values, and practices of the 16th cent?
Which is more fascinating the aesthete or its object of admiration?
Means for true individuals to achieve personal and national confidence and respect?
What are the similarities between Plato and Aristotle?
are you a deep thinker?
Which Knowledge matters most: To know WHO you are, WHERE you're going, WHY we're here......?
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics?
What would happen if we start seeing clearly in dark ?
What is the greatest question of all time?
What happens when you TRY TO OVERCOME your worst fear?
What is the meaning of "Transcending our labels"?
Does dreaming let you know reality exists?
This year I will be forty. Does life begin at forty?
How do you TAME your own ego?
can any1 explain this to me or break it down?
why is there so much hatin in the world?
if you create chain letters, can i ask why?
The only thing that makes existence itself purposeful is the human ego,?
The world is designed for perfect people - What you think?
about emil artin the mathematician?
What is the biggest mistake you have ever made so far?
İs Space a creature?
What is one thing that could make you happier than you are now?
What is the value of Education?
Is the spiral of silence theory a Phenomenological aspect?
How do I become a 'better' person?
What does Plato mean by "True philosophers must occupy themselves with the practice of dying?"?
Misuse of the term, "Politically correct"?
is there any god?allah and catholic believers, do they have the same god?
Which one is Socrates's unique quote?
which of these semi-negative words would U rather B labeled as: CRAZY, WEIRD, ROUGH, MUSHY, NAUGHTY, or EDGY?
what are the worst things that could happen to a human?
If you were given 3 wishes at birth .....?
relationship between sun signs and colors?
lasting impact plzz helppp itss about an essay..? thank you?
If u could afford it, would u place a huge bronze statue of yourself on your front lawn?
How can i be happy and full of life?
If a project outsourced itself, would it lose the ability to give frank and fearless advice ?
what is the purpose of 'human life'?
To the deep questions of & about life, are we the answer?
Why are some people happy and some are sad?
Is Death your biggest fear?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how emotional are you?
Do it make sense to ponder "why" 3^3 + 4^3 + 5^3 = 6^3?
How will the economy affect people's generosity?
What are perfect jobs for introverts?
Arguments in favor of free will?
What is the worst thing that could happen in YOUR life?
what is true compassion?
is there such thing as luck?
Plato's Allegory of the Cave? Stuck! Please help?
What is the actual (True) purpose of our life ?
Why did God create us in the first place ?
How do we achieve happiness?
How do you stay positive and hopeful?
What is the best philosophical quotation you have ever heard?
What are the positive sides of pain and suffering?
What is it like to be psychic?
Who is the most respectful man in the world?
Spiritually speaking, what is one thing you are certain of and what is one thing you have faith in?
Aristotle fitness of character .. ?
Pardon the morbidness, but shouldn't I kill myself?
If love is life, what is death?
what is happy tree friends?
This is your last day on earth. What would you ask of God?
we will meet and accede your expectations with our true dedication, extensive knowledge and aggressive strateg?
Why are people so philogically stupid?
where are all the things from the hugs peace and smile quest buildabearville?
Philosophy and moral question?
do you believe in the ALMIGHTY THE GOD?
Don't you think life is a paradox in itself?
This is an experriances sharin forum?
What status would a hybrid human/animal receive?
what does lankhoss means?
Question for all atheists or agnostic people...?
Why are atheists always so sad or stupid?
the most freakest moment in ur life is..........?
Whats the real purpose of a mistake?
Is there such thing as "signs"?
if a tree falls in a forest and there is no-one to hear it fall,where will all the squirrels live?
11 crows were sitting on a tree.A man fire on those crows on the tree and shout 3 crows.7 are on tree now?
Do you think of yourself as a spiritual in any way shape or form?
Explain The Ten Commandments?
Why is trust difficult to earn?
Do you believe taking Sports inhancement drugs are okay?
Words spoken in the heat of a moment in time.. so long ago.. do they really matter any more? So much water?
Please Help!! )';?
Please help me for my philosophy homework!?
Why do bad deeds done by a person tend to overshadow the good things done by him?
Short truth table method question?
