Do magical spells really works or not?
What has been your greatest adventure?
What do you do when you question a friend's loyalty?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Lets say you are in space without those clothes what will happen to you as a human being?
What do you treasure most in your life?
When you do the hokey pokey...?
Consequentialism without utilitarianism?
Write an inspirational quote or saying..?
is it possible for me to get to d other side of the planet just by digging through the earth?
What makes you want to "try" and keep on trying and not give up?
Is Mind an emergent property of the evolutive Matter or it is quite different ?
What about xugen?
What is the meaning of life?
Why does truth come out of mouth when you are stared into the eyes?
What does Epicurus mean by...?
What is the meaning of life?
The irony of life....comprehend!!?
Give a good pocket book about philosophy discussing its four major branches?
Forget Religion, can anybody share with me a reason why we are on this planet?
Have you ever met someone who cannot understand the concept of authority?
What is something that bothers you about the world?
Why World?
What is the riddle...?
What is more important death or life?
Without the use of hallucinogenic drugs, can my dreams manifest themselves in my everyday reality?
What exactly is Spinoza's God?
What mistakes would you erase if you could go back in time?
What Is/Are Coodles?
What does very few people love you as unconditionally as your dog mean?
Any of the Indian Philosophies agree with this?
Have you had an abortion and are perfectly fine with it? No preaching please.?
speech on yur philosophy of life?
Do u feel like horniness messes with our heads?
Why would someone die for polis?
definition of philosophy?
If there is no god then life is futile isn't it?
The secret to immortality?
If you don't mind, I'm gonna take your wallet and push you to the ground?
What are we thinking before we can speak?
What does it mean to have a beautiful mind?
Views on Mrs Bergmeier?
how to make my life better?
what is epistemology in philosophy?
Do you think that life is a mystery or hell?
Nonne honesta turpitudo est pro causa bona?
Do you think if someone betrays us once, they will be able to betray us again?
Help me understand this?
What is a legal repression?
What Are You Thinking About At This Precise Moment?
Do you consider yourself to be a good person?
does life get any Better?
If you knew you were to die tommorrow what will you do be doing now ?
"I can't hit Kyle; therefore I can't hit any other children" is an example of...?
What General Patton was standing in your kitchen each morning, giving you a pep talk before you went to work?
Is the "Truth" Poetic by Virtue?
Why is ciliacs disease considered a diability?
Are humans born good or bad? Or 'neutral'?
Are free will and determinism compatible? Why and how, or why not and how not?
Have you ever considered where Love comes from and why we feel drawn to be with certain people over others?
Do you agree with Thomas Hobbes' view of human nature? [more info included]?
i have a bad habite of fast driving what shoud i do?
How are synthetic judgments a priori possible?
According to Socrates things come from there opposites. The Living from the dead.How can i argue against this?
Saints say that our life is a dream and all the comforts, an illusion. Is it so?
If you are someone who helps people or saves people's lives...?
Who are you? What is your life like?
what is the answer of all questions in the universe? why do we exist? why do we feel pain?
how can i bring back something i lost and realy want to have it again?
According to Socratic teaching, how are we supposed to live our lives and what's our responsibility?
What are papers for philosophy classes like?
Who loves you most of all the people in your life?
Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Are you afraid to die?
children's perceptions of their world regarding selected variables which are family,friends,teachers & society
You are a metaphysical numbskull?
what is it better to be silly or serious?
what great knowledge did you gain in life which is not taught in schools?
what is the meaning of life?
To do or not to do , that is the question?
Is 'waiting it out' all you can do in some situations?
write about the best trait or traits of someone whom you have looked up to in your life?
"we should let people believe what they want to"?
What is the difference between humiliating oneself and making fun of oneself?
Whats better to be rich and succssesul but be a jerk or be poor and be happy?
Extroverts don,t make sense to me?
How would you want the world to end if you had t pick?
For crime, should intent be treated the same as success??
are you a question or an answer?
What does Jean Jacques Rousseau mean when he said this?
"Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live."?
Do you feel you have perseverence and why?
I was blind but now I can see?
Are you the one who is followed by accidents and bad luck wherever (s)he goes?
How would Merleau-Ponty critique Nietzsche's decontrtuction of the ego?
What should be invented next?
do you ever wonder......?
how to be a top salesgirl?
What would happen if the world exploded?
what will you do if the end of the world will be next week?
Is your life more important than others?
who is harry.s.holtz?
What is it that makes you answer a question? Something that draws you to the question (interest/ curiosity)?
Who's the Indio king of chukkas?
Do you think this statement is true?
Are you AFRAID of the DARK.........or the Fact that you are ALONE in the DARK.....?
Whatis more important for you: freedom or tolerance?
kidnapping and changing minor child ID AUSTRALIAN style and get away with it using the Commonwealth stall?
is it BAD to CURSE?
Have you ever had a mystical experience?
Why people have emotions?
Is there a universal truth? (Something that is always true all the time)?
How do thoughts flow from mind to heart?
What is it that leaves a person unfulfilled?
What are the most trivial topics and questions to ask people of this generation? (2000-2012)?
thoughts on utilitarianism?
Who else finds simple questions boring? Who loves researching to learn new stuff? Love being made to think?
in our lives we loose many things we love........?
Why we smile ?
You say you don't believe in time?
Philosophically speaking, what type of music makes you freak?
Is andy griffen dead .... yes or no?
What is the reason we are hear to Learn new thing on earth?
Do you think the internet is a kind of "modern slavery"?
Does The Secret of the Law of Attraction work to help heal the body or mind?
Following politics - good or bad?
what are the years when molestaion go on/?
What defines the essence of what you are?
Can you tell about the article of Awareness of God by Illtyd trethowan ?
Is Money Money? or do they all goes separate ways... if so aren't we all poor anyways?
How do you define Quality of Life?
Theory of Recollection in Meno?
true or false right answer though personal identity philosophy?
Why do good people suffer bad things?
Human love, dialogue freedom and death and subjectiivity questions?
how does jealousy, competition, and friendship all interact in "a separate peace" (book)?
Is war justified?
Why are people not ready to accept Darwins theory of evolution.?
Why do some people break the law?
Do you ever wish that life was infinite?
I find creative people fascinating. What qualities do you particularly admire?
Darwinism in Fight Club?
Have i wasted my life if i don't experience/achieve certain things?
Will you read as much as you will and then comment?
Will you still keep doing everything you're involved with ,even if no 2nd term for guys? Kudos to ya'll thk u?
Wouldn't Batman do a lot more good if he spent his crime-fighting money on worthy causes?
why sho.uldnt you this q.uestion?
Why do humans feel the need to question life?
Yesterday was the first day of Spring. The weather perfectly coincided,being springlike, sunny & cool...?
Why do we want someone we can't have?
how i can make a interchange of a person beetween peru and usa?
if you have wings to fly now where will you go?
4 what its worth?? isnt it worth enough that we're cesured every whwre else w/out havin som J-azz doin it he
What does true friendship mean to you?
What is the meaning of love?
what do i do in life......?
are you going to be in for a rude awakening?
What would you do?
I have created the best pangram in the history of pangrams.?
If a plane crashed on the border between Belgium and Italy, where would they bury the dead?
What is the most prominent fallacy for:?
What is the cure for a person who is too soft-hearted?
Evolution or Creation?
A song can become a dance but can a dance become a song?
Why my private messages seem not to be delivered?
do you belive, there are aliens?
Do "true friends" exist in this world?
Why do we study the past?
What do you think about this?
Is this a true statement?
Is it possible to live 6 months here(Aus) and 6 months in my home country(India) every year or so?
Can someone sum up Plato's views of justice from Plato's republic?
love hurts?Y/N?
Would you consider 'immortality' a gift or a curse?
Do you think we are facing end times?
why would it be "bad" for society to become more racist?
What is right with your part of the world?
What do you do to stack the deck in your favor?
Will the world ever end cuz i dnt evr want to die.if we do will god send us back?
Describe the theory of the divided line.?
In Phaedo, how does Plato present Socrates’ argument for the existence of forms?
will everyone who is not a christian go to HELL when they die?
How does it feel to be kissed?
If you design and build something, isn't it more difficult to appreciate the beauty of that something?
did man invent knowledge or discover knowledge?
which was the question you asked that got the most answers?
If a supplement existed to increase longevity of life for the wealthy, and you were offered, would you take it?
Was Collins computerized system designed and constructed in accord with the Oberon's?
What in life would make you happier?
Is this insight relevant to Collins Class projects ?
What is a theoretical proposition?
I want to be just like Mr. Brocklehurst?
dream interpretive therapist seeks feedback from practitioners in this field, note we are not m.d.'s or ph'ds!
please relate this words?
Before you were born, were you dead?
Can you imagine a scenario that could never happen under the current laws of physics?
What do i do to make a bully leave me alone.?
Would you say Bocotting and banning are the same principle?
How do you cope to unrequited love?
What is the meaning of life?
Are you a robot?
Name 3 women of integrity that you know personally.?
Philosophy puzzles need help!?
Is this a EPIC PARADOX?!?!?!...?
What did Enstein think (his views on) about paralel universes?
This world I build its great truth or its great lie? Why?
What is your Real identity? do you define what identity is?
Is it better to be a aladeen or aladeen person?
Would you trust better a Philosopher or a Religious person ?
What, in our century, can we say that we know and can tell others about time?
Can an Atheist deny all these?
What is the purpose in one's life?
What could the circle of life mean?
asian philosophy........?
Do you folks think there is life after death?
What's the best advice the voice inside ever shared with you?
If patience is a virtue, then why are we to live as if everyday was our last?
How is it possible to carry on as if nothing happened?
Defend the Indefensible Question 2 - Black/White?
does god exist!!!?
Some body said that people who forget their past are condemned to repeat it. Who was this guy?
Is Racism A Natural Emanation Of Human Nature???
What is reality? (20 Characters)?
do u believe in god,luck or urself, hard work?
Fact: Tomorrow will never happen?
Is "Nothing" Possible?
Why are Modern Philosophers so hard to read and to understand?
If the point of life is to enjoy it, why do we have times when we feel pain and sadness?
Is love merely the absence of hate?
Would an office psychopath, responsible for sake of argument for safety-critical software but not doing his...
Why do people have children knowing tgthat life will get even more complicated?
sidhars and sidharism, where can i get the info?
What's most important to you? Wealth, Love, Fame, Friends or Power?
Do u choose life or does life choose u?
Do you like these shoes? What do you think of them?
The gnome at the bottom of my garden has boarded himself into the chicken pen. He had the chainsaw?
What are you FED UP with...!?
wat is the meaning of life?
If an eye for an eye makes the world blind does that make the world better?
A knowledge of kant(philosopher) basic ideas and teachings?
which is more IMPORTANT, to be FAIR or to be TOLERANT?
explain why Frankfurt and Wolf think that history doesn’t matter, using some of the examples provided by Kane?
Have you ever said "I give up on life" to yourself?
what does this mean to you guys 'A pessimist but a quiet optimist, an optimist but a quiet pessimist?
What would you say about the following sayings...?
Why do I destroy my relationships?
What is the loneliest letter (like A,B,C)?
are people born gay or is that a choice made later in life?
Why does love hurt so bad at times and yet can be soo good?
what would you rather be: a tree or a bird??
POLL: Yes or No answer: Do you agree with Darwinism?
Should I feel sorry for animals that they're animals and not humans?