What does philosophy mean?
What are your wise words for the day?
Is there room for hopeless romantics in modern society?
Should does pride leave when one is simply hoping to survive ie./ People who change/modify their names?
Is 2006 futuristic?
describe "life" in one word?
How IF it becomes legal to shoot a BULLY...?
What are the defining characteristics of an anarchist?
I would like to know if anybody has taken Philosophy in college?
“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi?
Why can't we all speak the same language?!?
What would you do if ….?
How did Augustine differ from Plato as to what humans could do in correcting the problems of life? what did he?
Am I a genius, psychopath, or just weird?
what is the meaning of life?
How does belief originate? Is belief a condition where one fails to question?
You know we have all hadda good laugh :)?
Is it true that religion was the world's first form of psychology?
what makes you smile?
Why you did stop....?
Is this true as a statement and fact?
Is the human being essentially religious?
what would you do if you had six months left to live?
What do I do with my life?
if you caould be one animal what would it be?
How Can I better Apply My Self Since i Lack Motivation?
Are aphorisms overly simplistic or can abstractions be divided into miniscule absolutisms?
what is mean by the existential fulcrum?
where does fishes go on their vacations?......?
What is the Sameness of Matter Theory?
Is this true??????????????????/?
What is your impression of Hell?
Why are we here on this earth?
What are the planes of being?
What would make you lose trust on humans.....?
The Euthyphro Dilemma and contemporary theist philosophy?
Do you agree with this phrase "I will sleep when i'm dead"?
How is this argument flawed?
do u think everything is determined by destiny/fate?
if you could have the attention of every human being on the planet for just 5 minutes, what would you say?
Who are you?
Human Labeling: Positive thing or negative tool to use?
why is it easier to believe a lie rather than the truth
What if “salvation” was physical, and not just at the soul level?
ockham's razor says?
philosophy AS?
So what if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Do you agree?
Zeno of Elea's Paradoxes of Motion?
What would you be,without anyone you really depends on,right now?
what is the apocalypse going to be like?
What is your worst nightmare?
Will it Be Possible to have a Long distance Relationship?
Do you believe that "Candide" successfully manages to debunk Leibniz's optimism?
Could God create a rock so big that even He could not pick up?
What brings you greatest joy?
Now that god has been refuted, does that mean morality and ethics are no longer valid?
how do you answer the unanswerable?
Do we need to fail sometimes,in order to make a sweeter success.....?
Do you believe in the phenomenon "Soul mates"?
Argument Reconstruction: Identifying main conclusion, intermediate, and premises in direct support?
What happen's when people die for a short amount of time, and come back to life?
are we always hoping for something?
When will the madness end...?
What do you do to maintain a positive outlook in life even when things get really rough.?
At what stage in Plato's allegory of the Cave would you place yourself?
Is it hard to make a buck in this world?
what is your idea of happiness?
Have you ever left your body and gone somewhere else? IF so where did you go?
Do the homeless dream of shabby sheep?
If you knew you would not fail, what would you do?
One for the atheists. What came first god or mathmatics?
are introverts more likely to get schizophrenic?
I woke up and couldn't move?
Will the world ever end! and if we die some day will it be super scary, and will god make the world again and?
If god is real, then why did the cast of Jersey Shore survive the Sandy storm?
How convincing is Occam's razor? Why?
How come it takes alot for someone to learn a lesson in life but yet they still mess up after that?
What does the term Moral atheism mean?
Do you have a fairly constant underlying feeling? What is it?
What is the use of having your cake if you can't eat it too?
Explain what the metaphors in Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" stand for in reality?
creative and meaningful ????????
What are your thoughts on epistemology?
I want to study more English but i am afraid my brain can't store much?
As President of the USA, what would be your political philosophy? Would it be better than what we have now?
How did the UtahRaptor's anatomy affect its life?
What comes first to mind if i say "STAR" ?
If you could change one thing in your past what would it be? How would it change your life now?
Out of the seven deadly sins, which one would you say you have too much of, which one do you have the least?
What is the meaning of life?
Anyone feel cynical about humans?
if one day u met a genie, what would u wish for?