How do we explain the star that shines on Jesus' birth?
How much philosophy is there in a little baby?
What are co-relations of Philosophy and Psychology?
I ching English?
what was the worst day of you're life.?
If you could have any one power in the world, what would it be?
When we love people and experiences unconditionally, do we literally perceive more of the world?
Criticisms of Kant's idea of conceptual schemes?
What are some existentialist thinkers who published works before and after WWI?
What are your earliest memories?
Is fear an important part of Love?
definition of the unity of knowledge?
Does everything happen for a reason?
If we admit to our wrongs and repent does that right the wrong?
Who was P.D. Ouspensky, explain?
How do you know if you are an introvert?
are people meaner on the computer, phone, or in person.?
whats the view of death presented in the waking life movie?
God is imaginary? is it true? is it the world's best optical illusion?
In Aquinas’s “second way” why must there be a first cause?
My 9 yr old daughter would like to know, if God created everything, who created God? Can anyone help?
Has anybody ever wonder how you are going to die? I wonder will it be peacefull or painfull?
How do you make a deep, emotional and heavy story little at times without being random?
some people have problems that thet know but i dont know what is the reason of my sadness plz help me if u can
1. What are the strenghts and weaknesses of utilitarism ?
Is there anything more evil than denying that Humans deserve to go extinct?
Help with themes to Plato's political philosophy?
How to get one's motivation back?
What is the single greatest achievement of humanity?
What is your opinion on Breastfeeding? Be as honest as you want!?
Which is more important the fact that you are fighting something or whether you win or loose?
Does an animal know when something or someone is trying to hide?
How long do you wish to live your life?
Please help me, I am attracted to bad people. Why?
Name the type of logical fallacy?
Dualism and negative properties?
is greed the root of our problems?
are there people who are geniuses but chose to abandon their gifts and lived a normal life?
what does a green dragonfly mean? such as freedom ...?
If life is short, why do we do so many things we don't like and like so many things we don't do?
what is polypstrankadis?
If Mount Rushmore were being carved today, which presidents would be chosen?
who am i in general?
Is love real or is it just an illusion?
What are your dreams?
If you had control of the World what would you do? You answer will be decided by a vote!?
Suppose you cut down a tree and burn parts of it in a campfire. From this example, list and explain one physic?
Philosophy Question regarding Socrates and Pascal?
Is any description of the mental always predicated on some form of analogy with the physical?
Is this the meaning of life?
what is biggest thing in the world?
I don't understand the poem Departmental by Robert Frost. Do you?????
Why do we base our self image so much on our reflected one?
for those who r alone,for those who have any thing in heart or mind ! for all !!!?
How to reduce crime and violence?
Would the love of a good woman change you or will you always be stuck with the same old bad habits?
When you lose something, why do you always find it in the last place you look?
Can you give an 18 y.o. advice please?
will you forgive at least one person who has wronged you?
What is meant by moral ambivalence ?
What is your favourite quotation ?
What's The Difference Between Nihilism and Existential Nihilism?
Why do some people think they know it all?
do u believe in the saying that your best friend is your best enemy?
i need the name of someone who is famous for their arrogance.?
How Does One Achieve Balance In Life?
What's your definition of a Grand Notion?
Read this and tell me what you think. Please?
Are co incidences in our life are accidental or predestined?
Aside from your family or significant other who else on the planet would you move Heaven&Earth for?
what would you do in the following situation?
I feel like something really bad is about to happen, does anyone feel the same way?
list the stages of interaction that often lead from discussion to altercation?
what about this one? (poem)?
Why? Why? Why?
What is meant by a "psychic impression"?
what do you think of my new poem?
why do you think teachers posses these knowledge, skills, and values?
wat is the main purpose of our life ?
Can socialism work if man is evil at the core?
Is it possible to live 6 months here(Aus) and 6 months in my home country(India) every year or so?
If i drink 4 cups of tea, 3 glasses of coke and a pint of milk, what time will 92 bus be due?
Help me with this song idea? Is it possible to use the term "Halo effect" in the context of love?
We have to wright about the other group?
How good are you in your ability to identify non-verbal clues from a person , why or why not?
What's the meaning of life? Is there a meaning to life?
what is that ONE thing that makes u smile?
Where can i find Wisdome ?
What was the last thing that really made you feel "angry"?
Do you think it is possible to move massive objects with electromagnetic field & sound frequency manipulation?
Which is more important, actual experiences or the memories that remain when the experiences are over?
why is ethics impossible if we believe in determinism?
Being blind to genius ways?
Where did the whole "the world is ending in Dec. 2012" idea come from, anyway?
Is there a realistic way to move towards a world without violence? Or is violence inevitable as long as humans
Which one resolves differences quick, violence or reasoning?
why was socrates so important?
How come some people are more laid back and able to cope?
What was individualality to Henry David Thoureau, Aldous Huxley, or Socrates?
Is utopia's avenger ongoing still?
What is the difference between discovery and invention? Is math a discovery or invention?
I'm looking into philosophies concerning the nature of heaven & the afterlife.?
If variety is the spice of life, is uniformity the antacid? :-?
Can a perfect death exist?
What gets you up?
what are the prospects for phenomenology?
Qualities of an Eccentric person?
I don't know what I want to do in life?
what is the sweetest thing in the world?
what's your Favorite FOREPLAY to intellectual INTERCOURSE?
Title for my Utopia paper?
Is life enjoyable? I'm tired of this bullshit!?
how much is one + one, and why?
Do you ever get this feeling when somebody's looking at you?
Life begins at.........?
What does Michel Foucault mean when defining the term government as 'the conduct of conduct'?
how is causation different from matters of fact?
what is one of your worst leadership experiences?
Do you think this is true?
How does Plato's Ethics compare to Aristotle’s Ethics?
"sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit" whose quote is this????
Please Decipher This Philosophical Advice for me?
what is reincarnation to you?
what is the animal with which you identify yourself?
WHat can I say to prove that Dr. Faustus was a victim of fate rather than free will?(s fast)!?
Religion and science according to philosophers like Terence McKenna ?
Why do bad things happen to good people???
why we cant live without them?
Why is violence only "right" in cases of self-defence?
Question over St. Augustine and philosophy?
What the world will be in 100 year?
POLL: What makes you happy in this world ???
do we insist on denying the presence of god to do what we want without restrictions?
what are the things that TIME can never CHANGE?
What is kertain, purpose why do we need it?
Do you agree with Sartre that "everyone gets the war they deserve?"?
Have you come to terms with the fact you will inevitably die?
I want to get spiritual ideas?
How would the Dead Poets Society be an example of modern day history?
I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life carrer wise but it feels like nothing will make any differnce?
What is your perspective on life?
did the early or late works of Marx provide a viable description of non-alienation?
Knowing what and why but not how... is it possible to succeed?
can I live well for life on £32,000?
Why I cant change Past?
If we have a bad feeling before we do something wrong(instead of afterwards) would we live better lives?
which is your favorite motto?
When do two wrongs make a right?
Are school textbooks a group structure ?
what's the meaning of life?
What does God, or a Higher Power mean in your life?
Does money really buy happiness?
Time travel?
If you could change three things about your life what would they be?
Imagine - If the world would have been in black & white - how it would have been look like?
how could I find philosophical articles?
Why do we limit our own potential?
Why we were created. What is the purpose of life?
Is it better to be in the shade and seeing the light or to be in the light and seeing the shadows?
Do God really exist ?
If you had only one wish.....?
What is the highest virtue?
In your opinion: What is the opposite of 'Living the dream'?
Has anyone really felt "the cold hand of fate!", or is that just something people once liked to read?
If you could have anything you want,yes anything,what would it be?
If god created everything, then ...?
Under philosophy what was the main goal Kant wanted?
What does Qalander Conscious mean?
Why is life so hard?
Are you looking for the truth of all life?
Self-awareness and fear?
Another question about the future: what if everything was told?
MONEY vs LOVE wich is most needed in life..?
Is it possible to be happy and sad at the same time?
What good is the truth if no one believes it?
How to stop being so superstitious, its ruining my life!?
Do you agree that Human Beings rather accept than dismiss facts ... ?
When your thirst is quenched, where did it go?
napoleon's diary.. what is the role of imagination?
What is divine mystery........?
Philosophy Homework Help? Part II.?
Does anyone know about Brahmavidya and has found it useful in his or her life?
Where do i git the mask in red dead redemption?
Difference between Compatiblism and Soft Determinism?
"as long as relegion and politics exist... peace can not" your thoughts?
"I do not have superior intelligence or faultless looks.." What is your opinion? Who said that?
What is man as a sexual being?
Is this the meaning of life?
What's so good about ISO9000 ?
What is the source of dreams?
What is the difference between Dreaming and Day Dreaming?
Why am I super quiet sometimes even if im not mad and other times very outgoing?
What does Stuart Mill feel are the limits of government?
Why do people fear death? ?
What is the lesson that Pain has taught u in this Life??
a chance for some relief and free points.?
What is te time and what days us it?
What is more important in life: What you want? or What you need? Is there any way to balance the two? How?
Who is the world's biggest thief ?
Whats your opinion on dying for one's country?
What would happen if 2 people said no and 2 people said yes on The X Factor?
How do i decide what i want to do with my life?
The child raised in Lesbian & Gay households are similar to children raised in heterosexual households?
Feel like I'm wasting my life?
what do you know about pain?
Would you rather be...?
How can I combine functionalism and dualism?
what do you think of this poem? any critique pls :)?
Skepticism in candide?
What does Stuart Mill feel are the limits of government?
What or who comforts you on a sad day?
Your life would have been a complete waste, if ...?
Is anyone born evil?
Is it possible for man to think, talk and act without being symbolic? Requests a detailed answer.?
is it true that when u resent someone n continue resenting 4 long then that person lives in ur head rent free?
what is there beyond the sky?
Self Deception Philosophy Help?
do you believe in religion or evolution?
There is a verse related to the end times that people try to use to prove things?
If you came across a book containing all the answers to life would you read it?
Are believers likely to bend to the world, because it always outnumbers us ?
If a country had a personality just like a human being; what personality would you give these countries?
What if tomorrow never comes? Shouldnt we live each day as the last? To the fullest?
Is there a place on the internet where people can debate controversial issues?
Does Art imitate Life or does Life imitate Art?
Does God care about good behaviour? Or is he beyond that? - Just requiring us to BE?
compare the augustinian theodicy with the irenaean theodicy?
Interesting Question??
Can you explain syllogisms? and different types of syllogisms?
who was Abram Hoffer?
Which should i do? this is about my life.?
what sits between 2 bicycles wheels? (an orange, cuz a vest has no sleeves) Get it?
How does religion influence your life?
How do we know that there is a God ? If there is, why his/her name is different in different cultures ?
Do you think that suicide is preferable to a life sentence in prison?
in what ways is having a beautiful/radiant smile a blessing?
What are some reasons or reliable resources as to why you want to further your education?
why does logic get trampled down by political correctness?
are we living in a simulation?
what is the difference between men and women (socially not physically)?
Do you practice self honesty within the way you live within a economic system?
Does DGSE have some sort of Frankenstein bureaucracy, or is that just in movies like "Agents Secrets" ?
If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake?
what exactly does YING YANG represent? (short answer please)?
Whats your best moment in life ?
If you could make one realistic improvement/invention for this world what would it be?