Why do I feel bad, tired, sad and empty almost all the time?
Has anyone read (or better, found any use in) Kierkegaard's Parables?
What was the most inspirational Quote u've heard?
What does this mean...?
(ツ) What's it like to be you?
how can we exist as spirital beings having the occasional human experience and not visa versa in the 21stc?
which came first, the chicken or the egg?
appraise the role of philosophy as a multi-dimensional approach to issues of life?
what is the meaning of life if it ends with death?!!?
"To be or not to be"???
do you reckon the world would be a better place if money hadn't been invented?
Does free will exist or is everything controlled by fate?
If you knew a psychic was 100 percent accurate what would you ask them?
Is it ever too late to say good-bye?
What do people do all day?
What is Thomas Gradgrind's basic attitude towards human experience?
What does love really mean?
Do you ever want to hug someone..?
How do I not come off as a player?
LOGIC QUESTION: What is this sentence in standard form?
What quote or saying best represents your philosophy of life :) ?
Why does the meaning of life have to be 42?
Will the world end this year?
How old is nihilism? Can you point me a few schools of thought influenced by it, and/or by misanthopy?
Where in Il Saggiatore did Galileo write "The great book of philosophy is ever open before us..." ? Original?
which is the superior subspecies of humanity, vampires or zombies?
Do you believe that the best lessons learned are from mistakes made by yourself?
What would Aristotles answer be?
If you knew the meaning of life would you tell everyone or just let people keep posting the question here?
how does a human learn to appreciate/value the worth of things?
What would happen if people could freely travel across the world (no travel restrictions)?
Does TIME always make us WISER?
If GOD loves us as our father why is there a hell? would you send your child to hell?
Philosophers! how do you question the question which has no answer?
Is it okay to eat humans if they are already dead?
Annoyance is a avoidance-emotion, so what do you get annoyed by?
what are the four heresies and the problem that each poses?
Do you help other people out in life?
How do you TAME your own ego?
Is cheating on my wife okay so long as she doesn't find out?
Help with Ideas for a heist ?
Do you ever picture how you will be 10 years from now?
what is a black hole in the space?
Is it possible to live and work alone all your life?
Is anyone herein (Philosophy category) facing an imminent death?
all of that make no sense .......?
Thanks a lot everybody. I've understood Chi is the best. Would you tell me especially which chi is the best?
What's the most effective way to make a person regret the hate he/she has felt for you? (no beating allowed)?
Does money makes any difference in relationships?
How long is a piece of string?
Is it far to call the universe cosmos or chaos?
why would you answer a question with "i dont know"?
if given one chance what is it in life that you would like to change?
I feel very confused, angry, annoyed, and strange?
Do you think Red Cross is dumb?
What drives humans to be competitive?
What the world needs now is ?
What were the three most significant events in your life that made impact on you in some way?
The ULTIMATE question. 42-010?
Life as it is, is this what we want?
Why did Descartes not have the same critical approach to the existence of gods as he did other things?
how does dualism about mind and body make a category mistake?
What do you think is emotions?
who's body would you jump into if you could?- like in -"being john malchovich"...?
What is it? we can all do to become happier?,?
What is our "bad side", why is it so different from our ideal self and so hard to control?
is it ALRIGHT to LOSE yourself in the Name of LOVE?
What is your point of view on 'childfree' ? Why?
What will happen after DEATH??
What is Life?
If the Universe was originated from the big bang, does it mean that ...?
Am I really alone on this journey known as life?
Calling all Philosophers! HO!?!?
Some say that death and taxes are the only certainties in life? Offer some other alternatives if you disagree.
What is the purpose of life? Why are we here on earth?
Does everything happen for a reason?
Normal vs Nature?
Whats the meaning of life?
In what respect is postmodernism different from modernism?
How will you know if you're befriending a serial killer or other evil person in here?
Given a chance to correct 1 mistake in your life, what would that be?
I am too lonely, no one to talk to or understand, no job, feel like God is ignoring my existence..?
What do i want to do?
is gandalf representative of jesus?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
Explain the similarities and differences between the tasks of philosophy and Christianity?
When will people stop asking the "meaning of life" questions>?
Do you believe we are all addicted to something?
How can logic help in the altainment of truth? plz give point.?
What is the meaning of a nutshell?
Is there any way to peep into the future? (Are things like dreams or time-travel true or possible?)?
Ever asked yourself in the end of the day, "what i have done today? am i making sense with my life?"
How or has quotes of a person changed your life?
Shittish things, good or bad?
What motivates you the most in life?
Why would someone do this to someone?
if your life was a book, what would it's title be?
What happens if we find out god didn't create us? (like in prometheus)?
Calling all history experts. How would john locke respond to this article?
What is the difference between date,date and date?
If Jesus comes nowadays, do you think we will try to crucify him again?
we are each other's mirror, how is this true for you?
What is your impression of Hell?
are you a RULE...or an EXCEPTION ?
If we can meet and communicate with certain aliens, can we (partially) verify an alien's science?
A rhetorical question about myself?
Is The Bible True ?
How did Plato make a difference through his philosophy?
What could I do to make myself less shy?
natura sive Deus?
Is love beyond our emotions?
Is this sentence an argument?
what symbol or image has meaning for you?
How could anyone say that there is nothing after death?
How much do you think seeing his eyes as breathtaking will help us be a good couple, in a different situation?
is it just me or when you hear happiness is a warm gun?
what do you think about GOD ?
is life after death true. Clergy r better educated than me. Should I believe them?
Why vote for McCain with already over 100s of thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq? He wants to keep us there!?
Do you think death is only positive thing in life?
Are you more worrìed about doing things right or doing the right things?
who likes to cheat and why?
What do you think the world would be like if humans never existed?
how do you handle your subordinates?
What gave you the ability to feel special?
wich is the answer?
the perception of beauty is a kind of barometer telling each of us how close we are to percieveing energy?
What came first the chicken or the egg?
Does our fate determine our destiny or do we make our own destiny?
What could you not live without and why?
My sole motivation is jealousy, and I hate it?
Do you think humans can harness a super naturel power?
If you knew today is the last day that you are alive, what would you do?
What things make a heart grow fonder?
Perfect life scenario?
Can anyone prove to me that they exist?
What would you be doing if you did not have to do what you are doing now?
If you had one question to ask before you die what will it be?
What philosophies do you subscribe to?
Does killing time damage eternity?
Is my "logic" logical?
What is your definition of pornography?
What's the craziest thing you'd like to do but are too afraid?
Help with LD case.... PLEASE! 1st time?
what is your understanding on death is the fulfillment of our existence."?
What makes you what to answer a question?
What does Pascal mean when he says, “True Christians, nevertheless, comply with folly"?
Can you tell me what the basic meaning of this is?
lack of motivation becoming dangerous?
Why is fear of failure considered not good.... would it not egg us on to work harder in order not to fail?
Please tell me what rhymes with orange?
After four years of Obama's reign, would you say much has changed in your life?
what's the lousiest thing you've said or done in public?
What time of year makes you feel the saddest?
life guard question !?
why is it wrong to hurt others?
what philosophers have tried to seriously argue that the cosmos is a manifestation of only one mind?
What is the worst that could happen?
if you could stop someones pain...would you if you had the ability to do so?
why me????????
how can i learn about socratic questioning and the mehods of reasoning throgh the internet?
what your opinion on witchdoctors ?
Explain the concept of awareness and when it came into being, if at all.?
When can we say goodbye from here and reunite somewhere beyond this existence?
What is the biggest example of evil in the world today?
Is all knowledge reducible to philosophy?
How would you define evil?
What would you look like if I caught a glimse of you at mid-night?
Who thinks the end of the world is 2012?
why is my life so boring all the sudden?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
Name the Greek philosopher who said:?
Are you the same person today as you were yesterday and will be tomorrow?
How does metaphysics and epistemology support Emotivism?
Could anthropologists often be more useful than psychologists?
how can I spell in English?
How did the ideas of Pythagorus influence Plato in the development of his Theory of Forms?