What makes a person?
i will like to know the meaning of formalism as an ethical theory?
have u ever comfused the reality to fiction?
what is the one thing people in their dying bed never regreted?
What is the one lesson you learned as a child, that still effects your life today?
what is the secret you have, that you are ready to tell anonymously?
What did Nietzsche think about the violence and brutality of man?
What is the meaning of life? What is it that we have to achieve?
What can be achieved from Idleness?
where is everywhere and where is nowhere ??? i m lost :-)?
Does economic should be include in environmental ethics?
i have name, fame,wealth and health so i must be happy but i,m not. why?
Truth and Lies?
Do you believe in ghosts ( Spirits)?
Advise regarding marriage partner selection ..?
It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you?
Being MATURE:what does it mean?
Is life pre-determined?
Why shouldn't you cease all of your physical desires?
What is life for?
Why does utilitarianism imply negative responsibility?
which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Why do you think a person would come into someone else's home & state, "you don't know who you are" to a?
Whats the point of life. Seriously why am I alive. Whats the meaning of life.?
was jesus a terrorist?
Do you like to experience life?
Does the concept of the world government will establish world peace due to present globalisation phase?
what do you know about studying your own subjective experience?
How is violence on TV related to violence in other aspects of life?
What lends meaning to your life?
Is there a common ground or meeting point between Science & Religion/Faith?
Goal setting..........?
What are the negative effects of charity?
Are you all on your own, when you can actually see mass as space?
Where is this Nietzsche argument from?
i believe i can god wiseau what make you say that, him must kill claw!!?
Which one do you think it's real when you look in the mirror? Why?
Why do none of you like my answwers?
what if god was one of us?
Why there is no hope for such a people?
Should I determine the factors that lead to best type of existence as a human being or...?
how do you find something that is lost?
Hey gigz & dudz... How could you make everyone in this site smile and juz wear it the whole day?
What is the answer to life?
what is life?
I grew up being a real confident kid thinking everyone liked me but then one day it hit me that that wasntso?
Is there any chance a male lion in the wild would let you pet him and play with him without trying to hurt you?
If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
What do you think of this quote, "we are, and we are not," by Heraclitus?
What is your definition of loyalty?
What makes someone believe?
I recently made my girlfriend to have an abortion, am i a bad guy?
If "Time" were a liquid...what kind would it be?
what keeps you going ?
What are you afraid of?
With the end of the world less than 24 hours away (Official) what will you be doing today?
how long it takes to clean a dirty mind?
What Is The Reason Behind This?
Do people choose who they fall in love with?
Does diggries values more than knowledge?
Plato On love: what was the purpose of the following quote? What's the point of the passage? who is speaking?
Why is an understanding of the Ghost Dance relevant to The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven?
the greek philosophy that most appealed to the romans was?
What was that theory of love?
What is the most profound question you can think of?
Practice makes man perfect,nobody's perfect then why do we practice?
How to love the Supreme person or God?
Honestly who is your favourite philosopher?
why we are trying to get something from nothing?
What do you say about Damasio's View of Spinoza's God?
Help with my Philosophy final?
Inventions you think will happen?..or not?
If you had the power to ressurect one human being, who would you bring back to life - and why?
How would you describe 'love'?
what is machievelisim and how does it differ from aristotles philosophy in the "aim of man"?
How can we not be attached to this world?
do you feel that your future is shaping your present?
my xbox bit off 2 of my fingers last night. should i bite off a couple of IT'S fingers to get even?
is 'functionalism' in the philosophy of mind compatable with chomskys view of language?
Did a spirit sin / lawlessness entwine itself into the human soul at the fall of man in the Garden of Eden?
BA Philosophy - Masters Neuroscience?
What is "The One?"?
What is human nature for these political philosophers?
Why do kids curse so much they days, but don't have any manners?
what do you think is your best quality and the one u know people don't like about u?
Wanted unbiased book of Philosophy religions and science in Hindu and world relgions?
What message will u leave on your tombstone? Why?
if you had the chance to relive your life, what would you do differently?
Feel like a loser. advice needed?
Why are we dying to live, if were just living to die?
what is life and death?
What can someone do to find the real happiness?
Would you rather die at your own hand or be killed by somebody else.?
what the HELL is that smell?
What makes you cry?
Why is everyone so unhappy?
What is the meaning of life to you?
what does in a philosophical way mean?
How to be happy in life?
What is Niccolo Machiavelli's definition of a hypocrite?
Need help with David Hume Philosophy?
Do you feel that your life would be easier if you wouldnt have been taught as much as you have been?
is there anything scarier than a ghost?
what is the meaning of life?
What species can I spend the rest of my life with,i've gone off humans,they're shite!?
What is love ? Define in one word :P?
Discuss the ways that both culture and know-how move. Compare the Middle Ages with today's world.?
What is your best kept secret?
Was Hegel like an early facist or somthing?
Explain Descartes’ method of doubt. What is the method? What is it supposed to accomplish?
Is it possible to love without feeling the need to express it and be kept totally within oneself in the mind?
Are this words has only one meaning " story, problem and competition?
Do you think you have a split personality?
What was the hardest loss you have ever had to deal with?
I was told that the secret of life was 'never to argue with anyone'--- that's right isn't it?
As for your concern, does life have meaning?
Does Freud's "thanatos" drive only refer to self-destruction?
i had to watch the movie Roger Dodger for my philosophy class and i am having a hard time writing a paper onit
Do you agree that love always wins?
What in life,is beautiful to you?Where do you find inspiration?
What case study or issue that is related to John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism?
does your TRUE SELF show in PUBLIC or in PRIVATE?
Can anyone explain to me what Socrates' method of elenchus is?
where to get political theory summaries/outlines?
what does \(´▽`)/ mean?
Life's little "Lessons"... Isn't it the best education we can ever receive?