How Can We Achieve world peace
why is there a universe?
whar are Asia's contribution to the world?
how to build on confidence,self-eestem and social life.?
~sex~life~love~who cares anymore.........?
where are you right now --- earth ?, air ?, water ?,fire?
What will be the end result?
How old did Aristotle believe the universe to be?
Is this Michel de Nostredame prediction 2012 End of the world?
Sometimes I feel like nothing is real?
we did not ask to be born on earth so is it your god who decided to put us there d why?
anybody heard of its a truck load of help. what you think?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Who takes responsibility anymore?
"all our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave"?
define confucian five relationships?
can anyone tell me how to be very aimbitious person?
i don't feel the desire to do anything anymore. I feel disconnected.?
Is greed, consumption mixed with some extreme beliefs causing our World to fall apart?
Struggles of someone trying to become a god?
what is called as duty?
"All is fair in love and war". Should there ever be fair play? If so, what would change?
Can you add 100 more ideas to my THEORY TO BECOME GENIUS FOR ANYONE?
What makes life worth it?
I need a topic for an argumentative philosophy essay?
Are you happy with your life?
Among many international relations thinkers, theorists, and philosophers...?
What is racism?
What is the 'New England Conscience'?
what is an affiliate member in the UCC?
Isn't our American way of life grand? Peace, freedom, and bacon and eggs?
Could philosophy make you mentally ill?
Bentham suggests that we have to go through a complicated calculation before we act if we are going to follow?
What movie revealed the greatest philosophical truth to you? Why?
is the glass always half empty or always half full ? are u a pessimist or optimist ?
what is your favortite color and why?
Am I an idiot for not understanding "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"?
what is the meaning of the hedonism in philosophical term.?
Politics of fear: are you being manipulated?
Is capital punishment morally right?
"Everything depends on grasping the truth not merely as Substance but as Subject as well." What does it mean?
What are the similarities between Allegory of the Cave, Social Contract by Plato &the game Prisoners Dilemma?
What do you think happens when we die?
how much is too much?
Are you unique like everyone else?
How would your life change if you were the only person on earth?
where from the questions come?
What does it this sentence mean? Do you agree or disagree with it?
one should be emotional or not ? what its advantage and disadvantage help me?
what do your eyes say about you?
Creation theory, or Evolution theory?
Why have they stopped teaching logic in elementary education?
About being happy...?
Help I really need to know?
Have you ever watched the documentary Earthlings?
If I accidently kill someone, under which ethical concepts am i guilty or not?
What is loneliness?
Don't you think it's a little strange?
What does flow sweetly hang heavy mean?
Can this resemble a safety-critical computerization effort : "The kingdoms and kings that had been came to be?
As It Pertains To Life, Do You Ever Feel As If...?
Should the Asker be aloud to choose the best answer?
Can the concept of sufism be an example of Plato's simile of the cave?
What is the tie that binds us all together as humans??
chaos theory?
Don't you just want to blow up the world sometimes? To just end everything...?
How does one fight off boredom at work?
What would you like?
We tend to run from problems.Are not problems in life help shape us to become who/what we are today?
What do you fear?
What do you think of my new religion?
Why did Kant think that lying was immoral under any circumstances?
I want to kill myself so badly...?
What are some negative Truths?
John Mill Chapter 4 Utilitarianism? Smile.jpg?
ah pook is a fab piece of animation. can you provide a link to something equally philosophical, bizarre or...?
Ever feel like you should have been born in a different universe?
Philosophy: Please help w. Symbolic logic hwk questions?
Career in philosophical counselling? ?
What does Philosophy mean?
... how do you imagine me?
Whats the biggest problem you are facing currently in your life?!?
Paradox I can't figure out?
Love triangle ABC.... What Should A do?
What are John Lockes two Treaties of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration about?
Is God greater than, equal to, or less than, Love?
Did Jesus die and rise again to life?
Where are all the anti-capitalists?
What does "Who shall measure the heat and violence..."?
where you think you will be in 10 years ?!!!!?
Philosophy- is this true?
What are the most trivial topics and questions to ask people of this generation? (2000-2012)?
how would u descibe GEORGE BUSH?
Does Atheism firmly deny the existence of a higher power...even of one beyond our comprehension?
I would have sex in public only if ..........??!!?
How was Modernism's perception of "the real" shaped by the experience of the World Wars?
Are you living or surviving?
Why doe a question jump start the brain?
How many You do you need?
Are we all equal?
This world is a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!?
David Humes philosophy question ?
what do you feel most strongly about in the world?
do you thnk that every person has the ability to have rationality or not?
How did ! allow so many stupid questions to be posted here?
Do you think this would be depressing?
What is knowledge?
What makes people carry on with their lives?
define god?
"They cannot take away our selfrespect if we do not give it to them"how would one give away their selfrespect?
Which of the following when asked will give more diverse type of answers?
What is it that you really want for yourself in your life?
why is SIMPLICITY not so SIMPLE to attain?
At what age would you like to die, if you could choose?
Do you think humans have a destiny, or just an amazing ability to adapt?
what, one advice about life would you give to someone who is younger to you,...out of your own experience?
I'm super-high. Philosophers: HALP?
when will culture,beliefs,mores and prejudice,biases become an obstructions to effective listening?
What do you think about this quote?
how can i be myself and get self confidence?
mean people suck?
Do you believe in Alien , Ghost , and Mythology ?Are they real ?What are the evidences ?
What is the sweetest sound to your ears?
Ketchup, or Mustard?
One witha major dilemma?
will you stay or will you go?
What are some good personalities for these characters?
can there ever be the right one?
Why does money sometimes turn to contempt for the poor?
if you had the opportunity to do it, would you?
In what sense is reductio ad absurdum a valid argument?
Does Love wear out with time?
How has your inherent selfishness changed your life?
Is it possible to create a machine that can think and have consciousness?
If some software is "classified", surely whether it is running with the correct version number is a security?
what makes the transition from watching life to living life. Can one make this leap or R you simply born w/it?
what is logic ?
why is God being read from reverse a dog?
Plato, Kant, and enlightenment?
Which one resolves differences quick, violence or reasoning?
What's your spark of knowledge in this world of ignorance and darkness?
What is Real, and what is Not?
When you beat yourself up about your mistakes from the past, are you just punishing your future?
to you what is the meaning of life?
Do you ever wish there was more live music coming from stranger's windows?
Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of scientist have a God Complex?
What does Socrates mean when he says that there are no teachers of human excellence [arête]? He is no teacher?
Play Dough or So Crates. Who was the better philosopher?
What would bring you true happiness?
Just a little late night philosophy?
Is it Normal for a person (Gal) to talk to herself after living alone for several years?
What's a question you would never ask and WHY?
whats the meaning of life?
Is death a punishment or a blessing ?
What happened to Joppa's question about double identities?
I'm comparing myself to the twin in the mirror what do i do?
why r we cruel 2 each other when we know what pain feels like ?
Do animals get bored like we do?
What is the road to forgiveness?
"essential spissitude", what is it?
How far does being stubborn in life really get you?
what do you 'just know'...with the absence of both faith and proof?
What are some important life lessons you learned?
Why or why not should we study philosophy? Also do you have a favorite philosopher?
Do you believe in fate?
People = Trees? LoLOLOlOlOLoLoLoOLoLooLOloLoLl?
do you believe in an "Eye for an Eye"?
why are men incapable of being faithful in a relationship?
why our heart loves ? and why nothing hurts like love ?
What is the hardest thing to tame?
what is is?
What is your greatest challenge in life???
Do you consider yourself to be wise? Give me an example of your great wisdom?
Do you think it's possible to meet the counterpart of yourself that's of the opposite sex?
In a multiverse with infinite possibilities, what is a skeptic or a conservative?
if you to choose to become someone else ,who would you choose,and why?
Do you drive, walk, or ride a bicycle?
Am I wrong in thinking that Plato's ideal city is a terrible place to live?
Why do i always want to not be human?
so patroit07 you are perfect I think not?
The trees got together and decided quite confidentally that the forest does not exist. Were they right...?
turn the other cheek, you will recieve rewards AFTER you die, it is better to give than recieve, pray for your?