You Don't Have To Believe In Gravity To Ride In An Airplane...?
do my obsessive existential thoughts mean I still have depression or is it just the way I am?
Who is Self beyond the thinking mind?
What drives people to become better?
Why do bad deeds done by a person tend to overshadow the good things done by him?
is it immoral to be nice to people you've just met just because you might benefit from them in the future?
If there is one bible why is there so many religons? Why is bible taken so out of context for each religon?
Doesn't a 2 citizen system serve a democratic super-power better than 1 citizen system?
Do humans perfer to answer questions that are confusing or simple?
What makes your day everyday?
Atheist:If you hate God so much,why don't you leave America?Why live in a country you refuse to assimilate?
What is there to enjoy in life when it's all meaningless anyway?
effects of war poems on peaple?
An Iraqi's second life can help Iraq ?
What are the prime ingredients of success?
Were there bogus Collins submarine plans floating around, dated later than 1986 and designed to mislead ?
Have you ever made use of the Socratic method during any debate or discussion?
What do people dream or wish to have in their life?
If you try and act insane, are you insane?
What role d gods and fate play in Homer's story the Illiad?
is life good?
What dose it mean to Exist ? if your ethiest life is pointless to you? joke & prove your pointless.?
Getting nervous about this?
For a emerson lc190em2?
what superpower would you want?
what is the meaning of life?
songs about "love is not selfish?
How much money does God make every minute?
Question for a experienced one.:-)?
The gnome at the bottom of my garden threatend to get me in my sleep. Should I call the police?
what is reverance of life?
Is there anything that always makes you smile, even in the worst moments? What is it, and why?
Does an investigation start with a process of elimination to determine what couldn't have happened ?
Do you sometimes think you are God?
Is it possible for a man to buy lotion without being criticized?
Is it better to be rememberd for something bad, than not remeberd at all?
Should "Reddit Troll" be tolerated in the cyber world.?
what does the happiest of the people have? necessarily have everything? define happiest people charateristics
What in life is a never ending search?
What stereotype do you hate?
"Hell is other People" do you agree/disagree with this? Why?
Where can i get an explanation to this quote?
What is the gravest mistake that we all make?
What very simple method of reasoning is this? I can't remember?
Help with studying for Philosophy Midterm please....?
I Stand Before Fifty Romans Nothing Follows Before The Five Romans Invert The Three After The Five Romans And?
Does any one still think there is a point to life?
i can turn off my emotions!?
Is it better to know the hurting truth or not?
Is there some another Brazilian here around ?
Who Are You...Without Your Identity?
how many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
Are you ever allowed to break promises accoding to utiliartianism?
how does a 48 year old view a 38 year old? & how a 58 year old views a 48 year old?
What was the lengh of time for a creation day?
What's the relationship between friendship, virtue, justice & self-love according to Aristotle in The Ethics?
Is the Internet conscious?
What are some counter arguments to Descartes theory of Personal Identity?
What philosofical problems arized when the theory of "the mechinical universe" was widely accepted?
what is the meaning of life?
So what came before Evolution?
Ironmaglabs Advanced cycle support does it really help your liver and all major organs?
Does war brings us the peace ?
Is life fair?
Is there life after life?
If life is pointless, doesn't that negate the "everything happens for a reason" perspective?
if some people and scientists think that god does not exist so i want them to guarrentee for us the eternity!!?
What is a" Deja vu"?Does it really happen?Does It mean anything?
Are we all in denial?
Help with Michel Foucalt question.?
Philosophy Question about Cultural Relativism.?
Okay, if a tree fell in a forest, would it make a sound? What is the real answer?
Have you ever had a life changing moment?
relation? or no relation?
list of marx teachings?
Philosophers: Which will you choose beauty or truth? Why?
Does the will dwell in the heart or in the mind? What do you think?
What does John Lennon's song Imagine mean to you?
Is going to sleep practice for dying?
What if tomorrow never comes? Shouldnt we live each day as the last? To the fullest?
what is the aim of life?
explain teleological?
What would you willfully die for?
How many 'minor inconveniences does a person endure, before they are considered major?
On which response is feminist ethics based?
What is she?!? I don't understand...?
What is "The Good Life"?
Need Philosophy Help-Prompt Question?
What are your thoughts on bundle theory? How do you get your self out of it?
I'm not depressed, I'm just bored...?
Who is a Poor Man ? and Who is a Rich Man?
. . . .Agree or disagree?
Does seeking control lead to destruction?
do you think doing door-to-door therapy would be a money spinner?
Indian Philosophy vs Western Philosophy, which one is/was the most advanced ?
Why is religion such a sensitive issue?
If God made all people, didn't She also make Adam and Steve, as well as Adam and Eve?
If God created the universe who created God ?
Who or what rules the world in your opinion?
Is there a computer in heaven?
What is the role of resentiment in the creation of slave morality? (Nietzche)?
Why does Plato's analogy tell us nothing about reality?
What is the meaning of death?
What's your life motto?
Philosophy majors, professors, teacher...etc. Can you answer anyone of these question please?
Who would win in a fight, Plato or Aristotle?
What Is the meaning of life if any at all?
Philosophy Question...?
Is it Happen in 2012...? whats ur opinion..?
Do conceptual notions take up any physical space?
I need a really difficult question?
react to aristotle's argument that the soul is substatianlly united with the body, not the soul exist prior to
do you think that sex was the best part life in the presence of LOVE relationship? Why?
What does nostalgia mean? And how is it different now we are in the digital era?
what is more important-Intelligence or Beauty?
Why do people believe that violence is the only way to restore peace?
what is the meaning of life?
If you were to pick one place to show a tourist in your state . . where would you take him/her?
What the are the WORST 5 DISAPPOINTMENTS of your LIFE?