Name a favorite philosophical insight from popular culture.?
people talk about the universe helping or guiding them along. who ia behind the universe is?
All words to homily by Frederick Perls:"I do my thing & you do your thing.I am not in this world to live up_?
What is platonic love?
How does one know when an animal is mentally retarded?
When we see a filthy/dirty thing we spit saliva?
For some reason I think everything is towards me?
Do you have anything to say that has not been said before?
Meaning and Explanations of the sentences?
I don't know what I am, help?
what is the meaning of life?
if man is just a colonist here who lost contact with his ancestors in another solar systemhow can we contact?
Why respect patient autonomy?
Can you hurt a person without hurting yourself?
Do you live more in the "Past" or "Present" or "Future"?
why did the nazi hate the jews and other minoritys and why where the people so blind to follow hitler?
What are the 3 acts of the mind?
What are some examples of Fallacies of Ambiguity and Presumption?
I'm just so sick of life, why would it be wrong to kill myself?
How could a specific supernatural thing be proven(READ)?
To advantage in the Collins project, might there have been "corporate pest management" ?
what is nikhil?
when has violence solved things?
What is that, that makes you, you?
What would the world be like if cotton never existed?
who are you ???? define yourself?
Is there a cult?
what is the meaning of life maaaaaaaan?
Would you be satisfied with life without pain and harships?
Could the self-righteous townspeople in The Scarlet Letter be considered transcendentalists/idealists?
Do you beleve that man kind is truly evil?
If a self-proclaimed nihilist has any goal in their life, does that mean that they are being inconsistent?
Horoscope ..?
Would you rather be FREE but all ALONE or TRAPPED with the 1 YOU LOVE.....?
one man think in his mind is implemented automatically in the world as a event, how?
we think therefore we are.......or....... we are therefore we think? (ur views)?
does this make chuck norris a felon and a conspirator to humanity?
Would the earth be considered immortal?
what's the diferrence between skepticism and dogmatism ?
Are humans sentient life form?
To all those Christians out there?
What is reality? Is the physical world the only reality, or does reality go beyond the physical realm?
honestly, tell me pl do you like what you are?
What's more important in the long run...?
What makes you feel inspired?
Tell me something inspirational and important...?
which Holds more SECRET, the DARK or the LIGHT?
Are we all DOOMED........?
Poll : Do you prefer your life to be routine and planned, or spontaneous and unexpected?
what does the devil tribal design look like?
Why is the world not perfect?
Why is the prevalence of depression rising? What can we do about it? Serious answerers only please!?
what does comparisons mean?
What is the meaning of life?
Why does the Buddha teach that the cessation of suffering (Third Noble Truth) is the extinction of craving?
Can you sum up your philosophy of life in one sentence?
Masters of discipline, a new month is on the dawn - how do I welcome a change in control?
What is your greatest challenge in life???
Why are the christians persecuted in nero's reign and beyond?
What do i do now?
Why do we love ourselves?
If you were born again (reincarnated) what would you be? Animal or Human?
Do you think the root of sorrow is desire?
How to love those who love to hate?
This is my another Phil essay test...please help me out?
Explanation/ Example and Pros and Cons of Libertarianism?
Who was the first to say "I reject your reality...?
Some thoughts and questions about edjumacation...?
Is poverty the mother of crime?
can you prove your own existence?
What is mine?
Do I really have anything to lose if heaven does not exist?
can education bring peace to this world ?
knowledge or ignorance : which do you think has caused more harm in the world?
Does "Conservatism" (as opposed to liberalism) taken to the extreme simply mean death for everyone via starva-?
What is the most important factor that determines your success in life?
Seriously, is it possible to be in luv with two people at the same time ?
Logic Question about the validity ?
If you had it to do over again would you.?
Which is more IMPORTANT? The chicken or the egg?
So, do you know 'how' to be the luckiest?
What is REALY important?
Question About Alien Life?
What personally gives you hope when things are tough?
The term.. "I am so sick of everything".. Are we really sick of everything, or is it just that we?