Will people never know how far a little kindness can go?
Is it best to judge an action on its motive, the nature of the act itself, or the consequences of the action?
"our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, which as we ascribe to heaven" - shakespeare?
What is the most common casue of unhappiness in the world?
Why many people seem to not be able to resist "mind games"? (like a snake cant resist a snake charmer?)?
Do you think mankind is capable of evolving from man to superman?
What is the quote about happiness that is like...?
which website is the best for expanding my knowledge about animals?
I'm confused, but I don't know why?
What is the difference between Miracles and Magic?
do you believe that it woulld be better if we were all together to one big country..the earth?
Do you believe in objective truth?
Do you agree with the 'Correspondence' or the 'Coherence' definition of truth?
What has 'time' taught you..?
What did Hegel mean by this question...?
Which is your favourite Joke??
"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built"
Would he be out on his ear before you could say C++ ?
Is your face symmetrical or unsymmetrical?
Do you think that marriage/relation belongs to human nature or is it just an expression of fear of solitude?
If all you need is love.......?
Do you understand life?
"You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world."?
What is the Point in living life?
What are the things that you're looking in your life?
how can i teach skepticism, freedom of will, mind/body problem, ethics and justice with an activity for each?
Do you know what you really want?
What is there to find out about willpower?
Do you think it would be cool if you were 5 inches tall?
what is the color of your eyes?
At what age can true love be found? (youngest age)?
What question can never be answered with a 'Yes'?
What is Ontology? an easy explanation?
Gilbert Ryle - The Concept of Mind?
When do you think the world will end???
In your view, who is superior: the one who has been more successful or the other who is actually more talented?
Convince me that love does exist.?
Why is it that life seems so difficult?
How to define life (help)?
What are my chances?
Does racism effect you?
Has a person being naive until the age of 49 and?
what evidence is there that humans operate with a universal moral law?
Is it normal to be afraid of mirrors?
if a tree falls in a forest and no one else is around does it make a sound?
What philosophical problems are associated with Meditations 2 by Descartes?
What does Beauty mean to you?
Life Strength Bands,do they work?
how is it possible to answer a question with a question?
do utilitarian philosophers support the death penalty?
When people are in disbelief when you tell them of something you did?
logic proof of validity problems?
what's some good canned material for being a pua?
Why didn't Jung believe in coincidences?
Could you rank the strata people fall under on, say, a scale of 1 to 10,000...1 being the highest?
Deductive Syllogisms?
Can I reach nirvana if someone keeps pumping heroin into me?
if you coud do a act of kindness what would it be?
What do you do when you see an attractive person?
In what ways does animals differ from humans?
Worst scumbag in the world ever ???
What causes events to happen?
Why can't buddhists eat garlic or onion?
why is easter called easter? why not wester, souther or norther?
What do you think about this description of intention and subatomic particles along with the additional theory?
Reasons u have for doing good and being kind etc?
Is this logically valid?
What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and found out?
how to turn your life around?
Who is Gauranga?
Philosophy help, Thanks!!!?
can we dance upon the tables again?
Which is worse?
Which is worse: Thinking & worrying too much about others or thinking of nobody but yourself?
Will we ever be able to live forever?
What is your definition of simplicity and complexity?
i need help with a short answer on philosophy.?
how to tell a rich man from a poor man?
If you were the ruler of a country, would you prefer your population to be meek or outspoken?
random thoughts that resulted in me being confused..any ideas?
why are the victims of Katrina suffering so?
Begging the question fallacy? example?
Which is oftentimes easier to recognize, something is wrong or something is right?
Living in the now?????????
Does an office psychopath attach themselves to whichever project they think they can get the most prestige or?
What ability would you want?
Does IMAGINATION have a limit?
"Life is like a bowl of cherries." *shrugs* I seriously have never thought of it that way.?
"To be or not to be?" Do we really live only because we fear death?
How does the movie "City of God" support Hobbes argument?
Help with 2 philosophy questions?
What are you good at that no one sees?
Do people really have souls?
See below.?
Why do people like to assume things?
Grand Rapids Press USA had this quote...?
explain the universe with clear and meaningful words?
What philosopher was the most innovative?
why dont people ever appreciate the good things in life...?
Give an argument to defend your own position in the nomos/ phusis debate.?
What does the word "Wormwood mean?
this dream?
ever daydream about people or places that seem to be from another time?
Do you believe in the perfectability of the Human spirit?
what is your drug of choice?
How to logically symbolize this sentence?
How does the soul detect forms in the afterlife without a body in Plato's theory of the Forms?
Philosophical thinking, state of nature- Rousseau, Locke and Hobbes?
Able to tell the future?
Ever wonder when, exactly, things started to go oh so terribly wrong with the quality of Life?
Isnt fear the worst feeling of all?
Describe why a person's greatest virtue can become their greatest vice?
is it true that every chicken has a buyer?
I'm a stupid "smart kid". Why does it take me forever to do things?
What is the problem with allowing contradictions?
Governments are created to protect the rich. Make sense at all?
what does an "engendered epistemological perspective" ?
Question about Aristotle's politics?
Was Anselm's second ontological argument in response to Gaunilo's Island criticism?
what was before the time god came in existance?
Speaking of Greek philosophers, was Demetrius the Cynic's chalice always half empty?
What state are we at, if we are between sadness and happiness?
Just How much is really too much?
When I listen to 'High hopes', Pink Floyd, till date my heart goes in to this transition, almost like it wants
What is an "Eccentric" person?
My parents treatment of religion really annoys me?
Why are some philosophical theories more convincing than other philosophical theories?
Are there objects that don't exist?
Does everything happen for a reason?
is time god?
if the uncertainty principle is true, how can we see macroscopic objects, such as chairs and trees?
If you could choose how to go, what would you choose.?
what's your MESSAGE in a BOTTLE?
In your opinion what do you think or believe is the meaning of life?
do you a think communist country like china w/c engages in capitalism is the better type of government?
What comes to your mind when you see the beautiful clouds at evening time?
This may be still not the end.?
What things would change if we all lived in tree houses?
What's your biggest pet peeve. If you could eliminate the existence of one thing what would it be?
what is your imagination if you smell somethigs good....?
is being a narcissus's bad?
What qualities required which can be considered as true success in a man's life and living?
Which Philosophers supported the Design Argument?
If I told you that I was a Compulsive Liar. Would you believe me ?
What if the world were run by a guiding principle and not one man?
Hobbes’: “Justice and injustice are none of the faculties..." What does he mean?
Do you believe in God?
Philosophy of Ethics Question?
Being an "Old Soul" what does it mean?
What are 10 things that you are thankful for?
How Do You Define Evil?
Do you live by your heart or by your head?
Why am I so happy all the time?
If somneone asked you to help them die, would you do it?
Existentialism & Catch 22?
Why do we often remember more of the good memories in past relationships opposed?
Is there a theory or law invalidating that knowing the future could lead to making a better decision?
does god exist?
How severe is "mental brainwash"!? Im asking cause you would think some ppl can sp?
Can someone explain the theory of sivashanmugam in simple terms?
Mike Ditka vs Optimus Prime, who would win?
A philosophy that supports the pursuit of pleasure tempered by the intellect is?
Do you think most people are good at heart?
Are you a nice person? A kind person? A generous person? A charitable person? A warm hearted person?
How to respond to Locke & Berkeley--- Philosophy?
how would life be if we eliminated all cell phones and internet?
Hi All;) ..What is the value of human life?:) ..?
Would you be the same person if another combination of sperm and egg would have met?
What is "Imagination"?
Q&A on-line vote on the subject - "Life is good" - Answer 'YES' or 'NO'?
I'm being asked to kill Iraqis but Jesus says to love my enemies, who should I believe?
is the world getting better or worse...?
kindly describe "beauty" in only one word...!!!?
Any astrologer checked the world hor(r)oscope?
none sexist question but why do woman go to the toilet in pairs and what do they talk about?
what's the differnce between lucifer and Satan?
How graceful an anger can be?
Good enough for me, but not for anyone else?
Images and ideas in the head are two kinds of thoughts: what do you think are other kinds of thoughts?
Without place without time-an absolute nothing-is that possible?
What does a philosopher do?
What is subjective achievement?
how do reason and emotion contradict in avertisement?
How can I know which religion leads to God, the true religion ?
Why we cheat ourselves saying Winning isn't everything?
What is the difference between a person who is a skeptic vs a person who is a secular humanist?
how can u stop othrers from advising u?
Aristotle "Poetics" breakdown?
Are more people starting to believe at least some aspects of the paranormal may be real?
Is a drug addict still morally responsible .....?
Are you afraid of death?
what is the purpose of life?
Consequences of David Hume's take on morality?
how can i find happiness in my life?
Are you afraid to die?
Does anyone else agree with what Marx said about money; that it is power?
have you ever been called weird?
please help where is peace?
Family Life Was Like 100 Years Ago And What It Is Like Today And Compare And Contrast The Them both?
In book 24 of the Iliad, why does Achilles relate the Niobe story to Priam?
Has anyone seen any examples of syllogisms in the media? If so, can you give me the link?
what is more important for people in their life?
Is committing suicide an act of bravery or a sign of cowardice?
Is humankind evolving or devolving?
How was the universe created?
What is the meaning of life?
how perform well in stressed enviornment.?
Can you suggest some books that discusses Mankind's extraterrestrial origins ?
Do you think that people thought that I said something wrong and admitted it?
Your opinion of the views coming from a 21 year old..?
Is there a certain place that's significant to you? What's it symbolic of?
definition of necessity and liberty by Hume ?
John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism...philosophy on self sacrifice and virtue?
Do projects like Collins suffer from this problem ?
Examples of one-to-one communication?
is this existentialism?
What is the classic problem with trying to vindicate free will by appeal to causal indeterminism?
what are the errors and biases that can result from unconscious/conscious processing?
how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
How is the idea of happiness different between Stoicism and Aristotle?
What is it that you really want for yourself in your life?
Regrets in life please help????????????
How much is a persons life worth? From a secular perspective?
Do you think the truth is necessary in order to be happy?
what should i do to improve myself? am i being paranoid?
If ancient skulls can speak what kind of stories they tell?
Was J Krishnamurti a philosopher who spoke from an ivory tower, who didn't know the problems of work nd family?
Can Human Rights provide a universal moral theory that transcends culture?
Who Really Knows if it’s better, To Be, Or Not To Be?
What is the point of God(s) if millions suffer!?
An ounce of wisdom is worth more than tons of cleverness, do you agree/disagree?
Should we question the involate nature of physical law?
some guys have all the luck- Rod stewart?
"Famine, Affluence and Morality"?
I feel useless and I need to know if it's real or not.?
how does a pencil relate to a larger body of knowledge ? our current education system?
Can someone explain Utilitarianism to me?
why do i want to kill myself?
Is this definition of the notion of discourse in Michel Foucault's theory correct?
Are you the type of person that likes to dance,...?
how do you win in the 'game of life'?
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)?
What is a good philosophy of Veins in relation to life and existence?
What comes to your mind. When i say "Rain"?
What does Nietzsche call the “revaluation of values”?
How are your Sabotaging techniques coming along?
If something is potential can it emerge without a causation?
Are you a hare or a tortoise?
What's the best thing that happened 2 u this week? Why?
if theres a problem in your family that has taken them down to the gutters...?
Do you think the world will end?
Why does God allow suffering in the world?